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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 5, 2022 6:00am-9:00am EST

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> and tyler and laree aren't alone. the american dream is driving more and more hardworking families to seek out their own slice of paradise. because in america, dreams and dream homes still come true. > we love you so, so much. > love you guys. [cheering] dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's wednesday, january 5th. your top stories, 6:00 a.m. eastern. president biden continues to not only villify the unvaccinated, also seems disconnected from the reality of the omicron crisis. >> we have in hand all of the vaccines we need to get every american fully vaccinated including the booster shot. this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. so we've got to make more progress. dagen: the vaccinated are
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catching omicron and even spreading it. biden even suggested people use google to find a rapid test while americans wait for him to purchase the promised 500 million. this as, well, guess why his approval rating is sinking further. one poll putting him at just 40% approval, his disapproval skyrocketing. we get into it all morning long. a look at markets, futures are mixed, the dow inching closer to 37,000, up 18 points, the futures right now, after a mixed market yesterday. the dow notching the second straight record close as the new year moves on. the nasdaq seeing its worst day since december 16th, losing more than 1%. european markets in the green right now, gains in england, france and germany. the eurozone's economic growth easing to a nine month low after the spread of omicron. in asia overnight markets mostly lower, the kospi, hang seng and shanghai come pos he it all --
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composite all down more than 1%. "mornings with maria" live right now. ♪ a lovely day. ♪ lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day. ♪ lovely day, lovely day, lovely day. ♪ a lovely day, lovely day, lovely day. dagen: your morning mover, wiju global skyrocketing after announcing a deal with microsoft. the company known for analyzing vehicle data analytics will develop a platform with the tech giant to help generate insights for automotive companies and let manufacturers reduce cost, improving workmanshop as well. 31% gain. futures are mixed this morning after another record day on wall street. investors largely shrugging off omicron concerns. we're looking ahead to the adp report out at 8:15 a.m. eastern time, 400,000 private sector jobs are expected to be added
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last month, the month of december, and the most recent fed minutes are also out later today. joining me now, morgan creek capital management's mark usco. joining the conversation all morning long, exec the testify brandon arnold andsenior policye patrice lee onwuka. mark, what do you like here? yesterday it was the financials and the banks driving the dow to a new high. what do you like in this kind of strange market environment, if you will? >> dagen, thanks for having me this morning. happy new year. i think we're seeing a pretty sharp rotation. last year energy was the big surprise, fang, diamond backed energy outperformed the fang stocks pretty handily, that was the case the last couple days as we start 2022. we still really like energy and the reopening story.
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we think it's going to turn out that the omicron situation is much less severe than people think in terms of just the impact on people's lives. also you're seeing a pretty sharp rotation away from the high growth names, the really highly over-valued names. they've been crashing down, names like peloton and others. and i think part of that is the belief that we're going to have a reopening and part of that is that multiples were just so high because growth expectations were so high and as we just saw with you announcing what happened in europe, growth i think is going to disappoint both in fourth quarter and first quarter this year. dagen: factor in the fed and what you expect the fed to do in the new year, is that one of the reasons that you're seeing a move away from the not just high growth stocks but high value stocks, over-valued, if you will.
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maybe not the fear that the fed over shoots but certainly the fed will be tightening as the year moves on. just how does the fed and what its doing fit into how you see the world? >> really important insight, dagen. as the fed threatens to taper, they really haven't talked about tightening yet but i guess they could put that in their tool kit but as they talk about tapering, what that has people spooked. we think it's a lot of nothing burger, as usual. the fed's been talking about tapering for a long time. the eu has been talking about slowing qe for a long time. japan's been talking about stopping qqe since 2008. and we set new records, the yen made new lows against the dollar yesterday. so the money printing fest is going to continue. i think that's going to be one of the big surprises of 2022 is the fed's going to do an about face on the need not only to not taper, but to actually throw
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more stimulus at the problem as growth really disappoints. dagen: so that's -- >> that will be good for growth stocks. dagen: and that's really your thinking, it's not that the fed will -- what the fed does or the central banks do will impact the growth, it's just the overall growth story in the economy. and you can correct me if i misrepresented what you just said. but on that note, what is keeping these economies from going gang busters? >> demographics. right. demographics is destiny every day in this country and every day in europe, 10,000 people turn 65 a. that's going to go on for the next 13, 14 years. and it just -- when you have very high retirement rate, people falling out of the workforce, workforce population growth is low, and productivity is much lower, it just turns out that the highest productivity occurs when you have lots of 45
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to 65-year-olds in an economy and a that's just not what we're going to have in the western world for the next 15 years. so we're going to have much slower growth, sub-2% growth and then on top of they that you've got the really bad, i believe, or we believe, reactions to the virus. lockdowns are i think -- have always been a silly concept, not very effective in controlling the spread of the virus and they really impact economies. look what they've done to the supply chain, look what they've done to small business. small business creates most of the jobs and most of the growth in this country and other countries around the world. so we think we're going to be in a challenged growth environment and that's why it's about time to look for value and buy things that are on sale. dagen: because of -- let me paraphrase, because of useless bureaucrats and politicians who don't know what the heck they're doing, although i will note that britain looks like it's not going to lock down again so maybe they've learned a lesson.
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patrice, jump in here. >> i want to talk about cryptocurrency. where do you see it going this year, particularly bitcoin, but also from a regulatory standpoint is there something to fear with the s.e.c. for example trying to regulate cryptocurrency? >> patrice, really great question, and an important question. our belief is that every investor needs to get off zero exposure to allocation to crypto, particularly to bitcoin. everyone should have bitcoin in their portfolio, one, three, 5% depending on your age and a portfolio but everyone needs to have it. this year i do believe could be a little rocky. we have a four-year cycle in bitcoin around something called the having where the block rewards on chain are changed and in the middle of that cycle you tend to have a bear market or a consolidation period. i think we've entered that. and then you bring up the most
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important point which is regulation. the first five years of bitcoin, 2009, yesterday was the 13th birthday, so the first five years, 2009 to '15, six years, it was the we ignore you phase. people didn't care. from '16 to '21, the next six years it was, hey, we kind of laugh at you, look at those crazy people over there with their bitcoin. now it's the we fight you stage and the banks and big financial institutions don't want deposits moving from fiat currency into digital currencies so i think regulation is going to be a watch word for this year. it will cause some stress and my advice is just buy it. buy it every day, every week, every month. dollar cost average in. don't worry about the price. the price of bitcoin is a liar. that's not the value. that's the price at which two people agree to exchange a certain amount. what you want to own is this incredible network, this digital gold, this future of money and
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you want to bring it into your portfolio and just do it over time and don't worry about the daily price fluctuationses. dagen: i have a real quick question. we have an aging population here in the united states and around the globe. those folks need income from their investments. where is a safe place to get it? because bitcoin doesn't provide a dividend. >> really, really important point, dagen. look, income is important. and you can get it from high quality equities, it's a great place to get income. one of the most important things is the inverse of income and that's to protect your savings from the debacle that's going on in washington of money printing. every day they print more money, you get less value for your dollars that you already have. so, yes, you need some income but you really need to protect your savings from the ravages of the devaluation that's going on and that's what you do with bitcoin. dagen: cash, you're actually losing money. >> yes.
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dagen: great to see you. always a pleasure, sir. happy new year. sorry to be so abrupt when we started. i wanted to get right to it. but very happy new year. we'll see you often a, i hope, in 2022. we're just getting started this morning and this year. coming up, president biden's disconnect from reality, his harsh message that we've heard before for those who have refused to get the shot even as the vaccinated are also getting sick and also spreading omicron. and returning to remote learning, school districts shutting down once again. the impact on children. when will adults start caring about the kids? plus, 2022 is the year to get a big raise, how to make sure you see a pay boost this year. you don't want to miss a moment of it. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. chase first banking. a debit card for kids, and a set of tools to help them learn good money habits.
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dagen: chicago public schools are being forced to cancel classes today after teachers voted to refuse to show up for work in person. cheryl casone has more. cheryl, all this went down pretty late last night. so the parents are waking up to i don't know what's going on. cheryl: many of these parents have jobs they have to go to and they've been stuck, many can't afford child care in the city. a whopping 73% of members in the chicago teachers union voting to switch to remote learning. this coming despite countless pleas from parents and city leaders to keep educators in the classroom. chicago mayor lori lightfoot calling the vote a, quote, illegal work stoppage. she says kids are safer in classrooms. >> nobody signed up for being a home schooler at the last minute. we can't forget about how disruptive that remote process is to individual parents who have to work, who can't afford the luxury of staying home and
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being with their kids. cheryl: meanwhile, a new arizona government program is going to pay up to $7,000 to families to ensure in-person learning. it's going to cover the cost of switching schools, child care or trans -- transportation. more confusion from the cdc. they are telling people if they have access to a rapid test and want to take it, they should take it at the end of the five day isolation period. if they test positive, they should isolate for another five days. some are criticizing the decision not to recommend a negative test before people emerge from isolation after being diagnosed with covid. the cdc says data shows individuals are less likely to transmit the virus after five days. senator joe manchin dealing another blow to fellow democrats, casting doubt on the push to change the filibuster and make it majority rule requiring 60 votes to pass. watch.
