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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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seeing this. david: shoplifter brazenly walking out after manhattan rite aid drugstore. the radical mayors d.a.s, city councils around the country, make this possible, they run out of excuses. even actors in new york understand that. things must change. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight two more cops shot in ferguson, missouri. this time where the shootings happened with these cops. we have a cop dying practically every day this year. a man in the bronx is gunned down in a hospital. we've got homicides in 22 cities up 44% in just the last few years. that is according to a new study but d.c. media, the distraction there in overdrive. now the president is getting his first supreme court justice pick. justice steven breyer is retiring as expected.
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nancy pelosi wants even more spending but on china and ukraine. biden's deputy nsa, he says ukraine matters because, quote, borders should be respected. what about the collapse at the u.s. southern border? crime and drugs are pouring in. also former president trump, he is moving to capitalize on all of this. there is another rally this weekend in houston. and a new "pew research poll" shows biden approval rating plunging again on key issues that americans care about. thanks for joining us. with us tonight, congressman jason smith, claudia tenney, nicole malliotakis, plus the hill's joe concha. from johns hop skin as university, he is dr. marty makary. dr. hans von spakosky and ron vitiello. despite dr. fauci's downplaying, heating denials, dr. fauci on camera admitting, yes, he and
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the nih have been funding, touting dangerous supervirus research in laboratories even if a pandemic leaks out. dr. fauci says the benefits outweigh the risks of that. we have the video you cannot miss. new court filing from special counsel john durham indicate he is widening the dragnet on the hillary clinton team in the criminal probe of the botched trump russia investigation. we're digging into the documents. it's a massive amount of information durham is assembling. also this story for you. growing controversy, more information surfacing on lucrative biden family connections to chinese companies backed by military intelligence. fights breaking out nationwide over school masks for children. why this spells trouble for democrats and the white house. we also have a cnn anchor with an off the wall take on virginia, even as the virginia above is trying to bring common sense back to schools. plus, remember we told you how
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the white house was stonewalling the new numbers on the border crisis. we got them. again worse than realized. now republican senators warn the president could face impeachment over this. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit." it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: we begin with stocks ending the day mostly lower after another wild ride. the fed leaves rates unchanged but signals a rate hike in march. this as supreme court justice stephen breyer is retiring. hillary vaughn is in washington with more. hillary? reporter: liz, president biden has a chance to fulfill one of his big campaign promises, that he would nominate a black woman to the supreme court if there was a vacancy. well, now it looks like they're very soon could be a vacancy with the news that justice breyer is planning to retire at
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the end of the supreme court's term this summer but the president is not ready to take a victory lap just yet. president biden: there has been no announcement from justice breyer. let him make whatever statement he is going to make. i will be happy to talk about later. reporter: but democrats on capitol hill are jumping at a chance to get a justice confirmed. senator dick durbin, the chair of the senate judiciary committee. he would lead the confirmation process for biden's nominee. he is promising to move the nomination through expeditiously. leader chuck schumer says biden's nominee will be confirmed quote, with deliberate speed. but some republicans making it clear the nominee will not get a green light without a fight. senator josh hawley tweeting this. if biden chooses to nominate a left-wing activist, expect a major battle in the senate. time is ticking for democrats. justice breyer is expected to retire in late june, early july,
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giving democrats just a few months before the my terms to get someone confirmed. liz? elizabeth: thank you, hillary vaughn in washington. good to see you. joining us now house budget ranking member. he is congressman jason smith along with fox news contributor, "the hill" media columnist joe concha. first to you, congressman. there is that going on right now in washington. of course the supreme court justice story is a big one but here's the other thing, congressman. nancy pelosi wants more spending on ukraine. biden's deputy nsa says ukraine matters because quote, borders should be respected. americans are angry. what about the collapse at the border? >> americans are concerned about all the crises that joe biden, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are creating in the united states including the border crisis where more than 1 1/2 million illegals have crossed the southern border in the last year and nancy pelosi is more concerned about the border in ukraine? give me a break.
