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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 27, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> bud light in the vending machine, 5kopp's custard, 0 cal >> my cohort and friend. >> potatoes and guinness, like that one too. >> wee lad. >> thank you for joining us. >> i'm bill hemmer, here is gretchen. see you tomorrow on friday. >> we start with fox news alert today. there's new action on obamacare sparked by concerns on upcoming elections. hi, i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story." live on capitol hill. dems pushing new legislation. they say it fixes obama care. joe manchin of west virginia will join me just a few minutes from now to explain this new bill. house and senate both backing measures to help cash strapped ukraine and stick russia with sanctions. a new version expected to arrive at the white house today. amid growing concerns about russia's military buildup along
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ukrainian border. pentagon monitoring that closely. defense secretary chuck hagel saying he's been assured by soldiers from moscow the soldiers are there for training exercises and nothing more. >> i asked him specifically why the russian were building up their western border and asked him specifically what their suspensions were. he told me that they had no intention of closing a border into ukraine. >> meantime nato supreme commander briefing lawmakers on the gravity of the situation. while the pentagon said it has no plans to take military action, u.s. ambassador last week ruling nothing out. >> we are prepared to take additional steps if russian aggression or russian provocations continue. >> no word yet on what those
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additional steps might be. so stay tuned to this story. now to the mystery of flight 370 as investigators continue to search for any signs of wreckage hoping to learn why and how the plane went so far off course. today new satellite pictures showing hundreds of objects, maybe 300 of them floating in the southern indian ocean. one piece roughly the size of a wing but search teams have yet to find anything. one rescuer examining and explaining challenges of this vast search. >> it is a little disheartening. you know this will be a difficult mission and you know it will go on for a very long time. but we've done some work when it's just us, what for us is a similar type task. in the south pacific you might be looking for a single canoe in the vastness of the pacific and we do find them. there's always hope for us. that's what keeps us going. >> joining us scott miller head
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of scc aeronautics and former pilot for northwest airlines. great to see you, scott. >> thank you. nice to be hoyer. >> lets focus on this latest find by thai satellite. supposedly 300 objects, one of which may be the size of a wing. what do you make of it. >> i've seen the pictures early this morning. they do resemble what you would expect to see with aircraft accident debris field. but of course, until we actually get eyes on the wreckage, either from an aircraft or hopefully actually be able to recover pieces, we won't be able to conclusively identify them as an aircraft until we do that. those pictures look promising and definitely warrant the look we're giving it right now. >> it's interesting. when they call it objects similarly to the other side of life a few days ago that also saw 100 some objects, does that terminology mean more to you than, say, if it was other
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debris? >> well, no. i appreciate the caution they are using here. we have to be very careful we don't put too much hope into thinking this is, in fact, the site. identifying these pieces as objects i think accomplishes that. i do believe it's an anomaly to have a collection of objects, shall we say in the ocean like this, the area we believe the aircraft may have gone down. i think we're being a little cautious here. now that we're narrowing down the area to look, if we can get some cooperation with the weather in that area, i think we have a good chance of identifying those objects. >> as an investigator and somebody who knows much more about this than just a layperson, is it also important to couple that information with seeing these objects with the fact this is the range in which the fuel may have run out? >> exactly. the immarsat satellite analysis that the engineers and mathematicians did put the aircraft in this area, that this
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area is consistent with the range the aircraft would have had with the fuel. now that we're finding these large object fields, it's all starting to perhaps come together. >> what do you make of the report that was in "usa today," a high-level source apparently saying it looks as if the only person after scrubbing all the identities of the passengers and crew, the only person who may have been responsible for whatever happened to this plane was the pilot? >> well, it's again a little too hard to call at this point. there are two pilots in the cockpit, the captain and the first officer. it would have to be a very strange and complex set of events that may allow that to happen. the thing that has been strange, typically with aircraft investigation, even the smallest of facts as they start to come in typically helps you narrow the focus. unfortunately we haven't seen that in this particular accident. as we do get bits and pieces it
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expands the focus. i believe until we're able to locate cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder, that's what we need to really be able to solve this. >> that's a big if. scott miller, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> of course weather hampering search teams trying to track down debris seen in those new imanswer from the thai satellite. the images show hundreds of objects which may be wreckage from the plane. clarity better than the first ones from the australians. chief meteorologist rick, why did it become so hard to find them. >> the satellite images we first started getting out of the area, they were grainy, you can see them. initially australians analyzed and came out with. it's very difficult to detect that. now hutch higher imagery focused on that and we're getting great
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images. that's a great sign of the other thing to deal with, this is visible satellite. the satellite up above has to take a look during daylight hours. they have 12 hours to get a scan going across that. it there's cloud cover, you're not going to see anything on the surface of the water. these kinds of images when it can go over at a time there were no clouds, that's great. i will tell you weather wise, a big problem over the last several days. this weather map as you move forward here, a little bit of clearing. at least clearing from rain. i think those swells in the ocean are going to go down a little bit. there's still light clouds out there and lower clouds to make it harder to get that visible -- that visual look. things are looking a little better for the next few days. >> fascinating to think it can't go through the clouds. they have to have good weather, hampering rescue mission. rick, thanks so much for that explanation. we're going to go to another map of mudslide. rick will stick around to talk about this. oopsy daisy.
