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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 23, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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polite people that i don't know how he felt about the actual film. >> we're going to talk to you in the after the show show a little more about it. in the meantime, see you back here tomorrow, everybody. bill: the head of a major american insurance company sounding the alarm on obamacare. aetna could be forced to raise their rates by double digits or drop from the law entirely. what would that mean? i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. hope you are warm wherever you are. another bombshell again. martha: i'm martha maccallum, good morning. aetna's ceo says obamacare is not attracting enough of the uninsured people out there. there is new documents that show deep fears inside the obama
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administration that the clogs in the system could doom the system. >> there is only 300 insurers in the whole country. we'll get them paid, there is no question about that. but we are on track. bill: i want to bring in stuart varney. what do you think? >> reporter: we'll get them paid. a direct quote from kathleen sebelius. it sounds like a bailout. there is that provision in obamacare that if obamacare doesn't bring in enough money, the taxpayer will top it off. bill: what is aetna's problem? >> reporter: they are not signing up you be insured people. the people they are signing up already have insurance and
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transferring to aetna. that's not what obamacare is all about. aetna wants new people signing up. they want young healthy people signing up. they are not getting them. they say if it goes on like this we have to drop out entirely or rate our premiums. bill: that was the income the understand companies were looking for by taking on new patients. what is the government admitting to in this report jim angle had yesterday evening? >> reporter: directly from jim angle on these documents. the back room problems -- the back end problems put the entire industry at risk. the link has not been built between the website and the insurers.
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thatling has not been built. that's chaos and confusion is happening now. bill: there are numbers that suggest it need to be nailed down in the next 0 days. the back end is how the -- in the next 60 days. that's how the government talks to the insurance companies so they know who has coverage and who does not. >> reporter: that's the structure of the system. if you can't communicate between you signing up and putting your information in there and the insurance company doesn't get the information, there is a classic breakdown and the system cannot function. bill: how many of the uninsured are moving to the insurance pool with their percentage? >> reporter: between 65% and 80% of the people signing up already have insurance. that means the new customers the insurance companies were relying
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on are not coming forward. bill: i saw a figure of 11% and that's not going to cut it when you are talking about 30-45 million without insurance. martha: aetna is a big fish in this pond. when they speak, people should pay attention because they are a huge part of this market. there is a chance of you have insurance card in your wallet. it provide benefits through employers and workers through all 50 states. those health plans covering 52 million americans and carrying 600 thousand primary care physicians. bill:2 million americans signed up before the end of the last year.
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but americans received -- 6 million received cancellation noticed on the poll is they already had. martha: iraq's foreign minister is saying they did not promise to dismantle anything and the white house mislead the people. he said if you find a single word that resembles displantling in the entire text, then i'll take back my comment. peter doocy is live at the white house. what are they saying about this? >> reporter: they are not surprised, but it doesn't change anything. an an administration official is reiterating they must dismantle the connections that would allow them to enrich to bomb level. they said we expected the iranians to spin this for their
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purposes and are not surprised they are doing just that. we heard jay carney make crystal clear that the whole point of this deal lifting sanctions on iran is to make sure they can't build a bomb. >> by offering in a way that's 100% asthiewrg our international partners and allies that they will not pursue and cannot pursue a nuclear weapon. there will be an opportunity for iran to end its isolated state. >> reporter: but just a few hours after carney said that at the white house we heard iran's foreign minister says this. the white house version overplays the concessions and under plays the iranian commitment. the iranians were uninvited from the syria peace talks for back assad. that led the iranian foreign
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minister to tell cnn his relationship with secretary kerry is very difficult. we are hearing a lot of frustration from republicans who never wanted to negotiate with iran in the first place. >> most of us are not shocked iran's deal is not going to keep them from going nuclear. they are going to do what they want to. they bought 6 months without harassment from this administration to finish going nuclear. >> reporter: we heard from republicans and democrats who support more sanctions on iran. the white house is saying that would not be helpful. but democrats who control the senate have not ruled out such a vote. bill: life ... is it cold where you are? much of the u.s. wake up to
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bone-chilling temperatures. the map is back and it's still deep purposele. the with is 39 in fargo. minus 23 in minneapolis. down south it's 22ing in atlanta. 23 in raleigh. molly line is with us. she has not gone indoors. how's it going, molly? >> reporter: it's a little balmy out. we are in the seaside community right on the water. it's about 11 degree out. that's good news. but a little bit higher today into the teens. if we are lucky 20ing in the boston area. across the country much tougher conditions.
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in fargo, north dakota, minus 5 degree. new york city where you guys are, 11 degree. so it might be seen as toasty in new york today. but still dangerous for folks work outside and moving throughout their day. bill: you are not suggesting you are getting used to this, are you, molly? adapting by the day? >> reporter: i'm not suggesting that at all. but we bundle up and do the best we can. bill: today is thursday and it will warm up a little bit over the weekend. but we'll get another blast monday or tuesday of next week. >> reporter: this is a long buckle down. it's not a big thaw we are talking about. it's a long haul, it will be chilly, that's for sure.
