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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 13, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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titles and royal roles as the epstein scandal intestifies. a day of the prince's lawyers failed to persuade a u.s. judge to dismiss a civil lawsuit that accuses him of sexual abuse. more to come on that. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." thank you so much for watching. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight the white house in turmoil. the president angry, it was a brutal day. a triple whammy of losses today. the supreme court blocked biden's vaccine mandate to large employers. democrat senators say no to get rid of the filibuster to ram throw voting reform, yet another white hot inflation reading. american families hit with sticker shock. critics say to president biden and the democrats given these growing failures, given out democrats and independents are
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turning against the president, isn't it time to stop the bullying, stop the threats, meet your colleagues across the aisle, compromise? stop trying to force your political agendas on americans, get to work. we have tonight for you, this story too. trump and numerous gop presidential contenders they are circling big time. joining us tonight congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks, brian style, claudia tenney, arizona attorney general mark brnovich, fox news contributor deneen borelli, gop strategist ford o'connell, tom homan and former acting dhs secretary chad wolf. a deeper dive into how the supreme court ruling could affect this story, we're 650 day into flatting curve. many americans say we have to live with the pandemic. we will debate it. this hot debate, election hotdogs warn that democrats are misleading the country how exactly the democrats government takeover of state elections really does not help the country at all.
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plus democrat silence on voter i.d. numerous democrat blue states biden and kamala harris this is racist. if all this was so racist why didn't then senators biden and senator harris act? dr. fauci facing more backlash after that explosive senate hearing, caught in another contradiction. we break it down. plus a potential game-changer a u.s. state working on the first-in-the-nation law to stop bail reform non-profits, bailing out without any oversight, convicted felons like murders who go on to kill more people. "washington post" reporting that the fbi has uncovered a sprawling and frightening nationwide network, south american robbery gangs in areas known for soft on policies on crime and d.a.s. we have this for you, is the biden white house delaying i.c.e. deportation data because
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it is really bad news in order to avoid political heading into the 2022 midterm elections. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. stay on breaking news. the fallout, the supreme court blocking biden's sweeping vaccine or test mandate for businesses with 100 or more workers but granting biden's vaccine mandate for health care workers at hospitals that get medicaid or medicare funding. edward lawrence has more. edward? reporter: you said it at the top of the show. a big blow to the biden administration by the u.s. supreme court. the white house pushing vaccine mandates for months. now the highest court in the land saying vaccine mandate for companies with 100 or more employees is unconstitutional. it could go back to be relitigated if the two sides want to do that.
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senator john barrasso saying 6-3 decision was the right one. >> a big win for the american people and for freedom and it is a big loss for president biden and for big government. i'm a doctor. i'm pro-vaccine. i'm anti-mandate. to me the mandate was a massive overreach by the government. reporter: so this white house now shifting the pressure. in a statement from the president reiterated by white house press secretary jen psaki they're putting pressure on companies. listen. >> supreme court's decision on the osha mandate essentially means that end of pandemic is up to individual employers to determine whether their work places will be safe for employees. whether their businesses will be safe for consumers. reporter: in 5-4 decision the supreme court upheld the mandate for health care workers at facilities that specifically get federal money. the white house saying that the administration will aggressively enforce that.
