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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 26, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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chefs in honor of key day. it can produce more than 1,000 slices. >> on a bitterly cold day in manhattan, the florida keys sound good. >> i will take a piece of pie. america new's headquarters starts now. >> moments from now president obama speaks to american allies in europe and what will jose about vladimar putin and russia. welcome to hq, i am bill hemmer. >> and the president met with american alloys and nato leaders in brussels. ed is traveling and joins us, how is it? >> reporter: good to see you elizabeth. the bottom line, the president is meeting with leaders in nato in brusz wills.
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he wants to put the crisis of ukraine in contest of the importance of u.s. and european a liiance and behind the scenes he is trying to do repair work. in the first five years of the administration, the president talked about the reset of russian relations and talked about pivoting to asia and aweigh from the focus of middle east and europe and now he's all about in part because of the crisis in ukraine strengthening the european a liiance. >> if anyone didn't think they would care or drive i wedge between the european union and the united states, they clearly miscalculated. >> reporter: to the president's credit, the sanctions that he put out impacted the russian economy and he's not been able
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to bring the european allies to get them to come up with tougher european union sanctions. and republicans like rudy guiliani said the european alhighs are nervous that the u.s. would not be there in part because of the redline in syria. here's ruddy guiliani. >> we should not give up the military option. we suppose he would attack a nato country. but this president said you couldn't cross the redline in syria and did nothing about it 12 times. >> the red lune is on the nato question. president obama made it chlor if there is an attack on poland, the u.s. would go in with allies and help them out. but ukraine is not part of nato.
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you have 30,000 russian troops on the eastern border of ukraine, this crisis expanding and getting worse. a lot of people here in europe are very, very nervous about the security situation. the president is trying to calm some of those nerves, elizabeth. >> we'll bring you the president's speech and our ambassador john bolton. in the moan time 36 so far to date delay. monday's dead line is pushed back for two weeks for people needing to finish the application due to problems with the website. verifying the information will be based on the honor system. dave is a adviser for u.s. news and world report. what is the white house intent here,troing to get close to the 7 million? what is behind this?
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>> this is not the first time the obama administration moved the goal post. it was on the rolling out of the spanish language website. and in 2015 it is pushed back beyond the 2014 midterm election. and not a surprise. and frankly i think they are trying to be practical and trying to accommodate people in the midst of signing up. ine though some people are trying to sewn up. they are not making it through the system and there are website issues and issues trying to determine how much subsidy or how much a person will receive. if you are in the midst of signing up. they don't want to it slap a penalty and here they are with another delay. >> in the meantime they are stepped it in a big way.
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here is john boehner. >> last night brought us yet another delay of obama care. another dead line made meaningless. you know, he hasn't put enough loop holes in the law already. the administration is resorting for the honor system to enforce it. >> you are seven months from the midterm election. >> this is a tricky attack for the republicans than you might think. are they against delaying. it do they want to force people to sign up for the 31? that is tricky given that most republicans want to repole. it i would think they want people to have more time to sign up. sure, that narrative is, it is another kink in the system, but if you talk to the family in kansas city trying to sign up,
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would they rather have a couple of weeks to be able to without a pen althy. >> throw days ago, the president said it is the last call. now the honor system. >> and we get coverage and now last call for 2014, apparently not 72 hours later. >> that's the problem, when you set an artificial dead line, and you know, you don't make it stick, that is sort of a knock against the obama administration, already those deadlines are pushed back. by april 15th. they are going to push it back if there is a kink in the website and if you never make a dead line real. does it mean going to people. that is going to be an interesting thing to so how hard they come down with penalties with people who do not sign up. >> we'll see if they do at all. david, thank you for coming in and it is 36 and counting now
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and unclear what to believe at the moment. david, thank you. we'll talk again. elizabeth. the part of the website that makes sure insurance companies get paid is not finished and having a ripple affect. melissa francis on fox business network joins us. tell us about the particular problem with the website that is not working. >> it is not the front page to sign up for insurance. it is where insurer ares go and they see who signed up and the subsidy and how much they have to pay. this was the part that was supposed to work together, the back end and creating a big mess for insurance companies. >> what is happening instead if that back end is not working electronically. they have to have workers go in there and manually figure out what they paid and the subsidy and billing the government for.
