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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  January 18, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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enjoy the innovations which means it'll be a great deal of money to be made in this is a terrible thing to do to panic like this because the fed will raise interest rates 1%. he raised them over the same. a 7%. charles: have confidence and you make money listen to peter. it's been too long i'll talk to you later let's bring in carol because sony she is and for liz claman. i'm buckling up for this one. >> i think everybody needs to buckle up the numbers are dropping more. you are looking at a sea of red at this hour as traders take profits following the three-day holiday weekend oldman sachs at one point took 200 points of the dow they missed on profit in the quarterly earnings report that we saw the dow, the s&p 500 and nasdaq all in the red, the dow
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is down for four s&p 62 and nasdaq down to 69. what in a half percent plus losses as you can see for the s&p and the nasdaq. it's been rough as the markets are tumbling, microsoft is answering a call of duty buying activision blizzard is $69 billion history making deal in our floor show traders are ready to discuss it all plus the disguise the airlines versus the telecom over 5g we will have a live report from chicago o'hare of the major carriers calling a catastrophic aviation crisis about to unfold in one days time. real estate reality it is still a sellers market big time but could the fed rate hikes shift the dynamic in the coming months will ask executive chairman howard, fox business exclusive.
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i am cheryl casone he i am in for liz claman, let's go through the countdown everybody. >> this is a rude awakening for traders and for all of you at home you're just getting back to work after three-day holiday weekend yet the computer off now were looking for a touchdown and we were looking for a touchdown goldman sachs missed the analyst for the fourth quarter numbers operating expenses search 23% on increased pay for wall street workers the good ipo numbers and still have good m&a. investment banking was decent but they're still getting hit today the bank is the biggest on the dow and s&p 500 major industries getting slammed with bond yields added to your high you have the tenure in particular 1.86% and as you can see 1.87% were sitting at the highest levels for the ten year that we haven't seen since january 2020 before the pandemic
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began. the prospect for higher interest rates has weighed on tech stocks in particular and value as you can see all of the major names apple, amazon, meta platforms, formerly facebook all of these names are in the green, the high flyers for 2021 still keep flying or get killed if you will in 2022 because of the fed raising rates were gonna talk about that throughout the show but those names are under pressure let's go back to microsoft this stock is down not a surprise they did announce they would buy call of duty video game maker activision blizzard $68.7 billion in all-cash deal activision blizzard with the other videogame companies are moving higher on the news this is what you expect to see because activision is getting hit by microsoft the entertainment both of those names are trending higher in tandem with what were
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seen at electronic cards more than 4% and its jumping that is a french videogame maker one to watch by the way then we will talk about the global oil benchmark crude moving about $88 a barrel the highest we seen since 2014 gonna see at $100 a barrel call, thinking goldman sachs may came out with a earnings let's get out to the floor show larry is with me i would get your reaction with regards to goldman sachs and the rate hikes. >> putting into perspective the first had in seven quarters and goldman sachs is coming off a phenomenal 20212021 shares, that is more than double 2020 and outsize return on equity of 23%
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in the third best-performing stock in the dow of 45% only behind home depot and microsoft. i think it's one of those things long-term is a good stock and a lot of reliance on. investment banking and wealth management and less on the yield curve. goldman sachs will recover from this. cheryl: let me bring you into this conversation scott let's go back to big tech. really getting hit again we've seen this story play out let's 0 in on microsoft that's the news of the day with activision $68.7 billion deal. the reports that david is only going to stay through completion of the deal does not affect anything? >> i don't think it affects that much. microsoft has the new windows 11 platform they're moving forward
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and expanding in increasing the capacity. one of the big attractive features of windows 11 is a streaming it can do. you introduce gaming and faster internet speeds and you have a mega platform. this is a great combination going forward. i think they're making a good deal and obviously they thought this over very, very well because i can integrate it in people with be able to do things that they haven't been able to do before on their pcs. maybe you won't need an xbox to go into competitive gaming. cheryl: your right is printed out globally but more in large companies are trying to get into gaming that's why anybody who makes the game so the hotter players that's what you don't want to block technology right now. let me go back to you larry on
