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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 3, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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food for thought. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight politicians say we have to live with covid just as we do with aids but critics demand where is the full-court press from the white house on drug treatments and testing? what's the status of the new drugs the trump white house funded in "operation warp speed"? where are all those tests after the government allocated $73 billion for that? plus the far left wants even more censorship of conservatives after twitter announced, now facebook banned congressman marjorie taylor-green. facebook suspended her for 24
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hours claimed covid information. here is the backstory. this is about vaccine deaths and illnesses. here is the problem. we're digging into government documents, the fda, cdc admits the own data on this is so bad you cannot trust is. is it fair to do this so sensor conservatives? if the government had nothing to hide wouldn't they tell us exactly how many people have died other gotten sick from vaccines? this as biden's vaccine mandate is heading to the supreme court later this week. joining us tonight congressman dr. ronny jackson and carlos gimenez, former fda official, rik mehta, form ear senior advisor to the trump administration, christian whiton. vince collagnese, dr. oscar odom and texas attorney general ken paxton. the evening did it is working hard. they can't follow overnight of
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money government spent as dr. fauci's nih is blocking and stonewalling "the washington post." they spent tens of millions of dollars on you super dangerous virus research in places like china. more flip-flopping from dr. fauci. more rules for thee, not for me. democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez getting blasted not wearing a mask in florida after cortez slammed florida. we have this story, even progressives want to replace biden with their own far left candidate on the 2024 democrat candidate ticket. will we see more jockeying for power and voter alienation? will it get worse. reports that nancy pelosi will retire after the midterms according to the washington post. first time ever, fentanyl outpaces heroin seized at border. crime in u.s. cities is growing fueled by drug gangs.
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more families find their loved ones are getting sick dying from fentanyl in fake prescription drugs. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: happy new year, everybody, thanks for joining us. we're going to start with this, more than 14 million under winter storm watches and warnings. strong storm systems working their way across the eastern u.s. look at this the faa is warning travelers to expect more flight cancellations. omicron also causing airline worker shortages. we have thousands of flights canceled this weekend. a total of 15,000 flights canceled since christmas eve. jeff flock has more. reporter: liz, despite the lines you see behind me, these folks i think it fair to say are the lucky ones. they are the ones apparently going somewhere if they're in the tsa line, pretty good
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indication their flight is not canceled but as you report a whole lot of folks have been canceled today. we topped records over the weekend for numbers of cancellations. if you look back to saturday, there were 2700 cancellations, and nearly 10,000 delays. on sunday similar numbers. it was a terrible weaken and a terrible day today, largely because of weather. on top of of course all of the deplays and cancellations as a result of airlines not having enough personnel. on top of that another disaster looming this week and that is to do with something called 5g which maybe you have heard of. supposed to be deployed this week on wednesday only the airlines say if that takes place there could be more cancellations, more delays because there will be interference between the 5g signals and their radio signals. i leave you perhaps with a picture of the ever-growing lines here in philadelphia.
