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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 11, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> ron says, at this pounlt, my body. >> teeth to take a bite out of life. >> after five knee replacements, i would like to replace my doctor. >> good thinking. thanks for watching. >> here is gretchen, see you tomorrow, bye bye. >> we start with a news alert. a top democrat accusing the cia of hacking into computers. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome. senator dianne feinstein says -- the cia is denying the hacks. they will look into the allegations. the white house issued a no comment wen asked about the situation. senator feinstein wants to hear some form of an, i'm sorry. >> i have grave concerns it cia search may have violated the
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separation of powers principles em bodied in the united states constitution. i have asked for an apology and recognition that this cia search of computers used by its oversight committee was inappropriate. i have received neither. >> but, the director of the cia sa says he's not nothing to be sorry for. >> we wouldn't do that. i would encourage members of the senate to take their time to make sure they don't overstate what they claim and what they believe to be the truth. >> joining us now is bill cowan. who is telling the truth? >> this is a great story. when i listened to john brennan say there's no way it could have happened, i'm reminded of the
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director of national intelligence saying there's no way nsa is spying on americans. this story has so many legs to it. there's no proof, dianne feinstein has no proof they invaded their documents or computers but thinks they did. at the same time, the cia believes the senate intelligence committee got their hands on an internal report they shouldn't have. at the end of the day, we have a democratic member of the senate, a committee chairman arguing with a cia director. i think it will go a long way. at the end of the day, it grills down to the bush administration, the tension and interrogation techniques and the fact of what the cia has indicates the results of that program may not have been as effective as the cia has led us to believe. >> if that is the end result from both probes, why would the cia spy on this congressional
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committee? >> well, they shouldn't, for starters. i expect, dianne feinstein indicated it is illegal. what's so interesting is the senate committee used work spaces provided by the cia and computers provided by the cia. talk about a level of trust, there's certainly one there. i don't think anybody on the intelligence committee should be surprised they have what is called the back door. it is a way to come in and look at the computers without the user knowing it. >> this is interesting. john brennan is on record as saying we wouldn't do this. when he was asked whether or not, you know, if they are proved wrong, if he could restore trust to the american people, here is what he said. >> if there's any inappropriate actions that were taken related to that review by cia or the staff, i'll be the first one to say we need to get to the bottom of this. if i did something wrong, i will go to the president and explain to him exactly what i did and
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what the findings were and he is the one who can ask me to stay or go. >> my question to you, bill, is, could this have gone on without john brennan knowing about it? >> absolutely, no question about it, gretchen. the cia is a big beaurocracy out there and like any other beaurocracy, like the irs, people will do things without getting permission of their bosses. i think generally speaking from the american public to sit back, it's hard to differentiate between the cia and nsa. as far as americans are concerned, they are part of the big intelligence beaurocracy that most americans believe is looking at us in one fashion or another. >> so interesting. you have to wonder if it's going to change senator fieinsteins approach. when it's happening to her, this could change the whole picture for her as well. bill, thanks so much for explaining a very complicated
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system to us. >> thanks for having me on. more fireworks on the hill, pleading the fifth may not help lois lerner anymore. the bombshell on the irs is out. according to darrel issa, it shows detailed evidence that lois lerner took unprecedented steps to crack down on conservative groups and misled congress. what does the report give? >> one example is an e-mail by lerner about looking at the tax exempt groups and wants them to be careful not to look too political. this 140 page report was put together by house republicans on the oversight reform committee, headed by congressman issa. that's the committee that tried, unsuccessfully to get her to answer questions about heading up the irs. as the extra scrutiny of the irs was beginning, this shows that
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lerner sent an e-mail to others in the department saying, quote, okay, guys, we need to have a plan. we need to be cautious so it's not a political project, more of a 501c4 project. the report says that lerner misled congress when she said procedures for evaluating tax exempt groups had not changed. they suggest in june, 2011, lerner initiated some of the changes. gretchen? >> we know lois lerner claimed . does she have a response to the revelations today? >> not to the revelations today. it came out this morning. she's pled the fifth twice before congressman issa's committee. her lawyer says it's politics and an effort to fire up conservatives. the republicans majority has no
