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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 12, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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okay. stay tuned all morning long, "fox & friends" starts right now. todd: but first, barbecue. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it is a beautiful day in manhattan. 6:00 and listening to runaway june. they are our featured performers today. take the stage two hours from right now on our all-american summer concert series as you see there on the banner. ainsley: sandals. cutest ladies. three ladies, they are beautiful. they are musicians they sing about lipstick and hot heels and buying their own drinks at the bar. todd: one obar.
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ed to. griff: one of the three is john wayne's granddaughter. 15 years all three females are in the top 20. if you haven't heard of them yet you will love them. ainsley: that's called barbecue. imagine your granddad is john wayne. the stories she knows. steve: if you are in miffed town manhattan today beautiful day as they take the stage and doing sound check. stop by 48th and sixth avenue. you have a great show and great breakfast as well. ainsley: it was raining in new york. griff: raining elsewhere. steve: that's our lead story. a fox news alert. president trump has declared a state of emergency for the state of louisiana tropical storms turns bearing towards the coast with a lot of the rain. ainsley: thousands of people filling up sandbags scrambling to evacuate ahead of what could be the first hurricane of the season. storm surges and life
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threatening flooding is expected unfortunately to slam new orleans as early as tonight. griff: this as several gulf states remain on high alert. rick reichmuth has the tee tastles the storm's path. rick: storm gets to a hurricane maybe it doesn't. none of that matters. the thing that matters is what is happening here. this is the mississippi watershed. any drop of rain that falls anywhere in here eventually if it isn't absorbed or evacuateside going to exit down the mississippi river. we had so much record snow pack this last winter. record rain and so many have seen all of that flooding. all of that water is exiting and gone into the mississippi river. and that mississippi river has been at flood stage for about six months. really long time and all that water now trying to exit. the problem is now we are going to push a lot more water back into that same area and add a lot of rainfall and that's why we are so concerned. our models we look at are getting into more agreement
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in terms of spacing of this. seernl area of louisiana where we will be seeing some spots likely 10 to 20 inches of rain. baton rouge towards new orleans that's likely going to be the bulls eye of this. i also want to point out it goes farther towards the north. a lot of mississippi getting 6 to 8 inches of rain. and that's going to cause flooding problems localized but again all that water has to get into the mississippi river before it tries to get out. we will see storm surge from this, maybe 3 to 6 feet. that's not that big but the problem is that river is already at such high levels. keep in mind, guys, new orleans is in a basin below sea level. those levees are what protect it. levees overtopped or at least right at that level. any water you try to pump out won't be able to go anywhere because the river on both sides will likely be as high. steve: as is the case with awrk, people worry about the winds, but really it's the water you have to worry about. rick: it's always the water. that's what kills people. people need to be prepared. ainsley: oh my gosh, saying
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prayers for them right now. they have been through so much. they just rebuilt not too long ago. thank you, griff. steve: the president of the united states saw the writing on the wall he got detoured by the supreme court. he now has decided you know what? we will not have that citizenship question on the 2020 census. instead, what he is doing because they are currently printing the thing. the president plans to order every federal agency to give records, whatever records they have got to the commerce department to detail the number of citizens and non-citizens in the united states of america. agencies like social security, labor department, people like that report to congress and ultimately to the commerce department to say how many non-citizens are there. this is kind of a work around for the president. ainsley: this was the president yesterday in the rose garden. >> there used to be a time when you could proudly declare i am a citizen of the united states. the edge people who are not proud to be citizens are the ones who are fighting us all the way far left democrats
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in our country are determined to conceal the number of illegal aliens in our midst. i'm here to say we are not backing down on our effort to determine the citizenship status of united states population. i'm hereby ordering every department and agency in the federal government to provide the department of commerce with all requested records regarding the number of citizens and non-citizens in our country. they must furnish all legally accessible records in their possession immediately. griff: a little bit of what you are hearing, obviously the president did not, as we thought possibly we would get an executive order but he is taking. steve: to put it on. griff: it's an executive action he is taking, if you will. his critics clearly calling this a backing down and reversal of it the aclu which has been in the forefront of attacking it said that trump's attempt to weaponize the census ends not with a bang but with a
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whimper. although it's clear from what the president was saying in the rose garden it's far from over. ainsley: people who do support it and want the question on there they want it on it to determine population and number of house. every state has two senators. the number that vote on your state are dependent on the census numbers. numbers for lectures and distribution of all the money that you give tout federal government, $675 billion in federal spending that money is determined how it is spent based on the numbers and what your state's needs are. steve: so it looks as if the president is being realistic about this. he knows there would be a long court challenge. there is not enough time. ainsley: not enough time. steve: they are printing the thing. he will have other agencies feed the information to the commerce department and they will try to figure out a number. meanwhile, remember, it was two weeks ago when the president pulled the plug on those threatened ice raids where they were going to go after at least 2,000 migrants wholine ordered
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deported, completely litigated and adjudicated. and nancy pelosi said, mr. president, don't do that. give us time to work something out. the president said okay, i will give you a couple weeks. do something about the asylum and do something about the loopholes. well, two weeks later and they did nothing about the loopholes or the asylum in congress and now nancy pelosi and others rather than write legislation are telling the people who might get a knock on the door over the weekend what to do if ice shows up. ainsley: listen to this. >> an ice deportation warrant is not the same as a search warrant. if that is the only document ice brings to a home raid, agents do not have the legal right to enter a home. if ice agents don't have a warrant, signed by a judge, a person may refuse to open the door and let them in. steve: that's interesting.
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i wonder if because they are targeting 2,000 migrants in the country illegally. been fully litigated i wonder if they will get search warrants. not just ice warrants. detainer warrants. ainsley: aoc was saying check your numbers. know your rights. they can't enter without a judicial warrant. hillary clinton in spanish tweeted this out. we put up the tweet right there. it says basically take photos. videos. you are our spanish speaker. griff: if you look here it says. [speaking spanish. don't open the door. don't talk. don't speak. report and record as you were saying and then have a plan and use it. what's fascinating on the second one about remaining silent basically says if they do come in and raid you and grab you, that you should specifically say these words, i use my fifth amendment right to remain silent. ice is not commenting, right? fox news asked them all day
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give us a statement. we said we are not going to talk ben forcement actions. it is clear 2,000 people in 10 stating will be targeted. whether or not there is a dispute over their right to enter or not and if there is a warrant. it's clear these people have been court ordered to be removed and so now the democrats are putting themselves in a position of running against the rule of law. ainsley: because of catch and release and congress refused to change those laws. but when you step a foot on american soil, then you are ordered to go before a judge. these were folks that were released into our country months later, years later, whatever it maybe, they are ordered to come and appear in front of a judge and these folks did not do that and that's why the president says they need to be deported. steve: so nancy pelosi is telling people don't open the door if they don't have a search warrant. in the meantime she also has own problems that's need other own democratic caucus. alexandria ocasio-cortez has accused nancy pelosi of
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singling out the so-called squad four young women of color in the house for targeting fellow democrats on twitter. you know, that was -- that has generate add firestorm up on capitol hill. and cnn caught up with aoc yesterday and asked this about the speaker. >> singling out four individuals. and knowing the media environment we are operating. in knowing the amount of death threats we get. knowing the amount of concentration of attention, i think it's just worth asking why. >> do you think she has a racial animus. >> no, no. absolutely not. griff: yeah, of course not. although her comments the day before certainly a little bit different. it's fascinating though. speaker pelosi is getting really tired of talking about this. here is what she had to say yesterday. >> i said what i'm going to say in the caucus. that's where this is
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appropriate. we respect the value of every member of our caucus. the diversity of it all is a wonderful thing. diversity is our strength unity is our power. we have a big fight. and we are in the arena. and that's all i'm going to say on the subject. if you want to waste your question, you can waste your question. ainsley: it wasn't actually a wasted question. wused it this morning. probably the best thing come out of press conference. she talked to her caucus earlier in the week and said look, if you have something to say on twitter, say it to me first. say it to the party so we don't look divided. aoc didn't listen to her. spoke to that reporter for cnn and saying that she is getting death athletics. she think it's unfair tort speaker to target those four. and then when the speaker is asked about it she is saying i'm not talking about it. don't waste your question. steve: somebody who is talking about it democrat from missouri william lacy clay and what he said regarding regarding what aoc
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suggested about the speaker. ainsley: he defenders nannies. steve: he had it up to here. then again is he being primaried by leftist democrats. what a weak argue. because you can't get your way and push back use the race card? unbelievable. that's unbelievable to me. i could care less. i will could rearly care less. i agree with the speaker, four people, four votes out of 240 people. who cares? they want to score points for whatever reason. but i find it juvenile their tactics and i find their ignorance beyond about who this really segregationists. and so how dare they try to play the race card at this point. ainsley: nancy pelosi is going to largo. that guy right threw centrist. part of the congressional black caucus. progressive group called justice democrats that have endorsed his primary
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challenger. he is not happy about that. griff: congressman clay looking back to history having been there for a while. if you remember under speaker john boehner it was arrived freedom caucus. grew bigger and bigger. can you see some of these centrist members are feeling threatened is what that statement says. steve: it's a busy, busy news day. carley shimkus joins us with more. carley: good morning, guys. happy friday. tragic update to bring you. remains found on the property of a kentucky home positively identified as missing mom savanna spurlock. her dad speaking to fox news in an exclusive interview saying he is relieved he finally has closure. >> couldn't go on years and years and not know what happened to my little girl. i couldn't do that god knows that. that's why i brought this all to an end. i begged god for the last week i begged god to have closure on it. he did it.
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carley: spurlock went missing in january one month after having twins. she was last seen leaving a lexington bar with three men. one of those men david sparks has been arrested overnight r. kelly arrested on new federal sex crime charges in chicago. the 13-count indictment includes child pornography and obstruction of justice. the singer is already facing several other charges of felony sexual assault. he has always denied all of the allegations against him. two indiana brothers are facing terrorism charges accused of trying to supply untraceable guns to isis. prosecutors say the men sold dozens of guns with no serial numbers to an undercover fbi agent. theface a maximum sentence of 20 years. the feds claiming this case is the first of its kind where people are allegedly making guns to sell to isis. and those, guys, are your headlines. that last one terrifying. steve: no kidding. very busy day today.