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bill: get back inside, that's an order. martha: firefighters are battling a massive blaze in dallas had made a whole condo complex disappear. the fire spread so quickly that firefighters had to call in backup immediately. fortunately most of those units were being renovated. nobody was inside. >> there was one woman who lived in the corner of this building with her dog. she was accounted for and her dog was rescued during the initial firefighting efforts. but i was told that was part of the building that did not have any drywall. so that was open and allowed the fire to travel a lot faster. martha: the embers starting grass fires nearby. one firefighter was hospitalized with a minor burn when he was working on that blaze.
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bill: president obama said it was his main focus of the second termificking the so-called income inequality. but is that what america wants? >> i think when you spread the wealth around it's good for everybody. but i respect what you do and i respect your question. even if i don't get your vote, i'll still be working hard on your behalf. bill: whether americans think spreading the wealth around is the government's job. march are an independent watchdog says the spy agency's phone reports has got to go. bill: breaking news. justin bieber has been arrested. we'll tell you what we are learning about this in a moment. oh!
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martha: new troubles for justin bieber. the pop star arrested for allegedly drag racing in miami beach and allegedly failed a test for alcohol. his friend blocked the end of the road to create a drag strip for racing. he's in trouble for the egg throwing they think he did. bill: we'll see when he makes bail out of south florida. a fox news alert. new calls to dismantle the nsa's phone record program. an independent watchdog group says the surveillance program is illegal and only provides
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minimal gains against terrorism. peter king joins us now. i know you like this program. you support it. you come on tv all the time including this program and defend it. what would you say to that conclusion to get rid of it? >> i would disagree with that very strongly. 17 federal judges have said the program is legal and constitutional. even this privacy law, i think they have gone beyond their jurisdiction. as far as privacy i'm not aware of any abuse they have found. section 215 of the patriot act allows this to go on. the court said it violates the statute. i don't know how it becomes their jurisdiction to decide a statute. that's for the courts. everybody from george bush and dick cheney and president obama
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saying this program is essential. bill: it would appear public opinion is moving contrary to what you believe and what the president backed up. our polling came out and asked the question whether you are glad the nsa program went public. 68%, that's an overwhelming majority said yes they are. >> i think that's a serious mistake. probably many of the nsa is listening to their known call or reading their emails. they are not aware of all the privacy controls put in there. so to me it's up to those of us in public life, even if something is unpopular we keep speaking out. when we see this cross-section from everyone from dick cheney to president obama and a constitutional expert like mcca.
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i stand by it effectiveness. i don't know where else we would go to find information if we do get a terrorist phone number. bill: people are not apologizing enough. people are not convinces of that opinion either. our polling when we asked them whether this program is more likely to catch terrorists or hurt americans. you are at 50% where it's more than likely to cap terrorists, but 44%, only 6 points behind believe it's designed to hurt americans. back up your opinion about how the nsa program is catching, preventing and thwarting terrorists. >> if you get a number from overseas and you know that person is going to be contacting someone in the u.s. how are you going to find out unless you have a repository of numbers.
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martha and i have gone back and forth on the case in new york. under section 702 of the patriot act. this is from overseas, we found out he was involved and then we found his accomplice doing a live sentence in prison because he was found under second 215c of the patriot act. there are any number of other cases whereas this is used to min my or maximize the nature of the case. we'll be tracking those photo oversea. we learned they are not involved in attacks in the united states. i appreciate the defense. shah thank you for sharing that with me and your viewers. one more question on this. would you accept any revision to the program the way it's set up now?
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>> this board is calling for scaling back the number of years that the -- he should be held for five years. my understanding is that could be done. what the president suggested last week as far as having the advisory board. as long asker in not involved in every mechanic of every case, that serves a purpose. there is always room for improvement and refinement. i think we have to maintain the guts of the program. bill: peter king, thank you. stay warm in west babylon. more coming up. martha: as the olympics get closer, american athletes are raising fears about security in russia. one olympian has warned her family, don't wear anything that screams america. bill: guess who is apologizing yet again. you guessed it.
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call the number on your screen and use promo code notme for 60 days of lifelock identity theft protection and get a document shredder free. call the number on your screen or go to bill: the mayor of toronto reacting to this ... >> are you trying to tell me -- he's hiding here rob ford apologizing for that incident and adding anybody can fall off the wagon.