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it takes more time and it is a big mess and a lot of work and bound to be a lot of the errors that have to be reconsoiled later. >> the obama administration made headlines and they hired the best and brightest, is it not all coming through now? >> accenture provide consulting and technology services for big companies all over the world and they were given a no bid contract because they are among the best and get the job done. unfortunately it was a bigger mess than they anticipated and it is not done and it is a problem. >> okay, so what happens from here. we talked about the deadline considering we have a couple of weeks. where do we go from here? >> the insurance companies have to do it manually. one silver lining they are hiring temporary and part- time workers to go in and codo that work. it is very difficult to
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reconcile who has or hasn't paid. there is an issue of those who haven't paid. it is hard for the insurance company to decide if they haven't paid or not given the subsidy. it is confusion for the insurance companies and americans and total in the talleys. it is a mess, no doubt about it. >> thank you for being your insight aissia. we appreciate it. >> the subpoena personally delivered to you which we expect you to comply with, will potentially be held in contempt, those e-mails were very specific based on the individuals who become a specific focus on which why they do what they do and what they said whether it is true or not. >> darril issa is looking for, threatening the irs chief with contempt if they do not turn over the e-mails from former irs
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official lois lerner and she is at the heart of the scandal of targeting conservative groups. thank you for your time today, and welcome back to hq. did the irs chief say whether or not the e-mails that issa and others are looking for are forth coming? >> he said they are forth coming. and he equivocated on that and they will have to redeck specific information. and he doesn't know how long it takes to get it to us. we continue to feel we are unappropriately stone walled in getting information from the irs. >> he said it mute take years and not months. is that a tactic or a reality? >> he talked about the broad scope of documents that we were looking in addition to the lois lerner e-mails. and so as the hearing went on,
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we tried to make sure that first and foremost and immediately, we want those lois lerner e-mails. and we want to see the scope of the people she was talking to and about what and what it had to do with targeting the conservative groups and not targeting liberal groups and singling out conservative groups for punitive treatment. >> learner won't testify and she took the fifth twice. >> lois lerner has. you are right. >> i can't imagine you will get the answers you want from her. and that's why the e-mails are so critical. in a word, you think you will get those in time? >> eventually, that's the key word. we want them sooner rather than later. the people of the united states are filing their income taxes in the next two weeks, wont they like to know that the agency they are turning their money and personality information over to
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is honest? and it is not going to target them for treatment that is unfair or different from other american taxpayers? that's the key to it. we want to show the american people that the irs is unbia sed and turns a blind eye to people who are filing income tax. >> and you know about the damage done in the agency. would you expect darril issa to hold the irs chief in contempt yes or no? >> we'll have to work with the irs so we don't hold them in contempt. we want the american people to see what happened in the irs and make sure it never happens again. >> cynthia lums. thank you. and we appreciate it. >> we are awaiting remarks for president obama in brussels and the president meeting with a loys and nato leaders. and we'll take you there live
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there is new hope we'll soon find out what happened to flight 370. a french satellite spotted 122 objects in the indian ocean not far from other similar sitings that might be related to the missing plane. jennifer griffith, when do we expect to know what the fbi learned from the flight simulator. >> reporter: the director told the house exmroration committee that the exmroration from the flight simulator and the pilot's hard drive is nearly complete. >> i have teams working around-the-clock to try to exploit that. i will not say more on that in a open setting. i expect it to be done fairly shortly within a day or two to
