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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 2, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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have a ganatd we'll see you next fox news sunday. we begin tonight with a fox urgent secretary of state john kerry will travel to ukraine this week. as the u.s. looks to try and pressure russia to end its military incursion. i'm jamie colby in for harris faulkner tonight. the state department releasing a statement a short time ago saying the secretary will reaffirm the united states's strong support for ukrainian sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and the right of ukrainians to determine their own future. the world remains on edge, though, this hour as russia defies repeated calls from president obama, the united nations, nato, and all the other world powers that are asking for
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ukraine's sovereignty to be respected. but president vladimir putin vows to defend what he's calling russian interests inside ukraine and yesterday he got formal approval from his own government for military action. so tonight, there's an intense standoff unfolding as ukrainian troops are trapped. there are pro-russian forces surrounding bases in three ukrainian cities, all in the contested crimea region. armed, unidentified troops that are likely to be russian soldiers are standing just feet away from ukrainian troops, demanding they surrender. and ukraine's prime minister is accusing russia of declaring war. he's called up all available reservists. things are clearly heating up. secretary of state john kerry is also calling russia's provocation an invasion. listen. >> it's an incredible act of aggression. it is really a stunning willful
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choice by president putin to invade another country. russia is in violation of the sovereignty of ukraine. russia is in violation of its international obligations. >> and we're fortunate tonight to have with us from inside the crimea region jessica gal ahr. it's shortly after 2:00 a.m. there. what's the latest? >> the very latest is hundreds of russian speaker troops have rolled in here, in crimea. they have taken over key military bases. one is an infantry base just east of where i'm staying right here. and basically, the ukrainian soldiers say armored tanks rolled up. also, we the 13 troop vehicles and 4 armored vehicles mounted with machine guns. ukrainian soldiers say they were basically told to join the russian speaker officers or they
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would be held hostage. of ukraine's navy has basically surundered. he's now going to be charged with treason. ukraine's coast guard, the ships in several ports around the crimean peninsula have left their posts. they're now out in the black sea. ukraine maintains that they're still loyal to kiev, but there's still some doubt about that. just a lot of tension, as you mentioned, here. lots of troops on the ground. we're seeing tanks. we're seeing armored vehicles, as i mentioned earlier. the problem is that we cannot confirm whether they are actual troops from the kremlin. none of these soldiers have any sort of insignia on them. they're all wearing the same outfits, fatigues, same guns. very tense situation here, and a lot of people are expecting many more troops to arrive in the near future. as for russia's part, we can see on russian television that they're gearing up to send more troops here. and it's a very, very tense situation. >> you know, it's pretty
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interesting when you can't tell who is fighting for who, if they're not in marked uniforms. and there are these protesters, some pro-russian, some not. how can they tell who's on what side, and do you expect any more violence? >> that's the million dollar question. i mean, it seems a little suspicious that you would have hundreds, if not thousands of men wearing the same exact uniform and no insignia. i doubt very much that these men, these soldiers, came into crimea to an army store and asked for matching outfits. it's a little odd. we do expect more demonstrations here, in cry mia, it's mostly russian speaking, about 60%. they have held candlelight vi l vigils supporting russia, thanking russia because they're russian speaking and they say they're afraid for their lives because of the new government in kiev. they feel like their culture won't be respected. people are very nervous.
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also, we have the issue of a lot of pro-russia demonstrations going on in the east of russia -- excuse me, in the east of ukraine, which is also very eastern leaning toward moscow. these people say they're also afraid for their lives. they're afraid because they are leaning towards moscow, and also something that was quite a surprise to a lot of people is that we're seeing thousands and thousands of people in the center of moscow right down the street from the kremlin basically cleheering on crimea, and saying they're glad russia is here to protect them. it's a very tense situation. also, there are anti-russia demonstration going on in ukraine as well. also something important to mention, i think, is a lot of people in the eastern regions of russia, according at least to russia's foreign ministry, they're seeking to move to russia because they don't feel safe in ukraine. >> you have done a great job reporting for us. we know it's the middle of the night there. thank you so much, jessica. we'll be talking to you again.
