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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 7, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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about their golf match. they headed to the club a couple hours ago. a full report as they happen at the white house. chris wallace and the "fox news sunday" team, up next. >>chris: i am chris wallace. president trump puts a second justice on the supreme court as the senate votes to confirm brett kavanaugh.♪. the eyes are 50, the nasal 48. >> just a few hours ago, the us senate confirmed judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. [applause] >>chris: we will discuss what brett kavanaugh's confirmation means for the court, congress and the country. and we will talk about the bitter politics behind the vote. >> judge kavanaugh's confirmation is a low moment
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for the senate, for the court, for the country. >>chris: with two top senators, republican lindsey graham and democrat ben cardin. then, with just 30 days until the midterm elections, will the gop victory in the court fight work against them in november? >> shame, shame, shame! >> you don't hand matches to an arsonistand you don't give power to an angry left-wingmom . mob. >>chris: we will ask ronna mcdaniel. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. plus, we will ask our panel if the gop has finally bonded with the president. >>chris: hello again from fox
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news in washington. after weeks of shocking allegations, loud protests and hardball politics, judge brett kavanaugh is now justice kavanaugh. the senate confirmed him by a 50-48straight party line vote. he's expected to take his place tuesday. cementing a solid 5-4 conservative majority. his confirmation is expected to shift the balance of power on the court for a generation. it is certain to influence midterm elections that are now just 30 days away. in a moment, we will speak with senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. first, let's bring in fox news contributor with the latest. >> the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >> with the wrap of the gavel, history. justice brett kavanaugh's road to the supreme court was more than the culmination of years of hard work and months of political mass summations. it spawned resistance movements
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on both ends of the political spectrum. resist trump and resist mob rule. from the halls of congress to the steps of the capital. >> in the shadow of the high court itself. >>reporter: protests reverberated across washington. in the end, it was success for the man who will replace his mentor on the court and for president, sweet victory. after a long, bitter battle. >> i want to thank our incredible republican senators for refusing to back down in the face of the democrats shameless campaign of political and personal disruption. >>reporter: a divided america. and the promise of more battles to come. >> to americans, to so many millions were outraged by what happened here . there's one answer. vote.
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>>reporter: monday at 7:00 p.m. at the white house, the president will welcome justice kavanaugh for swearing an event. then tuesday one, it's off to work. his first day as an associate justice of the u.s. supreme court. >>chris: kevin cork reporting from the white house. joining me from louisville, kentucky. senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. you have called putting conservative justices on the court, the most consequential action that you can take in your role. i want to put up with the record is. under president trump, with us majority leader .2 supreme court justices have been confirmed and 26 judges have been put on circuit courts. that's the fastest pace in history. question sir, is this your paris moment as a senator? >> i think so. i think the most important thing the senate is involved in is the personnel business. of the various 1200
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appointments that come to us for confirmation, obviously the most important are the lifetime appointments to the court that reprioritize the handling of president trump's outstanding nominations for the supreme court as well as circuit courts. we've done 26 so far as you indicated, a record.and there will be more before the end of the year. >>chris: some hard right conservatives criticized you as to establishment. but now they're lining up to praise you for ramming through the cavanaugh nomination and even the likes of steve bannon has prays what he called, your strong leadership. are you happy to have his approval serve? >> it's almost an out of body experience. [laughter] >>chris: but how do you take this criticism, the tea party, the far right of the republican party has had a view over the years. as you've been trying to do your business on capitol hill?