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finish that work. >> reporter: not enough is known about the pilot. malaysian authorities did not search his apartment for days after the disappearance and his wife and daughters, moved out of his apartment prior to the flight and have not been heard publicly from since the crash. back to you. when there are developments we'll come back to you. fox nows alert. in the meantime president obama set to talk to american allies in europe amid highest tensions with russia that we have seen in decades. a erousing reception in brussels as mr. obama will talk with the future path. and we anticipate the latest move on ukraine and vladimar putin. let's listen. >> thank you, laura, for that
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remarkable introduction. before he came out she told me not to be nervous. and i can only imagine, i think her father is in the audience, and i can only imagine how proud he is of her and grateful for her work, and she's also reminding us that our future will be defined by young people like her. your majesties, and mr. prime minister, and the people of belgium, on behalf of the american people, we are grateful for your friendship. we stand together as inseparable allies and i thank you for your wonderful hospitality. i have to admit it is easy to love a country famous for chocolate and beer. leaders and dignataries of the
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european union, representatives of our nato a liiance and distinguished guests, we meet here this a moment of testing for europe and the united states. and for the international order that we have worked for generations to build. throughout human history, societies have grappled with fundmental questions of how to organize themselves. the proper relationship tone the individual and the state. the best means to resolve inevitable conflicts between states. and it was here in europe, through centuries of struggle and through war and enlightenment, repression, and revolution, that a particular set of ideals began to emerge.
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the belief that through conscious and free will, each of us has the right to live as we choose. the belief that power is derived from the consent of the governed and the law and institutions should be established to protect that understanding. and those ideas eventually inspired a band of colonialist to cross an ocean and they wrote them in the founding documents that still guide america today including the simple truth that all men and women are created equal. of those ideals have also been tested here in europe and around the world. those ideals have often been threatened by an older, more
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traditional view of power. there is an alternative vision argue that ordinary men and women are too small- minded to govern their affairs, but order and progress only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all- powerful sovereignty. and often it roots itself in the notion that by virtue of race or ethnicit some are superior than others and individual identity must be defined by us versus them, or that national greatness must flow not what people stand for, but what they are against. in so many ways, the history of europe in the 20th century represented the ongoing clash of these two sets of ideas. both within nations and among
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nations. the advance of industry and technology outpaced our ability to resolve our abilities to resolve differences peacefully and even among the most civil e civilizciviliz civilized societies on the surface we saw a decent in barbarrism. >> i was reminded of how war between peoples sent them to their deaths in the trenches and gas of the first world war and two decades later extreme nationalism plunged the country in war again and great populations and cities reduced to rubble and tens of millions slaughtered including those lost in the holocaust. it is in response to this tragic history, that in the aftermath
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of world war ii, america joined with europe to reject the darker forces of the past and built a new architecture of peace. workers and engineers gave life to the marshal plan, centinals stood vigilance in a nato a liiance that was strongest that the world had known. and cross the atlantic, we embraced a shared vision of europe. representative democracy and individual rites, and a belief that nations can meet the interest of their citizens through trade and open markets. a social safety net, respect for those of different faiths and backgrounds. for decades this vision stood in sharp contrast to life on the side of the iron curtain.
