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tv   The Fox News Specialists  FOX News  September 8, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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we are there live every single step of the way. everyone is sticking around, not only for floridians who need it, but everyone else who wants to learn something about this, from this, and the people who are in the path of this. >> i'm shepard smith with mock special coverage of hurricane irma. it's 5:00 in south florida, so the center released a brand-new update on the storm. when is still 150 miles per hour, but its forward motion has slowed and its direction has changed now heading due west. the big question, when does it make a forecast turn north? for that, here's mark the amira line for miami >> your 5:00 p.m. eastern daylight time update on hurricane irma from the national hurricane center. as of 5:00 p.m. this afternoon, hurricane irma remains at 155 miles per hour. made a large and powerful
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category four hurricane. it's now moving a little bit slower in a more westerly direction. should be approaching the area tomorrow, it's sunday. looking at the track, we haven't updated the graphic yet, a little bit west of what we showed at 11:00 a.m. this morning. we've extended the hurricane warning, the wind warning up the coast, now extends as far north out of the tampa area on the west coast. a little further east coast. again, because it's a very large recommend, both sides on florida particularly in southern florida. with a slower motion, slightly slower motion and may be a bit of a wider turn, we want to see the impact coming in a little later than we are thinking on the previous advisory agreement may more like saturday afternoon and into saturday evening.
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again, because it is a large storm, we expect the conditions to last in south florida for a 20 4:30 six hours. we also have to take into consideration that we expect this to remain a hurricane well up the coast and even into central and northern florida. into monday, time frame. further up, we expect this to be possible rainfall threatened to southeast u.s. moving on to storm surge, we have a storm surge warning area again for just south of the tampa area on the west coast. and up the east coast. again, because of the track, we want to emphasize the very vulnerable southwest florida area. we are looking at possible 8-12-foot storm surge from captiva area down to cape sable. and around the east coast, we are looking 5-10 feet from cape sable up to boca raton. north of boca raton, we are expecting a letter storm surge
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value at 360. water is going to be a particularly big issue for the storm, even on the east coast with rainfall amounts to 8-12 inches, local amounts up to 13 inches. the combination with the strongest really flow building up a storm surge in culmination of possible inland flooding is really going to be two types of flood hazards along the east coast. it's especially important to heed all the advice from the local officials, to evacuate when you are told to evacuate, even if you are in a high-rise building. where you are is where you are going to be stuck if you have the combination of the storm surge and mutation as well as the rainfall. so again, it looks like this is going to be in the sunday time frame spreading northern florida into monday time frame. this concludes the 5:00 p.m. update. i'm mark demaria.
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>> shep: a lot to go through there. again, a number of changes with this storm. if the storm was heading west, northwest at 60 miles an hour this time yesterday, this morning, it was heading west northwest at 12 miles an hour. now is heading to west -- i should've sent 14. now it's heading west at 12 miles per our. what does this mean like mike is going to make landfall in florida a little later. because of the change in the movement they are now projecting, sounding as if this is a storm that still going to impact all of florida. everyone still within the cone of uncertainty. but there may be a larger impact, as he said come up with southwest florida. show you what he's talking about now. we talk about the storm talking about marathon key ducky, big area, along the middle keys, middle to lower keys in monroe county. that's not what they are suggesting anymore. all of this will be suggested. everything to the right-hand side of the storm is the worst
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side, but everything will be affected. but the highest probability of landfall has changed and it's now somewhere between key west and big pine key. another thing to keep in mind. the size of the i was about 25 miles wide. the member, the eye the strongest winds are right in that eye wall. the smaller the area impacted by the worst of the winds. the eye wall is now 45 miles wide. for south florida, that is not good news at all. so here's what we are talking about. coming ashore between key west, big pine key, and three days ago we thought, this area would make an impact from that eye, the south florida area and miami-dade county, broward county, palm beach county, they will get huge effects from the storm, but it looks like the eye may come this way. i will show you what they are talking about. the storm comes in along here
