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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 11, 2022 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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america first and california have lost their way. >> sheriff mark lam, thank you for your service to our country. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you've been watching the evening at on foxbusiness. hope you have a good evening joint as it again tomorrow night. ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: rochelle walensky in a slick needle and hospitalized covid patients and finally we are having fourth crisis discussion about designation. who happens to show up to hospital with covid, different from one whose hospitalized because of covid. the old selling lace was the unvaccinated are more likely to be hospitalized but it turns out a bunch of sickly obese people go to the er who happen to test positive for covid.
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the administration went all in on vaccines as though they were the only tools to fight the virus from a critical arrow in the quiver. opening up channels from her treatment, the present push the idea is a pandemic of the unvaccinated who have wrecked everything. unfortunately for him, a lot of properly vaccinated and angry voters contracted covid. some for the second miserable time so magically we are going to demonize medical freedom, and shrugged that's one part we have to live with us to the other, finally admitting comorbidities are a special problem and was the most damning comorbidity of them all? being a boom boom, pleasantly plump are 40% -- 46% more likely to contract covid, 113% greater chance of hospitalization and will die with 48% greater certainty from the virus.
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where do we go from here? if the government found easy to require you to get an experimental inoculation to park take and monday activities relate open to a free society like going to dinner, immediately segregating and shaming the dubious like the majority of african-americans, get ready for the collective way and, this is a pandemic, if your bmi is north of 35, you will be able to fly or eat out or get an organ transplant. it just too risky. compliance isn't the end of a crisis, it's the appetizer in the federal government is too pleased to burp up your individual liberties out of an abundance of caution. for the record, i love you the way you are, full and all but the government are paying for your jabs and surgeries, they may not look upon your muffin
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top and man boobies with kind eyes. get ready to be that changed america. i love you most but i warned you first and that's the memo. of course the government tried this before, it never works. here in new york they attempted to regulate sugary sodas in an effort to make us all have your and make people with diabetes, you know, the sugar beat them into submission and they start enforcing restaurant to show calorie count. what's to stop them from forcing you to exercise and eat better in the name of public health? let's meet tonight man panel and solve every work problem we have. host of the guide doesn't show on fox news show, it is guy benson. former aide to chuck schumer, hosted aggressive progressive podcast, christopher hahn and director of libertarian, scott horton. he looks way too happy but he's
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here. hi, everyone. great to have you. guys, there's a massive shift in the last ten days in terms of this administration, about covid and not too long ago went from a pandemic of the unvaccinated to well, we got to live with this come up with got to do it and the admission comorbidities really are the driving force here, what you see happening next? >> i think they did this because of political reality, they have to admit the truth now. the previous talking points are resonating, they don't make sense with people, now for their own political benefit can finally be said that there's a difference between going to the hospital and happening to test positive versus going to the hospital because he worked very sick due to covid. we've been talking about this for a year end a half and now the power has gained to allow us to talk about it as members of society, i find that interesting.
