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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 21, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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animal fell through a snow-covered window into the house and was unable to get out. officers helped carry the most upstairs, where it was taken outside and released back into quality moose habitat. i just think it wanted to watch tv print let the most watch some tv. that doesn't for us on tv, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> tonight the u.s. whether to evacuate out of ukraine is rushes on the march for the present virginia tech questions on russia today after a parent to greenlight a minor incursion buried this debate in washington america does not want another bot should military action life at afghanistan. the worst in modern u.s. history since vietnam. could biden botch it again? this is the president and nancy pelosi today ramping up
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the topspin trying to not just re- brand the agenda but his first collaborative first year. they mediate and a growing number of posts are growing america's not believing that rhetoric anymore. joining us tonight congressman dan bishop, nancy mace and jeff fulmer nessa security advisor, doctor marty mccleary with john hopkins he's a professor of public health there. also a former prosecutor jim tressie and lieutenant christopher with the texas department of public safety. tonight pelosi and the president again doing things like climbing a record economy when the u.s. still has not regained all of the 22 million jobs destroyed by pandemic shut down. then at reuters are reporting covered cases dropping and a growing number of states for the cdc director indicating fully vaccinated could mean boosters too. the w.h.o. says wait a second, not so fast. for children and adolescents
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hunter biden investment firm as late as last year a biden insider introduce hunter there gop senators slammed the secret service for still censoring details about hunter biden's trip on air force to when his father was vice president. this debate, why did biden allow hunter strip on air force june the first place? it violates ethics laws. in this hunter have a hillary clinton primer his device in e-mails by fake russia china as was geared with clinton secretary state. clinton's former labor secretary under fire for telling democrats a fellow democrat kyrsten sinema is ordered against getting rid of the filibuster for the vote reform the center has been severely harassed brightener now have a robert tweet and new, the latest from him and
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more on the border kale start we brought you earlier in the week. the safety problem of the tsa letting illegal immigrants whose arrest warrants and deportation warrants as a form of id to force airplanes in u.s. airports but thanks for joining us i am elizabeth mick donald "the evening edit" starts right now welcome to the show you're watching foxbusiness network. the u.s. whether to evacuate family members of diplomats stationed in ukraine russia is it amassing more than 100,000 troops a lot of military hardware at the border with ukraine for joining us now postman dan bishop from house homeland security former deputy security advisor kay t mcfarlane. where's this headed? were letting in nato members to ukraine. where's this headed?
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>> is pretty frightening, liz, joe biden shows once again he has perfect pitch of her foreign policy. he is perfectly wrong in every made. as robert mcfarlane said for 45 years and as a consequence he creates a grave danger. if we thought afghanistan was the worst catastrophe we only had to wait a few months until he effectively invites putin to invade. it is almost unbelievable that any person could stand at the podium in the white house and deliver such a line. you know, we are in bad shape. the contrast between now and 2016 -- 2020 shows we can have a president who does not start wars and also deters them at the same time that is what we need today. elizabeth: congress it's
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robert gates that said that a biden right? >> exactly certainly liz that is right. >> kt, you have been on with us. we have covered how severely the afghan exit was botched. the president said al qaeda is not there. said it's not going to be saigon. the white house said we did not know is going to collapse as quickly as it did. we have new information that yes they did know ahead of time. could it be botched? >> is this? absolutely it's already been botched. when president biden said a minor incursion is just fine and then try to clean it up by saying wellin invasion would not be right but an invasion tanks moved across borders. putin has perfected something called hybrid warfare. that is just below the threshold of an actual invasion. it's things like cyber attacks, hacking into government computers and hacking into pipelines.
