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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 31, 2022 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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ashley: thank you very much a valuable lesson. you learn something fresh on this program every day. ashley, thanks a lot. quick check on the market. a lot of green. look at that nasdaq up 233 points, 2 1/2%. even the dow is up 122. that is a monday morning rally. real nice bounce on the last day of january. say good-bye to january willingly. hello to february tomorrow. david asman in today. we say food buy to january. thank you very much, stuart, i'm david asman in for neil cavuto. stocks kicking off january with another volatile session as a wild first month of trading for 2022 comes to a close. the dow on pace for its worst january in six years as well as its worst month of trading since march 2020. the nasdaq also feeling the
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pain, although not today, but for the month seeing the worst month since 2008 on track for the worst january in record. we may have the best day on record if we keep going if we keep going. these wild swings on wall street well be covering the next two hours but first to our nation's capital where president biden is meeting with the nation's governors today, as states continue to battle rising crime, school closures and impact of covid-19. edward lawrence is at the white house with the details. hi, edward. reporter: david, yeah, he is wrapping up the meeting with the national association of governors, the president talking to them, highlighting his response for covid. he is also highlighting how he has a becoming connie in the president's words as well as he talked about inflation and infrastructure. president, governors came here looking for a nod to fast track many of those infrastructure projects in the bipartisan infrastructure bill and, will pay for. president biden: you know how to
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build roads and bridges. we have a hell of a lot to build. we're going to, we're going to build a bunch of them. also clean water, ports, a whole range of things, we have a lot of opportunity to build back a lot better. reporter: with the president brushed over the immigration crisis at the border. former white house press secretary running for governor of arkansas says she hopes republican governors in the room hold the president accountable for failed policies. >> frankly conservative governors over the course of the last couple of years have been leading where president biden has failed and i look forward to joining with them opposing the mandates, opposing the shutdowns. one of the worst things we've seen happen over the course past year-and-a-half is school shutdowns, forcing millions of kids to fall further and further behind. reporter: the president said his administration has sent the governor as lot of money.
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he plans to send them a lot more money if they keep spending it alluding to the fact he will push a social infrastructure bill later this year. david: we'll see if he had more success than last year. edward, thank you very much. democrats heading back to d.c. with a lengthy to-do list after failing at voting rights and "build back better" plan. chad pergram is live on capitol hill with the very latest where the focus now shifts. chad. reporter: david, good afternoon. the democratic agenda right now is in the ditch. democrats hope to salvage parts of "build back better" after stumbling on voting legislation but democrats must fund the government in 19 days. "build back better" could be build back broken up. there is no agreement how to proceed. >> i don't want to give up on it. let's find the things that make the biggest difference. let's move them as quickly as we can. i don't want to drag this process out. reporter: house progressive caucus insists the senate pass
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the bill before president biden's state of the union speech on march first. house speaker cautioned that early march is aspirational. nancy pelosi says the bill would pass when it has the votes. democrats from the northeast are pushing for restoration of the deduction for state and local taxes, better known as s.a.l.t. >> i was at a diner this morning. of course it is jersey, i'm in a diner. two folks talked to me about s.a.l.t., reinstating s.a.l.t., getting tax cuts for them, middle class family issue where i live. reporter: liberals are prepping to accept a lot less than what the house approved in december. >> i think people want to move and get this over with. frankly i think even the progressive wing of the democratic party at this point they want to get whatever they can. reporter: pelosi is hinting time to move on funding the government and a bill to help the u.s. compete with china. david? david: according to a new poll
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from abc news 69% of americans disapprove of president biden's handling of the increasing inflation. let's get reaction from national taxpayers union executive vice president brandon arnold and independent women's forum economic policy center director patrice lee onwuka. good to see you both. thank you for being here. brandon, so clearly the biden administration was wrong in predicting temporary inflation. it is accelerating and of course they haven't stopped that acceleration either. so is it the trillion dollar deficit spending that most americans blame for the inflation? what specifically do they point to as the cause of accelerating inflation? >> that is a huge part of it. last year, right out of the gate this administration spent two trillion dollars, borrowed every cent of that two trillion dollars in order to juice the economy. what happened? it drove inflation through the roof. that is not surprising for anyone that studied economics.
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what is surprising this administration wants to just keep doing the same thing over and over. they want to spend trillions of dollars with the "build back better" plan. this america competes bill, the china bill. hundreds of billions of dollars, all unpaid for. most of it unpaid for. it will continue to drive inflation. what this administration is going to see is its numbers continue to go in the toilet because the american people want an end to all of this inflation. they want an end to all the borrowing and spending. david: patrice, the labor shortage plays a key part in the inflation story, not only in wage inflation but in fewer goods and services. that of course holds up the supply chain, et cetera, also, you know the fewer goods and services you have the more everything costs. so how about their handling of the labor shortage that we have right now? >> well it is interesting that the white house likes to tout low unemployment and rising wages but they forget real wages
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are falling 2.4%. meaning what you actually take home, are to spend is less than what you had a year prior and absolutely, because of rising wages it is becoming more costly to produce the goods that everyone needs. i don't think the white house, the administration has a very good idea how to deal with employment. so far the ideas we've seen them float over the past year is disincentivize work. whether that is the child tax credit extension meted out in a monthly payments, whether unemployment benefits that were continued or the wonderful stimulus checks so many people used to spend on luxury goods, but certainly beefed up their savings. it dent necessarily push them back out into the workforce. as all the benefits dissipate, as people see, they're spending down their savings, i think hopefully that will nudge more people out of the sidelines and back into the workforce when we really need them to be right now.
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david: brandon, when are we going to hear the specifics on tax policies? we know they're planning a whole lot of things. everybody has their wish is are. liz warrens that her wealth tax wish-list. other people think we should be doubling the capital gains taxes. are we going to hear something specific and is it possible that they, the democrats can find some republicans to go along with some increase in taxes? >> well i certainly hope not because the tax increases that they're talking about would kill hundreds of thousands of american jobs. you look at the global minimum tax, the 15% tax, there is some strong democratic support behind that. that is something with a slimmed down "build back better" plan as tax on stock buybacks. those are the types of policies i would expect to be included if they can indeed get joe manchin and other recalcitrant democrats on board. hopefully that doesn't materialize. you're looking again at a loss of hundreds of thousands of
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american jobs at a time the economic recovery is really limping along. david: patrice, i'm wondering are there any republicans because there are some moderate republicans who went along with the president on infrastructure, a couple of other things. are there enough republicans, so perhaps some tax increase could be passed this year? what kind would that be? >> i'm curious to see who those would be. i don't see a lot of republicans jumping at the prospect for paying for policies frankly have been rising inflation. bbb is not popular with americans for the inflationary reasons. i think there are pieces of the "build back better" that might be of interest but they will be contentious. child tax credit is a great example. senator manchin is not willing to extend it unless we reintroduce work requirements for example. but i think there are conservatives who would probably like to see something like that.
