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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 31, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> cincinnati going to the super bowl! elizabeth: dagen: cincinnati bengals bo to the super bowl the first time since 1988. i was already in college. they face the los angeles rams. we'll be back tomorrow. "the evening edit" is now. elizabeth: tonight surprising new data coming out of chicago. 130 people accused of murder or attempted murder in chicago. back out on the streets with court ordered monitoring devices like ankle braces. mayor lightfoot warns this system is fundamentally broken. it is making americans unsafe. the white house press secretary jen saki seeming to mock fox's coverage of weak on crime policies triggering the rise in violent crime. that prosecutors, police nationwide, victims rights
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groups and polls of americans show this is a serious problem. jen psaki says she is being misinterpreted. we have the sound. congressman kat cammack, mark green, chris stuart, john joyce, former detroit police chief james craig, fox news contributor deroy murder stock, heritage foundation vice president of foreign policy, retired lieutenant colonel james carafano. this fight to reinstate first-responders, hospital workers fired because of draconian mandates for things like booster shots. calls grow for the workers to get reinstated with back pay and benefits. the cdc says boosters do not stop infection. the power of natural immunity after infection. this, pro-lock down leaders, officials called out worldwide for botching the pandemic as it goes endemic. europe is ditching mandates. are they antiscience? s. we have the joe rogan spotify
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controversy for you. the clinton campaign in more trouble. former general counsel mark elliot deletes a tweet media free speech rights be restricted. irony of that after "new york times" exposed his dark money fund-raising for democrats, democrats complained about for years. politicians in california including california governor newsom party hing maskless indoors at the nfr championship football game in l.a., despite ordering everyone else to mask up or face state fines an penalties. we have this story. critics calling out black lives matter about new reports about the organization alleged corruption and sweetheart insider deals. 40 house republicans warn dhs second mayorkas is botching it again focus recruiting climate change workers but not border officials and more people there, even mayorkas admits the border is in the worst collapse potentially ever. we have the leaked audio revealing that border patrol
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agents are slamming the white house over all of this. we have got the sound tonight you cannot miss. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: we begin with stocks closing out the month with a strong rally but not enough to overcome losses overall for january. now here is what is going on. only 153,000 jobs are expected to be added in january when the numbers come out friday. it would be the weakest reading sentence december 2020. we have nearly nine million not working. they're out sick, caring for someone, quarantining because their employer temporarily shut down or facing mandates. as president biden met today with the nation's governors amid rising crime, fights with school district the and continued pandemic struggles madison alworth has more on crime and its impact on the bail bond industry. let's listen to madison.
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thanks for joining us. reporter: liz, the bail bond industry is adjusting with bail reform. progressive bail reform is not only resulting in people being released with no bail at all but it is also making it easier for people who commit more violent crimes to post bail. bonds men are taking low paints from clients, some even as low as 2% in order to post their bond and free them back into the public. as an example, here in new york a 16-year-old up-and-coming rapper who was charged with shooting an nypd cop in the bronx is walking free on bond thanks to quote, bonds man to the star ira judelstein who specializes getting celebrity clients out of jail. the bond was set at $250,000. this was the 16-year-old's second time being caught with illegal weapon. a shrinking client pool because less people require bail money means companies are eager for clients n texas some are accusing bonds men of capitalizing on violent crime an
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lobbying lawmakers in their favor. he is working with to avoid the desperate one. >> there are corrupt bail bonds men. there are number of them. i won't names. if you're a practitioner there are people that you have problems with. there needs to be clean up of the industry. reporter: is part of a larger relaxed bail system of cities across the u.s. and leaving crime high and citizens concerned. liz? elizabeth: really interesting journalism there, madison alworth. thanks for coming on the show. joining us tonight congressman kat cammack from house homeland security along with former detroit police chief james craig. okay, congresswoman, president biden visits new york, good to see you both by the way. the president is coming to new york city this week. we have the murders of two new york city cops, rising violent crime. i would like you both to listen to white house press secretary jen psaki is being called out for this. watch. >> if you look at fox on a daily basis, do you remember the four boxes that we had on all the t
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haves right which is on live tv right now? so right now to give you a sense cnn, pentagon, as many as 8500 troops on heightened alert. true. same on msnbc. cnbc doing their own thing about the market. on fox is jeanine pirro talking about soft on crime consequences. what does that even mean, right? there is alternate universe on some coverage. what is scary about it, a lot of people watch that and they think the president isn't doing anything to address people's safety in new york and that couldn't be farther from the truth. elizabeth: your reaction, congresswoman? >> wow. that is infuriating. you know i think of the words of president trump, everything woke goes to crap. in this case everything woke seems to be turning into crime or chaos and for jen psaki to say there is an alternate reality out there, say that to the wife and family of the
