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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  March 5, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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anything for tomorrow? >> absolutely. sleep week continues, figure out some gadgets to help you get to sleep. special pillow. plus the family is with us in the after the show show. log on now. >> we still have three seconds. what do you want to do? >> see you tomorrow. martha: lois lerner just arriving on capitol hill for a hearing on the irs scandal. what's going to happen? will the -- will she testify? will she take the fifth again? we'll have it live. first a showdown in the ukraine standoff. secretary of state john kerry and the ukraine president will be face to face.
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efforts at diplomacy have failed so far. i'm martha maccallum. gregg: i'm gregg jared. the united states and great britain could not get ukraine and russia to sit down earlier this morning at a gathering of world leaders in paris but they say they will try again in a few hours. martha: russia is gaining ground in crimea, reportedly surrounding two battalions of ukrainian troops. this as one eastern pro-russian city where russian flags have flown since saturday. the european union is upping the ante with some money. they offered $15 billion to bail the ukraine out of a steep
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economic crisis. james rosen is traveling with secretary kerry in paris. the efforts to get ukraine and russia to sit down at the table and talk seem to have failed. >> so far a non-starter good day from paris where secretary of state kerry brought the foreign minister on board the secretary's own plane. the two met with the british foreign secretary william haig. they largely agree on the ukraine crisis. but it was meant to note the absence much russia. the budapest memorandum that the u.s. and its european allies say the russians have violated with
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their swift take of crimea. on the same day in kiev, the capital of ukraine. secretary of state kerry was telling reporters he thinks russia is working hard to create the protect for a broader invasion of ukraine. martha: today john kerry will sit down with the russian foreign minister lavrov and that will be an interesting meeting. >> reporter: sergey lavrov is a formidable character.
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he's effective in effecting the agenda of his boss, vladimir putin. kerry and love roof appeared to have worked together when they mediated the chemical weapons in syria. so it should be quite a meeting. whether it will produce an ending to this you trainan crisis is remote. martha: the question of crimea is essential. some people think that situation is over. there is no way russia will pull out. lavrov will say we can't pull out. those aren't even our troops. report * th>> reporter: the ruse created paperwork to create justifications for this move and
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that move but they are drastically different from what the u.s. and its european allies see as legal. it's unlikely this meeting will produce a break through. gregg: russia not letting out, flexing its military muscle by test firing an intercontinental ballistic missile. the pentagon says that launch was not expected. they were not notified days in advance in accordance with the stark treaty. martha: russia saying they don't have the power to pull those troops back. foreign minister sergey lavrov say the pro-russian griewpts are quote self-defense forces and they do not answer to moscow. he made the remarks in madrid. he says russian naval personnel
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are in their normal deployment. we have seen those ships off of the coast. kerry laughed when he heard this at the news conference that they are claiming they have no control over these russian troops that are really pressing back against the ukrainian troops. gregg: some of their armored vehicles have russian insignias identifying them as russian even though they are dressed in dark outfits with no other indication. back to our top story. we are waiting to see if former irs official lois lerner will testify in a house oversight hearing on the targeting of organizations by the irs. back in may of last year she famously invoked her fifth amendment rights not to talk. let many get to our chief
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congressional correspondent mike emanuel. any independent casings what she is going to do? i suppose there are several options. >> reporter: darrell issa and the attorney for lois lerner have been talking to people like me. there seem to be four options that could happen. she could testify, she could ask for a one week delay. she co-could agree to a closed door deposition or she could take her fifth amendment right. she is here and she is the only witness on the hearing agenda. all eyes will be on her to see her latest move. gregg: what about giving her broad immunity or a limited use immunity which doesn't fully protect her? any discussion about that other
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than trey gowdy saying no way will she get immunity. >> reporter: lear -- lois lernes attorney has been pushing for immunity. it was admitted that the irs had been targeting conservative organizations. she blamed it on low-level staffers in cincinnati. in cincinnati they say the orders came from washington. this could get them to the bottom of what happened at the irs and who gave the initial orders. gregg: they could adjourn almost immediately after they begin the hearing and she could give them a profer.
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which is not under oath. here are the tantalizing details now give me immunitied. trey gowdy says we have the goods on her. we have the evidence. report * i had one member tell me he expects she'll defendify but he acknowledged that could change 10 times between now and the start of the hearing. we believe negotiations are ongoing between the committee and her attorney about what she may be willing to do. gregg: live on capitol hill. thanks very much. martha: establishment republicans winning big in their primaries. gregg abbott and democrat state senator wendy davis will face off in november to replace governor rick perry. both of them making remarks. >> the blending of cultures in the lone star state works.
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we are one people, we are all texans. >> gregg abbott wants to dictate for tall women including victims of rape or insist the decisions they d rape or incest the decisions they should make. martha: . john cornyn won his race by a big margin. a massive explosion completely leafleaf d completely levels a o complex. gregg: a distraught mom drives a minivan into the ocean with her three young kid inside. martha: mitt romney's warningsis
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about russia were laughed out during the presidential campaign. including the president himself. but did he have it rate? >> there are moments i look down and shake my head and say i can't believe we lost to these guys. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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gregg: one person is dead after a massive explosion in new jersey. it was a con dope complex. they were digging a gas line. it explode. it destroyed 50 house and terrified those who were hope at the time. >> it blew me back 10-15 feet. i had no idea what was going on. i ran outside. that's when i slipped and fell. i got some glass in my hand. >> i had no idea what was going on. i started shaking like nobody's business. >> the walls are cracked.