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by the way in our 8:00 hour today, rush limbaugh, the king of radio is going to be joining us. he has a project supporting betsy ross. it's all about nike, colin kaepernick, a whole bunch of stuff. is he going to talk about the news of the day 8:00 hour. ainsley: happy to have him on the show. steve: meanwhile, what else happening? ainsley: joe biden slamming the trump doctrine on his speech. listen. >> the world sees trump for what he is insincere, ill informed and impulsive and sometimes corrupt. ainsley: congressman michael waltz says biden plans would just be obama policy 2.0 and he joins us next. ♪ ♪
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>> make no mistake about it, the world sees trump for what he is, insincere, ill informed and impulsive. and sometimes corrupt. dangerously incompetent and incapable, in my view, of world leadership and leadership at home. steve: there you have former
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vice president joe biden who as you know running for vice president attacking the current president and the trump doctrine as he unveils his foreign policy plans. our next guest served in afghanistan as a u.s. army green beret commanders is a member of the house armed services committee and former counter-terrorism advisor to vice president dick cheney joining us now florida congressman michael waltz. michael, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: what do you make of joe biden's assessment of the trump doctrine? >> i have to remind everyone of secretary of defense bob gates who served as secretary under obama who said that joe biden was wrong on every major foreign policy issue in the last four decades but he is a nice guy. steve: but other than that. >> but other than that so joe biden's problem is president obama and the disaster that was therefore in policy. and just walking around the world from russia's invasion to crimea and the ukraine to the isis caliphate that at one point was the size of
3:21 am
great britain launching terrorist attacks all over europe and the united states. the near collapse of iraq. the iran deal. regime change in libya where that it is still a disaster. doing nothing on north korea, china marching across the south china sea, these are all the problems that president trump inherited and we have seen real leadership and results since. and the problem joe biden is going to have is results. and he is going to want to focus on the president's demeanor and personality but at the end of the day, you can't argue with getting things done. isis has been rolled back. we have shown philip nato where they are stepping up to take on their own burden of foreign policy. and you just can't argue with winning. steve: well, joe biden tweeted out what the trump doctrine is over on the big wall it says embracing dictators. threatening war. embarrassing the united states. that's the #trump doctrine.
3:22 am
reclaiming american leadership starts now. but you say rather than starting, we would retreat back to the past. >> you are essentially going to see obama 2.0 which is america leading from behind in his own words. and essentially taking a passive approach to foreign policy. and if you look at the withdrawal from iraq and just sticking your head in the sand and wishing your adversaries away and wishing wars away, that's not an approach to foreign policy. at the end of the day, if america doesn't lead and creates a vacuum, bad things happen and folks like putin, president xi in china and isis step in the void. and we can't afford another eight years of that. steve: congressman, we do need to have our military fully funded as need be. the national defense authorization act is going to head to the floor, i believe, today. >> that's right. steve: what is in it and is there enough in it to your
3:23 am
liking? >> you know, there are some good things in it from helping gold star to families to establishing the space force but at the end of the day, they are trying -- the democrats are trying to reduce the overall budget that is insufficient to deal with russia, china, and the terrorist threat that still sits around the world. as it stands now i can't support it. at the end of the day what we need to go to is a senate bill that passed 86-8. truly bipartisan and supports the president's request. that's where we need to go. steve: in addition to reducing funding for multiple military programs, it prohibits the use of funds to build a wall along our southern border. i'm shocked that that would be in there. >> big surprise, right? >> it ties the president's hands around the world and we can't have it. steve: all right. congressman, thank you so much. have a great weekend. >> all right. thanks. steve: 6:23 in new york city. democrats blasting the trump administration over migrant facilities. >> the president denies the inhumane conditions.
3:24 am
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3:28 am
that's what they tell us. the subsank in 1989 after a fire on board killed 42 men all right. griff, ainsley? griff: thanks, steve. senate democrats blasting conditions at facilities that house migrant children. >> the president denies the inhumane conditions and treatment of asylum-seeking families and children. >> how can we call ourselves the beacon of hope and freedom and to kind of conditions. >> have you no shame to mistreat them at our border facilities? ainsley: during the first presidential debate in june, many of the candidates visited the homestead shelter for migrant children down in miami protesting the conditions. but our next guest is a pastor who volunteers there and says that they have it all wrong about what's really happening on the inside. griff: here with us pastor russell black, president of the latin impact ministries. pastor, thanks for joining us this morning.
3:29 am
tell us what are the conditions inside that shelter. >> good morning. great to be with you. all i can say is in the last four years that i have been working the shelter, it's actually been overwhelmingly surprising how good the care is at the shelter when we first started in 2015, we had no idea what would be going on there. and we were surprised at the care, the expense, the concern, the staff and the management of the shelter in making sure the brief stay that the immigrants had in the shelter would be as painless and pleasant as possible. so, as i see the print media, the politicians, make comments and allegations about the shelter, it blows me away that they don't have
3:30 am
the correct picture at all. many of us have been working there, volunteering for the last four years. we have been privileged to be able to conduct religious services there every saturday morning. and literally thousands of children have passed through our services. and and lives have been changed. and many times the kids, we only see them for a couple weeks and then they are gone because they have been processed out of the shelter. one of the allegations that we have heard many times is that they are held there indefinitely for long periods of time and in my experience, in everything i have observed, the children are as quickly as possibly we located to a safe family environment and sometimes it's very quick. sometimes it takes longer
3:31 am
time based on their individual circumstances. but, the care that they receive there is phenomenal. and i would hope that if any of my children ever had to experience what these children have had to experience that they would have that same level of care as well. ainsley: pastor, i know you told our producers that these children get a hot shower every day. they get at least two pairs of sock. personal hygiene items. three meals a day prepared in the dining room and two snacks. you also say the boys and girls are separated at night and there is a no touching policy because many of these individuals have gone through so much already as they have approached the border. as a pastor, i know you get to probably sit down with them. i know you go almost every saturday. your group goes every saturday to do church services and talk to these kids. usually children will confide in pastors or their youth ministers. if something were happening behind closed doors, do you think you would know about it. >> absolutely. without a moment's hesitation. not only do we have people
3:32 am
there constantly day in and day out, not in staged visits where tours are conducted but actually operate in there. i have been the privilege of being there not just on saturdays but during the week on spontaneous visits. and it is consistent. the same care that's been taking place. as a side note now that it's been several years, we continuously run into children and staff in outside the shelter who are now living in the community. some of them attend our churches. some of them come up to us in public. and many times i have asked them what was your experience like? and i have never had any of these individuals say that it was a bad experience. griff: pastor, real quickly, i want to ask you because you are going to get a visit from house democrats rosa who chairs that says she is concerned that the funding
3:33 am
under hhs and this office of refugee resettlement is derelict in their duty. will these lawmakers finder election of duty on their soon upcoming visit there? >> i can tell you with 100 percent confidence that there is no dereliction of duty at the shelter. in fact from the time the shelter opened until now i have been proud and glad to see that care has improved and become even more professional and well done. it's not declining in any way but to the contrary. it's an incredibly well-run and managed shelter, in my opinion. griff: pastor russell black, thank you for that insight here because it certainly paints a different picture than the one we have heard from those lawmakers particularly running for president who were down in florida. ainsley: pastor, thank you. we all have a heart for
3:34 am
those kids, you especially because you go down there and visit with them. god bless you. >> thank you for having me on this morning. god bless you. griff: president trump giving our next guest a shoutout at his social media summit. >> our first lady said you have to see these women, they are incredible. they are genius. and they like you. i said i want to see them. and i like them. i love them, actually. ainsley: he loves diamond and silk. that's who he was talking about. and they are going to join us next. hi, ladies. ♪ ♪ when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving.
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. louisiana is bracing for impact as tropical storm barry threatens to turn into a hurricane. griff: thousands sandbagging and heading to higher ground. steve: we have fox team coverage right now meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking the storm here in the studio. we begin with doug mcgelway whmckelway who is livew orleans. >> doug: there was a street crew power washing the sidewalk behind me. i thought to myself why bother because mother nature is going to do that for you. this is going to be primarily like katrina was a rain event. whether or not it's a tropical storm or a hurricane when it reaches the coast here. that poses real problems. it explains the president's urgency in his tweet which he said it's imperative heed
3:39 am
the warnings of fema state and local officials. please be prepared, be careful and be safe. the city has 120 high powered, high volume pumps. all but two of them are said to be working. they pump 1,000 cubic feet of water per second. but they freely admit it can only handle one inch of rain an hour and half the first hour half inch of rain. this storm is expected to bring 10 to 20 inches of rain. they admit the pumps cannot keep up. in all likelihood we will see flooding here. just how much why cannot say but we are watching. back to you in new york. >> doug mckelway in jackson square. rick reichmuth is here in the weather center. this is a gigantic rain event. >> it's a huge rain event for a lot of the people in areas that are really water logged and rivers already full. that's what we are so concerned about. if you look at the satellite map this looks like not a typical tropical storm. all of the energy is well displaced from where the center of the storm is.
3:40 am
that's good if that's that gets consolidated into one spot that's when you see storms strengthen rapidly. we are not looking at that chance at all it. is moving over really warm water. peak summer temperature here in july, temperatures running well above average. that's the case all across the gulf. i say that for future storms coming this summer. these temperatures are really warm and could be a big problem for us this summer hurricane season. we do have hurricane warnings all along the coast. it's very close the center of it through the coast line might meander a little bit offshore. it's a slow moving storm. because it's such a slow moving storm that's why we will see snow totals pile up. storm surge with this 3 to 6 feet in the highest points. that's not a lot of storm surge. it becomes problematic because of the rain that we have had over the last six months and the river levels where we are right now. and we are going to see a lot of rain. some spots 10 to 20 inches of rain where you see that red. i just want to point out much of the state of mississippi talking about 5 plus inches of rain.