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elizabeth: to the congressman's point, go ahead, congressman. >> the best way to say about washington democrat is their leadership is incompetent, they're out of touch with real americans and they're failing at every policy they're trying to push. elizabeth: yes. so to the congressman's point, joe, we've got two cops shot in ferguson, missouri, one critical. he was shot in the stomach. you know we've got a guy, for example, in a hospital in the bronx shot. what will pelosi and biden do to stop crime including in pelosi's home state? we have 22 cities seeing a 44% increase in homicides? >> thank you for bringing home pelosi's home state or talk about san francisco and her district. when was the last time you heard nancy pelosi talk about solutions to crime in san francisco? when was the last time you saw the president of the united states flanked by police
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officers or police unions and saying, this is enough, this will not stand? what we saw in harlem obviously with two cops shot dead. you brought up all the other cops shot in missouri or washington, d.c. you go around the country and the president is basically silent on this, hiding behind his press secretary who puts out boilerplate statements they're spending money on this or that but there is no passion on this issue at this point. never judge joe biden on his words, liz. just his actions. his actions on crime have been basically nonexistent. elizabeth: to joe's point, he is making an important one, what are they doing, right, congressman? we hear the president will come to new york city to talk to the newly-elected mayor here, there is that, right? you know, border agents are slamming biden's dhs secretary mayorkas, literally turning their backs on him.
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>> it is unacceptable. nancy pelosi always said that a budget is a statement of your values. the budget that joe biden released back in may which was the latest budget in history of united states of any president submitted to congress, the increase for security, for the border was 0% but everything else averaged an increase of 16%. what does the democrat party want to do? they want to defund the police. what does the democratic congresswoman cori bush from the city of st. louis which covers ferguson missouri in my home state, what is her solution to the police? she wants to defund them this, is what is causing law enforcement not to be safe. it is unacceptable. the american people have had enough with these policies that the democrats are trying to shove down our throats. elizabeth: you know, joe, you probably saw the footage of the pba chief patrick lynch here in new york city saying we're heartbroken, we're buckling, we're on our knees. we told you this was going to
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happen and now two cops again shot. former president trump, another rally in houston this weekend. he will capitalize on this. we have a new poll from pew research. majority of voters disapprove of president biden on eight major issues, unifying the country is tops. he promised about that. the pandemic, economy, all of it. voters are saying no to this but if the pandemic or inflation recedes, will he see a pop in the polls? >> oh, i think with inflation, definitely. i think people expect at this point, we know what is going on with omicron. they see the cases are shooting precipitously down as quickly as they came up in december. biden doesn't get too much credit on that front considering how poorly he handled testing. inflation that is how people. inflation is not 40-year high or goes down to a 30 or 20-year high. that is still a major increase. once people get home heating bills this winter, already are, when it adds up in february and
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march, they will be angry about that as well. education, democrats, now seen as the anti-parent party. i see this big news today around justice breyer today, elizabeth. i don't see this development about has retirement being a game-changer f conservative on the bench announced his or her retirement, that justice was replaced by a liberal that is a different ballgame. the court remains 6-3, or 5-4 depending how you see justice robert. i don't see this is the big break biden needs. he is replacing one liberal with another. they're outnumbered 6-3, talk about things that matter to people, inflation, crime and inflation. elizabeth: that is the point what joe is talking about, right? by the way president biden blamed inflation spikes on car prices, components are going up but congressman that is a third of the increase. main street is getting slammed across the board. even economists like obama economist jason furman warns the u.s. is much more inflation than any advanced country in the
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world. like "back to the future." only a few since late '60s, '70s, early '80s, we've been here, see real interest rates in deep negative territory after inflation. so you know if you see small businesses reporting that their prices are tripling, i mean, isn't that a wake-up call for the media, everybody say get on the stick? why does nancy pelosi want to spend more money on ukraine and china? >> liz, joe biden tries to blame everyone else for his crises he created. inflation without a doubt is the direct result of more than seven 1/2 trillion dollars in new spending that the democrats tried to pass out of the house this year. they started with a 2 trillion-dollar covid package that they said was for covid relief. less than 9% actually went towards spending. that is what, that is with increasing the prices in the supermarket but this white house, they only care about the prices in the stock market.