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back to you. elizabeth: edward lawrence, thanks for your reporting there. good to see you. welcome back to the show, joining us now, from house education and labor congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks and arizona attorney general mark brnovich. arizona is one of the states that brought the case to the supreme court against the biden vax mandate. first to you, mr. brnovich, how do you feel today? what do you think of the ruling? >> i'm happy , applaud portions of what the supreme court did but disappointed they didn't bo all the way. obviously no government and the biden administration does not have the authority to tell anyone they have to inject something into their body. so for now the osha rules obviously were struck down as unconstitutional but i also worry the court should have have been a little clearer that no president has this authority. quite frankly i don't think congress has the authority to delegate this to osha as well. frankly i think they should to further but i'm glad they put a
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paul on this. two other big lawsuits. elizabeth: two other big lawsuits on this. >> yes, ma'am. so we also have to federal contractors, other federal employees, those questions are i will undecided. the supreme court i was hoping would have bonn a little further no president and congress cannot delegate this authority to the executive brand. they didn't go that far. for at least now the individual mandate is on hold. elizabeth: got it. congressman miller-meeks what is your reaction to the ruling? >> i was pleased with the ruling. we've known for some time that osha issuing a temporary standard was a vast overreach of the federal government. i think that the biden administration is doing everything it can because it failed to crush the virus. it failed to get the pandemic under control. so i think it was the right decision. i too am concerned about using cms, reimbursement to health care providers in order to force them into the positions you want them to take. the federal government didn't mandate hospitals or clinics
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vaccinate their employees but if you're not going to reimburse them, same thing as a defacto mandate. forcing it through the employer. that will increase our labor shortage. elizabeth: yeah. it will. we're seeing labor shortages in hospitals too. in middle of multiple crises, mr. brnovich, the pandemic, inflation, high gas prices, border crisis, biden had a brutal day today. he is focusing on voter reform though and voter i.d. the polls are turning against him. by the way the majority of black voters support voter i.d. here is the thing. so democrats and independents, in "quinnepiac poll," more and more are turning against the president. his approval ratings are crashing down to 33% in "qunnipiac polling." what do you think of this, mr. brnovich? >> i think it its ironic, liz, that president biden said that he was disappointed in the supreme court because my immediate reaction, welcome to what most taxpayers feel about
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the biden administration. whether rising prices, ceding control of our border to the cartels, trying to nationalize our elections, americans are hurting and the biden administration, whoever is talking to the president's ear doesn't seem to get that. i think voters will send a very, very strong message this year, the failed policies of the progressive left will be rejected by american taxpayers. we need to make sure we have law and order, return power to the states, we make sure that we don't have to nationalize every problem including our elections. elizabeth: we hear you. congresswoman, you know, we have the president, he is disappointed today, right? congresswoman he is saying, doubling down calling it a pandemic of the unvaccinated, saying it is your patriotic duty to wear masks. now the european union and w.h.o. saying no to boosters. if you keep doing boosters it will ruin your immune system. we have that, right, congresswoman? we have this. we're 650 days into flattening the curve. americans are done.
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they're moving on from the irrationality comes from government, our public health authorities, our schools, listen we have to live with this. so even making skeptics out of the compliant as bari weiss has said. your word on that? >> we know we're at a place now where we have to live with this virus. our actions towards omicron may actually hurt us because omicron crossed immunity with the delta variant which is much more serious. it is no longer a pandemic of the unvaccinated. those who are vaccinated can still transmit the virus. europe has it right in not demanding boosters. it is a global pandemic. we'll continue to see variants. there are animal reservoirs. we can all best could determine what is best for us. i've been vaccinated. i'm for vaccinations but not for a mandate. it only made this problem worse. elizabeth: yeah. we her you, congresswoman. mr. brnovich, many states see worker shortages.
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the congresswoman brought that up too, because of pandemic, burnout, we're seeing that inside of hospitals. unvaccinated hello workers are getting fired because the supreme court upheld that part of the biden vaccine mandate for hospitals that get medicaid, medicare funding. are you worried about that? >> absolutely. shame on the biden administration, this should be about medical science, not political science, reality they are not following the science. my hope is that we all recognize that our constitution cannot be masked, distanced or canceled. that is what the biden administration will do. all the health care workers, first-responders, we have the lawsuit where first-responders joined us suing the biden administration. for 18 months they risked their lives, through the pandemic and now jeopardizing livelihoods, health insurance, retirement accounts, all because the biden administration wants to make a political point. shame on joe biden, shame on the biden administration. elizabeth: congresswoman
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mariannette miller-meeks and mr. brnovich, attorney general of arizona, good to see you both. thanks for joining us. we still have to come this story. we'll tell you which state is working on the first in the nation law to stop bail reform non-profits for helping to bring convicted felons like murders who go on to kill more people. a new law would regulate them just like bail bonds men with more oversight. up next congressman byron styles and fox news contributor deneen borelli. democrat senators saying no to enacting democrat vote reform in a party line 50-50 vote by getting rid of the filibuster. we have yet another white hot inflation reading. wake-up call to president biden and the democrats that they're not answering. another brute -- brutal day for the white house. we're taking this all on next. ♪. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us congressman brian styles house committee on elections, fox news contributor deneen borelli. a brutal day, congressman, and deneen for the president. democrat senator krysten sinema saying no, we'll not get rid of a filibuster to ram through the vote reform bill. congressman, deneen, i will ask
6:16 pm
you both. wouldn't this backfire? "politico" is reporting that the republicans are going to win in the midterms, take back control of congress. if trump wins the presidency wants more compliant senate. it would backfire on the democratses wouldn't it, congressman. >> getting rid of the filibuster related to this voting bill, this voting bill is terrible policy. this voting bill democrats put forward drafted late last night, guts voter i.d., puts money in re-election campaigns, prevents states from fixing voter roles. bad policy good of itself. good to see the senate held on to the filibuster tonight. elizabeth: what do you think, deneen. >> no, i total agree. the democrats are all about power. that is why they're trying to change the rules in the middle of the game here. they mow that their poll numbers are in the tank. americans are not happy.
