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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  March 4, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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ukraine this morning. john kerry is on his way to the region to put pressure on putin to stand down. >> will diplomacy be enough? we have the latest from washington. >> the secretary of state john kerry is in the air on his way to kiev where he will meet the members of ukraine's government and let them know the united states has got their back. experts are predicting kerry's visit is only going to encourage russian president put tin to show off his military strength. >> kerry is going to kiev. don't be surprised if put tin uses that as an opportunity to do something like air strikes on the ukrainian air base. it's about to get worse not better. there are no red lines for this administration. he draws with a pink crayon. >> ukraine's military has
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180,000 men a fraction of russia's million man force. ukraine has 200 combat air force that's one seventh of russia's 1400. they would have a hard time in a head to head battle. now they are threatening diplomatic trouble for russia if they continue their aggression. >> this would be a problem for russia. the strong condemnation from countries around the world indicates russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> russians are trying to turn the tables on president obama. a kremlin aid is quoted as saying if their invasion results in economic sanctions moscow will stop paying off loans to u.s. banks and might even drop the u.s. dollar as their reserve currency. >> thank you peter doocy live
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this morning. that brings us to our look who is talking. it is former alaskan president and fox news contributor sarah palin. she predicted all of this back in 2008 and she was ridiculed for it. >> after the russian army invaded georgia senator obama it was indy session the kind of response that would encourage precious put tin to ingrade ukraine next. >> she went on "hannity" to explain putin has no plans to stop. >> any one who carries the common sense gene would know that putin doesn't change hz stripes. he hark ens back to the era of the czars and he wants that russian empire to grow again. he wants to exert huge power and dominance. obama's the perception of him and his potency across the world is one of such weakness.
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look, people are looking at put tin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil. they look at our president as one who wears mom jeans and equivocat equivocates. >> while our president and secretary of state are hoping to talk it output tin is busy making moves. >> if put tin has to make a calculation of whether to go into the ukraine it is sort of on the fringes of the west, ukraine is a crossroads a huge country. to go into ukraine and take over and invade is a huge step. he would only have done it if the president was showing from the beginning he is living in a fantasy world as secretary of state said today or yesterday. after all this is a 19th century action in a 21st century world. as if what he means is actions
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where government pursued expansion territory and domination no longer exists in this century as if it hasn't been a constant in all of u.s. history since hannibal. they image the world in a new connected world where climate change is the biggest threat and they are shocked at the russians actually are interested in territory. in other news day two of the oscar pistorius trial is underway. this is a live look at south africa for you. pistorius has pleaded not guilty to the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. there was bombshell testimony from pistorius next-door neighbor yesterday who said she heard blood curling screams and gun shots. pistorius killed steenkamp last valentine's day at his home. he claims she was an intruder.
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he faces 25 years if convicted. the trial could last weeks with 100 witnesses set to testify. a man who shot two dozen cars along a michigan highway will spend 40 years in prison. he was convicted of terrorism for the october 2012 shootings. no one was hurt but the manhunt paralyzed communities for days even forcing schools to keep children inside at recess. he was suffering from severe anxiety and delusions. >> the first senate debate starts today on the controversial nominee to be the head of the civil rights division in the justice department. he is facing harsh criticism for defending a cop killer five years ago. the widow says she is trying to speak to the senate about this nomination but to no avail. >> over the past pontiff urged the senate to allow me to be
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able to speak since this is personal. this man went and not only defended this man that murdered my husband but champ kwloned him. >> the senate could vote tomorrow on the confirmation. maureen falkner will join us on "fox & friends" later this morning. >> would you send your child to a school that didn't perform well or would you choose a better school for your child if that were an option? bill deblasio wants to take away that option now. parents are taking their fight to albany to appeal to state leaders. we have a look at the emotional topic. >> it is emotional. better schools lead to better futures for their children. maria rodriguez had three children attending the harlem success academy. she says the decision to shut down charter schools is an
