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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 18, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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you might want to duck. best advice i can give you. that does it on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight the white house looking to reset the president says he will talk more to americans after another expected loss this time, expected to fail to get rid of the senate filibuster so it could pass the democrats vote bill but more members of the president's own party say no to that, after then senator biden, also senator schumer, and senator obama said no to getting rid of the filibuster. critics also pointing out how is voter i.d. racist when you need i.d. for dozens of mundane,
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everyday things? which voter exactly was blocked from voting? gallup finding more americans going republican. the big question, how did the president turn 81 million votes into a 33% approval rating in just one year? joining us tonight congressman darrell issa, ashley hinson, carlos gimenez and mark green. former deputy national security advisor kt mcfarland, "the hill" media come plumist, joe concha and arizona attorney general mark brnovich. we have breaking news. the white house is brazing for an onslaught gop prones even people peach as impeachment as democrats are set to lose congress. a report says whitehouse was informed well ahead of time about the collapse of afghan air force, climbing that they didn't
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know afghanistan wouldn't collapse so rapidly. how did an individual on mi 5 watch list in britain end up in a synagogue in texas holding jewish americans hostage? how did they not call out the anti-semitism in this case? union pacific a powerful railroad, blasting the los angeles d.a. this is more breaking news. union pacific warning it will leave california if the prosecutor, the d.a. doesn't get tougher on an explosion of cargo train thefts. polls show more americans are growing outraged over prosecutors and politicians normalizing felonies. ucl ad grat student breanna kupfer's father speaking out after she was stabbed in a senseless attack in l.a. gop 2024 race going glad torely. "new york times" reporting that florida ron desantis is firing back at former president trump over his criticisms and governor
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desantis is also trolling democrats who vacation in florida after criticizing florida's covid policies. republicans at the border calling out the president for not visiting the crisis they say he created. border patrol is literally at war with cartels. plus a new development that can make this problem worse. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: we begin with high-stakes drama in washington. senate democrats now pushing to get rid of the filibuster to do vote reform. they're expected to fail. we also have a government shutdown again looming. hillary vaughn has more. reporter: liz, senate majority leader chuck schumer delayed a planned senate recess this week but not to deal with the budget and avert a government shut down a month from today. instead to force a vote on voting rights legislation that is likely to fail.
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>> rather than work on any of that senate democrats want to mar their own legacies with reckless, reckless procedural vote they know will fail. reporter: schumer faces opposition not just from republicans but by members of his own party. senators sinema and manchin who as of last week said they will not bench the senate filibuster rule for voting rights. that is provoking more infighting among democrats. >> if you're the only two out of all the democratic caucus you're more conservative than anybody else there at this point. reporter: liz, there is a slow moving push to do something in a bipartisan way on election reform but it doesn't seem like democrats right now have the appetite or the patience for that. liz? elizabeth: great reporting. hillary vaughn, it is great to see you. we'll have you on again soon. good journalism. joining us congressman darrell issa from house judiciary along with
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congresswoman ashley hinson from house budget. first to you, congressman issa, breaking news. a new bombshell report from the inspector general from afghanistan shows the white house was warned way ahead of time, months ahead of time that the afghan air force would collapse but then the white house claims they didn't know afghanistan would rapidly collapse. what do you make of this story? >> well if the trump administration was warned, how would you think anything different as the months went on in afghanistan that this administration wasn't warned? so it is not only no surprise to us but it is the kind of thing once we take a majority in the house again we'll allow us to continue to uncover and dispel these false allegations that compliant media and the democratic party, i'm repeating myself have a tendency to put out there. you know the press, the mainstream press was very compliant in saying of course they wouldn't have known when in fact of course they did know.
