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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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this is reality federal judge resentencing tiger king star joe exotic 221 years in prison. rejecting place a former zookeeper to free him from prison. he was convicted and it murder for hire case, both were featured on netflix tiger king. that does it for "foxbusiness tonight". i hope you have a good weekend. evening edit starts right now. ♪ ♪. elizabeth: tonight combination of morning for the funeral for new york city police officer jason rivera. both he and his partner shot dead. six officers shot nationwide and just the last 48 hours. the republican challenger the far left congresswoman aoc says this, launch a federal death penalty once for all for cop killers. we've got the debate on that tonight. also joining us as congressman james khobar, jon keck company, greg murphy, the
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former chair of the white house panel of economic advisory plus political consultant author peter schweitzer, guardian angel founder curtis, and missouri attorney general eric schmidt. now we've got three top state democrats in pennsylvania, they were invited to meet the president today in pittsburgh. just one showed up as the president poll numbers are dropping the fastest since herbert hoover. it's all that because of a spin like this president biting claims that a quote, we are going to fix them all just hours after bridge collapsed outside pittsburgh. but just 10% of the democrats a massive structure spending actually goes to bridges and roads. even that is just a tiny 10% increase of what is arty being spent to now. things could get even worse for your wallet. wall street warning gas can go to $5 a gallon if russia invades ukraine. plus one-on-one interview one interview with the man rattling the powers in washington.
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peter schweitzer here to break down conflict of interest in doubledealing that runs deeper than realized within the democrat party. we've got more far left democrats again called out for continuing to bully their own moderate democrats or anyone who disagrees with us. including the entire supreme court. and the latest in rules for the but not for me. rising star in the democrat cart party, talks about nancy pelosi's called out for not paying his fair share in taxes. texas ramp set up a new law just how the white house is making life difficult for all u.s. states burning all states with the other policy failures it also got new audio coming in homeland security secretary admits potentially the worst border crisis the white house has warned about on what could happen by this spring at the board it right before the
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midterms these are disturbing development's coming in on that. i am elizabeth macdonald "the evening edit" starts now. ♪ ♪ welcome to the show. your watch the foxbusiness network printer going to with a rough week for the market closing out with a strong late day rally turning positive for the s&p again dips into corrections territory. oil at a seven year high. the white house talk about cutting off all of russia's bank from all of the u.s. banks that would affect if we cut off the international banking system. with a height reading another one, 4.9% inflation is the highest in more than 38 years. it is hitting the food you and your families eat at your kitchen table. >> a good evening liz. craft tines is grappling with inflation and it is forcing
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the company to hike prices on many staple food items starting in march. prices are going up on oscar mark cold cuts, hotdogs, bacon, the lida cheese, maxwell house coffee, kool-aid and caprice on drinks. the hikes range from 6.6% on the velveeta to a 30% on oscar mayer turkey bacon. craft heinz is set the entire food industry is faced with ongoing and unprecedented global supply shortages coupled with other extreme inflationary pressures on ingredients, labor and transportation. this is in no way it unique to kraft hines. as a result the prices of our product to reflect the cost of production. liz it is true it's not just craft, fast food is also getting more prices went up by 6% last year. the burger chain is squeezed by its own rising cost on ingredients and wages but it is a similar story for at
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little caesars. this famous hot and ready pizzas going from five bucks to 555. domino's pizza's take a slightly different approach it is shrinking the number of chicken wings on the carry out deal going from ten -- eight keep the price the same at 799 the price hiked and changes come as the food industry is battling for customers while trying to maintain a workforce and protect our margins. what is clear here, the price hike we see now are not likely to be the last, liz. >> interesting story, letty at thank for kicking out the show with this. james comer is a ranking member of house oversight of economic advisers is a thomas phillipson. it's great to have you both on its good to you both. but first you congressman, the white house may cut off russia entirely from dealing with in a u.s. bank or individual that would cut off russia's bank from international financial network.