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you may gain a couple of republicans on a few tiny items and lose a few democrats. i don't see any of president biden's agenda moving forward this year. david: patrice, the same pole showed 69% disapproval on president's handling of inflation, showed 76% of americans don't like his racial and gender prequalifications for a supreme courting nomination. how can biden follow through? i know it was a campaign pledge but if 76% of americans are against it, how can he follow through with it? >> oh, because he is, he is pivoting to a radical base right now. the fact that we as a country have moved beyond race and gender as the leading reason to hire someone or to fire someone, yet he is moving in the opposite direction tells us he is only moving, only responding to one very narrow group of supporters on the left.
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hopefully i guess he believes that will help him keep the key constituents of black voters or maybe female voters. we see through the shenanigans. we want the best man or woman in the job, not because of their gender, x chromosomes or skin color because they're qualified, not be super partisan. david: bingo. >> unfortunately i'm not looking forward to who he puts up there. david: we'll see soon enough. patrice, brandon, appreciate you being here. coming up next as russia's military presence ramps up on the ukraine border is president biden putting enough pressure on putin in response? we discuss when we return. ♪.
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♪. david: the u.n. security council meeting earlier today on the ukraine crisis. the pentagon saying the u.s. is considering tougher sanctions against russia. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon with the very latest. hi, lucas. reporter: david, we just learned that secretary of state antony blinken will speak to his russian counterpart tomorrow
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morning. this as senator bob menendez predict the senate is getting ready to release the mother of all sanctions on russia later this week. >> there are some sanctions that could really take place up front because of what russia has already done. cyberattacks on ukraine. false flag operations. the efforts to undermine the ukrainian government internally. reporter: russian warships currently engaged in manuevers in the black sea. russia amphibious assault ships are heading there soon. they're in the med, david, not far from the uss harry s. truman is leading nato war games. president biden was sending quote not a lot of troops to eastern europe this soon. on "fox news sunday" pentagon press secretary warn john kirby on releasing sanctions too early. >> thing on sanctions once you
12:17 pm
trip that. if he does another invasion in ukraine that is exactly what they will get. reporter: in 1994 russia pledged to uranium borders if it gives up it is nuclear weapons. >> we're not going to be distracted by their propaganda. we're going to be prepared to respond to any disinformation that they attempt to spread during this meeting. reporter: russia's calling this meeting of the security council a pr stunt as one of five permanent members to the security council russia enjoys veto power. which makes it all look as show. david? david: house speaker nancy pelosi is calling for a house briefing on the escalating russia ukraine tensions as the senate gets ready to receive their own briefing this thursday. joining me florida congressman, house homeland security committee member, carlos
12:18 pm
gimenez. carlos, thank you for being here. what are you hearing first of all about the latest possibility of a russian invasion? >> what we heard back in congress a couple weeks ago was that the russians were really waiting for the ground to freeze. there is only a couple times of the year where russian tanks can really operate in that sector in that area. now in the winter and then also in the dead of summer when it is really dry and so we're expecting is that the russians are going to wait for the ground to freeze so their tanks can operate and that will be the time when the russians, you know, will invade in fact if they're going to be invading. david: what kind of invasion are we looking at? of course in 2014 they took crimea and ports, et cetera, but this time might they to all the way to the capital? >> they may. you know, they have been threatening, they really want i believe instill some kind of a puppet government in the ukraine, somebody that will turn away from, from the west and nato and turn towards you know,
12:19 pm
to russia. and so, yeah, they may just do that. really all depends on how much the russians really fear nato, how much the russians really fear president biden and from what president biden has done so far in his first year not sure there is much to fear from president biden. he told us that he wasn't going to leave any americans and any allies in afghanistan. that withdrawal from afghanistan i think is directly related to what is happening right now in the ukraine. david: yeah. a lot of people think it also affects our relations with china and other threats that we have, iran and so forth. you know i have to be honest, a lot of americans, it is more anecdotal than it is verified by polls, a lot of americans seem more concerned about our own border than they dot border in russia and ukraine, particularly because the flow is, if anything increasing and the degree to which a lot of these illegal immigrants are being transported
12:20 pm
around the country are particularly disturbing, particularly these night-time excursion that have been caught on videotape. what are your thoughts about all of this? >> yeah i think they're absolutely 100% correct. i think we had close to two million encounters. that is just the people we know. we're trying to cross the border. most were allowed to get into the united states. they completely undid what president trump, the accomplishments of president trump basically had the border under control, not only is it about people, but also about the guns and the drugs that are flowing through the southern border there is more fentanyl been captured this year, enough to kill all americans seven times over. i know that we've had about 100,000 americans die of drug overdoses this last year. just think about that. you know, that we've are allowing this southern border to be wide open, wide open to illegal immigration, but also wide open to illegal gun trade, wide open to illegal drug trade that is killing thousands and
12:21 pm
thousands of americans and what does biden do about it? nothing. actually he is helping them. so it's absolutely mind boggling what this president is doing and of course you do have the situation in ukraine. they're both serious but i tend to agree with the american people that the situation at the southern border is definitely in a crisis, a crisis of our own making. david: there is a very why the crisis at the southern border exists. why they're not doing more to tighten up the border. a lot of people say because they want to bring in more latin american immigrants. you're latin american immigrant. the president's approval rating among latin americans has gone way down, it has not only affected his approval but the entire democratic party. if that is his intention, it is not helping, it is not working so why are they continuing with this sort of non-policy at the border? >> look i really don't know. the one thing that i was
12:22 pm
thinking about the other day what happened in new york city where now residents get vote, not just citizens get to vote. maybe they want to expand that to states in national elections. i don't know. i think that may be a key to it all but look, latins, hispanics, we are here, the ones that are totally against what is going on we got here legally, okay? we didn't use illegal immigration to get into the united states, at least the bulk of us didn't. we understand what is going on. also illegal immigration is threatening our safety. we have seen stories how illegal immigrants are running around the country and some are committing pretty heinous crimes and also they're also competing for the jobs we want in many cases. it's not, it is not surprising to me that, that hispanics are you know, flooding to the gop. finally they get to see that really we stand for their principle. hispanics, we are hard-working,
12:23 pm
we want the rule of law. that is why we came here. david: right. >> we are also people of faith and those are the, you know the principles that -- is based on. david: you also escaped, you yourself escaped communist cuba and knock log juans, venezuelas, the same thing, escaping economic policies that drove their country into the ground. you settled what is known as little havana in the miami area. how many folks, how many of your constituents worry what they escaped from is the kind of economic policies is what some want the country to go toward? >> you hit the nail on the head there. look in my particular district we had a 21 point swing to the right from 2016 to 2020 and i think a lot of it, most of it had to do with economic policies and also the fear that this country is moving towards the model you see in venezuela and
12:24 pm
nicaragua, unfortunately in cuba. we rejected that. we left those countries for a reason. we left those countries to come here for freedom. we're seeing some of those freedoms being put in jeopardy. when you have censorship, when you have people in congress openly saying that they're socialists, that they admire those regimes in nicaragua and venezuela and cuba, we got a problem. we got a problem here in the united states. david: we do. >> maybe the reason we're here is to save the united states from what happened to us in our country. that would be one of my goals, one of my folks in congress. david: i don't think anybody fears the socialist turn that this country is taken more than people who have escaped socialism and seen with their own eyes and very often their own blood the results of those changes. carlos gimenez, thanks for being here, congressman. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. david: coming up joe rogan responding to spotify protests over his podcast.