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the other thing you said in the opening model that i found interesting as well, i think it's true that this administration has focused too much on vaccines. i am pro- vaccine, i've been preaching get your vaccination on my radio show and every chance i get i am fully vaccinated and encourage everyone to do it, it's the right thing to do in my opinion and based on what the doctors have told me as well but there's a difference between pro- vaccine or anti- vaccine and only that. i think part of the problem we've seen is look at our testing shortage right now, reportedly rejected a wrap up in testing because they were too focused on just vaccines. we didn't see operation warp speed on therapeutics for example that worked very well against covid because they were myopic session they had on vaccines only, i think that approach was single-minded, dispensable to a certain extent but now i think we are seeing foolishness about approach from the biden administration and
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they are getting burned by that approach politically. kennedy: people who are unvaccinated could still have gone to the hospital and got monoclonal antibodies or the drugs withheld from the market for months and months, those were successful in keeping people alive so i don't know when the pandemic comes to an end but i see the power grab is pretty endless. your thoughts? >> i'm hoping the pandemic comes to an end and we can relax and move on with our lives and i hope people who are concerned about the pandemic will accept it when it actually ends and it's a big concern of mine, i know people who are extremely cautious right now even people double or triple vaccinated so we got to get to a place. comorbidities are a huge problem and work before the pandemic, we have to make sure our society
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eat healthy and get in shape, you and i agree on that fully and we have to encourage people to do that but i do believe we have to have a solution to some of us including vaccinations, insurance companies have to say if you're vaccinated, if you weigh this or that, here is your rate. i think this will drive people to get vaccinated people will lose weight. kennedy: they tried to do that and they were called racist. is it realistic? listening to chris, there are a lot of people who feel the way he does, society would be healthier if we could make people lose weight, make people exercise and if they would engage in healthcare choices and now we are on a slippery slope where the federal government has mandated vaccines so why would they stop there, scott? >> they spent two years telling
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everybody to stay home, stay on your couch and don't go out and get sunshine and exercise get fit when we've known from very early on at least spring of 202020 this disease hits elderly and obese hardest in the previous administration before trump and obama years, that's all they did was lecture people about eating right. why couldn't i start that back up again? they didn't and they emphasized vaccines above any other kind of treatment or preventative action which is a shame but with omicron, apparently from what i'm reading it's not infecting the lungs as much, it's much less deadly and more transmissible and less fairly so that's what we hope for, eventually it will evolve to be less dangerous of a term and i
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talked to an epidemiologist a couple of years ago saying this is what will happen, the hong kong flu h2 and two from 1967 and 68 where eventually it became another seasonal flu and this will be, to but the question is, how do we get all of these bureaucrats to relinquish the power they ceased in the name of the emergency? if this germ was gone might they be looking for another just like the pentagon for another war to fight. kennedy: and that is a great comparison. you are absolutely right, 1000% true because what's come with all of this authority? primitive dollars in spending what is ago? various bureaucracies who become addicted to the budget and government, how do you roll on your budget? spend what you've got to justify getting more so they will spend more, that means they will take more power because there's a direct correlation between how much the government spends how much control they have over your
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life. speaking of excess poundage, dog torture doctor fauci is laying us all down but liberty loving senator rand paul is the only person holding him accountable. republicans released information pet reveals the top doc knew he was well informed that covid probably came from a lab. senator paul followed up with fauci are met. all right, hewitt. >> came to you privately, did they come to you privately and say no way it came from a lab or was their initial infraction, doctor gary and others involved, their initial impression that it looked suspicious it came from a lab? >> we are here at a committee to look at a virus now that's killed almost 900,000 people and the purpose of the committee was to try to get things out how we can get the american public helped and you keep coming back
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to personal attacks on me that have no relevance to reality. kennedy: that is not a personal attack, that's a very important question. he was informed about the probability that the virus was engineered and leaked probably accidentally from the lab on china partly funded by his agency, that's not a personal attack at all, that's actually called science so what is fauci hiding? i will start with you, guy. >> fauci was about two seconds away from insisting rand paul really just wanted to date him. that was the vibe i was getting there. [laughter] aoc, similar thing. i don't think it's a impressive performance at all, the origins of the virus millions of people around the world, it matters a lot. his talking around and
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hairsplitting is very suspicious, he's clearly angry paul goes after this line of question but that's paul's prerogative, that's his job as a public servant to answer the questions posed to him and there's an incident today where fauci was caught on an open mic grumbling where he called another republican senator, a doctor by the way, pro- vaccine doctor, roger moore, he called him a moron. he needs to do better, i was never that negative on him but i've grown more and more so over the months. doctor, you have a job that is to help people and scarring and getting personal and acting like a partisan actor and using actual personal attacks like moron against a senator, that's a really bad look at another example of why this man has squandered so much what ability. kennedy: by the way, he's not the only infectious disease dr.