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>> monday was unfortunate. i had a setback. we all experience these bumps in life. i'm still working hard every day to improve my health and well being. bill: he's candid and frank and if that's what the folks of toronto want, rob ford will stay there. martha: he has a 72% approval rating. taxes and the big ice storm. bill: big ice storm. martha: america's olympians are speaking out about their security concerns as they and their families in many cases get ready to head to so -- to sochi. ski jumper jessica jerome saying this. despite the fact i love how patriotic americans are, my family's safety is a huge
6:26 am
concern for me. i said at appropriate times we can scream go america! but other than that be safe and be smart. jonathan hund is here. interesting comments from a congressman just back from russia. >> reporter: congressman william keating just got back from a fact finding trip to sochi. he arrived back in boston. just last night he said the russians are mounting a huge security operation. but what his concern is what planning may have gone into any terrorist attacks years ago giving that it was known the olympics would be in sochi 8 years ago. >> the concerns i have is the concern something was embedded before some of these things were in place. whether it's resources or individual. there is always concerns with the lone wolves and people fact
6:27 am
small numbers so there will be tight security in that regard. >> reporter: among those lone wolves we've know the so-called black widows. three of them the russian security services are still looking for. martha: how are the russians going to handle it if attacks do happen? >> reporter: they have got tens of thousands of security agents on hand. they are not for obvious reasons telling us exactly hugh they would respond. but history may be a guide. remember this, this is moscow back in october 2002. the theater siege. hundreds of hostages taken. a chemical agent was pumped in. they killed 40 of the attackers but they also killed 130 of the hostages. they heavily criticized planning and execution of that operation.
6:28 am
334 killed there. 186 of them children. many of them killed as the result of a disastrous raid by russian security services. obviously an attack would be a bad thing. but if you get american hostages taken, the way russian security has acted in the past it could become ebb worse and that's a worry for everybody. martha: those are great examples and in many cases russian has denied, saying they don't want help from anyone in these situations. thank you, jonathon. bill: 15 days away. calls for a cease-fire after a round of deadly protests. watch here. now the opposition's ultimatum and the threat if their demand are not met. >> reporter: president obama talking about the issue of
6:29 am
income equality. he made it the marquise of his second term. but do americans think that is the job of the u.s. government? we have interesting poll numbers. we are going to debate this coming up. >> they pose a fundamental threat to the american dream, our way of life and what we stand for around the globe. i bought a car, over and tells you, and you're like. a good deal or not. looking at there's no buyer's remorse.
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bill: another day in the developments in growing unrest in the ukraine. here is the scene there just yesterday. at least three demonstrators killed in the clashes. back today from london. gregg, what's the latest. >> we have been watching it all. the clock has been ticking since yesterday. the government has until later today to make big concessions. according to opposition leaders they will go on the offensive. the violence we have seen in the past couple months. activists killed. a running street battle between police and protesters. authorities are accused in using live ammunition. right now there is a day-long
6:34 am
truce going on between the two side as opposition leaders have meeting with the ukrainian president. they want his government basically to quit to call newee recollections and rescind the tough antiprotest laws. the government showing no signs of budge. if you listen to the activists we are on the brink of revolution. ukraine sits right in the middle between the european union countries and russia. in the old days there was a part of the soviet union. there was a rejected trade deal with the eu. it was fueled by the perception that russian president vladimir putin strong starmed the government to go along with putin. as you have been noting very
6:35 am
other security concerns just across the black sea from the ukraine. sochi, the home to next month's winter olympics, it's a very, very tough neighborhood right now. bill: some of these images, you look at them, it's quite a clash. a decision for this country to go western or go back russian in moscow. gregg palkot reporting live. martha: fox news polls show a majority of americans are sort of shrugging off one of president obama's biggest priorities for the second term which is the issue of income equality or closing the income gap. 62% say that they believe that income inequality is basically part of life. 21% say it's bad. but it's also not the government's problem. 13% are angry about it and want
6:36 am
the government to get involved. monica crowley joins me. good to have you today. what do you make of these numbers? >> i'm heartened by these numbers. the last five years you have seen president obama and the left working hard to move this country away from economic freedom toward a european socialist state based on wealth redistribution and class warfare. all that we have seen from the administration and obama over the years. what is heartening is it doesn't seem to be working. i was worried he would get us to a tipping point where more people were dependent on government than not and the government sector was expanding so fast. what i see now in these numbers is the american people are saying not so fast. the united states as you always
6:37 am
a free market economy, built not on equality of outcome, but equality of opportunity and we want to get that back. martha: a lot of people would like to see greater income equality in the form of jobs. the spread the wealth idea that we saw in the joe the plumber sound bite. someone is making lots of money, someone else has to make less. 12 per se yes that's right. 84 per se no. it doesn't work that way. >> reporter:report. >> the argument from the left and president obama is we have to penalize those who have more through higher taxes to redistribute that to those who have less. what you see in that number, the vast majority of americans are saying that's not how america
6:38 am
has worked, it's not what made us great. a what we need to do is get government out of the way to unleash the individual and the private sector so they can achieve. what's so great about mayor case we have always been an aspirational society. we have never been involved in envy or jealousy about those who have more. martha: anybody can make it here. >> i could be bill gates, too. martha: some of the people in popular culture are starting to sing this tune as well. bill murray is one of them and ashton kutcher. bill murray in a recent interview said he believes we have to take on greater personal responsibility and you can't look someone else to fix your situation. ashton kutcher made a lot of waves, at a people's award benefit he said opportunity is a lot like a job.
