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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 26, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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fighting the fire with another group. and they can find thm and everyone is fine. a horrible sit yuation in bosto. as news breaks out, we will break it in all day long. >> welcome, everybody. hell hath no fury. a lot of them didn't hear, religious everywhere stewing over the words and now they can't forget. these words from justice sotomayor and kagan that it answers to an even higher authority. that company, hobby lobby, saying it cannot comply to the health care law to which is t is morally. sotomayor says they could not give health insurance.
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they could give the tax penalty instead. the quick interpretation, get over god. pay up. they are going for the jg jugular. >> if this is about religious liberty, if this is a health care issue, and the problem is that once a government decides what is right and wrong, they are setting themselves as sort of a device force that says, we're the religious authority. it is okay to have your religious beliefs in private but not the public square. now they are planning it determine, is a company -- does it have religious beliefs, in order to -- and have those releaves in their company itself. one of the things i've been reading is that the-dash a lot of religious people are saying, wait, the president made a big
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photo splash, because they are exercising their moral belief in raising minimum wage. clearly, they believe that the business has the ability to exercise -- >> this is interesting. >> but hobby lobby raised its minimum wage to $14 for all of the employees. 14% above what gap did. and no bells and whistles there. you see? >> that's wild. so we have been perusing a lot of the religious sites. and getting a lot of e-mail. i'm trying to give the is justs us here that they did not mean to be dismissive or condescending. but the comments were, you can always pay the penalty and move on. it struck many as being insensitive. >> well, paying the penalty doesn't solve the issue for scores of companies. mom and pop operations that can't afford to pay the penalty. and if they do, they basically
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go out of business. >> so, for hobby lobby, they have a lot of money. it doesn't solve the whole issue. it is an issue for companies down the road. >> as you point out, i want to pound on that point. dropping coverage would not always be cheaper thp. this is what hobby lobby told me last night. >> when they kick all of their employees off of insurance, and everyone knows that's not good for all of the work you do, then they have to raise salaries to compensate. so in the end, pressure on the greens to violate religious beliefs is huge. >> in other words, it is not always cheap to drop your ethical stabbeding. >> this is going to be an issue because of the -- the criticism of it, is it wants to pose itself as a -- if you believe that abortion is wrong, and this is what i believe this case is
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about, this is a fight about abortion, really. when you talk about, i don't want to combine for that, that says, i don't believe in abortion. where the obama administration says this is a health care issue. >> but the obama administration extended it to all types of contraception. you are forcing me to buy all of the above, and i don't want to. so what do you think happens? >> i don't know what will happen with the -- with this case. i do think that it is not over. i don't know what the supreme court will do. last year, we were wondering if they would throw up the health care bill all together. we were all surprised. now it is about the mandate. what is it going to do? >> if you do a card up for all of the religious groups. that. >> what kind of precedent are you setting that, okay, this
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religious organizations can opt out of this mandate. then what is next? vaccinations. minimum wage. child labor. this is some of the things that justices were actually talking about. if you make this okay, how many more things do you have to make okay? they are comparing these things to what religious people believe is the point of no ruview. this is different. that's why they are saying the government is trying to impose belief on the entire country. saying, this is the objective standard of morality. >> we're pro choice on choices in this. >> right. >> not your way or the highway. >> thank you very, very much. >> sure. >> what do you make of the justicees a comments? we promise to share them later in the show. but we are getting some, as lauren was speaking here, but i
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can't repeat them because lauren is our religious expert, and it would be bad. delaying yet another key feature, this time the march 31 deadline to enroll. that is one deadline they said they would never move. >> are you going to move the deadline beyond march 21st. >> no, sir. >> is it correct you don't have the authority to extend that deadline? >> there is no debay beyond march 31st. >> we have made that clear. >> kind of clear. under the new rules, all you have to do is check off a blue box on the health website. say you've tried to relaw. michele bachmann says, come on, this is too much. congre congresswoman, what do you make
