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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 5, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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but he did moon lighting this year. the dallas buyer's club attended the oscars on sunday. this is what he found. his teammates gave his locker the treatment. >> that's great sense of humor. thanks for joining us. america's news headquarters starts right now. fox news alert. a critical hearing was over in just minutes but not before fireworks. welcome to hq, i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am greg in for bill hemmer. lois lerner called to capitol hill and she refused to answer questions. this time. >> can't do anything about it. they want the irs to fix the problem. miss learner, what exactly
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wanted fix the problem caused by citizen united. what does that mean? >> my counsel advised me i have not waived my rights on the fifth amendment. i >> why would you say tea party case, dangerous. >> i exercise my fifth amendment right and decline to answer the question. >> miss learner do you believe there is not a spijion of corruption. >> i exercise my fifth amendment right. >> i have no expectation that ms. learner will copt. >> and that's when things got interesting. watch them after the gavel went down. >> just cannot do this. we are better than that as a country and a committee. >> what is your question.
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>> no, let me say what i have to say. i listened to you. let me say what i have to say. >> i have one procedure. >> you are released. >> first i would like to use my time to make brief points. for the past year, the central republican accusation. >> in this investigation. >> we are adjourned and close it down. (inaudible) respiratory >> before our -- (inaudible) >> thank you. >> you will sit down and allow me to ask the questions, i am a member of the congress of the united states of america and i am tired of this. >> mr. couplings did not raise a point of privilege or point of order and in fact i recognized him when he had said he wanted a question. opening statements were already completed and there were 40 members sitting at the desk and we had adjourned.
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>> i am tired of cherry-picking information and sending just a few lines of various transcripts and what we want is the truth and whole truth is nothing but the truth. >> that's all we want. nnorth carolina congressman mark meadows was at the hearing and thanks for joining us. what was your take on what happened in the court today? >> it is good to be with you, alisyn. really the bottom line message is, that there were e-mails that could have been responded to and the truth that could have been told to the american people and yet we see stone walling and the fifth amendment exercise and all the american people want is the truth so they can once again trust their government. >> were you expecting lois lerner to testify or did this come as a surprise when she pled the fifth. >> we were led to believe they
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were willing to coptup until the last 24 hours. and so it doesn't come as a surprise, perhaps not. it is obvious that she knows something that the president doesn't know and there may be a smidgeon of corruption. >> it is nine and half months since the irs targeting scandal came to light. can you get to the bottom of it without lois lerner's testimony. >> she is a central figure in this and that is why it is critical to explore this. she is not only a central figure. but e-mails were exchanged and we know that today obviously there were areas of political concern in your e-mails and we need to hear from her if she is truly innocent, the american people would love to hear it. >> why not offer immunity. that may be what she's waiting for? >> as we look at. that the american people not
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only to get to the bottom of it, but to also hold those people accountable. they want to hold people that are guilty accountable and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> will your committee hold her in contempt for taking the fifth so many times and answering the questions? >> there is a growing crescendo that they should hold her in contempt of congress and make sure the american people get what they deserve. >> is lois lerner collecting taxpayer dollars every month? >> she obviously has gone into retirement and so taxpayer dollars are paying for retirement and no longer on the payroll. but obviously has a duty to the american people. we have paid her salary and bonuses for many years and so it is time that she confesses and allows the american people to get to the bottom of it.
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>> by confesses, you mean testifying? >> it is not just testifying, when we start to so the plethora of information coming out, all fingers point to her agency and her and those above her that they knew about it going back to 2010. it is not a new thing. we need to make sure the american people have their justification. >> what is next and what will your committee do now? >> we'll go back to so what our options are. a number of us believe she needs to be held in contempt and if she can bring forth something and highlight and allow the doj to get to the bottom of it, again we ned to restore trust in the american government. >> congressman mark meadows, thank you for your take on what happened and we appreciate it.
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>> thank you so much. secretary of state john kerry finishing up a meeting with his russian counterpart in an attempt to defuse the ukranian crisis. there is source questions about america's intelligence capabilities and why russia's moves seem to catch the united states by surprise. senator, thank you for taking a few moments. the pentagon analyst said no troop movements in the next 24 hours, that was wrong. cia wa circumspect and said there are sign was intervention. with all of our eyes in the sky how can we miss large troph movements? >> it is surprising and the thing about this, why is it so shocking to the administration.