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this in oregon caught on camera hitting wilson river highway near glenwood. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> holy -- >> oh, my god. >> you'll be all right. >> jesus, look at that coming down the hill. >> hundreds of yards and dirt and debris blanketing the highway. what are the conditions that make these mudslides keep happening in the west. >> it's interesting. this is one of the problems that form mudslide in general, the valley and low-lying hills. the ground is very sandy and it is prone to that. they have also in the month of march had record breaking rainfall. seattle is likely going to hit its wettest march you've ever seen, which says something when you talk about a place like seattle. they have had so much rain and this mudslide we've been dealing with across areas north of oregon. if you go to the maps, we have more rain coming back into this area unfortunately. in fact, we're going to see heavy rain over the next few
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days. there's one other thing going on. where that mudslide happened and removed all of those homes, wiped them off the map, that formed a big dam. everything upstream from that is flooding because the water isn't able to get through. there's a number of homes under water. below that the water is much lower. the river is very low. there's a big concern that dam then, that mudslide that created the dam, could give way and rapidly flood the homes below. it's making it difficult as they are doing all the searching they are trying to do, they still have weather and an unstable pack of ground they are having to deal with. >> thanks again for that explanation. rick, good to see you. fox news alert, west virginia senator joe manchin joining me in just a few minutes to talk about health care. we told you about the secret service agents that were sent home from the president's trip in europe for misbehaving. we'll now hear about the warning they were given before the party
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started. boston firefighters remembering two of their own lost in a devastating fire. we will have a live report. fireworks on capitol hill as the irs dheef tells lawmakers it could take years to turn over lois lerner's e-mails. will it really take that long? more importantly, why? congressman jason chaffetz joins us live exclusively next. >> this is a partisan witch hunt, which has already cost the irs more than $14 million.