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of that? it could be a goalpost conveniently pushed. >> isn't it a wonderful world? the administration gets to have it any way they want it have it. all of the promises about obama care, completely hypocritical. they dpt come through. now this. more of the same. unfortunately the continuation of lawlessness from the administration. i feel sorry, hon of thely, from the people trying to be administrators of obama care. how in the world do they know what to comply with. do you either follow the law as it's written or are you responsible for watching jay carney's press conference to figure out what the law is? it is complete incredibility on the part of -- >> congressman, what amazes me, is that it would -- in other word, if you made a good faith effort and checked off that little box, that's good enough for us. and we all have to be honest and say that we tried. >> no, it's the --
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>> so anyone could say they tried and avoid paa penalty or anything else. >> of course. it is a wink and a nod. it means nothing. this is all outcome based legislating from the administration. and let's face it. this has one thing in mind. it is about president obama trying to keep the senate in democrat hands in 2014. that's it. not one of these changes has a thing to do with helping the american people. their insurance premiums or better access to health care, that's not what it's about. it is about the president's agenda, holding on to a dem crate senate. every single one of them is trance parent and i think that's why people feel cynical about this bill. neil, what i want to know is when does the president show flexibility and when could do i have to file my income tax returns. will that stay april 15th or
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will it change sni think that one will stay the same. >> you're right about that deadline. but the fact that this wasn't moved further back on the calendar and they said all right, we are getting a last minute rush where people are trying to sign up and they can't. so we will give them another few weeks. they are not pushing it, to your point, to the next election or after. so to what they're saying, the few weeks is more like administrative stuff. you say what? >> icy that if you look at what they are troo i trying to do, you check the box on an honor system. what they are planning is that people can actually enroll whenever they want it enroll. because they want to get to their numbers and let's face it, this is an add mings of failure. this is a program that will never pay for itself. >> there might be brilliance to
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this move. whether you agree or disagree, you will suffer a penalty, but now just click that box or check that box and say you tried. you could fulfill the administration's dream and that is the strong of last-minute support, into the millions. we dent even know. this thing is a hit. you'd never know why what was going on here. a lot of people tried to avoid the penalty by checking a damn box. but it would have the appearance after last minute rush and they can't keep up with it. >> remember how the game works. you have a coin, flip it in the air. one side is the obama administration wins. other is the consumer loses. that's the way this works. so these rules will continue to be malleable and manipulated. that's it, unfortunately, i don't mean to be cynical but that's what we've seen so far.
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>> congresswoman, great seeing you. thank you very much. >> we will talk with tom phillips. senator higgins in north carolina, he said this latest change, latest change. could have a huge impact. beyond the other deadlines. that's later in the hour. but first -- >> passed out drunk in a hotel hallway. i'm not a spring breaker. i'm talking about secret service agent. what is going on with these guys?
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it's difficu the parties over for three members of president obama's security detail. one of the secret service agents
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was found passed out in the hallway, just hours before president obama was due it arrive. this comes on the heels of agents caught with prostitutes in colombia. remember that? well, don vanbino was not caught in this, but he is secure ut for president obama. you can see him near the president here. now he is running for congress. wrote a book, "life inside the bubble." i don't care what your views are about the president, but he is the leader of the free world and he should be safe. increasing increasingly, it looks like when he travels, he's not. is he? >> he is, neal. i want to be very clear about this. there were no operational ramifications to this. pt secret service doesn't just do an a to b plan, they do an a to z plan. in that plan, there is no person on the trip, including lead
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advance, the person in charge, i did it many times, who is not relaysable. i'm not saying this wasn't embarrassing. i can't excuse their behaviobeh. but they wouldn't have let him go. >> that it happened under this president, is it owed to the hour working with him, following him, tired secret service. whether they are operational or not. what the heck is going on? >> neal, i don't think it is a cultural problem. i'm not a secret service spokesperson. i don't have any other reason to say it other than i believe it. this is not the secret service i knew for 12 years. it was a very regimented organization. this is what i attribute it to. in 2003, 2004, guys who got in trouble in colombia and guys in the netherlands in this recent
