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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 26, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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ladder as close as possible, but he still had to leap onto the ladder. he's still not out of the woods. you'll see the top of the building fall apart. it's unbelievable, everybody is okay, but the building is in ashes. >> that's it. >> great play by play. >> after promises to the contrary, another major delay for obamacare. this is "special report." good evening. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. president obama is in rome at this hour after a busy day of diplomacy in belgium. we'll get to that in a few minutes. here at home, administration officials have announced still another delay. an extension for people unable to complete their obamacare enrollment by next monday's deadline. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports tonight from brussels. >> despite repeated denials by
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president's aides they would extend the march 31st deadline, they did just that. saying a surge in demand with five days to go, consumers can check a box and say they tried to sign up and had trouble, without presenting any evidence. >> another deadline made meaningless. he hasn't put enough loopholes into the law already. the administration is now resorting to an honor system to enforce it. what the hell is this, a joke? >> harry reid fired back, republicans have spent far too much time trying in vein to repeal the law. >> the joke, i say to my dear friend, john boehner, is him having more than 60 votes over there to terminate obamacare. >> white house officials tried to tell reporters traveling with the president in europe there was nothing to see here. since spokesman jay carney telegraphed this last week. >> as was the case for the december deadline, we want to make sure people who are already in line can finish their enrollment. >> except at the same briefing,
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carney made the same declaration a long line of officials have made, no extension. >> march 31st is the deadline for enrollment, you heard us make it clear. >> are you going to delay the open enrollment beyond march 31st? >> no, sir. >> we have no plans to extend the open enrollment period. open enrollment ends on march 31st, and we don't have the statory authority to extend it. >> a lack of statutory authority has not stopped the president from unilaterally changing the law more than 30 times. >> so many waivers, special favors, and exemptions to help democrats out, that the heart of the law, the individual mandate, may actually no longer even be viable. it's basically become the legal equivalent of swiss cheese. >> those problems led a democratic pollster to tell reporters at a christian scientist breakfast, she has simple advice.
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in terms of obamacare, don't defend it. say it was flawed from the beginning and we're going to fwix it. in fact, vulnerable kments are using that playbook to put more pressure on the president, with mark warner facing a tough re-election in virginia, revealing he's introducing a series of bills next week changing the law. >> among the changes, giving a wider group of people relief from the small business mandates and also creating a cheaper p l pullacy within the exchanges that would offer lower premiums in exchange for higher deductibles. >> we'll have more on this with the panel. ed, thank you. you may be surprised to learn with the clock ticking down on obamacare enrollment, the most critical part of the website has not even been built yet. a failure the administration had previously warned would create a disaster. chief national correspondent jim engle has this exclusive report. just weeks ago, the obama administration predicted a collapse of obamacare if the critical back end of
3:04 pm weren't fixed ahead of the march 31st deadline, but it still hasn't been fixed. >> insurance executives see this as a major nightmare. when are we finally going to be able to reconcile all of the data to know who is really covered, who has paid, and what the insurance companies should be paid for? >> the back end is the two-way connection between the government and insurance companies telling each other who signed up for what, raising a key concern for texas democrat lloyd doggett. >> how many people have paid the premiums and are getting an exchange-based coverage? a number we have never been given. >> nobody knows. there remains no clear information about who's paid a premium, and as a result, who the insurance companies need to get reimbursed for. >> while officials boast 5 million signps, about 1 million have not paid premiums and therefore not officially enrolled. the administration hired accenture to fix this, arguing there was no time for competing
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bids, saying mid-march was a turning point, and any delay would, quote, result in financial harm to the government and even that the entire health care reform program is jeopardized by inaccurate issuance of payments to health plans potentially leading to their default and disrupting continues services and coverage to consumers. even officials were arguing the critical back end problems had to be fixed right now. >> it's past right now. we're into march, and we don't have the back end of the system done. we don't have the ability for insurance companies to be paid. we don't have the ability for reconciliations to be done. >> officials now tell fox that the dramatic language predicting possible disaster is, quote, no longer an accurate assessment because they're using temporary work-arounds with insurance companies, but the companies themselves say a reckoning is coming that could cost them tens of millions. chris. >> jim, thank you. a french satellite has
