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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 15, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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spy plane testing has been going on there since the 1950s. >> shepard: you are the man. final bells ringing on wall street. it's been mostly flat. we are up at the moment. the best in business is coming your way. this is fox news channel. >> president trump today doubling down on controversial tweets, saying if you're not happy in this country, you can leave. the remarks aimed at four freshman congresswoman. nancy pelosi looking for a -- welcome. i am charles payne for neil cavuto. we will speak with former wisconsin governor scott walker and what he makes art. fox team covered with john roberts where the president is not backing down. kristin fisher on capitol hill. >> charles, good afternoon.
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you're right. the president not backing down 1 inch from the tweet he sent over the weekend in which he said that those four congresswomen have been so critical of america maybe they should go back to where they came from. fix the problems there and then come back and tell us how to do it. the president insisting that some if not all of those members of congress hate america. they hate israel. they are anti-semites. the tweets have been met with an awful lot of criticism, that they smack of racism and xenophobia. they have also been praised by white nationalist groups. in an event earlier today on the south lawn of the white house to celebrate things that are made in america, i asked the president about those concerns. listen. does it concern you that many people saw that tweet as racist and that white nationalist groups are finding common cause with you on that point. >> president trump: it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me, and all i'm saying. they want to leave, they can leave. now, doesn't singly forever.
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it says leave. >> the president has been criticized by some members of his own party in congress i know that you're going to get to that reaction in the second. earlier today on "fox & friends," the president did get a measure of support from south carolina senator lindsey graham at least on the tone of the language that those four congresswomen have been using recently. he also had a little bit of criticism for the president in terms of the tweet itself which the president disagreed with. listen first to senator graham and then to the president. >> they are anti-semitic. they are anti-america. aim higher. we don't need to know anything about them personally. talk about their policies. >> lindsey graham encouraged you to aim higher. >> president trump: he just said don't -- i disagree with lindsay. what am i supposed to do? just wait for senators? no. i disagree with him on that. that was the only thing. he said aim higher.
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one might gonna do? wait until we get somebody else in a higher position? >> lindsey graham went so far as calling the four freshman congresswoman communists but did say that the president shouldn't be concerning himself with the personal aspects of what those congresswomen may or may not be all about. what he should do is dictate policy and he will be on -- he should stick to policy and he'll be on safe ground. you know the president. he speaks his mind even when it seems to blow up from time to time. >> charles: how are democrats reacting? kristin fisher on capitol hill with more. >> charles, it's not just democrats. republicans too. there is bipartisan outrage on capitol hill today after president trump doubled down over what he said this weekend. let's start with one of the targets of the president's tweets, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. "hallmark language of white
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supremacist." trump feels comfortable leading the g.o.p. into outright racism and that should concern all americans." nancy pelosi was quick to come to her defense saying "when president trump tells four american congresswomen to go back to their countries, he reaffirms his plans to make america great again and it's always been about making america white again." over the last few hours, republican members of congress have been coming to their defense and calling the president's remarks flat out racist. senator tim scott who is the only black republican in the senate, he says president trump is using "unacceptable personal attacks and racially offensive language no matter our political disagreements aiming e lowest common denominator will only divide our nation further." congressman mike turner, another republican says "he's confident every member of congress is a committed american.
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president trump's tweets from this week and were racist and he should apologize. we should work to rise above hate and not enable it to." we are seeing some remarks from the more rank and file republicans but still nothing from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell nor the house minor leader kevin mccarthy. one more thing, charles, we are expecting a big press conference in about an hour before likely targets of the president's, including congresswoman ocasio cortez are going to be holding a press conference to talk their response. >> charles: with me, former wisconsin republican governor scott walker. he is president-elect of the young america foundation. governor, welcome to the show. a great day for you to be on. your reaction to all of this. >> i wouldn't tweet those words and i think lindsey graham is right, aim higher. the point that i think lindsey graham was trying to get across is that there are things to go after.