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fox news alert because there's new action on obamacare on the hill. we're waiting to hear enrollment numbers in just a few minutes. meantime there are some changes like making it more affordable by offering a so-called copper plan, a new lower cost high-deductible option that will spur competition. they also, this group of
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democrats, want to allow states to be able to sell across state lines. expand option for voluntary coverage for businesses with fewer than 100 workers. right now i believe it's for 50. they want to make enrollment easier by allowing folks to sign up directly with insurance companies. one of the democrats behind this new proposal, senator joe manchin of west virginia and he joins me now. great to see you, senator. >> good to be with you, gretchen. how are you? >> i'm doing just fine. there's a lot this group of senators, all democrats in red states, all up for re-election. >> i'm not. >> except for you. tell me exactly what the copper plan is? to me it sounds a lot like catastrophic plans people lost because of the obamacare that the president called bad apples at one point in time. >> bottom line i've said from day one, we have to physical it. we have to have insurance and have to have people healthier. have to be responsible, too. we can't force products into the
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market where the market isn't going to accept them. that's what's been happen. it will take a year or so to sort this out. a transitional year is out. we have moderate, reasonable people who sat down and we have an awful lot of republican colleagues hole join us on this and responsible changes now. that's what we're hoping for. the copper plan is basically we had gold, silver, bronze, now we have the copper plan, which gives a younger person who basically is healthier and living a healthier lifestyle a chance to have something more affordable. >> i guess you're hoping more young people will sign up because that has been a challenge through the beginning of obamacare. >> if we can just get the administration to understand you have to give incentives, rewards, give them a reason, discount to sign up early. don't say sign up by this date. we did everything possible, myself and mark kirk had the only bipartisan bill to start with six months ago. we're getting people together
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now, a group of senator from the democratic side working, we'll be working with our colleagues on the republican side. we said, lets fix it. lets repair and fix it and make it work. >> i think a lot of struggles with obamacare come from people who own small businesses. one of the mandates if you have 50 or more employees, you were forced to go into these health care plans. one of the ten either of your bill changes that dramatically, right? >> it does. you're listening to the market now. the market should dictate, which is what we've always said. we'll adjust what we can and figure what we can afford. this was done -- they pushed -- i wasn't here when it happened. lets repair. lets take building blocks we agree on and repair. now we're finding things we want to change. there's also, gretchen, an important issue. when a husband and wife works for the same company, rather than having 29 or 30 hours and they have to cover you, now you can lump the amount of time your
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husband and wife together so they have a fulltime coverage. >> that's important because a lot of employers were considering cutting people's hours because they didn't want to fall into these mandates. >> you got it. >> i've got to ask you, senator, have you talked to senator reid and have you talked to the white house about this? senator harry reid, i don't know, is he going to bring it to the floor? >> senator reid understands quite well there needs to be changes. if you can't meet the deadlines, you know really the consumer is not willing to accept the product. we're trying to basically change the product. >> is he going to bring it to the floor, though? have you spoken to him? >> we have spoken to him, yes, sir -- yes, ma'am. we've spoken to harry about it and the leadership that there needs to be substantial changes and these are good, honest, qualified changes that need to happen. i'll be surprised if he didn't but we'll see. >> what about the white house? have you spoken -- i know you met with president obama and been in constant dialogue, is the white house signed onto this? >> wait a minute.
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you must have me confused with somebody else. >> there were a group of democrats that went and spoke to the president about obamacare challenges they were facing with their constituents. i'm wondering if the white house a has signed off on this bill? >> i can't answer. i would hope they would look at the reasonable changes we're trying to m fits american public. people want health care, affordable health care, they would like to keep what they have, stay healthy, have incentives and rewards. we're trying to bring people together. we've been fighting long enough. we've been separating people long enough. democrats and republicans need to come together as americans and fix the health care basically we need in this country. >> all right. the bill you believe senator harry reid will bring it to the floor. we will keep a close eye on this. senator joe manchin, we appreciate your time today. thank you so much. >> thank you, gretchen, appreciate it. >> what's the difference between weeks or years when it comes into the investigation of irs targeting of conservative groups. well, a heck of a lot if you're trying to get to the bottom of
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the scandal. irs claiming that process will take years infuriating house republicans. >> lois lerner won't talk to out. she'll talk to the people who put her in jail but she won't talk to us and the guy who can give us e-mails won't give us e-mails. >> whether or not you think we need something or we ought to have it or that we're on a wild goose chase, frankly, i could care less what you think about that. our subpoena is our subpoena. if you don't like it, move to quash it. >> we have a duly issued subpoena you comply with it. it's not optional. >> congressman chaffetz who you saw there on the latter end of that joins us live. congressman, you were fired up yesterday. when you found out e-mails subpoenaed from the irs, they are not going to take weeks to get into your hands, they could take years. why? >> there is absolutely no excuse for it, gretchen. what do you think if the irs issued a subpoena to somebody in the united states, do you think they have the option of complying with it?