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northeast hit hard by the snow and of course everybody hit hard by the lack of personnel as a result of omicron. and then who knows, what is to come later in the week, liz? elizabeth: you would, jeff flock, thank you so much for your journalism there. check out tonight's episode of american built at 9:00 p.m. eastern time on fox business prime. it will highlight chicago's o'hare airport. it was transformed into a revolutionary airport that basically defines the jet age. this is exciting stuff. look who is back with us, former white house doctor, he is congressman ronny jackson along with former fda official rik mehta. great to have you back on. congressman, first to you. we need tests to stop worker shortages, come out of quarantine and avoid shutdowns, right? dr. anthony fauci is saying, congressman, you should be tested afterfy days of quarantine. where did all the money go? we have $73 billion allocated,
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$63 billion spent. what is going on with testing? >> liz, that is a great question. they spent $10 billion, i would like to know the biden administration did with that money. they approached this as same way they approached everything in this administration, restless approach to afghanistan and economy and ending else they mangled since president biden took over. where are the tests? they say they will push tests out. where is the testing plan? there is just a plan. they're panicking people. people are trying to hoard the at-home tests. we need a testing plan. we need to be testing key populations, not just anybody. if you're healthy, don't have any symptoms you don't need to be tested. guess what, if you're otherwise healthy and you have symptoms, you probably don't need to be tested either because we know that the tests have a high false-negative rate. so you just, if you have a runny nose a cough, sore throat, cold and flu symptoms, you should assume you have omicron in in
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environment. you should stay home. if you don't, you should go to work and live your life. i think the biden administration is working hard to shut this economy down again because of their incompetence. elizabeth: to the congressman's point, you know the supreme court friday potentially, looks like it will hear the cases against the biden vaccine mandate for large companies and health car workers to be vaccinated. we have lockdown by default. we have vaccine mandates causing shortages of tens of thousands of health workers, nurses, cops, from coast to coast, nationwide. >> that's right. right now the biden administration has continued to cripple the economy. remember president biden ran on a plan to not shut down schools, not shut down the economy but to shut down the virus and only thing is shut down himself. he admitted there is not going to be a federal solution to this pandemic and i think that is just a foreshadowing of an admission he is going to admission he will lose in the
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supreme court. the biden administration has already lost in the supreme court when they shut down the cdc's moratorium evictions. so i think we'll, there is real question on federalism, separation of powers, the truth is congress regulates these areas of legislative authority, not executive orders, especially not one without notice and comment rule making. >> you break it you own it, right, to rik mehta's point, right, congressman? any way you look at it we have to live with covid. instead of talking about vaccines shouldn't we have serious discussion about other treatments we funded? when we launched operation warp speed billions of dollars were going to other companies with drug treatments. what happened to that? let's look at the drug treatments. what's going on with that, congressman? >> absolutely. there is a ton of money spent on that kind of stuff. there is no accountability. all that money gone with no results. we need to happen to that money. if we don't find out now we'll happen in the next congress when
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republicans take over. there will be a full audit of the biden administration how this is poorly managed. they have had plenty of opportunity. supreme court will look at this the big question will be does the president have authority or should congress exercise, given him that authority which we should have but we didn't. they have get plenty of opportunity to do that. they have the house, the senate and the white house, but they have been so focused on stuff with nothing to do with this down the road. they tried to scare everybody into submission, simultaneously pushing tax and spending bills and pushing their woke agenda on everybody. they should been focusing on things that matter to people an planned ahead and should have seen this coming but they have not seen this coming. we'll pay a huge price because they are so out of touch with everything happening in this country. elizabeth: given what the congressman is saying, rick met at that, states are pushing back even democrat-run rhode island opened a option for covid positive health workers to
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continue working if their facility is facing a staffing crisis is. look at governor kristi noem saying to the white house, back off, let states handle the pandemic. watch this. >> the federal government doesn't have the authority to take these types of actions by requiring people to get vaccinated for their jobs or to receive federal funding, if they have want a contract with the federal government or even participate in head start contracts. so we are suing him in court and those will be heard within a week in the supreme court. it is interesting to me for him to say that the federal government isn't the answer, that the answer has to come from the states. when that is exactly what us as governors have been asking to let us do. let us have flexibility. let us use personal responsibility, trust the people to make the right decisions. south dakota has done that all along. we have proven that it borks. i'm hopeful president biden will back off and start focusing on his job actually is. elizabeth: rik mehta, you were at the fda, given what the
