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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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criminals now targeting cargo traitors. take out the train tracks resembling a garbage dump as thieves have been raiding cargo and leaving shipping and packaging in their wake. the tracks littered with refuges week cleared by union pacific workers about a month ago for that is for us tonight for "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪. elizabeth: the white house a doubling doubt the same rhetoric and policy that collapse of bidens poll ratings as it closes out bidens first year in office with a remarkable number of failures. got the latest, the president will hold its first press conference in about a year after holding half as many as his predecessor. now this, polling shows democrats more women, hispanic voters, independent voters say no to biden.
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his numbers keep finding new bottoms. and remember reagan's famously asked are you better off now than you were four years ago? now voters are saying we are not better off than we were even just a year ago. all of this as potential 2024 contenders are on the move. including trapeze holding a rally in arizona this week and for joining us tonight congressman chris stewart and ronnie jackson florida attorney i should be john hopkins marty makary fox news contributor was former talk kt mcfarland and the washington examiner former top ice official. we have quite a show for you tonight the president today without touting his one win, infrastructure spending saying the supply chain is getting fixed to look at the shocking video we've got for your supply chain cargo containers on freight trains, ransacked and looted. we've got the story. also there's a growing number of states have been hit with healthcare worker shortages.
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outrage conservatives slam the supreme court for upholding bidens vaccine mandate for them but we are on the story. this is the media the president outrage the supreme court rejected his vaccine mandate for employers. but if biden is so committed to his mandates why did he not ask congress first to do it? and dr. fauci is now an even more hot water than ever before. were going to explain and also calls are growing for education secretary to step down over his apparent links to the push to get the fbi to probe school board parents as domestic terror spread where the lawmakers on that joins us live. in this story, border patrol increasingly catching murderers, offenders and certain gang members at the border. where is the white house on this urgent national security issue? plus a pennsylvania now joining florida threatening to send illegal immigrants to
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bidens a backyard, delaware. i am elizabeth macdonald "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ the white house in damage control after the supreme court blocked a bidens vaccine mandate for big workers. now big company ge just suspended its vaccine mandate for its workers. macy's may move the same, boeing is already suspended it. in washington with more. ask liz, lot of reaction since he first reported the decision on your show. now the biden administration is putting the burden of vaccine mandates on states and private companies. >> the supreme court is blocked commonsense lifesaving requirements for employees we are immensely disappointed by that decision. is now up to the states and individual employers to put in that vaccination requirements. quick some companies have shelved the idea to force
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vaccination on workers but citigroup is going forward with theirs where they're actually going to fire employees still on january 312 were unvaccinated for they must show proof of vaccination today to avoid the pink slip. still the ohio attorney general says this ruling subsea power grab by president biden. >> unless they start listening to the supreme court about the limits of their power, you can bet there's going to be more lawsuits and i think a more adverse decisions by the supreme court. >> the national retail federation saint osha clearly exceeded its authority adding this is a significant victory for employers. any separate decision the supreme court did allow the vaccine mandate to go forward for healthcare workers there specifically facilities getting federal money, liz. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you for your reporting. after the president lost training is big government push to seize control of state powers to run elections and run vaccinations begot the white house firing back at
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arizona joining me now is florida attorney general ashley moody along with john hopkins university professor public health and fox news contributor dr. marty makary. first to you, ashley moody. if doctor got hot questions for you coming up for the treasury department warning arizona we are going to call back your pandemic aid if you, arizona, it does not stop under his cutting school mask requirements. this is a new next level threat coming out of the white house. >> this is not going to stop. clearly this administration is caring nothing for the consequences and results of their policy. we had our requiring head start students to wear masks as young as two. we pushed back on that and got an injunction. this is nonsensical policy coming out of washington. we are going all the way to the supreme court to push back on this overreaching tyrannical, nonsensical
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decision. but in the end and certainly while we are frustrated with the judges for not pushing back the cms mandate we think that's going to have disastrous consequences on the healthcare system across this nation. but ultimately liz, the ultimate judges vote the dumpster fire out of office. >> critics -- there's a lot of bad rhetoric to fix the problems. like aiming a squirt gun at eight dumpster fire inside a train wreck. but i want to get to you, doctor. hey chicago you're into spending money. not in the pandemic but pay down debt. as to build new government office building states like alabama spending the money on new broadband, new sewer and water systems. there's a lot of pandemic jobless benefits. dr. marty makary there is that going on and there is this. the top-down government
