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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 26, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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ice director, ron, thanks for coming on the show and bringing our insights, always a pleasure to have you on. you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, that does it for us we hope you have a good evening join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: what did doctor fauci know and when did he know it? that they tried to cover it up? bombshell document suggesting he intentionally downplayed the wuhan mably theory. if that's the case, for the american people pay the price for his arrogant? it administration and experts have been publicly pushing the theory that covid evolves in nature, another exotic animal and somehow it's just human.
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either in the market or the farm or wherever and they've told anybody suggesting otherwise the crackpot in a conspiracy theorist. the problem is, the natural origin theory has more holes than a piccolo. researchers still can't find a source. they've tested tens of thousands of species, maybe hundreds and many experts now say the virus looks like it was engineered in the lab. people like doctor fauci may have known this all along, they may have funded it and there may have been efforts to keep the information from the public. brett baier got a hold of these documents suggesting just that. >> january 31, doctor christian anderson, noted virologist at the scripps lab privately tells fauci after discussions with his colleagues, covid-19 features potentially look engineered. four days later, american
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british and australian researchers on a conference call, luminary findings that abandoned their earlier private beliefs that covid was likely the result of a laboratory leak. it's unclear what new evidence prompted such a drastic 180. the private communications show various drafts of the report are sent to fauci and collins for editing and approval. more than a month later we now learn doctors christian anderson and robert gary want to of the authors of the scientific report were in close contact with doctor fauci are rewarded nearly $9 million research grant from fauci's agency. kennedy: if they knew it might have come from a lab, why did they cover that up next if we knew the truth about that, would it have saved lives? fox news political anchor of special report, they just concluded on the fox news channel, it is brett baier. obviously put a lot of effort to
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put that together, that piece was fantastic, illuminating, completely fact-based but it makes you wonder when you are putting that together, what was most troubling for you? >> a lot of things but i think most troubling for me was the effort to get consensus and wash the different theories about what possibly happened. i'm not talking just a few, there were several immunologists and virologist privately e-mailing and privately in the conference calls saying i'm 70/30, and accidental leak from a lab, not a natural evolutionary jump of the virus. people say why are you focused on this so much? well, it's really important to figure out the origins of the virus so we can prevent the next big endemic down the road number one. number two, that we trust our health officials aspires behind
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the scenes that they are being transparent not only to the public but the president of the united states at the time. the former chief of staff mick mulvaney on, he said it never came up in the earliest days of pandemic inside the oval office as they were forming the coronavirus task force, never once did anything from up besides it was the evolutionary jump. kennedy: it seems like they're using their expertise and protecting themselves with that instead of informing the president and illuminating the public on what could really be happening. august the what happened, this is something i didn't learn until i watched this, and two of these including robert gary, millions of dollars in research grant money. so who should be investigating the massive infusion into their program? >> right. and if this happens, these guys
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are at the hasp of doctors fauci and collins at the time to get grant money. they do, please happen to be the virologist who had concerns and were saying this looks engineered but within 48 hours write a paper that says it definitively is evolutionary so it raises a lot of questions. we have the questions to the nih and doctor fauci specifics they've not answered, there's no evidence in any of the e-mails have been changed in any way. these are the e-mails from the nih so i think the investigation is going to continue and i do think the funding of the eagle health alliance which is u.s. funding of some of the coronavirus investigations in the wuhan lab are tied in here in some way and whether that is to take the focus off of that, we don't know. the why is what we really have to investigate.
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kennedy: also, if they've not satisfactorily answered what was the information you gained in between the first conference call where doctor barry raised concerns saying they had great concerns about the lab leak, because the information you came to that made everybody do a complete 180? the threat of having funding both, was a promise of more funding? just don't say anything or publish anything and don't go along with it? somehow it's fueling the conspiracy theorists? it's not a theory if it actually happened, it's a fact. that's what they've not been able to do adequately to explain. when rand paul asked doctor fauci about that incident, fauci turned him around and said it was a personal attack when he was asked about that e-mail. that doesn't give us comfort because you have democrats
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willing to go after the former president for the pandemic response but the appropriate thing to do obviously is to go after china and they've been pressed hard enough on this. >> not at all and peter doocy asked about today at the white house. the possibility that we know for a fact definitively that china had massive cover-up after coronavirus breaks out. they have flights from wuhan to new york and wuhan to milan but they cut off flights from wuhan to beijing and wuhan to shanghai. why is that? we know for a fact they were trying to screen and prevent evidence from getting out. we've not been able to get into the lab or see original investigations into the coronavirus and that is a problem. kennedy: they have destroyed a lot of the samples, they granted no access and i know fauci said we can't push too hard. we actually are not pushing hard killed millions of people and prolonged a global pandemic.