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do you think they would say it's going to take me years to give you that information. no. in one sentence under a subpoena we ask for e-mails and limited amount of time on lois lerner. we go to the e-mail obamacare, see what you sent out, what came in and produced that for us on a disk. for the irs commissioner to suggest that would take years to do is laughable. he has no intention of complying with that subpoena. wing we should seriously look at holding the commissioner in contempt of congress. >> that's interesting. i was just going to ask you is there any way for congress to speed up. would you throw lois lerner into that. >> i think we ought to get guts and hold people accountable. subpoenas are not optional in the united states of america. when you have a duly issued subpoena, have you to comply with it. that's the law. people in the united states don't have this type of option. it's not optional. comply with the law. congress is going to have to get
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more serious enforcing these, holding people in contempt and getting documents. we're doing a serious investigation. we have a right to have these materials. they have to be produced. >> why not give lois lerner immunity? >> we don't know what she wants immunity from. she says she's done nothing wrong. why should we have to negotiate this? she goes out and tries to plead the fifth. she leaks the information, at the center of the information, why should we grant her immunity, there's no reason to do that. she may have done something terribly wrong. she may have done nothing wrong. come talk to congress about it. >> give me a time line, congressman. i only have a couple of seconds. give me a time line. when might this contempt happen? >> the subpoena issued february 14th, yesterday march 26th, irs commissioner confirmed to the united states congress he has no intention of complying wit. we should do that as soon as we possibly can. >> keep us posted and thanks so
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much for joining us on the "the real story," congressman chaffetz. >> storm chaser risking their lives to get close to tornadoes have a new shield. you don't want to miss this thing. the new shield that will help them get even closer to the eye of the storm. right back with a live report. this is for you. ♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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story," a team of storm chasers built an armor plated chase vehicle that will be a key to data collection. it allows them to get as close as possible to storms and most importantly stay safe. more from marshalltown. garrett, you're in my neck of the woods up there, close to minnesota. what did you find out? >> the great midwest, gretchen. it is amazing. just 18 months ago, this massive
11:26 am
tank on wheels, it was just a commercial van. now just take a look at it. this massive thing is built to get as close as it possibly can to tornadoes. it's 9,000 pounds of armor plated steel. it has hi drawlics on it that drops heavy steel to protect from all the debris that can get kicked around as you get closer to those tornadoes. and it will keep this thing from getting flipped over all together. take a look on the inside. they have got switches, computer screens here. that's going to allow them to use these video cameras. up here on the front you've got go pros as well as hatches on the side. they hooked up cameras over here. they are going to be able to live stream that onto the internet, people at home know when these twisters are, when to take cover and record video that will be sent to researchers so
11:27 am
they can know just how tornadoes work and hopefully build better homes that withstand tornado force winds. gretchen. >> hey, you did a fantastic job. i get the sense it's raining there. your great cameraman, i think it's cameraman, is better at windex than most people i've seen around the house. >> he's good, gretchen. he's good. >> there he goes. love that new thing. thanks. a fox news alert for you now. we're just a couple minutes away from learning how many americans signed up for obamacare. did they hit the 7 million mark? we'll tell you. plus an internal revenue clears governor chris christie of anything wrongdoing in the george washington bridge lane closu closure. our political panel talks about it. cracking down on what they deem to be troublesome tattoos. what happens if you already have
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fox news alert obamacare hitting another milestone. administration saying just now they have surpassed 6 million signups. of course they originally hoped to have 7 million people by the end of the month a few days away. ed henry traveling with the president in rome. even over there he gets his hands on the numbers. ed, what do you know? >> good to see you, gretchen. you're right. that's the bottom line. the administration can claim they are making progress, reaching 6 million people through private insurance, basically state and federal exchanges. that is short of the original 7 million goal for signups that had come through from the congressional budget office, number one. number two you remember cath line sebelius, health and human service secretary said that would be her measure of success. they revised that down and said 6 million would be the new goal. they now reached that. the president had a conference call while traveling in italy with health care navigators with those people who try to help
11:33 am
people get onto with the deadline approaching, they got a little extra time. they got 430,000 calls to the call centers and 1.5 million visitors to yesterday alone. bottom line, though, is, we have to point out. there's two key numbers the white house is not giving us still. number one, how many people have actually paid for their insurance premiums. this is how many -- 6 million signed up. how many have paid and actually have insurance. we don't know that yet. secondly we don't know how many of these 6 million people were uninsured before. how many people have been kicked off plans and now joined through exchanges. it's good they have insurance but might not have been insured before. those are the numbers. >> now that you did math, we'll be back with you in a minute to talk about the president and pope. >> can't wait. >> another fox news alert, efforts on some democrats to change obamacare. they say they are offering a series of fix toss make it work
11:34 am
together. will senate majority leader harry reid bring that to the floor. senator joe manchin appearing on the show moments ago. >> senator reid understands quite well there needs to be changes. if you can't make the deadlines, you know that the consumer is not willing to accept the product. we're trying to basically change the product. >> is he going to bring it to the floor, though? have you spoken to him. >> we have spoken to him, yes, sir -- yes, ma'am. we have spoken to harry and the leadership, that there needs to be substantial changes. these are good, honest, qualified changes to happen. i'll be surprised if he didn't but we'll see. >> what about the white house. joining us now fox news contributor and bernard whitman, former pollster for president clinton and democratic strategist. all right, bernard. is harry reid going to bring this tore floor? >> i certainly hope he does and here is why. these proposals are great. i'm a huge fan of mark werner and other senators.