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i get the presidents outrage and that americans listen to aoc and they see her embracing socialism. we need to push back on them for those reasons but it doesn't have to go down this track. >> charles: i think president trump also reacting to the hearings on friday and to what he believed was a mischaracterization of his intent, the situation, how it's been handled. and the media's coverage of it. we have all seen photographs of jeh johnson walking past the same quote-unquote cages with young children in there. even he himself was on tv over the weekend saying trying to justify the use of the barriers, he called them. there were a lot of things that contributed to the presidents ire. >> across the board, when it comes to along the border, it
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was higher under the obama administration. that's part of the critique and the push that biden is going to get during the presidential primary process. the bottom line is are plenty of substitutes substantive differences. the reason i've taken on this role is you have nearly 60% of young americans saying they support socialism but the latest poll they came out a few weeks ago said a quarter of all the adults under the age of 37 exceptionally loves their country. that to me as a given. we see politicians like those of the president is criticizing really taking the focus off it. >> charles: that poll was divided severely among party lines. democrats, 2%. i think that may be a whole different story. >> driven not just by the partisan divide but i think it's college campuses, liberal professors, some of the media,
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other social media sources out there. they are ignoring the fact that we live in a country where the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been since 1969, free enterprise and capitalism here in america and across the globe in the last 30 years, cut in half dramatic poverty in this country and around the world. a lot of young people don't believe it because of people like aoc and others. >> charles: let me ask you this. the tweets themselves president trump put out, i know you wouldn't have put them out. it's not your style per se. do they rise to the level of being racist? >> again, that's where i think were lindsay lindsey graham is right. don't tweet things like that. find a better way to put the message out there. the challenge that we get into the society is that instead of focusing on the big issues, every day seems to be mired in not just reactions of the president. >> charles: finger-pointing. >> we have a strong economy and you have people like these
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members of congress who want to systematically put in place programs that have failed in places like the soviet union, they are failing in venezuela. that's what we're trying to say to young people. >> charles: i want to ask you one more question. there was a piece out on axios and there was a focus group that was talking about swing states, wisconsin being one of them. according to this focus group, the swing voters in michigan praised president trump on immigration. in fact they say 8 out of 12 participants including one romney-clinton voter agreed with the statement: when we give migrants food, clothing, toiletries and shelter, all we are doing is encouraging more of them to come to the u.s. and we don't want that. is it possible sometimes president trump will say things where it's not politically correct but maybe believed by a lot of americans. >> i would say wisconsin and other battleground states, washington are the people who say all the right things and don't do squat. the president says and tweets things i wouldn't say but substantively the things he and
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his administration have been doing are overwhelmingly positive. whether it's immigration, pulling back regulations, tax cuts that overwhelmingly helped the middle-class in this country. they have been successful. >> charles: and blue-collar workers that i want to ask about your young american foundation. tell me more. >> i'm going to be transitioning starting the beginning of 2021. rod robinson is done a fabulous job. great team, great staff. when you take it to the next level. we have challenges in terms of young voters not seeing -- we live in a great country. by far. >> charles: say what you will about the socialists. they have been trying and delivering, going after schools, first colleges, high school, even elementary schools. we need a counter to that in this country. >> years ago they warned if they take over the media, entertainment and education, we are in trouble. decades later that's exactly what happened. we can turn it around. we have a great story to tell. >> charles: governor, great having you back on a national stage.