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and goes north. i will reset this and pull this out a little bit more. clear and off. not the best with the technology. here we go. coming ashore right about here, and then naples and marco island, fort myers, up until lee county, northern lee county up at the charlotte county. this is more looking like now the highest impact of the storm may be for you. huge skyscrapers, high-rises, a lot of elderly people and others, vacation makers and marco island and certainly naples. if this eye wall ends up making its way there, that's a very bad news for everybody in the southwest florida area. let's consider how wide the eye wall is now. the eye is about 46 miles wide. remember, from naples over to fort lauderdale is 100 miles wide. 1245 miles of that, half of the peninsula at that end and making
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its way through fort myers, lee county, port charlotte, tracking toward the center of the state. as we go north, instead of heading directly up into the atlanta area, they are now talking about the store making its way over toward the georgia line around alabama. so all of this will feel the effects. certainly everyone can florida will feel they believe now hurricane force winds at some point or another. those who haven't yet evacuated south florida are now getting set to hunker down in shelters. dozens of those shelters set up all over the state. schools, churches, community centers, havens of last resort for those who have nowhere else to go. we will get to our weather center in just a moment. first, steve harrigan. he's in miami shores, florida, where it's windy already, steve. >> it is windy with a long time to go, they storm already has people's attention here based on what it's done. it's already been a killer storm through the caribbean, killing more than 20 people and showing
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its power to devastate buildings. more than 40 shelters in miami-dade are open. they can house more than 100,000 people. remarkably early for storms like this, they are filling up and filling up quickly. not everyone, though, is going in. i spoke to woman earlier with three dogs. she said the dog shelter in broward was already full. so some people decided to stick it out with their pets. other people here really concerned about the tough choice they have to make to get on the highway north either on the florida turnpike or i-95 with questionable gas supplies and also concerns about the traffic as well in some places moving 5 miles an hour. so if you want to get up to st. augustine like one man i was speaking to earlier, he finally found a hotel room up there. he said, "i don't know if i can make it and i do not want to die on the highway to." people feeling the stress in south florida, they are rolling the dice one way, get on the highway, worry about gas, can
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you find a hotel room, or to stay here where they could be facing 10 inches of rain and a possible 10-foot storm surge. i saw one man actually checking this new level of his house with a gps out in front. it was 12 feet above sea level as we get 10 inches of rain and a 10-foot storm surge, a lot of these one-story buildings could be underwater. i saw a woman also constructing a safe room in her house with mattresses in the windowless area. a category four storm, if it hits here, would be able to rip the roofs off of houses and also ripped away some side walls and some buildings. that's not even talking about mobile homes. so people here facing life and death. you see it when you talk to them. you can hear it in the nervousness. it's really a contagious fear at this point, shepherd. >> shep: let's get straight to -- what do they call it? the extreme weather center. some changes here. >> a couple of changes.
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the westward kind of leaning certainly continues. one thing, there is now a storm surge watch. that's a new thing issued by the hurricane center, storm surge watches and warnings. but the watch now? that's not that graphic. goes all the way of the tampa. tampa is a city that's really prone to storm surge. if the storm tracks farther to the west, thinking it may be might be offshore interacting that can put a lot of water into all of these bays here that are really susceptible to that. naples one of those places. if there's anything good care, shepherd, that would put the worst into storm surge which can absorb a little bit of it and not a ton of population in that very spot. that said, hurricane warnings, everywhere you see the red, now extending to daytona beach. we will see her again force avoidance throughout the entire peninsula. want to show you this.
