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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 6, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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before we go. set your dvr and record "hannity" the series. start your day with fox and friends thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow chris christie, ted cruise, marco rubio, ryan and donald trump. all the cpac crowd and one of them stealing the show. "on the record" takes to you cpac. >> our ideas are better than their ideas. and that's when we have to stand up for. >> we will bring back morning in america. >> our best days as a country are ahead of us, not behind us. and on elections day. we're going to win. >> we have such unbelievable potential. we have to use it. we need the right leaders. >> greta, we're at cpac, the conservative political action conference. it's the largest gathering of conservatives in the country. >> i always love coming to cpac. it's one of the highlights of the year. >> today a handful of
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possible presidential contenders delivered marks to a packed audience. >> if you want to lose elections, stand for nothing. because the last four congressional elections, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, three of the four we followed that strategy. 2006, 2008, 2012 we put our head down and we stood tore nothing and we got walloped. >> we stand against obamacare and bankrupting this country for getting back to the positive values of this country. that's the message that i'm trying to carry to conservatives is the american people know how to win and it's to inspire people with a bold, positive vision for the future. >> i'm going to suggest a radical agenda to you. hope and change. >> we have everything we need to succeed economically, except the leadership in the white house. >> how will republicans win again. >> i think we win again by speaking to the issues that matter to every day people of all walks of life who are concerned that they feel stuck, that they can't get ahead, and they are really worried that their children will not be better off than themselves. our argument to them is big
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government is not going to help that. last six years will prove it. >> will your name be on the ballot in 2016. >> i don't know yet. we will make that decision. i love serving the country in this capacity. if there is another opportunity i have to is explore that. >> we are literally on the verge if we make a few right decisions of a new american century. >> rubio gave a good speech. i loved them all. ever since 2012 i think rubio is our guy. >> i love him. i got teary eyed. we were fanning ourselves because is he just adorable. >> i was mafd by christie. >> the fact is we have got to start by talking about what we are for and not what we are against. >> i was a little worried that he was going to get booed because when you look on twitter and social media, there are so many conservatives that seem to just be really angry with him right now. but as far as i'm concerned, he is a really good leader, so i appreciated everything that he came and said and he was honest that people don't like him and he was honest with his record. and i think that that's important in a leader. >> you are the leader of the
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government. you see something getting ready to go off the rails. and what you decide to do is stay afar away from it as possible. my question now is the same question i had then. if that's your attitude, mr. president, what the hell are we paying you for? >> just because is he in a blue state doesn't mean he is out of touch with conservatives. >> let us come out here and resolve that only to stand for our principles but come out of this conference resolved to win elections again. that's what i intend to do for the next year and i hope you will join me. thank you very much. >> he is on the come back trail with me. >> so is governor chris christie the new come back kid? joining us our political panel. abc director rick klein and the a.p. josh letterman. let me go to you, rick, you were in the room when the governor of chris christie spoke. did the crowd love him? edmediocre. >> they loved him. i was one of those surprised. i was ready to hear boos. the whole bridge gate scandal probably helps him. he was attacked so much and
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able to joust back at the mainstream media for a while and talk about his own conservative credentials. instead of the focus on differences he put the focus on what they have the same. he was upbeat and a little bit more of the old christie. a little bit of a swagger there. i felt like he looked more in his element than he has probably sings the scandal broke a couple months ago now. >> you say he wowed the crowd. straw poll on saturday. would you describe his wowing. >> i would be shocked if he won the straw poll at cpac. he impressed people. people were more inclined to like him than not like him. he wasn't each invited to this gathering a year ago. he certainly didn't need conservatives in winning in new jersey. he needs them now there is a growing since at least among conservatives they may need chris christie. >> john, come back kid? >> it was a good speech. it was the kind of speech he needed to give to make inroads among conservatives skeptical about him after he embraced the president. you saw him ripping obama. harry reid he touted his pro-life views. it's the kind of things that
