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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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iters here to stay. i will not start with the food prices. with the media joe manchin is killing democracy with his no vote on the massive spending bill, i say joe manchin is saving the country, just like the view on gas prices to explain, there is two-ways of looking at everything, folks. that does it for us tonight on the "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight the white house repeatedly said covid-19 is about following the science but then the president claims to one saw omicron coming when biden's own white house and the cdc director warned it was coming a month ago. remember six months ago when the president declared independence from covid-19? tonight the reality check on omicron. studies pouring in. cases are less severe than the media is reporting. the reality check on the president from "the washington post." the white house really, seriously thinks biden is fdr or lbj.
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that is why the constant topspin and bullying in overdrive. when cnn poll says he is worse than jimmy carter. joining us tonight congressman jason smith, nicole malliotakis, fox news contributor deneen borelli, economic expert mitch roschelle, former deputy independent council so wisenberg, former nypd detective oscar odom, former white house national security advisor general keith kellogg and i.c.e. official tom homan. democrats blame the white house for the off the wall topspin that has them in a alternative bubble reality, blaming we saved christmas. the supply chain crisis didn't happen, shelveses are not empty. when looks like the soviet union circa 1972. covid lines are longer than the gas lines in the0's. new court finding by special
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counsel john durham in his probe of the botched trump russia investigation. l.a. county slams sheriff far left, soft on crime district tones living in a woke palace. the l.a. d.a. accused of dropping more than 12,000 criminal cases. the biden white house criticized for 6:00ing the fbi and the doj on school board parent but silent on any national effort to stop an actual crime wave. the white house again topspins foreign policy success today in afghanistan while americans are still stranded there in the worst foreign policy debacle in modern u.s. history. a pro-illegal immigration group suing border patrol as the drug and human smuggling cartels are seizing operational control of large sections of the border. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now.
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♪. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. merry christmas, everybody. we begin with millions now traveling to be with their families for christmas. now travelers are worried about the omicron variant now estimated to be about 3/4 of u.s. cases. the airline industry, the biggest trade body for the airlines warning omicron can double the risk of infection but southwest ceo and american airlines ceo said air on planes are hepa filtered and clean. hillary vaughn will bring us up to date with the very latest on this. hillary. reporter: liz, people are not shying away from the friendly skies this holiday season. almost twice as many travelers are hopping on planes to go home for the holidays. the tsa says last friday and saturday, 4.3 million people traveled through tsa checkpoints at airports around the country. compare that to a total of 2.1 million people who on the same days last year traveled through airports. with the new covid variant on the rise a lot of people we talked to say they really aren't
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phased and say they feel safe. >> it doesn't scare me at all. it is not stopping me from traveling. i travel quite a lot. >> i think i'm pretty comfortable. >> did you do anything differently to prepare in light of omicron spreading? >> not really. i follow the release. >> i got masks. i'm not as concerned. >> hopefully next christmas we can be free again and travel without so much restrictions but so far it has not hindered me at all so i'm happy. reporter: even though travel is way up compared to last year it is still below pre-pandemic levels. so travelers instead of packing some patience this holiday season may just need to carry on some courage. liz? elizabeth: hillary, great to see you. "axios" is calling it biden's culpability. d.c. watchers say the white house could have done more to prepare the country. new studies coming in that omicron is not as serious as
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other variants. let's bring back into the joe congressman jason smith, ranking member house budget, along with fox contributor deneen borelli. no one saw the omicron variant coming, cbc director, w.h.o., his own white house said it was coming a month ago. >> the president has been clueless. he has been more focused on the last five months to pass his 5 trillion-dollar tax-and-spending bill to actually pay attention to covid and what's going on. it is a disaster. they pushed the 2 trillion-dollar covid package back in march, left 9% toward health care spending. they're trying to ask for more money from covid. the money that did go to covid, they used $2 billion of that from testing equipment to send to illegal immigrants at the southern border. it is a disaster. susan: deneen, to the congressman's point, watch the
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president snipe at a reporter yesterday asking why he didn't do enough unitiesing. watch him say he didn't see it coming. watch this. >> is this a failure you doesn't have an adequate amount of tests for everyone to get one if they need one right now? >> no, it is not. because covid is spreading so rapidly, if you notice. it just, just happened almost overnight. just in the last month. i don't think anybody anticipated that this was going to be as rapidly spreading as it did. liz: okay, he was warned a month ago, right? i mean the cdc director, the w.h.o., said this is coming a month ago. what did you say deneen? >> wasn't a priority, liz. and i watched that press briefing yesterday. the president was very snippy at the reporters and also at americans. lecturing americans what to do, what he thinks they should do which is their personal choice, their personal decision.