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more on what the podcaster is now promising right after this. ♪. >> especially today, many of the things we thought of as misinformation a short while ago are now accepted as fact. mm. [ clicks tongue ] i don't know. i think they look good, man. mm, smooth. uh, they are a little tight. like, too tight? might just need to break 'em in a little bit. you don't want 'em too loose. for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. -okay. think i'm gonna wear these home. -excellent choice.
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♪. >> i do think as the podcast platform you have to have some sort of guidelines. how about a disclaimer on his podcast that says, you know, this is misinformation. how about removing some of the podcasts that disseminate information. >> they have. they have. david: like anybody there would know what misinformation is. well, spotify is now responding to recent calls to censor and remove joe rogan. ashley webster has the latest on this. hey, ash? reporter: we know that the "view" is the last word on every
12:30 pm
issue. david: of course. of course. reporter: already, listen, joe joe rogan speaking out in a video on instagram he is not trying to put out misinformation on covid. just giving people with differing opinions. >> i'm interested in telling the truth. i'm interested in finding out what the truth is. i'm not interested in only talking to people that have one perspective. reporter: differing opinions, free speech. meantime spotify ceo daniel eck announced this weekend the streaming service will add a content advisory to any podcast episode that includes discussion about the covid-19. makes "the view" happy, right? in a blog he said, look, this new effort to combat misinformation will roll out to countries around the world in coming days. to our knowledge this content advisory is the very first of its kind by a major podcast platform. now despite some high-profile defectors including yes, neil
12:31 pm
young and joni mitchell who came the joe rogan experience podcast is disseminating erroneous information about the virus the streaming platform is holding firm, refusing to remove or even censor rogan's podcasts. one reason, in 2020 spotify reportedly paid more than 100 million bucks for the exclusive rights of the podcast. they have a lot invested. as observers pointed out, spotify is not a music company. it is a tech company trying to maximize profits despite peer pressure to drop some of its content. take a listen. >> we've got to support diversity of thought, freedom of speech and a whole set of views. right now especially when you think about the media players that are out there, everybody is succumbing to different types of peer pressure and not supporting that freedom of speech and that diversity of thought. reporter: also spotify's popular music service we should point out is not profitable so there is a lot riding on popularity of
12:32 pm
podcasts he specially joe rogan's. year-to-date spotify's stock is down about 17%. it hit a 52-week low last week you about check it today, up 11%, both on the news of the apology, if you like to call it that of joe rogan. citigroup also upgrading the stock to a buy. but in the end neither neil young nor joni mitchell really matter to spotify's business. it is about building a podcast empire with joe rogan generating 11 million estimated viewers with each episode with differing views. david: somebody at spotify deserve as gold medal. no matter what you think joe rogan said, the message clearly got to him. someone is a real diplomat at spotify. that is why it is up over 11% right now. ashley, thank you very good stuff. t-mobile is reportedly preparing
12:33 pm
to fire certain employees who are not fully vaccinated by april 2nd. civil rights attorney brian claypool joining me on this. brian, good to see you. first of all the timing of this is so strange. just after, shortly after the supreme court announced, the biden administration would not succeed in imposing vaccine mandates on private companies and by the way just as the rest of the world is finally opening up and getting rid of the mandates in places like the uk and even places like australia, t-mobile is doubling down on this. why? >> hey, david, good to see you. hope i don't get bumped bit "view." they will not comment on this one, are they? david: don't worry, you're safe. >> food to hear. look, there is a couple things here. these vaccine mandates are really no longer about red or blue. it is really about what's practical and what's safe and you're raising a good point. one of the factors you have to
12:34 pm
look at whether private employers can impose these vaccine mandates is, does the science support the vaccine mandate, right? things have gotten better. omicron is starting to dissipate. so why is t-mobile doing this? they will be challenged on this. they will have to put up the data. for example, how many people are coming down with covid? how many hospitalizations are there compared to how many people are in the towns where t-mobile is? you have to look at that data before you have this kind of a mandate. and here's another issue too, david, the first thing you look at is whether these vaccine mandates violate employment laws. most courts said up until now, no. why? because the mandate has been universal. what did t-mobile do here? they are allowing, like if you go into their store, the customer service reps are not required to have a covid vaccine yet corporate employees working in the office are? i would argue that is a
12:35 pm
potential lawsuit based on what is called disparate treatment. you can't treat one employee than the other. they might be looking at litigation on that. david: good point. they will be facing massive labor shortages, a lot of people will move on. there are plenty of competitors to t-mobile where the labor force could move, particularly on the corporate level. they may be shooting themselves in the foot. i want to quickly touch what is happening with truckers not only in canada but the truckers from canada trying to come into the u.s. they have to deal with these canadian vaccine mandates, plus january 22nd the u.s. initiated a vaccine mandate for canadian truckers coming to the u.s. as many as 37% of truckers could be forced to either quit or could be fired. that could cause even more problems for supply chain from canada, from which we get a lot of our goods. what do you make of these mandates, these cross-border mandates? >> yeah. i mean, david, unfortunately
12:36 pm
for, the u.s. has the same mandate, right? so canada has a similar mandate. so i think the mandate is safe. again, just so your viewers no, it is not forcing people to get the vaccine. that is a decision they make not to get the vaccine. it's a condition of employment but look this border vaccine mandate also give as 14-day quarantine if you're not vaccinated. i think at the end of the day, i'm in l.a. we've got the super bowl coming here, right? we have hundreds of thousands of people coming here. a little nervous about all these people coming here, potentially have covid. i think that is the same kind of idea. remember novak djokovic could not even get into australia to play in the tennis tournament. i think the border mandates will stay firm. they will be upheld. you have to live by the rule. david: oh, boy, good luck on the super bowl by the way. congratulations. >> you bet, thank you. david: appreciate it. coming up why the bail bonds
12:37 pm
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♪. david: a brooklyn teacher and a new york city actress are facing big backlash over social media posts that they placed about friday's funeral for slain nypd officer jason rivera. fox news correspondent bryan llenas joins me now with more on this. reporter: david, good afternoon. brooklyn math teacher chris flanagan says that he was, well, he was fired by his employer, coney island prep, after he reportedly posted an instagram story with a photo showing thousands of nypd officers standing on fifth avenue during the funeral procession of
12:42 pm
officer jason rivera last friday and he alluded alluded in this t reportedly an incident back in may 2020 when an nypd vehicle drove through a crowd of protesters. according to the "new york post" insists he was not condoning any violence against police officers when he posted this photo, but his employer coney island prep they don't condone any kind of violence and they let him go because of it. meanwhile this new york city actress, her name is jacqueline guzman, she was fired from her film and theater company, after she posted a tiktok video ranting how ridiculous it was to stop traffic for officer rivera's funeral procession. >> do not need this done. most of lower manhattan because one cop died probably doing his job incorrectly. they kill people who are under 22 every single day for no good reason. we don't shut down the city for them so.
