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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 5, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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around all day every day. >> i'm annoyed by blasted snow and cotton weather. come on, springtime. >> we left grand rapids because we could not annoy our neighbors. goo news, you can move back now. thanks for watching, i'm alisyn camerota. >> gretchen carlson is next. fox news alert, verbal fireworks on capitol hill. i'm gretchen carlson, welcome to "the real story." set off after lois lerner, center of irs profiling scandal refused to answer questions again, once again invoking fifth amendment at a house hearing. that's when things got really heated. >> you will sit down and allow me to ask question. i'm a member of the congress of united states of america. >> represent 700,000 people. you cannot just have a one-sided
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investigation. >> the hearing was adjourned. with that we'll have more on the irs scandal when the lawyer from one of the groups who claim to be unfairly targeted joins me for an exclusive interview minutes away. >> president obama's nominee for attorney general rejected by democratically controlled senate. he was controversial because of his involvement in the defense of a convicted cop killer, everyone voting against the nomination. here is the clempbler. they voted along with these seven democrats. either the first time it's gone down since they changed filibuster rule. anchor of special report. this is a stinking rebuke of the obama administration. >> the fact that senator harry reid, senate majority leader
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would put up this vote, and they had vice president joe biden up there ready to cast the tie vote for democrats to get him through if it was a a tie. remember, this vote goes down even after democrats changed the rules in the senate. remember the nuclear option. it was changed from 60 votes to get cloche you're to a simple majority, 50 plus one, 51. after vote know, senator reid added his vote to bring it back up. eight democrats voted no. the nomination went down. century you have democrats who voted know, republicans pointing to another eight who voted yes for this nomination they are probably going to take it in the midterms as an issue, a
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political issue, especially from national police organizations that were against this nomination. >> let me ask you this, before i get to the white house statement, which in and of itself is quite steamy. how did harry reid miscount the vote and send the vice president down there thinking this was going to be a tiebreaker. >> this is really interesting. they thought republicans wouldn't have the same number of people on the floor. when you don't have the same number of people the calculation changes. senator cornyn wasn't there, so they thought it would be a 49/49 tie and joe biden could come through and cast the vote. the problem is one of the democrats changed his vote. they ended up changing and they couldn't have vice president biden decide that vote.
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>> the white house is not happy at all. here is the statement. the senate's failure to confirm debo adegbile is a tragedy based on wildly unfair character attacks on a good public servant. the fact that his legal representation of a defendant runs contrary to faund mental principle of our system of justice and those who voted against his nomination denied american people an outstanding public servant. what about the people who were thinking about that police officer who was killed. by the way, his widow, maureen faulkner has already put out another statement saying she's thankful people actually did this vote and voted it down. >> there's the statement. "i am especially grateful for the democrats who broke ranks and had courage to do the right thing." she reached out to a lot of these folks directly, the senators, to lobby them essentially to vote against this
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nomination. this is the widow of daniel faulkner, philadelphia police officer who was killed. back then, unrepentant, there was an effort to change that conviction. and the critics of this adegbile said he led a political campaign back then, wasn't really a legal case. this is a political issue, especially if the white house from that statement brings back up this nomination. that could potentially be a big deal for those vulnerable democrats who have already now are on the line voting yes for this nomination. >> i think it's amazing after changing the filibuster rules it still went down to defeat even
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have the nuclear option. i've got to wrap it up there, brett. i know you're going to be talking about this on "special report." >> thanks, gretchen. >> president obama keeping up a war of words with russian president vladimir putin. so far still no plans putin plans to back down. a government building in southern ukraine evacuating after an explosive device discovered. local authority claiming pro russian protesters who occupied the building earlier today seen here. just hours after ukrainian authorities regain control, they take it back. president putin uses the need to protect ethnic citizens of the region for military access. doesn't look like this is happening here. u.s. response so far is upping nato training and warning putin to tread carefully.