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for decades,contest was waged and ultimately that contest was won, not by tanks or missiles, but because our ideals stirred the hearts of hungarians that sparked a rev lougz. polls who in their shipyard stood in solidarity. and chechs who waged a revolution without firing a shot and east berliners who marched past the guards and finally tore down that wall. today, what would have seemed impossible in the trenchers of flanders and the rubble of berlin, or a distant prison cell, that reality is taken for granted. a germany unified. the nations of central and
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eastern europe welcomed in the family of democracies. here in this country, once the battleground of europe, we meet in the hub of a union that brings together age- old adversaries in peace and cooperation. the people of europe, hundreds of millions of citizens, east, west, north, and south are more secower and more prosperous because we stood together for the ideals we share. and this story of human progress was by no means limited to europe. indeal, the ideals that came to define your a liiance sparked movements across the globe. mong those very people ironically denied their rights by western powers. after the second world war, people from africa threw off the
10:26 am
yolk of colonialism and secured their independent. in the united states is thes took freedom rides and endured beatings to put an end to segregation and secure their civil rights. as the iron curtain fell here in europe. the iron fist was unclenched and nelson mandela emerged upright proud from prison to lead a multiracial democracy. latin american nations rejected dictatorship and built democracies and asian nations showed that development and democracies could go hand in hand. the young people in the audience today, young people like laura were born in a place and a time. when there is less conflict and more freedom than in any time in
10:27 am
human history. but that is not because man's darkest impulses have vanished. even here in europe, we have seen ethnic cleansing in the balkans that shocked the conscience. it is amplified by the worst economic times of our life times and stirred the rise of a politics that too often targets immigrants and gays and those who seem somehow different. technology opened up opportunities for trade and cultural understanding. it has also allowed terrorist to kill on a horrifying scale. around the world secitarian warfare and conflicts claim thousands of lives. and once again we are confronted with the belief among some that
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bigger nations can bully smaller ones to get their way. it is somehow mike, makes right. and i come here and insist we must never take for granted the progress that is won here in europe and around the world. that is what is at stake in ukraine today. respiratory in the 21st century. the borders of europe can't be redrawn with force. and the people and nations make
10:29 am
their own decisions about their future. to be honest. if we define our interest narrowly, if we apply a cold- hearted calculouse. we might look the other way. our economy is not deeply integrated with ukraine. our people and home land face no direct threat from the invasion of crimea. and our borders are not threatened by russians annexation. but that kind of casual indifference ignore the lessons that are written in the cemeteries of this continent. it would allow the old way of doing things to regain a foot hold in this young century. and that message is heard not only in europe, but the asias
10:30 am
and americas and africa and middle east. and the consequences that would a rise from commrasencies are not abstractions, but the impact on the lives of real people. men and women just like us, have to enter into our imaginations. just look at the young people of ukraine who are determined to take back their future from a government rotted by corruption, and the portraits of the fallen shot by snipers and the visitors who pay respects. and there was the university student wrapped in the ukranian flag expressing hope that every country should live by the law. a post graduate student speaking of her fellow protestors,
10:31 am
saying, i want these people who are here to have dignity. and imagine that you are the young woman who said, there are some things that fear, ballistics and teargas cannot destroy. we never met these people. but we know them. their voices echo calls for human dignity that rang out in european streets and squares for generations. their voices echo those around the world who at this moment fight for the dignity. these ukranians rejected a government that was stealing from the people instead of serving them and are reaching for the same ideals that allow us to be here today.
10:32 am
none of us know for certain. i am confident that eventually those voices. those voices for human dignity and opportunity and individual rights and rule of law. those voices will ultimately triumph. i believe over the long haul nations that are tree. and free people i believe this not because i am naive and the strength of our arms and xhechlt i believe this because these ideals that we affirm. are true. these ideals are union versal.