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>> it's pretty hard to be a majority leader without getting criticism. i'd rather be judged by my record. i think this has been and is ordinarily accomplished congress. the most productive to your. right of center whether it's taxes, regulations, we've gone the economy booming. and were making long-term systemic changes in the courts that will serve future generations of americans in a very good way. >>chris: i know there have been bipartisan accomplishments as voted on in faa bill. you also did a big bill to fight the opioid crisis. but there's no question that this brett kavanaugh confirmation battle has come at a cost, the relations between republican senators and democratic senators seem to have taken a downturn. here's democratic senator chuck schumer on the floor this week
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talking about and criticizing you for delaying them after what he said was your 10 month delay in blocking the nomination of merrick garland from president obama. >> no american should accept his admonishments about delay but he's the master of the leg. compared to 10 months. leaving this scalia seat (who are we kidding? >>chris: how broken is the senate? >> the senate is not broken but we didn't attack merrick garland brown wants to destroy him. we wanted to follow tradition which is if you have a party of it - - a senate of a different party than the president - - [indiscernible]. senator schumer said 18 months
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said if a vacancy occurred, they would fill it. so we followed tradition. we didn't attack a nominee. we didn't go on a search and destroy mission. i agree with senator schumer that this has been a low point in the senate. i have a disagreement with who caused the low point. democrats leaking doctor ford's name, against her desires. then try to lower the standard and say the presumption of innocence no longer applies in the united states of america. and then the mob descended on capitol hill and try to intimidate our members into opposing this good man's nomination. we stood up to the mob. we established the presumption of innocence is so important. i'm proud of my colleagues. it's an important day for the united states senate. >>chris: i have to pick up on something you send it maybe i have this wrong, but when you blocked merrick garland's nomination from president
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obama, you basically said we don't do this in a presidential election year. and that we wait until the election and that whoever the people choose, they get to pick the supreme court nominee. but what you just said now that it's a question of whether or not the party in control of the senate is different than the president. the question i'm getting to is, if donald trump were to name someone in the final year of his first term in 2020, are you saying you would go ahead with that nomination? >> i understand your question what i told you is what the history of the senate has been. you have to go back to 1880 to find the last time a vacancy created in the presidential election year on the supreme court was confirmed by a senate of a differentparty than the president . >>chris: if you can't answer my direct question are you saying - - >> the answer to your question is we will see if there's a
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vacancy in 2020. >>chris: but you're not ruling out the possibility century the republican leader, you would push the nomination of a trump nominee in the election year. >> what i'm telling you is the history is yet to go back to 1880 to find the last time the senate party different from the president fill the vacancy that was created in the middle of a presidential election year. that's been the history. >>chris: final question, in the alabama senate race last year, you very quickly said after judge roy moore was accused of inappropriate conduct toward teenagers many years ago, you immediately said you believed the women. why didn't you believe christine blasey ford? >> i can't imagine comparing brett kavanaugh to roy moore. >>chris: but the comparison, i'm not comparing them, i'm
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comparing - - >> multiple witnesses over and over kept popping up. here we had an fbi investigation. three members of our conference were undecided took a look at the fbi investigation and two of the three decided to confirm judge kavanaugh. >>chris: the only point i'd make is, you opposed the fbi investigation. >> no i didn't. it was negotiated in my office. we agreed on the parameters of the fbi investigation in a meeting in my office a week ago. senator murkowski, collins and flake. we agreed it would go on for a week. and we agreed we would talk to the people that doctor ford mentioned and that ramirez had mentioned. and that's the investigation that was done. and our members were undecided, took a look at the report and
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two out of the three decided to support the nominee. >>chris: - - >> i think it's outrageous to compare brett kavanaugh to roy moore. >>chris: i didn't do so point i was just comparing the fact in one case you believed the accusers and in one case you didn't. i'm not comparing roy moore and brett kavanaugh. >> good because there is no comparison. >>chris: on that we are agreed. thank you for your time and congratulations. now joining us in washington, a key republican on the senate judiciary committee, lindsey graham. senator, i hesitate to get into this after my conversation with mitch mcconnell. i think of you generally as a happy political warrior. but i've got to say over the last couple weeks, you have seen angry. i'm questioning what has gone so much under your skin, i want to take a look at lindsey graham over the last couple weeks. >> this is the most unethical sham since i've been in politics.
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i thought she was handled respectfully. i thought cavanaugh was treated like crap. boo yourself. >>chris: now you seem happy but why have you been unhappy these past couple weeks?>> i'm happy because the effort to humiliate and railroad man i've known for 20 years has never been banned from a mall unlike roy moore, fails. i'm happy that those that tried to destroy his life, fell short. i'm glad thatthose who try to overturn the rule of law , lawsuit i've never been more pissed in my life. this is character assassination. to the extent i came to the aid of this good man and helped defeat this debacle, i am happy as a clam. >>chris: all right.