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oil i gotta pick this up we talk so much about inflation in the country now are seeing wti and brent seven year heil higher for oil prices and if this trickles through to the gas pump in a meaningful way four bucks a gallon on average at some point this year which meeting called for in this country that adds to all the pressure on the supply chain, the consumer, et cetera. >> exactly the highest level since 2014 and the thing is the market is underestimated with demand for oil it is still there it is not a prepaid debit levels but it is really close. when you have stockpiles, gasoline stocks they have gone up but crude stocks continue to go down and have so every week. the demand picture is still there on the other hand opec plus under delivered on the
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production target and it's not any fault of their own there's been problems in nigeria and libya they vowed to increase production by 400,000 barrels a month that has not come close to happening and other issues with iran the big wildcard the world hoping they've come to an agreement and get their oil back on the market. it's almost like a perfect storm combined with the fact that demand for oil has not fallen off as much as people have thought. cheryl: it makes energy sector attractive to buy. we have a guest coming on that will tell us that. real quick before i let you go back to the financials tomorrow we will get bank of america morgan stanley and round out the reporting season for the financials. this is not what we expected
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going into the earnings season from the big banks basically i said this morning i was looking for my touchdown from goldman sachs and i did not get one from j.p. morgan. tomorrow's bank of america can they take us out of this? >> the thing is they have a little bit better of a chance because there into the banking, here's the thing interest rates are going higher that should be better for the banks and the bank stocks are not reacting to that. that is a little bit of a concern also as was mentioned before costs are going up labor costs are going up and that is impacting goldman sachs as well if this is happening at the other banks, were all trying to remain competitive it can make the numbers really interesting and people really need to pay close attention to the details not just to the headline numbers. cheryl: goldman sachs that gain 45% 2021, the entire sector had a strong great year with interest rates going higher at
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some point i think that will help these guys, we shall see larry, scott, great to have you both here on a marketing like we had today going on. we have more breaking news, let's get to this right now the major telecom the linking first in their 5g battle with the airlines for verizon and at&t say they will voluntarily delay their 5g tech rollout after major u.s. carriers warned of a catastrophic aviation crisis if wireless carriers move forward with the plan deployment tomorrow. the 5g signals risk interfering with safety equipment the pilots rely on to take off in inclement weather grady trimble is at chicago's o'hare in the latest response from the wireless carriers. >> already some international airlines like japan air, air emirates and a few other canceled flights to and from the
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u.s. tomorrow over concerns of the 5g rollout, here in the u.s. the major airlines spent the first few days of this week putting pressure on the telecom companies as was government officials saying that the rollout of 5g could cause chaos for flyers it seems that putting pressure on those people paid off because now at&t and verizon as you said will delay trading on towers around certain runways at&t says they're frustrated in their work by the faa inability to do what 40 countries have done which is safely deploy for 5g technology without disrupting aviation services they say they're launching towers everywhere else as planned with the exception of the limited number of powers he reports the airlines say that 5g signal could bear with safety instruments with mass cancellation of passengers and cargo flights president biden releasing the statement that he's thankful for verizon and
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at&t for agreeing to delay the airports, this agreement he says will avoid devastating disruption to passenger travel, cargo operation and not a cabernet while allowing 90% of tower deployment as scheduled were starting to see the cancellations come in from the international flights but it does seem the worst fears the airline was discussing over the 5g rollout have been avoided because the horizon at&t's decision not to turn on the towers near airports across the u.s. cheryl: probably a safe decision for now. grady trimble in chicago, thank you. much more on the battle between airlines in the sec tomorrow for sec chairman is going to join "the claman countdown" tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. the amazon china in trouble but the feds over national security
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concerns ali baba is the latest chinese company under the spotlight the ceo of the china beige book is here to tell us where he sees u.s. china economic relationship headed in the new year, let's take a look at the big board the dow down 450, at the lows we were down 649 we are not there yet but as you know from watching the show a lot can happen in the final hour of trading. "the claman countdown" is coming right back. ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good.
