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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 3, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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laura ingraham. don't miss my new show, "get tammy bruce." president of independent women's voice, learn more at mike is sheen for shannon bream, "fox news at night" team takes it here. >> we begin with a fox news alert. president trump vows tomorrow will be the show of a lifetime, but there are already fireworks in the nation's capital as protesters and americans from all over the country descend on d.c. for president trump's fourth of july salute to america celebration. we're taking you to the national mall for a live look in just moments. but president trump not giving up on having a citizenship twe on the 2020 sen tuesday. tonight justice department officials are trying to find a way to make it happen in way that is consistent with last week's supreme court ruling. more that coming up. and later, president trump is hitting back at democrats over criticisms of how customs and border protection agents treating my grants at our southern border. former acting i.c.e. director
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tom holeman is here to weigh in. welcome to "fox news at night," i'm mike emanuel for shannon bream. we begin with a live look at the national mall. with our correspondent, hours away from the president's military-themed july 4 celebration. good evening, david. >> hey, mike, good evening. happy early fourth of july. this place will be packed tomorrow night, just under 24 hours from now. normally the fireworks show taking place from capitol hill, capitol steps, that will going on. the lincoln memorial is something we have not seen in a long time. now, the white house they are billing this as a salute to america n a few hours, some time overnight, we're told m-1 abrams tanks will make their way here to the lincoln memorial. they have been on freight trains for a day or so this afternoon. bradley fighting vehicles were moved in front have the lincoln memorial, they will be stationary, not moving because of the impact on local roads. this is interesting video, in
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1991, the m-1 abrams rolled down the streets of d.c., to mark an end to the gulf war. president trump originally wanted a similar scene, that will not happen, they will be stationary. the cost, the white house has not made it available but reports that the national park service will allocate $2.5 million used for parks to cover this event. the fireworks, $750,000 donated by a local company according to the department of interior. the president tweeted, quote, the cost of our great salute to america tomorrow will be very little compared to what it is worth. not everyone agrees with that tweet. local d.c. officials are concerned with the infrastructure with tanks. 2020 candidates weighing in. >> we don't need to shout to be heard. we don't need to roll tanks down the street for rest of the world to know our strength and our might. i don't know that these displays are necessary.
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they're certainly very expensive. >> rnc donors sit in a v.i.p. section here. trump says this will not be political, he will recognize all branch flts military. the pentagon giving out 5,000 tickets to members of the military and their families of the faa closing air space, reagan airport from 6:15 p.m. tomorrow to 7:45, then from 9:15 p.m. to 9:45 p.m., because of that air flyover, with air force one. also, we are told, that there will be a chance of rain tomorrow. the summer storms, you never know, this event will go on rain or shine. but it will be a busy day on the mall. >> david, thank you. the president not giving up on his insistence that nektd year's sentence include a question about requests stipship, tweeting reports were being abonn dodd were fake news.