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elizabeth: we hear you, congressman. this was an historic failure t was the worst military failure in generations since vietnam. congresswoman hinson, 28 house democrats now leaving. reuters is following our reporting last week that the white house and its allies are bracing for more gop probes, investigations as republicans are set to take back control of congress. also possible impeachment. what could the impeachment be on? has to be crimes and misdemeanors. what do you think, congresswoman? >> liz, at this point it is about accountability for the american people. americans are worse off after one year of speaker pelosi and president biden's agenda playing out. we herd about the situation in afghanistan. who-year high inflation rate. 40 year inflation crisis. gas went up six cents in my district. that is what iowans and americans are talking about at their kitchen tables. clear those conversations are
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not resonating back room of the speaker's office and the white house. it is for us accountability what happened. what is happening at the border? we ask them time and time again to deny what is happening. crisis after crisis. it is about getting answers from the american people, that is what we will do if we take control of the gavel in november. elizabeth: it is failure to uphold the law. congressman issa, the democrat push to put federal government in charge of all state elections. polls dope believe the president that voter i.d. is racist. you need i.d. to buy cigarettes, alcohol, get on an airplane, go to a restaurant with covid vax card, see a doctor or pharmacist, open a bank account, buy a cell phone, apply for social security other a job. how is that racist? is all of that racist? >> obviously it isn't. if getting government benefits require an i.d. card how could we have not have one of the most important things we do which is voting require it?
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this administration is letting millions of people into this country in the hopes they will become democratic voters regardless of the law. so why wouldn't they do everything they could to get them to be voters as soon as possible? you can't guarranty it but as you look who is coming across the border, the demographics favor the democratic party and they know it. so does massive voting by mail with no i.d. elizabeth: so, congressman issa, congressman hinson just brought up an important point that moving 22 million illegal immigrants into the country not being citizens but giving them things like driver licenses in multiple states, allowing signatures for voting, that is an issue for the vote, right? so why is that not a problem for the country? >> absolutely. well it is democrats don't care about securing our elections. they care about securing more democrat victories as my fellow
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congressman said. you can see through the power grab by nancy pelosi and democrats right now. i can tell you iowans don't think that taxpayer-funded dollars should be going into our accounts as politicians and certainly not millions of dollars pouring into speaker pelosi's re-election campaign. iowans care about election integrity. the that election integrity matters and belongs to the states. founding fathers knew they could see the amazing forethought, members of congress will try to grab power for themselves. we know that power belongs with the states this, is another example of them trying to nuke the filibuster to get around longstanding precedents and decorums in the senate with political posture and over all election integrity. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear. democrats used the filibuster more than 15,000 times since 1989. president biden supported keeping and defending the filibuster. so did senator schumer and senator obama. killing the filibuster when he
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was senator, quote, it is example of arrogance of power. congressman issa during the campaign he said we have to protect the 60-vote filibuster rule. lissen to president obama in 2005. watch this. >> this "nuclear option is the ultimate example of the arrogance of power. it's a fundamental power grab by a majority party. folks who want to see this change want to eliminate one of the procedural mechanisms designed for the express purpose of guarantying individual rights and they also as a consequence would undermine the protections of a minority point of view in the heat of majority excess. elizabeth: so with senator biden racist to say that back then? >> he was accurate to say it back then. he would be accurate if he lived up to it now but you know, desperate act of a dying administration is what i see
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here. this administration has very little time before they lose their majority. they want to pass legislation that will give them majority in the future and anything they need to do to do it is on their agenda. but the reality is if they were looking at the long-term best interests of the american people and of this republic, they wouldn't do it. and that is what senator biden was looking at in the past but not today. elizabeth: congresswoman hinson to congressman darrell issa's point you know they're ramping up the attacks on senator sinema and manchin and also jon tester and mark kelly say no to get rid of the filibuster this, is a battle royale. congresswoman, how do you see this playing out, final word. >> i respect my colleagues across the rotunda and i hope senator sinema and manchin stand up to this.
