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tv   The O Reilly Factor Special What We Believe  FOX News  April 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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in have a happy easter. hope the bunny is special good friday edition of the factor is on tonight. >> i hope loving person of jesus in your life. >> what about money in jesus? is the the new pope against capitalism? the american left says yes. you will take tonight. >> below you is to not have a job. [ applause ] >> go work until you can get the job that you want to have. >> a big tv star preaching self-reliance to american young people. take a look at ashton kutcher's campaign. >> don't be afraid. everything is possible with god. >> is christianity in the
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movies making a come back? producer mark a burnett willan bey. here. caution, you are about tone, enter the no spin zone.righ the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for h watching us tonight. the pope, capitalism and the far left, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. you may remember the pope francis ignited some outroversy speaking against unfettered capitalism and the greed that can follow. to quote the pope, the worship of the ancientent golden calf returned in an a new and ruthless guise in the idolatry of money and the dictatorship of impersonal economy lack ago truly human purpose. the worldwide crisis affecting finance and the economy lays bear, thereinn balances and above all their lack of real concern for human beings.
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the pope is correct in portraying greed and exploitation as wicked. but the far left is distorting his words trying to co-opt the pope to impose so-called economic justice which is really socialism forcefully taking from the haves and giving to the have notes.aint i can tell you pope francis opposes that tyranny as pope did john paul did. the democratic party is getting ready to launch aunch huge social justice campaign to try to keep power in the u.s.a. the far left nation magazine recently published an article by a guy named robert shear who is about as left as they come. shear writes, quote: there can be no doubt that equality of opportunity is explicit in the core christian doctrine. we all judged how well wehe l respect the sanctity of those born into the most forlorn of circumstance.
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the key words in that equality of opportunity. and that is a noble goal are, that every american should support a noble goal that will never be reality. that's because the human condition dictates that some people will not do what is necessary to succeed in this world. that is work hard, be honest, stay sober and get educated. someme people will not do and so their children will suffer deprivation, no matter how much money the government hands out. jesus, of course, understood that. when he he said the poor, we will always have us. the truth is that the united states provides more mo opportunity to more people than any other nation that has ever existed. millions of folks all over the world want to come here. and we have done that by developing a free market system. even poor americans here
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have material things that most in the world can only dream of. yet, the left wants to tearte down the capitalistic structure that has provided vast opportunity. they want to impose a nannyna state that redistributestes income. that strategy has failedai everywhere it's been tried. the left doesn't care about the facts. f it's all about hating america. robert shear the compassionate guy, the booster of pope francis has the last word, quote: what americans stand for is a launching pad for multinational corporationsatio that within a donley exploit the resources and people ofpe this planet with abandon. all the while these modern plunders are protected by the massive military power of a u.s. government, unquote. to shear and the far left, america is a bad place that keeps america down. to those of us who are sane, u.s.a. is a noble countryoble that provides massive opportunity to those who
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will work for it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from washington raymond managing editor etn news. sojourners national group t committed to faith andh a action for social justice. where am i making myn mistakes, mr. wallace? >> the popean is calling us not to an ideology. is he calling us to the way of jesus, the words that you had mihm him speak to us. he iss christ. as a catholic and one who knows the bible you know what the gospel of matthew hew 2t the least of these hungry, the naked, the sick, the stranger, those locked up in he says this is very important for me. be with those on the margins or else we will become
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abstract etiology gists. how do we get with the poor? that's what the pope is calling us all to. not etiology, but the core to the gospel of christ. >> the difference here is politics vs. theory, okay? theoretically every christian is going to help the poor, all right? >> in reality not every christian does. but my contention, is that capitalism does the most good for the poor. because it provides opportunity for poor people who will seize it. okay? as i said, some will not. and i don't believe that it is the obligation of a christian or anybody else, okay. to give their money and resources to people who are self-destructive. am i wrong? >> well, the pope is notengaged.