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>> it's a heavy lift. the reason i say it's a heavy lift, any time there's a carve-out you eat the whole turkey, there's nothing left because it comes back and forth. you want things to be sustainable. cheryl: chuck schumer is threatening a vote to change the rule if republicans don't get on board with democrats' election bill. manchin says he's been in discussions but any revision should include republican support as well. and the flightmare continues, over 1200 flights canceled, more than 400 delayed this morning alone. it is 6:18 in the morning eastern time, folks. yesterday, more than 1500 flights were canceled, over 6,000 were delayed. staffing shortages, bad weather to blame. southwest and jetblue saw the most recent disruptions, the biggest, anyway. 20,000 flights have been canceled since christmas eve, following a three day stretch where one out of every 10 flights has been canceled. it's been tough, people trying to get on airplanes. i guess staying home is the
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option right now. dagen: i would rather not get on an airplane because my flight was canceled than sit on a amtrak for 40 hours which what is happened in virginia. cheryl: yeah. or sit on the highway for 15 plus hours. they've had a fun run in the state of virginia. dagen: exactly. thank you so much. president biden still insisting we're in a, quote, pandemic of the unvaccinated. even as millions of vaccinated americans are catching the omicron variant and spreading it. listen to this. >> if you're vaccinated and boosted, you are highly protected. you know, be concerned about omicron but don't be alarmed. if you're unvaccinated, you have some reason to alarmed. this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. dagen: the president slammed for encouraging americans to simply google where to get a rapid covid test, desperate to get their hands on limited
6:20 am
supply of covid tests. google test near me to track one down. patrice, your reaction to this? i'll quote matt welch of reason magazine, he said it gerber than i can. calling it a pandemic of the unvaccinated was a slogan that was unwise be in july, untrue in september and unbelievable at a time where three quarters of adults in the country are fully vaccinated and we've got a million positive cases a day. patrice, your reaction? patrice: matt welch said it very eloquently. i think what's concerning here is that president biden continues to make this about getting vaccines when we know there are other elements that are going to help us get through this phase of the pandemic and actually when will the pandemic end. i would love for him to put more time and effort into treatment around what are we providing as taxpayers, through our taxpayer dollars to ensure that people
6:21 am
who get sick are able to recover quickly. again, he's just about vaccinated because that's his talking point. that's the only thing he can rest on, to say he did something about this pandemic. dagen: brandon? brandon: yeah, i think this fair i've the needs to be completely restructured. obviously, there's a push to get people vaccinated. but the whole notion that if you're vaccinated you can eat covid flakes for breakfast and be okay is obviously not true. people that are fully vaccinated are getting covid. what president trump said the other day and i think this is more accurate and a more straightforward approach to getting the message out there is that if you're vaccinated and you get covid you're probably not going to the hospital and almost certainly won't die from it but you can still get it particularly the omicron variant. we need the politicians, particularly biden, to be more straightforward and honest with the american people. dagen: it's the demonization of the unvaccinated but also he lacks any credibility at this point and the problem is that biden used this as a political
6:22 am
weapon the entire pandemic and said that we're going to get it straight. the biggest -- one of the biggest problems is the testing. they've had a year to get the testing straight. where are we now? he's telling people to google it. it's just outrageous. we'll be right back. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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dagen: more secret border flights in the middle of the night. the biden administration is said to be flying illegal immigrants from the border to scranton, pennsylvania. this after trying to discreetly ship migrants to places like new york, tennessee, and florida last year. governor tom wolfe denying the migrants were there to stay, saying the flights were just passing through on the way to their final destination. joining me now is pennsylvania congressman, dan meuser. he's a member of the house foreign affairs and small business committees. congressman meuser, great to see you. you wrote a letter to department of homeland security demanding answers about the migrant flights. what have you heard? have you heard back? >> i did. i had a meeting with hhs a few days ago. they provided information. they did answer a some questions. but it was highly unsatisfactory. the idea that they must by law
6:27 am
facilitate the outlandishly terrible policies of the biden administration, i can get that but the idea that -- attempt to do it secretly in the middle of the night, dagen, there were two flights that came in on christmas night in the evening, 9:00 at night. i went down to the airport the next day to see what was going on and there were many eyewitnesses that told everything to me. that's the only way that we found out through leaks. and i'll tell you something else the american people need to know what hhs did. they diverted billions of dollars of funding that was dedicated for tests, covid tests stockpile to bring in unaccompanied minors, illegal minors into the u.s. the woke a-- agenda of the president is at the expense of the american people and it's
6:28 am
happening every day. dagen: patrice, jump in. >> good to see you. do you have a sense of what's happening with the migrant children, the ones that are being detained and the ones that are shuffled around the country. we're told they are supposed to be reunited with someone, potentially family members, but is that true and do we have any sense of what's going on behind the curtains because i don't think a lot of media outlets are getting any sort of access. >> well, i think the media are deliberately avoiding the access and the story but if you go to the border as i have a couple times, you see what's happening. thousands and thousands a day are coming through, the customs and border patrol is doing its very best, besides themselves, trying to figure out how to send a young person or adolescent or someone who may be 20 years old and just says they're 17 to an address, usually on a note they have or written on their arm, a phone number or an address, and then because the border is so overwhelmed, they're being put on these planes, sent to
6:29 am
different parts of the country, particularly allentown and wolfsburg and scranton in these cases, over 2,000 over the last few weeks, and busses are showing up and carting them off to destinations unknown and hhs won't tell us, won't tell us where they are going. we understand they're going into the new york metro area, but that's just anecdotal. we don't know that for sure. dagen: and meantime, in terms of the lack of border security and protection, you have fentanyl pouring across the border, more seizures than heroin and it's now the number one killer poisoning for young adults. when does this stop? it shows a lack of humanity on behalf of this administration. >> you said it. that's exactly what it is. these young people and illegals in general are coming in under false pretense. the coyotes, the cartels are running it. every cbp will tell you that,
6:30 am
whether you're democrat or republican, that's the eyinging inn dislehed,all kalf t er re'er r one-thirdne the t t e ev i m thi is n not notng an neannd wanhaha the the g he g'vot'v t turselvursees tt, st i n come ss, it',s ie comeome s's s compat no w h we w a oor po, t want an a open elon polsy wel w t heserereeoeehoho have ral fouled up the pandemic response and repeatedly not just vilified the unvaccinated but just lied to the american people. thank you, congressman dan meuser, great to see you. >> you too, dagen, happy new year. dagen: coming up, tesla under fire for a new showroom in a
6:31 am
part of china where there are concentration camps. the company being accused of, quote, economic support for genocide. we're on it. plus, top investors share their top stock picks next hour in the word on wall street, why they say you shouldn't give up on big tech just yet. riders, the lone wolves of the great highway. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still.
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's wednesday, january 5th. a look at markets at the bottom of the hour. futures are essentially flat, losses across the board at the moment, the nasdaq sinking again this morning, we're looking at the nasdaq 100 futures. this after mixed markets yesterday, the dow did notch its second straight record close but the nasdaq felt its worst day since december 16th, losing 1 and a third percent. european markets are in the green right now, there are gains in england, france and germany. eurozone's economic growth came in at a nine month low because of the spread of omicron.
6:36 am
in asia overnight markets mostly lower, all three of the four markets there heading to the downside, losses north of 1% in south korea, hong kong and shanghai. manhattan's new woke district attorney is ordering hiss prosecutors not to request jail time for criminals. except murderers pretty much. you've got to murder somebody to go to jail in new york city, that's the bottom line, cheryl casone. you have more. cheryl: by the way, we'll get to this, but just want to point out here that he was a george soros backed candidate, throwing that out to everybody. this is alvin brag, manhattan's new da, he's kicking off the tenure by telling the staff to stop prosecuting certain crimes. he says the policy changes will make us safer, they also will free up resources to focus on violent crimes. some of the crimes that are no longer getting prosecuted include marijuana misdemeanors,
6:37 am
trespassing, traffic offenses unless a felony was committed at the same time, and things like resisting arrest and prosecution. not going to prosecute those. okay, walmart and kroger are hiking the price of at home covid rapid tests. last year the companies agreed to sell the tests at cost or at a discount for three months. that was $14 for two tests. the deal with the biden administration expired back in mid-december. abbott lab's test sells for almost $24 right now at kroger. walmart is selling the same test for almost $20. taking a look at the stocks in the premarket, walmart slightly higher, kroger slightly lower. 4.5 million americans quit their jobs in november, many leaving for higher wages, more flexibility and better opportunities. the labor department says there were 10.6 million job openings at the end of november, those numbers are expected to remain high as the number of available workers lags behind postings in the tighter labor market.
6:38 am
they call it the great resignation. it's real. and then there is this. sony is looking to get into the electric vehicle market. the company unveiling a prototype seven seat electric suv during the las vegas ces tech conference last night, first showing off an ev sedan at ces a few years ago, t at the time they didn't have plans to sell a sony car. now they plan to launch sony mobility sometime this spring. dagen: thank you so much for that. tesla meantime, speaking of electric car companies, opening a new showroom in the capital city of china's xinjiang he region, the same area where the chinese communist party members are allegedly committing human rights abuses of the uyghur muslims. several advocate groups blasting the company accusing tesla of, quote, economic support of genocide with the new showroom. joining me now hudson institute senior fellow, rebecca heinrich.