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reportedly found a possible debris field where malaysian officials say they believe flight 370 went down. a dozen planes and five ships are hunting for the objects, but so far, nothing has been retrieved. a search area encompasses about 622,000 square miles. roughly the size of alaska. three secret service agents have been sent home from the netherlands after a night out drinking ahead of president obama's arrival in the hague. an agency spokesman said the agents have been placed on administrative leave. we're told one member of the service's counter assault team was found passed out in a hotel hallway sunday morning. the agency is struggling to rehabilitate its tarnished image after a high-profile prostitution scandal in colombia and other allegations of misconduct. president obama is getting poor marks for his dealings with russia in the latest fox news poll. two thirds say the president has not been tough enough in his response to the russian
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annexation of crimea. today, the president issued another long-term threat to russia while at the same time, all but admitting short-term defeat. here is james rosen. >> speaking at a summit with european allies in brussels, president obama warned russia that the nato military alliance will respond with force against any attack on a nato member state. >> today, nato planes patrol the skies over the baltics, and we re-enforce our presence in poland and we're prepared to do more. >> but the president noted ukraine is not a member of nato and seemed to acknowledge there's little the west can do to roll back the annexation of crimea. >> nor will russia be dislodged from crimea or deterred by further military escalation by military force, but with time and if the russian leadership stays on its current course, sanctions will expand and the toll on russia's economy as well as its standing in the world
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will only increase. >> the president spoke as russian troops continued massing at various points along the ukraine border in maneuvers ukrainian defense officials described to fox news as worrying. at the pentagon, chuck hagel described his most recent talk last week with russia's defense minister. >> he told me that they had no intention of crossing the border into ukraine. >> in kiev, the embattled interim government led by the prime minister seen here meeting with a top eu budget official, announced the price of gas will increase by 50% on consumers, 40% for utilities, starting this spring. the move allows ukraine to qualify for a $15 billion aid package from the international monetary fund, expected to be announced later this week. in brussels, president obama urged european allies to diversify their energy sources away from russia, the dominant supplier, and promised help delivering american natural gas
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developed through fracking. >> it's going to take several years to build that capacity, and importing from the united states is one piece of what would have to be a multi-faceted approach to improving the diversification, and we reducing the reliance. >> both chambers of congress are coalescing around legislation that would codify the sanctions on russia and provide aid to the ukrainian government. deadlock was averted when senate democrats agreed to drop language designed to reform the imf. it's unclear how soon the final bill will reach president obama's desk for signature. the son-in-law of osama bin laden has been convicted of conspiring to kill americans while serving as al qaeda's spokesman after the september 11th attacks. sentencing is set for september for suleman ubbughaith, who is facing life in prison. >> up next, the country's top tax man is facing tough
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questions about the irs targeting of conservative groups. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 32 in chicago with word that the operator of the commuter train that jumped the tracks and crashed into an escalator was asleep at the controls. the ntsb says the woman acknowledged to falling asleep on duty once before. fox 32 is also covering the landmark ruling by an official with the labor relations board that football players at northwestern university are employees and can unionize. >> and this is a live look at boston from fox 25. the big story there tonight, a nine-alarm fire that began in the basement of a four-story brownstone apartment building. 4 people have been taken to a hospital. at least three of them firefighters. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin
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house republicans continue their push to get more information about the scandal over the irs targeting of conservative groups. today, they took some shots at a new target, chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has the latest live from the capitol. >> good evening. members of the house oversight committee pushed the new irs commissioner for e-mails from a central figure, lois lerner has twice refused to answer questions about the irs's targeting of conservative groups seeking tax exempt status. lawmakers are demanding her e-mails from january 2009 to august 2013 and said the irs should be moving more quickly. >> you have a dually issued subpoena. are you or are you not going to proit this committee the e-mails as indicated in the subpoena? yes or no? >> we have ever said we wouldn't cooperate. >> i'm asking yes or no. >> we're going to respond -- >> sir. >> we're going to respond.
