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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 25, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PST

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national anthem. she didn't mix up the words exactly. listen. >> ♪ what so proudly we hail through the twi's last gleaming ♪ >> who is it? >> i don't know. forgot them all together. we'll tell you who that was. added the crickets, though. >> i thought it was very nice for the crickets to jump in there. star spangled silence. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> are you even -- are you guys just going to sleep after staying out all night shopping or are you just getting up now? >> i don't know. if you're in line this morning and you're heading out a little bit later this morning, send us your black friday photos and we'll share them on the show.
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>> this is the one day a year we're not alone in getting up at 3:00 a.m. a lot of people across this country got up at 2:00, 3:00, some didn't go to sleep. some were camping out as you guys suggested. and the deals started at 9:00 last night at toys r us so it's kind of black thursday into friday. >> 152 million people expected to head out to shop today. that's the estimate. last year, the estimate got blown away. 212 million people ended up going out. record-breaking sales last year. >> elizabeth mcdonald is going to be here with us talking about maybe some of these things aren't actually deals. we've got some little inside information. >> ok. >> look forward to that. >> we'll start with your headlines and a fox news alert. the university of illinois at chicago on lockdown after a gunman opened fire inside the university's medical complex. the man reportedly shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and left another woman injured. police say the suspect is still at large and may be hiding inside the hospital or somewhere nearby. again, this is the university of illinois at chicago.
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right now, university officials are telling students to stay inside and lock their doors. we'll keep you posted as this story develops. black friday, as we said, today, but it's off it a dangerous start in some places. there are brand new reports of gunshots breaking out at a law in north carolina. also, 10 people reportedly injured at a wal-mart in los angeles. the holiday shopping frenzy started earlier this year with some stores opening on thanksgiving in the evening actually and a lot of them opening just past midnight. this video is from macy's in new york city. it's always a madhouse there. you can count on that. but whoa! black friday, you can see thousands of people bargain hunting. shoppers will spend an estimated $500 billion this holiday season. >> billion? >> wow, that seems large. >> massive! >> is that right? >> about 3% more than last year. we're going to bring you a live black friday report coming up in a couple of seconds. one person is dead, five others injured after a man lost control of his car in the parking lot of
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a home depot. it happened in hyattsville, maryland. the driver in his 60's reportedly suffered some kind of medical emergency behind the wheel and that's when his car careened into a group of people standing outside the store. the accident is still under investigation. here we go again. painful seconds during yesterday's national anthem. former "american idol" runner-up lauren alaina fumbled, oh, early on. >> ♪ what so proudly we hail through the twi last gleaming ♪ >> ok, well, as you can hear, alaina recovered well and finished on a strong note and she got a nice ovation from fans at detroit's sports field. very nice of them. good for them. >> booed the halftime show! >> i'm just kidding, she tweeted us there's no excuses.
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she messed up. she's a little kid, though, she's 16 years old, ok? look at that, she goes from being a little, you know, not a nobody but nobody knows who she is and all of a sudden -- >> one of the hardest songs to remember because there's not a hook in it which is so interesting like from a musical standpoint, you have the common refrain, you're able to remember -- they've done studies on it. they've done studies on this song as one of the hardest songs to remember. >> that's one of those moments that she could turn into a real plus, you know, i mean, had she done it well, no one would have remembered. but that mess up and pushing through it, persevering and getting the applause. >> what would you have done? i would have cried and run off. get me out of here! >> all right. anyway, we hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. this morning, we're going to talk a bit about immigration, actually a very hot topic these days after what newt gingrich had to say last week at the g.o.p. debate. and now, we're going to talk about the concept of border fence going up along the state of arizona, the entire border and here's what's novel about
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this idea. they want you to pay for it. asking for public donations to build this fence. >> can you send them a check this morning and let us know. here's state senator steve smith, a republican there who says people from across the nation have already donated about $255,000 to his cause of putting a border fence and finishing off the gaps. >> drop in the bucket, baby. you know how much it's going to cost to build this thing? >> it is a drop in the bucket and it will cost millions of dollars. >> how many million? $34 million or $224,000 a mile. >> this will only cover the half a mile. >> you got to start somewhere. >> this shows americans can put up the money if they want to show that we're not going to have it in arizona. we're going to complete this border fence. bear in mind, the border is about 2,000 miles. it would be 650 miles of completed border fences across arizona and parts of nevada and parts of california.
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>> even if you have -- there obviously is a fence in some areas. even if you have the fence, you have the tunnels being dug or they catapult over the fence. >> catapulted over. >> dig over it. >> catapult themselves over the fence. >> look, there's a lot of problems in this theory. i think number one is the cost and as you mentioned, this is 1/2 mile. this is a novel concept. maybe the public will start bucking up. in this economy, i'd be surprised. perhaps we can get the web site and see where the donations go by the end of this show. >> people are going to probably hold off on to during the christmas season. >> friends at, would you mail a check to arizona to help them sere the border with the border fence? let us know about that. dave was talking about what newt gingrich said earlier this week during a g.o.p. debate and it came towards the end of the debate so if you were falling asleep during the end, you were like wait a second, was this the highlight of the entire debate? who would have thought all the headlines would be about this
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comment. listen. >> i don't see how the party who says they're the party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy which destroys families that have been here a quarter century and i'm prepared to take the heat for saying, let's be humane in enforcing the law without giving them citizenship. but by finding a way to create legality so that they are not separated from their families. >> governor perry -- >> newt gingrich taking fire from both sides for his some say compassioned stance on immigration but he is not backing away from it and no to his critics, he's not pandering. this has been newt gingrich's take on immigration for at least a decade if not two decades going back. >> he's talking about like local panels, local citizen panels, you know, people in your neighborhood making these decisions as to whether or not you've been there long enough. you have the roots. you've been paying taxes. >> yeah, he wants to clarify this and he did so with fox yesterday saying "this is explicitly false that i'm asking for amnesty, ok, that that is
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not true. i am for deporting all recent unattached illegals. i am for local citizen panel to consider certification of those who have been here 25 years and have family and community and have been abiding and tax paying, they could get what the krieble foundation developed as a red card and be legal but with no path to citizenship and no vote. there is no path to kick off all 11 million illegals. no one from michelle bachmann to mitt romney has a way to pull that off. i'm trying to work with them. it is impossible. >> as karl rove said, it's impossible. you can't kick out 11 million individuals in this kunlt. it's impossible. this goes back to his stance back with ronald reagan. he, of course, supported what ronald reagan did, a path to amnesty which, i think, gave three million illegal immigrants at the time a path to amnesty in this country. mitt romney jumping on that saying that reagan decision opened up a floodgates of other people to come across the
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border. they saw it as an invitation. >> a magnet, that's their argument. >> we have to increase security at the border. >> right. but at the end of the day, the real question is how does this resonate in iowa right now? if you read "the wall street journal" this morning, it's resonating in, perhaps, a harmful way for newt gingrich there and even some conservative blogers in that state saying this could be the defining issue and the moment that really hurts newt gingrich. >> we shall see. >> we want to hear from you. let us know what you think about all this. will this hurt newt coming up? >> all righty. >> talk about this. black friday shoppers are out in full this morning. juliet almost didn't come to work. she wanted to be out there. let's go to fox business network's sandra smith. she's live. we send her out into the shopping. this is her home turf in chicago at the premium outlets in illinois. nice to see you. >> you, too. juliet, you tell me what deal you want and i'll seek it out for you. guys, check this out. bags in hand and this line, ok,
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this is a line for the coach factory store. we're at the chicago premium outlet mall in aurora, illinois. these stores opened at 9:00 last night. a lot of folks said they didn't go to bed. some woke up early but the lines are out the door at a lot of these stores. actually, i was talking to some gals. i mean, you guys are driving in from all over the place. where did you come in from? >> galesburg, illinois. >> are the deals that good? why are you out here? >> best deal so far, what did you find? >> vera bradley, 50% off and 30%. >> 50% off. you guys, what's the best deal you found so far? >> dooney & burke. >> that store over my shoulder here. here's the concern, 152 million people, a lot of them right here are expected to hit the stores this black friday weekend. supposed to be an all time record. 10% more than last year. the concern, however, from retailers is that they're having a discount so much to get folks through the door that it might actually cut into the bottom line.
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i'm not so sure that's a concern here, guys. they're having to limit the number of people they're letting in these stores for like fire hazards and etc. there's a lot of people out here and it's really cold and it's really early so good sign for the retailers so we'll see how it turns out. >> sandra? >> any like louie vattons there or jimmy chu? >> she's working. >> you know, no. there's not, actually. but like i said, this is the coach store. we have some nine west over here. we've got aerstole. no louie vatton, though. >> i'll e-mail you! >> thanks, sandra. you know, clearly this is an indication that this occupy black friday movement has not been a big success. they are trying to block out the shoppers from some of our major retailers. the occupy movement, will they have any success? their facebook page has about 1250 members. >> i'm confused. confused about this. so they initially go after the
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banks. now they're going after people -- >> yeah, corporations they say. >> please e-mail me. >> they're going outside of best buy. best buy setting up a no tent policy so they weren't able to camp out there and disrupt it. >> how do they buy their tents? did they make their tents -- did they sew their tents together? >> they probably do. >> they don't want to go and buy anything. >> they say the idea is simple. hit the corporations that corrupt and control american politics where it hurts. now, critics of the occupy black friday movement say you're going to hit local businesses. you're going to hit the average, you know, you know, worker, who, you know, this trickles down. it's not just the massive corporations. black friday money trickles down to awful us. >> reminder, send us your black friday photos if you're out and about this morning. e-mail them from your smart phone or tweet them as well at fox and friends on twitter. >> show us your seats, good deals. >> show us your credit card numbers. >> totally. >> coming up on the show, is this the face of a hardened
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criminal? a 4-year-old brought in for interrogation because she stole a piece of fruit and it only gets worse from there, folks. >> and ready, set, stop. before you leave for the store today, people. you'll want to see our next segment. how to get the best deal today on everything. from toys to ipads plus what you should avoid. [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift, shouldn't it be given in an amazing way? ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer. [ regis we love to play tennis. and with it comes some aches and pains. and one way to relieve them all
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>> welcome back. you're looking at jersey city, new jersey. it's black friday and time to find some great deals. who is offering what today? let's ask former wall street retail analyst kristin bentz is
3:17 am
here with us this morning. nice to see you this morning. >> good to see you, too! >> i understand apple which usually never does any sort of sales today and today only is one of the top ones on your list here that jumps out to you. what are they offering? >> you know, if you need an ipad or an ipod touch, today is the day to buy apple. this rarely happens and think of apple almost like a luxury good, you know, product never goes on sale. apple is going on sale today for the first time in a long time. so this gives you kind of a blink into the economy and black friday. so today, if you want apple products, today is the day to buy it. >> $50 off all range of products from ipad, and everything. you can do it on their web site as well, not just in the store. also, toys r us is number two on your list. what do they got going on at toys r us? >> all about lego. all about lego. all about lego, "star wars" and "harry potter."