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representative issa says this is this hypocrisy if they don't stay to their word. this is about protecting the american people and protecting democracy. elizabeth: got it. congresswoman darrell issa, congresswoman ashley hinton, thanks for joining us tonight. thank you very much. up next former national security advisor kt mcfarland on this story, how did an individual on mi 5 watch list in britain end up in a hostage crisis in a jewish synagogue in texas. you're watching "the evening edit." >> of course the jewish community was targeted. this man held jewish members hostage. why? to garner the release of a convicted felon who is a known antisemite and a terrorist. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance,
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6:17 pm
holding jewish americans at gunpoint? >> it's a complete failure of the immigration system and the department of justice. the department of justice is so busy looking at parents of schoolchildren as terrorists they have taken their eye off the issue of real terrorists there is no excuse for our people not contacting the british government, to find as you said, this guy who has been in touch with extremist groups in pakistan, he has a long rap sheet, he somehow makes his way into the united states and gets his hand on weapons and holds up a synagogue and participants at the services as hostage, yet the american president doesn't want to call this terrorism? it is because the democrats have become so anti-semitic they're afraid of insulting anyone if they side at all on the side of you know, people who worshiping in their own way and that it is really shows complete incompetence. elizabeth: listen, everybody is sympathetic if he had mental health challenges, right? he was connected to terrorists
6:18 pm
in pakistan. police in the u.s. and the uk are trying to discover if he was part of a wider terror cell. we have two teenagers already arrested in manchester in england in connection with malik akram. he took hostage for jewish americans in a synagogue north of fort worth, texas. kt, can you break this down, why did matthew desano, special agent in the dallas fbi field office, said quote, it was not specifically related to the jewish community, but specifically cited terrorism. who told him to say that? did he randomly walk into the synagogue and you know din want into a nail salon or steakhouse or an ihop. >> i think they messaged -- any administration, the president sets the tone, even for the permanent bureaucracy. if the president has, has refused to call these things anti-semitism, he refused to
6:19 pm
acknowledge israel's interests. it is sort of a pattern that permeates even through the field office in texas. i think it is an attitude from the top. i think it is incompetence, systemic incompetence on part of our intelligence community where they didn't see this guy coming in. addition to that, you know, we came really close to having this be a mass casualty situation. it wasn't, thank god but it could easily have been. elizabeth: you know that happened in pittsburgh. domestic terror attack, right? we had 11 jewish americans killed outside of a synagogue in pittsburgh. >> right. elizabeth: we hear you. the president came out later forcefully saying this was a terror attack. the texas terrorist brother, gobar akram, kt, wait a second he had a long criminal record in britain. he is known to police. he is asking how was he allowed to get a visa and acquire a gun. >> showed up at jfk airport,
6:20 pm
stayed in shelters and bought a hot gun on the street. how do you this goes on in the future, kt because your point is well-taken? the 9/11 commission report cites islamic terrorism and jihadism multiple times. are we whitewashing this? are we not allowed to say that anymore? >> that is part of it. the attitude particularly from the democrats and the mainstream media we don't want to offend anybody by calling it what it is. there is a second thing i think they have taken their eye off the ball, one example of a another, whether islamic terrorists, whether any kind of terrorists, these people all have trails. how our intelligence community in the modern age, with all the resources they have, how they never seem to see this thing coming until after the fact. elizabeth: kt mcfarland, always terrific. buy kt's book. she is terrific writer. come back soon. up next "the hill"'s joe concha.
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a big taken company breaking news. union pacific warning the los angeles district attorney if you don't get tougher on crime and start prosecuting an epidemic of cargo train looting, it will pull out, union pacific will leave california. that is the threat. america's crime is going next level. we're going to explain next on "the evening edit." stay right there. >> what a great time to be alive if you're criminally deranged because you got us. you paralyzed our weak leaders with the fear ever being sneered as racist or worse a republican if they try to fix anything. so now they accept the idea that random crazies can murder innocent people. you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size.
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we just keep getting up. - [narrator] call or donate online at today. ♪. brian: welcome back. crime is so bad in california that train cargo thefts have exploded in los angeles. 17 train cars derailed this week after thieves littered the tracks with emptied out package goods from amazon, ups and fedex. less people are being pros caughted for this. union pacific sent a warning letter last month, actually in december to the l.a. d.a. george gascon saying if you don't crack down on this, if you don't step it up to prosecute, all the looting we'll pull out of california. kelly owe grade did i is live in los angeles with more. good to see you, kelly. reporter: good to see you, liz.