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we need to push harder, a bipartisan commission of senators and congressmen and women to get to the bottom of this stop attacking our own government when obviously is the chinese communist party that has the most explaining to do. your explanation and your journalism has been fantastic, thank you. you can view brett bears boards on and i suggest it, it's really enlightening. they're going into your three of the pandemic and debate about masks and schools are still going strong in a new post doctors argue it's time to make masks fentanyl in schools and give children their childhood back. respirators and other high-quality masks are highly effective at protecting their wearers regardless of what people around them are doing. that makes the old mantra my mask protects you and your mask protects me obsolete.
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as a result, schools can finally safely make masks optional for students and staff they argue instead of punishing children for not wearing masks, teachers should focus on actually teaching. can you imagine that? parents and students have been frustrated and confused so i won't politicians listen to doctors and give children the freedom? we got washington times opinion editor and fox news contributor editor early hurt. democrat strategist and former campaign biden campaign surrogate, he is my cubit, it is kevin brawley. we've got host of -- gubernatorial candidate, welcome everyone. >> c up. >> great to see all of you. charlie, we know the masks people are wearing by and large don't work but it's interesting because still an area where
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people can tell other people what to do without fearing repercussions. our children are bearing the brunt of the repercussions with language development in toddlers, is it time maybe to make masks optional? >> but of course the people pushing for mandates of every stripe are not just going to back down. governor youngkin has declared keeping of campaign promise that one the governor's manchin that parents should be in charge whether the parents whether their children where mass in school or not and you have school districts suing the governor to bar parents from making that decision which is a pretty stunning take but from the beginning of this, we've known masks work in certain
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settings but they especially don't work among children who fiddle and play with them but the desire to use pandemic as a political weapon to beat up political opponents, that was just too appealing to certain people and that's what we've had and why all of this has been politicized. kennedy: it has been politicized and i still go back to kids are paying the price. the doctors from harvard, these are not republican, these are people looking at data going we have better tools now, is 2022, we have better masks and treatments, we know who is most at risk how to protect them, it's up to them to protect themselves now meaning children are being indoctrinated that schools aren't safe. that's what they are saying, the kids are being taught that schools are not safe and they are vectors, harming each other and putting other people at risk.
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can you imagine what it does your self-esteem over a number of years when you're just trying to learn the basics in elementary school? >> yeah, it's horrible. you've got two girls at home we've often talked about the auxiliary causes of this pandemic depression is on the rise in suicide. to say nothing of the dwindling academic records we are seeing. as you have said oftentimes, there's other effects beyond covid and death rates, it's also effects on society and the most vulnerable in terms of our children so our number one priority has to be keeping the schools open and i think it's a good piece, masks work in certain situations and children are very protected based on their own natural immunity and the fact that they are young and don't have a lot of pre-existing conditions and as i said
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earlier, we got to support any policy that keeps schools open, that's the most critical part of the pandemic, not so much mass and polarization but making sure every school stays open so kids can get an education. kennedy: msa are in chicago, newark, or cleveland. it's all a problem. problems that are not solving themselves unfortunately. shane, what are we supposed to do? >> the problem stems from government indoctrination camps. when we look at the big picture, we didn't have the government indoctrination camps or rent due to the government and former property taxes, we can nip this all in the blood, by something in liberty right of association, having insightful relations with those you want relations with, this whole idea that we are
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talking and allowing the government to decide what our children wear or don't wear especially when it comes to private health issues they are growing up, this is on top of being genocide, let's call it what it is, the idea that you can allow people to take certain medications or not take certain medications is the idea that are going to cover up where this originated in the first place, this speaks to the psychological operations the government has forced on the people 24/7, 365 for the past two years and the generation me up in this right now, oh boy, that word democracy yet that gets thrown around in a constitutional republic, that might be the end of people who claim they want democracy in the end because let's face it, for crimes like this, genocidal crimes against humanity, you're talking your people who swing at the end of the day this is far
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from over. kennedy: and they are calling the cops on people who don't have masks on in public. people who can't show their vaccination cards. turning all of this into a police state if you push an old lady in front of a movie subway, you are fine. the man panel is coming up, excited to talk to shannon about the supreme court justice even prior reportedly retiring from the nations top court. the president tie his own hands when he promised a certain kind of comedy? democrats managed to get done before the midterms? a dream come true. here to explain all, next. ♪♪
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that's what he said on the campaign trail. >> elected president and have opportunity to appoint somebody from the courts, i will appoint the first black woman of the court, as required they have representation. kennedy: conveniently, there is a black woman close to the president might be looking for a new job. fox news peter doocy asked jen psaki about it today. >> hypothetically theoretically, would someone who was attorney general of the large state and served senate vote would be a candidate for open supreme court? >> i see what you did there, peter but president has every intention as he said before running for election and running fairly reelection of vice present harris as his partner. kennedy: week, unless she's on the supreme court. the present corner pig?