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let me tell you something that may not make you happy. it appears the confirmation is not going to end this fight. democratic congressman jerry nadler of new york who would if the democrats take the house, become the judiciary chairman has already talked about launching an investigation into alleged misconduct by brett kavanaugh. nancy pelosi says she wants to see the fbi interviews and the second background doesn't some like this will end. >> we will know in november if that makes sense. i hope everybody running for the house in his purple districts willasked , will be asked the question, will you support in teaching brettin imp kavanaugh. i never campaigned against the colleague in my life. that's about to change. i'm going to go throughout the country, and let people in these purple states, red states
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where trump won, know what i think about this process. >>chris: we were talking before we came on the air and i see you have a list of all the people that the president said were on the list of potential nominees. what's your point? >> here's my point. this was a list compiled in november but he put it out during the campaign.there are twentysomething people on this list. i'm asking chuck schumer, name five, name three, name one that would be okay with you. brett kavanaugh was a mainstream judge. i would have chosen him had i been president. bush supported him. everybody running for president on our side believed brett kavanaugh and neil gorsuch were outstanding conservative jurists. so chuck, you want someone new, look at this list and see if there's anyone you agree to. but what you want to do senator schumer is overturn the
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election. we will not let you pick the judge's. if you want to pick judges, then you need to win the white house. when obama won, i voted for two judges that he picked. so chuck schumer, name one person on this list you think is acceptable. >>chris: there is a tough column and the new new york times that attacks you. - - [indiscernible]. and he suggests you are auditioning to replace jeff sessions as attorney general. your response. >> frank, you don't know what you're talking about. in your world, it's a noble cause to destroy - - whether it be thomas, alito and now cavanaugh. i am bipartisan where it makes sense. i tried to have a good disposition but don't mistake
11:17 am
that i don't care about the conservative cause. if i made you upset that i would not legitimize mccarthyism, then good. and i think i can survive in south carolina. >>chris: senator graham, thank you. always good to talk with you and i'm glad to see you're back in a good mood. is it true, for all of this talk, are you going to play golf with the president today? >> yes. i'm not giving him any strokes. then, hope you win. you're a good man. >>chris: that may be the kiss of death. [laughter] now we want to hear from the other side, democratic senator ben cardin joins us. he voted against brett kavanaugh's confirmation. senator, welcome back to "fox news sunday" and i apologize for him praising you. >> good to be with you and lindsay and i work on many issues together.
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we certainly disagree on this one. >>chris: let's start with the bottom line. what impact do you think justice kavanaugh will have on the supreme court? how drastically do think he will move it to the right? >> this is justice kennedy's seat and he was a balancing factor. we are very concerned about protecting the progress we've made on healthcare issues. on women's constitutional rights. on protecting the mueller investigation. so all of those issues we think are at risk. and it's going to put more interest on the congress to protect healthcare, to protect women's rights and protect that no one is above the law. >>chris: but doesn't a president deserve broad deference when he chooses a justice for the supreme court as long as that person is in the judicial mainstream? i think we all agree, that he certainly to the right side but he's in the judicial mainstream. the fact is, democratic presidents are going to appoint
11:19 am
liberals and republican presidents are going to appoint conservatives. as senator graham said, president trump won. doesn't he deserve deference when he picks a conservative justice? >> i don't believe justice kavanaugh is in the mainstream of thought. there's a trend. every one of those decisions where he was in the minority or deciding though, it was on behalf of special interest and the powerful against the individual. consumer cases, environmental cases, labor cases. one after another and then his response to doctor ford where he showed he was not, didn't have the judicial temperament and he wasn't in partial beauty was partisan. those issues came out during this process and it does concern us as to whether he'll be an independent voice on the supreme court and the check and balance on our system. >>chris: senator graham pointed out, and the list of his 25 judges that are all members of the courts of appeal, state
11:20 am
supreme court's. i'm not asking you but, my guess is you and chuck schumer and a lot of democrats would say not a single person on that list is a member of the judicial mainstream.>> the way it should go the way former presidents have done, they develop a list, not an outside group. and yes, they do talk to the members of the senate before they make the nomination and try to narrow the list that would be more acceptable upon the senators. that's how the process, when barack obama was president, he spoke to democrats and republicans before he made his announcement. that's the way the process should go. you don't take an outside list by an outside group. >>chris: haven't republicans been less political about supreme court confirmations than democrats? i want to put statistics on the screen. take a look at how many yes votes have gone since bill
11:21 am
clinton. these are democrats appointed by clinton and obama. from ginsberg with 96 votes to kagan with 63. now republican nominees by bush 43 and now president trump. from roberts with 78 to brett kavanaugh with 50.senate democrats have been much less likely to cross the aisle and vote for a republican nominee the republicans have been to vote for democratic nominees. >> let me also point out some of those were below 60. the filibuster was not used until neil gorsuch to change the number from 60-50. so the change senator mcconnell made to the rules on the supreme court, really caused us to be much more partisan in this. >>chris: but in fairness, you did it first in 2013. not for the supreme court but lower court judges. >> i agree.