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it would hit russia's economy hard. how would a rush or respond to that? >> i think russia is prepared for that. i think they know we are going to implement the most severe sanctions that's ever been handed down by the united states congress. think putin is a prepared unfortunately do sanctions on a country the people affected most are the average citizens. putin is one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. i think his government is prepared. they are going to do whatever their end goal is and it appears there in goal is to invade a big part of ukraine. >> to the congressman's point, thomas, if this goes into a hot war in russia invades wall street, excuse me if russia invades ukraine sorry about that. there warning gas at $5 a gallon. >> yes the contrast could not be bigger here. under trump we had energy independence and no wars.
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and now a year into biting we have energy dependence created all over the world. particularly between russia. we consequently have a worse situation. it is a very big threat to energy prices because of the policies that bite and are pursuing. if they were not pursuing these policies it would not be such a big threat. >> we hear you loud and clear congressman. what tomas is saying, it is a set up leading into what's going on with russia and ukraine. now the white house is indicating they want to shut down the pipeline after the green light that gave putin a lot of leverage over europe and germany is not a big deal now is russia going to blow that off? >> russia will probably blow it off. vladimir putin is not afraid of joe biden. the debacle in afghanistan is having consequences and the consequences today are what we
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are seeing happen on the border between russia and ukraine. what a lot of people do not realize is a rush is the second biggest oil producer in the world. what ever happened to me standpoint is going to confect every consumer. as you mentioned early on gas prices could be $5 a gallon at 25% increase from what's already been about 100% increase under joe biden. so the american people are going to have to hunker down and realize the policies that joe biden implements by executive order on day one, canceling the keystone pipeline, banning federal drilling, more regulation on drillers and offshore drilling, these consequences are going to have an immediate impact on inflation and everything they purchase the grocery store and the gas pump. >> is undercutting the oil boom, tomas it is national security safety versus climate change. you make decisions on climate,
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looks like it's happening here in the u.s. i want you to take a listen to this. now the u.s. is now more dependent on opec and russia supplies than ever before. progressive far left squad member is saying the defense production act of both the trump white house on the biden administration is using for the pandemic, she is saying use this for climate change, watch this. >> president biden the crude oil export man, this was overturned in 2015 a major driver of the oil by declaring a national emergency under the national emergencies act but also direct the department of energy to reject applications for gas exports he can marshal federal funds and courted the action of private companies to jumpstart a thriving domestic note global energy industry. this kind of includes manufacturing green energy system all of it under the
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defense production act. tell the boondoggles in green energy over the obama white house at the far left continues to ignore unmaking to the arguments. the oil and gas can that unionize clean energy jobs? would silicon valley go for that? look what went belly up under obama. >> these boondoggles are fine. if you look at the venture capitol industry which funds a lot of companies and in general, they fail about 90% of the time. did the right incentive when they do well they lose money when they do poorly. you know for sure going to be a waste of a government or tax money when the government is going to go in and pick
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companies to invest in with the wrong incentive there's no bureaucrat that are worse off depending on the companies. i think it's very dangerous to have the government do that kind of activity. in general here i think the democrats are really looking for another crisis not to waste essentially. this was long coming. everyone expected global warming would be the next culvert in that respect. >> we hear you. it striking when you go out, congressman, and talk to folks out there. the people who only listen to the hysteria the pundits other bring on msnbc and evenation isy the countries on the verge of white supremacy if you listen to this anchor in this guest you would believe it's true, watch this.
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>> it's no way of actually saying what is injustice priors of mind. i do believe the urgency of this moment the fact that the country is very clearly on a process pissed of fascism and a return to jim crow. the sweeping attack on voting rights in this country and the very real threat that we have of seeing what happened example with the consequences of ruth bader ginsburg passing during the trump presidency. elizabeth: can you be impeached for incompetency but the fbi and the d.o.j. is saying about that we understand about domestic terror threats. but you know, what she is totally misleading and hurt rhetoric msnbc and cnn keeps pumping the poison out into the american bloodstream. we've got the lunatics running around the country thinking that is true when it is not. your final word, congressman.
