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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 26, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> i am not clear as to who wrote that. >> dc is listening. the media is listening and even liberals have us on the radar. we will hold them all accountable. have a great weekend. see you on "the five." from president to pitch men, mr. obama tries to get out in front of his health care website whoas, assuring americans that the site will work eventually. while republicans say the problem is just one of many with the entire health care law. whose message is getting out? we will have a live report. foreign policy faux-pas. the u.s. was eavesdropping on their phone calls and angers our allies. and protesting nsa spying on american citizens. the latest fallout from the leak of an nsa contractor. and reform could be the next big battle on capitol hill, but what is the thinking in the border states? january brewer and -- jan brewer and bill richardson will join us live. america's news headquarters is
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live from the nation's capital and starts now. first, we begin with a fox news alert. fox news has exclusive new information regarding the case of that pakistani doctor jailed for helping the u.s. track down and ultimately kill osama bin laden. dominic has the breaking details. dominic? >> yes, doug. this was an unannounced and very carefully staged meeting on tuesday between not just the chairman of the house committee on foreign relations and the pakistani leadership, but it was a rare combination including a private individual in a high level gathering like this. 2* was in a room with congressman ed royce along with the founder of the free of freedey campaign. you can see them in the photos on the right hand side. they were committed into taking action on the case. he says he instructed his national security advisor with
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him in that meeting to look into reviewing the prosecution process as soon as they got back to pakistan which they did later this week. the pakistanis can not always be trusted, doug, so law says they now have to come through on that pledge. >> i think the prime minister is in a situation where in our meeting and in front of the chairman of the foreign relations committee he made the commitment to do it. and then from what i understand there was a full committee hearing where he repledged the commitment at least two or three times to the members that are sitting in foreign relations in the house of representatives. >> he adds it was only after them talking did the pakistanis actually realize how much of a deal it is getting af ri di released is to the united states. the state department and the cia actually have no where in making this happen. congressman royce cited a note of caution here. the chairman told me, quote, i
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am hopeful our strong message spurs action on this case. there was nothing definitive from the meeting that justice is going to be done. and that will be justice for the man who pinpointed the location of bin laden as his compound in northern pakistan for the cia. royce after that amnesty pardon ed it, but afridi is awaiting a retrial after it is overturned on a technicality. even so he is being held as you can read about on my story on fox the real problem will be if he can sell this back home. afrid sigh a publicly detested figure and considered a terrorist himself believe it or not for helping the united states. the military in pakistan that controls the spy agency is really the people that took him in. they are undergoing a leadership change at the moment. so there is not even anyone to issue the order to let the doctor go. my understanding is after the meeting on tuesday, well that
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is spurring the white house and the state department to push the pakistanis to move on their pledge. let's see if they will. doug, back to you. >> thank you very much for that report. in iran authorities carried out what appears to be a series of revenge executions there. authorities hanged at least 16 members of an unspecified armed group as pay back for clashes just hours earlier that killed at least 14 iranian border guards. not alone is known about the group's identity, but security forces have been fighting drug traffickers between iran and pakistan. at least one man is dead and one other is injured after what appears to be another insider attack in afghanistan. it happened today at a military base on the outskirts of kabul. afghan and nato officials say a gunman in an afghan uniform opened fire on international troops. they returned fire killing the gunman. at least one member of the nato lead force was wounded. we do not know that soldier's mall identity as of yet. german intelligence
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officials are on their way to washington after it was revealed the nsa was monitoring merkle. a coalition of advocacy groups is marching on the national mall to protest the massive scope of nsa surveillance. peter doocy is following those developments now. peter? >> doug, just across the street from the bureau in dc in front of union station, a substantial crowd is gathering now for an event organized by the aclu and the stop watching us coalition. a statement from nsa leak erred ward snowden is going to be read at this rally. it says, quote, we learned the united states intelligence community secretly built a system of pervasive surveillance. today no telephone in america is made without a record in the nsa and no transaction enters or leaves america without passing through the nsa's hands. representatives in congress, tell us this is not surveillance, but they are wrong. intelligence officials
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officials from germany will be in washington very soon to follow-up on reports that the nsa monitored german chancellor angela merkle's phone. merkle says allies should never conduct such surveillance. >> we said that we need obviously the activity of our intelligence communities in order to ensure the safety and security of their citizens, but that at the same time, once there is -- the seeds of mistrust have been sewn. >> the former secretary of state hillary clinton is siding with the obama administration in this matter saying edward snowden's leaks don't paint a complete picture. >> i think part of the problem has uh risen because the stuff that was leaked is pits bits and pieces. -- is bits and pieces m it is not explainable or understood. we don't want to cause difficulties for our friends
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and angela merkel is a great friend as are others in europe. >> organizers are hoping the crowd at today's rally in dc will send a big message to lawmakers and law enforcement to stop what they consider to be spying on american citizens. doug? >> peter doocy, thank you very much. nearly one month after a disasterous rollout, the president asked americans to god troubled -- trouble-plagued website a chance. republicans say the president's latest comments point to a broken promise. molly is here. >> the president said he is frustrated by the ailing obamacare website, but she urging americans to be patient while it gets fixed. >> some people have poked fun at me this week for sounding like an insurance salesman, and that's okay. i would still be out there championing this law even if the website were perfect. >> in his weekly radio address the president no longer says that anyone who wants to keep his or her health insurance plan can do so.