6:39 am
he said i never had a job that was beneath me. we have seen a lot of people dropping out of the workforce. not willing to take a job they might see as beneath them. >> government policies under this administration have made tonight many ways easier to not work because the payoff is so much better. i'm not talking about everybody. there are so many americans out of work who do want to work. but it pays to stay at home or pays to be on the government dole. that's why you see the disability roles exploding. a weakecessity. the objective of the left is to lock as many people into government dependency as possible. if that is the objective it has worked politically. >> reporter: it's gotten them to a place where they never thought they would be. whether it's over 50%, i don't think we are there yet. that's why this poll is so
6:40 am
hopeful to me. martha: 55% think giving unemployment benefits to people who have been out of work a long time discourages them from finding a job. >> i wrote about this in my book a year and a half ago. if you look at european unemployment. they have had high unemployment for decade because of socialist policies:''. when they roll back unemployment benefits people search for a job. martha: very interesting stuff. thank you very much. good to see you as always. bill: our friend charles krauthammer warning about the big american mess we could see if obamacare is not fixed within 60 days. >> we have a train wreck coming and i think it will come out slowly. i won't happen in one day. but i think her in deep trouble.
6:41 am
bill: the problem with the obamacare website that even administration insiders fear could dooment entire law. martha: she was with her husband when he was guns down at the mostes in an argument over texting. >> in the blink of an eye my whole world got shattered in pieced. now i'm left trying to pick them up and put them back together. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah.
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bill: there are newly found significant concerns inside the administration of a potential healthcare smelldown if a deep flaw in the obamacare website is not fixed. charles krauthammer sees a lot at stake because of this now. >> you have got a train wreck coming. i think it'sing if to come out slowly.
6:45 am
i. the deadline is mid march. if they don't have this in place in mid-march all hell will break loose. bill: steven hayes, fox news -- contributor. what did jim angle find in these administration documents yesterday about obamacare concerns within the administration? >> the administration had to file document with the department of health and human services to justify its awarding of a no-bid contract to build a back end of the obamacare web spiept. the part of the website that delivers information that consumers input into the website and spits them out to the insurance company. cgi, the company responsible for doing that hadn't done an adequate job. you had congressional testimony that the back end wasn't still built at this date. so in submitting these documents to justify the awarding of a
6:46 am
no-bid contract, the administration made some stark claims about the status of the healthcare law saying the program in total could be jeopardized if the become end isn't built soon enough. adopting the language of its critics. bill: the understand industry at risk and disrupting continued services and coverage to consumers. you say it's a big deal the administration is acknowledging this. did it have any other choice? >> it's been trying avoid acknowledging this for some months now. it's not a surprise to anybody in the administration that the back end hasn't been built. but the administration in public has been engaged in what i would call happy talk. whether it's kathleen sebelius saying everything is fine. whether it's testimony in front of congress pretending things are going swimmingly. all we have been hearing is
6:47 am
things are going well. things are clearly not going well. this documents embraces that and acknowledges that in a forthright way. bill: apparently there is a deadline in this, too. it's around mid-march two months from now, and the document say, quote, if the problems aren'tific bid then them result in financial harm to the government. jay carney was asked about this and he pretty much sidestepped it. said i have not seen the document. does he now? >> i would expect he would get more questions about this in the briefings in the next couple days. this is a pretty big deal. the obama administration has been telling the public and democratic lawmakers in private meeting that things are going well and all the criticism is overblown. there are bumps in the road, there are small problems easily manageable.
6:48 am
in weak the administration is saying precisely the opposite and sounding an alarm that without major changes and at building of this back end of the website and the effective use of the back end of the website, this whole reform could be in jeopardy. you haven't heard that from the administration. bill: they keep mentioning the become end. that has not been built yet. one assumes they are trying to manage this and get it up and running. that's where the government and the new website talk to insurance companies. >> as far back as october you have reports of insurance companies hand checking the data that came through. that literally meant having people on the other side of the receiving end of the data coming through the website literally taking their handle and looking at this information and double-checking to make sure it was good information and it was intelligible and people could make use of it. that was fine when you talked
6:49 am
about the 100 potential enrollments% week. but that universe is much larger now. bill: krauthammer you just heard him say you have got a train wreck. is there any indication they can get this right before mid-march? >> if i were a betting man i wouldn't put my money on them getting it right after mid-march. you talk about building this in effect from the beginning. in a period of just a couple months. that's a tall order. bill: steven, thank you. appreciate your time out of washington. march where massive explosion felt for miles. the crews are having problems putting this out and the fears
6:50 am
there may be more explosions. bill: robert de niro played him in the moste "goodfellas." what was found inside the home of the most infamous heist in american history. ♪ i know i go from rags to riches if you would only say you care ♪ hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat too, and has five grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i -- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? oops. [ female announcer ] as you get older protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... 50% of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good e. [ major nutrition ] ensure high protein. ensure. nutrition in charge!