11:22 am
- - we go back and forth here. my point is this, we need to have a president that will consult with congress, the united states senate before he makes thosedominations and have an open process. not restrict himself . >>chris: how big and issue will this be in the midterms if democrats have already been mobilized. republicans are saying you gave them a political gift by your opposition and this will energize republicans. >> i think it will boil down to concerns whether we will protect the gains we have made on healthcare. constitutional rights for women. those be on the ballot in the midterm and judge kavanaugh underscores those issues. >>chris: always a pleasure to talk with you serve. up next, the confirmation is a big victory for conservatives but world there be a lasting cause to the court? we will bring in our sunday group to discuss fallout, next.
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the heels of a tremendous victory for our nation. our people.and our beloved constitution. >>chris: president trump at a rally in kansasreacting to the hard-fought confirmation of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. time for our sunday group. josh holmes, columnist for the hill, juan williams. marie harf and chris stirewalt,
11:27 am
author of the new book, every man a king. josh is a former chief of staff for mitch mcconnell. how determined was he to get this nomination through. how disturbed was he by the ugly turn it took in the last couple weeks? >> i think we've learned for the 10,000 time that you better pack a lunch and mocha your chinstrap if you, mitch mcconnell when it comes to a senate battle. this demonstrated his resolve and making sure they got to the end of what was an incredibly ugly process. >>chris: the accusations by women, to what degree - - it seemed to be a fairly routine confirmation until that point. that must have been tough for everybody on both sides. >> it's unprecedented in a lot of ways. i think the thing that was most
11:28 am
disturbing to republican senators is to watch the presumption of innocence evaporate before our eyes in the context of a senate judiciary committee. allegations, no matter how serious they may be, without any corroboration beginning to carry the day. from mcconnell's point of view and lindsey graham,what they try to do is get to the information .make sure every senator had an opportunity not only to review the fbi report for all ofthe testimonies and letters that came in and eventually they would come to , conclusion that judge kavanaugh should be justice kavanaugh. >>chris: i know democrats will do their best to link this to the #metoo movement and say it's another demonstration of republicans hostility toward women. i want to play a clip from the deciding vote on this issue and that was awoman , republican senator, susan collins of maine. >> the allegations failed to me the more likely than not standard.
11:29 am
therefore, i do not believe these charges can fairly prevent judge kavanaugh from serving on the court. >>chris: marie, what are republicans supposed to do when the fbi does this background check and fails to come up with a single piece of evidence to corroborate doctor ford's story? what are they supposed to do? >> what i think you'll hear from democrats that it became clear over the past week, particularly since the hearing. the everything, who they were allowed to speak to. the fact they didn't reinterview brett kavanaugh or christine ford. it became clear that this appeared to be a box checking exercise. it was a fig leaf designed to provide legitimacy for predispositions outcome. >>chris: - - everyone that christine blasey ford put near that house and might be able -
11:30 am
- yes, they say she didn't talk to people. in terms of anybody who had a contemporaneous account, they talked to everybody. >> they didn't get a therapist note. >>chris: that's years later. >> everything you and i are talking about right now, they didn't do. too many people who believed the republican party hasa problem with women, this exercise , this week long investigation, to them, will look like it was designed to give legitimacy to a preordained outcome. it's donald trump making fun of christine blaseyford. it's orrin hatch telling survivors he was will listen to them when they grow up. this anger has been building since donald trump was elected. #metoo started a year ago. this is about the broader cultural moment we are living in a lot of people feel like
11:31 am
the republican party quite frankly, doesn't careabout women . that's the argument democrats will make. >> i think this was british politics. i think the fbi probe was a sham. it was a white wash. i think most people understand the constraints will put in place by the white house. let me finish. i think the damage here is to so many american institutions. we are past the point, obviously, he is confirmed. they did this in a rush as if there's more to come and they want to make sure he's already in place. the key here is the damage we've seen to our intelligence institutions by this president. to the fbi. the supreme court now. is damaged, chris. in a lasting way. >>chris: we want to play well with others here. go ahead. >> this is going to intensify voters on both ends of the spectrum.