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approach to the pandemic more boosters more and more of that. europe is not doing that. >> that is right. with one of the only countries pushing additional booster doses. the data is there to support it. but in younger people right now you see colleges mandating boosters, remember the fda bypass their own internal experts in order to push that through pre-w.h.o. is basically said people should not be getting boosters as part of the booster program european cdc came out strongly a few days ago with the same thing. you are seeing this unilateral policy at the exclusion of therapeutics and any discussion of natural immunity. he played the clip from jen psaki a minute ago. it was so bothersome to hear her talk about a lifesaving vaccine for those who are vaccinated. many of those unvaccinated
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their antibodies the government does not recognize. >> given what the doctor just said ashley moody, biden is saying my mandate will save lives with 99 or fewer workers? >> because it was not about that. it was about exerting control, trying to show he's doing something even if it is at the expense of the freedom of americans. they have shown time and time again they do not care about the ultimate consequences and what this will mean to the daily lives of the people who signed up to govern and ask to govern. there is no person who can say they are better off from a year ago when he took office, inflation, crime, supply chain, healthcare or not which will be affected by the cms mandate. our schools, just stop it prints out of our lives, our businesses, our states, we
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would be better off if they just stopped engaging. >> why hear you. since his into white house and what's going on. dr. marty makary i would like you to respond to this, watching. take stock and say things seem to change internally with the outreach for the hill is an incredible number now pray. >> let me give you a little bit of a different take on this for the president also recognizes as he is not always the most effective a messenger. everyone in the country is not looking for him to tell him what is going to dupree certainly knows that. >> there's a lot of talk about disappointments and things we have not gotten done, or going to get a lot of them done i might add. >> all right, you see doctor marty may carry the white house press secretary saying
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basically he's messing up the messaging it's not so top-down. we are seeing shortages of healthcare workers, show the list to the viewer because the pandemic burnout and vaccine mandates. that is dangerous stuff dr. marty makary. another sending medical teams to six states to set them up. got nurses in chicago going on strike. this is bad news. >> looked i talked to doctors and hospital leaders throughout every part of the united states. right now there's one major crisis everyone in healthcare is dealing with. it's that major staffing crisis spreads the self-inflicted wound this is a manufactured crisis because the biden administration inflicted this mandate on hospitals where they cannot afford to lose staff. jason reported last night that in washington state one hospital is calling in people who tested positive and are symptomatic with covid because
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they have no one left to staff the hospital after the fire people tested negative and of natural immunity the biden administration were not going to tolerate a staffing crisis they can do that today. >> we hear you loud and clear doctor, the doctors making a good point. are they going to reverse course? are they going to barrel down this wrongheaded direction they are doing that slamming the healthcare sector, you see democrats, independents, women hispanics turning away from the president, what do you think? >> 33% approval rating 28% of approval rating by hispanics. nothing they have tried to knock policy on has had any sort of success apart just the
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opposite it's been disastrous. look at the border. because of their policies we have a completely open disastrous and dangerous border. we are already seeing the effects of border we've seen a murder by illegal immigrants shooting at officers by illegal immigrants. folks are coming onto the shores of our beaches we have noida who they are. it is incredibly astonishing they have not recognized what is happening this smuggling, the trafficking, the crime as a result of policies have not backtracked on that. why in the world did they now start making sensible policy and reversing direction if they haven't on some of these others really dangerous issues? before doctor mcgarry final word got ten seconds. >> look, hospitals have been dealt a deadly blow with omicron and the staffing crisis. we need somebody to help them out right now. >> got up both you have been terrific florida attorney general dr. marty makary come
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back soon part of next utah congressman chris stewart fox news contributor was lost as a pilot poll numbers employment he is approaching his first year in office with a lot of failures. where's all this headed? that is next on "the evening edit". >> it's been a very bad week for joe biden. this is all of his own doing. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ move to a sofi personal loan. earn $10 just for viewing your rate — and get your money right. ♪ we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis. with pronamel repair toothpaste, we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state.