3:18 am
so they have a lot of deals with lego and harry potter and star wars. >> which start at 9:00 a.m. today and also, american express. i wouldn't think this would have made the list. what are they doing? >> this is really interesting to me. so for the first time, american express is actually partnering with small businesses to give us like a super saturday, small business saturday, you're going to see a lot more deals in your local mom and pop retail stores. on saturday. >> interesting, not just black friday but over through the weekend as well. we want to get to this. what not to buy on black friday. you say tv's. we see these people in this line, these lines that have been camped out there overnight to get $200 off televisions. why shouldn't you buy tv's on black friday? >> there is a glut of hdtv's and the prices are coming down phenomenally so i truly believe you should wait. and take your time and wait
3:19 am
until the last saturday before christmas to buy those hdtv's. >> or wait until after christmas until the consumer electronics show, you can save a little bit more. that's my friendly tip for you. that's the tech boy talking and jewelry also, don't buy jewelry today. you stopped me in my tracks. why? >> you know, i'm all about bling but traditionally, jewelry sales up until christmas are going to put a hefty price on that and gold and silver at all time highs right now so i'd recommend waiting on that jewelry purchase until about january or february. >> and watches as well. typically in february, i guess close to valentine's day, right? >> valentine's day and also wall street bonus time. so definitely wait for that. >> all right, kristin, enjoy your black friday. former wall street retail analyst, we appreciate you joining us this morning. hope you had a good thanksgiving. >> thank you so much. you, too. >> coming up on the show, caught on camera. a teachers union president
3:20 am
mocking the secretary of education. >> education is a civil rights issue of our time. >> you know he went to private school. if he had gone to public school, he would have had that list. >> and there's more so will her comments have any consequences? that's next. then they're going to occupy the airways, the occupy wall street movement recording an album to raise money. could that be considered capitalism? we report, you decide. looking good! you lost some weight.
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>> welcome back. the occupy movement wants shoppers to occupy something besides doorbuster sales this black friday. they're planning big protests across the country at major retailers. >> todd sterns is a repeated performance here today. he's the fox news radio guy and
3:24 am
joins us live with all the details on this. so what's the scoop? >> well, we still don't know what these folks want and quite frankly, i think they've jumped the big shark from being a protest movement to being quite frankly domestic terrorists where we have people out there firebombing, they're assaulting women. they're going after businesspeople and not just these big box stores like best buy and target and the sporting goods stores, but they're also going after small businesses here in new york city. we have seen them invade these shops, go in, terrorize customers and in one instance and i think, guys, this may be the most horrific thing they've done, there was video of school children, little grade schoolers having to walk through this crowd of angry protesters shouting and saying let's follow the kids. this is not peaceful protesting. >> occupy black friday's facebook page says the idea is to hit corporations that corrupt and control american politics where it hurts. their profits, one day black friday where the mega
3:25 am
corporations blatantly dictate our action. what do you think about that statement? >> what's going to happen, they're going to boycott those businesses. who is it going to hurt? it's going to hurt the employees. they're the ones that are going to be out on the street and unemployed. i think, you know, these folks, again, there's no clear leadership here and one of the things that really concerns me, juliet, is the fact that president obama time and time again has had the opportunity to denounce these people and had a chance to say hey, folks, we get it. cool it. knock it off. we get the protest, you can't be violent. not once has he done that. >> the occupy wall streeters are planning on doing a benefit album. isn't that capitalism, people can buy the album? >> they're raising a million dollars. that's what they want to do, raise a million dollars with this project. some of the performers on this project are grand mash, third eye blind and get this, guys,
3:26 am
michael moore. how would you like to have him on your ipod? >> there's a grammy nomination for you. >> didn't know it. >> who knew? who knew? >> my favorite movement, though, is occupy nba. i don't know if you've heard about this one. they are siding with the nba players against the tyranny of the nba owners. nba players average $5 million a year for their salaries. >> it's amazing! >> i think it's tough to find direction right now for this group but, you know, we shall see where it heads over the holiday season. >> stocking stuffer, i guess. >> there you go. >> see you back here tomorrow, right? >> let's do it. >> thanks, don. >> thanks. she can't read. she cannot write but she better talk -- yeah, she better open her mouth, the 4-year-old brought in for interrogation gauze -- because she stole a piece of fruit. we'll give you the scoop on this. >> giving leftovers, don't settle for a turkey sandwich, my personal favorite. we'll break down some other
3:27 am
delicious options for you. leftovers when we come back. >> we're live at the malls. mall madness, best buy had some great deals. they opened last night, i think, at about 9 midnight. shoppers on the prowl. more what they're hunting for coming up. with the capital one venture card
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>> welcome back. time for your shot of the morning. who says cats and dogs don't get along? you're looking at the cat giving a lovely deep tissue massage to a very pampered pooch. >> cue the music. >> and essential oils. their owner -- here's the video on you tube. is that too harsh? >> did the dog get afterwards? do you have to tip the cat? >> do you think they have hot stones? >> i will say -- >> take a shower. >> scrub! >> my family is out of town and i have a cat and he does the same exact thing and that was -- >> you tip him? >> that was the end of my night last night, my cat giving me a massage. >> very nice. >> cats do this. this is how they show their love. >> if this was so common, we
3:32 am
wouldn't be laughing so hard. >> here's the terrible segue that my friend said. you know who's not getting a tip? congress. >> i'm not taking credited for that one, gavin. congress down on itself. you know, the super committee just absolute failure being mocked around the world. >> no! >> what congress is going through right now but mood on capitol hill has gone from frustration to basically, open self-loathing and -- >> says the l.a. times. >> so when you compare things that most americans sort of despise, you would think that these would be at the top of the list over congress. turns out not so much as an example, start this off with the irs. >> this is amazing to see where congress stacks up, ok, that may be a little tough to read but we will break it down for you. as clayton suggested, congress far left from the i.r.s. has 40%. >> 40%. >> 40% approves of the i.r.s.
3:33 am
and the airline industry, 29% according to gallup, far better than congress. nixon during watergate, yes, juliet, can you believe that? >> 24%. >> banks, 23% according to gallup. how about this? the oil and gas industry who gouge all of us at the pump, right, they fare better than congress. 20%, even b.p. during the oil spill had a better approval rating than congress today. you see the 9%. >> can i read you a couple of quotes? i apologize every time i'm in front of my constituents. that's senator joe manchin. a republican from florida says, this sucks. >> john thune came out and threw his support behind mitt romney the other day in iowa wants to come out and apologize. he almost said look, if it was better for me to come and bash congress, i might do that or distance myself, i might consider doing that but even this statistic on the bottom of the list here is jaw dropping.
3:34 am
even the u.s. thinks that adopting communism, that got a higher rating than congress. 11% of americans say we'd go for communism over 9% for congress this morning. >> that's why so many got this nondeal done and got on planes and went home and hid in their homes with their family. >> also explains why a lot of times members of congress don't get elected president. i mean, barack obama is a rare exception going back to j.f.k. before that. but most representatives, rick santorum, not likely. >> meantime, we have to move on to some headlines and we're starting with the tragic story out of pakistan where an american woman and her husband are murdered in cold blood. the woman from new york and from scotland were gunned down in a suspected honor killing. four gunmen approached their car and shot ramon and then they took his wife, shot her and left
3:35 am
her on the side of the road. the driver and two of his relatives were not harmed. there was reportedly some tension between each of their families. no arrests so far. we now know all the identities of all the six victims in that tragic plane accident in arizona wednesday night. shawn perry and his three kids, morgan, logan and luke all died when the twin engine plane they were flying in crashed into the side of a mountain near phoenix. they were traveling to the town of stafford for thanksgiving. on board, 22-year-old joseph harwig, an airplane mechanic hitching a ride home. he was engaged to be married in december. the co-pilot also died. there's no word of what caused the accident. the plane split into two pieces upon smashing into the ground. no one survived. call it one swoop. a wild turkey apparently fighting back against thanksgiving. he didn't want to be eaten. he didn't want to lay on a table, clayton. it flew right through this restaurant in pennsylvania
3:36 am
yesterday. flew into a restaurant leaving glass and feathers all over the floor. unfortunately, the turkey did not survive. maybe he wanted -- maybe he wanted to be eaten. >> she might be america's most wanted toddler. listen to this one. the 4-year-old taken to a back room and interrogated after a supermarket security guard saw her eating some dried apricots and put the rest back on the shelf. it happened in washington state. the security guard made savannah sign a document saying she would never -- is this real? she would never enter a safeway supermarket ever again. the problem, little savannah, little apricot eater can't read or write. she scribbled her name instead. safeway has since apologized for the incident. security guard fired. >> he goes into these bins all the time for the candy, right, dave? >> i am so busted! the little jelly beans. every time. >> those aren't free! >> i even give one to my
3:37 am
daughter and son. here's a jelly bean. they're free. >> thief! >> talk a little sports, it was a thanksgiving stuffed with football and for the first time in history, two brothers went nose to nose as head coaches. jim and john harbaugh shaking hands before the game. jim's 49% the surprise in this season taking on john's baltimore ravens. big brother john had the advantage, though, tied at 6 in the fourth. that was joe flacco for the t.d. 13-6 ravens. alex smith couldn't get it going. why? well, he was sacked nine times and john wins the har-bowl or as i prefer, the harbolic palooza. 16-6 the final. the packers traveled to detroit to take on the lions. this game didn't have the warm thanksgiving feeling that it generally does. check out this, he went to meet with the commissioner recently to figure out why he's getting
3:38 am
fined and what's dirtedy. that's dirty. that's stupid. the kick gets him booted for the game. and a former nebraska guy, he can expect fine from that play. led to a green bay touchdown. they went up 14-0. they stayed in control throughout the entire game. how about james jones? >> james jones. >> they are not going to get him. aaron rodgers, another stellar effort. as the packers move to 11-0 for the first time in franchise history. and finally, the dallas cowboys playing host to the woeful miami dolphins who have found some life in the last couple of weeks. miami up 16-10 in the fourth but tony romo suddenly clutch tony romo finds loren robinson in the end zone who has been on fire. five games in a row with a touchdown. cowboys up and dolphins get a field goal to make it 19-16. dallas had a field goal with 28
3:39 am
yards out. three seconds left and jerry jones can celebrate. dan bailey gets the game-winner, 20-19. all right, if it's not about football, it's about leftovers, juliet. that's what this weekend is all about, isn't it? >> heck yeah. thanksgiving dinner leaves plenty to be thankful for especially when it comes to the leftovers. you don't want to deal with a turkey sandwich. the founder of the comfort diner here in new york city is going to find a way to let that turkey shine after thanksgiving. we have creative things. let me start with these pancakes. explain. what's going on here? >> you were going to make pumpkin pie or you did, you had some pumpkin puree or someone bought pumpkin pie, what do you do with it? pumpkin pancakes are terrific, little cinnamon, some eggs, some milk and with the cranberry sauce that you have left over, don't throw it away, you can make a great cranberry butter that goes on top. equal parts butter and cranberry, soften it, whip it
3:40 am
together. roll it up in a tube. you can keep it in the freezer for months. it's great on the pumpkin pancakes and grated -- great on rolls and bread. >> i'm going to cook for the first time this year maybe when i get home. let's go to the turkey hash. >> turkey hash, you have all this turkey left over. you really want to eat it or do something with it within a few days. >> we don't want to do the sandwiches. >> cube it up, you have sweet potatoes left over, baked potatoes, maybe roasted beef. hash was a traditional new england dish with leftovers, that's what it was. that's how it got created. so it's great in a castiron skillet but you can do it in a stainless steel skillet. that will be great. cube it up. eat it with a fritatta. this is amazing. a lot of people make a sauce of stuffing. even if you don't, most stuffings are savory. what do you do with that? you could not just put it in the sandwich but you could put it in a skillet. heat up some eggs and some cheese and some milk, pour it --
3:41 am
pour it over that like you're scrambling eggs, let it set. put it in the oven for 10 minutes and you have this amaze fritata and this goes with the hash. >> this will be my breakfast. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. we appreciate it. >> dave and clayton, back to you. >> you like some of this? auto we're starving! >> did somebody say quiche? that's my middle name. coming up on the show, if congress can't make the cuts we need, will our troops be forced to pay the price? is that the only option? and is that even accurate? we'll get to the bottom of it. >> how could you forget the gumby robber, caught sticking up 7-elevens in costume. this morning, there is a development.
