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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 14, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

3:00 pm >> [applause] >> studio audience, i'm greg gutfeld. >> acting i.c.e. director this morning defended the raid. >> these are individuals who have come to this country illegally, have the opportunity to make an asylum claim of further immigration judge and most chose not to a a vail themselves of the opportunity and at this point we had no choice but to go out and execute those from an immigration judge.
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here is senate minnesota or it whip, dick durbin. >> the fear level in the community, particularly hispanic i've never seen at a higher level. just this last friday i'm seeing a note by a young girl whose a high school student who broke down crying but she basically says i don't want to live in fear and lose my mother and father. they never broke the law. they just want to be part of the future of this city, this country. >> we have fox team coverage, ellison barber is standing by with white house reaction first let's go to william la jeunesse in los angeles. william? reporter: jon, critics point out president trump is bringing up the fear factor by going for this crackdown in nine cities but i.c.e. says that these operations go on every day around the country and in fact there were no operations today in la or any other city, it is sunday. a bad day because you don't know people's routine but still these
3:02 pm
actions prompted protest in chicago where the mayor and city officials urged not to answer the door and questions if target ed during an i.c.e. arrest >> this is an attempt to justify the shameful policies of separating families, caging children, in humane conditions for immigrant communities we should be talking about that. reporter: the 2,000 immigrants sought in this operation meet three standards number one, arrival, two criminal record, three standing deportation order meaning a judge has reviewed their case, ordered them deported and they refused. the 2,000 represents less than 1 % of 1 million immigrants who have an outstanding order to leave. nevertheless many told us they are afraid to go outside to work , the school or the store. >> history has told us these kind of things are not good. when they round up people it's inhumane for these things to happen in los angeles. this is a melting pot a lot of immigrants, not only in the latino community but in the
3:03 pm
asian community. >> democratic lawmakers with the i.c.e. effort is heartless, racist and unnecessary, even though many of them condone and help pay for it under president obama, who deported more than president bush, or president trump. operations like this are expensive and time consuming and dangerous and teams of five or six agents will try to apprehend the individual in that brief window between their house and their car or their car and their work, but officials say it is necessary to enforce the law and to deter future immigrants. >> we are doing targeted enforcement actions to give specific individuals who had their day in immigration court and ordered removed by an immigration judge. we are merely executing those lawfully issued judges orders. >> this is about the rule of law, enforcing and maintaining the system, protecting this country and making sure people are here in violation of national immigration law that there are could be equestions to that. >> now we did receive a
3:04 pm
statement a short time ago from an i.c.e. spokesperson who said they would not release any details of this operation which i'm told has been going on for several days and could last another week. jon? >> jon: william la jeunesse in los angeles, thank you. meanwhile president trump says those who come into our country illegally will be taken out of the country legally. the trump adminitration also hitting back at democrats who are denouncing the i.c.e. raid. >> look, i have a lot of respect for our i.c.e. officers that are loyal, that are compassionate but they have a job to do and it's a tough one and made a lot tougher with a lot of people in congress that they are just for doing their job and enforcing the laws. >> ellison barber is live at the white house with more. reporter: jon, on friday president trump told reporters the raids would take place on sunday and said there's no need to be secret about it. democrats say they are misguided and immoral. the acting director of customs and border protection says the
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raids are not designed to separate families and the intent is to enforce the rule of law. >> you really wanted to go after security risks and there are people who are security risks. why would you alert them and say you're doing this on a sunday and do it two weekends in a row? it's about scaring everyone in the country. >> your priority has always been and will be to go after those that are criminal aliens. of course the design is not about family separation. >> reporter: jon? >> jon: so the president sent out a series of tweets this morning what does the white house have to say? reporter: they have not responded our request for comments and we've asked them questions about those tweets as well as the criticism that's followed multiple times and we have not heard back from them; however a deputy communications director for trump 2020 re-election campaign is criticizing the characterization
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of these tweets claiming this. anyone who says the president told members of congress to go back to where they came from is lying. that is inaccurate. here are the presidents tweets in full. so interesting to see progressive democrat congresswoman who originally came from gots who are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt anywhere in the world and if they even have a functioning government at all and now loudly and viciously telling the people of the united states the greatest and most powerful nation on earth how our government is to be run. why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime -infested places from which they came? then come back and show us how it is done. these places need your help badly. you can't leave fast enough, i'm sure, that nancy pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements. the tweets appear to be directed at a group of progressive congressional democrats known as "the squad."