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>> there's a strong belief russia's action is violating international law. i know president putin seem to have a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations. but i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> chief white house correspondent ed henry live at the white house. ed, why are republicans broadening attacks beyond the president's handling of the ukraine? >> gretchen, they are an gri on capitol hill about the fact the president is talking about major cuts to the defense budget at a time when not just ukraine is in peril but you've got all of these national security threats around the world that have been building. the president today is in connecticut pushing a hike in the minimum wage. last night at a democratic fundraiser here in the washington, d.c. area, he was pushing back on republican critics who say he looks weak around the world by saying he thinks this crisis in ukraine will be resolved in days or weeks at the most. but today republican senator john mccain hit defense secretary chuck hagel very hard at a senate hearing mocking the
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fact that there are defense cuts at a time of great peril. listen. >> the invasion of crimea, geneva to collapse, iran negotiation stalled, the south china sea, china more and more aggressive. north korea fired missiles in the last few days. syria is now turning into a regional conflict and the list goes on. >> now, john mccain went on to sarcastically say secretary hagel's timing is impeccable in the words of john mccain sarcastically suggesting this is not the time to be cutting the defense budget. >> interesting. what's the intrigue over germany's leader angela merkel emerging as a key player here? >> you'll remember in recent weeks the president clashed with angela merkel over nsa surveillance, reports that angle, a merkel's cell phone had
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been eavesdropped on, listened to by u.s. officials. there was a lot of patching up that needed to be done. yesterday there was a phone call of about an hour in which the president talked with angela merkel to work through what the white house is calling a diplomatic exit ramp here for vladimir putin to calm the situation down in ukraine. the reason being germany is a key partner with russia, a lot of economic ties and the like. bottom line defense secretary chuck hagel said today at that hearing, pushed back on john mccain saying mp needs to calm down and the president is handling the situation. >> live at the white house. thanks much. former defense secretary bob gates dismissing some republicans who are accusing the president of being weak and indecisive suggesting they are pushing him to make a quick decision that ultimately might not be the right one. quote, i think considerable care needs to be taken in terms of what is said so the rhetoric doesn't threaten what policy can't deliver.
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oliver north fox news analyst and my guest today. what do you make of what bob gates said telling republicans to back off of obama? >> because bob gates does not want to be reminded very often at least about what happened in the bush administration when the russians did almost exactly the same thing in georgia, not atlanta, georgia, but georgia in the black sea. putin has everything he needs. needs, not necessarily wants. he has crimean peninsula, russian naval bases and warm water port he desperately needs plus hi beach house now secured. is he going for the rest of what he wants, the rest of southeast ukraine. i don't see anything done by this administration or quite frankly by the europeans that's going to stop him. he's using the same tactic hitler used to grab czechoslovakia in 1968. >> going back to what bob gates said in this extensive interview, i'd be cautious about
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sending warships in the black sea. it's a threatening gesture. if you're not prepared to do something about it, it's an empty gesture. do you agree with him on that or would you send warships in? >> putin testosterone supplements are working. he's accomplished his first objective without firing a single shot and did it with a paper tiger army. look at the wrshz troops in the media coming out. they are bearing brand-new uniforms, brand-new weapons. it's a conscript army. navy can't go to sea, their air force can't fly. it's a major downtime for all their aircraft. he does have nuclear weapons. he fired one off to remind us of such this week. pentagon said they knew it was coming but i doubt seriously that's true. what we really ought to be doing, instead of the flaccid response we're getting out of the obama administration caught flat footed by intelligence failure again is sending everything we can to help our neighbors and nato members, policyholder, all the baltic
