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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 5, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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thank you for joining us everyone, i'm martha mccallum. this is "the kelly file." and this is a fox news alert, the crisis in ukraine continues to escalate. tonight, the pentagon has announced it is sending six team fighter jets and a re-fuelling aircraft to aid the nato forces. and our very own shepard smith flew down to crimea to get a firsthand look on the ground, and he joins us now, shep? >> reporter: and sean, when we got to crimea we were looking for russian soldiers who had been on the ground for days. when we got there, people said no, they're not here, things are much better.
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it seemed peaceful. then we got to the naval station, where we saw that the russian soldiers had taken over. then we saw that the russians had taken over the naval station, and the fact is the russians have taken over the crimean peninsula, and they're trying to force them to give it back, where they have had their naval base for quite sometime. secretary of state john kerry spoke tonight from paris where he spoke with the russian foreign minister, sergei lavrov. secretary kerry admitted it didn't happen but is hopeful in the days ahead. the question is how much leverage does the united states really have in this situation? >> by what you're saying, is there full annexation? >> the only ones denying it are the russians, they say they're
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not their soldiers but they are. they say they have not taken over the naval areas, the ports, the defense facilities. in fact they took over today, on wednesday, they took over two missile defense areas. the russians are not admitting it but you can see it with your own eyes that it is happening. >> is there any perception about what they want europe's involvement to be, or the president of the united states. what they want his involvement to be. is there awareness this has gotten to a crisis point? >> it is clear the ukrainians, the interim government which was put in place after yanukovych left, and the protection of russia, it is clear they want the european help. that they want the russians to withdraw and they want their sovereignty to be respected. it is clear that has not happened. it is clear they broke the international laws, did so with the agreement with the ukrainians for a trade deal. violating the agreement when
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they were de-nuclearized, if you will. and further, the trade agreement, the international law, the question is how do you enforce that international law? if you were to show some sort of force, for instance, if the ukrainian military was inadequate against the russian forces had put up some resistance, that could have given the russians the impetus to make this a shooting war, with bloodshed, but what can the europeans do? they have natural gas pipelines that run under ukraine, that gives the russians a lot of leverages. the russians also have a road that supplies troops. the russians have threatened to cut that off. further, the russians have refused to use the u.s. dollar. monetarily, we can cut them off and impose sanctions but so far none of that has happened. >> all right, shep smith, thank
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you so much. great reporting all day. joining me for reaction, the former mayor of new york city, mayor rudy giuliani. your reaction to all of this and john kerry being there, what do you think? >> i think for the first time today i get a sense that the obama administration has embraced how difficult this is and how serious this is. it seems to me they have kind of taken a while to catch up. that kind of surprises me because you could anticipate that russia would invade crimea as far back as when they invaded georgia. >> and they were mocked for it. >> and so was mitt romney, explaining what a danger russia was, but president obama really ridiculed him about that. you would think they would have been prepared with plan a, b, and c. you would think they would have done the hard work with our so-called allies to get more support than we're getting. all of that should have been done beforehand, doesn't seem to me it was. it just underscores the
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unrealistic nature of this administration's view of the world. having said that i do think in the last day or two they realize how serious this moving some of the fighter planes in is a good sign. >> and they're talking about the billion dollar loan, i can't imagine the american people would expect that back. and the unilateral defense, for czech republic and poland, maybe we should move back there. and secondly, as shep pointed out, this pipeline, the energy coming from ukraine is significant to europe. so do we need to really evaluate energy as a means -- what. >> what you're pointing out is the lack of planning that took place before this. if in fact we can't get our european allies to really support strong economic demands, then we should think what should we do that is within our control? one thing we should do is
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re-negotiate with the czech republic and poland. start to put up a missile defense which we knows irritates the heck out of russia, something they're very, very afraid of. also take a look at the weak economic sanctions that we can impose, that was in our control. also it wouldn't be a bad idea to start to support the surplus of natural gas. we have a surplus of natural gas, we're flaring it off in north dakota because we have so much. the natural gas we're flaring off in north dakota would go a long way to keep putin from extorting. we call this guy a thug, a lot of names. in fact this guy is engaged in extortion but he has been doing it for years now so we should be ready for it. >> if the president gave the unilateral con segmecessionings
