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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 28, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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country. liz: thank you for joining us, good to see you, i'll see you soon. you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. we hope you have a good evening, thank you for watching and during a second tomorrow night. ♪♪ 's. ♪♪ ♪♪ 's. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> president biden once again flying hypocrisy flag teaming we giving up on leadership in the fight against the virus but this time republicans are the only ones scratching their head. i am tom and for kennedy. since as far back as 2020 presidential campaign, joe biden claimed he be the one to save the country from the pandemic and the feds were the key to defeating the disease that's not killed more than 800,000 americans. it's a message that helped him
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win the election and is where almost all lockdowns and mandates were born now seemingly out of left field the president announced is apparently no longer interested in running the show. watch. >> there is no federal solution, this get salt at state level. he talks about that a lot. it gets down to where the rubber meets the road. >> the reaction was swift. some of the right claim as proof biden is in over his head and the left expresses disappointment and the attempted cleanup. the president tweeting my administration has the back of a predominant fighting poet in their state. last week i wrote out a federal plan to tackle omicron by adding vaccination and booster capacity, hospital equipment, staff and more. we are going to get through this by working together. i wrote. of course it comes a day after we learned in october president biden reportedly halted a plan
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by millions more covid tests so when you look at this from 30,000 feet, is the white house failing the test? let's get into it with tonight party panel future and cofounder executive director, daniel turner, aggressive progressive podcast host and former aide to senator chuck schumer, christopher hahn comedian alli breen. daniel, i think biden told the truth, he said i alone can't fix it, we should commend him for, right? >> it's amazing biden somehow stumbled into federalism. this is the same administration that put federal plan about transgender policing, racism, poverty, education, sexism and a plan for everything but when it comes to covid, there's no federal plan so is it seems that federalism isn't delineated by the tenth amendment in the constitution, it's by political expediency.
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>> i think you got to hand it to the president, he's starting to realize is in over his head, he slowly wants to admit it, should we give him room to say it happens from the virus beat trump, it beat me about the virus always wins in the end? >> i still don't think he's there, he's not what you say that, he's going to blame the state now so he's not at fault but honestly he's like the get on the sports team whose house i got this, i got this and runs to the ball and when it comes, he completely missed it and everyone else who had a plant doesn't get the chance to come forward and actually when. i think it's good he's saying he's going to let that happen from don't know that it's safe he's going to for mandates, it's not like he's backing off, he's contradictory. >> chris hahn, can you put this together?
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can you bring us back to where biden should be? he said to the governor i can't do this, it's a state thing and like daniel said, he congratulate them from maybe he should deal with it in a federalist way but he's not going to. he keeps having federal solutions that don't work. >> the president was buttering up governors on the governor's meeting about covid think we need the governors to do work and will help, will be on it and the right has taken that think the president is giving up on a plan on carpet. president biden put together all the resources the state needs to fight covid he's not done a great job on the testing front with omicron, we should have been prepared for this search and for holiday travel season and people needing to get tested. that said, no federal plan my federalism conversation we are having is a bit rich. i've been in meetings like this where the president or someone else butters up the other people in the room and that's what he was doing there saying
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governors, cuban the front line of the fight and we are here to help you. >> daniel, if you want to make it the governors, if he wants to butter up the governors and work with them, why doesn't he work with them instead of federal mandates, people are losing their jobs. the country is more divided than ever and division was why he got elected, he said i'm going to bring people together, it's more divided than when trump was here. >> his follow-up tweet, whoever runs his twitter account was trying to clean up the damage. when you cannot say there's no federal solution to covid you're not buttering up governors, you're throwing your hands up thank there's nothing else i can do at this level, there's nothing he could have ever done at that level so obviously this administration wants it both ways but there's never an issue where the biden administration is at fault. it is a supply chain issue, it china, it's pandemic, globalism, if it's an energy issue --