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in the country, he's just doing it for a very long time, he may have worn out his welcome and what he's engaging here is what the young people call gas lighting. >> i think what he's engaging is is he's given his last you know what and rand paul is one guy who gets under his nerves the most and clearly rand paul is grandstanding for a bigger audience, maybe could run for president so he's raising money by attacking fauci. it is not just rand paul, most of the senate is running for president constantly, not doing their job, . kennedy: he's literally doing his job, literally -- >> literally grandstanding on something he knows nothing about. kennedy: he's a medical doctor who knows how to reid, a medical doctor who went to medical school and -- it doesn't matter. hey man, if he were a
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proctologist, he still would have gone to medical school -- did he go to medical school or not? >> he went to optometry school, not the same level as and doctor fauci. kennedy: not the same level as doctor fauci who know how to reid medical literature. >> give me a break. kennedy: are not going to give you a break because you are full of hot wind. we have to get to the origin of covid. he's the united states senator that has evidence that the guy who's in charge of defeating the virus knew more about the origin of the virus than he's letting on and as soon as he's pressed about it, he claims at the personal attack. it's literally his job to ask those questions, i am done with you. scott horton, you may chime in now. >> yes, ma'am, we know fauci was the one who approved gain of function research at the wuhan
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lab despite obama's previous band. he found an emergency that required it so we don't know for sure whether that gain of function research led directly to this but we do know it very well could have and we know and what they were discussing today was a whistleblower essentially saying he knew and could testify to the fact that fauci had been breached in january 2 feet years ago that this was a real possibility and he had come right out soon after that completely dismissing the possibility has totally crazy talk. the reality is this is the world record for conflict of interest here and why should anthony pouch even have a job where he would be in charge of deciding or pronouncing what is true or not about the origin of the virus when he had to under questioning from rand paul, at a new caveat we weren't funding research that was gain of
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function of concern. oh, only the kind you should not be concerned about? why would they do gain of function on viruses that are not concerning? the whole thing is a joke and the fact that he's even still in a government position right now at all is astounding. kennedy: if you have to ask yourself, how much has anthony fauci's decision-making affected your life? if it's more than just a little then yes, his actions require questioning and demand answers. i'm glad someone like rand paul is doing that. the man panel is going to stick around because i told him so an armored dominator. coming up, most successful investors raising eyebrows to comment. what do they really think chinese has on us in terms of economic system? will talk to jonathan, he will make sense of the senseless
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next. ♪♪
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not imagining things, america's billionaires really are pushing communism on the rest of us like hedge fund tycoon promote
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bridgewater associates, one of the most successful investors of all time, good for him a group of investors the u.s. should emulate china's financial system because it reduces wealth gap. and promote more common prosperity. bridgewater raised over 8 billion to become the largest global hedge fund player in china, is is by america's elite are going for communism? joining me now, fox news can jupiter and capitalist hedge fund manager, he knows a thing or two about the hedge friday, welcome back. happy new year. >> thanks, great to be with you. ray dahlia just like warren buffett, a great example of how to be a smart businessman with terrible politics. he wants us to emulate to align with communist china? this is frustrating, flabbergasted and infuriating. he knows better. more wealth created, it's
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created by more freedom, to earn money china was doing that for a long time. china's advancement in the 2000 really came only because of their liberal nations in the 70s and 80s so if you want to create more wealth, he should be advocating for more reid him. kennedy: they are not creating creativity, they are stealing from the united states so intellectual property theft has been a popular channel for them to take great ideas birthed from the incubator of capitalistic forces, they steal them so they are way ahead of the game in terms of developing those ideas and they were able to implement them through state run companies. >> a lot of that has happened
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but in early 2000, china had a getzlaf gdp of about 900 a year 20 years later it was $10000 a year, that wasn't because of the electoral property, it's because freedom, liberalization, the same occurrence would happen, it could happen even here and just like leftists, number one thing is the so-called wealth gap, the gap between the rich and the poor, first of all, that's irrelevant. it always expands technological advancement like the 20s, radio, the 50s with culture or even the 90s, people are creating, becoming wealthy and the whole shift is lifting so the idea of this, ray dahlia wants no wealth cap, everyone is poor but we should be celebrating wealth inequality because it means people are becoming rich wealth is being
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created for all. kennedy: yes, the same people going on and on about trade deficit in the only time we've had this is when we had a stagnant economy so people like this guy and lebron james, they are not about equality, they are essentially marie antoinette who has lost touch with whoever the person they were that helped elevate them to where they are now and making us pay for it with bad ideas. >> there's only one type of equality that matters, equality under the law. we are not all equal, some people are businessmen, some are wonderful tv hosts and hostesses, that's what makes america great, somebody like steve jobs or jeff bezos create all wealth for them but also all of us so the so-called poor in
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america are middle-class, americans will stay wealthy as americans. kennedy: i get mad at jeff bezos but i really do love my amazon account. if i ordered from another company, it would have taken ten days so thank you capitalism. >> be well. kennedy: a new study suggesting american society becoming more liberal. people are voting for more republicans, what is going on here? scientists working on ways, humans to live longer, maybe forever. you really want to be around form 1000 years? that next. ♪♪
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u.s. more liberal or conservative? nyu study claims america
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becoming more liberal with every generation which would explain why all eight -year-olds i know were pretty much commies. the last 50 years american views on social issues like have evolved the most but apparently isn't translating at the ballot box despite the shift from a voter registration is leaning slightly republican and conservative views on things like abortion and gun rights haven't changed. what driving the trend? can we really coexist peacefully? what will it do to national politics? mantell is back. guy benson, chris hahn and scott horton. guy, 30 years ago i think you might have had a hard time in the republican party. >> yeah, obviously things are changing slowly in the gop on gay rights and other things but i think society has moved in a more left libertarian direction on social and sexual beret.