6:39 am
your reaction and what does tesla have to say about it. >> dagen, it is so disappointing. there are so many people who are pulling for elon musk to be this great new patriotic titan of industry, takes us to mars and with spacex and tesla electric cars and instead he starts off the new year after congress passes the uyghur forced labor act, president biden signs it into law and he chooses to be a xi jinping lackey and put the tesla showroom next door to where we know the genocide camps are. it is so disappointing. he needs to suffer reputationaly. i'm hopeful he can change course. i still want him to be this example of what this titan of industry for the united states can be but this is just such a disayou pointing and disgust -- disappointing and disgusting shameful move for elon musk. dagen: i wonder where the progressive investors are who will turn their money away from
6:40 am
companies who they argue are not trying to fight climate change but what about a company that is literally standing up for genocide, if you will? >> that's such a great point, dagen. and a this is why i always remind people, i mean, if you really want to expose the hypocrisy of these corporations that want to beat up on the united states and call the united states systemically racist and they do all this kind of stuff domestically in the united states and they act as though they are these great champions of climate change reform and then had they go and they're mum, perfectly willing to tow the line, do whatever xi jinping wants them to do, not to talk about so they can have access to the massive market in china. this is something americans should know. whenever the united states or whenever companies do criticize what's going on, these atrocities in china, all of these chinese superstars, influencers come out and criticize these american
6:41 am
companies, nike, h & m, another western company, and then they boycott. all these chinese people boycott it. we don't have very many people like that in the united states. we need this revival of american patriotism, not just with the ceos but with our influencers. there's cultural influences in the united states. they've got their eyes focused on other things. they're really frankly just hypocritical. dagen: i want to get your reaction to taiwan's air force conducting combat readiness drills this morning despite heightened tensions with china, including f-16 fighter jets used to intercept chinese war a planes, part of a three day drill to show taiwan's readiness. this is an important show of strength, rebecca? >> it is important. and good for the taiwanese. your heart goes out to them because they're being harassed nonstop. china wants to demonstrate what they're able to do but they're also harassing taiwan, trying to wear them down, to make them
6:42 am
feel defeated and afrayed and intim -- afraid and intimidated. the taiwanese go and intercept the planes. they've got to increase their defense budget and buy the types of defensive capabilities that are necessary to make themselves as prickley as possible so they're not this -- and frankly, just an easy target to take over because xi jinping you better believe has got his eyes on taiwan especially if he's looking across and seeing the joe biden administration not demonstrating resolve in these other areas of the world. he still is watching taiwan and seeing if there's a good opportunity to make his move. dagen: how about joe biden standing up for the hundreds of thousands of americans who were killed by a virus that came out of china and a chinese communist government that at the very least hid and covered up the origin, the outbreak and thens has stonewalled any investigation into the origins of it. and joe biden doesn't have the
6:43 am
gumption or whatever to address this directly with xi jinping. not in almost a year. >> i am so glad you brought thunderstorm watch, dagen. we're about -- brought that up, dagen. we're about a month away from the olympics in china and it's basically mum about going back to the origins of the virus. it's not just the origins. remember, it's the behavior of the chinese communist at party that continues to push this today to hide and misdirect about the nature of the virus and the behavior of the government that effectively maximized the spread outside its borders. we're dealing with omicron right now. i don't know if there's any other variants coming. nobody does. so we don't know really where we are in the course of this pandemic that was started in china and then made worse by the chinese communist party and continues to this day. it's a disgrace and we've got to get to the bottom of it. you're exactly right, dagen. dagen: almost five and-a-half million people dead around the
6:44 am
globe, of those 828,000 americans and joe biden says nothing except, well, the unvaccinated, evil phis them. -- he vilifies them. rebecca heinrich, great to see you. thank you so much. coming up, crypto gaining steam in 2022, how the next big wave of digital assets could influence our everyday lives. next. and don't forget to tune into fox business prime time tonight, american gold the legend of bear gulch starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern. followed by the pursuit with john rich at 9:00. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ ♪♪ care. it has the power to change the way we see things. ♪♪
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dagen: investors betting big on bitcoin, some see the cryptocurrency hitting $100,000 by the middle of this year, bitcoin currently hovering at just under a little more than 46,000 at the moment. joining me now, marcello pompeo. give us your predictions for the new year.
6:49 am
>> this is an exciting moment to be in crypto in our opinion. in terms of predictions, it's hard to say when things happen. we could say bitcoin is on track to keep growing, adoption is growing, technology is actually making a lot of progress. so it's very hard to say but it's not impossible that we see $100,000, more or less, but it's easy to say that like it will keep going forward over time when you zoom out but expect a lot of volatility. dagen: your company launched the first crypto etf in the world. this is happening in brazil, you're now entering the u.s. market. tell us about you getting into the u.s. market, how are you going about that? >> sure. so brazil is more a strategy than an end goal. we went to brazil because brazil was a framework back then in order to launch a crypto etf which has been long weighted for the industry.
6:50 am
u.s., we do still -- we do have not a spot, not a crypto spot etf at this point, we just have a futures etf. we're looking forward to seeing opening the market and allowing players like us to play the game but we're establishing now, pretty much accelerate our growth. we partnered with victory capital which is a credible asset manager, global asset manager based in the u.s. we are distributing our funds right now. dagen: brandon, jump in. >> i have a quick question about the provision, a provision in the infrastructure bill that passed in november of last year that actually puts new you reporting requirements on crypto. $10,000 transactions have to be reported to the irs. they're saying they can squeeze $28 billion out of crypto with this provision. is this the kind of provision that's going to chase technology and industry into other
6:51 am
countries? >> well, you know, generally regulation tries to use what they know to pretty much regulate or create rules for what they don't necessarily know, like everything that is innovation. these things, like not -- over time, it's actually for this reason that companies like us exist, to help traditional market investors to navigate all these many rules that will come, like we just think that crypto is a great asset class for investors to get exposure to and we'll help them navigate that. so really specific about this one we don't think it's a problem especially long-term but we're going to see a number of those coming, like in the coming months, years, but it will adjust over time. dagen: thank you for being here. happy new year. we'll see you in 2022.
6:52 am
marcello pompeo. coming up, vice president harris on some thin ice after declaring america's moving while virginia drivers were stranded for 15 hours, 20 hours in the middle of a winter storm on i-95. the message you have to see, that's next in the hot topic buzz. ♪ that's what you get when you let your heart win. ♪ whoa. ♪ that's what you get when you let your heart a win. ♪ whoa you want your data to be protected and secured. and your customers want seamless and easy. with ibm, you can do both. your company can monitor threats across your clouds, address all those regulations, and still create all new experiences. trustworthy ai powered security. that's why so many businesses work with ibm.
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dagen: time for the hot topic buzz. vice president kamala harris under fire for what's being called a tone deaf tweet about american infrastructure while all of those virginians and people not even from the state were stranded on an icy i-95 for more than 24 hours. the vice president tweeted this, america's moving again. that's what infrastructure is all about, getting people moving and some people speaking of twitter were blaming governor-elect glenn youngkin for the state's response, although he doesn't take office until january 15th. brandon, your reaction to why can't people just not tweet. brandon: she's taking tone deafness to new heights. i think you should do an entire
6:57 am
show on kamala harris' twitter feed. last night she was bragging about reducing the deficit when we have the second largest deficit in the nation's history. setting aside the fact that senator b kane was stuck in traffic for 27 hours due the snow and whatnot, she thinks this infrastructure bill that was passed in november has suddenly improved our infrastructure six or so weeks later. it takes this government six months to buy a box of paper clips. does she really think we build roads and bridges and so forth in a six week period? it's insane. dagen: the fact that people were trying to blame glenn youngkin who hadn't taken office yet and talk about governor ralph northam, he was missing in essence. they were putting out statements but where was the national guard when people were sitting on i-95 for a day. >> absolutely. i mean, governor northam, governor black face or governor
6:58 am
kkk face whichever one he was in that picture, he was missing in action. he is checked out. he's a lame duck at this point. enough people don't recognize that they can't google whether or not a new governor has been in office yet. it's sad that they were blaming incoming governor glenn youngkin for this debacle. i do agree, it would have been nice to see people, the national guard handing out blankets, handing out sandwiches while this mess was figured out. it was going to take a while for this to be done. there's a ton of finger pointing between the state and local officials about who is responsible for what happened. at the end of the day, it's sad and i'm glad that finally that mess has been cleared up but the people on twitter need to take a chill pill and at least google before they -- like president biden told us, google first if they need some information. dagen: on that note, patrice, i am astonished, i guess i'm
6:59 am
surprised at my own stonishment, -- my own astonishment that this president is such a disaster when it comes to simply communicating with the american people, the fact he keeps going after the unvaccinated and then when the vaccinated, millions of vaccinated americans are catching omicron and spreading it, but then he says google where to get a test and i know that they're ordering some of the therapeutics, the p anti-virals from pfizer, you've got 35,000 doses will be -- additional courses are going to be delivered this month, like they're just behind in every way. they are living, speaking, walking proof that government and bureaucracy fails the american people. patrice: , well and this is exactly the opposite of what president biden campaigned on. he told us that he had a plan to shut down not the economy but to shut down the pandemic and to
7:00 am
shut down the coronavirus. we recognize now that they didn't have a plan and they're willing to rip off president trump's plan to take credit for the vaccine development and then to try and take credit for the rollout of the vaccine distribution. but there's been so much that has been missing from the conversation, from the therapeutics, from ensuring that even during good times when we saw delta wane, when we saw overall vaccination rates increase, why were they not stockpiling, stockpiling therapeutics and treatments and other vaccine doses. the biden administration definitely just fell flat on their face. dagen: and the states. they've got a trillion dollars. where were the tests when you needed them? that was kind of covid 101 in terms of a government response, even the trump administration talked about the lack of tests and now you've got the new cdc guidance, we've got to go, but
7:01 am
the new cdc guidance is -- makes no sense. like you can get a test if you want but it stops short of requiring the testing which i guess is a good thing but what is it? if you can get a test. brandon and patrice, stay right there. thank you so much for that. the next hour of "mornings with maria" starts right now. dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, january 5th. your top stories 7:00 a.m. eastern. the battle over reopening schools, the chicago teachers union voting to go completely remote as omicron cases rise, forcing the schools there to close. mayor lori lightfoot slamming this decision, telling teachers to get back to work or face no pay. >> we will not stand idly by and accept a unilateral decision on a work stoppage.
7:02 am
i'm urging teachers, come to school, teach your kids. your students need you. dagen: the teachers union anti-science covid power hungry unions that hate children, we're following this all morning long but first a look at markets. futures are searching for direction as the dow inches closer. was inching closer to 37,000. this after mixed markets yesterday, the dow notching its second straight record close. 214 point gain on the blue chips with the nasdaq seeing its worst day since december 16th. european markets in the green right now, gains in england, france and germany. the eurozone's economic growth, however, easing to a nine month low because of the spread of omicron. in asia overnight, markets mostly lower there. the south korean hong kong and shanghai markets all lower by 1%
7:03 am
or more. "mornings with maria" is live right now. some of the top stories we're watching this morning, president biden has a strange piece of advice for americans looking for a rapid test. cheryl casone has that and much more. hey, cheryl. cheryl: good morning again, dagen. so president biden addressing the nation yesterday, again insisting people who haven't been vaccinated are to blame for the pandemic. even though those who are vaccinated are still getting sick. he also suggested this for americans looking for a test. >> google covid test near me, go there, google -- excuse me, covid near me on google to find the nearest site where you can get a test, most often and free. cheryl: go to google, he says. okay. a new poll showing americans are not impressed with biden's rhetoric and actions. usa today and a suffolk university finding only 40% of people approve of the president,
7:04 am
54% disapprove as we approach the one year mark of him in in office. all right, senator joe manchin dealing another blow to fellow democrats, casting doubt on their push to change the filibuster and make it majority rule in the senate versus requiring 60 votes to pass anything. >> it's a heavy lift and the reason i say it's a heavy lift is that any time there's a carve-out, you eat the whole turkey. there's nothing left. because it comes back and forth. you want things to be sustainable. cheryl: chuck schumer is threatening a vote to change the rule if republicans don't get on board with democrats' election bill. manchin says any revision should include republican support as well. the flightmare continues, over 1200 flights canceled, over 400 delayed this morning alone and it's only -- it's 7:05 eastern time, folks. the numbers keep jumping.