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assault on their future. >> when i was kids were growing up he p wanted the best school for her kids. come to the schools visit us, see what we do. >> what the students do is out perform other schools. harlem success ranks in the top 9 percent of all public schools statewide with 100 percent of the students earning advanced ratings in science and math. the school principal finds the decision to shut them down baffling. >> especially for the agenda he advocates for low income family and black children. we are one of the best middle schools in the state. how can you shut us down? >> i feel lie education is jeopardized. i don't like it. it is unfair to us. we do the best in the state. so i don't know why he is trying to take our education away if we are doing well. it breaks my heart he is trying
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to stop us from learning just because we are doing better than other schools. >> as you can see some very bright students there. if deblasio should prevail they may plan on leaving the city. ainsley? >> we have to follow the story. thanks so much. >> what does she have to hide? lois lerner now saying had yis client will testify but only behind closed doors. the offer coming in a newly released e-mail monday. the oversight committee released that learner was in charge of the irs unit that delayed tax exempt applications for tea party groups in 2010. she previously avoided testifying pleading the 5th. she is expected to testify tomorrow. about 400 college students are rested after chaining and tieing themselves to fences at the white house. they were protesting the proposed keystone pipeline project a 1700 mile crude oil
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pipeline from canada to the gulf coast. the project would be bad for the environment. in january the u.s. state department released a report saying it would have little environmental impact. >> it is moving on a busy highway between houston and dallas, texas after a highway was turned into a ice skating rink. causing gridlock on the 30 mile stretch of the highway for about 16 hours. >> people stuck in their cars for 14 hours. we had people sleep in the parking lot in their cars because there was no place to go. there were no hotel rooms left. >> traffic began moving late last night. law enforcement urging caution and to watch out for the black ice. >> the weather continues to be a big story across the country. the snow may be gone but freezing temperatures they are
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not. >> another blast of arctic air celting across half of occur ur country. >> the temperatures seeing well below average across the midwest the plains ants into the northeast. that has been a trend for the last several months. the cold arctic blast settling in. the current windchill temperatures as you head out the door this morning staying below zero in the teens in cities like memphis and single digits in chicago and also kansas city. high temperatures not a whole lot better in the 20's minneapolis, chicago, cleveland. in new york city this time of the year you are supposed to be looking at highs in the mid 40's. your high today just 31 degrees. again it will be another cold one. it is so cold across parts of louisiana and texas we have winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings due to
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freezing rain that could come down early this morning. it will be a tough tuesday morning commute for many of you. please be careful out there. slippery driving conditions and heather and ainsley, out west we have flooding concerns in the pacific northwest and avalanche warnings in effect due to a lot of rain moving in and unsettled conditions. >> ufrp talking about texas i say one day it was in the 80s the next day in the teens. >> yesterday 1 degree in dallas. big sports to talk about. lebron james playing the game of his career scoring a heat record and career high 61 points in a win over the charlotte bob katz. it was the 8th straight win for the heat in a game that was anything but ordinary. james set several heat records along the way 124 to 107 victory. great night for him. >> it is 11 anyone's after the
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top of the hour. buried alive. a worker trapped when the trenches working in literally collapses on top of him. that rescue took hours. sportscar swallowed by a sink hole? they could be getting a new lease on life. what is next for the wrecked corvettes?
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". remains found on a trail in delaware are that of professor. john dall ams was last seen leaving his home in september of 2012. he suffered from dementia. no word yet on the cause of death. a woman rescued after her montana home was destroyed by an avalanche has died.
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the 68-year-old spent three hours in the home before first responders and neighbors could dig her out. her husband frank is still hospitalized. investigators say the avalanche was triggered by a snowboarder. no charges have been filed. a traumatic rescue after a, woulder there is trapped in the trenches. ment emergency crews are pulling a utility worker out of the ground after he was buried at the bottom of a 12-foot hole for hours. he is 21 years old. he and a worker were working on the line when it collapse ammed. others escaped and they began digging him out. >> i have never seen anything like that. he is a very religious guy, and he was shouting prayers. the man is in serious condition in the hospital.