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republicans say that's a broken promise. >> the reality in communities across the country is that premiums will be much higher. for some as high as 400%. millions of americans are receiving unwelcome notices that their plans are being terminated. believe it or not, more people are receiving cancellation notices in just three states and are applying in all 50 states. >> 10 senate democrats asked the health and human secretary to extend the enrollment period for two months to help americans who who have to pay a fine for not having insurance. one senate republican who lead the filibuster against obamacare says extending enrollment doesn't solve the problem. >> you look at the response you cited from democrats and they are saying to all of the people who are losing their health insurance, we have no
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answer for you. >> the management expert brought in by the white house to fix the website said yesterday, quote, there is a punch list of fixes and we are going to punch them out one by one. by the end of november health care .gov will work smoothly for the vast majority of users. still lawmakers want to hear from the secretary about the disasterous website rollout and the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on it. she will testify before a house committee on wednesday. doug? >> promises to be contentious, molly. thank you. >> amid calls for her resignation, health and human services secretary says republicans in congress are partly to blame for the issues with the obamacare website. >> in an ideal world it would have been a lot more testing. we did not have the luxury of that. the majority party at least in the house was determined to stop this anyway they possibly could including shutting down the united states government.
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>> as molly noted the secretary is set to testify in front of the house committee to answer their questions about the failed health care site next week. >> they are vowing to have health care .gov up and running, and the republican congressman says he is introducing a bill to delay the obamacare mandate. high joins us now. coming man, thanks for joining us. -- congressman, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for the opportunity. mighty ambitious deadline. can they make it? >> absolutely not. the obama administration is telling you go sign up on this website for something that is not going to work and you will not be able to get it. once you can't get it because of the terrible woabs and -- website and the terrible phone bank we will fine you for it. we have companion legislation in the house and marco rubio saying let's delay this for
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six months until the federal government certifies not just the website, but the phone banks and everything that goes along with this. but really this is a a symptom of the illness of what is obamacare. i take issue with what we just heard and somehow it is the house republicans that had to do this of the this is as bad as the excuse that president bush is -- everything has been president bush's fault. let's be clear. three years to set up a website. something like $400 million to do it. it is a total and catastrophic failure. and now this administration who has failed on something as simple as a website wants you to take the most intimate decisions you have between you and your doctor and give it to them too. it is inexcusable. >> congressman, why would he set the administration up for another monumental failure by setting this deadline of the end of november? >> i have no idea. but then again i have no idea how they failed so miserably in just setting up a website
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that a 14-year-old can do out of their parents' basement. they had three days to do this. there was a little perspective on that. the iphone cost 150 million to develop. look these are people's lives we are talking about. this is health insurance. i am a firm believer that yes we can have the federal government provide social safety nets in places, but the problem is this, right here in the state of florida, 300,000 people in just about the last 72 hours had their insurance canceled on them. they will not be able to get insurance through a company here in florida. so now their alternative is to supposedly go to health care .gov and sign up there. but they can't do it there either. this is a lose-lose situation. >> i want to ask you about testimony that we heard on thursday with some of the contractors testifying before the house. they heard in that testimony among other things that the contractor cgi, hhs had told that contractor to disable the
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tool that allowed visitors to browse so they could comparison shop. as it turns out, as we all know you had to put all kinds of deeply personal information in there before you could see the actual prices of it. apparently it was in an effort to keep people from seeing what the actual price of some of the health care proposals why. we know that hhs was intimately involved when they asked them to pull that program on the website. but listen to what the secretary had to say. >> actually i didn't realize it wouldn't be operating optimally before the launch. i think we knew that if we had had another six months we would probably test further. >> what do you make of that? >> another six months on top of the three years they already had. i think a lot of that is hidden because they don't want you to know true prices or subsidees that brings me to young people. young people's premiums are increasing around
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the country because they have to pay for generations ahead of them. they are getting stuck with footing this bill. this again though, when we look at the website it is a symptom of the illness of obamacare and how this is not going to work for our country. senior citizens in our country now will have all of their plans change and medicare part d comes into question. young people have to pay more. and then you get a bunch of people stuck in the middle that are having their insurance plans canceled. >> i want to interrupt you. we have a few seconds left. is it possible that this is an interim temporary problem that can get ironed out and what you are fearing is not going to come to pass? >> no. the website is simply a small -- the website and the phone banks are a small, smallish you in all of this. i hope that senator marco rubio and i can help to not get fined, but ultimately we need to provide certainty and stability throughout the country when it comes to health care in this country. this isn't the way to do it.