7:05 am
yesterday over 1500 flights were canceled, over 6,000 delayed. staff shortages and bad weather are to blame. southwest and jetblue saw the most recent disruptions, 20,000 flights canceled since christmas eve, following a three day stretch where one out of every 10 flights was canceled. toy yows take de-- toyota dethroned general motors as america's top automaker. gm had the top spot for 90 years. but toyota was able to manage the supply chain issues better than gm and the ongoing chip shortage and of course all of that with the semiconductors which has hurt all new car manufacturers, dagen. those are some of your headlines. dagen: thank you so much, cheryl. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this morning. joining me now, laugh letter arr junior, chris markowski and the fitzgerald group principal,
7:06 am
keith fitzgerald. futures are searching for direction this morning. we're waiting for the federal reserve minutes from december from that meeting out in just a few hours and a the minutes could give investors a better picture of where the policy makers see interest rates going in 2022, fed officials forecasting three interest rate hikes by the end of the year. you say the fed, arthur, is taking a wait and see approach to inflation. how dangerous is that? >> well, if inflation doesn't slow down, it's going to be a problem because then they're going to have to act a little more aggressively but the fed's a political an a mall so this is what you -- animal so this is what you should expect from them, they're going to wait and see and see what the cpi looks like in january and february, before they give us an indication of whether you're looking at two or three hikes is more likely. dagen: we had a guest on last hour who thinks that it will be -- the fed will be less aggressive in reining in inflation because growth will be
7:07 am
weak but are investors -- like the fed historically makes mistakes when they try to remove accommodation and do you see that in the cards, particularly when you have asset inflation, asset bubbles, here, there and everywhere. >> yeah, definitely. i mean, the fed has historically not acted ahead of the market. what they do is they really don't want to take off the gas, the they like the gas and they like being accomodative on credit so -- and also this fed's a lot more doveish than it was before, the new membership gives it more of a doveish tilt to it so took them how long to take transitory out. they're going to really wait until they really think the fire's going on inflation, if that's the case. so i wouldn't expect the fed to be aggressive at all. dagen: keith, you say inflation splits are here, investors dumped tech stock like apple,
7:08 am
microsoft and tesla. you say this is a bad move. why? >> i think you've got to think about logically, tech is improving every aspect of our lives, they're changing the way we eat, the way we drive, how they think about buying houses. but nobody that i know of is giving up their iphone, nobody is giving up their wearables, tech is increasing medical technology, 91% of invisitors or executives think it's a primary investing area, 82% think a.i. is there. cyber crime is so big that if it were a country it would be the world's third largest gdp. do you want to switch horses in the middle of the race if you're winning? i don't think so. dagen: chris, we learned a record 4 and-a-half million workers quit their jobs in november, job openings did fall from about 11 million to 10.6 million. this as the december jobs report is coming out on friday. what are you expecting and what's the i'm -- from the jobs report but what's the impact on the market? >> well, the impact on the
7:09 am
overall market right now is to basically muted to some degree. we've seen the markets rise, the santa claus rally. i'm looking to what's happening in the future. we're talking about chicago school districts shutting down. what does that mean to all the parents out there that have to scramble, that can't go to work? this great resignation could continue moving forward. i know it's an ebbing dough l tall. many of -- anecdotal. many of my clients are small business owners all around the country. they're having a difficult time finding workers. there's certain areas of the country had a tough time new year's eve, shutdowns in the northeast and some of these urban areas. but this is going to start morphing into of other areas of the country as well, make it more difficult moving forward. dagen: wouldn't it be temporary and the market would probably look past that? >> well, i think the markets are looking pretty much past everything at this point in time, taking a look at what's going on and what's happened via the santa claus rally. i think the markets are trying
7:10 am
to see what the fed is going to be doing moving forward. we've got the minutes coming out later on today. but even with the fed, i highly doubt that they're going to really do much outside of 75 basis points this year which basically is a akin to cutting your grass with pair of scissors. dagen: you're staring at a balance sheet about almost $9 trillion before the financial crisis in '08 it was 800 billion, really astonishing. thank you, gentlemen. good to -- chris, what were you going to say before we go? >> i was going to say, i was going to -- what can the fed do? the national debt is almost $30 trillion. can they really raise rates? they're stuck in a box. dagen: keith, you're shaking your head. >> the fed is so far out to lunch they're an insult to the cafeteria, dagen. [laughter] dagen: i will leave it at that. keith, i can't stop it. keith fitzgerald, chris and arthur laffer junior, thank you. much more ahead this morning. returning to remote learning,
7:11 am
school districts shutting down once again. the impact on children, next. plus, big raises coming in 2022, how to make sure you see a pay boost this year. and joining the conversation all morning long, brandon arnold and patrice lee onwuka. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ you got soul and know how to use it. ♪ your hand on my hip because you know that i'll lose it. ♪ you got my heart racing like there's nothing to it. ♪ falling in love to the beat of the music. y ♪ and strengthen client confidence in you. before investing consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. go to for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully.
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whether you've enjoyed the legendary terrain in telluride, the unparalleled landscape of park city or the famed peaks of whistler, you face the hassle of lugging your gear through the airport. with ship skis, you're just a few clicks away from having your skis, snowboard and luggage shipped from your doorstep to your destination. with unrivaled pricing, real time tracking, ship skis delivers hassle-free. ship ahead and go catch those first tracks on fresh snow. dagen: public schools in chicago being forced to cancel classes today as teachers refuse to show up for in-person learning. 73% of chicago teachers union members voted to switch to remote learning late last night and the city leaders are not happy. >> if there is an affirmative
7:16 am
vote to walk out on an illegal work action tomorrow, classes tomorrow are canceled. the teachers should come to work. if they do not, they will be in a no pay status. i'm urging teachers come to school, teach your kids. your students need you. dagen: show up or don't get paid. the union says it voted to switch to virtual learning today due to a rise in omicron cases especially for the vaccinated, patrice, it's a bad cold. patrice: dagen, it's awful. you know, certainly rising omicron cases, i understand that. but what the teachers unions in chicago and across our country are doing is assinine, frankly. the toll it's taking on the kids. the new york times of all outlets is chronicling some of the cases. suicide attempts among teenage girls are up 51%. the number of mental health emergencies, not to mention the
7:17 am
educational losses that are rising, particularly among black and a brown and poor kids. so these teachers unions, they're looking out for themselves. they want more money. they want more pay. hey, they want more flexibility. but that is not and should not be at the cost of the education of our children. dagen: brandon, that article written by david leonheart in the new york sometimes, called no way to grow up, i think the most telling line from this was communities have accepted more harm to children in exchange for less harm to adults often without acknowledging the dilemma or assessing which decisions lead to less overall harm. and i think that the teachers unions were really leading the way on this. brandon: yeah. i mean, it's pretty disgusting to be honest. i'm a parent of young children and the notion that they would be pulled out of classes for an extended period of time, perhaps, is really disappointing because we do see a lot of health problems associated with
7:18 am
children as patrice pointed out, we do seed caseal delays cosh -- educational delays associated with children and there is an economic impact. working class parents can't afford to watch their kids all day long. they've got to go to work. what happens to the secondary effects, what happens to small businesses when employees who are parents of young children can't show up to work that day. this is a huge economic problem, it's a huge problem surrounding education of our children. it's just ridiculous play by the unions. i don't know what the heck they're doing here. dagen: where do we go now, patrice, in terms of taking power away from these teachers unions, more school choice and how do we begin to get children caught up. as much as i appreciate the new york times article, i've been talking about this for a year and-a-half, even longer. carole markwits started writing about the attacks on our kids, you know, remote learning and
7:19 am
the -- she started writing about that in the spring of 2020. patrice: i think the way forward is going to be interesting. it's going to be incumbent on our lawmakers to actually institute some hard, tough laws here. i mean, i give some credit to mayor lightfoot who is actually saying if you don't show up, you're not going to be paid. i think we have an arizona governor doocy is saying we're going to give $7,000 to parents and families whose schools have been shut down arbitrarily for them to decide where they want their money to go and i think that's really innovative because what you'll see is smaller micro schools popping up in local neighborhoods where parents can send their kids all together and to learn. i think we need some tough love here and frankly these teachers, teachers unions, they are holding our kids' educations hostage and parents now realize that. dagen: and i'll just add to --
7:20 am
there was a study done by a brown university professor what that found that babies born during the pandemic have worse cognitive, verbal and motor skills than children who entered the world before the coronavirus. it is the opposite of the greatest generation, what people have done in these power hungry science deniers known as the unions have done to a generation of children in this country. coming up, border towns being overrun because of the biden administration's lack of action. we get into it next with former border patrol chief, ron vitello. no room for the woke, some florida residents aren't happy with who is moving into the sunshine state. we'll tell you more about it in this morning's hot topic buzz. as a dj, i know all about customization.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
dagen: the ongoing illegal migrant surge causing you'd you ma, arizona to become the new border hot spot. in this fiscal year, the sector has seen migrant encounters spike 2400% compared to the same time last year, 2400%. the mayor of yuma says the city may not have the resources to deal with this massive influx of illegal immigrants. joining me now former u.s.
7:25 am
border patrol commissioner, ronald vitiello. ron, good to see you. what can these local authorities, the mayors, even the governors, even local law enforcement do when the people in charge in washington do nothing? and act like it isn't a crisis? >> yeah, good morning, dagen. yeah, it's terrible. we've gone in less than a year, we've gone from a modicum of border security, historic low rates of activity, we were building a wall, we were adding resources, and now we're in a situation less than a year later where we've seen historic highs in apprehensions, last fiscal year, 1.7 million encounters at cbp and places like yuma, if rio grande valley, del-rio, texas, those communities are not equipped for this kind of activity, this kind of -- where people come in large numbers with families and children coming alone and effectively released into the communities
7:26 am
and a place like yuma they're not equipped to an del that. they need to -- handle that. they need to advocate for their own citizens to get this administration to reverse their rescission of these policies that were working under the prior administration. dagen: patrice, jump in. patrice: good morning, mr. vitiello. i think president biden just proclaimed this as national human trafficking prevention month. i can't believe that because right now at the southern border we are seeing such ridiculous numbers of sex offenders coming in, you know, fiscal year 2021 almost 500 convicted sex offenders, far greater than the past couple of years many can you talk to us. i mean, what is the way to really prevent human trafficking at the southern border? what should president biden and vice president kamala harris be doing? >> it's a very good point.