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>> everybody got there -- >> we cause this problem because we are incompetent. >> rights. okay. let's move on to talk topic two. president biden finally has a solution to another problem that he cost after the vaccine mandates pushed tens of thousands of hospital workers out of their jobs. the president is turning to the military to replace them, the national governors association this week, the president promised military doctors would be sent to shortstaffed opticals throughout the country. will this solve the problems facing our hospitals? wasn't a mistake to fire somebody hospital workers during a pandemic? chris hahn, we have health workers out everybody, republican and democrat called them heroes and now they are getting pink slips. >> vaccines are important, vaccine mandates force people to get vaccinated and increases
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vaccination. the vaccination is what's going to help and the crisis. we need to encourage people to get vaccinated immediately and the president is doing that. for the healthcare shortage, there aren't a lot of doctors and nurses refusing to get vaccinated, that's a myth. other people work in the hospitals are important to keeping the hospitals open who are not. got to break through the misinformation happen talk to doctors and nurses at the hospital who have chosen to get the vaccine had encouraged him to continue to get vaccinated. >> daniel, you e-mailed today and said you know people in the healthcare industry, what's your personal experience with these people who work in hospitals? >> i talked to those, being an informed contributor to the public discourse, i talked to people of all professions and doctors and nurses i talked to in the healthcare profession and the hospitals will say my reluctance to get vaccinated has
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nothing to do with politics or mandates, it has to do with the fact that for two straight years i've been on the frontline in the hospital exposed to covid daily, i've had it once, twice, etc. my antibody levels are higher than what the vaccine can give me some not getting the vaccine because i don't need the vaccine. never talked about heard immunity, or natural immunity. i'd love to know what their reluctance is rather than castigate them and fire them without falling in line. >> i'm on the board -- [inaudible] >> that's for the record. >> the hospital workers were swimming in covid for months and months, almost all of them were exposed to covid and christopher hahn seems to think it's not the frontline workers but i do know, i know nurses who don't want the vaccine and i don't think it's just natural immunity, i think
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these people, they know about their immune systems, they are in the medical field, shouldn't we trust that? we boys said trust the science but why don't we trust the frontline workers? >> that's the thing, i love this idea, trust besides and now we have minimum wage employees at best buy telling people we should fire healthcare workers because of the signs, they've researched in the area, they are on the front lines every day and know what's going on they've boosted their immune system with vitamin c and their healthy or they've got immunity from having the virus. there's so much more than the vaccine that can help you and each person should make the individual decision for themselves. now we are taking skill people out of the workforce as far as healthcare grows and putting in military might not know what they are doing and friends are getting called to fill in to give vaccine substantially. you can be jobs by an 18-year-old who's getting paid not just to learn how to stab you in the arm with the vaccine.
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it's gone crazy as opposed what healthcare worker who spend their years doing as a favor to us when we were under lockdown. >> chris hahn, he's at vaccine mandates work because they make people get the vaccine. bill de blasio is fond of saying that as well but we saw the vaccine uptake without mandates, it took off and was rising, people were getting the vaccine. sometimes they started vaccine mandates and it slowed, the vaccine mandate do not make people, they make people angry. they don't want to make people want to engage. >> they do make people angry but they started when the vaccination rate slowed. places where there were mandates like nypd 50% of the people were vaccinated before the mandate, not 97% of new york pd officers are vaccinated. for healthcare workers, everything i've heard here tonight is not basing any
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statistical facts at all, i've been looking at the numbers, i'm on the board of a major hospital here in new york state, it's a ridiculous conversation, doctors and nurses for the first wants to get the vaccine, they want the vaccine and overwhelming majority 95 percentile rate have gotten it voluntarily, there are some who have concerns some are legitimate and some are illegitimate it is important for all of us to be in the same direction and get people vaccinated and encourage people to get vaccinated to move past this. >> well, i don't want to lose 5% of healthcare workers so i don't care if it 95 or 98, i don't want to lose any. coming up, a chicago emergency dispatcher sounding the alarm how dangerous the city has become and wait until you hear who he's blaming. sean is here with me to discuss next. ♪♪
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see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. the city of chicago saw a violent christmas weekend. three people were shot dead and 22 seriously injured as city these 25 your height and murderers. chicago emergency dispatcher is angrily speaking out warning the