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would help assure conservatives. i would agree with rick at the bridge gate scandal liberate him he is not trying to appeal to the media appeal to democrats. if that scandal doesn't end up doing him in. rite now we don't have foreknowledge. they haven't proved anything. in a way it can liberate him and help him appeal to republicans and win the nomination. >> the base doesn't like the moderate and governor christie is a moderate. they nominated governor romney and also senator mccain both moderate notice party. the fact that is he a moderate isn't the -- you know, a death blow. >> they sure like moderates when it comes to the general election and it's time to actually win on a national level. when it comes to primaries obviously a lot concern. like they were saying ironically this whole bridge gate thing gutted christie as bipartisan blue state republican, maybe a little bit too cozy with obama and democrats. >> the hug, remember the hug? >> exactly, the hug on the shore. so, perhaps we are seeing that now republican rtion a little bit more persuaded that he is a bonafide
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conservative. simply because of some of this retribution against democrats. >> well, let's hear more of what governor christie said to the cpac crowd. >> we need leaders now who are willing to say not only that we are against obamacare, which we are, we need leaders that are not only going to say we are against higher taxes, which we are. we are against a bigger government, we are against more intrusion into our constitutional rights. we're against all those things. but we need to also talk about what we are for. we need to talk about the fact that we are for a free market society that allows your effort and your ingenuity to determine your success. not the cold hard hand of government determining winners and losers which is what this administration has been all about. what i think we need to go out and charge out of this conference to do over the course of 2014 is to keep the house of representatives, win back the united states senate, win more republican governorships and show people that republicans know
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what we stand for and we know how to get things done in this country and to lead the world again. [cheers and applause] but to do that i will remind you of just one simple truth in this democracy, we don't get to govern if we don't win. and it's not only bad, when we don't get to govern because we don't get mold and change our society. what's worse is they do. they are doing it to us right now. so, please, let us come out here resolved not only to stand for our principles but let's come out of this conference resolved to win elections again. that's what i intend to do for the next year and i hope you will join me. >> you know, rick, obviously he contender, so he is ted cruz and marco rubio said he would decide soon. donald trump governor walker of wisconsin, governor
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kasich, governor jeb bush not. >> there those folks were invited and participate in some way. >> it's a particular conference and particular segment. it's its own animal and really interesting cross section of where conservatives are and where republicans are right now. what union nice them is still what they're against. that's the thing the only consistent theme that you could see all of the folks, whether it's ted cruz on one side and chris christie on the other side is that president obama is bad and need to undo what he has done. the challenge that chris christie talked about is going to be the big one. that's what matters in 2016 what are republicans going to rally behind when obama starts to lead the stage. we only saw a hint of that so far. this battle between the ted cruz feeling of we need a party purity and to stand up for something big and that chris christie line we have to win first and foremost. that's going to define the republican party over the next couple years. >> john, governor sarah palin is going to be there on saturday. >> yeah. i think she will have every opportunity to speak to the crowd and she is a huge favorite there. you know, they really get excited about her. that will be a real
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opportunity for her to reconnect with the crowd. >> she will be with us tomorrow night as well. senator rand paul speaking tomorrow. >> that's right. senator rand paul also has a constituency there that's really interested in hearing about some of his ideas about libertarianism that seems to get that crowd fired up. he will certainly have his supporters looking forward to that speech. >> it's sort of interesting though, i would have thought though that. so contenders like governor jeb bush might show up. i mean, i realize it's not his group, necessarily, rick, but, still. >> yeah, i think he has got a conservative problem that he has to deal with you still hear the bush name taken in vain when it comes to spending. education, his support for the common core standard. something you hear from the common core conference. contend with the base and family legacy issues that aren't necessarily a good thing among conservatives. >> donald trump? >> see, he is quite a character, you know, not a lot of that policy talk that, you know, governor christie said needs to be -- spoke about today. he definitely entertained the crowd. not sure that's what conservatives want to put as their face forward.