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cat 4 storm still organized, about to fly into it again to get more information, see if what they can measure as far as the central -- winds are at 155, that is cat 4. 156, that is capped down my cat 5. nothing yet at the point. something i want us to show you, shep. a little bit of interaction with the land, if that happens with cuba, bad news for cuba. that will weaken the storm out a little bit. i didn't put a stop to my graphic there. now it is forecast at some point to be a cat 5. again, the latest from the national hurricane center. not saying that will happen, but a cat five potentially on the shore. there you go. cat 5. sunday morning barreling down here on the keys before it moves up, possibly toward the west side. you said it then afterwards it goes up into parts of the
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southeast. visible satellite images still begins, continues this storm being missed so long , -- in the satellite era. usually, these strong storms, we see in the pacific ocean impact in places like the philippines and such, those super typhoons. seeing this here right on our shores is certainly frightening. but florida under the gun, a daytime storm, when these storms happen at nighttime, it's a very scary thing for those who stayed, which hopefully most people did not. but if you are there and it's happening in the daytime, that will feel better as you are doing a. >> shepard: talking to folks down the keys earlier. if you consider right now they are saying between key west and marathon, they just do not know for sure. but 155 miles per hour on this overseas highway all the way up through the keys all the way to key largo, it's hard to imagine what happened to that overseas highway. the entire economy that so
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marine base for all of the keys and tens and thousands of people living down there, rick, it's quite frightening. >> it's really frightening. you are right. we do know it's going to make this right-hand turn. everything is based off of that. we also did not think it would be moving to west, which it is now. if that continues, that do west motion, that would make the hard right turn to him -- that's why the models have been pushing further and further. that's why the two biggest furthers we models we like are in agreement, 20 miles apart. that's good agreement unless your one side or another on the 20 miles. >> shepard: rick, thank you very much. a stark warning about the hurricane ahead. >> it's not a question of if florida is going to be impacted, it's a question of how bad florida is going to be impacted and where the storm ends up in the next 4-5 days at the passes in lynn. >> shepard: the fema director brock along with us live next.
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team administrator brock long is live with us now. sarah, thank you very much. it's nice to see you. >> good to be here. >> shepard: are you ready for this? >> i think a successful response depend on good communication. president trump is content to take care of people first. we have cleared munication with governor scott, and i think we prepositioned tremendous commodities on top of what the state of florida already has, and we are ready to go. >> shepard: this latest change 17 minutes ago from the national hurricane center, if this prediction of highest probability turns out to be right, then you've got the eye of the storm coming over the west coast of florida and the very wet right-hand side with the heaviest wins covering the rest of the peninsula. i can't even -- i don't know if you can draw up the meteorology class of worst-case. >> yet. this is tough. what i look forward to is the
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storms forward speed is already slowing down. it went from 14 to 12 miles per hours. it is about to make us northwards turn to florida. anybody who has impeded the local warnings, your time is running out particularly if you are from monroe county. the thing to keep in key here is a simple 20-mile shift to the west or east could have terminus impacts on, you know, whether it's miami or communities from basically naples on up, the west coast of florida. take it seriously. >> shepard: andrew did exactly that. it was expected to hit the dade-broward line, instead it went south and devastated homestead. it saved miami and north miami-dade county and broward county. any movement. and yet, this is one of the storms and a rare storm where everyone in the whole state is going to be affected. i know you say you are ready, and i know you will, but this and harvey, and must be an
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overwhelming thought. >> let's put this into context. we've moved response resources out of harvey and established recovery command, working with governor abbott and his tremendous team down there. shifted focus, search and rescue teams to power teams to our incident management staff not only are they in the virgin islands and puerto rico, but they were also embedded in the states within our region four districts. the thing is the damage is going to be widespread because hurricane force winds extend 70 miles from the eye, so we know we are going to have inland impacts as well as coastal impact. it's going to be setting about citizen expectations. the power is going to be off may be days, even weeks in some location. it's going to maximize the life safety message that governor scott's been putting out and making sure we are going to sustain life after the event in multiple dates.
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>> shepard: coming south on the other side, we see a lot of big mac trucks, some of them with police exports -- to prove the >> that's logistics at work in some cases. i don't know particularly if those are our trucks or not, but i can tell you that our logistics folks have been moving a tremendous amount of commodities almost three days worth into the state. and we have the priest is commodities and other portions, so we have commodity states from alabama and all the way to new jersey. we are loading barges in new jersey and ready to send them down to puerto rico once jose gets out of the way as well. >> shepard: fema initiator brock long. sir, all the best and that there is an weeks i had. we are thankful for all the people who do good work for us. >> it's not just us. it's the whole community. we need citizens to volunteer and check on neighbors once this thing passes through. it's a whole community effort. we are all in it together. >> shepard: i'm sure for n will come through.