12:43 pm
reporter: another man, activist terrell harper, reportedly up load ad tirade on his instagram, threatening to disrupt future nynd funerals say he could quote, not wait for another officer to die to f-up their funeral. nyfpd is aware of the video and looking into it. officer rivera and officer wilbert mora died heroes responding to a domestic violence call. officer wilbert mora's funeral is on friday. david. david: hard to comment without using obscenities of those statements those people made of these brave heroes. they are heroes. you described them correctly. thank you very much, bryan. good to see you. soft on crime liberal policies are not the only reason dangerous criminals are walking free. madison alworth reports that bail bonds man are another reason. madison. reporter: hi, david. the bail bond industry is
12:44 pm
adjusting as we see bail laws becoming more progressives. when you look at new bail laws across the country, many instances people are being released with no bail at all but it is also now easier for people committing more violent crimes to post bail because their bail rates are lower. bonds man taking low payments for clients, some even as low as 2% in order to post their bond to free them back to the public. as an example here in new york, a 16-year-old up and conning rapper, charged with shooting a nypd officer in the bronx, is walking free because of bonds man to the star. who gets collect clients out of jail. this was the 16-year-old's second time caught with an illegal weapon. a shrinking client pool because less people are requiring bail money means companies are eager for clients. in texas, some are accusing bonds man capitalizing on violent crime and lobbying lawmakers in their favor.
12:45 pm
a defense attorney in new york says, if you change part of the law to allow certain people to walk free you need to look at the system as a whole. take a listen. >> i don't necessarily have a problem with him making bail. what i have a problem is with the lack of supervision while he is out on bail. so in the federal system he would be basically under home arrest and he would be wearing a electronic ankle bracelet. you don't have that in the state system. reporter: david, this is all part like i mentioned earlier of lax galas across the u.s. it is leaving crime high. u.s. citizens are concerned. some argue when you do have these lax laws it does result in sometimes deadly consequences. you have to think back to the waukesha christmas parade incident. the attacker, darrell brookss was released on 1000-dollar bond five days before he made the attack which resulted in six people dying, over 60 people being injured. david? david: he was out on bond because he used his car, the car
12:46 pm
for the wash -- waukesha attack against the mother of his children. it is extraordinary. madison, thank you very much. appreciate it. quiet quarterback. rumors of tom brady's retirement are swirling. he is staying pretty silent these days. where things stand for the hall-of-famer next. ♪. real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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♪ >> his career is one of a kind. that is why he is the goat. to be in that many super bowls. if he retires we don't know for sure. regardless if he does or he doesn't. he will be always a great football player in his career. david: the world is still waiting on a decision from legendary quarterback tom brady whether the superstar quarterback will officially retire. phil keating is live in miami with more speculation about all of this, phil? reporter: david, two, down to the wire thrillers yesterday to determining the underdog
12:51 pm
cincinnati bengals will face off against the los angeles rams two weeks from now but what about tom brady? retirement or not? well we simply still do not know. when the lucks were eliminated to weeks ago. what will the 44-year-old quarterback do? then saturday afternoon espn nfl insiders broke the retirement news based on sources. tb-12 sports, a company brady co-founded, tweeted he was retiring, later retracted it as did other online posters. brady never confirmed it. reportedly he called the general manager of the tampa bay bucs to tell him he hadn't made up his mind. brady is publicly silent. his agent dough client to confirm or deny the point. brady is married to former supermodel, gisele bunchen. they have a boy and a girl
12:52 pm
together. brady has a child from a pre-h previous relationship. things he has talked about. >> it pains her to see me get pain. she deserves what she needs from mes a husband and a what my kids need to from me as a dad. reporter: check out the most passing touchdowns in nfl history. five time super bowl mvp. he played in 10 super bowls, winning seven of them. 18 of his 20 seasons were played with the new england patriots, bringing them the last super bowl title, when he played for tampa bay. he is the only player in nfl history to play in three super bowls in three separate decades. it truly is a storied career. remember back in the year 2000 he was drafted 199, sixth round. became the greatest of all time. david: nobody comes close to that record. it is extraordinary.
12:53 pm
phil, thank you very much. let's get reaction from sports agent, dle agency founder doug eldridge. great to see you. first of all is he or isn't he? what do you think? >> sounds like he is. unfortunately was botched by a junior member of his team. this is anti-brady for something so buttoned up to have this slipped. seems like writing is on the wall. i hope he has the opportunity to say it the way he wants to. david: he knows how to stay in the news. he has been around the press long enough to use them. sometimes he uses them to tease things out there that may turn around. is there a possibility of a negative tease here? >> you know there certainly is, david, to be honest and if you go back a couple years ago when he ultimately made the decision to leave new england. you remember he did the super bowl ad with hulu. fans to love to wonder new england, nfl, free agency. that is certainly always a possibility. he is definitely in a different chapter in his career. but also a guy that made
12:54 pm
$160 million off the field in terms of endorsements and largely just in the last couple years since he came out of his cocoon if you will as a personality in terms of marketability. that is always a possibility. david: now money isn't everything. of course he mentioned his family and that's, takes predominance over anything you do in my mind but, but, but, but, tampa bay could retain $16 million of his signing bonus if he does retire, right? >> that's true. so he signed a two year deal out of the gate. then a one year extension which was really team friendly. essentially gave them the liquidity, the moving pieces to do the unthinkable, david, bring back all 22 starters this season off an nfl championship which never happens. it was, brady realized he was playing with house money. the way he got away with the deal he put together a deal that was largely signing bonus tied. means if he ultimately retires the team can recoup $16 million.