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it is unacceptable. they're out of touch with americans. elizabeth: got it. great segment with congressman jason smith and joe concha. it is great to have you both on the show. come back again soon. new bombshell footage unearthed by "the evening edit" team shows dr. fauci on camera admitting yes, he and the nih have been funding, touting dangerous research to create superviruses in labs even if a pandemic leaked. he claims the benefits outweigh the risks all this despite dr. fauci downplaying and denials. we have dr. marty makary joining us next on "the evening edit." >> i looked around the room an everybody there was pale in the face because they really didn't understand the harm they were doing except for tony fauci. tony fauci looked at the vice president after i finished my presentation and said, i'm still in charge, right? ♪.
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♪. elizabeth: join being us now from johns hopkins university, he is the professor the public health, he is dr. marty makary. it is great to have you on, doctor okay, dr. fauci called senator rand paul a liar. downplayed the funding of creation of dangerous superviruses in labs he said if there is pandemic outbreak, if
6:17 pm
that happens the benefits outweigh the risks. we have new footage, yeah, the nih we were funding it touting this even if a pandemic leaked. what do you say about this? >> dr. fauci could do a lot with the american people to mend some fences and restore some confidence by simply saying i'm sorry. people are hungry for honesty right now. if he showed humility to look i thought they were benefits to gain of function research. i was wrong. we should call for international ban on gain of function research in perpetuity, that would go a long way. dr. fauci, had a bad day yesterday. bret baier released a report showing some nih dollars went to researchers out there in the country who were questioning whether or not this was wuhan lab leak, who were suggesting the virus was engineered and suddenly changed their tune after they met with dr. fauci and received millions of nih
6:18 pm
funding. elizabeth: the issue here, it wasn't just the wuhan lab in china doing the research. there were multiple labs, at a university and china's version of the cdc. so the question is that being used, that fact to cloud the issue? let's watch dr. fauci on camera back in 2012. watch this. >> the nih has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the wuhan institute. >> do they fund dr. baric? >> dr. baric is not doing gain of function research. if it is, it is according to the guidelines. because the research gain of function, trans missability, et cetera on h5n1 pathogenic is minor part but a important part of our portfolio. it is part of four research projects that contain this, it is around 10% of the entire h5n1 portfolio. less than 1% of the total niaid
6:19 pm
flu research funding. questions have come up about the concern of danger of people you fund. niaid, nih, certainly cdc, only funds and conducts gain of function research on h5n1 highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses for researchers who are highly trained, skilled, experienced and adequately regulated. there is disagreements as to the scientific and or public health value of these experiments but i believe the people who feel that they shouldn't be conducted are in the minority because even the most concerned members of nsabb felt that the experiments should be done but the distribution of the knowledge should be restricted. elizabeth: your reaction, doctor? >> well, what he says it is a minority of scientists who believe that this should not be
6:20 pm
done, that may be because he controls the currency of medical academic promotion. i mean when you control all of the nih funding in the country, every researcher needs that funding. of course you're going to fall in line and agree with what the head of the agency says. elizabeth: okay. so there is a couple of problems here. dr. fauci said we're only going to use experienced, highly trained individuals. then he says to senator john kennedy in testimony, we weren't doing oversight of what china and how china was doing and how it is spending the money. he told "the wall street journal" that we do not, it is impossible for us to track how china is using the money and what china does. so he is making statements on the one hand and then on the other hand says something else. he keeps hair splitting it didn't fund it at the wuhan lab. china has multiple laboratories. also "the washington post" is pointing out he is defining what the regulations are. he is defining what gain of function is.