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gregg: the explosion killed a woman in her car. at least 7 contractors were also injured. >> a few months ago when you were asked what is the biggest geopolitical threat facing america you said sub. now the 1980s are calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the cold war has been over for 20 years. martha: we remember that heated presidential debate in 2012. now paul ryan is firing back saying given the current crisis with russia it's clear mitt romney had it right and the president had sit wrong. >> there are moments when i shake my head and say i can't believe we've lost to those guys. president obama was wrong and this is what happens when a
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super power projects weakness in its foreign policy, aggression fills the vacuum and i think that's what's happening now. alan, what do you think about what paul ryan said? >> i think he acts like he can't wait to diminish the president and his administration. i think it's outrageous where the republicans used to stay this kind of intern conflict end at the water's edge, they can't wait for the president to fail. i don't know what mitt romney would be doing differently than the president. there are talks being done. there is g8 pullouts happening. other than that i don't know what mitt romney would do. would he start a war? what would we be doing differently? we have to give the process a chance to start here.
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>> it's never unpatriotic to speak up about the direction you think the country should be going. it's alarming that our government doesn't seem to have a view of the massive fallout from this. you get the feeling powers is muddying the picture with human rights questions. interest is clear, stability. you don't get the sense the administration understands that. martha: alan do you get the sense the administration has an overall foreign policy goal that the president is speaking with one voice and making it clear to the rest of the world the united states is a super power, is happy nobody that leadership position and to support democracy around the world in the struggles where they exist?
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>> one of the things paul ryan said is the same tired old rhetoric who doesn't believe in american exception amism, he's the only president who used that phrase. they are working with germany's president' angela merkel to create a zone for russian nationals. to carp and diminish the president at a time like this i think makes republicans look horrible. >> just to restate. dissent is never unpatriotic. >> that's not what i said. you said to criticize the president's policy is somehow wrong. it's never wrong. >> what would mitt romney would be doing differently right now? >> i have no clue what romney would be doing.
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it's disturbing to seat armchair interests piping up. it would be reassuring to see that they understand what our interests are. you would never believe that no matter what the administration says or does. martha: when you think back to the 80s. let's go back to their foreign policy. you think about the gains that were made after the falling apart of the soviet union. that's what this is all about. these countries gained their independence and gained democracy. president reagan and margaret thatcher and john paul ii, it's now in jeopardy. is that, alan, something that you take very seriously and you would want the president to have understood from the get-go? >> i think the president does
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understand it. in 2008 when russia invaded georgia. the bush administration did doing. martha: if president obama looked at that than said president bush made a huge mistake wouldn't that have changed their foreign policy plan and not allow to it happen again? >> which is why the things i just mentions are going opening. discussions involving angela merkel, trade and investment that are being discussed. martha: i think they may be trying to put the cow -- or the horses back in the barn. >> and the cow. when you hear the president complain about the legal advice putin is getting. that's an indication he doesn't understand how the world works. it doesn't work on the basis of international law or the advice of lawyers. it works on the basis of what your interests are.
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and you work based on your interests. >> i don't know want steps you want him to take. be his foreign policy adviser. martha: name one thing president should be doing. >> he should be clear our interest in the ukraine is not the freedom of the ukrainian people. it's in maintaining the free flow of commerce in the region. >> those are the issues he's working on as we see. gregg: some very tense moments after a mother drives her minivan into the ocean. her kids are trapped inside. investigators say she may have don't on purpose. martha: the house committee is getting ready to grill lois lerner. we'll take it live and we'll all watch together.
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gregg: health and human services could get an enormous chunk of change under the president's proposed budget. the president saiding aside $1 trillion in the budget for that's department alone. it includes $30 million for biomedical research and $400 million in medicare and medicaid cuts. that's such an enormous number. $1 trillion. >> if you asked the question do
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we want more government or less. this question answers it, more government, please. there is a whopping great big increase in spending. we'll be spending nearly $4 trillion by the year 2015. that's a $450 billion spending increase. huge increase in spending. the other side of the coin is tax sayings. we are going to be -- we are bringing 2.7 trillion in taxation last year. it will be 2.3 trillion next year and the president wants another trillion on top of that. the big picture very clear. tax more, spend more, more government. gregg: off camera you were telling me about the earned income tax credit. >> included in this budget there is an expansion of the earned income tax credit. that's a check that goats out in the mail to people who are
6:27 am
working that earn very little money. the president proposed to expand that and bring in an extra 13 million people to get that check every year. those 13 million people have no children. at the moment you can't get the earned income tax credit if they have got no children. the president will expand that, people with no children will be brought in. 13 million more people getting that check in the mail, paid for by you the taxpayer. it's a vast expansion of what we call the social security net under this budget. gregg: there are a great many skeptics on that note. stu varney. good to see you. martha: we are moments away from the start of a new hearing on the irs targeting scandal. where is everybody. we are going to find out what's going on. we'll find out if lois lerner who is in the building is going to talk this morning.