7:27 am
we have to have policies that don't encourage people to come into the united states, we have to have policies that don't send a message around the world that says if you're in the country illegally, then i.c.e. or the border patrol is not coming after you. the policies that existed prior to january 20th, '21 was if you came to the border and claimed asylum, you had to wait in mexico for your hearing. and what that did is that brought the activity level down to only the people who were most in need of coming to the united states. the framework for asylum and immigration at the border has been a problem for quite a long time. but the migrant protection protocols, allowing people to have their due process but waiting in mexico brought the levels of activity down and when you bring that activity down, that gives the border patrol more opportunity to find people who are human trafficked and rescue them, to seize more narcotics, to patrol the border and a keep us safe. when you encourage the kind of activity that we're seeing now, we've never seen anything like it.
7:28 am
it's busier than it's ever been in the history of the border. when you have that, you have more chaos. the cartels are in charge. more people are being exploited and trafficked. we have to find a way to bring the levels of activity down and the way you do that is you hold people in detention until they have their due process or you let them wait in mexico which was happening under the last administration a. dagen: biden and company laid the foundation for criminals and the very evil in this world to profit from human suffering and misery, whether it's human trafficking or also fence m nil poise -- fentanyl poisoning in the united states. name one thank thing that the biden administration has done to stop the influx of fentanyl and the fentanyl poisonings that have mushroomed in the last year. >> yeah, it's a good point. what they've done is they've encouraged people to bring their children to the border or if you're coming to the united states now is the time to come. when they rescinded these
7:29 am
policies, they basically flooded the border with this crush of humanity. what that does, that gives the cartels cover to smuggle this poison into the united states and that's encouraged other people to come and so you have this signal that's been sent out, come to the border now, and the border patrol obviously is overwhelmed, i.c.e. is overwhelmed and then the rhetoric around what's going on in the united states and the policy statements that this administration has made in the interior what that says if you're here illegally i.c.e. is not going to come and try to find you, if you're not a threat to public safety or convicted felon, i.c.e. isn't looking for you, if you're an unscrupulous employer we won't send i.c.e. agents to your business. what we've done, we've encouraged this flow and until they bring the flow down, everybody is at risk, people who live on the border, people who are in the interior and even people in the pipeline who have been encouraged to come to the border right now. dagen: ron, thank you so much for being here, always. happy new year. ron vitiello. we'll see you much in the new
7:30 am
year. i hope. >> happy new year. dagen: coming up, president biden's disconnect from reality, his message for those who have not gotten vaccinated even as vaccinated individuals are getting sick and spreading omicron. plus, fried chicken for vegans, it's fried what is the question. how kfc is getting in on the plant-based boom. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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7:35 am
marijuana misdemeanors, trespassing, traffic offense, unless a felony was committed at the same time. also things like resisting arrest and prostitution. well, another democrat announcing retirement, further threatening the blue majority in the house, michigan congresswoman brenda lawrence said she will not seek re-election this november. 25 house democrats say they will not run in november or are seeking higher office. well, walmart is looking to hire 3,000 drivers as they look to expand the in home delivery service, drivers use an access code to unlock doors or garages through an app that pairs with a smart entry lock. retailer says it will make the service available to 30 million people by the end of the year, up from 6 million. finally, here's a question for you. would you eat plant based fried chicken. now's your chance to try it. kfc is adding it to the menu
7:36 am
nationwide monday as part of the partnership with beyond meat. they have been working on the chicken substitute for several years, testing it out at restaurants in atlanta, nashville and charlotte. dagen, i don't think i've ever told you this but i did do plant based for a month. i felt pretty good. i know you swear by it, so, you know, i liked it. dagen: not the fried stuff, though. the problem is you're just eating, you know, fried goo. cheryl: yeah. eating tofu maybe. dagen: it tastes fine. it is fried. you can fry my running shoe and it would be edible. maybe not. thank you, cheryl. president biden speaking out yesterday on the current state of the pandemic and continuing to blame the unvaccinated in america. listen to this. >> those that are fully vaccinated, especially those with the booster shots, you can still get covid but it's highly unlikely, very unlikely that you'll become seriously ill.
7:37 am
there's no excuse, no of excuse for anyone being unvaccinated. this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. dagen: joining me now, former cdc director and amllc senior medical advisor robert redfield. robert, good morning. i want to put this question directly to you. >> good morning. dagen: are the unvaccinated a threat to the vaccinated? >> no, i wouldn't say it that way. i really don't think it's helpful to try to single out and blame one group or another. as you've pointed out, and i've heard you i think on the 5 or something, people that are vaccinated unfortunately are still getting infected and vaccines are very important, i want to make sure that -- people should get vaccinate ped and they should get boosted. that's our best protection. that in and of itself isn't going to stop infection. i think some people overplay that if you've been vaccinated with two injections in
7:38 am
particular, somehow you're protected against serious illness. i serve as the senior public health advisor in the state of maryland. over 30% of the people in the hospital have been vaccinated with two shots or more. so i mean, omicron is a significant illness. we do need to get people vaccinated. the vaccinated and the unvaccinated can be a source of transmission. we should try to encourage the unvaccinated to get vaccinated, all of us. i don't think we do well as a physician, i never did well in helping motivate my patients to do things in a positive interest and health by blaming them. dagen: it's inexplicable why president biden keeps using that phrase, pandemic of the unvaccinated. i think matt welsh from reason magazine said in july it was unreasonable. in he december it was untrue. and now it's really unbelievable, that you have millions of americans who were vaccinated who caught omicron,
7:39 am
spread omicron, and saw their christmas and new year's ruined. it's a complete disconnect in terms of messaging from reality. >> i think it's a disappointment. i think if you go back even to the summer, the israelis when they first recognized that there was a durability problem to the vaccine, when we were in the july timeframe, they looked at who was getting infected and they showed that half the people getting infected were vaccinated and half the people getting infected were unvaccinated. i aguy, we need to move -- i agree, we need to move away from that. obviously vaccines are important. a lot of people try to message this in a contrived way because they somehow think if they tell people if you're vaccinated you still may get infected that's going to tell you not to get vaccinated. no, get vaccinated. stay vaccinated. get boosted. stay boosted and work with your neighbors and family members and hope you can convince them to also get vaccinated. i don't think we should mislead
7:40 am
people by saying if you're vaccinated somehow you're somehow protected against serious illness totally. you are protected compared to unvaccinated but you still can get hospitalized. i think we should be straight, tell people get vaccinated, do your best, you still may be a source of infection and try to not put hyperbole in this. dagen: i want to get your reaction to this, president biden addressed the covid testing or the lack of covid tests, giving a strange answer on how to find a rapid test. listen to this. >> google covid test near me, go there, google -- excuse me. covid test near me on google, to find the nearest site where you can get a test, most often and free. dagen: your reaction to that, robert? >> well, i think if you try it,
7:41 am
you'll find out they're going to refer you to walmart or cvs on that particular website. again, i think one of the realities is, it's really a great, great disappointment that we're in the position we are with testing. i said before, we need to 1 to 2 billion tests a month for the american public to be able to embrace testing as the important public health tool that it could be. we need to know who is infected and who isn't infected. knowledge of infection is going to be critical. we should be through this phase where we just assume everybody's infected. we need to be focusing down on those infected, remove them from the transmission pool. those of us who aren't infected can go back into the workforce, can go back into school. we can stay in school, we can stay in work. i think that's where we need to be. the problem is, there hasn't been that commitment to develop a private/public partnership with the private sector to be able to meet that need for the american public and hopefully the administration will finally turn the lights on and really
7:42 am
accelerate the testing that we need. i'm tired of hearing how many tests we have. we have a half a billion tests. i want to hear how many tests do we need. and i tell you, we need between a billion and 2 billion tests a month. dagen: and in terms of the new anti-viral they're pew particular -- therapeutic from pfizer, where is the supply of that? i know there's a new order in for an additional 2 million pills for an additional 10 million americans but only 35,000 of the additional courses will be delivered this month. let me just step back and ask you this, though. in terms of practical way of this country dealing with this and americans, individuals taking back control of their lives and really being realistic about what we're going through. is it just -- even if you can't get a test, if you're sick, you isolate for five days, you make the assumption if you have, say,
7:43 am
symptoms that look like a bad cold or even a flu, you have to isolate for five days and just make the assumption and once you feel better, like you said, get back in the workforce and everything coming out of the mouths of people whether they're in the white house or in government should just be noise, if you will. >> you know, there's two things. first, i'm a big believer if you're sick independent of why you're sick you ought to stay home. you know, we constantly see people who feel they're doing the right thing by going to work when they're sick. secondly, i do agree with the change that the cdc made for five days with one caveat. i'm a firm believer that you still should be tested to return. in other words, you should test negative to return. just like i talked about schools test and stay. i do want to comment about your anti-viral comments. i do think it's another real short diss coming.
7:44 am
this shortcoming. this administration should do what president trump did for vaccines. we need an operation warp speed for anti-virals. we don't need just two of them from merck and pfizer and monoclonals. my brother-in-law was quite sick, got diagnosed, talked to me, i told him to go to the local hospital, run by johns hopkins, a good medical system. he went there, asking for the monoclonal to present hospitalization. they told him it wasn't available. he went home and two days later he was hospitalized and was in intensive care. it's a major failure not to have the anti-viral portfolio. it is anti-virals and the testing that's going to a allow us to transition effectively as a nation to deal with this pandemic in the years ahead as anen demick virus that -- as an endemic virus that we have to deal with. there needs more of a sense of
7:45 am
urgency and sense of openness to bring the private sector in. the government can't do it on their own. they need the private sector. i think if i'm disappointed in anything, it's the lack of full engagement of the private sector and private/public partnership to get testing and anti-viral therapy to where it needs to be. dagen: the administration is good at vilifying and scapegoating private businesses, blaming the evil meat industry for inflation. i digress. one more thing. the teachers union in chicago, public schools are forced to cancel school because the teachers union voted to not show up for work and go back to he remote learning. mayor lori lightfoot had this to say. i want to get your reaction before we go. listen to the mayor. >> if there is an affirmative vote to walk out on an illegal work action tomorrow, classes tomorrow are canceled. the teachers should come to work. if they do not, they will be in a no pay status.
