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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 28, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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mcdonald's receipt on his arm after his friends dare him to do it. >> time for your brew on this responses. noah opens to a storm of criticism over the word god being left out. we asked you if you were offended about that. >> patrick says if you're going to make a story from a book of the word of god, you should use the word "god." >> here is what eddie has to say. it's just a movie. >> thanks for watching. have a great weekend. >> bye. good morning to you. it is finally friday, the 28th of march, 2014. i'm anna kooimanç in for elisabeth hasselbeck. obamacare signups hit a new high but wait until you hear how the white house hit that number. did the administration target illegals? >> that would be illegal, wouldn't it? meanwhile, how did the president's face-to-face with the pope go? >> we actually didn't talk a whole lot about social
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schisms in my conversation with his holiness. >> why, mr. president, is the vatican telling a completely different story than you? >> she makes millions of dollars to work a few weeks out of the year but gwen knitting gwenyth paltrow says that is a lot harder than being aç mom who works a desk job. we're going to put both cases out there and you can make the call at home if you're not on the platform going to work. mornings are better with friends. just ask me. >> you're watching "fox & friends." bam! >> boom! it's friday. welcome aboard, folks. anna is in today for elisabeth wrapping up for spring break. >> elisabeth is wrapping up for spring break. >> we think? >> we cannot wait to get details because we have cameras everywhere. we think she is somewhere in florida partying? >> don't know. we'll know on monday. meanwhile we know today the administration is crowing about the fact that so far
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six million americans have signed up for obamacare. what's interesting about that is they say six million signed up. we don'tç know how many have paid t. doesn't really count until you pay. we don't know how many people had policies before. i looked this morning in "the washington post" back in october, november of this year, they estimated between 7 and 15 million americans would have their insurance canceled last year. we don't know exactly how many people got their insurance canceled last year but if it's between 7 and 15 million, and right now 6 million have signed up, that's actually fewer people than had insurance six months ago. >> fuzzy math. how do you end up with that? they were trying to hit the 6 million mark. initially it was 7 million. they dovígraded it to 6 million. how did they they get this number? the president earlier this
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month, do you remember him saying this? he said if you have a family where some people are citizens or legally here and others are not documented, the immigration people will never get that information. also saying earlier this month that is not going to be used to try to find out somebody's status because it is not going to be checked there. south carolina congressman joe wilson said you lie back in 2009 that illegals wouldn't be covered. maybe he had a point. >> the president was speaking at the time. that was the controversy. it was his state of the union. but he probably was on the money. jeff sessions looked at the fact that the mexican consolate was being used toç sign people up. he said i've got three problems with this. one, the possibility that illegal immigrants could access federal subsidies which there's going to be a lot of subsidies handed out. number two, people here unlawfully will all of a sudden get coverage. that will be a bit of a problem. he said if you look at the way in which they're reaching out to the hispanic community because they have been not been reaching back, it is
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amazing with obamacare is that unlike food stamps, unlike welfare, unlike unemployment insurance, when people want it, they get it. no one says i'd love to get unemployment insurance; i don't know how to do it. if people wantedç the affordable care act you shouldn't try to win them over, you shouldn't go on spanish-speaking sports radio shows and desperately try to get people to sign up. there seems to be a fundamental reluctance among americans to understand it and put their name underneath it. >> i think americans looked at it and don't like the price. it is too expensive, can't afford it. at a number of mexican consolates they're signing up, could be mexican nationals, could be people of mexican descent for the affordable care act. vice president joe biden was with the hispanic chamber of kpherpbs yesterday and he said millions of illegals are
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already americans. >> you know, 11 million people living in the shadows, iç believe they are already american citizens. these people are just waiting, waiting for a chance to be able to contribute fully. and by that standard, 11 million undocumented aliens are already americans, in my view. >> in his view. maybe not legally but in his view. >> that's a little bit of an issue. can you imagine being a stafr for the vice president reading the copy going that is not exactly the way we've got it down. i have no idea what he's doing. damage control. illegal immigrants you've been here so long, let's call yourself citizens and go out and vote. let's talk about what else the president is doing. today heç is going to be in saudi arabia at which time he's going to be announcing his plan to provide rebels with some type of smalms in ordt annihilated by the government of assad. the big story yesterday,
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the president of the united states met with pope francis for the first time. they went behind closed doors for 50 minutes at which time, to the best of their knowledge and in the view of transparency both sides gave their impression of how it went and what was discussed. >> that's kind of new because usually the vatican doesn't release what was talked about because it's cordial and for the most part the president wanted a pop from the pope when it comes to ratings because the pope's -- >> he wanted a pop from the pope? >> he wanted a pop from the pope in the polls so he wanted a photo op. that's why heç gave the pope these carrot seeds and other stuff. what's interesting is the fact that the vatican came out and the president, first of all, said one thing and the vatican said no, here's what happened. the vatican's recollection of the meeting was, quote, in the concept of bilateral cooperation between church and state there was a discussion on questions of particular relevance to the church in that country,
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such as -- here's the important part -- the exercise of the rights to religious freedom, life and conscientious objection. that's the important part; right? what does the president say the important part is? something different. look. >> i wouldç say that the largest bulk of the time was discussing two central concerns of his. one is the issues of the poor, the marriage tphalzed -- the marginnized, those without opportunity and growing inequality. we didn't talk a lot about social schisms in my conversation with his holiness. >> the second time the right to life and religious freedoms are making headlines this week with hobby lobby going to supreme court although it won't be decided until june. isn't it interesting that president obama basically said we talked all about the plight of the poor and conflicts and the world and peace on earth and the pope said that's not what we
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talked about. the thing that is mind-boggling to me about it is this wasç announced on vatican radio that this was stkpw-g to be on the -- this was going to be on the agenda and it was a long anticipated meeting. >> rick santorum weighed in on the significant of this meeting and why it matters. >> clearly what the president and his, the report about what the meeting was about is trying to do is trying to say there's solidarity between the president and the pope on these important issues when in fact, you know, the vatican is saying something quite different. i have to believe that the president knew that the pope was going to mention religious liberty, he was very important of life and marriage to the pope, and the president was hoping he could use his spin machine in america to dominate the air waves. >> last night on the special report program, charles krauthammer said who are you going to
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believe? are you going to believe the pope or are you going to be to believe the guy who said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor? >> heather childers has come to our studio. >> we've got headlines beginning with a big development in texas. a federal appeals court upholding the toughest abortion restrictions in the country saying they do not put women's health in jeopardy. these are the same laws that sparked a 12-plus hour4j43 filibuster by democratic state senator wendy davis. but the law did pass sparking protest all across the state. so far 20 clinics around this state have been closed. governor rick perry praising the decision saying it's good news for women and the unborn. a dramatic shift in the search for the missing malaysia plane. authorities just telling us that the plane flew faster and it didn't make it as
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far. so search crews are now looking at a new area of the indian ocean. that is an area 700 miles to the northeast. we've also learned the f.b.i. found very few clues on theç pilot's flight simulator. they were trying to recover the files he deleted days before the jet vanished. republican new jersey governor chris christie cleared of wrongdoing over the traffic scam on the george washington bridge according to an internal investigation paid for by christie. the report pins blame on a former port authority official david wildstein and a former christie deputy chief of staff. christie talked about the toll this has taken on his family. >> our son was home on break and he asked me did you do this. it was a tough question, that your son would ask you. and i said, no, i didn't.
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and he said, good, i'm glad.ç >> federal authorities and state lawmakers are still investigating the scandal. fleetwood mac not going their own way. ♪ ♪ >> starting on september 30, all five members of the band will go on tour. it kicks off in minneapolis. the last time they were all together, back in 1998. and those are your headlines. you guys like that band? good news? >> let's try toç get them on the summer concert series. >> someone wake a.j. and give them a call. >> hope they come on our show for free. >> these big bands love getting up early. >> we have great croissants we can give you.
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>> it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour on this friday. how do you like the idea of other countries like china and russia being in control of the internet and your personal information? why the president is letting that happen. >> did you hear what gwenyth paltrow just said. she has assistants, maids, drivers and drivers for the maids as well as nannies, a back up nanny, a back-up nanny to the back-up nanny but gwenyth paltrow still thinks she's got it tougher than moms with 9 to 5ç jobs. what! you make the call. ♪ ♪ wisest kid, how can i be a more fun mom? ♪ can you dance? ♪ bum ba bum no. can you make campbell's chicken noodle soup? yes! [ wisest kid ] every can has 32 feet of slurpable noodles. mom, you're awesome. ♪ bum ba bum ba bum [ gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good!
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but some would think america is in retreat. for example, the united states is about to surrender control of the internet, which we invented. a new poll finds, by fox news, that 66% of you think that is a badç move. what are the ramifications? can we stop it? could it leave to censorship. we've got a new fox news special out called "surrendering america." it investigates america -- let me try that again. it investigates fox -- we do an investigation. correspondent james rosen can make sense of this and joins us now. first off, when you talk about surrendering the internet, what does that mean? >> there is a little known office here in washington in the department of commerce. it is called the national telecommunications and information administration, ntia. it long had a contract over a nonprofit based out in los angeles. that nonprofit is called ican, the internet corporation for signed names and numbers.
3:17 am
it controls domain names andç dresses, those dot-coms and dot-govs. they announced earlier this month it asked ican to separate itself from our department of commerce. a governing structure that would be global in nature and encompass quote unquote stakeholder. ican said it won't accept something that would go to another government or group of governments. despite the contract the government has had over ican for so many years where passage of theç network is controlled by a loose network of international organizations but this is a concern for a lot of people. >> you handle one portion of the special, james. and that is what you look at. right now you talked to somebody, a specialist who had more clarity and tell us what is at risk.
3:18 am
>> ntia and supporters of this transition say it's been u.s. official policy since 1997 to eventually cede control over ican. they say the united states can demonstrate especially after the edward snowden era the need for the government to be free of government control. i spoke about that with a former senior advisor to president george w. bush. >> the obama administration argues that this is necessary because the internet now exists under the control of one government, and that's dangerous. there is some logic toç that, isn't there? >> i don't trust any over government, the chinas of the world, the russias of the world to control that which they seek to not have available even to their own population. i don't want america subject to others who are not as free and open as we are. >> the department of commerce contract with ican extends to september 2015. it can be extended if ican does not come up with a structure that is satisfactory to our department of commerce. >> that is one portion of
3:19 am
it. other portions of the special that is going to be airing, defunding nasa, reducing the military and canceling the missile shield. we're talking about getting rid of theç tomahawk missile as well as the hell fire missile and attacking energy. this is all part of a special that premieres tonight at 10:00. >> right. to finish the sentence that some kind of neurological event prevented you from finishing, the unifying theme of this special is if looks at whether the united states across a range of areas is surrendering its global leadership. >> essentially with your piece in particular, james, you look at what china has done with google, what turkey has done with google, how they're actually telling people you can't do this, they're banning youtube in certain nations, that we could all fall victim to if we don't get on top of it. you examine it as james
3:20 am
rosen spending cutsç together one portion in a special tonight, surrendering america." coming up straight ahead, mike rodgers set to make a big announcement today. is he about to call it quits? that's next. what if we told you one week on a mountain could change a life forever. it can especially when we're talking about our military veterans. that story next. take a closer look at your fidelity green line and u'll see just how much it has to offer, especially if you're thinking of moving an old 401(k) to a fidelity ira. it gives you a widrange of investment options... and the free help you need to make sure your investments fit your goals -- and what you're really investing for.