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>> thanks for your time. good to see you, sir. >> still ahead researchers say north korea has scheduled the next show of the military might with a planned nuclear test, yet another one. what the secret communist nation is up to next. and washington gets ready to wrestle over immigration reform. what it means for those who could be most affected. we will ask jan brewer and the former new mexico governor bill richardson. and a shootout and standoff in california finally comes to an end. we'll tell you about it all next. sheriff
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deputy. officials say the teenwa holding a pellet gun that looked like a rifle. protesters are questioning whether it was necessary to shoot the boy. and despite paying $5.1 billion against claims that misled fannie mae and freddy mac, the whoas are not over. they face heavy financial burdens and billions of dollars to cover expected legal costs. and the world series shifts to st. louis tonight when the cardinals host one apiece and those are some of your top stories right now. the calendar says october, but parts of the country have snow in the forecast. janice dean is at the fox weather center with more on that and the rest of today's forecast. a little frost on the pumpkin here in dc, janice. >> absolute youly, doug. cold as far as north florida. let's take a look.
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we are also seeing snowflakes across the great lakes. low pressure center across michigan is bringing most of the snow in parts of canada, ontario and quebec, but we are getting snowflakes across portions of upstate new york and pennsylvania as well as michigan . not a big deal, but the temperatures are chilly. as i mentioned as far south as atlanta, georgia. look at what we are dealing with. the 40s and 50s across the board. and windchill, can you believe we are talking about windchill? it feels like 25 in marquette and 50 in chicago and 36 in minneapolis. that will continue today and tomorrow, but things -- the temperatures will moderate as we head into the new workweek and across the west the temperatures are quite warm. as we get into the new workweek, doug and especially for halloween i know a lot of kids are wondering if it will be really chilly out there, it will be seasonal across the northeast and mid-atlantic as we get toward halloween. >> it doesn't work when you have to put a big overcoat over the costumes. >> you are absolutely right.
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>> janice, good to see you. thank you. >> good to see you. congress is prepping for their next big fight which is i'm tbraition. it is -- immigration. it threatens to rip the parties apart. a fair and balanced look at the future of immigration. arizona governor jan brewer and former new mexico dworcher bill richard -- governor bill richardson are coming up live.
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president obama is turning his attention away from obamacare's rocky week and is instead pushing forward for comprehensive immigration reform. >> it doesn't make sense to have 11 million people in this country illegally without any incentive or anyway for them to come out of the shadows. it is not smart. it is not fair. it doesn't make sense. >> it is the next major battle
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that congress is likely to face and one that could potentially cause another rift in the gop, never mind between the two parties. arizona governor jan brewer, one of the more outspoken joins us now. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me on. >> the president has set an ambitious schedule for comprehensive immigration reform, a deadline he would like to see get done by the end of the year. is that realistic? >> i think that he is taking on a lot of posturing. of course we knew when he was running for election that this was going to happen. he doesn't get to decide. i think the people of america get to decide. first and foremost the people in the united states want our borders secured first. >> the president has indicated that in the past couple days as well as the press secretary jay carney that they might, if you read the tea leaves may be willing to settle for something less than
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comprehensive reform. i want you to know what the president had to say and jay carney as well. >> if house republicans have new and different additional ideas for how we should move forward we want to hear them. i will be listening. >> now, how we get there through the house is obviously up to house leaders. there are a variety of ways you can reach the ultimate goal which is a comprehensive bill the president can sign into law. >> what do you make of that? do you see wiggle room this there? >> well, you know, i hope he does listen. the majority of the people in the united states believe in the rule of law and we want our borders secured first before we move forward. do you know back in 1986 my hero ronald reagan promised us he would secure the borders and we have allowed three million people illegal in the united states to get citizenship.