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they always have. again, thank you. the palm beach mayor has described hurricane irma the storm for centuries. she's asking people to stay calm for obvious reasons. she will join us live coming u. the united states postal service. priority: you wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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>> shepard: the storm has slowed down. the track has moved left. the forward progress has slowed down, but the winds are mind-boggling. with hurricane force winds extending 70 miles from the center of the storm. practically speaking as the "miami herald" putting in the brand-new alert, "irma leans left, but south florida still at extreme left stomach risk." there is another
2:25 pm
-- if this new track is accurate, marco island, maples, immokalee, bonita springs, fort myers, up the coast all the way up to the tampa bay area and beyond, that's an area that could be impacted by the eye of the storm. granted, it could move 20 miles east or west on a whim, what the latest reporting is along the west coast of florida. that would bring pounding rings and rains an extremely high surf for the east coast of florida as well. there would be an enormous storm surge still, lots of low-lying flooding. evacuations are still in place. it's looking more and more to the national hurricane center like the eye itself may be in the event for southwest florida. collier county, lee county, charlotte county. as the hurricane heads towards south florida now, officials impound impound
2:26 pm
-- 3:00 eastern time tomorrow. county officials have also ordered people living in high-risk areas to leave. they know who they are. that means zones a and b in -- madame mayor, nice to speak to you. thank you. >> thank you. nice to be here. >> shepard: how are the palm beach is looking? >> everybody here has developed a plan working their plan in preparation for the storm. the county staff and all of the partners are very seasoned with dealing with hurricanes in our community. we feel we are in pretty good shape, even though that the storms may have shifted to the west a little bit, we are not sitting down and sitting on our laurels. we have been here before. where storms are going in one direction and take a 90-degree
2:27 pm
turn to another direction. as you may know, we were feeling the direct hit of matthew, than we did in. 25 years ago, we were supposed to be the direct hit for andrew, and andrew hit further south. these storms are very unpredictable, and we are preparing right now for the worst-case scenario. >> shepard: meta-mayor of the palm peaches. i want to listen and to our new station in south florida down in miami where ann rappaport is talking about local conditions for them. let's listen. >> coming on the left side out of the north coming out of florida bay. on the east side, coming up out of the atlantic. they are going to get either to the west, likely, a storm surge to the north, or to the east, closer to the upper keys, they will be getting the storm surge out of the south. >> if anyone is out there that has yet to leave, now is the time to get out? >> absolutely. there is no reason to be there
2:28 pm
now. we are expecting 5-10 feet of storm surge. not just that. on top of that, you are going to have very tall and destructive waves. it's not clear it's a survival situation for anyone still there in the keys. >> thank you very much, acting director and rappaport. we are going to have a lot more on this. where it's heading, impacts when we get back. >> shepard: that's our south florida new station, wvsn 7. they've never seen a hurricane like this. hurricane andrew was scheduled at one point, the mayor of palm beach county, predicted coming into palm beaches. the most recent forecast before the storm hit land was for it to come somewhere from the miami-dade-broward county line and hit the causeway where the station is located. it went maybe 20 miles south. went to homestead and just wiped out the southern tip of florida.
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anybody who woke up. i remember it was yesterday, waking up in the morning and turning on ""the today show"." miami look fine. as it flew south, kept getting worse and worse. when they got down to the homestead area, nothing but trouble. street signs can't be read home reduced to nothing. and a couple of weeks of a very difficult time for residents left behind. it was a cleanup of -- this one could be much larger, higher winds, higher impact area, entering into the florida keys. the national wildlife sanctuary down there and across the florida panther reserve come up in western, southwest florida somewhere in the naples-fort myers area and just make its way straight up the state. nothing like this has ever been seen. we will keep an eye on the storm and on florida. we have been getting a much
2:30 pm
closer look on some of the devastation that the hurricane has left in the caribbean. the storm has killed at least 23 people now and left thousands homeless. the officials say the expected numbers to rise as rescuers reach the hardest hit areas. we will look at the damage, some pictures coming out to us from the region for this is haiti. they haitian authorities saying we were not ready for the storm and we are not ready for the aftermath. this person's home flooded with very few resources to help them in the aftermath. some of the damage from puerto rico now. puerto rico got a glancing blow. the eye didn't go over. actually the island of... cool -- 12 square miles widespread devastation. this was a road now with a tree over it, emergency management director checking out a road with a lot of trees on it. here, some damage on the island of st. john's. a woman put this picture on facebook.