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weapons o-- seems president obaa enjoys rubbing his face in that. >> he got us to give up missile defense and he gave nothing for it. i don't think we should have given up missile defense but if we did we should have gotten something for it. so i think you build a kind of process here and build an expectation on putin's part that he can pretty much push the envelope and nothing is going to happen. so maybe, just maybe in the last day or two they have kind of gotten the point. >> you know, i keep listening to the president and john kerry both talking about almost confused that putin has this 19th century cold war mentality. every century we have experienced dictatorship and mass murder. why do they think that this century is that much different? >> i think sean, they are thinking it didn't exist -- >> that is a fantasy land. >> when you get the debate between obama and romney, it seems that obama was quite
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sincere, that he thought romney was talking about the cold war, that he was not out of the cold war mentality. i think he had a different view of putin, but now i think he has seen it differently, will he wake up to it and react in a different way? at least we see one or two signs that he is doing it. >> you're not talking about sending in troops or going to war. you're talking about the energy front, where russia is so independent. that if -- fracking -- >> all of which would be very good for our economy and also helps our european allies who depend on russia. then automatically, wouldn't that impact their economy? >> it would impact their economy and most importantly it would take away a lot of their leverage. i mean, why is europe not supporting us the way they should? because they are dependent on russia for energy. you replace that energy, you
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reduce that leverage. all of that planning should have been done six months ago, a year ago, not now. well, it wasn't done then, so we should start now. >> do you think america looks weak? there is a gallup poll that shows that america is seen as weak? >> well, when you're always playing defense, when you're always playing reaction. when you're consistently surprised it does give that impression. no, i don't think that america is weak, america is the strongest military power on earth. >> but they perceive obama as weak. >> we give the impression as weak, but we're the most powerful country on earth. our military is still by far the most don't inability in the world. >> i interviewed an expert on russian media today. and he told me interestingly that the way they portray putin, bare-chested, hanging out with guns, and they usually juxtapose that picture next to obama, with a little bicycle, with a helmet
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on, a liesure bike -- >> the images don't matter to me, it is the reactions. president obama -- >> there is the full screen, you got putin, big, strong, muscular on a horse. and obama. >> putin looks like a 16th century dictator. so i don't know if that is a particularly attractive image of putin. what i'm troubled by is we don't take decisive action. if we took decisive action i think we could push this guy back. my impression of putin is a bully. i wrote a book about leadership. i have a chapter about bullies, here it what it says, you have to stand up to them. you have to stand up to them tough, strong, point for point, you know what happens? they pull back.
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i hope secretary kerry and the president have finally come to that realization. >> good to see you, and coming up on "hannity." >> if you have will sit down and allow me to have a question, i am a congressman in the united states of the america. >> tempers fly as disgraced irs employee lois lerner once again pleads the fifth. and juan williams coming up next. and another big edition of "ask sean" that and much more as "hannity" continues. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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welcome back to "hannity," tempers were flaring at a house oversight committee hearing after lois lerner declined to testify again. watch this? >> my counsel has advised me i have not raised my constitutional rights under the fifth amendment and under his advice i decline to answer questions in this hearing. >> and moments later, chairman darrell issa tried to to ask questions, and this is what ensued. >> for the past month in this investigation -- >> we're adjourned. >> if you will sit down and allow me to ask a question i am a member of the congress of the united states of america. i am tired of this. >> well -- >> we have members over here, each who represent 700,000 people. you cannot just have a one-sided
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investigation. there is absolutely something wrong with that. and there it is absolutely unamerican. >> we had a hearing. it is adjourned. i gave you an opportunity to ask the question. >> here was reaction, fox news political analyst juan williams, i wish elijah cummings, juan, would have had the same passion for those who were victims of the government and targeted by president obama, and dick durbin were all sending messages to go after these 501(c)(4) groups. i wish he had that passion back then? >> wait a second, they have had 16 hearings on this topic before today, sean, 16. how many hearings, and they have not come up with one smidgen of evidence. >> let me help you out, maybe