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>> tension between russia and the ukraine tanks the stock market. >> good morning. it was ugly on rising tensions. the dow down more than 150 and the s&p down about 14 points. worse declines in a month. here's the good news. today stocks are can looking to recover after russia scaled back the troops exercises. toys are -- toys r' us withad layoffs. we have to tell you about disney and dish. dish is going to offer live broadcasts from disney and its abc and espn network streaming over the internet. in exchange they will disable for three-days the auto hop the broadcast network feeds auto hop
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because they could shoot past commercials with a press of the button. that deal coming soon. apple wants to control your car. it is teaming up with major car companies to make iphone applications easy for them to use while they are on the road. it works like this. >> at your command you can send messages. >> message to emily. >> access maps in the same environment of your blue tooth. >> it is called car play ferrari, mercedes benz debuting it. we have this to will tell you about a talker squacare for lower swift. >> the 24-year-old got a restraining order against a man who believes he is actually married to the sivenger. he once said he would murder any
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one who stood in between them. swift says it all started back in january of 2011. the judge ordered timothy sweet to stay 100 yards away from swift and also stay away from her family. >> scarlet johansson is going to be a mother. the actress expecting her first child with her fiancee french journal list roman bariak. she is five months pregnant. she was previously married to ryan reynolds. they divorced four years ago. 19 after the top of the hour. coming up it's the same agency that over saw the fabotched fas and furious program. now the atf is in trouble again this time using video games and booze to lure kids into an unter cover operation. >> talk about a wipe out a wave that was so big it knocked down everything in its path. ptain ob.
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>> a collector corvette is rescued in kentucky. >> you can hear their excitement. workers at the national corvette museum elated when they were able to crank up one of the corvettes they rescued from the 60 foot sink hole. it was one of 8 prize muscle cars swallowed up last month. they have pulled two-cars out already. they expect to hoist out a third later today. it could take three weeks to recover all of the corvettes then they will be sent back to be restored to their original condition. another cheating scandal for the air force this time at the air force academy. officials are investigating
2:24 am
whether 40 freshmen cheated during a class. they copied portions of a lab report from other students. it is forbidden by the school's honor code. cadets who break the code could be expelled. >> the same government agency behind the botched fast and furious operation in trouble again this morning. >> this time alcohol tobacco and firearms is in trouble for tack cal mistakes designed to get guns off the streets in america. william lajeunesse has more. >> they getting crime guns off the street. some stores opened across from schools and churches against policy. agents attracted juveniles with free video games and alcohol. in one case paid two informants one mentally deficient to get tattoos on their neck with a squid smoking a joint to add
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ties for the store. the agency admits the states but defended the operation. >> you see the operation was extremely flawed would be a vast under statement. it was the will top of the operation. >> it enhances the public safety, the under cover agent's safety and is able to get good evidence on audio and vit yo. we keep refining and retooling to enhance getting violent criminals off the street. >> when you get in the gutter with thugs and gang bangers you are going to get dirty. they bust a man offering to be a hit man for exchange for meth and a machine gun. >> in another he buys pipe bombs from a man who giggles as he gets paid with bills. >> nationwide atf arrested some
2:26 am
300 suspects and recovered 1300 weapons in operation fearless. they are investigating the tactics employed by the atf but still remains under scrutiny. >> 26 after the top of the hour. coming up resume checks references checks but forget the criminal background checks. why private companies are banned from finding out if applicants are criminals. >> she was the first african american female secretary of state. that's not good enough. why teachers at rutger's university don't want condi rice to speak at graduations.