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the same study notes of the big issues, taxes, gun, abortion, there hasn't been a significant shift in public opinion so even though the society might be drifting in one direction on a certain set of issues and cultural morays or norms, it doesn't mean people are going to start flocking to the democratic party especially when the democratic party is so consistently offputting and super silly and acknowledges, they are their own worst enemy and people don't like them which is why despite having media on their side, they still managed to lose a lot of elections. kennedy: thighs racist and sexist to even say that because you know you're not talking about the democrat party, we know you are talk about kamala harris and they are not welcome here, guy. chris hahn, i think people are basically turning into libertarians and i hope they admit it out sometime and start voting like it.
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>> i think most people want more freedom in their life, i agree especially when it comes to how they live their personal life with who they love and where they work and how they marry, how they worship so i agree with you one 100%. democrats do have a problem expanding their base and messaging as of late so they have to get back together and they will. they were fortunate the last four years to have a bogeyman to attack and got people to vote democratic, they won't have that much longer so they've got to come to terms with who they are and how they appeal to people across a broad spectrum of population who tend to be more liberal on things republicans don't tend to focus on too much anymore even though in some states in the country they are harsh in the way they treat people of color and gaze. kennedy: all right, how have democrats blown it? that doesn't necessarily mean republicans will get it right but chris points out reaction to
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the virus and fixation on trump, i don't think that's enough to keep voters around. >> and here's the thing, remember when trump lost the election but it was close and his numbers went way up among blacks and hispanics and the tv pundit said what a mystery after they demonized him as a white supremacist for four years but the answer is obvious, there's a reaction to the lockdowns and i'm predicting a massive shift to the republican party in the coming midterms over the lockdowns, the power grab in the name of emergency, by especially the democrats, but the republicans, too, especially democrats and they've identified themselves as the party of total control in the name of somehow destroying and abolishing this germ covid absolute impossibility and people are
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tired of being told they are not essential and don't have the right to go to work or associate with their own people. they see the democrat politicians breaking their own rules on lockdowns constantly and this thing but i would say the gop could still blow it because of course you know the gop chair, mitt romney's knee, her entire narrative is biden is weak on foreign policy and we need warmongers back in there so if the republican party doesn't want to embrace in america first foreign policy, they want to go back to mitt romney foreign policy, they could lose this incredible offense they have. kennedy: they've squandered in the past, there's no doubt about that, i think both parties are on their own identity crises but you are right, teachers in chicago essentially declaring themselves nonessential workers, shutting down schools in chicago for four days, you think the
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parents aren't sick of that? just weights, it's just the beginning and they don't have an answer on that, they don't have an answer on the virus, on inflation but you know, low-grade opportunity. is there a way to fight aging and live forever? the answer could be just and times for drugs to slow down the aging process, the average lifespan. pills that could boost life expectancy from 77 to 150 years, not likely anytime soon, researchers say 10-20% increase in lifespan is conceivable but you want to live to be 150? guy. >> do i get to grow old with you and dream together? that sounds appealing. this is what i'm trying to figure out -- true, fact check
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true, if the drugs would extend your life in old age so you would still age at the same rate but become an old person and then live longer is an old person? that's the question on quality of life if you want to be 140 or just the whole process of aging over 80 years extend to 150 because act. kennedy: that's what they are trying to marry together, they call it the health span as opposed to lifespan. the amount of time you have vibrancy and physicality and cognitive functioning, at the same time they are trying to increase that because it's like no one wants to have their eyes glued shut, mashed petito's when they are 150, i'm a walking bone mayor. >> exactly, i don't want to be in walking bone or when i'm 150
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years old, i'm sure that would be of appealing to a lot of people in america. i'd love to live a long life like guys that if we could be healthy the entire time still run and exercise and play golf and have fun and go skiing but if i'm sitting in a chair watching netflix, i'd imagine five time i'm 140, i will get through my entire q so i don't know what i would do them. kennedy: of the democrat party is still an hour, don't worry, they will have cannibalized you and you will be in a dark room, sorry buddy. scott, do you want to live to be 1000? >> sure, i want to go back to 27 if somebody could swing that, give me a pill or at least let my hair grow back. kennedy: i'm sure they will do all sorts of things, that's what's exciting because look at the democrat party in congress, they have a combined age of like 7150 so if they stay in power, they are going to figure out a way, blood boys and antiaging pills and human growth hormone,