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quick headlines. congressman mike rodgers is not stepping down from his position as chairman of the house intelligence committee, this despite a new report last night that
3:24 am
he would do that. however, there is a report he will not seek reelection invember. in just a few hours new documents from president clinton's administration will be released. they include record from his speech writer and domestic policy advisorses as well as his farewell address. steve? >> what if we told you one week on a snowy colorado mountain could change a life forever? >> it can especially when we're talking about our bravest americans suffering from some of the mostç serious injuries from war. >> today kicks off the 28th annual disabled veterans winter sports clinic in colorado. paul wolfowitz is a former deputy secretary of defense. he joins us live from d.c. good morning, paul. >> nice to be with you. >> i understand back in 2004 when you were at the d.o.d., you visited it, you thought initially it kind of sounded like a winter vacation but then you realized it was tough, it was more like a boot camp but it was much more than
3:25 am
that. >> it's true. i didn't mean a winter vacation is something to take lightly for people who are suffering from very severe disabilities. but this is not a place to rest. it's aç place where you, people are pushed and pushed by some of the most extraordinary instructors in the world to do things they never thought they could do, sometimes things they had never done before in their lifetime. >> never done before in their life times. how empowering is that for all these individual? how have you watched them transform? >> i remember talking to one veteran who came up to me and he was blind. he said, i had been almost killed in an automobile accident in germany when i was on active duty. i came out of it deaf, dumb, blind and quadriplegic, and he said i felt like giving up, which i suppose you could understand. then he added, this program gave me my life back. it gave me my will to live. i've got everything now except my eyesight.
3:26 am
you hear that overç and over again. >> is that the guy you write about in the "wall street journal" talking about how he set the record for traveling 63 miles an hour -- >> no, that's another one, a vietnam veteran who came out with, it turns out severe diabetes that caused blindness eventually. he learned to ski as a blind veteran in one of the first clinics which is 28 years ago. >> so many different stories to tell. i hear a 91-year-old is going to be there. this seems like america at its best. talk a little bit about how many volunteers are going to be there this year. in 1987 i see there were 90 veterans and 50 volunteers. boy, has@5q grown. >> i think we have -- they have 400 volunteers coming this year across four different sports, downhill skiing, sled hockey as they call it, nordic skiing. they actually have kayaking in a swimming pool.
3:27 am
and these instructors are the top of the line, and it's also something else, the u.s. is really a leader in this whole field of what they call assisted sports that are an opportunity for people with all kinds of severe disabilities to learn the disability is something you get over. you focus on what you can do on your ability. you look forward, not backward. it's really quite amazing. >> looks fantastic and kicks off this week in colorado. >> can i make one pitch here? >> absolutely. how can we help? >> if people wqn, to participate or contribute go to miracles .dav. miracles on a mountain side. d.a.v. is disabled veterans. they cohost it along with the veterans administration. 85% of the funding of this program comes from private donations. >> we've got a lot of people who are watching right now and i'm sure they want to help. paul wolfowitz, thank you very much. >> coming up on "fox & friends," she has millions of dollars to pay for
3:28 am
assistance, nannies, drivers and drivers for her nannies but gwenyth paltrow says she has itç tougher than the average working mothers. >> i feel so sorry for her. not all states are created equally when it comes to taxes. our next guest will show you how your state stacks up when it comes to paying uncle sam. >> first a big happy birthday to rodney atkins. he's 45 today. [announcer] who could resist the call... ...of america's number-one puppy food brand... ...with dha and essential nutrients
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speaking of boehner, yesterday he got so angry about the delayed deadline for obamacare that he said, quote, what the hell is this? a joke? well, the deadline itself isn't really a joke, but if boehner wants obamacare jokes, we're happy to help him out. what's the difference between the obamacare website and lake michigan? lake michigan is only frozen part of the year. why does the chicken crosskp &3 the road? because he wasn't allowed to keep his current plan and that's where his new doctor is. what does the obamacare website have in common with the kardashians? neither of them work. >> that was fantastic. >> another and another and another. >> yeah.
3:33 am
they're close to their goal ultimately. they said 7 and then they said 6. now they're at 6 but we still don't know how many people paid and how many people have been canceled before. >> the deadline is real unless you check that blue box and swear on your honor that something happened preventing you from finishing to fill out that form. >> you have until mid-april. >> my car wouldn't start, turned an ankle. >> as we talked about yesterday, harry reid blames people who areç older, they just can't understand that newfangled internet thing. >> right. i remember that 63-year-old that walked into the store, the obamacare store. he goes on to some anecdote that never happened. >> speaking about the money store, remember the money stores? >> these nightmares, they're live. >> harry reid, he's in trouble. >> because he sounds crazy. >> that's true too but i was thinking more specific about the campaign issue. >> we got some facts for
3:34 am
you. we got headlines for you on this friday. and heather is here. >> yes, we do have headlines for you. a stunning development to@&c @3 tell you about this morning. nine air force commanders -- listen to this -- fired and 7 officers disciplined in a massive cheating scandal. they were assigned to safeguard the nation's nuclear arsenal at an air force base in montana. the investigation found the officers fired did not facilitate cheating on the test but created a culture that actually let it happen. >> a message left on a deaf couple's message and now american airlines is apologizing. the couple's vacation was everything they wanted it to be until the airline lost their bags. that's when their luggage turned up and had this note attached to it. it says, quote, please text. deaf and dumb. in response the airlines sent out this message.ç we apologize.
3:35 am
it was clearly a very poor choice of word. we're confident there was no ill will but we will be looking into the matter further but james's mother says not enough. >> outrageous and cruel and unnecessary. that person need to be fired. the dumb one is the one who wrote the note. >> the couple says they will never fly that airline again unless they get a sincere apology. >> the apartment where actor philip seymour hoffman died and lived is up for rent. hoffman's two-bedroom, two-bath new york city apartment is up for rentç for -- get this -- $10,500 a month. the actor was found dead from a drug overdose there last month. finally this, we've been talking about it. poor gwenyth paltrow. she has assistants, maids, nannies but she thinks moms who work 9 to 5 jobs have it so much easier. in an interview she said,
3:36 am
quote, when you're shooting a movie, they're like we need you to go to wisconsin for two weeks and then you work 14 hours a day and that part of it is very difficult. i think to have a regular job and be a mom is not as, of course there are challenges, but it's not like being onset. >> i bet a lot of people have something to say about that. what do you think? >> e-mail us, what do you think about that? there she is playing the victimç card. she clearly is a victim of being rich and being famous and being clueless. >> it's really, really hard to be sitting there onset for 14 hours while somebody comes to pat your forehead to make sure you're never shiny and you eat your srepblg -- vegetables. >> a lot of times when the director yells action it wakes the children as opposed to someone who waits on the platform for the train to come and works 9 to 5. >> this is the same
3:37 am
republican neglect -- this is theç same gwenyth paltrow who said she much prefers the british. >> a lot of people met her in person and they say she is hot. >> she is very hot. >> she's a looker. somebody who is looking at the weather is maria molina, joins us live. >> good morning. we have weather to talk about. yesterday we had reported tornadoes across the state of missouri and today the risk for severe storms is yet again across parts of the plains. today from texas to parts of western alabama and the florida panhandle we do have the potential as we head into this afternoon and evening to be looking at large hail, damaging wind and isolated tornado from some of these thunderstorms that will be developing out here. we have pretty big cities like austin, houston, dallas and even the city of new orleans included in that area of slight risk. that same system is headed take a look at the forecast
3:38 am
precipitation over the weekend. we're talking several inches of rain across parts of the southeast up into the northeast. get ready for a lot of rain over the weekend. you're going to need those umbrellas. parts of new england, saturday night into sunday morning could see significant snowfall accumulation with several inches of snow expected locally, more than six inches in some areas. temperature wise today upper 80's in parts of texas, in the 60's across parts of the southeast. not bad in new york city. you're going to need the umbrella but at least the high temperature will be in the upper 50's. brian? >>ç meanwhile, let's talk basketball. college basketball. when they're not studying they're playing, the final 16 teams, a trip to the league 8. dayton against number ten stanford. second half dayton up 12. oliver gets the lay-up. sanford could not keep up. fliers win 82-72.
3:39 am
sorry kraoez kraoez. she was there -- sorry condoleezza rice. she was there. arizona takes the lead 50-49. the arizona coach joining dayton's head coach in the final 8. the philadelphia 76 tied the nba record and it is not a good record to tie. the rockets handed in their 26thç straight loss. the 76ers stock around early but lost 120-98. that brings their record to 15-57. they'll have a chance to break the record against detroit on saturday. texas a&m quarterback johnny manziel goss the 41st president of the united states and his wife barbara, they made an appearance. they showed up at a&m to
3:40 am
hope johnny manziel would be a topic in the draft. texans have the firstç pick. earlier johnny manziel visited the 41st president and did a home and home. johnny also dressed in full pad for the workout. he did not have to and evidently looked great in the draft kofplgt -- coming up radio from 9 to noon. go to "kilmeade & friends".com. >> elisabeth has been on vacation this week so to keep her up to date on what happened, and for any of you who may have missed anything, here's a look back monday through friday. >> are you ready for this? ♪ ♪ >> hulk hogan is set to return to the ring, but first he's got to get past this couch. >> he is still a hulk. >>ç incredible. >> he's going to put his arms up.