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elizabeth: jody is not utah congressman author of the final fight for freedom is congressman chris stewart fox news contributor liz a peek. les arthel congressman, inflation of 40 are high break by the way it's great to have you both on. we've got inflation at a 40 year high. and nine straight months, right? nine straight months inflation has wiped out wage again the president is out touting infrastructure the supply chain is getting thick. look at the stunning video from los angeles robert and thieves rating and looting and stealing from supply chain cargo containers on trains amazon packages ups boxes everything. congressman your reaction to this story? >> i would probably say to maybe three things. the first thing is this inflation hits the most vulnerable of americans. if you've never fell at the car of your limousine if you
6:18 pm
haven't million dollar home in new york you don't care that much about it. if you are just a working american it's very, very painful by the second thing is at 7% they do not count food and they do not count housing but it turns out most americans pay for food and housing. if you include those things it's actually closer to 15%. once again a 15% of the most vulnerable americans. and it is because you have primarily this president and democrats in congress have just spent trillions and trillions of dollars. that is what the result is going to be. elizabeth: we hear you congressman. liz peek these images are so disturbing for there are so many packages littering multiple football field lengths you're better off than four years ago, right? whenever consumer confidence plummets to 70 or below your seat major over turn in a people in congress.
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we've not seen that since the financial crisis. when viewers and consumers see images like that coming out of a freight yard it is really discouraging. they think what is going on in this country? >> i think that his rights. into chris's point that plummeting consumer sentiment was particularly bad for lower income americans liz. people are distraught about the pricing they are seeing in the grocery store for rent. i saw a survey something like 95% of apartments are rented right now were only going to see that go up. that is a big part of consumer sentiment. if everything seems to be going wrong right now and then president unfortunately has no answers to give the american people, this crime spree is obviously not entirely his fault. he certainly is not come out and said something about it or talked to the d.a.'s that are allowing this to happen.
6:20 pm
it is really egregious. when you see approval ratings as bad as these are people are looking for answers. so far this president has been a mom about how he's going to start to make life better for people. >> liz is making an important point, right congressman? alyssa just said and also the egregiously flagrantly misleading topspin two, congressman? >> she mentioned crime for example which affects all americans of not directly affect your families instills a spirit. the seeds of the crime wave were planted in 2020 we had months with billions of dollars in damage, hundreds of people's while dozens and dozens of police officers. they never condemned it they refused to condemn it. in fact the vice president was contributing and encouraging people to contribute to funds that would bail people out. people who then went back onto the street and continue to write and commit crimes. in the defendant the police
6:21 pm
movement for heaven sakes which is a democrat initiative. you cannot do those things and raise your hand in surprise when you say oh my gosh crime is going up. smash and grab his growth going up people are frightened. >> there is that inch with the congressman just said and lizzie have been on this too. that divisive speech in georgia where the president effectively said if you disagree with me you are racist. there is a tax on the unvaccinated when campaign does unify the country. he said he's going to do that too. the white house and blasted trump for team blasted trump two years ago over test they start to ramp them up. let's listen to this, watch this. >> ballpark ought to win that second half-million might make. >> not yet we may be able to as we proceed in the process of we've dealt with the first 500 million but i do not have a specific update yet at this point in time print out also note in recent polls, despite
6:22 pm
some the conversations we have in here it's less than 10% of the american public that cannot fight a test for. >> the 500 million tests that have been ordered they're going to be sent to every american do we know when those are going out? >> was to go out shortly. look at the current information i think is going to be by next week soon absently soon. it's a matter of urgency for sp. >> should we have done it sooner? >> were doing a brickwork should we have done it sooner? >> we are doing it. [laughter] elizabeth: you know, liz, senator harris blasted trump for lack of testing, your reaction? >> look, this is where the main things biden was going to bring to his plan. plan to get rid of the covid scourge is centered on testing but as far as i can see that than absolutely nothing about it. even though congress is allocated $79 billion, liz, for tests. but where that money go? people are asking a lot of hard questions finally even that media is beginning to ask
6:23 pm
questions about this. again they have no answers but where did that money go? it is preposterous. >> it is a good point. there is testing. congressman let's wrap this up we have a week of really bad headlines for the white house, right? the polls show people going underneath the rhetoric. they are saying wait a second period for example the president's speech on voting in georgia it was really divisive. if they so upset about it, they only filed for lawsuits? why didn't senator biden or senator harris do anything about it, right? instead of people saying really, why should we believe anything you say right now? >> oh my gosh where you start with this. the president should write a book about my very bad terrible horrible week and people perhaps children would read it and sympathize with him.