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but he certainly entertained some people today. >> i think i heard him say he had seven standing ovations. >> he was very proud. >> i think he counted. anyway, panel now to the irs targeting scandal. >>s explosive house oversight committee hearing. tempers flaring. chairman darrell issa adjourned the hearing even cutting off the microphones as ranking democrat elijah cummings tried to speak. last night chairman issa went "on the record" about the fireworks. >> if the ranking member wanted to make a motion before i adjourned i would have accepted it i adjourned. he then said he had a question. what you played there was what what was after adjournment. he then perked up and said i want to ask a question. i said what is your question? and then that exchange occurred because he didn't have a question. he was simply endlessly slandering the efforts of the committee. >> and today in the party line vote, the house tabled democrats' efforts to punish chairman issa. panel your thoughts. obviously the republican
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majority he wasn't going to get punished. >> absolutely. that wasn't going to happen. this whole procedural was he in line out of line thing i think really plays to the democrats' advantage in that every single manipulate we are talking about issa and what kind of hearing is he holding and this thing with cummings is a minute we are not talking about obamacare and the problem with the rollouts and the other investigations that issa is doing that could really hurt democrats in the midterm elections. >> you know, job, i went to look this morning, "wall street journal" had no coverage of the issue having to do with the emails and the targeting and the fifth. "new york times" no coverage. "u.s.a. today" no coverage. on the email in the lois lerner taking the fifth and the content of her emails which include statements like the tea party matter very dangerous. you know, pretty provocative emails. "the washington post" two articles but one of the articles was about the spat we just saw between cummings and the chairman. why isn't the media interested in the lois lerner? >> well, i think as long as she continues to plead the
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fifth. they don't really see new news being out there. i think people have bought in a little bit to the whole idea there is a phony scandal. if it's a phony scandal why won't she testify? the question is why republicans might want to consider giving her immunity so that they can get the full story out there. if they're not getting anything rightnt to consider th. >> what happened yesterday is you had congressman issa very frustrated and upset that he actually went on "fox news sunday" and broke some news. she would not plead the fifth she would answer questions and ended up pleading the fifth anyway. frustrated. whether or not he had the right to do that that distracted things and turned congressman cummings into a victim and it would have been much better off to let him spout off, whatever. he could have made himself look like a fool. >> i was stunned with the emails they did present her with. one was dated october 19th, 2010? which she talks about they want the irs to fix the problem citizens united. lois lerner, another one says the tea party matter is very dangerous. i mean, when i see those and they all goes back to
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citizens united and whether you think something was funny going on there or not or criminal or not. there was for the first time we see in her emails a motive. a motive to target that's improper. it's not just the republicans saying it. and, yet, you know i would have thought everyone would have seized upon that. >> reports that she talked to the department of justin but not the congressional committee that's investigating. this i think this is where chairman issa has to be careful. this becomes a side show very quickly when she have the spat. it's not about roberts rules. this is about what plays out on television. when you have microphones turned off and dramatic display. issa is out of control in that committee. and that's something that. >> but nobody talks about the substance. i mean, even like i i went back and looked at the inspector general reports. inspector general did a year long audit and he concluded that it was ineffective management that caused this. ineffective management? you have the head of the
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division with her fingerprints on emails saying that's not management. she is an actual doer. there is something funny there. very few news organizations more interested in the food fight. >> look, if you want news organizations, you want anyone to focus on the vegetables, you have to make sure there isn't a foot find going on at the same time. that's where things went off the rails a little bit yesterday. the show today obviously ♪ going to be censured and slap down on that. at least we are not talking about the substance. >> panel, thank you. >> okay, all go off-the-record for just a minute. now, i'm not in favor of rude behavior but is this the best use of congressman's time? first, here is what congressman -- congress did not do today. they did not vote that the irs comply forthwith with the subpoenas of lois lerner's emails. the irs is withholding lois lerner emails from congress. congress did not vote to consider holding lois lerner in contempt for answering questions. i would assume congress we
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say these issues are under consideration. that's not action. that's stalling. and this might not surprise you, congress did find time as we just discussed to vote on whether to punish chairman issa for cutting anchor cummings microphone at yesterday's irs hearing. republicans of course are the majority. so of course the vote was not going to punish chairman issa. think about it if we are going to get caught in the weeds of good americans and we begin to punish politicians in both parties for what they say and do to each other. the nation is going to add two more 24/7 cable networks to make sure we cover it all. i'm not in the favor of rude behavior why didn't congress use its extra time today not being the manners police but being the police for the people? leave it to congress to care more about their own personal political food fight than the problems of the american people. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and straight ahead, karl rove is furious. "on the record" about to gain new information exposing even more irs targeting. the latest target? karl rove himself.