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now, despite repeated warnings from washington and other world powers, russia's military presence inside ukraine only appears as jessica was describing, to be accelerating. that's raising a lot of discussion today over what the options that our white house and our allies really have in this situation. house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers slamming president obama's response so far, claiming he's been outmatched by putin multiple times, including in previous negotiations on syria and nuclear arms reduction. >> well, i think putin is playing chess, and i think we're playing marbles. i don't think it's even close. if you look at the nuclear negotiations, we got our fannies handed to us. they took tactical nukes out of the equation. huge mistake, especially for our allies. >> for more perspective on this, joining me now is christian white, thank you so much, christian, for being with us tonight. >> great to be here, jamie,
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thanks. >> let me start by asking you this. i get the sense from your comments previously that you believe that this is really a deliberate action of aggression by putin. how long do you think he was planning this? >> probably came together. the military part may have only come together after the pro-moscow prime minister of ukraine fell, was forced from power by protesters, but he's working on undermining ukraine since 2004 when a people power revolution swept yanukovych from power the first time and swept in pro-western reformers. since that time, putin has been using a number of weapons of coercion. especially energy. ukraine is dependent for about 70% of its natural gas from russia. and putin has wielded that very astutely. used it to undermine reformists, getti ian yanukovych back in po. that has failed in this instance and he's resorted to his more
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lethal weapon, the army. >> in the past, he has cut off that supply to ukraine. they're a vulnerable area financially. he knows all of this. what's his end game? >> well, ultimately, you know, like a lot of strong men or dictators, if you will, they need something to justify their power. and whipping up nationalism is a great way to do it. putin has said repeatedly, he thought the break-up of the ussa ha is a terrible thing. he want to re-create that. anyone who is part of the former ussr, putin looks at as a fake country. and so, you know, whipping up nationalism, going in and saying that you're going to protect russians in ukraine. the russians in ukraine were just fine and they would be fine under the new government there. that is, you know, an excuse to go in. and a flimsy one and one europe should say is a flimsy one. finally, some of the verbiage has gotten tougher out of europe
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and the obama administration, but not that tough, and frankly, this administration has no credibility because it's drawn red lines before in places like syria, said we're going to take actions in places like libya, and it hasn't followed through. >> look at the situation, the critics are saying we're not being strong enough, the obama administration is not being strong enough. my question is do you think this is a lack of foreign policy, a lack of a plan for these types of incidents? they take a wait and see approach, or do you think it's a failure in leadership? >> i think it's just a lack of an overall strategy. i mean, ask what the strategy is, the u.s. strategy on russia or the middle east or anywhere else, and anyone would be hard pressed to say. and it's not that hard. we're often presented with this false choice between doing nothing and the softest of diplomacy and going to war. there's a lot we can do. we can start by kicking russia out of the g-8 and the wto. you're supposed to act a certain
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way to be in those international organizations. we should use financial tools against putin. we should charge him with war crimes. he staged a war of aggression. and longer term, we could free central europe from its reliance on russian oil. they're the rudiments of some of the infrastructure for pipelines and gas terminals that would not be dependent on russia. poland's foreign minister said they may buy gas from the united states if we could export keystone and some of the regulatory issues here. but as you indicated, it would require a bit of leadership. >> coming up in the second half of this show, we'll talk about the leadership and what needs to happen on that issue and others. christian, great to speak to you. thank you for your insight. >> thank you. >> i want to tell you about pope francis who is joining the scores of leaders around the world calling for cooler heads to prevail. the pontiff asking the faithful to pray for those caught in the middle of this conflict in ukraine, calling on world leaders to come together and try
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to find a peaceful solution. we'll have to see if that happens. back here at home today new ye questions over whether the woman in the center of the irs targeting scandal will finally reveal what she knows. darrell issa telling fox news sunday this morning, lois lerner's lawyer indicated she has agreed to testify, but nailing down exactly when she would, well, that is the issue. peter has been on that today with the news live from washington, peter. >> jamie, this morning, the chairman of the house oversight committee revealed lois lerner, the former irs official at the center of the allegations about targeting conservative groups has had a change of heart and plans to testify at an open hearing this week. issa cited learner's attorney and said she has not been offered immunity and he doesn't know why she's decided to open herself up to questions after
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pleading the fifth. >> we know a lot of people she coordinated with, what they said, how they acquiesced to it or chafed against the things she was asking them to do. we really want to know the burning question of who else knew about it, who else coordinated, and candidly, i think the american people want to know it won't happen again. >> now her team says she's staying quiet. her attorney, william taylor, responded to congressman issa's announcement with this short e-mail. quote, i do not know why chairman issa said that. as of now, she intends to continue to assert her fifth amendment rights. a spokesman for the oversight committee then clarified with this comment on sunday afternoon. quote, bill taylor, ms. learner's attorney, has confirmed in writing that she is willing to testify and she'sler now requesting a one-week delay for the public hearing. we have informed mr. taylor that ms. lerner may make her request for a delay on wednesday when she appears for the hearing.