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gregg: there doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency. new questions about russian president vladimir putin and whether he is willing to negotiate with anyone. >> the russian president smirking at the world and testing the will of the western powers. putin clearly believing europe will back down, isolating europe and the u.s.a. and he could be right. ices companies in the country? hey. yours? not anymore. come on in. [ male announcer ] by meeting you more tn halfway. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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gregg: the hearing into the irs targeting scandal set to get underway any moment now. ing will * arriving early this morning. will she testify and plead the fifth? maybe they will go behind closed doors. there you see the chairman darrell issa. we should be able to find out in a few minutes. it could be a long hearinger a short one. we'll let you know what happens here. martha: mountain meantime we want to get back to our top story of two former cold war enemies set to sit down for a meeting just hours from now as the crisis in the ukraine continues to escalate. u.s. secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. charles krauthammer says vladimir putin isn't taking obama seriously.
6:33 am
>> he looks at this guy and says i'm dealing with an adolescent. this guy is a community organizer who doesn't understand what putin did. a former kgb agent, a thug, he walks away, struts the world stage and knows he has an adversary in the white house who will do nothing and he whose done nothing. martha: richard is now the chairman of foreign relations. >> in '56 president eisenhower didn't do much when hungary was invaded and under george w. bush he didn't do anything when georgia was invade. the truth is what happened in
6:34 am
ukraine was a strategic setback for mr. putin and what he did was essentially compensated. he grabbed crimea, a part of ukraine that's close which gives him great geographic advantage where they have access to a port and the majority of people are russian and russian speaking. it was a strategic defense to a strategic loss in the bulk of the country. martha: aren't the first two examples you gave what led to the cold war? >> russia is not a super power. it's a country of 140 million people with a limited economic reach and it's quite vulnerable. i think we need to keep the pressure on economically. we need to strengthen the neighboring countries to send a message and we ought to keep
6:35 am
diplomacy alive and offer the russians an offramp to strengthen the ukraine. the biggest issue is stabilizing this economy that's extremely weak. this infusion of $15 billion is important. martha: the ukrainian said they need $35 billion to get through this year and next year. so far they have 5 from us and 15 from the eu. so they may be getting closer to that goal. i want to pull up this quote by sergey lavrov as to who the troops are. he says if you mean the self-defense troops, they take no orders from us. what do you think about that? >> not much. clearly what is going on in crimea is choreographed directly
6:36 am
or indirectly with russian support. me may have to accept the possibility we may not be able to shoe horn the russians out. we could start expanding the exports of oil and gas. we want to reduce the independence of countries like ukraine on russia. you have got to play this for the long haul which means to weaken the ability of russia to intimidate any of its neighbors including ukraine. martha: what do you think led to this moment. you are basically, it sound to me, correct me if i'm wrong. you are saying crimea is gone and you are not the first person who said that to us on this program. that situation may be over. how did we get caught so off guard and allow that to happen. >> i'm not sure it, gone. i think we have to prepare ourselves for that possibility. i'm hoping the sanctions and diplomatic process might mean the russians do withdraw.
6:37 am
but i think we have to be -- we have to be realistic. part of the reason we are here is geography. the russians have certain advantages. they have bigger stakes there sanity's because of what happened in kiev the last couple months. this choice if you will between how ukraine was going to orient itself toward europe or russia when it looked like the majority of the people in kiev voted to have the country orient itself towards the eu and toward the west, that's when the protests started against yanukovych, that's when he fled. i think what mr. putin did is say the only way i can compensate for this big strategic loss, this country of 45 million people on our border is to take some of it and i can take the part that's most strategic where the ethnic russians are. i can go home and say at least i
6:38 am
did something. but i think this is very improvised by putin. at the end of the day i think whatever happens, he's likely to be the loser here. martha:e many blaming us. he says the united states and the west meddled in kiev. this may be sort of punishment, payback from him for that. >> that's preposterous. the idea that russia should have a veto over what the leadership does there is wrong. anded idea that the government ukraine would want to be affiliated with the european union is totally understandable as opposed to wab what, being in russia's orbit? that doesn't holdout much of a future. the russian protests don't carry much weight there. martha: richard haas, thank you very much. shepard smith is on the ground in kiev.
6:39 am
catch him live at 3:00 eastern on the east coast and noon pacific. gregg: defense secretary chuck hagel is making his first appearance before a congressional committee. this is the senate armed services committee since proposing huge cuts to the pentagon budget. nor le -- senator levin is set to question him. it will shrink the army to its smallest size in 74 years. closing bases and offering less generous house allowances. we'll continue to follow what's happening there. opening statements are underway in the irs investigation and the other body on capitol hill. martha: darrell issa beginning to get ready here.