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interest in the facts. the facts interfere with keeping the conspiracy theory alive through the election cycle. republicans contend, in this new report that lerner not only came up with ways to scrutinize tax exempt conservative groups but help implement and manage hurdle that is hindered and delayed such groups applying for tax exempt status. gretchen? >> thanks so much. we are going to have mark meadows from the reform committee on "the real story" at 2:45 eastern to talk about what else they are learning about the targeting of conservative groups. we are getting new details on the missing malaysian jet. pictures of the two men who boarded the flight with stolen passports. look at the screen. they are iranian citizens. they may have been preparing to seek asylum in europe making the possibility of terrorism less
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likely. the malaysian military saying their jet made it further than the last reported position. for some reason, changed course, turning west and flying low before vanishing. in a bizarre twist, some relatives of the 239 people on board say they are still hearing rings when they call their loved ones cell phones. a former managing director for the transportation board, peter let's start with that. how could it be, when loved ones are calling cell phones, they are getting ring tones? >> this incident is getting more and more perplexing. the ring tones, who knows. the real issue is the plane changing direction. i mean, it was clear that there was more radar data than the malaysians were releasing. this new data says the plane could have turned on a 90 degree angle and flown for another hour
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and a half and it's simply inexplicable. experts have to check the radar. this radar data is what's known as a primery return. it doesn't have the identification the secondary return had. it's very perplexing, gretchen. >> what does that mean? it's the malaysian military saying their radar shows the plane turned around. what do you mean by the different degrees? >> if it made a 90 degree turn or more, it really is -- what were the pilots doing? it implies there was something going on in the cockpit, either by the flight crew or under duress or someone else. something was going on. and the transponder was turned off without explanation and there were no radio communications. it really is heightening the mystery.
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>> is it a worldwide regulation now that all airplanes lock the cockpits or is that just something we do in europe and the united states? >> well, that's a good question, gretchen. i have spoken to a number of people who have flown malaysian airlines recently. their report was they were much more lax about access to the cockpit. the cockpit door was open during long flights for periods of time. there are other carriers outside the u.s. that are not as religious in locking that door and keeping it locked for the entire time the plane is airborne. >> that's fascinating because we have learned, of course, they don't check passports. you have to wonder why people walk through security. be that as it may, isn't there a button in the cockpit that, even if suddenly somebody came in and took you off guard that somebody could push to communicate there was an emergency?
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>> there is a procedure that can be initiated by the pilot on the control wheel that will turn the transponder squawk from a normal identification to a hijacking identification. you can also shut the transponders off by popping a circuit breaker. you know, we have had a number of cases at which pilots turned off the flight data recorder, turned off the voice recorder and then tragedy has occurred. >> as you said, the mystery growing by the moment. peter, thank you for your insight. >> thank you. a college under fire for the way they handled sexual assault. now with a new policy. what it is and how it could impact colleges across the country. a hiker falls climbing this mountain and is left hanging, literally off the cliff. details of the incredible rescue
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the man accused of kidnapping and murdering holly bo bo is appearing in court today. he is now being arraigned after his arrest last month following a police search of his home. bobo went missing in 2011 when her brother told police he saw a man in the woods near the family
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home in tennessee. bobo has not been seen since. police have not released the evidence they have connecting him with the disappearance. from now on, any student found responsible for sexual assault or rape will face mandatory expulsion. it's part of a federal law that mandates all universities to take a similar stand. da dartmouth in under investigation for their handling of sexual assault cases on campus. with less than three weeks to go until enrollment for obamacare ends, the white house is launching a campaign to get folks to get signed up. #geeksgetcovered. it goes after graduates and post doctoral students. they target a similar group asking young americans what
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makes them conservative featuring some of them holding sign with answers. chris tin and larry o'connor, great to see both of you today. so, kirsten, geeks going after the gees. doung the program is going to work with 21 days left? >> we'll have to wait and see. can't blame them for trying, certainly going to do whatever they can to get the attention of the so-called, young invincibles to get them signed up. i think the hope is, this is a group of people that are going to put it off until the last minute. they are hoping they will, then, in the last few weeks sort of stampede to sign up for obamacare. >> larry, what i thought was interesting here is that in trying to target, and these are their words, geeks, entrepreneurs, researchers is because they want them to pursue
11:18 am
