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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 5, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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as speaker of the house? don't do that to me. i didn't buy into that. neither did you. >> six years ago i dressed up as nancy pelosi and scared everyone in my neighborhood. shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: how do you do on the candy? >> i did very well. like a democrat, i take what everyone else has and take it for myself. >> welcome to fox news at night, we begin with a fox news alert, thousands trying to pressure key undecided senators and they are still there tonight vowing they will not leave until they get their way. democrats want to move on from
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cavanagh, the progressive base is not ready to let go but will their tactics cause a backlash. rand paul's wife kelly is talking about how she is sleeping with a loaded gun. the countdown is on for a series of votes on brett cavanagh. the gop pushing forward with progressive scare tactics. judiciary member senator tom tillis here. leland is live on the steps of the senate for the peoples filibuster. >> reporter: much of the filibuster has ended. when nancy pelosi left so did 30 or so protesters. one protester who showed upset i'm outraged there is not more people here. there were a lot more people here earlier today both outside and inside the senate office buildings where there were a little more than 300 arrests for people refusing to leave. in many cases it appeared rest was the protesters goal, they aimed at half a dozen senators.
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here they are, heidi heitkamp of north dakota told a local tv station she was a know. the white house think they could change the mind of joe donnelly leaving joe manchin who is up for reelection in west virginia in a state the president won by 42 points. he told reporters senators go to read the fbi report. i tried to read as fast as i can but wanted to make sure i comprehend it so i was sitting on the ones i want to make sure and there were some more to get through so i will finish up tomorrow morning. you will hear a lot about these three republicans. if they vote yes it is over. susan collins and lisa murkowski undecided, they say they will decide in the morning leaving jeff flake who told reporters he saw, quote, no additional corroborating information in the fbi supplemental background investigation and flake intends to go back and read more of the report. all the comments from senators that are undecided have been off
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camera which is unusual because of where we are able to talk to them. the secure facility inside the capital where they go to read the fbi report, we are not able to bring our cameras to interview them as we would talk to somebody in a hallway. sarah brennan from st. louis at 10:30, you are surprised there is not more people. disappointed. there are six senators. do you think it is going to happen? will change their minds? >> i really hope this doesn't happen. i hope brett kavanaugh is not confirmed. politics aside, if i had the opportunity to ask brett cavanagh one question, can you think of a better way to send a message to your daughters and all the daughters in america and across the country that you will be heard regardless of who you are if you are sexually assaulted. >> reporter: let me ask you this.
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if this was your husband would you be okay with how he has been treated? >> yes i would. >> reporter: if he had been filleted on a 34-year-old allegation? >> i would want to get to the bottom of this. i would want to understand what happened even if -- >> reporter: are we at the bottom yet? the fbi said they could find no corroborating information. >> they said they can't find corroborating information within the limited scope of their investigation which is a very different thing. if he was a true patriot which he claims to be as i appreciate that he would fall on his sword and put america first and say women should be heard and back away. he would be a hero. >> reporter: according to wall street journal piece i think you we disappointed, more people show up later, a lot of people say they are willing to spend the night out here, there will be more protests and expecting more people through the weekend.
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shannon: brett cavanagh broke his silence, published an op-ed in the wall street journal defending his appearance one week ago entitled, quote, i independent impartial judge and goes on to say i was emotional last thursday, i hope everyone can understand i was there as a son, husband and dad. hillary clinton campaign spokesman josh swearingen and a general who knows him personally and the former assistant director of the fbi. welcome to all of you, great to have you with us tonight. i want to play a little back and forth from the top leaders in the senate, top republicans and top democrats. >> there is no way anything we did would satisfy the democrats. >> the idea that this should be full and thorough and open, available, is once again belied
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by the pettiness of the republican side in the white house. heather: can they find any common ground? >> i don't think there is common ground. shannon: are you worried that this is long-term damage to the country, the senate, the judiciary committee? they are good friends in real life and now they are at each other's throats including protesters who are out there and a lot of folks, passion on both sides. >> it will have an impact on judicial nominations for a long time to come. as you look at legislation, hopefully some bipartisan agreements in that area. shannon: there are bipartisan things going on the don't get headlines but let's talk about the other things we heard coming forward. senator dianne feinstein, ranking member on the committee says it is not credible to say public testimony is a substitute for interviews by fbi agents,
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normally do they lack fbi agents expertise but we were given 5 minutes to question brett kavanaugh. they had hours before that. they submitted 1300 questions after the original round of hearings. what stone is left unturned? they made a bipartisan deal, let the fbi look at it. >> the fbi hasn't interviewed more than 9 individuals, there are dozens of people who contacted the fbi and said they had credible information, the fbi should investigate this, that is what the fbi does. senators are out there making statements on both sides of the aisle, they are not investigators. we need the fbi to do a real investigation and get to the bottom of this. if there is innocent there is a cloud over him forever. if he's not we need to know that.
