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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  January 29, 2022 10:30am-11:00am EST

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we keep moving forward. only on fanduel, we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like. so what's yours going to be? ♪. craig: welcome back to fox weather this morning i am craig herrera. amy: i am amy freeze we are tracking a vicious storm. craig: we have been doing the social distancing thing so there's a bit of a delay, we are on top of this as the snow
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continues to cut out this morning visibility and blowing snow, it's been a concern more than a foot has been recorded in portions of new jersey it is been one of those storms all coming together. we have been talking about this. amy: we see wins and nantucket 69 miles an hour and a foot of snow at the jersey shore, as required throughout the day the storm has a lot to produce, especially in new england, looking at a live view of ocean city new jersey on the left and the right you can see here were looking at scituate massachusetts, both of those coming to us from massachusetts low visibility ocean city maryland the boardwalk is covered that is the flag saluting mother nature and the nor'easter pushes the england, there it is the americas in your top right hand corner, they are removing the snow but just as quickly as they get it off of
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the sidewalk the winds are blowing it back into place in providence rhode island is probably an improvement they had whiteout conditions as a contractor morning, lots to follow fox weather team americas weather team all along the eastern seaboard, really bringing us into the storm allowing us to see what these conditions are doing, before we get out and it let's get the latest on the blizzard warnings we had ten states under alert. craig: they are lit up in red with the blizzard warnings in delmar, look how they had the coastline, portions of long island new york enter massachusetts and maine, the blizzard warning we haven't talked about this and quite sometimes. since 2018, basically visibility of a quarter of a mile or less for three hours or more in the wind has to be blowing at 35 miles per hour were stronger for three hours or so then you
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have the blizzard in the blizzard warnings are extensive. a lot of real estate a lot of people, wintered storm warnings up to a fresh snow and gusty winds could see some wind gust and we have seen when gust 15 miles per hour a winter weather advisory where the snow is winding down not quite as intense, you can see the rater on the lower right side as the system moves through, visibility and most spots has dropped significantly, half a mile or so in some cases are less than that, snowfall totals are impressive, 15 and a half inches of fresh snow for forking river new jersey, avalon at 15 inches, toms river 14 inches of fresh snow, it is been coming down as well as we look through new york, 15 inches of snow these numbers keep coming up whether command updated the numbers we appreciated almost 15 inches of fresh snow. it is blowing in the blizzard
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conditions keep going for a good portion of the morning. amy: many places dealing with a lot of snow the big apple included in that new york city has been dealing with more than 6 inches of here is the jersey shore, the wind and wave pounding the shoreline but we get into the city and were dealing with removal snow is the main issue, winds will still be a problem but not as much as the shoreline. the latest from the acting commissioner, first of all here comes the snow and the wind how are the crews doing it's the weekend so people are staying at home but how are the crews doing? >> we have all the veracruz outs, sanitation, the primitive transportation, clark, the police department and fire department and emergency
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department, as you noted this is a significant storm there is winds and heavy snow right now, certainly enough snow. most people are staying home and the plows are doing their job as well as we keep working on it as long as it's needed. amy: we heard the sanitation department had 1600 pieces of snow removal equipment out, right now are you just doing the main roads or into the burros and sidestreets? >> they are out they have maps of the doing everything they go out in the main roads receive a lot of attention but there hitting every road on their roots and you can go on we have a link to the plow tracker and people could see the last time that the road was plowed and that is updated every 16 minutes.