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lois lerner can tell us all the truth since she has nothing to hide. if there was not a smidgen, why did she apologize to the american people about the scandal? she actually said she was apologizing for it. number two, they blame rogue agents in cincinnati, and we find out this is happening all over the country, and the agents say they were taking directions from washington. >> what did lois lerner say in the e-mail? not about political activity. and what do we know about the justice department independent investigations besides the congress, nothing has not been found yet. what we have here is a feeding frenzy and attempt to whip up the republican anger at the administration and play the victim. in fact, darrell issa could have simply said you know what? you have immunity, ms. lerner, we'll grant you immunity. we want to hear what you have to say. i think when you heard elijah cummings, he was hiding -- >> let me educate you on the
10:18 pm
facts because lois lerner in may of 2013 sent an apology to the american people blaming the tea party targeting on a line of people in cincinnati and described steps that she took to combat the misconduct. and then it goes on to say the tea party groups received letters from the cincinnati office, not just from cincinnati but from coast to coast. we know that tea party groups were targeted. now, where is elijah cumming's anger and frustration and indignation against the groups who had every right to do what they were doing? where is your indignation, juan? >> where is your sense of fair play? >> where did she apologize? >> that would say, oh, yeah, we were denied our tax exempt status, there is not one. >> and out of the 44 clients that jay seculow has, how many
10:19 pm
of those people do you think were even talked to about what happened to them? >> they say they haven't been talked to -- >> oh, how do you do an investigation, then, juan? >> you know what? none of those people lost anything. nobody was denied their tax exempt status. >> juan, let me educate you, the fact is they targeted conservative groups in numbers that were disproportionate to. they said there were rogue agentinagen agents? cincinnati that was contradicted to. wouldn't you as a liberal, if this was a conservative president, a conservative irs, and they were going after liberal groups wouldn't you feel outrage of an abuse of power by
10:20 pm
your government? >> i think everybody would. >> why aren't you here? >> the fact is you have darrell issa stirring this witch hunt and making this lois lerner out to be this horrible person. and she is not. all you have here is a political frenzy. >> why did she plead the fifth? >> her lawyer, bill taylor, said she was victim of threats -- >> i'm a victim of threats by liberals when i argue with you. excuse me, she sent out the apology letter in may of 2013. for anything in cincinnati, they said they were taking orders in washington, what part of this can't you put together? >> that is not a criminal act to say i'm sorry, sean, i know that seems so human and unrealistic to you. she said if i did anything wrong i'm sorry. there was no criminal activity here. >> you know something, juan, why do i know and believe in my heart that if these were liberal groups targeted by a conservative president, you,
10:21 pm
msnbc, and every liberal in the country would be outraged. why? because it is a government abuse of power and just like benghazi we were lied to. and here in cincinnati, you're not concerned because you're so political and so in love with this administration it is frightening to me. that is an abuse of power. >> sean, that is not true. right from the start i said you can't have the irs using its power to cymbidiintimidate peop either side of the aisle. a little bulb goes off, guess what? it is a political witch hunt, today -- weren't you -- >> i would like to know. >> wouldn't you like to see congress reduced to his side show today? didn't you think that issa
10:22 pm
abused his power? >> i would like to get to the bottom of that? >> i would like to hear you, sean, a good republican conservative, that was -- i'm embarrassed by that. we are relying on you o-- >> i'm outraged about a government abusing its citizens and their right to freedom of impression and speech and trying to silence their voices because the president, let me read it to you. because the president in october 19th, 2010, said everything is screaming at us right now. fix this before the election. and guess what? they fixed it. they targeted tea party groups. >> your paranoia runs over. >> your defense of the indefensible runs over. god bless. giving me a blood pressure raising here. anyway, coming up, it is your chance, ask me any question you want. we call it "ask sean." we'll find out what is on the
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. all right, welcome back to "hannity," you have been posted your questions to me all day on facebook and twitter, with the hash tag, ask sean, she takes great delight in making me look bad. >> no, i just like ribbing you because you're so ribable. >> i have been called a lot of things, but ribable is not one of them. how is our buddy imus doing? >> good. >> i wrote to him and said sometimes you're a pain in the blank, and he writes well jesus wouldn't say that. and i said actually jesus knows the truth, and the truth shall set you free. he didn't answer back. >> so i caught this little gem on the tv last week with you, on the "insider." take a look.
