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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 10, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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48% of the 6,000 teachers surveyed in november say they considered changing jobs in just the past month and 34% considered changing careers entirely. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. stay tuned. ♪. elizabeth: tonight as the nation waits for the supreme court to hand down its decision on biden's vaccine mandates for tens of millions of u.s. workers even more disturbing misconceptions surfacing by supreme court justices. now coming to light on the pandemic. plus white house officials now admitting things on the pandemic that they would have been banned for on social media in 2020. all of this not so state of the art. can a nation afford decisions on main dates and lockdowns based on the wrong facts given how
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much americans have suffered? joining us tonight congressman michael burgess, byron donald, scots fitzgerald, beth van duyne, also former utah congressman jason chaffetz, former national security advisor to mike pence, he is lieutenant-general keith kellogg, arizona attorney general mark brnovich, all of them with us tonight. we have a jam-packed show. here is the debate, if biden's mandate was constitutional why didn't he let congress sign off on it? kevin mccarthy take back control of congress at midterms this year. a reported he hadly rattling nancy pelosi and the white house. new attack line against republicans nancy pelosi and biden are planning to deploy. as biden's poll numbers continue to drop and agenda stalls.
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biden campaigned on transparency and associated preys said he is worse than the five predecessors shutting down the media like a bucket of mow lassies. nancy pelosi talking about more covid spending and helicopter crash manufactured from thin air. they spent more than what was spent on world war ii and the great depression. associated press, poll, inflation is displacing the pandemic at america's kitchen tables and the talk there. what military veterans are warning u.s. about as russia and ukraine. don't make the sail mistakes in afghanistan, europe and other geopolitical hot spots. another high speed car accident involving human smugglers at the border as gop representatives claim the white house is covering up a drop in deportations by delaying release of the government data. i'm elizabeth macdonald.
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"the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we'll begin with the u.s. awaiting a decision from the supreme court on president biden's vaccine mandate. this news, alexandria ocasio-cortez has tested positive for covid-19 now recovering at home. just over a week since she was seen spotted partying without a mask in florida. edward lawrence has more with the update from washington on everything on covid. edward lawrence right now. edward. reporter: liz, very large companies taking president joe biden's words to heart and actually firing work here's are unvaccinated. the president has vilified the unvaccinated, the latest company to announce that citigroup saying it will fire all unvaccinated workers january 31st. the mayo clinic let go of 700 people who did not get vaccinated.
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google has given the message no jab, no job. the administration saying they are just protecting workers and businesses. >> i think the thing that is most disruptive to any business or industry is to have half their workforce out because they're sick with covid. right now i think the most important thing to do is protect americans. we do that by getting them vaccinated and getting them boosted. reporter: missouri attorney general says these types of mandates through osha are much larger than about vaccines. he says it will ses a precedent that the president could use. >> we've been the freest country in the history of the world. we believe in individual rights. we believe in individual lib bothers that people can make these decisions. do we want a country unelected bureaucrat dictate this, what you put in your bodies, where they can go, what they put on your face? not just these two agencies at stake. you see the biden administration signaling the climate emergency and charge the epa to take
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draconian measures there. reporter: they could start issuing the citations for the vaccine mandate today. liz. elizabeth: edward lawrence good to see you. joining us now, welcome to the show, we have with us dr. michael burgess of the doctor's caucus and. dr. burgess, the biden vaccine mandate essentially takes place today. enforcement won't come until february 9th. do you worry that the supreme court is making decisions on vaccine mandate based on factual errors? >> it is unprecedented to have a national vaccine mandate. states can mandate vaccines have in the past historically but there has never been a precedent where the federal government for all 50 states levied this type of draconian measure on people. look, am i grateful there are vaccines out there? you bet i am. i think they changed the nature of this illness but that doesn't
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escape the fact that the federal government does not have the power to do this. if it is done through a federal agency heaven help us. one more reason to dislike osha and people will very quickly make their feelings known about that. elizabeth: yeah. we understand. basically making osha a new public health authority, right, over the pandemic. they can make regulations without notice and without any judicial congressional review. so that is a powerful thing. some would say like putting the dmv in charge of the pentagon military tanks. congressman donalds, justice stephen breyer saying there were 750 million cases, that is more than twice the size of the u.s. population. justice sotomayor said 100,000 children are in the hospital. that is not true. she overcounted by 20 times. omicron she said is as deadly as delta. justice elaine that kagan would zero number of covid cases. a lot of factual errors there?