3:41 am
that's going to cause at love inland flooding, very well away from where the center of the storm comes on shore. one of the other models we look at two basic ones or two most reliable ones both of them showing mississippi and western parts of alabama possibly also getting a lot of rain. so far from the center of the storm. people need to be watching this and plans. what do you do if flooding comes in and rivers rise and area especially if you know you are a river flood prone area we will see that for a lot of people. all of that water eventually hahas to get into the mississippi river. well at flood stage and long-term event going on the next number of weeks. guys? steve: a very worrisome weekend. thank you very much. ainsley: hand it over to carley who has headlines for us. >> heart breaking update to bring you. dog the bounty hunter opening up with how he is coping with the loss of his late wife beth chapman. >> i haven't gotten past the place where i am still putting the pillow where she was and covering it up like
3:42 am
the jail houses escape, right? i mean it. and then i wake up and don't see her it doesn't register. i'm still there. >> doug also revealing beth's last words. she told him to, quote: please let me go adding before i could say all right. she couldn't breathe and i called the ambulance. beth chapman losing her two year battle with throat cancer just last month. she was 451 years old. caught on camera, the moment a north carolina kfc restaurant explodes into a pile of rubble. a few employees were trying to close down for the night when they began smelling gas. the manager went to turn off the nozzle but couldn't do it in time. the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. incredibly no one was injured. good news there a coast guard crew getting a shoutout from the president after busing a submarine of drug smugglers in the pacific ocean. when you see the take down
3:43 am
you will see why. this is like straight out of a movie right here. [shouting] >> unbelievable. the subspotted off the coast of the ecuadorian columbian border in international waters. the coast guard finding more than 17,000 pounds of cocaine on board. president trump tweeting the video writing do you believe this kind of bravery. amazing drug seizure. guys, how about that footage? >> no kidding. the guy jumps on the suband opens up the hatch. carley: you don't even know what's below. ainsley: the guy opens up the hatch and you can see his hands. he is ready to be arrested. griff: very brave, too. in many cases because i have followed this for years, they have got so much narcotics on those ships that they will fight to the death. steve: they have nothing to lose. griff: they don't give up easily. ainsley: if you are on a
3:44 am
submarine i am surprised they don't go down. griff: they can't they are not submergible. steve: that's why as soon as the guy popped the top owe open it was game over. wow, that was something. meanwhile, president trump vowing to protect free speech online calling out big tech companies for alleged censorship of conservatives. >> big tech must not censor the voices of the american people. to all of the social media influencers here today, a lot of -- you have a lot of power and you have a lot of strength. you are challenging the media gate keepers and the corporate sensors to bring the facts straight to the american people. what do you think i would do without social media? would i be here? because i said i think. so. [laughter] ainsley: our next guest attended the social media summit getting a shoutout from the president for their support. griff: joining us now are fox nation personalities and social media super stars diamond and silk.
3:45 am
good morning, ladies. ainsley: hey, ladies. >> good morning. griff: tell us about the meeting at the white house. what was it like. >> first of all it's an honor to be invited to the white house and be able to participate in the on stage where they had the interview with kellyanne conway. listen, it was phenomenal. we really appreciate the president really -- he had his ears up to the what's going on out there in the social media world when it comes to conservatives being censored on at love these platforms where their platforms are being -- where followers and fans can't follow different influencers. you know, i'm happy that he wants transparency from these social media platforms. >> that's right. >> he is calling them up there. because we want to see what's going on, why the bias. and we want the bias to stop. steve: yeah. but, you know, you want the bias to stop. you want to talk to them. but the president didn't invite facebook and twitter. was that a problem?
3:46 am
>> that was not a problem because first he wanted to talk to the influencers and the journalists. and now he is going to be calling them up there. >> that's right. >> he is going to be calling them up there next to talk to social media when it comes to facebook, youtube, and all of them. is he going to be calling them to the platform. that was not the time to have facebook there while the influencers was there because we was having a conversation about what was going on. ainsley: a lot of people love this about our president because y'all are two ladies from north carolina. you voted democrat your whole life. you decided to support this president. you start to go viral. next thing you know, you're famous. you're on television. you're at the white house shaking hands -- hugging the president in fact. is he known for going to these rallies. calling out people that are out in the audience, bringing them on stage. giving them the microphone. applauding just the every day man and woman. when you were in the white house and hug the president do you think about that and think about your story? >> it's surreal. >> it's really surreal,
3:47 am
yeah. >> we keep pinching ourselves. we can't believe it. you know, if you ever want to make god laugh, tell him your plans. we had no plans no, idea. but we love him and we love it all. listen, we love the fact that we have a president that's working for the american people. >> for all americans, yes. >> and we love him so much. griff: he loves you. because you have provocative things to say. that's why we have to ask you about this feud that is really intensifying between speaker nancy pelosi and four members of congress. this is what alexandria ocasio-cortez in the woes, "the washington post." when these comments first started i thought she was keeping the progressive flank at arm's distance to protects more moderate members which i understood but the persistent singling out. the singling out of newly elected women of color. your reaction? >> well, first of all, alexandria ocasio-cortez is very disrespectful.
3:48 am
she has been to me disrespectful from day one. but nancy pelosi never put her in her place. >> that's right. >> when alexandria ocasio-cortez dispagers our president and demean him, nancy pelosi looked the other way and didn't say anything or have smart words to say. when she came up with green new deal and it happens to be a green new scam, nancy pelosi silent. so this is what happens when you don't put people in their place when they are blatantly disrespectful and disrespect you. so nancy pelosi, i don't know what she is going to do. it looks like alexandria ocasio-cortez is the house leader now. >> [inaudible] this is what they are doing to people of color whether they feel like they are getting uppity. they do everything they can to shut them down. that's what nancy pelosi is doing to aoc. ainsley: what do you think about her playing the race card. have you congressman william lacy clay a member of the congressional black caucus. he said accusing -- he accused them of using the race card.
3:49 am
he said it's a weak argument because if you can't get your way that's what you go do, you resort to the race card. your thoughts? >> the whole party uses the race card. all of them do that. they are eating their own. they all use the race card. the gender card and the sex card. these are the cards they all tend to play. it's so bad. it's going to be phenomenal to look at them chew each other up and spit each other out. >> what's amazing they play the race card and they support a party that is part of racism from back in the day wherever they enslaved a lot of black people. steve: yesterday, i think it was a cnn reporter who asked aoc if she felt that nancy pelosi was a racist and she said absolutely not. >> i don't believe nancy is a racist. what i do believe is that nancy pelosi needs to speak up with alexandria ocasio-cortez and the rest are wrong wrong. when they're doing anti-american rhetoric and saying demeaning and
3:50 am
disparaging things she needs to be the leader and speak up instead of turning a blind eye. griff: thank you. ainsley: diamond and silk, thank you. amazon prime day is coming up. bewill tell you how you can take advantage of it. kurt the cyberguy is here. what do you look for when you trade? i want free access to research. yep, td ameritrade's got that. free access to every platform. yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better,
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arntion ainsley amazon prime day a few days away. we have all the information you need best deals to get you ready for the shopping experience. steve: here is kurt the cyberguy amazon and what the competition is doing. >> the competition is. amazon prime day is two days goes from 48 hours for that look at the deals already coming out. this is amazing. we never see this on sale but rarely and certainly not at this price. this is a brand new mac book air, right? and the regular price on this is 1199. steve: okay. >> well, the price for amazon prime day hello, 9999. steve: they knocked 200 bucks off. ainsley: i didn't know you could buy apple stuff on amazon. >> they now have a partnership. now the ipad pro 12.9-inch. regularly 9.99. hello, $150 savings it's 849. we never see that one. >> what about the air pod? >> air pod, these are
3:55 am
wireless chargers, the latest version of these. these are amazing. you see them everywhere. they never go on sale. regular price $200. now 20 bucks off for 180. ainsley: those are the lost. i lost three pairs of them. i have to keep buying them. >> this is a six quarte insta p. now not at amazon we found this as macy's for 4.99. you have to use the sale code. promo code deal when you are checking out to get that extra $10 off. ainsley: what do you use for. >> i make homemade dog food in it every week. steve: opposite of a slow cooker. it cooks everything fast. >> we love for conveniences, 49.99 echo dot from amazon. and now half price. ainsley: why is that better than the tall alexis? >> it's not it's just cheaper. ainsley: it s. it the same thing. >> does the same thing doesn't sound as good. finally, looking at chrome
3:56 am
book here from samsung $2,229. the deal 159. it's one of several that you will find out there. incredible time to spend money. 58% of people on amazon that have prime are planning to shop during this period. you will save money. it is -- makes a lot of sense to use camel, camel, camel to use price. steve: camel. >> three camels. ainsley: even if you save 20 bucks that's half a tank of gas. if you are going to buy it anyway. griff: go to camel. steve: check it out still ahead on this friday rush limbaugh is going to join us live. you are watching "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ it's a ride in a chevrolet ♪ ♪ [farmers bell]
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♪ i can buy my own drinks ♪ i can buy my own ainsley: i wake up friday no more alarm clocks. get to sleep in a little this weekend hopefully. say hello to the crowd out there. say hello to the folks who watch us every morning and free music. griff: buy my own drinks. top 20 with that song. steve: our feature performers today are runaway june, brought to you by our friends at sandals. i never knew you could actually play golf at sandals complimentary green fees included at most sandals resorts. design their golf courses, our friends greg norman the
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4:02 am
ainsley: 7:01 here on the east coast. we have to tell you about the president trump declared a state of emergency for louisiana as a tropical storm bears towards the coast. griff: people trying to evacuate. storm system life threatening flooding expected to slam new orleans as early as tonight. steve: this as several states along the gulf coast remain on high alert. rick reichmuth is in the studio tracking the storm's path. the gulf is so warm that it's just ripe to just be a great big rainmaker. rick: it really is storms sometimes have a hard time getting themselves going. and that's been the case with this one. for us that means it's good news. it hasn't had the chance to strength really rapidly it hasn't had much activity in the center of the storm. maybe seeing more of that this morning. that's one of the reasons why it could strengthen the next 24 hours before it eventually moves ashore
4:03 am
sometimes tomorrow likely across the southern louisiana coast line. you will notice though, it's a big circulation. there is a lot of moisture well away from the center of it. where we talk about the center making landfall. that's not where the worst of this will be. we will see rainfall spreading all across the entire area. especially-likely just off towards the east of it. that's what most of our model guidance is saying. you notice this here. got some numbers pushing 20 inches of rain cutting just maybe around new orleans or just to the west of it. maybe between new orleans and baton rouge another one of our models showing baton rouge getting in toward the 20-inch range of rain. that would cause incredible flooding. obviously the mississippi river here is already at flood stage. when katrina made landfall, guys, the mississippi river was at 3-foot level. right now it's at 16 feet. and those levees are about 20 feet. only has about four feet more of space storm surge rain going to fall see the water flopping over levees. big concern with this storm. guys? steve: going to be a busy weekend for you.