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drive me tonight, fox news and host a fox news at night, every night at midnight, 9:00 pacific. definite anchor president, miraculously his, he can't just fire first, that looks bad but if he promotes her, the supreme court in a 50/50 senate she's the one who who cast the set deciding boat, does that bring us into a constitutional crisis? >> vice president harris were the nominee, who were told during the trump administration confessors can walk in those things i think high in the senate should not be a tie-breaking vote on supreme
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court justice, it takes 51 senators the. i thought of getting a new vice president confirmed probably not something the biden a administration wants to take on but he said he want somebody qualified legally and has a black female weird there are others that i think they want to consider whether the vice president can get confirmed. kennedy: people would talk about potential nominees, was he forced out? he said last year on fox news he doesn't intend to retire anytime soon, there's a lot going on legally and politically he feels steady hand can help guide. >> i'm told he was definitely not going to announce it today but he'd already come to the decision and was happy with it, at peace, something that would be announced very soon, it wasn't today though. when he was blindsided,
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surprised today, but it's not something forced his hand, he already made the decision, it's just somebody had jumped the gun. kennedy: maybe somebody in the biden administration trying to distract from some of the woe they have their but it's interesting because i'm not going to say is nepotism but there are on family connections with a couple of names including u.s. appeals court judge ron jackson, she is at the top of the list, impressive she's impressed paul ryan, his mother-in-law is married, or his brother-in-law's twin brother is married. isn't that weird? then there's a federal district court judge, gardner, stacey abrams sister. >> right.
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it's always interesting these legal and political circles are connected, smaller than you might think it's funny to look at the potential connections between the folks definitely on the short list. i would say judge ron jackson is definitely the front runner, she sits on the d.c. circuit, a number of judges wound up being justices, it's very powerful intellectually relating court that handles a lot of tough issues. plus, has the resume, harvard undergrad law, for the man is leaving so she's definitely up front runner and i would say justice gruber from a justice of the california supreme court has a lot of buzz around her. kennedy: she's also a moderate, to. >> and she is viewed as a swing court vote.
7:25 pm
she's had a number of different backgrounds buttigieg justice from 2015, she got young kids and she would join justice amy coney barrett was only had school-aged children on the supreme court so a lot of buzz about her, to. kennedy: whoever the newest justice is, they have to take care of the frozen yogurt machine and that's the biggest response ability of all. we will keep our eyes on it because it's a crazy time with a split senate and obviously not presidential election but do you think they can get this tied up before the midterm? >> they could but i do think the fact that you've got to be looking for the vote of justice, who knows? i meant to say senator but nominate him, that's one way to get about. he and kyrsten sinema in the senate, you've got to pick somebody they can vote for the we have different publicans in different years because they leave it's the right of the president they elected.
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kennedy: it used to be immune if there were total commies. shannon, thank you. see you soon. we'll be watching tonight. anti- pelosi canceling her retirement running for another term. how long is she going to try to cling to the speaker's gavel? my memo next. ♪♪
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kennedy: looming on the horizon for democrats, nancy pelosi has decided to do the honorable thing. she's stepping aside for the good of her party will not seek reelection. [laughter] just kidding. that's fun. this relic is in lockstep with the other professional mommies and will bring to the gavel with their multi raw.
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democrat house leaders are just old, their seemingly old. one of the dig up a new dinosaur fossil they say i wonder what happened to him after we lost him after junior high. nancy pelosi, there's a combined age of 244. nancy pelosi, this is true, she's older than spray camp invested in 1941 she was born in 1940. congress zombies are the only ones sweating, the senate has a giant collection, they could loan themselves to the natural history museum. 50% of the senate is over 65. diane feinstein is 88, older than parking meters by two years and publicans are at the party configure, cocaine mitch obviously snoring something, he's 79. grassley is 88 as well. chuck grassley, older than a can of beer. at the start.