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>> first of all the tell you the you have three members of the supreme court who are arguing policy but not constitutionality is exactly what is wrong with the liberal members of the supreme court. they were trying to fine any way possible to support an unconstitutional mandate that osha does not have the authority for, congress never gave the executive branch authority for. it simply does not exist. so for them to try to find a way to argue based upon policy and they even got the policy points wrong is outrageous, not just for the country but for the institution of the supreme court. what these justices need to do is think about the constitutionality of the actions taken by osha and taken by the white house. it's a complete violation of separation of powers. congress never gave osha that authority and they cannot take authority that was not given to them that is the way our constitutional republic works. that is what the supreme court should be focused on, even the
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liberal justices. elizabeth: conservative justice are seems like they are moving toward the 1905 ruling that gave this power to the states as dr. burgess has pointed out. you know we're wondering if there will be an administrative state in the supreme court as they adjudicate the biden vaccine mandate. congressman burgess, even cdc director walensky was said justice sotomayor was off in her claims. "the washington post" gave her four pinocchios. >> this is the supreme court of the united states using bad data to make a important decision. 100,000 fromillness, the real number from the cdc is 5,520. >> there are fewer than 3500 current pediatric hospitalizations from covid-19 is that true? >> yeah. but you know, here is what i can
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tell you about your pediatric hospitalizations now, first of all the vast majority of children in the hospital are unvaccinateed. elizabeth: okay. so there is that. you know congressman burgess, i mean we have, people were canceled for in 2020 when they were slammed for it? now the government is reporting as facts. cdc said 3/4 of the deaths in covid-19 occurred with people with comorbidities. if you talked about that in 2020 you were canceled if you said that? >> yeah. tell you what else is disturbing. the federal government is requiring federal employees and federal contractors on the border to have the vaccine, but voluntary for adults in children being released into our country, being placed into homes and schools across the nation. that's wrong. american people see that that is fundamentally wrong. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying, dr. burgess.
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congressman donalds, the cdc director didn't know how many covid deaths are linked from covid or how many are with covid. dr. fauci admitted last week there was a huge difference between being hospitalized because of covid or there with covid. what do you think of this debate? >> this is a very serious piece of information. the fact that dr. fauci and dr. walensky can't get the data right shows how off the white house is and all the people that advised joe biden. so many people actually are going to our hospitals for many other things. they get tested and they find out they're positive but they're not in the hospital because of covid-19. the other thing that is very important that when we look at hospitalizations, if you go in and you test positive for covid-19 and you're in the emergency room for a couple of hours, which everybody knows is about how long it takes for you to get in and out of the emergency room, that counts as a hospitalization according to the statistics. they are quoting bad numbers,
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bad statistics. they are completely misinformed. they're supposed to be the people with all the information and this is what is wrong with the covid policy in the united states and it is so many cities right now you have democrat politicians with bad information. elizabeth: yeah. we hear you, congressman donalds. dr. burgess the data to things like vaccine passports n france they're going crazy. protesters are outraged over things like vaccine passports. they're getting traction here in the u.s., right? we're seeing that happening here in the united states, dr. burgess. >> we, i'm not sure we're seeing it happen. obviously there is a cadre of people who would like for it to happen but look -- elizabeth: new york and l.a. have vaccine passports. >> we don't in texas. that is what is going to be so important about the supreme court. i'm grateful they're at least giving us a glimpse into their thinking and not making us wait until the end of june when their
