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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  March 13, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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welcome back. isis has launched two chemical attacks in northern iraq killing a 3-year-old girl as many as 600 others were hurt. the attack happening early yesterday near the city of kirkuk. iraq's prime minister vowing isis will quote pay dearly for the attacks. all of this coming as u.s. defense officials confirm the capture of a man trying to develop chemical weapons for isis, retired four star general jack keane is with me. the chairman of the institute for the study of war and fox news military analyst. general thanks for joining us. good to see you. can you characterize what we're talking about in terms of isis having chemical weapons?
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>> yeah. what's happening here, maria, is isis recruited a number of former saddam hussein's scientists and engineers who participated in his chemical wmd program years ago and they have put together laboratories and weapons factory to put together a sulphur mustard, low yield mustard gas and weaponize that in artillery shells and rockets. they conducted about 12 attacks in 2014 and through these two current attacks. this one, obviously, producing a lot of casualties but maria, fortunately because it's low yield mustard gas there's very few fatalities, regrettably there was a fatality here as you mentioned in the introduction. the good news is we have captured the head of this organization about a month ago our special operations did that and we are now systematically trying to take down those
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weapons factories and those laboratories based on the intelligence he's provided. >> what should the u.s. be doing that we're not doing? is there something we should be doing in this regard? >> well, first of all, hats off to general dunford who has been there about six months now and i think he's been very aggressive in trying to get as many resources into iraq and also to conduct operations in and around syria as the white house policy would permit. he's stretched out, i think, pretty much to the limits and that's why we're having this successful operation in capturing this man. what we have now is special operations forces in some numbers, that number is classified. they've been there from the beginning in 2014, but they haven't really had a significant ground component. now they have. and they are going to start to pound isis leaders to capture them. we still, as you mentioned or suggested do not have all the
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resources that we would need to conduct a more effective campaign against isis in iraq or in syria and that would likely change when a new administration gets in, whether it's democrat or republican. >> let me ask you about that because we're talking about the various candidates and their plans for the future. do you hear foreign policy solution out there from any of the candidates for 2016 presidential election that you think is viable? >> well, i don't comment on individual policies, but by candidates. but i would suggest that putting real teeth behind defeating isis and asking the military how to do that, i think a new president will clearly understand after a detailed briefing what are the challenges that are facing the united states. first of all, that president has got to make up his or her mind first and foremost what's the role of the united states in the
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world today and is that the traditional role that we have played in the past since world war ii which i believe is different from our previous president. that's number one. number two systematically deal with security challenges. as it comes to isis a simple question he would ask the pentagon and his other national security advisors, what's to defeat isis. give me your best plan. that's not been asked in the past. the president imposed restrictions and we've never s
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kasparov and julie bruisky. good to see you all. two state contests. ed, what do you look at. what's the takeaway? >> elimination day certainly for rubio if he doesn't win florida and the right now he's second or third in most polls, easily could come in third.
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no place he can go beyond florida. kasich, obviously has a real race going with trump in ohio. again if he loses even a close race no place for him to go beyond that.m even if both of them won their home states they are at the bottom of the pack. >> both of them win snalgs the weakness of donald trump. it won't happen in florida. when people talk about rubio's home state that's donald trump's home state. there's more than florida than elsewhere. >> he keeps saying i love florida. >> he has connections there. kasich will win but i see no way for him make being any further progress. i don't think there was any other primary in history where the candidate hasn't won a single contest, went so far in the process.
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>> that's why people are saying look marco rubio, john kasich get out of the way so we can see a more even split. >> it's interesting. at this point rubio must know he has no shot winning his home state which is unprecedented. if he's staying in essentially to deny trump plurality. to have a brokered convention i suspect that's what he's justifying this as. they pick up a few delegates here or there it prevents donald trump from picking up those delegates. >> so that's the strategy. >> may be. other than that there's no other reason for him to stay in the race at this point. he's ruining his own political career. if he loses florida i'm not sure he could run for governor. >> especially if he comes in third. he has no money. all the money is being spent against trump by super p.a.c.s. there's no consistency to the message. everybody throws everything at him.
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why should he not be president. how do you make that case? it's all over the place. the failure of super p.a.c.s is unlike the campaigns you can run, a sustained message, do everything you're supposed to do and all the money have gone super p.a.c.s and not campaigns. it's bean waste. >> how does this latest wrinkle if you call it play into all of this. that is this amped up violence around trump. i want to show you live pictures. we're awaiting donald trump to come out at a rally and already been told right outside of this rally there are protesters with it -- protesters waiting to go on in there. how is this changing? >> are organizing these groups. they are not coming to hear donald trump they are coming to get on television and create whatever chaos they can. they need be isolated and blamed trump has to cool his rhetoric. make sure his supporters are
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supporting him and not do anything to damage his campaign. >> i don't think it's a surprise. and i think, unfortunately -- - >> you think it will help? >> with his base and a lot of people could be seen as being attacked but it will demonstrate what will happen in the general elections. its the first wave of many tsunami that will wash away trump's campaign if god forbid he's nominated. >> both sides are looking at comments like said look trump and all of his supporters should know now they are on notice. is it counter productive? >> these protesters are helping donald trump. he's standing up to the democrats, the establishment. he's the strong man. they are looking for an authoritarian figure. is playing into it by
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doing what they are doing. people should be allowed to freely assemble and hear donald trump without something be thrown at him or anybody rushing the stage. that's the reality. they are completely counter productive. they are making him a victim and a martyr. >> i was very frightened by the scene and i've been around secret service all my life. i admire them. i thought they were slow responding to the guy. somebody is going to get hurt. one of the supporters or unfortunately one of the candidates. i think it's just a very bad solution. >> we have to talk about your op-ed on socialism, gary. >> democrats, they calculate that donald trump is a candidate to run against in the general because he has so many weaknesses. their candidate will be exposed. so they want someone who is even bigger target. >> take a short break.k. bernie sanders still seeing a path to the democratic
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nomination but do the numbers add up?be the panel breaks down his chances of catching up. gary tells us how he grew up with socialism. he'll tell us how it worked out ahead on "sunday morning futures."