3:41 am
you put your arms up. >> i touched hulk hogan. i'm never washing my hands. >> i'm actually going to go into traffic. >> are you insured? we've got a skateboarder. brian, there's a reason she's winning the gold medal. >> you have animals, you have athletes. >> all in the green room at the same time. >> it's a jungle out there. >> they do a lot animal segments for bret baier. good thing this is no draft to make you shave that dictators do, look like on steve and brian? ♪ ♪ >> maria molina, she's saluting texas. >> i got over 2,500 retweets because everybody loves the state of texas. >> you want me to say
3:42 am
mr. olympia? do you want that in your introduction? >> you can say whatever you want. ♪ ♪ >> the first time you are doing animation. >> i think i know who is the fox and who's the friend. >> i don't watch the nightly news because i'm usually busy in a tank top working out somewhere. >> it's getting good.ç ♪ ♪ >> thank you. thank you very much. >> more "fox & friends" in just a moment. >> tanks for the memories, anna. >> that was a pretty diverse week. >> we covered a lot of ground. >> is that available on-line? >> it will be shortly. people just saw it. why do they need it on-line? >> coming up straight ahead, if you don't mind i'll tease out what's coming up next because i really don't know. do you know what happens to your luggage once it's
3:43 am
checked? this happens more often than you think. how can you keep your stuff safe? yet. >> he's taking stuff that doesn't belong to him it looks like. >> the best and worst case for taxes. how much or little are you paying uncle sam? our next guest has the answer. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] staples has everything you need to keep a germ-free office. from gloves to wipes, to cleaners, everything... [ sneezes ] except germ-free coworkers. thousands of products added every day to [ click ] even protective suits. staples. make more happen. [ click ] even protective suits. it's built to be as fast as it is strongor advil. and fights pain at the site of inflammation. advil has the strength and speed to help you move past pain. advil. make today yours.
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but with so much health care noise, i didn't always watch out for myself. with unitedhealthcare, i get personalized information and rewards for addressing my health risks. but she's still gonna give me a heart attack. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. 46 minutes after the hour and time for your news by the numbers. first, 1 in 68, that's how many children having diagnosed with autism according to a new c.d.c. report, that is up 30% from two years ago. the rortd did not say -- the report did not sayç why. 120%, how much the u.s. requests for government information from google have risen since 2009.
3:47 am
more than 10,000 were made over a five month span last year. 700 thousand dollars, that's how much the government gave a theater company to make this musical about global warming. ♪ ♪ >> i think i could have come up with a better song. if you're interested, it opens in new york city next month. that's a lot of money. steve, over to you. >> thank you very much, anna. it's almost deadline day for filing taxes and;háhis morning there is brand-new information on which states are the best and the worst when it comes to how much of your money is going to uncle sam and to the state. travis brown is the author of "how money walks." he joins us to break it all down for us. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about, first of all, consumption taxes because every state it seems has some sort of it. first of all, what is a consumption tax? >> state sales tax rates
3:48 am
which combined with the local rate would be the price you would realize at your local grocery retailer or starbucks. >> let's talk about the worst states for consumption taxes across the united states. >> among the two highest states in the country in the middle of america we have tennessee right here, which often -- >> tennessee? >> tennessee has no personal income tax so it does well overall but the state sales tax rate isç anywhere from 9.25 to almost 10%. >> what about washington state? that is the second one? >> on the pacific northwest we have washington state, also a state that doesn't charge your income next door to a state that doesn't have any sales tax but the price at starbucks can be among the highest in the country. >> every time you buy starbucks it is at least nine pennies on the dollar extra for consumption tax? >> that could be the case next door to the state among the lowest rate, zero in montana. we're talking about three states in particular. we see oregon here.
3:49 am
we see montan@> oregon, next door to a state very different because it taxes your income but not your consumption tax. >> let's go ahead and group it all together. worst state for overall taxes? >> well, to do that we would look at the total migration pattern here. we see states that have the total tax burden here -- let me get this updated here. a state like new york is losing income because of its total tax -- >> look at that. the red lines are where people are moving. people are moving from michigan to new york but people are moving from new york to california and north carolina and florida and even connecticut? >> this time of year you have a lot of people making long-run decisions as they complete their taxes. we know a new york minute of every minute of every day on average for the last 18 years looking at how
3:50 am
taxpayers have moved. >> if you are a retired person or you're thinking about retiring, what state should you think about living where you're going to have a lower tax burden? >> it would be foolish not to look at a state like florida. >> the red states are states draining into >> it's really interesting stuff. travis brown, thank you very much. if you'd like to go ahead and take a look at your personal calculations, go to thank you. straight ahead, democrats hoping to make it through the mid terms know they have to do something about obamacare. senator mark begich has a plan. will the white house back it? he's going to join us shortly. and do you know what happens to your luggage what's it's checked? well, this happens more often than you think. so how safe is it? you can keep it safer. tips straight ahead. ♪
3:51 am
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baggage handlers at lax busted after a month long undercover sting operation caught dozens of workers stealing electronics, clothing from luggage. we have seen it before. check out this video of handlers at other airports. how can you avoid being a target? travel expert mark murphy joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> lot of folks getting ready for spring break with the kids and business travel. the first tip you have is don't get flashy. >> because you bring this bag and unfortunately, if you have to check it, this is kind of small. but if you have to check a bag like this, that's a very expensive bag, there is probably other expensive stuff in there. that's the other tip. don't put very expensive stuff
3:55 am
in there. i've heard of people putting jewelry, high end electronics. take that on board if possible. >> people are doing carry-ons anyway. a lot of times if you aren't in business class or first class, you have to check your bag anyway. how do you avoid that? >> you can do an early -- pay small fee, get on early, get in the second class or second zone of boarding and usually that's a 7 to $9 upcharge. that guarantees you overhead space. so you do that. also take your bag through the regular scanners at tsa, get to the gate and then if you gate check it, it's just from that gate down to that plane in order to get it on board. so there is less people touching it, et cetera. one of the things you want to do is take a standard bag. this is actually my travel bag. i take it everywhere. i always trio carry on. i just took a trip to visit great britain and i packed for six nights, seven days and i took it with this. it expands, goes up. but i also, if i have to put
3:56 am
something that's expensive, i'll use some of my clothes and stash it in the clothes or in a pocket, pair of jeans. >> i want to make sure we get to the locks you have for us. there are a couple different kinds. you want to make sure it's tsa approved. >> correct. this is the tsa approved lock. what that means is that the tsa can take it off and they don't have to destroy it. on the other hand, looks similar. it's a master lock, great lock. they will have to destroy that lock if they want to get in your bags. now what happens if i couldn't lose your bags? >> i never heard of one ever these. >> you take one of these, throw in the bag and stays on for 40 days. this is called lug lock, the other is called track dot. you drop it in. let's say it gets lost. as soon as you land, you can check where your bag it and find your bag landed in dallas, texas. so at least you know. >> easier to find it. how much are those going to cost? >> that's 49.95 right now as an
3:57 am
introductory price. then goes to 59.95. >> thank you. they say the truth will set you free. maybe harry reid should try it. he's caught on camera flat outlying. we'll play you both tapes, top of the hour mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 09. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current and former military members andheir families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. a short word that's a tall order. up your game.
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fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. take the next step. talk to your doctor. this is humira at work. good morning. it is friday, the 28th of march, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. president obama hours away from meeting with the king of saudi arabia. will another moment like this do will setage here at home? you free. maybe harry reid should try it. he's caught on camera flat outlying. we'll play you both tapes. yes, we still use tapes on "fox & friends" so you can decide. you've heard the movie "noah" doesn't use the name god. but that's not the biggest controversy. is it using the bible to push the environment? that's something to crow about, russell. thank you for joining us on this
4:01 am
friday because mornings are always better with friends. >> hi, this is george foreman and you're watching "fox & friends." it's a knockout in the morning. >> i miss george foreman. he'd be a good guy to fill in for us if we turn an ankle or run a fever. >> or a cooking segment. >> and george foreman has transformed the way i eat in my studio apartment. i eat off that george foreman grill all the time. >> doesn't it smell? does the whole apartment smell? >> it does. but it takes like five minutes. >> you know what, brian, george foreman, just like you, have something in common. you both name your male heirs after yourselves. >> right. very similar. >> all of his kids are george. >> which one of us wases heavyweight champion? oh, it was him. so besides that, we have a lot in common. heather, do you have anything in common with george foreman? >> i live off the george foreman grill as well. vegetables, chicken. i don't do fish.
4:02 am
try it. fox news alert. moments ago, michigan congressman mike rogers announcing that he will not seek reelection in november. the seven-term law maker talking about his plans in an interview with the detroit radio station this morning. rogers, who also chairs the house intelligence committee, says that he will serve out the end of his term and then he hopes to start a national radio program. at this hour, president obama flying to saudi arabia to meet with king abdullah. the last leg of a week-long trip through europe and the middle east. his last meeting could be tense and may get a little delicate, on the one hand trying to press the saudis on human rights and trying to reassure them on other fronts, especially with nuclear talks with iran. the one question on everyone's mind, will he bow this time? it's hard to forget this infamous moment. this was back in 2009 in london.
4:03 am
authorities saying the malaysian plane flew faster and did not make it as far. so search crews are now looking into a new area of the indian ocean. that area, about 700 miles to the northeast. we've also learned the f.b.i. found very few clues on the pilot's flight simulator. they were trying to recover the files that he deleted just days after the jet vanished. and republican new jersey governor chris christie cleared of wrongdoing in the scandal over traffic jams on the george washington bridge. that is according to an internal investigation paid for by christie. the report pinned blame on david wildstein, former crist deputy cheech of staff. he had this to say.
4:04 am
>> why should the taxpayers be paying for this report? >> few things. first off, these are not my lawyers. these people have their own professional personal reputations. six of them are former federal prosecutors. they're not going to white wash anything for me. >> federal authorities and state lawmakers are still investigating the scandal. so bridgegate continues. those are your headlines. >> thank you very much. harry reid is in the news. he's been in the news for a while. he's been saying some crazy stuff very famously, remember how he said mitt romney didn't pay any taxes and he had it on good authority. >> everyone knows the war is lost. >> yeah. the republicans helped russia take over crimea, stuff like that. remember a number of times during the whole obamacare debauchle, there have been people who have come up and told their stories. harry reid said those people were liars. they don't have it bad. they're just lying.
4:05 am
yesterday, harry reid extraordinarily said, i have never called any of those people liars. here he is. >> mr. president, the junior senator from wyoming has come before several times recently talking about the fact that examples of he and others have given of obamacare, examples that they think are bad i call liars. mr. president, that is simply untrue. i have never come to the floor to my recollection, i have never said a word about any of the examples that republicans have given regarding obamacare and how it's not very good. >> instead of saying trying to get your memory back, we thought we would cue up our tape machine. again, we are using vhs tapes on our show. and we'll bring him back his memory. take a look. this is harry reid to describe the anecdotes of people who say they're suffering under
4:06 am
obamacare. >> we heard about the evils of obamacare, about the lives it's ruined, and republicans stump speeches and ads paid for by oral magnet, the koch brothers. but in those tales, turned out to be just that, tales. stories made up, lies, distorted by the republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements. there is plenty of horror stories being told. all of them are untrue. >> even emphasizing the word lie s there. a head cold typically lasts three days, five days, something like that. probably next we'll be hearing him say, i never said that about mitt romney and his taxes and i never said that about the republicans being responsible for russia annexing crimea. >> it's incredible. he's under a lot of pressure.