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we have been down that path. let's step up and do it right and he needs to listen. i know that we have to look at the issue and deal with the issues that we are faced with with the dreamers and we need our borders secured. i don't think it is going to go anywhere until we get the borders secured. >> we hear about border security and perhaps that is an understatement. we hear these an neck dough tall stories of ice agents apprehending illegals crossing the border and forced to turn them away. is that still happening? >> absolutely. they turn them back around and just let them loose. the people living on the border live this day in and day out. people are coming across the border looking for help for their families, and there is the sex trafficking and the drug houses and we are fed up with it. we have made our message
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pretty strong and pretty clear not only in arizona, but i think throughout the united states. we want our borders secured. then we deal with the other issues we know we will face. but i don't believe anything is going to be accomplished until our borders are secured. >> conversely though, we hear the flow of illegal immigrants across the border is beginning to dry up simply because they don't have jobs to come to in this country as much as they used to. >> well because of the crummy economy created by the administration. we do have less jobs, but what jobs there are here, there are still people coming across and it is just not people coming for work. we are dealing with serious drug cartels that are bringing drugs in across our border day and night. we are fed up with it. i hope the president when he says that he is listening, that he is listening. mr. president, close our borders . respect the rule of law. >> but is it realistic to expect that to come from this
9:29 am
administration? >> but it is at the back end of the compromise on the comprehensive immigration bill that the senate is pursuing. >> so there is hope. >> well, i don't know if there is hope. when is it going to take place? five years, ten years down the road? i don't think so. we are not ready to sit and wait it out. this issue has been facing us now for how many years? 10, 20 years? why cannot someone understand, secure our borders and then let's deal with these other issues. >> okay, governor brewer, thank you very much. we appreciate your time here. joining us for the other half of our discussion is former new mexico governor and former u.n ambassador bill richardson. with el come to you, sir. >> -- welcome to you, sir. >> thank you, nice to be with you. >> what do you make of what governor brewer said?
9:30 am
>> contrary to governor brewer i support what president reagan did on immigration. i think what i am seeing now is some ray of hope. two events. one next week a group of businessmen, religious leaders evangelicals, mainly republicans are going to target house republicans, about 50 that have been opposing immigration reform. immigration reform comprehensive is good are to the economy. it brings new workers. it reduces the deficit. that's one good side. the second is actually what the president said, he is ready to listen to some house republican proposals that piecemeal will try to address the problem. as long as the path to citizenship, doug, of the 11 million is kept in an immigration bill, the house and senate can move into a conference committee and then come out i think with a
9:31 am
comprehensive package. i am not predicting for sure that is going to happen, but i think the mood is now a little better now that the shutdown is over and the syria issue, and now congress can move toward legislation, but both parties can work together to do it. there are a lot of moderates in the republican party that want comprehensive immigration. the senate bill does what governor brewer wants to do. it secures the border. more boots on the imrownd. more -- more boots on the ground. more technology. border enforcement and the pass of citizenship for the 11 million. it is not automatic. we have to earn it. we have to -- go ahead. >> i want to read a little bit of an op ad you wrote in january of 2013 about immigration reform and how it plays into the republican party's position. quoting now, hispanics of all ethnic back dwrowndz are embracing democratic candidates and their message of inclusiveness and opportunity for all.
9:32 am
overhaul including the demonization of foreign born families that look to america for opportunity is hurting republicans at the poll. that is strongly worded and i wonder if republicans say they have a message of inclusiveness for chick -- economic opportunity and they don't break it down by color of skin or ethnicity. >> what i meant there is i was looking at the facts, at the election results. governor romney got 29% of the hispanic vote. this is the lowest ever. president george bush got 44% and elected twice. my point there was simply that there are republicans, sensible republicans, moderate republicans that want to see comprehensive reform, but they are outnumbered by the tea party republicans, by those that don't want to see any change and see this status quo as the best option which it is not. the best outcome is a
9:33 am
comprehensive bipartisan piece of legislation. i think the president is extending a hand to the house republicans and saying, all right, you don't want comprehensive reform? you want to do it piecemeal? all right, send me what you have. then eventually the house and senate under our constitution have to come up with a package. i wasn't trying to be pleat cal. i was -- political, just realistic. >> i understand, but isn't it true that illegal immigration is somewhat drying up or wayneing a little bit because of the democratic policies of the presidency and of the congress? >> i think the fact that there is more border enforcement and more troops on the border and more boots on the ground -- >> i am referring to the lack of jobs here. >> yeah, whatever the reason, i won't say it is drying you up. i am in new mexico and arizona and you can see statistics. there is less illegal immigration coming through the border. i mean, there is still
9:34 am
sufficient to have legislation, and i am with everybody who says let's have more border security. there is no question we should do that. i think the senate bill does that. it has got republican votes. it has got border security. very strong increases and it even has a border fence which i don't think will do much good. it has substantially more funding and it also has a path to citizenship for the 11 million. it will take about 13 years. they have to pass a background check and pay a fine and learn english. i think a lot of good stipulations that incorporate those potential workers into the economy and then finally what it also has, the senate bill, is for those workers that are highly skilled and cannot stay in america, phd's technicrats, now they are allowed to stay and that's good for our economy. >> governor, we are out of time.