4:04 am
griff: a wet one. ainsley: thanks, rick. steve: yesterday at this time we told it you sounded like the president might do some sort of executive action regarding getting a citizenship question on the u.s. census for 2020. but, realistically, he realized that that's not because it would be a gigantic court challenge and the supreme court has already ruled, what he decided instead was to order every federal agency to turn over whatever records they have of the citizenship status of people here in the united states. turn it over to the commerce department. now, it was about 18 months ago wilbur ross said they would start doing that anyway. and try to get a citizenship question on the census and that, of course, set off 189 months of political and judicial fighting. griff: clear reversal the president said he is likely to do executive order. now he is taking action but not that course after the supreme court blocked essentially that path initially here is what the president said yesterday at the white house on what he
4:05 am
intends to do. >> there used to be a time when you could proudly declare i am a citizen of the united states. the only people who are not proud to be citizens are the ones who are fighting us all the way far left democrats in our country are determined to conceal the number of illegal aliens in our midst. we are not backing down on our effort to determine the citizenship status of the united states population. we will defend the right of the american people to know the full facts about the population, size of citizens and non-citizens in america. we will leave no stone unturned. >> since this count used is determined the allocation of seats in the house for the next 10 years, that's important for the election. number of electors for each state in the electoral college, clearly important after we saw the last election. and it also is -- it determines how they
4:06 am
distribute $675 billion of our tax dollars. steve: right. ainsley: federal spending. steve: there was an interesting article this morning in the "the washington post." it talked a little bit about what they are suggesting to do, where you turn all the information over to the government. the census bureau says the use of administration data could actually provide accurate determination of citizenship status down to the block level. so it would be very accurate. but that information could not be used to determine the number of congressional seats but could be used by states to figure out how to draw congressional districts. griff: democrats are actually worried that it could undercounseled imgranted and therefore, count against the money that major cities the funding would go to. here the democrats in 2020 field blasting the president's now work around the citizenship question. watch. >> wow, is he going to follow the law? [laughter] this is not about trying to find out real information
4:07 am
about sphi citizenship and non-citizenship in america. he is trying to stir up more hate. >> highly irresponsible. yet another example of this president trying to interfere if not weaken our democracy. >> it sounds like a face saving way to recognize that he has been on the wrong side of the law throughout. tinkering with the census was clearly racially and politically motivated. steve: i will tell you what. rush limbaugh is going to be joining us 90 minutes from right now. big story yesterday. today we will talk to him about that coming up. stay tuned he will rushbo is in the house. ainsley: let's talk about the economy when folks are asked why are you going to the polls? many say the economy. yesterday there was a statement about lockheed martin, the ceo put out the statement. we were told the lockheed martin plant were going to close in west virginia: they decided to stay open. this is what the ceo said at
4:08 am
the request of president trump i took another look to close the facility and decided to keep it open while we pursue additional work. steve: that's right. the president tweeted out so happy that i was able to keep, of course, the helicopter in the great state of pennsylvania keep america great. in all, the president says he saved 456 jobs. what was so significant about this announcement coming out was yesterday the dow jones industrial average crossed 27,000 for the first time in history. some of it had to do with the fact that it sounds like the federal reserve may be cutting interest rates for the first time in a deck a kid. ainsly to your point earlier, when you ask people why they are going to go to the polls and vote for any particular candidate, the economy is the number one issue. griff: yeah, you see there 26% is the economy followed by 21% healthcare. 17% immigration. 16% social issues. 6% environment. 5% gun control. it's fascinating because you
4:09 am
see the green new deal certainly the front issue for many of these candidates as we have been watching the first debate. soon the second one. the significance of the sikorsky story president trump's economy and jobs is driven by the manufacturing sector and that is a real problem for democrats. ainsley: how about the interest rate? if they cut the interest rate again, it's such a great time to buy a house. i remember when my parents bought their house they thought they got a great interest rate 11%. now we are down to 4%? steve: i haven't redone nine a couple of years but it is low. i believe the latest unemployment numbers. the number of people who filed for first-time jobless claims during the holiday week, fourth of july week was at very low number which just goes to show you that apparently employers want to hold on to their workers as long as they possibly can. griff: you know, guys, i got to mention today because it's such an honor to be on this couch. 11 years ago today that we
4:10 am
said goodbye to a great american tony snow. i worked with him for a long time. i'm sitting on this couch today in part walls o because of him. i helped his w. his radio show and tv show. first host of "fox news sunday." he worked in the george h.w. bush white house and then, of course, spokesman for president george w. bush. you see him there at the podium dealing with contentious press in those days. of course, there is the fist clinched in the air when he left the white house and it's really remarkable. his children now kendall the eldest who is out in california working on video games. video game creator. robby his is on the middle child there is in atlanta. is he a filmmaker now pursuing the film industry and chrissy, his youngest in greenville, north carolina working as well. you know, he really embodied
4:11 am
what it meant to rise above the rancor and partisanship of washington and was really always thinking forward on how progress could be made. ains dana perino was appointed to take over, right, after he died. i was on the couch anchor "fox & friends," it was a weekend, i believe, when he passed away. and president bush 41 called in and said i heard about the news watching your show. and then barbara bush got on the phone and talked to us. i was just blown away by that they were in bed and learned about it they said watching "fox & friends." steve: tony snow was an amazing man. and here's a little bit to remind you of the man we lost 11 years ago today. >> "fox news sunday," good morning from fox news in washington. we once were a nation of neighbors and friends. we are again today. the thunders of political combat roll into the distance, we can stop and savor the important things. you don't have to give a
4:12 am
million bucks to change the universe. a smile and kind gesture will do just fine. when you talk about something as important as a war, it is important to take a good look at what the president is proposing, how it fits together, how it meets our national aims and objectives and how it's going to make us safer. >> this job has been the most funny have ever h the most satisfying, fulfilling job. i'm sorry i have to leave it. i have got to say it's been a real honor and pleasure working with everybody in this room. and i will miss it. steve: tony snow. griff: i think his favorite job was working with us at fox. i will tell you. he had a huge impression and certainly in my career and being here today. steve: he changed your life? griff: he did. he did. i was texting with his wife jill this morning. there i am wearing pants, by the way. i knew we were going to show. this on the radio show we pursued a judge with a frivolous judge against a dry cleaner. i wore repulsive pants. steve: reporting for "fox &
4:13 am
friends." griff: "fox & friends" put me on the air for the first time. i got a call from gavin our producer. hey i saw you doing this for tony snow's radio show. that's him yelling in my ear with a mega phone. gavin said would you do it. v? would you do this for tv? i said yeah, what the heck. ainsley: were you wearing them already or was it a joke? steve: it was a joke because griff was on with us about a week every day he had a different pair of pants. griff: the judge wouldn't talk to the press. ainsley: i love it when guys wear them. i like preppy. but a lot of people you probably get made fun of if you wear the pink lily pulitzer pants. ainsley: my dad had them. hhewas a golfer. he wore crazy pants. griff: my thoughts go out to jill and the family.
4:14 am
>> r. kelly arrested on new sex crime charges. he faces a 13-count indictment in chicago. a source with the u.s. attorney's office telling our fox affiliates in new york city he faces five other charges there the singer has always denied all of the allegations against him today vice president mike pence is set to visit the southern border with the second lady and members of the judiciary committee. get a firsthand look at migrant detention center in texas. comes as house democrats are holding a hearing on the treatment of migrant children. celebrations ending early for one u.s. women's soccer team player midfielder allie long says someone stole her commemorative key to new york city. long tweeting mayor bill de blasio said the key she received during wednesday's celebration key was taken. long's wedding ring and cash were also taken from her los angeles hotel room after she attended the espy awards. that's so sad. those, guys, are your
4:15 am
headlines. hopefully she will get a new key. >> after that amazing week. terrible. >> meanwhile, as ice reportedly gears up for nationwide raids on sunday some democrats like hillary clinton will tweeting information information for migrants getting caught. caught.ains brand done judd calls this an outrage and he sounds off next. ♪ this is my town ♪
4:16 am
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>> if ice agents don't have a warrant signed by a judge, a person may refuse to open the door and let them in. griff: as ice reportedly prepares for nationwide raids this weekend democrats are trying to help illegal immigrants avoid deportation. hillary clinton even tweeting out this graphic written in spanish that features tips on how to evade ice agents. here to weigh in is national border patrol council president brandon judd. good morning, brandon. what do you make of this, particularly secretary clinton putting out this guide t that basically says
4:20 am
don't open the door. know your rights. don't speak to them. don't sign anything. report and alert people when the raids come. >> i'm amazed that somebody that ran for the presidency of the united states that was willing to promise to uphold the laws of the united states, the constitution of the united states is now actively helping people avoid justifiable. these people have already been ordered deported they have already exhausted all of their appeals processes through the court system. they are not supposed to be here. they are illegally here and she is now helping them to continue to break the laws and i don't understand how the left continues to move further and further left in opposition to what the american public wants. if we want to become like guatemala, el salvador and honduras. then let's stop enforcing the laws. they have strict laws in this country. the reason why they are in the situation that they're
4:21 am
because their government fails enforce the laws and now we are trying to turn just like that. that makes absolutely no sense. griff: brandon, give us some insight if these raids come we expect the 2,000 people acro0 states. who are they going to apprehend. >> these people have come here illegally in the first place. they claimed asylum or asked for some sort of amnesty in this country. they went through their court proceedings. they were denied that amnesty, which, in other words, they were not able to prove that they should be able to remain here in the united states. they exhausted their due process and those are the individuals that we're going after. this is not a raid where we are going out into the streets and grabbing anybody that we can we are specifically targeting those individuals that have defied an order of deportation by a judge here in the united states. griff: so democrats say it's just a talking point when we
4:22 am
talk about democrats wanting open borders. how do you see it? >> this is exactly what they are doing. they are inviting people to come here and break our laws. what they are telling, the clear message that they are sending throughout the world and, remember, we don't just deal with people from south america, from central america. we deal with people throughout the entire world. this message that is being sent is it's okay to come to the united states and violate our laws and if you do that, you will not be held accountable. that is a crazy message to send. that invites people to come here in violation of our laws and we'll continue to see this problem on our borders unless we stop with this rhetoric and this politicizing of the laws in the united states and border security. griff: i want to ask you brandon, we will have more lawmakers visiting shelters in the coming weeks and days to see if appropriations are being used properly. are you satisfied with the work congress has done to try and get some relief to
4:23 am
the border patrol? >> i'm not happy with the work that congress has done up to this point. i'm grateful that they passed passed a supplemental tht gives us more funding to better take care of these children and people crossing the border illegally. frankly the reason we are in this situation is congress failed to act if congress did their job in the first place we wouldn't be in this situation. everybody is demonizing president trump when in reality these facilities were built back in 2013-2014. these are obama facilities and congress did not upgrade those facilities and now they are trying to blame president trump. griff: we shall see what comes in weekend. brandon, thanks so much. have a great weekend. >> thank you. griff: homeless crisis in los angeles is so bad business owners are taking action on their own building barriers, even using thorny plants to keep them away. two of those business owners joins us next. there's a better choice. aleve pm.