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event, they were pulled out of the presidential protection division. follow me for a second here. you today have a special amount of time, about eight to ten years on. when that division was pulled out of the protection division and put in special operations because of work requirements changing, junior guys got into that assignment that wouldn't have been before. in my opinion, i don't think we have a cultural problem, i think we have a seniority problem. >> interesting. you, as a republican, you have been critical of the president. the policy, i think you said, not the man. you like the man very much. >> yes. >> but i wonder whether personal views, whether it be republican or democrat, have to do with performance. >> no. i worked in the democrat
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sandwich. i started with bill clinton. ended with obama. bush in the middle. frankly, neal, the peer pressure and you would be os tra sized with a star let letter so quickly if you even mentioned that as a joke. >> is it understood that all secret service agent would take a bullet for the president of the united states. to be republican or democrat, whether they like the guy or not. is th is. >> this is not only understood, but embraced. i've never been around a group of people more patriotic p. they are coming home from exhaustic diseases from exotic places with very little money. you have been very good us to. i know you've had a lot of secret service pieces that are very good. they are sick and tired of going to their kid' bus stop in the morning for a couple of guys
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that made a soupity decision. they're tired it. >> any more that they wonder why we have seen -- noted a number of incidents over the past couple years? >> no. again, i attribute it more to the look of security, traveling overseas more. >> right. >> i think zero poll dance that they take, it'll harmer he's guys pretty far. >> you would think that would be the last time in colombia, that they wouldn't even think of doing it again. >> thanks. good seeing you. >> good to see you, too. one lawburg getting ready for a multilawsuit against malaysia and the maker of the yet. what if a photo could build that shelf you've always wanted? or fix a leaky faucet?
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take a look at this debris field of more than a hundred pieces that could, could be from that missing malaysian jet. national correspondent, jennifer, you're the expert here, but gotten used to this -- this could be it, this could be it, this could be. and then it doesn't. >> the fbi says it is close to releasing the analysis of what was on captain shah's simulator. they are deleting files from the hard drive for the past week at la laboratory in malaysia. the apartment wasn't searched for days. now the pilot had trouble with a girlfriend and his wife just moved out. here is fbi director on capitol hill today. >> i had teams working around the clock to try and exploit that.
1:24 pm
i don't want to say more about that in an open setting but i expect it to be done fairly shortly. within a day or two, to finish that work. >> the fbi director says he is briefed every morning on the case. chuck hagel was asked if he could rule out terrorism. >> on the terrorism question, i don't think at in point we can rule anything in or out. >> the new french satellite images showing 122 different object in what may be a debris field at sea. those photographs, those photographs were taken three days a ago and were given to the malaysian government. the poseidon will fly again in a few hours. >> it is really good today. we are expecting it to be good again tomorrow in the air. now on the water, for the ships, it is a different story. much choppier seas. very difficult. >> a storm is moving back into the area but it should not halt
1:25 pm
the air surveillance from perth, we're told. neil? >> thank you very much, jennifer. a team search for the team, let alone a law firm, is preparing what could be a lawsuit against the builder, boeing. miss kelly, there's so much we don't know. do you have any grounds on which to sue just yet? >> yes, of course, neal. as you may recall be, the faa circulated the warning regarding the problems in the fuselage of the boeing 777. this cracks in the fuselage -- >> yeah, but we don't know if that had anything to do with this particular incident, right? >> it makes sense. we believe there was a sudden drop in cabin pressure.
1:26 pm
that caused pilot and copilot to be unconscious. if you are going to commit suicide or if it is a hijacking, you do not go seven hours and crash out of nowhere. >> you might be right, and it might make sense to you, but wouldn't be valor be to wait, wait for sure, you're getting. >> there is no need to wait. we have had crashes where the mekage was completely destroyed. we had trashes where it was found and you couldn't -- >> we know that. but we don't know for gates, we don't have evidence now. we don't have the plane, we don't know where the plane is. bottom line is, you're starting a lawsuit based on a hunch. >> no. we are starting a lawsuit based on the opinions of experts.