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firefighter who was battling a fire, a plays, who was shot? just today. this administration is so out of touch it is clear they're so hell-bent on an agenda of dependency and control, making americans dependent on big government so they can maintain control. they have forgotten everything they touch goes to either crime or chaos. we have 30% increase in murders just in 2020. wife of a first responder i can tell you the fact that we have ballistic vests on fire trucks an officers retiring at record rates, that is the truth. that is the reality. the white house needs to get with the program. elizabeth: captain, to the congresswoman owes point what was your reaction when you heard this? fox news jacqui heinrich asked jen psaki about her comments. she is pushing back saying the white house is tough on crime and the president is against defunding the police. when you heard that sound, what did you hear, what was your reaction? >> my reaction simply this,
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comedy. i was appalled. she is dismissive. she is smug. you know having served, over four decades in law enforcement as a public servant, it is disrespect. what do you say to the wife of the slain police officer? what do you say to the victims, mostly people of color in vulnerable communities? she dismisses it. it is shameful and i got to tell you, they want to throw money at it, talk about police reform, social services. no. this is not about that. it is about policies, failed policies. they want to understand and try to figure out how to reduce crime? they don't care. their agenda is truly they don't really care. let me say this, time for voters to step up and vote for folks like me in michigan, who is running for positive, for governor, who will be strong on crime. this must stop now.
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elizabeth: i'm so sorry, i made a mistake. you're a former police chief. forgive me for that. >> that's all right. elizabeth: cook county sheriff, tom dart in chicago, cook county sheriff in chicago, 90 people accused of murder set free with electronic ankle monitoring devices along with 40 charged with attempted murder. 850 charged with aggravated gun possession. congresswoman, chicago mayor lori lightfoot says this is fundamentally broken system making americans fundamentally unsafe. listen to the widow of former police captain david dorn, he was murdered trying to help a pawn shop owner protect his business during the 2020 riots. watch this? >> our prosecutor is not doing her job. prosecutors across the country are not doing their jobs and holding people accountable. the man that murdered my husband was on probation for two armed robberies. he committed one armed robbery.
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was on probation. commit ad second armed robbery. was given a second probation. how does that happen? he should been in jail. if he would have been in jail my husband may still be alive today elizabeth: what is your reaction to that congresswoman? >> that is heartbreaking. as wife of a first responder is a swat medic. he sees the most dangerous situations happening in our community. i think of the work he and his team do. you arrest the violent criminals, the very next day they're out on bail. what is the point? no wonder there is so low morale amongst all of our departments. this is what happens when you allow soros-backed candidates, george soros backed candidates have liberal policies under so-called bail reform, which is a conduit to increase crime in our communities. it's a fact that when you are weak on crime, when you continue to push these social justice warrior programs, that are designed to trap people in
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poverty, in dangerous situations that you're not going to give them an avenue to get out. that is what this entire administration is all bout and for jen psaki and this administration say they are tough on crime, they don't support defunding police, where were they last march we were fighting tooth and nail in the house as nancy pelosi voted to defund police? they were nowhere to be found. in fact they were cheering. same thing with the chicago mayor. she was nowhere to be found week after week after week when people were getting murdered in her community. now it's a political problem. now she is speaking out. elizabeth: and democrats in the senate filibustered senator tim scott's criminal justice reform bill. kat, excuse me, chief, your final word on organized gangs in california looting freight trains and stealing from retailers. macy's bloomingdale's "forbes" magazine retailers are turning their in store cameras into facial-recognition technology because there are $69 billion
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stolen. it is up massive double digits, i think it is up 65% since 2019. these thieves are arrested. then they're out of jail within 24 hours within many districts. >> it is clear to me, liz, it is one thing, no consequences. do you think you're going to change the crime problem by arresting and letting them out? no. there is no consequences. let's talk about the violence against police officers. these suspects are emboldened because they know, they're being supported by these socialist radical lefties who are continuing to do the same thing. it is not going to change. we keep talking about police reform, let's put money into social programs. look, i support social programs but at the end of the day we've got to make sure there are consequences. people need to be held accountable because some folks don't need to be in our society, especially when they're violent.