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shannon: this is what the senate committee does, republicans and democrats have their own staff of investigators and people -- prosecutors on themselves, who asked questions for out. >> democrats cannot people to testify. they are not trained. shannon: the fbi can't either. >> they can call people who are willingly coming to talk to them and have given statements to the committee. they are not being heard. he heard one of these allegations in real time 35 years ago. the fbi didn't talk to that person, seems like a credible piece of information that senators are reading as they make the decision. shannon: how are these decision made? the president said i want them to go wherever they need to to find the fact they are looking into, what they are investigating. a number of people set i reached out to the fbi and went to talk to them, how do they decide who
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to talk to? >> i was in the fbi for 30 years and involved in a number of x investigations. let me tell you how it is handled, people get in a room and look at everything in front of them and decide on a strategy and they decide on a strategy that will get them to the truth, to the facts. they tried to determine who will have relevant information they could interview and bring to bear on the situation. i'm sure they have a lot of meetings as we were ending up last weekend both political parties wanting them to go out and determine if there was information to corroborate the allegations of the people making complaints but doctor ford who testified for hours and all the information out there and the new complaints, they have done that and gone out and looked at people with firsthand information. their names were given to the fbi by the complainants, even doctor ford who testified, and
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after all of that, a completely different picture when you get the facts. all the emotion and things printed in the paper. i will tell you this. when somebody sits down and toxic two fbi agents in person you can bet the story will be vastly different than all the rumors you are hearing from people who have agendas. one final point. the fbi released its information for senators to review. they got what is out there to get, brought it together and unless there is anything else this is what we have. there's nothing to show that any of these complaints or allegations have any facts to back them up. >> if there is a contemporaneous witness who has information that i heard about this the night it happened or the next day, how can the fbi say that doesn't matter? shannon: anyone who could have
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been an eyewitness, reported secondhand or through hearsay, we are where we are and we wait for the vote. thank you for joining us. fox news alert, donald trump holding another rally, even as the vote counted on capitol hill gingerly tried to bring swing senators into the fold after they were pushed to the edge by the president's comments, when he went after professor christine blasey-ford. in rochester, minnesota, what the president had to say tonight. >> reporter: the president's rally lasted an hour and 15 minutes and in it he continued to hammer democrats for what he says is unfair treatment of his supreme court nominee. >> democrats have been trying to
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destroy judge brett kavanaugh. the very first second he was announced, he was announced for one simple reason. he is an incredible intellect, an incredible person, and incredible talent. he has been an incredible judge because they know that brett kavanaugh will protect, uphold and defend the constitution of the united states as written. >> reporter: there was no mention of doctor christine blasey-ford, one of brett kavanaugh's accusers. he received blowback from members of his own party and beyond when on tuesday night at a rally in mississippi appeared to mark ford's memory of the assault. those comments but still undecided republican senators jeff flake, susan collins and lisa murkowski in an even more difficult position but tonight the president focused much of
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his energy on the midterms. jim haggarddorn is running for a seat, in 2016 candidate trump won this district by a landslide and even though he lost the state to hillary clinton he was able to narrow the margin to 11/2 points, a notable achievement for a republican in a state that has delivered to democrats in 1972. there are more congressional ding swing districts here amounting to have the state voters, the trump administration's tariff on steel imports helping the gop to feel protected by the president but if republicans are to hold on to the house which democrats are in a determined fight to regain the president will need those suburban areas where his support has been waning. the president continues campaigning, plans to be in kansas on saturday. shannon: one of the stranger twists involving brett kavanaugh, one of the key gop
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senators could miss the conclusion on saturday because his daughter is getting married. it is good to have you with us. everyone had a little freak out when they realized your daughter is getting married saturday, the day they want to vote. what is the plan? >> a month ago we didn't expect to be in conference with this vote. i spoke with brett kavanaugh, gave him a call tonight, the news was about the wedding, you are very clear, my support for you has been unwavering. after spending three hours with the supplemental fbi report today, my support, not that it was ever waning but when you look at the evidence presented today there is absolutely 0 corroborating evidence to support these allegations. i said i am going to be there to vote for you as needed. heather: do you need a time
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machine? >> here's how it is going to work. the next most important vote is tomorrow. we have got to get past that. that will set the clock for the vote on saturday. i have a wedding saturday is my goal this weekend is to walk my daughter down the aisle and to see a new united states supreme court justice. julie: have a plan. >> there's nothing secret about it. votes are held open all the time on the floor of the senate once a vote is called. there have been extenuating circumstances, there have been times they held the vote open to come back and cast their vote so i will be there. the magic number is 50. we need to get to that tomorrow, and get to 50 on saturday. heather: we will watch for you running in the middle of the night. >> as far as the bride, the vote is needed.