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he got very nasty and very snippy. look, this president has handle ed every thing wrong from day one. the focus should have been on therapeutics but the president was more focused on vaccines than focused on how to help people if they do get the virus. this is very telling. thank goodness the media is finally calling the president out because it's clear that he is not ready for prime time on anything that he is supposed to be handling. liz: so sort of, congressman to deneen's point. don't hold us accountable but fingerpoint. his messaging veered from this is not march of 2020, to a long list of federal actions that made it sound like yeah, it is march of 2020. by the way, let's go through it. south africa omicron first appeared there. mild symptoms. case rates are starting to drop. the studies are coming in. 80% lower risk of hospitalization on this. the hospitalization rates are
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nine times lower than prior surges. the european cdc reporting overwhelming majority of the cases in the european union mild or asymptomatic. covid is still dangerous and bad. we're just talking about the omicron variant there. what you do say? >> we'll have to live with covid. we've been living with it for the last two years, liz. we've had the delta variant, we have this variant. americans need the freedom to make their own choices. they are sick of lockdowns. they're sick of the federal government. they're sick of joe biden telling them how to live their lives and how to control them. we all understand covid a whole lot better than what we did two years ago. people need to have the freedom to live, make their own decisions. its something that is not going away tomorrow. liz: to the congressman's point, deneen, i think you say it too quit hitting it with the panic button. here one person died that is terrible. even though omicron accounted
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for 3/4 of new infections. pfizer out with a new oral pill. the fda approvalling that. we have monoclonal antibodies treatments, convalescent therapy there. listen covid is bad. it is the third leading cause of death but when it comes to the omicron wave and new normal having to live with it, that is what the messaging should be, no? >> no. i totally agree and folks need to recognize that unfortunately that's not the messaging that is coming out of the white house. this is endemic. it is not going away. it is going to continue to mutate. don't forget, biden's candidate, then biden the candidate and kamala harris, they said they weren't take, they didn't trust trump. they were not taking the vaccine. they are trying to hammer people to get the vaccine. they said they wouldn't test americans across the country. now they're going to. their messages are all over the place. americans don't know what to think, what to do, who to trust
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because there is a lack of leadership in the white house. liz: it is scary even the vaccinated are dying, right? we cdc a subset of 1600 vaccinated people dying. that is scary. to your point, congressman, what deneen is saying, we have to move forward, live with it, stop everybody hitting panic button ton tv. how do you deal with it? dr. fauci is saying americans should ask the unvaccinated not to show up for christmas. watch the mayor of chicago here on vaccine passports. watch this. >> if you wish to live life as normally as possible, with the ease to do the things that you love you must be vaccinated in the city of chicago starting january 3rd. also exempt are any vivids entering an establishment for less than ten minutes for the purpose of merely ordering food or drink. so if you're going in that coffee shop to pick up and go,
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you doesn't need to show proof. but if you're going to linger, you're going to eat that muffin, sit down with your laptop, you have got to show proof of vaccination. elizabeth: how will you enforce that? >> liz, that is absolutely ridiculous. people have trying to have command-and-control over people's lives. that is bogus. less people died last year when we didn't have a vaccine. the vaccine didn't come until november and december of last year. and we've had more people die this year where we have vaccination. it needs to be people's choices whether they're vaccinated. the fact that you have to have a passport to go in and buy a muffin or to get a hotel room, it's bonkers. elizabeth: your final word, deneen. >> i think the mayor of chicago should be more focused on the outrageous crime taking place in her city and stop telling people what to do because americans don't like to be lectured to and
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don't like being told what they do. elizabeth: congressman jason smith, deneen borelli, thanks for coming. new filing for special counsel john durham reveals legal trouble for clinton campaign. we'll vect. we have nicole malliotakis, economic expert mitch roschelle, biden worse than carter on the economy? that is what cnn polling shows. he is not fdr or lbj. is that the problem for the identity crisis at the white house? is that because of all the topspin? you're you'ving "the evening edit" on fox business. [clapping] “we will rock you” by queen ♪ the new gmc sierra with hands-free driving offers the most advanced and luxurious pick-up in its class.