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he is right here to fight back. first, the president promised if you like your plan, you can keep it well, it's not true. so why is the "new york times" playing word games with such a critical issue? former
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poment promised if you like your plan you can keep it turns out that's not true. why can't the "new york times" seem to say so? first an editorial claimed the president misspoke. then an article called the promise an incorrect promise. and now the "new york times" saying today the president's promise was overstated. so, what's with the the word games? former congressman allen west joins us. the "new york times" just can't say it? >> well, they can't get out of the way. it's interesting. it was george orwell said in a universe of deceit truth
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becomes revolutionary act. we see the "new york times" try to run cover for the president and go back to in december when you had the "new york times" writer came out and said it is true that everything that happened in benghazi was because of an anti-islamic video and this was not terrorist attack. and all of a sudden you once again, threw fire back on maybe the simmering embers of this whole thing of benghazi because everyone brought the facts up. now, again, everyone is going to come back and start focusing on what the president said in 2013, lie of the year. the fact that he got throw of the top six pinocchio awards from "the washington post. so why would the "new york times" do something like this and bring the negative attention to a time when the president doesn't need it? >> you know, it's stunning though because, the "new york times" does have a wide reach. and even today when i look to see -- and i couldn't find it maybe it's in there and i just didn't see it the substance of lois lerner's emails yesterday. the reason i saw them and talked with the panel and thought that was so significant is that the
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republicans have been saying this had this motive to do this for the last year. can you discount it as part of politics. now we have it in her own email what certainly, i mean, she is saying denigrating things, said dangerous tea party. and, you know, there is certain things in her emails that really for the first time provide a, you know, a motive. you know, that someone at the top. at the top of the exemption group. >> e.y, you you are absolutely right. but the thing is that what chairman issa did was he gave the media the easy layup. because now what they are talking about is him coming off a microphone. now what they are talking about is what you just said with the panel was the waste of time was a vote to punish him or issue in him or sanction him. they should have brought lois lerner for contempt of congress. because you see this proof. and for her to continue to talk about the fifth -- pleading the fifth, when the president came out in the bill o'reilly interview and said there is not a smidgen of corruption in the irs, something is there that we need to get to the bottom of. >> there is a debate to be made whether or not her --
11:22 pm
when she invoked the fifth whether or not she did it in the right way. i mean, there is a whole debate there one thing that just can't be debated though is that the -- and it should not take a long time to do is she has emails sitting over at the irs, that chairman issa says they subpoenaed a long time ago, and that the irs has not yet surrendered to. and i don't know what in the world everybody is waiting for and congress doesn't seem to be very aggressive. those emails will either prove her guilty as the sin or they may exonerate or whatever. in the meantime, nobody going to get those emails and congress isn't either. >> that's why we need to move away from the committee approach. we need to go to an independent investigator with subpoena powers. >> chairman issa would like to get them. i believe he wants them. >> now it's almost tainted. you talked about the circus atmosphere of that committee now. now need to have one single focus and person independent investigator just the same as you need to have a select committee on benghazi to get to the bottom of these things with the subpoena power to call on the right people and stop trying to
11:23 pm
dither around with five or six different committees that really they are just scratching the surface. >> the ig they had over at the irs was ineffective management. i'm thinking to myself ineffective management i now see these emails by lois lerner saying these things and she is right in there up to her eyeballs in this. those other emails like i said will either exonerate or give her a whole lot more trouble but the irs has an obligation to answer a subpoena and congress just says whatever. >> not only does the irs have an obligation, i think as long as the american taxpayers are paying that 6-figure pension for lois lerner, she owes an answer to the american people. >> well, i mean, look, if i were her lawyer i would advise her to take the fifth and i would advise innocent guilty people someone might have a problem. she certainly might have a problem. but. >> she does have a problem. >> well, whatever. i want the emails from the irs. i want to see what the conversation was in that division. those emails are there. their subpoenaed and i don't know what everybody is waiting for. congressman, always nice to see you, glir always a pleasure, greta. >> straight ahead.