11:35 am
a make sense. one, having a copper plan available for consumers. i support that. >> that already existed. that already existed. that was the bad apple plan the president wanted to get rid of, this high catastrophic-type insurance. >> low premium, high deductible. we need to offer that to consumers. this plan, obamacare in general is a great start. it's not an end to itself, it's a means to an end. >> why didn't they do it that way to begin w why didn't they allow people to keep plans to begin with. >> the whole idea is so cynical when you think about democrats pretending this is a legitimate strategy when even senator manchin himself say can't offer any bills with obamacare. the president doesn't want legislative fixes. why did they not put the copper plan in the first place, they called these predatory plans. the idea was to get young people off cheap plans and have to buy into bronze and silver plans to
11:36 am
fund the expansion of medicaid, which is essentially what obamacare is. >> the whole point of obamacare is to bring down health care cost and cover more people. that's exactly what is happening. by increasing choice -- increasing competition and allowing, for example, looking at models to have insurance be sold across state lines, these are fixes that make sense. >> not fixes talking about. >> speaking of elections, i've got to get to this. the race for the white house chris christie had to say not, about a presidential bid. take a listen. >> i certainly am not at this point going to make any decision on it. >> we said you never ruled it out at this point. >> i won't at this point. there's certainly nothing that happened in the last number of months since we talked about this the last time that would make me think any differently about my ability to be able to pursue that job or perform in it. >> except for the bridge scandal, which ironically today,
11:37 am
tony, the first report that came out has cleared, exonerated governor chris christie. so my question to you is, if he's exonerated completely, will the media give him a fair shake? a lot of people would argue during this whole scandal some people didn't. >> absolutely not. i think the media will continue to target chris christie because he's the biggest threat to the democratic party and potential bid of hillary clinton. we've seen internal report that came out saying chris christie didn't know about it, only bridget kelly had something to do with this, number one. number two, even the more hostile investigation done by senate democrats in new jersey said chris christie had nothing to do with it after reviewing hundreds of thousands of communications. to think it's long-term -- >> not quite. chris christie's former bff david wildstein also said today that, in fact, he told the governor on 9/11. the governor conveniently forgot
11:38 am
that conversation. he's on record saying he told the governor. here is the problem, it exposed chris christie as a bully. whether he directed it, knew about it, lying about it, i'm not sure. as we said before he's created a culture where it was okay for people around him and his bloi he's to use bullying tactics to extract concessions. >> a fair shake exonerated, a lot of news going on, have to say tata. a thai satellite detecting hundreds of objects float in the indian ocean as the pilot's son speaks finally breaking the family's silence. jennifer griffin with the latest from the d.c. bureau. jennifer, what is the son of the pilot now saying about his dad? >> gretchen, as you said, it's the first time we heard from any of the pilot's family members. today his 26-year-old son defended his father.