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3:45 am
see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. >> welcome back. shoppers, start your engines. black friday is off to a busy start this morning. this is a live look at the best buy in braintree, massachusetts. glad i'm not there. let's go to fox business network's richard edson who joins us live from rockaway town square in rockaway, new jersey, better you than me. how is it looking out there this morning? >> not too bad. they put me next to a starbucks. it's not that bad. i've been doing this story for years and it never sinks in that we're at a mall that's packed. we went over to brookstone, i'm with jay west who has an ipad and some sort of floating device. what is this thing? >> this is the a.r. drone by parrot, it's sold through brookstone. it's an app controlled device and available for your android
3:46 am
phone so this is smartphone compatible. >> you can spy on people with this thing. >> yes, i can. it has a camera in front as well as underneath. >> show me that thing there. >> here you go. as you can see right there, that's your cameraman right there and your producer. hi, everybody. and we do have the camera in the front and underneath. i don't sell it for that purpose. what you do with it on your own time is your own business. >> what about traffic today? are you guys busy? how is it looking today? >> so far so good. it's early. it's black friday. come on down, we have over 300 gifts for under $50 available all weekend long. >> jay west, thanks so much for joining us. clayton, the national retail federation says they expect 152 million shoppers on this black friday. we can compare that to 138 million last year. back to you. >> we talk about these consumer confidence numbers all summer and look at the ebbs and flows you through the year. do all those numbers go out the window this weekend? >> they count on them basically and count on that to be built into all this.
3:47 am
this is the real weekend folks are looking for. they want those 152 million and they want the tens of billions of dollars. they're counting on that especially after the year we've had. >> knowings -- thanks, rich. find yourself some toys and grab a starbucks. now i'm officially jealous. caught mocking the secretary of education. >> education is a civil rights issue of our times. now you know he went to private school because if he had gone to public school, he would have had that lisp fixed. >> she takes it even further. will her comments have consequences? a personal trainer gets fired for calling out co-workers who eat junk food. we report, you decide. can put am and be invisible! [ child 2 ] i call first player. no. i already called it. [ dad ] nobody's playing anything until after we get our homework done. thank you. hello? test drive's not over yet. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ louder ] hello?
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3:51 am
>> some outrageous comments caught on camera by the president of the chicago teachers union. >> this guy who has the nerve to stand up and say education is a civil rights issue of our time. now, you know he went to private school because if he had gone to public school, he would have had that lisp fixed. people are impressed. let me tell you, i spent those years smoking lots of weed. self-medicating. >> self-medicating, thank you. sounds like you did, too. >> now she's blaming conservatives for the public backlash against this. kyle olson is the ceo of education action group, the organization that discovered this outrageous video. nice to see you this morning. >> hi, thanks for having me. >> all right. first of all, how did you come across this video? why did you decide to put it out there? >> well, juan williams and i are working on a documentary
3:52 am
film looking at the fight over school choice in chicago. it's coming out in january during national school choice week. and he attempted to get an interview with the president of the chicago teachers union, karen lewis. she declined. i went on you tube to attempt to find some videos which would articulate their position on school choice, their mayor, rahm emanuel, education reform in general and i came across this so we released this video last week and it created a firestorm of controversy and condemnation over the ridiculous things she said. >> and here is her statement, karen lewis, the union president. "neo-conservative, anti-labor and anti-public education blogers with the history of distorting and misrepresenting the truth, sees the opportunity to create a pseudo firestorm around the comments in order to distract from our work at the chicago teachers union." their argument, i guess, this was a 35 minute speech cut down to three minutes.
3:53 am
>> well, what we did is we released also the full 35 minutes and people could make their own judgment and there's a reporter for "the new york times" who did look at all 35 minutes and found additional personal attacks and additional ridiculous things. the reality here is that she is being held accountable both by citizens and the media for the ridiculous things that she said and so what she's doing is she's lashing out at me, she's lashing out at our organization, at andrew britebart and she's attempting to point the finger at many other people but the reality is she is accountable for her own words. >> and you see some hypocrisy here because of the anti-bullying stance that her organization has taken. why? >> the national teachers unions whether it's the national federation of teachers or the national education association are constantly talking about bullying and how we need to get bullying out of schools and we shouldn't be -- students shouldn't be picking on others and those types of things.
3:54 am
in fact, the aft just had an anti-bullying conference and yet, here you've got the president of the union, the third largest local union in the country picking on the education secretary's lisp. it's just -- it's -- there's a double standard going on. it's absolutely ridiculous and the interesting thing is there's very little accountable for her other than from the media and the public. her members are not calling on her to step down and so at this point, she still is president of the union. >> so kyle, again, she's pointing the finger at you. she's pointing the finger at andrew britebart but no apology for taking on arnie duncan's lisp or whatever. talking about marijuana, nothing? >> well, what happened was she supposedly did apologize to him and he -- and he supposedly said oh, it's no big deal which i find amazing. but then she attempted to -- she pivoted and then she attempted to shift the blame and the accusations at us. by calling us the names that you
3:55 am
earlier described. >> when you put this video out, this video was already on you tube. right? there was no analysis on your part. there was no editorializing. you put the video out for other people to look at. >> right, we didn't think it was necessary. her words spoke for themselves and clearly the local media picked up on that. so again, this is -- she's being held accountable. she doesn't like it and so she's smearing us and she's -- >> we did show her statement a little bit earlier and we'll stay on top of this and see what sort of action, if anything, happens to her as well. kyle olson, hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and you enjoy the rest of your weekend. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. coming up, the president has been losing support among blue collar workers. why is that? could class warfare be to blame? we'll take a closer look. >> then ready, set, stop in your tracks. this is a live look at newport mall. this is braintree. we've got reporters blanketing
3:56 am
the country right now. this is in massachusetts. we're going to tell you because today is the worst day if you're looking for certain deals, we're going to tell you actually where to find the deals that might not be standing in a line. nationwide insurance, talk to me.
3:57 am
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3:59 am
should i bundle all my policies with nationwide insurance ? watch this. on one hand, you have your home insurance with one company. and on another hand, you have your auto with another. and on another hand, you have your life with another. but when you bundle them l together with nationwide insurance, they all work together perfectly and you could save 25%. wow... it's all in the wrists. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> hello, everybody. it is friday, november 25th. i'm juliet huddy. it's black friday. getting off to a dangerous start.
4:00 am
shots fired, people using pepper spray, off to a start across the country. the latest in a live report. >> they're building crucial parts for military and then smoking pot and getting drunk. union contractors caught partying it up on their lunch break. how safe does that make our troops? >> and a personal trainer gets fired for calling out co-workers that eat junk food. is that fair? he tweeted this picture. of a buddy's desk. junk food on it. >> is that mcdonald's? >> we report, you decide. i think juliet just had mcdonald's. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> shocked at mcdonald's. >> that's the black friday deal juliet couldn't wait to have. >> sausage biscuit. >> get those cravings, people. no, i'm not -- >> did you say happy black
4:01 am
friday? >> yeah -- >> congratulations. >> yeah, congratulations on all the shopping going on. my wife actually went out when i woke up this morning around 3:00 she got up with me and she's like, i'm up. what am i gonna do? i'm going to go to target. are you out of your mind? she went to target and there was no one there. she had opened their doors last night around 9:00 or midnight. >> not even black friday anymore. toys r us started at 9:00. wal-mart started at 10:00 and best buy started at midnight. that's when the really great deals disappeared, the 42 inch tv you heard a lot about from best buy, $200, 42 inch. all those things are gone by the time things open friday morning. >> you talked this morning and she said tv's aren't a good thing to go. >> wait until post christmas, you'll get better deals. >> or right after the super bowl. you'll really get the deals. do headlines really quickly, start with the fox news alert. a gunman believed to be on the loose near the university of chicago, illinois, at chicago. the university of illinois at chicago.
4:02 am
the suspect opened fire inside the university's medical center late last night and killed his ex-girlfriend and left at least one other person injured. the hospital is on lockdown. was on lockdown. operations have resumed after police found no sign of him in that building. students are still being told, though, to exercise caution on campus and stay indoors, if they can. black friday off to a dangerous start in some places. there are reports of gunshots breaking out at a mall in fayetteville, north carolina. also, 20 people reportedly injured at a wal-mart in los angeles. a woman reportedly sprayed pepper spray so she could get to a piece of merchandise she wanted to buy. does she not know they have cameras and surveillance video? the holiday shopping frenzy started earlier this year. we're talking about with some stores opening on thanksgiving. many opening right after midnight. this video is from macy's in new york city. mass chaos all the time. you can see today, though, thousands will spend an estimated $500 billion this holiday season. about 3% more than last year. that's good news. we'll be bringing you a live
4:03 am
black friday report coming up in a few minutes. one person is dead and five others are injured after a man lost control of his car in the parking lot of the home depot. it happened in hyattsville, maryland. this driver in his 60's reportedly suffered some kind of medical emergency behind the wheel and that's when his car careened into a group of people standing outside the store. the accident is still under investigation. the case of the gumby burglar is finally closed. 19-year-old jacob kiss of san diego pleaded guilty to misdemeanor burglary. he wore a gumby outfit trying to stay inconspicuous, i guess. trying to hold up a 7-eleven. you see him. he demanded that the clerk give him money because he had a gun. he couldn't find his gun and fled with his friend who was the getaway driver. each was placed on three years probation. don't wear costumes. all right. thank you so much, juliet. that's a good tip for all
4:04 am
americans out there. here's another good tip. >> got a lot of them. >> you're getting ready to do all the black friday shopping deals, it turns out according to "consumer reports" magazine, that it may actually pay to not go to these deals. maybe do some more stuff on line. they've broken it down with some interesting stats this morning. >> yeah, and i think the big takeaway at least for me is that when it comes to tv's, lisp to this, more than a quarter of the recommended tv's and cameras were at least 5% cheaper between cyber monday and december 13th. that is cheaper than they were on black friday. what they're saying is a lot of the lower brands, the brands that you don't want to have up on your wall when you're watching the super bowl, you may find a deal on those, but you got to be, i think, really informed when you go out there on black friday. you need to carry with you your smart phone or the scanner apps and make sure that you're comparing before you're buying. >> this is the thing. it's sort of a retroactive thing because you probably should have been out like a few weeks ago trying to see how much these
4:05 am
things were going for in the first place because a lot of these companies, it's obvious. it's business. they jack up the prices way ahead of time so they can say, oh, look at this. when really it's not that big of a deal. >> if you'll notice, some prices start to tick up around september. see some price increases in september so when you see black friday come around, it's actually dropping back down to where those prices were in september although it feels like it's somewhat of a sale. so a lot of these on line deals are actually better than going out and doing this, yeah. >> do your homework, people, before you hit the black friday sales. >> meanwhile -->> i also listen to you. i was reading on some of these other web sites like the smaller appliances. >> nobody ever listens to me here! >> we have a very special treat for you. holidays are a difficult time to be away from friends and family and we are so thankful for the brave men and women in the military serving overseas, serving all over the world including here in the uniteded states. and away from our families to protect our freedoms every day. joining us now is the undersecretary for the army, the
4:06 am
honorable dr. joseph westphal spending his thanksgiving in after afghanistan along with the troops. you recognize this guy, nick swisher from the new york yankees. good to see you both. >> all right. happy thanksgiving to all of you. >> good to see you. >> we do want to ask, nick swisher, what are you doing there? >> trying to give back, fellas, you know. around the holiday times, you want to be with your families. for all of us, my wife and i will be here to spend the week with these guys and women to be able to tell people there's people in the united states back and we're thinking about you and be able to come here and thank them face to face, it's been a complete honor for all of us. >> secretary, i got to ask you something, you know, we're talking right now about cuts possibly, looks like it's going to happen on the table to the
4:07 am
defense budget. that means bad news for a lot of folks, i think, you know, that's their take on it. what's your feeling about this latest development? >> >> well, we don't know exactly what the cuts will be but i'll tell you what, we are going to make sure the secretary of defense has made very clear, secretary of the army as well that these soldiers behind us here are going to get what they need to finish the job they were sent to do here. that's the for sure. and i'm telling you that we're here today, nick and i are here today to look at, to see what they're doing and give them our thanks and by the way, the results are incredible. we are making a difference here. the afghanis will be able to take on this mission very, very soon and it's because of the efforts of these soldiers behind me. we have a new soldier because peter and levine, president of
4:08 am
the yankees and mrs. steinbrenner that we just signed him up, man. he's a new recruit for the army. >> we'll have some people freaking out in new york. >> he's the very best. >> you might have some angry new yorkers because of that. talk about how important it is -- >> they should be freaking out because he's a great, great player. that's why he's here, he's a yankee and he's a great american. >> yeah, absolutely. undersecretary, before we go and nick, if you could weigh in on this as well, what's the sentiment of the troops around this thanksgiving holiday? we know most of them are going to be home for christmas. what is sentiment? how difficult is it to be away from their families and how happy are they they'll be home soon? >> he'll tell you because we took him to the most remote areas of this country. tell them, nick. >> i'm not going to lie, i wouldn't say i wasn't a little scared at times.