11:32 am
this has turned up the volume on what was already intense, very embittered - - >>chris: we will get to politics in the next second. what you think about the argument that this investigation was a sham? >> you know you're in washington when will week the republicans tell you the fbi is a ryan institution that shouldn't be listen to and then you wait a week and they switch lanes. and the white house has turned around and loves the fbi and democrats say they stink. i don't put too much stock in that because those are situational opinions and attitudes that will shift with the next controversy. >> i think there's one thing we need to clear up because democrats have reappropriated facts and how this investigation came to be. what happened was senator flake decided along with senator coons that they needed interviews in order to have a more full decision. when they went to leader mcconnell and sat down and talked about what that
11:33 am
investigation might look like. it wasn't donald trump dictating the terms of the investigation. it was the senators who still had an open mindabout the nomination itself that they are the ones that dictated the terms . >> can you admit that the fact that the two key people weren't reinterviewed. there were numerous people that gave information and were never contacted by the fbi. that left lingering questions. >> it's a talking point. >> i don't think that the talking point. i heard from republicans over the last four years, why was hillary clinton interviewed so late? why wasn't she under oath? they didn't even interview judgekavanaugh . >> under penalty of perjury whether it's with the senate judiciary committee or the fbi, an interview is an interview. we have 3+ hours of judge kavanaugh. 3+ hours of doctor ford.>> not by fbi trained investigators.
11:34 am
>> this is absolutely a talking point. the idea we don't know what each person's take was on the situation. only underscores. >>chris: i'm glad we've settled this. we will talk about the politics and bring you back later to talk about this. up next, we will discuss the political fallout from the brett kavanaugh confirmation and how it will affect the midterms, now just 30 days away. ronna mcdaniel joins us next.
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until the midterms, democrats still hope for a blue wave while republicans feel more optimistic about keeping control of both houses of congress. just how big a brett kavanaugh bump will we see in november? join me now is rnc chairman, ronna mcdaniel. we should know we invited dnc chair tom perez to join us as well point he declined but we are happy to have you here. the fight over the brett kavanaugh confirmation seems to have energized republican voters. i want to take a look at a poll. in a poll in july, 70 percent of -democrats said no nono .
11:39 am
- - what is it about the brett kavanaugh confirmation process that has mobilized voters? >> the democrats have double down on resistant district but this has brought it to the forefront. with the protests and interruptions and now with this smear campaign of judge kavanaugh holding these allegations back until the 11th hour. i think republicans have woken up and said it's a clear choice. do we want resist, delay and obstruction in washington? also - - unemployment and jobs in this country. it's a clear choice between which party is delivering and which is obstructing. >>chris: some say this new energy what mcconnell called a political gift will help you
11:40 am
more in the senate races in statewide races, then it will and house races. particularly in suburban districts. in a recent quinnipiac poll when voters were asked the generic ballot question but who do youback in your district, 49 49 percent said democratic. is the brett kavanaugh bump, if there is any playing differently in house and senate races? >> it's helping across the board. it's now road. it was double digits and now it's at seven. we've got 30 within the margin of error. certainly districts where hillary clinton won, our job is to turn out our days. our base is completely energized and the brett kavanaugh hearings have highlighted how important this election is for them. >>chris: in house races, we see a big gender gap.