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governor just said, when you were at the fda, what did you see when it came down to either side of the political aisle and how they wanted to handle the pandemic? >> the agreement is that the tenth amendment gives the states the authority to regulate public health and that is exactly where the power should be vested right now. we see some states doing it right, others continuing to cripple. in my home home state of new jersey we lost 1/3 of their businesses because afar reaching governor who thinks the bill of rights is above his pay grade. we need to continue to retain the public health authorities, the ones war the states themselves, governors, their public health departments know the burden on the health care system. they know how many patients there are. they can track and monitor, know what the right approach is. you continue to see a failed response by the federal government. dr. fauci continues to flip-flop. he has the entire american public in chinese finger cuffs. you can't go to work if you're
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symptomatic, then you have to get esed in order to get out of quarantine and now no rests are made available. what is the american public, economy, public supposed to react to that? we have treatment options variable through emergency authorization. a plan needs to be put in place to keep them available to keep people out of the hospital and keep people from developing serious infection, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated of the. elizabeth: yeah. i mean final point is that congressman, dr. fauci says we need to test if you're coming out after five days out of quarantine but the tests aren't there. you know what i mean? they're putting a lot on top of the american people with confusing statements according to what rik mehta said. people are, final word. >> tell you also look at what is going on with the masking. they have had been telling us forever now that mandatory masking, now we find out that the cloth masks don't make any difference? i'm pretty sure we knew that over a year ago. most people have been saying that, i've been saying over a
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year the cloth masks don't make any difference. now they admitted us have had us locked down wearing masks everywhere we go for two years ago. elizabeth: dr. fauci said that even before the pandemic. dr. ronny jackson, rik mehta, great to have you back on. you guys are terrific. still to come the far left "squad" want more censorship and twitter and facebook are banning congressman marjorie taylor green because of covid misinformation. the government data, cdc admitting it is so bad you can't trust the data on deaths and illnesses. is it fair to ban congressman greene? more rules for thee, not for me. governor desantis going of a far-left congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez not wearing a mask in florida after criticizing florida for rejecting mandates. stay here, you're watching "the evening edit" here on fox
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now from house homeland security florida congressman carlos gimenez. great to see you, congressman. openly socialist representative alexandria ocasio-cortez, she leaves behind a surge in
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omicron, a surge in crime in new york city, massive job losses. she goes to florida which she has attacked for mandates but she is caught partying maskless, not wearing a mask in miami. rules for thee, not for me. what do you say? >> it is par for the cross. schumer went maskless in puerto rico. newsom was obviously caught in california at a restaurant. pelosi gets her hair done when nobody else can do that. aoc comes to florida to enjoy our sunshine, our food, our great weather, also the freedom we have here to go maskless our great governor has not imposed the same kind of lockdowns that they have in the peoples republic of new york. so we welcome here. come on down, enjoy my beautiful city, then go back to new york and take your politics with you. elizabeth: you know, congressman, the congresswoman accused republicans of being quote sexually obsessed with her
6:19 pm
over criticism of her behavior s is that true? >> only one that is mentioning sex in any way, shape or form aoc. maybe she is upset about her attractiveness or whatever, so, no, i don't think so, i never caught anybody on my side of the aisle making any comments about her except the fact that her policies are crazy and so she is, her thoughts and her policies are crazy. want nothing to do with them. so we criticize you know what she wants to bring to america. that is all we criticize. unfortunately she brought up sexuality in this entire conversation. elizabeth: we hear you. watch florida governor ron desantis on this, this controversy over alexandria ocasio-cortez. watch this. >> well, i mean, look, i think if you, if i had a dollar for every lockdown politician who
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decided to escape to florida over the last two years i would be a pretty doggone wealthy man, let me tell you. congresspeople, mayors, governors, i mean you name it. elizabeth: so you know, it is pretty funny from the governor of florida there, but he know, congressman, "politico" is reporting that democrat strategists think a progressive will challenge and primary president biden and be on the 2024 ticket. we've got former campaign manager for senator bierne bernie sanders saying that. "politico" reporting on this too. nancy pelosi retiring after the midterms according to "the washington post." you know voters out there, they want policies. they feel like they're being ignored on inflation, on crime and much, much more. kitchen table economics so that is what they're upset about. the biden agenda is deeply unpopular. we have them going even further left, the democrat party. >> god, i wish they would.