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>> it is not trooper the going to continue to play the race card. the going to continue to try to fire up their left wing socialist base. that is all they have. they're going to continue to try to take advantage of every crisis to be able to try to implement their green new deal. and aoc. it's very unfortunate the american people are seeing what inflation is all about. hopefully they are realizing this is a direct result of the biden politics of the first year. elizabeth: we hear you. congressman james thank you the one on one while with a man breaking news about the conflict of interest in doubledealing went deeper than realized within the democrat party. author peter schweizer joined us next on the evening at it. ♪ ♪ >> reveals all this money exchanging hands inviting cashing in on his father's position of vice president. [ba♪
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campaign. >> it is not a smear campaign. it's based on facts. there are 100 pages of footnotes in the book. we only as open-source information that makes chinese corporate records that includes court documents, materials developed by the united states senate. you can look at the footnotes and find exactly the sourcing we are using. >> and treasury documents that cash flows, right? >> right. it is all open source information. we do not use anonymous sources. the fact of the matter is it's all very straightforward bird we did use also was the hunter biden laptop and information that was the e-mails from one of hunter biden's and business partners. what it demonstrates is this was not just a story of corruption and cronyism. it involves a very troubling intelligence component and a lot of these deals. elizabeth: let's stay on that. what concerns you most about the conflict of interest you found in the biden family? you say they're doing
6:19 pm
lucrative deals with tens of millions of dollars with chinese companies tied to the clothing of the kgb. by the way the white house is never denied or hunter is never denied both of them have never denied the content of what is in the laptop. so talk to us about that, what worries you the most? >> that is exactly right. what worries me most is we first broke the story with the biden family in china back in 2018. but we have done is taken the new material and try to figure out who made those deals happen in china. and in every one of the cases those are businessmen that have ties to the highest levels of chinese intelligence. what do we mean by that? the private equity deal work biden was put on the finance by the chinese government. that deal was done by a chinese businessman. when he was doing that deal with hunter biden business partners with the vice minister state security and chide a guy name.
6:20 pm
he is responsibility was the recruitment of foreign nationals to spy on behalf of china. as a businessman involved in that deal who transferred $5 million to another one of hunter biden's businesses. the guy his business partner was the family of the former state security who ran the entire spy apparatus of china. the question is why did these businessman hand this money over to the biden family? i don't think it is philanthropy. i don't think it is business. there is no discernible business services that hunter biden performed for this money. think we have to start looking at the notion, investigating the fact that biden's may be compromised and was a chinese fact intelligent operation. elizabeth: in the early 2000's former vice president biden and senator biden was deeply in debt he had a negative net worth of like negative 52000.
6:21 pm
by the way what is the fallout of nancy pelosi's family ties to china? >> nancy pelosi is another example they're also republicans as well prepared and nancy pelosi's case she asked actually used to be pretty critical of beijing. then something happened in the late to thousands, her husband hooked up in a series of deals in mainland china and her son also went to beijing looking for deals. in her position evolved. all you have to do is look at the 2000 olympics in beijing, remember those were held. nancy pelosi initially favored a boycott of those olympics. that it found that the two limousine companies got lucrative deals right now ferrying vips and literally change her position to no longer supporting a boycott. you've seen in evolution with nancy pelosi and it's important to point out really since covid happened in january in 2020 she has
6:22 pm
refused to allow a single hearing in congress and the house of representatives on the origins of the covid virus. >> a while. china is making inroads with deals in central america wing on the ukraine russia prices lecturing the u.s. about that. peter schweizer will have you back on the went to a longer interview with you with go more deeply in this. it's good to have you on, good luck with your book come back soon. a nation in mourning. cops across america killed in the line of duty. a six shot in just 48 hours. homeland security ranking member jon carico weighs in on new alarming numbers coming in next on the evening at it. >> the system continues to fail us. we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service