6:24 pm
but look, this is as mitch mcconnell said this is painfully un- presidential. you cannot listen to this speech and take it seriously. president biden should listen to senator biden are just a year ago was defending the filibuster. now i say you are literally a racist if you disagree. you aren't literally a traitor to your country for taking a view that by the way some of the democratic colleagues have taken and he took a year ago. click finish a thought. >> i was just saying look, we have all seen political hurwitz people's been around for this is painful to watch because it's so inconsistent with what the democrat said for years. thank you. elizabeth: will come to you first next time. >> no problem we hear you loud and clear. congressman stuart, liz peek thank you very much irving is a hard break. coming up maria bartiromo's kt mcfarland.
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david after called them a moron and asking questions about his poor financial disclosure, the story is next. ♪ ♪
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shingles doesn't care. but you should.
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saw them back to the deputy national security advisor kt mcfarland. great to see you again. >> is great to be back with you. i spent a month in ocala it was terrific but it's great to
6:29 pm
be with you. elizabeth: great work glad you're on barely saw the story, senate rog called him a moron, right? now senator marshall wants to push his fauci act about ethical financial disclosure. dr. fauci saying they're out there they are publicly available. watchdog groups sink know they're not. what he think of the story? >> no. has a document of the last two years are not out there. freedom of information act request has been filed. to get them they must be made public we can all look for ourselves. i'm less concerned about faucher doing unethical things financially then i am at what was about she's real role in creating this virus in the first place. >> that is what people are asking too. you can't find his financials the ones from 2019 are heavily redacted. there stonewalling that media, stonewalling center for
6:30 pm
dependent all they get us the runaround. there's also has been stonewalling the "washington post" and other media about the origins of the pandemic super virus funding by the nih in places like china. how can they get away with all the stonewalling? >> the last part of what he said was the critical part. was he funding the research in that lab that led to the creation of the coronavirus? they have never answered those questions. they have stonewalled them. i think found she went before congress and lied. yet it's never followed up. that is the biggest crime of all. what was our role? what was fauci's role in doing it? >> we hear you loud and clear let's watch dr. fauci, watch this. >> it was stunning to me that the united states senator does not realize that my financial statement is public knowledge.
6:31 pm
it's like where have you been? that is flat out wrong. the nih is getting sued because they have been stonewalling. again financials are not out there. let me stay on this, kt. his relentless focus on getting rid of covid-19 relentless focus on vaccinations. ennis shut down the start of the pandemic looking into what you bring up the funding of super virus research notice out it naturally in nature but fauci nh doctors and scientists can get royalty on drugs and patents and things like vaccines. shouldn't fauci step up and dispel as rumors? it's possible these doctors are using nonprofits like echo help to create super viruses for the purpose of profiting
6:32 pm
from them. >> it is a big cover up. i thought it was a big cover from the beginning. for example there's a chinese researcher at the wuhan lab he immediately applied for patents on the cures for the coronavirus. how did he know this was going to be a pandemic unless they were creating a virus they thought had the potential of causing real problems around the world. i think it leaked out pretty think it was a mistake but what dhec are we involved funding eight science project that sounds like it comes out of a frankenstein monster lab that will be should have been doing with our money which is finding cures. >> dr. fauci on the record saying the benefits outweigh the risk terrific stuffing over glad your back will have you on again soon. just coming out of the bottom of the hour. we are watching the foxbusiness network. examiner david drucker the immediate meltdown mode of the
6:33 pm
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elizabeth: back with the snow washington examiner senior congressional course money is david drucker. david is likely to respond to this. the immediate meltdown mode of the supreme court saying no to biden's vaccine mandate for large employers, watch this. >> at this point, neil, it's hard to think of them as anything other than right wing ideal also should have radio show sinnott justices in the great tradition their politicians we. >> i would say what we have learned today in the last year
6:38 pm
as the war on containing covid has been lost. that is god. we've lost the containment work. your reaction? >> what look it is typical for people who do not like the way the supreme court has meted out its decisions to accuse them of being politicians and not making a decision that is in line with the public good. but this vaccine mandate was constitutionally questionable. we live with vaccine mandates as it happens and we have for decades but look, when i was coming up in the 70s and 80s i had to get vaccinated for all sorts of things. measles and a bunch of other things before going to school. my children today in grade school have to get vaccinated. office of the coronavirus vaccine is something new. this is a little bit different. i'm not surprised the supreme court ruled against this only because it is unusual for the federal government versus state and county governments to implement vaccine mandate. it was never clear that this
6:39 pm
federal mandate which was something completely new it was going to pass constitutional muster. but look, when people are unhappy with with what the supreme court does with what the supreme court there always were to comment. >> we have been predicting for months and months this would fail because of the 1905 supreme court ruling for it said the starting last year. after president biden is so committed to his and mandates the supreme court justices suggest as a built in solution, take it to congress. you are party controlled both houses for the fact he's not done that reveals either cannot lead his own political party or just thanks he can ramp things through by executive order. that is not the way to do it. so for that media is not about the constitution of the white house circumventing if we don't win were going to personally name call and attack people, right?