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>> it is tuesday march 4th. secretary of state john kerry arrives in ukraine. will vladmir putin listen to him or is he plotting his next move? >> an honor student who doesn't want to follow the rules. the 17-year-old is suing her own parents for college tuition. you will hear both sides of the fachly drama. >> he delivered pizza to the most famous actor in the world. now we have the answer to the question everyone is asking, did he get a tip? fox and friends first starts
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right now. ♪>> good morning to you. that is outside new york city this morning. it is march 4th. two-days away from ash wednesday. hard to believe spring is around the corner. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. half past the top of the hour we begin with a show down in the ukraine. at this hour secretary of state john kerry on his way to that region to put pressure on putin to stand down. >> will diplomacy be enough? doug luzader in live with more. >> another good morning. mixed signals for russia as the dangerous standoff continues. as u.s. secretary of state john
2:32 am
kerry prepares to head to the region after overseeing pro have beening tive military exercises. they have ordered the russian forces to return to the bases. the war ships were threatened to a deadline to sur renterendesur. that came without incident. they remained in control. some firing shots at ukrainian soldiers. more provocations may follow. >> kerry is going to kiev. >> kerry is going to kiev. don't be surprised if put tin doesn't use it to make air strikes on the airport. there are no red lines to the administration. he draws with a pink crayon. >> here's the concern if it comes to that. ukraine's military has out down 200,000 military soldiers compared to a million russians.
2:33 am
russia can swamp ukraine with tanks and aircraft. they hope boebl outrage will convince the russians to back down. >> i think the strong condemnation it has received around the world indicates russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> he is talking about stiff economic angstsanctions. russia has promised to retaliate if we follow through on sanctions. >> heather and answer lee. >> thank you, doug. >> former defense secretary donald rumsfeld is talking. he blames america's lack of leadership for inability around the globe. >> yesterday it was syria today it is the ukraine tomorrow it coul republican of georgia, skd be central asia,
2:34 am
iran, north korea. at this stage the near term options are few. it seems to me the problem is bigger and critically important. that is america's weakness. the u.s. is in a way that tells the world we are in decline and we are in withdraw. we have created a leadership doctrine of the world with people out our values or our interests to the detriment of the united states and friends and allies around the world. it is the united states that dejected that instability into the world equation. >> senator lindsay graham also appearing on the record. it is clear vladmir putin does not take him seriously. >> come to the conclusion after benghazi, after syria, after egypt, after everything that
2:35 am
obama has been engaged in he's a weak and decisive leader. i think put tin believes he is going to grab the creme yaw and push back. he sees president obama as a weak character. you don't talk to put tin for an hour and a half on the phone. he has about a 5 minute cover ration. mr. president what you are doing is wrong it's ill lee you are breaking the agreement between russia and the ukraine you are outside of international law we will take divisive action immediately. you don't stay on the phone with him for an hour and a half. i believe put tin believes obama is all talk and no action. >> tough decision that's what president obama says benjamin netanyahu to have about make as they move forward with the peace talks. netanyahu is in washington where the two leaders are working toward a peace agreement. he stressed the need for
2:36 am
compromise in that situation. the expected to meet with the palestinian leader later this month. a shootout with a wanted man. it happened when a suspect took off in a car crashed it and ran off while firing at officers. that suspect was shot and killed by police. the newered officer is in intensive care. both the name and the name of the fallen officer has not been released. the trial is under delay as pistorius pleaded not guilty to the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. bombshell testimony from a neighbor who said she haurd blood curdling screams and then gun shots. he killed her last valentine's day at his home. he thought she haved an intru intruder. the trial is expected to last
2:37 am
weeks with over 100 witnesses set to testify. new rule gives congress an escape option on obamacare. under federal law lawmakers and staff are required to give insurance through obamacare. if they choose to retire they can reclaim their original federal insurance plans. >> a new glitch in obamacare. let illegals sign up for coverage. state officials are working to fix the problem. a close call for photographers in hawaii. >> a boat load of officefoefrs o close to one of the waves. a massive wave gobbled up their boat sending the 8 people on board into the aping gree surf. people on jet skis road out to
2:38 am
rescue the capsized crew. remarkably the boat itself didn't sink. >> get ready to leave for work this morning. grab the star of and the gloves. you need to bundle up. >> another blast of arctic air settling in across half of the country. good morning, maria. >> good morning. anywhere east of the rockies you are below what is typical for this time of year. yes it is still technically winter but it is a little colder than what we should be in time -- this time of year. look at the temperatures. single digits across cities like minneapolis, marquette and also in buffalo and into north carolina temperatures in the teens. pa factor in a little bit of a breeze it feels like 8 degrees in raleigh.