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president obama made news last month when he told bill o'reilly he does not believe there was even a smidgen of corruption attached to the irs scandal. >> peter, thank you. right now, a fierce snowstorm, and it's crossing our country. there are more than 100 million americans in its path. federal government offices in washington will be closed tomorrow. that news just crossing. so what can you expect? the latest on that. plus, we heard a lot of folks talk about losing their insurance or having to pay higher insurance costs because of obamacare. now, senate majority leader harry reid says those claims, every single one of them, are untrue. we'll see what our political insiders think about that straight ahead. our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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hanging off that animation.
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you know it's extreme weather. more than 100 million americans wilt be in the path of the next storm system that is carving a trail east after drenching california and dumping snow on other parts of the west. thousands of flights are already canceled or delayed and parts of the midwest and south already in the grip of a huge ice storm. there's still more to tell. that's why we'll talk to janice dean, as if all of that wasn't enough, janice, really, more? >> yeah, a look at the temperature change from this time last night, jamie. a 51-degree difference, that was into the 70s, and now we're into the 20s across dallas, texas. this is some cold front, especially for march, where we're dealing with single digits, minus digits here across rapid city. 34 in memphis, really concerned about the folks across memphis because we're into the throws of major ice storm. windchills dangerously cold
4:18 pm
across many of the states this evening. and there's our setup for our winter storm. heavy snow around the kansas city area. south of that, across memphis, tennessee, we could see accumulating ice on the roads and the power lines. we could have power outages, out for days, if not weeks. a very skiery situation, unfortunately, unfolding across the tennessee river valley, and then the snow. the snow that could dump maybe 8 to 10 inches in and around the d.c. area. look at the ice accumulation. we could see over half an inch of ice in some of the big cities. that is going to be crippling as we head into tomorrow. so people are urged to, of course, listen to your local weather stations and it could mean power outages in your area. the snowy part of the storm, several inches, and look at where we could see upwards of 12 inches of snow. d.c., even, i mean, they could really get hammered. it's a good thing, jamie, they took the day off tomorrow. as for philadelphia, we could reach the second snowiest season
4:19 pm
on record with this next snow event. >> go figure. schools are open in new york city tomorrow. i give up. government buildings closed. >> new york, not too bad, but south of new york, that's where we get the jackpot. >> be careful out there, everyone. j.d., have a good night. >> russian president vladimir putin is now backing down from his decision to move military forces into ukraine. president obama telling putin, there will be consequences, but will the russian leader take our leader seriously? wait until you hear from our political insiders. they'll be weighing in on that. and of course tonight is hollywood's biggest night. dominic di natale joining us live from the oscars. hey, dom. >> hey, there. joining me, bendic cumberbatch is going to join us, and a reporting of what's happening with the ladies and gowns. blue is big on the red carpet at this year's oscars. we'll tell you about it in just
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including the x1 platform from xfinity. comcast was honored to bring every minute of every medal of nbcuniversal's coverage to every screen. so what's next? rio 2016. welcome to what's next. comcast nbcuniversal. a, yes, hollywood's biggest night. check this out, they don't know we're keeping an eye on them. they're gathering to talk to us. the coskoscars are getting unde way, and stars are vying for the gold statue, on the red carpet, ready to celebrate the 86th annual academy awards. the closest contest is expected at the end of the night when nine films compete for best picture. and dominic di natale is live. who have you seen so far? >> just about everybody,
4:24 pm
actually, jamie. quite extraordinary. we're getting the mad late rush before we get to the cutoff point when the broadcasters have to stop. just behind us, kevin spacey. he's just doing another interview. amy adams was here. bendica benedict cumberbatch, glenn close, naomi watts as well. the girls are looking fabulous. there's a big theme, and it's blue. some are looking amazing. amy adams had this deep, lovely, inky thing going on with this folded thing, basically, going over, across the chest. it looked fantastic. kevin spacey is wearing a blue tuxedo. liza minnelli was out in this bright, electric blue smock thing. everybody is looking fantastic. gold is big as well. a lot of lame. a lot of glitter. we sawkristen chynoweth wearing
4:25 pm
a gown. it was fantastic. someone is trying to grab my attention. still waiting on kevin. may be a couple seconds. everybody is really talking about who is going to win the best picture because it's been a three-horse race. "12 years a slave" "gravity" and "american hustle." one enling ahead of the other. i think it's -- here we go, we have kevin spacey. kevin. >> yes. >> dominic from fox, so good to see you. how are you doing? looking very well indeed. it's cosker night. who are you rooting for? >> my film "captain phillips." we have been fortunate to be nominated six times and i'm rooting for that. i'm rooting for the supporting category, and i'm very proud of the movie and proud of the fact it did so well. paul greengrass and tom hanks should have been nominated but that's the way these things going. >> are you surprised because a