4:07 am
a problem with the federal election committee over illegally afghanistan his granddaughter get money she shouldn't have gotten. but he promise to do apologize for that. >> it is interesting that he has demonized mitt romney, we get that. the koch brothers. to call them unamerican, though, i saw, they have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to cancer research. and smithsonian and stuff like that. i don't get the unamerican thing. he doesn't like their politics. it looks like harry reid is a powerful guy who is either -- i read one blog that said he's either having a nervous breakdown or somebody who lies about lies. >> that's what always happens. right? you lie once and then you have to lie to cover up the lie. >> right. unless we're taping it. then you're kind of screwed. >> that's a great point. >> it's not exactly a surveillance camera. he was staring straight ahead from the podium. >> he was also reading it. >> right. yes, he was. >> to the best of my recollection, just get the
4:08 am
paper. get the speech. >> so who is going to the movies this weekend? >> are you thinking about going to see "noah"? >> it's the number one movie. filmed on long island. he's got a huge budget. there is a huge flood in the movie and this is based off the bible. but it's also a movie that's generating a lot of controversy. i am not sure if it's going to result in a big box office or not. >> the controversy is that they never say the word god in it the entire time. creator is used a little bit. but the idea of the ark story and this global flood that wipes out all the evil and humanity and causes there to be a fresh start is embraced by pretty much several global religions as well. >> that's the way the story goes. >> right. and that's sort of the way it is, but there are a lot of creative liberties taken as well. >> sure. and some people are upset that it's a story from the bible and they don't mention god. they do mention the creator.
4:09 am
i think who they're talking about. now there is a fellow from breitbart who has seen the movie and he says the real controversy is that the movie has been made by hollywood to essentially talk about the environment. here is ben shapiro. >> complete reversal of what the biblical narrative is in terms of sin. it's about man being sinful and the man used means the earth is corrupted. that typically is used to mean violence, sexual immorality. in this movie, the great sin man commits are degrading the environment. overpopulation is the problem, eating of animals is a big problem. degradation by using iron. prehistoric fracking. >> the other thing is a lot of these interactions that noah has with the creator are seen as
4:10 am
hallucinations rather than being spoken to by god. but it's supposed to bring in 40 millions. >> it went over that huge budget. i heard. but even back then, here is the thing, i'm not going to make an official word 'til i see it. maybe everyone has it all wrong. >> are you going tonight? >> i'm not going to go tonight. i can't get a date at the last minute. >> i'll go. >> there is one point that could be good about it is that it's getting people talking about the bible. and it's getting people excited potentially about religion. >> but if it was -- it is your money. are you going to go to see "noah," which is about saving the environment, apparently not about saving humanity, which is kind of curious. kevin mccarthy, our critic, is going to be reviewing it coming up very shortly. i'm going to wait 'til it comes out on tv. >> we can write it off and say it's for our job, as long as we get a talking point monday. but bithe way, russell crowe,
4:11 am
great in "cinderella man". they're writing me daily now. straight ahead, on the honor system, i promise to pay my taxes. democrats hoping to make it through the mid terms know that they have to do something about obamacare. so senator mark begich of alaska has a plan. will the white house back that plan? he joins us live next. just call it instant karma. a driver with a serious case of road rage crashes, all caught on camera. just like harry reid. ♪ ♪ call... ...of america's number-one puppy food brand... ...with dha and essential nutrients also found in mother's milk.
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we did a poll at fox news and it showed that 43% of the country said they would not vote for a candidate in 2014 if they supported the affordable care act. now six senators are fighting for reelection in red states. they appear to be taking that to heart. they've written an op ed with their suggestions on how to improve obamacare and all of them are democrats. will this be enough? joining us now to expand on the changes they would like to see is one of those senators, senator mark begich who will keep his seat in alaska. what changes what you like to see in obamacare? >> as you know, this is not new to me. we've had this conversation on your show before, since it passed. i've always looked at this bill is not perfect and we need to continue to make changes. we've done changes already. got rid of the 1099 provision, took care of firefighters, volunteer firefighters. yesterday took care of individuals subjected to domestic violence and how to
4:16 am
improve the heal care delivery. the two i put on the table, one last year and one earlier this year, versus the copper plant. this creates another option for a lower cost plant, lower premiums, gives more choice to the consumers. what's most interesting about this is it will save money. we've had an independent insurance group review this and they estimate it's $20 billion in savings. along with that, the small business community, the provisions in the original plan, i've heard from a lot of small businesses in alaska and throughout the country that it said the provisions or the exemptions for people under 50, which is great, they want to see that extended up to 100, which we've done. but on our additional pieces, we give more access to tax credits and opportunity of people want to offer health care, they'll get additional tax credits. >> other senators join you. angus king, who calls himself an independent, but sides with the
4:17 am
democrats as well. where were you guys in october when they talked about suspending obamacare, repealing it, and then talked about fixing it, when republicans were standing up in october and we know the government shut down afterwards. why weren't any of you six standing up saying, hey, let's make these changes? they have a point here. >> actually i have -- since the day after it passed, the copper plan was prepared last year. the incentives i've talked about several times. the one in this package is revamped. what i find and honestly, it's interesting, if this was not such a political hot potato, this issue of health care, i'm talking individuals privately, republicans who like what we're doing, just yesterday senator crapo and senator mccain have said we need to make changes and they made comments about our proposal. i think it's just the political environment, it's so toxic. i wish we would get to legislating and focus on what we
4:18 am
want to tweak here. >> a lot of people argue that comes from the president who go out and vilify and have partisan attacks rather than look at and say there might be some merit here. now let's talk about what harry reid will do. will he look at you six and say, great point, people. i'm going to put this up for a vote? >> well, i hope some of these will come to the table. we may not have all of them come to the table, but i think we can make in-roads. i described it yesterday, it's a little bumpy road -- >> senator, i know you say this, but why don't you go up to him and say, i got to make changes. this obamacare doesn't work. why wouldn't he put it up for a vote? >> i think some of these will be coming down the table. i think ours, which has a $20 billion savings makes all the arguments. we give more choice toconsumers, saves upwards of $20 billion. i'm going to make my case. now i have more allies on this issue and i think we have an opportunity to bring these to the table before the year is out. we should. i'm going to be working with republicans as i always do in
4:19 am
this body, to try to find those folks that want to help us change the program and make it better for consumers and businesses. >> senator, if you weren't trailing in the polls, would you be doing this? >> as i said again, i don't know what polls are reading. but putting that aside, i have proposed changes and if you recall on this show, when we went back and forth on this, you actually produced the document where i made it very clear after the law passed, it wasn't perfect, i had proposed these ideas from afterwards, the law passed from the 1099, firefighters, the copper plan, the business. i've done it time and time again. the polls are irrelevant. we know, for example in alaska, i am not going back to the days where 34% of alaskans who went for individual plans were denied. today zero denied. but we do need to improve this piece of legislation, make more choice, lower the cost and insure that businesses, small businesses have more options. i'm going to continue to do it with or without the poll numbers. that's irrelevant to me. >> i appreciate it.
4:20 am
also, as we know, we don't really know what the plan looks like because there has been over 30 waivers. we're kind of delaying a lot of the impact on this plan, even without the changes that you and others have proposed. thank you for joining us this morning. >> as always, a pleasure to be here. >> coming up straight ahead, it costs a whole lot of money to go to college these days and now we know which degree is not worth your money. it's the worst one you can get and we'll go over it. and we talked about it earlier. the new movie "noah." is it any good? kevin mccarthy watched it and took notes. hello? hey, i notice your car is not in the driveway. yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. that's hilarious. sorry. you shoulda taken it to midas. get some of that midas touch. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. next time i'm going to midas.
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time for headlines. what are the least valuable college degrees in the united states? the answer, arts, humanities and
4:24 am
education. that's according to a new survey by pay scale. the ratings are based on whether a college investment becomes a financial loss 20 years after graduation. so what are the best degrees to get? they say computer science is at the top of the list. they call it twerking 101. miley cyrus, the subject of a new class in college. ♪ ♪ yes, students at skidmore college can study the sociology of miley cyrus this summer. silly. the course focuses on her transformation from a disney tween to a twerking machine. >> remember earlier this week we talked about the daily caller going to american university and people not being able to name a single senator? >> but they can name all of miley cyrus' songs. >> and the theme from "frozen."
4:25 am
>> and how many thousands of dollars will that cost us? >> i know one guy when can name the theme from "frozen" and it is kevin mccarthy. >> who is talking about his next item. >> "noah" landed in theaters ths with russell crowe on board. >> it begins. >> the movie not coming without some controversy. so should we see it this weekend? >> kevin mccarthy is fox news contributor and founder of what do you think? >> good to see you this morning. thank you for having me on as always. this is a huge year for bible-based films. i loved "son of god." did very well at the box office. "noah" is opening this week. directed by darren aaronnoski. now he's taking on $125 million budget and he still keeps that
4:26 am
independent feeling of a character-driven script with a big budget environment. this movie is not a documentary. you're dealing with artistic liberties here. i reread the story last night in the bible. my dad gave me this bible and i read the story last night and it took 15 minutes to read. the movie is over two hours and 18 minutes long. there is definitely artistic liberties. it's an incredible story about a man who is chosen by god to build an ark to save his family and two of every living thing on earth before a huge flood destroys the world. the movie is very character driven. the performances are amazing. russell crowe is phenomenal. it's one of the best performance of his career so far. emma watson, who you all know from harry potter, completely sheds that character, becomes a different character in the film. the action is incredibly epic. almost like a lord of the rings style action type of movie in that regard. there is a very, very gigantic family drama going on in this film. the first two parts are incredible. the third part is a little jarring. the character ark is a little off in the ending of the film.