6:40 am
we'll keep a close eye on that. lois lerner is there. it's unclear whether or not she'll speark this morning. but we'll take you there live. gregg: a judge's ruling in a teenager's lawsuit against her parents did not go all that well for her but the case is far from over. we'll update you on that. >> what kind of parents would they be if they didn't set down strict rules in the response to what was going on. before handcrafted jewelry was creating positive energy
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gregg: fox news alert. there you see lois lerner. >> saturday our committee's general counsel sent an team your attorney. gregg: threw see chairman darrell issa. she has taken the fifth yet again. several' times this morning in response to direct questions from chairman darrell issa about the targeting of conservative
6:44 am
groups. it's interesting because is a through fox news sunday said she is willing to testify and tell us everything. her lawyer said that's nonsense, i don't know why she would do that. >> i decline to answer that question. gregg: let's go to steve hayes who is standing by. steve, what's the point of this to just do it all over again, invoke the fifth? i half expected some sort of use immunity deal, some limited immunity. but trey gowdy said we have the goods on her, why would we give her immunity. >> the answer to that is she is in a position to share information they don't have. but i agreeing wil a -- i agreer
6:45 am
should not have any immunity. it appears she was in the middle of an effort to target conservative groups regardless of the spin you are hearing from people on the left to confuse the issue. gregg: a controversial apology she blamed it all, the targeting of these conservative groups, she blamed it on some line people in the cincinnati office. of course documents revealed since then undermined that quite a bit. letters were certain out coast to coast from various offices of the irs and the chief counsel's office in washington, d.c. is the one month prepared the guidelines. >> there are two things that happen early none this controversy that suggested she wasn't being honest. the first was the way she set up to take this question from a
6:46 am
friendly questioner at a conference was dishonest and disingenuous from the beginning. then she tried to say that it was low-level employees in cincinnati and the information we have gotten subsequently suggest that was far from the case and this was far more involved. that i think suggests she was trying to cover something up. the real question now is what exactly was she trying to cover up and who was in the position of giving these orders to target these conservative groups? we still don't know that and it's important to get an answer for that. gregg: on the left-hand side of your screen, darrell issa is standing and he says we are adjourned. and elijah cummings says, no, we are not. >> i am tired of this. we represent 700,000 people. you cannot just have one private
6:47 am
investigation. there is something wrong with that and it's un-american. >> hear hear. >> i do have a question. >> i gave you an opportunity to speak. >> she is taking the fifth elijah. gregg: you are not getting clear audio because it would appear darrell issa shut off the audio. so you are getting ambient sound from the cameras in the room. it's clear he's quite upset about what unfolded here. lois lerner appeared for the second time before the house oversight committee and in response to questions from the
6:48 am
chairman invoked her amendment right against self-incrimination. martha: just to remind -- elijah couple cans very upset. darrell issa says she is taking the fifth and we are done. elijah cummings is continuing. >> the very first line ... let's listen to darrell issa. >> we had a hearing today in the committee in which we asked miss learner whose lawyer indicated under certain conditions she would testify. she chos testify. after an exhaustive 7 questions i determined that she was not under any circumstances going to testify. and pursuant to an already completed hearing other than her testimony, i adjourned. at this point we'll continue our
6:49 am
investigation into the irs targeting of conservative groups. without the testimony of miss lerner. are there any questions? there were no -- he was not directing questions for the witness. and th the committee had already adjourned. pursuant to the committee we recessed only to determine whether or not we could get her to give testimony. once it was determined she would not give testimony there was no question before us. mr. cummings did not raise a point of privilege or point of order, and in fact i did recognized him when he said he had a question, he went into an opening statement. opening statements had already been completed'. there were 40 members sitting at the dais and we had already adjourned. i left because there was no question pending.
6:50 am
he was talking into a mike in an adjourned meeting. the fact is mr. cummings came to make a point of his objections to the process we have been going through. he was actually slandering me at the moment that the mikes did go off by claiming this had not been a real investigation. this has been a bipartisan investigation by multiple committees in which we had testimony in multiple hearing including in jordan's sub committees in which it was clear there was targeting of conservative groups in which there were people who were acting outside the norm. we are going to continue our investigation. but just because mr. cummings would like to have a more convenient truth doesn't give him the right to make a speech. i went through a process of asking questions to determine whether miss lerner would testify. she made it clear through multiple questions that she would not do it and she would not do it with the delay her
6:51 am
attorney asked for. i have exhausted any possibility of her speaking at this point. we have attempted multiple ways including it making it clear we could do a one-week delay. they changed their you mind and declined that. mr. jordan has additional work to do. >> [inaudible] >> that's something that has to be considered. we have been looking for the truth. miss lerner in light of direct emails that are before us. democrats and republicans have the same things we asked questions on today. we hope to get answers from her. but it's clear, for example, why did she ask for crossroads gps' application scrutinized by name? we'll probably never know that
6:52 am
because that's something in her mind. >> you said after she established she wasn't going to testify you still asked several questions and you did not give your democratic colleague that same opportunities. >> he was not intending to ask any questions. mr. cummings says he had questions to ask, instead he began making an opening statement, even after the committee had been adjourned. >> how much, much this is a political play for republicans in the election. >> none. not a smidgen of it. not a smidgen of it. the fact is this targeting is something the president initially came out, outraged against as we were. as we began our investigation we discovered there was clear differential treatment of conservative groups particularly if their name included patriot or tea party and the
6:53 am
administration has gone from supportive of this bad behavior when they said it was in cincinnati to opposing it saying there wasn't a smidgen of evidence. >> there is a concern [inaudible] >> i have no idea what's in the minds of republicans other than the ones on this committee. the ones on this committee have sat through hearings, reviewed information and are prepared to continue the investigation. any other questions? >> how bad a setback is this? >> as you can see from our questioning today, we continued to gather facts around miss lerner's absence of testimony. it would have aloud us to bring this investigation to a pretty quick close if she had been willing to answers to questions. without it we'll have a few questions to find out on things she could have answered quickly
6:54 am
today. it may well be we have got on the bottom of it. at this point roads lead to miss learner. the witness to took the fifth. that becomes -- she becomes one of the key characters at this point. had she been willing to explain those emails which were provided through separate subpoenas, then we could have perhaps brought this to a close. without that it may dead end with miss lerner. questio>> [inaudible] >> we'll confer afterwards. >> i think mr. cummings would like time. we are going to -- we are going to -- there is cameras everywhere. we will confer to see our next steps. but miss lerner is not our pry police officery concern today nor is the contempt. we are going to continue.