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sets up a major fight with critics who say it is political. mark her death, following the story for us. -- meredith. >> the justice department seeking a way to get the controversial citizenship question on the census o opponents thought it was long over. but president trump says the fight goes on. president trump is not giving up on demands to add a question to the census, asking respondents if they're u.s. citizens. the supreme court last week effectively blocked the question for 2020, by sending the case back to lower court. >> president trump: it was very strange decision, very sad decision. >> on tuesday the trump administration appeared to be moving on. commerce secretary wilbur ross released a statement saying, quote, the census bureau has started the process of presidenting the questionnaires without the question. but then a day later, a tweet from president trump appears to have changed everything. the president said reports about commerce dropping the question
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were, quote, fake. the justice department said the government still wants to get the question on the census even though the deadline to print the forms has already passed. government lawyers told the judge, quote, we think there may be a legally available path under the supreme court's decision. [chanting] not surprisingly civil rights groups arguing against the citizenship question are outraged. mexican-american legal defense fund, says there's no accounting for doubling down on stupid. democratic presidential hopefuls say the latest court challenge makes no sense to them. >> who knows what he's up to, we haven't figured it out yet. >> federal judge demanded the government update the plans by friday afternoon. still a lot of questions about what all of this means for the census itself. congress, mike, will be hearing from the census director at the end of the month, they may give an update then. we will have to wait. >> few fireworks. >> maybe a few, eb after the 4th. >> mark, thank you. two breaking news stories we're
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following, the rhetoric wrapping up on this independence day eve about the president's fourth of july celebration. and the d.o.j. saying they're trying to find a way to have a citizenship question on the 2020 census. let's bring in republican congressman from arizona andy biggs, congressman great to have you. >> good to be with you, mike. >> take a listen to hawaii senator maisie harono. >> the show of military force what he thinks is going to make him look strong. quite the opposite, it makes him look in my view pretty pathetic, some one who has wrong priorities. the fourth of july is a national holiday. he's making it political and all about himself. this is a trump show, folks. >> congressman, your reaction? >> well, i think that they protest too much, quite frankly. this is supposed to be, i mean john adams said this should be a holiday similar to christmas. and i think what the president is trying to do is pay homage
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and tribute to the families of military servicemen and women and the veterans who served. i just don't know what the big deal is, frankly. i mean, like the flyovers. how many ball games have you been to when there's a flyover. first game of the college football season, might be a flyover. or the super bowl gets a flyover. this is not unusual in the history of our country. but because it's donald trump, it really, they're so inflamed by anything that the president does that even something that is fairly benign like this is going to ignite them and just create this horrible backlash. >> politico is reporting there's a bit of a panic with white house officials and their allies expressing anxiety, worried they started preparations for the celebration too late. have you heard any panic from your friends at the white house? >> i haven't heard panic.
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i heard concerns that maybe they start today late. but they expect a great crowd and they expect to deliver on a wonderful program tomorrow. they were concerned abe maybe they got a late jump on it. i think they're all, beyond the panic stage, and they're into the groove and ready to go. >> there's the controversy over nike, pulling a july 4 themed shoe based on betsy ross's flag, get this, comparing that historic flag to a swastika. >> why don't we wear a swastika for july 4? i don't know, it makes a difference. the cross burning on somebody's lawn. why don't we have a nike celebration of the cross. well, because those symbols are symbols of hate. we can take p.c. culture back. >> congressman, what do you make of that? >> that kind of rhetoric doesn't do anything to bring us closer together. i'm trying to understand how
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politically correct we have come. how a flag, betsy ross flag put together and put on a tennis shoe, is going to create this division in the country today. it satisfies lot about it. about the weakness -- it says a lot about the weakness of our future if we're going to be so offended, we can't wear a tennis shoe with a betsy ross flag on it. collin kaepernick, doesn't like the flag, doesn't like the national anthem, doesn't like america. he's going to project that, and i was really surprised that nicky said, okay, we're not going to produce the shoe. i think they were already in production. and they had to pull everything back. that's a crying shape. -- crying shame. this is a flag that symbolized our fight for independence with great britain. it's really too bad, a real shame. >> president trump hasn't given up on the citizenship question on next year's census. any sense of how he could include it? >> well, he's trying -- ordered d.o.j. to come up with a way to include it.