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we are going to find out a lot tomorrow and we have a plan ready to go. brett kavanaugh, i have been behind you from the first time we met together in early july and a chance to spend an hour with him in my office and going through this process spending 3 hours a day continuing to do my due diligence, i have come to the conclusion i'm solid going forward for brett cavanagh and can't wait to vote yes. shannon: senators across the aisle are not as convinced. senator warren said this was never a full or fair investigation. senator mccain calling it a complete shame and others saying it is not legit. >> they are out of arguments. it is desperation. if you are fair-minded look at what the evidence says that the investigations produced, these allegations are false, there is no corroborating evidence. it is a very clear-cut vote for me. we 20 you are a yes. thanks for stopping and we wish
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the best to your family in this beautiful wedding. thank you for stopping in. protesters still flooding the streets of the capital tonight at the number of hollywood celebrities among them detained during the presentation. trace is on the case and democratic strategists might be ready to move on but what about their base? >> we will keep showing up and no matter how this goes they cannot keep us down. we will win. >> reporter: the democrats could stumble on brett kavanaugh at the ballot box, the gop should not bank on it yet. senator rand paul's wife kelly makes an impassioned plea to democrats like senator cory booker following threats and violence against her husband. stick around for senator tom tellis of the judiciary committee, he has read this opponent a report on brett kavanaugh and he is here to tell us all about it. that's why capital one is building something completely different. capital one cafés.
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♪ >> shannon: as we have been reporting there heather: there's an all night peoples filibuster going on at the senate, debate is fired up even though democrats appear resigned to seeing brett kavanaugh go to a vote. trace gallagher is on the case, what can you tell us? >> reporter: the new in pr, pbs
12:22 am
paul sums up new numbers by saying, quote, the democratic enthusiasm advantage that defined the 2018 campaign up to this point has disappeared. for example back in july when asked if the midterms were very important 78% of democrats said yes versus 68% of republicans. now the gap is two points well within the margin of error. in other words a dead heat. experts are crediting the brett kavanaugh effect, the director of the marist institute which conducted the poll says the result of hearings at least in the short run is the republican base was awakened. poll numbers earlier this week from quinnipiac support that premise which is not gone unnoticed by the president who tweeted such enthusiasm and energy for brett kavanaugh. look at the energy, look at the
12:23 am
polls, something very big is happening. he is a fine man and great intellect, the country is with him all the way and it appears the enthusiasm is translating to dollars. the republican national congressional committee is reportedly seeing an uptick in first-time small dollar donors and karl rove offered this surprising analysis. >> you expect from arguments we have been having that republican men would be energized by the brett kavanaugh issue but republican women are as well. they are more energized than democrat women. >> reporter: democratic strategists are warning members to move away from the brett kavanaugh nomination after the confirmation vote which could be a tall order considering the ongoing vigils and protests on capitol hill and the democratic base including celebrities who are vowing to fight on. model and actress emily reddick ascii tweeted i was arrested protesting the supreme court nomination of brett kavanaugh, a
12:24 am
man who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault, men who hurt women can no longer be placed in positions of power. if or when brett kavanaugh is confirmed to the high court it is possible the tone and tenor on the left may soften but it won't be immediate. shannon: thank you very much. donald trump fired up his rally over new poll numbers and more. >> their rage fueled resistance is starting to backfire at a level that nobody has ever seen before, up 11, up 10, 14, nobody has ever seen this before. shannon: chris, okay, you look like you have something to say. >> i forgot the enjoyment of donald trump making up stuff about polls. shannon: we had this conversation before, most humans in america did not think he had
12:25 am