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through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. elizabeth: welcome back. the white house today claiming it was a year of success. democrats telling "the hill" newspaper in d.c. it was a year of chaos. 39-year high in inflation, afghanistan, the botched exit there, high and rising crime, high numbers of illegal and historic numbers of border-crossers and the broken supply chain. the white house today claimed there is no crisis in the supply chain. edward lawrence has more. reporter: liz, the white house making a coordinated evident to push the steps being taken on the economy. president joe biden taking five minutes before his meeting with the ceo's representing all aspects of the supply chain to tout his achievements tackling inflation. >> that is why i worked with
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international partners to coordinate the release of oil from our oil reserves and theirs. now gas prices are coming down. more than 10 cents a gallon nationally. that's good news for americans hitting the road this week. reporter: the president failing to mention fear over the omicron variant and possible lockdowns led oil prices to fall on supply chains in the meeting the ceo of fedex told president biden the issues are not all solved. americans noticed in the latest "fox business poll." listen. >> the 22% of registered voters say the president's policies are putting inflation, giving inflation under control only 22%. half are saying it is hurting inflation. at what point do you look at poll numbers like this and change course on economic policies? >> i think our economic policies are driven by economists, not by polls, what economists and policy experts think will help continue on the record of job creation, the record of economic
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growth, the greatest in 50 years for any president. reporter: right at 39-year high for inflation with supply chain issues impacting that. liz. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you so much. good to see you. joining us from house transportation, congresswoman nicole malliotakis and economic expert mitch roschelle with macro trend advisors. first to you, mitch. the president is touting a 10% drop in gas prices. he released million of gallons of out of the strategic reserves. what do you say to that? >> i think the president has confused supply an an and demand. demand has dropped. why the price has dropped. we tapped into 3 days of strategic petroleum reserve hasn't done anything this is a supply and demand story. all the administration does trying to stimulate demand during supply crisis. this is nuts.
6:19 pm
this inflation willmott go away until they admit they caused it. elizabeth: biden is worse than carter according to a cnn poll. cnn running stories on the dozen democrats that could replace biden on the 2024 ticket. >> i'm not old enough to remember the days of jimmy carter but i will tell you i was two years old when inflation was last this high. i'm 41 now. that tells you there is something definitely going on here. what i can tell you is that my constituents are suffering. go to the stores, it is hard to find certain products. they're paying more for everything from gasoline to food to hotels, to cars. you can't even find a car for the most part to lease. if you do, the price has skyrocketed. all of this a result of lack of work and production. the mandates, the shutdowns, it is all camming up to us, and we had a roundtable just the other day with some industry experts in transportation infrastructure in the shipping industry and
6:20 pm
they're saying a big cause of the supply chain problem are the vaccine mandates and they're having difficult getting people back to work. first insend advising people to stay home, pay them more than report to work. now it has become the mandates are forcing people perhaps, in the future now to even be fired like they're doing here in new york. i think that will be very problematic. elizabeth: to the congressman's point there, mitch, people are done. they're tired of all of this talk out of d.c., right? i mean there is no accountability, right, out of washington? you see the companies are responsible for inflation. not our government spending. inflation is transitory. we didn't see the collapse in afghanistan coming. you know, the crime is because of the pandemic. or trump is to blame for the border or covid-19. so the bullying messaging is directly linked to the idea that concept, the thinking that biden is fdr or lbj. that is what "the washington post" is saying.
6:21 pm
>> yeah. it is always fingerpointing. it was the trump administration's fault. jen psaki has gone so far, liz to say it is actually the consumers fault because they're buying too much stuff. you can't blame other people and not take any responsibility for it and not alienate the voters. we saw it in virginia. we'll see it in the midterms. and everybody is just so tired and the messaging from this administration has been awful. elizabeth: now the far left is smearing joe manchin as a racist, congresswoman. and the president is attacking joe manchin. watch this. >> i still think there is a possibility of getting build back better done. what i don't want to do is get into, joe went on tv today and, not tv or not, i'm told speaking to liberal caucus in the house and said joe biden did this -- [inaudible]. so look, i'm not looking for -- let me say something.
6:22 pm
you saw what happened yesterday. i'm not supposed to be having this press conference. elizabeth: okay. nobody can figure that out. did joe manchin tell liberal caucus i'm to blame? what is going on here? it is all over the map. >> joe manchin did the absolute right thing by standing up against that build back broke disaster. every republican in the house voted against it. why? because it would add more bureaucracy, add more government control. taxes mandates unsustainable spending. new welfare without work requirement programs, new entitlement programs we simply cannot afford and only drive inflation to be worse. we're very much appreciative of him joining our effort to kill that bill. we'll fight another day in 2022. elizabeth: mitch, "the hill" newspaper reporting democrats are blaming the bad messaging from biden and the white house. trillions in spending cost zero, inflation is transitory. treasury secretary janet yellen anded if chair say no it is not.