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he's trying to conform with what the court said. mike, you know what this is about, in the constitution itself, the reason that you take a census is not to find out how many toilets or stoves or refrigerators or tvs or cell phones you have. it's to apportion the voters for congressional districts. that's what the census is wall about. then it would be transported to the states for legislative districts. if you're counting illegal aliens who are in this country, people who cannot vote, because they're here illegally russian watering down the votes of people who are here lemly. california gets a disproportionate number of congressional seats and electoral votes for the president, than, say, wisconsin which has far fewer illegal aliens in their population. it is a fairness issue to get at the bottom of this. i think they're really going to try and get it done, fighting an uphill bootle. >> andy biggs from the great state of arizona, see you back
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on the hill after the break. >> thanks, mike, appreciate it. happy 4th. >> pro-life groups vowing to fight all the way to the supreme court after a federal judge temporarily blocked enforcement of a new abortion law in ohio. the so-called heartbeat bill bans most abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected as early as 6 weeks in a pregnancy. a major legal setback for the trump administration, a blow to president trump's border plan. and we will weigh in on the border migrant controversy. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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>> a couple of bad apples expressing these views need to be addressed and held
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accountable. not representative of who the men and women r. >> we've been sound ig larm bells, we've been inviting the congressional delegations and their staffers down. >> home hand security and border officials making their public arcments in the court of public opinion on the crisis at the border and detention facilities, and their concerns remain as though the top senate democrat calls for any leadership at the top levels of cbp. fox news contributor and former i.c.e. acting director tom holman. great to have you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to play congresswoman frederica wilson's comments on the detention center. >> it's moneymaking scheme. instead of them processing the children out, they're processing children in. so that they can use a government money to expand this facility which is already about
8:17 pm
the size of three football fields. >> she's a legislator. why don't you read the law. the victims protection act says that we have to ascertain these children are not victims of trafficking. within 72 hours they're turned over to health and human svlss. that's homeland security, since 2002. she ought to educate herself before she says things that don't make sense. the men and women of border patrol are following the laws of congress. >> chuck schumer said the inspector general's report of a secret border patrol facebook group paint toxic culture that can only be changed by immediately firing and replacing top leadership at the agency with law enforcement professionals who have training and expertise in working with
8:18 pm
vumer inable populations. what do you say to leader schumer? >> he needs to educate himself, he says we need to get rid of mark morgan. mark morgan hasn't started yet, he doesn't start as a. cvp commissioner until monday. who's he putting the blame on? does he ask for the firing of the victory? name who you want fired. he needs to look in the mirror, what is going on on the border, crisis on the border, the detention situation on the border, because congress has failed to help this president anyway whatsoever with a crisis on the border. they just now passed funding for the humanitarian crisis on the border, just did that. that will help change things, but border patrol has been asking for money to get them out of the border patrol facility that isn't built for that type of population. and get them to a facility
8:19 pm
that's more appropriate for them. they have stalled. they held. waited until the last minute. when did nancy pelosi come to the table, when president trump says i'll let i.c.e. arrest people ordered by a federal judge. now she's concerned, comes to the table. it wasn't about the detention conditions, not 31% of women being raped, it wasn't about children dying. it was even force the law of illegal aliens in the country. shows clearly she is more concerned about protecting those in the country illegally, that's been ordered removed, than she is about taking the border situation. >> the inspector general's report says senior managers in several facilities raised concerns for the at and detainees. one called the situation ticking time bomb. do you worry about the folks in the middle of the border cries snis. >> yes, i do, i worry about the men and women of the border patrol who are working so hard
8:20 pm
and performing a task, and they work hard. they're changing diapers, making formula, taking sicknesses home to their families. i've been there. these border places bring toys from their own children in so the children in these facilities can have something to play with. these men and women, they're moms and dads, too. and they go home every day, knowing they have to deal with a tragedy. i've seen terrible things in my career that i think about. these men and women of the border patrol are doing the best job they can in difficult circumstances. we need to salute them and praise them for the work they're doing. >> tom, thank you for your time and sharing your expertise, sir. >> thanks for having me. appreciate you. >> a child known as minnie aoc forced to shut down social media accounts because of death threats, has political hahs arement gone too far? emu & doug♪
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>> many of the democratic presidential hopefuls are in iowa tonight. one of the issues they're facing is the electability question, as in who has the best chance to defeat president trump. correspondent peter doocy reports from des moines. >> last week she pick aid part joe wyden. this week she's hat a picnic. >> i'm prepared to prosecute the case. [applause] >> kamala harris trying to build on a buzzing debate debut in iowa. >> not only am i here because i think it is important obviously to the campaign, it's important to me personally to share from the people here, to help to how i think about issues and how i create priorities. >> the california senator is closing in on the frontrunner, joe biden, poll numbers are you aboutied by voters who think he's the most electable. but by ken has been beater --
8:26 pm
biden has been beater by mayor pete buttigieg, $21.5 million raised in the second quarter, more than three million less than mayor pete. by deb's campaign is upbeat about his bank account, calculating he on the other hand more per day since he started. the cycle biden has focused on trump, something bernie sanders is now doing, too. while sanders has less money than the president he has more individual donors. >> in the last three months, we received one million contributions. 99% of them were for $100 or less. >> far beneath bernie in the polls, is beto. >> never had a pollster. >> o'rourke insists his presidential campaign will be modeled on the 2018 senate campaign which he lost.