10:28 pm
>> oh, boy. >> this is going to make some shots for people. >> oh, it is like that. >> by the way, what are you drinking? >> i'll stick to sparkling water. >> i was tending bar by the time i was 17 and did it for years. >> was there a shortage of justin bieber last week? they're really scraping the bottom of the barrel. >> i had fun we went over to a local restaurant, a steak house across the street and i actually showed them and made for the entire bar strawberry daquiris. >> you got to do it better, like the tom cruise bottle flipping. >> i can do it better than that, but they didn't put it on camera. you can tell i tended bar. >> listen, but related to this, kelly wants to know when you were a bartender, what was your favorite drink to make? >> anything fast, because when it got busy and friday and saturday, when it got busy and a waitress would say, i want a
10:29 pm
peach daquiri, a strawberry one, a grasshopper, who would drink that garbage. literally we made them all by hand, it was not at the point where you have the machine, i made them all by hand -- >> that is way more information that we needed to know about your bartending. what do you like to drink? >> wine. >> all right, let's go to the last segment, you talked with juan williams about the chaos that ensued. lois lerner, she took the fifth. to answer juan's question because you didn't really address it. and this is from gil, don't you think issa should have offered immunity to lerner to get the truth? >> because you know when something doesn't smell right. when the president in october, and max baccus in october, and
10:30 pm
dick durbin in november, they're all saying we have to stop this before the election, meaning allowing the funding of 501(c)(4) groups. why is that important? because those groups would be responsible for running campaign ads and campaigning against people like barack obama, max baccus, and other democrats. so this was an effort by the government to use the power of the irs to target people with a political point of view. it is an extraordinarily dangerous thing for any party in power to do to anybody. >> so no immunity for her? >> no, i want to get to the truth. there is a reason -- in my opinion, there is a reason she is pleading the fifth. she has something to hide. the reason, no immunity. >> all right, moving on, this is a topic you will address later in the show. but tom wrote, what do you think about a jeb bush ticket?
10:31 pm
>> george bush was conservative. a lot of conservatives were mad he spent too much money in offers. but i'll say this. i like jeb bush. i interviewed him. he got a lot of great things done in florida. he was a terrific governor. it is unfortunate for him, probably because his dad and brother were president last name hurts him. and maybe there was some truth, maybe there are too many bushes and clintons, maybe there are other people out there. i'm looking for the person who is going to offer solutions to get people off of welfare. get the job market moving. >> and helen west would certainly bring o-- >> yes, as a conservative. also bobby jindal, scott walker, john kasich, there are so many potentials here. >> before we go, last week we saw this lovely picture of you. you look great. >> this is humiliating.
10:32 pm
>> no, that is not humiliating. you look adorable. >> look at that hair cut. does that even look like the same person? >> yes, it absolutely does. the only difference is you have a part now and some gray. >> and some gray? >> the following photo, cute doggy with you. but look at you rocking the -- look at you rocking the blue tooth head set. >> all right, that is my -- >> you got some steaks to sell me, brother? >> that dog is now old. that is my oldest bernice mountain dog, duffy. >> sell him some shower curtain rings. >> i only use that blue tooth -- i used it five times. >> that is so not true. i know that phone was clipped to your jeans. >> oh, man, is that it? are you done? did you get the sally jesusessee yet? >> no, it makes me warm inside
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-- >> would you have dated me when i was in school? >> this was not about me. >> i want to know, would that be that type of kid with that goofy hair cut? >> yes. >> i must have been that kid in seventh or eighth grade. >> the hair cut is cooler than the blue tooth. >> all right, thank you. >> good night. >> coming up next tonight here on "hannity." maybe jeb has given all he should give. because he worked awfully hard for a long time. but he is the best qualified person in the country, there is no question about that. just put me down as saying that. >> all right, she is changing her tune. the former first lady now all of a sudden encouraging jeb -- bush to run? this is the segment, you never miss a segment humiliating me. we'll continue with more on the back half of the show and liz cheney. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of.