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martha: 30 years later the first organized crime arrest in the infamous lufhhansa heist.
6:54 am
a $6 million robbery was mastermind in cash and jewels on a tip they got that a plane was coming in to jfk airport. no arrests were ever made. now we can confirm five taken p. including a reputed member of the crime family. the other names on this list. jerome asaro, and jack nonv terks or. what do you think? >> there is no statute of limitation on murder. you say how can they lock them up, they are 78 years old.
6:55 am
it's a lufthansa heist. 11 people ended up dying. tommy dirk simone wanted to become a member. jimmy burke is played by robert de niro. he's irish so you can't get the main man. so burke started wiping out people because he didn't want to share the money and started whacking everybody. martha: we remember the scene where the women walked into the bar wearing new mink clothes and driving fancy cars. what do you know about this whole thing? >> i can't believe he has such knowledge of the movie
6:56 am
"goodfellas." trying to movie case that's almost 40 years old is not an easy task. how. the fed don't usually lock people up until they have all their ducks in a row. i was reading the most recent accounts online. the biggest thing about the heist is so much money was stolen and it was never recovered. the actual cash was not recovered. so it's going to be interesting to see how they go after what i would caught broken down old guys. they are 78, 80, old men at this point. but to come to arrest these guys, they have to have a case they feel that's viable. >> i actually put jimmy burke on
6:57 am
two murder henry him gave them up. henry hill was the rat. henry hill was the informant and a rat. he gave up things. martha: i could talk about it all day. we gotta go. 100% m... so mmm, you might not believe it's 100 calories. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to love it. yoplait greek 100.
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if your denture moves, it can irritate your gums. try fixodent plus gum care. it helps stop denture movement and prevents gum irritation. fixodent. and forget it. >> a majority of voters still think we have in a recession. 326,000 people filled for unemployment forms. we welcome you to hour two of america's newsroom. glad to have you with us. >> this number is stunning. when you think about 2014, starting a new year, the jobs number is now close to pre-precession levels. most voters, 74%, say it feels
7:01 am
like the country is still n recession. 22% think the recession is over. >> brett bear is here. you cannot get away from how people feel and that is a confidence in impact on the u.s. >> the only silver lining is it is the 12 points lower than 2010 and that was right before the huge win for the republicans during the mid-term election. there is fear this is a midterm itch year for a president. and with those feelings about an economy that the white house continues to say is improving.
7:02 am
it doesn't appear the message is sinking in. >> i think back to the convention and-think about when president stood up and said no president could fix this economy this quickly, not even me. and the voters didn't blame obama for what was going on then. but these numbers are would appear they are starting to do that: blame the president and administration for what is going on. when you take a look at this, how has the economic policy helped her hurt, 40% say they have helped, 27% hurt and 33% no difference at all. and let's look at the president's job performance, income inequality, 52% disapprove and health care is
7:03 am
high disapproval as well. >> the economy tracks with the health care. 59% disapproval and that is significant. health care is that jim angle piece about what the administration said in that contract when it stopped the federal gi contract it said there is a possibility this whole thing falls apart. that is significant. but what we are seeing is how plays out over the next few months is there is going to be more and more people who start feeling it. and that will translate into poll numbers pretty significantly one would think. >> big issues for the mid-term. thank you, brett. temperatures out there are downright dangerous.
7:04 am
covering millions across the country and warnings and advisory are out there. minnesota has - 35 wind chills. and down in the southeast it has been below 32 degrees for day. and we have maria here. there is a lot of purple on that map. >> brower county and miami dade reporting temperatures in the 30s. starting with portions of the midwest and one of the cold spots is duluth. it feels like 40 below out there. fargo and minneapolis it feels
7:05 am
like 35 below 0. we are talking dangerously cold temperatures. you have to bundle up. the cold air is moving southward and it will impact the gulf coast. look at the forecast here. as we go into tonight and tomorrow, the cold air will interact with moisture in southern texas and expecting freezing rain and snow as far south as houston where we have a rare winter affect. and more frigid air for the weekend. chica chicago morning lows will be below 0 for days next week. in this bitter cold, about 200 people were stranded for two hours after their train lost power in west port,connecticut
7:06 am
that left grand central last night. they had to wait with no heat for another train and they were not happy. >> pretty severe weather. so you would expect problems. the fact that a train got stuck is pretty severe. it is pretty cold. so i can imagine the passengers are cold but that is one of the hazards of the weather. >> what downed the wire? they blamed it for the delays this morning. >> a snow blower shattered a glass panel at the entrance to the flagship store. >> the store is remaining open for business. >> how about this, folks? a live look at miami where our affiliate believes justin beiber is inside a police van.