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>> president trump: china has had its worst year in 27 years and i'm not looking for that but we had a deal with china and they decided not to make that deal. they said let's renegotiate. i said no thank you. >> charles: that was president trump at the white house today touting american manufacturing and our economy, as china's showing signs of cracking from the trade war. will it get china back to the table and give stocks another big boost? let's ask our market pros. i hear the bell ringing somewhere. >> new all-time highs once agai again. >> charles: they say that when the market hits new all-time
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highs, bell rings somewhere. the economy is on fire. the market is on fire. the bells won't stop ringing. let's talk about this. what does it say about us versus the rest of the world? >> we are seeing a market meltdown. i think obviously we are leading the way in moving toward a rate cut. it will be a cattle prod to get the market more boost. from a technical standpoint, to get to the trade war, i think mr. trump is right. they are easy to win because he never said what the definition of a win is. he can claim victory at any time in the market is off and running. no specific set to achieve. >> charles: president trump is not going to settle for that. i think we all know that because he could have done it already. he could've done it many times. may was a tough month for the markets. he could've thrown in the towel and accepted in the deal but he hasn't. in the meantime, china's economy
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continues to look lackluster and vulnerable. >> that's correct and i think it's absolutely proof president trump is doing the right thing. if we go all the way back to september, october when the trade war for started to escalate and we are looking at the market. right now looking at it here, we can see president trump is doing the right thing. our economy remains strong in our coming up on earnings season. >> charles: larry, i'm reluctant to use the term goldilocks because every time i do, the market goes down. it means there's always something to worry about. it's hard to find anything big on a macro level. our unemployment, wages, the markets. they look great. >> charles, you make a great point. the contrast with china is critical. china posting its slowest growth in three decades yet we have the longest economic expansion in u.s. history. what's really important, if we want to keep the expansion going, want to keep the global freight train moving, to do that, we want to get both parties to the table and make a
1:17 pm
great deal for u.s. companies. we want to sell them u.s. agricultural products, kfc chicken, starbucks coffee, disney movies. we sell that to 1.4 billion chinese consumers, we will really have a victory on our hands. u.s. companies and earnings and stock will all go higher and it's going to help the middle class. that's the end game we have to give our ion. >> charles: i guess the trick right now coming to read the tea leaves in this next verse, how a final bill will have both leaders saving face in their respective countries and yet min headways. not for free trade but there trade. >> i think it could be rather symbolic more than anything. like i said, without specific outcomes predetermined. let's look at the markets now. the volatility has slowed and if you look for opportunity, xxi tracks china. they are off their 2018 high. i think the global economy can
1:18 pm
require -- other opportunities in other areas the trade war could escalate further but i think smart minds are going to come to the table. >> charles: the hong kong protests, they are not giving up. that is putting pressure on china. does it get them to the table sooner and how much longer do you think the rally lasts? >> i do think he gets them to the table sooner because at the end of the day when everybody wants his answers to what's going to happen with the trade war. the fact of the matter is, in the u.s., the economy is strong. we have upcoming earnings reports. look at microsoft. new high after new high. earnings coming out soon. for us, i think the stock market continues higher throughout july. >> charles: amazon had its prime day today and that stock was up again. thank you very much. appreciate it. president trump earlier today touting the success of i.c.e. raids over the weekend. a lot to update on those raids and what's next after this.
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1:23 pm
that rates were happening or widespread raids were happening. >> the miami mayor telling fox the immigration issue had become "too political and too nasty," after house speaker nancy pelosi in 2020 presidential candidates blasted the plant operation calling it merciless. former vp joe biden called inhumane. camilla harris said the raids made us less safe and senator amy will be sure saying that the president was "trying to scare everyone." >> president trump: the ice raids were very successful. people came into our country illegally, illegally. many were felons. many were convicted of crimes. many, many were taken out on sunday. >> u.s. border officials announcing that they are investigating 62 employees and eight former employees for engaging in closed groups and conversations involving posts