2:31 pm
a lot of destruction. here's one for you animal lovers. a man strapping a dolphin to a helicopter in cuba. they are moving dolphins. heading to the southwest of cuba further away where they believe the hurricane is going to go. the dolphins getting a helicopter ride with a helpful man. much more ahead with irma. we will check in with our reporters all along the florida coast. we are making friends in collier and lee county. the beaches they are in pretty much empty. we will see on the west coast. it's fox news, continuing coverage of hurricane irma rolls on. en has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. it's a highly contagious disease
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>> shepard: half past 5:00 on a gorgeous friday afternoon in miami. that beach is empty. more than a million people in florida and georgia under orders
2:36 pm
to get out as the deadly hurricane irma of barrels toward south florida. beaches and streets they are empty on a very hot, sunny day. they live look as i was shorting you, courtesy of earth cam. here you can see a cruise in orlando cutting away branches from power lines. they've been doing a lot of this kind of work, beating picking up debris in the area, clipping the branches near the power lines, warning of unprecedented power outages that could affect some 9 million people for weeks. that is florida power and light's prediction there. dozens and dozens of shelters are set up to open across the state. here's a mother and a seven year old baby eating lunch at a red cross shelter. north miami beach. phil keating is on miami beach for us this afternoon. hi, phil. >> hi, shep. a blue sky before 6:00. take a look at this place. this says, people evacuating miami beach. this is a south beach.
2:37 pm
typically will be packed with locals and tourists right now. i count, may be, 75 people. as far as i can see, it's just absolutely bacon. it's been like this on the beach all day long. driving down ocean drive, hotel after, roster on after, bar, boarded up, sandbags on the ground, no business, people not there. we only found one. boulevard hotel and restaurant that was actually serving lunch. they are going to serve lunch and dinner not very longer. they are supposed to be closed already. despite the mandatory evacuation, though, there are certainly still residents who decided to stay and we talked to a couple of them. >> we are either going to stay in the front or find a -- one or the other. i haven't had time to stock up or anything. i've just been working on stuff. >> you don't really have a plan yet? >> no. honestly? know. >> good luck. >> you don't have hurricanes in germany? >> we don't, no.