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states, romania and start building ballistic defense shield this administration had at the get go of this administration. >> back in 2009. you raise an important question. how did the cia not know and there will be a lot of investigation into that. ollie north, always great to get your insight. investigation into irs scandal reaching fever pitch on capitol hill today. >> mr. chairman, i have one procedural question and it goes to trying to help you get the information, by the way, that you just asked. >> what is your question? >> let me say what i've had to say. i've listened to you for the last 15 or 20 minutes. let me say what i have to say. >> you think there were sparks? >> yeah. >> flying after lois lerner once again refuses to answer questions about the special scrutiny for conservative groups. an exclusive interview for the lawyer representing many of those tea party groups. he's going to join us live next. an apartment complex reduced to rubble after a powerful explosion. what we're now learning may have
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ocuvite has a unique formula that's just not found in any leading multivitamin. your ey are unique, so hp protect your eye health with ocuvite. contempt after she took the fifth. lawmakers want to know more about her role in agency targeting of tea party groups. things got testy when darrell issa learned miss lerner would not have anything to say at the hearing. >> miss lerner, why would you say tea party cases were very dangerous. >> on the advice of my counsel i
11:17 am
exercise my fifth amendment right and refuse to answer that question. >> why were you worried about this being perceived as a political project. >> on the advice of my counsel i respectfully exercise my fifth amendment right and decline to answer that question. >> why did you order tea party cases to undergo a multi-tier review. >> on the advice of my counsel i respectfully exercise my fifth amendment right and refuse to answer that question. >> are you still seeking a one-week delay in order to testify in the on the advice of my counsel i respectfully exercise my fifth amendment right and decline to answer that question. >> so will lois lerner ever be forced to reveal what she knows. filed a federal lawsuit challenging the action. chief counsel for american center of law and justice is my guest. so he sounded done after that little tidbit we saw that.
11:18 am
my question is, can a federal judge or anyone else ever force lois lerner to tell the american public what she knows. >> if she's held in contempt, she has to testify or she goes to jail. that's one thing. number two, we've got the civil case where she's a defendant. if we get to discovery and when we do get to discovery, we'll ask her questions. fact of the matter is she can do fifth amendment but in civil the facts you're testifying about and invoking privilege are deemed admitted. she's put in a difficult situation. look, i think right now the question is will there be contempt charges brought. the whole scenario in the last few days is nothing short of bizarre. >> totally. >> you've got the lawyer sending an e-mail, yes, she's going to testify this is not playing by anybody's script right now.
11:19 am
>> who can issue contempt charges? >> the charges would have to originate the house of represents and enforced by department of justice, not likely to happen. sometimes the house can initiate them on their own. that's not likely here. it will have to come through doj. doj at this point should be disqualified. >> what's the chance eric holder -- >> go ahead. >> what's the chance eric holder will actually follow through with that? >> zero. i don't think the department of justice is institutionally capable of doing this. they part in charge of the investigation a lawyer who was a maximum donner to the obama campaign. i don't think, gretchen, it's reality. i think what we need is a special counsel, special prosecutor. we're finding out with e-mails released, just ones released in the last few weeks, we're seeing this went up a lot higher than
11:20 am
lois lerner. she was certainly engaged at a high level but from chief counsel's office to lois lerner talking about regulation rewrites off plan. when you look at that and realize what you're dealing with, off plan, that's basically so nobody can know what's going on. i think the reality is this is pointing much higher up the chain than lois lerner. she either should get immunity to testify or be held in contempt. >> that's my question. is she holding out for immunity. >> i think so. if i was her lawyer, i would be trying to get immunity, too. she made some statements that were incriminated. she planted a question so she could take the report, independent investigators report within treasury. you can't forget that fact. >> so many unanswered questions. >> been going since the beginning. i think she wants immunity.
11:21 am
the question is whether they will give it. >> amazing developments. thanks so much, jay. massive fire engulfing a three-story apartment building. crass particular steps to get out alive. ukraine, what russia has over europe that may cause leaders to shy away from supporting any u.s. sanctions. is global warming biting into a chipotle staple? why the chain might have to pull guacamole from the menu. are you kidding me? that brings us to the favorite question. if your favorite restaurant quits serving guacamole, will you quit eating there? tweet me. some of our floor crews are giving me their answers. maybe i'll share them a little later on. okay ladies, whenever you're ready.