2:39 am
8 below in minneapolis and far go. as we head south in indiana and southwestern mississippi we have winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings in effect because we see freezing rain and ice accumulations a quarter of an inch. in the pacific northwest heavy rain and melting snow. we have flood advisories in effect. back to you. >> thank you very much maria molina. >> oo rutgers university saying no thanks to condoleezza rice. they passed a resolution asking the school to rescind her invitation criticizing her decisions during the iraq war and saying the former secretary of state hasn't done anything extraordinary. rice's selection was unanimously
2:40 am
approved the board of directors and withere are no plans to canl her appearance. >> champagne glasses and one sees ready for hillary are ready to sell their merchandise to the masses. they have t-shirts to iphone cases they are priced at 20.16. >> toronto's crack spoking mayor makes an appearance on jimmy kimmel live. >> he had fun with him. >> this is our mayor, this is art meeting some supporters, picnic of some kind. there is you.
2:41 am
there he is holding someone's baby. there is rob ford. the >> wearing the black suit and red tie. >> he saved the taxpayers more than $1 billion. >> 20 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up it is a basic part of a job application. private companies may be banned from doing criminal background checks and wait until you hear why. >> plus a woman discovers an american flag torn, tattered and tossed aside like a piece of trash. what she did next will make you proud to be an american. so i get invited to quite a few family gatherings. heck, i saved judith here a fortune
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>> the suspect behind the biggest gold hike in florida's history is waking up behind bars after nearly a year on the run. authorities found the guy. his name is ray valdez they found him hiding in it the bush and trying to sneak over the border from belize to guatemala. he stole gold from a courier. that gold was never recovered. he will be sent back it face charges. >> the cost of the october government shut down. remember that? it is proving how valuable our nation's parks are to the economy. newly released numbers show there were 8 million fewer visitors during that 16 day shut down costing estimated $414 million. five states lost more than $20 million each. congress is looking to pass a bill to reimburse them. and america is back on top. bill gates once again the richest man in the world. gates topped the 2014 forbes
2:46 am
billionaire list with a net worth of 76 billion. he topped mexican telecommunications giant carlos slim who held the title for four years. overall the u.s. has the most billionaires with 492 including 8 of the top ten. china came in second with 152 and more women made the list this year with 172 or 10 percent of the list. >> makes me proud. >> another city banning the box on education leading them to hire criminals. >> good morning to you ainsley. if you have a criminal record and you are looking for gainful employment, the ordinance comes in august. employers in san francisco will be forbidden to ask perspective workers about much of their criminal history among the off limit topics and arrests that didn't lead to conviction
2:47 am
juvenile convictions or convictions more than 7 years old. it's only after the first interview or initial job offer they can follow up on some of the questions. employers who don't abide face an initial warning and are fined for each infraction up to $100 each time. more than 50 u.s. cities and counties passed laws protecting workers with criminal history cluck philadelphia, s -- includ philadelphia and buffalo. hawaii, massachusetts, minnesota and rhode island. >> good to see you. >> likewise. >> the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. >> almost. almost. >> a teen honor student suing her own parents. this heads to court today. >> a crush of people signing up for a christian alternative to
2:48 am
obamacare. >> what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning to you ladies. coming up on fox and friends former mayor rudy giuliani will join us live on the curvey couch. cheryl casone has the fooi companies hiring right now. get out a pen and write them down. we continue on sleep week. we have the best food and home remedies to help you fall asleep at night. >> kirk bush has a big announcement all ahead on this tuesday edition of "fox & friends". :
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it is about ten minutes till the top of the hour. a new jersey honor roll
2:52 am
student suing her own parents. 18-year-old rachel canning claims her parents threw her out and cut her off financially. fees, collegeor private tuition and money to live. but her parents say she chose to move out because she didn't want to follow their rules which included curfew. they told "the new york post" this, this whole thing is destroying our family. we love our daughter. the door is wide open. we want her to come home. the family goes to court today. meantime an arizona woman takes action to save a huge american flag. mary beth mcmichael found the tattered flag shoved inside a box in a warehouse. she decided to call her local congresswoman's office. the staff started investigating and found the flag was originally used on the field during football games at arizona state. >> no matter how conservative or liberal we may be, you know, we have some common values.