9:35 am
in five seconds, the president has set an ambitious timetable at the end of this year for comprehensive immigration reform. can it get done by then? >> yes, it can get done. i think he will get it done. it has to be a bipartisan effort. i would say 60-40 it gets done. >> governor bill richardson, appreciate your thoughts. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, tainted pet treats making dogs and cats gravely ill and a recall issued on chicken salad. we'll tell you what to avoid for both you and your pets when we come back.
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the food and drug administration is looking for the cause behind taint i had -- tainted jerky pet treats and has yet to issue a formal recall. the treats manufactured in china have lead to the deaths of about 600 dogs since the year 2007 with a surge in recent illnesses. >> if you have fed a jerky treat and they develop signs it is important to keep the package especially the lot number. that will help the fda in their investigation. >> the treats sold as jerky tenders and are made of chicken, duck, sweet potatoes and dried fruit. vets say within hours of consuming the treat, the animal will become lethargic losing their appetite and eventually becoming sick. some pet owners are heeding the warning and avoiding all treats together. >> probably stay away from the
9:40 am
jerky treats for quite awhile until it sorts itself out and we will see what is really going on. >> the fda is asking for pet owners and veterinarians to contact the agency if their pet has experienced any illness firsthand. they are recalling more than 220,000 pounds of chicken salad. they found signs of a contaminant that could cause lis steer yow sis. the salad was shipped to massachusetts and new hampshire with a sell by date of september 13th to november 4th. so far no one has gotten sick from the chicken salad. the size of our nation's debt has many asking where can we tighten the belt on federal spending. it is all about the competition. >> csx trains run miles of track and a private, profitable company that delivers goods at competitive prices. it was born during the reagan
9:41 am
administration and put together from the rusty remanence of the government-run freight rail that was losing a million dollars a day. >> ronald reagan had the yellow book test. if something could be found in the yellow book it should be done by the private sector. unfortunately the administration is taking the opposite feel and claiming they are inherently nongovernmental. >> indeed in 2010 the office of federal procurement policy had a policy change to broaden the an inherently governmental definition. leading to out sourcing. >> mapping, audiovisual services, food services that were being insourced. >> one example of the administration's anti-competitive spirit critics say was the obamacare rollout. it has been corrected, but early visitors were unable to comparison shop without providing private information. state exchanges don't do that and nor do most commercial websites. >> that's the way anything works when somebody is buying a particular product.