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representative answer, illham omar, there have now responded with tweets of their own. ocasio-cortez writing in part, mr. president the country i come to and swear to is the united states and pressley says this is what racism looks like and we are what democracy looks like and we're not going anywhere and detroit taught me how to fight for the communities you continue to degrade and attack. keep talking you'll be out of the white house soon. and omar telling the president you are white nationalism because you're angry that people like us are serving in congress and fighting against your hate- filled agenda. all but one of those congresswoman were born in the united states, all of them are american citizens. jon? >> jon: ellison barber at the white house. and now barry weakened into a
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tropical depression. the system dishing out heavy rainfall from central louisiana to eastern mississippi, and in fact fema administrator is telling folks to stay off the roads. >> our message about water is stay out of it. 90% of all of the water-related deaths from weather systems are drown, and 50% of those deaths are people in vehicles that drive their vehicles through water. our message is clear today. turn around don't drowned and don't put yourself at risk. >> jon: we have fox team coverage on this, our meteorologist is in the fox extreme weather center and steve scalise standing by in jackson, mississippi but we begin with rick leventhal in new orleans. rick? reporter: and jon, its been rain ing on and off for the past three days and more rain is predicted for tomorrow but nowhere near the accumulations we've first been warned about which is worried about the ris ing levels of the mississippi
3:09 pm
river at flood stage before barr y came ashore. this afternoon the mayor of new orleans held what they said was the last barry-related press conference. >> the tropical storm threat as you know is over, but rain remains the possibility. the tropical storm warning and the storm surge warning have all been canceled. a flash flood watch remains in effect until 7:00 p.m. >> remember that while we were fortunate with barry, we might not be so fortunate next time. we're entering the peak of hurricane season, so please do not let your guard down. reporter: the storm made landfall well to the west of us, so areas like baton rouge are getting drenched now as it moves north and east and the flooding has so far been limited low lying areas along the gulf and lakes and waterways including portions where some levies were over top by storm surge but not
3:10 pm
where local officials say those waters have mostly receded but there is still danger of flash flooding and river flooding and there are ongoing issues with power outages and tens of thousands of people are still across the dark in the state of louisiana including customers around new orleans where utility crews have been busy today repairing lines working to get the lights back on. the coast guard rescued a dozen people yesterday by helicopter including a couple of medical emergencies but no reports of rescues needed today and there are others major signs of progress here, the new orleans international airport opening for business again today after shutting down completely on saturday and the port of new orleans opened this morning at 6:00 a.m., back to normal operations, jon, the big concern again was the river, the river and the levies and the levies held up so that's fine. the flood gates most of them have now been open, so the french quarter is wide open and they're pretty confident the levies will in fact continue to hold, but with a bit of caution,
3:11 pm
got all that rainfalling now to the north of us will eventually funnel its way back into the mississippi river and make its way back down here, to new orleans. >> and that is a lot of rain, rick leventhal, thank you. >> jon: while the severe weather has mostly spared new orleans the risk of flash flooding still a major concern for several areas along the gulf coast. so far the mississippi river levies have been holding our fox team coverage continues with steve herrigan on the ground in jackson, mississippi where tornado and flash flood warnings are in effect. steve? reporter: jon, we've been trying to stay ahead of the storm as it continues to move north. the rain in jackson just beginning that's their main worry you mentioned tornadoes and flash flooding. we could see up to nine inches of rain here what they are particularly concerned about that it could create flash floods over the next day or so. the state has positioned assets all across the region in case the water does rise too quickly for people, they've got urban
3:12 pm