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putin has already started doing that and it gets into the same place. what is he want out of this? you want to destabilize ukraine and he wants ukraine to stop joining nato. he thanks already achieve those things the german said they're not going to help the americans and said they're not going to help. i think putin within the next couple of weeks is going to make some kind of move against ukraine. probably not an out and out invasion that may snag off providences or have eight land court or to crimea. he's going to do exactly what he did when he grabbed crimea quickly and the biden administration the obama biden administration did nothing about it. >> given what kt is saying this could happen pretty rapidly, congressman fred this also this the rhetoric coming out of the white house press secretary jen psaki said how many americans are in ukraine she said how many there's input so we don't put a chip
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in americans when they travel, your reaction to that? >> i heard today from some constituents there are americans present in ukraine but i'm worried who's in harm's way. kt points out the last time we were in this situation was the last obama biden administration and here we are again. it is not at all a good situation. it is quite ironic that we spent a year end all sorts of fascination impeaching president trump over telephone call craig now the real grave danger to ukraine has been created by this president, this administration in its latest catastrophe. >> week here you congressman and kt, to the congressman's point the secretary of state blinken has been in damage control since president biden appeared to greenlight a minor incursion by rush of the white house press secretary said president biden has not spoken to the present of ukraine we do not have an ambassador
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there either. kt, let's sit back and watch what biden said this week, his attacks on reporters the minor incursion, refusing today to take questions on russia, watch this. >> and so i think what you're going to see is that restaurant will be held accountable if it invades. it depends on what it does. it's one thing if it's a minor incursion and we end up having to fight about what to do and not do et cetera. reporter: [inaudible] >> god bless you all and may god take care of our troops or by they were not going having to answer questions now is these guys have got it quickly on a plane and go out and do a major announcement in ohio. you guys will ask me all about russia and nothing having to do with chips. >> okay that's reporters job to do oversight. here's the question, kt, is this a u.s. or europe conflicts? the us is not ready for botched war like afghanistan
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or iraq. >> totally printed to disconnect the two of the europeans went with the russians want. i was in the oval office when president trump had his first phone call the german chancellor. she said and immediately what are you going to do about ukraine? president trump said what are you going to do ukraine ukraine is on your border. the germans are not prepared to do anything they do not want to jeopardize their energy, which they get from russia. they do not want to have higher prices. they are already in the middle there in the middle of the huge energy crisis right now heating oil has doubled in price. if president biden was really serious about this conflicts, he would not go to war over. what he would do is go to peace over it. bring out american energy one more time the energy independent will be a major energy exporter as it were a year ago that we would work with the europeans to export our natural gas to europe so they would not have to be dependent on russian energy. >> that is a great point that
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is a great point. you are right this is in the oil and gas market showing the u.s. cannot be dependent on foreign oil to kt's appoint congressman. biden sanctions russia they could shut off europe's fuel supply. let's listen to former trump on this, watch this. >> you know, it's very interesting because the president of ukraine last night, he was seen in some very unusual pictures. he could not believe what he heard. he could not believe what he heard. and i could not believe it. whether you are for strong stoppage or not, you're really telling them you might as well go in. you also cannot just talk in terms of sanctions. sanctions do not mean too much to russia. if you want to stop somebody you're not going to be talking just about sanctions. >> we understand trump the family businesses facing
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multiple probes in the capitol right issue as well for the former president. but to the former president's point, congressman is basically saying russia does not care about sanctions it does not mean much to hit them. kt, i think you'd agree that what you say congressman? >> i think that makes all the sense the world. what trump always brought to bear his creativity to foreign affairs. and he was not clumsy. finance wedded to old thinking and blunders conflict or she is right going back to the old sanctions well will not double-click congressman dan bishop, kt mcfarland it's a great interviewed to have you both great to have you on come back again soon. cap next doctor marty makary. growing number of states now at number 15 the cdc director indicating fully vaccinated booster shots two. w.h.o. scientist said wait a minute not for children pretty
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it's wireless so good, it keeps one-upping itself. take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. elizabeth: got good news, covid cases dropping in 15 states where it could be a bigger number the dead has a lag time.