6:26 pm
things are really dire here. union pacific has seen increase of 160% in train robberies this past year alone. i want to show you what it looks like. we've got packages littered everywhere, unused covid tests, designer purses, dishwashers. this is a national problem. critics are questioning why the fbi and biden administration have not gotten involved when this could worsen our supply chain crisis. union pacific is calling on l.a.'s district attorney to change a new progressive crime policy that mandates 13 misdemeanors will be dismissed instead of prosecuted in a letter to d.a. gas son, ups said we understand the will intended justice goals we need our justice system to partner efforts with local law enforcement, hold the individuals accountable and protect the employees on the critical national rail network. it is not just union pacific. they are calling on progressive california district attorneys to hold them accountable. with the no bail cash policy
6:27 pm
there are often repeat offenders. >> it comes down to the fact that we need prosecutors to prosecute these crimes and when people feel like they can get away with it without having any consequence for their behavior they will continue that type of behavior. reporter: so, liz, here is the supply chain crisis before the break you mentioned that union pacific is considering leaving. well 40% of that cargo coming through the ports comes through the alameda corridor. 40% is shipped by rail. this could be even worse snarl for the supply chain crisis if this continues, liz. elizabeth: what a story. great journalism, kelly o'grady. wow, the images are shocking and disturbing. thanks for bringing that to us it is terrific reporting. media columnist joe concha. you saw what is going on in california. what is your reed action to that story, joe. >> great journalism. i'm old enough to remember the
6:28 pm
summer of 2020, summer of love, far left groups occupying police stations in seattle, nightly riots in portland, murder rates soaring across the country in cities like los angeles where the report was from. many democrats along with their allies in the media pointing the finger at police officers. many lawmakers on the left reallocate police funds, defund the police. now we see the result, 16 major cities, elizabeth breaking homicide records in 2021. excuse me they're all run by democratic mayors. record number of police resignations and retirements. gangs taking over cities like chicago and l.a. what did the president talk about this week? executive orders on police reform. that is where the focus is from the very top. joke, emac. elizabeth: you know you compare it state attorney general firing and investigating the virginia parole board for allegedly breaking the law when they let out ahead of their sentences
6:29 pm
early, murderers, rapists cop killers without notifying victims, pham lis or prosecutors. you see that. the investigation of loudon county school board for covering up the rape of two teenage students in their public schools. then you have this. you've got todd kupfer, beside himself, joe. he lost his daughter, briana kupfer. she was senselessly stabbed to death. there is a still a manhunt and reward for this guy who killed her in a daylight attack in los angeles when she was working in a furniture store. watch father, todd kupfer, father of breanna kupfer on this? >> i'm not blaming anybody by name. i blame what the in our society right now everybody seems to be oriented on giving back rights and bestowing favor on people that rob others of their rights.
6:30 pm
elizabeth: your reaction, joe? >> i mean i, my heart goes out to that poor father. the fact he was able to have the strength to go on television to speak out about this. just remarkable. look, this didn't happen, this stabbing in watts, right? in some horrible area of los angeles. it happened inn what is considered a nice neighborhood. what we're seeing more and more. what used to happen on the south side of chicago now is happening all over the city in that case or what's happening in new york is now spilling over to the suburbs. that's why we see polling on crime with this president an democrats in general, they're polling in the 20s when it comes to their handling of crime. it will come back to haunt them in november. i know that inflation and education, they are going to play a big role in 11 months, crime, elizabeth, complete utter failure by those on the left to address it may is the big issue that brings tsunami and change
6:31 pm
in power in washington. elizabeth: americans in poll after poll, joe, show americans are really terrified and scared that we're normalizing felonies, right? i mean we have the d.a. in manhattan downgrading into misdemeanors felonies like armed robbery and drug dealing cases. i mean the murder rate in los angeles has soared. violent crime, you're right, it is rocking all sorts of enclaves in l.a. the d.a., george gascon he won over voters last year sweeping criminal justice reforms after the mayor garcetti, outgoing mayor of l.a. defunded the cops by 150 million bucks. >> i think that, in the end, i look at this one poll by "axios." it is really stunning. it found latinos list crime and gun violence as top issue above climate change, inflation, supply chain and health care. that is why the president is polling at 28% among hispanics. that is a stunning number.