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normal decisions come down. elizabeth: dr. michael burgess, congressman byron donalds great to have you both on. thank you. >> thank you. elizabeth: still to come the white house trying to tamp down tensions with ukraine. military veterans are warning don't make the same mistakes, you made in afghanistan, europe and other geopolitical hot spots scott fitzgerald, house minority leader kevin mccarthy revealing what republicans will investigate if republicans take control of congress in the midterms. the list is reportedly rattling nancy pelosi and the white house. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now from house judiciary, he is congressman scott fitzgerald. okay, i want to ask you about this first. good to see you, congressman. >> good to see you. elizabeth: nancy pelosi, they have a new narrative pelosi is working on that the republicans are legislative equivalent of january 6th and the capitol riots. what is your reaction to that? >> it is outrageous. we continue to see them to try to connect republican conference to what happened on january 6. i think, i think the american
6:17 pm
people can see through that. you know there was a lot of theater in and around what they recreated on that one-year anniversary but, you know, when i'm back in the district, that is not what people are talking about. what people are talking about are the paycheck issues that are plaguing our country right now under joe biden as president. elizabeth: house minority leader kevin mccarthy anticipates over 30 democrats will leave the house before the midterms. he says republicans will open investigations into the border crisis, the botched exit from afghanistan. we're also hearing potentially using terrorist firepower meant for, to go after al qaeda to go after school board parents. listen to house minority leader mccarthy here. watch this. >> that number 25 is a very big number for democrat retirements. in 2010 when we won the majority, 17 democrats retired. already 25. i expect that number to be up to
6:18 pm
over 30 democrat retirements because they see what the future holds. they see what the numbers. our recruiting is better than ever before. the number of conservatives running across, conservative women and others. remember in the last election why everybody said we predicted we would lose 15 seats. we beat 15 democrats. every democrat lost to a republican woman, a republican minority, or a republican veteran. we need people to join with us to be able to fire nancy pelosi. elizabeth: he also wants to remove eric swalwell and adam schiff who have of house intelligence and congresswoman ilhan omar from house foreign affairs according to "breitbart." what is your reaction to that story? >> listen, i was part of that freshman class that included a lot of women, minorities and veterans. outstanding recruiting that was done by the nrcc. i think that is what the leader is talking about. they're already out there finding great replacements as i would classify them for a lot of
6:19 pm
these democrats that are now running for the exits and i think kevin's right. i think we'll be in excess of 30 members. so it really positions us well to do very good in the midterms. elizabeth: yeah. we hear you loud and clear and you know the point has been taken about eric swalwell, that he would not be allowed to serve in the private sector with security clearance given his relationship with a chinese spy fang fang according to reports but he is on house intelligence, house homeland security. you know, kevin mccarthy is saying democrats bullying got so bad the majority was telling the minority which members could serve on committees. that has never been done before in congress, right? >> no. i mean, it is not done in any legislative body. i mean that is the voice of the minorities that they're able, the leadership of that group are able to appoint and pick the
6:20 pm
members that they want and, speaker pelosi just continues to run amok when it comes to that issue. so i you know, again i think the leader is right. i think all of these members, there should be a full review before they're appointed by the steering committee to any of these very sensitive areas in which they been very public and very on tuesday on the comments -- obtuse on comments related to some sensitive areas. i'm with the leader on this one and i think many members are too. elizabeth: are you going to investigate eric swalwell? are you going to investigate adam schiff? he spent more time claiming the the deunbunked steele dossier was true than on afghanistan and thousands of allies stranded there. thousands of americans stranded there. 13 troops killed. would republicans investigate these officials? >> yeah. i think, you're well aware, liz, that as a member of judiciary and then also with oversight i
6:21 pm
think you know, members like congressman jordan are certainly capable and understand the significance of some of these things that are happening now under pelosi's watch, that need to be fully exposed and fully investigated. let's just start with you know, circumstances in and around criminal activity with hunter biden. that is something absolutely oversight and judiciary should be looking at as well as things related to the members. elizabeth: and whether the pandemic leaked out after chinese lab and dr. fauci's testimony on that. your final word? >> i think there is a lot of momentum right now for the republican congress and leader mccarthy is doing a good job bringing troops together and getting us all marching in the same direction so we can deliver that message for the midterms. elizabeth: congressman scott fitzgerald, thanks for joining us. it is good to see you.