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after the olympics, i said watch the behavior of the russians. look what happened with georgia, they have a naval base there that is important to them in crimea and for us to think that they weren't going to try to interfere denies history and a naive view of this. and also the intelligence community didn't report basic troph movements is trounling. >> you are on record that obama administration reset but the russia is a failure. >> the russians here are invading ukraine and providing arms to assad regime to murder their own people. and we have seen potential
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violations that they are ins tr they stopped adoption and harming children so that americans could bring russians that don't have homes into american homes. they stopped that and putting children on the line. there are multiple examples of things and don't forget harboring snowden and it is a failure and miscalculation of putin. and it is time to assess the reset policy. >> the white house and administration is arguing that vladimar putin overstepped his bounds and acted precipitously and there are suggestions that he's pulling back. he got clobbered in the stock and financial markets and was a bit more concilulatory when she sat down with reporters,
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might there be something to that? >> i don't think we should fall for. that we should any forward with economic sanctions and asset freezes. he would like us to think that he is pulling back. pulling back would be respecting ukranian sovereignty fully. we have not seen that yet. i think we should go forward with the economic sanctions and russia should not be permitted to go to the g- eight and we should move the g- eight out of russia we can't trust putin. he denied reality on the ground of what is happening in ukraine. and blatant lies about the involvement of his troops in crimea and we trust that he would pull back, when history suggests differently? >> it is a mistake to pull back the missile defense systems in europe? >> that was a mistake. when the president pulled back the missile defense in polapd
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and chech republic it sent the wrong message to russia. we should revisit that decision because the russians have not acted differently. they are not acting like they should act. they have violated international law and other countries integrity. we need to protect ourselves and europe and look at reinstating those missile defense systems. that is a huge mistake by the president. >> senator, thank you for being with us. >> we are following the rapid changing developments the president obama spoke with president putin and secretary of state john kerry spoke with his russian counterpart and we are expecting to hear his comments and the tensions are high, is a peaceful solution possible?
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>> and allegations of a obama care bail out. will taxpayers be on the hook for that? >> a victim of a hit and run. the police have it on tape and the search for the person behind the whole is on. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save.
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a young girl is recovering today after a hit and run accident. it is difficult to watch this we warn you. that 14-year-old girl first appears on the right side of the screen and she is trying to run across the street and getting hit by two vehicles. she was trying to cross against a red light. the driver of the black sedan was arrested and charged with felony and hit and run and he left the scene after this. police are looking for the driver of the other vehicle. my goodness. call the authorities if you know
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anything. >> and the president's new budget contained a hefty provision to a program. and david asbin is co-host of after the bell on the fox business network. well, the official language in the legislation, it is a risk corridor? but by any other name? >> there you go. there you go. two famous promises. no more bail outs and it will not add a dime to the deficit. 5.5 billion, and money to go to the insurance companies to make up for the fact that not enough young healthy people are applying for obama carry. only 25 percent of those are young and healthy. and marco rubio read the obama care bill and full health care
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law and found this provision, butied dope inside of obama care section 1342, is authorization for what is known for risk corridors. this means when companies lose money dow to not enough people signing up for obama care as has been the case so far, taxpayers get stuck for the bill. the administration is calling it a temporary poll of money. now, maybe if you believe that obama care wasn't going to cost a dime you buy that explanation. most of the time when the government sends money in companies tdoesn't get the money back. >> i was looking at a summery of the budget proposal yesterday, he conveniently leaves out a chunk of spending. 60 billion in tax credit to finance the private coverage of obama care. i mean, that adds to the the deficit, does it not.
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>> 60 billion by the way is shy of what we spend on food stamps for the entire year. the reason people missed it, it was not in the allooccasion for hhs. which is where most of obama care is rolling out for. it was in the allocation of the treasury department that oversees the irs. they will be administer ared by the irs under the treasury department umbrella. and people can say, and there is reason for it, that tax credits are not the same as spending, but the bottom line is, it adds to the deficit. 60 billion in tax credits and mostly small companies who can't afford to pay for the insurance is going to add to the deficit. extra spending by definition adds to the deficit. by the way, to be fair here cbo is saying it will be a billion. but excuse me, 18.