6:17 pm
add this to the list the americans know that the biden administration is an absolute nightmare. they are disregarding everything that americans are standing for. it is reflected in the polls. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear, deneen. the thing is, congressman, the rules that biden is calling racist and jim crow, like you know, we're back to that era, they're in blue democrat states. 35 states have voter i.d. including states like michigan and washington state. the states have longer early voting days than early voting days than the democrats own vote reform bill, right? so you know what i mean? georgia has longer voting days, right. >> absolutely. the president went to georgia to continue the lie -- elizabeth: early voting. i mean early voting. sorry, i mean early voting days, sorry about that. >> but he is going to georgia to continue the lie that republican states are trying to restrict voter access.
6:18 pm
that is completely false. he should go to new york city. the democrats preventing us not to have i.d. to vote are requiring a i.d. card to go to dinner in new york city and washington, d.c. they are doing it for political purposes. they know voter i.d. makes it easy to vote, hard to cheat. they're pushing forth a political agenda. that is why they're driving forward on the voting legislation. elizabeth: deneen, react to the president. he was clearly frustrated today. watch this. president biden: we missed this time. we missed this time. the state legislative bodies continue to change the law not who can vote but who gets to count the vote, count the vote, count the vote. it's about election subversion, not just whether or not people get to vote. who counts the vote?
6:19 pm
that is what this is about. elizabeth: okay. unclear what he is talking about there. but, deneen georgia, there is no excuse absentee balloting. you don't need a reason to have absentee ballot. 16 states require that including connecticut and massachusetts. delaware has no excuse balloting. i'm not sure what, people are confused about this issue, deneen. what do you think? >> well, look, biden is acting like a spoiled five-year-old in a toy store because he can't get his way. this week he called americans domestic enemies and racists. so look, the democrats are in desperate, they're desperate, they're in a downward spiral and they're in disarray, liz. we'll see more outburst like this as well as we approach the midterm elections. elizabeth: yeah. we hear you loud and clear. by the way the president cited in his speech george wallace,
6:20 pm
bull conner, jefferson davis, by the way, all of them were democrats. take on the issue what deneen brought up. senator mcconnell is calling out the president too for campaigning on unity. he blew up his own calls for unity. he accuses those restoring election rules right before they were before the pandemic, racist. what do you think? >> the president campaigned on the fact that he was a moderate. those of us like me, president trump, we knew he would govern from the far left. that is exactly what he is doing. they're pushing forward the election law because they do not want to talk about the economy. they don't want to talk about the fact costs are going up. inflation is 7%. wages are not keeping up with inflation. american workers are getting clobbered by their economic policies. elizabeth: another bad producer price number. up almost 10%, that inflation number. deneen, take the idea that the laws depress democracy and
6:21 pm
freedom. raises question why senator kamala harris, president biden do more to change the racist laws before 2019. let's watch democrats talk about how they want to keep the filibuster and attacking republicans for doing what they want to do now. watch this. >> this "nuclear option" is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. it is a fundamental power grab by majority party. folks who want to see this change, want to eliminate one of the procedural mechanisms designed for the express purpose of guarantying individual rights and they also as a consequence would undermine the protections of the minority point of view in the heat of majority excess. >> we are on the precipice of a crisis a constitutional crisis. the checks and balances which have been at the core of this
6:22 pm
republic are about to be evaporated by the "nuclear option." that, madam president, what we call abuse of power. >> what about the "nuclear option," doing away with the filibuster? >> that would be the end of the senate as it was originally devised and created going back to our founding fathers. elizabeth: now we hear news coming out the president will be talking to senators krysten sinema and manchin tonight. your final word, deneen. >> i'm not surprised. shows you how desperate the democrats are, thawing for rolling the tapes to point out their hypocrisy in all of this, liz. elizabeth: congressman brian style, deneen borelli, great to have you back on, come back again soon. we're heading into the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. up next, congresswoman dr. claudia tenney. dr. fauci facing more backlash after the explosive senate
6:23 pm
hearing this week. he is caught in another contradiction. we'll break it down on "the evening edit." stay here. >> i wish fauci would do his job. we would be in a much better place. (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything.