8:27 pm
>> the way to address our goal to win the caucus here in iowa, is to continue to hold the town hall meetings, to gain the commitments of caucus-goers and expand the electorate which will participate. some we did in texas. >> the andrew yang campaign is taking a less conventional approach, tying the candidate to trending topics like the bottle cap challenge. the surging senator harris is doing it the old-fashioned way. >> take a moment to celebrate, that we are a nation that was formed on noble ideals, and this is a moment in time, then, that is requiring us to fight for the best of who we are, and those ideals. >> harris shared the stage at that event with another candidate, amy klobuchar, a few hundred thousand people showed up. they said that's the biggest crowd they have had for that event. but it was less than half the size of the crowd that turned out to see a different democrat making a solo appearance in iowa last night, bernie sanders.
8:28 pm
mike? >> peter doocy, thank you. minnie aoc a twitter pair parody account is being forced to turn down, run by ava martinez' family says she won't do her impressions of ocasio-cortez any more after wrefing death threats and harassing phone calls. let's bring in examiner columnist larry o'connor. great to have you. >> thanks for the slash. >> good to be here, mike. >> death threats and harassing phone calls for an 8-year-old girl, have people lost their minds, lar any. >> i think they have. listen, i'm not a huge fan of parents putting their children out as political properties. i laughed at this parody, it was funny. like a lot of funny things on social media. for people to lose their minds
8:29 pm
as you put it and levy death threats against an 8-year-old girl and her family for political speech, political sta tire, is nauseating. by the way, i thought twitter and other social media platforms were going out of their way to make this place a safe space. when you're threatening the life of a little girl, anyone who was going that on social media should be removed based on twitter's standard. i haven't seen it yet. >> check out this nate madden tweet. kids are off limits. leslie, your thoughts. >> as a mom of an 11-year-old and 12-year-old who i cringe any time i see them in front of a computer, on my phone, and i have seen terrible things that children say to each other. but i'm not surprised about this. larry, you and i agree. i don't think an 8-year-old should be put forth, it was her dad and her unk who will put her out there. for the world to see. because the world, although it
8:30 pm
has so many wonderful people in it, does have enough very mean-spirited people in it, whether it's on the left, the right, or on the right toward the left. it is disgusting. children should be jf limits. the type of people that would say horrific things to a child don't care about the limits. we need to protect our children and they shouldn't be out there. you will never see pictures of my kids online. >> a more fun story, the united states women's soccer team heading for the world cup final, some have raised questions about their celebrations like alex morgan pro tending to sip tea after scoring a clutch goal against england. leslie? >> well, when she was asked why she did it, she said it was really more of a snub to the critics not necessarily to england. some of the brits thought it was funny, some of thebility didn't think it was funny. being from boston where we had a lovely tea party, i thought she was remembering history on the eve, now, almost the eve of the
8:31 pm
fourth of july when she did this. and quite frankly, this is much ado about nothing. the united states kicked their butts, the united states has done well, and they s celebrate anyway they want. you go girl. >> i have an unpopular opinion about this. this tears me apart, i love international sports, rooting for team usa whether it's soccer, whether it's the olympics, or whatever. but i got to say, this team, i have not warmed up to them. this kind of behavior, they didn't kick their burt, it was a nail biting game. didn't deserve this grandstanding did. they did humiliate the thailand team, running up the score 13-0, not good sportsmanship. i don't like how the players take any opportunity they can to talk about themselves, their politics, their beliefs. they're a team, the focus should be on winning soccer and the fact they bring all of these they are issues night, i don't know, i don't like them. i'm not enjoying this as much as i normally would. and i really enjoyed the women's world cup four years ago. >> is some of the criticism