6:21 pm
so when you ask him is this gain of function, there is dissembling. he is the one who is defining it. he has got the power. >> when he says only qualified individuals, well everybody in a laboratory has a phd. we don't have high school students in there doing this research. so you can always make the argument, and the committee that was assigned to the nih to review grants and cancel them if they were doing gain of function research, that committee was manipulated. they appointed people who are soft and changed the definition of gain of function research and weakened that committee's power over the last few years. elizabeth: yes. so "the washington post" found that the says, that dr. fauci and former nih director francis collins was stonewalling them. they claimed transparency and being open, stonewalling reporters on this. washington post found nearly $49 million on 18 different gain of function projects. when it was pointed out that the house by house gop oversight
6:22 pm
that there was a letter from the nih that spelled out that yes, ecohealth alliance, that non-profit that was getting nih funding and sending it over to china, that yes, they were funding gain of function supervirus research. dr. fauci dissembled said, technically it wasn't. so he is again creating the definitions ad hoc and on the fly. is that what is going on? he is a powerful guy. he rule as gigantic, go ahead. >> it always been hard to disagree with dr. fauci in the medical field because he controls the currency of medicine. that is funding. if you look at the research papers, i think this is the crux of what's impossible to defend, the research papers out of wuhan, china and out of the united states that did gain of function research published their results and credited dr. fauci's division of the nih for the funding. that is going to be very hard to explain. elizabeth: yeah. why are we outsourcing this technology and research to
6:23 pm
china? okay, that is for another day. dr. marty makary, great to have you on. come back soon. >> thanks. elizabeth: we'll stay on this story. almost coming into the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. we have a he growing controversy. more information surfacing on lucrative biden family companies backing chinese military intelligence. does this compromise the white house in any way? we dig in later this hour. a new court filing, the debate, special counsel durham looks like widening the net on hillary clinton campaign team on the botched trump russia investigation. we're digging into the documents. we'll find out what heritage foundation what hans von spa koski has to say on "the evening edit". wooo, yeaa, woooooo
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now from the heritage foundation, he is senior legal fellow there. hans von spakovsky. great to have you back on hans. good to see you. special counsel court filing, john durham in trump russia investigation he is casting a wider net what the hillary campaign did with the fbi. we're talking more than 133,000 documents, grand jury impaneled for the clinton team, fbi, cia, darpa. hundreds of emails involving hillary clinton campaign and the law firm itself. is this looking like this could
6:28 pm
be building into another case? >> it does. it has been pretty quiet out in the media over the durham investigation which might lead people to think it's over but this filing shows that he is very quietly moving ahead and it is obvious from the documents that they're trying to get, from the hillary campaign, that they are exploring who at the hillary campaign knew and was involved in creating the false steele dossier. i'm sure they want to know who was involved in creating it, who knew about the fabrication when they were giving it to the fbi, all of which could spell trouble for the people in the campaign. elizabeth: yeah. also, he disclosed there is an active ongoing criminal investigation into hillary's campaign lawyer michael sussman. there is an active ongoing criminal investigation, more
6:29 pm
than just him being charged with lying to the fbi. he has denied that this is about durham possibly building charges against the hillary team on conspiracy and planting a false story inside of the fbi that the trump organization was talking to russia's alfa bank via internet backed channel when that has been debunked as trump marketing hotel spam emails. >> right. it its pretty clear from these filings there is a grand jury impaneled, still impaneled looking into this. the other odd thing i noticed was that the same law firm is apparently representing igor danchenko. remember that is the russian who was arrested last november and who helped fabricate many of the stories inside of the steele dossier. apparently the same law firm representing him is also representing the hillary campaign and higher-ups in the hillary campaign in the dealings with the special counsel. not only does that raise
6:30 pm
conflicts of interest -- elizabeth: yeah. that does. let's stay on, let's stay on the story about trump organization and alfa bank. >> right. elizabeth: in the durham court filings we have fbi counter intelligence officials being investigated. fbi agents on the trump organization, alpha story, rather being investigated, rather interviewed by john durham's team. in the durham court filings you see that hillary's computer signs activities looking into the back channel connection, this is head herring. it should be ignored. had that doesn't sound good at all for the hillary campaign. your word. >> no it doesn't. one of the reasons i'm sure the fbi counterintelligence people are being questioned to find out well, what did they do to determine whether this