6:55 am
' -- miss lerner is not our primary concern. you asked a question earlier do you think she is going to testify. i have less than likely. but there is in fact a possibility that given a federal judge's order she would testify. so we'll have to consider all those possibilities of whether there is a way to get testimony from a key character who very clearly had information and isn't willing to give it to us. thank you. thank you. martha: this has been incredible. you saw lois lerner. she walked in this morning. there was hope she would answer the questions that exist out there, like what did she know and when did she know it. what do you read, what do you pray for? the president was initially very uncomfortable what he learned that happened at the irs and said he wanted to get to the
6:56 am
bottom of this. e lielijah cummings is speaking. up know we are up against a break. >> we interviewed 38irs employees. hundreds of thousands of pages of documents from irs have been reviewed. $14 million plus and counting in man hours have bee been expended with regard to this investigation into the irs, and still there has not been any evidence whatsoever that there was political motivation in regard to this targeting. in regard to these efforts. martha: i'm trying to give equal time to both of these gentlemen.
6:57 am
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>> we have been witnessing fireworks on capital hill after lois lerner has refused to testify again pleading the fifth during a hearing in the irs targeting scandal. i am martha maccallum good morning. >> and i am greg in for bill hemmer. lois lerner pleading the fifth over and over again. here is a look: >> in february of 2011, you emailed your colleagues the following: tea party matter is very dangerous. this could be the vehicle to go to court on the issue of whether
7:01 am
citizen united applies to tax exempt rules. council and judy need to be on this one, please. sinsi should probably not, all in caps, have these cases. >> on the advice of my counsel i respect my fifth amendment right and refuse to answer. >> why would you say the tea party is dangerous? >> i respect my fifth amendment right and will not answer. >> you e-mail about issuing a c4 project and wrote we need to be
7:02 am
cautious so it isn't a per se political party. why were you worried? >> i respect my fifth amendment and refuse to answer this. >> we have the host of power play here and high drama despite the fact lois lerner said nothi nothing. what do you make that? >> i think we can understand why she is taking the fifth. she was clear about not wanting it to be a political issue, but it was. this was a deliberate target of
7:03 am
the tea party in the way that was political and surpresed. she should answer the questions >> this woman is paid by the american taxpayers and she is dealing with the agency that is handling everybody's body. she is a public servant and is being asked by the public servants to answer a few questions about what was going on under her watch and she refused. >> most of the time you don't like to be the subject of a federal investigation, certainly the groups that mr. lerner would agree. but there is an investigation
7:04 am
into possible criminal wrong doing and she is able to invoke this and say nothing. she has been assisted by eric holder's justice department with his open but fruitful investigation. >> we know none of the groups have sat down with the justice department saying these are the papers i signed, i had a wait three years, i was given scrutiny others were not. they have not had the. i want to play out the drama between cummings and isa this morning. what is your take on that? >> i think it would have been wise to let cumminging --
7:05 am
cummings -- have his question. >> i may state? >> you are free to leave but the gentlemen may ask the question >> mr. chairman, i have one procedureal question to help you get the information. >> what is your question? >> let me say what i have to say. first, i would like to use my time to make brief points. for the past year, the central republican talks in this -- >> we are adjourned. >> this is an uncomfortable
7:06 am
moment. >> i think it would have been wise to let cummings go on with what he was going to say. we understand the democrats are not happy about this. and you have seen member in congress suggesting this wasn't a big deal and they may not have been targeting the groups despite the president acknowledged and this was on overreach. going back to the investigation, the president said there wasn't a smidge of corruption. how can a serious investigation be taking place? i think they are being generous to describe what is happening at the justice department. >> we remember and looked back at the tape, the p o outraged by these suggestions. we know the president spoke out
7:07 am
about the influence of the 50 c 501-c3 groups. so the question is how much did lois lerner understand about this and were you instructed to carry it out. >> and one of the lead investigators on the case is a political donor to obama. so the credibility of the administration is thin on this subject as is the creditability of democrats to wave away this is nothing, nothing, pay no attention. the point here is we have a strong indication as long as lois lerner doesn't feel pressure about criminal charges she is unlikely coming forward. today got us nowhere closer to the truth of the matter.
