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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 4, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> and if you follow me on instagram tutorial on how to make all of these. rob: happy fourth of july. get out there and really enjoy it. watch the fireworks. carley: remember the spirit of the day and our nation's fallen heroes who have served as well. rob: see you later. ♪ ♪ ♪ freedom ♪ freedom ♪ freedom ♪ yeah. >> good morning and happy fourth of july. >> amazing stuff today celebrating this amazing country of ours. >> everyday on "fox & friends" is the fourth of july. today is the actual fourth of july. happy independence day to awful america. thanks for joining us. nowhere in this great country where you find a more patriotic show than "fox & friends." and you know we have the weekend crew today because it's the weekend.
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ed: we will be here for several days together. jedediah: we are. ed: we want to get your photos how you are celebrating. i have a feeling how one of our celebrating. it's the fourth so have a fifth of alcohol. that proud american steve doocy. homage to him. i bet i know how he is celebrating. jedediah: we want to know how you are celebrating for sure. if you have any pets in outfits i up to the see those too. pete: by the fifth by the third for the fourth. ed: new level and that tie you have. pete: thank you. ed: 8:00 a.m. i am taking it to a new level. special surprise. you think you are going to win the day. pete: be creative, patriotic, your photos we want
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to see them. if you have a picture of ed enry on the screen behind me extra points. the military vehicle now in place ahead of president trump's salute to america. but democrats say it's all a political stunts and a waste of money. ed: the celebration will go on. there is a live look right now at the lincoln memorial. you see it on the wall where most of the program will take place. jedediah: our very own griff jenkins is live on the national mall where we celebrate our independence. ed: speaking of proud american. griff: that's right. happy fourth jed, ed, and pete. this i243rd anniversary of amera but it's been since 1951 since a u.s. president harry truman came and spoke here at the lincoln along the mall. getting ready for it. some of the crews setting up things. in the background the bradley fighting vehicles. you see there are two up here. not going to be rolling through the streets as some critics have accused them. you see over there soldiers
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from the first battalion third infantry regiment. old guard. this is a rise here. of course the president will speak on that there. this is a riser where the press will be covering it. down here the lincoln memorial it. is going to be a show of a lifetime according to president trump. you will have bands from all of the services. you will have flyovers from bombers to the fighter jets coming. but you're going to have a fireworks show like no other. we are very fortunate right now to be joined by the ceo of fireworks by grucci. phil grucci. you have done fireworks for inaugurations going back to reagan. you are doing it today. why are you doing it and what's this day mean to you? >> why aryou? >> why are we doing it? a small salute to america and celebrate and small part spectacular fireworks overhead. what does it mean to us? it means freedom to us. our independence is something we should
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celebrate. something very special. something we should grasp on to and be very fortunate that we have that. griff: a lot goes into this day. >> a lot goes into this day for months. we have been working on it for some time. we have 30 fire technicians. 31 flatbed trailers. completely fill the sky above this beautiful monument that you see behind us. griff: it's not cheap, phil, are you donating this. >> we are donating this with the sponsor very generous donation from phantom fireworks partner we have worked with it 20 years. when the event was first announced we thought we would get together to provide this special treat and special gift to the american people. griff: how did it feel to get a shoutout, a thank you from president trump? >> it's quite special. it was quite special and we really enjoyed it. something we will live with the rest of our lives. a great honor. griff: one last behind the scenes pan over this is the
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tent, phil, where you will be firing the fireworks. >> that's correct. show control. everything emanates from there and controlled wirelessly to all the computers. there are 18 computers stretched along ohio drive on eve one of those flatbed trailers. griff: are you worried about the rain? >> no. it's the wind that effects us. we can fire in the rain. you have to watch the performance. griff: lastly, not to deter from the independence day celebration, but there is also a little bit of history between you and our host brian kilmeade. >> yes. i was brian's r.a. back in long island university back in the 1980s. had some good times with brian. griff: hows would the student? >> very energetic. leave it at that very energetic. griff: energetic. phil, thank you so much for being here. we appreciate you. >> happy independence day. griff: anyone you want to give a shout out to. >> mom, my wife.
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sons. charles river and nephew is out there controlling 500 pyrotechnicians aidpyrotechnici. griff: we are told there could be some protests. the famous baby trump pimp will be here and inflated. won't be airborne. code pink got one for the ground but not one to fly it. sitting on the ground. pete: missed an important detail. griff, thanks a lot. friend of brian kilmeade? they're everywhere. ed: i love it. jedediah: happy day. i love the fireworks. i love the district to the military. this should be a day when everyone comes together. gets excited about our country, has a good time. what's amazing to me is that some democrats still manage to be cranky. stop being cranky on the fourth of july. take a listen to this montage of dems and the media smearing president trump today. >> will tomorrow's fourth of
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july speech by the president be my country tis of me? >> honorable not the values of declaration of independence but the power of the military. this, must be said, the grand during of donald j. trump's personal self- >> this is not his military and personal general's. >> kind of military display we were used to see from the soviet union on red square on may day. >> fourth of july is supposed to be our country not the ego of the president. >> is he spending it on boosting his ego with a parade that's fundamentally about him. >> i don't think he understand this is america's birthday not his birthday. jedediah: cranky. pete beat did they miss the well-played images of eisenhower with tanks. ed: jfk and his inaugural. pete: 243 years since a bunch of folks with rifles took on the greatest empire on the world because they wanted to live free and govern themselves and give america an experiment. president trump believes we
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should celebrate that as big as possible. he is the bad guy. ed: you would think people would rally behind that will campaign press secretary kayleigkayleigh mcenany says pee should come together this is the fourth of july. >> this is a salute to america. leave it to the left to be against the salute to america. we shouldn't be surprised because they won't stand for the national anthem. they are upset with a flag, an american flag on a shoe. and now they can't stand the salute to america, which is literally the title of this event as we celebrate our military. leave it to the left to be unpatriotic the day before and the day of fourth of july. jedediah: i hate to say that anyone is being unpatriotic. it's true. just enjoy today. today doesn't have to be political. it doesn't have to be about scoring political points. a day for everyone to come together, celebrate the country and try stop trying to score those 2020
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political points. called salute to america as a reminder. i don't understand the point oh president trump thinks its his birthday it's not ode to president trump. he happens to be the commander-in-chief and it's independence day and salute to america. who better to make that salute than the commander-in-chief. pete: he has george washington's job. you actually think back. that is the job that donald trump currently has today. fly that flag big and proud. whether it has 50 stars or 13-ton in a circle. ed: think about what happened on the eve of this holiday with nike pulling sneakers with betsy ross flag. turns out president obama his inauguration. you see speakers there. there is the betsy ross flag. pete: i want a pair of those so bad. ed: look at the obama inaugural in 2000 -89s. a whole host of flag. at least one of them right up there on the capitol. jedediah: two of them on either side.
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ed: 2013 inaugural as well. if it was good enough for barack obama's inaugurals, both of them, how is it now all of a sudden this racist, awful symbol if for the obama and previous inaugurals and the ones that come after this flag is flying proudly. jedediah: selective outrage. same thing going on with the border when you see borders resurfacing from 2014 of the same processing centers. now all of a sudden there is this outrage from the media. i understand you don't like president trump. have you made that abundantly clear. your selective outrage shows consistently on these issues when the very same things that happened before didn't seem to bother you at all. now suddenly you are going crazy over all of it. ed: if it was a cage during obama years. it was okay. anything connected to president trump you are outraged. pete: betsy ross was an abolitionist. can we talk about that for a second? she designed the first flag for our country as our
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country. she didn't own slaves. she was a quaker who was abolitionist. ed: she was bringing people together. pete: she was bringing people together which that flag has done since our inception. ceo of nike. will colin kaepernick which he is at this point. too far. ed: they are getting not behind the flag. not behind patriotism. behind nike, watch. >> see that and my hope is that they didn't just do it to do it that they understand the significance there. and, look, there are a lot of things in our history that are still very painful. >> at the time that we seek to repair the damage done following the legacy of slavery and segregation and jim crow. i think it's important to take into account the impression that that kind of symbol would have for many of our fellow americans and so respect the decision that
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nike made. ed: respect it. on the other hand, people are respecting the flag and they are speaking with their voices and with their pocketbooks basically balls our own jillian mealy in philadelphia. joining the show in a few moments from betsy ross' house. she sent us an email a few moments ago the museum of american revolution can't keep the betsy ross in stock right now. they sold a thousand of them yesterday which is far more than an average day. people are responding to nike. pete: i don't have many regrets in life. what's a regret you just carry it with you? i got a flag tattoo on my arm. i only regret i didn't getth betsy ross design on it. jedediah: never too late. pete: somewhere else there is a lot of skin. ed: nike send us pics of what you are doing. pete: please send them in. jedediah: navy seal eddie gallagher will retire after
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being cleared of murder charges. he will be eligible in about three weeks when he hits 20 years of service. on wednesday, a jury sentenced gallagher to a demotion and reduction in pay for posing with the body of a dead isis fire. he was also sentenced to four months in prison which he already served. we now know the man accused of killing mackenzie lueck was banned from a college campus. newly released documents show suspect was charged for stealing ipad while he was a student at utah state university in 2012. police say he was homeless sleeping on couches and residence halls and keeps things in the janitor's closet. police found lueck's remains buried his backyard. add a stimple question to 2020 census. we are absolutely moving forward as we must because of the importance of the answer to this question. doj lawyers have until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow to come up
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with a rationale for adding the question that could possibly sway the supreme court to reverse its decision. and as team u.s.a. gears up to face the netherlands in the world cup final sunday megan rapinoe responding to critics for slamming morgan. morgan stopping to sip an imaginary cup of tea after scoring the game winning goal against edge glanchtsd wa, wa, wa, we are at the world cup what do you want us to do the biggest day, the biggest moment. i don't think anyone truly believes that we disrespect the game or disrespect our opponents. >> rapinoe defending herself as uniquely deeply and extremely american after protesting the national anthem on the sidelines. pete: did she really take a knee during the national anthem? ed: she has. pete: oh my goodness. jedediah: deep breath, steve. pete: it's the fourth of
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july, everybody. stand up. next guest honored all of the fallen heroes war in afghanistan. writing every single name from memory. jedediah: back this year celebrating our country's freedom by writing the u.s. constitution and the bill of rights. ed: joining us now from fox square live where he is hard at work is u.s. navy vet and two time navy vet. >> thank you. ed: talk about the constitution. you remember the names of the fallen that's incredible and very important. talk about the importance of the constitution to you. >> well, you know, the constitution is really the foundation of our country and our government. without this document right here, the constitution written in 1787, our nation may have fallen apart. so i think it's really important to know the constitution. everybody doesn't have to memorize it. but i think it's important and so significant, without this document it's what essentially held our country together. it's a founding document by our founding fathers.