12:55 pm
that is due and payable on february 4th. if you're doing the finger math is this week. there is a lot of moving pieces here to determine whether or not he retires, when he makes the announcement. then how those two sides meet at the 50-yard line, no pun intended in terms of negotiating how much of this will or should be given back because he is given a heck of a lot to a town which didn't have much in the way of football prior to brady arriving. david: waiting a week for 16 million seems like a big deal particularly in the off-season. he is finally one of those phenomena we see once in a generation. we've seen them in other sports. tiger woods, michael jordan of course, jack nicholson, mickey mantle. are we, is there anybody that you see in the lineup, any younger quarterbacks who could eventually become what brady is? >> david, you teed that up so perfectly because in my lifetime we'll never see another tom brady. let me qualify why.
12:56 pm
this is not hyper pool lick. in 22 seasons he went to 10 super beales. statistically every other year he was playing for a ring. of those he won seven. he won five super bowl mvps. he won three nfl mvps. he holds virtually every nfl career passing record you can think of, period. he did that up to the age of 44. he is exactly four months older than i am. i can't imagine going out and doing what brady did and doing it, he led the league in passing this year at 44 and came away one play short of going back to the nfc championship game. i don't think we'll see another tom brady. see a lot of generation of bright stars coming up behind me. there is only one north star. platitudes are too poetic. brady stands by himself by which -- david: only one north star. i like the way you put it. doug eldridge. great to see you here. we'll be right back. stay with us.
12:57 pm
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♪ ♪. neil: the late great patty, get your money for nothing sadly it does not work that way, there's always a price and new data showing the pain of inflation hitting red states even harder than blue states. hillary vaughn is live on capitol hill with the top story this hour.
1:01 pm
good to see you. >> it is not just red states, some battleground states that republicans hope to turn red in 2022 that are seen raging inflation right now higher than other areas of the country take a look at the map the red, orange and level have the highest inflation rate right now that includes states with competitive senate midterm races this could decide if democrats keep control of congress including arizona, georgia, nevada and colorado, senate campaign committee for republicans is making them inflation and midterm issue, saying this in a statement on friday americans are hurting and they know who is causing the pain joe biden and senate democrats maggie, rafael norwalk, catherine cortez masto and michael bennet, you have to be a stupid sop to dismiss voters concern as they struggle to make ends meet due to your inflationary policies.
1:02 pm
some democrats are dismissing it, they are trying to do damage control, democratic lawmakers held town halls and based a lot of questions about the pinch people are feeling by higher prices and coming back into town this week hoping to get something done the vice chair of the house democratic caucus the angular telling political this. we have our eye on the economic recovery and there will be pieces of legislation that will continue to help alleviate supply chain issues and tamped down inflationary pressures, supply chain issues are not the only culprit one economist telling fox business a government stimulus made the problem even worse, the professor at nyu school of business saying this the handout to government the amount of money the government gave out to people during the last year and that created inflation that created the supply chain issues, these would've been totally minor if people did not have too much money and either way whether red or blue state and
1:03 pm
the midterms, inflation is being felt across the board across the u.s. and is going to be a big voter concern in november. david: absolutely if not the biggest. with government handouts set to expire as a fine time for government to pull back and let businesses start hiring again. grady tribble has the details on this. >> business is certainly want to hire now we at signature popcorn along grove illinois one of the co-owners here you have openings and you would love to hire people but you can't always find the work. >> were trying to keep fighting the best we cannot put it out there and hopefully we keep finding them. >> 22% of america's personal income came from the government last year, that included social
1:04 pm
security will also stimulus checks in the child tax credit and programs that have ended largely now that the pandemic is winding down, what do you think that will do looking forward as you try to gear up to hire. >> i hope means more people are gonna want to work and get back, it is been a challenge. >> would be done to lure workers? >> we tried everything we've never tried before, online services like indeed, posting on our website and social media in-store, word-of-mouth that's been a big part. >> you own multiple businesses so you shuffle people from one to the other to keep the doors open? >> the unique thing we have another store that's connected to the store and to keep people working we know they will be a good fit here, we would try to bring whoever wants to keep
1:05 pm
working. >> they have online orders the more people to marry her and where people are coming in and they can fall them fast enough they just need the labor to get orders filled and get popcorn off around the country. david: they deserve all the orders that they can get in the labor to fill the orders. thank you for being here, the white house racing for job growth numbers to potentially turn negative for the first time since president biden took office as a result of the omicron spike let's bring in capitalist p hedge fund contributed jonathan hoenig and market managing director michelle snyder, thank you for being here, so many of our economic problems begin with the labor shortage that we have now, 11, 12, i heard figures close to 13 million unfilled jobs, little companies are her hardest by this in their companies can afford to pay more and get more
1:06 pm
workers. this is a ministry should have the ability to really in the labor shortage that we now have this country. >> currently, probably not there is so much has happened in order to get the labor market back, we cannot seem to get the infrastructure package going which i felt was the best hope to get more jobs in but we had problems beyond the administration because of covid, ceos are saying the biggest concern in terms of growth even in their own companies but we have mothers who have been going back to work because of the fact that they can't get childcare and a lot of immigrants that are no longer working or in the country and we had the baby boomers retiring in record numbers the home labor part participation rate in terms of the jobs has really increased which is not a good sign and it doesn't look like it's going to be abating anytime soon.