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even though there was never any claims. and that's where i was struggling as a growing business. i'm very happy that i moved over to pie for my worker's comp. from start to finish, it was extremely easy. they quickly came back to me with a plan that was affordable for me so that i could grow my company while not breaking the bank. ask your agent, or get a quote at elizabeth: welcome back to the show, claudia tenney of house foreign affairs. great to have you on. good to see you again. dr. fauci testified earlier in the week. called senator marshall a moron.
6:27 pm
saying, yes, senator, my financial disclosures are on public, online. "forbes" magazine opened the books, they're not public, they're not online as the doctor testified. what is going on here? >> they have not been on since 2019. i served with roger marshall. dr. roger marshall, he is a medical doctor, unlike a dr. fauci. he is not practicing medicine. he is a federal bureaucrat. this is really hypocritical, that he is making so much money as a bureaucrat and really putting his own arrogance, his own self-interests, his own enrichment ahead of public service. that is what is so upsetting to many about dr. fauci. he has put so many of us at risk with so many of his opinions and now you know the oversight committee actuallies it closed this week that he referred to the wuhan lab leak as a shiny object that will go away. i mean, really? a shiny object that will go
6:28 pm
away? we have millions of people across the globe who have died, over 800,000 americans? many people who are suffering under this, under this pandemic? you know this is just unexcusable for someone in a public service position that dr. fauci is in. elizabeth: critics are saying president trump was still in office he would have fired dr. fauci a long time ago. watch the exchange where dr. fauci called senator marshall a moron. >> i cannot find them. our office cannot find them. where would they be if they're public knowledge? where? >> it is totally accessible to you. >> for the public, is it accessible to the public? >> to the public? to the public. you are totally incorrect. >> we look forward viewing it. >> senator marshall, dr. fauci answered it. it is public information. he would be happy to give it to you if you asked. snore moran. >> what a moron. jesus christ. elizabeth: okay. so they're not public. open the is suing nih
6:29 pm
for these records. that is how locked down they are. his salary, his investments whether or not he is getting royalties on things like patents for drug, interluken, hiv drug was getting royalties to that. says he is donating it to charity. we don't know anything about his conflicts of interest. >> not at all. interesting we're looking at stock transactions with members of congress, we have a federal bureaucrat, one of the highest paid, from what we know he is making over $400,000 a year. that is elite status, also cashing in on various you know medical drugs and medical discoveries. who knows what he is cashing in on now, what he has done during the pandemic. i would like to know especially in the last two years. this is really somethingly i think the oversight committee on our side of the aisle will drill down on. the democrats don't want to talk about it. this cult of personality dr. fauci being their hero.
6:30 pm
the mia covers it up, media doesn't get into it. i think at some point the emperor has no clothes for dr. fauci, and they will have to pay the price. he is starting to sound like a grouchy old man, starting with our president. elizabeth: we hear, republican snortings led by marco rubio and marsha blackburn basically doing new legislation to sanction china over the origins of the pandemic because they are blockading and stonewalling there. three republicans on house committee sent a letter to the white house. why is the white house, why is dr. fauci blockading and stonewalling us and also the media? "washington post" asking questions about whether nih funding you know supervirus research in places like china. so you know, congresswoman, i want you to listen to this. this is illuminating. dr. fauci said yes you should lock down, states seriously look at shutting down. we'll show those comments in just a second.