1:27 pm
who have dealt with these cases in the past. >> i'm no lawyer, you're the lawyer, but you're going to need something more than a hunch and more than the opinion of this experts. >> that's correct. >> you have to wait until the actual weighs in on this and have been able to weigh in. >> it seems like you are taking a big old leap, you don't know. >> an really. we are claiming pieces in the boeing 777. we could use another sister plane, a 777, to prove our case. >> but this is the one that missed missing. it calm up missing or aliens took it or whatever. >> for me, it is too early no be filing anything. >> we disagree. we are ready to prove is in a
1:28 pm
court of law. >> we he do not want evidence to disappear. we do not want -- >> you need the plane, right? you need something that can give you some currency. >> as i told you before, i don't know the exact thing. i only need the other models because as a design -- >> but other mod, you're basing it on innuendo and suspicion and nothing else. >> all of the models have the same images. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> if the administration thinks the delays will help in the mid term, this guy said, obama has another thing coming. he's right. he's next. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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1:33 pm
moral standards. statement shows both of obama's appointed judges chose to push the obama agenda over constitutional law. personal views should not trump the law. obamacare keeps adding up. they are even pushing back the deadline. tom dellis said the administration should be worried. he is a stays out speaker, vying for kay hagan's seat. we did call hagan, and haven't gotten a call back. this delay is why it is a an issue. >> since its first passage, if affected every state. certainly affected north carolina. we have 450,000 north carolynians who received cancellation noticed.
1:34 pm
only a fraction of people set up through the federal exchange. >> wait, how many joined the exchange? >> somewhere under 200 thousand have sign had up. that's probably a generous number. >> so is that net new insurance or net decline. >> net decline. everyday it is another layer of uncertainty. there is great progress on tax and regulatory reform. but it get bride elled by the uncertainty coming out of this president. >> when you talk to the democrat and presidents a lot. or is the concern that it is a surprise? do they not hear a -- the is not tore pointed out and those opposing the law point out, it will get stable. it is going to get better. all these problems will work out. and it will die down. >> i don't think so. i think there is a huge
1:35 pm
credibility problem with president obama and senator hagan in the state. they've been recorded several times making promises that they didn't keep and they knew the promises were false when they made them. they had no credibility. if you like your policy, you can keep it until just after election. that is a message. >> maybe that delay could help the senator, right? it becomes less of a front burn are issue if you push to he keep the deadline back. >> oh, that's precisely why they are doing it. she's in a very difficult situation in terms of credibility. and that's why i believe we will win in november. >> republicans are hanging everything on this health care law. right now, showing 5 3% back.
1:36 pm
so many republicans, everything on the wall, who support might stabilize by year round, a risky strategy. >> i think so. i think this is only one part after series of failures on the part of this administration. and senator that is better with barack obama 9 of% 6 of% oof% %. we've had the best drop in unemployment than any other state. when you take your tax burden down from 44 to 17. take your unemployment down by 2.6% over five quarters and we've been in charge five years, yes. we have more uncertainty hoisted on us by the federal government. >> thank you. it was nice having you.
1:37 pm
senator, we look forward to hearing from you. from the meantime, so much for all of the hype. this is. to wall street where the maker of candy crush just got crushed. fell 50% in the very first day of trading, despite the excitement. why is this very good news? for one thing, i predicted this. but you know me, i'm not a bragger. tonight on fox business, why these development have to be watched very closely. so the last internet boom we experienced, it doesn't happen again. meanwhile, in a push to get russian's fixed. didn't this guy try to do the same thing?