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cheryl: the biden administration launching an investigation and ali baba the way the ali baba cloud system stores and uses u.s. customer data is a threat to our national security while investment into u.s. startup icon aircraft by chinese government-backed shanghai technology investment company is being investigated by the fbi after allegations of a corrupt technology transfer was made back to china all this coming as
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she should paying is calling on the rest of the world to fix the supply chain disruption despite implementing the strict covid policy that is contributed to the bottlenecks for goods coming out of china let's get to the bottom of all of this and what's going on with the fox business exclusive leland miller joins me now. good afternoon, so much to get to i want to start for the fbi investigation into icon aircraft incident for bs aircraft this is what they make, this is something in the fear from the fbi is a chinese possibly again are going after rip, your reaction. >> the presumption has to be that the going after the ip and the problem previously is in overseeing these restrictions to allow the chinese to buy or not allow the chinese to buy they had much more of a limited
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mandate they may not intervene, if they missed a point in the process then they may have missed it by the apple sensitive theist informed you of a much more robust mechanism for reviewing these types of deals you can go when afterwards and later the water looking at right now whether this is been overlooked for the past several years i case where very important technology has been back to the chinese government. cheryl: this could hurt the bottom line for ali baba because are trying to push through with cloud services, think amazon cloud services that's a big problem for them i want to move on to the other point when i was introducing you that is a supply-chain issue the president in china is complaining he wants other countries to fix a supply-chain bottleneck yet they're doing 0 covid policy issue in the shutting down of port because the one positive
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case of covid in the age of omicron what kind of destruction does that mean. >> the entire argument is nonsense it's politics coming from xi jinping were portly the biggest threat to supply-chain is with china 0 covid policy and what can happen in the first quarter with omicron the chinese government with the western government does not have them would never use in terms of shutting down and locking down everything that may not work to omicron because it's so transmissible and worked in previous variance and will see if it works now if it's causing enormous amount of stress in the system that means there's a potential in the first quarter you could have widespread lockdowns and widespread apply chain crashes route china and the global system. we are looking at the potential for q1 to be the worst since the pandemic began. cheryl: we got growth numbers about gdp 8% plus for the year, 4% in q4.
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moving on to where the country is now what happens with the olympics there is next month there's been diplomatic boycotts but now you're facing a situation with all the athletes and big corporations left and right that will be heading to beijing and made all of the 0 covid policy from xi jinping if you will. >> the olympics must be a success with china negative light on the chinese communist party during the year in which you will not have a much more politically sensitive year than 2022 because of the end xi jinping will be courted by that by the party congress next fall, the other pics have to be a success which means they will crackdown lockdowns, do whatever they do for the show to not be going on and not be a disaster
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they won't cancel anything they will push forward and after that they have some wiggle room to figure out omicron before things get more dicey at the end of the year with a politically sensitive run up to the party congress which is always very politically sensitive. they have to get to the olympics they have time to play with policies and a very sensitive end of the year 2022 is tougher china no question. cheryl: it's really tough other manufacturing sector. leland miller thank you for being here. we appreciate it. we are going to move on to this jesse james butch cassidy, the dalton gangs some of the most notorious train robbers but the pandemic supply chain is a new breed of outlaws we will head to the golden state for the rising rate of robberies on the rails let's take a look at the big board as you can see we are escalated and are selling, 514, the lot for the dow was 649 the nasdaq, s&p solidly in the red
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cheryl: fox business alert citrix on a bloomberg report the elliott management and vista equity partners are at advanced talks to buy the cloud computing firm i report says the deal could be announced within a few weeks, it is higher by almost 5%, kohl's is moving higher on reports that research back by starwood value is interested in making a bid for the retailer advise businesses in sectors like tech and healthcare the outreach comes at a time when activist investor maccallum advisors is stepping oppressed or on coals to add new board members and sell itself at the stock price does not approve or
3:28 pm
retail experience kohl's is not more than 5% down more than 3.5%. let's take a look at gap pressure after morgan stanley downgraded to underweight after slashing margin expectations. morgan says estimates have not factored in higher promotion shipping expenses and airfreight headwinds as you can see gap down by more than 6%. and quite base partnering with mastercard to enable purchases of in fts the crypto exchange plans to allow customers using mastercard cards there is quite base it's down almost 3% master card dad wanted a half percent but we have a broader market selloff let's take a look at the crypto currency as you can see bitcoin 41000 and change a lot of pressure over the last few sessions at theory m is slightly down same story and like went down 4%. the supply chain is going away