1:24 pm
and ended up mocking lawmakers and immigrants. it seems that investigation continues. charles. >> charles: meantime, the white house today announcing new rules that will require migrants entering the u.s. southern border to seek asylum in one of the countries they cross through. here to help break down this, mercedes. potential new asylum rules. >> those that are trying to come into this country, if they go through another country to get to the united states, the new rules say that this second country, they should apply for asylum. if they tried to come and come to our borders but they have crossed an intermediate country, they cannot be successful in any asylum that they seek. >> charles: the idea suggests that if you're leaving, if you are seeking to escape your country and you go to a country like mexico which has been doing pretty well financially, why wouldn't that be the place that
1:25 pm
you would seek asylum? >> we don't know -- personally i don't know mexico in terms of -- >> charles: the economy is substantially better than guatemala, el salvador or any of these other countries where the central american migrants are coming from. >> honduras, guatemala, el salvador, really significant issues. you have sex trafficking. allegations of rape, kidnapping, pulling children into gangs. that's why these individuals are fleeing their countries. to trying to get to the u.s. to get asylum. if that exists in mexico -- i'm not saying it does -- it has to be researched, due diligence. then they should be able to be permitted to get asylum in the country but it's all about their safety. off the record, i said i did assist individual seeking asylum in the u.s. the stories that i've heard are heartbreaking. this was in college and law
1:26 pm
school and i helped individuals filing for asylum. it's horrible. >> charles: asylum is different. there are specific rules that meet the requirements of asylum. there's a big difference between someone coming here for economic opportunities as opposed to some of the things you talked about. >> the asylum rules they are changing. if they are coming here, they have to say that i'm facing violent persecution. it's not about i want a better life. i want to come here to the united states because i am seriously afraid of violence back in my country of origin. >> charles: over the weekend i hosted ""cavuto live"." talking about house speaker pelosi telling immigrants how to avoid i.c.e. >> it's very disappointing. you have the third in line, speaker of the house, telling people to flout the law. they cross the border illegally.
1:27 pm
they have a hearing. they refused to take it. they were noticed by i.c.e. and now the speaker of the house who can do more to fix this problem than anybody in government right now, she can put legislation on the floor to fix what's going on with this surge and crisis of the border and she refuses to do it. she's asking people to flout the law yet again. >> charles: you helped people legally. what about illegal immigrants in america being their own lawyers, pushing back against i.c.e. and trying to avoid warrants? the due process has already been done. there's a million names out there that they are focusing on. 2,000 of the most dangerous. >> about a bottom line is i don't think anyone is saying sure, illegal immigrants should come in and forget the border. no one feels bad. we are talking about proper -- >> charles: nancy pelosi saying here are ways to avoid i.c.e., to stop i.c.e. from doing their jobs. i think it's dangerous. >> i.c.e. is looking for dangerous individuals. if that's what they are doing and that's what they are
1:28 pm
seeking, seeking to remove the most dangerous illegal immigrants in this country, idle beginning one would say that's wrong. there's a logical reason for it. making sure i.c.e. is doing it for the proper reasons, shouldn't be an issue at all. >> charles: mercedes, thank you. president trump doubling down on those controversial tweets at a made in america products showcase, does he risk stepping on his own message? we will discuss it next. that's ! (burke) hit and drone. seen it, covered it. at farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ join us for a walk? i'd love to, but my legs and feet
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>> charles: south carolina republican senator lindsey graham urging the president today not to make his fight with democrats personal. what is the political fallout? let's ask democratic strategist kristin hahn. susan, where are we right now with the tweets? not backing down on it. >> no, he's not. within the next couple hours, you're going to hear from the four women. they're going to give a press conference on capitol hill where i anticipate they will probably be taking -- swinging back at the president over his tweet over the weekend and doubling down today at the white house.