6:31 pm
illuminating exchange between senator rand paul an dr. fauci on this. watch this. >> you were the one responsible, you are the architect, you are the lead architect for the response from the government. now 800,000 people have died. >> right. >> do you think it is a winning success what you've advocated for government? >> senator, first of all, if you look at everything that i said you accused me of in monolithic way, telling people what they need to do. everything that i have said has been support of the cdc guidelines. elizabeth: he did in a monolithic way tell states to shut down. show the viewer what he said in 2020. your thoughts on this, congresswoman? >> yeah. i again, i call for dr. fauci to be fired a long time ago, not to mention, conflicting advice he has been giving throughout. we have to wear masks. we don't have to wear masks. here he is giving the cdc, nih their guidance he turns out to
6:32 pm
be wrong on so many things. getting back to the financial disclosure, i would like to know where dr. fauci is cashing in, enriching himself if that is happening. nonetheless i like to see it. how many people work for the government to make that kind of money. he is probably one of the highest paid people in the entire federal government for sure, other than the president, those positions. elizabeth: he is. so you know, who is going to take responsibility for the lockdowns? it is sort of like everybody ran away from the financial crisis of 2008, right? there was no accountability there. who will take responsibility for the lockdowns, final word, congresswoman tenney? >> obviously dr. fauci is not. they will double down. the media will continue to protect him. the mainstream media not hold him accountable. democrats are doing nothing to hold him accountable. it will have to be a red wave and republicans taking over and really digging down doing an investigation into dr. fauci, and the whole lockdown that hurt our communities and our businesses. elizabeth:wer hear you. elected officials in california, new york, they're saying yeah,
6:33 pm
the lockdowns were botched. they were wrong. we should have never shut down the way we did. destroyed so many businesses, american family lives. congresswoman claudia tenney, come back soon. up next, gop strategist, ford o'connell, tell you which state working on first-in-the-nation law, charities that help felons and convicked murderers to get out of jail to kill more people. >> data does not lie. public safety is the key to economic stability, recovery, and also humanity.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now, gop strategist, ford o'connell. great to have you back on. okay, indiana where lawmakers are working on a first of its kind law to crack down and regulate bail charities. one non-profit, the bail project, ford, helped bail out two felons who were subsequently
6:38 pm
charged with violent homicides in indianapolis. this is rough stuff. >> yes, it is. look, there is a culture of lawlessness gripping this nation. i tip my hat to indiana lawmakers betting tough on crime. you and i often talk about soft on crime policies and soft on crime d.a.s but there are some external actors contributing to this crime surge and one of them are these non-profit bail charities they frankly need to be regulated because they are also contributing to the massive crime surge across the country. elizabeth: talk about the two felons who have been charged with homicide after they were released from bail with help of non-profit. travis lang, charged with october 1st shooting death of 24-year-old dylan mcginnis. the bail project and a bail bonds man posted 5600 bond for drug charge. he had prior felony convictions. i want to move on to the next issue. it is graphic. marcus garvin accused murdering
6:39 pm
his girlfriend, 30-year-old chris at this lynn holt. stabbed her more than four dozen times. that is what we're talking about. ford, you make an important point because these nonprofit operate without regulation or oversight unlike bail bonds man and have regulation. the state says we need to treat them like bail bonds men? >> the state is actually right. they need to be regulated like traditional bail bonds men. someone who gets bailedded out shouldn't being violent criminal with extensive record we know who to hold accountable. unfortunately this is lot like willie horton back in the '80s in massachusetts. you get a lot of progressive activists let's be soft on crime. excuse certain things. what winds up happening, you embolden criminals, you wind up endangering the public safety. elizabeth: we understand that donations to bail non-profits
6:40 pm
soared during floyd rye i don't think so. there is issue of poor people trapped in bail because they cannot afford bail. this is something else. this is releasing murderers on tote streets to go on to reoffend. that is what the issue is, right? >> exactly right. making sure violent offenders with extended criminal records don't slip through the cracks to get bail. this is not about indigent poor people who commited a misdemeanor and can't get out this, is about making sure we get the bad guys away and they stay in jail awaiting trial. elizabeth: ford, final case. democrats were accused of being so weak on crime, even a baltimore man, a man in baltimore expressed shock over his own reduced sentencing in connection with setting his former girlfriend's home on fire, saying he shouldn't be out of jail for the crime i committed. it sends a bad message to criminals. he is luther trent. he was amazed that he got a suspended sentence. your final word on that?