3:29 pm
at the wild wild west report of cargo train robberies with thieves targeting boxcars of packages as they originate out of the key ports of los angeles and long beach union pacific saying a 160% increase in train theft in l.a. county kelli o'grady joins us now with how these companies are supposed to handle this, good afternoon. >> an afternoon i am actually at the scene of a train robbery last week unions specific to experience i want to show you what it look likes we have packages littering the train tracks this is cleaned up 30 days ago, this is all new i want to know there is a school down the street which is disconcerting that this happened we saw train go by earlier today and there were tesla partaking out the open back of one of the containers i want to tell you what's happening with a few numbers 90 containers are it is
3:30 pm
up 160% versus last year with train robberies in october up over 350% a big portion of his being laid at the feet of progressive policies critics are questioning why the fbi invited the administration of knock on baldwin this could worsen our supply-chain crisis and ups calling on l.a. district attorney to change the special directive which mandates the misdemeanors will be dismissed instead of prosecuted in a letter to the da they stated criminals are caught and arrested entered over to local authority arrayed before the local courts it's reduced to a misdemeanor or petty offensive the criminal is released after paying and i'll tell you it is not just union pacific but retail leaders are extremely frustrated by the das refusal to engage this far. >> i do not understand how a district attorney does not want
3:31 pm
to engage on an issue like this because there are so many victims to it and he is willing participant to want to work on finding a solution but we cannot do that until he responds when we reach out to him. >> the supply-chain crisis, 40% of cargo comes from 30% is moved by rail you to pacific are saying they want to avoid los angeles altogether they are getting any help in its potential solution for the supply-chain crisis and the outlook looks pretty grim. cheryl: la's district attorney george gascon is facing a recall you know who likes to donate to political campaigns, corporations, just a thought, kelli o'grady, great report he has got to think about this. that's incredible what's behind you. thank you so much. cheryl: the housing market is
3:32 pm
sizzling hot will it turn from a sellers market to a buyers market if the fed raises rates we will ask douglas executive chairman what he expects. take a look at your markets were expecting a rough 29 minutes until we close the market on this tuesday it's been a long three days the dow is down 550, 35396 were close to session lows and were on the markets and we'll be right back. ♪ busy as ever. careful now. nice! you got it. and thanks to voya, i'm confident about my future. oh dad, the twins are now... ...vegan. i know, i got 'em some of those plant burgers. - nice! - yeah. voya provides guidance for the right investments and helps me be prepared for unexpected events. they make me feel like i've got it all under control. [crowd] yeah! because i do. ok, that was awesome. voya. be confident to and through retirement. we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis.
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wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here! what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay... yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq cheryl: confidence among u.s. single family home builders slipped on january after four months of increase as the index dipped 1.83 this month according to the report higher material costs and shortages adding several weeks onto construction of one typical single-family home as buyers and sellers make their way into the spring real estate season after record home
3:37 pm
price growth and fierce market competition what is ahead in 2022. vector group ceo and douglas realty executive chairman howard joins me in his fox business exclusive, it's great to have you here, thank you so much. >> thank you for inviting me. cheryl: let's talk rates that's the big story everybody looking to invest in real estate for rate hikes from the fed, even a quarter of a point can lockout some homebuyers how many homebuyers are going to get knocked out this year. >> maybe three, four, five but maybe to you really don't know you save what they could do something else. that motivates people to jump into the market before the price tag of the market there to go into the market because they're afraid it's going to keep going
3:38 pm
and be priced at all that does not mean for prices u.s. prices for 2020 went up 19.1% in i was looking at estimates for this year from they are saying maybe 3% jump in prices for 2022, where do you stand? >> a luxury market is different than if you just look at total price increase from everything. were primarily in luxury markets. we they the markets will continue to outperform the rest of the market. were thinking more than 3%. if you look at what's going on it's not just interest rates we have inflation so people know that real estate will be more expensive, new homes are going to be more expensive doing renovations will be expensive that will push them into buying and with all the money coming into the economy in different
3:39 pm