7:07 am
there is a white something. heading down the highway in miami and it is believed to have justin beiber. he was accused of drag racing and failed a sobriety test. he is remaining behind bars at this hour. >> right now he is leaving the miami beach in jail in route to the miami dade county jail and will remain until later this afternoon once the first appearance happens in the court system. the biggest pop star in the world is in trouble after being busted and held behind bars until about 10-20 minutes ago. absolute zoo outside the miami beach police department. tons of media when you have justin beiber locked up and facing serious charges. but you have hundreds of tourist in town walking why to see what all of the commotion is about and in the words of one moment i
7:08 am
told her justin beiber was locked up and she said finally. he is charged with drag racing not too far from south beach. police officers report they saw both cars gearing up at a stand still and other friends in the groups using friends to block off the roadway and police report they observed the yellow car driven by beiber and a friend accelerating and that is when the lights went on. and justin beiber's police was quite foul at the initial arrest. here are a look at the three charges he is going to be charged with. number one is dui -- driving
7:09 am
under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and prescription narcotics. resisting arrest without violence. and driving with an expired driver's license. he got that from the state of florida. moments ago, the miami chief police gave this brief statement about what happened. >> he felt mr. bieber may have been impaired. a dui investigation was conducted at the police station. it was determined he was impaired. during the investigation, mr. beiber made statements he had consumed alcohol, smoking marijuana and consumed prescription medication. >> reporter: according to the police, the arrest report will be out and we will have more details. >> sounds like he has been up to
7:10 am
a lot in the recent weeks including the egg throwing incidents. >> just one in a string of issues. they started on the south america leg tour for spraying graffiti and then prosecution declined to charge him after a neighbor claims he was driving wre wrecklessly. and now we have a question you probably didn't think about what but what advice would you give justin bieber if you could talk to him? >> if you have words of wisdom, send them along. security experts are saying it isn't a question of if, but when, for a terror attack at the winter olympics in sochi.
7:11 am
can russia's ring of steel keep our authletes? >> and what the new dress regulations could mean for discipline and military readyness. >> and folks fear the new new mare of a neighborhood maybe neglecting their streets because they are rich. we will talk about that story when we come back. [ice, ice, baby is playing]
7:12 am
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7:14 am
is >> so a passenger on a greyhound bus attacked a driver causing
7:15 am
the bus to crash. it happened in arizona. a man grabbed the steering wheel causing the bus to veer into traffic. other passengers restrained the man. a buzz cut and clean shave is no longer necessarily in the military. there are new regulations that would allow turbans and such for deep believes >> there are two aspects to this question: ethical and religious and political. i hope we can talk about them both. >> absolutely. you think there are situations where accommodations should be made? >> it is tough question. good order of discipline has to come first.
7:16 am
there is an issue of where do you stop. the example the pentagon is holding up with the sikhs with turbans and beards. i am glad they want to join the military. they have a long tradition of being the best troops the british had in india. they are great. but when you join our military everyone gives up a great deal. i give up a lot of personal rights and freedom. and let's turn it around and go to a group no one considers anymore: christians. you're putting yourself in line to violate the most basic premise of your faith, thou shall not kill, you are putting
7:17 am
your immortal soul at risk. so my important is there are m compromises. >> when you join the military, you are giving up your individuality to be part of a group. >> in many ways >> the pentagon is saying these will be case-by-case bases and for sikhs, and there are only a couple enrolled in the u.s. military according to what we are hearing. if you're at a desk job it isn't a problem to where the turban, on the battle field it might be an issue.
7:18 am
and then the commander can say you need to wear your uniform. >> the ban on beards in the military is because it is hard to get a seal on your gas mask. but while the ethical and religious areas are a gray area, they are tough. and i can see both sides of that. but the bigger problem is obama's base looks at the military and sees is a large sucking group that is overwhelmingly conservative and team obama has control over and can use for social experiments. you saw moving day s -- letting gays -- in the military and i have no problem with that. but you have women in combat and
7:19 am
that is going to lower physical standards and get people killed. and now loosening regulations on christian guard. and if someone wants to wear a cross on their left breast that will not go down in afghanistan well. you start making exceptions and you are on the road to trouble. >> thank you, carl. we are watching and following the movements of justin beiber. that van on the left is the miami beach department. arrested this morning at 4:00 a.m. according to police he was racing inside a furari and when the officer pulled him to the side he reports bieber smelled
7:20 am
like alcohol. and the officer got him to exit the vehicle. and beiber admitted to having a few drinks, consumed alcohol, smoking marijuana and consumed prescription medication. the police say he has a no valid driver's license from the state of georgia. he is going to be charge would a dui. i am reading from the police statement. phil keating is on the story and we will see where he is going after this.
7:21 am
7:22 am
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and free same-day delivery. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance is ending soon. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> all right. just for a moment we are going back to miami. then we will get to other stuff.
7:24 am
this the police van coming from miami. there is a whole line of photographers trying to get the shot. he was arrested for dui and admitted to drinking, smoking pot and prescription drugs. is this going to break the camel's back for justin beiber? he will see. the private information of thousands of veterans may have been shared online. jennifer griffin is live on this. this deals with a veteran's benefit website. was there financial information compromised? >> according to the va 5,000 veterans were affected which is a small portion of the 3.3 million that use the website.