6:32 pm
everybody across all racial groups has had enough of this. they want to be safe and no one feels safe right now, elizabeth. elizabeth: yeah. kupfer, the father of breanna kupfer saying if it happened to us it could happen to you and your family. joe concha. thank you for your journalism. come back soon. we're coming out out of the botm of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. up next the gop 2024 race is going glad tore real. "the new york times" story that governor ron desantis is firing back at former president trump about his criticisms. governor desantis is trolling democrats that vacation in florida after criticizing florida's open covid policies saying we'll not lock down. keep it here on "the evening edit". ♪.
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♪. elizabeth: we welcome to the show florida congressman carlos gimenez from house transportation and infrastructure. congressman being, we're so glad you're on. always great to have you on. breaking news out of "the new york times." reporting that governor desantis backing former president trump is telling his friends, supporting president trump for 2024 is too much to ask after former president trump asked desantis for being dull having no charisma. the expectation that desantis is supposed to bend the knee is too much and over the top. the governor accusing the former president of being quote, also uncharacteristically out of step with his party's base. what do you think of this story? >> well it comes out of "the new york times" so i don't know what to make of the story. "the new york times" is the one that told us russia was, you know, part of the, russia was part of 2020, 2016 election, russian collusion, all that conspiracy stuff and much of the things come out of
6:38 pm
"the new york times" is. elizabeth: what if the story is true. what if the story is true? >> i will not comment on something from "the new york times." they have proven to be unreliable source. elizabeth: they're also saying governor desantis is upset, other media are reporting this too, upset over criticism whether or not he is saying he has a booster shot? >> the governor can be upset about that. the president has right to. they are two grown men with difference of opinion. they are popular figures in the gop. in my state the governor is running for re-election. he will do very well and get reelected pretty easily. again when i worked with him as the mayor of miami-dade county i thought he did a really good job, as governor of the state of florida i think he does a good job as governor of state of florida. elizabeth: you know the florida
6:39 pm
governor is trolling democrats. he is highlighting the successes of the governor's approach to the pandemic with t-shirts and campaign merchandise inviting americans to quote, escape to florida, highlighting how open florida was and highlighting the hypocrisy of democrats who vacation in florida, knocking it and criticizing it for the antilockdown strategy. >> i agree. we had aoc over in miami beach. swalwell also on miami beach. we have six or seven governors, lockdown governors have gone down to the state of florida and enjoyed the freedom. we catch a lot of them maskless in miami. so they're kind of talking out of both sides of their mouth there. they want to lock everybody else down in their home state. they have the freedom to go down to the state of florida and enjoy the freedom of the state of florida. that is why i think the governor has done a really good job. we have managed the pandemic in a very good way, using data but also, also, allowing our
6:40 pm
businesses and our people to be free and have freedom of choice. i think that is the right formula. that is why i think he has done a really good job. elizabeth: it is democrat michigan governor gretchen whitmer, new jersey governor phil murphy, even cnn anchor don lemon and as you point out alexandria ocasio-cortez vacationing in florida after criticizing the state. let's lessen to the governor on this and more about what is going on in florida. watch this. >> okay. >> florida has become the escape hatch for chafing under authoritarian, arbitrary, seemingly never ending mandates and restrictions. they are grounded more in blind adherence to fauci and declarations than they are in the constitutional traditions that are the foundation of free nations. elizabeth: listen, people, it is important to get vaccinated because this is a dangerous
6:41 pm
virus, congressman. we lost 22 million jobs that were destroyed because of shutdowns and lockdowns, right? now the president tomorrow is going to tout his jobs record when that is really opening up the economy. we're still nearly four million jobs short. your final word, congressman? >> right. look it is pretty easy to have good numbers on the economy when the economy has been shut down for 18 months or two years. i think florida has the right formula, making sure that you open up, you open up safe but you open up. we did that fairly early on. our economy is doing much better than probably the rest of the nation because our formula was the right thing. so, yeah, i think the governor has done a really good job. he is right calling out rest of lockdown governors for the bad job they have done controlling the virus and also basically destroying their economy. elizabeth: congressman jimenez, thanks for joining us. good to see you. come back soon.