4:24 am
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steve: now time for news by the numbers. first number $1.4 billion that's how much the maker of is you box zone will pay the u.s. government. largest settlement ever related to the opioid crisis to date. the government accuses of fueling the opioid crisis making false or misleading claims to sale and drive up the price of the drug. 7.2%. that's how much tax sales have jumped in states where weed is legal. some bad cases of the munchies are likely to blame some say. states without legal pot only saw increases of 6%. and finally the number is 12. a dozen. that's how many babies a california fire department welcomes into the family in the year after battling the
4:28 am
devastating car fire. nine women giving birth to 12 boys and girls including three sets of twins. ainsley: three sets of twins? half of them are twins. that's great. thank you, steve. turning now to the growing homeless crisis in los angeles. the number of people living on the city streets surging 16% from last year to more than 36,000 people. well now fed up homeowners and business owners are taking matters into their own hands. they are building barriers to deter the homeless from setting up camps on their properties. here with more are two los angeles business owners. peter and maria from the hungarian culture alliance. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: you are welcome. maria, tell us what's happening with your business? homeless individuals sleeping outside of your door? >> well, not necessarily. we have had a lot of tents set up along the sidewalks around our business and at
4:29 am
some point over at least 20 tents. and we -- we're losing business. also because of our cultural center, having -- hosting all kinds of events for the hungarian community. a lot of our hungarian were afraid to drive into the streets. we decided after knocking on so many doors to try to get this resolved with the city that we would just take matters into our own hands. ainsley: peter, what have you done? are you placing barriers outside? >> actually, first of all, i just get couple of planters. i had idea to buy online, cheap, and basically later on i see the improvement. so i start getting more planter boxes and stealing the idea from other people driving around the city of los angeles because other people have done this before. i just actually made it better. so i had like 140 of them.
4:30 am
basically once i placed one. they move right next to it. so basically every day in the morning i came in the morning i see somebody moved around, rainy day, and i place them pot with my planter boxes. ainsley: maria, when you walk down the streets and you think this is the united states of america. you know, this is not supposed to be a major problem. what goes through your mind? these are individuals that don't have houses. it's a major problem. >> yes. well, we are actually immigrants to this country and we always thought the american dream was self-reliance and the opportunities america offers to everyone. and just obviously don't understand how a rich country as the u.s. and especially california cannot take care of this problem. and i think there should be
4:31 am
a two pronged solution. because services are out there. there are numerous nonprofit organizations offering services to the homeless also the city has allocated. huge amount of funds towards trying to resolve this homeless situation. and but i believe services are not sufficient. there has to be also enforcement because a lot of the lifestyle home. they are not willing to receive the services that they need. ainsley: peter, your mayor there has apologized for this. eric garcetti. he wrote a letter to the residents on june 11th the work we have done together kept the homeless population to half the average seen in cities across california. i but we must take better. i take full responsibility for our response to this crisis. what does the mayor need to do to fix the problem? >> actually, they have to do
4:32 am
immediate movement. basically they keep pushing it and keep telling. i know many time i listen to the radio. they are using the homeless crisis to be rewarded. but nothing really done. i know especially because you see the street is getting more and more trash. and i always hear it like from eric garcetti, yeah, we are going to take -- we definitely going to remove the trash and we are going to keep our city clean. but nothing really much happening. there is no improvement. what they have to do is basically if someone -- if someone moving from the street. they have to enforce the law. the city of los angeles have. especially example they have to remove the tents in the morning. nobody is enforcing. this or they could after 9:00. nobody follows this rule. the city is not capable to follow his own law. like basically right now, we kind of afraid maybe they are going to enforce our
4:33 am
plantar boxes removed. basically they could do this on us. but they cannot do the homeless situation. ainsley: i understand. california the weather is nice. i understand if you can't afford a house that's probably where you are going to go. they need to fix this and clean it up. it's such beautiful area. and these are individuals. we hate to see them out there. thank you so much peter and maria for being with us this morning. i wish all the best. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: you are welcome. thank you. these two guys tried to steal a car. the person sitting inside a retired cop. wait until you see what happens next. plus, our all-american concert series. runaway june is here. you will meet them live on the fox square next ♪ ♪ you've had quite the career. i like working. what if my retirement plan is i don't want to retire?
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not ecan match the power of energizer.tery because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one. griff: we are back for a fox news alert. tropical storm barry threatens the gulf coast. steve: thousands assembling sandbags and heading to higher ground. ainsley: rick reichmuth is tracking the dangerous storm. doug mckelway is in new orleans where folks are preparing for the worst. >> that's right, ainsley. people got a little taste what to expect earlier this week when some of the low pressure system associated with this tropical depression came clue new
4:38 am
orleans and really inundated the city. bourbon street was under water. other portions of the french quarter under water. that water has now receded for the most part. people have been pumping it out. but they have gotten a taste of why these sandbags are so important. why keeping storm drains is so important. because we expect a lot, lot more of that to come. it explains the urgency of the president's tweet. he said and i will read the pertinent part of his tweet. as you make preparations to protect your homes and loved ones from the storm. it's imperative that you heed the directions of fema, state and local officials. we are working closely with them. please be prepared, be careful and be safe. one of the problems with this is that we are expecting anywhere from 10 to 20 inches of rain, max here. the city has a pumping system. they call it the best in the world. 120 high volume pumps capable of pumping out 1,000 cubic feet of water per second. even with that, they say they can pump an inch of water per hour initially.
4:39 am
and then only a half inch of water subsequently to any additional rainfall after that. and with 10 to 20 inches expected. they say they freely admit they cannot keep up with that then have you the high level of mississippi all the rain upstream we have seen in the early spring and early part of summer this year. the water is expected to crest at 19 feet. the levees in parts of louisiana are as high as 20 feet. we are talking about a foot of safety unless something changes. we are here to watch. we will be watching all along. steve: let's talk to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth. rick, because new orleans is under sea level, this is a problem. rick: it is. the river gets to the 19-foot level. you also have wind and waves that you will see across that. and that's going to slop a lot of that water over. so one of the things we are concerned about. doug was just talking about all the rain we have seen this spring. and the snow we saw last winter. we had record breaking snow
4:40 am
pack across the northern plains. mississippi watershed. basically any water, rain, snow that falls in that area eventually drains out across the mississippi in towards the central gulf down around plaqueman's parish. all that water has moved into the mississippi a lot of it has it. is moving down to the southern piece here of the mississippi. that's where all of the water is from what we have seen this year and now we are going to add water back into that exact same spot. part of that will come from storm surge, about a 3 to 6-foot max storm surge that's going to push water up the mississippi river and then we are going to be dealing with the rainfall that falls on top of that. winds will be an issue. we have hurricane warnings in effect along the southern coast here of louisiana. we might see some winds in towards that hurricane force that's not going to be the big story with this. it's going to be the amount of rain that falls. while the crirptsd of storm -- e storm isn't together. there is a lot of water fall across the southern tier of the country here.
4:41 am
guys? steve: all of the states will be impacted. >> mississippi, louisiana, tennessee and arkansas those are the spots right now need to be watching. ainsley: what if they have beach trips planned for this area? rick: before this is algae he bloom. those beaches have been closed because of the algae bloom people weren't going to be going there anyway. this is not going to be a good weekend. slow mover once it gets on shore. rain all weekend long unfortunately. griff: rick, thanks. rick: you bet. griff: go to carley shimkus. carley: a 4.6 magnitude earthquake rocking the seattle area overnight. minutes later a 3.5 aftershock felt in nearby monroe. right now there are no reports of any damage or injuries. this coming one week after two powerful earthquakes and more than 400 aftershocks rocked southern california. a new fox news poll shows joe biden holding a strong lead among democratic primary voters in south
4:42 am
carolina. biden coming out on top with 35% support followed by senator bernie sanders, kamala harris, elizabeth warren and cory booker. the largest number of people say biden would be the best candidate to handle racial issues as well. this as warren unveils a sweeping immigration plan that calls for decriminalizing border crossings and repealing a law that requires local police to cooperates with federal immigration authorities. two attempted car thieves taking on the wrong man. look at this. police say two men carrying ak 47s tried to steal red corvette in florida. the driver wasn't having it. the retired police officer showing his badge instead, scaring the men away. it was all caught on security cameras. police now asking the public's help to identify the would-be carjackers. how about that story? a dare devil caught standing on a box of lit fireworks was a good idea until this
4:43 am
happened. >> oh. [explosion] [laughter] >> oh, the idea blowing up in his faces a they say. as the man face plants on to an indiana sidewalk. gets up, dusted himself off like nothing happened. the dare devil oh no he broke his arm in the fall. my sympathies there but always kind of deserved it. guys, send it to you outside. steve: thank you very much. meanwhile, this country music trio becoming an overnight sensation thanks to their chart topping single buy my own drinks. griff: that's right. their debut album. how about that? give them a round of applause. debut album taking the country music by storm cmt naming them the next women of country. ainsley: here with more is amy cook, hanna and. runaway june.
4:44 am
ainsley: who wrote that song do you all like to buy your own drinks. >> we wrote it more of a metaphor of making yourself happy. because we don't like to buy our own drinks. we can. >> we want you to know that we can. it's actually provided lots of men with a pickup line. why know we are not supposed to but can we? >> we just want to talk tour girlfriends, we don't want to be bothered. griff: this song is really pretty significant. this song is now -- it's been 15 years since an all-women trio has had a hit in the top 20. tell me about it. >> isn't that crazy? last one was sha daisy we grew up being inspired by shadaisy and dixie chicks. that's insane. steve: three different voices and harmonizing and goes back to the early days of country music. >> totally, completely. >> thank you. steve: tell us a little bit about you are -- your dance card is punched through halloween because you are working with -- >> -- well, we are with
4:45 am
carrie underwood but we have job security until october. >> the music business is a big deal. >> we are on tour with carrie underwood it's incredible. steve: you met in nashville. we know aspiring singer goes to nashville. how does it work you meet each other. you run across a million different voices and a million different people. how do you figure out hey, let's have a band. >> honestly, we still don't know. everyone's journey is different. we all got together. we are all song writers and a friend introduced us and we got in a writer's room and that's how the band happened. griff: jennifer, you have a very famous grandfather? >> i do. griff: who is? >> john wayne. >> the john wayne? >> yes. ainsley: what was he like and what kind of stories did he tell? >> well, he passed away before i was born but my grandmother is still alive. and she is a wild child. she runs circles around me. there she is. >> they met in peru, actually. she was in a movie and playing spanish guitar and singing and he fell in love with her. maybe that's where i got my
4:46 am
music from. ainsley: that's really cool. steve: how has it been touring and working? and was it last year you were nominated for best new act, right? >> yes at the acm awards. wonderful. debut album in june and out with carrie. it's been a busy summer. ainsley: show on madison square garden in october. how did you get together? >> we met in nashville. we are all song writers moved there to be song writers. we met in a writing room and formed a band. steve: what happens in a writing room? anybody got a word that rhymes with the thesaurus? >> what rhymes with the? griff: where did the name runaway june come from. >> june is kind of special to all of us. my grandmother's name is june. naomi has a sister named june. we signed a record deal in june. we all ran away from home and lots of men.