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amy: i think in the storm like this that's a great tool i've used it myself but because we have the snow falling and the winds blowing back onto the road ways some people may think the roads have not been treated but the case is the plow has passed and the wind is back onto the road ways, i do that can be a frustrating process for residents to think that their neighborhood has not been visited yet by a plow. >> exactly, thank you for that we start to see 2 inches around that is the number where the plows can go working in before that there was saltine and other things going on. were coming up at ten hours that the plows have been working through the night in the morning. , there is going to be a lot of snow on the road like you said, the snow is falling heavily and a lot of wind and light snow blowing all around. like you noted it is a saturday and people don't have to go somewhere i've been out driving it around and some cars that haven't been on the road and
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public transportation and that has also slowed down and suspended at some stop, and less people need to go out it's really best to stay home and let sanitation do its job in the first responders respond to any emergency in the snow should be sloping doubted a couple of hours and should be stopping in new york city in the late afternoon and conditions will improve after that. amy: we've been looking at a live picture with the snow packed road and will take time for crews to get these ready for people to get back on them. we appreciate your time, best of luck staying safe in the nor'easter. amy: and note the nyc ferry is not running an mta on a limited schedule. if you are in these major cities along the i-95 corridor make sure you plan ahead you don't
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want to go out on one public transportation system to find that your second route are really not available and you are stuck in the snow storm, will send it over to craig. craig: up and down the eastern seaboard, all people up and down are really feeling the sting from the cold from the nor'easter, the winds, the snow howling, it's been blowing, katie byrne is in newport rhode island with the latest conditions out there, i wanted to check in with the earlier we could hear the wind howling looks like it's still coming out there. >> absolutely it's hard to look up because the wind is biden and when it comes into your face it is hard to see past it we are getting a little bit of a break but those gust peeking keep going up, we're nearing the 50s, the last check 40 mind miles per hour in newport area it is definitely high in pretty rapidly from this morning
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started out in the 30s at the big increase in a short amount of time, we had been standing aside where you can see visibility has improved a little bit, before when you are coming to the hours leading up to this we were not able to see across the bay and the fishing dock, also a popular. in the area, that is improving as far as visibility and in newport we talk to people coming to check on their boats and to make sure that they were secure. you can see them definitely rocking in the water. i do notice were seeing some of the waves cap for the first time, we have not seen that as much as hours leading up to this. even though visibility is improving the winds continued to be really strong and it's hard to know how much snow is accumulating because of the winds is so powerful and the snow was drifting and it's hard to know what is sticking, if you look at the snow we have layers
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and what we seen for most of the morning but underneath it it's hard to get to the base of the parking lot, it is a thick sheet underneath of it and the snow started coming down around 9:00 o'clock, it is been consecutive hours, picking up around 6:00 o'clock and now it'll taper off around 4:00 o'clock. the new new york city mayor nearby talk to the director of public works who said they had to pull off their crews for a couple of hours to avoid whiteout conditions. craig: incredible, just watching you i know that elements are not all that great and it's good to see, i feel like you might be the only person out there i don't see anybody else around you, hopefully people are staying in. >> totally, absolutely a big thing, not a lot of people out and not a lot of cars out which is a good thing because there is a travel beyond all rhode island roads you are not supposed to be
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driving until 8:00 o'clock tonight. craig: katie byrne, we appreciate it we will check with you again, will send it back onto you. amy: watching katie byrne, those winds a blizzard warning and affect in suffolk county the eastern portion of the island could see winds gusting as high as 70 miles per hour, "fox weather" steve bender joins us right now from bellport and shirley, 10 inches from the official storm report a lot of snowdrifts, that snow is blowing around. >> this is kind of painful i'm not going to lie when the wind picks up it picks up the sand and whips you in the face that's what it feels like with the snow so dry and all the different reports with everyone in the field, similar case it is dry snow starts to fall apart and dissipate and once the wind hits it it's whipping around in the
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wind and surely new york is gusting to 50 miles per hour that's a blizzard warning until 7:00 p.m. county executive also polk county had a press conference about an hour ago and he said we are in the thick of it right now. the worst will go until 2:00 p.m. and then hopefully we will see the snowfall rates diminish a little bit, the blizzard warning until 7:00 p.m. were asking you to staff the road so far an accident and suffix county and long island have been minimal because people are heeding the warning. i want to show you what's behind me bellport day normally it is stagnant conditions and calm water, it is the wind impact the 2 - 3-foot waves to the atlantic it is not coming on shore it is now going north - south because of the wind direction and then you look at the different coloration almost a frothy mix