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>> 8 billion. >> and well, the point is, they are claiming to get the money back eventually once obama care begins to pay off. the money that we spend on tarp spending, most of that money was paid back and there are precedents for companies that receive bail outs and paying back that money. it is anybody's guess. and judging on the basis of how obama care has gone so far, i don't think there is a good odd chance that the money will be paid back. president obama's budget that was released yesterday proposes to give hhs, health and human services now a trillions more. >> it is unbelievable. a trillion dollars would have been the entire budget and throw in the defense and everything. trillion shoes the commitment of the administration to all of the programs for the poor. we haven't seen an administration fund this much
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and spend this much money in the transfer payments is what we call the money with food stamps and welfare, we haven't seen that much since lbj in the 1960s. it is unsustainable. ndavid asbin good to see you. thanks. >> opening arguments set to begin in the trial of this man, highest ranking al-qaeda member to be tried in a u.s. civilian court since the 9/11 terror attacks. >> terrifying scene, a family's mini-van races in the ocean and the dramatic rescue of the kids trapped inside and what the police are saying about what happened. >> folks may have the legal right to a loy each other. how sdo that work. >> we'll discuss it.
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>> here's a nutty story for you. for years it was illegal and now folks in grand rapids, michigan, may have the legal right to annoy each other. the city is considering doing away with a peculliar 38-year-old law in the city code that reads, no person shall willfully annoy orth person. a final decision on whether being annoying is legal is expected. >> i like that law. >> i wish it was in place here
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in new york. >> you can do a citizen arrest. >> i carry cuffs and slap them on. i am kidding, i don't carry cuffs. >> well, we want to know today what annoys you out there and where you live? send me's tweet@alisyn camerota. >> and me at gregg jarrett. >> the trial of osama bin laden's son-in-law is starting today. david lee miller is live outside of the federal courthouse here in new york city david? >> reporter: the opening statements by the defense and prosecutor concluded and the prosecutor said the defendant invoked his own twisted view of islam to consphire to kill americans and support al-qaeda. he went on to say that the role
10:26 am
was not to plan 9/11 or carry it out, but it was one of propaganda and spread the word of jihad. and as he spoke, the prosecutor walked over to the defendant and pointed to him less than one to the away. he was wearing a dark suit and was motionless in the entire opening statement by the prosecution. and then they shed a still frame photoof him with osama bin laden that was taken one day after the attack on the twin towers. and he quoted the recording this is a call for jihad summoning you. he used the murderous power of his own words to rekraut fighters. as for the defense, the defense attorney said his client is not guilty and did consowed, you may not like what he said, and he called the remarks dumb and stupid and accused the
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government of substituting the evidence. and outside of the court of house, the defense attorney said his client is holding up well considering the burden of a trial. >> times are difficult and painful and he's a strong man and has a value system and belief system that will guy get >> as you would expect security in lower manhattan, about ten blocks where the towers once stood. you have to pass through awe metal detector to enter into the building and a second mettol detector to enter into the second courtroom. the judge does not know the jurors napes. >> was rom no right and obama wrong when it came to russia. here is congressman paul ryan.
10:28 am
>> mitt was right. the president was naive on foreign policy and the reset is a failure. this is what happens when a super power shows weakness. ark gregz fells that vacum. >> the obstacle with the u.s. and trying to pressure putin in getting troops out of ukraine. >> if you are heading to america's most amazing place, this is what you see. what an amazing sight. >> we have watched lois lerner refuse to testify. we may have seen the last of her. will voters remember the irs scandal when they head to the polls in the fall. >> miss learner, why would you say tea party cases were dangerous? >> on the advice of my counsel i put my fifth amendment right and decloin to answer the question.
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♪ ♪ time for a check of the head leans. the senate rejected. the nom no set to head the civil rights division. >> and republicans block a test vote today. and watch the terrifying video in daytona beach, florida. a mother driving a min i van in
10:33 am
the ocean with three children. they pulled the kids out. and the mother is out and under psychological evaluation. >> look at the stung image of niagara falls? thanks to fridgeit attaches by the polar vortex. >> have you been there in person? >> it is huge and amazing that all of it could freeze over. >> it is amazing, wow, beautiful though. >> what a picture. >> let us know what you think on twitter. >> my counsel advoiced me i have not waived my constitutional rights under the fifth amendment and on his advice i will decline to answer any subject matter. >> you will not tell us. >> on the advice of my counsel i respectfully exercise my fifth
10:34 am
amendment right and decline to answer the question. on the advice of my counsel i will decline to answer that question. >> over and over and over again, lois lerner pleading the fifth and exercising her right against self incrimination. >> we were not playing a loop. they were separate moments. and if the profiling drags on will it impact the midterms. kristin powers is a fox news contributor and david world-wide web is a talk radio shows and a fox news contributor. kristern let me start wu. lois lerner if she is a woman with the answers and refusing to testify, do you think it will impact the midterms? >> i don't think this in particular will impact. i think what has impact it feeds