7:25 am
but those that logged on and found they had access to other veteran's information said it was troubling. one veteran from florida suffering from post traumatic stuff got up seeing other veteran's bank information >> their name, last 4 dates of the social security, the amount they get paid for disability, and their full benefits letter for record was on my screen. >> reporter: this is a small breach, but hit a vulnerable community. >> have they fixed the problem with the website? a statement was issued quote we
7:26 am
take a seriously safeguard information. during wednesday evening as part of improving the website there was an error. the va is offering those free credit monitoring. there is no evidence any identity was stolen. many found this incident concerning. all veterans are being called to have the credit monitoring by a florida senator. >> jennifer griffin from the pentagon. there is now concerns from athletes heading to sochi and some families are staying home. >> and snow troubles for new york's brand new mayor.
7:27 am
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>> the terror threat to the olympics is now being called a hoax.
7:31 am
u.s. and european teams received threats but now the international olympics committee is saying those e-mails were fake. russian security officials are still hunting down three so-called black widow suicide bombers one believed to be in sochi. >> ten days away prom from the opening. m moscow down here. sochi is here. 400 miles southeast is where the bombing happened. if we go closer to the town of sochi on the black sea. this is the setup of the town,
7:32 am
olympic village and the mountain village where you see the skiing events. this area covers 30 miles in this direction. covers 25 in this direction. so you see the concerns to keep athletes for participants save. the russians -- safe -- set up a ring of steel here that is a 1500 square mile area they are trying to keep safe. phillip -- peter brooks is here. putin has spent $2 billion on security. what is your level of confidence he can keep the games safe? >> i think the threat is real. i am worried about the rusisian
7:33 am
not sharing what they know and taking help from the united states and others who can help them. i worry about the ring of steel. what if someone is already in the ring. they set it up in early january and they were agree d upon several years ago so what if someone is already in the steel. there is lot to be concerned about. >> there is an american athlete that told her parents not to wear anything that was too american. but what do you think about blending in? is that possible? >> if you are wearing an
7:34 am
american flag or a hat with an american flag. i think their going to try disrupt the olympics. i would say westerns could be in their site sight but it is more about putin. i think blending in is a good time >> the u.s. delegation will have their own private security detail. how much do you know about that? >> i don't know the specifics and i don't think we should. but it is good they are having one. i hope the russians allow them to operate so the individuals are protected. they are a target and the spectators. i hope they are probably naval seals in the black sea in case
7:35 am
they need to spond. i am worried the people planning are spending time to look at plans and working together and finding ways to cooperate to increase the level of security for the athletes, and spectators. >> you don't know the agenda of people coming from all over the world. we have yet to talk about the security of checking the athletes who arrive in sochi. if you are going to be comprehensive that must be considered. >> remember in 1972 in munich. the smartest weapon is the human being. they can react and think on their feet.
7:36 am
it is how they might disguise themselv themselves. >> we will talk this a lot in the coming weeks. new york's mayor has been accused of unfair treatment after a massive snow was dropped on the manhattan. some are saying the plows didn't come and some are saying the plows came quickly. eric sean is live with this with more on this. hi, eric. >> well the mayor went off claiming this is a tail of two cities. manhattan and the upper east side where we have and the hoe so-called outer burrows. he vows to raise the taxes on
7:37 am
the 1% and now many say he engaged in political payback by refusing to plow their streets. this neighborhood was a mess. park avenue was like a parking lot. gridlock, car accidents and buses stopped. and the broadest avenues were blocking the hospitals in the city. yesterday the mayor praised the response saying no neighborhood was treated any differently. but when it came to the upper east side, he said mistakes were made, saying quote while the overall storm response was executed, after inspecting the area, i determined more could have been done to service the upp upper east side. residents are upset.