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pete: ron, you are going to write this all morning on the program. question, do you also know the declaration? go ahead. >> i had a choice. i could have memorized the declaration or the constitution. the declaration was so fitting to this july 4th. i went for the constitution because i do believe this is a document that held our country together. plus this is three times as long. 5,000 words. more of a challenge. ed: more impressive all morning. hang tight. we're going to get back to you. pete: that is super cool. awesome, ron, thank you very much. millennials are fleeing cities for the suburbs. our next guest says democrats are driving them out. we've got the numbers to prove it on this independence day. stay with us on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ new align whole food probiotic.
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jedediah: millennials are headed to the burbs those
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between the ages of 23 and 38 are leaving cities for more affordable housing in the suburbs. our next guest says democratic leaders in their own cities have their own policies to explain. here to explain the managing director of the real estate group and 2020 advisory member jason mizer. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. jedediah: what's going on with millennials. >> the millennials were the hardest hit in the 2008 financial crisis. the recovery was one of the weakest in american history. what's happening in these major cities is because the economy is now getting -- we have a full employment and wages are on the rise, finally, after almost a decade, millennials have options. and they are starting their families. they are moving to the suburbs because, think about it, in new york city, for example, it cost 6500, $7,000 for a two bedroom. you can move to the suburbs, west chester, long island and you can buy a house. you can have a yard, you can have a barbecue on the fourth of july. it's really a trend that's
3:22 am
happening. we will see more of that. jedediah: i was just having this conversation. i have live in manhattan. i was just have this conversation with a friend of mine i could buy a one bedroom in manhattan. when you bring all of these cost together. talk about the costs of businesses leaving the city all together amazon, for example. >> that's what's happening in a lot of cities. new york city, for example, there was very, very poor leadership and chased amazon out and chased businesses out. that's going to have an impact on millennials for sure. also chasing even high earners out. job creators. why would they stay here? if you don't need to be in new york city to make money, you might as well move to florida or texas where taxes are lower. they are spending less money. there is just a more efficient government. i think you are going to see this move to red states from blue states that's millennials but also high earners and job creators.
3:23 am
jedediah: no surprise democratic policies drive out of these cities. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. jedediah: new poll patriotism all-time low is that really true? we sent carley shimkus to find out. >> why wouldn't you be proud of this country? america is the best place in the world to live. >> really best place in the world. god bless the united states of america. jedediah: there is more where that came from. carley is here live and she is coming up next with some great sun glasses ♪ i won't forget the men who died ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ and i gladly stand up was made. ♪ magnesium. what sore muscles? what with advpounding head? .. advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain?
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with advil.
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♪ on this fourth of july is american pride at all-time low? >> unfortunately according to gallup. just 45% of citizens polled said they are extremely proud to be american lowest point to date. >> carley shimkus hit the streets to find out. >> happy fourth of july.
3:27 am
that 45% is the lowest point ever. but when i ask people point blank and we were outside the nike store, actually, doing this. pete: really? >> i received some pretty patriotic responses. take a look. >> we are talking about the fourth of july and patriotism and i am standing with a proud american right here. why are you proud to be an american? >> it's the greatest country ever. and it's -- we all should be thankful and thankful for the forefathers. >> i can think of a lot of reasons. i'm so. >> love to be free. my family loves living here. >> controversial and we are allowed to have that conversation anywhere we want to recent poll came fewer people are proud of this country. >> why wouldn't you be proud of this country?
3:28 am
america is the best place to live. >> have we lost civics in grammar school people don't know the history of the country. i think we are proud of the country. torn what side we are on culturally and socially. i think we are proud to be americans. >> best country in the world. god bless the united states of america. carley: woman sewed what? why wouldn't you be proud of this country. >> young people less likely to feel proud of than the older generation. that's because this country has been so incredible for so long. you don't know what it would be like if you don't have the liberties that young people have lived with throughout their entire life. jedediah: that made me feel better seeing that. i read the poll and got nervous. maybe it's wrong. >> not a single person said they were not proud. >> it was the quick shoot outside. took us about a half hour.
3:29 am
>> awesome. >> happy fourth. >> this independence day our proud american coverage continues. >> proud american correspondent and former "fox & friends weekend" co-host anna kooiman is live in patriots point, south carolina. what a great city helping the uss yorktown prep for the big celebration. good morning, anna. welcome back. pete: good morning. >> thank you. i loved being in charleston and i can't wait to see you guys in new york as well. i'm loving that new headline there under my name. the proud american correspondent. so what a patriotic back drop we have behind us, hey? this is patriots point. it's a maritime museum home to aircraft carrier, uss yorktown and destroyer and submarine. the museum maintenance team here at patriots point wanted to help the uss yorktown get in ship shape for the hollywood s holiday so t me to work. >> the main attraction, the uss yorktown.
3:30 am
let's get her in ship shape for the fourth of july holiday. >> what's in store for me now. >> headed to the ship shop. >> where the all happens? >> where it all happens. >> what are we working on right now. >> we do the welding, ship shifting, refair. fabricating foundations. >> i know you guys respecting me to work today. >> sure. >> can i get in on this action, too? i can make some sparks. >> we call it burning rods. you want to try to burn a rod. >> okay. you want to come try this? >> absolutely. >> ready to go. not too bad for a rookie. ♪ ♪ the uss yorktown is 76
3:31 am
years old but looking pretty good. how do you do it. >> we have operations that has roughly 25 people in maintenance. one of our capital projects was to paint. 65 feet tall about. 14 feet wide. it's 11 stories. >> fresh coat of paint works wonders. >> absolutely. >> thank you, first. >> aren't you coming up with me. >> no, i think you got it. >> on my own? >> you got it. here we go. we are going up. >> beam me up, scotty. >> thanks for having us.
3:32 am
>> did you see that? fox was here. they made me paint over that unfortunately. so the uss york town could carry up to 100 planes and up to 3,000 people. today here at patriots point 300,000 people come and visit. so it gets to still be a living part of history. guys, back to you in new york. we have got to remind everybody at home to make sure post pictures on social media using the #proud american. we want to see pictures of you who you are celebrating at home. jedediah: we are ready for you anna. i don't know if you have noticed but we are ready. >> amazing. i can't wait to see you this weekend in new york, too. ed: put an extra burger on the grill for you. >> please do. pete: they picked it well. can you read the prompter was those on. >> nike facing major backlash for pulling betsy ross sneakers. this morning we are getting a history lesson. pete's pete's jillian live outside the betsy ross house in the birt birthplace of our
3:33 am
nation. jillian: that's right. good morning. happy fourth to everyone. as you know the betsy ross flag, america's first flag has been the topic of much conversation over the last few days. and do you know the real history of it? we are live here in old city philadelphia. the most historic square mile in america at the betsy ross house. we are going to talk about it coming up. ♪ [running through woods] so i think we're going with a family van. a family van? was that her choice? naaah man, that was my choice. this thing's got reclining seats, dvd player, it's got a built-in vacuum cleaner. you ever seen my kid eat crackers? yeah... so you see how that works? mm-hmm. sometimes you gotta go straight for the source.
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ed: shot of the morning our friend is out here. pete: a lot of these paintings hang in our fox news green room. world famous artist steve penally back to create another masterpiece for us, steve, how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. how about you? >> barbecue is great. pete: having barbecue. ed: the color is so fabulous. >> we have the best looking flag in the whole world. we have a better one. pete: steve, why do you love, besides it being the best looking flag why is it that motivates you to patriotic images? >> it's a reminder when we think about fourth in of july, what is it that we are celebrating same old clich cliches -- yes. there is a reason they are cliche they work and they are cliches because they are a common bond that we all share and nothing is more of
3:38 am
a common bond than the american flag. it's a lay up. ed: betsy ross flag the circle of stars was done for a reason. >> still good looking. ed: no one star stands out. they are in a circle, unity, coming together. >> yeah. i don't believe this that stuff usually no, i do, really. got to say something for shock. no, that's what made -- love that circle. great looking and the eu stole it from us. i couldn't believe that. ed: seeds of it coming together. here is where it starts and where it all ends up. >> betsy wros think about me. that's not betsy ross. ed: can't talk about that. check out pe pen >> i will be doing it all
3:39 am
morning. jedediah: thanks, guys. can't wait to seat finished product. it looks amazing. jedediah: family of the child actress known as mini aoc is shutting down social media account. they say the 8-year-old is getting death threats. >> talk about socialism because socialism is so amazing. like socialism is actually short for social media. >> the girl's stepfather tweeting in part the left's harassment and death threats have gone too far for our family. we have been getting calls on our personal phone numbers for our safety and for our child's safety, we deleted all mini aoc accounts. wow. and real life heroes run towards danger during a mall shooting. staff sergeants isaiah locklear and michael were working at the army recruiting office in san francisco when they heard gunshots. >> our job is not to run out. so, honestly, we train for this kind of stuff.
3:40 am
so you kind of blank out to be honest. tunnel vision and did you go do what you have to do. >> the sergeants and young recruit who helped were given a certificate of come accommodation this week. two teens who were shot are expected to be okay. global outage on facebook and instagram reveals how the platform tags our content. people around the world seeing images like this instead of pictures and videos on wednesday. they had text descriptions like image may contain people standing or image may contain baby closeup. the cause of the glitch is unknown. facebook and instagram are back up and running again. cops go nuts in when a squirrel goes nuts inside our police station. oh no. chasing the animal trying to leave. they eventually got the squirrel out by opening garage door the police department in new hampshire says the squirrel was not hurt and the boys were okay too. thank heavens he wasn't
3:41 am
hurt. just looking. ed: is that your squirrel voice or puppy voice. jedediah: it was a mix. rick, how are you doing? you are in patriots point, south carolina. rick: i am. and i was recognizing the squirrel voice vs. the puppy voice. jedediah: it's a fine line, rick. rick: i get it. i have a little bit of that same way. turning 50, guys. it's a big thing. pete: you look great, rick. rick: it's done. thank you very much. rested is what i look. that's all that is down here in south carolina where there is obviously the event going on here, proud american, which is going to be a great day. we do have storms we are going to watch today. early july. this is where things are humid and hot and pop-up thunderstorms. take a look at the map and show you what's going on. certainly warm this morning almost everywhere across the country. in fact, down across areas of the south it's very, very warm. 78 right now in dallas and
3:42 am
you are 5:30 in the morning. so it's hot. obviously the big event going on in d.c. today. take a look at that scattered showers almost all day long. it clears out tonight. but throughout the day we are going to have to watch some scattered showers and thunderstorms. any of these showers you see are going to be thunderstorms. if you hear that thunder, make sure you get inside and stay safe on this fourth of july. all right, guys, bark to you. pete: thank you, rick, appreciate it. check in with you all morning. you are going to do fireworks, probably going to have a grill. enjoy time with family. if you are looking for a patriotic film to watch today, may i humbly suggest modern warriors, a medal of honor special. i had a chance to sit down with david bellavia. ed: only on fox nation. pete: good friend of mine. first living recipient of the medal of honor from the iraq war. we sat down for a full hour the details of what he endured in that house in fallujah, hand-to-hand combat, earning him the medal of honor, president trump giving him to the
3:43 am
white house recently. here is a little tid bit to wet your whistle as they say before you check it out on fox nation. watch. >> i'm wearing. this but this is my unit's insignia now. this is the iraq war veteran service award for everything that they did and nobody got recognized for it, i know they say the reviews are done. brew the coffee. get back to the bedroom and let's do these men and women right they have earned it and served and exceeded the traditions of any at war. pete: your hope is there are more recipients? >> there has to be. wherever they come from from the navy to the air force, god bless them all. pete: a special guy. really candid. check it out. modern warriors, medal of honor special on fox nation airing today. ed: i can't wait to see it because i actually met him last night. i was at the yankees mets.