4:09 am
that's what makes u.s.a. the greatest country in the world. we have the greatest armed forces in the world and i'll tell you what, from a guy on the outside to finally get here and see these people face to face and the differences they are making, not only for the united states itself, but for the afghani people and everything like that, it's been tremendous. it's been amazing. it's been such an honor for all of us to be here. my wife and i to enjoy this time. and come back to the states and share these wonderful stories from these amazing people. >> you know, joanna swisher is with us, she's an actress. she's fabulous. she's right here in the studio. >> can we see her? bring her out. >> she went to all the dangerous places and they are the all american family and we just are so appreciative that they took the time to be here. >> undersecretary and nick swisher, honorable army guy now. thank you both for joining us and big hugs to everybody there with you. >> exactly. >> thanks everybody for their support. >> we told you before, black friday shoppers out in full
4:10 am
force this morning up to 152 million shoppers expected to be hitting the stores this morning. let's go to fox business network's sandra smith who joins us live in chicago's premium outlets in aurora, illinois, and i see what she has her hands on. something from coach. >> and this is -- this is the line at coach holding out the 30%, take an additional 30%, right? >> right. it's true. 30%, an additional 30%. >> even off of and bernie, can you help us out? juliet, are you watching? this is the purse that everybody is coming for. can you show us the sequinned purse. let's go, guys. come on. part the ways. part the ways. come on, guys, this is what people are waking up in the middle of the night for. these, not only bargains but specials. >> right here, the special edition purses for black friday only and they're in a limited supply. blue one to the right, black one in the middle and i believe there is a black one and gold one exactly -- >> are you selling them? are you selling them? >> yes. >> yeah. there is a few left.
4:11 am
they've been here -- >> are you guys shopping for christmas presents or for yourself? >> christmas presents. >> presents. >> and both. >> and for christmas. >> are the deals good? >> yes. >> all right. all right. so take a look, this is the line to get into the coach outlet store here in aurora, illinois. this is a chicago premium outlets, ok. so there's people coming in. we're told busloads of people coming in from iowa, people are coming in all the way from downtown chicago, i mean the deals are steep but the one concern is that the deals might be too good and might cut into the bottom line of the retailers so you guys, it's supposed to be a record-breaking weekend. 10% more shoppers expected to hit the stores this weekend over last year. who says we're in a recession? >> yeah -- >> who says it's cold outside? that guy is wearing shorts. we'll check back with you a little bit later on. thank you, my dear. >> t-shirt in 40 degree weather. >> they're all like overheated and all excited. >> i feel like a father now. i'm like if he were my son, he
4:12 am
would catch a cold. >> coming up on the show -- >> the president -- >> the nurse. >> we know that. he's been losing support among blue collar workers. why is that? could class warfare be to blame? our panel will take a closer look at that discussion. >> and used for performing live on stage. so what threw scott mccreery off? the "american idol" champ a little bit of a lip-synching nightmare while the entire country was watching. >> those poor "american idol." >> had some rough days. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil. i'm keith baraka and i'm a firefighter. and it's very physically demanding. if i'm sore i'm not at my best. advil is my go-to. it's my number one pain reliever. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil.
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>> welcome back, everybody. president obama seems to be losing support with democratic voters. a new cnn/orc poll shows 26% of
4:16 am
blue collar democrats want to nominate a different democratic candidate for president next year and that number is up from 18% last month. so should the president put an end to the class warfare rhetoric? let's ask our political panel. democratic strategist robert weiner, no relation. yes, he is a new york democrat. again, no relation. political strategist and former campaign staffer to president george w. bush dee dee benke and doug shone. good morning to all of you. to black friday, i know you're hitting the sales when you leave here. what's happening? you saw that poll. why are they leaving in mass? >> a bunch of reasons. first, they don't like class warfare but beyond that, they are fiscal conservatives. they want smaller government, lower taxes and most of all jobs and they're not getting that from the president. >> dee dee, is it about class warfare and should he abandon that? the president? >> my goodness, people that are having trouble filling their gas tanks and right now, there's a lot of anxiety in the country
4:17 am
because you're like how am i going to get the toys and christmas for my kids? and this guy is plotting, occupy wall street is saying hey, that's great. they're not working and they're just getting out, camping when the rest of the country are suffering. there are no jobs. it's really a mistake on his part. >> robert, it is hd to ignore the numbers. i know you suggested that it probably is not about class warfare. why are those blue collar voters leaving the president? >> i wouldn't say this they are. first of all, you're talking about numbers. no republican can get over 25% in the place that they have. the point is that you got 1% of the -- of the population that is tripled their income vs. 18% has -- has gotten the same income over the last three decades. it's been an outrageous failure of -- >> you suggested battling those working for the president because the polls don't reflect that and you can acknowledge that. >> it's actually not true. you got 75% of the american people support more taxes for
4:18 am
the very rich who have tripled their income in the last decade. >> what does that do? >> vs. 67% of millionaires again support it. >> what does that do for working people? >> blue collar workers are suffering. >> doug's question, what does that do for the american worker? >> what you have now is you have a tax policy that has taken us to 9% unemployment. it is an outrageous failure. just today in "usa today," 46 million people on food stamps. is that what you want? more of that same tax policy? >> you're making a point -- >> you're answering the question. exactly. >> i'm saying that congress has a 9% approval rating. >> doesn't matter. who cares? >> and by the way, no republican is beating president obama. >> they're going to split up to meet, we're in the primary. >> the best asset the president has are the republicans because while he's weak -- >> in congress or running for president? auto i'll auto take both. >> they're all going out. it will be a clean sweep. people aren't happy with congress, they're not happy with
4:19 am
obama. they're all going in the tank. people are very unhappy with washington right now. >> we'll talk about that republican field in a moment. newt gingrich's comments on immigration have his opponents screaming liberal. will the former speaker take a step back or should he? our panel will weigh in on that and every little bit helps. how you can help support our troops by sending something they really need this holiday season. welcome idaho, where they grow america's favorite potoes. everyone knows idaho potatoes taste great. but did you know they'reood for you too? they're high in vitamins and potassium.
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4:23 am
>> welcome back. quick headlines for you. folks in oklahoma got a quick jolt before thanksgiving dinner. a 3.7 earthquake hit the city of prague around 3:00 p.m. yesterday. no immediate reports of damage or injury. it's the latest in a series of quakes that have hit oklahoma in the last three weeks and ronald reagan has his own seat in the country of georgia's history. georgian president unveiled his monument to america's 40th president praising him for destroying the russian empire. one of several reagan statues that have gone up this year. i'm glad there weren't any hard to pronounce. >> applaud the effort, man. the latest rising star in the g.o.p. field, newt gingrich is getting heat from his rivals over his stance on illegal immigration. >> said that we should make the 11 million illegal workers that are in this country legal. and he's also said that he is a
4:24 am
backer of the federal dream act which is taxpayer subsidized college benefits for children of illegal aliens. those are powerful magnets and he probably has the most liberal position on illegal immigration of any of the candidates in the race. >> all right. that may be true but will it hurt him? we're back with our political panel and we start again with doug shone. doug, will this hurt newt gingrich? my personal opinion is if he implodes, it's not going to be because of this immigration. >> first, david, it shouldn't hurt him. this is just reasonable, responsible. we have to do something with the 1 is -- 11 or 12 million illegal aliens that are here. sadly, the conservative party is so out of touch and it might hurt them. if it does, it's a tragedy. newt has a lot of baggage. if he sinks, there's probable a myriad of reasons. >> 11 million illegals. i know it may not play well in iowa, you can't simply kick them out and no republican has a plan to do that.
4:25 am
will it hurt newt? is he taking the wrong stance? >> it's absolutely still hurting newt. >> where do you see that? he's still leading in iowa. >> i don't think there's been a poll after he came out with that. you cannot be for amnesty and it is amnesty and it's a form of amnesty and iowans will not go for that. you guys are from new york and d.c. trust me when i tell you, i'm from indiana. they will not go for it. it will hurt newt gingrich. it's a bad, bad thing for newt. he's got to start giving -- he's bad santa. giving all the gifts to the -- >> i'm from colorado. not from d.c. or new york or anything else. >> i meant my partners here on the panel. >> robert, where do you see this stance taking newt? will he have to come back to the right on this or will he own it? will it kill him? >> "the wall street journal" said that gingrich's gaffe was to tell the truth about deportation and i think that's exactly the case but newt often tes the truth. he said that the ryan budget was too extreme for the republicans.