6:22 pm
>> thanks, liz. elizabeth: come back soon. still to come this hour, yet another high speed car accident involving human smugglers at our southern border as republican representatives claim the white house is covering up a drop in deportations by delaying release of the government data there up next former utah congressman jason chaffetz. the new attack line against republicans, nancy pelosi and the president are now trial ballooning. they plan to deploy it as biden's poll numbers continues to drop and his agenda stalls. more on how the democrats are attacking the republicans to stop the same senate filibuster used and supported hundreds of times. keep it here on "the evening edit". patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine new projects means new project managers. you need to hire.
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♪. elizabeth: as the president's agenda stalls out and he sees another historic drop in his approval numbers the president is expected to give another angry and dramatic speech tomorrow like he did on the capitol riots. this time targeting georgia's voting reform claiming that his aides are saying quote, we're going into the belly of the beast to stop georgia. joining us now former utah congressman, fox news contributor, jason chaffetz. great to see you. "the washington post" already gave biden four pinocchios quote lies on georgia voting laws. what do you expect from the speech tomorrow? >> i think when you have such low negatives, kamala harris
6:27 pm
negativeses are so, so low they will try to go negatives on their opponents which are the republicans. they haven't told the truth how it work in georgia. i don't expect them to suddenly find a dose of truth. the key metric is to compare georgia say delaware because i think when you do that you start to see that if you give it a blind test, guess what? georgia's is much more reasonable than even delaware's is. and yeah, let's have a fight in this nation about whether or not we should authenticate the vote. should we do as the democrats want to do to allow people here illegally to vote? that is what democrats are advocating in new york and california. so, yeah, let's have that discussion. should you have to show i.d., identification, or not? elizabeth: you need to show i.d. with health care in a doctor's office. in new york you have to show i.d., vaccine pass orport to ean
6:28 pm
a restaurant. nancy pelosi is nationalizing federal government to take over state election laws. that is what it is b they're moving to call an end for the senate filibuster to ram it through. nancy pelosi is calling the republicans legislative equivalent of capitol riots. watch nancy pelosi on this. listen to this. >> what they are doing, you pointed out very clearly, and i thank you for that, thatter this not only suppressing the vote, suppressing the vote, they are nullifying elections. elizabeth: have we ever, have they ever put forward anybody who did not vote, who was suppressed against voting? have you ever seen that? >> no. it is hogwash. it is a made-up lie by the speaker of the house thinking that she can bully people into doing this. these are the same people that want to allow ballot harvesting, somebody else to go out to collect your ballot for you.
6:29 pm
they don't believe in voter identification. at the same time they're advocating as i said in new york and california, allowing people that are not even citizens to go along and vote. when you have a wide open border it is pretty clear what they're trying to do. that is they're trying to get a lot of people to be able to vote that are not eligible to vote. that is why i think republicans, smartly have said we need to authenticate the vote. you do so by presenting some identification. that doesn't suppress the vote at all. elizabeth: but they're trying to get rid of the filibuster to ram through federalized elections, right? so but you know, biden called it jim crow. called it racist. anybody who the democrats say you know, if you're against getting rid of the filibuster you're racist when democrats used the filibuster 657 times during twine. used it to stop the cares act, covid relief, stop senator tim
6:30 pm
scott's police reform. they used it to block entitlement reform, budget cuts. you can see the hypocrisy on the senate filibuster. if republicans take back control of congress wouldn't democrats want the filibuster? >> they flip-flop on this issue depend hog is in power. the entire time joe biden was in the united states senate the filibuster was in place. i don't think this is going anywhere. senator schumer promised a vote by january 17th. good luck with that. put it up for a vote. it was 2017 that 61 senators in bipartisan way said we're not getting rid of the filibuster. i don't think manchin, sinema, senators from arizona and west virginia will not vote to get rid of it and i think others will as well. elizabeth: half the 61 whether democrats, saying keep the filibuster. jason chaffetz. good stuff. always good to have your insights. thank you for coming on the
6:31 pm
show. we're at the bottom of the hour. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. house speaker pelosi in talks talking more covid spending a fiscal helicopter drop of cash manufactured from air over 6 trillion already deployed. associated press poll, american families at the kitchen table, talking about inflation, talking about the economy. not talking about the pandemic. they're saying live with the pandemic. we'll look into it. up next retired general keith kellogg, united states trying to tamp down problems between russia and ukraine. warning the president that don't make the same mistakes you made here in afghanistan and other geopolitical hot spots. keep it here on "the evening edit".