11:39 am
he told the newspaper all the speculation his father caused the plane to disappear is unfounded. quote, i've read everything online but i've ignored all the speculation. i know my father better. we may not be as close as he travels so much, but i understand him. the pilot was in the courtroom on march 8th, the malaysian courtroom, gretchen, the same day he flew when well-known malaysian opposition leader, who he supported was sentenced to jail for sodomy widely viewed as trumped up charges by the government. the p 3 orion search plane will return to japan and be replaced by poseidon, a more sophisticated plane. weather has been a factor for the planes. we're told search planes are slated to take off in the coming hours. greatest breakthrough, newly released thai satellite photos that show 200 objects spread
11:40 am
across 125 miles in the same area where other satellite imskanlgs have seen debris. icy conditions called all planes to be called back to perth overnight. the pilots seem frustrated. >> despite searching the air for two and a half hours, we were unable to locate anything visually. as i said, the weather wasn't very good for the search and the swell and sea state was really high in the area as well. >> reporter: now, we've just learned japanese have released new satellite images in recent hours that show ten more objects that japanese authorities say appear to have come from the plane, the strongest statement yet from any government about the debris seen by all these satellites so far. gretchen. >> a lot of breaking developments. thank you so much, jennifer. time to check in with shep smith reporting live from the fox news desk. hi, shep. >> hey, gretchen. we'll have more including the focus on the captain. we'll talk to a commercial pilot and flight instructor that say almost all plane crashes have a
11:41 am
so-called human factor. we'll talk to an oceanographer whose company was part of the vast air search about which we speak so often. we'll tell about that jet. why the reports of satellite debris are to him intriguing. that's all ahead on shepard smith at the top of the hour. >> thanks, shep. new developments unfolding for the newlywed. remember this woman, she admitted to pushing her husband off a cliff right after they got married. the stunning developments changing the course of this case. a meeting between the leader of the free world and head of the catholic church. why president obama's visit with pope francis could boost his own popularity. north korea's so-called outstanding leader issuing an edict hitting for every guy in college. the rumored push to get men in the barber chair and have them leaving high-and-tight.
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welcome back to "the real story." does meeting with one of the most popular people on the planet make you more popular, too? we're about to find out after the pope and president obama held a meeting today at the vatican. president obama saying he and pope francis focused on issues they agree upon, not their differences, which could be more vast. chief white house correspondent ed henry live in rome with all the details. so you were actually the fly on the wall? >> a little bit, gretchen. what's interesting is it's really kind of a tale of two meetings. you get the vatican version, the president's version at a news conference. they were all smiles for the cameras, exchanging gifts, et cetera. you would expect them to be diplomatic in public and not express some of the dissension, some of the differences they have on key social issues like
11:46 am
abortion, like same-sex marriage. the private meeting interestingly went for 52 minutes. that might have been a little longer than expected, suggested maybe they tackled tough subjects. in fact, the vatican put this readout of the meeting saying, there was a discussion on questions of particular relevance for the church in that country, such as the exercise of the rights of religious freedom, life and conscientious objection, a reference to affordable care act, concerns religiously affiliated organizations have. they never mentioned it at all even though pope francis spoke about poverty and deemg with that. while the president suggesting income inequality was the dominant part of the meeting. the president insisted social issues were not talked about a lot. >> we didn't talk a lot about social schisms in my conversations with his holiness. in fact, that really was not a
11:47 am
topic of conversation. >> reporter: now, part of the difference here may have been the vatican readout was not just the president's meeting with the pope but also the cardinal, secretary of state at the vatican. the president did acknowledge at the news conference he expressed some differences with the cardinal on issues of religious liberty and whatever and they went back and forth on that. interesting, two vastly different versions of what went on behind closed doors. >> thanks so much, ed. fox news religion reporter, father gerald murray and lopez, national review online. great to have all of you here. father, what do you make of this meeting? why did the president want to meet with the pope? >> well, i think presidents have always met with the pope. it's important the united states be in friendly relation with him. certainly tries to distract attention from the fight going on between the administration and catholic bishops of the united states. this president has insisted that
11:48 am