6:23 pm
they're claiming more government spending fixes high price. all of this messaging is so off the wall and they're clearly in an alternative bubble reality. so the, let's take this on. they claim covid is under control. watch the white house press secretary saying no, we'll not do free testing when just yesterday white house said, yeah we are? >> should we send one to every american? >> maybe. >> then what happens if every american has one test? how much does that cost? then what happens after that? >> jeff i would say there is not a day that goes by i don't leave this podium and wish i would have said something with greater context or more precision or additional information. elizabeth: who is in charge of the messaging, mitch? congresswoman, i will ask you the same thing, who is charge of the messaging? >> i don't think anybody and i think jen psaki shoots from the hip. started by saying she would circle back to people, she didn't have an answer. now she makes them up. if she lied once she will lie
6:24 pm
the next time. elizabeth: what do you say congresswoman, who is in charge of messaging? >> depends on the day. he wasn't giving 450,000-dollar payments to illegal immigrants. then they said they were. they finally admitted they won't do that. depends on the day. elizabeth: congresswoman nicole malliotakis, mitch roschelle, great to have you both back on. still to come l.a. county sheriff bans far left soft on crime district attorneys for living in a quote, woke palace. deputy independent counsel sol wisenberg. a new filing by independent counsel i don't know durham in the botched trump rush that investigation shows legal trouble for the clinton campaign. we'll dig it into right here on "the evening edit." ♪♪
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show, fox news contributor, former independent counsel so wisenberg. great to have you back on. what do you think of the court filing of special counsel john durham of his probe of the trump russia investigation? he has the clinton campaign scrutiny and conflict of interest involved. can you break it down? >> sure. he has got to make sure, remember he is indicted, he is prosecuting igor danchenko who was the main source for the steele dossier. and so the problem is from a conflict per speculative danchenko is -- perspective,
6:29 pm
danchenko his law firm represents the clinton campaign and the clinton campaign is under investigation by durham, the special counsel. so that's a problem. so whenever that happens, if you're the prosecutor you've got to go to the court and say, at a minimum, we want the court to examine the law firm, talk to the defense counsel and most importantly talk to the defendant. in this case danchenko, and find out does he really understand the nature of the conflict or the potential conflict? if he understands it, does he to waive it? if he wants to waive it, do we let him waive it? because there are some conflicts cannot be waivedded. so for example -- elizabeth: sorry. really about incentive to shift blame or responsibility to either, between the two, between danchenko and the clinton campaign and durham is trying to get to the bottom of who put the falsehoods inside of the doj and
6:30 pm
fbi, right? >> yes. there is the potential, liz for shifting blame. so you gave a very good example. we know that the steele dossier was full of lies. let's say that durham, and we know the clinton campaign was pushing it with the fbi and than leaked to the press, hey, the fbi is investigating this. the whole allegations in the steele dossier. what if durham wants to know, hey, did the clinton people know about these lies? did they know they were sending lies to the fbi? so if they're represented, they may want to ask danchenko about that because he may have that information if they work a deal with him for example. if he is represented by the same lawyer or law firm that is representing the clinton campaign that is a potential for conflict. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear. there is also this, the special counsel is indicating he is scrutinizing the clinton campaign. he may call clinton campaign
6:31 pm
workers to testify. he is looking into how much the clinton campaign controlled the steele dossier source, igor danchenko, how much they knew about how false the steele dossier was and the integrity of danchenko's collection methods. durham is drilling in now looks like to the clinton campaign. what do you say to that? >> well how he describes it is that the clinton campaign and a lot of their employees, have, quote, matters before the special counsel. he is being very careful because he can't really talk about the details of his investigation but you've hit the nail right on the head, and again he may want danchenko to cooperate and that's a problem if they're represented by the same lawyer. this happens all the time in organized crime cases. you will have a lower level person who is indicted and the government would like them to cooperate against the mob and the mob hires a lawyer to represent them. so these kinds of inquiries are
6:32 pm
done all the time in organized cases, conflict cases. let me make it clear i'm not saying the clinton campaign was the mob and they have their lawyers who have a potential conflict. they are great lawyers, the law firm. but this is something any responsible prosecutor will do and any responsible judge. elizabeth: it sure ain't over. sol we'll have you on again to break it down as we continue to follow developments in this case. okay, it us good to see you. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. still to come, more topspin, the biden white house touting success in afghanistan after the worst military debacle in history. former nypd detective oscar odom. the l.a. county sheriff slamming his soft on crime d.a. for