6:40 pm
this is kind of like swearing to win an argument. >> look i suppose. to complicate unruly sort of bunch with all sorts of different opinions and outlooks depending on who you're talking to. the fix joe biden in his party controlled congress. elizabeth: wait a second hang on a got to jump in and interrupt. it is so unbecoming to personally attack supreme court justices as they should be right wing radio host. that is so demeaning to even the person saying it, right? to say the covid shot is necessary to protect it. it's not the way to go. this is why the credibility crisis is taking over the media and the white house. to protect every american worker the president says you've got to vaccinate everybody paperthin you exempt employers of 99 workers or fewer? too unilaterally declare osha's going to be a broad
6:41 pm
health regulator when congress never gave it that power? that is the issue. you can vaccinate all but this bread that white house meant that right david? >> i am not arguing with you on policy. what i am pointing out is that medium right left and center regulate demonizes georgians to demean politicians and judges they do not agree with. that is so cynical. >> is not cynical it is a fact. i don't think. [laughter] i don't think it is cynical. i just think it is a fact of life. the problem the president has as he did not have a 60 vote majority to do something like a vaccine mandate which even some democrats would not go along with. and he is not the first president, he is just the latest president to try to ramp things through by executive fiat. the other problem we have.
6:42 pm
elizabeth: that's a vaccine that something different. we are running out of time. you are ramming through a vaccine that osha never how the constitution or congressional authority to do, that is where it is. david drucker thanks so much were jointly ran out of time will have you back on again soon. up next texas congressman he is demanding cardona resign over his apparent length to the school board so she jumped bombshell letter calling school board parents a domestic terrorist. keep it here on "the evening edit". this... is the planning effect. this is how it feels to have a dedicated fidelity advisor looking at your full financial picture.
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>> okay welcome back to the
6:47 pm
show texas congressman ronnie jackson. congress would it's great to have you on right you are among the 41 republican lawmakers calling for education secretary mcgough core donor to resign can you tell us why? >> liz this is just another example of how the biden administration at democrats in general have use the executive branch of government which is controlled by biden as a political weapon against the political adversary. we are now finding out this letter that the national school board association, ms. garcia is the president wrote, to the attorney general asking for parents to be treated as domestic terrorist and to be investigated by the fbi and to use the patriot act in all these other things that are intended not to be used against american citizens, to be used against a parent or exercise in the first amendment rights. it's a respect feeling of responsibility as a parent to find out ask questions and protests of the stuff going on in the lives of their kids with this radical critical race theory and other socialist garbage and try to push on the throat pretty find
6:48 pm
out now secretary cardone the secretary of education actually sent an e-mail requesting ms. garcia write this letter so they could then use that send that to the attorney general for the attorney general could use it as an excuse to send the fbi fbi and the department of justice after these parents. they're coordinating the language of this with the white house and everything. this is unbelievable where the department of education the department of justice and the white house and the fbi all involved and coming after american citizens and treating them, naming them as domestic terrorist. this is not something this country stands for. we cannot put up with this in this country, this cannot stand. we are going to find out what happens. like i say everything else lives, we might not find out the next few months they still control the white house, the house of representatives and the u.s. senate. but in 11 months were going out the house of representatives back were going to have a gavel bird were going to decide what gets
6:49 pm
investigated what doesn't get investigated. we will find the answers to what happened in this particular instance. >> congressman, the education secretary rewarded garcia who is created that letter. saying parents are domestic terrorists. he gave her i'd like your response to this bates blasted your letter to fox news in a thursday statement claim it's based on a weak desperate live, can you take that on? >> that is ridiculous it's on a week of desperate light. we note based on e-mails that were released what happened. this is not speculation on any level parade this is actual fact. they are trying to cover up what they have done for until you're now the national school board association, most of the major teachers unions are doing incredible damage or country right now, to our children. we need to get rid of all of
6:50 pm