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still about eight or 50000 americans dead. but hospitalizations looked to be stabilizing. look who is back with us. fox medical contributor professor public health at john hopkins university, we really value his insights he is doctor marty makary. it's great to have you back on sir. there is that in fully vaccinated mean the booster shot too. you think of that they're having a bad messaging. i think is just bad policy. there's a push to vaccinate and boost young people specifically the booster shot. silicate technical experts which were bypassed and pushing that decision but cdc has concern that european cdc has concerns about the w.h.o. has come out downright against it. i think a lot of people who have concerns about boosting young people and the heavy push. elizabeth: we hear you come also the doctor the cdc says
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the delta variant delivers a more natural immunity than vaccinations. we've got the w.h.o. chief scientist saying there's no evidence healthy children or teenagers need boosters, let's listen to this watch for. >> there is no evidence right now that healthy children are healthy adolescents need boosters. elizabeth: what you think of that doctor? >> if you look at the study out of november 8 look at boosted in a boosted young people under age 33 the rate of dying was zero. the risk of dying population study was zero without a booster that's without the primary vaccine series predicted not lower the number zero either even further with a booster for that some people say hey, wait a minute you're not providing any benefit there's a risk of myocarditis and one in 2000 young men. we got to take that seriously. the biden administration really wanted to push boosters for everybody. and so they did that. elizabeth: at such an
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underreported story the heart inflammation the effects of myocarditis of this vaccination and the booster shot. white house press secretary jen psaki is saying the pandemic emergency is not going to be over until the science of the president says it's over. it's after the governor of colorado, he is a democrat he said it's over because we got vaccinations and the pandemic is changing. what you think of jen psaki's comment there? >> i think jen psaki in the entire biden healthcare team is not recognizing the viruses circulating in america today is a different virus than the traditional covid-19 deadly notice and fatality rates. it calls for different measures. were doing with oma cron which the cdc says is 99% of new cases. a large study of 52000 people with omicron out of california found that a single person end
6:19 pm
up requiring a ventilator. there may have been one death although it's not directly linked to the omicron variant. that is a death due to omicron we are talking about a fatality rate of one and 52000 presumably in someone with a lot of risk factors compare about variance read one and 400 americans.yet were taking all these policies designed for prior variance and applying them to a different virus. >> interesting that's quite a difference. that's an interesting statistic there. without federal judge in texas for government workers is unconstitutional. twenty-seven states sending letter to osha saying you have to start a vaccine mandate now for large-company supreme court shot it down. the supreme court said they're going to adjudicate it. dr. fauci said 15 days to flatten the curve in 2020. we flatten the economy we
6:20 pm
destroyed more than 22 million jobs. only four states and think of idaho, utah, texas and arizona recover those jobs. and you know what dr.? we have the same case rates in the non- lockdown that did not shut down versus those that did shut down arizona 22000 cases per 100,000. new york, 22000 cases per 100,000. all of the hysteria on twitter, on social media, on the networks about the states that stayed open or flat out wrong. one of the reasons of public health is lost so much is being wrong time and time again is a recognition people don't just die from viral rep they die from poverty and hopelessness. and everything they built their whole careers. that is sort of ignorance about the case fatality. that something that is lost credibility with got to reinstate the many people who lost their jobs because the
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elizabeth: welcome back up the present address the u.s. conference of mayors today encouraging them to spend their government stimulus
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money. revenue wall street journal shows he's losing in a major democratic base. hillary vaughn has more, he'll repair. >> of mayors the country have a front row seat every day. president biden talked to the u.s. conference of mayors in d.c. about what weighs on people's minds. >> i can be safe walking in the park? these are the bigger questions, can i afford to give my family and good life? all of these questions are not partisan but practical bird. >> we talked to several republican mayors today who think it is because a person biden's policies that republicans have a shot at winning over more hispanic voters in the midterm. what you think is drawing that demographic to support republican candidates when they have not always in the past? >> i think it's because of a very simple message. keep taxes as low as humanly
6:26 pm
possible. taking the economy we have is economy for children and grandchildren. that is something that's a message that resonates with hispanics for. >> wall street journal poll down hispanic voters have a negative outlook on the economy. 63% say they think it's headed in the wrong direction. and the campaign committee for the democratic party plan to send $30 million in the midterms to try to win back a lot of latino voters. that is not going to do a lot if voters are not buying in to the biden agenda, liz. >> great hillary great stuff good to see you joining us now from the house transportation and infrastructure nancy mace. sounds like finally they're saying crime is a problem. they did not mention at the democratic convention not in his inaugural address is that a problem? >> finally we are seeing a rampant crime everywhere across the nation every city
6:27 pm