their dreams or be able to do that without the fear of losing their health care, in other words, pursue the dreams at home without a job. >> you are welcome geeks for pursuing your dreams because i have to pay for them. do i get a cut when they invest and make the next facebook? it's not fair. they could have purchased low cost health insurance before the affordable care act. the fact they are pushing this has nothing to do with obamacare, it has to do with the fact people made choices. young people chose to make cell phones. the president, himself, acknowledges this costs about the same as a cell phone. that means people are paying for cell phones instead of health insurance. it has nothing to do with obamacare. >> kirsten, you have been up front and frank about the debacle about the roleout. do you get a sense of
11:19 am
desperation at this point, from the administration? >> yeah, they are desperate, obviously. they are not having the amount of sign up as they thought they were going to get from this important group of people. instead, you have people who are, you know, more likely to have illnesses, probably had health insurance, you know, a stunning number of people who signed up for obamacare and people previously already insured. the people they are trying to get, who are young and healthy and who weren't insured are the people who, at least this far, we don't know because we don't have the latest update, they haven't gotten the right number of those people signed up. >> interestingly enough, the administration has not released the numbers. i believe there was a poll that said one in ten uninsured started the sign-up process. >> this brings us back to the great story they put out with the 37 young americans at cpac
11:20 am
saying why they are conservative, liberty and freedom. they want the choice to do what they want and not have the government tell them what to do. it should be part of the republican brand, if they knew how to communicate a message, which they don't. >> thanks for your time. a climber falls from the side of a mountain. the daring rescue, all caught on tape. satisfaction, that's what we are out here to do. it's a job well done. you know, it brings us together for the reason why we are here doing what we need to do. >> we pulled him out of a sticky situation. we are happy we could be there and help. >> we are going to talk to the pilot who made the daring rescue. this video is unbelievable. plus, a submarine you can wear? what they are doing deep inside the ocean. >> kevin bacon is schooling people on the '80s, trying to
11:21 am
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at a company that's bringing media and technology together. next is every second of nbcuniversal's coverage 0f the 2014 olympic winter games. it's connecting over one million low-income americans to broadband internet at home. it's a place named one america's most veteran friendly employers. next is information and entertainment in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. colorado rises high on marijuana tax money. the state collecting 2 million bucks in taxes from the sale of recreational reefer in the month of january. the tax total is $3.5 million. trains are running on the boston green line after the derailment that injured ten people. the cause of the crash remains under investigation.
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the u.s. mint, they are still losing more than $100 million making pennies and nickels for the third year in a row. rising metal prices getting the blame on this one. i'll be back. he called the new interim government a bandit regime that will cause a civil war. >> poland asking for u.s. troops to be sent to their region and john kerry speaking with his russian counter part as they try to get both sides to negotiate a peace deal. >> when secretary kerry spoke this weekend, he made clear that he would welcome further discussion, focused on how to deescalate the crisis in ukraine. >> in the meantime, the interim prime minister will speak with president obama. that's going to happen at the white house tomorrow. a u.s. astronaut and two
11:26 am
russian cozmonauts landed after working six months aboard the international space station. the return almost had to be delayed a day because of the bad weather. three more crew members are due back later this month. coming up, the top senator accusing the cia of spying on congress. they said in their agency, they would never do that. what the white house has to say about that when we return. why do people count on sunsweet prune juice to stay fit on the inside?
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new follow up from claims the cia hacked into senate computers t. white house is trying not to take sides but say it's important to see if they violated laws in the investigation. chief white house correspondent ed henry joins us live. dianne feinstein is making a serious allegation here about ci ar c cia, right? >> reporter: she is. they are looking at whether they went overboard. the problem for the obama administration, if you fast forward the allegations from a democratic senator, dianne feinstein that is supportive of this white house is saying there's a cover up within the cia that continued under the
11:31 am
obama administration. i pressed jay carney on that. listen. >> over the last year or so, the american people have seen that the surveillance by the nsa was wider than originally suggested to the american people. that reporter's phone records were gone through. now we are hear thag maybe senate aids had their computer files gone through. why should they trust these intelligence aides? >> again, when it comes to this set of allegations and reports under review, i can't comment on them and i won't. >> reporter: he kept saying he can't comment buzz the inspector general is reviewing that. the case has been referred to the justice department to see if anybody at the cia broke the law or senate staffers broke the law accessing cia documents they were not supposed to have. the white house is trying to stay out of it.