4:27 am
but the overall prize, four out of five. the score is absolutely phenomenal. the cinema tography is amazing. again, if you're close to the bible, i would say you might be a little disappointed in regards to some of the ideas the movie has about creation and evolution and combining them. >> the environment? >> yeah, yes. there is definitely disappointing elements in the film if you are close to the story. but it is a movie. it's not a documentary. it's a film. it's for entertainment purposes. i gave it a four out of five. i do recmend it, but again t does not come without some controversy. >> did you talk to him, russell crowe? >> yeah. this is very cool. the movie has no live animals whatsoever in the film. so russell crowe had to deal with all cgi and puppet animals. i wanted to ask him how they did that. this is what he had to say. >> i was still saying to them, man, we should have an animal husbandry because my own truthful relationship with animals is one which is very
4:28 am
important to me and very dear to me. i have cattle and i have horses and dogs. so to not be able to use that aspect of myself in the performance was kind of, for me, taking something that i was naturally bringing to that we weren't taking advantage of. >> very cool. he was incredible to talk to. four years ago i had an incredible interaction with him. i was on twitter and i was just starting out as a journalist and i was not getting all of the interviews i wanted. i tweeted him one day on the way to new york city and the tweet said, i'm interviewing harrison ford for fox in d.c i tried book an interview with me but they said your press day was full. he responded back with, tell them i told to you ask again. so i called the studio and i said, gladiator told me to call you guys. asked you to add me to today's list and he called the studio and added me to his interview list four years ago. >> wow. >> a month later, i tried to book him again. he said, no, kevin. you have to find your own way. four years later, i sat down
4:29 am
with him this past sunday and then we had this tweet exchange where he said, my pleasure, kevin. very proud of you for charging forward in your career. i finally got him on my own after four years. >> all right! good job. that is a true cinderella man story. >> i agree. "cinderella man," i agree. i recommend "noah," but skip the arnold schwarzenegger movie. skip that. i give it two out of five. >> it airs tonight. i'm going to see it. i need to watch it again and again. i needed a band-aid after that movie. there is a lot of shooting and bleeding. >> i agree. i'll see you on the radio at 11:34 a.m thank you for having me on. >> you bet. >> kevin mccarthy. thank you very much. coming up straight ahead as we move on and stop talking about the movies, the postal service in serious financial trouble. so why are workers spending thousands of your tax dollars at the casino? >> and she has drivers and nancys and assistants.
4:30 am
but gwyneth paltrow says her life is a lot tougher than an average working mother. we're going to be reading your comments on this one. skidmore college is offering a class called the sociology of miley cyrus. the way the class works is if you show up on time and do all your homework, you fail do everg but wrinkle in it. the perfect fitting no-iron effortless shirt in 4 styles and 31 colors and prints. visit the shirt boutique, only at chico's and s
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celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. 30th anniversary with a four-day party in las vegas. fans are like, can we go? and their kids are like, i guess. i mean, you're old enough to make your own decisions. oh, oh, oh whoa, whoa, whoa. don't tell johnny. >> bust a move, bust a hip. >> so i guess you know the sad news we got this week. >> yes indeed. >> the conscious uncumming? >> that's what i'm talking about. it turns out gwyneth paltrow and chris martin, the outstanding musician, they decide they can't make it work after ten years, although they will be living in the same house in malibu. we'll see how that goes. they just bought it. it turns out that gwyneth paltrow, i believe in many respects, is not in touch with everyday america. >> listen, she gave a quote to e and she said this, talk being
4:35 am
how she's a victim: when you're shooting a movie, they're like, we need you to go to wisconsin for two weeks. and then you have to work 14 hours a day. that's part of it. it's very difficult. i think to have a regular job and to be a mom is not as. of course there are challenges, but it's not like being on the set. what she's doing is, her situation, she's playing the victim card. it's so hard. i have this fantastic mansion and every once in a while i got to go to wisconsin and then i got to work 14 hours a day, unlike real parents who work 24 hours a day. >> yeah. she's not the first hollywood starlet to say something like this. remember when giselle said something similar and she's got people who do her hair and make-up every single day? kanye west comparing his concerts to going to war. tom cruise saying his life was dangerous like a soldier. >> even gwyneth paltrow has been quoted in 2006 and 2007 saying, i'm so much happier in england than the u.s. in the u.s., we talk about money
4:36 am
and jobs. they don't get all caught up in that. they talk about deep conversations. mckenzie dawson wrote this column, who is a 9 to 5 mom and she was in a sarcastic right to the point of a look at her life and compare it to the superstar's life because one movie a year, she sakes quote, thank god i don't make millions making one movie per year. that's what i say every morning as i wait on a windy platform about to begin my 45-minute commute into the city. whenever things get rough, all i have to do is keep reminding myself of that fact. >> right. so we asked you when we detailed this story a little while ago what you thought. got an e-mail from growingry. he -- gregory. he says she needs to get a clue. try being a single mom or dad and have to deploy, afghanistan or haiti. we don't pay our service members millions and a 14-hour day, while deployed is considered a good day. >> y via e-mail,
4:37 am
here is a quarter. call the wah ambulance. >> not only uncoupled from her husband, she uncoupled her life from reality and her brain from her mouth. but i would say this, i think my feeling is chris martin made a very bad tactical error a couple weeks ago. a few weeks ago he released a song talking about how sad he is about the breakup and it sounds like it's going to be popular, which means every concert, he's gog have to sing this song and he's going to go right back to that moment! >> see, that would remind him then why he broke up with her, the lady who named their kids apple. >> and he has said he has problems with the way she eats, too. i went to a restaurant she recommended and i ordered a turkey and avocado sandwich and it was maybe 100 calories. the bread was this thin. there was a sliver of avocado, a piece of turkey and half a quinoa salad.
4:38 am
we went to another restaurant afterward 'cause we were still hungry. >> what do you think about gwen playing the victim card? e-mail us or twitter us. >> and if you're a superstar and think we have it wrong, feel free to write us. >> let's go right on over there. >> or it could all just be publicity. all of it could be publicity. >> all bad publicity in this case. >> hey, any publicity, good publicity maybe. we have this, a big development in texas. a federal appeals court upholding the toughest abortion restrictions in the country, saying that they do not put women's health in jeopardy. these are the same laws that sparked a 12-plus hour filibuster by wendy davis. but the laws did pass, sparking protest across the state. so far 20 clinics around the state have been closed. governor rick perry praising the decision, saying that it is good news for women and the unborn. the postal service billions in debt, but postal workers, not
4:39 am
too worried apparently. they are hitting the casinos. that's right. a new shocking report revealing dozens spending thousands in taxpayer cash on personal items. one manager even withdrew $32,000 in cash from her government credit card to gamble. and call it karma caught on camera. a woman starts recording an angry driver. he was tailgating her. he then pulls up beside her and then he flips her the bird. you know with a that is. watch what happens next. >> that's what you get! all on video, buddy! >> oh, yeah. on video, happened in tampa, florida. now as you can imagine, going viral after the woman put it on youtube. >> when he stopped and saw the
4:40 am
camera, that was like completely hilarious. i held it up just like this and was recording just like that. the speed limit was 55. i had slowed down to 50 and went down and i just knew -- 'cause he had cut off the person that i had just passed just so he could get in front of me. >> look how she was laughing. police arrested the man for careless driving. and then listen. ♪ ♪ >> yes, this grooving granny busting out those moves to "ice, ice baby" by vanilla ice. her grandson laughing the entire time in the background. even kicking off her shoes. it went on for quite a while. yes. and i promise no more rapping
4:41 am
from me. >> we'll leave it to grandma. she's doing a great job. >> she went to twerk university. >> i like that better than twerking. >> does she know she's being taped? >> i don't know. >> she's got to play to the camera. >> or she does that every morning. >> maybe. >> thank you, heather. >> another person who is a better dancer than me. it really hurts. president obama hours away from meeting with the king of saudi arabia. will he bow again? the head of the american islamic forum here next. first the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this date in 1955, this actress made her screen debut in "tremors." who is she? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer. you will be our friday winner. ♪ ♪ aflac.
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4:45 am
welcome back. this is anna. >> this is brian. president obama in saudi arabia today. >> he was back there in 2009 when he bowed before king abdullah when he was a new president. so what can we expect today and what was the significance, if anything, of that bow? fox news poll reveals that the highest majority now feel president obama is not a strong and decisive leader at a time in which we need one. >> joining us is president of the american islamic forum and democracy and author of "a battle for the soul of islam and american muslim patriot's fight." good morning. >> good morning. >> earlier this week we saw the president remind the world, some say of our weakness, that we have a leaner military. what does he need to do while in saudi arabia on this trip to kind of tell our adversaries and our allies that we still hold weight here?
4:46 am
>> we need to be a country and have a president that's based in principles and moral leadership that it's not just about -- certainly we have their attention now because it is about iran. it is about balancing the power in the middle east and not letting iran get nuclear weapons and there is no greater friend than the saudis. but on the other hand, the saudis have been some of the world's greatest offenders of religious freedom, apostasy. tell them they need to bring a church. they need to allow an opening of their society and stopped to the people's movements. but unfortunately, the reason the polls are so low, president reagan's polls were 67 higher because as we negotiated with the soviets, he reminded them about prisoners of conscience and president obama needs to remind them about prisoners of conscience in saudi arabia while we have their attention right now. >> but this is totally different conversation. we're going there because they're mad at us. saudi arabia feels we've left them in the dust and we're
4:47 am
kissing up to iran. do they have a point and should we care that they're mad at us? >> this is what happens when you're weak with arab tribal leaders. they will take advantage of it and say, oh, we're mad at you. you're the ones who are weak or we're going to turn to your enemies to get support and be on the other side. this is where we should come and say, you need us. we've been your long-time allies. we're buying your oil. we're keeping you safe. we have our defense ships and others in the region and if you want us to protect you, you need to respect freedom, human rights, et cetera. so it's a push and tug versus sort of this who's the biggest in the room and they need us right now. yes, their press and others will push the envelope and say you guys are weak, et cetera. that's what their press is saying right now actually. but we need a strong president who can get on top of that and say, we're going to help you only if you advance human rights and religious freedom. >> and the video we showed of him bowing last time that he was there, an aide said he wasn't
4:48 am
bowing. he was just shaking both -- with both hands and he's taller, so he was leaning over. are we symbolically somehow going to be bowing in saudi arabia again? >> without mentioning women's rights, when secretary kerry tells them that well, we respect your culture and understand you treat women differently, that's basically a symbolic bow to the fact that we're not advancing principles for their muslims, their christians, all of the people who want freedom from their oppressors and whether it's physically or symbolically, we need to stand for strength. >> here is a poll worth bringing up about how the world views america today as the most dominant now? 59%. in 2002, right around iraq, after afghanistan, 85%. now we're at 34% according to other countries that could emerge. that's how we're viewed. that could change. we also know that's not accurate. we're also going this with a message. the mental is, hey, we're
4:49 am
finally ready to fund the rebels in syria. to free syrian army. is that the right message at the right time? do you agree with it? >> well, you're not going to get rid of al-qaeda with assad there. so unfortunately, the longer we take, it's been over three years, the more radicalized, the more there will be no one to help. in the south, there may be moderate free syria army, but they're getting harder to find. the message is we need to start pushing, tipping the region from the arab awakening to having a liberty doctrine. right now the president has no doctrine. we're allowing the saudis to fund the radical islamists. we're having both sides of the equation, whether hezbollah or al-qaeda and the militants, both sides are anti-western and it's time -- the president's not going to pull a policy out of the half, unfortunately. but at least maybe if we push hard enough in the media and government to say, you know what? you need to have a liberty doctrine and defend those who are on our side of the moral equation. i hope he does that, but i fear he will not. >> it's getting harder and
4:50 am
harder to get somebody on our side of the moral equation. congratulations on your boob. thank you for joining us today. >> clayton will have developments tomorrow on "fox & friends" weekend. coming up, as march madness rolls on, so does constitutional madness. we're going through the sweet 16 white house constitutional violations as voted by you, the people. but first on this date in 1990. this in 1965, the supremes had the number one song in america "stop in the name of love." ♪ ♪ before you break my heart ♪ ♪ think it over [announcer] who could resist the call...