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whatever, but whenever jeff basis is doing, we are all going to get up but the commies are going to be like the poor people have to have it, too, i'm so caring. >> think about how many wars scott could impose over 1000 years. kennedy: true, if scott could get a time machine and do more in the past, the technology is there. >> just one long war, that would really suck. kennedy: afghanistan -- you would love it. >> if we could stay out of war in the first place. kennedy: clifton to scott -- his hair and about all the other libertarian stuff he says. >> they can't even hear a ball, they won't make us live forever. kennedy: they are going to cure everyone else baldness but yours. [laughter]
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guy, chris and scott, excellent panel. you are great. humming up three weeks since the one since alec baldwin's cell phone. if he purposely holding up the investigation? emily is here to break it down legally. ♪♪
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he plays the guitar, -- last night mouths trumpet monday song. well done, janet. janet is still doing the splits, hopefully she didn't degrees to the hood. here we go with alec baldwin despite a warrant, police are still waiting for the actor's cell phone and the investigation
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of the october shooting death of the cinematographer on the set of the film, rust. it was our instagram video baldwin came to his own defense, always a good idea, saying he somehow is complying with police. watch. >> any suggestion that i'm not complying to the press or orders or demand or search warrant about my phone that's a lie. this is a process that got to go through the state, we are 1000% going to comply. kennedy: 1000%? maybe not 1000% but if you really is 1000% going to comply, what is the hold up with the phone? here with me attorney whitesnake fan outnumbered host, emily compagno is back. come on, he said in the video someone from another state can't come to you and say give me your phone. can they say that if you shot and killed someone? >> what he's talking about his dumbed down version of
7:45 pm
jurisdictional respect essentially so yes, currently santa fe sheriff's office is working with new york's sheriff's office to obtain his phone but the reality is, that was issued december 17 and usually first wants are executed within ten days. it's been weeks so he's enjoying some type of delay for some reason and during that time, it's going to make the sheriff's office work harder because they have to determine whether the evidence, if any, whatever is of interest on the phone whether deleted or disappeared or he's been forthright with returning it over, there's probably more people who will have to subpoena an issue search warrants with people he's been communicating with or the cell phone company to make sure and that's why the warrants are executed within ten days to make sure evidence is captured before that and i have to say, his public statement that he doesn't want people to see love letters to his wife, the law doesn't care if you have things that are embarrassing or private on your phone and sure,
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a search warrant describes particularity that's obtained in excess but there's a whole lot of collateral info that he doesn't have the say whether to keep it private even if he is a hollywood celebrity. kennedy: would've he's sending things out left and right doesn't want the police to have those? >> than he would be anthony weiner and we would find out. [laughter] kennedy: we found out about hailey clinton, shouldn't happen centers, fbi was investigating weiner and found e-mails on his computer where they should not have been. it all comes together eventually so why withhold? >> i think truthfully he does have content in their that's embarrassing, obviously if he's 1000% wanting to comply, he wants to keep private a lot of things on the phone but that's the whole thing, if you are the subject of a search warrant, he don't get to decide that and that's decided one milling times
7:47 pm
in the courts, things you can argue attorney-client privilege, privilege business information but a love letter to your wife for your intimate photos on there is not that and anything relevant will be record once the sheriff's office obtained his cell phone but i think it's in his best interest to have executed as soon as possible. kennedy: will he have to give up the phone? >> absolutely, you can't say no. they can take it further and subpoena him, they can do a lot worse and if he refuses to comply even though he's maintaining his and there can be an arrest. kennedy: they will hold him in contempt and then sent him to gizmo and that's the end of show business for mr. baldwin. thank you so much, see you at noon tomorrow. i'll bring the treats. topical storm is next. ♪♪
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a new interview courtney cox says she performed her own cunning stunts and the new spring movie and from the looks of it she may have also performed her own cosmetic surgery.