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no matter how you vote or slice it, we are being tortured by an army cranky governors who love war almost as much as they love to smother you with their outdated programs to manipulate every aspect of your life. you think it's a good idea? try watching your grandma open up a culture she's not in the position to commit generational theft or start a world war. 64-year-old senator bill cassidy has at least one good idea, start giving sober status cognitive test to track their mental decline. anymore damage, we are all god. if there's an age limit to get into the senate, there should be a limit to federal office. starting with nancy pelosi who let's be honest, should retire. in fact the memo. apparently the oldest in two decades, yeah. average age of the senate is 64, average of the houses 58 and every day they get older and older so how can pelosi possibly
7:33 pm
know the whole of the nation if she barely has one herself? command panel is back. kevin walling, shane hazel. i don't know why this is so exciting. charlie, can we force them out of office? >> i would love that i certainly don't think the founders ever envisioned having an 81-year-old speaker of the house and her number two in command is even older than her. this is not something i think they never envisioned anything like it but what you do? i don't know. i do know i think a big reason why nancy pelosi clinging to power is the alternatives for her party are so bad. what we've seen the republican party go through the past ten or 15 years with the tea party and everything is nothing compared to the crackup i think the
7:34 pm
democrats, they haven't even begun to grapple with in the put off for a while because you had barack obama, a wildly popular within the party but they've not dealt with the figures in the party and who's going to lead into the future and that doesn't start until nancy pelosi releases her phony grip on power. kennedy: but kevin, i will give her credit, she can raise a lot of money. i'm surprised younger people in her party haven't sat her down to get a few pointers because she's really good at it. i don't know if she's like 19th century new york city machine politician, she's actually older than that she does have skills. at some time you've got to let the power grow and just raise the money unless you want to be tortured for all people forever. unless you want to, do you? >> maybe, she came up in baltimore, her dad was the mayor
7:35 pm
of baltimore and her brother was mayor of baltimore, she's an old school bus, she raised a ton of money, she recruit great candidates and she's an effective party leader so you've seen attempts to get her out of power, we saw a coup attempt and she put it down pretty effectively so she speaks effectively for the house caucus and running for reelection, this will be her last turn and she announced this past week showed she still interested in leading the party and hopefully will continue to raise money and recruit candidates across the board because it will be a difficult midterm election year no question. kennedy: shane is a rotarian, you look on this catastrophe and what you see? >> geriatrics have done so well up until this place in leading america, we are on the verge of an empire meltdown this and understand economics, the idea
7:36 pm
that nancy pelosi was somehow a leader is not a muppet like the rest of the people. the reason she can sustain power because she's eager of the house, the most control of the floor and if anybody is going to donate money for power in terms of lobbyist, it's going to be people like the speaker of the house and the majority leader in the senate so the idea that nancy is an effective leader, i don't know, maybe she knows where the best stores are but let's face it, is absolutely most of the time either intoxicated, she can barely put on her own makeup and the i guess that she's going to the nation nor do anything great, give them shellac in the midterms is probably the biggest joke we could possibly hope for. libertarians because let's face it, both of these parties are going down right now and people are leaving them in droves. kennedy: and how long can we be held hostage by a cast of
7:37 pm
buffoon? [laughter] i don't know how much more i can take, charlie, what is the best establishment in d.c.? >> the tuning and it's right there, and easy to block walk from the capitol although i've never seen nancy pelosi there. i've seen a lot of members there. kennedy: she has chardonnay, she doesn't need it. crying himself into a scotch. >> he is a red wine guy. kennedy: oh, i just -- the color of his class scotch. i love love roy. super dark. all right, and cute. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: coming up, you are a little turned off by snoozing your money? the downward trend could be a
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bonus. we'll find out why next. anniversary episode of canada, sneak peak of little ziggy. stay here. ♪♪
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into the pool? here with me to discuss, but client association sonic president to the un, welcome to the show, jimmy. >> hi, kennedy, great to be with you. kennedy: i still believe in crypto, i'm still mining it. i know people are really mad and everyone thought they were going to be a billionaire in november and now they are homeless and eating are all huddled velveeta. assist the worst news ever? >> it's not the worst news ever, crypto is traditionally crazy volatile. i still believe in digital currency but it comes down to finding coins with utility. bitcoin is made to be more digital payment data system and the reason decryptor market is up and down, crypto prices are moving utility, people don't use the coins much in daily life. with big climb vsp, we are trying to create a network use for daily efficient payments
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down to a penny or less and all kinds of things like greater gains in create gains and even out the prices but most of the crypto points echo up and down so much because they are not used like the main version of btc, no one uses it so utility is really the answer and why the ball like you and me believe in the future of crypto currency. kennedy: and more people and government get on crypto as opposed to currency controlled by central banks and they pump money into arbitrarily into a lot of economic harm with that. younger people in the great thing about crypto is 40% of people who own crypto currency are nonwhite and most people who own it earned less than 60000 a year so this is an entry into something that could be financially long-term beneficial to people who otherwise don't have access to hedge funds so
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that part is great. let's talk about the athletes, i believe odell beckham junior who decided to get paid in crypto, is not the best idea right now? let's say you sign a year contract for $750,000 but your bitcoin is now worth 350,000, you still have to pay taxes, you are losing money, should people not get paid in crypto? >> i think it's a personal twice and comes down to how much investment risk you want because getting paid in an investment. the other choices to take your money and normal currency and been choose when you get to buy in or out on digital assets and gives you more control but i have to get back to my initial part, if you choose to accept compensation, pick a coin with long-term utility. otherwise you subject yourself to the ups and downs of the
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market and you don't have control over the market if it crashes monday. the only thing you can bet on with any financial asset if if there's long-term value. kennedy: and i hope more people get on the train because i think ultimately it will be a winner. i could be wrong, i could be wrong about everything in this whole thing to be a simulation and none of matters. his bitcoin and crypto coming back? absolutely. the power of digital currency and financial inclusion in the financial markets and young people are in it. for christmas i gave my nephew some coins because it's so efficient, i could send him a small amount and now he's earning gain. kennedy: and now his name is jeff bezo's. thank you so much, come back so we can talk more about this. >> absolutely. kennedy: topical storm is next.