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i'm telling you to respond fully, we'll be at it for years, not months. >> another key republican made the case for why they want to see all of the electronic communications. >> what if there's an e-mail from the white house that says, hey, e-mail to lois lerner said that, keep up the great work. we appreciate what you're doing. what if there was that kind of e-mail? that wouldn't fit under the search categories you're talking about. when we say all, we want every single e-mail in the time period in the subpoena sent to you, plain and simple. >> some democrats defended the irs saying it's doing itsto com another agenda here. >> one has the suspicion that some of our friends on the other side of the aisle -- it's in this ongoing, if you can call it that, investigation, because it serves their political aims. >> this irs attack ad has been released by conservative group american encore. it targets minnesota democrat
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senator al franken for supporting rule changes that would enable to irs to crack down on the political activities of non-profit groups. likely the first of many ads. chris. >> more on this with the panel. mike, thank you. stocks were down today. the dow lost 99. the s&p 500 was off 13. nasdaq fell 61. president obama meets pope francis for the first time tomorrow. and the visit comes at a moment of significant tension between the president and the catholic church. correspondent shannon bream explains. >> as president obama prepares to meet with pope francis at the vatican, some catholics here at home say they feel more under attack than ever, as evidences by a massive pushback from the administration's health care mandate, requiring numerous catholic linked entities to provide health insurance to employees to provide cost free access to a wide array of contraception. >> there are a number of diocese
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from the catholic church, catholic charities, most notally the little sisters of the poor, so i think it goes without saying he's in hot water with the catholic church and is involved in the biggest class action religious liberty lawsuit in american history. >> in an interview earlier this year, the vatican's chief justice cited what he called ever growing religious persecution in the u.s. and said the president, quote, appears to be a totally secularized man who aggressively promotes anti-life and anti-family policies. others contend the majority of american catholics are not in line with the church's tenets like issues like contraception, and they hosay those who hope t pope will chastise the president will be disappointed. >> many catholics in the united states of america don't agree with the bishops and don't have a problem with no-cost
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contraception as part of the affordable care act. >> some catholics are speculating whether a meeting will be substantive at all or simply a good photo opfor a president whose popular lags far behind the popular pope's. >> thank you. >> we're waiting for a promised update on the death toll from last week's mudslide in seattle. the official number now stands at 16 with as many as eight more bodies located but not yet reco recovered. search crews are using small bulldozers and even their bare hands to dig through the debris. >> the tsa wants armed guards at check points and counters at peak hours. that's one of 14 recommendations from a nationwide security review prompted by a shooting at los angeles international airport last fall. other recommendations include active shooter training and panic alarms for some areas in airports. still ahead, democrats turn on a numbers cruncher who
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predicted their presidential victory in 2012. we'll tell you why. first, inside the nerve center at the national security agency. bret baier takes us there next. female announcer: through sunday at sleep train's big gift event
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national security agency. and the second part of my colleague bret baier's exclusive interview with nsa director general keith alexander, we get a rare look at what goes on behind closed doors. >> so this is -- >> this is the national security operations center. so this is nsa's 24 x 7. here every day, haven't had a day off in 40 years. we're here in a snowstorm, and
3:23 pm
it's the enterprise. this is where we respond to unfolding world events. you can think of us as the emergency room in a hospital where we triage and assess the situation, and we direct the immediate time sensitive response of that crypt logic enterprise. >> this is kind of nerve central. >> this is the nerve central right here. >> and your briefing, nerd central. >> nerd, nerd! >> and you get your briefing here? >> i do. in the morning, on mondays and fridays, we'll walk over there. >> they have little feet prints for me. >> so you come in here. >> right there, and i probably wrinkle that up. they say, get a little closer. >> well, the reason is that acousticily, if you stand here, the mikes will pick you up and briefers are right there. then this whole room has people in it. >> and there's obviously classified tv screens. >> obviously classified --
3:24 pm
>> i see you looking over your shoulder. >> we're tracking things, so you can see here, we have the enterprise focus. if you look right here on this screen, it kind of gives you an unclassified version of what we would have as a classified version. what we see in ukraine, afghanistan, iraq. ct insider. those are the threats we're watching. that's the same. >> kind of like a cliff notes of threats. >> the reason, i want to make sure i'm uppen everything. they sent me that every day, i get all that. i try to stay up on every threat. if there's something that comes up, tina or one of the other folks will call up and say problem in turkey. shoot down of a plane. this is where nsa learns so much about terrorism, what's going on with some of the adversaries. it gives us the insights to see what's coming into our country. our whole job for having that database is not to look at u.s.