programs i think there is a different reasons why the market is going to stay strong and continue and i would predict more than 3% increase across the board. cheryl: you mentioned luxury markets we sell bidding ward after bidding more nationally 72 for homes got multiple offers, but in hot markets like new york and others like you cover we've seen more than a frenzy buying scenario does not continue this year? >> i think it continues this year, if you looking at new york we get more business in the fourth quarter this year of 2021 then we got in 32 years that says a lot. if you look at south florida prices we've done multiple sales over $90 million going up to
3:40 pm
$130 million in the past year in palm beach and miami multiple, multiple tens of billions of dollars of housing, 40 million, 50 million, 60 million, 80 million, aspen, 50 million, 60 million, 70 million. the hamptons 50, 60,000,001 were working on which we should close soon substantially higher than that. if you look at the luxury markets they are very strong and a lot of wealth has been created in a lot of people have gotten well doing: and we have to worry about that be concerned about that but the amount of wealth that's been created during covid is astronomical. cheryl: one of the things during covid once we started to get out of covid this is before omicron came along we were thinking that a lot of that elderly owners would put their homes on the market because they were ready to go but they were frozen home seriously at home during the
3:41 pm
pandemic that leads me to the question of inventory because right now this is a national number i think were at the present lot, 40% inventory right now were at a 40% loafer in inventory we are just down in inventory. >> that brings inventory to the market, prices go up in the sellers come back in and the buyers are there waiting and all of a sudden we have our inventory. cheryl: we shall see there's a lot of? thank you for your insight three billion-dollar real estate. i'm pretty impressed. that is something else, thank you. do not miss the housing block tonight, join me as we help people find their american dream home that is at eight and 8:30 p.m. eastern time were heading to destin florida and vail colorado that couple had a hard time followed by national
3:42 pm
global with kacie mcdonnell at 9:00 p.m. eastern time only on fox business. intel is getting ready to launch the first ever bitcoin mining ship next month and it's already passed one company to be the recipient of the cutting-edge software charlie breaks it, that is coming up next take a look at the big board we are seeing an escalation of the last hour the loafer the dow 649. maybe we will see it and maybe we want the dow down 554 right now. i will be right back. whether you've enjoyed the legendary terrain in telluride, the unparalleled landscape of park city or the famed peaks of whistler, you face the hassle of lugging your gear through the airport. with ship skis,
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cheryl: 14 minutes to go checking on the market the nasdaq is in the freefall during a commercial break session lows
3:47 pm
384 on the nasdaq and the s&p hitting session lows right now the s&p is out 86 and the nasdaq on 375 in the dow continues to be under pressure. since november 1820 won this is more than a 9% drop, 10% correction territory we are really close to that right now as you can see nine-point to 2% since november 18. shares of blink powering higher after a deal with gm they will ship ev charging stations, it is already shipped to some locations with more planned with the united states and canada taking a look at the other ev stocks that we've been following tesla, rivian elusive under pressure we've seen a lot of pressure in general for the markets today especially with the nasdaq and rivian is not
3:48 pm
more than eight and are preset and lucid dance evident quarter percent. intel is making a bigger push in the world of crypto currency the chipmaker is set to unveil the bonanza mind ship next month that will make bitcoin mining more energy cost-efficient. a big complaint a lot of people have about but quite fox business has a supply agreement with bitcoin with the grid to roll out new technology. charlie gasparino is here with the scoop, making these changes all under the uproar about climate. >> it is interesting that intel is getting into the business and crypto is selling off pretty dramatically. maybe better late than never to sign of market and bitcoin has more to go. they tap the grade on the new york stock exchange and it's a, d, x check that stock symbol.
3:49 pm
it does trade on the new york stock exchange. they are energy-efficient minors. that's what this is all about in terms of intel for huge stuff, there we go i was close. cheryl: i am pulling it up to. >> that did not hurt my short-term memory. this is an environmental play with the grid and we will see where it goes from here and i can't tell you what this means with bitcoin they were at a market top when it goes late like this clearly bitcoin is, to pressure for energy uses it to reduce the carbon footprint. since we are on the notion of carbon footprint turned to larry fink the ceo blackrock the
3:50 pm
biggest money manager in the world $9 trillion his annual letter to companies that he invested he does this every year he lays on his investment philosophies and what he sees in the world, what i found fascinating about this newsletter larry who is known as an environmental advocate struck a very moderate tone he was one of the more difficult c had to write blackrock is coming under pressure as progressive economic edicts for companies he made it really clear in this letter, he does not do that despite his personal use and what's going on in the investment world whether a move towards environment or esg social government investing not so much making a lot of money and how to improve the economy it's very controversial. he struck a very modern tone. a couple things to point out that was interesting here. it was a very difficult one for
3:51 pm