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karl rove is steamed. what does he does he have to say about lois lerner refusing to answer why the irs targeted g.p.s. karl rove will tell you himself. that's next. we have new personal information tonight about russian president vladimir putin. when we tell that you information, you will say you got to be kidding. but we're not.
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paragraph profit irs targeting scandal putting a bulls eye on crass roads g.p.s. karl rove goes "on the record" as the new evidence is released. >> june 2011 you requested that holly pause obtain a copy of the tax exempt application filed by crossroads g.p.s. so that your senior technical advisor, judy kendall could review it and summarize the issues for you. ms. lerner, why did you want to personally order that
11:29 pm
they pull crossroads g.p.s., karl rove's organization's application? >> on the advice of my counsel, i respectfully exercise my fifth amendment right and decline to answer that question. >> and karl rove joins us. nice to see you, karl. >> great to see you, greta. >> all right, karl, here is the email which crossroads grass roots is mentioned and which chairman issa just mentioned dated june 1st, 2011. three mentions of lois lerner in it. what do you think? >> well, it shows that crossroads g.p.s., like a number of other conservative 501 c 4s was undergoing special scrutiny by lois lerner. as we know a handful of liberal groups were given such scrutiny. hundreds of conservative groups were given that scrutiny. it showed the imbalance that they were targeting conservative groups, right-of-center groups. and the document in
11:30 pm
question, the application was later leaked to the press. not leaked, it was given to the press by the irs, which is in violation of law. those are confidential documents. until and unless the organization is granted an application and during the process of which it was being considered, they released it to the press. and nothing has ever happened. i'm not each aware that anybody from the government has talked to crossroads g.p.s. about the release. the deliberate release of a confidential document and the violation of the law that that entailed by someone inside the think is thet stunning about yesterday's hearings, now that's a june 2011 email that we're talking about with crossroads. if you back up, yesterday was for the first time is when i -- my antenna went up. of course maybe others have said it before, but that this all dates back to an effort by the obama administration to reverse citizens united, the supreme court decision that came out in early january that they did not like. and which with the fascinating thing about that is that in january of 2010,
11:31 pm
is that after that, you have a chain of emails, including this one from lois lerner february 1st, 2011, she says refers to the tea party as dangerous -- she says tea party matter very dangerous. then she has got another -- there is another email dated october 19th, 2010, and it says everyone is up in arms about the decision. i don't know hot everyone is. apparently it's not the supreme court, but it's everyone. and you have the fact that the president in the state of the union in january of 2010 says that he obviously doesn't like the -- like the decision citizens united. it looks like all the -- you foe, the lawyers and the irs, because one of the lawyers -- one of the women in here, judith kendall is a lawyer. it almost seems like that inside the irs is this incredible effort to target the tea party groups and to get around citizens united. >> he will, yeah. well, let me add one more piece to your puzzle. this email from lois lerner saying get me the document occurs at roughly the same
11:32 pm
time that crossroads g.p.s. is running several tens of millions of dollars of television advertising opposing president obama's call for a clean debt ceiling and telling -- saying to the american people if you don't think he ought to have a blank check, call your representative and call your senator and tell them to cut spending as part of the deal. so, she is trying to find out more about crossroads g.p.s. at a time when crossroads g.p.s. is running advertising encouraging americans on a public policy issue as it's legally entitled to do to call their representative or their senator to oppose the president on the debt ceiling increase. so, you know, it's -- mane it's a coincidence but i don't think so. >> it can't be. >> somebody, either lois lerner. either lois lerner or the general counsel of the irs or somebody at the white house saying or somebody at the treasury saying the irs better get on crossroads g.p.s. these people are killing us with these ads opposing president obama's policies. >> you know, karl, i'm beyond coincidence.