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elizabeth: let's walk back to show the ranking member homeland security congressman john katko. congressman you're from new york it's great to have you on forgot the footage coming end of the first responders, the cops and the firemen. it was a sea of blue in new york city at st. patrick's cathedral today for the funeral of nypd officer jason
6:27 pm
rivera. both he and as a partner wilbert morris shot dead in harlem responding to a domestic incident, your thoughts on this? >> it's got wrenching we have to witness this. it's all too often a current in the united states with a number of police officers killed in the line of duty last year. the young widow has to go through that and the thing she said to me and said to the audience today were really sad commentary where we are with crime and law enforcement in the united states right now. elizabeth: got six officers shot across the u.s. in less than 48 hours would have three shot in houston, two in st. louis, one of a walk every 25 line of duty deaths and 25 cops dead already this year. we have a steady increase in ambush style attacks and cop killing spread across the us we have a police think tank and d.c. retirement rates nationwide per 100 cops up to 63%. how long can we go on with
6:28 pm
that? >> that's going have long-term effects. before is in congress i was in organized with the federal government. and i can tell you i would take one cop with ten years explained over three cops that are new to the force. the atmosphere that has been created here while we are anticipating cops to do their jobs is causing them to leave and retired in record numbers. definite profound long-term effects in this country because the brain drain of losing those police officers to retirement or resignation is going have a major problem going forward. i'm working with the american security task force have a legislative agenda set we take over the house in january. we will be ready to roll with how to fix this problem going forward. >> police chief say department are taking longer to respond to calls because of what is going on. their loss of the brain power and loss of staff we have ioc
6:29 pm
hunting finding pushing for defining the police better challengers says bring into being launched a federal death penalty for convicted cop killers. we do not have that now. when you say to that idea? >> on the federal level we have the death penalty still exists. but i tell you, that is just political theater on both sides of the aisle. it shows they do not have an understanding of what the real problem is. we need more cops on the street. we need to give the cops the ability to do their job. when you have awoke das when you have state legislatures passing laws making it more -- hard for people to do their job, going at this atmosphere you have right now where lawlessness pervades. when the d.a. like the guy from new york city writes on it multipage memo telling everybody all the crimes he's not going to commit that's what the problem is it.
6:30 pm
it creates an era of lawless it's a start off with petty crimes i now it's rising up to the level of killing cops in record numbers. we've got to stop this in turn the ship around. we had to put more cops on the street and beat back the stupid laws and also raining in these rogue d.a. who swear to uphold the law but then they're only going to uphold certain laws that's reprehensible that is not america. elizabeth: we have 16-year-old up-and-coming rapper in the bronx. he's charged with shooting a 27-year-old cop. in a zone two and $50000 bond already. excellent and they didn't do is give him a hug and they probably did who knows. the problem is, look, this all started because of bail issues and because of a very small number of cops who were not good cops, right? summer coming from bad departments. it snowballed into this whole anti- police rhetoric and the pendulum swung so far the other way they completely lost
6:31 pm
track of what is going on. you could make a bad cops accountable and you can fix some of the problems with bad police departments. but as for far as bail reform goes that is ridiculous but if someone cannot afford builders alternatives to that you don't say it okay everybody can get out of jail pending trial were not going to consider dangerousness. dangerous is a critical component part of our job, our duty as americans is to keep american citizens safe. but we take away areas to do that we lose it. >> a congressman john katko thank you for joining us it's good to have you on come back again. we have more rules for the but not for me. to house speaker pelosi he has been called out for reportedly not paying his fair share in taxes. that story is coming up at first congressman he's a doctor he's a greg murphy. the new examples far left democrats called out for bully moderates for anyone who disagree with them. and now, even the entire supreme court you are watching