him to write because of all the politics surrounding this number what he said he is not pulling these from fossil fuel companies that's not what they do he makes investments in esg is not pulling at least that's what the letter says. if we go for force esg there will be huge problems there will be economic dislocations, this has to be a transition this is a lower or 0 carbon footprint economy not tomorrow which you hear from the biden administration and others why is that there will be economic dislocation that impact average americans working class americans. if you stop drilling for oil gas prices will go through the roof. i don't care have any electric vehicles you want to build in the next ten years, guess what
3:52 pm
poor people, average americans cannot afford electric vehicles right now besides being inefficient many ways they are expensive, he makes that point really clear working to have to have a national policy going here that does not turn off the light switch so to speak or turn on the light switch in terms of reducing carbon footprint at a corporate level. i found it a fascinating read it's always provocative, it was countered to the narrative that i was writing about this the wall street journal editorial and awoke ceo you did not see that in this i think this is everything based on the guy that i know in west virginia they pulled out of black rock i feel like people take your money out of your funds and you have to react. >> i think at his heart is a moderate in a democrat what are
3:53 pm
the best risk manager that there and i think this reflects a more than the woke stuff. cheryl: charlie gasparino, sharp as ever. talk about oil just now we are pumping higher right now the countdown closers got one black gold into cold hard cash the closing bell will ring seven minutes to go, "the claman countdown" coming right back. ♪ at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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our veterans fought for us. let's fight for them. call or donate online at today. our veterans need you. cheryl: once again closing bell rings four minutes from now. the dow is escalating in the selloff. we had the worst day of the new year right now. the dow is down 582. the nasdaq is still incredibly close to correction territory down 9.36% since high of november 18th. that is something we're watching right now. a big tech selloff. a lot is interest-rate driven.
3:57 pm
oil hitting a seven-year high. we're watching the oil markets. our countydown closer with 7 billion in management with gusher your portfolio into the green. oppenheimer senior managing director, global head of equities trading and distribution, derone barnett. great to have you. let's talk bp what we're seeing in the oil market. i assume you like xle. i heard goldman sachs calling for 100 bucks a barrel on brent this morning. >> no doubt about it. why it is underinvested by mutual funds. these names are underinvested. they're acting great. there is a lot of turmoil on the global front. this is a area where people will dive into. it is underinvested. it is doing well out of the gates. i agree with the call. cheryl: you agree with the call. why you like xle. select energy sector spdr. that is popular one. i assume you're betting on oil companies. i take that with you.
3:58 pm
the ceo of exxon, darren woods, he is talking about he doesn't think the upward trend in prices will not last long. >> i think what we need to identify is the uncertainty. we're unclear what people are thinking and feeling on a global scale. you have china saying one thing. saudi arabia saying other things. you have what we are going here and changes that occurred. i think the uncertainty and the lack of clarity is really bothering everyone. that is creating price action more than the actual drilling and costs of drilling. >> that is interesting. also we had a lot of controversy around drilling in this country or maybe lack thereof this year. talk about names you do like. throw both up, vlue, i-shares value factor and i-shares s&p 500 value. you're going for value not growth in 2022, is that what i'm seeing here? >> that's right. there is a sprint to find those names. those etfs are different in the sense that the tech holdings
3:59 pm
value of ule he has tank companies, has the mix in there. the other guys don't have as much tex if you want financials. you get more in ive financial exposure with interest rates going higher. cheryl: you have nasdaq getting real close to correction territory. >> narrative clearly changed by the fed, what we're feeling right now, portfolio managers said look, the fed wants to hike. is this a policy issue that is correct? our economy is slowing down. china stimulated their economy yesterday. of course they're saying you shouldn't raise rates on a global front that will really hurt the economy and the global scale recovery. is there a policy error in place? you're out of growth, out of bait tax you're selling tech and trying to find value. so what you're feeling is we're still in the middle of people selling and portfolio managers saying we knead to take risk off. there is too much on right now. we need to get through earnings. we're starting to see that. even when goldman blows it out,
4:00 pm
with numbers, the applications are just too high. cheryl: i look for something wrong in goldman's numbers. i had a hard time this morning. i looked through the whole balance sheet. thank you very much. [closing bell rings] cheryl: first trading day of the week, a shortened holiday week. dow down 527. not heading session lows but almost, folks. that is it for "the claman countdown." "kudlow" is now. ♪. larry: hello, everyone, welcome to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. so is war fever running through the white house all of a sudden? take a listen to madam psaki this afternoon's press briefing. >> let's be clear our view this is an extremely dangerous situation. we're now at a stage where russia at any point colaunch an attack at ukraine. what secretary blinken will go do highlight very clearly there is a diplomatic path forward. larry: so the story e


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