10:33 am
we believe in democracy and with elections that are free and fair. and direction in opposition parties and civil society and uncensored information and individuals can make their own choices. and we believe in open economy and based on free markets and innovation and individual entrepreneur and trade and investment that creates a broader prosperity. and yes, we believe in human dignity that every person is created equal no matter what you look like or love or come from. that's what we believe. that's what makes us strong. and our endowering strength is reflected in our respect for a individual citizen that protects the rights of both
10:34 am
nations and people. a united nation and a union versal declaration of human rights and individual laws and the means to enforce those laws. but we also know that those rules are not self executing. they depend on people and nations of goodwill continuing a if i wering them and that's why russia's violation of international law and assault on ukraine sovereignty and territory must be met with condemnation. not because we are trying to keep russia down, but because the principles that meant so much to europe and the world must be lifted up. over the last several days, united states and europe and partners around the world are
10:35 am
united in the defense of these ideals. together we condemned the russian invasion of ukraine. and rejected the crimea referundum. we have suspended russia from the g- eight nation its and down grading our bilateral ties. together we are imposing costs through sanctions that left a mark on and those accountable for its actions. >> and if the russian leadership stays on the current course together, we will insure that this isolation deepens. sanctions will expand and the toil on russian economy and the standing in the world will only increase. and meanwhile the united states and her allies will continue to
10:36 am
support the government of ukraine as they chart a democratic course. together we are going to provide a significant package of assistance to stabilize the ukranian economy and meet the basic needs of the people. make no mistake neither the united states nor europe has any interest in controlling ukraine. we have sent no troops there. but what we want is for the ushs cranian people to make their own decisions, just like other free people around the world. understand as well. this is not another cold war we are entering into. after all unlike the soviet union. russia leads no block of nations and global ideology. the united states and nato do not seek any conflict with
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russia in fact more than 60 years we have come together in nato not to claim other lands, but to keep nations free. what we will do always is uphold our solemn obligation and article five duty to defend the sovereignty of our allies and in that promise we will never waiver. nato nations never stand alone. today nato planes patrol the skies over the baltics and reenforced our presence in poland and we are prepared to do more. going forward every nato state must step up and carry its share of the burden by showing the political will to defense. and provide captainabilities to serve as a source of international peace and
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security. of course, ukraine is not a member of nato in part because of the close and complex history with russia. nor will russia be dislodged from crimea or deterred from further escalation by military force. but with time, so long as we remain united the russian people will recognize they cannot get status and security they seek through brute force. that's why throughout this crisis, we'll combine substantial pressure on russia with an open door for diplomacy. i believe that for both ukraine and russia, a stable peace come through deescalation. and direct dialog between russia and the government of ukraen and international community and
10:39 am
monitors that can insure that the rights of all ukranians are protected and a process of constitutional reform within ukraine, and free and fair elections this spring. so far, russia has resisted diplomatic overtours annexing crimea and amassing large forces along ukraine's border. russia justified these actions in an effort to prevent problems on its own border ares and protect russians in ukraine. of course, there is no evidence and never has been of systemic violence against ethnic russiansed in of ukraine. moreover many countries face similar questions about their borders and ethnic minorities abroad. and about sovereignty and self
10:40 am
determination. these are tensions that have led in other places to debate in democratic referundums. and conflicts and uneasy co-existence and they are difficult issues and precisely because these questions are hard that they must be addressed through constitutional means and international laws. and so that majorities cannot simply suppress minorities and big countries cannot simply bully the small. in defending its actions, russian leaders have further claimed kosovo as a precedent and claim that the west urnt ferred in a smaller just as they are doing now. nato only interferred after those people were systemically killed and brutalized four years
10:41 am
and kosovo left serbia in careful cooperation with the united nation and their neighbors. none of that even came close to happening in crimea. manufacture russia has pointed to america's decision to go in iraq as a example of western hypock crazy. the iraq war was a subject of vigorous debate not only in the world but in the united states as well. i participated in that debate. and i opposed our military intervention there. but even in iraq, america sought to work within the international system. we did not claim or annex iraq's territory. we did not grab its resources for our own gain.