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to help those near us. >> we all agree that's a good thing. >> well, sure it's a good thing. >> co-opted the words of the pope to try to push a nanny state and to say capitalism is wrong break it all down. jesus said to his apostles. follow me and a rich man walked away. you know that jesus says it's wrong to be rich. you give it up and you follow me. >> here is what the pope is saying. and in that document he warns about this welfare mentality. he also warns about a welfare mentality that can sit in. if the government becomes the means of charity. he wants you and i to be the charitable imifer. he doesn't want the government. he doesn't want the government. >> how do you respond to that, mr. wallace, that the
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pope is basically saying that individuals should help the poor and obviously we should if we buy into the judeo-christian philosophy. okay? but he is not saying that the government should impose this vast nanny state. he is also saying in the joy of the gospel that the wealthy, those who are benefited so much have a particular responsibility to help and serve the poor and be generous. he is saying that secondly. >> force them to do it it it's a matter of voluntary, which i think is what pope francis is saying voluntarily do you it you don't force them. >> talks about the common good and talks to all of us investing in those that are the least of these. and he says about the market. he challenges the trickle down economy, saying that will necessarily help the poor. what he is saying is, this system of capitalism went devoid of values, it really can degenerate. saying capitalism needs
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values that it doesn't create. >> reality, mr. wallace. the reason that this country is the wealthiest country, the most powerful country and most compassionate gives the most away is because of capitalism. abuses that people get greedy and they do bad things. but, if you bust down the capitalistic system, you are not only going to hurt the poor, not going to have as many opportunities, you are going to hurt everybody. how do you reply to that mr. aroyo. >> i would agree. capitalism boats. look at east asia and middle class grown in china and india. that's largely because of capitalism. what all the popes have warned about from john paul to benedict to this pope unregulated capitalism that focuses only on profit without considering the moral person and dignity. >> has to have morality attached to it all right, mr. wallace, last word. >> you have to humanize the market by focusing on the
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dignity of the individuals and common good and stewardship. the pope says he took saint francis name because is he a man who talked about the poor and peace and the creation itself. the poor and vulnerable and peace and the creation are values often missing in places of power. like washington, d.c. and that's why his voice is so important to and you have got them among the atheists. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications,
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3% say they are gnostic. that means they don't know. about 14% are not affiliated with think religion. you now in times square this christian season is obnoxious sign put up by atheist group who says who c needs christ during christmas? nobody. fox news politicals analyst charless krauthammer. so the rise ofna people who are not religious in america, does that signify anything? anything?an >> i didn't see much of a rise in those graphs. there was a tiny increase in the numbers of those who are unaffiliated. edthink that's more of a statement about the churchthe perhaps heism and ago no, gnosti, united states by far is the most religious country in the west. it's not each close. i don't see any eruption of atheism upon the land. >> but they are very aggressive, vocal, well-funded and they target,
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you know, this year the -- since they got their kicked in the department stores by me, primarily, now they are targeting little kids, in money society and south carolina. saying don't you dare sing o come all ye faithful or we will come in and sue you. what is the reasoning behind that? i mean, do you think he they are going to get more epiphany and extreme elements.
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you have got the tree silent atheists who move among us who don't announce it and wear it on their sleeve world view and leaveld a other people alone. >> i would agree with that. i'm interested in it's such a small number but they have such inordinate amount of -- i don't know, the aclu take up their causes all the time that leads me secularism. washington statete andado colorado legalize marijuana. gay marriage pretty much they won that battle. i mean, perceptions havecept changed in gay marriage, yourria
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know, so more and more states will do that particularly the north and and the west. so there is -- we aree becoming a more secular nation. it's true weth still maintain a high level of religiosity. is that a sphwhord.inta >> religiosity, sure. >> we are becoming more secular especially among younger people, that's becoming the trend of the future, is it not? >> bill, even if it isn't afut word. if you are big enough if you> say it becomes a word. >> word of the day.yo >> it's religiosity.ecom there is a i in there somewhere. >> got it. >> look, i don't think these are necessarily signs of secularism. smoking pot, i would bet there are people who believe n god smoke pot and some don't. i don't think it means you are become atheist if you are smoking pot. >> it's a more permissive is culture. surely you see that maybe you don't. you live in washington. it's aon more permissive culture. unfettered abortion, okay? for any reason up to the
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birth process there is a struggle. the struggle is between,p usually, people of faith and the secular progressives. and the secular progressives have the media in their u pocket so they are powerful. >> look. i don't know where to start on this.wer so much air, so little time. look, i would start with the proposition that somehow, you know, all of these things, the permissiveness is radically increasing. i would say one of the more remarkable phenomena of the ra last 30 years is the increase in opposition to i abortion among young people. you would have thought together with other trends, yes, themo permissiveness on drugs and other stuff and onr sex and all of that, that you would get an increase in the permissiveness about abortion, but it's the reverse. interesting relationship between the new science, the imaging, the sonograms, theis idea of the fetus it as a person and actual increase
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in resistance. so, i think that the trends are going in both directions. and ial wouldn't worry terribly much about the fate of the republic. >> all right, charles, as always, we appreciate it next on the rundown, self-reliance. tv star ashton kutcher everywhere is preaching that we will take a look at his campaign. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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trwith secure wifie for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. did you know most celebrities in this country, with the the exception of the country music people, are kind of liberal. i submit that's because they want to work and those who hire in the entertainment industry arere often left wing. but one tv star ashton has kutcher has begun teaching self-reliance to young americans. >> i talk to some of my friends and they don't wanton't
5:23 pm
to get a job at starbucks or they don't want to get a jobob at wherever because they th feel like it's below them and i think the only thingon that could be below you is to not have a job. [ applause ] go >> go work until you can gete jo the job that you want to have. republican kate obenshain and democrat kirsten powers, also fox news analystas kirsteken powers. we asked mr. kutcher, i can't sayn' his name. to we asked him to come on the program. i don't know we are chasing him around or something. we hope he comes on. kirsten, do you think the obama administration in general is promoting, promoting self-reliance? are they promoting self-reliance here in washington? talking about was. >> no, no i'm just asking you about it. i'm asking you. >> i don't think any president in recent history has really promoted self-reliance. >> calvin coolidge and ronald reagan both did.