4:26 pm
lot of people were shocked tom didn't get nominated? >> there are surprises every week. i suspect it works like that, a lot of oscar voters assumed tom will get nominated, and that's fine. at the end of the day, the film stands up. i'm very proud of it. >> fine al question "house of cards" phenomenal. season two, brilliant. what's going to happen in season three? >> i would tell you, but i would have to kill you, and you have to work tonight. >> all the best, take care. kevin spacey. the 86th annual awards, and they're about to start. just a couple more celebrities coming through, but quite frankly, this is fever pitch right now. in about an hour's time, a couple hour's time, we'll know who has won best picture and who the stars are of the night in terms of the actors. >> i love you overseas, but i think you found your niche. right behind you is bette midler. give her our regards and we'll check back with you later.
4:27 pm
>> you take care. bye-bye. >> all right, back to our top story. secretary of state john kerry set to travel to ukraine. that announcement just coming out. it's part of a still developing response from washington to russia's power play in the region. what impact will his visit have? and the woman who has become the face of the irs targeting scandal. lois lerner. her attorney, what they have said. will she testify or won't she? there's a catch. a political insiders are warming up in the green room. and they can't wait to get out. i bought a car, over and tells you, and you're like. a good deal or not. looking at there's no buyer's remorse. save time, save money, and never overpay.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm jamie colby in for harris faulkner tonight. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. here's what's happening. secretary of state john kerry is set to travel to ukraine this week. fox news has learned, where he'll meet with members of the country's temporary government in kiev. our secretary of state is calling russia's actions an invasion and illegal under international law. meantime, a tense standoff under way as suspected russian troops essentially surround three different ukrainian military bases. the two forces are meeting eye to eye, and that's raising the chance the situationicate dramatically escalate at any moment. back in washington, lawmakers are reacting to both the latest moves from russian president putin and how president obama is handling the crisis.
4:32 pm
steve has been monitoring that for us. he's live in washington. steve, good evening. what are the options for the white house and our allies on this? >> jamie, right now, showing support for the people of ukraine is at the top of the list. and that's why secretary kerry will be heading to kiev this week. the u.s. is also sending a clear message to russia, along with the international community, that this kind of aggression will not be tolerated. kerry says russian president vladimir putin is hurting his own standing on the world stage. >> he is not going to gain by this. you know, he may be able to have his troops for some period of time in crimea, unless he resolves this, but the fact is he's going to lose on the international stage. russia is going to lose. the russian people are going to lose. he's going to lose all of the glow that came out of the olympics. >> kerry heads to kiev tuesday to meet with the new leaders of the ukraine government. >> obviously lawmakers will be looked at in this issue to see what kind of reaction they have
4:33 pm
in the and how president obama is handling it. what kind of feedback or comments are you hearing today? >> the sunday talk shows were a good example. they're mostly those who appeared are echoing the need to rally the international community and present a solid front of opposition to russia's aggression. now, russian troops have spread out across the crimean peninsula and many fear the next step might be a larger invasion of ukraine itself. while there is widespread support for president obama and the way he's handled the crisis so far, some are saying he's part of the problem. here are both sides of that debate. >> every time the president goes on national television and threatens putin or anyone like putin, everybody's eyes roll, including mine. we have a weak and indecisive president. >> i think we're 48 hours into an international crisis. i would hope americans would focus on condemning the actions of putin rather than a knee jerk way of criticizing the president
4:34 pm
of the united states. let's stand together on this. >> president obama spoke by phone dood with the leaders of germany, poland, and the ukraine about the situation. >> thanks for the report from washington. so we now know that secretary of state john kerry will visit ukraine this week. it's an important sign of solidarity with the ukrainian people. but what else should the u.s. be doing? how is the president handling this, the latest crisis? responding to russian president vladimir putin. here are our political insiders, john lubeaueaut ley, pat caddela pollster for jimmy carter, and doug sho00, a pollster for bill clinton and a fox news contributor as well. good evening. thank you for being here. pat, you join us on remote, but you will not be left out of the conversation because i'm going to start with you and ask you, this is the latest foreign policy question for our president, who is already under fire for some say not having a policy, some saying being weak
4:35 pm