9:42 am
you go on-line to amazon or ebay and you see the price. you decide if it is worth it and you can comparison shop with other websites. >> while they are increasing insources, many states are doing the opposite. >> there are governors and mayors across the country that are privatizing hospitals, privatizing toll roads, privatizing parking garages and using the private sector for information technology building geographic information system. >> there have been complaints. in indiana there are accusations that politically connected companies have lucrative contracts. there is other poor service by contractors. at the federal level, out sourcing means less oversight. a government contractor liked ward snowden -- like edward snowden is the worst fear come true. >> it is a tried and true principal that competition bringses down costs. no small concern for a government that is now $17 trillion and more in debt. well some women in saudi
9:43 am
arabia are standing up for their rights by getting behind the wheel. will officials put the brakes on their protesting? that story coming up. and is north korea planning its next big nuke test? researchers say yes. we will have that story for you right after the break. . heart healthy, huh?! ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor
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evidence that north korea may be planning its next nuclear test. that's according to the u.s. korea institute at johns hopkins and according to north korea expert gordon chang. progress is only helping iran. gordon is the author of "nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world" and joins us with his perspective on what north korea is up to. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> there is a law on the provocations of north korea. has that been changing or is it a lull in the reporting of it? >> there has been a lull since this spring when they had the series of provocations. now we have seen the smoke rise from the reactor in late august. we see the water being discharged from the plant which means they are restarting it it. they fired on a russian russian without warning and now they're talking about all sorts of things. so, i think that they actually
9:48 am
are starting to ramp up and probably by the end of the year, maybe the beginning of next year we're going to see another series of provocations and probably a fourth detonation. >> what are the points of these provocations? >> well, i think the point is that they, first of all, they need to make sure that they validate their design for their nuclear weapons. they want to build their arsenal and also need to show to their customers, the iranians, that their devices work. they've got to do this. they might postpone testing if we put enough pressure on them, but they are going to test, unless we do something that is really effective. >> you ahave written that the north korea will have the ability to launch a long-range weapon within three years which means the united states, the continental united states could be within reach, would he do that? >> i don't think they would do that. they would only do that if they were desperate. but do that to threaten
9:49 am
advantage in something, like aid or wanted us to back off for our support to north korea. the north koreans always threaten. pretty clear that they will do that. that really means we need to have a rethink of our north korean policy because within three years, maybe four years, the north koreans will be able to land a nuke in the united states and because we don't have a reliable nuclear defense system very little we can do about it once their launcher reaches atmosphere. >> you have written that the chinese are getting very worried about this. they interrupted. >> they did that this month and issued their list of items that cannot be exported to north korea. i don't know if there was a fundamental shift, but we are seeing a little bit of reluctance that we have not witnessed in the past. that is a if sign. we need to see a lot more out of
9:50 am
china, if china is going to effectively control its friend, north korea. we have a north korea problem because of china. >> i will broaden this out to u.s. foreign policy. critics of u.s. foreign policy this year say it is as much of a screw up as the rollout of obama care. what they say the relative impotence when it comes to north korea, iran, syria, on and on. the spying problem with our allies in europe being very upset by this. where do we stand? >> this is the last three or four months have been a very bad period in american diplomacy for all the reasons you mentioned and right now the iranians see that and, therefore, i think they have little incentive to negotiate in earnest. they may be talking to us, like they will be doing in the beginning of next month, but they're only doing that to prevent the israelis from striking them with, you know, striking their nuclear
9:51 am
facilities. i don't think they're concerned about us. they're concerned about israel and that is a problem. when you have countries like north korea and iran and even china and russia not afraid of the u.s., very bad things happen. i'm very concerned about what we will see from the beginning part of next year. >> we hope your fears don't come true and we always appreciate the warnings. thank you very much, sir, good to see you. >> thank you. a group of saudi women are standing up by getting behind the wheel. clerics in that country have been enforcing a ban on women getting drivers license. four women have driven cars without being stopped by police. this is the third time there has been a coordinated protest of the driving ban. a mailman is being called a hero. why he says he didn't even think twice before coming to the aid of a family on his route. nsti, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day
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what a heart-warming scene for aaron wright returning home after an eight-month deployment in bahrain doing operational support for the u.s. navy. he wanted to surprise his wife and kids in person, a reunion that brought his kids tears of joy. >> it was surreal. it was a long-time coming and unbelievable just to be home and to be able to see their faces. >> this is aaron's final deployment and he is now home for good. he'll go on to work full time at notre dame in the office of information technology. welcome home and thanks for your service, aaron. one detroit mailman is a hero after his quick thinking saved a woman's home and quite possibly her life. derion was serving his route when he noticed flames spouting
9:57 am
up from a nearby home. he grabbed a garden hose from a house nearby and when firefighters arrived they found the mailman taming the flames. >> at any point he could think, hey, this isn't my job? >> no, i didn't think that. i saw a lady in the house and a young kid outside and just go in and do it. somebody see me like that, i wish they would do me like that, too. >> then he just continued on his route through rain, sleet, dark of night, i guess we'll add fire to that, as well. that will do for me in washington. jamie colby and kelly wright take over. and republican congresswoman marsha blackburn. "fox news sunday."
9:58 am
hi, everybody, i'm jamie colby. >> good to be with you, jamie, i'm kelly wright. president obama now trying to ensure americans that the federal health care website should be running at full speed in just a few more weeks. this after nearly a week of technical failures and delays. >> and there is brand-new backlash against government spying. hundreds gathering right now in our nation's capital and they're protesting the u.s. surveillance programs. plus, a double edge sword. u.s. manufacturers pushing


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