10:42 am
we ended our war and left iraq to its people in a fully sovereignty iraqi state that can make decisions about its own future. of c neither the united states nor europe are perfect in adherrance to the ideas. nor do we claim to be the sole arbiter of what is wrong and right with the world. we are human after all. and we face difficult decisions about how to exercise our power. but part of what makes us different. we welcome criticism. just as we welcome the responsibilities that come with global leadership. we look to the east and the south and see nations poised to play a growing role on the world
10:43 am
stage and we consider that a good thing and makes us stronger as a nation and the forces of integration and cooperation that europe advanced for decades and in a world of challenges that are increasingly global, all of us have an interest in nations stepping forward to play their part and bear their share of the burden and to uphold international norms. so our approach stands in stark contrast to the arguments coming out of russia these days. it is absurd to suggest as a steady drum beat of russian voices do that america is some how conspiring with fascist in ukraine and failing to respect the russian people. my grandfather served in patten's army just as many of your fathers and grand fathers
10:44 am
fought against fascism. and we americans remember the sacrifices by the russian people in world war ii and we have honored those sacrifices. since the end of the cold war, we worked with russia under successive administration to build ties with culture and commerce and international community. not as a favor to russia, but because it was in our national interest and together we have secured nuclear material from terrorist. we welcomed russia in the g- eight and world trade organization. and reduction of nuclear arms and elimination of syrias chemical weapons. we believe that the world benefitted when russia chooses to are copton they basis of mutual interest and about respect. and so america and the world and europe, has a interest in
10:45 am
a strong and responsible russia. not a weak one. we want the russian people to live in security and prosperitty and dignity and proud of their own history. but that does not mean that russia can run roughshod over its neighbors. just because russia has a deep history with ukraine doesn't mean it dictates ukraine's future. no amount of propaganda can make right something that the world knows is wrong. you know, in the end, every society must chart its own course. america's path, or europe's path. and it is not the only ways to reach freedom and justice. but on the fundmental principle
10:46 am
that is at stake here, the ability of nations and peoples to make their own choices, there can be no going back. it is not america that filled it with protestors. it was ukranians. no foreign forces compelled the citizens to rise up. they did so on their own. from the burr meas parlimentarian pursuing reform and young leaders fighting intollerance and corruption in africa. we seek something that all of us share as human beings. a truth that will persevere in the face of violence and repression and will ultimately
10:47 am
overcome. for the young people here today, i know it may seem easy to so theentious vents as removed from our lives, remote from our daily routines, distant from concerns closer to home. i recognize that both in the united states and in much of europe, there is more than enough to worry about in the affairs of our own countries. there will always be voices that say what happened in the other world is not our concern and nor our responsibility. but we must never forget we are heirs to a struggle for freedom. our democracy, our individual opportunity, only exist because those who came before us had the wisdom and the courage to
10:48 am
recognize that ideals will only endure if we see our self interest in the success of other peoples and other nations. now is not the time for bluster. the situation in ukraine, like crisis in many parts of the world, doesn't have easy answers nor a military solution. but at this moment, we must meet the challenge to our ideals, to our very international order with strength and conviction. and it is you, the young people of europe, young people like laura, who will help decide which way the currents of our history will flow. do not think for a moment that
10:49 am
your own freedom, your own prosperity and that your own moral imagination is bound by the limits of your community or ethnicitty or even your country. you are bigger than that. you can help us to choose a better history. that's what europe tells us. that's what the american experience is all about. i say this as the president of a country that looked to europe for the values that are written into our founding documents and spilled blood to insure that those values could endower on these shores and i say this as a son of a kenyan whose grandfather was a cook for the british, and as a person who
10:50 am
once lived in indonezia that emerged from colonialism. the ideals that unite us matter equally to the young people of boston, or brussels or or jakarta or nairobi or krakoff or kiev. in the end the success comes down to us inclusive the example of our life, our own societies. we know there will always be intolerance but instead of fearing the immigrant, we can welcome him. we can insist on policies that benefit the many, not just the few. that an age of globalization and dizzying change opens the door of the marginalized, not just a
10:51 am
privileged few. instead of targeting our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, we can use our laws to protect their rights. instead of denying in opposition to others we can affect those we hold in common. that's what will make america strong. that's what will make europe strong. that's what makes us who we are. just as we meet responsibilities as individuals, we must be prepared to meet them assignations. because we live in a world in this ideals are going to be challenged again and again by forces that would drag us back in the conflict or corruption. we can't count on others to rise to meet those tests. the policies of your government, the principles of your european
10:52 am
union will make a critical difference in whether or not the international order that so many generations before you have strived to create continues to move forward or whether it retreats. that's the question we all must answer. what kind of europe, what kind of america, what kind of world will we leave behind. i believe if we hold firm to our principles and back them with courage and resolve that hope will ultimately overcome fear and freedom will continue to triumph over tyranny, because that is what forever stirs in the human heart.