rescue vehicles, high water vehicles, even boat teams ready to help in case of need. earlier today the fema boss warned this storm still packs a potentially deadly punch. >> let's make sure people don't put themselves at risk and first responders at risk for making bad choices. we want to make sure people remain safe, our top priority is life safety here, and that is our message, has been our message and will be our message until barry dissipates. reporter: officials here have been very blunt, direct with people telling them they should expect to lose power, they should expect possible flash flooding and they should have a plan in mind if either or both of those happen, jon, back to you. >> jon: steve, thank you. while barry has been downgraded to a tropical depression, heavy rains are a major concern as the storm moves north. meanwhile, adam is tracking the system from our fox news weather
3:13 pm
center. adam? >> hey, jon, the winds continuing to die down slowing down, the storm moving very slow , there it is and this is really interesting because at this point we're getting up near the louisiana arkansas border, but none of the rain is right around that center of circulation and it continues to be way off to the east and then being drug behind this system we see some of the heaviest rain which does mean ultimately the center of circulation isn't the big story it's where this rain falls and that goes on. this is our radar estimated rainfall up to this point you start to see those deeper reds and up there is your code, somewhere between four to six inches widespread along the coast shooting up across portions of mississippi an area that's seen a lot of water here in the last 24-36 hours and that's where the rain continues to mostly fall the entire state now of mississippi getting at least some sort of rainfall, you start to see these deeper yellow s and oranges that's the heaviest rain even these dark blues is a pretty steady good rain. widespread rain throughout that region, so far not a ton of rain
3:14 pm
in the new orleans area on the light side but there are bands off to the east we've been track ing running along the louisiana coast there are areas where you get kind of stuck in one of these. it does not move a whole lot so you can see just hour after hour after hour of downpours in some of these really big thunderstorm lines and then of course i back you up a little bit more and you see there's more moisture still off the coast and all of this still feeding its way inland which means more rain is on the way. additional rainfall and this is added on to everything i just showed you and there's plenty of spots getting up to six inches already you start to see those lighter colors there getting up another six to eight inches perhaps along the louisiana coast and all this moisture areas where they haven't seen it so far yet getting up towards memphis, they could see six to nine inches of rain and there's a lot of rain still yet to come so no surprise here large area that's under flash flood watches and warnings. here is the motion of this, jon, it takes you this is a future
3:15 pm
cast, takes you from this afternoon into monday evening and you'll see even though the system continues to move north it's still pulling that moisture with it. we're going to be talking about rain and ultimately all it has to funnel back down to the gulf of mexico, so the watches and warnings stretching up toward memphis and farther north towards st. louis all this rain running back down through the mississippi. i think at least until the middle of next week folks will be concerned about this. >> jon: a lot of water falling a long way from the coast. adam, thank you. well the lights are back on the subways up and running again, but new york cities massive blackout is still the talk of this town. a look back at a strange night in the big apple. >> ♪ can't start a fire without a spark ♪ let's be honest, you don't really talk about your insurance unless you're complaining about it. you go on about how...
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>> i just heard a popping noise , it sounded like a transformer popping, and immediately after that the lights went out, the air conditioner went out, everything , the building just went black. >> you know, it's kind of scary we're in our hotel on the 42nd floor and all of the power went out and then we just had to go down and use our phones to go downstairs. >> i was working at starbucks and everything went pitch black and i went running outside and just yelled out, the refrigerator is out, and then everybody started yelling and all of the lights went out. >> jon: well the lights are back on now, but new yorkers still have plenty to say about last nights massive blackout. the outage stopped subways, shut down theaters and left tens of thousands of people in the dark. jacqui heinrich was out in the thick of it and she joins us with an update.