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they need to be locked up and i'm going to tell you, this is not going to change. oh, by the way, most important, we got to support our men and women who go out to serve every day. we got to support that. elizabeth: congresswoman kat cammack, chief james craig, good luck with your campaign. great to have you both on. come back again soon. the fight to reinstate hospital workers and first-responders fired because of draconian mandates on things like booster shots after the cdc director said vaccines do not stop infections. we have new cdc studies showing the power of natural immunity after getting covid. joe rogan spotify controversy. we have congressman mark green joining us next. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> if they think for themselves, if they look at the data, then, yes, they will rehire many workers they unfairly fired. ♪
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and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ ♪. elizabeth: look at these images a convoy of 100,000 truckers work across the u.s. canadian border. they rolled into canada's capital city of ottawa. they're protesting against
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lockdowns. justin true deand his family was moved to a secret location. he initially dismissed group as a small fringe minority. congressman mark green from the house select subcommittee on the coronavirus. he wants unvaccinated canadian workers crossing back from the u.s. to quarantine. they're saying no, about much more. your reaction to this? >> yeah. obviously these government imposed vaccine mandates are, they're unconstitutional in the united states. what he is doing is just bullying. it is not cool and these guys are pushing back. elizabeth: the other thing too we know that vaccines prevent against death and hospitalization. we are losing though generations worth of talent and massive amounts of brain power this country desperately needs to recover. vaccines don't stop transmission, the cdc director
6:19 pm
said. mitt romney is vaccinated and he has it. a health care worker can be vaccinated, right? have a positive covid test, go back to work asymptomatic, taking care of patients they're not fired. if you have two shots no booster, have an autoimmune problem, you have natural immunity because you got sick because you're fired. this is zero common sense. >> particularly what the supreme court did for u.s. health care workers is, i think terrible. they basically said health care workers are a different class of citizens and don't have the same rights. they reversed the mandates to non-health care workers but you know, these health care workers are american citizens. they have the same or should have the same constitutional rights as every other american. elizabeth: they should be reinstated, get back pay, get their benefits reinstated as well. recall and fire the politicians who are -- go ahead. >> i was just going to say we certainly need them. we have a crush, shortage of
6:20 pm
physicians, we have a shortage of nurses in this country and then they do this. the ones that are working are overwhelmed. they're exhausted. this has been a long pandemic and these decisions, these mandate decisions, even the one made by the supreme court to basically create a different class of citizen is wrong. elizabeth: you know, "wall street journal" reporting we're in a new defining moment in history. the leading industrialized nations in europe, north america, asia-pacific, those officials called for shutdowns are being called out for mishandling the pandemic. in europe they say it is endemic. we'll have to live with it. denmark is saying that. sweden has been saying that. australia said we'll not lock down again. we could suffer up to $35 trillion of losses because of lockdowns worldwide. that is according to mckenzie this, will happen by 2025. this is serious stuff, congressman. >> absolutely. you look at the increase in
6:21 pm
adolescent girls going to the emergency department for behavior or mental health issues. it increased 35% last year. something interest that the cdc is not releasing information on suicide. that is as may have increase of mental health issues for our children. all because of the way they reacted on the virus with kid. only you know, you hate to say any death of a child is horrible but from the percentages of those who are dying from the vaccine, the risk is so small for children and yet the risk for some of these draconian lockdown measures we know they're bad. 10 years, 15 years from now, we'll be paying for the lost education from all of this stuff. elizabeth: let's watch hbo's bill maher on this. watch this. >> let's get this straight, it is not me who has changed it's the left who is now made up of a small contingent who have gone