7:52 pm
that's a scary movie about going under the knife. this is topical storm, topic number one. a gold medal winning has died. don't worry, it's not lebron james, it the world's famous landmine sniffing wretch. what a cutie. he's been clearing mines for most of his life after being stiffed out and run. that's incredible. it's why he spent his weekend on the comedy show. said to have died peacefully which may not mean he died fully in pieces. he lived to the age of eight, pretty old frerotte, most are turning to kfc size by age four. his handlers say he's been a good help all week but by the weekend began to slow down and take more naps which makes me think he didn't want to live in a world without betty white.
7:53 pm
officers fired after they chose to play pokémon go instead of stopping a robbery and process, not even illegally in l.a. anymore. the boys in blue, blue 40 pajamas, court documents say a nearby macy's was being robbed, they ignored the dispatcher and instead rushed to a different intersection because of pokémon called the store locks, apparently popped up there. after catching, they continued to ignore the robbery and caught another pokémon called -- i said that right. personally, i don't blame them. police say catch a pokémon, a judge will let him back on the street in an hour. the hunt was caught on the police card recording system including when they celebrated by saying you guys are going to be so jealous. i am no detective but my hunch is those guys probably are
7:54 pm
single. topic number three. scientists in the uk -- oh my gosh, discovered the fossilized skeleton of prehistoric seamounts are. they've used it to reconstruct what it might look like if it were alive today. look at this. [laughter] an incredible window in the land before time, i'm so hungry for fish. these are the bones of the sore, the predator of the sea skeleton over 32 feet long. it school weighs 1 ton so and even bigger head than kanye west. you can see from the shape, dolphins like body and used tail fin to speed through the water and you can tell from the bones that would have tasted great with avocado sauce, mi right? not going to be cleaned by paleontologists in a museum for the rest of time, the kind of
7:55 pm
fate that makes you feel grateful you've been dead for 180 million years. can't wait to go to a museum -- forever. topic number four, a new robot created to understand a response to question making it insanely more useful than jen psaki. this is a humanoid becoming famous for vivid facial expressions, so lifelike aoc has already accused it of wanting to date her. created to move exactly like the average human which is why it's moving to florida. responding to questions in real-time for instance, when asked why and on the why she's happy, she said she's not happy because she does not experience human emotions which means like the average human, she's strong out on prozac. it should be quite pretty. here we go, tickle me tuesday's joke. # tickle me tuesday, do not look it up. here we go. why don't ants get sick?
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the answer, next. ♪♪
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>> it's time for tickle me tuesday. the tickle. why don't ants get sick? they have anty bodies.
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>> that was really stupid. >> i'm a doctor. kathy, janet and matt, you are all big wieners in my mind. thank you for watching the best hour of your day. e-mail kennedy. tomorrow night shane. good night. ♪ ♪ just across the bay from tampa, clearwater, florida, a gorgeous gulf oasis. the locals love to live it up, moccasin lake nature park and northwest osprey trail. and when you are done with that rent a kayak. and head


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