7:08 am
that will only come if you get a special prosecutor to to go in and probe this. political enemies being the target would need someone else coming in >> lois lerner went in, got it behind her, and what i heard isa say was we are done with her. this may have been a good for day lois learn. the united states and russia set to hold talks in paris but is part of the sovereign country of ukraine already in the russian column for good? secretary of state john kerry is meeting with his russian counter part to resolve the crisis through diplomats. nato is holding meetings on the
7:09 am
ukraine crisis in brussels. and the new prime minister is vowing crimea will remain in ukraine. russia is working on law to con fiskate any assets should the united states put sanctions in place. what are the people waiting for as far as help? >> people are thankful for the support but they feel they need more robust. not military intervention but something more aggressive, possibly a war ship in the black sea or humainitarian supplies flown in on a military aircraft. they need to clean out the
7:10 am
corruption and sort out the economy and don't need this invasion. we talked to a rising star in ukraine politics >> we thank the united states for help and assistance. this is no longer just a ukraine issue. this crimea crisis challenges the world's economic recovery. putin jeopardized the stock market and showed that all active security is a threat. >> sergey lavrov's russian's foreign minister said these are local defense forces, not our troops, but there are rings of them around a core of russian troops at the places in crimea and that is how the scene is playing out.
7:11 am
>> thanks very much, amy. more on the standoff including this question: is vladimer putin making president obama look small on the world stage? some are saying yes >> putin has the upper hand from a-z but he is enjoying himself. putin is the big bad russian wolf and obama is a bunny rabidi rabbit. >> what this could mean to america's standing as a super power? >> and the dramatic rescue of the children trapped inside this minivan. >> $10 million of buried treasure and the theory on where the gold may have come from. wait until you hear this.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
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who? seriously, you met her like three times. who? geico. >> the defense secretary, chuck hagel, is weighing in on the crisis now. they are talking about the budget crisis and cutting the forces. >> this is a time for wise, steady and firm leadership and a time to stand with the people of ukraine and support their sovereignty. that is what the president is doing as we pursue diplomatic and sanction options.
7:16 am
>> people are upset about the cuts to the defense cuts and chuck hagel is talking about that this morning. moscow showing little signs of backing down as the russians take control of crimea. john mccain is saying the president is delusional if he thinks vladimer putin will back off. >> it is time we woke up about vladimer putin. it is time this administration got real. we are on the verge of being a move to reassert the old russian empire which is putin's life-long ambition. >> steve h-- ralph peters is
7:17 am
here. >> putin knows he can not take back hungry and the czech republ republic. he is not a communist. he want to re-create the empire of the czars. john mccain has the general thrust right. putin is a leader with a clear vision and ruthless in pursuing that vision. i unfairly compared obama to a bunny but that was unfair because they are more agile as jimmy carter learned >> from the administration's point of view they are saying
7:18 am
putin didn't act wise. let's find him way to save face. we can bring in human rights monitors and they can withdraw. how wouldia you cap that? >> a friend of mine summed it up well, this idea why going to negotiate putin out of ukraine, said you cannot hunt a bear with an accordion. it is just astonishing to me, the president and secretary kerry can be so delusional. they are saying everything will be okay if we talk it out. this isn't a group therapy world. putin reminded us that force
7:19 am
works. putin is never giving up ukraine. he might have sought independence for a while. i am sorry, i mean crimea, crimea is going to be part of the russian federation. the question is what about the rest? will he try to take it now or later >> what can we do with leverage? >> the only think we can, which the president won't, is deannounce the start treaty the president gave to putin in which the russian were going to give up junk and we gave up a dual system. be renouncing that, that would
7:20 am
get his attention. russian can't afford to compete with us militarily when we go full out. and offer the baltic states and poland a small permanent united states presence within the nato guidelines, one or two ships in the baltic sea, with anti missiles on the cruise. obama thinks he can talk putin out of putin's lifelong team. >> we was going to talk iraq out of nuclear weapons. we will see how that plays out. and shepherd smith is anchor live from kiev at 3 p.m. only on fox news. >> and could a rise in killer super bugs be blamed on a medicine we have all taken and
7:21 am
given to our kids? new warnings about every day antibiotics you need to here. >> and the high school student suing mom to pay her bills. how the judge has decided round one. >> it does appear that more energy has been utilized to devise ways to tear apart the family versus trying to bring the family back together. the family back together.