11:41 am
men favor republicans to control congress by three points. 47-44 percent. women backed the democratic candidate to control congress by 25 points 58 percent to 33 percent. while the brett kavanaugh fight where republicans sided with the mail accused over the female accuser only add to that gender gap? >> republicans sided with due process and the rule of law and the presumption of innocence. it had nothing to do with male versus female. they said this is the standard for our country. doctor ford did not produce evidence that added to her allegations. and republicans have said, were not going to change the way we conduct the law in this country. suburban white women which i happen to be one of them, educated women, we look at that and we say we agree with due process. i was at a beauty salon in suburban detroit where i live,
11:42 am
and every woman was talking about it. they agreed with the importance of due process. >>chris: every poll shows there's a gender gap. >> and there was in 2016 with women. especially college-educated women. i'm going to these trumpet rallies, more women are showing up than men. we have seen an insurgence of new online donors coming from women and men. we have to do work with women but democrats treat women as single issue voters. we treat them as the whole folder. they care about healthcare, the economy, they recognize 4 million jobs have come back. >>chris: your saint is a 25 point gap with how women view democrats versus republicans. oh well, they're just being full by democrats but what with the single issue be? >> the single issue with the cavanaugh hearing is abortion rights. that's the type of hyperbole and rhetoric there putting
11:43 am
forward. susan collins highlighted that. they want to make it about abortion rights. were talking about the economy, healthcare and results that are making people's lives better. wages are up. unemployment at a record low point women our whole issue voters. >>chris: then there was president trump who went after christine blasey ford at a rally. >> i had one beer. it was one beer. how did you get home? i don't remember. average you get there? i don't remember. how many years ago was it? i don't know the one do you think. >>chris: do you think that's helpful? >> it was more about the media. the media was focusing on an ice fight with brett kavanaugh.
11:44 am
focusing on everything he'd done as a 16 and 17-year-old boy and they were not being fair about recognizing inconsistencies in her testimony. to say she doesn't know where it was or who drove her there or home. that is fair. why didn't the media give that the same attention as they did brett kavanaugh as they destroyed his character. >>chris: even without the confirmation which is a big victory for the president, this was one of the best weeks of the trump presidency. he finalized a big trade deal with mexico and canada. and we also those unemployment numbers, 3.7 percent. the lowest since 1969. is the economy still the strongest issue you have going into these midterms? >> gap you we will put forward a choice to voters. results versus resistance. are you better off than you are two years ago? in the military being funded? is isis on the run? because republicans have delivered results.
11:45 am
democrats are running on resist. they're not being shy about it. they want to talk about more dysfunction. it is a very clear choice for voters i think the economy is the driving factor will help us keep the majority. >>chris: miss mcdaniel, thank you for your time during this very busy home stretch of the campaign.>> thank you chris. >>chris: when we come back, with the president's string of wins translated victoryin november. plus, what would you like to ask the panel about theimpact the supreme court battle will have ? go to twitter , @foxnewssunday. we may use your questions on the air. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth...
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and that's what they've become. [applause] >>chris: president trump's political rally cry after the confirmation of his second supreme court justice now one month before the midterms. and we are back with the panel. we asked you for questions for the panel and we got this on twitter from greg who tweets, will the controversy provoked republican voters to turn out in greater numbers than anticipated? chris, how do you answer greg. has the fight energized republicans and is this something you think has staying power? will it last for weeks? >> we should point out, you shared numbers with chairwoman mcdaniel. republican intensity has come to meet democrats but not because democrats went down to everybody's up. the intensity is huge. but the gift for republicans, there was a division between conservatives were not trumped voters, trump skeptics at least.and trumps populist
11:50 am
bays base. they were freed. they agree on this becausethe conservatives care more about the supreme court than any other issue. on the other side quite significantly, this has become a social issue . because it was #metoo stuff and his reactionary cultural warrior supporters come into the space. >>chris: and trump world, 30 days is an eternity. we can have 400 news cycles. does this last?>> we've got all of the unknown, unknowns. if a1 billion other things that can come to fruition but i will refrain from speculation. >>chris: democrats are already mobilized. many in their opposition to president trump. if it does energize the republican voters and conservative voters, is this a plus for the republicans?