3:44 am
i didn't know until i got there he was throwing out the first pitch. i don't know if it was a strike. we were teasing him about it look it was a strike if somebody would have swung at it. pete is a good friend of mine. >> i know you are. this is what he says to me. do you great work. i stopped. like, no, i'm just on tv. you do great work. so humble. is he praising other people. people are coming up to him at city field, honoring him. what a great american. check it out on fox nation. pete: he has amazing personality. you will enjoy it. meanwhile, another veteran sending a message straight to nike. releasing this betsy ross flag t-shirt for independence day. you will meet that hero live next. ♪
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pete: outrage is growing rightfully nikey's decision to pull the shoe. we are getting a history eleventh stars and stripes. >> jesse: jilliajillian mele is live at the betsy ross house in philadelphia. >> this is where the story begins. it's by the way, oral history because there is no actual scientific evidence, if you will, that betsy ross is the one who sewed the first american flags. we will give you the history as we know it. bring in scott williamson the president and ceo of the
3:49 am
museum of the american revolution. thank you very much for joining us. you are located a few blocks away from here. >> third and chestnut street in philadelphia. jillian: 1776, 1777 debatable exactly when this went down. as the story goes george washington visited betsy ross. they knew each other. they had ties. she had done work for him previously. he showed her a picture of a sketch. >> that's the story. that's right. it's impossible with the evidence we have now to prove exactly how this happened. jillian: it's history as we know it. >> exactly. what we do know. jillian: the sketch was this? >> these flags were produced during the revolutionary war and for more than a century afterwards. jillian: the actual sketch that he showed her had the six, correct? >> six pointed star. >> that changed though. as the story goes, we keep saying, she is the one who said let's make it a five pointed star. five pointed star with the 13 stars. and then it was the flag obviously with the 13 stripes. and that's the flag that
3:50 am
became what we know as the first. >> absolutely. yeah. as you know, the congress said that there would be 13 stars representing a new constellation. it didn't specify what the pattern would be. so the pattern that is associated with betsy ross' circle of 13 stars we think was actually inspired by currency, paper money designed by benjamin franklin which was a circle with links of a chain, each one representing a state with the motto we are one, which is a wonderful sentiment for fourth of july. jillian: representing the 13 colonies. behind me here is the betsy ross house. old city philadelphia. this is the most historic square mile in all of america by the way. this is a part of it. it is believed that betsy ross lived in this area possibly in this county. some believe it was a couple down. betsy ross 1776 to 1779 she wented that's where she had her upholstery shop. take a look across the street, do you see that massive american flag that is humphrey's flag company.
3:51 am
that's been around for at least 150 years. we actually spoke to a gentleman who is a part owner here in this company. and take a listen to what he had to say about their sales that have skyrocketed over the last 24 hours. >> in our 150-year history, we have sold more betsy rosses than ever. >> jillian: why do you think that is? >> definitely because of the nike thing. the betsy ross flag is the original flag of the united states. and there is no reason that you shouldn't fly that flag. and it's ridiculous to assign some other, you know, political -- whatever to it. jillian: okay. so he said on a normal day they sell about 30 of the betsy ross flags. he said yesterday they sold about 1,000. he said people want to get their hands on them. so, look, you have people who are arguing against this. you have people who want that flag. they want to hold on to it for that sense of pride.
3:52 am
it's kind of interesting to hear that coming from a store that's been around for 150 years. scott, real quick before we go. the museum down the block, lots of fourth of july festivities, right? >> museum of the american revolution. we actually have a display of 40, 13-star american flags produced over a century and a half. jillian: love it. thank you very much for joining it. i appreciate it? >> a pleasure. jillian: send it back to you. ed: thanks for the history lesson. i love it. happy fourth. a veteran owned clothing company outraged by nikey's move is firing back release of a betsy ross flag t-shirt you see right there. jedediah: u.s. army vet tyler merritt. welcome. >> good morning. >> thank you so much for having me. jillian: you gave me this t-shirt which i love by the way. very popular t-shirt right now. what was your inspiration to do this? >> symbolism like we were talking about before. this is the 1 original cyclones this is when we decided to break away from tyranny and oppression of england. we came together, a diverse group of individuals came
3:53 am
together for the common good of creating this great nation. and now nike is using this symbolism as a negative term. and we divided to put victory on there because a lot of people don't know because in greek mythology nike was wing goddess that presided over a battlefield tone sure victory. i would like to hope that after all of this controversy and everyone has this discussion that we're victorious that this is a symbol of america's greatness. pete: why are we allowing this instead to be a symbol of our not so greatness or divisiveness? >> for whatever reason, nike has allowed colin kaepernick to be their moral guide. and i don't know how this came about. i would equate collin to the teenage kid in his grandmother's basement tweeting out offensive things but having no intention of coming on stage and talking to you or talking to you about why he has decided to make this divisive message. because he took the knee during the national anthem
3:54 am
very, very disrespectful, in my opinion. but he said it's nothing to do with the flag. i respect the flag. and then fast forward later, controversy dwindles down maybe the bank account is running low. and he came up with this great tweet. ed: he also did not serve this country with the flag on his shoulder. you did. >> absolutely. ed: what does that mean to you. >> it means a lot. when you talk about that flag and people dessays creatdesdesecrateit. it makes the hair on my arm stand up. we have talked about it before. 's it the equivalent of the jewish individual and swastika as a veteran if someone takes that flag draped over a casket and sets it on fire does anything other than pay respect to it. jedediah: tell us about your company you have raised $1.5 million. where do the proceeds go from these t-shirts. >> as of yesterday we sold about 20,000 of those designs.
3:55 am
jedediah: wow. >> what we have been able to do grow from my garage to over 200 u.s.a. employees. all of these shirts are made in the u.s. nike does not make their products in the u.s. our proceeds go back into the community. they go back into employment. we are able to take a large portion of our funds and fund our nonprofit initiative for the veterans village. we build tiny homes for severely wounded and for homeless veterans. pete: it's cool when you are out and about. i see your shirts everyone. guys and girls wear nine line. spreading patriotism by what you wear. >> patriotism can be cool again. we have to get over this nonsense. ed: we have patriotic viewers by the way want to know how to get these. >> nine line we put a very special fox 20 out there. ed: a little discount? what's the specific of nine line. >> in the military nine line is a call when someone is injured they call someone like me into pull them off
3:56 am
the battlefield. and our context we like to say we are a call-to-action. it becomes a conversation starter of what does that mean? and we have that. difference between those who served and those who have not. there is that gap, that divides. we are trying to close that. pete: i used to have the nine line medevac memorized i think the last line is nbc. nuclear biological and chemical. never used it but i had it right here. thanks a lot. appreciate it, brother. jedediah: thank you for your service. ed: absolutely. pete: great stuff. president trump's america salute to america. we are live on the national mall coming up next. ed: check back with anna and rick live from patriots point, south carolina. look how beautiful that is ♪ it's a party, party ♪ over the last 24 hours,
3:57 am
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4:00 am
♪ brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue ♪ >> i love that the crowd is forming. a little earlier i think we had three flags and two people. pete: we did. the smoke is forming, too. can you see that off the grill? that's the official start of the fourth of july. it's like when they name a new pope. once that grill starts going, you see the smoke. pete: the america pope. jedediah: we are celebrating all day today. celebrating independence day. we have got food. we have got a bounce house. we have stilts walkers. ed: jugglers, whole deal. smells like freedom out there. pete: can you smell it here. memory champion, veteran, ron white, writing the whole entire u.s. constitution and
4:01 am
bill of rights from memory. jedediah: wow. pete: something you can't do and i can't do. pete: he has a copy of the constitution in back pocket. he did not have it open. i saw him scratching his head and kept writing. he has memorized it. jedediah: we are going to check back in with him and see how it's going later in the show. that's pretty impressive work right there. pete: i asked him why it wasn't the declaration? he said the constitution is three times longer and harder. ed: pete has the tie. i'm going to one up him next hour. jedediah: you are teasing. better be good. will i see you on stilts. >> came from a very patriotic viewer. pete: that's a good tease. ed: stage is set for that as well as for america's celebration. jedediah: happy fourth to everyone at home as well. ed: that salute about to kick off in washington. pete: that's right. independence day celebration taking place just feet from
4:02 am
the lincoln memorial and shadows of the washington monument. jedediah: our very own griff jenkins is live on the national mall where the finishing touches are being put into place. ed: patriotic. griff jenkins. griff: no better place to be than here at the lincoln memorial. happy fourth to you jed, ed, and pete. we have two bradley fighting vehicles. they are out of georgia with the third infantry division. this is the first battalion 64th armored division. they have been putting the barrels on these guys. they are not going to roll down the street as some have criticized. they are going to be stationary. they may move a little bit. put the barrels on putting spray paint and getting it cleaned up. it will be the show of a lifetime as the president says. this is where president trump will address some time after 6:00 p.m. the tens of thousands that come out here. been since 1951 since harry truman on the 175th anniversary of america spoke down in this area. now, you know, we are expecting the bands. we have got the tanks by the way, everyone said the
4:03 am
tanks, m 1 abrams tanks. 70 tons. way too heavy for this area. they are a little farther off along the mall. of the bradlys you see here. bands and flyovers from bombers to fighter jets. the blue angels may be here. and the fireworks. the fireworks are going to be controlled and essentially shot from over there under that tent where you see the blue stuff covering the controls. we were fortunate in the last hour to talk to fril phil grucci fireworks by grucci. we asked him what this day meant to him. this is what he had to say. >> we are doing a small part to salute america and give the american people something to celebrate. it means freedom to us. our independence is something that we should celebrate. it's something very special. griff: not everybody is celebrating though. there are some protests around town we hear the baby trump blimp may be blown up. it can't fly. they didn't get the permit to fly it. the democrats on the 2020
4:04 am
presidential field, they are pretty much universally panning it. listen to. this to prop up a presidential ego is not reflecting well on our country. it's not a show of strength. it's a show of insecurity. >> boosting his ego with a parade that's fundamentally about him. >> i don't think he understands this is america's birthday not his birthday. pete: wha griff: what you are looking at trying to give you a little bit of perspective on the clouds. low clouds already seen here. it's going to be at least 12 hours before we have any flyover though we don't have the exact time. some time coinciding around when the president does. we are hearing from pentagon producer lucas tomlinson there could be weather effecting particularly the flyovers if they don't have the cloud ceiling that they need. particularly for things like blue angels to fly over. guys? pete: griff, thanks a lot. we will be watching our national mall. ed: live on the fox news channel this afternoon. pete: checking the papers morning. of course, the "new york post" as they would do on a