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elizabeth: this of footage coming in, truck drivers in canada protesting vaccine mandates with a massive convoy could break world records. it is just over 43 miles long. back with us now doctor greg murphy of the house gop dockers cocked us. it's good have you back on doctor. >> thank you. elizabeth: we have major push back. it's good to see a bird massive push backs against government restrictions that came down here in the u.s. and cities and states. and now we have got ramping up attacks on the supreme court after it rejected the biden vaccine mandate for private businesses. this is after justice breyer's announcing his retirement to their really ramping up the attacks when you think about this? >> liz, this is where the progressive left is. they are not getting their way
6:37 pm
with the american people so they want to change the rules. i think the real awakening of america, we talk about being woken now the real awakening of america's middle america scene with the progressive left wants to do and how they want to tear the country apart. there is a great sense of urgency now on the left because they know the red wave is coming the red tide is coming to try to push as many things through as possible before they are overwhelmingly defeated in the fall election. so these are acts of desperation at this point in time. elizabeth: let's listen to what is going on, watch this. she gave the speech as joe biden was on her way up to the hilbert anyway, grossest like most disrespectful thing she could have done. >> the supreme court is like this dictatorial branch of the government. these are people who are pointed by the people do not answer to the country. they are there for life for
6:38 pm
the only way to get rid of them is to impeach them which is a long process but. >> thanks to manchin and cinema they let that expire to britain of course a major reason and have a "build back better" bill to address all these problems is because cinema and manchin played right into the conservative talking points. >> the rhetoric feels like it is getting more and more unhinged. feels like that circus careening down towards the ocean kicking off the montage was former obama deputy chief of staff hadn't she used a reprehensible, vicious term against women to attack kiersten sinema. joe manchin, kiersten sinema already stalked and harassed. now the going after the entire supreme court what is your reaction to what you heard? >> i do not give a hoot about what joe says. this is the reaction of the far left and they're not
6:39 pm
getting their way they attack things personally there is no longer discourse is no longer civil discourse when people exchange their ideas the crazy far left has her head on fire when they cannot get their way. and sadly enough that has become the tenor of the country at lease in the left at this point with the divisiveness put forth by nancy pelosi lowered her bed she would run again. this is again, america is tired of this they do not want to spread there is an act of desperation. there is a true desperation from the far progressive left they went their way and they are willing to burn the house down and tear anybody apart. elizabeth: do you know what? the minute the president sees a senator of his own party harassed and attacked like that it should be out there saying stop it because it is dangerous. by the way when you talk to people who do not listen to policy, they are making themselves dumb, deaf, blind breather undercutting, demeaning themselves and ruining their own credibility. when you have bernie sanders,
6:40 pm
and an obama official, all harassing and browbeating with this rhetoric it's going to come out in the streets. and that is what is going on. they've got to knock it off because someone is going to get hurt. already senator rand paul had his ribs broken and steve scalise was shot at that baseball game a few years ago. but still they continue. they continue with policy discussions as against the bullying, the arrogance, the vanity and the ego is in the let them think they can bully people without talking to them first, your final word. >> no comment list i could not have said it better. you look at what the arrogant the elite left look at what fauci has and i'm sorry he's one of my own as a physician i could not be more embarrassed by his arrogance of the fact that he's literally responsible for so much vaccine hesitancy in this country if we talk about that kind of thing. this is what america does not want anymore they are tired with this crab for honest with you the rejecting at the progressives cannot stand it.