across the country coming out of there about the violent crimes. crime is up literally everywhere in the country as a byproduct of the economic challenges we are having is a byproduct of homelessness and unemployment issues we have throughout the pandemic. i would like to ask lee president what is the solution how are you going to work together to solve the problems everything is worse, today versus what it was a year ago. >> let's talk california governor newsom looting cargo trains we brought the story to the viewers. he is saying it's making california look like a third world country. this is the supply chain. californian zero cash fail is blamed. transportation secretary buttigieg he was in l.a. last week saying the white house saved a christmas birdhouse republican saying attorney general american garland you've got to look into this. zero cash bail is making
6:28 pm
california look awful. newsom is apologizing for saying the word gangs he's now calling them organizing groups of folks looting the trains, really? [laughter] it's crazy. in california a lot of trouble in their trunks open now they don't want to have their vehicles you know it messed up c corni cnd anden the t tging statla there t aledooel uteel u to u too a a aice amo at iie it's like $ for a i i a no going g t be b chargedharged nt y y the a a centivheiz theiz tking tking ince tg testr destr d the y chaply c i d d n dot dot knknhyknk tookearsrsrs t pordo pordovice wervih aith caopso out the spin songas c ut cut9. regurela o t the ty acan their
6:29 pm
80000 truckers short. let's talk about nancy pelosi she is from california she silent all this. she's a cheerleading biden's year of the most important ever. the majority of voles do not agree with that you're listening on the wrong track listen to this. >> today, today we embark on a proud anniversary bread one year ago today joe biden kamala harris were sworn in as president and vice president of the united states. [applause] since that historic day we have seen one of the most impactful first years of a presidency in modern times. in modern times. getting shocked on the arms of millions of people, putting money in pockets, delivering the best year of job creation on record. >> so here's the thing, gallup is saying more voters turned republicans think it's the most since 95 away from
6:30 pm
biden's party. look at the crises that are going on pelosi did not mention the pole drop is historic for the president. pelosi spent more time attacking moderates in their party than negotiating. what you think of this? twenty-eight house democrats now leaving. >> 28? >> when she said most impactful he could have said it was most negatively they are for the american people. it's not bipartisan issue going to buy groceries, going to buy gas are nonpartisan issues. but nancy pelosi and joe biden have their heads buried in the sanford they will not acknowledge it's truly going on. they talk about grocery store shelves were full part one third of the items i was looking for my kids and might eat were unavailable. receipt every day and americans are not stupid which is why what they are doing right now is only going to help this massive red wave that's going to happen in november of this year. elizabeth: remember political reporting president obama this
6:31 pm
is a 2020 report, june who does not have it? joe biden purdue not underestimate joe biden's ability to mess things up at the direct quote attributed obama. nancy mace thank you for being with us were coming out of the bottom of the hour. coming up next hundred biden's firm and the pleasant gop centers plan that circuit service fencing information when his father was vice president. why did biden allow these trips at the guns of federal laws? did biden have a hillary primer has e-mails were attacked oversea by say china or russia? stay right there. >> how much impact as this having on our foreign policy regarding china but we know we have similar deals with the biden family engaged in china?
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elizabeth: toning is no former federal prosecutor jim trusty. it's great to have you back on. this web of insiders from the biden family. excuse me, biden adviser is the first lady said it's like a son to them. foxbusiness reporting that he introduced hundred biden and hunter biden's firm rosemont seneca then held, bought and held a 5% in last year end a chinese company called harvest amusement park in sports entertainment. francis introduced hunter to them. this country is cut deep ties to top communists in china. when you make of this story? >> look, i am old enough to remember when we all sat around saying how terrible it is that billy carter is harming the credibility and stature of the president by drinking cheap beer. that was a scandal in the 1970s you had a redneck
6:37 pm
brother. here we got a son of the president who is to this day apparently completely entangled with the chinese communist party with business ventures that are high dollar ones with friends overlapping between the friendship orbit of the biden family and the chinese communist party. you could not pick a worse country to be in bed with right now than china. they are looking at an age of aggression being fostered by these types of relationships. >> they could subpoena hunter biden to testify in congress if republicans take back congress this year. here is the issue, why did biden allow his son hunter biden to fly on air force to to do business overseas? it's a violation of a federal ethics code i think it section 2365. so the judicial watch said he made 411 trips at least that
6:38 pm
from to do 29 countries to do business deals. you are not allowed to use your public government office to basically enrich your self or a relative. >> oh well, there's an awful lot of turning a blind eye to certain people. looks like from that store the biden family is doing really well by federal law enforcement when it comes the secret service. look at there is a level here the ethical violations by the executive branch that's what they are designed to address the conduct of people like joe biden. then there's also the possibility of this being criminal. whether it's the foreign corrupt practices act honest services fraud, this is the type of stuff the use of air force two is the type of stuff you see in a federal indictment as a starting point for alleging corruption for public officials. elizabeth: wait a second period the democrats wanted to impeach trump because people are saying it trump hotels.