4:05 am
day like this, fittingly, america the beautiful with the betsy ross flag. i pulled up my flailing "new york times" on the cover you have got iceland is melting. so apparently that's the big story today. in the column on the side the headline is a new salute for the fourth starring trump. of course he wants to make this about a salute to america. everyone else is making it about him. ed: i feel like it's appropriate that you are barbecuing the "new york times" today. >> i might use this in bye my bonfire this evening. iceland the fourth of july. jedediah: rush limbaugh comes out and says freedom scares the left. take a listen. >> the left wants equal time on independence -- they want equal time to make their case on the day celebrating independence day essentially. well, i mean, that's what it means that they're upset that trump is having this gigantic celebration of american independence day. they don't think it ought to
4:06 am
happen. what will be on display at trump's joy u joyous day bash tonight will be celebration of freedom. which is the real threat they face. freedom is the problem. self-reliant people are a great threat. ed: yeah. pete: bingo. jedediah: that's a great point though. when you look at progressive policies. they are all about giving that power to the government and taking that power away from people. this is a day when you are celebrating people's freedom. you are celebrating their second amendment rights. celebrating everything that makes this country great. all of those policies that hard left progressives are putting out would change. they would threaten potentially all. that's a great point by rush limbaugh. pete: second amendment rights they are not celebrating those. they are trying to take them away. you know i'm a journalist. no i'm not really at all. i have got to get it right it wasn't ice land, it was greenland. i'm so sorry i feel like that's some sort of cultural appropriation. i don't know what i was doing. "new york times" bring it to
4:07 am
you. pete: another big story building up all week long border patrol agents having to defend themselves against some really nasty accusations from the left. remember, the border patrol has a special trauma unit that actually goes in to try to help people. medical problems. people out who have crossed the border illegally. they have gone miles into the country. they are without water. it wasn't the border patrol's fault that they decided to go and do that and try to help them. try to help their children. the left you have got aoc ands or attacking them on and on and on. one of those leaders from the tucson sector border patrol, the chief there pushed back and talked about just what they're doing to try to help families. watch. >> diapers. baby wipes, clothing for children. baby formula. crackers. raisins. tuna fish. toothbrush preloaded with
4:08 am
toothpaste. available to everyone in they want more than one. >> water cooler. there is water -- this is a combination toilet, sink and the sink provides fresh water. there is nothing wrong with this water. we are not forcing aliens to drink out of toilet. ed: remember alexandria ocasio-cortez the congresswoman claiming people were forced to drink out of the toilet. pals tores were there on tours said they didn't see anything like that. now you see border patrol officials say you know what? i will drink the water. you may have misunderstood there is a toilet right by the sink. they are trying to be humane to the people. jedediah: no question overcrowded. we know that. that's why many have been fighting for border security and fighting for stuff prevent this influx of people. these processing centers can't sustain it? what i love about folks on the left they are very critical of the centers. they don't want to do anything to prevent this problem. ed: aoc voted against the 4
4:09 am
or $5 billion to go and help these people. pete: they are not funding what would be required to fix it. also she also called it a creamp which is concentration camps i havener seen oni havenever seeno run through a creamp for a better life: quickly built or refitted detention centers, just tell them not to come. all problems solved. this is a volume problem. this is an asylum problem where the people are attracted to come to our country. the border patrol is doing the best they can. jedediah: also very exhausting to watch these people on the front lines doing they the best they can. put a video out and say listen, this is actually what's going on. it's really infuriating that they have been under attack and vilified so long for just doing their job. democrats should take a minute to think about that. there is enormous problem
4:10 am
with overcrowding. they are doing the best they can. they want to protect our national security. they want to ensure humanitarian rights for people. they can only do so much. you need to help them. if you are complaining about it. you are in congress, do something about it. pete: i hope we have it. i usually listen to producers in this case i'm not going to do. we need to replay the robert clip. she stumbled on the reality that border patrol agents are facing on the border. here is what she said. >> i can tell you also the agents that have taken me aside were imploring me to please report back what's happening here because they don't want any part of it anymore. and they do actually feel like it's making us less safe because they are not at the border. they are there, in their eyes, they are not social workers. they are not supposed to be watching over a 4-year-old. some 9 and 10-year-olds. these are not agents that are eequipped to taking care of them and throwing money at it is not going to fix it. pete: highly critical of the president but admits ultimately they are doing what they can.
4:11 am
ed: border is less secure because the people who are supposed to secure the border are going and acting like social workers which she admits they are not supposed to do. jedediah: do your job, congress. we are waiting. ed: send us a note. jedediah: fox news alert. republican lawmakers that called for president trump's impeachment is leaving the party. michigan congressman justin amash announcing he is becoming an independent in the "the washington post." he writes i'm asking you to join me in rejecting the partisan loyalty and rhetoric that divide and dehumanize us. adding we can do better than this two party system. the five term congressman has faced heavy criticism from the president and republican colleagues. steve: is that the amash voice? pete: bye-bye. jedediah: navy seal eddie gallagher will retire after being cleared of murder charges. gallagher joins pete on "fox & friends" since his first interview since the verdict. >> this has put a black eye on this community but i want the nation to know that this is not what our community is
4:12 am
about. this community is full of elite warriors that i have been honored and blessed to work with for the past 20 years. and i thank everybody that is still serving this community. jedediah: gallagher was found guilty of posing with the body of a dead isis fighter. he was sentenced to demotion, four months in pay in prison which he already served. jedediah: thousands of officers are on patrol as drones monitor millions for the first time. on top of the empire state building contestants weigh in for nathan's hot dog eating contestant. >> the number one ranked eater in the world, the 11-time nathan's famous champion of the world. 74 hot dogs and buns. joey chestnut. >> he has the mustard sauce.
4:13 am
jedediah: joey chestnut hoping for 12th win. eat as many dogs as they can. shouldn't be too hard since they are one of america's favorite independence day food. you might be able to win that. that. pete: no. ed: number five obvious hamburgers, number four, hot dogs. number 3 fried chicken. number two fruit pies. pete: what? jedediah: like apple pie. what's more american than apple pie? pete: hot dogs. [laughter] ed: number one anything red, white and blue. my mom used to make red, white and blue cake with dye. jedediah: like funne funfetti. my smoothie didn't make the list. ed: maybe it should be flipped. number one hot dogs and number two burgers.
4:14 am
pete: did we inventing the hamburger and hot dog? can we look that up? steve: hot dogs came from germany, didn't they? pete: in my mind, america invented the hot dog. jedediah: tell us. i want to know your favorite food should my kale smoothie have made the list? [buzzer] pete: hot dog invented in germany. ed: i was right. jedediah: you tried, pete. pete: we did something to try to innovate it better. ed: pete inknow investigates every weekend. america getting a big wonderful birthday gift. a let, white and booming economy. pete: the numbers sending fireworks across the country. ♪ ♪
4:15 am
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4:19 am
tweeting today's stock market is the highest in the history of our great country. this is the 104th time since the election 2016 we have reached a new high. congratulations, u.s.a. ed: the dow and s&p hitting new records markets closed. stocks traded higher ahead of the holiday. jedediah: fox business network correspondent susan li is here to weigh in. welcome. >> i didn't get the memo for the patriotic. jedediah: are right. jedediah: you didn't bring your bow tie but neither did i. >> that is something. pete: you brought great numbers. >> did i. it's a booming economy as you mentioned. also we saw all three bench marks hitting records yesterday. that is very rare. and it's the first time the dow actually hit a record in 2019. it took 10 months to get there we have a new high. also, this is the 88th record for the s&p under the trump presidency.
4:20 am
100th for the nasdaq. and 87th for the dow. things have been doing great for your 401(k)s, fort stock markets over the last two years. and investors believe that the stock market is a leading indicator as to how well the economy is doing. and so if you take these record levels, we're doing great. pete: but we also saw jobs added. it's not just your investments. it's people wages and their opportunity. >> that's right. opportunities, exactly. we are in the longest economic expansion on record. 121 months of growth. also 104 months of job additions. during the last 10 years, do you know who has actually benefited the most so far from this great jobs market 150 years? minority women. hispanic, yeah. employment is hispanic female employment went up 2.2%. the highest across all categories. also african-american women saw gains of over 1.5% again. second across all categories. ed: why do we hear
4:21 am
persistent claims. people with wet blankets who don't like the president or are their danger signs out there. >> i wouldn't call that recession. that's really overh overextendig the and exaggerating. that's why all of money is coming to the stock market. where else are you going to make money and find yields interest back on your cash? you know we are looking at some warning signs, yes, maybe some softness in the stock market and also the employment market part of me. we are looking for 150,000 payrolls this friday. wages are up 3%. that's pretty good. but, trade, of course, concerns and also small businesses going to cut back on payroll. this interest cuts everyone is calling for from the federal reserve later on this pront. jedediah: obviously heading into 2020. economy going to be a chief talking point on both sides. are you optimistic that president trump will have a strong selling point when it comes to the economy? >> this is the best selling point that you should talk about over and over again on the campaign trail. if it's the best jobs market
4:22 am
in 50 years. you are able to -- the rate is at a record high. can you quit your job and find something better across the street pay you more. if you feel comfortable and confident in your wallet, you can feed your children and put food on the table. i think that's best selling point. ed: we don't want you to quit. >> put food on the table. ed: what are you doing on the fourth? >> going to a barbecue. pete: appreciate it. this marine lost both his legs while serving our country in vietnam. now he is getting back his independence. thanks to brand new home from the tunnel to towers foundation. ed: that hero is here live alongside our friend the ceo of tunnel 2 towers frank siller. they are next. ♪ ♪ summer's not the time for making bucket lists bookers know summer is for booking it like booking a beachside resort, and ordering two more tacos
4:23 am
than you need to. check. showing the deep end who's boss! check. starting a scooter gang with the fam. check. "awesome" bookers know summer won't last forever. "you're gonna thank me" so be a booker at the world's number one choice for booking accomodations.