a chance to win. according to the polls. >> neither did he. that is what made it shocking. it is the biggest ever, the greatest ever, the hugest number ever come most greatest. what it is for republicans, the chance to head off what could have been and still could be as we were saying in the break 30 whatever days to go. for republicans this is an enormous being, a great benefit. what they had was three fundamental problems. problem one his history. americans -- only twice and the second world war has the president asked party gained seats in the house in any midterm elections, only two time since 194060 there is that. then there's this, democrats are fired up about donald trump, they hate him, don't want him to be president, he generates enormous energy on their side, they have been enjoying the benefits of that for a long time. he is not that popular overall
12:26 am
but also is a great intensifier affected democrats on the left, the third problem, conservative suburbanites, arch typical republicans we normally think of, college educated, $100,000, the typical republicans, they were not simpatico with trump voters who are blue-collar working-class white republicans. these groups were not seeing eye to eye, results in a deficiency on enthusiasm. what happens, brett kavanaugh comes along and unites the republican party which is what we are seeing here. we call it enthusiasm but it is unity. and the supreme court, very important. a culture war issue about me too and accusations and all those things, the same energy, to the presidential campaign. it works out perfectly for them to get back in the game. shannon: lindsey graham said we
12:27 am
have never been this unified, this whole fight his unified the party. a former bush 43 station official says the fight over brett cavanagh is facing intensity from both parties and suburban house districts when bolstering republicans among evangelical voters in red state senate contests. it is interesting to look at this and it intensifies both sides and benefits democrats in the house, republicans in the senate. >> it benefits republicans because of the way the map works. all along the problem for democrats has been the way this map is set up, happenstance and history, they are defending too many red states. when you get to something this acrimonious you are turning up the volume on both sides. if you are a republican running in missouri like josh holly
12:28 am
trying to take out claire mccaskill this is great news. if you are playing out of position, if you are a republican in a blue state or district every democrat in a red state or district this is bad news. heather: we discussed the impeachment issue but it is not just about donald trump but brett kavanaugh. the i word making a big appearance, can the democrats retake, they are searing -- jerry nadler says it is probably happening. >> the first supreme court appointment that takes place under strict majority rules in the senate and everything we predicted would happen with the nuclear option from the time democrat started at through acceleration under the republicans has come to pass and it came to pass on the very first one. shannon: all right. thank you very much. a key vote set for tomorrow morning, formally voting on brett kavanaugh's nomination to
12:29 am
the supreme court, chad program talks about what will play out over the next few days. every hour is critical. protesters waving a peoples filibuster, watching action on capitol hill. >> i would define anyone in this room if they thought they had gone through the same experience if you hadn't had the same emotions. shannon: the new fbi report, we get the inside scoop next.
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♪ i've got hungry eyes applebee's new 3-course meal starting at $11.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. >> shannon: the senate judiciary chairman does brett kavanaugh should be confirmed on saturday saying the confirmation process has been fair and thorough. senator grassley turning his eye are from the democrats to the media. >> i would never use the word fake news which i consider you folks policeman for a democratic system of government but i want to show you where some of you have bias. i have demonstrators in my office for two weeks now, people
12:34 am
who wanted to be interviewed and they said we are only interested in interviewing people against brett kavanaugh. shannon: republican senator from north carolina tom tell us weighs in on the senate judiciary committee, you had a long few weeks. >> it has been a long few months. the nomination was on july 9th and a lot of work was done in the preparation of the documents and the hearings, 32 hours of testimony and the follow-up hearing and 41/2 hours in the secure facility. heather: were your impressions changed? >> anything, i feel like what we reviewed today in the classified setting is even further galvanized my belief that the allegations are not corroborated and we need to move forward with the confirmation. shannon: senator mendez has this to say.