11:33 pm
i thought perhaps a coincidence. yesterday in looking at these emails, it just can't be a coincidence. even the reference to cincinnati. it does look like a covert behind the scenes dirty effort to reverse a decision. >> right. >> someone may think it's a lousy decision, maybe it should be reversed -- maybe some legislation, whatever. but this is done by the irs at a covert fashion behind the scenes, targeting people. >> yeah. and, look, liberal groups have been using 501 c 4s to be involved in public advocacy and politics for decades. and it never martyed. it never mattered to the liberals in washington until we got to a point where conservatives woke up and said let's duplicate what the left has been doing and use 501 c 4s as they are allowed to do to do a lot of public advocacies on the issues and minority of activity on politics. only when conservatives began to to do what liberals have been doing successfully for decades that sudden lynn they all got spun up. we know how spun up they
11:34 pm
got. conservative groups, center right, huge numbers of those groups were held up and closely examined while literally less than a dozen liberal groups were subjected to the same kind of lengthy scrutiny. we know this was deliberate. we know that it was in relation violation of the law. we know they took some unnamed persons took illegal actions like releasing the crossroads g.p.s. application when it was supposed to be held as a confidential private document at that point. and we just don't know who is responsible for it. and we don't know how far it goes. who is behind it we have a sense lois lerner is in the middle of this from the email and the way she has conducted herself in all of this. we know that something stinks at the irs and the administration isn't interested, the president started out sort of ignoring it then when it went public attention got revved up about it, he said he was upset as well and thought it was inappropriate behavior. now they are down playing it saying there is nothing there.
11:35 pm
people locked. in nothing there. nothing to be seen here. >> you are dropping out something is that after the president thought it was important, he then called it phoney, repetitively to friendly crowds. >> right. >> and he also, on super bowl sunday said there wasn't a smidgen of corruption. now we see these emails. you mentioned the fact that they looked at few handful of liberal groups. the email from lois lerner dated february 1st, 2011 says underlined in bold tea party matter very dangerous. so it doesn't look like -- that she is particularly interested. it doesn't say and liberal groups. >> no. there does seem to be tea party groups. >> look. you would expect when -- when several tens of thousands of applications flow through for these groups, each year, you would expect that there would be a handful of one that he this would want to examine a little bit further. what is clearly indefensible is that there are hundreds of center right groups and literally less than a dozen liberal groups. somebody was targeting tea party groups. we know that for certain. we know that they were targeting. that she was targeting crossroads g.p.s. the center right group. let's not kid ourselves. this was a deliberate effort
11:36 pm
to stifle the president's political opponent and political adversaries. the president himself set it in motion with a speak at townsend state university in 2010 when he referred to these groups as enemies of democracy. how big -- you know, that's like blowing the whistle and saying go get them, boys. the president of the united states is ultimately responsible for the tone he set. but we need to find out who was carrying out these illegal acts and this committee hearing where elijah cummings throws a fit at the end of it. you know, the democrats know what this is all about. they know it's about a naked political grab. misuse of the irs for political purposes. and it's their party that's doing it. and so they are going to try to do everything they can to object i on skate and distract. >> emails from lois lerner that has not been complied with in looking at yesterday's hearing, that was the first day that i thought that a possible
11:37 pm
smoking gun, the motive, trying to get behind the citizens united and the whole fundraising expose. whether people lead it or beforehand. these emails were pretty damning i thought. here is what i don't understand. today i got up and asked the staff to look at the newspapers. the "new york times" didn't mention this yesterday this hearing. the "wall street journal," which is some corporate relative of "wall street journal" didn't mention it "u.s.a. today" didn't mention it now the wros did two articles. one was about the reference to the cummings and chairman issa spat that you just mentioned. and they did have on page a-15 an article. maybe it's the lawyer in me. in looking at these emails, i for the life of me cannot figure out why everybody is not interested in getting to the bottom of. >> this look. a lot of the media is in bed with the president. a lot of thed media have thought right from the beginning this was not worthy of coverage. you know, i can't imagine it. i mean, i cannot imagine -- what if the roles were reversd? what if this were a republican president using the irs to go after liberal
11:38 pm
groups. don't you think the "new york times" would be exercised about it? don't you think that cbs, abc and nbc would be lavished coverage of course. the fact that a liberal president would use the irs to go after his political opponents, apparently just doesn't matter a lot. the good news is that we have lots of other ways to get communication out, information out, and this issue is not going to go away. >> well, i am also critical of speaker boehner for green lighting some effort to hold the irs in contempt to get those documents now it doesn't take a year to get those emails back and they have been subpoenaed. >> no, it doesn't. >> as far as i'm concerned, is that nobody wants to get to the bottom of this. except chairman issa and members of his committee are, you know, probing it. but they certainly raised suspicion yesterday. coming up. more with karl rove. is he really fired up about another new controversy. here is a hint. it's about former secretary of state condoleezza rice. you have to hear this. you have to hear this. it's members. predicting the future is a pretty difficult thing to do.