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4:26 am
jedediah: it is time now for news by the numbers. first 67 years, that's the length of mad magazine's run. the satirical publication will stop creating new content by the end of the summer. the magazine won't be available on news stands only through comic book shops or mail subscription. next 69 pounds. that's the size of the record breaking flat head catfish caught on florida's yellow river. the fisherman's uncle used to hold that record. finally $5,000. that's the tip a woman left at a florida restaurant reportedly to get revenge on her boyfriend. she used his credit card after he refused to buy a plane ticket. it's up to the waitress whether or not he gets his money back. pete: revenge tip. i love it. independence day is the time to honor. you can't keep these marines silent for that long. the time to honor the brave
4:27 am
men and women who sacrificed for our freedom like the man you are hearing. vietnam veteran michael saw mika lost his leg after stepping on a land mine in battle. ed: see the video handing him the keys to very own smart home mortgage-free. here is retired marine sergeant michael sulsona and tunnel 2 towers frank siller. >> thank you for having us. ed: last video you heard michael calling out pete for army. >> oh, well. ed: what does it mean to you to have your independence back? >> you know, we were laughing about it because it's going to add like another 20 years to my life, you know. and you get so complacent with, you know, the obstacles that are before
4:28 am
you. ed: smart homes will make sure the bathroom and the kitchen are more smart in terms of the technology to help you cook and have your freedom. >> and also safe. too. i start thinking about some of the stuff i was doing. i'm lucky to be alive. i survived the war. i don't know if i could have survived some of the apartments i was in, you know, just the way the bathrooms are set up. the kitchen is set up. the whole design. ed: we are showing our viewers that very point. pete: very okay frank, you have done this for a lot of younger guys of this jerks. sometimes the vietnam generation hasn't gotten the love they deserve and here you are delivering. >> this is so past due mike getting this house. this is what our generation years ago should have done for these great heroes, and we didn't. as a matter of fact, they were spat upon when they came home from war. it's a same what we did as a --e
4:29 am
did. we are going to do at least one a year going forward for a vietnam vet the tunnel to towers foundation. we see a difference it's going to make in mike's health especially at this point in his life. we are building these houses all across america for so many of our aged catastrophically injured service members. ed: frank so rightly said we have to remember our vietnam vets as well. they weren't treated right when they came home. go backwards a little bit. when you were 19 years old, why did you step up and want to serve america? >> you know, it was a different time back then. we were less educated about what america was about and, you know, it was just the thing to do. it was part of growing up. you went to school or got kicked out of school and you joined the military. ed: what does that flag mean? we have been talking for days about colin kaepernick and betsy ross and nike. that flag must mean so much to you.
4:30 am
>> it symbolizes what everybody -- what we went through. it is so simple, you know. and taken on different forms this is a place where we can meet. this is something that we all come together on a common ground. pete: should be a symbol of unity and somehow it's become something else. frank, you do this every day. fourth of july, patriotism, supporting the troops. reflect on the fourth of july. >> we live in the greatest place in america because of the sacrifice of guys like mike. nearly 7,000 given their lives for our country since 9/11. we have to take care of those families left behind. take care of those catastrophically injured. the tunnel to towers foundation, we are asking everyone to donate $11 a month. if we had a million people donate $11 a month we could take care of not only everyone that's been injured since 9/11 but also all these great vietnam veterans
4:31 am
shah have paid such a big price. ed: tunnel 2 that's where you can donate $11 a month. did you want to say anything else, mikey? >> thanks for your support. we need that $11 a month. ed: all the thanks. >> he got his house. he wants other vietnam vets to get their house. pete: we are glad your generation is getting what it deserves. >> right. we want the vietnam veterans to get their house. pete: love it. now try to stay quiet the rest of the day. it's never going to happen. >> i was quiet. i was polite. pete: good man. sergeant, thank you. what better way to celebrate america than with our friend dean cain ♪ there goes our hero ♪ watch him as he goes ♪ carvana is six years old this year
4:32 am
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♪ i thank god i'm american big time. >time. pete: do you know who else is american? superman. jedediah: what better way to celebrate independence day than superman dean contain himself is with us. >> good morning. this is the fun crew right here. pete: you are a part of the fun crew. >> i like to be a part of the fun crew. pete: you are of course always welcome here. how are you doing on the fourth? >> i'm fantastic. happy to be here in new york city. wearing a tie given to me by none other than this man
4:36 am
right here. i'm happy to be here. great crowd, great people. the weather is fantastic. pete: hey, guys, did you know dean cain was going to be here? [cheers] >> happy to be here america's birthday. jedediah: can we talk about politics? >> sure. jedediah: i want to talk about this decision by nike to pull the betsy ross flag sneakers. >> i like nike, they are playing a iffy game here. the patriotism thing it happened once before it w. collinened kaepernick and the whole situation. i don't know about this time. they are messing with the founding of this country. that flag there is nothing racist about that flag at all. i think it's ridiculous. people are going to sell a lot of those betsy ross flags now. pete: they are. we had nine payroll on earlier. betsy ross herself was an abolitionist. she wanted to end slavery. >> everything she did would be something you would want to stand up for and they're saying no, no, no. it's a racist symbol.
4:37 am
it's just not. ed: a lot of democratic candidates are doubling down. listen to hula january castro and beto o'rourke are saying. they are taking nike's side. >> i was gadd to see that my hope is they didn't just do it to do it they understand the significance there look, there are a lot of things in our history that are still very painful. >> at a time that we seek to repair the damage done following legacy of slavery and segregation and jim crow and suppression. i think it's really important to take into account the impression that that kind of symbol would have for many of our fellow americans. so respect the decision that nike made. ed: beto thinks if you keep moving your hand people will believe you on nike. >> what's he polling at now? we are talking about him. i don't know if we should be. ridiculous. talk about the symbolism of what it is for. greatest possible union fire
4:38 am
you could ask for. it's insane. i know the whole thing went out and people started tweeting the governor of new mexico. the governor of my state said we are open for business. come on in. nike is not moving to california because we are the most business unfriendly state on the planet. they may talk a good game but it's not going to happen. jedediah: we had that from gavin newsom nism hey nike we are just a quick jaunt over the border. thank you for doing the right thing. california is open for business and welcomes those that represent the best of our american values. ed: they don't want nike. >> governor of arizona doesn't control those but probably end in arizona anyway to be truthful. they are not moving. i would be stunned if they moved to california because california is business unfriendly. jedediah: can i ask you this, as someone who is more conservative, do you have a hard time living in california? is that getting tough for you? >> have you seen the weather, jedediah? jedediah: that is what pulled me in, too. >> i grew up there i love
4:39 am
california. it's a huge state. so you have just a gigantic place with all sorts of different opinions. obviously it goes very, very blue. i just speak my peace. i have more people come up to me quietly and say thank you so much for your views. i love your political views. thank you for speak out. we don't want to but thank you that you do. pete: i live in new jersey now. there is a ton of patriots in these blue states that love america, love the country and don't stand with the political leaders that think otherwise. ed: what are you working on these days? >> i'm hosting max evolution for the sixth season. i'm starting to get old that number is going up. that's on this summer and documentary coming out called hate among us which is a big documentary about the rise of anti-semitism comes out in a couple months. jedediah: does it drive you crazy we are still calling you superman. >> listen i have been called a lot worse. if you are going to be called something superman is not a bad nickname. ed: thank you. >> i don't have to leave do i? do i goat stay and eat all this food?
4:40 am
>> i see all this food coming up. i want in. ed: master of allusion, what is season six? >> it's all magic. it's a magic show. and i don't know anything about magic at all. i know zero about magic. i gte up there and introduce the thing. these guys do incredible wonderful stuff. closeup magic. i don't know how they do the tricks. nike is pulling a magic trick right now by trying to take a patriotic symbol and turn into something racist which is insane. they could be on our show. pete: pulling that trick. here did you go betsy ross. >> that's absolutely possible. jedediah: you are everywhere. the other day i was watching old reruns of shark tanks and who do i see? this guy. >> old? jedediah: couple years ago i was like is that kaine? >> yeah. superman. guy trying to sell his suits we used to buy our suits from. he didn't take the deal. i think it was a mistake. >> not like you, you are
4:41 am
stepping up. ed: is he bringing it. happy fourth, i'm glad you are here. >> ed henry ties. pete: stick around as long as you want. ed: don't go anywhere. producers are saying you are staying. >> i didn't know that i just wanted the food. ed: go inside and talk to carley. she has some headlines. carley: good morning, guys. turning to your headlines. baseball fan said time for change after she is hit in the face with a foul ball. tracy's jaw wired shut after getting hit during batting practice at an astro's game. >> i know that people want those foul balls. those foul balls are not worth going through this or losing a loved one. >> the league is considering extending protective neglect at all ball parks in the wake of similar foul ball incidents. bikini wearing baristas are ordered to cover up. a federal appeals court upholding city ordinances in
4:42 am
washington state for a more conservative dress code. the decision comes after the hillbilly hotties coffee shop chain sued the city of everett, washington, claiming they were protected by the first amendment. workers must now wear at least a tank top and shorts on the job. ever wonder where titanic's heart of the ocean went after rose threw it overboard? don't you just love that? apparently the necklace ended up in france around celine dion's neck the canadian singer who sang the hit song my heart will go on spotted wearing the iconic blue diamond during paris fashion week. she wore the necklace at the academy awards in 1998. i want one as well. probably won't happen. those are your headlines. send it back outside. pete: carley, thank you very much. we are over here by the
4:43 am
grill as we should be. celebrating america's birthday by having our very own celebration on fox square formerly known as the plaza. ed: joining us now is president of the dover group. he brought the fun and bouncy house. bush, happy fourth of july. >> happy fourth of july to you. jedediah: what do we have. >> chef is cooking everything t-bone steaks, hot dogs, burgers, chicken, corn. a bunch of stuff on the table. all-american barbecue. pete: what is the top fourth of july food in america? >> in america to me is hot dogs, burg errs, corn and watermelon. pete: how was that ed, good? ed: excellent. jedediah: notice, pete, there are fruit pies as we said before. got to have that apple by. >> come on. pete: you can't put it on the grill though. can you grill a by. >> grilpie?>> grill anything.
4:44 am
jedediah: what's the fourth of july drink? certain drinks pair it with? >> soda water and alcohol. pena coladas, daiquiris. jedediah: party? what do we have over here? >> connect four. jedediah: a giant connect four by the way. my personal favorite is this guy on stilts. how hard is it? >> there he is. >> and juggler, pretty awesome. >> bounce house. kids love that my favorite. >> freight item to have. guy a guy on stilts. >> corn hole and jenga. >> jenga one of our producers knocked over before. >> got to throw a whole people. >> trge kids are entertained. party pro-he is entertained, cooking going on and everybody enjoys himself. it's great.
4:45 am
jedediah: like having a little amusement park in your backyard. this would be great for you. pete: like a salute to america in your own backyard without the tank. ed: no tanks out here. pete: maybe some jets. >> bounce house kids inside of it now. ed: wear them out and they go to bed. [laughter] >> that is a real victory. thank you for bringing the food and fun. jedediah: awesome. pete: celebrate our independence and chew on a hot dog we celebrate those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. ed: our friends anna kooiman and rick reichmuth are in south carolina with our guests ♪ thank god i was an american ♪
4:46 am
before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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4:49 am
♪ pete: welcome back. a couple of quick headlines for you. the portland police chief wants to ban frefortsz covering their faces in the wake of violent antifa riots. the chief also wants to allow officers to record demonstrations to hold people accountable. the city is facing criticism for lack of response to an attack on a journalist. and a texas confederate monument can stay in place for now. an appeals court ruling in favor of an attorney who requested the statue remain up until a separate appeal played out. features confederate generals and davis. right now it's covered in a black tarp in dallas. ed: meanwhile this independence day we are honoring the heros who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our nation and freedom. including navy command master chief jeffrey garr
4:50 am
garber. he died while deployed the uss eisenhower. jedediah: the folds of honor made sure his legacy would live on with providing his children with full scholarships. pete: rick reichmuth has been helping their cause raising over $70,000 from sales of his special american flag umbrellas. ed: those are awesome umbrellas. i have one in my office. you should get one too. he has a brand new one out for this july fourth. correspondent anna kooiman is joining him now and they have a special guest. good morning. >> my dad loves his weather man umbrella as well. ring, i can understand while you want to help out folds of honor. i ran a marathon with major dan rooney. folds of honor raises scholarships to the fallen and disabled while serving our great nation. one of our beneficiaries is paige. how are you doing today. >> i'm wonderful. a little muggy out here. >> it is.