12:35 am
>> that is under investigation. the reality is that is not a full and thorough investigation. shannon: what do you say to those who say without doctor ford and brett cavanagh being reinterviewed by the fbi, the same points you have investigated, it is not legit without that? >> senator mendez is going into the marketing arm of the democratic party. we have to we 7 members of the judiciary committee who are experienced prosecutors. another professional prosecutor has been prosecuting sex crimes for almost 25 years. we did that for a reason. we wanted structure. we wanted an approach we could present information you could take before a judge for an arrest warrant or get a search warrant and none of the data
12:36 am
rows to a level that whatever a lower prosecution to move forward. there were two hours of testimony on both sides. we asked doctor ford to submit any information she wanted with the advice for counsel. we gave doctor for the opportunity to have an opening statement, to go as long as she wanted to go and at the end of her testimony we asked if she had anything to add. how can anybody think with twee 7 prosecutors, 21 members of the judiciary committee, another experienced prosecutor that they are getting anything more out of it. senator mendez once a delay. judge cavanagh has been given the opportunity to clear his good name. i thought he did a good job and now it's time to vote. shannon: what about those who say doesn't have a strong defense, he and his family like doctor ford and her family and others involved in that have been put through a meat grinder? he was fired up when he showed up. there were those he felt he shouldn't have been interrupting senators, that he showed himself to be partisan. if he is confirmed, to go to the
12:37 am
bench and have a fresh start is a justice or will he always be hounded by these accusations? >> i don't think so. brett kavanaugh has been twice confirmed, unanimously well-qualified by the american bar association. they talk about his temperament. what we saw last week, let's go to 32 hours of hearings where he was very respectful and deferential, was asked outlandish questions, interrupted a number of times before he was able to provide an answer. that was brett kavanaugh. that was written from and he will show on the bench. last week was brett kavanaugh, a man whose wife has had death threats, his 13-year-old daughter has been traumatized by this, dragging his good name through the mud. we saw the man, the father and husband defending him and his family and i think he did it in an appropriate manner and the american people believe the same. shannon: how worried are you about the senate, getting back to civility, finding compromise, where do we go from here?
12:38 am
>> the fact of the matter is the agenda we had for the markup at brett kavanaugh, we disagree and most democrats will vote against this nomination. on the same agenda we have bipartisan pieces of legislation we are going to move through but there's a problem we have to go back to, lindsey graham has said this. we have to go back and improve the reputation of the judiciary committee which i think has suffered by confidentiality being breached, spartacus moment by senator booker. publishing information we made available within an hour or two. if i am someone who needs the help of the judiciary committee, but know that i expose -- i want to do it on a confidential basis, i expose confidentiality, we have a lot of work to do and i lay a lot of blame on democratic members who didn't respect the process, did not
12:39 am
respect the chair who has a wonderful reputation. let's work on that first, let's get the institution of the judiciary committee and is hyperbolic backstabbing behavior i see every day in the 31/2 years in the u.s. senate out of it. the american people are tired of it and i'm tired of it. shannon: people just can't take it anymore. we want to see those divisions heels, you're very close friends on either side of the i also thank you for coming in. we wish you the best. we are getting new details about jackson costco, the democratic congressional staff are charged with docsing gop senators. rand paul's wife is fighting back on behalf of gop senators and their families saying she wants democrats to retract comments like these. >> go to the hill today, get up, and please get up in the face of congress people.
12:40 am
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now. and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free. ♪ >> shannon: new details as a heather: n: new details as a shannon: a former democratic aide appears in court after being arrested for docsing multiple republican senators by posting their home addresses and private telephone numbers online. costco is charged with five
12:44 am
federal offenses allegedly threatened to publish information on the health of senators children. as the protests and instability heat up in washington and beyond some are focusing on comments from prominent democrats like corey booker earlier this summer. >> that is my call to action here. please don't just come here today and go home. go to the hill today. get up and please, get up in the face of congress people. shannon: republican senator rand paul's wife who remembers the attack on her husband last year sent an open letter to senator booker and others asking him to walk back those common saying, quote, i now keep a loaded gun by my bed. the last 18 months our family experienced violence and threats of violence at a horrifying level. welcome, kelly, good to have you. what made you reach out? your husband was at the shooting
12:45 am
last year that almost killed steve scalise. he was personally attacked, 6 ribs broken, serious lung damage, people don't understand the extent of his injuries and where are we now for you guys? >> i was motivated to write a letter, the incredible activities i watched in the last week, seeing ted cruz forced out of the restaurant in dc last weekend people in their face waving their middle finger, getting in their face, not allowing them to eat their meal and then when our address, our home address in bowling green, kentucky was released on the internet and rand's personal cell phone was released i felt incredibly threatened and frightened. i had been frightened when he left for dc that monday because the new messages get up in their face, get in people's face and i don't think people realize how threatening that feels, how violated you feel when someone invades your personal space like that. it doesn't help to move the
12:46 am
discourse along or change any hearts and minds but the night i wrote that i was sitting in my house and saw the sheriff's car go by my house slowly and i was grateful for it, grateful for their continued surveillance of our home. i felt so sad. how did we get here? shannon: i want to read something, he thinks, a lot of people have seen, taken out of context, senator booker said to a nonpartisan nonprofit organization dedicated to ending homelessness to get in the face of some congresspeople and tell them about common sense solutions that address that problem and he said i don't want to hate anybody because i know the truth, senator booker is urging violent confrontation with these words requires you to ignore all context. we have seen on the hill in the last few days democrats and republicans alike, many choosing to walk with police escorts because we have seen the hallways, threats, people in their faces, how do we change?