5:24 pm
>> in recent history for me is really not ronald reagan. but my point is i don't think it's the government's -- this isn't about the government. i think what he was talking about is people being more. >> you don't think the obama administration is he promoting. >> dependent on parents not the government. >> i will take it as a no that you don't think the obama administration is -- >> -- but i don't think that they are not. i don't think they are or are not. i just don't think that that is the role of the government it to promote self-reliance. >> i do. if i were president i would be running around saying. >> you would be cutting everybody's benefits and starving them to death? >> i would have that scarfing to death gool log wouldn't give them any food. you know that i would encourage people who did get a little food to work hard. okay, now, kate, what mr. kutcher is saying to younger people you have got to work yourself up. you have got to start at the bottom as i did. i don't know but, ladies, but i started way at the bottom. and you shouldn't be whining
5:25 pm
about it. i think that's a worthy message. i disagree with kirsten, i think the government should promote that. >> i think the government should do from the bully pulpit. this government, this administration is doing the exact opposite. i mean, we can't sit here and ring our hands about the decreasing self-reliance and independence of individuals without looking at the cause of that which is obviously the decreased emphasis on growth and economic opportunity in the private sector. right now we have seen this massive expansion of the public sector. and the massive expansion of dependency. >> let me challenge you here for a minute. we had a president, bush the younger who was certainly a la -- let the marketplace run wild. under that president, the economy collapsed because the private sector turned into gangsters and they sold -- they sold investments that were worthless and they cheated the public. okay? so, -- >> -- oh, come on. >> that's exactly what
5:26 pm
happened. that's exactly what happened. >> well, because of -- because, bill, of government policies that told banks they must make loans -- >> -- oh, please. >> to people who had no hope of ever paying those loans back. >> we all know this. >> bush's fault. >> it's actually the government's fault getting involved and inserting itself improperly that caused that meltdown. >> no government forced any bank to do anything. they did it because they thought they could make money. >> that's not true, bill. >> you give me a name of a bank, kate. that forced the federal government to sell bogus paper. give me the name. bill banks with a told if they didn't start cutting off if i can minorities couldn't afford these mortgages they would be penalized. that's not some big secret that i'm coming and revealing on national television. my point is, that was a government injecting itself. >> i will cede you this point. they were encouraged not forced. they were encouraged to do this. >> no. they were.