6:31 pm
information that was being fed to them by michael sussman or the hillary campaign, whether it was real, whether it was valid or not? because again if they didn't take the basic steps to check out this information, that, that is very problematic. as you know, that is what happened with the fisa warrants. the fbi not actually checking out to make sure that the steele dossier information was valid and here we have the same thing happening with this totally false story about supposedly secret dealings with a russian bank. elizabeth: okay. hans von spakovsky, good to see you again. don't be a stranger okay? come back soon. >> sure. >> we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. growing controversy, more information surfacing on lucrative biden family connections with chinese companies backed by chinese military intelligence. does this compromise the white house? what can we say about this information? congressman claudia tenney house
6:32 pm
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now congresswoman claudia tenney. congresswoman, always great to have you on the show. okay, congresswoman, you and senator marsha blackburn tweeted out criticism of president biden over his son hunter's lucrative ties to china based on information in peter schweizer's new book, "red-handed quote. a lot of information coming from hunter biden's laptop, the biden team, president, hunter never denied the veracity of these e-mails. they dismiss it as russian disinformation. what is getting you most upset about this story? >> well this thing obviously last year before the election this was covered up by social media. miranda devine had an article in
6:37 pm
the "new york post." they were cut off of by big tech. what bothers me the most, this is all out there in plain sight. this isn't, i didn't have to do extensive research. obviously the "laptop from hell," a lot of excerpts are revealed in miranda's work. peter schweizer's research is what any of us can do. he is cashing in on his position of his father as vice president, with informing companies and these shell corporations named after interestingly, finger lakes, parts of the lakes famous from my region of the country in upstate new york, alaska, skinny atlas, onieda, seneca holdings, these companies basically shell corporations formed with crooked people in china basically taking advantage of the united states, not to mention companys who have stolen military intellectual
6:38 pm
property from our country, from other businesses in our country. it is all out there. nobody wants to cover it other than the bombshells coming out with miranda devine and peter schweizer. elizabeth: other media basically said they used forensic scientists to authenticate the emails as real, the texts are real. president biden or hunter never denied the authenticity of the emails. miranda devine that they made $31 million with companies connected to chinese foreign intelligence an military intelligence during and after joe biden's time as vice president. talking to the former head of ministry of sate security, the head of foreign intelligence recruitment. we also have hunter moving to at one point share office space in washington, d.c. with his businesses, the biden foundation, and chinese
6:39 pm
communist party official who was running a major company that is connected, we think the people's liberation army. what do you say about that? >> it is incredible, imagine if this were one of the trump children or a republican family that was involved and really parlaying their influence in such a way, so blatantly? by the way some of the stuff that miranda devine has is coming from the emails but many of these transactions you can look at through banking evidence. it is out there, if you foia it, get the information. it is not like it is secret. that is the interesting thing, where is the interest and the curiosity of the media to go into this? guess what? they're not going to care until joe biden is of no use to them anymore. they have to figure out a way to get him out. kind of like what they did today to justice breyer. all of sudden he found out he was retiring on the date certain. guess what? he wasn't aware of that. now the democrats are scrambling because when somebody is not useful anymore, maybe hunter
6:40 pm
biden will reach that point, that is when they finally have an interest. this is really cynical and really corrupt and really concerning. elizabeth: we hear you. >> i'm so glad my colleague, burn burn -- marsha blackburn is researching this. elizabeth: you tracked what was going on with hunter biden and dealings overseas in various countries, use of shell companies too and use of wire transfers flying through the shell companies. "breitbart" is reporting donations from communist china to university of pennsylvania almost tripled to nearly 40 million-dollars after the university launched biden center in 2017. so the issue is, is that the biden family has been doing business dealings with china and russia, kazakhstan and the fear is that hunter's devices were hacked while he was doing these business deals, right?