11:32 am
there's a lot of credibility at stake. >> meantime, we are expecting new numbers on health care enrollment. president obama is encouraging the young people, the invincibles to sign up. what can you tell us? >> they are confident more people are signing up in the health care exchanges. the president is doing unconventional things. he's reaching out. comedian hollywood stars have an online program called funny or die. it's a goofy show. the president decided to participate to get young people to sign up. listen. >> have you heard of the affordable care act? >> yeah, it doesn't work. why get the guy that created the zoon to create your website. >> millions of americans have gotten health insurance plans. we want people to know you can get affordable health care.
11:33 am
>> jay karny got a series of questions about that. he pushed back and noted there's been a surge of traffic to they think it's been a success. 4:00 p.m., we are going to hear from kathleen sebelius, the health secretary. a lot of questions whether they are going to meet the goals. >> if you set up your live shots between a bush and a tree, to be like zach. >> i would do that. i call this show the dukes. get me two ferns and we'll start something new right here for you. >> hey, i will look forward to that and welcome that any day of the week. always great to see you. the president's push to boost enrollment with a conference call to religious and community leaders. he and valerie jared with face and neighborhood partnerships asking folks to sign up before
11:34 am
the deadline. time to bring in the panel, author of pushback. david silverman, president of american atheists and lauren green. lauren, who was he talking to? >> he's talking to basically a lot of people who are leaning to the left and we are getting names out of the house saying, you know, it's like catholic churches, these kind of names. they are people -- one of the members, there is a conservative liberal divide the way in politics. what you have here, he wants to talk to leaders, he goes to the pool of leaders like he did friday with the immigration reform. he talked to faith leaders. he's got 93 cases pending against the mandate coming up. they are faith leaders. this is coming up, a big one, hobby lobby is coming up before
11:35 am
the deadline. >> he probably didn't go to those. rabbi, where do you fall on this? >> it's interesting. the left always charges us when we push conservative issues. they say that's violating church and state. when it comes to their issues, he tries to corral the faith leaders, go to the pulpits and the synagogues, use skipture here and there so the left has no problem using religion when it's to their advantage. we on the right shouldn't become so intimidated. >> david, is it fair to say he should not have these calls because you don't believe ministers or preachers should be pushing anything? >> he can call whoever he wants. he's calling faith leaders, community leaders, he's got 20 days. he's pulling out all the stops. i'm curious about the separate
11:36 am
of church and state. what i would like to see president obama do in the future is keep his promise to ban it entirely. the four of us have something in common, we all pay taxes that go to churches or mosques that teach against us. this is unconstitutional. president obama promised to ban this when he was being elected and he has not done this. >> unconstitutional. you are not the final authority about the constitution. >> it's clearly in the constitution. >> courts have differences. our concept is when you do something in general that benefits all of society, you are not targeting religious institutions and giving them a preference, they are part of the basket. >> over sight. there's no oversight. wait a second -- the constitution -- let me explain. the unconstitutional part is not that the money is going there, it's going there because they are religious and there's no
11:37 am
oversight. no oversight at all. >> lauren, do you believe that it's the right thing for preachers to preach politics from the pulpit and do what the president is asking them to do? >> again, i have to go back to the issue of when it agrees with the president's position, you get a lot of support from the administrati administration. it happened with health care when nancy pelosi said or preached about the health care, the catholic church is against the mandate. when it comes to preaching against the health care mandate, it's wrong. that's what i'm saying. there's a political divide. >> you think it's politicking from the pulpit? he's not asking people to vote for him, he's asking them to sign up. >> sign up for his signature domestic achievement. >> the rabbi is speaking about it. >> interesting. obamacare, he's using religion.