6:41 pm
>> well he is absolutely right. it does send a bad message but what happened in baltimore. this is marilyn most by, sorrows backed d.a., she got indicted for breaking the law herself. elizabeth: we hear that story coming in as well. she was on the freddy gray case. quite a story. let's stay on that. ford o'connell, great to see you. come back soon. >> thank you, emac. elizabeth: still to come, the border crisis, we'll take on this debate. is the white house delaying the release of i.c.e. deportation data in order to avoid political damage heading into the 2022 midterm elections? up next former top i.c.e. official, former new york state police officer is tom homan. thethe washington reported thate fbi discovering a frightening development in crime. a nationwide network of the south american robbery gangs operating under the radar in
6:42 pm
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show, former acting i.c.e. director, fox news contributor, tom homan. great to see you. great to have you back on the show. your reaction to this wash upon post story, reporting that the fbi and u.s. law enforcement uncovered a sprawling nationwide network of criminal cells of professional south american robbers and thieves, particularly from colombia and chile, exploiting weak soft on crime laws by democrats in those areas and also tourism visa waiver programs, to steal, going from state to state. your reaction to this? >> tourism crime has been going on for a couple decades. you will see this escalate because of two things. number one you have a soft immigration enforcement policy you mentioned before the commercial i.c.e. has not
6:47 pm
released reports. i.c.e. is not arresting anybody. they are not allowed to and at the same time sanctuary cities not enforcing law. you can be here on visa, here illegally, arrested in new york city for a burglary you will not be turned over to i.c.e. you will be released on the street for the same day. these criminal cartels. they pay attention. they can get into the united states illegally. if they want to enter illegally they will get released. they can commit a crime in sanctuary city and i.c.e. will not be called. in addition to i.c.e. not being called, law enforcement won't prosecute them in new york city. district attorney went on record for that. the criminal cartels will take advantage, and see the type of crimes flourish in the united states under this administration. elizabeth: we hear you, these south american gangs are carrying out scores of burglaries, jewelry heists, other crimes in states like georgia, texas, new jersey, north carolina, south carolina, stealing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of goods each year and what they're doing is,
6:48 pm
experts say the gangs operate with impunity because they found a criminal sweet spot. democrat d.a.s dropped cash bail so low, and arrested burglar skips bond and get skips to the next town for a job. they're in that sweet spot there where they're operating. your word on that? >> on top of that, they didn't mention that the immigrant community, asian criminal cartels, they focus on people of asian nationality just like ms-13. they're heavy into extortion. they extort people in the immigrant community. that is why, liz, i've been fighting against sanctuary cities for years. you have the sanctuary city politicians, we're a sanctuary city because we want to protect the immigrant community. wrong, when you release a public safety threat illegal alien back into the public they will likely reoffend in the same community which they live in the immigrant community. you will see immigrant community crime rise because no
6:49 pm
enforcement of criminal laws and to enforcement of immigration law. elizabeth: the other thing too is, they attract less attention because u.s. authorities, police are contending with a rise in homicides and murders. what they're doing is, they are doing surveillance on people's homes to see if they're away. they're using jammers to block key fobs, your car key the fob, jammer to block it, to keep the car unlocked so they can carjack it, much more, that is what is going on. so you're right about that. they're focusing on small businesses who may have a lot of cash on hand inside of their home. they go in there and steal it. final word, tom? >> but their prime target, their prime target is immigrant community those who have money. they feel they're protected by sanctuary laws and criminal laws in that area. they will victimize immigrant communities illegally because they are afraid to report the
6:50 pm
crime. with administration failing to enforce immigration law, sanctuary cities that fail to enforce criminal law and don't detain people because of the cash bail reform, you're going to see this spike this year to unbelievable levels. elizabeth: got it. tom homan, thanks for your insights and perspective, good to see you, come back soon. up next, former top dhs official chad wolf. the border crisis debate. is the white house delaying the release of i.c.e. deportation data to avoid political damage heading into the 2022 midterm elections. it is expected that there is a severe drop in the numbers. the story next. >> this is a national security problem. it has been since this administration took over t was before. except we had a president who focus the focused on it and worked to solve the problem.