2:53 am
the flag is something we can all unite around. >> no word yet on the future of that flag but the congressional staff says it is now being given the respect that it deserves. ainsley? >> thanks heather. a quiet neighborhood in portland captivated by bald eagles stuck in that tree apparently fighting over territory when they became stuck in those branches. their talons, sharp claws, became tangled. just as rescue crews showed up they untangled themselves and flew over with one chasing after the other. the fight apparently not over. >> health care through fellowship. a christian alternative to obamacare, it is growing fast. it is actually outpacing obamacare enrollment in 24 states. >> garre it t explains how it works. >> members of health care savings ministry, has a card and pay premiums and
2:54 am
deductibles but say it is often cheaper than provides. ilene joined the medishare in threfrpb -- 2011. when one of her boys got his teeth knocked out, she got him fixed and paid the deductible. the rest was paid by fellow believers. >> it works like insurance as far as i'm concerned but it is a christian option and cheaper than anybody i know on a normal insurance plan. >> members agree to live a biblical lifestyle meaning regular church attendance, no drugs, tobacco or sex outside of marriage and limited health care consumption. since the launch of, membership has grown at a record pace. there are more than 240,000 members covering all 50 states. critics of the ministry say people need to know they're not getting the same level of protection as with traditional insurance. preexisting conditions aren't covered along with
2:55 am
medical costs members can plan for like annual checkups. because the groups aren't technically health care providers they are not legally required to pay any of the medical bills that are submitted, a point the ministries are very open about. >> if you feel confident you're not going to need health care and you're not going to have a major problem, then maybe this would be all right. but i want insurance that truly insures, and this does not really guarantee that. >> medi-share says those concerns are overexaggerated and in 21 years of sharing the medical bills they have only had a handful of complaints about coverage. >> thank you. the time is five minutes till the top of the hour. coming up, an 81-year-old woman who leaves bread out for crow facing jail time. why police say she is a menace to her neighborhood. >> a very special delivery for the pizza delivery guy at the oscars. that's next. captain obvious: i'm in a hotel.
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and a hotel is the perfect place to talk to you about hotels. all-you-can-eat is a hotel policy that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water. and the best dot com for booking hotels, is it's on the internet, but you probably knew that. or maybe not, i don't really know you. bellman: welcome back, captain obvious. captain obvious: yes i am. all those words are spelled correctly.
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two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening. secretary of state kerry on his way to the ukraine is to put pressure on putin. president obama unveils his 2015 plan today. the focus will be on antipoverty programs and retirement security. more classic corvettes expected to be pulled from the sink hole in kentucky today. the recovery operation underway at the national corvette museum. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. remember that pizza guy who delivered dinner at the as cars? got quite the tip for that delivery. $1,000. and the bad, a man in nevada arrested for trying to steal a plane from an airport driving it drunk. he says he was trying to complete his pilots license. finally, the ugly. an elderly woman in florida is back in jail for feeding wild animals. she was arrested before for feeding bears. police now say the 81-year-old left bread out for crows.
3:00 am
>> follow us on twitter because we are about to tweet our own oscar selfie here on the set. >> you have to see it. >> thanks for joining us. have a great day. >> bye. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. it is tuesday march 4, 2014. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. in an hour secretary of state kerry will arrive in ukraine. he will take a tough stance on the russian invasion perhaps? or can we expect more of this? >> folks, sarah palin said she could see russia from alaska. mitt, mitt romney talks like he's only seen russia by watching "rocky 4." all the latest on what's happened overnight coming right to you in minutes. >> he's funny. meanwhile will she or won't she? lois lerner and her attorney can't seem to get the story straight. this morning new details and an e-mail chain y


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