6:42 pm
up next, house foreign affairs, mark green. we'll talk about the co-owner of the nba team, golden state warriors, is under fire and backpedaling after downplaying and dismissing china's human rights abuses against minorities. we have the disturbing quotes. keep it here on the evening he t through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on. and i earn 3% on dining including takeout. so much for catching our dinner. some people are hunters. some are gatherers. i'm a diner. pow! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you.
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♪ elizabeth: welcome back to the show congressman mark green from house foreign affairs. great to have you back on, congressman. we haven't seen you in a while. we love having you on. your reaction to this story. good to see you. chamath palihapitiya, the co-owner of the nba's golden state warriors. founder, ceo of social capital. he is really dismissing china's human rights abuses against uyghur muslims. nobody cares what happens to the uyghurs. the rest of us don't care. i'm telling you a hard ugly truth. of all the things i care about,
6:47 pm
it is below my bottom line. so can he backpedal from this? he is now saying human rights do matter? >> i don't think so. what he said was so latetant and clear, we don't care about the uyghurs, which means this guy doesn't care about forced sterilization of women, he doesn't care about organ harvesting from people who don't want to donate their organs, slave labor, he doesn't care about those things. it is very hard to walk back what he said the way he said it. elizabeth: i don't know how he can come back from this. he is getting blasted by nba playeder ennis cantor. watch this. >> only thinks he cares about is money and propraganda. it makes me sick how he is using social justice to make money for his company. i want to ask him one question, you know, one question. if your mother, if your daughter, if your sister was in
6:48 pm
those concentration camps getting tortured getting raped every day would you still think about money? elizabeth: you know, he is giving a lot of money to the democrat party, a ton of money. so, enes makes an important point. what do you think of enes just said? >> i totally agree with him. we know the price of the national basketball association. it is 400 million chinese dollars or renminbi. that is the price of their morality. they're willing to do everything to accept whatever the chinese do for $400 million. elizabeth: that is the bottom line over there. >> that is the bottom line. elizabeth: i want to move on to this. we hear you. it is a good point, congressman. your reaction to the story that china is now requiring everyone at the beijing olympics including u.s. athletes, media, u.s. visitors to use its my 2022 app but china, cybersecurity pros are saying china will use it to track them.