4:47 am
griff: we will get to that later. you guys ready to hear runaway june? [cheers] steve: they are going to kick things off at the top of the hour. ladies, thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. steve: meanwhile on this friday, rush limbaugh is going to join us live in the next hour. you are watching "fox & friends" live from new york city. [cheers and applause] ♪ applebee's all you can eat is back. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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♪ carley: watch your mouth. google admitting workers are eaves dropping on private conversations with smart speakers, their language experts are tasked with analyzing snippets of user recordings. the tech giant claims it helps improve its voice recognition technology. you won't have to say anything with gag entire land rover's new tech. unveiling facial recognition system that can adjust to your car's temperature and music just based on your expressions. a similar system for rear seat passengers is also in development. that is crazy stuff guys, i
4:52 am
will send it over to you on the couch. steve: thanks so much, carley. griff: thanks, carley. billionaire and democrat tom steyer going all in on taxpayer benefits for illegal immigrants. >> "yes" or "no," would your insurance plan provide coverage for undocumented immigrants? >> the short answer is going to be yes. what are you supposed to do with people that are part of society, live here, contribute to society, and, yet, are somehow under the radar are living in the shat shs they are a part of society. steve: here with reaction tony katz joins us from indianapolis. tony, good morning to you. >> good morning. i want one of those big rush limbaugh kind of welcomes. steve: tony katz and there he is, ladies and gentlemen, joining us from indianapolis tony katz. >> much better. steve: you just heard billionaire tom steyer say essentially what we have heard from all of the democrats at the last debate and that is benefits for people who are in the country illegally.
4:53 am
i mean, that's where the party is going. >> yeah. you can't win without it. of course tom steyer said it. and gavin newsom the same kind of thing as governor of california. the homeless problem in california is massive. and even cher has pointed out we are not taking care of the homeless. many of them veterans. so how can they think it's a sellable plan to america that we're first and foremost going to take care of people in the country illegally when we are not taking care of americans on the streets of l.a. and san francisco. that's a hard sell but all the best to him in trying to figure out how to sell it. ainsley: you bring up a good point. we just interviewed two individuals that have businesses in l.a. they are saying they are having to put up planters some are putting up cactuses and sticker bushes to keep out the homeless. you have healthcare and sanctuary cities. >> it's about priorities and pandering, right?
4:54 am
they believe, the democratic field, all of them believe that this is how they are going to get the vote. and tom steyer even being in this race is kind of amazing. he had 24 different candidates to choose from to give his billions of dollars to. and he said you know what? i got this because these guys aren't good enough. griff: tony, let's get your thoughts on another subject that is pete buttigieg one of the 2020 democrats unveiling his, quote: douglas plan. take a listen. >> our dog las douglass plan sps to issue. entrepreneurship need to real access to justifiable in the criminal justice system and number of other areas in american life. this isn't just aimed at black voters. it's very important that we have this conversation as a country. griff: your thoughts, tony? >> well, i think the best thoughts came from a referenced out of south bend named sylvester williams jr. he did npr interview he said of this douglass plan it's really nice on paper but
4:55 am
where's the heart? that's exactly the story about pete buttigieg is he all clinical but there is no connection. he is barack obama but without the charm. so this is just a nice bit of platitude. it's a nice idea. but, even this referenced says this can't get implemented. steve: well, "fox & friends" did ask him why the plan was not rolled out in south bend where he's the mayor and he said it was a digital rollout. this is about implementing policies that eliminate systemic barriers and work toward restorative justice so that black americans all across the country have the same opportunity to achieve financial security and success. you have been watching mayor pete for a while because you are there in the same state. >> yeah. and when he talks about this douglass plan, he does a little invoking of indiana. he mentions madam c.j. walker credited being the first millionaire, black millionaire in america. the walker theater is just blocks from where i sit right now. we go back to south bend. mayor pete wanted to get rid
4:56 am
of blythe so it was about changing housing in south bend. if you ask the people of south bend, they wanted the opportunity to make the money themselves and maybe utilize those houses. this doug last plan concept is all about the theoretical. he had two terms as the mayor of south bend to put something into practice, to try it, to be able to point to and say look at the success we had in south bend, and he didn't do it. this is all reactionary, not visionary. and america really does see it and so does his party. take a listen to what carley just said about what is going on in south carolina. pete buttigieg isn't even in the top five in south carolina. that's a big, big problem. griff: tony katz our man in indiana. steve: tony katz. griff: tony katz, radio talk show host. have a great weekend. >> i love it. steve: the gulf coast bracing for tropical storm barry as it bears down on millions. griff: we are tracking the storm's path. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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♪ the perfect kiss can make a mess, of the greatest shade of red ♪ steve: today east featured performer, the three voices of runaway june. ainsley: singing about lipstick. they are three beautiful girls. they know how to play the guitar. that is so cool. i wish i had done that i wish i learned that. griff: dixie chicks, outta here. they are the first trio to hit top 20 in 15 years. you saw them first on "fox & friends." ainsley: they are touring with carrie underwood. i forgot my lipstick. i need a little more color.
5:02 am
they're singing about lipstick. they were reading my mind. my mom said if you wear black, you need more color. steve: thank them for being our featured performers on the all american summer concert series. ainsley: listen to the song they sing. "buy my own drink." steve: coming up at the end of the show. 8:02 in new york city. we start with a fox news alert. president trump declared a state of emergency for the state of louisiana overnight. tropical storm barry is inching towards the gulf coast. ainsley: thousands of people are scrambling to evacuate what would could be the percent hurricane of the season. life-threatening flooding is expected as early as tonight. griff: several gulf states remain on alert. chief meteorologist rick
5:03 am
reichmuth is talking the storm's pan. rick. >> not because of the wind of the storm but because water in place, you add this water on. very heavy rainfall, storm surge pushing water back up in the mississippi river. we're concerned about the levees. will they be overtopped or maintain their structure. that is the biggest concern. we're starting to see more shower activity around the center of the storm. maybe it is getting its act together. maybe 24 to 36 hours we'll still be over water. the water it is over is really, really warm. we're talking about water temperatures in the upper 80s, pushing 90 degrees. these are temps you see peak of summer. we're here early in july. all the gulf is really warm. maybe it gets to hurricane strength, maybe it doesn't. all the activity in the large spot. a lot of moisture will pull onshore. we'll see some spots, 20 inches of rain. in a lot of inches five to
5:04 am
10 inches of rain. five to 10 inches will be concerning. that has to drain somewhere in the immediate, it is 10 to 20. right now looks 10 to 20 inches of rain, most reliable models put it between new orleans and baton rouge. that is the biggest population zone. that is why we're so concerned if the rivers are able to hold. or levees hold the river. what that amount of rain coming in will do in such a short amount of time. griff: your track was up to memphis where i was born and raised. if you live anywhere in the mississippi watershed what should you do? >> make your preparations. if you live in a flood zone, prone to flood, if you live in places close to floods you need to be watching. ainsley: sandbags went help if you're buried in water. >> some places do help. ainsley: where do you put them? in front of your doors? >> put them in the lowest spot
5:05 am
to get something level around your home. steve: rick, thank you very much. new development in the 2020 census, that citizenship question. president trump yesterday decided he would not add the citizenship question to the 2020 census. griff: but he is vowing to not back down. ainsley: kevin corke joins us live from the white house. looks like the president found another way to try to get some answers, right? reporter: that is the perfect if i to describe it honestly, and good morning to you. one way or another we'll find out who is in this country. that was the president's message to the american people in the address in the rose garden yesterday afternoon. the plan is fairly simple. get commerce to compel agencies to share information all across the whole of post in order to accurately count both citizens and non-citizens in this country. >> we are not backing down on our effort to determine the citizenship status of the states population. we will defend the right of the american people to know the full
5:06 am
facts about the population, size of citizens and non-citizens in america. we will leave no stone urn unturned. reporter: so the serve continues. on capitol hill, democrats for lack of a better description over the administration inability to force citizen responders to discuss their citizenship on the census. >> wow, he will follow the law. this is trying to stir up more hate. donald trump has one big message to the american people. if there is something wrong in your life, if there is something that's not working, blame them. reporter: not hate, say white house officials. there is nothing hateful about finding out who is in this country, if you're a citizen, shouldn't bother you to tell the american people, tell the census, yeah, i'm a citizen. democrats say this is about suppression of participation in the survey. later we expect the president to
5:07 am
make his way to wisconsin. not long from now he will be making his way up there. he is offering the usmca speech. john roberts is already in early. i don't know what john is doing here. he has to be on the south lawn. maybe he will get the president to talk. i suspect he will. for nownow back to you. steve: busy day at white house. kevin, thank you. there is a citizenship question on the census bureau's american community survey, that goes out to three million homes. apparently it has a history of being answered inaccurately because about 1/3 of the non-citizens report that they are citizens. so it is not reliable. according to "the washington post." griff: maybe president will get john roberts to talk about it. we'll get rush limbaugh to talk about it coming up this hour. ainsley: so excited to have him on the show. he is coming up soon.