1:07 pm
david: going back to the number that grady came out with we heard that last week americans get 22% of their income from government that is a 40% increase from the historic norm of how much americans get from the government how do we phase that out we cannot keep going at 22%. >> there is an incentive to stay home and higher minimum wages for employers not to hire them. in a free economy there is an unlimited amount of job in the unlimited amount of workers but we have not a free economy were heading in the opposite direction just this last week it was reported biden is resurrected the obama era green energy program, the program that gave us solyndra and hundreds of millions of dollars away biden could have fixed this and the inflation in the labor shortage but all the spending is moving in opposite direction the markets themselves we have a
1:08 pm
terrible january that is a leading indicator. david: there is a price to pay for everything as tom said there is no solution in economics there's only trade-offs in the trade-off increasing the amount of money that people get for staying at home is inflation in the question which is hurting more i think inflation is more widespread and hurting people more than the benefits that they get from the government handouts, what do you think. >> i think that is awfully true to a degree you have other issues as well the whole economy is contracting at the same time and yeah the rising cost of goods but while continue to go well pitting over $91 a barrel today you add this altogether and you have the labor issues and inflation issues and economy contracting and that's where the word stagflation is coming from once people really start to feel that then you get what you're
1:09 pm
seeing consumer confidence going down, retail sales, the market struggling, right now things are hitting even with the rally a rally to resistance than a turnaround speak what i guess specifically the question i was asking and i'll ask you now who wins out the inflation, the people who say more americans are getting hurt by inflation or the welfare state advocates the people who want to increase from 22% as the base for how much money the government hands out. >> no one wins from inflation except the politicians have any jobs in the economy and they take the credit for spending all of our money in defacing all the values. david: who do you think wins out the welfare state advocates or the inflation talks. >> at the comfort of the welfare state advocates. the bull market when i look at the market double market is not
1:10 pm
growth it is in commodities and everything from natural gas and lumber and soybeans and all the rest when people don't see inflation eating in their pockets and that she had a 7% raise last year you lost money in terms of keeping purchasing power and that is not reversing anytime soon. david: speakable markets only one day in the long-term but right now the nasdaq is up 340 points to 2.47, 8% gain it as long as it stays above 326 to the + it is wiped out the losses for the year and with the s&p in the dow but the nasdaq. today could be the day that they wipe out the losses for the year is this sustainable or no. >> if i had to take a guess i would say no because i see other bigger threats to the market obviously the jobs report is going to be one of them the fed
1:11 pm
and how hawkish the going to be. right now it's a great day in the market and it makes the debt buyers look really smart were getting into a really mean resistance but bigger needs there is a lot there if you are not already long i might be a little bit more patient here. >> the big money is made on the big moves, anyone who's to michelle .2 jeopardy job but that's how big money is made on wall street, if you look at a year or two year or five years out there is a lot of indication from unrest in europe with biden has been doing and inflation and a lot of indication that the bull years for this moment are over. david: a lot of people say wait until that first rate hike and see how the market reacts to that, michelle snyder, jonathan hoenig, thank you for being here scientist to pursue the covid lab leak theory are now
1:12 pm
reportedly saying they were encouraged to dismiss the lab leak theory. we will have more right after this. ♪ your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description.
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david: i want to correct something quickly that i said wrong, if the nasdaq which is having a boom of the day as you can see the bottom right of your screen if it trades above 326, it is now 330, it will no longer be the worst january ever it will still be down for the year as a beginning 15644 but if it trades above and into the day about 326 to the plus side of the nasdaq they will no longer be the worst january ever, that is a step in the right direction of "fox report" shedding light on the dismissal the coronavirus originated in wuhan lab e-mail show top figures at the national institute of health urging
1:17 pm
scientists not to pursue the lab leak theory, benjamin hall has the details. >> we spent the last few days at the receiving end of this attempt at silencing them, scientist from israel and australia, the u.s., uk, germany said this was likely a lab leak they tell a remarkable story about the attempt to silence them and to withhold funding and stop the research from being published what's amazing they say the very same scientist had done a u-turn. >> from either direction. the same thing which is extraordinary and is taken two years for that to finally come out. >> the accusation that scientist
1:18 pm
from the top down were doing everything possible to protect the scientific community they coalesce about the single idea the lab leak would hurt their work in future work and upset china who gave so much funding was scientific community media called the conspiracy theorist and their colleagues turned on them feedback all the scientist saying scientist should be able to do anything whatever they should be able to do this no matter what the concerns are from other scientist or the general public, this is completely wrong attitude. >> a major concern that is change gain-of-function research continues those in the u.s. and abroad some being picked up and are growing calls a change in international regulation, the moment these regulation for gain-of-function research happened at the national level everyone agrees that must change this is a perfect storm, the
1:19 pm
scientists started off by denying it in the media did do the research to evaluate the story and in the end it was a long time to lab leak theory the window of opportunity at the beginning to stamp out the pandemic was missed. david: in the meantime chinese government had a chance to sweep the whole lab clean, it'll be very difficult to find out what actually happened, thank you very much i appreciate it. government and health officials suggesting instead of extinguishing coping we have to learn to live with it, public health professor in fox news medical contributor doctor marty b carey joining us now. i want to get to that in a second, i haven't had a chance to ask you what is your thinking about the lab leak theory there are more people like doctor redfield who said that they believe in the lab leak theory as opposed to the natural generation theory what is your feeling on this.
1:20 pm
>> i had the same view the entire time which is back in april 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic i told harris faulkner on fox news it was an infected worker that went to the local hospital. it is a shame to see the virologist change their tune after a secret meeting with dr. fauci changing the tune and they get millions of nih funding it is the currency of academic medicine, unfortunately it's not adding up and does not look good. >> let's talk about living with tobin there are more countries around the world that are realizing a no covid policy is impossible, we saw that with omicron and is swept through everything possible through masks, vaccinations, natural immunity it really got through everything one way or another is about to how do we live with covid now?
1:21 pm
>> you are exactly right people are seeing the futility of trying to continue a 0 covid policy all of the should of been targeted and that's one mistake that we will look back on and have regrets, they look at south africa, they said number quarantine, denmark is removing all covid restrictions and norway about to do the same south korea says on february 6 the good to be back to normal in the normal was selected masking policy, if you been exposed to the book virus and around someone vulnerable you wear a quality mask in the united states 41 states do not have an indoor mask requirement but nine do but we have to reckon as we cannot achieve covid 0 where to get back to simple strategy if you been exposed state and distant if you're around 70 potable, be careful and if you're sick, stay home. david: masks are one thing in the bothersome for kids were learning how to speak, it is a vaccine mandate that are the
1:22 pm
things that are causing problems vertically and understaffed hospitals with police having to quit or get fired. is there enough evidence now that staying categorically vaccine mandates do not work? >> these were designed to increase vaccination rates, they may have hardened a lot of people we otherwise would've convinced anna practicality level they may have failed they were designed for previous more deadly variance right now we have a variant with an infection for tally rate of one and 52000 according to kaiser permanente, the numbers that you are seeing on a daily basis there are real deaths and real tragic but there's a numbers problem they don't add up were not saying for covid inverses covid it does not make sense mathematically to be coming out at the numbers that we are seeing on a daily basis.