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city is unsafe due to police shortage. >> at all hours of the day there's a massive amount of crime taking place in the city of chicago it is horrendous, people are being shot, killed, citizens deserve more backup out there at the acknowledgment of things going on and needs to be taken. first responders, not just police but fire departments, ems, dispatchers and call takers out here doing wonderful jobs, they have no backup. they are being overworked and with shortages going on right now, it's affecting the citizens of chicago. >> he's placing blame squarely on chicago mayor lori lightfoot both who's at fault in the spike in crime and staff shortages? to discuss them a former wisconsin republican congressman and fox news contributor, sean duffy. thanks for being here, this is great testimony because he's a dispatcher, this guy was a hero a couple of months back because he was out there and had this
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viral moment where he was helping his fellow citizens so i think people put a lot of trust in guys like this and he sees the city's going down and to hear his testimony, he's angry at lori and this isn't just a right view take on this. >> one 100%, he looked at a dispatcher, as a prosecutor for ten years and dispatchers are the focal place of calls coming in and dispatching calls out. if you are a dispatcher and serious calls are coming in but not enough crops to respond to calls, that's the most frustrating thing for a person who wants a protective community so he is the right person to speak out about the failed policies, the chicago d.a., these guys all believe if we just let on crime, crime will happen, you and i know and chicago now knows i will as well, if you're not tough on crime, you don't get less, you
7:18 pm
get more, more about people doing more about things because there's no consequence so you have a rotten city where people can't live safely if you look, what is the job of government, the role of government? right right pay taxes? the fundamental job is to keep you safe. do what i can't for myself so put crops in so they can arrest the bad guys and prosecutors to put them in jail for a long time and when that doesn't happen, bad things happen throughout the communities. >> like you said, the perspective of a prosecutor, this isn't just police versus citizen issue, it's the idea of prosecutors, we have a lot of these prosecutors doing social justice work, we don't have enough sean duffy's out there executing people so they are working across with law enforcement on that level, how do we turn it around? i came to new york in the early 90s and this was the era of brian giuliani, broken windows
7:19 pm
policing and the effect they have on new york, it went out across the country so we don't have a brian or giuliani, is going to take the national lead on that? >> the america people have to say, partisan community's have to say i've had enough, i want tough prosecutors. prosecutors have wide discretion on this, really bad people do bad things and prosecutors don't charge them promote they have wide discretion and that's why it was a focal place. if you can get walk liberal prosecutors in this position, he can undermine the whole system but you want a prosecutor who's going to be firm with bad people but fair with others. some people make mistakes and deserve a break and prosecutors give them a break who deserve it made a one-time mistake but you have repeat offenders think the same treatment and they go back out and reoffend and the question becomes, what is law enforcement therefore? what are prosecutors therefore? to make sure the bad people re-
7:20 pm
victimized more people in the community so they want to put them behind bars in jail and that's a good thing. when the liberals say we are there to protect the minority communities from crops, it's the minority communities getting ravaged by crime, they are unsafe to walk down the streets, rich liberal ladies who love the policies, they have gated communities or a safe room in the house, they are not impacted by crime in their neighborhood, they advocate for policies that ruin the neighborhoods of minority communities so kids can't go outside and play baseball and throw football, they can't walk to school without the fear of being shot or forced into a gang trade so all things they say is good for minorities, it's bad and that's why you see black leaders and church leaders standing up and saying this is not what we want. there are people who do bad things and they want to be locked up, we want to be safe.
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>> hopefully is looking up, who got a new player coming in in new york and maybe there's more people saying something has to be done. have a great new year. it's a tight race for a politician in washington but president biden is closing in on the top five and you can guess who the most approved is. we will keep you in suspense, the answer may surprise you. ♪♪
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results are in the world's saddest senior superlative, newport president biden's approval rating dipped to 43%. that's below vice president kamala harris 44 doctor anthony fauci of 52%. in fact, biden only be to pelosi and mitch mcconnell and chief
7:26 pm
justice john roberts came out on top so is there any think the president can do to win back americans favor or is it all downhill from here? panel is back, daniel turner, christopher han and alli breen. biden is down, he's down and i feel sorry you have to defend him but i guess you do. >> most of his loss comes from democrats because democrats aren't cheap. if he was republican, he be in mid 50s right now, only 80% of democrats are approving of him, that not going to last through an election cycle so democrat are concerned about the virus coming back, they are concerned and the lack of testing, they are hearing things in the news they are not happy with and holding the president accountable as all should do with all politicians regardless of their party, we should not give them a pass simply because we are registered in the state as they are.