4:51 am
...of america's number-one puppy food brand... ...with dha and essential nutrients also found in mother's milk. purina puppy chow.
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4:54 am
33 minutes after the hour. time fort answer for today's aflac trivia question. born on this date in 1955, this sipper/actress made her big screen debut in "tremors." the answer is reba mcentire. congratulations to our inferior florida. you'll be getting a copy of brian's book "george washington's secret six." steve, over to you. in our version of march madness, we've been asking you which of the president's dozens of constitutional violations is the worst of all? yesterday we showed you part of the sweet 16 violations in the western region and today we're heading to the south. how did you vote? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us. >> good morning. >> let's move south. between no child left behind and arizona immigration, america chose? >> arizona immigration. but the united states supreme court says the supremacy clause overruled the southbound 1070 in
4:55 am
the state of arizona. justices scalia and thomas said they were wrong, the supreme court were wrong and that's a constitutional violation. it wasn't the supremacy clause. >> between fast and and federal drug laws, america selected? >> fast and furious. this is where attorney holder said i'm not giving any documents in 2012. congress said you're in contempt, holder. there is a lawsuit that continues to go on. violation of the necessary proper clause with regard to congressional oversight of the executive. >> all right. given the choice between internet regulation and church rights, america voted and they said they're more concerned about the violation of church rights. >> church rights. the eeoc said a lutheran minister, a commissioned minister ho who is a teacher couldn't be disciplined by the lutheran church. the supreme court for once said they were wrong and the first amendment prevailed. the first amendment constitutional violation went
4:56 am
out the window. >> finally, child farm labor versus auto bailout. >> tarp, you know the tarp legislation didn't contain any language to give money to the auto manufacturers and the president did it anyway. $80 billion. constitutional violation. put it up! to vote, go to our web site and vote today and throughout the weekend and we're going to continue sweet georgia steve. >> thank you very much. very nicely done. straight ahead, the unrest in ukraine is anything but fun and games. but you wouldn't know by looking at this. this selfy has the spokeswoman for the state department under fire this morning. yeah. and the mainstream media giving democrats another pass. geraldo rivera on top of that. geraldo, good morning to you. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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good morning. it is finally friday, the 28th of march, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. president obama hours away from meeting with the king of saudi arabia. will another moment like this do more damage here at home? geraldo rivera on deck to weigh in. meanwhile, remember when harry reid said this? >> lies. >> well, harry doesn't remember saying that. has the senate's top democrat completely gone unhinged? one of his former employees is here to explain coming up. all right. she makes millions of dollars to work a few weeks out of the year. but gwyneth paltrow says that's a lot harder than being a mom who works 9 to 5. really? really? mornings are better with friends. roll the animation.
5:01 am
>> this is the united states marine corps. you're watching "fox & friends"! >> take a look, we got geraldo rivera. >> good morning. i have been pretty busy on a major network television show that raises money for charity. >> are other people involved in this? >> other people are involved, yes. you can say that, brian. we're all in it for a good cause with a very flamboyant personality as the central figure. >> you got me stumped. >> geraldo will talk about the news of the day in just a moment. but right now let's turn to heather childers who is filling in for heather nauert. >> nice to be here. it's friday, yes. we begin with this, a fox news alert. moments ago, michigan congressman mike rogers announcing that he will not seek reelection in november. the seven-term republican making the announcement in an interview with the detroit radio station this morning. rogers, who also chairs the
5:02 am
house intelligence committee, says he will serve out the end of his term and then hopes to start a national radio program. also this moments ago, planes spotted what might be piece of flight 370 floating in the new search area of the indian ocean. crews are searching about 700 miles northeast of where they had been searching. the reason? it is now believed that the plane flew faster and it ran out of fuel earlier, so it didn't make it as far. we also learned the f.b.i. found very few clues on a pilot's flight simulator. they were trying to recover the files that he deleted just days before the jet vanished. and republican new jersey governor chris chris christie cd of wrongdoing in the scandal over traffic jams on the george washington bridge. that according to an internal investigation paid for, by the way, by cristie.
5:03 am
in a brand-new interview, he talked about the toll that all of this has taken on his family. >> our oldest son was home on break and he asked me, did do you this? it was a tough question that your son would ask you. and i said no. i didn't. and he said, i'm glad. >> federal authorities and state lawmakers are still investigating the scandal. and to another scandal of sorts, gwyneth paltrow, she has assistants, maids, nannies and more assistants. but for her, she thinks that moms who work 9 to 5 jobs, well, they have it so much easier. in a recent interview she said this, quote, when you're shooting a movie, they're like, we need you to go to wisconsin for two weeks and then you work 14 hours a day and that part of it is very difficult. i think to have a regular job
5:04 am
and be a mom is not as -- of course there are challenges, but it's not like being on set. poor gwennie. >> all right, thank you very much. >> we're going to ask the people. we're just exposing her words, so we're going to ask the american people what they thought, compare a 9 to 5er comparing going to manhattan to a big movie star. >> mary wrote us and said that's unfortunate that her life as a mom is so hard for her. i'm a regular mom and i'll be happy to trade with her. >> and renee says she's so far from what a regular mom is. she probably thinks playing regular mom in a movie is the gist of t. news flash, nobody else cut after a scene in my life. geraldo, read mine. >> kerry said, gwyneth needs a real job with kids. i know things are tough when the maid calls in sick on laundry day. i have to say, gwyneth went to the same high school as my
5:05 am
daughter and she is exactly the person that people love to hate. why? because she has everything. blythe danker mommy. her dad was a high roller. she was raised in elegance. married to a rock star, long lean legs. not too hard on the eyes. it's easy to say look, she has everything. but, you know, she's obviously had some tough moments. >> really? >> relatively speaking. >> what's a tough moment for her? >> when you stub your foot on those steps to get into the scene -- >> sometimes a stunt double bump noose your shoulder. >> that's right. you may miss that coffee break. your tea may be lukewarm. all kinds of things. >> we'll and minute gwyneth paltrow a little later. we've worldly man who has a rich background who also knows the middle east. let's bring up this topic. the president of the united states left the vatican, lands in saudi arabia.
5:06 am
this was put on his schedule to try to heal relations between the two nations and right now we're at a place where our persona, our profile is not at the all-time high point. what do you expect to happen today, geraldo? >> could i say the saudi arabiaian piece first? because i think the united states has invested far too much in saudi arabia. in this monarchy, ultraconservative monarchy, this religiously fanatic monarchy that has exported fundamentalist islam and bank rolled our enemies in pakistan and elsewhere. i think we have invested far too much. i think it's about time the united states distanced itself from saudi arabia. i pray the president does not offer the same extreme deference, let me put it that way, did he in 2009 to the saudi king. >> you know with a? it would be great if we were in a situation where we didn't need them. if we were drilling more in the united states, if we open up the shale fields, if we had the keystone pipeline, we wouldn't need them so much. >> i wish we had paid more
5:07 am
attention to the shiite aspect of the islamic faith rather than the sunni. i think we had bet too heavily on the sunni side. i think we could have used like the syrian iranian people, if we had worked with them more, perhaps more aggressively, if we had been more focused on being even handed in the region, maybe we could have done more. now we have a mess on our hands on both sides. >> when the president meets the king, are you worried we might have another moment with the bowing business? >> little things mean a lot. i always show deference with asian cultures and with arabian cultures. i also do a slight bow -- but it is a much more subtle thing. i do it in sushi restaurants. you don't have to overdo it. you're not like bowing to the violin concerto. >> but bowing to the king.
5:08 am
>> a nod is different than a bow. i hope he nods rather than bows. >> we want to look at this new poll. today compared to six years ago about how powerful we are. 52% believe that we are weaker and -- >> a bad month. >> just a year ago. >> but what is it that the president needs to do while he's on this trip? reagan's numbers were very different. he used to mention human rights. he used to mention soviet prisoners. >> the survey i saw compared us to 2002 and today. 2002, we were widely perceived by three fats of the world as the dominant power n. 2002, we had just begun our mobilization to wage war against al-qaeda and the taliban. the united states military was the armed force of the united states, were really gearing up. clearly i thought that was the perception. the erosion that has taken place
5:09 am
is in part obviously the aggression of russia and the emergence of putin as a competing power. there has definitely been -- >> it's a regional power. >> that may be true, but that's a different issue. but we've gone from the united states and russia way down here barely picking up the piece of its fractured empire to putin's aggression, seizes the crimean relative success in sochi, helps keep assad in power in syria. the united states, more muted in terms of where deescalating our military force. we're cutting back -- so i think there has been a coming together, but i still believe, and i think the survey indicates almost 60% of americans still believe the united states is the dominant power. i believe the united states is clearly the dominant power. just one more statistic. the united states economy is $17 trillion a year. the russian economy is $2 trillion a year. 17 to 2, we are still the dominant power in this world.