11:38 am
when it comes to the catholics against parts of the obamacare, then religion is off limits. >> i have to leave it there. rest assured people are talking about this at home and see points that you all said. great to see you. >> thank you. tragedy on a north carolina mountain trail. a climber falls 70 feet. he was climbing alone at the state park when he lost his grip and fell backwards over the cliff. across the state, another hiking incident ends in a heroic rescue. he tried to scale this mountain here. captain darrel is a pilot for the north carolina national guard and was part of the rescue operation. he joins us on the phone. >> caller: glad to be here. >> you were the pilot of the helicopter during this mission, right? >> yes, ma'am, that's true. i was the commander. >> we are watching this video
11:39 am
right now. you get a call from emergency crew that is this climber has fallen. did you know right away that you could get a helicopter into this ravine and you might be able to help? >> yes, ma'am. we were aware we could help out the situation. once we get on scene, we assess everything and determine how we are going to approach it. typically, in north carolina, we are used to getting into tight spaces or areas like the one yesterday. >> we are seeing the video now. he fell as much as 40 feet. he was on a very small ledge. what is your main concern as the pilot, as you are trying to get to the region to get down to him? >> how are we going to approach it and the winds in that area. you are kind of in a canyon there with the two mountains on each side. the rock face itself, how we are going to approach that and get to the rock face without causing too much loss and knocking over
11:40 am
the survivor or the medic on that ledge. then we move in and do the best we can to get the hoist operator or technician on the ledge to do his work. >> wow. this is compelling video we are seeing here. it's our understanding your team was able to get to him. he was badly injured. you were able to put him in the basket, bring him up into the helicopter. do you know his condition now? >> caller: no, ma'am. i think he did survive and will heal from the wounds he had. >> amazing. hats off to you for a heroic mission. we admire the work you do on a daily basis. thank you. >> caller: thank you, ma'am. thank you for having me. she pleaded the fifth. a mountain of evidence may be piling up. we are going to speak with one of the congressmen investigating, next. plus, the soup that turns a diver into a one-man submarine.
11:41 am
have you seen it? it lets somebody go 1,000 feet deep. there it is. the mission is going to be used for, we'll tell you coming up. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol.
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time to check in with shepherd smith. where are you? is this your new spy cam? >> it's not new, but we don't use it that much. this stuff going on with the plane is crazy. malaysian military officials are now reporting that radar evidence shows this jet changed course. it left here from kuala lumpur. it's too close, it's in the middle there. somebody, for some reason, the
11:45 am
transponders went off and turned around and went to a lower altitude. why? hundreds of miles from the last location authority ries reporte. they have theories about what happened. there are interesting truths. we'll get to that at the top of the hour. >> we look forward to it. thanks so much. time to look at what america is working on. daylight saving time could mean more danger on the job. a study of coal miners find their workplace injuries increase the monday following the time change. star of "law and order" pushing for faster testing for thousands of rape kits in detroit. they contain dna and other evidence from rape cases. in a new video, kevin bacon is preaching to young folks about how cool things were in
11:46 am
the 1980s. >> let me tell you about a little thing called the cold war. they had nukes pointed at us for 20 years. you couldn't skateboard to a blockbuster without getting nuked. you people will never know the comfort of parachute pants. >> oh, my gosh, i love it. what is your favorite '80s moment? go to my facebook page and let me know or tweet me as well. brand-new details on the irs scandal. the house uncovering mountain of evidence including e-mails and documents showing how lois lerner was involved. she's the former director that led the effort against conservative groups seeking tax exempt status. mark meadows is on the oversight committee and my guest. great to see you. >> good to be with you. thanks so much. >> these revelations have come out in this report.