them but i'm a big proponent of getting rid of the department of education altogether. the federal government in my mind has no business whatsoever and the education of our kids. that's a state and local issue needs to remain a state and local issue. with the federal government in this kind of crab starts happening the start using the department of education as a weapon and they start pushing stuff like critical race theory out on our kids. furthermore the school boards -- the white house has billions of dollars to the schools for them to get her kids back in school and into to teach our kids. now we found out a lot of the stuff was given to these teachers unions and given to people pushing the critical race theory to teach critical race theory it's a very corrupt system we have right now the department of education. secretary cardone is at the head of this. elizabeth: congressman jackson thank you for joining so have you on again soon. thank you bring up next top ice official, border control catching murderers, offenders and gang members at the
6:51 pm
border. where's the white house on the national security issue? plus pennsylvania joining florida threatening to send illegal immigrants to biden's backyard, delaware. the story next. >> what we'll see in 2021 as we will see a record low in deportation that's going to be very hard to explain we are in the midst of your worst border crisis you've ever experienced. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money? (judith) yep, we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. ♪3, 4♪ ♪ ♪hey♪ ♪
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elizabeth: back with us now former ice director it's good to see you again. in rio grande valley in brownsville texas near mcallen as well. nine criminal illegal immigrants they caught them from tuesday until wednesday we too were convicted murderers to offenders five gang members what about the got a ways? >> that makes you wonder. it's so busy down there they are so overwhelmed. luckily they caught these nine and a couple of days in britain goes to show the risks they face the agent workforce faces as it relates to the people in the pipeline. think about the people who traveled everyone is in danger this people inside of the flow
6:56 pm
we've never seen before. the accelerated the human trafficking going on down there the missing out of drug seizures luckily they got these nine but gives the risk. they're not staying in those committees the border can art suffer but most are going to be moving on. they're going to come to other places in the united states. >> nighttime flights complain about how much security flying illegal immigrants in the states like florida and pennsylvania. and out ron we've got pennsylvania at republican following the florida governor saying do you know what? were going to send them to delaware instead. were putting a major strain on our health and education system in our not just the charter flights because of the states like texas and florida are stepping up.
6:57 pm
this is the nonsense that is produced by an out-of-control border. it is not just the charter flights if you go anywhere near the border easy kids leaving in droves to shelters all over the country but is not just the big one time flights tapping all day every day and again they are leaving the border environment they're being released by authorities down there. and then the shelters are all over the country. they need to travel by air. the department can really help themselves here. they can work with local leadership. they can talk to representatives there these are the things we have to do and doing it in the middle of the night i don't know that helps the image of what's going on and not letting people know not line the local towns no they are going to have an additional burden with more kids in school more people accessing the healthcare locally. they need to get out of stepping on themselves and talk to the communities and
6:58 pm
tell them what is going on, be more transparent. >> we hear you ron. there's also also this issue democrat mayor bloomberg also bill de blasio said you should not give illegal aliens not u.s. citizens the right to vote. it will discourage them from becoming naturalized illegal immigrants, right? legal citizens. house democrats blocked the plan that would require states to remove foreign nationals from voter rolls. fifteen municipalities allow it not citizens to vote, right? that is what's going on in this country. it's really interesting we see this happening in maryland, new york, vermont and california. >> the franchise into votes, the privilege to vote should not be watered down by the local towns and communities that are given what they are saying illegal immigrants a chance to vote. that is an incentive for you to naturalize.
6:59 pm
that's an incentive and vote for their governors, their mayors, the sheriff. that is an incentive. they should not watered down because it dilutes the franchise for the rest of us. elizabeth: yes. democrats and the presidents say we need to preserve the integrity of the votes. isn't this ruining the integrity of the vote? your final word. >> they are all over the place, right? it's inconsistent message and going on. they do not want people to use the id belt get they want people who are in the country illegally to vote anyway but it's watering it's down, it is confusing people and we need to do better. thirty-seven ron it's great to have you on the show come back soon and thank you so much for your service to our country it's great to have you on. come back again. elizabeth: art i am elizabeth macdonald to watch "the evening edit" on foxbusiness.
7:00 pm
we had a jampacked hour for you were going to do it again monday night. we hope you have a good weekend, good evening and again join us again monday night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the fox studios in new york city this is maria bartiromo's wall street. >> happy weekend everyone and happy new year to you welcome to the program analyzes the week that was an helps position you for the week ahead. i am maria bartiromo. forty or heist federal reserve chairman jay powell warns of the impact of the high inflation. danna niles is here on where to put your money to work right now. plus aware is the


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