6:21 pm
i don't see how much further left you can go than with joe biden at this point. he is probably the most, he is the most progressives left-wing president we ever had in our history and they want to go further left? and his, his poll numbers are tanking, not because he is not progressives enough but because he has gone so far to the left that, they have no idea what americans really want. americans, they have kitchen table issues. it is about inflation. it is about gas prices. it is about the ability to educate your children and oversee what is being taught to your children. you know, to name a few. also the crisis at the southern border of course everything, all of those things are really on what american's mind. not the stuff that the progressives are trying to should have down our throats. they are being rejected. they just can't get it. they can't believe that they're wrong. that the american people said look, you're wrong. we want to go in the other direction. they will double down. i hope they do. they will suffer a catastrophic
6:22 pm
defeat in 2024. we can put these ideas to bed once and for all. elizabeth: well his poll numbers continue to drop for the president. congressman, thanks for joining us. come back soon. happy new year to you. still to come, crime in america, democrats starting to step down after a year of chaos. murders are up in u.s. cities nationwide. voters on the record saying it is brutal living in democrat-run cities like san francisco and new york. we'll look how bad it has gotten. what if any change is coming this year. up next "the daily caller"'s vons coglianese. far left wants more censorship of conservatives after twitter and facebook banned marjorie taylor-green. the facebook ban is for 24 hours. the debate, the problem is about government data. the government can't trust hits own data on vaccine deaths and illnesses. we'll break it down on "the evening edit"wa.
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6:27 pm
story? >> that is fully insane. we need more censorship says a sitting congresswoman in the united states of america? we need robust free speech and debate. frustrating how many democrats are corrupted by the process. they like when countervailing opinions are suppressed rather than debated. if the government data is busted, the government should fix it. that shouldn't be grounds for banning her from one of the most prominent social media companies on the planet. elizabeth: has another twitter account. more than 18,000 deaths from covid vaccines. we're digging into the data. vaccine adverse event reporting system, nearly 11,000 reports of death among people that got a covid vaccine. to your point then, the government, fda, cdc, saying we can't verify adverse side-effects even deaths. they can't say if vaccines
6:28 pm
caused those deaths. so how about getting the data to show us what is going on with these vaccines and illnesses from it, even deaths, right? so you can quibble, you know what? people treat it like a rounding error. nine people died from whatever. these are real people, vince, behind the data. enough already with how the media is reporting this. marjorie taylor-green is trying to show a story that nobody is talking about. it is about adverse reactions of vaccinations. why the media censorship and silence over this? >> it is amazing. i read "the new york times" coverage over this, they wrote something to the effect kong greene tweeted out raw, unverified data. what? that is basis for suspension. she tweeted out raw, unverified government data? we need a culture that rewards transparency and robust debate. instead what we're getting on
6:29 pm
authoritarian left, in concert with the leftist media, news outlets from the democratic party, routinely making excuses for censorship. you don't have to like congresswoman marjorie day lear green. but you shouldn't remove her from the battlefield. you should engage her in a debate, if her ideas are flawed, debate. elizabeth: debate it. we're talking about people dying and getting sick potentially from vaccines! instead the response is shut down the talk, right? shut down the redate. no, debate it. we want to know! we want to know what is the going on with the adverse events database. >> this makes people more conspiratorial by the way. elizabeth: i hear you. move on to this, because "the washington post" reported already in august of last year that dr. fauci and the nih, former director francis collins was stonewalling and blocking "the washington post" from finding out what did these guys fund in the way of supervirus research with viruses, dangerous
6:30 pm
viruses and pathogens created inside of labs. "the washington post" found 18 projects, potentially $49 million that were, that the nih an dr. fauci were funding. here is the thing, you can't follow the money. you can't track the money. if you can't follow the money, you can't do oversight, right? so is it that it is government data is so bad that that's why dr. fauci is shutting down and stonewalling media like "the washington post"? because the tracking system is so abysmal, any congressional scrutiny will cause people to be fired? >> yes. i mean, look, dr. fauci is already admitted that they were enhancing viruses inside of the lab in wuhan. he is quibbled over the use of phrase, gain of function. senator rand paul had him dead to rights when he confront him in the united states senate about this. this is some of the most dangerous research we can possibly imagine. this involves making viruses more deadly, more infectious to