3:25 pm
persons' data, but to understand that terrorist who is out there, why did we find something that was pointing into the u.s.? connect the dots, stop the next 9/11. that's what the whole issue of what we're working is for. that doesn't mean that section 215 or faa-702 by itself will stop it. they're just one of the tools that we have to help us do this. >> before somebody from here is called up to capitol hill afterwards to explain why it didn't happen. >> why we missed it. i think even more important, think about the casualties. think about our friends, other american people who would die if we failed. that's the tragedy. >> we talked about other countries. and other countries looking at what you are doing here. and obviously, you get some pushback, especially from, for example, the germans who were very upset about angela merkel's phone calls and that sort of thing. did they fully comprehend what's happening here? >> i think so. i think, you know, when you look
3:26 pm
at what the ministry of the interior said -- >> in germany. >> in germany, you know, they know that nsa brings a great deal of information to the table, to protect their country and other european allies. it's the right thing to do. we work together. everybody knows that the operational level that nations act in nations' best interests. not always in everybody's best interests baz you can't do that. look at what happens when one country does something you might not be comfortable with. do you stop, say let them go, they're a friend? or do you say, could this create a war? if it does, should we be ready? there has to be some give and take on all that. but at the end of the day, you know, we know our partners collect on us at times. we know it's going to happen, so your information assurance, people have to be really good. ours are. >> you're on the front lines here. >> we are. every day, we're working on
3:27 pm
projects we know are going to have an impact and we know we'll provide intelligence to policymakers so it's really an exciting place to be. >> because of what has come out, does it make it tougher because the bad guys maybe know a little more? >> i think some of that remains to be seen, what exactly the effects are going to be. i think -- what i'm pleased about is the conversation that has started. we're moving in a good direction as a country and as a democracy, engaging on some of these topics, get the public a lilt more aware of what we're doing on their behalf so they can appreciate what we're doing. >> do you get the jokes, like are you reading my e-mail, hearing this phone call? >> i get them all the tyke, i love the jokes. within a week, something will happen on tmz and they'll forget about us. >> really special. more from bret's exclusive interview tomorrow night. so, how bad is the pollution in china? would you believe they're marketing bottled air? is washington drunk on your
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grapevine," the state department went on a spending spree to restock the liquor cabinets at embassies as the government shutdown approached. last year's purchases were four times what was spent in 2005. jonathan bidlock of the coalition to reduce spending notes, you could say that washington is quite literally drunk on other people's money. the writers of a workbook to teach illinois middle school opportunities about the constitution appear to need a refresher course themselves. a parent posted this picture on facebook, the lesson explains the second amendment as giving, quote, the right to certain weapons providing people register them and have not been to prison. in fact, the second amendment declares the right to keep and bear arms with no qualifications for kinds of weapons or criminal record. school officials told the parent they'll re-evaluate the curriculum. >> finally, tourists concerned about dangerous levels of smog
3:33 pm
polluting bejing can breath a sigh of relief thanks to bottled air. supposedly captured from mountain reejs of china to promote tourism there. for now, the canned oxygen is free, but china's president has recommended selling it in the future because, quote, air quality is now a deciding factor in people's perception of happiness. what a difference an election cycle can make. in 2012, statistician nate silver's dead-on prediction of a democratic victory in the presidential election made him a star among party members. this time around, not so much. here is fox news media analyst and host of media buzz, howard kurtz. >> nate silver became a darling of the left in 2012. the statisticstatistics guru prn his "new york times" blog that barack obama had a 90% chance of winning re-election. that got him high-level recognition after also being
3:34 pm
right about which turkeys would win a white house pardon. >> once again, nate silver completely nailed it. >> silver has now moved his 538 blog to espn, and his latest prediction is that the republicans have a 60% chance of winning back the senate this fall. he points to president obama's unpopularity and the retirement of popular democrats. >> republicans need six seat. what's the projection, how many are they going to pick up? >> i would say exactly six, but probably six plus or minus five. >> they could pick up 11 seats? >> they could. >> now some democrats are angry at their former hero. the democratic senate campaign committee issued a detailed rebuttal snoeting his senate forecast in 2012 was wrong, and that was echoed on msnbc. >> you may recall silver inaccurately predicted the 2010 midterms and forecasted a 62% chance republicans would claim the majority in august of 2012. >> silver admits he might be off base, but calls the democratic committee hypocritical for