12:47 am
>> one of the reasons i addressed my letter to senator booker is he and rand worked together on criminal justice reform which was an issue i feel passionately about and i have been involved in the justice action network. and we got past in a bipartisan way. i was preparing to come to dc for a conference at microsoft and started thinking the world is so polarized that i fear we will never be able to move forward on any of these issues. words matter and perhaps he didn't mean it in such an aggressive way but when you are the recipient of people getting up in your face it does feel extremely personal and from our perspective, rand has been shot at and physically attacked in the last year and on the heels
12:48 am
of personal home address being released, i felt vulnerable and threatened and whatever happens with the confirmation, i hope we can move beyond this and find some solutions for things like criminal justice reform that in the past had brought bipartisan support. shannon: these conversations that happen on any topics, people on all sides of this particular controversy. thank you for sharing the story. a potential lead story on any other day the trump administration unveiling a new strategy on how the us will be with terror threats. analysts say it marks a shift from how the obama administration tackled the issue. jillian turner fills us in live next. we just got married.
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>> shannon: shannon: overshadowed by the brett cavanagh controversy the trump administration unveiling a new counterterrorism strategy being billed avocet departure from the obama administration's approach, jillian turner is here to explain it. >> reporter: the trump administration, the first fully articulated terror strategy since 2011.
12:53 am
as your president i'm committed to protecting the united states and interests from abroad from the threat of terrorism, the us has accelerated efforts, decimated isis in syria and recommended us participation in the horrible iran deal and secure defense funding to rebuild our nation's military. for weeks now the entire national security team has been returning to one theme, renewed commitment to what they call in america first foreign-policy. everyone from mike pompeo to nikki haley to the president himself reinforce the central pillar of the campaign platform. john bolton kicked it off with a speech at the federalist society and today he said this. >> we putting our terrorists the freedom to travel and communicate across international borders. the strategy stresses better integration of national power both military and nonmilitary to combat terrorism and terrorist
12:54 am
ideologies. >> reporter: insiders say this was part of the big picture plan which was donald trump's hope to double down and protecting american sovereignty. shannon: how is this different from the obama administration's strategy? >> reporter: they say it is broader and more comprehensive than anything that came before. then candidate trump made fighting radical islamic terror one of his core foreign-policy issues. focus of his agenda was terrorist ideology. in a start departure from president obama the conviction that islam is a central feature of terrorist organizations. >> recognize there is terrorist ideology that we are confronting and it has long been the president's view that without recognizing we are in an ideological struggle we can't properly address the terrorist threat. >> reporter: a core feature like the obama administration strategy.
12:55 am
shannon: even though it is quieter we can't take our eye off the ball. thank you very much. before we go another update on the countdown to the brett kavanaugh vote which happens early tomorrow but do senate republicans have the votes locked in? >> reporter: it all goes into motion in ten hours. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell teed up a procedural vote to end debate on the nomination of brett cavanagh, the senate meet at 9:30 eastern friday and by rules the procedural vote called invoking cloture ripens one hour later meaning the senate will vote at 10:30 in the morning. is the majority of senators is needed to draw debate to a close and of the senate votes to end debate the senate on the clock heading toward a confirmation vote on brett cavanagh saturday afternoon. most votes in the senate take 20 to 30 minutes. the senate has voted to end debate by 11 am friday. senate rules grant opponents on an issue 30 hours of time before the senate must take the final vote which means a confirmation
12:56 am
vote could start at 5:00 pm friday with the result by 5:30. susan collins and lisa murkowski are on the fence at this hour. shannon: we will watch it closely tomorrow morning, coverage is wall-to-wall, see you then. an old friend. a new beginning. some welcome relief... or a cause for celebration. ♪ what's inside? ♪ [laughter] possibilities. what we deliver by delivering.
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>> we believe anita hill. we believe anita hill. heather: this is "fox and friends first". happening right now at 4:00 am a fox news alert, hundreds of people arrested as protests rage against brett kavanaugh. how the supreme court nominee is fighting to clear his name just hours ahead of the senate vote. planned parenthood taking aim at senators planning to vote yes for the judge. the veiled threats against republicans.


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