7:27 pm
>> i was a pretty good answer, that was good. a way to back up your fellow democrats. you think -- well, that could be it but also could be he's doing a terrible job. what you think? >> there are so many expectations placed on these two a. i'd like to know what they came in as more popular than, what were they just above anil cancer and death of a loved one? there just hasn't been seen this unpopular since the weinstein brothers i think. they promised good things would get better and not only have i not gotten better, they've gotten a lot worse. and there's no plan or efforts set forth to try to change that so i see why it is happening. >> it's not just covid, it's supply chain issues, you've got
7:28 pm
inflation, the news is in good all around. >> and the economy is in a sense of stagnation, i don't remember carter malaise, i am too young but i'm sure this is what it felt like and a lot of what the president is suffering isn't his fault, a lot of the inner-city turmoil, murder and crime and homelessness and drugs through the roof, that's not biden's fault, it's just his party's fault but he's got to bear the brunt of that. what is he doing to reverse his numbers? today his agenda, nothing. he had nothing on his agenda. you can't find some kids to put read a book to her cancer horn, he doesn't seem to care about poll numbers and he's going to take down the party with him next midterms. >> does it surprise you the leader of both parties is the most unpopular?
7:29 pm
pelosi and mcconnell get the worst marks of anybody in politics. >> traditionally leaders in the house and senate do poorly in the national policy because they are demonized religiously by the other side so that sticks in the minds of voters but for what daniel said about the economy, we have to -- we have the lowest unemployment and god knows how long, we've had the best year as far as spending at christmas time in 18 years. the stock market is at record highs so i don't know about economic ways, yes, there are supply chain issues but people have more money than they ever did. >> i do and so do most americans, let's not compared to 2020 when the former guy had the entire nation shut down because he couldn't get masks and toilet paper in the hands of most americans and we just stayed home. now people are outside driving
7:30 pm
around and doing things with their families and that spike gas prices -- you know supply and japan -- >> there is a benchmark, it's 2019 and until joe biden comes close to it, talking about -- >> we are better than that in all measures much better than 2019 and all measures. >> i love a battling panel. keep it up, guys. here we go. next story -- >> you can't give up on that story but we've got another one. looks like president biden is losing with environmentalists. an interview with the washington post, teenage crime activist pushed back when she asked if she considered ballot biden
7:31 pm
important ally. it's strange people think of joe biden as a leader for the climate when you see what his administration is doing, she pointed out a report the u.s. is increasing fossil fuel infrastructure so if sleepy joe loses tree huggers, who does he have left? greta doesn't even like him. that's not good news for him, is it? >> that's not good for him at all and a few things are we are, listening to joe biden about environmentalist issues, it's weird we are listening to an 18-year-old child, she's like our go to person as if she is the be all and all with the environment which is bizarre and i do think it's true you can never look at politicians, look how they live, al gore was the go to guy when it comes to environment or politics, he had a 20 year manchin that puts out more energy in a month than the average american in an entire year so she should be discouraged with the entire
7:32 pm
political process for global warming situations and people should stop trying to get everybody in a panicked and tried to talk about it because everyone is just angry as she is, that's why they love her about this joe is just lazy, you know the pair. >> daniel, obviously retta is her one issue the environment joe biden is not getting good marks from her. to be fair, he's dealing with a covid situation but honestly all of the covid shutdowns and everything, this is a dry run for what they want to do on the environment and once covid is behind us which it will be, these control freaks are going to do the same stuff they did for covid with the environment, what do you think? >> absolutely, covid and be israel, the left wanted to regulate whether or not you can drive a car or leave your house, your diet, they want to regulate this for 20 or 30 years without
7:33 pm
success so that's why they call climate change a health crisis, they will call it a national health emergency because they will want to use the same inventive cowards covid gave to bureaucrats using a under the name of climate change so they will regulate every aspect of your life because if you are a big status, you like to tell people how to live but you keep manchin, your private jet and you keep your fancy shindigs in scotland. >> christopher hahn. member when liberals wanted people to live their own lives? why do you want people to control everyone now? >> i don't want to control anybody right now and i think greta is an activist she has the right to be mad at joe biden and everybody else on the planet not paying attention to the climate crisis and she's right in a lot of ways about it but to love everybody on the left, that's what republicans do because they
7:34 pm