8:32 pm
sexist? listen to amy bass and i'll ask you both to react. >> we ask women, especially women athletes, to be humble and to be nice. why should they be? why treat their celebrations, their moments much glory any different? >> leslie? >> you know, i have to say being a woman, larry, sorry when you were talking i'm not how come i don't hear you going crazy when men in various sports, you know, are extremely egotistical and boasting of their wins, whether it be football or soccer. but the women aren't -- i don't think the women are being given the same playing field. >> i'll answer that. >> i think it is a bit sexist. >> i'll answer. that it is not about sexism, it's about the jersey. it doesn't say the redskins, the nationals, it doesn't say the angels. it says team usa. they're representing us, our country, and that is an important distinction. there was a dream team in the
8:33 pm
u.s. olympics, men's basketball team, i think it was about two olympics ago. i didn't like the way they were behaving. they were arrogant and being gentlemen. i called them out on it, said on it the radio show today. this isn't about sexism, this is representing american ideals. they can do better. >> good job, larry o'connor, leslie marshall, thank you so much. >> happy independence day. >> happy 4th. >> it a nuclear nightmare brewing in iran? well the regime listen to president trump's threats or press on with the plan to enrich uranium at higher levels? digging into president trump's maximum pressure campaign on iran after the break. i was recd the whole operation was blown. the element of surprise was imperative. wow. he won't even recognize you. seriously. i don't even recognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards it's gonna be a killer honeymoon. woo! maui!!
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and feel better. now, watch me. get real relief with cosentyx. you ever wish you weren't a motaur? sure. sometimes i wish i had legs like you. yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top? yeah. yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. >> iran's president warning european nations that his government will increase uranium enrichment this coming sunday unless they're offered a new deal by then. trey is here from jerusalem. >> mike, the iranians are
8:38 pm
continuing threats to break more terms of the 2015 nuclear agreement giving europe just four days to come up with a solution to iran's economic problems. speaking today in tehran, iranian president said his country will break the 3.67% uranium enrichment threshold laid out the nuclear deal. he's sticking to the deadline of july 7 to renegotiate. as for how much the threshold will be surpassed, the iranian president says they will increase the cap to whatever level is deemed essential. . higher the enrichment level the cloelgser to creating a nuclear weapon. [speaking foreign language] >> translator: all of the steps we are taking can be reversed in the steps of one hour to the previous terms. why are you so worried? we have told you if you carry out your part of the deal we will return to the first point. >> leddership said the level -- leadership said the level of commitment to france, brittian,
8:39 pm
germany is 10% of what it could be. they provided no evidence to support the claim. amid increased tension with iran following the u.s. pulling out of the deal, re impoimposing sanctions on the republic, they're maintaining a strike thru from the gulf and number of fierter jets across the middle east. there's an understanding if conflict breaks out it would be multi front war. the minister said his country is preparing for a military confrontation. >> vladimir putin has signed a bill suspending his country's participation in a pivotal nuclear arms treaty. putin's degree formalizes rush yaz departure from the 1988 sper mediate range nuclear forces agreement with the u.s. this follows the u.s. notice of its intention to withdraw from the pact later this year. the u.s. accuses russia of violating the treaty. moscow denies it. two brand new foreign policy twists to challenge the trump
8:40 pm