on foreign policy, and he's up against putin in this case, who is exerting extreme power and confidence. what does he do? >> well, what the president needs to do is get a backbone. the problem is exactly as we predicted on political insiders last week. and i don't think many people did. putin was going to go in and take over the crimea, at least part of the ukraine. and now i suspect, and i would like to hear doug, a real expert on it, but i think he's not stopped. the problem is no one believes the president, and i think vladimir putin has taken his measure of barack obama and is decided what he sees is another neville chamberlain. this is not the way you behave in the 21st century. no, this is the 20th century. first, the crimea, then more of ukraine. >> i want to put up this cbs poll, very interesting, doug, because i will ask you what you
4:36 pm
think. >> please. >> we have an image problem working in this country of other nations we're asking to join us on things and get them to believe we're strong, but the american people are also asked and in terms of president obama's presidency, they're totally dissatisfied, 59%. >> that's right. >> what about the rest of the world? >> our ratings around the world are going down, for the reasons pat suggested. bottom line, we draw red lines in places like syria, they get crossed, we do nothing. vladimir putin actually from his point of view had everything to gain with his invasion, and has everything to gain going, as pat suggested, into the rest of eastern ukraine, which is heavily pro-russian in its sentiment. we can't and won't stop them. we should have a travel ban, sanctions, we should make it very clear that throughout our international ties we're going to do everything we can to clamp down on the russians. bottom line, 90-minute conversations with putin, beseeching today by john kerry,
4:37 pm
no hard action, no hard decisions. vladimir putin has seen we are again a paper tiger. >> so it's been window dressing and not a lot of action. >> precisely. >> john, what would ronald reagan say about all this right now? >> a good question because i wonder if putin would have done it if reagan was in the oval office. he would be afraid, a little bit of trying to gauge what reagan would do. let's say, it doesn't matter, obama is the leader of the free world. it's time to lead. it doesn't mean we have to fight russia militarily. there's no stomach for that kind of thing, but there are things we can do to put pain on putin. number one, decouple the banking system. so the russian banking system is unhooked from us. try to get western europe to do the same thing. if that doesn't do it, we look at freezing the russian leader's personal bank accounts that are stashed all over western europe, cause pain on them is the one
4:38 pm
thing. all these interviews, they don't care what john kerry says on tv. they want to see pain put on them. that will make them think twice about anything else. >> of all the leaders to be up against, putin, and to try to get his attention. it probably would take extreme measures like that. >> this has been coming on -- >> no, no -- >> go ahead, pat. >> that's the point, it would take tough measures, which he has not shown. he lives in a bubble world. we called it in the send in the clowns foreign policy team. you have to be tough, and people have to know there are consequences because otherwise, look, we're on the 50th. this is the 50th anniversary -- excuse me, the 100th anniversary year of 1914. and it is miscalculation and misunderstanding that can blow up the world. i know a lot of americans say, oh, we don't have anything of interest in the ukraine. the problem is, as we have learned in history, you keep this up. he will keep pushing and one day
4:39 pm
something will happen. this is the danger to be weak, not to be strong. >> not only that. if we're called in to help economically, it could cost our country a lot of money. and taxpayers pay attention to that. go ahead, pat. >> doug, i thought nato had a treaty to defend ukraine. am i wrong? >> we have treaty obligations under the 1994 budapest agreement. if the russians violate their sovereignty, we have obligations with the british to go in and support the ukrainians. the ukrainians can renuclearize if their sovereignty is jeopardized. but bottom line, what you said is exactly right. what john is saying, exactly right. we're not standing up to the russians, not standing up to putin. no amount of interviews and hand wrinking is going to change that fact. >> what we don't have, if you go back to another invasion, jamie, itial reaction from the first e
4:40 pm
president bush, first reaction was, i don't want to get involved in that. until margl learet thatcher sai him, george, this is no time to go wobbly. then bush really got it in gear and did a good job. we don't have anybody telling obama, angela merkel, david cameron, francois hollande, someone has to buck up our president and say you're the leader of the most powerful country. we'll be behind you, but we have to be united and we have to stop this now. >> i think that's what the three of you are doing, trying to buck up the president to action. even nato spoke up and said they're condemning what putin is doing. >> it has no effect. words have no effect. actions are what counts. >> all right, and economic sanctions always hurt. we will, i'm sure, on the political insiders yo s you'll talking about it. i'll be teasing the time and place folks can watch you more. meanwhile, senate majority
4:41 pm
leader harry reid is facing a firestorm after claiming that all those obamacare horror stories you have been hearing about people losing their coverage or not being able to get coverage. he says they're all a lie. well, some people with real problems have big beefs with that statement. more with the political insiders, the truth about obamacare, after the break. (vo) you are a business pro.