have only one thing they know, make everyone afraid of the other side, the only way they can get votes ever about they have no policies that impact vast majority of americans. >> can i just say that lumping everyone together, that's exactly what republicans do, we're just going to gloss over that statement? >> no, not going to gloss over it. very ironic. >> daniel, i think they want to control people and fats with the cover thing has been about an god help us if they do the same policy with the environment. the great reset is real, i've read about it, talking heads in europe keep talking about it, they want to control our lives. >> absolutely. go back to the debate last year of 2020 presidential debate when kamala harris was regulating food because of climate change, regulating cheeseburgers and we
7:35 pm
should have that conversation she's had. they are very comfortable telling you what you can put in your body and what car you are allowed to drive, we are trying to bank the combustion engine. california and estates have done so on a small level already so they will use climate change the way they've used covid to regulate every aspect of your life because that's who they are and that's why they have to be defeated at every level. >> covid vaccine supporting a new wrinkle in some people's holiday plans. doctors are now warning booster recipients shouldn't get filler or botox treatment within two weeks of taking the shots. some cases, the combination can cause extreme facial swelling. silly me, i thought that's what botox was for. will americans choose smooth sink skin over immunity? christopher hahn, i've never
7:36 pm
done -- a lot of people seem to think i use this, i get people on twitter same shillue, he's about the botox, i've never done botox or fillers but would you do the booster and botox at the same time? >> i got my booster the beginning of december so if you are wondering why i am looking a little wrinkled right now, you know why and that's the reason. the reason people are saying you look like you got botox, you've got that youthful shine on your skin at all times. i've seen you in person and know it's real. >> it's real, alli breen. there's a difference, botox is different from the boosters, boosters they inject, a little collagen or pyloric asset into your skin and that relax badly with the covid boosters. >> i am waiting, i haven't got my booster yet, i'm waiting until they try to entice us by
7:37 pm
doing botox. they've offered everything else so far. it's money, trips, goobers so i'm surprised they are not doing that as an incentive and if you put it in a way where someone has to do one or the other, they will pick botox every time. botox can't make you look good on zoom, it might let you visit your loved ones but people feel protected about been boosted, they are picking botox. >> if you're not old enough to member carter, i don't think you will need injections or botox anytime soon. >> well, i am 47 but i got my mom's wonderful italian skin so i don't have any wrinkles but if you have wrinkles, if you go bald, we are all going to age, do it beautifully and naturally and you will always be attractive. i know people get botox for migraines, thoughts rate but don't do it for looks. if you age naturally, he will always be beautiful.
7:38 pm
>> the areas that have the highest vaccine and booster rates are like new york and l.a., it's the big cities where people are getting most of the botox and fillers and everything so it's weird these people -- i guess they are just using used to getting injections. >> it might be good instead of getting -- botox isn't a filler, it back to license your skin, maybe it's an extra boost to get filler, it might be a bonus, you are getting when they get the boosters and fillers, i don't think it will make a difference when people do what or what they decide to do, people forget the booster if they want or botox no matter what, it's a new york l.a. thing. >> that was a great panel and thank you for being here. i think we ended it on
7:39 pm
something, i think we all kind of agreed on the booster and botox issue so thank you for being with us. coming up, we are still waiting a verdict on the explosive trial of ghislaine maxwell. is a good news for prosecutors or defense? defense attorney randy zelin joins me next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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we are still waiting a verdict in the highly publicized ghislaine extra trial here in new york city but it appears the omicron outbreak could throw a monkeywrench into everything. she's accused of sex truck freaking underaged girls for her one time boyfriend jeffrey epstein, some have even called her epstein's but it's complex and the jury has been deliberating since early last week. tonight the judge said the jury must continue working every day,
7:44 pm
even weekend until they reach a verdict. apparently to get it finished before jurors get sick but after this many days, who's got the advantage, the prosecution or the defense? here to discuss, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor randy zelin. thank you for joining us, the judge is giving instructions not to the jury, what does that mean? you sent an e-mail today talking about the allen charge, can you explain that? is out what is going on now? >> i don't believe we are there yet and what the allen charge and like most things that happen in our system of justice, a hearing or instruction in this instance is named after a defendant in a case, there was a case the defendant was allen and for the first time a judgment of the jury and said you people need to come to a unanimous verdict, get into the jury room and come back with unanimous
7:45 pm