1:33 pm
i don't see this ending anytime soon and i don't see the president backing down and i don't see these four women backing down. >> charles: beverly, we came into the weekend. wages soaring through the roof. america, you can also argue. some saying the president didn't have to go down this road. >> words do have consequences in one of the things that the president did is he buried a new cycle with those different topics you just mentioned and also the fighting between democrats and have been escalating over the weekend. beyond that, one of the things the g.o.p. members are going have to face and are already facing is that they are not going to be able to be silent on the president's comments. they are going to have to respond to it which of course puts them in a difficult position. all around it seems to be kind of a firestorm not just for the president but for the g.o.p. >> charles: you know, kristin, some are saying president trump, by doing this and of course nancy pelosi having to come to
1:34 pm
the aid of the quote-unquote squad, now under more pressure to push through or allow more ideas to go through and perhaps even exacerbating the fractured relationship. >> i don't think so. i think the president with what he did, we mentioned earlier, actually give the democrats something to rally around, pushing back on his racially charged remarks. the democrats, you're right, there's been some infighting in different factions. this is something everybody was able to come together and say collectively this isn't acceptable. i would agree with senator graham, he said aim higher. he is -- the president is stepping all over himself. he should be focusing on the economy and that message. >> charles: lindsey graham also saying that some of these young ladies are anti-semitic, anti-american and they really have never faced any sort of real wrath from their own political party, any real
1:35 pm
pushback for the media. what are your thoughts on that? >> there are some republicans on capitol hill pointing that out in tweets today that they've made controversial statements themselves. to your earlier point, charles, this does not eliminate the real conflict between the progressives in the democratic caucus and these ultra-progressives who really want to push the party to the left. that conflict continues and i think it could definitely be exacerbated by this situation. >> charles: beverly, there's an axios piece out today and they looked at michigan swing voters and they did a focus group and the conclusion was that the swing voters in the focus group praised president trump on immigration. 8 out of 12 participants agreed with the statement we give migrants food, clothing, toiletries, we are encouraging more to come to the u.s. and we don't want that. could this be an example of president trump saying and putting in a tweet what a lot of people would never ugly publicly say but maybe feel.
1:36 pm
>> i think what it comes down to is people agree with his policies, they agree with what he wants to do but he steps on his policies with the rhetoric he puts out there. the average person who may be voted for president trump agrees with him on his policies but cringe often when they see what his tweet say. this one went to a different level because he's talking about saying that they should go back to where they came from. it's inaccurate. three of the women were born in the united states. when we think of the american dream, we celebrate people who've worked hard to come here and become citizens. i think it's the nature of his comments on this. >> charles: he saying go there, fix those places and then come back. last word, kristin. we're going to hear from the young congresswomen. how much further do you think this controversy is going to go? >> we have a lot of things to resolve. hopefully we can all come together and agree that making racially charged comments on either side -- republicans or
1:37 pm
democrats, like we've seen. accusing the blue dogs and the new dems of being racist themselves. we need to figure out a way to move forward. >> charles: ladies, thank you. very levelheaded conversation. appreciate it. democratic presidential candidate joe biden revealing his health care plan today, including a government run public option. will it be enough to satisfy will it be enough to satisfy progressive democrats? now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. will it be enough to satisfy progressive get 0.9% apr for 60 months on all 2019 models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. depend® fit-flex underwear for all day fun... features maximum absorbency, ultra soft fabric and new beautiful designs for your best comfort and protection guaranteed. life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®.
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yeah...yeah, this is nice.
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hmm. how did you make the dip so rich and creamy? oh it's a philadelphia-- family recipe. can i see it? no. philadelphia dips. so good, you'll take all the credit. they went democratic presidential candidate joe biden unveiling his health care plan today. former vp proposing new obamacare subsidies as well as a public option that the campaign says would be similar to medicare. how will the plan -- steve joins me now. steve, looks like obamacare 2.0. 750 i think it's a billion-dollar deal over ten
1:41 pm
years. it's not medicare for all per se. it's not socialist things that others are running on. will it be enough to appease the left lurching part of the party? >> i theon think it's the righe to be. democrats and republicans trying to provide universal health care and obama and joe biden got it done. since the affordable care act was passed, there were 44 million uninsured americans. today that number has dropped to 27 million. by any standard, that's a good thing. i think the president's plan is three important tenets. provide choice for all. reduce costs and to simple by the system. i think he's ending up in a place that most americans are going to feel comfortable with. >> charles: when obamacare was proposed and advertised, it was