4:26 am
>> it was. >> he told me when my wife and i talked with him at the kennedy center that the worst mistake of the bush administration was how they handled social security in terms of privatization. newt knows how to play real politics. the problem is that if newt goes to extremes, his policy also includes drones over the border. i hope those drones aren't to shoot at people, just to monitor people. you can't have an extreme policy like that to take us to war over immigration. >> in new hampshire, i hate to say it's already over but mitt romney is at 42% to newt's 15%. if you give new hampshire to mitt romney, does newt need to win in iowa? >> newt does need to win in iowa. he's ahead in iowa now. if he wins, he gets a burst of enthusiasm that almost certainly will carry over to new hampshire and make those polls closer and then they could go to south carolina and florida with momentum. south carolina where he's alread leading now. >> groups are meeting in iowa, dee dee, saying they're worried about mitt romney's social stances so will that allow an
4:27 am
opening for newt to come back and still do well in iowa by saying, yes, he's socially liberal, i am not? >> no, because mitt romney is strong against illegal immigration. when newt gingrich bats santa, might as well said i want to cancel christmas. that's as popular as his immigration stance. trust me, you'll see the polls go down. >> real quick, i don't think you realize that actually newt quoted romney on immigration. and he sent a tweet out saying that -- and he used the same words that romney said we can't deport all the people from the border. so that policy. that's another romney flip-flop. >> it doesn't matter. >> world is not defined by either income inequality or by immigration. it's jobs, jobs and jobs. >> you painted jobs -- >> it's black friday, robert, dee dee, doug, thank you all for being here. we appreciate it. coming up next, a personal trainer gets fired for calling out co-workers that eat junk
4:28 am
food. is that fair? we report, you decide after this. and let the christmas season begin. the black friday madness in full effect. we'll tell you what everyone is shopping for. this is jersey city this morning. i joined the navy when i was nineteen. i was a commissioned officer at twenty-three.
4:29 am
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>> all right. time for your shot of the morning, everyone. it's "american idol" scottie mccreery committing one of the worst lip-synch flubs in tv history. take a look at this. and cringe. >> ♪ the troubles with girls is they're a mystery something about them puzzles me ♪ >> boy. >> ok, people, he couldn't hear the music. because there's monitors in their ears. you see those giant monitors in his ears. >> it wasn't loud enough or something. >> can you imagine what a logistical nightmare this thing is, you're going down the street on a float and having to try to sing simultaneously through some sort of p.a. system and try to figure this out. it's got to be a logistical nightmare. >> could you tell if the performers were actually all lip-synching or -- >> it looked to me like a lot of
4:33 am
lip-synching was happening. you would think that's a macy's parade thing, right? >> you would think avril would totally want to sing. why? >> scott can sing. we know that. we know he's not a guy that relies on a whole lot of special effects but when in doubt, but the mike up to the mouth. like right? >> he learned his lesson. >> keep it nearby. >> that's not his flub. i'm saying that's -- >> that's not on his him. he joined us yesterday on the show. >> maybe it wasn't a lip-synch at all. maybe it was just a delay. >> all right. more on that coming up. >> we'll go to some headlines first and we start with a fox news alert. take a live look at tarir square in cairo, egypt. thousands of people rising up much like we saw during the arab spring. egypt's military council is hanging on by a thread. united states urging egypt to transfer power to its people. now, egypt's state television says the council wants the foreign prime minister during the hosni mubarak minister to act as their next prime minister. this as egypt's most recent
4:34 am
prime minister resigned this week under pressure. people are not expected to react kindly to this news. remember, mubarak's 29 year rule ended up with scenes like this one. death toll now at 41. we'll keep following that story for you. tragic story out of pakistan where an american woman and her husband are murdered in cold blood. they were gunned down in a suspected honor killing. they just attended the wedding of ramon's brother and four gunmen approached their car and shot the man. they then took his wife, shot her and left her on the side of the road much the driver and two of his relatives were not harmed. there was reportedly some tension between each of their families. no arrests yet so far. visitor making it a thanksgiving to remember as an air force base in tucson yesterday. congresswoman gabrielle giffords helped serve turkey and all the fixings to a group of very hungry men and women.
4:35 am
her husband astronaut mark kelly also there serving. this was giffords' first time meeting constituents since she was injured back in january. maybe fast food really can hurt you. grant hill, a gym trainer in rockville, march mayor said he was fired for posting this picture on twitter. fellow trainer had left a mcdonald's bag on their desk. he tweeted how it was ironic that a mcdonald's bag was in the gym. they ordered him to take down the post. when he didn't, he was canned. the gym says he was fired for other reasons. let us know what you think about that. >> being sank -- sanctimonious. >> we have unsettled weather around the country. here in new york city, no problems. temperatures will be rebounding nicely throughout the afternoon hours and be a little bit above average.
4:36 am
that's good news for us and thanks to high pressure that's dominating not just in the northeast but in the southeast and across parts of the midwest but there are some changes on the way for the plains. we have two areas of low pressure. one that's going to be exiting the four corners. you can see that area of low pressure across west texas here in the black friday forecast and another one that will be quickly impacting portions of the midwest later on today with some cooler air and very windy conditions so do keep an eye out for that. otherwise, a generally dry system. it will be on saturday when it's going to continue to produce some heavier precipitation with that system. we have two storms, two areas of low pressure. where they are right now, here's a look at that one across new mexico producing areas of rain across the city of el paso. we have that second one, we'll take a look at it across the northwest producing some snow showers out there across some of the highest elevations. otherwise, a lot quieter out there across the northwest today. this system had a lot more moisture with it yesterday and that's when it was a lot worse. if we click ahead, that system is going to organize itself and start to head eastbound.
4:37 am
both of those will be uniting across the plains. take a look at 9:00 a.m. saturday, unsettled with some snow on the backside of that system in minnesota and we could -- one more time, i want to show you quickly, snow possible in tennessee, guys. all right? now, over to dave. >> maria, turn around. >> you got to say hello to these folks. thanks for showing up this morning on the plaza. all right, for most of us, beating your brother in basketball in the driveway or even the chessboard if you're clayton is the ultimate in sibling rivalry but for the first time ever, that chessboard was an nfl football field as brothers john and jim harbaugh met in the har-bowl. what a game, jim and john shaking hands before this game. jim's 49ers the surprise of this nfl season. john's ravens got the best of it. joe flacco with the touchdown pass.
4:38 am
he's not happy about this one. there's john, the winner. 16-6 is the final score in this one. over 50,000 people in the detroit area recently signed a petition to get the nfl to pick a better or more local band than nickelback to perform at halftime of the lions-packers game. by the time the halftime show rolled around, the performance garnering the big boos was the home team. three interceptions, more than 10 penalties. the game did not have the usual warm thanksgiving feeling thanks to this man. the former nebraska star who met with the commissioner to figure out why he was getting fined. because you make stupid plays like that one, the kick gets him the boot. will definitely get a fine. some say a multigame suspension. it will definitely hit suh in the wallet. it was 14-0 after that touchdown. aaron rodgers, just give him the
4:39 am
mvp. he's even better inside than he is in the cold. jones takes this one to the house. 27-15 packers. 11-0 for the first time in franchise history. and finally, the dallas cowboys playing host to the miami dolphins who were woeful and then won three straight games and showed some life again on thanksgiving day with 16-10 in the fourth when the suddenly clutch tony romo finding robinson. loren robinson has touchdowns in five straight games. that's the longest streak in the nfl this season. and dallas is showing some life. late in the game, 28 yards out. that's not the quite the game-winner yet. jerry jones celebrating with rob rhine and how about dallas? really looking like a team that could battle green bay late in the season and i have to mention, texas beats texas a&m in probably the biggest game. sorry, cowboy fans, in the state
4:40 am
of texas. the last time texas and texas a&m are going to play in this long-standing rivalry and it was a very hard fought game. >> good weekend in sports coming up as well. thank you, dave. what's coming up on the show is how you can actually support your troops this holiday season with something they really need. because every little bit helps. we'll tell you how you c d that. >> and cops go undercover as turkeys. who are they really trying to trick? >> turkey? >> eye -- a lot of shoppers flocking to the stores for bargains. we'll have a live look in massachusetts on our own turkey on this set. >> is that a shopper? >> her name is juliet. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
4:41 am
vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. autonsurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. ben your lega. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve.
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>> all right. listen to this. it all started with a simple care package to a long time friend who was s overseas and now troops direct, that's the name of the organization helps provide essential items that we all take for granted to
4:44 am
about 10,000 service members right now. >> aaron is the president of troops direct and joins us from san francisco. thank you very much for waking up so early on black friday. >> good morning. >> good morning. so tell us a little bit about how troop direct started and where they are today. >> well, troops direct is a nonprofit organization that is supplying entire units in afghanistan in bulk. with the critically needed items that aren't available to them or not issued by military. >> like what kind of items? >> what makes us so different -- >> well, we are supplying exclusively medical equipment, nutritional, hygiene and canine supplies. those are the dogs. and it's the items that as americans we think are issued or readily available and they're not. it's kind of surprising, i have to say, medical supplies. i mean, i can understand some extra hygiene products might not be needed necessarily on the front lines but those are the lines that remind us of home and
4:45 am
certainly then can offer some semblance of normalcy for these troops but medical supplies, real really? >> absolutely. we deal with the front lines in communicating with commanders daily and we operate in real time and an example is we received correspondence from the front lines of afghanistan that said, hey, we were in a firefight last night and our stethoscopes were destroyed and we're out of gauze and out of some other medical items and the supply line can't restock us for six weeks. can you help us out? troops direct will fill that order within two weeks to their hands on the front lines. >> you're not asking people to go out and get stethoscopes. what you want is cash, correct? >> that's correct. as i mentioned, because we deal in real time and are shipping litter lit -- literally the same day to our units we ask the public contribute to us financially so we can go out and immediately fill those orders that are critically needed on the front lines, yes. >> we mentioned in the intro
4:46 am
that you've reached so far about 10,000 troops, you want to get up to about 50,000, is that right? >> that's correct. there are about 50,000 forward deployed units in afghanistan or service members forward deployed and troops direct mission is to supply every single front line service member that is in need with the items that will keep them healthy and sound. we just got done shipping an order of chalk powder to a unit over there to mark where roadside bombs are because in the worst case scenario, they were using bottle caps. and this is what is killing most of our american service members over there. >> aaron, we'll link this up on so if folks want to donate just a few dollars, ty can. we'll make sure that troops direct gets some of the funding that they needed. thanks so much for waking up with us. >> i appreciate it. i'd like to tell you really quick, i had a colonel in the military contact me and he said, aaron, troops direct is the support organization for this generation of the military and what you are doing is single handedly changing the manner in
4:47 am
which our service members can operate and survive on the front lines. so we know we're doing something right. >> we'll have all the information on it. thank you very much for joining us today. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. arizona wants a border fence and it's not taking no for an answer. the state now soliciting public donations to pick up where the feds left off. would you contribute to the cause? >> and they're building crucial parts for military and then they're smoking pot. unions and contractors caught partying it up on their lunch break. where and how and why? we'll tell you how our troops are dealing with this and how reporters locally are dealing with it. [ male announcer ] what if you have potatoes? but you've got a meat and potatoes guy? pour chunky sirloin burger soup over those mashed potatoes and dinner is served. four minutes, around four bucks. campbell's chunky -- it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:50 am
>> caught in the act. workers who make parts for planes and military vehicles used by our troops captured on camera drinking and using drugs
4:51 am
on their lunch breaks. >> this is a factory in detroit. here's what they make parts for in the factory. and these are some of the people who work in the factory. >> you already got two felonies, man. >> you're not supposed to be drinking on your lunch break, are you? >> while our military is fighting for their lives and our freedom, these guys are fighting for their rights to party! >> what are you doing inside there? >> the name of this place is tower defense and aerospace. it used to be called w industries. and some employee badges still have the w logo on them. about 10 years ago, w industries got their first defense contract and by 2009 their revenue was $90 million a year. last year, "the new york times" did an article on them. they're making parts for humvees and striker vehicles destined for afghanistan and iraq. here's a humvee. here's a striker.