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, fox news contributor, former white house national security advisor he is retired lieutenant-general keith kellogg. general, it is always great to have you on. all right, so the white house is
6:36 pm
now on extraordinary diplomatic mission in europe this week trying to tamp down dangerously high tensions with russia and ukraine. what is your expectation here? >> hi, liz, thanks for having me. i don't expect very much to come out of it. i think today's talks between wendy sherman and the russian ambassador did not come off very well. i think we'll have the russia nato talks in the middle of the week. then the russia ose talks by the end. we're looking at two diametrically opposed positions. we're concerned about russia not telling us what we can do with ukraine coming into nato and russia is very concerned about security, what they call the near or broad with ukraine. it is compounded by the fact you have got two leaders, putin and biden, who don't like each other. putin was told by biden, you don't have a soul and putin does not believe that biden is a very good leader, doesn't lead from strength. that is compounded by the fact that russia is considered to be
6:37 pm
a domestic issue as well. it's a pavlovian response when you talk about russia here with the democrats in washington, d.c. they go back to the 2016 election where they accuse president trump of being helped by the russians which wasn't true and mueller commission proved that. i don't think they're coming together. i think they're talking past each other. i think the big problem, liz, i wish they wouldn't negotiate in public. they should be negotiating in private. we should be reminding putin, look, ukraine is a sovereign nation. you, the russians, you agreed to that with the minsk agreement in 1991 when you dissolved the soviet union. you said ukraine is a sovereign nation, it has sovereign borders. we should remind him of that. at the same time we should do that, load up to get the nato alliance and european alliance to continue to arm ukraine the best way possible. we tell putin on the side, if you thought afghanistan was bad with the soviet union, if you go into ukraine it will be two
6:38 pm
times or three times worse. remind them that is not a smart thing to do. we understand your concerns. we understand ukraine is a sovereign nation but under article 10 of the nato treaty, the fact that the u.s. senate has to approve anybody coming into nato we can solve that. we can move that to the right a little bit. elizabeth: general, don't we want to hear what the white house will be doing in this regard? because a group of veteran republicans warned that the white house, you got to include poland and the baltic nations when talking about ukraine. >> yeah. elizabeth: they're saying don't freelance on the fly. don't rush it as you did in afghanistan. you have got to consult with our allies. they didn't talk to ukraine about green-lighting russia's nord stream 2 pipeline. they didn't talk to france about the submarine alliance with the uk in australia. talking at a time the associated press saying biden held fewer press conferences than his five presidential predecessors. >> yeah. look, you have to talk to the nato alliance. you have to talk to all of our allies over there, but you have
6:39 pm
to remind them of this, liz. this is their problem. this is in their backyard. my concern every time we talk about russia we get pulled into a european environment. we need to focus on the greatest threat today, that is china. every time we get dragged back into europe, back into ukraine we forget what is happening in the east with china and we shouldn't do that at all. we should continually remind the european alliance, hey, this is in your backyard. this should be of your interest. you should be arming ukrainians. you should be supporting the ukrainians as well. i don't think they are. biden shows weakness and putin sees that, he will seize on the moment. i think it's a very, very risky and dynamic situation. we're seeing in the middle of europe right now. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear. the white house is saying, is worried that iran is plotting assassination attempts against the trump administration officials over the u.s. strike that killed islamic guard
6:40 pm
quassem soleimani. is there concern about that, retaliation against iran against u.s. citizens. >> i'm one of those 50 on that list. i would be very clear, if i was president of the united states, i would pick up the phone, you call the supreme leader, you come after a single american it is the end of iran as you know it. the first target we're coming we'll put a missile through your front door, make it very clear. that is what trump did with soleimani, when he took soleimani out. the ukrainians were so afraid of that the next morning after that strike they shot down ukrainian airliner leaving tehran airport. they were concerned that the supreme leader was next. we should make it -- iran as you know it, you're gone. elizabeth: lieutenant-general keith kellogg, thanks for your service to our country. thanks for joining us again tonight. you will be back soon. still to come, another high speed car accident involving human smugglers at the southern
6:41 pm
border as republican representatives claim the white house is covering up a drop in deportations by delaying the release of the government data there. up next congressman beth van duyne. nancy pelosi in talks of more covid spending, another fiscal helicopter drop of cash manufactured in thin air, beyond the 6 trillion already deployed. new associated press poll showing inflation displacing the pandemic at america's kitchen table and the talk there. we'll dig into it next. deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase.