administration. let's discuss what it means with brookings institution visiting fellow james herchek and senior fellow for the national interest, mr. whiten. president trump tweeted iran has just issued a new warning, rouhani said they'll enrich uranium to any amount we want there there's no change in the agreement. christian, what's your reaction? >> i think it's good to be clear with iran what the consequences are. the iranians are shown the fundamental flaws of obama's deal, trying to use nuclear blackmail which it's done. the iran deal left iran with all of the capabilities, the centrifugeles it needs on crank up the uranium, to build the bomb, it needs to go on from there. has the basic capabilities for a
8:41 pm
plutonium bombs, with the reactors. i think the president is going to have to strike iran eventually. he does not need permission from congress to do so. i hope it doesn't come to that. but the iranians seem to be uncontained here. >> some conservative national security senators marco rubio, ted cruz, tom cotton urging president trump to increase pressure on the nuclear program. is that a smart move, james? >> he should, and i agree with christian that the iran deal, president obama negotiated, was a bad deal. i'm a little skeptical about the president's ability to be effective on this. he's been very up front in saying i don't want war with iran, i wasn't elected to wage war. it's not really good for his leverage, as 79 of the united states, commander in chief, leader of the free world to signal that he's not really serious about using military force. you want to have a little strategic ambiguity. the president is unfortunately
8:42 pm
weakened his position on that. >> ben roads from the obama administration said iran was complying with the deal until the u.s. pulled out and started violating its terms. something notably absent from the trump-bolten framing. what's your reaction to that, christian? >> you know, there's broad framing, okay, there's very broad recognition in the u.s. than it used to be. bipartisan support and concern for what iran is doing. iran sees itself as being at war with the united states since this regime was inaugurated in 1979 taking americans hostage. this is something that we're going to have to deal with, i think the president has support he needs from congress to proceed. and iran really oukt to think long and hard as the president tweeted about what they're doing. the europeans are not going to save them. and we're not going to let iran get closer to the bomb. one thing, i was in the government during one nuclear
8:43 pm
breakout, north korea, our ability to time when a country is going to gain a nuclear capability is limited. we spend more than $50 billion in intelligence, but it's hard to detect specifically which is why i think we need to act sooner rather than later. probably with military force. it doesn't need to be a regional war, it could be similar in the middle east from the past, we have degraded or israel degrades the other countries. >> your thoughts on that criticism of ben rhodes? >> i don't take much of what he says seriously. he brags about lying to the press, creating an echo chamber. he's bitter that the deal that he spent so many years working on has now been basically destroyed. by this president. and he's doing everything he can to try and resurrect it. including apparently, basically mouthing the propaganda of the iranian regime it's difficult to know where the rhetoric from ben
8:44 pm
roads and that of the aia toll a begins and ends. if you read the tweetses. they're similar to the messaging. >> christian, what do you make of russia bailing out of the treaty, moscow has been violating for years they say. >> it's disappointing, more russian cheating on international agreements. i understand their national interest in doing so. i think they're more about china and the need to develop enter kneeled yat nukes if you're next to the aggressive country with more than a billion people, expanding its military capabilities rapidly. nuclear weapons make a lot of sense for that. but nonetheless, we should take it as a wakeup call. need to spruce up our intermediate range capabilities, we're behind in hyper sonics. it's la men tabl russia chose this position. >> russia has been in violation of the treaty since 2008. beginning before the obama
8:45 pm
administration started. the fact they have decided to leave it now, after years of being in violation of it, it's not really news. they've been cheating for about a decade at this point. >> james, christian, thank you for your time and analysis. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> realignment of allegiances in the middle east thanks to tensions with iran. more on the strange bed fellows forming, next. fellows forming, next. how do you gauge the greatness of an suv?