4:52 am
here's one of the guys that works at the factory on his lunch break. "the times" article also says the factory on hoover and eight mile builds molds that will be used to make 70 foot long roof sections of airbus a-350 passenger jets. you've heard of that plane. supposed to hold 350 travelers. looks like this plant worker is taking a trip of his own. earlier this year, tower international, a public company took over the plant. it's 12 noon and the day shift files out for lunch. most of these guys head off for a meal. some head off for the hoover market right up the street. some buy grub. some smoke bug. days after day, it was a party in the parking lot out in the open within sight of the factory. the factory where they make parts for armored vehicles for our soldiers and marines and these guys got their own arsenal. they're smoking blunts. a blunt is a big joint made out of a little cigar you can buy inside the store. the guys dump out the tobacco
4:53 am
and then fill the already rolled shell with their own special blend. it's a lot easier than rolling a joint as this tower defense worker demonstrates. their job postings say tower defense and aerospace in detroit promotes a drug and alcohol-free workplace. and i can understand why. besides making parts for planes and military vehicles, working with heavy machinery is dangerous. this guy drives a high-low in the plant. not you, right? >> that's me. >> you're not supposed to be drinking on your lunch break, are you? >> ok, but you were? >> i'm not. >> no, this is your lunch break, man. i've seen you down there. >> then there's this guy, all smiles coming back from lunch. but he's not smiling now. >> don't you go over to that party store all the time and smoke weed? >> smoke what? >> smoke weed during lunch? >> why do you have the camera in my face? >> i've seen you smoking weed during your lunch hour. >> how do you know i was smoking weed? >> i can smell the weed, man.
4:54 am
i got video of you. >> stay out of my face. >> and him, he's a welder. at least that's his occupation according to the michigan department of corrections. probably learned how to weld at the chop shop he ran which led to his first felony conviction. his last conviction came when cops found pot and scales and cash in his house. >> you already have two felonies, man. i know you're a pothead. do you think that's safe? do you think you're paying respect to the military building their stuff while you're all high like that? >> it's not like all these guys are criminals and bad guys. these two got the good book. and some good times. halleleujah. >> wow. joining us right now is the investigative reporter who broke the story, rob wolchek. we're speechless here. first of all, are there security guards around this building at all? >> yeah, actually there are security guards all over the building. it's a military subcontractor so
4:55 am
there's lots of security. >> the underlying theme of your whole piece is the safety. first of all, safety of our troops making sure the humvees and tanks they're building are actually safe. we've seen tiles ripped out of airbus recently. is there any connection with the work they're doing and our safety? >> i don't have any direct connection but certainly, i don't want people that are high or drunk working on my plane especially for our troops. we want our troops to be safe. they're doing -- protecting our country so i mean, it's pretty outrageous what these guys are doing and to think they're doing this under the influence. >> rob, what does the company plan to do about all of this? >> well, the company has been pretty hush. we had offered to let them look at the video before we aired the story and they respectfully declined. so so far i have not heard anything from the company.
4:56 am
>> well, now, able to watch our channel and your channel, of course, be able to see it for themselves. they don't even need the videotape. have any of these employees been fired? >> at this point, i do not know because the company has not told me. i've heard they have been suspended but other than that, i don't know for sure. >> rob, good job. very interesting. >> unbelievable piece. >> disturbing, actually. >> thanks, rob. >> and happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> if you're still sleepy from the triptofan, that woke you up. caught on camera, more cameras being used by the president of a teachers union mocking the secretary of education and admitting her history experimenting with drugs. will her comments carry any consequences? story at the top of the hour. >> and which major retailers are slashing prices most? here next hour to tell you what you need to know. i know the name of eight princesses.
4:57 am
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>> juliet: happy friday. good morning. it is friday, november 25. i'm juliet huddy. black friday getting off to a dangerous start in some areas. shots fired, people using pepper spray. more chaos at stores across the country. we have a live report coming up. >> dave: arizona wants to build a border fence and it's not taking no for an answer. the state soliciting public donations to pick up where the feds left off. would you contribute to the cause? >> clayton: another star singer flubs the national anthem, but she didn't mix up the words. she just flat out forgot them. ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ through the twilight last gleaming ♪ >> clayton: more of that star spangled silence. "fox & friends" starts --
5:01 am
>> juliet: now. >> it's "fox & friends". >> dave: happy black friday, everybody. are you one of the 152 million people who are estimated to be hitting the shopping malls and the big stores today on black friday? that could break a record. but last year went over 200 million. >> clayton: the estimate was 138. it ended up blowing all sorts of records. and you got to think this way as we claw out of this recession, a lot of people saying they're still going to travel and buy. >> juliet: are you really going to get a good deal? it depends on the store you go to and what you're buying. we have liz mcdonald coming in to tell you about it. >> dave: i think the best deals i saw were last night. i think if you got out last night, you got great deals. today, i haven't seen as many. >> clayton: let's get out to black friday deals.
5:02 am
a couple of bad apples this morning. of course. gun shots reportedly breaking out in a mall in fayetteville, north carolina. luckily nobody was hurt. in california, 20 people were injured at a wal-mart in los angeles when a woman used pepper spray to get ahead in line. no major injuries there either. cameras, folks. >> juliet: everywhere. >> clayton: the situation much less violent across the rest of the country. >> juliet: let's go to peter doocy, he's live at bethesda, maryland. what's going on out there? a little quiet? >> not much. it's really quiet. i think if we were further in the midwest, you might see some tumble weed blowing down the street. not a whole lot of action. this is proof, kind of going on what you were talking about that on black friday, people look for stores that open really early or really late last night and just a -- the really crazy deals. they don't just go to avoid a
5:03 am
sink full of dirty dishes, 'cause if they did, these stores would be busy. bethesda row outside of washington, d.c a lot of smaller boutiquey stores and they're not going to open up early. there will be deals, but just not yet. you saw some of the video and you talked about it before. none of the mayhem that you saw. all of the action has been at the bigger stores like best buy and target. wal-mart is where 15 people got pepper spray because somebody cut in line. a lot of technology is being used at the bigger malls also. malls for the first time are using cell phones to track their shoppers to see how much time they spend in certain stores and how they move through the different stores. black friday apps are something being used for the first time. not at a place like this, but interesting on the year that the black friday apps become something people are using, the apple store here is the only store that people are actually in right now. it's the only store that looks like it's open here.
5:04 am
long line, not something you need to worry about here. but something you should worry about at the shopping mall the like this, i heard on the radios, a lot of people treat black friday like it's an actual holiday. it's not. and so they go and park wherever they want. so this is one of the big money making days for meter maids. >> juliet: oh, man. >> dave: stimulus for the government. thank you, peter. we appreciate it. >> clayton: the apple store has black friday, they only do the sales once a year on this day and also on their web site, $50 off like ipads, imax. >> juliet: is it better if you actually go into the store? >> clayton: no, they're the same. >> juliet: what are you doing, people? >> dave: i can't imagine it today. the occupy movement trying to have impact on black friday. they're trying to black out some of these major stores. they formed a facebook page to occupy black friday and here is what they say. the idea is simple: hit the corporations that corrupt and control american politics where
5:05 am
it hurts, their wallets. one day where the mega corporations blatantly dictate our actions is black friday. >> juliet: may i ask a question? what corporations are they going after? what are the stores. >> clayton: they attempted to go after best buy, wal-mart. >> juliet: these are the greedy corporations, these are the corporations that are giving people jobs so they can feed their families. >> dave: how many thousands of americans are employed by wal-mart. >> juliet: so they can keep their houses together. occupy wall street went in with a certain agenda and it's been mucked up. >> clayton: did they? >> juliet: well, yeah, the big banks. >> clayton: right. in part. there were a lot of people saying what is the agenda? a little muddled. best buy said no tents are allowed. so you can't bring tents in case any these occupy wall street types were going to hang out. >> dave: look, we haven't heard any successes from this occupy black friday movement. let us know have you seen any presence of it?
5:06 am
e-mail us or tweet us. >> juliet: let's go to the headlines. fox news alert, gunman believed to be on the loose near the university of illinois at chicago. the suspect opened fire inside the university's medical center late last night, killing his ex-girlfriend and leaving at least one other person injured. the hospital was on lockdown, but operations have resumed after police found no sign of him in the building. students there are still being told to exercise caution on campus and stay indoors and exercise caution. a painful couple of seconds during yesterday's national anthem before the packers-lions game. adorable runner up lauren alaina kind of fumbled a little early on. ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ through the twilight -- ♪ last gleaming >> juliet: she's like 16. she just won "american idol." give her a break. you can see she recovered and we
5:07 am
can guarantee you, she was the runner up and she finished in a strong note, getting a nice ovation from the fans at detroit sports field who were appreciative of her. she later tweeted she messed up and she had no excuses. she's a great singer and don't hold it against her. >> dave: she'll get another shot on, like, ellen degeneres. >> juliet: one person -- this is serious news -- dead, five others injured after a man lost control of his car in a parking lot of a home depot. it happened in hyattville, maryland. the driver suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel. that's when he careened into a group of people standing outside the store. a marine in california getting a nice surprise this thanksgiving. you're looking at corporal ward
5:08 am
allstein, he thought he was just going to his family's house for thanksgiving dinner. but when he got there, he was greeted by khloe, a stray dog he had taken in while serving in afghanistan. >> no matter how bad of a person you are or how much you screwed up your life, your dog is always your best friend. no matter how mad we were or sad or angry like wanting to go home, homesick, she was just kind of poseyed up. >> juliet: that makes me cry. turns out his sister worked with a nonprofit organization to fly khloe here. he plans on keeping her full time when he goes to the service next month. >> dave: i'm often criticized as a cryer. i think it's you. >> juliet: i'm a bit of a cry baby. >> rick: when mrs. animals involved. >> juliet: and people. >> dave: how much money you have on you right now? >> clayton: nothing. >> dave: i was hoping you had a 20. >> juliet: you know what? i think i do. >> dave: we're asking folks to throw in some cash to help build
5:09 am
a border fence along the state of arizona. yes, a state senator tre saying hey, if we can't get the feds to step up, we are going to ask people for donations and thus far, not bad. >> clayton: $255,000 have been raised. steve smith is a republican and says people need to stand up and try to donate where the feds are not offered money to build a fence. >> juliet: that will beginning you about a link. >> clayton: they need $34 million to get this goal. we asked you earlier this morning would you donate any money to this cause? an e-mail from allen in atlanta said i would be willing to send them my tax dollars rather than send them to washington. we've lost so much money from the solyndra disaster that we could have completed all the border fencing. alan in atlanta. >> juliet: a tweet comes up now, put up the web page and my donation is on the way for the border fence. >> clayton: ing thanks. >> dave: near tweet, at least it gives people a chance to put their money where their mouth
5:10 am
is. that is from phil. at this point, there is 2,000 miles between the u.s. and mexico border. we have around 650 miles with the fence. that's about a third. there is a long, long way to go to ever get that done. >> juliet: speaking of illegal immigration, we all know there was a big hubbub after the debate the other night. newt gingrich was talking about immigration and his feelings. listen to this. >> i don't see -- the party that says it's the party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy which destroys families that have been here a quarter century and i'm prepared to take the heat for saying let's be humane in enforcing the law without giving them citizenship, but by finding a way to create legality so that they are not separate fundamental their families. >> clayton: so he said he was prepared to take the meet. that is certainly what he's been fielding, of course even from representative michelle bachman on the stage who said that sounds like amnesty. then he wanted to clarify exactly what his stance is and he did that to fox news.