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4:45 pm
reid. that was in stereo. he's under fire for these controversial comments on the senate floor. the nevada democrat spoke about the millions of americans saying they're being hurt by obamacare, not helped. calling these, quote, horror stories, and saying every single one is untrue. did you hear him say they're all untrue? saying republicans are making them up? our political insiders are back. john is already shaking his head, no, no, no. pat is joining us, and so is doug. so john, the thing is, how could you say all of them? has he talked to every single one of these people? we have had some of these people on who have said it's true. it's been a horror for me. >> let's take anecdotal evidence out. if you look at the polling we have used on this show almost every week, the overwhelming majority, we're up sometimes over 60% of the american people, now disapprove of obamacare, including 60% of the uninsured who are supposed to be the
4:46 pm
beneficiaries of this program. they don't like it. >> to add to that, some democrats who actually voted for it have said they wouldn't have if they had known. >> they're nervous nellies. >> millions of people have lost their health care, jamie, to say that they're, quote, horror stories are just wholly untrue, made up out of whole cloth, are illusory, if not a total distortion. >> why as a democrat did harry reid do this, would you say? >> i'm a loyal democrat, pat is a democrat. we feel you have to make policy based on reality. this is just partisan rhetoric designed to get through an election by doubling down on what policies that john suggested quite rightly are unpopular. >> pat? >> i think it's worse than that. you know, by 2 to 1, the american people believe that the people in washington lie about everything all the time at a level we have never seen in our
4:47 pm
democracy, and they're right. what we saw with harry reid is the big lie projected. just like obama lives in a bubble, harry reid, who is, by the way, ground zero of corruption in washington, sits there and makes that comment he does in the face of reality, because they all live in that political bubble. if we say the lie enough and make it big enough and say it enough, we can make it true. the president lives in a bubble in foreign policy that the world is grand. the problem in washington is no one will tell the truth even to each other. on both sides, not just the democrats. some republicans, too. >> here are two democrats calling him out on it. what did he gain, pat? >> you know, personally, he gained nothing. the first thing is tell the truth in this country. we lost the idea, and it is supported by the enablers. a lot of people in mainstream media who believe their job is to act as political hacks rather than to tell people the truth,
4:48 pm
in political cuonsultants who make money on whatever we can divide the people with. you saw the numbers you raised about the dissatisfaction of the president. a lot has to do, too, with the fact that what we don't have, when we had hearings this week and jonathan turley, a liberal professor who i admire a great deal, said i'm a supporter of the president, but we're in a constitutional tipping point because the president is assuming powers that don't exist, and the congress, both democrats and republicans, won't stand up for the institution. we're on a slippery slope to a banana republic like venezuela. sadly. >> the pen and paper situation, president obama will change the things that aren't working, and then we have midterms coming up. so maybe we'll postpone some of these mandates. >> that's right. that's what professor turley was getting into. doug has called it an extra constitutional presidency where he's doing stuff not prescribed by the constitution. going back to the first poll you
4:49 pm
put up. think back when you were a kid. the worst thing is not when your parents get mad at you. it's if they say, you know, jamie, i'm disappointed in you. that's a big thing. that poll didn't say they're dissatisfied with the presidency. they said they're disappointed in the obama presidency. five years in, the verdict is now starting to come clear. that he's been a failed president. >> jamie, you have a president who is legislating by fiat, using executive orders and using basically, not only the power of his pen but just rhetorical devices to say, don't like that provision, i'll xies it. we'll delay this, the small and medium size businesses mandate. he's eviscerated the sled legislation. >> would you agree he's legally able to do so? >> i'm not sure it is. i think it's a question for the courts to determine. >> let me leave it there for a moment because we have more with our political insiders. that irs targeting scandal, much more on that.