5:27 pm
>> on the united states at the time was george w. bush. >> i'm sorry, bill, but that was not caused by -- >> -- jimmy carter. >> we're going adrift. let's get back to ashton. that's the most important thing. this country would be much stronger if the country was like me and painted houses and drove a cab and did whatever i had it do to get through boston university and started in scranton, pennsylvania. scranton, pennsylvania. all right. and worked my way up. all right. if everybody would do that, we wouldn't need all of these welfare programs. we wouldn't need all of this stuff. right? >> there is two different things we are talking about. >> no, no. talk about what my question is. >> i worked at wendy's when i was in high school. >> good. >> i worked my way up. i temped when i graduated from college because there weren't a lot of jobs. i was always working. i agree that's a really important thing. i don't think it has anything to do with the government though when we
5:28 pm
are talking about middle class -- >> -- encourage. >> parents coddling them. it is their parents that are coddling them. >> there is some of that but it's a public policy deal. >> no, two different groups of people. people getting welfare and then there are these kids who are middle class and upper middle class kids living off their parents and that's what ashton kutcher is talking about. >> stepping in and saying they are children until they are 26 years old. look, obama gave a speech at arizona state university where he told young people that pursue success revealed a poverty of ambition. that's a quote. arizona state university. it's this mind set, it's the occupy wall street mind set embraced by obama we are on your side. this motion that the government can take care of you. that you can't do it on your own. it is disastrous. >> he has that directly ahead, is christianity making come back in the movies? we will take a look at that. >> what are you saying? >> you are the messiah, the
5:29 pm
chosen one sent by god. >> you are saying you must accept god's word? >> right back with it. ♪ don't miss a step... ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ ♪ don't miss a beat... ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ ♪ oooh discover the fearless protection of tena. so absorbent even when you twist not a drop escapes. ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪
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5:33 pm
god is released. >> our father in heaven, feed the birds of the air. how much more will he give to you? [gasps] ♪ >> put god first and everything else will follow. you hunger for righteousness, you will be filled. through me. >> with us now the man who that film mark burnett. i book. my book is just history. it's about jesus being caught up in this tremendous power struggle between the romans and then the people in judeo. you and your wife, roma downing basically say to the movie goer, he is god. >> absolutely.
5:34 pm
our movie even starts at revelation with john, an old man looking back. and the first words the audience will hear in the beginning was the word. the word was with with god and the word was god. we know -- you can transpose that and say jesus is god. >> okay. now, why are you doing that? you can do it another way. you could do it another way. can you say, look, christians believe is he god. but you're almost evangelizing in the movie. >> oh, we are. we are you you know us well. we are the noisest christians in hollywood. there is no way we are not going to say what is true jesus is god. in our belief. >> the goal of the movie is not to only entertain but persuade and convert? >> absolutely.
5:35 pm
>> my son. >> don't be afraid. everything is possible with god. >> this movie -- last time there was a movie in the life of jesus was done '65. that was 49 years ago. this comes around every few decades. >> greatest story ever told. >> gibson did the jesus movie from the angle of his execution. all right, so, how are you, a very -- and if you don't know burnett, he is the guy the survivor guy. you know, he does all the reality shows. >> the voice. >> yeah. >> whatever it is, i'm sure you are doing it. so how are you then greeted by the secular hollywood industry, which doesn't like to be told, you know, about what to believe? >> we have been so welcomed. >> tell me the truth now.
5:36 pm
>> i know you really well. >> are you going to george clooney's house? are you schmoozing with these people? >> we know a lot of people in hollywood. you know that. >> yes. >> and we are very authentic with our faith and we love everybody and we are nice to everybody. we have hit shows. we get along with everybody. >> do you socialize with them or are you shunned? >> no. we socialize. >> you do? >> i don't know george clooney but we socialize with a lot of people. people respectful of each other's faith. >> all right. when do you socialize with the hedonness out there, do you say hey maybe you don't want to be a he doneness and you might want to check this out. >> the way we are hoping people will find jesus is through our movie. we're very clear. >> you are not going around like the -- like some groups and proselytizing. >> we haven't yet become bible sales people. that may be next. >> the movie is partially based on television series that did well last year.
5:37 pm
what's the delineation? >> who do you think i am? son of god. >> this is based on john, open with john looking back and he is really a focus on the gospel of john. it really is much like -- a political thriller in the way it's edited as they get closer to jerusalem, the tension rises. >> true. >> really a political thriller. you fall in love with jesus so much. hoping is going to sort of change but then hope it doesn't because without the crucifixion and resurrection there wouldn't be 2.2 billion. i include you in that. >> we appreciate you coming in, mark. directly ahead president obama and the bible some say what he is doing has deep t realm just connotations. natural mulch that holds water so you can grow grass anywhere! seed your lawn. seed it!