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welcome back to "hannity," former first lady barbara bush has been a pretty vocal, well, supporter that she doesn't want another bush for president, especially her son, jeb, but well, unfortunately she sat down with our own steve doocy and it seemed like she was kind of warming up to the idea, listen to this. >> just seems in a country of our size we don't have other families, i mean, we have great governors and other people. i just don't understand it. and maybe jeb has given all he should give. because he worked awfully hard for a long time. but he is the best qualified person in the country. there is no question about that. just put me down as saying that. >> and here with her take on that and much, much more, the
10:39 pm
great american panel, fox news senior correspondent. i wish i could just tell you what we were talking about, geraldo rivera, imus in the morning. all right, so -- who -- i want to start with you, because you always get things started. who is the one republican democrats should fear the most? >> jeb bush, no doubt about it. governor bush, i have interviewed him many times. >> why? >> he is very competent and very calm. many people believe it should have been him instead of george w. bush to run as the 43rd president. he did a great job in florida with bipartisan appeal. he may be more conservative but gives the impression of being open minded and inclusive. he has that latino vote. >> i agree with you. >> i don't agree with that. look, he has a lot of qualifications but he has the
10:40 pm
name "bush" next to his name. >> why should that be. >> because we fought in the past, george p. won in the election last night. if he is elected -- >> what about the kennedys? >> exactly, i don't think we need a republican version of the kennedy family. >> they will vote for them based on the man, and not the family. >> it will be hard for republicans to have the nominee named bush without having all the memories, the entire experience for eight years coming back to haunt us. >> once he does get nominated, if he did, people would get over that fact. and he could win. by the way, shout out to barbara bush, she is as cool as betty white. i mean, i would love to get liquored up with her. but the republicans who should be most feared is governor
10:41 pm
christie. >> he has already imploded. >> you have rudy giuliani, christie, on the one side, and then you have ted cruz, rand paul. >> marco rubio. >> scott walker, i agree with you. he put his entire career on the line for what he believes. >> great manager experience, and a moderate demeanor. >> this guy has -- >> how is that working out for them? >> i like marco rubio a lot, but when you put him next to jeb bush he pales in terms of stature. >> you're wrong about that, i gave a speech with rubio, he got the crowd excited with ideas, humor, had it all. >> i just don't think he will have very much traction in a lot of the parts of the country. he is not going to get the
10:42 pm
latino vote because his name is rubio. >> why not? >> because he is a hard core republican. >> what do you mean hard core. >> when i heard the interview with barbara bush on "fox & friends," what i did not hear was the acquiescence, she wanted to protect him. george w. had been cut up. >> i think it is personal. >> the mom trying to protect her flock. >> well, jeb bush -- it is not t-ball. >> in terms of marco rubio. he is a fine senator. >> is hillary really inevitable? everyone thought that last time. >> she was going to get the nomination to run with it.
10:43 pm
guess what? she didn't get it. >> in this point in the last election cycle rudy giuliani was the inevitable candidate. nobody is inevitable, especially her with some of the problems she has. >> who would you vote for today? >> i would vote for governor christie. >> i don't know, i hate to equivocate. i voted for barack obama because of gay rights and abortion -- >> don't tell me you're a republican. >> he came out for gay marriage, which was very easy for me. >> president scott walker. >> scott walker. >> i like walker. >> we need management experience. >> i'm interested in cruz, rand paul, marco, i am interested to see who rises to the top. >> get out to red ball for scott walker. >> rand paul has posters of edward snowden in his bedroom. that traitor, how can you support a guy like that? >> you are cold, man, this guy put his entire political career
10:44 pm
on the line and went from a $3.5 billion deficit to a $1 billion surplus, that resonates in this economy. >> jeb bush would beat him 2-1. >> all right, coming up. and koncondoleeza rice, and a liberal professor. one of those professors will join me next as "hannity" continues. [ male announcer ] we know they're out there. you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better. something more amazing. a safer, cleaner, brighter future. at boeing, that's what building something better is all about.