11:47 am
if you had to tell me what the biggest bombshell is, what is it? >> i think two things. one is lois lerner is at the center of this. she had hands on involvement in terms of the targeting of conservative groups. that's one of the things we know, essentially that she's the central person behind much of this. it's troubling. the american people want to get to the bottom of it. >> what do the e-mails prove? keep in mind, as i know the viewers remember, she has taken the fifth countless times. we haven't heard from her other than when she took the fifth the first time, she said she had done nothing wrong. what are we to learn from the e-mails? >> you are right. she said originally she has done nothing wrong. in these e-mails, we know there were rules she violated so perhaps she misled congress even in that limited testimony she gave before pleading the fifth. also, it talks about political targeting. the context of the e-mails,
11:48 am
talks about how effective the conservative groups were in their messaging and how she needed to address that. >> so, do you believe after looking at this report, then, that this whole situation begins and ends with lois lerner? >> well, it certainly begins with lois lerner, but doesn't end there. the american people deserve the truth. we need to get to the bottom of it. she is the key part of this. additionally, we know that those above her knew what was going on. we look at this and we see that, indeed, she was planning to change the rules for the 501c4 because of their effectiveness and she's doing it as a result of the investigation that's been going on. >> you believe she wanted to target them because she felt like they were actually working in america? >> well, they were working and, as you start to see the context of the e-mails, it was all about
11:49 am
trying to make sure they didn't appear to be political. it was giving, you know, the veneer of being nonpartisan when the efforts were partisan within the irs. >> so many questions. the president said there was a smidgen of corruption. congressman, always great to see you. thank you for your time. >> good to be with you. thanks. the next mission under water may look more like a space walk. check out what this diver is wearing here. find out how keep this suit can go. this guy, not making his wife go happy. uh-oh, what did he do? when the choice comes down to the baseball or his little bundle of joy. oh, my goodness. oh. ♪
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after you see the stocker tell me whether you would do this. dive deep into the abyss in a one-man submarine, 1,000 feet below the surface to explore life at the bottom of the ocean. trace gallagher is live with more. you cooperate get this suit on and do this for us, like do an experiment in the suit? >> they haven't tested it yet. i would do it. and i if you're a fan of people leak jacque cousteau and the work of james cameron, this is astonishing. it pushes the limits of undersea exploration. a thousand feet down, and when you go down there the pressure
11:54 am
is 30 times greater than on the surface, but with this suit it would allow a diver to go down and stay down for up to 50 hours. can you imagine two days underisn't that right but what separates this iron-man like suit from the small sub in recents that james cameron used, the suit allows a diver to be hands on. it has 36 joints so you can bend your knees, bend your arms. there are also foot thrusters so the divers can hop around look the astronauts did on the moon. and even though the gloves like kinds of clumsy they have very precise tools in them to actually grab on to the undersea life we have never been able to study. listen. >> a big, clunky thing, but to pick up a dime, hold on, no reason why we also can't collect a delicate jelly fish or whatnot
11:55 am
down the road. >> if you collect that delicate jelly fish there's pressure chambers chambers so the sea life can survive up to the surface. researchers have lodged believed those luminescent creatures to lead to medical breakthroughs. this thing is very cool. cameras, sensors, you talk to the people on the surface, 1.3 million bucks. we don't know if it will work yet because the niter major test comes in july, but this really is the next generation of jules verne. deeper than you can good if scuba diving and not as low as the other subamericaibles. >> mush, it was so warm they had to truck in snow for part of the course but the first sled has crossed the finish line in the eye did rot -- iditarod.
11:56 am
marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and a good source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips.
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>> welcome back. see what you think about this. might not win this guy father of the year. >> chris young drills one. deep right center field. this one -- check this out. >> look at the card. >> he left the kid in the car. >> hey, pick him up. >> mo, my goodness. bad dad. letting his kid smack into the fence and didn't get the ball. so maybe he bought the little guy a hotdog? a member even an ice cream and a helmet. there he goes. i hope mom wasn't watching. wait, it's on videotape. oh, well, along, they're smiling. ended well, i hoch. >> a musher in third place takes the lead in the final stretch to win his second iditarod race across alaska. he was three hours behind but managed to come from behind when
12:00 pm
a storm delayed the two front runners. took them eight and a half days to finish the thousand mile race, beating the old record by five hours. >> that's growing to wrap it up for us today. i'll read your tweets and facebook posts tomorrow. time to check out shep. >> the mystery of malaysia air flight 370. new reports that the plane flew way off course for an hour or more after its tracking system suddenly and for in known reason stopped working. plus, the relatives who say passenger cell phones kept ringing for days after the disappearance, and you'll hear from a woman who says she doesn't want you -- who says she doesn't know what to tell her young son about his father, who was on he plane. also, what a fisherman says he saw the night the jet disappeared. it's the mystery of the week and maybe the strangest disappearance of its kind that aviation experts have ever seen. so let's get to it.


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