1:23 pm
david: i have to ask a final question, is it possible that we can get back to medical decisions, our own medical decisions, our own personal decisions between us and our doctors and not something that the government mandates one way or the other or have we lost that for good, i think a lot of people treasure and recognize we have decision-making to concentrating and making all of the decisions and we cannot afford a limited scientific discussion in the future. we cannot have devastating takedowns that are different from that from a few individuals or the labeling of doctors if they are civilly not in tow with every single thing that comes from the nih. david: doctor marty makary, good to see you. straight ahead a giant storm leaving a giant mess for airlines in its wake.
1:24 pm
we we'll have the details on that coming up.
1:25 pm
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david: a powerful nor'easter over the weekend fueling flight delays nationwide correspondent alexis adams joined us with the details. >> a lot better today at laguardia airport over the weekend, a mess out here people were trying to get in or out of the east coast were stranded for several hours take a look at the video overnight from jfk airport in new york city you can see what it looks like lots of people were hanging doctor as the baggage claim was packed hundreds of passengers were stranded due to weather delays and major cancellations across the east coast jetblue airline is the hardest hit in the united states with cancellations at 60%
1:29 pm
right now according to flight aware we reached out to jetblue for comments and they told fox news, normally takes a few days to fully recover when a storm that size significantly impacts the two largest markets new york and boston it is our first priority to be restarting safely, we apologize to her custard murders of the inconvenience and were working to get them on their way as quickly as possible and people want to get out of here, as you looking at this shows the aftermath of the storm in brant rock massachusetts covered in after the nor'easter slammed the coast, sometimes in massachusetts was hit with more than 2 feet of snow they are still digging out again today laguardia as you can see in this video every flight was canceled some people didn't show up as crews worked to de-ice in clear the roads, newark and boston logan international were the hardest hit back out here live you can see behind me there is
1:30 pm
not too many major issues at that time quite a few cancellations this time across the cancellation more than 1000 delays and make sure if you're headed to the airport today you check to see if you do have any flight issues you do want to be sitting here with all the people waiting for your baggage. david: i feel sorry for them, thank you, we appreciate it crude oil hovering a seven-year high as supply lingers in heated tensions in eastern europe shows no signs of slowing down. ceo daniel turner joined to me now, good to see you, we really have the worst of all worlds just as we lose our energy independence and a lot of that has to do with the regulations from the bite administration. we have an increasing dependence on a nation russia which is about to invade ukraine which is the worst of two worlds colliding. >> there are parts of this country that are importing liquid natural gas from russia.
1:31 pm
you will see the tankers in the northeast is because the liberal policies have prohibited the building of pipelines from the northeast to the marcella region pennsylvania ohio, not only are we importing russia oil that were enriching prudent indians using that money to build the army on the ukrainian border it is pure madness. david: i'm going to ask you to describe madness in more detail. at the same time we hear this is all being done to improve the quality of our air in the future of our planet the fact is our air is getting dirtier were using more coal as 8% of energy production now that we were a year ago is not because of our tax on natural gas? >> absolutely this is what happened to the government gets involved in these policies they bring about these consequences the price of oil is a direct result of the biden
1:32 pm
administrations action and admission rates are direct example of that as well. if your goal is to go green how green is it to have tankers crossed the atlantic we have tankers of lng coming from the caribbean going into boston harbor how is that greeted the pipeline from massachusetts to pennsylvania, with the liberal policies are enacted they always bring the undesired consequences in the response of the liberal politicians is more liberal policies. david: the market in the inventions from the marketplace have done much more to clean our air and our waters and anything else. we can show the numbers you can see the chart of where the co2 emissions have dropped like a stone and to where we started fracking in 2008 when i dropped again, the fracking technology has been responsible for a
1:33 pm
greater reduction in co2 than anything else. >> it is a result of freedom and free markets it will always produce more for less than the most efficient way, 2019 the world's leading oil and gas producer and we also decrease admissions than any other country in the developed world that is a result of a free people doing what free people do best beau biden is not a believer in freedom he's a believer in big governments and his policies will be dangerous in this country. david: he claims he is a union guy and thousands baby hundreds of thousands of jobs by now, union jobs and fossil fuel industry have been destroyed as a result of these actions, correct. >> absolutely in the green jobs that he keeps promising i haven't seen any enacted none of them have come online but i talked to people mid and women who worked in the keystone pipeline who had been unemployed for over a year, it is burning
1:34 pm
the hand versus the bush we're see the direct result of his policy which is driving about appointment energy industry and driving up prices as a direct result which is leading the inflation. david: that's the bottom line and will leave it at that oil is $88 a barrel i believe in the '90s last week it may go up to 100 all of that is because of these policies or is there something else that i am missing. >> is a complete result of his policies he has cut into the supply and we are producing almost 3 million barrels fewer of oil per day than we were just 15 months ago at the supply-side problem and the only way to increase the supply is to get government out of the way. david: could we have designed a worse energy strategy, i don't think we could've designed one. >> this is the best strategy if you were vladimir putin or xi
1:35 pm
jinping because the other option is to buy chinese made wind and solar this is an energy policy that is hurting the american people in enriching our enemies at the same time. >> after the midterm elections we may have gridlock which will have better policy that were getting right now from the government, thank you very much, we appreciate it. the irs with the privacy phase plan, the treasury is reconsidering the safety of facial recognition software for online tax filers. we will tell you why if you can already guess it. that is coming up. ♪ for your full financial picture. with the right balance of risk and reward. so you can enjoy more of...this. this is the planning effect.