5:11 am
he said this in a statement: this is explicitly false. i am for deporting all recent unattached illegals. i am for a local citizen panel to consider certification of those who have been here 25 years and have family and community and have been law abiding and tax paying. they could get what a foundation developed as a red card and then be legal, but with no path to citizenship and also no right to vote. but some are saying that a wolf by another name -- that's what the criticism is this morning, that it's a nuanced invention of it or new amnesty. that's the criticism that some bloggers are writing. >> dave: the only poll we had was done fort most part before the comments. he was the clear leader in iowa. i think if he's going to implode, it's going to be something else entirely. it just seems like he's going to weather the storm on this
5:12 am
because of how well he's explained himself. >> juliet: this isn't a new stance. he's believed this -- i've been on his web site. let's move on. she can't read. she can't write. but she better talk. oh, yeah. this little four-year-old, just brought in for interrogation 'cause she stole a piece of fruit and we'll tell you about it. >> clayton: which major retailer slashing prices the most? liz mcdonald from the "fox business" network is here with what you need to know where to spend your money. >> juliet: this hour. >> clayton: that's true
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
>> juliet: happy music. with all the deals out there, how do you figure out which ones are the best?
5:16 am
elizabeth mcdonald from the "fox business" network has the low down. best deals and where to find them. real quick, you want to spout off on this occupy. >> yeah. the occupy wall street movement is now doing an occupy black friday movement. so they're trying to stop black friday. they put a list of stores on the web site that they want people to boycott. that includes abercrombie and fitch, burlington, and amazon and wal-mart. how do you boycott amazon? half of holiday shopping is on the internet? >> juliet: we're confused by this whole boycott thing anyway. let's move on. give these folks good information on deals. >> here is the deal. there is analysis out of university of washington. in other words, when i go into a store, you see stuff, is there going to be a deal here? is the discount going to be enough? >> juliet: 'cause they jack the prices up before hand and looks like wow, we're getting a big deal when it's the normal price. >> that's right. the teaser items that they draw people into the store with are electronics and toys.
5:17 am
and appliances. what they increase prices pricen are apparel and jewelry. so if you see a discount on a clothing item, 15%, forget it. they already increased that price by that much. >> juliet: let's go to electronics. best buy right now. sharp 42-inch, blah, blah, blah. marked down. that sounds good. >> it sounds good. but what they're marking down now are the low end products in their inventory, the cheaper kind of products. not the high end stuff that you may want. so how do you play this? with the electronics goods, according to an analysis we've seen, you wait two weeks. i'm not telling people if you see a deal and you want it, go get it. i don't want to take away your shopping. but they have to get rid of inventory closer to christmas, right, because the stuff is sitting on the shelves. that's when you see the mark downs on electronics. >> juliet: so if i want a tv, go two weeks before christmas? not after christmas? >> after christmas, definitely. that's a good point. also appliances as well. you can get good deals if you wait. >> juliet: okay.
5:18 am
my producers would like me to go to wal-mart. x box 360, 199 bucks, 200 bucks? >> yeah. that's a good deal and then you're going to see here, look at the black and decker, that is a good deal, too. again, you'll see great deals on appliances starting right now because people tend to be focused on what we talked about, electronics and toys right now. those toys items and electronics may not be marked down as much as you will see in coming weeks, especially after christmas. >> juliet: hopefully the people in my life are thinking about jewelry. i don't know. not a good deal now? >> no. jewelry, with gold going up, but separate from that -- companies aren't marking down jewelry as quickly as you would want. >> juliet: do they ever mark it down? >> no, historically they haven't. not as rapidly as you want during the christmas holiday season. >> juliet: here is staples. >> that's a good deal. ten bucks. then you can see this wireless printer for 50 bucks. that's the third of what it
5:19 am
would usually cost preblack friday. those are two of the deals i saw that seem to be pretty good. >> juliet: toys r us? video games. >> that's a good point, because video and books are the best deals you're going to see on best friday. video games and books. you're going to see discounted video games at toys r us which opened last night at 9:00 o'clock. watch out for the movie dvds because hollywood knows that it's going to be on-line, internet viewing. so you'll see dvds slashed dramaticcally. >> juliet: thank you very much. coming up, the teachers union president -- you got to see this. stay with us -- mocking the secretary of education. >> education is a civil right issue of our time. >> now you know he went to private school 'cause if he had gone to public school, he'd have had that lisp fixed. >> juliet: charming. she's not done yet. so will her comments have any consequence as
5:20 am
soon as imagine getting the phone call your son who is studying abroad in egypt has been arrested and thrown in jail. egypt. a mother of one of these boys is here next and she talks about the efforts to bring her son home. be right back. when gas prices j you still gotta work. so suddenly you're cutting back on everything from family vacations to cell phone minutes. well here's a thought - how bout cuttin' back on gas? here's how: the ford f-150. it gets 23 highway miles per gallon. that's the best. so you can get the job done and get a break at the pump. yeah, can you hear me now? this is the future. this is the ford f-150. great fall. ugh, it's my sinus congestion, and it's all your fault. naturally blame the mucus. he's funny. instead of blaming me, try this, advil congestion relief. often the real problem is swelling, not mucus. advil congestion relief
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5:23 am
>> dave: black friday headlines now. the $39 billion merger between at & t and t mobil is son the verge of collapse. at & t is setting aside $4 billion in case their acquisition of t mobil does fail. this comes after the federal communications commission said they wanted a trial-like hearing on the merger which would take several months. and why does the turkey cross the road? to hand out tickets, of course. that turkey is actually a police
5:24 am
officer. he's one of many las vegas cops who cross the street just waiting for drivers not to yield at the crosswalk. in all, 64 people were issued tickets. that's 15 more than last thanksgiving. that's a turkey, huh, clayton? >> clayton: probably thought they were getting a chicken sandwich. it's the call that no parent ever wants to receive. listen to this. 19-year-old derek sweeney, along with two other american students were arrested on monday after being accused of throwing fire bombs at security forces during the latest wave of protests in cairo, egypt. they're at school there. now amazing news. joining us is the mother of one of the students set to be freed in egypt, joy, sweeney. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. how are you today? >> dave: i'm doing well. how are you doing. i know this has been a difficult thanksgiving for you? >> well, it started off fabulous
5:25 am
i had just talked to derek the day before and then very early in the morning, about 6:00 a.m., we were given information that he was going to be released and that was great news and it was confirmed by the u.s. embassy there and we were told that there would be the physicians and then the police would release the paperwork and they'd be taken back to their dorm rooms sometime that day. so hopefully by thanksgiving day, they would all be free. however, the paperwork process still has not been completed, but we are -- we did get to speak to derek again last evening and that was such -- the high point of our thanksgiving. >> clayton: yeah, teeter to therring back and forth. we're looking at cairo, egypt. you can see the thousands and thousands of individuals in
5:26 am
tahrir square. take us back to monday, though, when you first learned of what happened. how did your son get involved in this and was there any truth behind it? >> well, to my knowledge, no. and in both conversations speaking with derek, absolutely no truth behind the effects that they did anything wrong -- or the accusation that they did anything wrong. they were in tahrir square, but they were in an american university in cairo building on an american university cairo building. >> clayton: they weren't out with the protesters necessarily and they weren't throwing molotov cocktails as was alleged, correct? >> no, they are not. there was protesters all around them in the one video i have seen that they have of my son and his two friends. they were walking around with people and they had the surgical masks on in case of tear gas was
5:27 am
thrown. but that was just for their own protection. not because they were going to hurt anyone. >> clayton: so you've been receiving e-mails from whom? the u.s. embassy there? does this all come down to simply not having access to his passport? >> no, no, no. the university -- american university, cairo sent somebody in to his room, found his passport. it really -- i mean, that was going to be a problem getting him home. the other two boys knew right where their passports were and they had their passports with them. derek did not have his passport with him. and as a matter of fact, i think -- i'm sorry. i'm looking down at my cell phone because i'm getting a phone call from egypt. >> clayton: please take it, joy. that's a priority. we'll let you go. go take that phone call. >> i'm so sorry. >> clayton: don't be sorry. >> thank you. >> clayton: don't be sorry, please, take your phone call. thank you so much and good luck to you.
5:28 am
>> thank you. >> clayton: i would say that takes precedence right now. all right. we'll keep you updated there. we hope that was good news there. thoughts with her. listen to this story, she can't read or write, but she better talk, this four-year-old is headed into the interrogation room for eat ago piece of fruit at the store. in trouble with the law. is your fridge filled with thanksgiving leftovers this morning? don't settle for a turkey sandwich. going to break down better options later this hour. ♪
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
>> juliet: thankfully the situation much less violent elsewhere in the country. we heard about all these black friday pepper spray sort of events. >> dave: some call it competitive shopping. can you imagine? i call it criminal shopping. >> clayton: what was this woman thinking using pepper spray to get ahead in line, like she wouldn't get caught? john hudy joins us live, he didn't use pepper spray to get ahead there. >> juliet: did he? >> clayton: we didn't know. >> i always do. i always use mace to get ahead in line, are you kidding? by the way, that happened in near where dad lives. we went to the hibachi grill
5:33 am
there. >> clayton: what did you have for dinner? >> she had the teriyaki shrimp. >> steak and shrimp. let me tell you where i'm at, at the wal-mart super center. this place is enormous. it's got everything. the electronic, really the bargain is on tv. they've been flying off the shelves. i told you i was going to put you on. i told you. what do you got here? the tv, console. >> the tv console. >> where is the tv? >> back there are. >> what did you get? >> 42-inch. >> how much was that? >> that was $598. >> for a 42-inch? >> for 42-inch. >> that's not exactly a bargain. that's 3 d, though. that's pretty good. >> you want to interview him? >> step out of the way. i want to see your shoes. look at these shoes. that's what i'm talking about. so anyway what, time did you get here? >> we got here at 11 p.m.
5:34 am
>> 11:00 p.m.? >> uh-huh. >> where? to this? >> yes. >> what have you been doing the whole time? >> sleeping and shopping. >> okay. i don't know. that's a little weird. i don't know about that. all right. be good. that's basically been the story here. people started showing up around 9:00 o'clock last night. the deals started at 10:00 o'clock. so really it was black thursday, if you want to call it that. that's been the case this year across the country. an estimated by the way, 152 million people are expected to shop over the black friday weekend. remember, monday is cyber monday. so get your fingers limbered up to get on the keyboard. back to you. >> dave: i hope they don't have pepper spray 'cause you just don't them they didn't get a good deal on their tv! >> juliet: my brother! 65-incher. >> clayton: john, go mock those
5:35 am
people. [ laughter ] >> thank you, john. that's good stuff. >> dave: how was the hibachi? >> juliet: it was awesome. my dad was having a heart transplant the next day, so we were a little nervous. we're going to start headlines with new video of the pepper spraying incident. it's in california. take a look at this. a woman purportedly spraying black friday shoppers so they would get away from the merchandise she wanted. that's the way to get them away. 20 people suffered minor injuries. no word on what charges the woman may face. a fox news alert now, there are brand-new reports that a suspect has been arrested in a deadly shooting at the university of illinois, chicago medical complex. the man reportedly 47 years old and a member of the hospital's house keeping staff.