2:38 pm
i'm not scared of the actual hurricane. i am scared of getting stuck here. no water, no electricity, all this kind of stuff. let's see. >> a lot of the people who did stay live in the miami high-rise condo towers. they do believe they are structurally sound, all stocked with hurricane impact windows. i will tell you, at 5:00, top of the hour, the very last bus left munro county to take people who wanted to get out but had no means to get out onto the mainland. no more buses from here on out. everybody from munro county to key west to key largo. you are here for the ride at this point. >> shepard: you saw the 5:00 update, phil, you have been doing this for decades. i just can't even imagine what's going to happen down there. >> no. the storm surge is going to be big, big, big. the wind, you've been talking about that. the last hurricane that really
2:39 pm
did a lot of flooding was back in 2005, wilma. poor for having 5 feet of water and parts of key west. it was a multiple year's event to get things back to somewhat normal. of course, people cannot fly out of town tomorrow. flights, the last flight flew out of miami international airport just a couple of hours ago. no more planes out, no more planes in. in fact, for many days, even longer, depends how much destruction and damage happens to the runways and the facilities there. there's a couple more flights left to go tonight at fort lauderdale hollywood international airport. last flight out of there, seven: 45. unless you are going to drive and you are really stuck now, you are going to hunker down basically. gasoline shortages, we've been reporting on this for days, they still exist. >> shepard: did your family get out of there? >> they did. late last night. they barely got out, connecting to tampa back to my sisters in
2:40 pm
st. louis. >> shepard: be careful, my old friend. >> thanks. >> shepard: let's get to the senior center from the state of florida now. bill nelson is on the line now live in orlando. senator, nice to talk to you. >> hey, shepard, do you remember when you first interviewed me? it was in the aftermath of the monster hurricane, hurricane charley. >> shepard: a long time ago, senator. i've been covering these for a many years. this little jog to the west they are, looks like southwest florida may get a crippling blow. just winds and rain and storm surge for your whole state. are they ready? >> they are ready. big difference than 25 years ago since hurricane and grow. big difference. the state, the feds are working together with local law enforcement, local officials. it's all coordinated. even mistakes, for example, in
2:41 pm
katrina in new orleans where the national guard wasn't talking to the u.s. military, we've got a liaison officer, a one star, that brings me to go. the other biggest thing that we will see in florida, now they've got a real good statewide building code, so you are going to see the effects of that. all the buildings will be demolished come up with new ones will stand a pretty good. >> shepard: i wonder about the inland areas east of fort myers in that region. immokalee, some of the smaller towns around the lake. do you know anything about evacuations? so often people that u.s. set in your ways, it's not looking like a good time to do that. >> well, for good reason. because the center of the hurricane track from the hurricane center is drifting to
2:42 pm
the west. so instead of the eye coming in that miami, it looks like, as of the 5:00 p.m. advisory, it's coming in on the west coast at the southwest of everglades national park, what we call the thousand islands write up the southwest coast. it's interesting that you mention immokalee because i just talked to the president of the maria university. >> shepard: is that right? >> it's 4 miles from immokalee. they have opened their gymnasium to the residence of immokalee because those are generally very poor people. so the university president is really showing that he wants and he talks in his faith. >> shepard: that's good to hear, senator.
2:43 pm
you try to warn people every time. sometimes you miss. it's not possible for this one to miss. it might not hit somebody directly, but the whole peninsula... the recovery is going to take a nationwide effort. billions and billions of dollars. washington ought to be able to come together to make that happen, senator? >> yes. as you know, yesterday, he passed the $15 billion plan which was for harvey, but we had one that this could go for sb 21 as well. but that's just a down payment, shepard. this is running out in another month in the middle of october. we are going to have to come back and do another down payment. and this is going to go on for some. lack time you see what's going on in texas, compounding what will be the losses in florida.
2:44 pm
shepard, let me .1 thing. if this thing keeps drifting to the west, that means the i may the -- eye may be over the gulf. that is the worst-case scenario. as long as that's still fueling from the warm water of the gulf of mexico, that can do some serious damage coming right up the west coast of the state of florida. of the peninsula. >> shepard: senator nelson, i hope it doesn't. i know you are short on time, so are we. good luck to you and yours. thank you. talking about the storm track. right now, we are talking about something like that, most likely. naples, fort myers. but what the senator is talking about that if indeed it were to stay off this coast, this is within the kind of possibility. that puts the worst of the wind and the storm surge inundating all west florida and tampa bay area and beyond.
2:45 pm
the truth is we do not know where it's going to to go. everyone in the peninsula has to be ready. the news continues in just a moment. stay with us. to business. ♪ to business. i enjoy the fresher things in life.o. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest... ...prices. so if you're anything like me...'ll want to check tripadvisor. we now instantly compare prices... ...from over 200 booking sites... find you the lowest price... ...on the hotel you want.