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welcome back. bernie sanders insisting he is in it to win it. if the polls hold up, he's got a tough road ahead. hillary clinton is leading in the polls for north carolina, florida, illinois, all states voting this tuesday. clinton's current delegate count also more than doubled sanders'. want to bring back ed, gary, julie. you wrote an op-ed titled, "hey, bernie sanders, don't lecture me on socialism. i've lived it."
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>> not my title actually. some of my critics pointed out that socialism is not exactly what bernie sanders wants to build. there's a difference between totalitarianism and socialism in western europe, scandinavia, and the founder of greece. it's state control of the economy and about state control distribution of services. and it always fails. i wanted people to understand it's more important to talk about issues. it's about the rise of the socialist utopia on the left. >> yeah, we actually pulled out a quote from your article, and you basically make the point the ussr failed because there was no competition. the free market can be cruel, but it is by definition unequal. >> yeah. and also -- america can't afford the same luxury as western europe or scandinavian countries
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for spending money for everything but defense and innovations. america was an engine of innovations and protected the free world against the soviet union for decades. so thinking that america could be something else but america, you know, basically will end america's dream and america's standing in the world. >> i find it fascinating to talk to people about socialism who lived through socialism. another friend of mine lived under the mao regime in china and said, at that time, everybody had to be the same exact. you even had to have the same haircut. you couldn't have anything special. you couldn't be working harder than anyone else and making more money. julie, do you think young people understand what socialism is? the great supporters of bernie sanders? >> i came from the same country as gary, i was a young girl when i left the soviet union. his a much more limited experience than gary obviously. still, my parents clearly lived the same generation. >> your family also lived it. >> same thing. i can attest that, yes, bernie sanders is not suggesting some soviet totalitarianism. i think he's looking at sweden as an example of what to do.
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as a democrat, i still have huge misgivings about the fact that as gary pointed out you can't just say that we have to have a level playing field. and the government imposes it. on the other hand, the income inequality has gotten so out of control his message --not just his message, but the message of a lot of candidates on both sides of the aisle appeal to people who feel left behind. the market has benefited the select few over the last decade or so, not since the '80s. the people in the middle class and working class have had wage stagnation and are not getting their fair share. pie. that's what he's appealing to, not what's like the state of the union. >> it's tackling the income inequality. do you want to, as you write in the op-ed, gary, make the pie bigger so there's more for people, or do you want to cut down the bakery? >> you'll never make the pot big for you take the most productive
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people in society and take half or 92% as sanders says. you can't -- >> of the earnings? >> you have to create an incentive for people who are smart and brilliant and can run businesses to create jobs. that's the missing element. we need to do a giant infrastructure program. get kids. they invest in the business. we're not good planners. la long range planningen washington, d.c. is lunch next week. >> sounds socialist with these plans. >> you're right. it's all the planning, it's risk sacrifice, innovations. and unfortunately, things disappear. some criticism is correct. but what he offers is wrong. >> what you're advocating specifically is more government investment on infrastructure, putting government essentially
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have a role in putting people to work. the vast majority of your party doesn't want more government -- >> sometimes my praearty is wro. we have to rebuild our infrastructure in this country. that should be a bipartisan effort. not a singular or republican or democrat effort. >> and you need a tax policy to give incentives to bring money back to the country. >> you would think so. tax policy keeping corporate rates low so corporations hire. more from the panel next. the one thing to watch in the week ahead on sunday morning futures. back in a minute.. don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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on panel on what's most important with the week ahead. ed? >> trump will have a big day on tuesday. jeb will endorse cruz on wednesday. >> good prediction. gary? >> i would like to see what he's going to do after big elections,
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and you know, when they'll have any plan of nominating anybody else but donald trump. >> all right. great to see you. thank you very much for joining us. see you tomorrow on the fox business network. have a great sunday, everybody. thanks. we are two days away for high stakes winner take all contests that could make or break the republican candidates. they're not holding anything back on the campaign trail. as we get closer to super tuesday, part two. a close eye being kept on donald trump. following the chaos that broke out at some of his rallies. the front runner holding an incident free rally in bloomington illinois. not letting the previous day's encounters deter his support. >> there has never been anything like we have going. never. never happened before. to this extent. and you see it in the primaries. you see it in the


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