4:51 am
thank you for your father's service and the whole families serves. tell us about your father command master chief jeffrey garber. >> he was amazing. my dad was an exceptional leader. he really made an absolutely profound impact in the navy and was incredible after his passing to really see the impact that he made. growing up i was so proud of his service but i did not really realize what a difference he was making. he was an incredible, humble, selfless servant leader. but when he was gone cooking that and makin --gone. we were without him. it was difficult because he was the most amazing dad. he was the king of tickle fights. [laughter] he was the dad who coached my soccer team. he was the dad dad host relationship with jesus inspired my relationship with jesus which is the foundation which has gotten me through the loss of his life. he just truly made an impact and i pray every day that i
4:52 am
can carry on his legacy and really just honor him in that way. >> sounds like an amazing man. i would have loved to meet him. you have a baby on the way. congratulations. what would he be thinking right now. >> he would be over the moon. i know he absolutely was so excited for that time of life both him and my mom were really excited to be grandparents. it has been really difficult to not have him here for this part of life. i know he has gotten to meet her up in heaven in that he is just giving her his blessing as she comes into the world in like 20 weeks. >> with your faith you know he is looking down on you. rick, why did you want to help out folds of honor? rick: i wanted to make a patriotic umbrella. folds of honor great organization and their money all goes to the scholarship. it's a really high rated. >> as legit as it gets. >> that really mattered a lot. but to see education, i mean education is so important.
4:53 am
especially for a child who doesn't maybe have that chance because one of the bread winners is gone to be able to provide that for the people who have served our country is such a beautiful thing. it was an amazing honor last year to do it and we wrote a check for 75,000 to folds of honor. >> amazing. rick: to know those scholarships happen is really exciting. >> what did that mean to you when you saw rick making patriotic umbrella and $75,000 going to folds of honor this great charity. >> it was amazing, truly. the difference that people like rick who take the chance to step in and really step into that gap where our family members aren't able to be there and help in that way, it's nothing can i really even put into words, because of folds of honor, because of people like rick, and patriots who contribute through purchasing weatherman umbrellas and doing things, i was able to attend my dream school new at 5:30 of nebraska which is a school that my dad loved that i had always dreamed to getting to experience with
4:54 am
him. and that was just something that wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for folds of honor. >> for sure. let's see these beautiful umbrellas. rick: we sold out of last year's design around christmas. people have been saying where is the patriotic umbrella? we have been working on a brand new design. and this is it. >> yes! >> we wanted each year to come up with a design that represents our country and stars and stripes in the right way. and to continue to be able to honor the flag and be creative with it as well. so this is this year's design for 2019. officially on sale today. so we're just launching this today. can you get it at weatherman $5 from every purchase goes directly to folds of honorable. hopefully we can write a check much bigger than that. we have free shipping if you need something to incentivize you to do it as well. >> weather man several different sizes. rick: four different sizes of umbrellas and have across all those different sizes of
4:55 am
umbrellas. hopefully this will do well. we are proud of this design. we worked a long time on it and hopefully it does folds of honor what they deserve and our american flag. >> it's been winning all kinds of awards, too. >> "golf digest" called us best umbrella. ryder cup umbrella and this year and next year as well. very exciting. we are sending kids to college through this for our heroes. we are so happy that you are able to benefit and just honored to be a are the pa of that and partner with folds of honor. weatherman >> can i hold one of those too? let's switch. there we go. i feel like mary poppins today. paige, thank you again for your service as well we do know it's the whole family that serves. >> thank you very much. >> go pick up yours today. >> back to you in new york. pete: rick that is a beautiful design which i know you didn't design it but take credit for it. that is awesome. weatherman rick has committed himself
4:56 am
not just to a great business and product which it is but to a bigger cause. ed: put down the nikeys and pick up the umbrellas instead. paige, heart breaking to hear, so strong, helped her go to school. now she has a baby on the way. it's wonderful to see that family trying to rebuild. all right. 2020 democrats calling for open borders. they did that right at that debate. well, president obama's dhs secretary jeh johnson is calling his fellow democrats out. his warning to his party next. ♪ an american soldier ♪ an american ♪ my brothers and my sisters ♪ i will proudly take a stand ♪ whenever he's in jeopardy ♪ i would always do what's right. being detected was not an option. if i was recognized the whole operation was blown.
4:57 am
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♪ ed: we're celebrating america all day long with great patriots out here on fox square. pete: happy independence day, american patriots. doing it on "fox & friends" like every day, especially on the 4th of july. jedediah: we did not disappoint. we told you dean cain would hang out. here he is. >> it is the food. i love you. but all these wonderful people here. there is a lot of energy. i want to hang out for a little bit longer. pete: ed, you brought the "a" game. ed: she hand-painted this tie. i don't want to have pete get jealous. she put the eagle and the flag. i was talking to the producers.
5:01 am
let's bring it out later in the show. you show up at 6:00 with the bow thai. i have this wonderful tie in my pocket. pete: belt out a tune. ace in the hole. ed: what do you think, usa. this week of all weeks it works, what do you think, guys? [cheering] pete: you win, today of all days. jedediah: i have never seen a hand-painted tie. that is pretty awesome. pete: we say in the business, that is exclusive. ed: find it nowhere else. rebecca watches "fox & friends" every day. rb renditions. check it out. pete: dean cain is not in your backyard but give us your best shot. >> i'll go. i will hang out on july 4th. jedediah: good barbecue. you never know. >> good barbecue. salute to america. i will check that out.
5:02 am
ed: we have a show for you. pete: president trump tweeting moments ago, people are coming from far and wide to join us what is turning out to be one of the biggest celebrations, the salute to america. ed: president calls it all day event at lincoln memorial. culminating with flyovers with large-scale aircraft. they will do a low sprint over the crowd. that will start at 6:00 p.m. then at 9:00 p.m., a great, to put it mildly, a fireworks display. i will speak on behalf of our great country. jedediah: griff jenkins live on the national mall. celebrating our independence. griff: i'm doing great. i have best seat in the house. happy fourth. this is where the president will speak. this is the base of the lincoln memorial. independence day, 243rd.
5:03 am
it has been since 1951 since president harry truman spoke on the fourth of july. the president will speak on podium between two bradley fighting vehicles. this is out of georgia. the their infantry division, guys. it will not be just fighting vehicles. there will be abrams tanks along the mall. they're too heavy to be up here. they are 70 tons. flyovers here all the way streaking down by the monument boeing that way. this is first lieutenant robbins, he is in charge of that bradley, brought it up from georgia. you will have a flyover. maybe air force one possibly, the blue angels. all of the military branches will have some sort of fly over. that will be some unbelievable, spectacular event now. now it will cost in the range of about 2 1/2 million dollars. of course the president tweeting before that that it will be well
5:04 am
worth it for what they're going to get. democrats, the 2020 field. saying it is all about the president. i have to tell you, being out here, talking to the military folks proud part of this, some of the early spectators, tens of thousands will be out here, some are lining up before dawn. they're really excited. they hope it doesn't rain. that is the one challenge we've got. the pentagon saying some flyoffs could be affected by the low cloud ceiling. inclement weather. this is the swamp, storms move through. i have a sneaking suspicion that the show will go on. the president says it will be the show of a lifetime. ed: griff, thank you very much. >> griff had no jacket on. it is warm out there. it is warm out there for sure. pete: this guy travels around the world, dangerous places, pretty safe there with the tanks. we love him.
5:05 am
jedediah: amazingly the salute to america has been controversial. you would think this would be a unifying moat, everyone come together, you know what? this is independence day. some democrats managed to make this a cranky moment for them. check out the media who managed to smear trump. >> will the 4th of july speech, be my country tis of me? >> not the power of the military. grand during of donald trump's personal self. >> this is not his military. these are not his generals. >> this is the kind of military display we were used to seeing from the soviet union on red square on may day. >> fourth of july supposed to be about our country, not the ego of president. >> he is spending it on boosting his ego with a parade fundamentally about him. >> this is america's by the day, not his birthday. >> don't seem to understand, the
5:06 am
president eisenhower, his inaugural had tanks. jfk's inaugural had tanks and rockets. old picture of the video, why do they have to complain anything related to president trump they have to complain? >> hashtag orange man bad. anything anti-trump. they have got sherman tanks, m1 abrams ripping down constitution avenue. that is not what is happening. that is not going on. you have knifeovers at games. i get a chills at football game, over comes the b-2 bomber. i love going to airshows. america we have a lot of parades. we always have. it is great and fantastic. i'm not so concerned about the cost. most i ever seen democrats worried about the cost of something. oh, my gosh, $2.5 million. i think it will be a great salute. ed: meanwhile they want to give health care to illegal
5:07 am
immigrants. millions, billions. >> "green new deal." pete: about the 1.5 millions for tanks. >> speculating what he will say. my country tis of me, that was cute. i don't think he will get that kind of speech. pete: talking about the constitution, a veterans here this morning, that is constitution after we won a war. we declared independence on july 4th. knowing we were take on the world's greatest empire, the british empire. we won because of the weapons we were willing to yield to fight for our independence. that is part of who we are. >> that is huge part of who we are. tough for people to swallow it. that is life. how it always worked in this world. humankind. peace through strength. i'm all for it 100%. i support that 100%. so many of our warfighters, vets, pete, such as you, amazing humble, selfless people.
5:08 am
listen, i celebrate, not just july 4th, every single day of the year. jedediah: what scares me, used to be days people came together, politics came together. july 4th, used to be one of those days. now that holiday is not a moment people come together. people are so divided. >> i think 10% of the far left, 10% far left, they make most of the noise, 80% of the country is in the middle. that will be case. because of social media, you can make a lot of noise from mom's basement. put one thing out there. it ends up in the news cycle. you want to contrarian. they want to give a voice that gives more attention than it should. i think it is great coming together. most people coming together. ed: military protecting our freedoms. president since day one talking about defending the nation through border security. it is interesting. democrats for a long time said there was no crisis. it was manufactured.