7:46 am
i'm urging teachers, come to school, teach your kids. your students need you. dagen: robert, your reaction to that? why are these teachers not in school? >> yeah, this is really important. i mean, i've said this even several years ago. i hope and pray that teachers will reflect on the vocation they have. the same thing we do with medical personnel. you know, they go to work. my daughter goes to work despite knowing she's walking into a ward of covid infected people. these teachers need to go to work. these schools, these kids need it. as you know, the k-12, the public health harm that's been done to them by virtual learning, and some of these kids will never be corrected and so i'm thankful that the mayor was strong. i wish the teachers and the teachers union would take a deep breath and remember about when they finally got approved in their license to teach and the vocation that they meant. we need them teaching these k-12
7:47 am
kids in class and it can be done in a very safe and responsible way. you've heard me say before, probably one of the safest places to be for kids k-12 and for teachers is in the school. dagen: robert redfield, thank you so much for being here and going through so much this morning. >> thanks. dagen: be well, sir. and i hope your family is well too s. >> thank you. dagen: we'll be right back. flexshares are carefully constructed. to go beyond ordinary etfs. and strengthen client confidence in you. before investing consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. go to for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully. some of my best memories growing up, were cooking with mom. she always said, “food is love.” so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ i want to make the most of every meal we have together.
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dagen: you put in the work, now it's time for a raise. 2022 is shaping up to be the best year to get one. a new report from the conference board shows that companies are setting aside an average of 3.9% of total payroll and putting it toward employee wage increases. here to tell us how to maximize your own value, creds i' personal finance expert, danly n ricotto. good to see you, dan. tell me all about it. >> good to be back. thanks. this is remarkable. for the first time in a long while, you and i, the average worker, we have the upper hand, many cases, when it comes to our work conditions, our pay, being able to find a new job, et
7:52 am
cetera. generally speaking this is good news for workers. bad news on the inflation front but good news for workers rolling into 2022. dagen: patrice, jump in. what do you want to know? patrice: absolutely. dan, it's so interesting that in the u.s. chamber of commerce they polled people who lost their jobs during the pandemic and asked what it would take to get them back into the workforce. you talk about bonuses an pay increases but also flexibility. so how does a worker who wants more flexibility maybe even a couple more dollars, how do they negotiate that with their employer? >> great question, patrice. i'll giving you a few tips so you can do it today with yours. here we go. first of all, it's important that you and i know our market value. so understand, maybe some of us haven't looked for a job in a while. so now might be a great time to understand exactly what it is that the market is valuing this job at. right. so second thing is we want to focus on our contributions to the company.
7:53 am
go into the boss and say inflation it's costing 20 bucks extra, i need a raise. that's probably a bad conversation. it's what do i contribute to the company's bottom line. be open to new responsibilities, a new role in the company, that sort of thing. most importantly, patrice and dagen, one of the things i suggest is if you're going to have that talk, be prepared to walk. so you don't want to call the bluff. if you're really going to have that conversation, be prepared to bail. dagen: should have you a job lined up before you have that conversation? >> that's probably a good idea. so certainly want to know that the market is at least available for your jobs. if not have one lined up. dagen: dan, what about the best cities to find a job in 2022? >> no surprise here. we saw the survey recently, what we found is that the lowest unemployment rate, the west, the midwest, south, they're the cities -- they're the regions of the country that still dominate when it comes to low
7:54 am
unemployment, job creation, that sort of thing. no surprise, the cities -- the six in the top for unemployment were all in california, new york, new you jersey, or unfortunately detroit, michigan. so we see americans flocking still to those places where there's opportunity and that's one of the great things about this country, one of the great things about our workers is that we are more mobile than a lot of other countries. so we see americans flocking to those cities that have low unemployment, affordable housing and saying good-bye to unfortunately cities that have really expensive housing or expensive taxes. dagen: on that list we were showing san francisco was number three. i lived there for a year. i would never move back. it was expensive then. and not only is it unsafe, it's even more exorbitant now. real quick, brandon, get in. brandon: yeah. i'm wondering if you can touch more on inflation, dan.
7:55 am
the model said inflation is eating into family budgets to the tune of $3,500 per family. even these substantial pay increases may not be enough to cover that amount. how much leverage does that give to workers and should they just be looking to change careers all together if the wage increases aren't keeping up with inflation? >> yes, yes, yes. all yeses to that one, brandon p inflation is 6.8%, wages are up 4.6%. you are spot on, workers in a real basis we're losing ground when it comes to the cost of living. there's no question about that. absolutely yes to your point. it may be time to reassess am i in the right job, am i in the right field, maybe there's something else i can and should be doing to increase my take-home pay in light of the fact that we've got this inflation that doesn't seem to be so transitory, does it, brandon? dagen: no. at all. i think we've banned that word among many in the last year.
7:56 am
dan, thank you so much. we'll be right back. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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it's time for our lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and its temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. save $200 on the sleep number 360 c2 smart bed queen, now only $899. plus, no interest for 36 months when you and an adjustable base. dagen: time for hot topic buzz police in palm beach, florida investigating flyers put on cars with new york lie krenz plates if you are a work people leave
8:00 am
florida you will be happier elsewhere as will we no one knows who is behind players to but patrice, i know what they mean they are worried folks are going to bring their progressive votes with them, to florida. >> yeah their fearful votes policies mindsets with them 2 problem leaving a note says go back if you are woke bad as telling a parent not to be a parent not going to work. dagen: brandon? >> i think to the pulp fiction, john travolta character says don't mess with another man's automobile against views i appreciate the theme but i have to be a wet blanket. dagen: a bumper stick -- sticking a sticky thing on car one thing if a flyer i think i would get a kick out of it i
8:01 am
see the sentiment i don't know again i like having -- police faith this? that would -- yeah, worse happens in new york, stay right there next hour of "mornings with maria" starts right now. good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, it is wednesday, january 5, on the stories at the 8 a.m. veteran president biden vilifies unvaccinated seems disconnected of omicron crisis. >> there is no excuse no excuse for anyone being unvaccinated this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. google, covid test marry me go there google -- excuse me covid tests near me on google
8:02 am
find nearest site where you can get a test most often and free. dagen: this as biden's approval rating sinks even further one poll puts approval 40%, we get into it more this hour. a look at markets futures lower this morning ahead to the december adp report out at 8:15 a.m. eastern time, ahead of big jobs' report friday losses across the board right now, a mixed market yesterday dow scored a second straight record close, bank stocks surge, but nasdaq fell one and one third% worst day since december 16. european markets in green right now, struggling for some momentum, the gains in england, france, germany, in asia overnight, markets mostly lower, this south korean hong kong shanghai markets lower by more than one percent
8:03 am
"mornings with maria" live right now. . dagen: morning movers if i caner likeing good news beyond meat up nearly 10%, following an announcement that its meatless chicken will be available at kfc locations nationwide starting next week, pfizer move ahead of the opening bell pharmaceutical giant announcing another partnership with biontech this time working on a shingles vaccine, this as a new study shows the fourth shot he kreefs antibodies five told,a record day for blue chips investors watching adp report out in a few minutes, investors also waiting for the federal reserve december meeting minutes could give better idea where policy makes sure see interest rates going joining
8:04 am
me ed yardeni what are you watching for with fed minutes? >> i think there is not much of a surprise, they made it very clear, at their november meeting and then again at december meeting that they are going to -- be tapering at faster pace so i think by march, we can expect that they will be done -- purchase of bonds sets stage frooifrg federal funds rate by two times maybe three times this year. . >> had markets factored this in? will accommodation, i sound like -- wanna be economist basically will federal reserve stopping bond-buying you know taking some hooch out of the punchbowl had market factored in will it be --
8:05 am
>> there is plenty of rum punch in punchbowl based on what fed provide, we know that, for example, the money supply, m2s all-time record high, surged by trillions, since beginning of the pandemic. demand deposits surged by trillions a tremendous amount of liquidity in the system even though going to be stopping the bond purchases i think enough liquidity to keep the party o going. >> does that fuel inflation continue to pump inflation higher, harmful for working americans wages have not kept up with -- >> the that is one of the yeah one of the reasons as you pointed out earlier, nobody talking about transitory, when it comes to inflation, the word persistent comes to mind however, i am actually optimistic that we're going to find a peak in inflation pretty shortly i was increased yesterday by purchasing
8:06 am
managers survey showed prices paid prices paid index has come down, a few other iument nklings, maybe fury kinks i wouldn't get to ebt pessimistic about inflation outlook you are right liquidity could make it more persistent and that i and others are thinking. >> is it adp report standing by for that, this is private sector job a creation 400,000 jobs expected to be created by private businesses last month after we found out yesterday record 4 1/2 million workers quit jobs, november job options declined to 6 -- make sense ease piece it together that labor market tight as drum as a result, the -- workers are discovering that if they don't like job right now it is pretty easy to leave find another job, actually
8:07 am
make more money doing that, so the tremendous incentive, to quit we're seeing that in number people leaving why it gets tricky trying forecast adp if itb weren't for that 500, 600,000 on the other hand if people are quitting jobs taking a few weeks to find a new one, that could -- make it looked like, we're not having as many people, as you think given how tight labor market is unemployment claims have been 200,000 ever since, september 6th labor day when federal government stopped providing additional supplemental unemployment benefits people have been fining jobs. >> you have additional child allowance went away will that push more into workforce. >> i think so again a lot of moving parts here, with the
8:08 am
latest variant, of virus spreading quickly, some schools are going back to -- in -- at home education, and maybe hard to find child care tough with this pandemic the fiscal monetary policies, like i said moving parts. >> teachers union to vote to stay at home. >> before you go ed bitcoin volatility, the ups the downs some predicting bitcoin could hit 100,000 dollars this year goldman sachs saying could potentially take on gold, how do you see it ed? >> well, don't quote me but if you go to million dollars who knows? there is no way to really value bitcoin. and we do know that bitcoin has become kind of a global sensation continue get me kind of digital tulips, the big difference between this
8:09 am
situation and what we saw back, in holland with the tulip mania, tulip mania was a local thing amsterdam this is absolutely global. and so it could go, as high as, as long as there is one more buyer to drive the price up at some point here people may look around and say 100,000 maybe little pricey may be time to take some -- some off the table, so i don't know, i mean it is certainly has potential for going higher. dagen: i've got beane babies that i am still trying to unload, not going that well nie don't know what bitcoin price is may be you can make money on it. >> beane baby for bitcoin joking, thank you so much ed yardeni, new york city contradictions adams pledging to crack down on crime the new district attorney this meant is saying don't try to send people to jail, unless they kill somebody.