1:42 pm
more like everyone would have health care insurance. what we saw was a reduction of 17 million, to your point, but 12 million of those folks on medicare and a lot of it had to do with the federal government, local government saying that we will pay the first year and sharing the cost. is that really what people wanted? does the american public really want health care insurance? typically it leads to health outcomes. >> i think in fact it was a huge step forward, as we just discussed. really helping provide health care for 17 million people. that's a big step forward. the fact of the matter is, republicans make a mistake to try to take that away and that's going to prove very difficult, especially in an election cycle and especially for those people with prevailing illnesses that they're not going to be able to get insurance for her. democrats sometimes error on the other side as they were going to
1:43 pm
provide free health care for everyone without saying, pay for it. biden looks like the adult in the room. i think it's going to be a win. >> charles: ahead of the next debates, whose right now hot in the fund-raising world? >> vice president biden looks awfully strong, raising $321,000 a day, higher than any other candidate. mayor pete did surprisingly well, second place. it. warren looking strong. the real wild card is tom steyer coming in saying he's going to pledge 100 million of his own money. it's going to be a fascinating race. >> charles: all right. it's already a fascinating race. we appreciate you sharing your thoughts. thank you. >> you bet. >> charles: point, click, strike. shoppers spending billions on line amazon prime day, the workers are hitting the picket line. live update next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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>> charles: you are buying. they are striking. amazon prime day expected to generate over $6 billion in sales. that would be of nearly 50% from a year ago. what's got amazon worker so fired up? fox business network at the amazon fulfillment center in minnesota. >> what is being touted as the first of its kind, we have here at the shakopee amazon fulfillment center walking off the job. they didn't walk off the job on cyber monday and didn't strike on black friday but they are doing it on prime day. one of two days this year. what are they upset with? it is not paper we have amazon raising the minimum wage up to $15 an hour in fact they tell us that at the fulfillment center
1:48 pm
they are 16 to $20 an hour including benefits. what the workers are upset with our the worker conditions. they have burdensome, stressful quotas. one worker told us she has to box 600 items in an hour which she says is hard on the body. one other thing they are upset with, full-time jobs, not enough of them. they are hiring temporary workers. here is amazon's response. >> we provide industry-leading benefits starting at $15 an hour. we provide great benefits. we provide opportunities. in our view, people who are out protesting today, they are simply just not informed about what it's like to work here in our facility. >> as you can imagine, it's pretty loud out here. we have 45 to 50 workers.
1:49 pm
the 2,000 that we signed germany. we did get some support from senator liz warren, one of the 2020 democratic candidates. she tweeted her support for the workers and bernie sanders who some have credited for pressuring amazon to raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour. will it impede any of the shopping? amazon says no, it's not going to have any impact. >> charles: from protesting to shopping. other major real turgor retailers trying to one up amazon. is it going to be an early christmas for consumers? our retail watchers. competition like this, the big winner is going to be the consumer. >> yes, and we've been seeing that for the last couple months. it's what i call the halo effect from amazon prime. in the past, there was one day with amazon prime, amazon went out of the gates and everyone went amazon and bought, whether his impulse or not.
1:50 pm
walmart, target, costco, kohl's, they are getting on board. they are going to see a bump of 60% in sales over the next couple days. >> charles: the last two years, feels like the brick-and-mortar names are finding ways to push back against amazon and ultimately i think it's benefiting at least the consumer but it's also helping them. >> july is typically a slow period for retailers. it's before back-to-school and holiday shopping. >> charles: are they borrowing? they say back-to-school, will that period still be as robust as normal question exlico it will. some retailers trying to differentiate themselves from amazon. amazon is doing select items. trying to figure out what i liked or was going to buy.
1:51 pm
i saw some small appliances i liked. it's a lot of impulse purchases that happen. >> charles: there was a report out of the u.k., they did a study. over send 70% of people who worked there skipped bathroom breaks. they were afraid they would lose their jobs. the human side, someone has to pack the boxes. does it bother you? do you think that could ultimately hurt amazon? >> from a consumer standpoint, i am an amazon prime member and they do use amazon. we have to look at the type of company that amazon is versus a company like starbucks. this is something in line with -- it makes sense for amazon. starbucks is very human oriented. the whole business model is about human connection and taking care of the human, especially the consumer going in there. amazon is all about quick, quick, quick. buy and get out. it's a different business model.