3:20 pm
reporter: jon, the power company can't explain what caused that massive blackout, why it was so widespread or what triggered it. they are only saying it was a mechanical failure at the transformer substation, but they were able to rule out high demand terrorism or cyber threats and the blackout lasted from 7:00 p.m. to just before midnight spanning 30 blocks from midtown manhattan to the pupper west side, hundreds of thousands of people were impacted police and fire responded 400 stuck elevators and two stalled subway trains carrying 2,800 passengers in the tunnels. luckily nobody was hurt but some of the rescues did prove difficult. mount sinai hospital had to use a backup generator, billboards and the marquise in times square had been shut off and police had to direct traffic by hand. hotels and theaters issued mass evacuations, madison square garden 19,000 people evacuated through service escalators at the sold out jennifer lopez show came to a halt. it did put a spotlight on new
3:21 pm
york city's mayor bill deblasio who caught heat for being absent he was campaigning for his 2020 presidential run in waterlo o, iowa. >> as someone who travels when i traveled before this campaign, we have to be in charge wherever you are. it's as simple as that, and again, with e-mail, with cell phones, i'm in regular touch with my folks confirming the situations being handled properly. i think all these folks did a great job. reporter: the blackout happened 42 years to the day of the 1977 blackout, which lasted 25 hours and prompted white spread looting and arson, 3,800 people were arrested and millions of dollars in damage was done. in 2019 though, a much different picture, take a listen. the cast of the broad way musical "haiti town" took the show to the street and tony
3:22 pm
award winning cast freestyling and the other shows in the theatre including a carnagie hall concert also took their shows to the streets and once people realized there wasn't a threat and more of an inconvenience than a danger at the time new yorkers made the most of it but still no question , jon, everyone is grateful the ac is back on today >> jon: 90-plus degrees in manhattan so jacqui heinrich, thank you. in the jeffrey epstein case, prosecutors are now expanding their investigation and looking beyond florida and new york to his private caribbean island and a $12 million property in san jose, new mexico that property is reportedly linked to the new mexico state attorney general investigation into epstein and the results will be sent back to new york, where the wealthy man is facing child sex trafficking charges. epstein is due in court tomorrow , for a bail hearing. boeing now faces a very real possibility that their 737 max
3:23 pm
jets will be grounded until next year, as the company tries to work on a fix for its flight software. the plane's grounded in march after two deadly crashes overseas. and christine coleman has more from our west coast bureau. christina? reporter: hi, jon, well boeing is hopeful they will have the planes back in the air before the end of the year but based on repeated delays and technical challenges industry insiders are skeptical and fixes to the 737 max jet have faced repeated set backs including a new flight control problem that was uncovered just last month, unrelated to the faulty end cap system that led to the two deadly crashes in indonesia and oath it open yeah. a total of 346 people died. the max is grounded around the world in mid-march after that crash. meantime boeing plans to answer any outstanding questions that the faa or global reg you late ors might have to ensure the plane's safety. some carriers had already given
3:24 pm
up on flying the troubled jet until late this year. southwest airlines which has more max jets than any other carrier, didn't expect the plane back in service before october 1 and united airlines already expected to cancel more than 8,000 flights through october because of the grounded planes. american airlines releasing a statement just this morning extending its 737 max groundings until november 2. american expects 115 flights per -day will be canceled and that includes flights not originally scheduled on 737s, so again, this is very much a very fluid situation, while airlines would like to have the max 737s back in service, especially before the busy holiday travel season, there's no set date on when these jets will be back in the air. jon? >> jon: christina coleman, thank you. and a reception today for french president emmanuel macron, at the biggest celebration, bastille day parade crowds booed
3:25 pm
him to open the annual military parade. this comes amid ongoing yellow vest protests again, macron's government. the bastille day celebrations ended tonight with a spectacular fireworks display above the eiffel tower and france's national day is the anniversary of the storming of the past even in 1789 of turningpoint in the french revolution. well, deportation raids gina cross the u.s.. reigniting the political firestorm over the crisis at our southern border. will it bring the two sides closer to a deal on immigration reform? of savings and service. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real.