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former secretary of state condoleezza rice at the center of a stormy controversy. we asked karl rove what he thinks. >> faculty protesting former testifies condoleezza rice commencement speaker. what they say is she played a prominent role in the administration's effort to mislead the american people about the presence of weapons of mass destruction. that's what a faculty resolution says. >> this shows how ignorant the fact kuehl at this at rutgers is. this old canard that the bush administration deliberately mislead the american people about weapons of mass destruction has been the subject of special investigative committees. special commissions, and no evidence have been found of that this shows how politically motivated this is. and how ignorant the faculty senate of the rutgers is at using this as their pry tense for saying we don't want a purchased conservative international expert to, former secretary of state first
11:44 pm
african-american woman secretary of state in our nation's history. we don't want her to be here simply because her politics don't match up with ours. shame on the rutgers faculty. shame on them. >> i have one -- i always love a different twist on a lot of things. this one is my think something what in the world was the faculty doing that they didn't object beforehand? now all of a sudden it looks like they have something against the first amendment people with different views or ideas cut it off at the pass. >> sure they do. guess what they do? they have a disagreement. well -- >> -- i understand that. >> they do have a disagreement. universities across this country. >> i understand that karl. >> major universities are to have faculties dominated by the far left intolerant of free speech if it's not their free speech. >> how stupid to let themselves to get into this issue and head it off at the pass before she was selected. now they have egg on their face. they look like they're stifling speech that's not compatible with their own. >> sure. absolutely. look, this is routine at
11:45 pm
these sort of elite eastern schools. you know, they have group think. it's of the left. they can't tolerate dissent. everybody thinks and ax like them. again, i repeat. they issue a statement which is factually inaccurate it shows their ignorance. it shows their political bias. it shows cheap attempt to denigrate a respected leader of our country, the former secretary of state for their own narrow ideological left wing views. and shame on them again. shame on the faculty at rutgers. >> they also included that the one of their other objections enhanced interrogation techniques that says because of her role in the iraq war and the bush administration's policy of enhanced interrogation techniques just waterboarding. >> you know what? i suspect that they might be very happy inviting former secretary of state hillary clinton who voted for the iraq war. i think they might be comfortable inviting the current secretary of state john kerry who voted for the iraq war. i suspect they might be very
11:46 pm
comfortable inviting nancy pelosi who not only knew about the enhanced interrogation techniques but briefed on them consistently as a member of the intelligence committee and of the democratic leadership in the house. i'm sure they would be very comfortable inviting her. now, look, this is the left wing views of, i hope of a minority of the rutgers faculty working out their angst in a childish, and i repeat, fraudulent way. shame on them. >> karl, always nice to see you. thank you, sir. >> great to see you, greta. >> and straight ahead, you won't believe what russian president putin might be getting. plus, there is alarming news out of ukraine tonight. ambassador john bolton is here next. @w@wowowpg÷÷owúç÷gg
11:47 pm
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11:50 pm
this is a fox news alert. president obama speaking by phone with russian president putin for an hour today. president obama telling putin that russia's actions in ukraine led the u.s. and european union to slap new sanctions on russia. meanwhile ukraine appears headed for a possible breakup. crimea parliament doing the jaw-dropping unexpected declaring a referendum held in 10 days in which voters in crimea will be asked to choose whether to reign part of ukraine or join the russian federation.