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fox news alert president obama delivering remarks on the economy. this is happening right now in the state of connecticut. he's speaking to a group of students and faculty at the the university in new britain, connecticut. the president's comments focusing on the minimum wage. he's been pushing congress to hike it up to $10.10. you can watch the entire event on fox news where it's streamlined. what is russia's real stronghold over europe and why are there grog fears he could hold all of europe hostage. turns out a share of the energy market including pipeline highlighted in blue that run directly through ukraine. jonathan hunt with more on the joeg concern.
11:26 am
jonathan, it's the reason europe might not back u.s. sanctioning. >> europe has now become so dependent on energy resources from russia that they are terrified of instigating any sort of sanctions regime against the russians. take a look at these figures on the natural gas supply to europe. the czech republic gets 100% of the natural gas it consumes from russia. greece, 70%. ukraine itself 60%. and germany, 50%. we investigated the huge national ral gas company and perp told then vladimir putin who was then president of russia as well, if you remember, was using this as part of his foreign policy. >> it is a significant tool that is dangerous for europe,
11:27 am
absolutely devastating for ukraine and certainly not good for russian democracy, freedom or the united states. >> just so emphasize again, that interview took place in 2006. all those predictions, gretchen, now coming true. >> germany is really key, though, how the rest of europe reacts. >> germany is the big dog in europe. if kbrmz wants sanctions against russia, they will happen. if germany doesn't want sanctions, they won't happen. germany, more than any other western european nation has tied itself to russian energy. it was a policy first instigated by then counsellor gerhard schroder almost a decade ago. it was controversial then. we traveled to germany to ask him about it and he did not want to answer our questions. listen here. >> can we talk to you about the pipeline project? is there a conflict of interest
11:28 am
being involved? have you sold out your country? >> sold out the country to that man, vladimir putin, the president of russia in the eyes of many germans. as i say, gretchen, if germany doesn't want to act, the rest to fall in line because they control european economy right now. >> amazing report. thanks so much. word hillary clinton used an explosive comparison talking about russia's actions in ukrainian crisis. what she reportedly said about the russian regime and vladimir putin that's distancing herself from the white house. >> john kerry meeting with his russian counterpart as we speak. shepard smith live for us in kiev uukraine. shep. >> gretchen, those meetings happening in paris. they were scheduled on another topic. supposedly they were unable to sit down. the word is very little progress made. there's not much room for
11:29 am
russians to budge. meantime they are saying it's not their troops in crimea. we flew down to crimea today to get a firsthand look. from our eyes, the russians are not telling the truth. live coverage on gretchen carlson right after this. check it out.
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targeted customer's credit and debit account and other information. a member of the bush family launching a new political career with a big v victory. george p. bush, son of former florida governor jeb bush winning republican nomination for texas land commissioner. united airlines cracking down on passengers with carry on bags that don't need new size limits. the airline recently started using new bag sizing boxes. have you seen those? they e-mailed frequent flyers with a reminder about the rule. so beware, you may end up having to check your bags anyway. back to ukraine crisis. russia refusing to budge on ukraine. the west pushing moscow to the very least to withdraw troops from crimea. soldiers there now keeping their faces covered. they have markings on uniforms to show who they represent. russia saying troops aren't theirs, rather a self-defense force made up of crimean residents. shepard smith got to the bottom of that. he's following development.