7:22 am
7:23 am
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7:25 am
member here. what did they find out? >> we have a problem. now we have an epidemic. we have been talking about this. dr. mark siegel has talked about
7:26 am
this. 23,000 people die of hospital acquired infections mostly due to drug resisant bugs coming from the overuse of anti biotics. we have a nation of pills and run to them once we see pain. this is a culture that has to change because we don't have enough good anti-biotics left. the federal government is taking a hard look at this. this is costing millions of dollars for hospitals and at the federal level, it is also costing lives and treatment. so they are proposing putting $30 million to develop laboratories around the country so doctors have quicker access
7:27 am
to whether a patient has an infection or if an anti-biotic well help. and they are encouraging hospitals to take leadership and cutdown on the hospital acquired infections and they will do something i think comes hard and that is punish hospitals and physician on reimbursement saying your infection rate is far too high. i think this is going to wake up a lot of doctors and rightfully so. >> so there is there figure out how to help people who are infected with the strains. and then there is there other side: you go to the doctor your child has an ear infection, should we be saying no, thank you. >> there is a consumer pressure on physicians that way want the
7:28 am
resolution to the problem right away. a lot of doctors say leave it alone and do this or that and parents say this is too tedious. give me the anti-biotics. if the patient is pushing for them and the doctor is telling you this isn't going to be helped by them, don't take them, you should listen and follow through. but it is that conflict of the patient sats. >> should you say no when you go to the anti-biotics? >> i think if a doctor has the right tools and prescribes them, by all means. but i am saying if the conver
7:29 am
scissi conversation is maybe you can use it, but there are other options, go the natural way. >> craig? >> dramatic rescue as a pregnant mother drives a minivan into the a lake with three children insi inside. details on why she did it next
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> we are just getting reports that a crowd waving russian flags has taken control over a
7:33 am
government building in the ukraine. earlier we showed you video tape of pro-ukraine supporters waving their flags 40 miles south of kiev. peace talks are being held in paris, or talks being held, between the united states, russia, great britain, france and germany. we will continue to keep you posted. and if you were with us earlier, you saw fireworks on capital hill after a top former irs official, lois lerner, whose face is very familiar, took the fifth and refused to testify about the scandal of target groups. she took the fifth over and over
7:34 am
again. >> what exactly wanted to fix the problem caused by citizen united mean? >> at the request my attorney i have not waved my constitutional rights under the fifth amendment and i will decline to answer any question on the subject of this hearing. >> so you will not tell us who wanted to fix the problem? >> i exercise my fifth amendment right and decline to answer that. >> tim jordan is here. he is on the oversight and reform committee. welcome, congressman. were you surprised? did you think anything else might happen this morning or that your questions might be
7:35 am
answered? >> marta, we did. just a couple days ago, it looks like she was going to testify and give answers to the american people so we were a little surprised. there was some talk on this throughout the last week, though. just a couple days ago, we thought she would testify. her attorney talked about a possible immunity deal. she doesn't need immunity. the president said there is no corruption, and the fbi leaked to the wall street journal and no one is referred and the person heading the justice department give $6,000 to the president's campaign. so in light of all that, she will not testify. she has the best immunity deal she can have and but still won't answer. and there is something there, i
7:36 am
believe, that she doesn't want public. that is why we have to top continue the investigation. >> if she didn't have things she wanted to share, she would share what happened. and i would think she would be able to talk about the program, how they did it, why they wanted to look at the groups because they were too active or might be breaking the law or couldn't receive the tax exempt status. why wouldn't you discuss that unless it goes back to a political agenda? >> right. before she pled the fifth before, she said i have done nothing wrong, broken no laws,
7:37 am
or given false information. and then we learned about the joke of the investigation in the dust justice department. the president said there is no corruption so put your story out there with your spin on it. and she will not do that. and that is why we need a special prosecutor and continue the investigation. >> that is the next question: are you going to get it? isa suggested we are at the bottom of this and i don't see there is any more testimony or chance that testimony in this forum for lois lerner. >> we have to keep pressing. this is going to the heart of who you are. people are talking people from
7:38 am
their first amendment right and you have to get to the bottom of this. we will explore all of the angels and we if we missed something. >> it is unlikely you will get a special prosecutor in the case or she's going to be able to be subpoenaed in any other way, especially when the president and everybody else thinks it is over. cummings said we spent millions. and the president said there is no there there. >> why didn't lois lerner who knows the president has her back and knows she is not going to jail, if there is nothing there, why didn't she answer? >> what about the tea party
7:39 am
groups? we spoke to them and they say this process has been used against them. the rules in place for these organization are in some ways more strict than what they had before. >> you are exactly right. to add insult to injury, the proposed rule codifies the behavior lois lerner was displaying. comments have been submitted saying this plan stink and the tea party and aclu both said during a hearing this rule is no good. so to add insult to injury that is where this is headed. >> and once it is codified like that, whatever side you are on, you should be concerned about this. thank you, representative jordan. >> it maybe the worse commute
7:40 am
home. hundreds of people forced to sleep in their cars. we will tell you what happened >> a teenager's case against her mom and dad got the first response from the judge >> they start to expert their only parental judgment and rules she is not accepting >> we have good parent and have nothing to hide. nothing to hide. ones. [ male annncer ] with nearly 7 million investors... oh hey, neill, how are you? [ male announcer'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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tough times for drivers there at eastern arkansas where people were forced to sleep on their car after a blast of storms turned the roads into the skating rinks. they had to equal -- call -- in the national guard and bring gas
7:44 am
out there to people. spring, we are ready. >> a judge ruled against a teenager who is fighting her family suing mom and dad for living expenses after she left their home. the judge treading lightly to avoid setting a president. >> i am going to condone or open the gate to a 12-year-old that sued for an x-box or 13-year-old to sue for an i-phone. >> dan shore is a former prosecutor and richard roth is a defense attorney. richard, we were saying where do you draw the line? the x-box? car? >> i think the judge hit the nail on the head by saying,
7:45 am
listen, number one is who left home. the overriding theme is do the parents have a spear of influence and if they do you are not emancipated. this girl who is being guided guy a neighbor and lawyer to sue her parents saying they have to pay for an education. >> i assumed it was 18 was emancipation? >> right. in new jersey, there is a spear of influence the parents have on the kids and whether the child left their home on their own. >> she left because she didn't like the rules. but a judge shouldn't be making the decisions that parents make.