3:35 pm
criticizing him while sending out a fund-raising alert proclaiming nate silver issued shocking, scary new senate forecasts, and silver has company on the left. >> it's going to be very hard to hold the senate. i think the senate sgoegoes. >> political prognosticators often turn out to be wrong, especially seven months before an election, but these forecasts could hurt the democrats by making it harder for them to raise money. >> howard, thank you. iowa democratic congressman bruce braley has apologized for referring to iowa republican senator chuck grassley as a farmer who never went to law school. braley is running for the state's other senate seat. he contends his legal background makes him a better choice. >> you might have a farmer from iowa who never went to law school, never practiced law, serving as the next chair of the senate judiciary committee. because if democrats lose the majority, chuck grassley will be
3:36 pm
the next chair of the senate judiciary committee. >> grassley's office fired back, touting the senator's strong record on the judiciary committee. more obamacare delays and more excuses. we'll talk about it with the panel when we come right back.
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last night brought us yet another delay of obamacare. another deadline made meaningless. you know, he hasn't put enough loopholes into the law already, the administration is now resorting to an honor system to enforce it. what the hell is this, a joke? >> the joke, i say to my dear friend, john boehner, is him having more than 60 votes over there to terminate obamacare. >> house speaker john boehner and senate majority leader harry reid sniping at each other over a new extension for some people
3:40 pm
to sign up for obamacare. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes of the weekly standard. a.b. stoddard from the hill newspaper, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. the obamacare administration reversing course again, saying it's going to give people more time if they have had problems signing up, they can go beyond the march 31st deadline to sign up. as you just heard from john boehner, how did they do it? they just had to check a blue box. honor system, no documentation required. steve, how big a deal? >> this is no way to run a government. i don't think anybody really thought that the ashrnlss we got from kathleen sebelius, from jay carney, other senior members of the administration over the past six weeks, that there would not be such an extension. nobody took those seriously, did they? i don't think anybody in washington thought, well, they said it, so that means there will be no extension. i think this has the potential to do damage to the law, to erode support among democrats here in washington, but it also
3:41 pm
has, i think, political ramifications across the country. if you think back to the months before the 2010 election, voters were upset, including independent voters, about not only the substance of what they thought obamacare was, but also the process. they didn't like the arm twisting, the back scratching, the louisiana -- what was it, cornhusker kick back. they didn't like the process. i think we're seeing some of the same things now, only people understand the substance of the law. they're being affected by the substance of the law, in some cases on a daily basis, and they're seeing that this process, is as john boehner said, a complete joke. there is no real law to speak of when you can move the requirements, you can change the dates of implementation. it's just a joke. >> a.b., let's take the other side. if the point of all this is to get people to sign up for insurance, and that there have been glitches, and lord knows there have been, why not give
3:42 pm
people a little more time? we're not talking about months. we're talking about a couple weeks. >> that's what's interesting. they didn't decide this earlier. as steve points out, they said repeatedly, they couldn't do this. they couldn't stretch the deadline. they don't want the fat lady to sing. they don't want the enrollment population data to be released. if there's truly a stampede at the last minute and they have to accommodate this searurge of ne people signing up, that would be great. if those numbers don't turn out with more than 2 million young and less risky consumers in the exchanges, those prices and everybody know s it, are going o be raised. they're provided too much uncertainty for the insurance industry, and even though this is a permanent entitlement, it won't be repealed and could be popular years from
3:43 pm
this is one of the longest laws in american history, thousands of pages, and you never hear anybody referring to section 706-b, or whatever, because what is written in the law, for all those words, none of them really matter because they get changed arbitrarily after the law is passed. look, this is cynicism raised to the level of comedy. they were lying when they said it wouldn't change, the deadline wouldn't change. everyone knew they were lying. and now nobody is surprised that they're lying.