11:51 am
>> in the short run. your point is well taken. we don't know if this dissipates between now and election day. i would say in specific, given the white male dominance in the gop base, there has been an outpouring and all the language of making judgments. proven guilty before anyone has produced evidence but even this was not a legal proceeding. looking at the numbers you put up, you can see it alienated a lot of white women, republicans, independents. and that's why you see the gap displayed in those numbers. if you're looking at the races, races and suburban districts outside of major metropolitan areas. many of them that went for hillary clinton but have a republican house member. i think you put those in greater danger.separate situation with regard to the state races because so many races at the moment and this
11:52 am
2018 cycle are red states where the democrats are trying to defend. i think you will have more problems there. even though it's telling that joe donnelly, heidi high camp and others decided they would vote against brett kavanaugh. >>chris: let me turn to you josh.what about this analysis that this may play differently in statewide senate races than a dozen localized house races. and that it will benefit particular given the map and the fact that republicans have so - - so many are in republican red states that donald trump ran. but could hurt for instance in those key swing suburban districts that now have a republican congress. >> i think there's a danger of over analyzing based on data we don't know. what we do know is republicans have been absolutely set on fire by this. we also know that democrats have basically the best political environment before
11:53 am
they descended to handed the microphone to spartacus. these red states like indiana, north dakota, missouri, west virginia, in particular, are in huge danger. what we don't know is whether those republican voters who supported republicans and 12, 14 and 16 will be there in suburban america which republicans have had a problem with. we also don't no. women are a monolithic voting block. some women see this differently than democrats would like them to. >>chris: do you agree with that? >> i think it's a little too early to tell. but i think those suburban women for the last year -and-a-half have been moving away from the republican party because of president trump and his actions and comments. in the next 30 days, there are a lot of things we don't know but i can guarantee president
11:54 am
trump will likely say things that offend many people on the left that reminded many independents andrepublican wome whythey're uncomfortable with him and a lot of this could by - - in the republican party may dissipate the cause president trump can't get out of his own way. republicans need to recognize this is bigger than brett kavanaugh. democrats have been on fire and this is the latest in a pattern of not taking women seriously. that's the argument they will make it it's not about the supreme court, it's about the overall message. >> i think the x factor is increasing democratic voter registration. it's very high. republicans are unable to run on repeal of obamacare. building a border wall or reducing the deficit. i think you look at these district went back to pennsylvania for the alabama senate race and you see the dynamic is this is a referendum on trump and republicans had little before brett kavanaugh to fire up the base.
11:55 am
we see them fired up now, does it last? >>chris: the thing republicans will say is the democrats have so overplayed their hand and they will continue to overplay. you heard the presidency. they want to talk about impeaching brett kavanaugh. impeaching him. they can run against, you put these guys in charge and that's what the president was saying is that it's a mob you don't give a match to the arsonist. >> that's what i've been sent from him is probably the best thing for president trump's 2020 reelection is for republicans to lose the house. this is where president trump is at his performative best when he's fighting viciously with the other side . >>chris: will it work in this election? >> it will help him in the senate. the reality is, on its face. it looks like this.
11:56 am
it's helpful for republicans in the senate because of the math andmap . the house is probably helpful for democratsbecause of the districts this is being contested . >>chris: what about the argument you hear republicans make that democrats overplayed their hand in this case and that it has created a backlash and that will hurt the democrats? >> i think democrats need to be careful. i argued we should get this over with quickly because we didn't have the votes to prevent him from getting on the core and it's not a winning argument. democrats don't vote on judicial issues the same that republicans do. they need to stay focused on 2018. getting the majority back. i do think that democrats, my party, needs to be careful not to overplay. not to play to the cameras. to focus on winning elections.
11:57 am
in the house, there's been more of that. the senate has been more, i don't know, crazy when it comes to people preening for the cameras. look at all of that agreement. [laughter] >>chris: whatone quick question does the presidential race start the day after this election? >> it's already started. >>chris: thank you panel. will have you back next sunday and we will be back with the final word. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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aleve. all day strong. so let's promote our falle a homecomingtravel dealame, on like this. touchdown. earn a free night when you stay just twice this fall. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at >>chris: for the latest on
11:59 am
brett kavanaugh taking his seat on the supreme court and all of the political fallout, stay tuned to this station and the fox news channel.
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have a great week and we will see you next "fox news sunday".


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