6:31 pm
human. think -- beings. this doesn't have to be sci-fi this. could wipe out the species. therefore the american government, the people that is, are entitled to radical transparency on what kind of research we're funding here. the fact that anthony fauci and frances collins is stonewalling data suggests that their tenure in government needs to end for a host of reasons especially this. elizabeth: why the coverup? vince collagnese. great to see you. we're coming out of the fox business network. the u.s. intelligence community warning that china and moskow more aligned at this time than any other time in the last 60 years. what will this mean for the white house and the balance of power around the world? up next former nypd detective, dr. oscar odom, dr. odom will talk to us after democrats are stepping down after a year of
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chaos and murders up nationwide. voters on the record going on camera, saying it is brutal, brutal living in democrat-run cities like san francisco and new york. keep it here on "the evening edit". ♪♪ care. it has the power to change the way we see things. ♪♪ it inspires us to go further. ♪♪ it has our back. and goes out of its way to help. ♪♪ when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank. truist. born to care. tums vs. mozzarella stick
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now former nypd detective oscar odom. he says we went through the worst jailbreak in american history. taxpayers are paying the price. state and prison populations plummeted 15%, lowest level since 1992, doctor, politicians let go hundreds of thousands of people out of jail and prisons and murders are skyrocketing. what do you say to this story? >> absolutely. the data doesn't lie. as i always state, a homicide is a homicide, is a homicide. you can't get away from it. you can't let people out with no
6:37 pm
sort of treatment or follow-up program or monitoring just to let them out, just to say you are doing the right thing. you're doing a disservice to them and disservice to public safety and communities they returned to. they have to revamped it. stop doing this type of stuff. elizabeth: dr. odom, i would like you to take a listen to larry elder did. he is enumerating crimes in california that have been reclassified, bust the down as non-violent. react to voters in san francisco saying it is brutal living there. watch this. >> now you walk into a gun store in california you will see salesman of the year here in l.a. county and you see a picture of prosecutor george gascon, soft on a crime d.a.s. believes in cashless bail. believes that bad guys are really victims of society. they ought not to be held accountable. you have laws out here in california like proposition 57 that reclassified all sorts of group of crimes as non-violent, they include but not limited to,
6:38 pm
serial arson, non-violent crime, assault on a police officer, non-violent crime, aggravated assault, non-violent crime, domestic felony battery, non-violent crime. rape of intoxicated victim, non-violent crime. as a result, people are not being held for the time they ought to be held and are on the streets when they ought not be out on the streets. >> i just noticed that there is a lot more, you know, car break-s in and a lot of things. that is pretty regular for this area but definitely gotten worse especially during the pandemic. >> this is moist progressive city in the country. i'm as left as they come and i'm pushed more to middle because of this kind of policy. it is ridiculous. >> shopping in local stores whether it is safeway or walgreens, i see people stealing even though there is a police officer at every door. >> i think the shoplifting is pretty bad. maybe that has something to do with the difference between a felony shoplifting and also
6:39 pm
misdemeanor. elizabeth: doctor odom, why do voters have to live through the far left democrats and democrats thought experiments on crime? >> well they shouldn't have to live through that. they should start voting people out of office that have these different types of policies. the data does not lie. public safety is a key to economic stability, recovery, and also humanity. as people don't feel safe they will flee like they are doing now. they need somebody to come in there and take charge and revamp it definitely. elizabeth: dr. odom, it is the end of mayor bill de blasio in new york city. arguably critics are saying the worst mayor in u.s. history. just a few short months he ruined new york city, by almost every measure. he has been an utter disaster. since he took over murders in new york city spiked 50%. rapes are up 60%. he blew out the size of the city payroll, 60 to 100,000 workers.