5:36 am
he accused -- he is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and injuring one other person. the campus had been on lockdown all night, but again, the suspect is now in custody. another fox news alert. we're going to egypt. tahrir square in cairo. thousands of people, as you can see, rising up, much like we saw during the arab spring. this is a live picture of tahrir square, egypt's ruling military council is hanging on by a thread. the united states now urging egypt to transfer power to its people. egypt's state television says the council wants a former prime minister during the hosni mubarak era to act as their next prime minister and this as egypt's most recent prime minister resigned this week under pressure. the people not happy with this. they are not expected to react kindly to this news. remember that hosni mubarak's regime ended with scenes like this one. the death toll reportedly now at
5:37 am
41. and to pakistan, a tragic story there, one american woman and her husband are murdered in cold blood. the would woman of new york and her husband of scotland were gunned down in a suspected honor killing. they had just attended the wedding of his brother in the northeast part of pakistan. four gunmen approached their car. they shot him. they then took his wife, shot her and left her on the side of the road. the driver and two of her relatives were not harmed. there was reportedly some tension between each of the families. so far, no arrests, though. and this little thief, she might be america's most wanted toddler, but four-year-old savannah harp reportedly taken to a back room and interrogated after supermarket security guard saw her eat dried apricots and put the rest back on the shelf. it happened at a safeway in washington state and the security guard reportedly made savannah sign a document -- she's four, remember did she. she doesn't write. but she signed, saying she would
5:38 am
never enter safeway supermarket ever again. the problem is a have a in a can't read or write and we're told she scribbled her little name instead. safeway apologized for the incident and the security guard has been fired. >> dave: how about a little discretion. >> clayton: i used to love going into the kaiser rolls. my sister would grab pickles out of the big jar. you go around and grab it, that's what little kids do. >> dave: that's what i do. >> clayton: and you're 30! >> dave: i'm around the jelly bean bucket, look out, baby. let's go to maria molina who has our weather. >> good morning. happy black friday to you and to everyone. if you're headed out to do shopping, the weather will cooperate if you live across the eastern half of the country where we do have high pressure in place, and here in new york city, the weather is cooperating for us as well. we've got sunshine, beautiful weather, and temperatures will be right around where they should be for this time of the year. southeast with sunshine. further out to the west is where we do have some problems.
5:39 am
there is two storm systems, one moving to the northwest. one across the southwest and both of those are bringing in unsettled weather. here is a look at the weather across new mexico, bringing in showers, heavier batches of rain across el paso. most of that will continue to move eastward and as we click ahead, you'll look at the one across the northwest where we have some snow showers across higher elevations. please, drive carefully. if you're doing any driving. and there are some gusty winds with this second storm system. as it does head eastbound, parts of the midwest will be looking at the strong winds later on today. otherwise clicking ahead, both of these storms will head eastbound and we could be looking at travel problems for everyone headed back home saturday and also on sunday. one more click, you'll see where the storm should be coming up on sunday. guys, back to you. >> clayton: thanks so much. we have an update. amazing news if you're watching our show a few minutes ago. joy sweeney was on with us via satellite and just got a phone call about her son. she got new information with her son. apparently he's going to be returning home after being detained in egypt.
5:40 am
>> dave: joy is back with us now live once again. we're so happy to hear this news. what was your reaction and what did you hear? >> oh, my goodness! the council general, mr. powers, called and said that they were able, even though it's the weekend over there, this is like their sunday, their religious holiday -- they were able to get him -- get all the boys released, all the paperwork that they needed to finalize, they were able to get it completed directly from the police says, they're going to be taken to the airport. the university is going to ship their stuff home. i don't care about his stuff. i just want him home. so they said the next flight out is about 3:00 a.m. their time and he will be on that flight -- well, i have to make arrangements and send over the itinerary, but i will make arrangement force him to be on that flight as soon as i'm done talking to you and then he will be back in st. louis at 4:50
5:41 am
tomorrow afternoon. i can't wait to get this accomplished. >> clayton: have you had a chance to talk with him yet? >> no. no. no. yesterday we spoke to him, but i have not spoke to him yet. i just talked to the council general, mr. powers. i'm ecstatic. >> juliet: do you know any other information about the other boys? will they all be going home? >> well, i know that greg porter is also going to be on that same flight. i don't know what's happening with luke, if he's going to be on that flight or if he's going to be on a different flight. i don't know what airline he was traveling on. but derek is going to be on that flight. >> clayton: that's great news. that's amazing, joy. just to recap, you learned about his arrest on monday and then now we're finding back and forth, back and forth, he's released, he's not released. paperwork mishaps. now he will be on a flight headed back to you tomorrow. unbelievable. >> dave: a roller coaster emotionally. >> clayton: i'm glad you took
5:42 am
that phone call. >> i am, too. i am so happy. >> juliet: usually we get mad at our guests when they do that, but we applaud you. >> i'm glad you're not mad at me. i'm so sorry. >> dave: let us know this weekend how the reunion goes. we want to keep in touch with you throughout. we're happy for your good news. >> thank you so much. >> clayton: good luck to you. all right. coming up on the show, soldiers ordered to remove that cross from the military chapel walls on government orders, by the way. are they trying to make the military religion neutral? we'll debate that coming up next. >> juliet: is your fridge filled with thanksgiving leftovers? don't settle for the lame old turkey sandwich stand by. boring. not when you have this stuff. we'll break out more creative options later. >> dave: plus, more black prefriday madness. is it shaping up to be a boom or a bust? just received a tweet that said that store you're looking for had nothing they advertised.
5:43 am
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♪ freight for you, box for me box that keeps you healthy, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ ♪ saving time, cutting stress, when you use ups ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ >> clayton: quick headlines. michelle obama a few hours away from being presented with the official white house christmas tree. the beautiful 19-foot fir making the trip from wisconsin. it will go up in the blue room in the white house. why does the turkey cross the road? to hand out some tickets. that turkey actually a police officer who is one of the many las vegas cops who crossed the street waiting for drivers not to yield at the crosswalk. in all, 64 people were issued tickets. that's 15 more than last thanksgiving. that's kind of risky. you know those guys are going to
5:47 am
stop. >> dave: thanks. it was the source of comfort for soldiers at an army base in afghanistan. a reminder of their faith. but an army chapel has been order to do remove this cross. so is this political correctness gone too far? jordan is the director of policy and international operations with the american center for law and justice and master sergeant kathleen johnson is vice president and military director for the group, american atheists. they join us for a fair and balanced debate. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> dave: jordan, let me start with you. it is very clear that the army chaplain manual prohibits permanent displays of religious symbols, but some say this is an attack on christianity. what do you believe? >> jay. you saw this was up for a month. when did they decide to take it down? right around thanksgiving. we see another cross under attack at camp pendleton, a statue of jesus in montana under attack that's been there for 60 years, put there by veterans of
5:48 am
world war ii 60 years ago. they're all coming under attack because of groups like american atheists who are finding one person to complain and so the cross comes down for the majority of the military who happen to be christian. you know, about 90% of our u.s. military is christian. they're in afghanistan. it's not like they're at a base around the corner. we've been fighting these regulations. i think the issue is that the military doesn't get backed up, so they just kind of bend, okay, fine, whatever. one person complains and we punish everyone. >> dave: on the flip side, kathleen, look, many of these troops say that this cross is one of the symbols that keeps them going through tough times and they say their fellow troops, some who are jewish, some muslim, had no problem with it. so why is it so important that this cross come down? >> well, look. it's not attacking christianity to make military religious space that's supposed to be usable by
5:49 am
soldiers of all faiths neutral. every service member needs to feel comfortable to be able to hold services in that space. and in a lot of these bases in iraq and afghanistan and elsewhere, often it's the only religious designated space on the base. >> you know that's not true at this base. here there is a mosque, there is a place for catholics. >> dave: let's let her finish and then get back to you, jordan. go ahead. >> yeah. i read and i've seen firsthand what some of these places are that they call worship space. a lot of times you'll have jewish soldiers meeting at the recreation center next to the air field or something like that. using a multipurpose room somewhere. not specifically religiously designated space. they think that's adequate. >> dave: okay. jordan, your response? >> the response is, she's from the group that wants to take down the ground zero cross. this is another line of attacks that we've seen. it's going on across the country. now across the world. the focus has always been the military and specifically what
5:50 am
american atheists and some of these other groups are targeted at is evangelicals. they think there are too many evangelical christians in the military, too many christians who are chaplains. i think that says more about christians than it does about chaplains. >> dave: this is a debate we could continue for hours. folks, we want to hear from you on twitter. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> dave: coming up, if your fridge is filled with thanksgiving leftovers, you'll want to see what we've got planned next. we're going to go outside the box a bit. but first, let's check in with header childers who is hosting "america's news room." >> thanks very much. the black friday menu already out of control before dawn even broke this morning. did you hear about the lady who pepper sprayed her fellow shoppers? we're live at the mall where it happened. is there a new newt gingrich in town? we'll take a look at that as well when i'm up with gregg jarrett up next.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> clayton: chaos in california. black friday shopper, wal-mart, spraying people with pepper spray. quote, to gain the competitive shopping advantage, she said. a hectic scene in macy's in new york city. thousands of people busting through the door after midnight. 1.2 million shoppers expected to hit the stores today. on my watch, i would have stayed home and eat leftovers. >> juliet: scared of what will happen if i go out. thanksgiving dinner leaves plenty to be thankful about, especially because we have leftovers the next day and the whole turkey sandwich thing, that's so -- >> clayton: that's so dave
5:55 am
brigs. >> dave: the founder of the comfort diner in new york city is here to show us how to really shake up these leftovers. ira, is there some different things you can do? i love we showed people earlier the pumpkin pancakes. but we're going to start with turkey chili. >> this is perfect for the big game later on fox. 'cause you could make this ahead, you keep it in the refrigerator and freeze it. really, you take your turkey, cube it, shred it, then saute' it in oil, add beans, and then cook it until it's brown, simmer it. >> dave: you cook it in a crock pot? >> you can do it in a skillet or crock pot. >> dave: i love the crock pot. >> you cooked for hours yesterday. you don't want to cook again. that's why people say turkey pot pie. but you have to make a crust, a
5:56 am
cream sauce. we've got something easier and just as tasty. >> dave: i got you. >> the turkey shepherd's pie. >> clayton: now you're talking. >> so what do you is you take your gravy. instead of making a cream sauce. you add turkey. you take your vegetables left over, whatever you have is fine. some sweet potato and baked potato is fine, too. you put the mashed potatoes that are left over as the crust. you bake it all in the oven until it's brown. you don't have to make a crust or make a cream sauce and it's delicious. >> juliet: i never would have thought of that. >> clayton: the recipes are in your cookbook. more "fox & friends" are coming up in two minutes and in the after the show show we'll teach you what else you can do with your leftovers. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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designed to help their body go as far as their mind wants to. eukanuba. extraordinary nutrition for extraordinary beings. see the difference in 28 days or your money back. >> juliet: tomorrow on the show, the band, chicago. why can't i anchor tomorrow? >> i don't know -- >> can i just show up? [laughter] we also have some leftover recipes. >>


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