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verizon is going ultra, so you can too. elizabeth: welcome to the show from house small business and house transportation and infrastructure congresswoman beth van duyne back with us. great to see you, congresswoman. nancy pelosi and democrats, great to see you. they're starting to sound like that stale old '80s cover ban that plays pat benatar songs.
6:46 pm
they're talking about more covid spending. they already spent $6 trillion, more spent on world war ii or the great depression. what is your reaction? >> you have to understand over half a trillion dollars that has not been spent yet. we have $100 billion was spent in fraud, from people, companies that should never have gotten money. you got over $100 billion that was supposed to be spent on health care that has yet to be spent. we still don't have tests where we need them. what is happening, democrats are putting money in the budget calling it covid spending it is being used for democrat projects in the future. people need that today, need the covid help, are not getting it. elizabeth: you know, the president campaigned he would shut down the virus. what will they do, somother smother it with more fiscal helicopter drops?
6:47 pm
liz peek pointed out a website says 350 billion went toward the pandemic and health care. that is out of the 6 trillion in spending. exactly to my point. democrats use covid as an excuse to take hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money and funnel them towards democrat projects. they have nothing to do with covid. if we're serious about helping the american people over the last two years hit hard by covid, spend money where it is needed. it has been almost two years. all you see is an extension of them using covid funds for things that have nothing to do, they have half a trillion dollars, think about that, half a trillion dollars is larger than many countries entire budget, that hasn't been spent yet. so get that money spent before you start going back to ask the american people to use more of their hard-earned dollars not helping them. elizabeth: well, they just sound like a one-note band. that's it. around then it just comes off as really tone deaf, you know what i mean, congresswoman?
6:48 pm
>> yeah. elizabeth: this is all they have got is top-down government spending and the president is out there just sounding like he is off the mark. that is what critics are saying. take for example, he was touring wildfire damage in colorado, destroyed more than 1000 homes. he is talking green windmill farms. watch this. >> we're going to have windmills you, are going to see that have 100-yard wingspans, each propeller on that, on that windmill. 100-yards long. so there is so much that is going to be able to be done. elizabeth: okay. studies show that you know where those wind farm goes? they go in poor rural communities. is this the time to be talking about that? >> of course it isn't. why he is upset with the length of a windmill, the rest of the country is wonder wondering what
6:49 pm
is going on? what are we doing about the border? what are we doing about supply chain issues? what are we doing about the covid that the administration claimed it would solve? we have crises the administration continues to create, not even take blame, not take credit, not take responsibility for their decisions. you're seeing it over and over again. you have a president quite frankly has no clue what's going on. the last thing they want him to do is give a state of the union address, right? that is typically in january, february, they have already pushed it off to march because they don't have anything good to say. look at the last year what happened. look at billion dollars in debt, trillions of dollars in debt we racked up. look at people with the crushing economy. look what is happening, got it to u.s. across the world with our botched afghanistan. what are they going to talk about the state of the union? the president is completely separated from the american people. elizabeth: congressman beth van duyne, thanks for joining us.
6:50 pm
really appreciate it. come back soon. >> good to see you. elizabeth: up next arizona attorney general mark brnovich. we have another high speed can accident involving human smugglers at our southern border as republican representatives claim the white house is covering up a drop in deportations by delaying release of the government data there. keep it here on "the evening edit". your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed.