3:44 pm
and nobody really cares about it, apparently. i mean, there was one tweet in the press by someone who said, well, the only people who don't want this extension are people who don't want to see adequate numbers of enrollment. no, there's a reason why you have a deadline on enrollment. there's a reason why it's a set period of time. because if you have a system where you don't disqualify people who have pre-existing conditions, unless you have a fixed enrollment period, nobody will ever sign up for insurance or pay a premium when they're healthy. they'll wait until they get a cancer diagnosis or fall down the stairs, and at the bottom of the stairs, pick up the phone and enroll for their insurance, which of course will send all the companies into bankruptcy. that's why you have to have a deadline. and that's why there was a deadline, but of course, with this administration, there are no deadlines unless the president or sebelius or
3:45 pm
somebody else decides that the gig is up. >> you know, steve, i mean, that's precisely why the insurance companies have wanted a deadline, and the people who are most concerned about this, because of the fact that they worry people are just going to wait until they get sick. >> that's exactly right. look, we have seen this before with the lifting of other deadlines, the employer mandate and other things. the insurance companies will say look we need time to figure out the rates for next year. we have to do what acchaers do to make the law work for us and for everybody. it goes beyond -- charles' point is right, but it goes beyond needing the fixed date for the purposes of the practical implementation of the law. you need to have fixed dates because you need to have fixed dates. this is an erosion of the rule of law. we'll all look back and sort of look at how the implementation went. and that's going to be its own story, but i think what we're seeing here is the erosion of
3:46 pm
the rule of law that will have lasting consequences, well beyond the debates about health care. >> we have time for a yes or no from each of you. starting with you, steve, will the individual mandate, the penalty or the tax, if you don't sign up, will that ever be imposed on people? >> ever? yes. but not anytime soon. >> this year? >> definitely not this year. >> no? >> no mandate. >> they don't have a system for collecting the penalty. >> the mandate doesn't exist anyway because all you have to do to be exempt is to say that you have a hardship. obamacare itself can be called a hardship under the regulations of this administration. >> you understand the meaning of the word yes or no? evidently, the answer is no. >> it doesn't exist as of now, so the question itself was invalid. >> we're going to have a delay on that. next up, the nation's tax
3:47 pm
collector faces tough questions about the irs targeting scandal.
3:48 pm
test test. test test.