6:22 pm
mental and a large contingent who refuse to call them out for it but i will. that's why i'm a hero at fox these days. [cheering] [applause] which shows just how much liberals have their head up their ass. if they really thought about it, they would have made me a hero on their media. [cheers and applause] but that can't happen in this ridiculous new era of mind-numbing partisanship, if i keep it real about the nonsense in the democratic party, it makes me an instant hero to republicans. elizabeth: but now we've got spotify announcing it will add a content advisory after rock stars are slamming joe rogan for misinformation about the pandemic including vaccines. your reaction to that story? >> well, once again the woke left wants to censor free speech in america. i mean that is what this is. now i haven't watched joe on any
6:23 pm
of that. i haven't heard what he said, so i can't vouch for whether or not he is act are the or not but i can tell you this, he is an american citizen with first amendment rights and what we're doing now is we're saying if you don't think the way i think then you're wrong, we'll cancel you and we've got to stop this. bill maher is right. what happened to the left, that they have gone off the deep end, really, a marxist deepened. whether it is the economy or you know afghanistan or foreign policy or it is just, yeah, sad. elizabeth: got it. congressman mark green, thanks for joining us. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: coming up the clinton campaign in more trouble as former general counsel mark elliot delete as tweet demanding media free speech rights be restricted after "the new york times" exposed his dark money fund-raising for democrats. the irony of that with congressman chris stuart from house intelligence. he is joining us next on "the evening edit".
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elizabeth: welcome to the show from house intelligence chris stuart. great to see you, congressman. your reaction to this story. the former general counsel for hillary clinton campaign, he is lawyer marc elias, he deleted a tweet attacking "new york times." he called for restrictions on freedom of the press after "the times" put out an article exposing how he and democrats raise a lot of money from quote,
6:28 pm
dark money sources for things like stopping the states in their vote reform bills. your take on the irony of this? >> oh, my gosh, how could it be more rich with irony. there are two things i would say. for a decade the democrats have been warning us that dark money is evil that dark money will destroy democracy. and now we know that silently, an of course purposely, they're raising and spending way more dark money than the republicans have. then the second irony which is just as rich, even more, here we have this individual as you described who is one of the primary characters in the russian hoax, for four years he and others told lie after lie to compliant media, attacked innocent people, worked with almost certainly russian disinformation campaigns. now he is complaining what he considers disinformation in the press and wants to silence the press because of that? i don't know how you can listen
6:29 pm
to this or know this story and not just laugh and again, enjoy the irony of it. elizabeth: you know, congressman, he tweeted out the tweet that he deleted is "new york times" and other media reporting on the dark money fund-raising to, you know, stop what the states are doing with voter integrity reform. he is saying those media reporting on it they're pro-democracy. you're making an important point. elias is one of the main players paid by the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign to push the debunked anti-trump steele dossier into the fbi and doj the doj watchdog said it was debunked. trump in moscow hotel with prostitutes and much more. he is saying all of that but he is not really talking about how, the money, the funding he is getting from left-wing groups to do what he is doing. >> exactly. i mean talk about funding.