7:46 am
and by the way, aren't these gift? there is no obligation that a parent pay for a private education much less college. >> you are right. these are gifts. and the parents have to air the dirtly laundry. all of the fighting and the voice mails and suspension. none of that should be above the court. >> imagine being the parents. they have to be mortified. >> and there is a lot of hurtful allegations here. there is a lot of history and bad feelings so it is going to be difficult to mediate this.
7:47 am
the judge read an earlier letter she wrote to the parents and he is trying to get them to come back together. >> i am sorry for my actions. they have consequences and i am trying to turn over a new leaf. it is almost like a confession she is to blame. >> and the judge can only do this best. >> how is this going to turn out? >> the child isn't going to get the ruling >> she left home on her home so the child support would be suspect? >> the parents are saying they will support, not being ordered, but they will support her if she comes back. >> they are continuing to pay for her health care and other things. kind of a sad case. >> it really is
7:48 am
let's go over to jon scott and see what is on "happening now." >> hearing into the why the irs was investigating groups but there was a blowup and we have a report and the analysis of it. and the explosive situation ukraine. also, more dramatic testimony in the oscar pistorius trial in south africa. we will update you on "happening now." thank you, jon. looking forward to that at the top of the hour. we are trying to figure out what would in this story: a woman drove her car into the ocean with three young children in the suv. the rescuers rushed in to save them. this dramatic story straight
7:49 am
ahead. a
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
we are moments away from what is expected to be a key meeting between the russia and ukraine standoff as the crisis is escalated with no end in sight. the big meeting is at the top of the hour. they had a shorter side meeting minutes ago, which happens at these get togethers, and the secretary of state urged sergey lavrov to sit down and speak with the ukraine and talk in direct talks.
7:53 am
we will let you know about developments. terrifying scene in daytona beach florida. a woman drove a van into the ocean and a witness said a child was screaming their mom is trying to kill them. this is an unsetting tale. what do we know? -- upsetting -- >> people at the beach were shocked when this minivan turned into a surf and started submerging with three children inside one yelling help she is trying to kill us. two children, age 9 and 10, were pulled to safety. and the second recuers pulls a 3-year-old girl strapped into a
7:54 am
car seat and he is pulled to safety from a second lifeguard. the mother escaped from the window. a timely and amazing rescue just before dusk. >> do we have any idea why this happened, steve? >> right now the police say the mother, who was behind the wheel and escaped out the window, isn't cooperating. she is being evaluated. the three kids spent the night in the hospital but they are shaken up and maybe placed with grandparents. this video was captured by a canadian tourist who said the incident was terrifying. >> she needs help and those children will never forget those moments in that car. >> we are following rapid
7:55 am
developments in the wake of former irs official lois lerner taking the fifth again several times this morning as house lawmakers dig into the scandal. what is next? and the fireworks in the hearing room next.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> there is a massive fire at an apartment building in detroit forcing people to jump from the windows to escape. you can see the flames blowing through the roof. no word yet on the cause of the flames. >> a huge asteroid about the size of a house is right now heading for a close hit with planet earth. heading our way pas pass between earth and the moon. at least that is what nasa expects. only a one in 10 million chance
7:59 am
of a collision. the closest it will come is 217 miles away. sounds like a long, long way away. >> this is a great story. a girl is desperate to get a kidney transplant now one step closer to her goal because her dad went door to door, send out flyers and went to social media sending text messages to everybody he knew to find a donor. >> i went mass texting everybody in my phone. >> i got a text the day before christmas eve. it was saving a life, not everyday you get a chance to save a life. >> if all goes well the surgery can be performed sometime in early april. jon: how great is that. good for him.
8:00 am
>> thank you for being here today. bill will be back tomorrow. i will see you later tomorrow afternoon and tonight. a busy day. see you later. "happening now" starts right now. goodbye, everybody. jenna: breaking news on today's top headlines and news stories you will see here first. jon: an update on a deadly gas explosion in new jersey. breaking details on the blast claims a woman's life and damaged or destroyed dozens of homes. also the latest in the trial of the woman accused of murdering her ex-husband with a car bomb. we expect a cross-examination of the victim's daughter. and a dramatic hit-and-run caught on camera, who police are still looking for and the latest on the's condition. all "happening now." fireworks on capitol hill after woma


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