5:10 am
>> i thought you were talk being our debt for a second. >> that's another story, but a fair point, brian. >> condoleeza rice says there is a vacuum. there's a vacuum because we decided to lower our voice. we've decided to step back. we decide fundamental we step back and lower our voice, others will lead. how has that gone for us? >> it has not gone well. i think and i do not deny that at all. i do believe that in recent weeks by rallying angela merkel, the chancellor of germany and the nato powers to wake up to the threat posed by russia, not to us, but to its neighbors, the near abroad as the russians call it, i think we have finally woken up to that. i think putin, in my view, is checked. not check mate, but we have checked him. his move now, he's got forces on the ukrainian border. if he were to step over into eastern ukraine, ukraine proper, i think the united states must say that far and no further. >> i want to ask but journalism and mainstream media. there have been a couple of scandals in charlotte and a
5:11 am
senator in california. if you were watching the other channels, you would never know they were both democrats. of course, if the shoe were on the other foot, the first line would be, he's a republican. she's a republican. boom. >> there is no doubt -- and it is undeniable -- that the mainstream media is more liberal than anything else. there is an instinct among the liberal, probably mostly democratic mainstream media to portray republicans as hypocrites and -- >> evil doers. >> any time they sway from the church going family loving, you know, u.s. of a boosterring, they get skewered. there is no doubt about that. no one can realistically deny it. it's provable. rather than try to talk around it, we are protective of the -- and usually the politicians who
5:12 am
are robbing on the democratic side tend to be ethnic politicians as in this cases. the asian, china town guy taking money from the china town boss in san francisco. the black mayor of charlotte, so there is another politically correct reason to step over their real identification as democrats. >> in those cases, you would never know their party if you don't watch fox. >> that's right. we are the antidote to that particular problem. >> by the way that, a new suit? >> it is. >> looks great. >> thank you. >> went to a mall and pulled it out. >> that's right. >> good luck on that moonlighting job. >> whatever that job is. >> thank you. have a good weekend. >> it's going well? >> meanwhile, straight ahead, remember when harry reid said this? >> lies. >> harry says he can't remember saying that. >> isn't there a song -- >> is he losing his marbles? one of his former employees here
5:13 am
to explain. >> and if you're a politician, what are you supposed to do when a newspaper writes something you don't like? stay tuned. ♪ ♪ good job! still runnng in the morning? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. help keep teeth clean and breath fresh with beneful healthy smile snacks. with soft, meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture's dental that tastes so good. beneful healthy smilfood and snacks.
5:14 am
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5:16 am
funny, there was no mention of hail in the weather report. go & smell the roses! senate majority leader harry reid said crazy stuff this week. republicans caused the invasion in russia, of crimea. he also said americans are too dumb to use the internet. older folks are. and listen to this. >> since this was blocked by some republicans, these important sanctions have not
5:17 am
taken place. russian lawmakers voted to annex crimea and russian forces have taken over. there is some people who are not like my grandchildren, who can handle everything so easily on the internet. and these people need a little extra time. i have never come to the floor to my recollection, i never said a word about any of the examples that republicans have given. >> really? let's not forget the allegations that surfaced last night over his questionable campaign donations. has the senate's top democrat completely become unhinged? let's talk to his former communications advisor, she joinses from dc and republican political strategist, tony. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> penny, we were running sound bites earlier about how harry reid was calling the people who have the obamacare horror stories liars and then yesterday or day before he said i never called anybody a liar. what is going on with harry? >> i mean, the senator, as you well know, has always been a very plain spoken person, but
5:18 am
who is also not afraid to speak what is on his mind. even he would admit he's not the most masterful of orators. so the words maybe inartful. but what the truth is, is that he believes in certain fundamental things and he believes certain things need to be exposed, whether it be hypocrisy or the republicans object strucktive ways or their own misinterpretation. so he's one that's going to be plain spoken. like i said, sometimes it's not always going to be the most artful, but he's not going to be afraid of what he believes in. >> and tony, it doesn't sound like he's very truthful 'cause now he's saying, i never said i called anybody a liar. it sounds like he's lying about the lie. >> exactly. it's not plain spoken. he's attacking the american people. he's calling liars of those who have lost their health insurance, or had to go into obamacare plans that don't keep their doctors, don't keep their old plan, don't keep the coverage they need for whether it be cancer medication or other things. he's going after people. we understand harry reid is a
5:19 am
boxer, a tough fighter of the he's done it in the fast. he accused mitt romney essentially of a felony from the floor of the senate where he was protected against slander laws. we understand he's going to go after political opponents. he's not going after the american people like the koch brothers for expressing and engaging in their very american first constitutional right of free speech and expression and he's calling them unamerican for doing so. so penny, with all respect to you, and i understand you have a tough job, but harry reid has gone beyond the pale and he's done this in the past. it's gotten much more regular and much more pointed. i think it's really hurting democrats as we've seen in the polling. >> penny, i'll give you another word. >> i would just say, do you really think part of the american spirit for multi billionaires to go out and be able to spend hundreds of millions of dollars basically in the politics of political destruction? >> what about your liberal friend in california doing the same thing? george soros. >> i don't agree with it on either side. >> wait a minute. >> what i'm saying is it's really not in the american spirit. i don't think you and i would
5:20 am
agree it's in the american spirit to be able to put hundreds of millions -- individuals to be able to put hundreds of millions of dollars on the ad, really in negative sense. it's not about advancing a position. it is really about the personal destruction. >> and the american spirit when unions do it, penny? who have done it without regulation virtually for the entire time we've had up until citizens united -- >> you know with a? i got a feeling the two of you are going to disagree about the koch brothers. penny, the koch brothers spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to cure cancer. for him to call them unamerican, that seems a little weird. penny. hold on a second. penny, penny, so you're saying he's not crazy. he's just being harry? >> he's not a crazy man. he's a wonderful individual. >> democrats are going down, steve, and he's the skipper of the titanic and he's unhinged. >> tony and penny, thank you very much. >> thank you. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. he's not crazy. just being harry. coming up, can you picture
5:21 am
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quick headlines now. big development in texas. federal appeals court upholding the toughest abortion restrictions in the country, saying they do not put women's health in jeopardy. they sparked a 12-plus hour filibuster by democratic state senator wendy davis. a new study released this hour says people who are married are 5% less likely to develop heart disease. those who are single, well, prepare to die quickly. the findings are even stronger for those under the age of 50.
5:25 am
anna? believe it or not, spring is finally here and warm weather is just around the corner. if you're dreaming about lounging by the water, we have great option. joining me is author of the best selling book "find it, fix it, flip it", robert cover -- corbett. good morning. >> good morning. we've had a miserable winter. according to trulia, people are searching for something a little bit more relaxing and a little bit warmer. waterfront, one of the top home searches right now. so i found a couple that i think are really fantastic. >> and the first one you say we can do a lot of outdoor are entertaining. where is it and what is it? >> this one is in rogers, arkansas. it's $300,000. this is all about outdoor living on your deck overlooking the lake. this is a fantastic property. it's four bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, 3800 square feet.
5:26 am
a picture perfect street setting, open floor plan, two level living area, spacious kitchen, fireplace. this has a wonderful setting and a view that is to die for. and the whole thing is only going to cost $1,500 a month, including taxes and insurance right now. >> nice. sitting on the dock of the lake. i think that's supposed to be bay. let's head to the sunshine state. we can get a great spot for less than $280,000. >> yeah, that's right. in tampa, florida, this one, unbelievable outdoor living. it's on a private waterway. it's got a dock. it's got a beautiful pool and spa area, three bedrooms, three baths, 2300 square feet. this is a short sale looking for back ups. it's going to go fast. it's got a big kitchen, stainless steel appliances, big master. a dock with two jet ski ramps, two outdoor areas for dining and grilling. this is amazing outdoor living. >> yeah. if you're really a big-time
5:27 am
boater, you've got a great option for us in texas, too. >> absolutely. in mineola, texas, this one, i love this one. this is all about boating, being outdoors. it's 299,900. it's a waterfront that has a beautiful dock, a gorgeous outdoor deck, three bedrooms, two baths. it's a ranch style house, 2400 square feet. it's got an enormous deck outside where you're indoor-outdoor living, work room, here is what's great, your dock has an electric hoist and that lake is stocked with bass. so grab your fishing pole and let's head down there. >> yeah. absolutely. anybody who buys any of these three house, call me, 'cause i'd love to be your friend. michael corbett, thank you for your time today. >> thank you. 27 minutes after the hour. breaking news, this morning the head of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, just announced he's not running for
5:28 am
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pope francis and president obama met for the first time today together and prayed. they prayed together. said obama, lord, please help me accept the things i cannot change, which is everything. >> but he does change a lot through executive orders. >> he does. >> coming up, we got the weekend sunday. you know what we'll be watching in the morning? >> joel osteen? >> that guy right there! chris wallace. look at that, there it is. chris, how are you? >> i'm good. >> what did you think about the pope and the president yesterday >> look, it's always fascinating to see and over the years you see it a lot, generally
5:33 am
speaking, it's a photo op. they have a nice meeting. president basks in the reflective glory of the upon active and -- pontiff and this one particularly who replaced obama as the great superstar in the world. having said that, the only one i could think of that really was very consequential and i remember it 'cause i was covering it was when ronald reagan met with pope john paul and it turned out that secretly that they had agreed to try to undercut the soviet union. i suspect it was nothing of that consequence that happened yesterday. >> indeed. >> meanwhile, we do have a fox news alert. mike rogers, chairman of the house intelligence committee, has made it official. he will not seek reelection. he's retiring and going into talk radio. chris, what impact does this have? he was one of the most respected intelligence guys on capitol hill with that f.b.i. background. >> well, i'm genuinely surprised
5:34 am
by this. i certainly had no inkling of it and i think it's just a coincidence that he's going to be one of our guests on fox news sunday. i would hate to think that somebody gets booked on fox news sunday and then decides they don't want to spend any more time in congress. but we'll certainly ask him about it. it's a surprise. you're exactly right. one of the most respected people on capitol hill, a real heavyweight when it came to national security issues, intel. we're still planning, we'll ask him about the build-up of russian troops and ukraine where they have talked about it being exercise. now they're talking about 80,000 being there. also the missing plane, and we'll talk about mike rogers' future. >> this is good because we're almost out of radio talk show hosts. so we need more. >> i don't think you should feel threatened, brian, much. >> he's been a huge champion of trying to get to the bottom everything that happened in
5:35 am
benghazi. but chris, this is just one of several retirements announced. what's going on on capitol hill? >> well, it's not unusual, anna, for, as you get close to the end of a term -- i think part of the problem on capitol hill is that nothing gets done. and so people are just plain frustrated with the lack of progress, with the lack of legislating. i must say, and i've been here more than 35 years, i'm generally very impressed with the members of congress. it isn't that easy a job. a lot of them could make more money in the private sector. i think they really come here to do good. i think a lot of them are frustrated because there is such gridlock in washington, both in the house and senate. nothing gets done. i don't know if that's what's the case with mike rogers. maybe he just wants to take on brian kilmeade and his radio show. >> could be. >> that monster that you can not stop, that huge force. but chris, there is another thing going on on capitol hill and we just had senator mark
5:36 am
begich. there are senators offering fixes to obamacare. where were they in the fall? what do you think is going on here? >> well, i think you're exactly right. there are a bunch of them there. if you look at the guy, the lower left hand, angus king of maine, who is a so-called independent, but also works with the democrats, he's going to be on our show and one of the things we want to ask him is exactly that. what are these changes? why do you feel you need them? and why now because it does sure seem for a lot of them that they're doing this because obamacare has become a big political burden and this allows them to go out and say, we're not satisfied either and we want to make changes. we'll talk to senator king, independent/democrat, and also john barrasso of wyoming, a republican who is also a doctor and very opposed to obamacare. >> a lot of them are worried about keeping their job. clearly we've seen the spin from democrats go from obamacare to embrace it, to neutralize it, to
5:37 am
say it's flawed and run from it and say you're going to fix it. is this the final straw here, is this the last one we're going to see? >> well, we've got a few months between now and the election. so let's see how desperate they get. but clearly they feel that just go in there and defending obamacare is not enough because people are unhappy with certain parts of it. i know the big talk today is about the fact that 6 million-plus signed up. and that's a good number. and more power to them. they've gotten people to sign up. but what we still don't know how many people actually paid, because if you didn't pay, you don't have health care. how many were actually uninsured previously, 'cause that was all the point of this, to get uninsured health coverage, and how many of the young invincibles, 35% to be in that group, or the cost factor, the risk pool doesn't work. so the 6 million is a good number, but there are a lot of internals we still don't know. can i just say, it's very interesting that the administration kept saying, we just don't have those figures.