6:41 pm
so that china and our adversaries have potentially inside information what is going on inside of the u.s. government. is that a danger? >> absolutely. we have the most powerful person in the world, the leader of the free world, president biden, completely compromised on the issue of china with a son who is out there that they can't control. i mean, look it, some of the comments. these are again as you said, senator grassley, senator johnson put out report. they got suspicious activity reports through banking institutions and other select committees able to get the documented information. we should be very concerned that the greatest adversary facing the united states, getting information from the most powerful person in the world and his family while they cash in at our expense. here is just one sentence i would like to leave you with. there was a really, you know, just a shady figure named che fang. hunter biden referred to him as the super chairman. he said i don't believe in the lottery anymore but i believe in
6:42 pm
the super chairman. these people were handing over gobs of cash, completely compromised, living a life-style. now we don't know where he is now. the fact he is an artist, cashing in on that. i wish i could cash in on my artist paintings at the rate he is. elizabeth: don't ask me about my artwork. congresswoman, claudia tenney. maybe you will have a show. we'll come visit. congresswoman claudia tenney. good to see you. thanks for joining us on the show. we have fights breaking out nationwide over school matchings for school children. this could spell trouble for democrats and the white house as they continue to push for mandates. new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis will join us next. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> wearing masks, we are told to use different bathrooms and we are told when we cannot and can go to the bath room.
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♪. elizabeth: okay, democrats and the white house, there is a new voting block that could vote them out. talking about pandemic school moms. they are now the new soccer moms. let's welcome to the show congresswoman nicole malliotakis with the house select subcommittee on the coronavirus. we should call them school board fathers too. you know, congresswoman, fights over masks in schools, we're seeing it in new york, iowa, oregon, lawsuits in half a dozen states. where do you come down on this? >> well i among those who support the parents who believe that both mask mandates and vaccine mandates are inappropriate and that should be the choice of the parents and the students in consultation with their doctors. it is not just a mask mandates too. when you look even the inability to participate in school sports.
6:48 pm
when you look at counties that are trying to continue to push for remote learning it is having a huge impact on the emotional, the social, the mental development of our young people in addition to their educational development, they are missing out a lot in these last three years. it is very unfortunate. i stand on the side of the parents who are fighting back and as you know, here in new york we did win a stay in the lawsuit but then the attorney general appealed and so we'll see on friday what happens with that but i'm hoping that they will side on the side of freedom and on the side of the parents. elizabeth: we're going to monitor that. congresswoman, by the way we'll show these images, come courtesy of father brandon in virginia. parents stepping up get involved what they say are abusive politicized agendas in schools. cnn's jim acosta claims virginia has become a soviet style police state because the governor there, new governor youngkin is
6:49 pm
saying that it should be optional for parents to decide whether to have masks on their schoolchildren but other parents are, they're divided. parents are saying, some parents are saying, i can't we want our children to be masked. others saying do not do that. so what do you think of that fight? >> well you know the science suggestions that you can protect yourself by wearing a mask and if people choose to wear that mask to protect themselves then i think that is their choice to do so but there shouldn't be a mandate to say that children cannot enter a school if they don't want to wear a mask. i think that is, a lot of social development issues. a lot of children have not seen their teacher's faces, their classmates faces. there are social issues there, developmental issues there. i think that needs to be looked at as well. the science has not been inconclusive here. that is part of the issue but at the end of the day i we need to try to return a sense of
6:50 pm
normalcy to these students experiences. that is why you know, we're opposed to the mandates but also to the in-person learning. even in new york, think about this, the county actually said that school sports, school sports should be done virtually. i don't know how that is possible. so they're taking a way a lot of the experience that our young people need to really grow effectively. elizabeth: congresswoman nicole malliotakis, it is a pleasure having you on. come back again soon. okay, this story, after stonewalling the biden white house finally releasing the new numbers on the border crisis and apprehensions. we've got them. again, record highs next on "the evening edit." former acting i.c.e. director ron vitiello. he will join us whether president biden could face impeachment over this as gop senators now warn. >> i talked to dallas police officers and other police