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>> as we told you earlier, iran's president is warning european nations his government will take the next step in increasing its uranium enrichment cloelgser to weapons grade levels this coming sunday if they do not offer a new deal by then. this afternoon, president trump tweeted iran should be careful with its threats. increasing tensions are force something realignments of allegiances. rich edson has an indepth look tonight. >> nuclear enrichment, militia's ballistic missile launches. the trump administration is building a coalition to counter iran assembling countries across the middle east, a region with complex alliances. officials in the united states have described some of the conflict there is as a 21st
8:50 pm
century continuation of a 7th century split in islam, saudi arabia leading sunni muslims. >> the sunni and she it's every been involved in a civil war since 632a.d. >> 85 to 95% of the world muslim population are sunnis. relationships with evolving where former enemies join to counter current ones. >> now is the time to stand firm. >> iran supports militias across the middle east and encourages the threat to israel. they have strength thenned a quiet agreement. >> the arab states are weak enough, to say israel has not a formal ally, but as a major check, to iranian ambitions. >> while there's still tension between the sunnis and shiites
8:51 pm
especially in iraq, the situation is far more complex they say. the middle east is a region where country's border deviate from religious lines, and it is about power, regional influence, local fln have conflict and authoritarian control. >> when we talk about syria the differences aren't driven by sunni and shiite, they're the assad regime a lot is the function not of religion but population growth, corruption, poor governance. >> administration officials are pushing greater cooperation among gulf allies, though there are challenges. saudi arabia, egypt, bahrain, the united arab emirates blockading qatar. >> rich, thank you. america first message coming from both sides of the aisle that tops tonight's real news roundup. senator brown of ohio a democrat and susan collins of maine a republican call for all american
8:52 pm
flags purchased by the federal government to be 100% american made. under current law any flags paid for with taxpayer money are only required to be constructed from 50% american made materials. despite being left out of a vogue magazine spread featuring 2020 fee too mail democratic people, williamson one of 14 candidates who qualified so far based on poll numbers and number of donations. north carolina, motorists have an option to bear the phrase in god we trust on their license plates for free. the plate had previously been available at an additional continue. north carolinians can choose a plate with a national motto in god we trust at the top and the state motto, to be rather than to seem near the bottom. and one california city is looking to set itself apart from the otherwise very blue state.
8:53 pm
needles, california is officially a sanctuary city, but not for what you may think. needles is a second amendment sanctuary. local officials will curb what they see as restrictive gun laws that impede their rights to bear arms. the city council voted in a law passed unanimously. legislation also drafted that would allow people to carry with out of state concealed weapons permits. on this day, a remarkable american was laid to rest. tonight's midnight hero is up next. gotcha! ah! nooooo... noooooo... nooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand. ahoy! (laughing) bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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♪ >> that is a live look at new york city as a truly remarkable american wasn't laid to rest today. he became the symbol of 9/11
8:58 pm
first responders. we report tonight on tonight midnight hero. >> a moving goodbye and show of thanks for an american hero. 9/11 first responder luis alvarez laid to rest here in new york, saluted and mourned by thousands. his body riddled with cancer caused by toxins from ground zero, where he saved many. the marine became a symbol of bravery for those who served, dedicating what was left of his life for the 9/11 victim compensation fund, which is running out of money with more than 19,000 claims still pending. >> no one work to the point of exhaustion during the lengthy rescue and recovery period that followed should ever need to beg our elected officials to act. speak of the day before his 69th round of chemo, he mustered the strength to go to capitol hill joined by jon stewart.
8:59 pm
>> this fund is not a ticket to paradise. it is there to provide for our families when we can. >> they did their jobs. courage, grace, tenacity, humility. 18 years later, do yours! >> a group of friends who were fellow responders gave luis alvarez the police shield asking mitch mcconnell to remember who answered the call of one of the country the darkest days. his wife says he died doing what he loved most. >> june 29, 2019, faithful unto death. >> alvarez leaves behind his wife, three children, and a grateful city. he was 53 years old. >> luis alvarez, a remarkable
9:00 pm
american hero. i should know that there is some hope that congress will pass that funding extension for 9/11 before the recess. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i am mike emanuel. ♪ >> hi, everybody. hope you're having a great night. i hope it gets better. i'm lucky enough to fill in for tucker carlson. he's coming back from south korea. at least that's what we are to believe. just a few months ago, democrats and the elite media establishment were united around a single talking point. everything is fine at the border.n' there's no immigration crisis. don't panic. it was in a word, manufactured. >> folks, the president has manufactured one heck of a political crisis for himself. >> donald trump is manufacturing a national security crisis. >> this is a manufactured crisis. >> president trump must stop holding the american people hostage. must stop manufacturing a


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