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1:40 pm
policing policies if you can call them that, charlie gasparino has the latest details. you been doing great reporting, what is the latest. >> i hope they don't back down it looks like the partnership a real impact on alvin bragg and the signs that are out there now because he's rethinking his approach and the business community and he saying he's good to prosecute shoplifting before it sounded like he was not. we know the partnership this is new york's biggest lobby group should point out it is not a regular lobby group. if you think about the biggest biggest this is all the banks and wall street firms and real estate and advertising industry, whatever they are and this media
1:41 pm
belongs to the new york city partnership with the putting pressure on alvin bragg they're asking for another meeting this week. they want another meeting on these policies to see where they're going. what are the good things they are worried about is the impact on retail, apparently anybody who takes the subway, obviously is in danger given the crime spree in new york city right now, if you take a train to penn station it's a disaster, that is really bad but the people most at risk according to the business community are people who work in retail and cvs, that's were tons of these crimes are going up people going in there ripping stuff off if you try to stop them it is a fight. it's really bad but they really want it to be on bragg and what he's going to do on that. we should point out shoplifting is a huge issue in new york
1:42 pm
city, if you read bragg's initial policy, he was not going to prosecute shoplifters he was not seeking jail time we will have to see where they go with us but they're putting on the pressure and they want another meeting this week and we will see where it goes. i just know the way the new york city partnership generally is it's like an appeasement kathy wilde is a nice person, don't get me wrong i like her but she seeks appeasement rather than confrontation and you may need to be confrontational with the sky because his policies are so out there they were and lined up what's going on with philadelphia that's a basket case they were in line with what's going on in chicago and you know what's going on there, san francisco, l.a., the difference in newark we have abuses community much more right of center or center, you also have us the new york post, the
1:43 pm
wall street journal, fox who is holding people's feet to the fire on this. we will see where they go they should be in his face that's what seems to be working the best. david: i don't think it's right or left but they need to have this in order to keep in business a retail operation cannot survive if you let shoplifting go the way it's been going. >> this is insane. david: this is insane. thank you very much, we appreciate it. trouble for taxpayers, the treasury department is reassessing the irs use of third-party facial recognition software for access to taxpayer accounts. gerri willis joining us, what could possibly go wrong with that? >> good afternoon to you i guess you could see this coming it's about the concerns over privacy
1:44 pm
the treasury department as you say is not reconsidering the irs decision to implement facial recognition technology as a requirement taxes in your personal data at here's a quote from the treasury department the irs is looking for ways to make the filing process more secure but to be clear no american is required to take a selfie in order to file the tax return. this dm that they just mentioned as part of identification software implemented by the irs to be security of tax filing and tax data. by the summer anybody wanting to access the records including child tax credits and how much money you paid on a payment plan or even tax transcripts could be required to take a video with their smart phone and send it to id me that's irs contractor running the checks.
1:45 pm
critics are coming from everywhere the left and the right and capitol hill privacy groups, there sounded the alarm, voicing their concerns over privacy and federal data collection and the company says last month more than 60000 were submitted in a single day for the irs the company reached out to fox business with this statement. as a matter of principle we are committed to helping americans have access to government services. as you can see right there including those americans who lack credit history or other forms of verification while individual rights to privacy. as a closeout there is no federal law regulating how the data can be used or shared shockingly enough and as you might guess is one of the most if not the most used site that the federal government
1:46 pm
has. david: i am glad there is pushback on all sides against this idea which seems to be laboring to me. thank you very much good to see you straight ahead a deep dive into black lives matter fundraising amid questions of who is in charge of their huge cash pile. ♪ a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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david: a lot of questions around the black lives matter after the organization would not confirm who controls their funds after the founder step down jackie deangelis is here with details. >> black lives matter is back in focus after this week at the blm school week of action blm at schools share some of the goals and ideals of blm but they're not formally connected i want to make that clear but with this happening in know when seemingly in charge of the organization those questions still remain about the cash pile, here's what we know so far the irs started giving blm taxes and status in 2020 and february of 2021 date published a report that said it closed 2020 was $60 million in cash, blm founder cochise colors
1:51 pm
resigned after scrutiny of her finances as she was handling money as well the new york post reported she spent 3.2 million dollars in homes in georgia and l.a. when she was still in charge of blm and most recently blm is now being accused of transferring millions to a canadian charity coincidently run by patrice colors, the new york post went on to say that the property records show $6.3 million was used to buy property the washington examiner reports that for months it appears to be really in control of the $60 million. you can see some of it needs to be spent also blm emerged local chapter said they haven't received financial help, the ten local chapters file complaints and they did that last march fox news reached out to blm for a statement and we are waiting for that response. david: waiting and waiting and
1:52 pm
waiting, what a get reaction right now from fox news political analyst, great to see you, let me just start with the blm claims to be against the greedy capitalist your so-called marxist been at least as greedy with the tens of not hundreds of millions of dollars if you're getting any capitalist that i know. >> everyone who deals with black lives matter and i said all black lives matter i agree with that, they should be considered especially black folks the reporting has shown since george floyd died the organization has raised more than $90 million in the organization would have liked to raise $25 billion, the question is where is the money going the fact that they had the
1:53 pm
press release with about $29 million of organizations and we know 8 million of those dollars at least that's what it appears went to a canadian nonprofit and it took 6 million of the dollars to buy an old communist party house what is really going on i go see black lives becoming better and what went to this organization it is very concerning for everyone who is taking a look at the deep dark picture. david: you bull's-eye the issue, i think it is hundreds of billions of you look at the money ibm, bumble, cisco, grubhub, you go down the list dozens and dozens of companies that are given millions of dollars, what good has it done anybody other than the people working for black lives matter, i see crime increasing, poverty
1:54 pm
rate increasing, the disparity between the richest and the poorest increasing it's going in the exact opposite direction that they claim to want to go. >> not only that you think about rice, michael brown, these parents of individuals who lost their children have been complaining about the fact that it appears to them there raising money off the death of their child and their children are not doing or providing any money to them and they're not giving the permission but they are still doing it the organization of the chapter across the country there completed that that i needed a resources so what was the point to begin with and they get a get accountability will they get talks with police and community that strengthen those relationships and all the other legislative things that should happen if an organization have gotten this money or we are going to continue to read about the reports in the present no one empowers this or does anything the press needs to be
1:55 pm
all over it and the government needs to take a deeper dive as to where these dollars are going and where they will stream and. david: the proof is in the pudding and it's a lousy putting when it's all over america, all lives. by the way president by date is coming to new york to talk about gun control. there is nothing wrong talking about gun control, however, we had a woman pushed to death in the subway last week and the week before that guy stabbed to death in the subway people are getting punched and hit by bricks in newark. the problem is not so much gun did particular it is a violent criminals who feel perfectly content harming and killing people. it is the violent criminals on the street that is the problem in the focus on guns tries to take out the human component, i
1:56 pm
think that is a mistake what do you think. >> i'm from chicago we had the most comprehensive gun-control on the books and it did stop the decline, things are much worse and it's not simply because of a gun the district attorney and the prosecutors who continue to give individuals a slap on the wrist and allow them to go free to commit more crimes. that is the issue, the prosecutors and a lot of these mayors have capitulated to the demands of these prosecutors, he needs to change otherwise. david: great to see you, you are the bull's-eye guy, thank you man we'll be right back.
1:57 pm
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so, enroll today, before the moment slips away. take advantage now. david: markets are having a great day. nasdaq with a banner day. if it stays up to 326 today. it won't be the worst january ever for nasdaq. you take it where you can get it. charles payne, i hand off a good market to you. charles: i appreciate it. may only be the second worst since 2008. we take the small victories. david: my pleasure. charles: after climbing off the canvas a number of times, finishing the week with a hammer formation the market as you can see picking up where it left off. was that the bottom or a bear market bounce? a lot of people are asking, i've got some of the best that we will weigh in on that. the sectors i'm looking at which could have a huge, biggest swings. by the


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