5:09 am
now they say there is a desperate crisis. they have come around. president obama's dhs secretary, taking swipes at 2020 democrats at calls for open borders. remember what happened at those debates in miami they all basis said, yeah, all of sudden change it. pete: don't want it to be illegal anymore. ed: don't want to crossing the border to being illegally. jeh johnson told "the washington post" that is tantamount to open borders. does not have the support of majority of american people or congress. and if we had such a policy, instead of 100,000 apprehensionses a month, it will be multiples of that. time out. pete: that is literally insane. you can't have open borders in america. you can't have it anywhere. that is insane. that is political rhetoric. no way, any shape or form real
5:10 am
policy, that couldn't happen. >> you talk about jeh johnson, left-wing candidates, that is a measured guy. he doesn't let words loosely fall out of his mouth like i do. he is seriously saying this is defacto open border policy when you're unwilling to enforce the law. you cpb guards under the bus. you talk about opening up our asylum. cory booker literally crossing the border, a presidential candidate with migrants and tweeting about how much freedom should be. that is what "spartacus" does. ed: we have a picture right here. jedediah: jeh johnson was on this sew in april talking about border. let's listen. what he had to say. >> by my measure, four thousands arrests in a day, one one hundred thousand in a month, the city shows up on the border is a
5:11 am
crisis it overwhelms our immigration officials ability to deal with it. you have to absorb that population somehow into southern border towns. and so it oaf well manies the humanitarian effort on our southern border. over well manies the dhs personnel. ed: that was turning point in the debate then, still had nancy pelosi and chuck schumer saying it was manufactured crisis. obama's homeland security secretary says now it is real crisis. now they admit it's a real crisis and they want open borders. he says that is a dumb idea. pete: now they turn it, humanitarian crisis. manufactured crisis. manufactured crisis. so clear the talking point, amiss sis. like an actor doing press for a film. certain things they want to say. entire democratic party was saying same thing. pete: they condemn the border
5:12 am
patrol, they're supposed to be on the border, instead they're mixing baby formula instead of the border. this is not a job they were equipped to do. >> vilifying them has to stop. those men and women are doing the best they can in horrific positions. best they can for illegal immigrants. i won't call them migrant because they're crossing illegally. jedediah: a former member about obama administration validating with a lot of trump administration is saying, that speaks to the center of the country, people on both sides of the aisle in leadership positions saying this is issue, this needs to be addressed. this isn't about partisan politics. this is about finding solutions. we have to get on board. that was convincing moment for a large segment of the country on this issue. >> i applaud jeh johnson for doing that a former official in the obama administration come out saying that. a lot of people would keep their mouth shout. shut that is great. he didn't get the talking
5:13 am
points. memo didn't reach him. he was man enough to say that is ridiculous. here is the truth. i really appreciate it. ed: why we love dean cain a little overtime. a little extra time. >> love it. thank you. ed: well-said. pete: toss it to carley shimkus with headlines. carley: starting with a fox news alert. a republican lawmaker called for president trump's impeachment is leaving the party. michigan congressman justin amash announces he is becoming an independent in "the washington post." he writes, quote, i'm asking you to join me rejecting partisan loyalties and rhetoric that divide and dehumanize us. adding we can do better than the two-party system. the five-ter congressman faced heavy criticism from the president and republican colleagues. moments ago russian vladmir putin arriving in rome. he is now heading to the vatican where he will meet with the pope. they're expected to discuss the growing crisis in ukraine before the pope meets with catholic
5:14 am
leaders tomorrow. while in rome putin will hold talks with italian leaders. days after it was blocked by the supreme court, the justice department is exploring ways to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. moments ago president trump tweeting, so important for our country that these very simple and basics are you a citizen of the united states question be allowed to be asked in the 2020 census. department of congress and department of justice are working very hard on this, even on the 4th of july. doj lawyers have until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow to come up with a rationale for adding the question. that could possibly sway the supreme court to reverse its decision. a great white shark gets a up close and personal look with an underwater camera. stop what you're doing. you will want to watch this. oh, boy. the shark bumping into a gopro
5:15 am
camera off the coast of cape cod. scientists tagged the beast for research. if you're going to the beach, maybe stay on the sand. don't go in the water. those are the headlines. send it back to you outside. ed: she waive the at the shark. pete: teach her sharks are not our friend. that's it. ed: appetizer. pete: will good-bye. >> i'm ready for all of this on the 4th of july. pete: nike still facing major backlash as they should for pulling their betsy ross sneakers. our next guest is calling out the company and. ed: deroy murdoch says nike stepped on their own shoelaces. happy fourth, sir.
5:16 am
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♪ ed: outrage growing over nike's decision to pull a patriotic flag themed shoe. our next guest is outraged.
5:20 am
accusing nike and colin kaepernick starting a whole new controversy. deroy murdoch is here to explain. >> good to see you. ed: these never seem to learn their lesson. >> they don't. so sad to be having this discussion today, i feel if nike and colin kaepernick are grinches who divided fourth of july. we should be unified today, celebrating this country, instead we have one-half of the country yelling at the other half of the country on 4th of july. ed: colin kaepernick says the flag is symbol of tyranny, racism, go down the list, the flag has been symbol of unity, bringing all people of creeds and races together. >> it was battle flag used in the fight against great britain. if we didn't fight war. this is the actual flag british surrendered to washington at yorktown. ed: george washington crossed
5:21 am
the dell care with the flag. if it was good for washington, it should be good enough for us. >> there is a man, black gentleman who fought with george washington. there were five to 8,000 black soldiers. ed: front of the boat. >> front of the boat. some were slaves. some fought for freedom. some are already free. this is something black folks participated this was not a all-white revolution. something american blacks participated. as much our story than anybody else. ed: how embarrassing for nike and colin kaepernick, these photos emerge, pretty easy to google them, of nation's first african-american president, barack obama, both of his innagurals in 2009 and 2013, when he got reelected they had many flags up there on the capitol but at least two on the left side, right side, betsy ross flag. it is symbol of tyranny and oppression why would barack obama want to display? >> secretly sending dog whistles to the kk. i doubt that. this was symbol of american unity until about 48 hours ago.
5:22 am
one person stands up a washed up football player who has not played football since 2016. all of sudden nike completely collapses, the national outrage breakout. very said and unfortunate. so bothersome to see corporations knuckle under the slightest pc pressure, we'll see. people have a chance to vote with their feet literally what kind of sneakers they will buy. happy fourth. >> appreciate it. ed: from surf conditioning to hell week, navy seals go through it all. you heard about it. our next guest is one of them. he is giving first of kind look at their training next. plus we'll check back in with anna, rick, live from south carolina, a beautiful place called, patriots point. what a perfect setting for this 4th of july. ♪ you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader,
5:23 am
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5:26 am
♪ pete: welcome back. from surf conditioning to hell week, to drown proofing, navy seals endure it all to become some of our nation's toughest waters. basic underwater demolition school or buss is to separate the warriors from the pack. our next guest came through buds in the his camera. this is in the new book, uncommon grit. retired navy seal, darren burnett. can i go with mcb? >> yes. pete: thank you for your service. how. jumps. >> 6,000. plus or minus couple hundred. sometimes you forget to log it
5:27 am
in the book. pete: multiple deployments all over the world. >> all over the world. pete: before we get into the book, reflect on this day. >> 4th of july is everything. that is everything what this country is. it is our country breaking free with the idea of liberty. then we, now we're here. we have our country. all the freedoms that go along with it. it is everything. i love 4th of july. i love this country. >> what do you say to folks that say the betsy ross flag shouldn't be up there? >> i would say they're jackass jackasses. pete: spoken like a seal. >> was i allowed to say that? if you're offended by the american flag in this country there are other places you can be than here in my opinion. pete: wore the cloth of our nation, served in harm's way. rob o'neill a friend of yours. >> a dear friend, rob o'neill. pretty much where i have upon today is lot of influence with rob. pete: talk about that with the book because you served our
5:28 am
country. banged up a little bit. >> it is okay. i'll live. pete: tell the story through the lens after camera. you got exclusive access to buds, this book came out. >> i did. it was an amazing time. started when i filmed act of valor. i did a air scenes, with buddy of mine, james woods. duncan smith, usually captain comes in full uniform it is either you're in trouble. that is all it is you're in trouble. hey, cap tape looking for you. hey, we'll film some things. i did that. a couple years later, three, four, five years later, i had a pacemaker put in. yeah, that was fun. so, when you have that, you don't really, the lesson learned on that, don't do a seal platoon with four guys when you were born graduated buds. i had that. i'm an alpha male with beta
5:29 am
blockers and my pacemaker. pete: these pictures. i'm paging through it. young guys willing to sign up to do the toughest training in the world. you bring it to us in those feels. >> absolutely. that captain through duncan smith again, he came up, hey we're doing this new project. we would like you to film. maybe take a couple photos. building a new video and initiative for recruiting. we still recruit in the navy. i said i'll do that. the last one was pretty well. command was supportive. work closely with the jags and public affairs officers, that initiative kept going. like operation heritage what is was called. wanted to update photos and videos they had. sure, i loved it. it was just, took me through the span of going through each evolution. remembering what i did. i remember that evolution. that sucked. pete: they're incredibly powerful pictures. the book is, uncommon grit.
5:30 am
what is going through the minds of these guys? simulated drownings. enduring sleepless days and nights. training -- what is going through your head? >> you know, from my head, it is funny when i went back and started, being that buds and looking, first of all how in the hell did i ever make it through the training? oh, my god. i remember specifically, i had to reach back what i was thinking when i was going through there. oh, wow. i remember that. that is how you can really see these guys doing things, i can literally see it through my eyes. i remember doing that. i remember being grimy and gritty. trying to get through every day. maybe you don't realize it at the time it is a forging. they're creating somebody. >> exactly. that is why i call it uncommon grit. you're taking common guys. all of us common, getting in, doing an uncommon thing. you're wow, i don't even think i could do this especially hell
5:31 am
week. hell week, is, that is impossible. what universe can anybody do that. then you start going through. the trick to that was, when you stop caring about yourself, start caring about the guy next to you. when you start doing that, it started to change. pete: i heard your buddy, rob o'neill, who shot bin laden, how he was helped at buds, other guys helped him. you have skills that you have, others to bring to bear, ones you don't have, rely on the guy next to you. >> what is hilarious to rob o'neill, he couldn't even swim when he got to buds. i go really. how did you get there? pete: he is from montana. >> you don't pull guys through. some guys couldn't swim, you're with them, but it that's work ethic they want to get through. some guys are good ad the o course. they will help with you that. that is just being with the guys around you.
5:32 am
you graduate hell week. now the classes are 80% less of what you used to be. then you move on to the other phases it gets tactical. you have to do dive physics. i haven't done math since college. i wasn't good at math. there are guys that are really smart. pete: thank god for guys like you. this book uncommon grit takes you behind the scenes. i hope folks check it out. you have taken another photo that got a lot of attention. you're involved with folds of honor. you took a photo. you took a picture of a bald eagle. you did a lot with it. talk about the impact this photo has. >> impact of the american eagle, i photographed that in kodiak alaska. what is interesting about this photograph, eagles are everywhere in alaska. they're like pigeons. don't get that word out but they're really, really high in the air. i just remember, it landed literally five feet away from me. i was photographing the ocean of
5:33 am
all things. i took a couple shots of it. i remember looking at it, that is the cousin eddie of eagles. see american eagles pristine, pure white, looking out. all of sudden you got this hair is all dirty, the feathers are disheveled. pete: like a buzz photo. >> exactly. like a buzz photo. this must be america's other degenerate cousin eagle, america, but you know, and i took the photograph, 17 month later, so i'm not very smart i figured out what it meant to me. like, oh, wow. i got asked to speak at another folds of honor gala with steve and karen hayworth out of chicago. they're just amazing -- this has a lot to do with steve and karen hayworth. i probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. rob o'neill, and kid rock. pete: you raised money from it.