5:08 am
steve: speaking as soon, looks as if early as this weekend, we heard about them couple weeks ago, the raids by i.c.e. to sweep up a number, perhaps 2,000 migrant who have been ordered deported. they have been fully ajudicated. they will be arrested we understand. 10 cities across the country probably on sunday. now keep in mind the president said two weeks ago, i'm going to give congress a couple weeks to figure this out, do something about the loopholes and amnesty. they didn't do anything. they did pass a funding bill. that doesn't close the loophole. ainsley: the democrats are giving advice to people here illegally saying things, like don't open your door. listen to nancy pelosi. >> an i.c.e. deportation warrant is not the same as a search warrant. if that is the only document i.c.e. brings to a home raid, agents do not have the legal right to enter a home. if i.c.e. agents don't have a
5:09 am
warrant signed by a judge a person may refuse to open the door and let them in. griff: pelosi wasn't only one dishing out advice. hillary clinton tweeted, a graphic of this guide right here. you see, it says, don't open the door. remain silent. know your fifth amendment rights. don't sign anything. report and film everything. it is a interesting position for democrats to take. we had brandon judd on a earlier in the show. we asked him specifically about secretary clinton dishing out this advice. here is what he had to say. >> i'm amazed that somebody that ran for the president of the united states, that was willing to promise to uphold the laws of the united states, the constitution of the united states, is now actively helping people avoid justice. these people have already been ordered deported. they have already exhausted all of their appeals processes through the court sim.
5:10 am
they're not supposed to be here. and she is now helping them to continue to break the laws. i don't understand how the left continues to move further and further left, in opposition to what the american public wants. steve: rather than pass some sort of bill to find some sort of immigration reform, instead a number of people are saying don't let them in if they don't have a search warrant. griff: here's the problem democrats are talking about the rule of law, at the same time dishing out this advice. it is important for the context to understand, all 2,000 plus of these people have been ordered by a judge to be removed. many of them who came illegally and then were found a absentia didn't show up for the court date for their asylum hearing. >> because of our laws. we catch you. you step foot on american soil. we release you. you're supposed to show up for a
5:11 am
court date. these 2,000 individuals have not been showing up. that is why i.c.e. is going to their houses to knock on their doors to deport them. steve: details on this program, there is a terrible homeless problem out on the west coast, particularly san francisco. in los angeles they're estimating there are 36,300 homeless in los angeles. that is up about 16% over the past year. the problem is they are creating these encampment outside of businesses and homes. there is so much garbage and there is so much waste and trash and pretty disgusting things out there, people have had it up to here because the government doesn't seem to be helping the people who live in the houses behind the homeless people. ainsley: the mayor sent out a letter, basically it is my fault. i take full responsibility for this. you're looking video right now of a man and woman we interviewed earlier. they set these up outside of their businesses. they went out on planters. they seemed to work.
5:12 am
they bought more planters. it was affecting their business. you hear about it on the news, is it really that bad, maybe on a few streets. it is taking over los angeles. it's a big problem. this is peter mosgow and peter, los angeles business owners taking businesses into their own hands. listen to this. >> we had a lot of tents set up along the sidewalks around our business. we decided after knocking on so many doors to get this resolved with the city that we would just take matters into our hands of the. >> if someone, someone living in the street they have to enforce the law. the city is not capable of following its own law. like basically right now, we kind of afraid, maybe they are going to enforce our planter boxes to be removed. basically they can do this on us, but they cannot do the homeless situation to fix. griff: all across southern
5:13 am
california, i was out there recently, signs in the public restrooms, avoid contact with some of the faucets you could get potential hepatitis. snapshot at health crisis. ainsley: really? >> yeah the public restrooms along the beaches, was out there surfing, be careful touching them. ainsley: you're supposed to wash hand to get germs off your hands about you could infect yourself washing your hands. wow. griff: part of the homeless crisis. steve: that is the latest there. stay on the west coast, carley joins us update from seattle. carley: 4.6-magnitude earthquake rocking the seattle area overnight. minutes later 3.5 aftershock felt in nearby monroe. right now a tsunami is not expected and there are no reports of damage or injuries. this coming one week after two powerful earthquakes and more than 4,000 aftershocks rocked southern california. another fox news alert. at least five people are dead
5:14 am
after a child suicide bomber attack ad wedding in afghanistan. officials believe the boy was targeting a commander of a pro-government militia who was killed. at least 11 other people were injured. it is unclear who is behind the attack. the taliban in peace talks with the united states denies responsibility. a coast guard crew getting a shoutout from a president after busting a submarine of drug smugglers pacific ocean. when you see the takedown, you will see why. it looks like something straight out of a movie. >> [speaking spanish] carley: the sub spotted off the coast of ecuadorian and columbia waters in international waters. the sub had 17,000-pounds of
5:15 am
cocaine on board. president trump tweeting video, writing, do you believe this kind of bravery? amazing drug seizure. listen to this. a chick-fil-a manager helping a 96-year-old world war ii veteran replace a flat tire. the vet barely made it to the maryland restaurant and tear any told employers he had no one to help him. the howard changed the tire in 15 minutes. howard's manager calling it a beautiful act of kindness. i love stories like that. steve: that's great. ainsley: thank you, carley. steve: 8:15 in new york city some democrats blame wall street for the housing crisis that ruined the economy in 2008. our next guest says policies from 2020 democrats could inflate another housing bubble. jason riley on deck with that from "the wall street journal." ♪
5:16 am
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on the nation's largest gig-speed network for less than at&t. that's 120 dollars less a year. better, faster. i mean sign me up. comcast business. beyond fast. >> we will answer the call to make health care affordable housing a basic human right. >> threw homeownership, through the g.i. bill and more, in many ways blacks were excluded from
5:20 am
many of these opportunities. >> i will invest $100 billion to put homeownership within the reach for those who live in red-lined communities. steve: some democratic candidates making homeownership a key focus of the 2020 race. but a new op-ed in "the wall street journal" warn their proposals could perhaps create a housing bubble. here to discuss that, "wall street journal" columnist, fox news contributor, jason riley. jason what are you worried about? >> i'm worried that the democrats didn't learn anything from the housing boom and bust. we know that bad housing policy led to the financial crisis. the proposals they're putting out there seem to double down on the same things that got us into the mess. steve: if you don't have a house, don't own a house, hearing somebody like this, that sounds great, i want some of that. >> that is the problem. homeownership as an idea is a great thing but not at any cost. when you extend loans to people
5:21 am
who can't afford to pay them back. you're not doing them any favors. what you end up more people with foreclosures and more people with bad credit. that is not what these folks need. steve: remind folks what happened during the last boom and bust. >> what happened banks were pressured into giving loans to people who couldn't afford to pay them back, racial minorities, low income people, federal agencies like fannie mae applying its own pressure, was pressured to buy the loans from the banks after they had been given out to the people, they turned out to be bad. a lot of people could not afford to pay them back. this is what the democrats seem to be doing again. we'll help you with the down payment. we'll help you with the closing costs. the other argument they're making, the reason these people are not getting loan is due to racial discrimination from banks. i don't think the evidence shows that. yes it is true that blacks are turned down for loans at higher rates from whites, but the same study showed that whites are
5:22 am
turned down higher rates than asians. that tells me racial animus is not what is going on here. banks lend to people that can pay them back. steve: at the same time, one of those issues, somebody is running for president, i think this will resonate with people who will vote for me. we, we know, jason, that is what people will talk about. >> it is, what we can give you. this is pandering. particularly on the racial front we're seeing a lot of pander didding from cory bookers, kamala harrises in particular, target the minority communities. cory booker's plan leads to the same problem you get in higher education. he want to subsidize renters, give them money to pay their rents. landlords will raise the rent. schools know kids are not paying full ride getting student loans, so they raise tuition. this doesn't work. they seem to double down on policies that have proven record of failing. >> it is a great op-ed.
5:23 am
jason, thank you very much. have a good weekend. coming up on the program rush limbaugh will join us live. you don't want to miss it. first here is runaway june performing "fast as you." ♪ maybe i'll be fast as you, maybe i'll break hearts too, oh, but i think you'll slow down your turn hurt comes around ♪. summer's not the time
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griff: fox news alert. louisiana preparing for the worst as tropical storm barry threatens the gulf. thousands evacuating as forecasters predict dangerous storm surges, potentially life-threatening foodflooding. doug mckelway is live in new orleans as the storm begins to lash the coast. doug? reporter: griff, good to hear you. we moved our location the sun is up and you can get a better glimpse of the mississippi river. one of the threat posed to this city. take a look what we've got right here. you can see the steps beyond me, about 50 yards behind me. there is a similar staircase on the other side of the bank. this is the levee right here. those steps are equal length but the water level is a third of the way up on the steps on the other side. the mississippi river has been very, very high in this region since early spring because of all the rains they suffered in the midwest, coming down the missouri river which empties
5:28 am
into the mississippi below st. louis and the mississippi itself. if we have any kind of a storm surge which backs up the river, we're getting storm surges of 10 to 20 inches that is problem. this is heavily traveled ship channel. if you look across the bay you see a couple ships docked. i have seen only two ships since we were docked here. that was two tugboats. everything else is lashed down like much of the city. not a lot of people around new orleans. we came through the bourbon street area on 2:00 this morning, normally would be very crowded. very few people are about. heeding the evacuation warnings or hunkering down what may come. back to you. griff: those are worrisome issues, doug. we hope the best for the people in the area. thanks, doug. ainsley, down to you. ainsley: thank you, griff. marine corps veteran kirsti
5:29 am
innis was 17 years old. on 2012 while on active combat duty. her life changed forever. the helicopter she was in crashed. she suffered life altering injuries, including losing her left leg. she decided to turn her mission to inspire others. she received the 2019 pat tillman award for service at the es p.a. wards. listen to her speech -- espy awards. >> i came home, broken, still here and i can. i will continue every day for those who can't. [laughter] [applause] ainsley: retired marine sergeant kirsti ennis joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. ainsley: good to see you again. i was so excited when i learned you won this award. what did it mean to you? >> honestly i just, huge to be
5:30 am
celebrated alongside somebody so amazing. like i said in my speech i feel like pat tillman, he is a true american hero, not only a sports legend, but somebody who had a voice. he used it. he was passionate about some things. he pursued something, he put his feelings into action. a lot of what we're missing in this day and age, people who have the backbone to make change. he obviously paid the ultimate sacrifice for what he believed in for the country he loved. ainsley: you've been through so much, kirsti. tell us your story. you came to a point where you didn't want to live anymore. you picked yourself back up. tell us your story. >> i was in afghanistan 2012. june 23rd started like any other day, like any other mission. unfortunately but i also say fortunately my mission resulted in a helicopter crash that obviously, i sustained some
5:31 am
pretty devastating injuries. i've had 44 surgeries. i have a left leg above the knee amputation. brain injury, damage to my arms, ears, eyes, spinal cord. it has been really uphill battle. one i think my recovery is going to be ongoing for a very long time. but you know, i was really lucky to have the support system that i needed. extremely supportive family and friends group that pushed me to bet my life back. i've been through some really low points, lowest of the lows. but i'm also, you know, dealing with life now. it is the highest points of my life. what a lot of people are missing, whether it is recovery or dealing with some sort of adversity in your life, easy for us not to want to try. there is fear of failure and the moment i was willing to embrace failure in my recovery, try for myself, try pour my loved ones,
5:32 am
everything turned around. don't get me wrong, there are days, things are hard. it is not pain-free. it is not easy, but i just remind myself of the people that might be watching, that my actions follow the right per specialtives. the moment you put your head and heart in the right place, you can overcome anything physically. ainsley: we wish you the best. you participated in the warrior games in 2013. in 2017 you said but i will become the first female amputee to climb the seven highest peaks. we wish all the best. you said in the speech, rest a moment less, endure a fraction more, make peace with whatever your pain may be. you have done that we wish you the best. you're probably at home right now. you got the from "building homes for heroes." our friend andy awarded you a house, mortgage-free, it is outfitted for your needs of the god bless you. we appreciate what you have done for all of us. you're continuing to climb for
5:33 am
those folks that didn't make it home. >> thank you very much. i appreciate all the support. ainsley: you're welcome. thank you. the one and only rush limbaugh, he will join us live coming up next. first here is runaway june performing, "i know the way". ♪ cake in the conference room! showing 'em you're ready to be your own boss. that's the beauty of your smile.