6:51 pm
officers who see the buses coming in the middle of the night. they usually come in the middle of the night. they release people. ♪ ♪ you can't buy love. or peace. you can't buy security. you can't buy happiness. you can't buy confidence. but you can invest in it. we believe that your investments should work harder
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joining us now, former acting eyes director, ron, it's great
6:55 pm
to have you back on. the white house has been stonewalling the release of the border crossers and apprehensions at the border. numbers coming in under the guidance first year, generational high from its growing out of control. numbers are 100,000 mark in prior records in december. nancy pelosi wants to spend money in ukraine biden's nsa deputy are saying we need to help protect the border in ukraine. can you square this? >> no, it's not explainable. as a lot of distance here, we've had the worst surgeon the border that's existed in the history of that border on 78 apprehensions encounters in december from a higher than it's ever been and there's no end in sight, they double down on the nonsense encouraging all third world and the other countries in the world to come to the border now because tools in the last surge taken off the table, the
6:56 pm
rhetoric around what happened on the interior and the policy decisions they've made about interior horsemen, they are out the window. they know if they get here now, they been removed in the country and the more people released away from the border environment, that means they will encourage more people to come think about, 178,000 encounters in december but that's more than half, about half of the border patrol distracted by care and comfort in the processing procedure and not patrolling the border. how many people are getting away? that number is fixed from the chaos going on in the country, the only people on the planet benefiting a criminal cartel and smugly because they are making money hand over fist because of the southern border. liz: we hear you, i was like a fortune 500 company. when you count the getaways
6:57 pm
600,000 with 2 million pushing on the sides of kansas, bill melugin again bringing in video, hundreds of illegals single adult males, buses in the airport and texas in cities like atlanta, miami and houston is now republicans senators saying ice is letting basically these individuals use their ice arrest warrants ids, 45000 illegal border crossers last year came in on airplanes or transported on airplanes. you can use that to get on an airplane, arrest warrants and they are upset about voter id? >> another consistency, none of us legal citizens in the u.s. are crinkled holders, none of us can get on an airplane without showing id but we are doing mass release of the border in the video shown, it shows you incentives are all backwards.
6:58 pm
a busload of mostly adult males being put on detention and sent all over the country. the alternatives to this detention sounds like a good thing instead of putting somebody in a cell, you give them an ankle monitor and live their lives in the united states. think many of the people will end up being removed? the removal number are very small. the guaranty -- like 5% over the long term. these people are in the country for decades before they get adjudicated with a ankle monitor they get families and jobs, their life takes over inside the u.s. and direct route to removal our people in detention, 95% removal rate if you're in detention. liz: yeah but 600,000 people homeless in the u.s., one out of
6:59 pm
ten reportedly are u.s. military veterans, soldiers or homeless, we have major problems with border communities hit by crime. you think the president could be impeached over all of us? >> that's not a short-term fix, i do believe there is dereliction . liz: not saying its effects. for not upholding and following through with the laws congress writes. >> that's clearly what's happening, immigration nationality doesn't say if you're in the country illegally ice will not pursue you. if you're here without inspection and you are subject to deportation and removal. the of administration is doing is saying if you're in the country illegally and not convicted felon or threat to public safety because of terrorism and you haven't just crossed the border, they're not even allowed to look for you or stop you and ask questions. that's excluding people in the country illegally.
7:00 pm
liz: all right, former acting ice director, ron, thanks for coming on the show and bringing our insights, always a pleasure to have you on. you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, that does it for us we hope you have a good evening join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: what did doctor fauci know and when did he know it? that they tried to cover it up? bombshell document suggesting he intentionally downplayed the wuhan mably theory. if that's the case, for the american people pay the price for his arrogant? it administration and experts have been publicly pushing the theory that covid evolves in nature, another exotic animal and


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