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for exceptional offers. lease the glc 300 suv for just $419 a month at the mercedes-benz summer event. going on now. >> i.c.e. does this every single day called enforcement actions. law enforcement in this country enforces the law. it's a definition of their duties. these are final removal orders for people who are here illegally and i.c.e. is going to do what they do every day which is go ahead and enforce the law. >> jon: that's counselor to the president kellyanne conway as i.c.e. agents spread out across the country to apprehend thousands of illegal immigrants. i'm jon scott and this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour if you're just joining us a major crackdown underway in several cities immigration officials targeting people with final deportation orders, and the trump adminitration fiercely defends the move. all of this of course amid an escalating border crisis.
3:30 pm
let's bring in dave lenore en all, federal policy editor for the center for public integrity. i want to play something from senator lindsey graham. he says that democrats are not consistent in their political stances with regard to this issue. let's listen. >> democrats are also advocat ing decriminalizing entry into the united states and providing free healthcare to illegal immigrants once they get here. they're becoming the part of open borders and free healthcare , and you can't deport somebody who lost their court case. this is insane, it's going to blow up in their face and it's really doing damage to our country. >> jon: so his point of view is that democrats lose on the immigration battle. how do you see it? >> what i see right now is that about as polarized a situation on immigration as we've had in years. lindsey graham, this may seem like ancient history given all that's happened in the past couple of years but lindsey
3:31 pm
graham is one of the members of the so-called gang of 8 which back in 2013 tried to gather republicans and democrats and pound out some sort of comprehensive immigration reform dealing with a lot of immigration issues that are so very much in place today, jon. is anything like that when you hear lindsey graham make comments like that or democrats make comments as they're talking about the immigration? no, nothing whatsoever. i think it's probably about as good a chance as we'll land another man on the moon by the 2020 election as we're going to get comprehensive immigration reform and just a lot of battl ing between that. >> jon: the president says the ball is in congress court. he only enforces the law, that's the job of the administration, congress is supposed to create it. why can they not come together and come up with some kind of comprehensive immigration reform >> and don't expect congress to pick up that ball. one reason is the politics. you have a presidential election , that is now fully a foot, you have more than two dozen democrats who are running,
3:32 pm
donald trump himself, the president is in full re-election mode and the last time we had that immigration reform effort was again in 2013, so what had just happened? we just had a presidential election and there was no presidential election that was going to be taking place any time soon, so the politics of the matter are such where it's going to be almost impossible for democrats and republicans to get together and do anything that is comprehensively meaningful, on the issue of immigration. now there may be individual bills that happen, something along the lines of dealing with daca, the legislation or the policy that would allow children who were illegally brought to the united states, when they were in their youth who were living here today who are americans for all intense and purposes except that they were born in another country when they were very very young. is that going to get dealt with? that could be a possibility. are there other things such as humanitarian aid to the border? well that is something that did get funding recently. there could be more of that but again don't expect anything that's across-the-board and
3:33 pm
universal in its scope. >> jon: well you say that it's a political issue. let's listen to one of the democratic candidates for president. here is senator amy klobuchar. >> you really wanted to go after security risks and there are people who are security risks. why would you alert them and say you're doing this on a sunday and do it two weekends in a row. why? because you want to make news, right? it's not about getting people who are security risks and support it. it's about scaring everyone in the country. >> jon: but i.c.e. says that these raids go on all the time, and you know, it's generally that they don't get the same kind of notice that these are getting today. >> and i.c.e. is correct insofar as that these types of raids have been happening for years. they happened under barack obama , jeh johnson the former homeland security secretary with somebody who was very open about saying it was necessary to go after criminals and people who are here illegally who have
3:34 pm