6:41 pm
support doctor murphy come back soon as good have you on. now just a few minutes ago coming out of the bottom of the hour we've got the story texas ramping up a new lawsuit just out of the white house is making life difficult, burdening all u.s. with the policy failures about the border. reports from the white house was born in the u.s. could seat 9000 illegal border crosses a day by the spring. we are talking kansas now crossing britain out curtis with more rules for the but not for me paid this time democratic congressman hakeem jeffries has an air as speaker pelosi called out for not paying his fair share in taxes. you would not believe how low, low, low has property taxes. keep it here on "the evening edit". to exercise more, to be more social,
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elizabeth: was welcome to the show look who is here is the founder of the guardian angels
6:46 pm
he is curtis sliwa. it's good to have you on we want to have you back on that's what i have in my head. i want you to weigh in your reaction to the funeral for the nypd cops today, what were your thoughts when you sought? >> a massive turnout and credible. never seen a funeral that had collected to so many citizens in so many law enforcement officials throughout the northeast sector knowing a blizzard is coming, you knew these people were dedicated they waited outside for three hours it was cold out there. and the person who lit everybody up was the wife of the slain police officer who put it right in the hands of the brand-new elected manhattan district attorney alvin bragg and said it's because of policies like yours that we have lost our city. she got a rousing standing ovation. i think we are beginning to see a turnaround now where
6:47 pm
people begin to understand they must support law enforcement or anarchy will prevail. elizabeth: we hear you, curtis. now moving on to this new york congressman hakeem jeffries. his office not denying he only paid a tiny $213 in property taxes on his condo and prospect heights, brooklyn thanks to his sweetheart tax still under law he supported when he was of the new york state assembly. more to do is i say, not as i do democrats, what you say about that? >> sort of like the old statement made by leona helmsley if you remember only people pay taxes my pretty parade this is what happens you feel entitled. like hakeem jeffries. let's face it he has had a bad week. nancy pelosi decided to run for a new two year hitch. that means he is going to have to wait. he is going to have to wait. but can you imagine they have dual incomes in the jeffries family. both he earns good money, his wife earns good money, and yet they aren't living off of the
6:48 pm
generosity of the new york city taxpayers. and unfortunately there is a sweetheart deal that was created a wild back helps the real estate developers who have their condos and he has got to pay his fair share. if you want to lead and set the example what is typical, do as i say, not as i do democrats, republicans, they believe they are entitled. and you notice his excuse was don't reveal where i live because of january 6 people may be stocking men hunting me down. let me tell you something if hakeem jeffries walked down the street you cannot pick him out of a lineup. elizabeth: so he pays like $53 a quarter or so in property taxes. pink two and 50000 hours or less since two. this abatement if you have a 20% of your apartment set
6:49 pm
aside for affordable low income individuals. so who is a low income person and his condo? [laughter] may be the superintendent. but i've got the toy this scam was set up years ago for more affordable housing. when other be upper middle class and people who will purchase or lease out these condos. and we put 20% aside. we have had more homelessness, more people seeking housing where there is no housing. and so this was a basically made for those who just completely took advantage of the system. and i must tell you, if he gets into any kind of leadership position in the house, over my dead body. we are going to see a more hakeem jeffries crane these times of schemes where the powerful and elite over on the average everyday people. elizabeth: they got nearly 6 trillion spending 800 billing is left to be spent. bill de blasio set aside his wife ran a nearly
6:50 pm
1 billion-dollar program, nobody knows where the money went for mental health here in new york city. we have problems still on the street. curtis i want to talk about this because you love new york city you're a diehard new yorker, you fight for new york city. i want to talk about your roots. my brother is from brooklyn. he said you started out working at a mcdonald's in the bronx is that true? >> that is where i got my brooklyn boy myself. i ended up my calling was in the bronx in the bronx was burning as a night manager in the bronx in 1979. this february will be 43 years of overseeing the guardian angels. i started right out of mcdonald's patrolling the subways. and now in 13 countries 130 cities. it's almost like déjà vu. it's like we are moving back to that period of time that motivated me too start the guardian angels. elizabeth: we hear you, we need your voice curtis come back it is good to see you. curtis sliwa thanks for all you did for new york city, >>
6:51 pm
soon. another lawsuit against the white house for collapse of the borders spearheaded by texas attorney general and other republican attorney general including missouri attorney general eric schmitt. he is joining us next right here on "the evening edit". >> we are tired of state department officials lecturing americans about the sovereignty of borders of countries halfway across the world they pay no attention to the sovereignty of our border here. (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first. (other money manager) so you do it because you have to? (naj) no, we do it because it's the right thing to do. we help clients enjoy a comfortable retirement. (other money manager) sounds like a big responsibility. (naj) one that we don't take lightly. it's why our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. fisher investments is clearly different. you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire.