6:49 pm
also censor any crittism criticm of the chinese leaders. people are being advised to use burner phones or use their own email on laptops to avoid this. what do you think will happen at the beijing olympics? >> bbc did a good job analyzing the app. it has the ability to track email, track voice mails, track medical data. we know what the chinese are doing with that. they're building a testimony plate of our population. they hacked our insurance company information. they hacked our hospitals. this is all a part of their, you know, confrontation with the u.s. by means other than war. it is tragic. it is security risk. and absolutely our athletes should get another phone. honestly we should have fully boycotted the beijing olympics but this administration, they're not going to do that. elizabeth: well, there is not
6:50 pm
sending diplomatic mission, right? so that is what is going on. your point is well-taken. china hacked into the office of personnel management. they are believed to have hacked in irs. are they using beijing olympic as massive data mining gathering operation? final word. >> absolutely, liz. that is exactly what they're going to do. the chinese communist party is gathering all this data on americans to make population based decisions in times of confrontation. so this is a threat to our national security. anyone traveling needs a burner phone or they just need to not participate with what is going on in china. elizabeth: well terrific stuff, again from congressman mark green. it is always a pleasure to have you on, congressman. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: thanks for your service to occur country. up next arizona attorney general mark brnovich. republicans visiting the border call out the president for not visiting the crisis he created. we have the border patrol literally at war with drug and
6:51 pm
human trafficking cartels. we have a new development that can make this problem worse. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> it's completely inexcusable. there is no legitimate reason that neither the president or the vice president really hasn't gone to parts of the border. ♪. but when it comes to my insurance i don't. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo and, by switching you could even save 665 dollars. hey tex, can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. yeah. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from
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we welcome back to the show, arizona attorney general mark brnovich, great to have you back on. we got republicans during a stretch of the border to see how farmers and ranchers and law enforcement are dealing truly with a border war human traffickers drug cartel. there calling out the president and vice president for still not visiting the border crisis they created. what you say to this story? >> thank you for having me on again and it's frankly as simple as this, if 100,000 people died as a result of a tornado or hurricane, do not think the president or vice president would be there to offer and see the damage? they created this disaster at the southern border. 100,000 people died this last year as a result of fentanyl and
6:56 pm
opioid overdoses so they've left the cartel sees rental of the poor, a man-made catastrophe in the biden administration continues to ignore and that's why it's going to continue to get worse to the biden administration do something and that's why i continue in federal court and draw attention to this because this is undermining the safety not only of everyone here in arizona across the country. liz: every state is a border state. support for everyone if you are a legislature or lawmaker or vice president or president to go to the border you can see what's going on during any security coming up for discussion we are hearing texas national guard, fort official, low morale problems with retention getting sick from covid, there's the problem of
6:57 pm
not getting paid on time. can you break this down for us? >> it's demoralizing not only to people in law enforcement but even the prosecutors like myself who have tried to work hard for years to keep our communities safe because the biden administration and the cartel, control of the southern border. president biden is elected from many of us were worried he wanted to abolish ice but the reality is not only is he abolishing ice but essentially destroying our full order. the brave men and women in law enforcement are completely demoralized and that means our communities will be less safe and more people will continue to come into our country in the can't do their jobs effectively. as you said, this is not just arizona problem or texas, it's a national problem, record amount of retinal coming in from the price of fentanyl is probably not only in arizona but other places because there's so much supply and that means people are going to die and our communities will be impacted as a result of the social associated press with
6:58 pm
drug costs. liz: they don't get enough of a shot up on border patrol and national guard at the border. this is the same thing we see what defund the police, morale of police officers plummeted. we understand the need to do reform for any police brutality, we understand what's going on at the border but if there's natural disaster, the president shows up, he's never been there. he went to el paso, miles away and he went there in 2008 before he was vice president. he hasn't been there since. >> i've invited president biden and vice president harris to come visit the border and talk to us and they've refused to do so. people like cartel kelly in the u.s. senate refused to address this issue. i know when i'm in the senate i will not vote on any bill, any
6:59 pm
legislation or any judge until we solve this at the southern border because this is a national security issue shame on the biden administration for leaving out law enforcement hanging out to dry and at the end of the day, whether it defunding police, releasing criminals back into the communities, we are feeding control at the southern border cartel, the far left or whoever is talking in joe biden's earpiece is hell-bent in undermining safety and security of this country. liz: what you make of this escobar, break out is operational lone star to protect the poor a political stunt, what you make of that? images of the cartel and military here in camouflage military uniforms, what you make of her comments? >> everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not own facts.
7:00 pm
we have record amount of fentanyl coming into the country, millions of people illegally crossing the country which will have an impact on all communities so the reality is we should do everything we can to keep hard-working american taxpayers safe. liz: mark brnovich, thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you've been watching the evening at foxbusiness. thank you for watching, help you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: democrats are putting the d and down, two months after losing virginia, they are old dominion, they are trying the same stupid tactic in michigan because apparently they hate our children. education has emerged as one of the top political issues in states across the country, mask mandate, remote learning, critical race theory and insanely powerful teachers union driving all of it, almost any parent will tell you it's


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