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a high school basketball player getting famous for throwing down walking shot and draining three
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even though he only has one arm. incredible story. but then again, nothing compared to lebron james, he does all about without a backbone. that's an nba player and this is topical storm. topic number one. luxury brand surprised fashion fans by sending a horse, a horse down a fashion show runway. this is in all of paris, maybe it maybelline. always been closed-door. all week for the fashion show, the day before i heard he ate 12 pounds of food. just like the other models, pretty much only eat apples and carrots and probably cocaine. this wasn't a marketing stunt, a preview because it's hard was turned into spring for selection. audience members say the horse
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was fun to look at but unfortunately it smelled like chanel number two. speaking of which, topic number two. rescue workers in the united kingdom let a lost dog out of swamp with food dangling, here's milley jack russell terrier following a sausage on a string, hello, prom night. this is also how fox gets me onto the set every day. it took a long time, finally the found that british food was good for them. drowning of the swamp, rescue workers position and the strong solid ground so he or she could chase them. reminds me of my days at the -- i was always chasing sausage somewhere. reunited with his owner after night of eating his dog food, he decided to stay with the throne.
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in it, sucker. topic number three. a michigan woman found $3 million price in the folder which most agree is still not worth it. spears such was searching for misplaced e-mail in her folder when she noticed letter from a michigan lottery and one a giant cash prize. forgot to check if she one, and sounds like my new year's. sounds like the pair of shoes i threw up in. sorry they were yours. that's not all, she also met my dream print so he could marry her when they get to america and president trump wants to meet her but is also bad news, apparently she was personally on the way to the seven people which was how charlie sheen tried allegedly. [laughter] topic number four. it's us, delish.
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today is the seventh anniversary of the best show in cable news. no, not laura ingram, i'm talking about this show. let's get back to the moment your dreams came true, the very first episode kennedy. january 26, 2015, i remember it like it was seven years ago. hello there and welcome to the voyage of the as as can be. i'm so glad you could make it for the ride of your life. most of you who watch foxbusiness and fox news, you may know me from shows like the independents and outnumbered or if you're just making up your heroin, 90s induced, i was that lady with the glasses for rocky you and your happy years. kennedy: as usual, i was a delight. the ride of your life hold onto your hat because there's a lot more to come. happy birthday to all of you aboard the ss genitalia and
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thank you for the very best team makes this show happy every night. i love you a bunch of drunks. we'll be right back with ken at all. ♪♪
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you do, send your photos, and videos, telling us 'your pooch. michelle sent in her dog lincoln, a 3-year-old bassett hound, next up riley, a sweet girl, who wants their face kissed. and annaa dog, little miss birdie. marina's dog, frito the what wienie -- he thinks he is a pit bull. cristina sent in red ferguson from salon mills -- i know i said it wrong, illinois, so cute. and matt's dog. look at those beautiful faces, i love them. i want to hug them all and ride them on a big journey, dave's dog camera has a toy in her mouth, pretty.
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lastly, lazarus hiding in the bathroom. thank you for watching the best hour of your day tomorrow night on the show. can't watch the show? kenna dvr it, happy anniversary to me. >> radio check. >> loud and clear. >> here we go. >> we're at the raise. >> holy cow. >> all good? >> oh, yeah. we're about to head up to the number 5. and prove oly's gold. >> hold up. >> we need to be monitoring the air for sure. >> we head outside. to get our air monitors and boom. the snow storm hits. >> well for pete's


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