11:51 pm
president obama immediately warning this referendum violates international law. and there is more. get this. in the middle of this world crisis, russian president putin has been nominated, are you sitting down? for the nobel peace prize. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, glad to be with you. >> oh so he invades ukraine, is he rotten to gays in russia and the list goes on and on and on and he has been nominated for the nobel prize. >> well, barack obama won the nobel peace prize and he didn't deserve it so now putin has been nominated for it and he doesn't deserve it either. you know, those wild and crazy guys on the nobel peace prize committee in norway. who he knows what their thinking is. lots of people. >> ambassador, at least i will say, this when the president got nominated right after he took office. he didn't have a record of doing the things, putin has this record. he has a record of being a kgb guy. he ha has record of going into ukraine. record of persecuting gays and record standing behind
11:52 pm
assad. he has a real long record and he has been nominated. >> i know, it's what makes it so great. i was nominated for a nobel peace prize once so i can say sadly there is no guarantee that simply being nominated guarantees you are going to win. i think this reveals just how basically fraudulent the entire nobel peace prize process is. if you want to know about it, jay norlinger national review "peace they say." anti-americanism of those swedish and nor we john particle men terrence who get to nominate the candidates. ridiculous that vladimir putin's name should be mentioned in the same breath with nobel peace prize. >> what do you make of this vote today that there will be a referendum in 10 days and do you think that president obama, had a conversation with putin about whether or not he was in any way behind this? >> well, i think it's more pressure by putin on ukraine and the west. it's obviously another point of leverage to get what
11:53 pm
hements out much the ukrainian government. and i think the -- i think this is the third conversation between obama and putin over the ukraine situation. and from what the white house releases, it's briefing of the conversation, it seems to consist of long passages by our president, explaining to president putin why what is he doing is violating international law, as if he could simply convince putin on a point of law that suddenly putin would turn around and change everything. this is the fantasy world that president obama lives in. i will put it very bluntly to him. vladimir putin doesn't care about international law. and the more you talk to him about it, the more putin must shake his head and say what is up with this man. >> what do you think happens in 10 days? let's say the voters vote to stay with ukraine. actually, i don't think they will because they are mostly russian. does putin pick up and go
11:54 pm
home? >> well, no. this election or this referendum will definitely vote by a very large majority in favor of joining russia. the charters have already said they are going to boycott i think they are about 10% of the population. the vote will be 70, 80, 90% for unification with russia. and that is the coverage that putin will be exercising. i still believe that putin's real objective is getting a government in kiev over the whole ukraine that he can dominate. i think partition remains a plan b for him. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. and coming up, the blade runner weeping in court. you will hear the testimony you will hear the testimony that brought so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 a month? yup. all 5 of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line, anytime, for $15 a month.
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let's speed read right through the news. oscar pistorius breaking down in tears during grizzly testimony during his murder trial. a neighbor testifying about finding pistorius kneeling
11:59 pm
over reva steenkamp's body. >> as i approached the lady, there was man on his knees on the left side i had his left hand on the right groin and he his right hand second or third fingers in the mouth and i remember the first thing he said when i got there was -- he said i shot her. i thought she was a burglar and i shot her. >> neighbor also telling the court pistorius was crying and saying "let her live." back here in the u.s., another legal tangle bringing justin bieber back to miami. justin spent the day giving a deposition part of a lawsuit filed against him by a photographer. claims bieber's body guard assaulted him under orders from the beibs. not related to drag racing arrest. also in miami beach and that's tonight's speed read. thank you for being with us. we will see you all again tomorrow night. right now go to
12:00 am and answer this question. bigger news or they are protecting the irs? vote in our gretawire toll poll, good night from washington. o'reilly is next. hey, hey, hey. don't adjust your tv. welcome to "red eye." i'm sherrod small and filling in for greg gutfeld who is in colorado speaking at an events. sure he is. i hope he brings back some of that good, legal stuff. until then, this is black eye, baby. now, welcome my guests. tonight, you know him and love him and, yes, ladies he is in the leg chair. make it loud. it is andy levy. jojo, you know who she is. she is here every night. she is funny, smart, give it up for jojo. and sonny johnson here, yo


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