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in a court of law, if u.s. subpoena a judge would not enforce it. >> wait wait wait wait. stop right there. so you're going to be the judge. >> i'm nothing being the judge. i'm just telling you you what would happen. >> yes, you are. >> you asked me. >> you have a duly issued subpoena. are you or are you not going to provide this committee the emails as indicated in the subpoena? yes or no? >> we are -- have never said we wouldn't. >> i'm asking you yes or no. >> we are going to respond to the subpoena. >> sir,. >> yes. we are going to respond to the subpoena. i'm just telling you to respond fully to the subpoena we're going to be
3:51 pm
at this for years, not months. >> irs commissioner john koskinen and jason chaffets battling other a house committee emails. house oversight chairman darrell issa threatened the irs commissioner with contempt of congress today if he doesn't turnover all the emails from lowest learner, the famed irs official who has refused to testify before issa's committee, as well as three other officials who have so far they want their emails as well. steve, is issa being reasonable here? >> i think on this he is being absolutely reasonable. this should not take years as mr. koskinen has suggested. he hab asked, commanded or demanded to it produce lois lerner emails as others have suggests. he says that would take years. i have 170,000 emails in my inbox right now. i'm a little bit behind in
3:52 pm
clearing them out. the irs do thee those in two same? everybody knows how email systems work now. can you produce these emails if they wanted to quickly. they don't want to. they don't want to produce the emails. they have provided. >> in fairness, you do have to say they have to redact things and there is probably some confidential or private information. not like you can just bulk send them. >> i think they could bulk send them. that's the way that they were requested and leave it to the committee to redact things or withhold things or work with the committee to redact things and withhold things. but, they have chosen not to do that i found that extraordinary that mr. koskinen couldn't answer a yes or no question will you supply with the subpoena? that should be an easy answer, "yes." >> the irs commissioner says he has 250 -- again, what he says, 250 employees working to produce hundreds of thousands of documents at an expense of taxpayers to millions of dollars because there is not one but six investigations going on four in congress, one justice
3:53 pm
department, one of treasury. a.b., is this overkill by the committee? does the commissioner have a point or not? >> well, it is true that the congress has succeeded in squeezing the irs and staff capability and resources in light of this. but it's been a year or almost a year. and it does appear that the administration is not -- a lot of this stuff should already be in the hands of the committees. it took 10 months from the time that lois lerner first refused to testify to the second time that she refused to testify. i think it looks terrible in an election year for the administration to be dragging this out. it appears that they are terrified of what's in the emails. but, on the same note, i don't know why the republicans don't just give her immunity and get what they need. >> precisely the question i was going to ask mr. krauthammer. we have been almost a year on this now since lois lerner first leaked information that was about to break.
3:54 pm
why not have the committee just give her immunity if there are facts out there in the separate vation investigation by the justice department she can still be prosecuted. if she lies, she is subject to perjury. >> i don't have an answer. and, in fact, on the day she showed up, and she claimed the fifth amendment, i said that night on the show, they should have given her use immunity right there. look, the eimmigration are a way to get that information in another way. why not get it from the horse's mouth? although i would say one thing about what the commissioner said. i have zero sympathy for someone who complains about all the millions spent in complying with this subpoena when i would like to know how many millions the irs spent in suppressing speech in delaying the authorization of organizations that were clearly singled out and delayed and asked questions that everybody understands should have never been
3:55 pm
asked. a deliberate attempt to slow down the process. increase if you like apart from the unconstitutional part of suppressing free speech increasing the cost and delays and time spent. if you want complain about how the money was spent explain how and why it was all spent in delaying all these applications wantonly and illegally. >> of course there is also the point i wonder how sympathetic of the irs would be if the average citizen being asked for tax records or being audited said it's very complicated and it's going to take me years, not months to comply with that. >> exactly or if you go to the irs audit and you say on advice of my attorney i'm not going answer any of your questions. see how that works. >> that's it for the panel. but stay tuned to see what happens when the terminator tries to sell kitchen gadgets on tv. it's not pretty.
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finally tonight, arnold schwarzenegger has gone through many different phases in his career from body builder to action hero, to governor. but now he is taking his talents to qvc. >> first we have this amazing stainless steel blender and over here a vegetable chopper. if you do a lot of chopping and dicing we have a lot of for you. >> chopper. >> easy grip handle and what's that? shatter proof container? kablam. >> know what it does. let's get to the chopper. >> you are really going want to to see. >> let's get to the chopper! let's get to the chopper! >> we are going to take a quick commercial break. >> the terminator likes the chopper. that's "special report" for tonight. no online show this evening.
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i'm chris wallace in washington. "on the record" with greta van susteren is next. breaking right now, a game changer literally. that is rocking the world of college spores. northwestern university football players winning the right to unionize. now, this is going to change everything. and this stunning breaking news sending shock waves through the college sports world. "on the record" investigates in just minutes. also developing now this is what conditions are like in the southern indian ocean. and searchers are just taking off in australia trying to locate a possible flight 370 debris field. we are going to take you there but right now threats. threats of contempt, charges are flying as republican lawmakers spar with the irs commissioner. it happened on capitol hill. republicans demanding the irs turn over emails from lois lerner and


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