6:30 pm
perkins coie, the law firm he used to work for, they funneled millions and millions of dollars to fusion gps to generate this dossier, which they knew, they knew at the time it was not true. there is no way in the world they didn't know this was just an absolute fabrication. yet once again as you said they pushed that up to the doj, the fbi to a compliant media and by the way on these efforts to suppress republican initiatives to protect vote integrity, $20 million, this law firm perkins coie has received, more than $20 million in those efforts. this is not just a small thing for them this, is an enormous undertaking, very lucrative, and yet he is out complaining about the media who highlights what we know is true. not like this is invalid. we know this is true. elizabeth: he is also been testifying to a grand jury empaneled by special counsel
6:31 pm
john durham in durham's criminal probe of the trump russia investigation. it covers a wide range of alleged abuses of power, that he was working with individuals acting on behalf of the clinton campaign to push false narratives inside of the justice department to get the trump campaign investigated. your final word on that? >> well, once again perkins coie lost some of their key attorneys who were involved in this effort, it is not just sussman, not just mr. elias, it is dozens of others analysts and other senior people at doj we look forward to the durham report. i think some people look forward -- [inaudible] including this individual. elizabeth: congressman chris stewart, thanks for coming on the show. come back soon. we're now coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. politicians in california including governor newsom, the mayors of l.a. and san francisco caught on camera partying maskless indoors at the nfc hp
6:32 pm
football game in los angeles despite ordering everyone else to mask up indoors or face state fines an penalties. congressman john joyce weighs in next on "the evening edit." >> there is no way anybody would show up without a mask at sofy stadium in crack down california. oops. expect for those two guys. ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! thirty-four miles per hour! new personal record, limu! [limu emu squawks]
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6:37 pm
the democrats roll. these are rules for thee and not for me. these mask mandates are not based in science. it seems like the california democrats actually might recognize that because they are certainly not following them. we need to get past these mandates. we need to understand that because of the oral therapeutics that have been developed that we can get through this covid and not rely on government overreach and mandating something not based in science. elizabeth: congressman, the california governor is saying he took the mask off for the photos, so he is defending himself. why do you say they're not based in science? >> there are no scientific study that shows us these masks protect individuals from either catching covid or spreading covid. elizabeth: dr. fauci says there are? >> dr. fauci might say this week but seems to change from meeting to meeting and interview to
6:38 pm
interview. elizabeth: okay. we also have this. infectious disease scientist in dr. fauci's niaid has spoken out against masks for children in schools. she is marjorie smoke, lobbying personally gop governor harry hogan about that. she wrote an essay for advocate magazine questioning the mandate for masks in schools. cite ad study out of north carolina, the studies are weak and not scientific because they had no control group and more? >> that is how scientific studies are done. you need a control group to show they are effective. we recognize these mask mandates are just another manipulative tool to not allow students to be in school learning. that is what is so important. we as republicans recognize that students best learn when they're in a school setting.
6:39 pm
we're seeing that there is evidence of depression, anxiety, from students who have not been in school, or students who have been masked. just last week i was talking to parent, a father whose son was at home, having to zoom his education. this is not an effect of it way for students to learn. they need to be with their peers, with their teachers. there is a subset of students that are even more drastically affected. those are students with special need who need additional speech therapy and occupational therapy to be in the classroom without a mask, learning and achieving. elizabeth: you know school mask mandates are now a culture war flashpoint across the country especially in states like virginia since the election of republican governor glenn youngkin. he issued an executive order giving parents a choice whether their children should wear masks in school. it is prompting mostly northern virginia school districts to sue to block the order saying the unmasked children are going to
6:40 pm
endanger their children who are wearing masks. so that is an interesting fight there. your take on that? >> i think that parents ultimately must make that decision. we in congress have worked to have the parents bill of rights. this puts the opportunity for students educations to be first and foremost in the hands of the parents, not in the administrators. parents know what is best for their students. they're behind their children and they understand the children learn best when the advocate is the parent in the first place. elizabeth: we have reports coming in in new york state, for example, school district teacher, this story went viral, a tiktok video quote, he is saying, this, horrendous reportedly what he said. he is promising to quote, throw a child at you if anyone at school questions his decision to wear a mask. that story is now, now viral.