10:53 am
thank you very much. [ applause ] >> 37 min in belgium, the president of the united states, long and astros about differences in the u.s. and vladimir putin and his russia. a moment of testing he called it at the beginning, the contest of ideas continue for a lot of young people and younger generation. that audience today in brussels. that's what's at stake in ukraine the president described. the borders of europe cannot be withdrawn with force. former ambassador of u.n., fox news contributor. sir, good day to you. i'm very surprised. it was very direct and all primarily involving vladimir putin and what's happening in the ukraine. your reaction. >> i think it was an exceptionally clear insight into how the president views international affairs, specifically in the case of the
10:54 am
ukraine. i just thought it was a fright think revelation about how the president thinks. he basically explains he does not understand what motivated russian aggression. after all, it was contrary to international law to do what the russians did. there's nothing in the speech about understanding force and power and international affairs the way the russians do and how they proceeded nor anything about deterrents or persuasion. almost entirely about international norms, none of which had done a thing to stop russians in ukraine. >> he also said vladimir putin will not be removed by military force out of crimea. we're told sanctions will expand if putin continues on his current course. having said that, is this wishful thinking that putin
10:55 am
stopped in crimea? >> i think the president is living in a world of words and putin is living in a world of power. the president even went so far as to argue actual u.s. interest in the ukraine are fairly minimal. what concerns is the violation of international law. i actually think we've got major tangible interest in the ukraine. the europeans have them as well. the problem is neither the european union nor the united states have absented effectively to the russian aggression. that weakness, that inability to show strength, i think encourages putin and ukraine and rest of the former soviet union and encourages other adversaries in other parts of the world like china to be assertive in their behavior as well. there's nothing in this speech that gives any indication the president understands that. he's concerned that international law has been violated and yet he doesn't seem
10:56 am
to understand what motivates the russians to do it. >> at one time saying u.s. and european allies stay together, that vladimir putin will not move. john bolton, thank you. we're out of time. we've got to run. 37 minutes on that speech. thank you for your presence in las vegas. >> we have an update to a story we brought you hg two weeks ago this woman left in a burger king as an infant. she spoke to us about her search for her biological mother. >> now, the connection she and all of us have been hoping for. cool. check it out. i dunno, i just ah woke up today and i said i need something sportier. annnd done. ok maxwell, just need to ah contact your insurance company with the vin number. oh, i just did it. with my geico app. vin # is up to the loaded. ok well then jerry here will take you through all of the features then. why don't weeeeeeeeeeee go out to the car. ok, i'll just be outside... ok, yeah. his dad is my boss. yeah. vin scanning to add a car.
10:57 am
just a tap away on the geico app.
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10:59 am
a reunion 27 years in the making a woman abandoned as an infant in pennsylvania posting this photo on her facebook page hoping to find her birth mother. that photo shared more than 30,000 times and it worked. >> i'm so thankful that she took care of me. there was no drugs in my system.
11:00 am
i was left in a warm, dry place. shows the softer side to people. wow, something this horrible happened to her and she can forgive. i think it touches people on a different level. >> she says she bears a strong red resemblance to her mom and looks forward to getting to know her. more fireworks today over missing e-mails in the irs scandal. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen ca "the real story" on wednesday. house and oversight committee looking for closure. they are grilling the irs commissioner former lois lerner's involvement on the targeting of groups. lerner not at the hearing today. she faces possible contempt of congress charges after pleading the fifth again at a hearing on march 5th. now we're hearing her e-mails may not be released for weeks. maybe years. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on capitol hill for us. mike, fireworks


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