7:38 am
>> there was a double sized bus stuck and we saw now one doing anything to fix the situation >> what did you think of it? >> i assumed we were being targeted. or gross imcomptence. >> reporter: some famous people live here. carol carolyn kennedy. and former mayor bloomberg lives down there as well. >> you didn't have a problem in jersey? >> no, governor christy made sure every road was plowed. he had a rough week and didn't want to make sure that was on the list
7:39 am
>> i live in manhattan. i have not seen a plow in three days. i am not saying we need it but maybe the first 36 hours. we had a storm on january 2nd and they were rolling down like tanks. >> such a big effort on the first storm and not the second. >> millions of you could end up on medicaid under obamacare and while you could pay it after you are gone. >> the annual march for life inspiring people and could it inspiring americans to vote for republicans on this issue? why conservatives are saying think this issue could be one they want to go back to in the next election. we will talk about if that is a
7:40 am
good idea. >> we are a pro-life generation. >> i hope it helps everybody realize we are not alone in this.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> stay it isn't so. >> this pair met in 1972 and had a captain and tuneal show. >> 39 years and they can't find a way to keep to together? >> all right. well a huge crowd from across america braving the cold and the snow yesterday in our nation's capital. they gathered on the national mall for this annual event
7:44 am
called the march for life. they are opponents of abortion and put the focus on adoption this year. conservatives think this could be a winning issue and put good focus on the republican part. we have two people here to talk about this with us. welcome, good to have you both. i want to start by playing two sound bytes. first is from patrick kelly, the chairman of the march. and then play comments by brit hume on special report. >> we believe adoption is an
7:45 am
acting of live that is a bond of love for the very same child. >> let's listen to brett hume. >> the biggest change of abortion clinics in the country refers to itself as planned parenthood. they carried out 329,000. that is not parenthood. those protesters understand there is something wrong about all of this and come each year to remind us. >> what do you think about that? and the push this year really to talk more about adoption as an option? >> well, martha, i know that the decisions women make about abortion there are american different reasons. americans disagree. but there is overwhelming
7:46 am
agreement that those are decisions each woman needs to make. despite so many polls that show they don't want congress dealing with these issues, there is a small and vocal group of conservatives that are trying to push anti-woman's agenda. when you look back to 2012 with the president's election and you look at the 2013 race in virginia women reject politicians that restrict their access to reproductive rights including safe and legal abortions. >> 60% in polls say there should be no legal abortion in this country after three months. a lot come to the restrictions on when abortions can take place.
7:47 am
michael, your thoughts? >> it is very easy to be perceived as anti-women when you are trying to defend the life of unborn child. and any republican who doesn't understand this is explosive egg shells. this isn't an arena to be aggressive, but it is an arena to open the door. and what happened to people that support abortion on demand, certainly after 20 weeks, when the baby is viable, i am good fill buster to make sure you can take the life of that baby, that is the extremism that is driving people. now you have a generation of people who have seen what the child looks like this isn't abstract argument. >> i want to say in the political realm. the question is is there a political stronger ground swell
7:48 am
for people that would like to see the restrictions like the 60% who think you should not have an abortion after three months could be tapped into the republican benefit if they are willing to go there? >> there is certainly an unprecedented wave of attacks of state legislative going after reproductive rights. but i am heartened by there fact 6-10 of all millions believe they should have access to abortion. it was young people that pushed back the 20-week abortion ban. young people packed the texas state capital. >> those young people pouring into the streets in washington to say they are a generation in favor of life. so i mean, michael, when you look at the youth vote that everyone is trying to get a
7:49 am
piece of, do you think that is ? >> once governor abortion is such a radio -- again -- active topic, and i used to run campaigns. americans wish they would not have to deal with abortion. no one wants to tell and and no one wants to see a child. i think it is mistake to make it at the front. if democrats stand by radical extreme positions they will drive more people away. because more people consider them self -- themselves pro-life. >> 48-44 is the now polls. new concerns on the empath --
7:50 am
impact of obamacare after they die. >> and 57 years after the debut of the frisbee we will look back at the toy. what it was originally called and how it got its name today. wham-o
7:51 am
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>> it is throw back thursday and we are going back to 1957.
7:54 am
>> we don't remember that conversation. >> 57 years ago today the first frisbee came off the line at the wham-o. it was called the flying saucer. and it was rebounded by a name frisbee from a pie company they used their trays to start the idea. the slip and slide and hula hooping. i am betting at hula hooping. >> nothing in life is free including the estates of millions of newly qualified to receive free health care under medicaid. they could be on the hook for it according to a 1993 law allowing
7:55 am
states to recover medicare cost through a state recover and some people are going to great lengths to avoid this. this sounds complcomplicated. >> obamacare hasn't changed the law, but has changed the number of people that might be affected. because there is no longer an asset test it qualify. eligibilities based on income. the state is keeping a tab on all of your medical bills from 55-64 and after your death the errs get a bill from the state. >> people are in for a shock when they find out that their
7:56 am
ere are paying for care they didn't use. >> that 1993 law was passed because states were going broke over the cost. we are talking about billions now. in 2004, $361 million was collected. $44 million was in california alone. now the golden state is expecting 1-2 million in medicaid and that is going to be a policy that will have people wondering if they should sign up because so much of their money to be at stake for their ere >> there is dangerously cold temperatures out there and live report on what you can expect next after this thbreak.
7:57 am
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bill: so justin bieber has been
8:00 am
arrested. we mentioned that. what kind of advice would you have for the beebs? martha: i say bieber go home to canada get your head screwed on straight or we i will be reading your obit later. bill: that's harsh. martha: maybe he needs to some time out of the party scene. bill: we love the canucks though. martha: see you tomorrow. jenna: today's top headlines and brand new stories you see here first. jon: new fox poll numbers on president obama show a political sea saw the second term. why the americans like the president but not how necessarily he does his job. picking apart the media coverage of scandals surrounding new jersey governor chris christie and texas gubernatorial candidate wendy davis. just in case you haven't heard it is betterly cold over much of the country. well look how businesses are dealing with the deep freeze. it is all "happening no


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