6:41 pm
your final word on that? >> it is an unacceptable response. children's needs must be put first and we as legislators must be behind the parents who make the ultimate decision on what's best for educating their children. elizabeth: congressman john joyce, thanks for joining us. good to see you. >> nice to be with you, liz. elizabeth: next up, 40 house republicans warn dhs secretary mayorkas botching it again. new focus on recruiting climate change workers for homeland security when the secretary there admits the border crisis is in the potentially the worst collapse ever. critickings calling out black lives matter after reports about the organization's inside and sweetheart deals. we'll break it down with deroy murdoch. keep it here on "the evening edit". or peace.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show fox news contributor deroy murdoch. good to have you on. good to see you. >> great to see you. elizabeth: okay, your reaction to this story. black lives matter apparently sent $6.3 million to a separate canadian nonprofit led by the wife of its cofounder, 10,000 square foot mansion next summer. why didn't the money go to black lives matter canada? >> this story is just incredible. there are all sorts of interesting details about this, that the mansion happened to be owned previously by the communist party of canada. you can't make this stuff up but what we've seen is that this is black lives matter is an organization built on a lie, built on the idea that the police are taking out black people for target practice or maybe just for laughs and this is some sort of a antiblack genocide. 2020 at time of george floyd riots, unarmed blacks killed by police, 18. 2020, last year, grand total of
6:47 pm
four. this is tragic thing when people don't get to go home with the families to celebrate christmas with them this is not a antiblack holocaust going on what blm would like to believe. turns out during the 2020 george floyd riots. raised 22 million promoting their cause, 8 million operational expenses. adds up to $30 million. where did the extra $30 million go? nobody knows. money vanished. no accountability. there were supposed to be two people coming in after patrice cullors, thee quit after spending $3.2 million buying mansions in georgia and los angeles. she quit, two people were supposed to run the organization. they didn't accept the jobs. not clear who is running black lives matter. this looks to be a giant scam, total shakedown organization. elizabeth: they were in a nonprofit until december 2022. senior members of black lives matter in canada reportedly stepping down over this. they believe it is completely
6:48 pm
unethical. they reportedly bout the real estate without consulting the other members. you have that. you have the families of michael brown and breonna taylor saying where is the money going. you're right, patrisse cullors resigned as blm. we don't know if it was here, signs off on 6.3 million going to a wife's non-profit in canada. after patrisse cullors bout personal homes in georgia and california. nobody knows who is running, overseeing the 66 million or so bankroll over there? >> again, it is not clear who is running this organization. if you're non-profit you're supposed to be very clear with the irs, fill out these forms, be very transparent about it. i work with a lot of northern profits. i've seen the paperwork. these are lab rat tax returns, more lab rat than most people's 1040 forms. looks like blm blown this off and transformed themselves and real estate investment trust. gone from black lives matter to
6:49 pm
black leases matter. i wish they would be open about this say hey we're in the business of buying and flipping mansions rather than claiming out there fighting for so-called social justice and against this alleged antiblack police violence problem which is they exaggerate well, well far beyond what it actually is. elizabeth: deroy, "washington examiner" has a great piece on this. they questions are growing what exactly these billions of dollars accomplished are black lives any safer? police have been defunded. budgets have been slashed in major cities nationwide. arrests plunging 24% as police were refunded, being defunded rather. murder rates are skyrocketing. black lives hit the hardest. look at the data according to this story before the defund the police movement nearly 7800 black people were murdered. that is 54% of all homicide victims n 2020 more than 9900
6:50 pm
black people murdered. this is 56% of people all murdered. additional 2,000 black lives lost last year after defund the police and what blm was pushing. >> no, eye chronically what black lives matter has done is get more black lives killed, more black people killed as a result of scaring the police, defunding the police, demoralizing the police, demonizing the police. many police officers and police departments sort of backed off. they demanded people said get out of our lives. so they have. what happened? the criminals decided not to be nice. they decided to step on the gas. increase assaults, crime and murder, what you end up with more black people. what blm managed to do is get more black people killed. this whole operation has backfired. people need to be held account in this big corporations like target, levis, walmart which gave a lot of donations to black lives matter. should demand their money back. apologize to their stockholders an customers.