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elizabeth: joan is now missouri attorney general eric schmitt is good to see you sir paid by the state attorneys general, joining the new texas lawsuit against the white house for its collapse of the border. q tells about the lawsuit? >> this is another attempt by the by administration to ignore the rule of law. congress ever authorize this people were seeking asylum claims to petition for more people to come there. we note nine out of ten asylum are bogus but which is why it missouri and texas were successful at the supreme court and reinstating president trump's remain in mexico policy. got to get that implemented as a drag their feet the biden administration jamaica mexico the waiting room. and also missouri and texas have found law foods to finish the border wall $4 million has been allocated to finish the border wall. at the texas board of the past
6:56 pm
couple of days with other ag's, we sought these materials are on the ground by administration or paying contractors do not put it up which is nuts. every state is a border state rate including missouri because the fentanyl coming across an trafficking this being moved by the cartel is up everywhere in the country we have to fight this fight. >> you know sir we have been reporting on "the evening edit" about the border practically every night for the last six years. we did not start out reporting on fentanyl we saw coming in smaller amounts now. so what you're talking about now this lawsuit is a chain migration work families of the illegals are coming in that hope to be illegals who enters that the story? is that what's going on? >> that is exactly right. congress is never authorize this and people were seeking those asylum competition for people in other countries to come here while they are waiting for that is never been authorized by congress in this
6:57 pm
way. president obama tried to move forward, president trump canceled the program here we go to joe biden for this is an open borders policy you look left and right that completely abandon the border. it is up to the states to push back were going to do it again and i know in that clip at the press conference was that the american people are tired of being lied to. they are tied to being told that sovereignty of borders mean it's it's important on the other side there were but not in our southern border they are tired of the videos we are seeing with people coming across the border, transporting them so nobody sees it. this is america this is the president of the united states subverting the rule of law we have to hold him to account on a per. >> yes republicans are saying he could be impeached over for not upholding the law. as a part of the white house was warned 9000 illegals a day could try to cross starting in the spring that's on track for side of kansas come again.
6:58 pm
it's 6500 daily rest average last summer announcement to 9000. we are hearing, we are seeing you talk about buses and taxis and airplanes loaded with border crossers moving them to states like new jersey and maryland, are they being vetted? because ice is telling us already that ice is having to release those with criminal records for assault, drunk driving and drug possession what is the vetting for them? former border chief rodney scott says it caught 14 terrorists of the fa watchlist laughter at the border. and already nearly 50 special interest from sierra and iran coming in. what is the vetting here? >> there is not any it's a total disaster. i was today with state law enforcement on the rio grande, the river that divides the united states and mexico. as they were describing to us the cartels have their own sections of the country. they have their own areas they are trafficking people
6:59 pm
across. this is big business. $100million a week is the value of human smuggling at our southern border. let that sink in. that is not in the drug activity that is happening. i mean this is a crisis. people are coming here illegally there be encouraged by the biden ministration, they are not interested in enforcing the rule of law. meanwhile average americans are struggling. they work hard come the by the rules about the president of the united states on this administration encouraging this level of lawlessness it is unconscionable. elizabeth: we have got reporting from townhall. telling border patrol agents to worse now than ever. it's the worst we've seen in a generation at least 20 years, your final word? >> he has failed at the highest level he ought to quit or be fired it's a total disaster. as i said today, every state is a border state. we are all suffering the consequences of this terrible
7:00 pm
leadership. again the states are going to continue to fight back and win. elizabeth: got it missouri at ten attorney general eric schmitt thank you for joining us it's good to see you. i am elizabeth mcdonnell even watch "the evening edit" on foxbusiness rate thank you so much for watching hope you have a great weekend. join us again monday night. ♪ ♪ >> from fox studios in new york city. and happy weekend to all welcome to the program analyzes the week that was an helps position you for the week ahead. coming to you this weekend from the u.s. southern border just outside of mcallen texas. i will be surveying the border crisis firsthand bringing you the scene from the ground here in texas but here with me this weekend 13 states attorney general from around the country they are alarmed over the impact the surge of


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