4:50 pm
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on the nbc sports live extra app, including the x1 platform from xfinity. comcast was honored to bring every minute of every medal of nbcuniversal's coverage to every screen. so what's next? rio 2016. welcome to what's next. comcast nbcuniversal. we're back now with our political insiders. we're going to talk a little bit lois lerner. first darrell issa said today she would testify this week. then her attorney backtracked. what do we need to know from her exactly, anyway? >> first of all, i'm sorry, i have to say, john, i was in florida. your uncle and family want to know why they see me and not you there. having said that -- >> guilty, he's busted. >> anyway, i want to say this about lois lerner. she was the operating officer of the conspiracy at the irs.
4:54 pm
what we need from her is the truth. the republicans, as i have said specifically, really want the irs to go after the tea party. they're not serious. they just occasionally do this, and maybe darrell issa is, but not the leadership. but look, the real missing thing is we're talking about using the internal revenue service against groups. it will be used against democratic groups, and my cry is, where is any democrat with principle willing to stand up and say we need to know the truth? it's just killing me. >> we already learned that it wasn't just the one office of the irs. it was a much bigger project to target conservative groups, including the tea party. but she took the fifth. we're in disagreement, doug. i say her fifth amendment privilege was waived when she gave her opening statement. we'll find out what they rule on that. >> first of all, let's look at this thing. the chairman of the committee asked to come on chris wallace this morning.
4:55 pm
they teased, big announcement. he comes on and says i'm announcing lois lerner is going to testify wednesday. then a couple hours later, we hear she's not going to testify on wednesday. >> and without immunity. i asked, is she coming? no deal made. >> how can this guy run an investigation if he can't even get one fact right before he goes on television? that's number one. and number two, forget lois lerner. this issue is much bigger than lois lerner. this is what pat touched on. this is the corruption of the irs for political purposes, when nixon mused about using the irs to go after his enemies, they had an article of impeachment in the house judiciary committee. >> maybe there was more transparency then. just to clarify, her attorney said she will testify, but she will show up this week, ask for a week delay. if she gets it, she may testify. >> but you know, she is being used as a political pawn in a bigger game, which plays into
4:56 pm
what pat and john are talking about. basically, the corruption of our entire federal government, the politicization of the investigatory process. i don't believe she's believed she's waived her fifth amendment right, whether or not, to be fair to you, jamie, she has done it. more political circus, more political theater. we're not going to learn anything from her, i don't believe, except our government is irretrievably and irrevocably broken. >> at the same time, the irs is planning bigger attacks because not even republicans will stand up for themselves. when you let corruption go unabated, it just gets worse. and more dangerous. >> you know what i was going to say? i want folks to check in with all of you and continue the conversation with the political insiders on our website, every monday 10:30 a.m. eastern. and you know what, guys? tonight, it's the oscars, the academy awards.apthere should b
4:57 pm
awards show for the theater going on in washington. >> absolutely. >> well, that's going to do it for us. thanks, guys, so much for being with us. that's this edition of fox report for sunday march 2nd, 2014. i'm jamie colby and i want to thank you so much for watching. step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reali. start your business today with legalzoom. marge: you know, there's turn yoa more enjoyablereali. way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and a good source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips.
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tonight. stay with fox news channel. i'm off tomorrow night. here's huck bee. obama administration pushes for military budget cut. >> we chose further reductions in troop strength and force structure in every military service. >> will our shrinking military be ready to fight off future attacks? and harry reid says obamacare nightmare stories are made up lies. >> there's plenty of horror stories being told. those tales turned out to be just that, tales. >> try telling that to a woman who lost coverage for her cancer medication. plus, arizona's governor vetoed the state's religious


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