6:51 pm
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learning is now, former acting dhs secretary, chad wolf. you and i have talked a lot about this from of the white house continues to delay the release of government data on deportation. you and i talk about deportations of criminal illegal aliens.
6:55 pm
they should have released it by this time, are they afraid of backlash because numbers are still bad and embers have dropped dramatically? >> absolutely radar. it's a report usually released at the end of the december every year but talks about the number of arrests and deportation ice law enforcement officers execute every year end they usually publish it in a timely manner. there middle of january and i think it's because what we will see in 2021, a record low of arrests and deportations and that will be hard to explain when you are in the midst of a border crisis worse than we've ever experienced, he would see record low of arrests and deportations so i think they will have a difficult time messaging and not by they have not put it out yet. liz: so why delay it? we are in midterm election year, if it's bad, get the bad news out. what are they waiting for? it's unclear why sit on the data?
6:56 pm
now the criticism is masking over that. >> my guess is they will issue in the coming weeks but what they are likely going to do and i've seen it for the last 11 to 12 months, likely release it on a friday night pretty late hoping it buried in we can news or release another time when there's another announcement hoping the vast majority of americans won't see it or question it and that's how they been operating for the last year. liz: kevin mccarthy is saying the president refuses to publicly release information about the number of people caught on the terror watch list caught at the border, is this a big problem? >> it is because the administrations not being honest with the american people so what dhs and the administration hide behind, they say that number and information is classified. we are not asking for the nationality or names of the individuals but i think the
6:57 pm
american people need to understand and have a right to know whether we are talking about five individuals who have tried to cross the border on any number of watchlist or 25 people and there's a big difference between the two so i think it's the administration not wanting to be public about what their policies are causing on the border every day. liz: minorities leader carthy points out the president has been in elected office for more than 40 years and the closest he ever came to the border is driving by el paso one time. why wouldn't he visit it and know firsthand what's going on? is the responsibility and people say he's created his own border policy. >> it's completely inexcusable, no legitimate reason the president or the vice president hasn't gone to parts of the border experiencing the crisis
6:58 pm
we are seeing today. it's one thing to have the vice president go to el paso, a major metropolitan city, it's another to go to yuma or rio grande valley, brownsville, laredo and less populated areas where they are experiencing more of the crisis but to not have the president, this is one of the biggest crisis facing this country and has been blessed 12 months refusing to go to the border and refusing to support men and women in law enforcement. i went to the border numerous times, several of the president and vice president, every time dhs law enforcement and others caught a big morale boost from seeing their president and commander-in-chief in my guess is the administration is afraid of what they will hear from law enforcement should the president go. liz: trump with the to the border all the time, he visited frequently even after leaving office. mccarthy said he talked to mayors at the border, border
6:59 pm
mayors on our show and community leaders, they've have to shut down their schools and one mayor shut down schools 46 times in nine months because of car chases from the cartel coming across the border and shootings. you talk to ranchers where they are seeing family members getting attacked or kidnapped, threats of kidnapping, their houses or property burned down. your final word on this? >> it's one thing to sit in d.c. and share the stories, i can tell you when you go down there and talk to these individuals face-to-face and firsthand, you get a different perspective and care differently about what's going on down there so for the president and vice president not to go shows you they are not taking this issue seriously enough, carve time out of their schedule to get down there and meet law enforcement and renters and everyone affected by the crisis. liz: we want to explain to the viewers, the images you saw on
7:00 pm
camera were of drug and human smuggling cartel members in militarized gear and uniforms. chad wolf, thank you for your service to this country, great to have you on. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. we hope you have a good evening, thanks for watching and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: supreme court dealing a huge setback, vaccine mandates, thank god. that's coming up in just moments. first, if you want to know why there's so much covid confusion in the united states, look no further than our vice president. she can't seem to get anything right. today a reporter asked her to explain the administrations pandemic plan of god. her answer sounded like a fifth-grader who forgot a book report was due. >> at what time does the


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