criminal records, who nobody would really want in this country for a number of reasons to deport them, so that is definitely the case. on the other hand democrats are basically saying okay, well if this is a different situation because the intent is not to necessarily get those people out , it's to scare other people, to scare people who are not only immigrants but might be latinos, who are here in the country and are american citizens but have been only for a short period of time or are here on green cards, so that really is the ideological battle you're having and it's one that you can expect almost is going to pick up going forward as opposed to die down. >> jon: the president likes to point out the people being targeted are not just random illegal immigrants they are illegal immigrants whose cases have been held or who didn't show up to have their case heard , and they have been ordered deported by an immigration judge. >> right and that's one of the reasons why you can expect that these raids are going to
3:35 pm
continue and then enforcement actions are going to be taken. so that is not at all surprising what is going to be interesting to see is how people react to it , the population, things that this is something that goes beyond just the individual raids themselves and dealing with people who by all accounts should not be in the united states of america, but is also about fear. that's what democrats say. a fox news poll came outlast month that basically asked the question, do you feel that the president is going too far or not far enough, when it comes to dealing with immigration enforcement? you have about 50% of americans say he is going too far and only about i believe 24% who said that he wasn't going far enough, so there's definitely talking about politics again, jon, a certain cloud that is hanging over whether this is going to be successful for the president in a political context and expect democrats to hammer him going forward on this very point. >> jon: dave leventhal, thank
3:36 pm
you. >> thank you. >> jon: fox news spoke exclusively with the man known as the nations drug czar this past week as he toured a border area experiencing a surge in cocaine and methamphetamine seizures. this up-tick further overwhelming an agency struggl ing to manage the migrant crisis. mark meredith has the story. >> we have to stop the flow of drugs coming in. >> it's where border patrol agents say drug cartels often sneak cocaine, meth, and marijuana across the rio grande river. >> americans are not protected and they just completely outman ned. >> jim carol is the trump adminitration's drug czar and only our cameras were there as he witnessed what border patrol agents are up against. these agents apprehended a group of underage migrants crossing the border in scorching 100- degree heat and agents stressed this is the new normal. officials at the rio grande valley sector say they are
3:37 pm
apprehending up to 1,000 people like this every day being checked out right now their possessions are being put into bags and taken to processing centers just down the road. border agents say with such large numbers of migrants in their care, drug detection officers are spending more time on immigration processing and less time on drug intervention. >> they are trying to help people making sure they survive the journey but they have no ability to really focus in on the core mission of finding out what the heck is coming into this country. >> officials say cartels are using frequent migrant crossings to their advantage by sending drugs across-the-boarder when they know agents are busy with migrants. this is surveillance video from u.s. customs and border patrol. watch as multiple men smuggle large amounts of what appears to be drugs on their back, a situation officials say is all too common. >> they have the resources. they have scouts looking out for them, high technology so we're completely overwhelmed because of what's happening down here. >> agents at this crossing
3:38 pm
watch for drugs being driven across-the-boarder, officers here found 191 pounds of meth hidden in a truck bed on tuesday but the facility has also become a holding cell for some migrants our cameras were not allowed to show the men behind these white walls but the room was packed with migrants awaiting deportation. there's no doubt it's a crisis. >> people in d.c. that want to play politics they should get down here. >> jon: that's our mark meredith reporting. a controversial tweet by the president draws democratic backlash, much of it from his potential challengers, in the 2020 election. what they are now saying about the president's remarks. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company,
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>> jon: a busy weekend for the democratic presidential
3:42 pm
candidate many campaigning in early primary and caucus states trying to build support hoping to move up in the polls. that includes minnesota senator amy klobuchar, who took a swipe at the newest candidate to join the race, billionaire tom styre. >> i can just tell you that i'm going to have enough money to win. we have a good first quarter, and we've continued to be smart about how we're spending our money. i don't have the kind of money that he has and i welcome him to the race but i'm telling you, the american people already have one multi-millionaire in the white house. i don't think that should be the only criteria of who gets to be elected in this country. >> jon: garrett tenney is in washington with more. reporter: jon, election day is still a long days off so polls are just a snapshot of the race but a new wall street journal nbc poll is a pretty encouraging snapshot for democrats. in hypothetical matchups against president trump, each of the top four democratic candidates comes out ahead. joe biden has the largest