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♪ steve: all right. as you can see right here, we're joined by the king ever radio. rush limbaugh joins us from his southern command post down in palm beach florida. good morning. >> great to be with you guys. really an honor. really a pleasure. could not go to sleep last night. so excited to be here today. now the time has arrived. steve: it has indeed. rush we'll talk about your betsy ross t-shirt that, is shocking number of people, there it is right there. >> right there it is. steve: we'll talk about that in a couple minutes. first what did you make of the
5:38 am
president yesterday seeing the writing on the wall, it would be a protracted legal fight, they're already printing up the census, he decided to essentially ask all the government agencies to send all data about citizens and non-citizens to the commerce department and they will try to figure out who, how many citizens we have in the country? >> i think everybody is looking at this in the wrong way. it is a testament too, by the way of power of people that write the narrative every day. i call it the washington soap opera. i firmly believe it is the media that is running the democrat party today, not the other way around. the real controversy here, who took the citizenship question oaf the census and why? why is the controversy wanting to know who among us happens to be a citizen and who isn't? why is that controversial? seemed to me this kind of attention should have been asked when somebody in the obama regime decided to get rid of it.
5:39 am
we all know why. they don't want non-citizens to be invisible. they want them, they do want them to be invisible. they don't want them to be counted as non-citizens for a political purpose. all of this, everything the left does is political. they couch it in compassion and concern and not wanting to target or single out anybody. my problem with all of this is that the american left today seems to have one major problem that is guiding every agenda item they have, they don't like this country. they don't like this country as founded. they don't like this country's place in the world and so they want to diminish us. they're too afraid of american superpower, american exceptionalism. but this idea of who is a citizen and who isn't, why did that question get taken off. that is where everybody's focus should have been. i will put this on the republicans. look at the way things happened. obama takes the question off. republicans do what?
5:40 am
say nothing. then the democrats say back we want to put it back on, president trump, it is common sense. put it back on. the democrats fight, oppose, make it hell on earth to try to get this done. this is a great illustration of the difference in the two parties how they operate politically. i think it is outrageous that the desire to know who here is a citizen is controversial. steve: i don't know exactly when they did stop putting it on but that certainly is -- ainsley: 2010. 2010 when president obama, it has been on there from 1870 to 2010. rush, will you elaborate. >> exactly my point. exactly my point. the controversy, who took it off and why? we know the answer to this. it just needs to be explained to people. as far as people are concerned, wanting to find out who's here is the suspicious thing. wanting to find out who among us is now a citizen is suspicious controversial thing this 180 degrees out of phase.
5:41 am
it is wrong. i applaud the president to get this done, i think by hook or crook he will get it done. focusing everybody's attention on it first thing you have to do to effect positive change. ainsley: will you elaborate how exactly this would affect elections? why don't democrats want this on the census report? you said it is political. will you elaborate on that? >> well it's ultimately, they want these people to be able to vote. the reason the democrats want open borders, there is a lot going on. first behind this is globalist movement to eliminate concept of citizenship. some will sound strange. this really isn't. this is happening. they want to replace the concept of citizenship with residence. these are global elites who want to manage the world and control as much of the population as they can. the first thing you do, if you really want to do that is get rid of this concept people are citizens of different countries. you replace that concept with residents.
5:42 am
now you bring it to this country specifically. the democrats here want open borders. they want as many people crossing the border as possible. multiple reasons. one is, they need a permanent you know class. the democrat party is a party that the worse can happen to it for people to become self-reliant, for people to be able to produce for themselves. they need people constantly in need, they need to create as many victims as they can, people hopeless thinking the game is rigged. they have no chance because the deck is stacked against them. the democrat will pave the way for them, protect them. they need as many as these people they can get. people with no chance, to hope. they become the champion. they want those people to vote. right you you have to be a citizen to vote. except in california. they want non-citizens to they are making that happen. it is model for what the left wants entire country to become. the whole question about, politics, answerly. the non-citizens can't vote.
5:43 am
democrats want the citizens to vote, that is the underlying desire and energy as far as they're concerned. griff: rush, let me ask you about this division within the democratic caucus between speaker pelosi and the significant four and led by -- steve: the squad. griff: the squad. that's right. led by alexandria ocasio-cortez, aoc seeming to play a race card with pelosi. what do you make of the situation? >> i think, this is another example -- you think at the end of the day, when we get to 2020, the campaign, election, they women be disunified? they're not. this is the young turks in the party wanting to have some say-so. it is time honored. there is nothing new going on here except alexandria ocasio-cortez calling pelosi a racist pig essentially, which is humorous and funny because you don't normally see democrats make that allegation about each other. but again this is, we're looking at this the wrong way.
5:44 am
we think we got a great news story here of division within the democrat party. the real story, the democrat party, you guys, is their utter failure to get rid of donald trump. their frustration, it is immeasurable. this is what is driving everything they are doing. they thought they would get rid of trump before he was inaugurated. then they came up with the phony collusion thing. they have thrown every weapon they have got getting rid of donald trump. they have failed. they are beyond their ability to deal with it. they normally target somebody to take out on republican side, they can do it in two weeks, six month, however long they want to spend at it. they can't damage trump. it is driving them crazy. they are more irrational than ever. but at the end of the day i think this is nothing more than something is amusing to watch but in terms of effect it will have on the democrat party, negligible. the effect on the democrat party will be from donald trump and republicans because we're the
5:45 am
opponents. when you get to the end of things, cortez is not a forever opponent of pelosi. maybe internally but not when it comes to the big agenda items. they will end up on the same page at the appropriate time. if they don't, and i'm wrong about this, i would be glad to be wrong but i don't think i am on this. steve: we'll see how it all turns out. meantime, rush, i had heard, been reading the sy ross t-shirt you came up with is flying off the shelves because it is benefiting tunnels for towers which helps all sorts of families who have lost a member. there it is right there, law enforcement. this all to the started before the fourth of july, nike announced they would put the betsy ross flag on shoes. colin kaepernick -- ainsley: he was offended. steve: for variety of reasons. you came out and there is the shoe right there. now you have put this particular flag on a t-shirt.
5:46 am
you wonder, what did betsy ross ever do to anybody? >> there is an overarching thing to this too. you can look at the american women's world soccer team as an illustration of this too. i'm not convinced by the way nike didn't dredge all this up as a pr stunt but even if they did, here's the point, you have people in the case of soccer team, they want to be on the team, they want to represent america. they go out and perform. achieve something magnificent athletically. what do they do with the platform, trashing america, beating on the country they claim they wanted to represent. kaepernick, looks at a pair of tennis shoes. i don't like the flag. that flag stands for this and that. nike says okay. we'll cancel it. i'm tired of this with no pushback. there are millions of americans respect and do not think it is cool to constantly trash america, and blame america, when
5:47 am
the people doing it have become incredibly wealthy. they have ever, never ending opportunity. they have had more opportunities than anybody in the world over, they still persist in wanting to trash and criticize and blame america. some of us are just fed up with it. i went to my wife, when the nike thing happen, how quickly can we turn a t-shirt around that featured betsy ross, stand up to betsy ross, to give people a vehicle to push back, because there are a lot of people out there that feel a little powerless. they're as livid about this as i am, what can they do about it. we given them a opportunity. we partnered with tunnel to towers on this to make sure people knew this was not pursuit of profit on the part of me or my organization or my program. we do everything here. we fulfill them. we order them. we design them. we sell them. in four-days this week, it is largest selling item that we ever had. it is single greatest revenue
5:48 am
generating item we ever had in the rush store. people glommed on to this like i say like nothing else we ever offered. it has been really fulfilling. people want the opportunity to push back, if nothing else for self-satisfaction about this. because it really, it is getting tire some, steve. it is getting tiresome to listen to never ending parade of people on the left rip this country, criticize this country, blame this country. when none of what they are saying is applicable. this is not the land of grievance. this is the land of opportunity. this is the land of wealth and prosperity like nowhere has ever been in american or world history. and we're tired of it. this is just a simple little way for people to push back and benefit a charity that does great things for law enforcement, first-responders, military, and people who suffered greatly at 9/11.
5:49 am
ainsley: rush, thank you for remembering all of them and doing this. steve: that's right. i heard rush saying a bunch of website are selling bootleg fake -- >> you though how many -- at the end of the day yesterday, 70 knock-offs. customers believe they're selling my -- 70, can you believe how popular this thing has become? that is one of the great -- our legal department have no fear. they're selling it as though it is official. steve: only place to get the official one to help tunnel for towers. >> go to the website. click on the store tab. have a great weekend. ainsley: god bless you rush. griff: thank you, sir. more "fox & friends" coming up. h naturally
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♪ [cheers and applause] >> we love having you here. good bad and ugly. >> bill: good morning, everybody. taking off from milwaukee, wisconsin, campaign sweep dropping near the west. we expect them to tout the booming economy and roaring stock market. the trade agreement with mexico and canada, so if he speaks with reporters, which has been the case, we will bring it back to you. in the meantime, however, in the news this morning, hurricane hurricane barry gaining strength. state of emergency in effect. mandatory evacuations have been ordered. a significant concern of serious flooding. so we are watching that pure nice to see you, everybody. it's friday. >> is that?


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