11:34 am
he's live in ukraine. shep, what did you find out? >> well, we flew down 400 miles to crimea while america was sleeping overnight and arrived at the airport and met one of those self-defense forces, a guy who says he's a local who has russian ties and allegiance and doing security there. some of those people do exist. to say they aren't russian troops is another matter. we went to naval headquarters, naval training cad any where russian troops had, indeed, taken over the facility. there were a number of them. we got pictures of them. they are not allowing ukrainian forces, crimean forces who normally operate that facility to do anything. it's the word there they were forced to surrender their weapons, wives not able to have contact over the past few days. clearly russia is in control of all of crimea. the question is can anyone do anything about that. you heard your report about the energy situation. there's so many more involved as
11:35 am
well. for one a road through afghanistan through russia, threatening to block that if there's any sanctions imposed. we just got word the russian considering seize assets of european countries if united states slaps more sanctions on them. the level of leverage the united states or more importantly europe because it's smack-dab between europe and russia, the leverage europe has, if any, is hard to find out what it is. a very difficult situation. it appears vladimir putin might for now tiptoe out of there with crimea in his seattle bag. >> john kerry, secretary of state currently meeting with russian counterpart in paris. do you know anything about those talks? have they gone anywhere? >> the short answer, i think, gretchen, is no. at least not as of yet. they haven't sent out
11:36 am
statements. it's a slow trog as one reporter put it. they haven't gotton issues. first is will you bring troops out of there? russia responding, our troops aren't in there. it's a very difficult situation. once again, the biggest problem is, where is the leverage? it's unclear where europe will find any, where america will find any. germans, most important in all of this, are not willing to do anything, germany heavily invested in energy there. it's a tough situation. >> we're glad you're on the ground getting real story for us back at home. you can catch shepard on his own show 30 minutes from now, 3:00 p.m. eastern. for the first time hillary clinton speaking out on the crisis, compared the regime to what hitler did in places like czechoslovakia and romania. her comments veering from the obama administration. could the comments be a sign
11:37 am
she's trying to position herself away from the white house as she weighs take 2016 political run. joining me chris plante, radio talk show host, leslie marshall, syndicated talk show host and fox news contributor. good to see both of you. leslie, is she veering away? these are strong statements she made in california last night. does she not want to be tied to what president obama is doing right now? >> actually i don't even think it has to do with a tie. i think this is the hillary we have known before she was secretary of state. whether she runs for president or not. certainly if she's going to run she needs to speak about it and even as former secretary of state. some call her hillary the hawk. aid democrat say to me yesterday, hillary would not stand for this. if you're going to a knife fight you've got to bring a record. putin has a knife and obama has intellect and diplomacy. it's right for her to speak up. i don't think this reflects on
11:38 am
her relationship with her former boss, the president. i think this is the way hillary would approach this whether she's president or not. >> that's an interesting take. she was known as hillary the hawk. still is. if you look from a political point of view, you might think she's coming out saying this because she may be trying to appeal to moderate democrats or moderate republicans. >> i think she recognizes that the administration is being humiliated and wants to distance herself from what's going on now. don't forget hillary clinton our chief diplomat for obama administration first four years who went to moscow and met with sergey lavrov and brought that ridiculous staples tv commercial reset button. she pochd that. you may remember it was actually overcharge button as lavrov explained. now hitting retreat button and putin hitting humiliate button. of course she wants to distance
11:39 am
herself. hitler comparisons are not necessarily inappropriate. one totalitarian as good as another. hitler wasn't hitler until it started invading countries. >> certainly stronger statements than we've heard from president obama. >> sure. hillary is hard as nails. barack obama is kind of a neophyte when it comes to these matters. lets be honest, president obama has botched every foreign policy entanglement that he's been involved with from libya to egypt to syria to iran. you know, i can see why hillary would want to distance herself from him. >> leslie, should president obama be listening to hillary clinton? >> i was a hillary girl before he got the nomination so that's tough. i want to say because we're women, i think if a woman runs for president she needs to show she can be as tough as men. i think definitely that is a task before her if she runs. i don't think the president necessarily should be adopting