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personal story segment tonight. new book called perfect ending, why your eternal future matters today. in the book pastor robert jeffers says president obama's policy has some interaction with the bible. with us now is the pastor. with first is obamacare how does that have implications. >> what i'm saying in the book there is going to be a future world dictator before
5:42 pm
christ returns who is going to usurp people's rights. wage war against god's people. change god's laws and do it without any opposition. my question was how is going to be able to pull that off. my thesis is people will have been conditioned long before the antichrist comes to accept governmental overreach. that's what you are seeing with president obama. >> okay. >> right now. >> for those who don't know the bible. this is based on what: going to be a powerful leader. not necessarily in the united states, right? >> that's right. >> it could be anyone who is then going to galvanize the world in warfare against religious people. how did you arrive at that conclusion? >> that's been the historic belief of the church for 2,000 years. >> which church? >> the christian church. even jews look forward to it in daniel chapter 7, they believe that there is going to be a world dictator, daniel chapter 7 in the old testament talks about it. revelation chapter 13 in the bible talks about it as
5:43 pm
well. and as you pointed out, bill. is he not only going to usurp people's personal freedoms, he is he going to wage war against god's own people. is he going to seek to change god's moral law according to daniel. >> we had that to some extent pretty vivid extent in world world war ii. >> yes. >> with hitler and the nazis. >> yes. >> we had it lesser extent with stalin and the communists, both ideologies tried to wipe out christian beliefs and philosophies. so this is going to be like that? worse than that? >> it's going to be worse than that i want to be clear to say to the folks i'm not saying president obama is the antichrist. in fact, i'm sure he is not because the antichrist is going to have higher poll numbers according to the bike, at least at the beginning. i believe is he conditioning people to accept governmental overreach which they will finally give into when this final dictator comes whether that's 10 years from now or 1,000 years from now. >> he doesn't consciously know that? >> no, no.
5:44 pm
>> his liberal vision that the government should be large and should impose -- >> -- that's right. >> a certain lifestyle on the nation would make it easier for somebody down the lane to abuse that give me two quick examples. >> okay. >> you got one obamacare example. >> right. talking about that enforcing the hhs mandate. he is the first president who has gone after people of faith. is he going after the nuns, for heaven's sake for what they are doing. >> imposing, telling that the government can impose a belief that birth control should be paid for by people who don't like it. >> exactly. not only birth control. we are talking about abortion inducing drugs. and the fact is abortion in and of itself is evil. president obama is without apology the most proabortion president in history. what's even worse bill is we are being conditioned to accept that government has the right to persecute people of faith for their beliefs. >> what's the second one real quick? >> then talking about the redefinition of marriage. i mean, he is the first u.s. president to da that that's one of god's basic laws that
5:45 pm
marriage should be between a man and a woman. whenever you counterfeit something, you cheapen the value of the real thing. and i believe one reason for the disintegrations of the family and marriage is we are counterfeiting it. last year the u.s. had the lowest marriage rate in its history. whenever you say marriage is whatever you want it to be, two men, two women, a man and a woman. people say why bother to get married at all, that has great societal implications. you talk about almost every night some of the problems in our country related to the breakdown of the family. i think this is contributing to it. secularists are out to destroy christianity because it's it the last barrier between them and the secular moral society they want to create. how do you destroy christianity? you go after the credibility of the founder, jesus christ. they have to be careful though because jesus is so well liked. what they do is it's this insidious attack well, jesus was a good man but he never claimed to be god. that was something that was added on many years afterwards. you blow that secular myth
5:46 pm
in two. the good news is though, christ is coming back. the short-term first alert forecast for the world is turbulent. the long-term first alert forecast is good. >> all right. i hope when he comes back we get the first interview with him. i wrote the book on him. he has got to give me the first shot. >> absolutely. >> the book is perfect ending. new film about god. shocking movie industry. we'll talk with its star who says he is getting hammered in hollywood. >> something wrong. >> i think christian. >> you can admit that god is dead and you need to defend the antithesis. bulldog: [yawn]
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personal story segment
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tonight. new film called god is not dead kevin. the film's premise is summed up by this clip. >> i'm professor radson. this is philosophy 150. i would bypass senseless debate all together and jump to the conclusion which required from each of you, fill in the papers i've given you with three little words, god is dead. >> joining us now from los angeles is mr. sorbo. why should i see this flick? will i get out of it? >> every movie creates controversy. you get the scientific view point from an atheist and the christians and it's like a minute tour faith-based movie. my battle with this freshman student that wants to prove god to me and the class is the anchor of the story. >> you play the atheist professor and the student, younger actor, he plays the person who doesn't -- who wants
5:51 pm
to promote a belief in god. okay. that's interesting because that goes against type because in your real life you are a believer, correct? >> i am a believer. there is no question. i know it's shocking for people to find out there are atheist in our universities, but there are. >> we've been reporting for years it's ripe with secular ris m and anti religious sentiment. you're involved with this movie as an actor and production and everything else. did you get resistance in hollywood from this film? >> you know, not really resistance from this film but from my manager, told me many times for me standing up for my political points of view and coming on shows like yours and i've been on "hannity" and things is a backlash to me. there is 50 or 60 pilots. i read for one. i used to read for ten, 12 a year.