1:52 pm
>> charles: i get home every day and there's an amazon box and i never think about how it got there. >> capitalizing on fear of missing out. jump in, find great deals, impulse purchases. lightning deals every 5 minutes. people end up spending way more than they should. amazon prime members, some spend five times more than the nonprime. >> we should talk about with average prime embryos. it's a person making $150,000 or more. we're not talking about the average consumer in the middle of the country. we are talking about high-end people who may have an echo in their house and telling alexei to purchase. >> charles: amazon stocks, consumer stocks. think about black out like the one in new york city couldn't happen to you? t's a real threat for all of us and that's next.
1:53 pm
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>> charles: the blackout in new york city left 73,000 people in the dark and it reasons concerns about the nation's power grid. with me, the former new york city commissioner. i was in the '77 blackout. could've been worse. maybe we got comfortable when we were reminded how her vulnerable our electric grid is, how old it is, how vulnerable to terrorism it is. maybe this is the wake-up call we needed. >> it is a wake-up call. for those who listen to it, they need to abide by it. having a go bag, a b and c plan if the grid breaks down. these are the things you have to be prepared for. you need to be prepared, not scared. >> charles: nationwide it's our greatest nightmare. we've talked about it. when i worry about is sort of like the great earthquake in california, something that's been talked about for decades. no real preparation and ultimately it happens. do you think the greatest threat would be an outside country or
1:57 pm
some kind of rogue group knocking on our system. >> antiquated power grid. the other people would be a bad actor, may be china or russia. what we need to understand as we have smart everything. smart refrigerators, tv sets. cell phones. everything is drawing power today. so while we are getting more and more electronic in our world, we are not prepared with the infrastructure. we need to protect ourselves by having backups. backup batteries, go bags, water, nonperishables in case the power goes out. >> charles: i remember a tree branch fell in california and a third of the northeast went out. it does underscore the vulnerability. you are police officer. by the same token, we have political candidates saying let's do different things. let's go all solar or all winter. and not try to be facetious but
1:58 pm
i don't know if anyone is thinking through the onerous task of updating the power grid to make it adaptable. >> we are still working on thomas edison's power grid. we are going into these things, something out of "star trek." we have to be real and deal in reality and that's just not happening as quick as some politicians say that they think it would happen. we have to be prepared. everything doesn't run optimally. we don't live in a perfect world. we live on planet earth. >> charles: we live in america and we have a century-year-old power grid, to your point. other than that, the law enforcement angle to this, if something were to happen. let's say the entire northeast. it's not out of the realm of possibility that this could be a nationwide issue. what happens from a law enforcement perspective. >> it's a definite possibility the next world war could be in the cyber world. from law enforcement -- >> charles: to liberally knocked out. >> charles: exactly.
1:59 pm
>> how many days without food, water, power. we need to make sure that we have weeks and days of nonperishable goods and water in the house. if things go down, you can offset it, just the inconveniences. >> charles: before i let you go and we have to hand off in a moment, are you okay with where we are right now with law enforcement? we have seen a lot of officers have been killed this year. i'm not sure where it's stacks up statistically but it's alarming. >> i come from a generation and you do where it's about respecting the police. cops should get the benefit of the doubt. if a cop take so long, he's not a cop. he's a criminal. but until he breaks the law, he's here to protect and serve. >> charles: i think we need to understand that they put a lot on the line every day. thank you. always appreciate your
2:00 pm
expertise. quick look at the dow jones industrial average, yet another record. i will be all over it tomorrow on fox business. "making money." bring in notepad. neil is back tomorrow. ♪ >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with dan bongino, capri cafaro, jesse watters, dana perino, "the five" ." did you hear? trump tweeted. yeah, and the tweets are being called racist because trump told critics of the u.s. to go back to their country. now those critics will have a presser to respond. it all sounds bad if you leave out the rest of it. he said go back to your countries, fix the problems they are, and then come back and show us how you did it. how many racists sayas


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