3:43 pm
advantage with a 9 point lead over trump, bernie sanders is ahead by 7, elizabeth warren by 5 and kamala harris leads by a single point and the reason biden does so well in the poll is he beats trump with independent and suburban voters while the other three democrats either tied trump or narrowly lost with those groups and today was a busy one in iowa though, ten democratic candidate s spoke in cedar rapids including mayor pete buttigieg whose trying to win over independents and conservatives particularly in the midwest. >> heartland values don't have to lead you into the arms of the republican party especially this republican party. that claims the freedom, the talks about national security not any more. reporter: one issue nearly the entire democratic field responded today was president trump's tweeting urging progressive congresswoman to go back to the countries they came
3:44 pm
from. there was a flood of backlash with the candidates telling the president's comments everything from racist to totally unacceptable. here is senator corey booker reacting earlier today at an event in new jersey. i haven't seen the tweets, so but what you just said to me, is vile, what you just said to me divides this country and that's what trump wants, really to divide us against each other. reporter: the president's tweets are one issue, democratic candidates are very united on and we're already seeing those tweets show up in their speeches out on the stump so it's a bit more fuel on the fire we are sure to see in the weeks ahead, jon. >> jon: garrett tenney in washington. thank you. vermont senator bernie sanders weighing in on the risk between house speaker nancy pelosi and progressive freshman representatives most notably new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. the presidential candidate saying it's pelosi who has gone too far with the house.
3:45 pm
>> what alexandria and other young women and women of color are saying, we have got to reach out to young people. we've got to hear the pain of the working class of this country and that is causing some political disruption within the leadership of the democratic party. >> is it too tough on them? >> i think a little bit. i think you can not ignore the young people of this country who are passionate about economic and racial and social and environmental justice. you've got to bring them in, not alienate them. reporter: pelosi has recently been dismissive of several democrats and their influence in congress. ocasio-cortez firing back acut ing pelosi targeting women of color and an epic clash between two in england this afternoon. find out who is the last man standing at this year's wimbledon final. priceline will partner with even more vegas hotels to turn their unsold rooms into amazing deals.
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>> jon: the uk is willing to release an iranian oil tanker that was seized 10 days ago but they will only do so if tehran guarantees it is not violating european sanctions by shipping oil to syria. we have the latest developments from our mid-east bureau. reporter: they seized that iranian oil tanker earlier this month and they say the vessel will be released as long as it's not headed to syria. the announcement was made over the weekend by jeremy hunt who added the release of the tanker would have to be facilitated through the court system and the ship is suspected of violation lating sanctions by attempting deliver 2.1 million-barrels of live crude oil to syria and a government spokesperson said today that iran suspects the
3:50 pm
ships will be released and the back and forth statements came after iran had to seize a british tanker in the gulf last week and it led britt in to raise the security threat level for uk vessels traveling iranian waters and as britain and the united states continue to increase their military presence in the gulf, to ensure the state 's passage of vessels tensions continue to rise across the room on. iran broke two key commit ams in the iran nuclear deal earlier this month after passing the iranian stockpile and enrichment threshold laid out in the 2015 plans and they imposed sank s on iran. speaking today is the iranian president said the continued efforts by the united states have failed. >> over the last 14 months, whatever route the americans went down, was the social route, the political route, or the legal route, it led to their defeat. reporter: iran promised to break another commitment in the nuclear deal every 60 days
3:51 pm
unless europe finds a way for the country to get around the economic sanctions meanwhile the united states will continue to pressure the islamic republic. >> jon: trey, thank you. a major shakeup at huawei technologies, according to the wall street journal the chinese tech company is planning to lay off hundreds of workers at its operations in the united states. gillian turner has more from washington. reporter: chinese telecom giant huawei the world's leading equipment supplier and number two smartphone manufacturer is set to lay off hundreds of employees here in the united states according to the wall street journal and these are expected to hit workers in texas , california and washington the hardest, though huawei has r & d labs spread out across the entire country and some employee s have been notified imminently and the move comes in a deepening trade tension between the u.s. and its primary technology competitor, that's