vote one way or the other so what the allen charge is, the judge thing that to the jurors, the judge brings them out, i understand your deadlock and haven't reached a verdict but this is important for everyone here and it's critically important you go back and do your best and come back with a unanimous verdict, that's with the allen charge is. >> all of this about covid, you've got, you can see from the sketch, people in masks and people worried about getting sick in all of us, is this something in appellate lawyer take advantage of an essay this is not a fair trial because of the things we had to go through? is that something they can latch onto? >> if there is a conviction, among these issues will certainly be this notion that the jury was pressured into reaching for verdict, the
7:46 pm
product was not the product of a fair and impartial determination where evidence was analyzed in the jury unanimously decided they did not need any more information which is the definition of no reasonable about, when you don't need any more information in which to make an important decision, you do not have reasonable doubt. here on appeal, the defense will argue undue and unfair pressure put on the jury to reach a verdict before anyone the omicron and as a result, there was a verdict tainted by this truly rush to judgment. >> epstein is no longer with us, i've been watching keeping up on the trial, i've been trying to keep up with it and i've not been able to get an idea -- she's obviously said she's not
7:47 pm
guilty, pleading not guilty to the charges, is there any sense she's saying she was a victim as well of jeffrey epstein? somehow because he was a controlling personality, she somehow was under his spell? is that what she's been going for? >> i think, and i will go out on a limb here, i think the defense purposefully not boxed itself into a corner with one particular defense strategy or another, i think the defense is simply relying on the notion burden of proof is on the government, the government has not proven its case beyond reasonable doubt and bad in fact the witnesses came forward, i don't want to use the word that they are lying but i think it's difficult to say they were mistaken and with the expert who testified someone's memory can be corrupted by for example, reports in the news media, i
7:48 pm
think right now what we are seeing is the defense is leaving it wide open and has left it wide open and left it for a juror, it may be one juror and that's how you get a mistrial and hung jury and we do it all over again but perhaps one juror will view her as a victim. >> thanks, good stuff. topical storm is next. ♪♪
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a new study claims one out of ten moms don't know who their baby's father is. the other night, pretty sure it eddie murphy, a comedian who kids around and this is topical storm. topic one. 88-year-old grandfather graduated from the university of texas in san antonio. good news for him, bad news for the book ball team who lost their star quarterback. this is renée hero receiving his honorary undergraduate degree in economics after going back to school as an adult. renée said he felt out of place first but he quickly gained
7:53 pm
acceptance by being buying beer for the students and his pain medication and prescription for accra didn't hurt. he paused studies to start a family. now that he's back in college, he's learned his family is a bunch of pigs who misjudged him his entire life. renée was pushed to the stage by his granddaughter who graduated from the same school on the same day. even more touching, later that night, she held his feet for celebratory pigskin. topic two, russian artist created a sculpture of a tiger family made entirely from manure and you thought hundred biden's art was a bunch of bull crab. one famous for his sculptures, made of manure, you might say is the number two artist in the world and most people agree his work stinks, and also has a way of sticking with you. the sculpture of a tiger family
7:54 pm
heading onto 2022, chinese here are the tigris but evokes feelings of scroll through san francisco. it was on failed the home village traveling onto her in russia so if you'd like to see a mound of manure in two are in america, he will have to wait until coldplay comes to town. topic three. kim kardashian is under fire for spoiling the ending of the new spider-man movie after watching it in her home theater, proving there's nothing in the kardashian house that isn't spoiled it began when kim posted a screenshot of her movie, the movie to her instagram story revealing previous spider-man stars kobe mcguire make cameos in the spider. spider thoughts became angry at themselves for keeping up with the kardashians many cursing at her on instagram for spoiling the surprise ending and marks the third time the appearance of
7:55 pm
andrew garfield spoiled the spider-man movie. personally, i sympathize with the internet dweebs so i'm going to get revenge for all of us by spoiling him kardashian show this season, chloe will be mistaken for a moose and hunted in the canadian what's. rob will think about getting a job for three episodes and the entire family culture a hearty laugh with her covid vaccines really get mixed up with her lip injections. topic four. the kahlúa record company is offering $25000 to couples who can spend an entire month away from the internet and based on their reaction to the let's go landon mean, i think joe and joe biden have a shot at winning. the contest how just couples to stay away from social media and websites for 30 days so they did by bypassing a polygraph test, question number one, how many spider-man's for the latest model movie?
7:56 pm
the winner will get a full kahlúa bar. i wish i could participate but i write a fantasy probably can make it injured so often even missing one chaka could cost me the whole season. that's right, that's a polo joke, you don't get that on gutfeld. we'll be right back. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. tums vs. mozzarella stick experience the power when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites.
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