catholic institutions have to do his will, which is provide contraceptives and abortifacient drugs to employees. they have sued the president. the president has not backed down. he might distract attention for the moment but the vatican said he talked about religious liberty with the president. >> i find it interesting as ed just described, the tale of two press releases here. almost instantaneously we're hearing two different stories. was it risky for the president, in the same week we're fighting hobby lobby in courts to meet with the pope? >> i think the white house obviously took a gamble. i think they were hoping they would be able to detract by the end of the week, look away from these lawsuits and this religious liberty issue that people say they have with the mandate but obviously it didn't work. what you found is the president before the meeting with the pope, speaking to an italian paper, talking about income
11:49 am
inequality, wanting to frame it like he wanted to, the vatican came out with a meeting that wasn't according to the white house script. they lost the narrative for a few hours there. >> you've been in television for years. you know how these press releases work. what do you make of the fact they are so different. wouldn't the white house know that? >> i would think the white house made an error in anticipating they would be in control of the spin meter, right? pope francis saying, i understand politicians. i fought with my own politicians in argentina. i know what they are about. i'm not going to let you control the agenda and what comes out of this meeting. i'm going to release my own statement saying this is what we want to discuss -- this is what we discussed. interesting thing about popes and presidents, remember ronald reagan and pope john paul ii came together on the issue of communism, right? the comment that obama made during his news conference, i don't think his holiness envisions entering into a
11:50 am
partnership or coalition with any political figure on any issue pt is that a slap in the face of ronald reagan and john paul coming together. if they agree, they will come together. >> interesting analysis. alert. the fair force firing nine commanders involved in an exam cheating scandal at a nuclear base in montana. here's a live press conference at the pentagon. confirming the moves, junior level officers being disciplined for their role in the case. no air force general is being punished but the top commander at the base has resigned. >> now about the young newlywed woman who pushed her in the husband off the cliff to his death. what happened when she tried to change her plea. mize blood suga. support heart health. and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance.
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from the brand doctors recommend most. ♪ [ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of theountry's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. ♪
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fox news alert. we have breaking news in the case of a mt. newlywed who admitted pushing her husband off a cliff eight days after their wedding. she wants to retract her guilty plea to avoid a life sentence. here's more. >> reporter: the judge wouldn't have and it just handed the sentence down a couple of minutes ago. jordan graham gets 30 years in prison, and remember, she was right in the middle of her trial when she decided to plead guilty to second degree murder, but there was no plea deal, and the judge told her at the time she could be facing life in prison. but when the defense learned the prosecutors really were seeking 50 years to they decided they wanted to recant, to pull back the plea, and the judge said you cannot dot that because the defense said 50 years to life is a death penalty. and prosecutors agreed to
11:55 am
dismiss the first degree murder charge because they were concerned she would only be convicted of manslaughter, much lesser charge. but prosecutors say jordan graham planned to push cody off the cliff, and that makes it premeditated murder, and that she lied about it. in fact her she is lying to investigators wheel her husband was still -- while her husband was still missing. >> i think there's more. >> like what? >> that's what i need you to tell me. >> i don't know anything more. any of his whereabouts or anything. >> reporter: she says they argued and she pushed her husband but did not mean to push him off the cliff. the defense was looking for ten years max. but the judge said she showed no remorse. 30 years in prison for killing her husband. >> thank you for the update.
11:56 am
>> do you have a case? what does it say. >> showing your personal own expression. and they're just taking that away. >> i don't like it. >> the army letting the ink drew on new rules for tattoos. so do you have a tattoo? we quizzed our staff and crew and and we'll tell you happen of the people on "the real story" have a tat.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> new army rules how much ink soldier can have. recruits can't have more than four visible tats below the elbow or knees. let's go to our control room cam. jen, what did you find out? >> half of the crew has tattoos, one does. no one is getting them removed and someone has a birthmark shaped like mother teresa.
12:00 pm
>> kelly and gustavo and our staff, never forget 9/11. kelly, don't see yours. >> the initials of all those who mean the most. >> fantastic. and i don't have any. i'm gretchen, though, here's shep. >> there's word one of the pilots is now a prime suspect in the missing jet mystery. hear that? a prime suspect. and new this afternoon. we're getting our first indication of what the fbi found on his home flight simulator. also, officials in washington state they warned of the mudslide that crushed homes and buried victims alive, but today we'll meet a woman who lost everybody and says, nobody ever warned me? she is demanding answers again. she'll be with us live. word that high speeds and dirty tricks could be training our retirement savings. is our 401k at risk? let's get to it.


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