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olympics to launch his program. i'm thinking so myself, self, haven't i seen this or heard of this before? hitler, doesn't this ring a bell? there are similarities. why should we pay attention. >> i played sport all my life. i have a 7-year-old, 3-year-old, they play sports too. the reason is for physical fitness. putin is trying to mold young warriors. he is making that clear. this is a program founded by none other than joseph stallin, one of putin's heros. he want to revive this expansion russia. not only the hitler youth. it remind you of ancient sparta if you take it way back, the militaryistic style. that is the goal here. putin is talking about this program as quote, a way to revive the fatherland. to revive mother russia. he is an ultra nationalist and this goes along with the
1:42 pm
program. >> he is not hiding an obesity problem that i don't know of. >> no. it is bad enough when obama is in our kid' lunch boxes. with puddin', it is a different story. get ready for the future. raise up young warriors. he is making that clear. he is also on the offensive when it comes to russia's dwindling fertility rates. he is offering incentives to any russian couple that has three children. every russian couple should have at least three children. why is that? well, in the future, if you want to, i don't know, go into ukraine, revive the soviet republic, you will need manpower to do that. highly trained manpower. let's start them when they're young, as young as six years old. is this mandatory? under stalin and the soviets, it was. >> it is interesting. it wasn't that long ago where putin was the first vocally to speak out about what he felt
1:43 pm
were growing dangerous muslim threats, particularly within his country and extremists an their birthright, which i believe was four times the russian birthrate. piecing this together and what he has done with crimea and strong words in support of russian nationals, that too begets the hitler comparison. and maybe recklessly use ped. but you say, when you put it all together, it's not so crazy? >> i don't think it is. there is a different in that hitler had a clear ideology. racist semitic ideology and he laid it out for the world to see. putin is is a dictator. similar things with hitler, putin, looking for conquest. but ideological differences. one thing is clear, putin is not
1:44 pm
going to stop. crimea is the beginning. the entire country an all of those former soviet republican -- >> by the way, both men argued the same thing. that we are just getting back that which was ours. >> yes. it is erie, neal. and both men were appeased by the west. europe, u.s., watching this happen as putin tries to revive the old soviet empire. >> who says it just putin? start telling us what to eat in the name of global warm willing. they are not only dwog after my carbs, but my carbon footprint. i can't keep up with this stuff. 8:00 p.m., i'm going to detail everything they're doing. pretty scary. meanwhile, if lois lerner won't get talking, then what was she writing? republicans want her e-mails. what happens when the head of the irs says that will be years.
1:45 pm
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to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. ♪ ♪ we're getting a lot of reaction to the lawyer leading the lawsuit. the first one against boeing and malaysian airlines. ronald says, we're starting a lawsuit on a hunch, no plane, no debris, no bodies. just cleaning up the indian ocean. john tweets, the lawyer that want to sue boeing over the malaysian airlines missing plane shows why people hate lawyers. >> if find a good idea and i think it is appropriate to put
1:49 pm
it into the public domain -- >> i understand that. but you said you were independent. you didn't work with the treasury. no one influenced you. >> if you have a very good idea, i might like you to -- >> you know, we have a good idea. we have a real good idea. give everyone lois lerner's e-mail. >> and we will work on that together. >> an irs scandal. and tonight, the former irs commissioner said, give lois lerner immunity to get the e-mails to get her to talk or you'll never get anywhere, ever. he is only talking to us tonight. meanwhile, victim of this targeting on what he makes. tom, good to have you back. we are going nowhere fast on this thing. i think they are dead on right. we either get lois lerner to sing like a canary or you can shut this whole thing down.
1:50 pm
>> neal, i think you're right about it. good to be with you again, by the way. it is frustrating. but you know, kneel, also necessary. i think it is important for the american people to see that thi and that there's more to this than we've seen. otherwise, she'd be telling it, right? so i don't know if they're going to make that deal. it would be tough for us, who were subject to lois lerner's attention the last several years to see her get off, but if that's what we have to do to find the truth, i think the truth is the most important thing. >> you know, the criticism republicans are getting is they have asked for way too much, and again, i'm no lawyer, as my argument with the lawyer made very well aware earlier. they should target it like a laser beam. we want just lois lerner's e-mails. that's it. they don't have to go back to the beginning of time, just this area where targeting was going on, i think that could lead to other things, but one step at a
1:51 pm
time. when they put out blanket requests for documents that go back to the time christ walks this earth, i am joking, but they're losing their argument. i think that that is what's most important. get those e-mails. >> i agree with that, neil. and we said that back to jim jordan, and some of the people who have been helping us with this. you know, she definitely is the key. i did hear some of the testimony today, and i think i saw a congressman from the committee on fox saying they have kind of narrowed it down at the end of the hearing to let the new head of the irs know, we want you to focus on these things. neil, i don't know. when he was talking about how long it's going to take, i think there's a correlation here, neil, between how long it took for them to process our 501 c 4 applications and how long it's going to take to get it the e-mails. >> it's all her. they have to find a way, and it's got to drive guys like you
1:52 pm
nuts that that special deal was made, but it beats never getting to the bottom of it. >> we have to find the truth. this is important to the american people. this is not some frivolous thing. literally, an election was at play because of this activity. in the meantime, you remember the soyuz rocket i spoke about yesterday. the one that was supposed to look up with the international space station? guess what? problems. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in
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liftoff of steve swanson, on a six-hour journey. >> it was about hitching a ride, but it hit a cord. my lamenting the soyuz mission with an american ostnot onboard and paying the russian space agency $76.6 million for a seat on the plane. this is how we get into space these days. we pay other to get us up there. most notably to the country not
1:56 pm
too long ago we beat up there. $71 million each way each drip every trip, no discount for round trips, and what a fall from grace. the country that conquered space, relegated to hitching rides into space. the very same week i learned the very same country that all but created the internet is letting go of control of the internet. sad and mad. you're right, neil, this is a travesty. good thing jfk isn't alive to see it. helen from pittsburgh, i understand we're no longer in a space race, but did we have to stop space? cavuto, you forget we still do remarkable things with unmanned vehicles. look at mars. look at the circles run around anything the russians are doing. as the last man to walk on the moon told me, humans might make machines, but nothing beats a human in the machine. i just wish we went full throttle on both.