10:35 am
in a broader narrative that people don't trust the government and the conjectory is less and less trust every year and you know, this it preceded president obama and continued on his watch. and this feeds in the narrative that the people don't feel the government is accountable or trustworthy and adds to a narrative that exists and hurts the party in power. >> in her infamous apology that was a deceptive set up on may 10th. lois lerner said it is just rogue line people in cincinnati. documents now prove otherwise, that coast to coast officers were sending outlers to conservative groups and in fact, the chief counsel's office in washington d.c. was involved in this. does that undermine the president's claim that there is
10:36 am
not a smidgeon of corruption. >> of course it does. i may not be a lawyer like you. but first of all she takes us to a broader context of the dpft. that exists. here we are talking about the irs and it was used by the obama administration to target tea party groups and evafrjelical groups and unfortunately the store tore is now the argument that didn't happen. but focus on what needs to happen here. lois lerner pleads the fifth. hold her in contempt. second steps, offer her full immunicipality for testimony and two things can happen. if she takes full immunity and decides to offer testimony, we have an opportunity to find out what happened and the next step of that is darril issa to go after theires for codifying bad
10:37 am
behavior that shpt happen against left or right. if she doesn't take full immunity, can the administration and erebbing holder and all of the players protect her, or do we not have enough on her. americans are all over this country are sick of government, back to kisterns point that produces little result or solution and we the people need to threaten them in the ballot box. >> how does that translate to the ballot box? do democrats vote or not vote? >> i think it affects potting ways. it depresses the vote a bit. and people lose hope that things are different. and things like the irs situation, along with a lot of
10:38 am
other issues that happen could also mobilize people who are very frustrated with the government and want to register that from yous traying in t-- frustrating. and it is not good for the people if the government can't be trusted. and there are very few people that walk out of the voting booth say i voted because of the irs scandal. but they may say, i voted against the party in power because i can't trust them and they are not running the government well whether it is benghazi or this or health care or foreign policy. >> it was interesting. i want a quick answer on. this the president warning democrat donors that democrats have to weak up or they will
10:39 am
lose the senate. pretty ironic since the biggest issue that is hurting the democrats is the president's own signature achievement of obama care. >> bullet points. 30 fundraisers that are high dollar and a shadow organization organizing for america competting for the dnc for the money in the room and political capitol. it is all politics and warning the democrats and the democrats are concerned about main takening the societies like marylandrui. and uda hl. >> it will get worse. >> got it leave it at that. >> thank you. we are awaiting remarks from secretary of state john kerry after meeting with his russian counterpart on the ukraine
10:40 am
crisis. what can secretary of state kerry and the u.s. achieve at this point? we'll ask simon marks. great to see you. >> great to see you, alisyn. >> russian foreign minister are denying that the troops were sent by moscow. where does secretary kerry begin to negotiate with people who are living in a parallel unverse? >> it is increasingly problematic. theentious vents where we witnessed a prorussia militia hounding the united nation's out of the crimea peninsula underscores the volatility of all of this. it is not clear if the pro russian militia takes its orders from vladimar putten in moscow and adding a further wrinkle in all of this. if anything good comes out of the entire episode, it has to be people getting clear- eyed what
10:41 am
they are doing with in russia not only the russia leader who craves the respectable and not cowed by forcing out of the g- eight or other international institutions. >> that is a misconception that is guiding the foreign policy with russia that they grave respectability on the international stage. what da do they crave if not respectability? >> one can clearly see taking place now. vladimar putin craves being seen as an alternative power base on the world stage to the united states. this is to some exat the present time about global projecting an image of russia as a world power that is going to defend vigorously its own backyard and possibility seek to expand itself territorially. there is questions if they will
10:42 am
stop in the crimea peninsula and cities in the coal mining region and move against them and that will only further up the a nte in the stand off. >> will economic sanctions work on putin? >> they will help. you can see economic dislocation caused already by the fall in the stock exchange in moscow. but in and of themselves, they are not the only thing that can be done and a whole range of other measures have to be contemn plated. >> simon marks, great to see you. >> thank you, alisyn. >> meanwhile a high school student suing her own parents and the dramatic courtroom appearance and how the judge responded. >> could a california couple who stumbled on a stash of gold coins in their backyard be
10:43 am
forced to guf them back? the stunning twist coming up.
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it is time to check in with grecheb carlsson to see what is californiaing up next on the real story. >> now the woman in the center of the irs scandal is pleading the fifth again will lois lerner be compelled to reveal what she knows. we'll talk to the group targeted by the office. >> hillary clinton speaks out first time on the ukranian cries and is what she is saying to distance herself from president obama. >> shocking images of a pregnant mom driving a mini-van in the ocean with her children. as rescuers fight to save them.