6:39 pm
so there is that. where is a trump and his children do what hunter biden did flight 411 trips at least on air force to to do business deals in kazakhstan, russia, china, who knows how many other countries. and also does hunter have a hillary problem? were his devices and e-mails hacked over seized by china or russia? justice officials are concerned with secretary hillary clinton 2009 was e-mailing from her private nongovernment using a personal blackberry apple ipad. here's the thing, in these countries foreign telecoms have spies inside them who hack. was hunter hacked? >> it is almost a no-brainer. i guess the question ultimately is about our justice system. what's the consequences for hillary for being hacked? for destroying devices by taking a hammer or did bleach
6:40 pm
is a lack of accountability. i think when you get down to it i do not want a department of justice that is announcing to the public or to satiate my concerns hey, don't worry were looking at it more analyzing our laptop there's a potential criminal case coming. they should not be announcing that type of stuff. we lose this system and to look at the current. [inaudible] suppress evidence and value politics over justice. i worked in justice for 17 years for this lotta great people and they still are. i just hope people are not going to put politics over principal and hunter biden's expense. >> looks like or swallowing camels, jim trusty thanks for being on will have you back soon. congressman jeff van drew clinton's former labor secretary under fire telling
6:41 pm
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elizabeth: let's welcome to the show congressman jeff van drew from house a transportation infrastructure. it's great to have a great back on congress and put less of this first. talking to the transportation secretary pete buttigieg. she is saying a biden's infrastructure bill is a quote white guy employment act, watch this. >> q think it was a mistake, looking back?
6:46 pm
the infrastructure bill that was passed, was cleaved apart from what's now called bill back better. and in a sense, it's a bill that's like a white guy employment act, right? is going be a lot of working class of men that are going to get employed by that bill. at the very cohort it's much more likely to work reward republicans for that. elizabeth: he did not push back on that. he is saying americans of colors take transportation, we get that. but minorities and labor units democrat labor unions the afl-cio so we want this infrastructure bill, what is she talking about? >> nonsense is what she's talking about. why is it always, always, always have to be about gender and race? this was about infrastructure. you know what? if you are in a vehicle you are on a bridge and the bridge collapses it does not matter what race, color, creed you are. if your road is flooding it
6:47 pm
does not matter. it does not matter if there's a lead in the water and there is in many states and we are going to clean that lead out. it does not matter it hurts. frankly, people of color in the inner city more than others. that was a completely nonsensical frankly quite stupid remark to make it. we need to compete with china and infrastructure, we need to do better than we have been doing. and always, every time it really gets old. quite frankly get sickening and always comes down to race. it always comes down to gender. life is not only about that. there only point is to always try to prove what a bad and racist country we are and guess what, we are not. c5 its constant gas lighting that america is racist and we are not. the way to fix it is unplugged msnbc. okay so former clinton labor
6:48 pm
secretary robert reich to leave a tweet. said democrats should give democrat senator kyrsten sinema the back of their hand. you look that up in the dictionary or any synonym it means to slap somebody. he has since deleted the tweet, what is your reaction to this? >> my reaction is he should be careful on two levels. one, who's doing what so often importuning many of the democrats do, particularly the progressives do. they will look at you and basically say do is i say, not what i do. for him it's okay to say that. for him it's okay to do that. but the second area if i were he i would be careful because quite frankly you put him and kiersten in a ring for a few rounds on a slap fight i think she's going to take him down. linda shut up and really think about what he's doing. elizabeth: we do not want to endorse any violence.