1:57 pm
and shaun in dublin, ireland, neil, i know you're half irish so take pride in knowing ireland is setting its sights on the stars. we might even give you a lift for a six-pack of guinness, what do you say? it seems like a heck of a better deal than the russians are offering, so you're on. neil, i heard you one time say that you dreamed of being an astronaut yourself, so what happened to you? here's the thing, i visited cape canaveral with my parents when i was a kid and i quickly realized i couldn't fit in the capsule, so i moved on to tv anchor. theria go. you're welcome, america. and foster e-mails, cavuto, man up. man is still going into space, you're just offended it's not american man. you're right, i'm mad it's not american man or woman for that matter. i have a big problem our country giving up trying. pat in new york city, neil, how could you link our relinquishing control of the internet with this stupid soyuz thing? it's night and day.
1:58 pm
get a clue. please tell me what one possibly has to do with the other, as a much smarter colleague of yours says, please be pithy. each shows how we have sold our soul. pithy enough for you? elizabeth in baton rouge. here's the problem, neil, and you hit this years ago. america is broke. we can't afford squat, and when you're a bum, everything you once did goes bust. very profound, elizabeth, and i think you hit on the source of our country's problems. it's our debt. it's all the money we owe that's made us a country that, well, just shrugs its shoulders and says, oh, well. it's hard to aim for the sky when your bills are sky high. we're so deep ipdebt that the rest of the world assumes we couldn't launch our way out of a paper bag. we used to set goals that mattered and push the boundary with technology we knew would matter against long odds because we thought none of these dreams were odd. we thought big, we dreamed big,
1:59 pm
we were exceptional and not afraid to say it. now it's as if we feel we might offend folks to even think it, so we don't. we have gone to providing order for the world to blindly signing on to a new world order, even pit means blindly signing off to overseeing the world wide web. is there any wonder we have our thumb out, hoping some day, someone will give us a rise, and all we get is a raised finger from a world just whizzing right by. it's disgusting. we're better than this. all of you at home, forget dealing with this. what's happened to america? what's happened to us? where did our get up and go go? i think it got up and went. some people are going to talk about in a lot more detail on fbn tonight. what has happened to the american resolve to be genuine, to be proud, to be exceptional? why is it politically incorrect to say we're all that?
2:00 pm
it's a big theme on a big show this weekend, surrendering america. friday at 10:00 p.m., saturday at 10:00 p.m., sunday at 9:00 p.m. i urge you to watch it, my friend bret baier hosting it. wake up, step out of it! this is the fox news alert. we're awaiting a new update on the deadly mudslide in washington. we'll bring that to you as soon as it begins. should corporations have the same religious rights as people? the supreme court will decide that after hearing arguments from both family-owned business said and the government yesterday. they must cover contraception for employees even if it violates their religious principleses. here's a lawyer for one of those. >> tens of millions of people aren't in inshurnls plans covered by the mandate with no reason for the government to


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