5:52 pm
"hercules" was the most-watched show and "drama" and i've done about 50 movies since then. but most in the independent world. hollywood owes me nothing. have the heard the hay trade that comes back to me for having a different point of view, yeah, it's definitely come back to bite me. >> okay. but it isn't that you're that right wing. i mean, i don't think. i'm not seeing anything really crazy here. >> no, no. >> you vote for both democrats and republicans. you are not -- >> true. >> what is it that you do that has annoyed the hollywood chiefs? >> bill, i think you know this. you've heard it from many other actors and the kelsey grammars, the kick back they receive and they are big, big stars.
5:53 pm
you know, even if you're an independent voter, i'm definitely a guy not sitting on the fence but look at both sides. i vote with my heart, mind, gut. i look at people, weigh the pros and conns who will be best for this country? so many people especially in this industry vote with anger, out of fear, with just, you know, people outside the industry vote for who will give me more stuff -- >> if you're not cheerleading for the democratic party or liberal point of view, if you're not actively cheerleading, then your opportunities are cut down and i believe that. i think you're absolutely right. look, i'm in the same business you're in as a producer. luckily, we have a very, very good system for my books but we've had discussions with other people, big-named stars and i'm not going to name them now but believe me, i could at any moment. >> i'm a big-named star in my mind. >> when certain people in hollywood hear it's business with me, all right, they don't
5:54 pm
want to do that because their cocktail party invitations decline. it's a social thing as much as ide ideal thing. you're not a nutty kind of guy and not that far out there. what's the name of your wife's book again? because i don't want "hercules" mad at me. >> the answer, proof of god in heaven. i don't get invited to as many things as i used to. >> you're lucky. >> i've been very fortunate. >> the movie is god not dead. thank you. when we come back, john on charitable giving and why america people waste so much money in that arena. going undercover.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the segment tonight, focussing on free loaders in
5:57 pm
america. >> you ready to free load? >> i hit the streets and started begging. i didn't want to get in anyone's face so i didn't beg aggressively. most of the time i just sat on the sidewalk. at first i tried the basic homeless and cold, anything will help sign. a little help? it worked. after half an hour, i switched to this sign. can i get a beer? i seen beggars trying this honest funny approach. i just begged for an hour. i did well. if i did this for an eight-hour day i would have make 90 bucks, $23,000 for a year tax free. >> so what were you trying to get across in that report? >> i wasn't saying you could make a good living begging. i was trying to illustrate why the people that work with the homeless say don't give them money. they are almost all, if not all scams and you're an enabler, helping a guy with a drug
5:58 pm
problem or alcohol problem buy more -- >> okay. >> give to groups that help them. >> so americans, would you say that we basically generally are generous people? >> yes, much more than other people in other countries. >> right. all the studies show that we're very charitable people and what is interesting, the bottom earners give more pproportionaln the top. it's a complicated world in which we live and charity navigators where i go and when i give money to somebody, i got to know them personally. people come at me and it's hard to vet them. >> there are these groups that vet like charity navigator but very imperfect because they can get lied to. they don't have the charities. they talk about how much p more fundraising, program but the definition for program is fuzzy. i also give to groups that i can personally keep an eye on.
5:59 pm
i saw some guys here in the street of new york picking up trash dressed in blue, and they had a spring in their step and i checked this group up, the dough fund, willing readily and able. prison group that seemed to have a good record. somebody is doing something right with these guys. i give them money. >> here is what i recognize and tell me if i'm right or wrong. i want people in their hometowns to donate locally. >> i agree. >> rather than big, big funds where you have offices. go local where you know and you can get involved and see what the results are. i think that's the way to do it. >> secondly, if you get the phone call, skip those charities. the tell mala marqu -- telemark
6:00 pm
take a lot of the money. >> that is it for this special edition of the "oc'reilly factor." remember the, spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly live in new york and tonight, breaking tonight, domestic terrorists or patriots? under fire for his remarks, harry reid doubles down. >> domestic violent terrorist wannabes. >> the reason i called them domestic terrorists. >> why is he fans the flames of a fading fire? live in nevada for us tonight. plus, breaking news from the white house, president obama moments ago saying he can ignore a law he just signed that blocks


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