6:40 pm
he added $25 billion to the city budget. the city is yet to get back about half the jobs that he lost because of his shutdowns. the nation as a whole has regained more than 90% of lost jobs. he approved a one billion dollar program his wife ran on mental health. no one knows where all of that money went. he approved a 1 billion-dollar defund the police cut to the nypd budget. the worst mayor ever, what do you say? >> yes, and that's why we're happy now new yorkers are celebrating with the new mayor, mayor adams. a few things. he understands public safety is the key to economic recovery, stability, and also humanity, he also went against his own party in the defund the police movement and also the fact of it disbanding the anti-crime unit because he realized it was key to society, key to people able to walk around doing every day
6:41 pm
things. came out with shootings of kids and said this violence must stop and put measures in place to address these different issues as opposed to letting people run wild. it was unpopular when he stated that we need the anticrime unit. if you don't have the anticrime unit out there, all a person has to do is look around. if they don't see an officer they would just do something. as he called 911 when he witnessed somebody doing a robbery on the streets, to see somebody do that in broad daylight, shows you how crazy things were in the past. elizabeth: dr. odom, thank you for joining us, thanks for your service to our country. good to see you, come back soon. still to come for the first time ever fentanyl, seizures of fentanyl at the border outpacing heroin as crime in u.s. cities rising, fueled by drug gangs and families are finding loved ones getting sick, even dying from fentanyl, making its way into bootleg fake prescription drugs across the country. keep it here on
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my go to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. elizabeth: welcome back to the show former state department official christian whiton. great to i see you again. can you help us break this down. president biden telling leader of ukraine the u.s. will have a decisive response if russia invades. then we have the office of director of national intelligence reporting that china and russia are now more aligned than any point in the past 60 years. how does this affect geopolitics in areas like ukraine? >> well, finally, our 80 billion-dollar a year intelligence community is starting to recognize the risk of china and russia together in some eurasian political condominium arrayed against us that would be very, very bad. china which is the world's second largest economy, largest population. if it were in cahoots with
6:47 pm
russia the world's largest or second largest nuclear arsenal, all the military prowess spanning 11 or 12 time zones, it is not good for the united states. it has been the policy die facto after the cold war keeping those two powers apart. all this biden addressing, promising ukraine helping them with the strife for russia, whether or not a u.s. interest exists, it is better that ukraine maybe be we be neutral not antagonize russia to the extent we're doing. elizabeth: but the white house is saying don't read too much into this, right? they're cautioning against that. they're saying it will not flower into a full military alliance but right when the white house is botching the exit from afghanistan, reports are coming in, china, russia, they executed military drills no northwestern china. the first to use a joint western chinese command setup. that is a concern, right?
6:48 pm
>> it should be. they have done things together previously would have been unheard of, including exercises in the arctic and northern pacific near japan. this is something that is real, something discounted by the foreign policy establishment apparently including president biden. he needs to address the nation, what u.s. interests include in ukraine we're willing to go to edge of war with russia. this is not invading panama and grenada. this is country, with serious military, serious grievance, who thinks we broke promises regarding ukraine and nato. elizabeth: right when china and russia are tightening their alliance, let me back up. is this going to be a national security problem for the u.s.? we have major societal unrest in our countries who are allies overseas in places like germany. we're seeing that in the netherlands. we're seeing police using dogs and beating protesters who are against government shutdowns,
6:49 pm
against government lockdowns with batons. how does this affect u.s. policy? >> well, we have a military that can't win wars. it kills me to say that but it is true. if you look at afghanistan, if you look at syria, if you look at libya you, look at everything that happened recently, both parties republicans of course still want to give more and more money to the pentagon, 775 billion this year. they say it is too little. that is more than the reagan defense buildup, peak budgets of cold war if you gross them up for inflation. so you know, we have a military that seems, foreign policy establishment that wants to fight the wrong war with the wrong enemy at the wrong place at the wrong time. we do not need to go to war with russia. our big enemies, big concerns are china. they are the ones that could end the united states, also our way of life. iran and north korea also threats. we have to pick and choose priorities. elizabeth: we also have this, our u.s. troops being let go from the army, the air force, the marines, for not being
6:50 pm