5:38 am
now suddenly, guess what? they have those figure. >> now they're in the neighborhood. it's interesting, brian mentioned a moment ago that he interviewed senator begich talking about it and it's clearly poll driven. this is clearly a strategy the democrats have come up with regarding okay, i want to fix it. here is the senator. >> since it passed, i've always looked at this bill as not perfect and we need to continue to make changes. we've done some changes already. i think it's just the political environment, it's so toxic, i just wish we could get to legislating and focus on what we want to tweak here. i'm going to be working with republicans as i always do in this body, to try to find those folks that want to help us change the program and make it better for consumers and businesses with or without the poll numbers. that's irrelevant to me. it's about making a difference. i have. >> so these guys are going to go back home and say look, i want to change it. but harry reid is not going to bring anything up. so what's the point? >> well, you know, it's sort of like the old saying, when they say it's not about the money, it's about the money.
5:39 am
when they say it's not about the poll numbers, it's about the poll numbers. and it allows him to go and make exactly those talking points. i want to legislate. i want to work with republicans. but you're exactly right. harry reid says he's not even going to bring it up. you know why? 'cause he knows if you take that sweater with the little loose piece of yarn there and people start tugging on it, the whole sleeve might come off. so he's very reluctant to do that. this is a lot about reelection. >> that happened to me, to a sweater i got at an army navy store and i didn't think it was possible. so i know it's not just an example. i want to bring to you a poll and talk about -- >> do you not have this show booked? the fact that you've been talking to me -- you're a lot more interested in me than you usually are. >> we actually did have time for one more question, but not anymore. >> let's toss over to heather. we're done. >> no, no. we can talk. look, i love talking to you guys. but i can tell something --
5:40 am
brian left. i drove brian away again? >> chris v a good weekend. >> watch fox news sunday. >> i'm not done yet. what are you talking about? >> heather has a look at the headlines. >> you don't want me to do the weather. i'll say it's warm outside. so let's get to this. we're going to talk about chickens. farmers now threatening to put you out of business. the obama administration just announcing that it put the lesser prairie chicken -- that's the name of it -- on a list of threatened species. the move limits ranching, farming and building on the birds' habitat, which is in kansas and parts of oklahoma, colorado, new mexico and texas. so you need to know about that. a newspaper editor crying fowl, because the state senator proposed making the paper shell
5:41 am
out 150,000 bucks for being one of the top polluters in the country. well, it just so happens that the republican law maker, dawn vetten, had been subject of critical articles in that same newspaper. but bitten says that the negative press has nothing to do with it. he says the newspapers are polluting the storm drains. to the ukraine now, the state department under fire this morning because of this. what do you think? spokeswoman posted this photo smiling and giving a thumbs up while holding a sign that reads, #unitedforukraine. critics say that the photo from america's chief diplomatic perch is embarrassing. here is some of the comments that you've had to say. matt tweeting, remember when winston churchill saved britain with the #victory? that was super productive. and george saying, george w. bush had stealth bombers make daring midnight raids to enforce
5:42 am
foreign policy. president obama has hash tags. and those are a look at your headlines. >> not the weather, but somebody who does have the weather for us is our meteorologist, maria molina. good morning. >> hi, good morning to all of you. we have severe weather that we're expecting today. there's a slight risk that's been issued by the storm prediction center, from parts of texas and farther east into parts of western alabama and the florida panhandle. we are looking at the potential for large hail, damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes from some of these storms. otherwise that storm system is going to head east and all along parts of the eastern half of the country, you're going to be seeing areas of rain throughout the weekend and quite heavy at times. there even is a chance for localized flooding. some areas could see several inches of rain and some snow across new england and there is a look at your high temperatures. well into the 80s for del rio. upper 50s in new york city. let's head back inside. >> it's finally going to feel like spring today. thank you. coming up straight ahead, black conservatives under attack of the wait 'til you hear what happened to juan williams' son
5:43 am
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5:46 am
time for news by the numbers. first, $70,000. that's how much this teen-ager was awarded after school officials forced her to hand over her facebook password because of a comment she made on-line. the ruling? her constitutional rights were violated. next, zero. that's how many waffle tacos people in canada will be eating. so sad. that's because taco bell's president says the country won't be getting the breakfast item until they take justin bieber back. finally, 15%. that's the percentage of the 41,000 pedestrians treated yearly who are texting while walking. >> got to see where you're going. meanwhile, today is friday and that means we've had a full week of interesting moments here on
5:47 am
"fox & friends." if you missed any of it, here is a look at some of it. >> are you ready for this? >> hulk hogan is set to return to the ring. but first he's got to get past this couch. >> i'm ready. >> he's still a hulk. >> incredible. >> he's going to put his -- >> just feel them. i touched hulk hogan. i'm never going to wash my hands. >> i'm going into traffic. >> are you insured? >> oh, boy. we got a skateboarder. >> brian, there is a reason she's winning the gold medals. >> you have athletes. >> all in the green room at the same time. >> you never know. >> it's a zoo. >> much like the greenroom with "special report." they do a lot of animals with bret baier. >> maybe not. >> a good thing there is no draft to make you shave that beard. >> no, no, no. >> what would the dictators do,
5:48 am
look like on steve and brian? ♪ ♪ >> maria molina, she's saluting -- >> i got over 2500 retweets because everybody loves the state of texas. >> i need you to do my social media for me. >> do you want me to say mr. olympian for you? >> you can say whatever you want >> the first time ever doing animation. >> thanks for the serious question. i think i know who is the fox and who is the friend. >> i don't watch the nightly news 'cause i'm usually busy or in a tank top working out somewhere. >> it's getting good. >> tank town. >> tank you. >> more "fox & friends" in just a moment. >> this is that moment. >> it is.
5:49 am
>> more "fox & friends." that was the week that was. goes right to the museum of broadcasting. we have a courier. >> but wait, we still are 12 more minutes because coming up, black conservatives under attack. wait until you hear what happened to juan williams' son when he tried to start a balanced debate. first let's check in with martha for what's coming up at the top of the hour. good morning. >> governor governor christie will do an interview this morning. we'll see how the findings will hold up when the feds release their information. we're going to ask him. that's moments away. what is the impact on the 2016 race for the gop? that is up as well. and war looking more likely than ever on the ukraine border. what will the president do? ralph peters is here on that and bill and i will see you soon at play close. good and close. help keep teeth clean and breath fresh with beneful healthy smile snacks.
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with soft, meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture's dental that tastes so good. beneful healthy smilfood and snacks.
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follow this, a senior editor of one of america's most influential african-american publications, ebony magazine, exposing her true colors this morning. she spent all day yesterday on twitter insulting black conservatives. she started the debate on her own, complaining about an on-line magazine founded by dr. ben carson. when a black conservative and son of fox news contributor juan williams tried to enter that debate, this was her response. quote, oh, great. here comes a white dude telling me how to do this black thing. pass. williams, who is also the deputy press secretary of the rnc, is not white. he is black. and the senior editor followed up by saying this: i forgot that tweeting something about a conservative is like leaving a cookie out in a house full of roaches and turning the lights
5:54 am
off. wow. that wasn't the apology i thought this was heading -- he joins us right now. were you surprised about the anger that came your direction? >> i was very surprised by it. it caught me off guard. i thought i was just making a point about diversity of thought and promoting that in the black community and i got attacked for it. that caught me very much off guard. >> so it got caught offguard. you asked for an apology and you said, i was looking at -- she did apologize this way. i was looking at your "avatar" without blowing it up, i apologize for that. however, i care about nothing you have to say. that's the worst apology i've ever saw. >> well, i don't really think that's a real apology because what is at issue is i'm trying to promote diversity of thought and opinion. i think that's what made america great. what she's doing is saying oh, if you were white, i still would have dismissed your claim. i think my point stands on their own. that's why conservatives were rallying around me yesterday is
5:55 am
because they saw this as a slight against conservatism and i think america is built for debate. it's the first amendment, i think. >> you hear a lot of that from senator scott. you hear about that from allen west and now you're getting backlash. today there is some news and the rnc is not taking this sitting down and they're backing you up. the head of rnc is demanding an apology. and for dismissing black republicans and the validity of their opinions in public discourse. i guess it feels good to be backed up. what do you expect to come from this? >> i'm hoping that they can issue an apology and i'm also hoping that they'll allow me to write a guest piece in ebony talking about the value of diversity of thought and the value of different ideas and how engaging with them actually makes everybody stronger and helps everybody. i that i that's a real big thing. i think it will be important for readers of ebony to hear how
5:56 am
they're not hearing both sides and it will be educational. >> how is your dad reacting? >> he's been very supportive. watching out for his son. i really appreciated all his advice and kind of talking me through all. he's been through his fair share of crises. >> he's been attacked as well. although you differ on many issues, you obviously love each other and support each other. i'm curious if ebony will step up and do the right thing. thank you for joining us and doing the right thing. >> thank you very much. >> more "fox & friends." we'll wrap up the entire week when we return. food brand... ...with dha and essential nutrients also found in mother's milk. purina puppy chow.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
ainsley and i have enjoyed filling in and join us this weekend. clayton is here. >> thank you so much for having me. coming up this weekend on the show, a high school basketball player who is also legally
6:00 am
blind, how does he do that? dolly parton will join us here on the show. and schools now allowed to sue bullies if they see them in their midst. that's all coming up this weekend. >> and it starts at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> and goes 'til 10 a.m. >> out of time. bill: a fox news alert. is russia on the edge of an invasion. a massive buildup on the ukraine border. it has brought on concerns of an invasion. martha: russia is calling these buildups just military exercises. the pentagon is worried about russia setting the stage for something potentially much bigger. president obama urged the


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