8:10 am
we will get into it. watching red hot real estate market vv stands to sideline things what trends to look at if thank you are ready to buy this year don't miss a moment of it you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay... yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq growing up in a little red house, yeah... oh. on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work. over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world
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manhattan new district attorney kicking of tenure telling prosecutors not to request jail time for criminals who break the law, and to down grade certain felonies, d.a. bragg defending move saying policy changes not only will in and of themselves make it safer they will also free up prosecutorial resources to focus on violent crime flies directly in the face what new york city mayor,, promised to do running for that job here in new york city, that is pledgeing to crack down on surging crime
8:15 am
patrice you go through this list progressive policies from new district attorney al bragg like a stab to the heart of anybody who -- well values their safety here in new york city, bragg says his office will not seek a sentence for anything short of murder or deadly assault that is new progressive doublespeak according to bob mechanic manus for prison basically you got to kill somebody to go to jail, go to prison, here in new york city. >> dagen it is dangerous, what is going to be set up for individual citizens for police officers just trying to keep law and order much more investigate crime idea not prosecuting trespassing interfering with arrest prosecution some crimes may not commit murder but can lead to very bad outcomes can escalate when a police officer
8:16 am
is trying to arrest someone they resist now that person won't be arrested what kind of a situation are we setting police officers up for when they are trying to stop crime i am very concerned for women, for individuals, who are who tend to be victims of these crimes, and for the city of new york. dagen: brandon, to patrice's point they will not prosecute resisting arrest interfering with police officers won't be prosecuted at all new mayor eric adams expressed sport saying i think on team public safety not only handcuffed team pun safety is ending pipeline that turns people into career criminals you are a criminal justice -- supposed to be justice for the victims not justice for the criminals. >> this needs to be number one priority, of this mayor, any mayor, keeping your citizens
8:17 am
safe. so notion that they are doing this to free up prosecutorial resources troubling if you need money to interest legitimate crimes shift from other parts of the budget i don't prioritize within that portion of the budget spend whatever it takes to weep citizens safe make sure you are fully executing a law putting people breaking the law behind bars when appropriately. george soros give a bragg's campaign a million dollars da's in san francisco philadelphia backed by george so are as surged crime there, philadelphia have had a record number of murders last year maybe that is on the way we have a long way to go to get back to the bad 80s this is foundation, to take manhattan and new york city there, shameful, december adp report just out cheryl casone has numbers looks good.
8:18 am
cheryl: huge take a look at this 807,000 jobs adp for december 'even range of estimates, that was 300, 600,000 looking for official estimate was 400,000, 807,000 jobs looking at headlines out of adp in particular saying that fallout from the delta variant faded and in this report, they had not seen impact of omicron, also saying that the gains were broad-based. we are still about -- really, just to be clear also saying that job gains topping 6 million for 2021, 6 million jobs added to u.s. economy all 2021 this is year-end report because this was december number saying at this point still about four million jobs below pre-pandemic levels again a very strong thing the markets by the way, doing interview went higher, back down to negative but i want to say treasury yields to jump i
8:19 am
saw the dollar start to strengthen, a little bit the dollar kind of trending washg in trading weaker, not a huge jump on futures got to top off send it back to you is that this is biggest jump we've seen in adp since may of 2020, dagen, this definitely is a factor in to estimates for friday's job report, i bet you anything, say it now we are going to get some estimate changes revised higher, for the december jobs' report that big number 8:30 a.m., eastern time, friday you and i will be doing that one together, i got to tell you big surprise i am wondering about last two weeks of december if that factors into revisions on this a month away i am jumping ahead my apologies. dagen: private sector nearly four million below pre-pandemic levels, president biden disconnect from reality his harsher message for
8:20 am
unvaccinated even as omicron spreads among the vaccinated, the roster two new dogs recognized by akc, american kennel club making a buzz this morning that is ahead. . . new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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dagen: . >> there is no excuse no excuse for anyone being unvaccinated this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. of will the google covid tests near me go there google excuse me covid tests near me on google to find nearest site where you can get a test, most often, and free. dagen: well that was president biden again blaming the pandemic on unvaccinated americans. there are millions of americans who are vaccinated, who got omicron variant are spreading it, being you know a majority of americans, about three-quarters are adults are fully vaccinated, what to make of in? florida congressman byron donalds here, congresswoman your reaction, can somebody please update this man's script? >> i don't even know what to
8:25 am
say to what president is talking about now crystal-clear whether vaccinated or not people get off aoff far more transmissible not as severe as origin strain or delta variant data what seeing right now south africa, other parts of the world but committed to vaccination policy, he doesn't know about anything else, how to treat covid, how to get people back to normal life after getting covid still doesn't even acknowledge the fact that, yes, natural immunity helps recovery from future strains of i do haved 19 data crystal-clear but committed to this policy thinks there is going to be day world where covid-19 does not exist because joe biden has some imagine plan to stamp it out perfect we've seen how much that has not worked, so he continues to go down this road, infuriating at this point. dagen: jen psaki, denied that the biden administration is quote lost control of the
8:26 am
pandemic listen to this congressman. >> there is a -- that country has lost control of the virus would white house agree with that. >> we would not and here is why, when a very different place than we were a year ago taken take place to prepare for any contingency any moment working to build on that. >> no they haven't seen tan all those steps where are tests best president can do tell people google why don't you have enough supplies of the therapeutics, antivirals why aren't those coming out rather than dribs and drabs that is disaster these were problems that joe biden promised to address looks like knowing other than village fee people who have not gotten the shot. >> first of all let's get down to what this really how this needs to be said it is a virus. there is no the government or no entity on face of the
8:27 am
planet that controls a virus virus does what it does number two federal government is supposed to make sure that all the supplies are there, so hospitals system and people have what they need to combat the virus, where are the monoclonal antibody treatments they didn't order enough they are in the low where are all tests the president said two months ago wanted to make sure everybody had guess what not enough test people continue to get them only reason why we have a vaccines aplenty is because of donald trump, and the previous administration, nothing that joe biden has done. so this president for the last year, hasn't been running his mouth, jen psaki just talking but there has been no actual plan, and now everybody seeing through holiday season why agency a member of congress i am frustrated with this administration, because all of this could have been prevented they coffee been focused on making sure, that the did you know was prepared as opposed to worrying about "build back
8:28 am
better," and vilifying your opponents it is ridiculous. >> patrice ron klain now chief of staff in white house sid in 2020 that biden would use his quote power, to reverse the testing shortages they say one thing and do nothing. . >> i think -- >> patrice go ahead get in here ask congressman whatever you want. as congressman byron said, we haven't they said they would have a plan and they didn't, congressman, thinking about "build back better," you know, we've seen presidents biden, try to push forward massive trillions of dollars massive spending would increase control over decisions of families around childcare increased costs to fuel inflation what do you think is going to happen next with massive whooping bill? >> actually i don't think much is going to happen with it right now even joe manchin
8:29 am
came out yesterday said that it is like better than dead whatever his quote was look the bottom is this they are going to try to push their agenda whether "build back better," or now trying to focus in on voting rights trying to kill filibuster, again. that is what they're going to do, it toufbt matter when the american people are having to deal with, the prescription for democrats is always how do they accomplish the agenda. so i think "build back better" going to be on the back burner for a while they will try to bring back pieces of it pass it a different way, but they are not concerned about where people are with covid-19, they are not concerned about about polite plight of small businesses only concerned with accomplishing agenda they feel that is pathway to a success in our country, just not. >> congressman byron donalds great to see you at least in florida you can live your life take it upon yourself protect yourself and your family but you can still enjoy the freedoms that frankly all
8:30 am
americans are guaranteed but in flurry you can actually exercise those freedoms. thank you so much, good to see you. >> great seeing you happy new year. >> school districts shutting down again we get into impact on children. plus a slice of inflation impacts, longtime pizza deal at popular chain changing for the first time ever we tell you about it ahead. . . how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th.