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>> shepard: the national weather service in key west has put out an urgent request and sent out a tweet. we are going to rebroadcast it. "this is as real as it gets. nowhere in the florida keys will be safe. you still have time to evacuate." it shows the path of this storm. that path of this storm takes it over all of the keys. if you come into land as far west as key west now. the eye is now 45 miles wide. that will take up this much of the keys with 155-mile-per-hour winds on the wall. nothing survives that. and the national weather service in key west is asking anyone, anyone in the keys, anywhere you
2:49 pm
are in the keys, from the lower keys in key west all the way up through marathon, they hope there is something left here when this is over. and they hope you'll leave before it gets here. let's get up to the beach now. daytona beach, pretty famous spot the east of orlando where is looking hot and muggy. hello, rick leventhal. >> they are expecting rain over the next 3-4 days. things will get progressively worse, from early tomorrow night, late saturday night into sunday when they expect hurricane force winds to arrive here in volusia county. there was no amendatory -- he doesn't think most of the residents are going to observe that. everybody who is still here will likely stay here, so he's encouraging them to shelter in place because they are going to shut the bridge is down the connect the beach to the mainland, including the sea breeze bridge there, main street bridge to our left. all of them will be shut down, we are told, sometime sunday morning. conditions will be so bad that they are going to be concerned about it.
2:50 pm
we can show you, we are right on the beach here. daytona is not nearly as vulnerable to a direct hit from a hurricane at south florida is. they've only had one direct hit since 1950. that was in 1960. they do get bad storms here, including matthew last year, which swamped many of these oceanfront hotels. the 70 some million dollars worth of damages here. a lot of these hotels had to shut down and redo their windows, redo all the carpeting. flooding along the beach, shepard. they are concerned about the possibility that the storm could be wars. in matthew last year, they got help right away. this year, the entire state is going to be in trouble. the help is going to be lots slower. >> shepard: rick leventhal on the beach for us. thanks. up next, we will talk to a guy in fort lauderdale who knows very well how dangerous this hurricane can be. that's because he's already been
2:51 pm
through it in puerto rico and saw irma's power firsthand. so why do this again? that is next.
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
>> shepard: a storm chaser, flight to florida, now he's preparing to do it again. meteorologist, the owner of life storms media. live with us. you rode is out in puerto rico, and now aware? >> yes, shepherd >> -- we may have to ship that a little bit toward the west. it looks like key west even over towards naples can be in the line of fire for the center of the storm.
2:55 pm
>> shepard: what was alike in puerto rico? sort of a glancing blow there. >> right. we have the center path about 7. we were in san juan and the elk risotto area. we dealt with hurricane force areas, but the tourist section, they held up really well. >> shepard: you wear on the dry side of that storm too? >> right. we are on the south side. a much different scenario here in florida. >> shepard: it's not a directional thing. it's not about north, south, east, and west, if it's moving east and west, dry side to the south, that's where you are. imagine being on the peninsula of florida as this comes up the west coast? that sounds horrible. >> it's absolutely going to be more impactful with the wind and the storm surge here, i would imagine. >> shepard: why do you do this? what is it? >> well, shepard smith, we try to get data and help the national weather office as well as the hurricane center with
2:56 pm
some of the information of what's actually happening on the ground. >> shepard: and as experiences go, and you've done this before, where it is puerto rico rate for you? >> we know puerto rico wasn't really that bad. i will say, we were in rockport, texas, during harvey a couple of weeks ago and that was extremely intense. we are expecting something similar to that here. >> shepard: i hope it goes well for you and yours and everybody in florida. thank you for taking a few minutes. we appreciate it. the mass exodus from florida is still on. this is alive look near ocala, i-75, obviously the northbound for lane is on the right there. it's clear in florida, clear in southwest florida down along naples and fort myers. once you get about ocala, a lot of people fondling onto that thing and all heading north. the good news is there's a little bit more time before it makes landfall. yesterday, 60 miles an hour. last night and this morning,
2:57 pm
40 miles per hour. now the storm has slowed to 12 miles an hour. it's about to make its turn to the north. stay with fox news channel for continuing updates. a quick commercial breaks, and "special report with bret baier "special report with bret baier. " bill assumed his mayo was the best choice. assume nothing. just like the leading brand, kraft real mayo is made with high quality ingredients at a price you can feel good about no wonder kraft is so good. you for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance.
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