6:49 pm
but he has not apologized for this imagery. he's blaming the media for distorting what he said. and for misinterpreting his remarks. why didn't he say rebuke bird by nisei joe manchin he cited a woman here. >> it so wrong and he is basically saying i like to say all these talking points but in reality for me i can say whatever i want. i am speaking about how republican should behave, nobody should do that. so easily he could have said there really needs to be more thorough conversation with kyrsten sinema to discuss what she believes and why she's doing that. she lives up to what she believes. she did what she thought was right. that's all you can expect from eight senator and up a congressman. think a lot of people were proud of it because they're
6:50 pm
huge pressure on her to do the wrong thing. they are desperate now. they thought bbb was going to go through that we're going to change the very face and structure of america they were unable to do that because they didn't cleave apart these two bills thank god. it's important because one was infrastructure bbb literally is everything that is wrong. it's more in taxes, smart fees, it's more red tape, it's hurting her energy profile. >> now they're going to try to rebrand as covid relief potentially and more spending. okay that's throwing congressman jeff it's great to have you on come back soon. coming up next lieutenant christopher olivarez. the border chaos story we brought you earlier this week is now floating for the tsa does let illegal immigrants use arrest warrants to board
6:51 pm
airplanes. keep it here in "the evening edit". >> i think the mainstream media on christie by demonstration do not want to talk about the board because he knows it is an utter failure. ♪ ♪ you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. what are you recommending for muscle pain? vanguard. based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine tums vs. mozzarella stick when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites
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clicked back with us now from the texas department of public safety lieutenant christopher. your reaction to the store we brought to viewers earlier this week. the tsa is confirming it. it does let illegal immigrants fly on u.s. airplanes using arrest warrant or deportation warrant as id at airport security checkpoints. your reaction to the story? >> right to be with you, liz. thanks for having me on. this is not surprising to see this take place especially going into 2022. without these motors plowed in 2020 want the cancellation of the remaining mexico policy. the cancellation border wall contracts now we are seeing this. it is very disappointing we have a government that's allowing this to take place we put mandates on americans who are in this country legally. for those who are illegally entering the country it's very disappointing to see this taking place and that it's going to continue to take place throughout this year.
6:56 pm
elizabeth: lieutenant, by the way thank you for your service to our country. one of the safety problems with this? the border patrol at individuals like you and the national guard are under duress. there's a lot of stress and strain. could gang member slip to the cracks, get on an airplane and fly to whatever states the white house is using, using arrest warrant? >> of course we saw that throughout 2021 with over 500,000 reporter got a ways. keep in mind those are only reported got a ways. we've got to cap those that go undetected those who do not hit up any sensors or cameras. we have apprehended potential terrorists that have come across that border patrol's been able to apprehend. we have encountered those individuals that are mixed in with these groups of illegal immigrants coming across.
6:57 pm
that is going to happen. elizabeth: so they could get on a plane using their arrest warrant as their id you're saying they can get on a plane and end up in any city or state, so you're saying? >> that is correct. the thing is you are allowing an arrest warrant in the form of an id. that there alone should not be taking place. an arrest warrant means that individual should be placed under arrest not allowed to board a plane. but again that's an opportunity these criminal organizations going to take full advantage of. the good have groups of gangs coming across to make it further into the country that is a national security threats. again that's what we're going to see play out this year. it's off to a bad start. elizabeth: you know, lieutenant just on a personal -- we are just a generation away from 911, right? i come from a fireman family on a personal note, i never talk about it.
6:58 pm
my sister lost her brother-in-law a fireman from 911 her husband had to dig him out. they found the body, right? so that was a good thing. we are just a generation from that. they came at on basis that texas terrorists came in on a visa. now got the former active border control commissioner, mark morgan, it's in the number of illegal immigrants is understated. it is not 2 million, hazing is more like 3 million doesn't count the got oasis on track to be 7000 got a ways, what you say to that? >> those are reported got a raise. keep in mind for the american people for the borough to understand this potential illegals coming across do not hit off any sensors or cameras. again were not going to who they are where they end up. the reported got a ways that puts it in perspective who is coming to our country when you
6:59 pm
have potential gang members and cartel members we don't know where they end up where they are at. it's vital we have operation loan start which was launched by governor abbott because of this taking place along the border for the federal government is not taken any action they failed to safeguard americans and the entire country that's with the state of texas had to step in to do its part to try to protect the border. our men and women around the river are the first sign of defense for those coming across and into the country per. >> we just feel for you guys. for what you guys are facing the border patrol everyone down there, trying to do the right thing. the ranchers, the neighborhoods, the communities are hit with a crime for the property values going down. your final word on this server? how does this turnaround? final word. >> unfortunate the way things have started out this year in 2022 we know for a fact the
7:00 pm
federal government's not going to take any action for they have essentially turned their back on this crisis right now but that is why we are having to step in and fulfill the needs of this operation. elizabeth: lieutenant christopher olivarez thank you come eczema have you on again. i am elizabeth macdonald to be washed in "the evening edit". that's it for us have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ >> from the fox studio in new york city this is maria bartiromo wall street journal per. >> welcome to the program analyzes the week it was in a position for the week ahead. i am maria bartiromo for president biden playing the blame game with driving inflation as his new poll numbers show his approval rating on the economy at an all-time low. economist is here and where things go from here. new satellite images showing


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