10:47 am
>> you heard the story of a high school student trying to sue her parents. >> she was seeking more than 650 a week and thousands of attorneys dollars after complaining that the parents refused to support her. the parents say no, she voluntarily left. and the judge struck down part of the request saying it would set a bad precedent. we have ryan and a list, the judge said parents are not going to have to pay for your private and high school education. he deferred the other stuff for later on, what do you think of this? >> this girl was emancipated when she was 18. and when in new jersey, you are out of the sphere of of
10:48 am
innewence with the family. >> she didn't follow the rules. come home by midnight and don't bully your little sister and return things you borrowed and she didn't do that. and she went to a friend's house. and the friend's father is a lawyer. got a lawyer involved and he filed the case and that's why it is in court. >> brian do you agree? >> not so fast. if i anyhow at 17 what i knew now, i might have gone to my dad. he threw my clothes in the yard. >> and liz is wrong. when you turn 18 in new jersey. it is not automatic. if she puts up evidence that she needs financial support and her father can pay to help pay expenses. she is entitled to that. >> i think it is reboughtable.
10:49 am
>> it is rebeautable. >> and let me ask you a plain question. >> the letter of the law, i don't want to get in the woads here. i thought when a parent pays for your education and your college, and it could be a quarter of a million in private universities these days, i mean that is a geberous gift. but there is no legal obligation. >> most parents want to do that and do whatever they can to support their child. it sounds like the parents wanted to but she would not a boyd by the rules and under the law, they have no obligation to do this. if they want to but not obligated. >> does it matter if she left or kicked out. does that make a difference? >> i don't think it matters and that is in dispute. the factors are her age and needs are and whether her father can pay. if he can, he should pay.
10:50 am
this is about morals as it is legal. this sends the wrong message to parents that it you shouldn't take care of your kids. >> some folks found a huge stash of gold coins in their backyard. some suggestion might have been stolen. decades ago from the san ago from the san francisco mint. who gets to keep it. >> 1900, $30,000 worth $10 million. i think the couple will still get to keep it because there have been people looking at these coins saying if it had been stole frighten that mint, it would have been all in one year. they are not. it's different years. there are no $5 and $10 coins in the registry in 1900 and there are here. >> if they did belong to the mint, then can the government take it back? >> if they did belong to the mint, they probably could. i agree, there's no way it could. these coins are dated 1847 to
10:51 am
1894. the coins allegedly robbed in the early 1900s were dated in 1900. >> look, the irs is going to come in and get their pound of flesh. >> finders keepers. >> thanks so much. we'll be right back. major shake-up at target.
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10:54 am
major developments concerning target, the head of security reportedly stepping down after last year's massive data breach. joining me from the fox business network -- >> you knew somebody would get the axe. >> just a matter of time. this the first major departure since that data breach was announced in december. chief information officer beth jacob. she's been in that position since 2008 and she resigned effective today.
10:55 am
this comes after 40 million debit and credit card numbers stolen from minneapolis-based retailer. in a statement to fox ceo said we recognize information security environment is evolving rapidly. to ensure that, target is well m'sed following the data breach we're making an overall hall of structure and practices. a big statement from target. also changing the structure of the company and how it's running. they are adding a chief compliance officer along with chief information security officer at the executive level. meanwhile target was hit hard after it breached their business. not doing well. third quarter dropped 46%, revenue down 5.3%. >> ouch. that's got to hurt. thanks so much. >> any time. thanks. one town plans to overturn a long-standing rule that says you cannot annoy anyone. we want to know what annoys you
10:56 am
where you live. >> you can't just say kbreg, you have to give us some place where you live. if you live near him, that's fine. >> that's fine. >> give us your best tweets next.
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's ♪ ♪ >> we asked what annoys you where you live. >> potholes. >> macarena. >> the people above me in our building move their furniture
11:00 am
around all day every day. >> i'm annoyed by blasted snow and cotton weather. come on, springtime. >> we left grand rapids because we could not annoy our neighbors. goo news, you can move back now. thanks for watching, i'm alisyn camerota. >> gretchen carlson is next. fox news alert, verbal fireworks on capitol hill. i'm gretchen carlson, welcome to "the real story." set off after lois lerner, center of irs profiling scandal refused to answer questions again, once again invoking fifth amendment at a house hearing. that's when things got really heated. >> you will sit down and allow me to ask question. i'm a member of the congress of united states of america. >> represent 700,000 people. you cannot just have a


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