vaccinated. we have a lot of armchair critics out there saying they should man up and get vaccinated. these armchair critics never lifted a finger to fight for our country, right? >> right. elizabeth: what is reaction to the story when you see the criticism of our troops saying no, we're not getting vaccinated? >> right. this is a keyboard warriors at their finest, critizing people who are actual warriors. these young marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen, space force members, are people in the prime of their physical life by definition. they meet a high physical standard. a huge portion of the force is vaccinated. it would actually be very good in our national interests to have a lot of others have natural immunity inin case we want to have maximum combat readiness. who knows where the pandemic goes from here. to kick the people out based on ideology that is it what it is. it is politics. it is not science. elizabeth: all right, christian whiton, thanks for joining us. come back soon. up next, texas attorney general ken paxton, for the first time
6:51 pm
ever, fentanyl outpaces heroin seized at the border. crime in u.s. cities rising due to drug gangs. families are finding loved ones getting sick, even dying from fentanyl in bootleg prescription drugs. we've got the story next. ♪. using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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joining us now, texas attorney general ken paxton, great to have you back on. the most ever border patrol agents died in line of duty. we've got 15, that's the most ever. leading cause of death was covid. we have 16000 illegal immigrants through the month of october. tested positive for covid-19. our border enforcement getting exposed? we want to help illegal immigrants but what about water patrol sick and dying? >> i've been down there numerous times talking to border control, it is a concern for them, they are worried about their own people and it something not surprising when you invite people to come into the country knowing a certain high percentage of them have covid and you realize you will expose your own people and we've
6:56 pm
knowingly done that, the biden administration accepted the risks and with loss people serving the country who shouldn't have been lost, it's really sad. >> not testing is not mandatory. ken, this is happening for the first time in u.s. history border enforcement intercepted more smuggled fentanyl and heroin the last year, nearly double heroin. 11200 pounds of mental versus 5400 of heroin. fentanyl is dangerous, we need our porcine runnings to stop this. >> i've been predicting this from the beginning because of eco- from occupancy for patrol agents are so busy with logistics and moving people across the border, they don't have the resources or time to make sure they are intercepting drugs so this is what they found but the problem is a lot markets through the insured and that means people again are going to die and it's a risk this
6:57 pm
administration seems to be okay with. liz: we've got 92000 opioid overdose deaths in 2020, that's up about 30% versus the prior year so then we have the highest rate of opioid overdose deaths including fentanyl among african-americans and native americans so minorities are getting hit hard. >> this is not surprising given the borders wide open and something that will continue, more people will die. if we keep the border open and continued this policy of letting in as many people as we can without the vetting process required by law will end up with more people died from fentanyl and covid it won't just be border agents, it's spread around the country particularly dates for the refugees or immigrants are going. liz: how do you stop this?
6:58 pm
americans unknowingly using fentanyl and bootleg counterfeit drugs. caesar 20 million bootleg fake versions of prescription drugs careless approach from the white house toward the border, that's what we hear from border
6:59 pm
officials, they are just putting on autopilot and not stepping up. we got fentanyl making it past law enforcement pouring into u.s. cities and the cartel coming in, the cartels are marketing on social media platforms like facebook and instagram or tik tok and youtube marketing illegal products and drugs including fentanyl and social media. >> the cartel are not stupid, they know what they are doing and they know if the border is open and is open for business, they are making doings of dollars transporting individuals with covid making billions of dollars bringing fentanyl from china and importing into the u.s. the biden administration, they are just not even trying. liz: is this a conscious choice by china or other countries to stroke destroy america? >> i believe it is, they know exactly what they are doing. what better way to destroy a
7:00 pm
country and to import drugs that kill people? liz: all right, ken paxton, thank you for joining us and happy new year to you. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you've been watching the evening at on foxbusiness. we want to wish you a happy new year, thank you for watching, have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: welcome to a new fantastic week. you may know because i was ranting about thursday, i recently had covid again so the virus once again has become intensely personal and now i'm upset like many of you, i took the recommended steps and necessary precautions and like of what i figured if i had been vaccinated, i would be safe. with a normal virus that naturally evolves, that might be the case. if you had covid, you know it


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