5:34 am
how much? >> that right there, literally a million dollars for folds of honor. the photographs in the book. it started with the photographs in the book. it finally led to the eagle. pete: i love it. i don't think i will give it back to you. the book is "uncommon grit." you can preorder. go to say the website. >> pete: you got hair like that. >> comb in my back pocket. pete: thank you. what a great book. from the seals to a bird's-eye view. anna kooiman getting a sky-high look at a special tradition. >> one day it's red, white, blue, everywhere. that is just in appreciation. you're looking down there on a great big thank you. ♪ pete: giving us an inside look at this year's salute from the shore in the carolinas. that is coming up next.
5:35 am
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♪ jedediah: shot of the morning. medal of honor recipient david bellavia at the yankees game in new york. pete: that looked like pretty good. he was given highest honor saving his squad from a terrorist ambush in iraq. ed: i was at the game. that was steve's friend.
5:39 am
there i am, posing in front of the flag. that was in the owner's box, the wilpon's box. pete: betsy ross flag in the owners box? ed: best part, i was wearing yankees cap and shirt in the met's owners box. i had to do that. they were kind. secondly meeting david, a great honor. what a great proud american. he was so humbled, humbled. he is amazing. pete: make it about the guys they served with. brought his whole squad and platoon. i, if you go to "fox nation" on this independence day, medal of honor's exclusive. it is an hour. the guy with david, the most vivid they heard him talk about that day ever. november 10th, 2004, when he was alone in a house with five terrorists trying to kill him.
5:40 am
he came out alive. ed: he is so soft-spoken. you wouldn't think the man had done amazing things. so humble. soft-spoken. jedediah: guys that step up to the plate when you need them most. they are soft-spoken, but at the moment -- ed: well done, david. pete: this independence our proud american coverage continues. ed: we're saluting our troops from the shore of south carolina. jedediah: proud american correspondent, former "fox & friends weekend" co-host, my favorite, anna kooiman, she is live. how are you doing? >> hey, jedediah, you're my favorite. this is how we do it down south. get the glasses. proud american, everybody at home. send us the pictures, red, white and blue, get on social media, use the hashtag to pose on our social media and we're on the channel. we're at patriot point. this is the incredible aircraft carrier behind me. this is the uss yorktown.
5:41 am
it was commissioned in 1943. it served in the pacific for the remainder of the war. we'll take you on board later today. right now i want to take you to the coastline of south carolina and show you the salute from the shore. take a look. ♪ >> 11 years ago, salute from the shore, recognized so many individuals join the 4th of july on the beach. give consideration on that special day. from that point forward we formed a military knifeover from the coast at myrtle beach to hilton head. >> my folks in hilton head look forward to the flyover. what can we expect from the parade in the sky? >> we'll have two f1 7s, and people are look up at the shore, amazed by the great planes and might of our military. >> the look from the shore parade of planes is not just vintage planes but active military like c 17s from the u.s. air force. we are getting a tour.
5:42 am
how would we get something like a fire truck, a tank, helicopter in here? >> that's a great question, anna. airman stevens shows you how it works. ♪ >> how are you doing, you're going to take me up in the plane. how do you do it? >> this trained 90% of the bomber crews in world war ii. this was ordered by the dutch as a light bomber. >> can we have at it? >> sure. ♪ >> one of the very, very small amount of people who of get to do something like this. how much fun is it? >> too much. >> why did you decide to get involved with salute from the shore? >> it's a great organization, that gives thanks. you make the flight one time, you see all the patriotism and people this time of year. you look down there, you see on
5:43 am
this one day, it is red, white, blue, everywhere. that is just in appreciation. looking down there on a great big thank you. >> i'm a c-17 pilot, i will try to do it every year. >> basically a parade of planes both vintage, military and also active military planes. happening between noon and 1:00 today. it will get started, depending where you are along the coastline between myrtle beach and hilton head. guys, we're about to get a preview for all of you at home, for my friends in new york. we have the plane we just went up in, we toured around the c-17. you got to see that. that will be in the parade of planes later today. we're about to show you the vintage plane, world war two plane. is it coming? i hear him. just around the bend, just over the cooper river bridge at the moment. there we go. we got to go in that with preston. he is a 27-year-old pilot who has been doing this since he was
5:44 am
six-month-old on his daddy's lap. he has been going to airshows with his dad, a long line of pilots. their grandfather was a military veteran and, what an amazing thing going to airshows. getting to it it on the 4th of july, his copilot is his dad. he kicked his dad from the left seat when he became a better pilot than his father. there we go. >> thank you, sir. >> what do you think? pete: anna, that is awesome. you hear the jets, hear the engines, it sounds like freedom. think how many people on the battlefield heard that coming? go ahead, anna. >> i have to tell you, flying in that vintage plane, yesterday, you know i've done all kinds of military shoots with you guys on "fox & friends," that one felt so different because of vintageness of the plane.
5:45 am
my whole body was shaking. pete: very cool. anna kooiman. great work. we really appreciate it. ed: get on social media today, hashtag proud american, we know you're out there, fox news viewers. facebook, instagram. all the rest. pete: we the people like to party. ed: we're going through basic training you might say for grilling with retired marine, seasoned, get it? firing up independence day barbecue. pete: that's receipt. joining us now. jedediah: retired marine, author of grill seeker matthew. matthew, welcome. thanks for being here. i am not a pro griller. so i need help. what do i do to make my steak or my chicken or my veggie burger amazing? >> you know what? it all comes down to the spices, heat management. we'll tell you cool tips. nothing i do is difficult. that is the point of basic training. everything is basic. look. pete: grill seekers.
5:46 am
ed: sweet potatoes are good. >> grilled sweet potatoes. these are the recipes you make. you will have neighbors over. like a possum eating a peach. this is the tritip. what i like about tritip, inexpensive cut of meat. it has huge flavor. hit with olive oil. basic spice rub in the book. it does best with little indirect heat. we'll sear. pete: indirect heat meaning top rack? >> off to the side. if there was no meat could access immediately. we'll put this tritip on. we have heat over here. we are no heat here. we bring internal temperature of meat up to 125 to 127. we sear it at the end. otherwise it is overcooked outside. pete: we do a lot of segments. sear it, sear it.
5:47 am
you say earth way around. >> try the reverse sear process, never do the standard again. jedediah: same thing. it is done. >> we did this earlier. we'll take this one off. ed: try some of that. >> we'll let it rest a minute. while that is resting i love to make chimney cherry. jedediah: how do you do that? >> help me. we have everything planned out. >> empty it in? >> there you go. we have parsley. some cilantro, red peppers. jedediah: garlic. love the garlic. >> can never have too much garlic, right? jedediah: that's true. i'm italian. >> i love it. love it. thank you all. we'll whip this up. jedediah: okay. >> a little bit more. jedediah: smells so good. ed: that smells great. terrific. >> chimmy chury.
5:48 am
that is awesome. i use cilantro. some people don't. it gives is a fresh flavor. you're italian. jedediah: we put that in. >> all right. that is all it takes to make it up. let's slice into the tritip. see what we got here. no guaranties. tritip, cut it across the grain. ed: yeah. beautiful. pete: anybody like steak? [cheering] >> if you like steak you're in the right place. we'll cut off slices. jedediah: that is tender. ed: super tender. >> pete goes in with his fingers jedediah: you got pete's stamp of approval. >> so simple.
5:49 am
olive oil, spicing, cook it right. way to go. everyone can do it at home. we have another piece here. we'll put chimy for everybody to try. we'll talk about the watermelon. everybody likes watermelon and fruit in the summer. pete: you can grill watermelon? >> absolutely. sugars in the mellon carmelize. get a nice crust. bringing out a lot of flav. hit it with cheese. ed: thanks for the tips. more important, thanks for your service. >> the book is "grill seeker." ed: nike facing a lot of backlash for pulling its sneakers. we'll get a little history. we're checking in from philadelphia. don't go anywhere. stay with us before you start celebrating this morning. ♪ [running through woods]
5:50 am
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♪ jedediah: welcome back. growing outrage over nike's decision to pull the betsy ross flag themed shoe over the 4th of july. we're getting a important lesson on history of importance of the stars and stripes. pete: history is important. jillian mele is live from the betsy ross house in philadelphia. >> happy fourth, everyone. this all began back in the year of 1776 when a woman by the name of betsy ross rented a house in old city philadelphia. this is the betsy ross house behind me. as the story goes, it is all oral history, she lived here
5:54 am
from 1776 to 1779. at some point was visited by george washington. that is where the original sketch came about. this is scott stevenson, president and ceo of the museum of the american revolution which is a few blocks away. you wanted to point out, this was the original design? >> it's a good reminder the founding generation had to find a way to represent what the new nation, how it would be represented in the flag, many of those first flags were just stars, just the stripes without the stars. this is a copy after flag that dates to 1777. jillian: dark green color. it was made for militia regiment not far from philadelphia. jillian: this is what it became. >> the stripes represent 13 state as do the stars from the flag resolution. here they are. jillian: there is flag store across the street. we talked to the guys earlier this morning. their sales have skyrocketed.
5:55 am
people want the flags, want to get their hands on them. they usually sold 30 in typical day. they sold 1000 yesterday. a lot of people in philadelphia feeling that pride. happy fourth, guys, back to you. pete: as they should. important to point out betsy ross is abolitionist. she didn't believe in institution of slavery. symbol of unity. she worked with george washington to put it together. we can't put it on a sneaker. this is where we come. jedediah: outrage machine. crazy, hard at work. ed: more "fox & friends" moments away. stick with us. ♪ take prilosec otc and take control of heartburn. so you don't have to stash antacids here... here... or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day,
5:56 am
24 hours, zero heartburn.
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5:59 am
>> don't tread on me. i fight for you because you are free. >> we're checking in with veteran ron white honoring our great country by writing the entire u.s. constitution right here live from memory. not only that as a former teacher this is really neat i have to say. >> words are needed except the ones i couldn't remember how to spell. those got messy. i memorized who died in the war in afghanistan. this is that same wall. fitting and symbolic the names, the constitution is written on the wall we use for the fallen heroes for the war in afghanistan. we have to support the afghanistan memory wall. it's our hero >> we, the people. thank you for your service.
6:00 am
>> secure the blessings of liberty. >> we'll talk about the constitution in the america after the show on fox nation. see you tomorrow. >> final preparations now underway for president trump's salute to america as critics slam the president for politicizing a national holiday. good morning, i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer this morning. >> i'm alicia acuna in for sandra smith. president trump will also give a speech honoring our troops. >> some people are calling out the president demanding to know how much it will cost and accusing him of playing politics. ellison barber is live from the national mall in washington where thousands of people are expected to


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