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to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? . all right, the faculty council at rutgers university in new brunswick, new jersey, is
10:49 pm
asking to rescind the invitation to condoleeza rice. our own ainsley earhardt visited the campus to track down the professors who are protesting, and here is why they object. >> she played a prominent role in the bush administration's effort to mislead the american people about the weapons of mass destruction and she at least condoned the bush administration's techniques such as water boarding, and that does it for me. the commencement speaker is honoring the speaker and also offering a role model to students. and i think we could make better choices than to pick condoleeza rice. >> it should be a place where student are joyful and happy about their choices and not be involved in political controversy. >> so it is not about
10:50 pm
republicans or democrats? >> not at all, i have very good friends who are members of the tea party. for me it is the morality issue of what was done in the war. you signed one >> in iraq, particularly whether there are weapons of mass destruction. >> let me ask you this. if barack obama were to speak, would you support him there? >> he's been invited for 2016. i don't know whether he said yes or no? >> would you support him? >> by then, he's lame duck. >> would you be protesting like you are condy? >> i'd have to think about that.
10:51 pm
>> i'd support governor christie. >> did barack obama mislead the american people when he said if you like your plan you can keep your plan? >> that is not why -- >> i'm asking you did he mislead the american people? if this is the standard, if this is what you say, if that is the standard, did the president mislead the american people if he said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor? >> the reason for inviting obama would be because for his office. >> a she had no office >> but a prominent role in our country's history, and prominent position you may disagree. isn't a college campus where we have the most free sneech >> she's welcome to come. i think $35,000 would be high, we pay $2,000 you got her cheap, i charge a
10:52 pm
lot more. >> really. >> that is correct. >> and on academic freedom grounds i would never protest her. for commencement speaker that is a faculty-governed issue. >> you won't protest this way for obama. he told the american people they can keep their plan, doctor, they can save $2500 a year. why don't you apply the same standard to snim >> i'm a historian. i'm not ready to make a judgment about obama. >> you're wimping out. >> not at all. i'm happy to tell you that. >> you don't believe in academic freedom? freedom of speech. . >> i do believe in freedom of speech. >> why are you trying to silence someone? >> she's entirely welcome to come for anything but commencement speakers. >> you should be thankful to god
10:53 pm
that you got someone as qualified as her. >> okay. >> coming up next she knows about foreign policy. liz cheney with advice for the obama administration when it doumz dealing with usha. now you can create your own perfect plate of pasta
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and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up
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from busser to waiter to cf before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade welcome back to "hannity". liz cheney is with us. the question is what should the president do now? >> hey, sean. well great to be with you. it's a problem for this president have you a situation we've seen six years, our enemies having the chance to sort of take measure of this man we've seen in this crisis alone, the extent to which our allies and apologize for the nation.
10:58 pm
just today he was out somehow comparing his own efforts to raise minimum wage to the fight for freedom the people of the ukraine are undertaking. what the president needs to do is lead. make clear that the voices that you hear coming out of the administration suggesting somehow the invasion of the crimea can be allowed to stand and we have to make sure put wrin goes no farther, that is just wrong have you jois voices on our side saying what does it matter to us? it matters hugely to us. for 40 years dominated by so farrits we've worked hard to win their freedom. they won their freedom. now have you putin doing everything he can to try to put back in place the empire the soviets had. >> i don't see putin moving and intimidated i think he's enjoying mocking
10:59 pm
the president on the world stage. >> he certainly is. right now, the europeans are saying we're not sure we're willing to put in place sanctions that the united states can put in place individual sanctions against members of putin's government. we've done that effective lichl we need europeans with us to make those possible. >> on the pipelines going through the ukraine? >> we know that putin himself depends on the foreign exchange he gets from resources. so, there are many things that we can do in terms of beginning to make the case putin is going to be isolated if in fact we're able to get europeans with us and prevent putin from getting the kind of foreign exchange to make him a pariah to stop his
11:00 pm
access to foreign exchange, he'll feel that bite very fast. when you see that leadership we're not going to have the results we unafraid. greta goes on the record next. it is the interview you want to see, and you will. only here. house oversight committee chair darrell issa goes on the record about the explosive irs targeting hearing. chairman issa confronting lois lerner with potentially damaging evidence, and learner, again, pleading the fifth. >> you e-mailed your colleagues in the irs the following -- tea party matter very dangerous. this could be the vehicle to go to court on the issue of whether citizens united overturning the ban on corporate spending applies to


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