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to switch and save hundreds. another dangerous high-speed chase involving human smugglers, this time again in texas. it ended in a car crash and rollover. police were chasing the smuggler, five illegal immigrants tucked inside of his vehicle, reports coming in no one was injured, we are going to stay on this to make sure the information is correct. border crossings again kicking up from illegal border crossings, bill melugin has more. >> good evening, despite the fact that it's been cold and windy today, plenty of activity here at the border. this is video we shot this morning as a group of illegal immigrants were arrested by border patrol and here in la jolla we were watching a group of runners tracked down by border patrol in dense, thick
6:55 pm
brush after crossing illegally and agent brought in and were able to catch them, putting them in a backup pickup truck to arrest them. meanwhile, this video saturday, texas governor greg abbott here officially announcing he will seek another term as texas governor and make a forefront of his campaign citing the fact that texas billings of its own dollars building a texas border while setting the national guard down thousands of troopers, he said texas shouldn't have to do this if the federal government would just do its job. >> we provided $3 billion secure the border added 15 laws to crack down on the heinous crime of human trafficking. >> look at this mug shot out of the tucson arizona sector for the arrest of this sex offender next border patrol reporting
6:56 pm
convictions out of north carolina for felony liberties with children back out here offenders routinely show up of the border and arrested by border patrol here in the real and valley actor, border patrol arrested 60 sex offenders just since october. liz: bill, thank you for your great journalism, terrific reporting. arizona attorney general mark brnovich, stay on the story about the sex offender crossing the border, this is elementary schools in the area, now dozens of sex offenders are caught, what about the getaways? >> is not only the people caught, it's the getaways intentionally trying to avoid apprehension. tucson is a number one sector but it's not only that, one of the lawsuits involved refusing under title a to deport people so literally there are people released from jails and prisons
6:57 pm
in places like texas and arizona and california convicted or charged with serious crimes sexual assault, these are degenerate killers sometimes and get the biden administration refuses to deport them so make no mistake, everyone listening tonight, our country is left, less safe because of the biden administration enabling u.s. senate chuck schumer and kelly we want we also have this, outrage from texas republican ronnie jackson, accusing the white house of trying to cover up the prices on the southern border because president biden is making an unprecedented failure to release annual reports on the number of illegal immigrants supporting 2021, what's taking them so long to release the members? >> i think they are trying to deceive and like to the america public but bobby dillon said you don't need a weatherman to know
6:58 pm
which way the wind blows, people see what's going on in reno this is not a crisis that will last a few months, this is generational. one year joe biden's administration has done more damage to this country than jimmy carter did inform so the cartel ceased operational control, we just allude to the fact that we have degenerate pedophiles coming in and fell on top about record amount of fentanyl and methamphetamine coming into our country and then you think about folks like i was talking to the sheriff in yuma, folks are coming in from jamaica, the fields were much of the country comes in from yuma, spreading e. coli crops are being damaged, this will have an impact on food crisis so talking about these costs, direct costs, people dying of drug overdoses and turns of our economy and people coming in with government benefits and throwing the cross of food prices because of the damage illegal immigrants are doing to crops in yuma, this is
6:59 pm
unmitigated disaster. liz: we hear you loud and clear. here is rhonda sanchez solution. >> obviously he's not securing the border which is a problem. but then to far out people to communities all across the country is imposing huge costs on florida and other states. we have money if they drop in jacksonville let's say, pay for buses and sent to delaware these other places and they will know florida is not a good place because when you bring somebody in, there's a host of costs that go along with education, healthcare, social services and sometimes criminal justice. liz: going to send them to delaware, is that what arizona is going to do? >> we need to come up with a solution, arguing u.s. supreme court next month with the biden administration literally wants to give government benefits to
7:00 pm
people, coming into the country illegally or trying to get citizenship so it's a very important issue the left has gone so far as can we put a man on the moon? liz: got it. mark brnovich, thank you for joining us, come back again soon. thank you for watching, i am elizabeth mcdonald, you've been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: remember when president biden forcefully claimed this was a pandemic of the unvaccinated? i know we look a lot of like, i don't have a lie detector but that claim apparently is a lie and now the head of the cdc is pretty much if any get so why on earth didn't they tell us this all along x nearly a year biden administration has been saying anybody who gets covid can die and the only way to survive is to get vaccinated. many doctors have been fighting back against the claims and big


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