3:52 pm
china, and follows on the heels of the u.s. commerce department putting huawei on the nefarious entities list in may. experts told fox news "sunday morning futures" the trade relationships has reached a tipping point. >> we share the same values as you that every time they crack us down, we are reminding the world that china is not to be trusted. reporter: the trump adminitration has flagged huawei as a national security risk, saying it works hand in glove with the chinese government for the united states. huawei though insisted it operates independently and has no government ties. >> so we should say we are opposed to our presence in the american black list because this decision had no basis in fact. it's unsubstantiated. this decision is harmful from many sides including many american companies. reporter: sources say some of huawei's chinese employees here in the u.s. are being given the option to return home and to
3:53 pm
stay on with the company there. something they say will come as a blow to the trump adminitration which has been keeping jobs stateside, a core issue. some promising signs came this week though, commerce secretary wilbur ross announced the u.s. will begin granting export licenses to huawei suppliers who fail to not put national security at risk and treasury secretary steven mnuchin is reportedly urging u.s. suppliers to apply for overseas licenses. >> jon: gillian turner, thank you. an epic match closes out wimbledon today as roger federer squared off in a thriller for the right to become the 2019 mens champion and it was one in a fifth set tie breaker the first-ever which changed its rules going into this years tournament and there is 16 grand slam i'd els third all-time and federer remains the top with 20 and we'll be right back.
3:54 pm
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but now, i take metamucil every day. it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. >> jon: amazon is planning to leave seattle sleepless as it prepares to move thousands of employees from that city to nearby bellvue washington. dan springer is in seattle with more. reporter: amazon has been synonymous with seattle as latte s and rain but now the tech giant is adding jobs everywhere but the emerald city. 25,000 in virginia, 2,000 in boston, 100 more in denver and austin, and its been on a real estate buying binge in bellvue,
3:58 pm
a large suburb of seattle with seven properties including future twin towers and the just- announced bellvue 600 which is the tallest in the company. >> so these have met with amazon and we want to make sure they feel welcome. >> it is opposite the approach taken by elected officials in seattle who have amazon's founder. jeff bezos is our enemy. he is our enemy, and we have to fight big business. >> arguing that amazon's high wages have driven up the cost of housing so much, it's causing the homeless crisis, and they passed a head tax, a fee for every employee in seattle after a union-led backlash the tax that would have cost amazon $12 million a year was quickly repealed but the damage was done >> been unfairly blamed for challenges that we as a region have experienced
3:59 pm
regardless of amazon. reporter: fighting back against the criticism that it doesn't pay federal taxes and is bad for a city amazon says over a 25 year history has invested $4.5 billion in capital projects in seattle and paid employees there $32 billion in wages. >> amazon officially has 10,000 jobs open in seattle and the big question is how many of those will get filled? the company recently announced it's moving its worldwide operations team from its headquarters in seattle when the office space is available and the company spokesman tells me that head tax sent a clear message to businesses one that will impact job creation for years to come. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. >> jon: a florida radio station putting on an underwater music festival, for drivers and snorkelers that happened yesterday at lou key reef, which is part of the florida keys national marine sanctuary and the festival is promoting conservation and the ocean-them
4:00 pm
ed song included beatles yellow submarine as well as a scene from the little mermaid and that's how fox reports on this sunday, july 14, i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us see you again, next weekend. >> i'm chris wallace. the risk of life threatening floods as tropical storm barry moves inland and immigration rights start in cities across the country. president trump: it starts on sunday and they are going to take people out and bring them back to their countries. >> and the president insists he did not cave on using the census to find out whether people in this country are citizens. president trump: not only didn't i back down, i backed up. >> we'll discuss all this and more the white houses. counselod kellyanne conway whose just back from the southern border. president trump: there's nothing he can say. he's written a report. the report says no collusion and


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