11:40 am
her style. i think she simply is speaking out, in her opinion, and using historical reference. i agree with chris. look, my people are hurting in crimea like hitler did. also evidence to show putin is nuts and would become a murderer like hitler. >> should president obama be listening to hillary clinton, chris? >> he should, and may be too late certainly in this instance. he should have had a more muscular foreign policy all along. i don't think there's any question about hillary's toughness all along. clear to everyone watching she's tougher than president obama is and tougher in any circumstances, diplomatically or a back alley for that matter. >> interesting. she said the comments were not widely picked up. interestingly enough we want to talk about them here. leslie and chris, thanks so much. >> >> fox news alert, secretary of state john kerry expected to
11:41 am
speak from paris. following russian counterpart ongoing crisis in ukraine. we will bring you any news as it happens. as you can see reporter there getting ready for what the secretary of state might have to say. meantime cries of terror from kids on a beach. police say a woman may have tried to kill her own children as witnesses watched in horror. she's driving that van into the ocean. details and a live report next. plus what some are calling a surprise decision on who will attend major conservative conference this year. stay with us to find out who it is. ok, here's the way the system works. let's say you pay your guy around 2 percent to manage your money. that's not much, you think except it's 2 rcent every year. does that make a difference? search "cost of financial advisors" ouch! over time it really adds up. then go to e*trade and find out how much our advice costs. over tispoiler up. it's low. really? yes, really. e*trade offers investmen advice and guidance from dedicated professional financial consultants. it's guidance on your terms not ours
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global warming for the increase. breakfast champions, wheaties has seen its popularity drop to 17th among cereals. still with athletes like mary lou retin. if i have percent of calorie consumption that's how massachusetts world health organization said we should eat per day to avoid weight gain and tooth decay. pope francis leaving the door open for same sex unions acknowledging in an interview they represent options for property rights and health care ac. comments coming as political conference or c-pac reconnaissances back a conservative gay rights group after several years of exclusion. go proud attending this year's meeting. joining me now, the co-executive director of go proud. good to see you, ross? >> good to be here, gretchen. thank you.
11:46 am
>> what do you think about this news coming out about the pope. everyone says he may be different and now leaving the door open for same sex unions. does that affect you at all? >> yes, absolutely affects me as a catholic. i think it affects a lot of people. this pope has been a breath of fresh air. he's someone who has recognized challenges facing the church. rather than trying to form society to him, he's doing the opposite. >> we're seeing changes possibly in the catholic church and we're seeing changes at c-pac, ross. >> yes, we are. >> you have been invited back. what happened? >> my director and i came on board last summer and we made a priority of reestablishing our relationship with the folks who put on c-pac. we have some dialogue with them and asked to attend as guests of american conservative union this year and here we are. >> something has been made of the fact you don't have a booth
11:47 am
or table at cpac. can you set the record straight here? were you not allowed to have a booth? >> we didn't ask for a booth. we asked for opportunity to co-sponsor. we asked to be a guest while we worked on reestablishing our relationship. we asked to attend as their guest and have a smaller presence. in our conversation we talked about ways we can increase that presence next year. >> how important is it, ross? how important is it for the republican party to open up the tent and be more inclusive? >> it's very important. anybody who saw the results of the 2012 elections knows we need to be reaching out to millennials, all kinds of different people and difference sects of society, and that includes gay people. i think the republican party is changing. you've seen that recently with our return to cpac, the governor
11:48 am
reviewing 1062, all those things point to a change. >> there's an interesting poll out today that gay marriage has the highest approval among americans than ever before. 59%. >> that's right. >> supporting it. >> that's right. >> 34% opposing it. keep us posted on how cpac goes. ross from go proud. thanks for your time today. >> thanks, gretchen. frightening sight on the beach. this is the video. a minivan packed with kids heads into the ocean. why police say this was no accident. plus fighting eagles that just wouldn't stop. what happened when a wildlife vet came on the scene? details coming up next.