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it is so cold that the water is trying to condense. when we arrived last night it was socom the water couldn't ice accumulating on top of the bay that is falling apart because of the wave action and now a frothy mix that continues. last hour i walked across this yard and is difficult to walk because of how deep the snow is. my tracks are gone and shows you how quickly the snow replenishes, 2-inch snow rates per hour right now in times higher than that. we have our bulldog as her measurement. only one ear poking out they said you could barely hear you over the snow. 10 inches before and piling up the snow i have my yardstick all the way up to 6 feet. were not anticipating that make it 2 feet here a foot and a half. when we measure this for you we are still consistently right at 10 inches, maybe above that as we continue to pick this up but is difficult to measure the snow were doing it the best that we
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can at the battle of the yard but as you mentioned the snowdrifts create these waves and we almost called them whales. amy: thank you steve, we will continue to check in with you as we go out to the rest of this nor'easter. we will be tracking you can't buy security. you can't buy happiness. you can't buy confidence. but you can invest in it. we believe that your investments should work harder for the future you imagine. and that's where our strategic investing approach can help. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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craig: putting the word wildwood new jersey, take a look at this just snow blowing around, nor'easter coming through the blizzard warning in effect until 4:00 p.m. with the wind gust up to 50 miles per hour, some location stronger than that, just incredible to see the snow blowing around the jersey shore and visibility has gone down in many locations, some of the snow bands are heavy as well, let's get you going, some of the latest numbers have been coming
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in and the weather command updating us, oceanside maryland 14 inches of fresh snow more than a foot in ocean city, almost that and longnecked delaware, 11.7, snow hill maryland more than a hill as far as the snow continues to come down we will see more especially as the snowdrifts because this is a fine snow adding up. islip, new york up to 15 inches of fresh snow, smithtown, 14.8 and north babylon 13 and a half inches of snow as this has been intense, gassy under gusty winds behind it the millibars, 972, that is dropped if it drops more than 24 millibars in 24 hours it is a bomb cyclone and that is happening we see that more than 19 hours, the wind sustained 33 boston atlantic city, 29 mile-per-hour winds.
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>> from maryland to maine, go ahead amy. more on the winter storm warnings, lizard storm warnings along long island winter storm and places we are tracking this nor'easter, were also watching for flooding in some areas, we are continuing to watch this all morning long we continue with extended coverage on the stream and fox business network, thank you for watching fox business whether, we'll be right back. e. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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amy: we are back on "fox weather" with this winter alert, alive you of new york city just outside of fox headquarters in fox square, the snow has been freshly removed by aircrews but the winds are blowing it back onto the sidewalks and folks bundled up making their way down the avenue of the americas headed south toward central park. it's a major winter storm for the entire eastern seaboard.
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will be following this would live reports from america's weather team, we have extended coverage until 10:00 o'clock this evening eastern time we want to keep you up-to-date on any changes as the forecast goes through will take you inside you can double the fox weather app it is free go to fox thank you for watching on the fox business network. the great thing about the app anywhere you go by a click of one button you can watch the live stream of the continuous coverage and if the power goes out you can stay on top of the storm. if you have pictures of the snow, the wind or coastal flooding from the nor'easter we would love it if you would share with us tag us on your social media # "fox weather". craig: we would love to see all of that. it is important to see all these reports you can try to measure it i know the wind is blowing,
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let's get right to it the first blizzard warning since 2018 when this is said and done it could see up to 30 inches of snow, hunter davis is in boston, the first time were checking in with you i can see and hear the wind. >> i want everybody in the studio to get your phone ready really quick and get ready for the screen grab. that is the screen grab of not having a good time that is what everyone in boston looks like you have seen 10 - 15 people braving these conditions, walking around and they look like i show you, the goggles on and all of their snow gear, it is necessary because several inches have fallen in boston and it's hard to measure because of how windy it truly is. when you look across the street
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and as far as we can that another battle the lack of disability. you could see people are starting to clear some of the snow at the public library they have been busy for the last half hour trying to clear off. another thing the roads plows have come through two or three times since we've been standing here one came through five minutes ago and you can tell the snow covers the roads read that is something that the city warned about the fact that keeping their concrete was going to be extremely difficult with the amount of snow falling. like i mentioned getting a measurement is really tough today because of the wind does not have a specific direction it is whirling around and creates a snow nato at times but definitely several inches have fallen in boston. craig: thank you so much will check in again. the snow is here the nor'easter
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is far from over. amy: america's weather team beginning more coverage as we track the historic storm. we will be back with snow totals and more. ♪ boardwalk.
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. craig: fox weather alert parts of 10 eastern u.s. states under blizzard warnings storm could drop a muches was to feet of snow on boston up the coast new york city philadelphia also in the storm's path, this storm officially coming out winds insane. the proof pictures massachusetts getting rocked by hurricane force wind


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