6:51 pm
elizabeth: deroy murdoch, thanks for joining us, come back soon. you're a terrific writer. love your work. >> you bet. elizabeth: biden border crisis, 40 house republican members calling out homeland security member mayorkas calling out a new climate crisis corps. leaked audio revealing border agents blasting the white house over collapse of the border. we have the sound you cannot miss. retired lieutenant colonel james carafano joins us next on "the evening edit." >> every state is a border state right now including mission siri because the fentanyl is coming across, trafficking moved by the cartels, it ends up everywhere in the country so we have to fight this fight. ♪
6:52 pm
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look who's here, heritage foundation vice president of foreign-policy, retired lieutenant colonel, great to have you back on target your reaction to the 40 house republicans letter secretary mayorkas' is boxing again, a new focus on recruiting climate change worker said home and security as he admits the border is in its worst collapse profitably forever. >> this is personal for me, i
6:56 pm
was there when we created the department, the first reporter in the department and work with the secretary and reorganizing from home and security. i had two different stints on the home and security advisory council and i was originally hired at the heritage foundation as a home and security so i've been with this department every step of the way, at the border numerous times and met with border patrol. tom homan, these are all my good friend. this is the most grievous piece of government i've ever seen. this is literally like asking john diligent to guard the bank. he's committed almost nothing short of crime. he's taken the home and security under the direction of president and turned it into insecurity rather than stopping crime and preventing terrace, they are order to facilitate activities
6:57 pm
to not enforce the law and incentivize crime and make us more vulnerable than ever. liz: according to a letter, by the way, it looks like we are heading toward 3 million people crossing illegally when you count the getaways. in their letter they say in 2018, almost half of all criminals prosecuted in federal court were criminal illegal aliens, drug trafficking, kidnapping and murder, 200,000 illegal aliens the last ten years charged with 400,000 criminal assessments including murder, sexual assault and more. we have 14 terrorists, fbi watchlist according to the porter, or chief got caught at the border last year, 50 from the government list of nations of special interest like syria and iran in 150 nations illegal immigrants coming from there to the border including china and russia. >> literally as we speak, the policy is we have to fight every
6:58 pm
reason not to deport somebody so they have to look every possible way i can to find a reason not to enforce somebody. we talked about this on your show a million times, opioids, people dying at record levels so drugs, other criminal activity, all the environmental damage the public health issues, potential for terrorists and we've talked about all about so now what we are facing is another issue people aren't talking about, it may be the greatest threat yet which is weapon icing migrants and borders is a 21st century thing. we've left this government with connections with china and russia, what's to keep them from having them money into just saying send people north and give them my current flow? liz: border agents are frustrated, watch this, talking to him in the border chief, ortiz.
6:59 pm
>> you come and work and you are frustrated and upset because you're not getting the desired outcome you want. that doesn't mean you give up, right? i know you're not. >> it's in the constitution -- [inaudible] >> that's exactly what's happening here. illegal aliens . liz: they really let him have it, your word on that? >> businesslike the fund police, the only difference is they can't actually defund them because they are federally funded but they literally don't want them to do their job so we see defund crops collapse at the local level because one, they just can't deal with this and they have to let the cops do their job and give them money back but at the federal level,
7:00 pm
nobody to force federal government to allow people to do their job. liz: thanks for joining us, come back soon. thank you for watching, i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you've been watching the evening at it, that does it for us. we hope you have a good evening and we hope you join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: you've got to hand it to california, turning up the worst politicians in the country. congratulations. the most ransom meet why, governor gavin newsom and that's saying something when you elbow nancy pelosi and adam shipped off the podium. he was shown massless at this championship and supply stadium and made a series of stupid excuses, san francisco mayor, useless l.a. mayor eric garcetti and magic johnson was seen


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