11:49 am
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11:52 am
so check out this massive four-alarm fire in detroit. still bringing more questions than answers now for investigators. flames shooting out of this three-story apartment building, forcining some folks to jump fr their windows for their lives. at least four people were hurt. firefighters are now trying to make sure that everyone got out. and police are looking for evidence that the fire may have been arson. but so far, the cause not yet known. well, two fighting eagles really going at it, their aa a s locking as they spiraled down into a tree. they chased each other as they flew away. wildlife officials say it's common for eagles to fight this time of year, and there are largely territorial battles with some ending only in death. a disturbing story out of florida. police in daytona beach say a pregnant woman drove her minivan with three small children inside into the atlantic ocean. and witnesses could hear one of
11:53 am
her kids screaming that their mother was trying to kill them. steve harrigan live in miami with us for more. so steve, it seems like good samaritans and lifeguards came to this rescue. >> that's right. the first rescuer on the scene was a bystander who saw that honda odyssey van just turn into the heavy surf at daytona beach yesterday about 5:00 p.m. and ran to help. he heard two children inside screaming, an 8-year-old and 9-year-old boy and girl. they were screaming two things, our mom is trying to kill us, and then, there's still a baby in the car. this bystander pulled two of them to safety through the heavy surf, and then it was up to the lifeguard to try to get that 3-year-old baby out. she was strapped into a car seat. it took two lifeguards, all efforts to rescue her, until that vehicle finally submerged. so really, they just made it in time, gretchen. >> wow, this is such amazing video and such a sad, sad story. what do we know about the mom? why would she do this?
11:54 am
>> it's not clear why she did this. right now, she's going undergoing intensive psychological evaluation. you can actually see her escape through the driver side window. she climbs out the window. this is while the 3-year-old is still strapped in the vehicle. the vehicle just about to go underwater. she walks away without ever looking back. police are trying to figure out what the motivation was as far as the three kids, they were hospitalized overnight, but no serious injuries reported. it's likely they'll be placed with their grandparented, gretchen. >> yeah, except for psychological damages. i don't know how you ever get past that. steve harrigan, thank you so much. well, we brought you the story of a school administrator taking food away from kids. do you remember this one, when their kids had failed to pay for their subsidized school lunches. well, your response has been simply amazing. >> a hungry mind is good, but a hungry stomach and a hungry mind at the same time has got to be bad. >> what one man is doing to help feed hungry kids.
11:55 am
and runners breaking strides to salute a world war ii veteran. the story behind this video, racing around the internet today. i'm only in my 60's.
11:56 am
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that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. you're going to love this story. a moving tribute going viral. video of runners making a surprise detour right in the middle of a race. >> thank you. >> god bless!95-year-old world veteran joe bell was watching this race and cheering on the runners near the end of this race, this is in san jose, california. but instead of passing him, runners decided to go over to him, shake his hand, and thank bell for his service. zblel was a corporal in the army from 1942 to 1946. this video watched by over a million people, so far online. and we at the real story would like to thank mr. bell for his service as well. meantime, a minnesota man has launched a heartwarming initiative to ensure students don't go hungry, because they
11:59 am
can't afford a hot meal at school. david axel launched a program called otter angels after learning that school districts across the state can turn students away from the lunch line if they can't pay. well, now he's encouraging others to fork over some donations. >> they used to say, it takes a village to raise a child. well, this is a perfect situation. there's plenty of people around here that can help out and should help out. >> it's just been kind of a little relief and kind of gives you a warm goal, knowing that community is willing to step up to the plate. >> good job, dave. well, now thanks to otter angels, if a school can't pay for their lunch, they'll get automatic and anonymous help from a computerized system. finally, we've got a big dal lop of responses from you when we asked, if your favorite mexican restaurant stopped selling guacamole due to global warning concerns, will you still eat there? yep, except for chipotle. quack quack tweets, as long as
12:00 pm
it doesn't stop the fajitas, i'll struggle through the hardship. on facebook, joy writes, i can't stand the taste of guacamole, but i love mexican food. and finally, kevin tweets, gauc, well, i guess i can manage without it. i'm gretchen. now over to shep live in kiev. >> good evening from kiev in ukraine, where we're tracking developments that have ripped across this region. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city today, gunmen accused of detaining a high-ranking united nations representative outside a coffee shop. we have video from the scene and we'll show you what happened when he tried to leave. we're also hearing of fresh trouble in the eastern part of ukraine. plus, in just moments, i'll take you on a trip of crimea, where russia has asserted complete control. you'll see what it's like in the streets and why it's not all as it seems the there. we'll also look at how vladimir putin is imposing his will on the rest of the world and why right now, most analy


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