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i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪ now i'm ready for someone to call me mom. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. . . dagen: welcome back, i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, january 5 look at markets, one hour away from the opening bell, less than an hour, futures lower this morning blue chips manageing to move back into positive territory, the moment, a very strong december adp report on private sector job creation 807,000 jobs were added in december, that was almost double the estimate, of
8:35 am
400,000, biggest jump since may 2020 european markets in the green right now struggling for some momentum, but gains in england, france and germany reverse overnight in asia markets there mostly lower, this south korean hong kong, shanghai markets down more than 1% walmart kroger hiking price of at home covid rapidly tests cheryl casone has the details, cheryl. cheryl: that is rate dagen last year companies agreed to sell the tests at cost, or at a discount, for three months, 14 dollars two tests but that was biden administration expired mid-december abbott labs selling for 24r78 dollars one of the most popular at home tests walmart selling same for almost 20 bucks stocks premarket walmart slightly higher kroger slightly lower. macy's reducing hours for the rest of the month as retailers
8:36 am
across the country grabels with shortages in rise in positive covid kaidz open 8 to 1, times changes the stock premarket a pressure down 1% you know what? shares of macy's up 132% for all 2021, so,ing not bad for a stock perform, then sony, looking to get into the electric vehicle market, the company unveil prototype seven seat electric suv during the ces show in las vegas last night, sony showed off ev sedan at two years ago but didn't have plans to sell a sony car, mobility sometime this spring they are saying, so there you go. one of the nation's affordable meal details got more expensive, thanks to inflation, ceasers, now 5.55
8:37 am
for post of buy the chain says going to come with 33% more -- pepperoni. to make up for the cost. dagen: like dollar store becoming two buck store, like you can't keep prices in check. cheryl: -- stwont dollars anymore. dagen: i don't know if ever two dollars. cheryl: back in the day i know -- >> tasted like two dollars, thank you so much, moving to chicago, the nation third largest school district has been forced to cancel classes today, this comes after 73%, of chicago teachers union voted late last night, to return to remote learning due to surge in covid cases, city leaders not happy with that union decision, listen to this. >> if there is an affirmative vote to walk out, on an
8:38 am
illegal work action tomorrow, classes tomorrow canceled, teachers should come to work if they do not they will be in no pay status i urge teachers come to school, teach your kids, with your students need you. >> chicago public schools previously said remote instruction during pandemic had been disastrous for claerng, data to back that up children aren't being taught fox news political analyst, you are from chicago you can see what is happening to the people, and the children, there, whether it is i violence in the streets, whether it is children, being damaged by teachers union, what do you say to all this? >> you know, this is -- actually a very interesting time, because this is one of the very few times where i can fully truly agree with mayor
8:39 am
of chicago lightfoot right teachers show should know numbers in terms of kids getting covid, at the severity of the cases are relatively low, when you look at other industries especially, so they should be in those classrooms teaching kids especially if they do actually care about them, we know from studies that have come out, have shown, that especially, african american a hispanic children really been impacted negatively by remote learning, and way behind when it be, from to 5 months or over a year they lost because of covid. talking about 35%, 35% students in chicago public school successful, are african american and 46% of them are hispanic so you are talk just about entire -- student population would be negatively harmed if policies like these continue. dagen: i want to bring patrice in talking about
8:40 am
column in "new york times" no way to grow up, by dave lan hart highlighting harm to children last two years writes this most, jarring quote neither whole piece just went through some of the actual quantitative analysis of damage said communities accepted more harm to children in exchange for less harm to adults, often without acknowledging the dilemmaa or assessing which citizens lead to less overall harm, patrice literally the reverse of what the greatest generation did for this nation. >> absolutely. i think our children have been thrown under the bus, their educations held hostage by teaches looking for more pay i guess more flexibility, but it is as rightly said it is devastating to kids who look like us, kids who are probably never going to catch up when
8:41 am
we consider their learning the learning loss that occurred, good to see you my friend, what do you think about school choice? i love that so many, families of color embracing homeschool embracing school choice do you think now that even greater support particularly in inner cities or able to take tax dollars, take children to better options than public schools. >> absolutely i think a critical time for that particularly kind of education, external, as you mentioned, rightly so teachers unions this been in controls of policies versus caring about children saying hey, we see impact we have to do something we need to be there for those kids let's make it safe is possible but we need to be there, for those kids, let's talk about even greater, degrees of impact, there was a study recently came out that showed 74% students reported that covid-19 has a negative
8:42 am
impact on health and well-being 49% reported covid-19 pandemic negatively impacted financial situation, two-thirds of students have said, they felt often isolated, 82% respondents said covid-19 had negatively impacted their academic experiences. isn't going away they continue to make matters worse what happened to arizona recently i believe he arizona governor said if school shuts down take your tax dollars so go is where else yu as you were dollars if you want to make sure getting teachers salary focus should be teaching educating kids right now today. the leaked he emphasized that reels health officials in new york city have been using race to help decide, at least how to allocate covid testing resources, new york city department of health mental health hygiene admitted that
8:43 am
they are prioritizing 31 underserved neighborhoods flagged by city task force, on racially inclusion equity created by de blasio situation a spike in covid cases right now your thoughts on that. >> i think reverse discrimination i don't the see how it would not be especially when you look at numbers, everyone we're in this together, covid-19, is a pandemic that is impacting all of us, no matter what your race your social economic status, also, is indicative the fact that people like joe biden, who i believe is has been asleep at wheel as president is driving the country off a cliff supposed to bring in more testing kits we should not have these issues it should not be governor ron desantis has to take things into his own hands o hopefully try to apply more medicine for individuals maybe sick from covid-19 government again blocking the way of people like ron desantis and other governors who want to
8:44 am
get this issue, under control, and government by way of joe biden standing in the way. dagen: one thing i was discussing, with friends earlier i went to get a booster shot, some weeks ago, at a city-run new york city run vaccination center, and they asked you a lot of questions, about your gender identity, get quite granular, a long list of options. they don't ask you about any particular any allergies you might suffer from any adverse affects you had from previous vaccines, it is just so off base. laughable. dagen: . >> yeah a question i don't see what the purpose of it is, what is the intention we are all human at the end of the day doesn't matter with identity of any individual race, we are human in this together. or at least we should be. dagen: are good to see you
8:45 am
my friend thank you so much, be well be safe, coming up we will in new year watching the markets omicron variant was signedlined last year's boon, that is next tune into fox business primetime american gold legend, starts 8:00 p.m. eastern followed by the pursuit john rich at 9:00 you are ranching right now "mornings with maria" live fox . . ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪s fast... get decision tech. for insights on when to buy and sell. and proactive alerts on market events. that's decision tech. only from fidelity.
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dagen: pandemic-certainly sidelined much of life of the lat couple years but real estate market kept booming will trends extend into 2022 capacity executive vice president realtor mick aubrey what trends are you expecting to see in this new year? >> dagen, honestly i think that we are going to see a continuation of this year i think the real estate market is going to remain very strong. i mean if you look at the effects of covid on lots of industries it has been a bad effect has been opposite inry. i think what we've seen people
8:50 am
are now seeing their noem no longer as home but as a way to work gym school i think because of that i hate to say it, it has been heck of a shot in the arm for our industry. dagen: certainly here and i hate to make everything about new york city, but new york city kind of reflects a lot of other areas in this way. people left the city at the beginning of the pandemic, but really last year, you saw a surge of people coming back, seemed to be anecdotally younger people moving back into the city, renting, apartments places to live. that sill the case show you are suburbs holding up in terms of sales. >> is it suburbs are still doing great you are exactly right i think that any perceived exodus from cities changed the reality we remain at low inventory condition in our urban centers just more demand than supply
8:51 am
out there right now, i think one of the reasons that we've seen the rental market come back as strong as it has specifically, in new york city, is because there isn't enough to buy because of that, people have to have places to live any perception american city is gone because of covid well just plain silly. >> jump? >> i think what you hit on there is really important. the supply constraints that are driving a lot of problems, higher costs problems every day americans can't afford housing the way they used to be able to i am wondering how much is government policy playing a role you talk being high tariffs steele aluminum lumber driving up costs less affordable to build new going to be how much is driving constraints. >> supply chain issues are real myriad reasons why supply
8:52 am
chain issues some governmentalal regulation others based on the fact that if you don't have as many workers, out there, who are creating the things that it takes to build a home, and i think that you are exactly right, the american consumer protecting, in that it costs more to build a house now than two years ago, because of those supply chain issues. i you know, in terms of whether or not that is damping the industry weight blanket because of it? no, people want to apply in trouble with building industry should have been building 1.5 million units a year if last six or seven years in order to be where we need to be right now, really we are closer to 1.1 million, i think that this is not going to go away, now do i think we are going to see frenzy of 2021 this year? probably not. but do i still think going to be a really, really good real estate market. >> have the i do. dagen: what about the threat of higher interest rate, that
8:53 am
could certainly,s though a little bit of cool water on what has been incredibly hot industry. >> i agree, so let's look at even the the last 48 hours what is going on with bond market talking about it all morning obviously we've seen bond market move up specifically with regard to yield on 10-year treasury that sort of goes hand in hand with morning rates i think that we are going to see rates come up this year, i am forecasting 3.7, 3.8 by the end of the year but if you look at it historically, even though as rates rise people lose buying power it still super low comparetively speaking my parents paid 18%, when they bought fitters houses. >> but house a fraction of the price, yeah, i did you know, i can point to any house out in the suburbs of new york city, that back in the -- you know
8:54 am
early 80s would have cost 100,000 dollars now into millions of dollars. >> i mean i agree remember an economy of scale ultimately at the end of the day i think you are exactly right a bucket full of money use to pay bank or use it to apply a house, the more you pay bank less house you are going to buy. >> what is most expensive mark looking at new york city? maybe obvious question? >> well, i mean i think new york super expensive but if you sort of peel that onion look a little bit deeper, look at the narcotics have gotten extremely expensive extremely fast, let me tell you what as you the iran texas more millionaires in austin, texas silicon valley is no longer in california it is in austin, i think that because of that, houses literally that were
8:55 am
800,000 dollars two years ago are now trading at four million, it is silly down there. dagen: i agree. but don't say that. to a texan even if talking about people's republic of austin many texans call it good to see you. thank you for being here. >> you, too,. thanks. >> two more furry friends recognized by american kennel association, making a big barking buzz this morning. that is next. . . care. it has the power to change the way we see things. ♪♪ it inspires us to go further. ♪♪ it has our back. and goes out of its way to help. ♪♪ when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank. truist. born to care.
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maria: time for the big barking buzz of the morning of the american kennel club adding two new breed to the dog industry. first, moody, midsized herding dog found in hungary and the russian toy, a small cheerful dog known for being a great companion. adorable, 199 dogs included in if your bread group. you are rescue dog man. i'm a rescue dog gal. you have your dog in the room. >> i'm trying to get her in the shot. dagen: blue the banner so i can see her. now lean over. she is a hound dog, isn't she? >> she is a mix from louisiana.
9:00 am
a good southern name. dagen: what do you think? >> i don't like dogs but i can appreciate the cute cuddly ones from a distance. dagen: i can admire someone who can admit that. i love my dogs but i don't have children. they are my for babies. thank you so much for being here this morning. "varney and company" starts right now. stuart: good morning, everyone. covid absolutely dominates the news. the omicron surge continues and there are all kinds of repercussions. start with school closures. in chicago teachers voted to go fully remote. they say classrooms are not safe. same in boston, detroit and milwaukee, remove learning only because of the omicron surge. that leaves hundreds of thousands of children and their parents forced to stay home. think of the mess. testing.


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