6:33 pm
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♪ elizabeth: look who is back with us, former nypd detective, he is a great, great analyst, he is dr. oscar odom. okay, doctor, did you see this? the l.a. county sheriff, alex villaneuva, that the far left d.a., is living in a woke palace. he is against the mayor's crack down on crime there. he is calling criticisms about crime policy knee-jerk reactions, smash-and-grab thefts not too. retailers share responsibility to this? >> once again this is insanity, when you try to do the same thing over and over and again the same results. the public is suffering at the hands of these type of activities. when you have over 12,000 people and let the people right out on the street with no sort of accountability, no retraining, reeducation, and also if you want something, just like a
6:38 pm
witness impact statement, talk to the victims of the crimes and see how they feel about the people who injured them and just walking right back out on the street again. elizabeth: yeah, doctor, there is open drug dealing and shootings in the neighborhoods in san francisco. children and seniors are afraid to go outside. i like reaction to what l.a. county sheriff alex villaneuva said. watch this. >> nothing knee-jerk about this, common sense this person does not get it, sorry to hear that but when you're flying in the face of common sense, the fact we have in our county, l.a. county, i have a 92% increase in homicides in two years. i had a 60% increase in grand theft auto. i have a zero bail questioned all which means every person i catch with a stolen car gets a ticket, walks out of jail, this person claims knee-jerk reaction to hold people accountable? i think old fashion having people suffer the consequences for engaging in crime means something and these people, they live in this woke palace where
6:39 pm
they're not affected by the policies but the average person is impacted by them. elizabeth: did you hear what he said? go back to the way it was, people should suffer consequences for their crimes. he is saying in l.a., the d.a., dropped more than 12,000 cases. george gascon did that. he is supported by george soros. what do you say? >> evidence-based and data driven. the sheriff made decisions and shown improvement the data supports the type of policing enforcement he is speaking about. like i always say, dead bodies do not lie. if his murder rate is up 90 something percent, you have the dead bodies to prove it. you look at dead bodies you speak to loved ones. you know something is wrong. smacking them in the face and there is some sort of denial but as i always say they need to be voted out of office. they need to get rid of their own personal security. they need to talk to the victims of these crimes and family members before they make these type of decisions that are going contrary to everything that is
6:40 pm
taking place now. that is why you have everybody now wanting to re-fund the police. public safety back. elizabeth: how about accountability for all of those minority neighborhoods, all those individuals who saw their families members killed or victimized or attacked or businesses destroyed? where is the accountability for them? who stands up for them? we have the chicago mayor, at least that person pushed $80 million in de-funding money away from cops. she is asking the federal government to save chicago. oakland after tee fund the police they want 50,000-dollar signing bonuses to veteran cops of a crime rising. milwaukee county residents asking the governor of milwaukee fire the d.a. john chisholm. he laid the groundwork where the christmas parade attacker was allowed out 1000-dollar bail on a gun offense, he ran over six
6:41 pm
people killing eight-year-old and grand moder. what are about all the push back? for a year the democrats are weak on soft crime. what about them? >> absolutely as you stated. you data does not lie. all the people murdered, injured, they should be held accountable for what they are doing. they need to be voted out of office. they need to do ride along. come along in the front lines and districts you represent, take a look. when you see certain things happening, you go out there to say something. if you think you have a better plan, go say something. let's see what happens. but the reality is, evidence based and data driven is taking place the numbers don't lie. these bodies are piling up. it's a shame, those who are in charge should be held accountable for these type of activities. >> they should be sued. those victims families should sue them for what they did. how they're hurting american people and american neighborhoods and american communities. it is simply outrageous. the worst scandal, one of them
6:42 pm
is so under the radar. the media doesn't cover it. we covered it for over a year with you, dr. cost scar odom giving unsights and perspective. we appreciate. merry christmas. still to come migrants suing the border patrol. we've got details. up next former white house national security advisor retired general keith kellogg. more topspin from the white house as the white house touts foreign policy successes in afghanistan where 130 americans or more are estimated to be stranded there. keep it here on "the evening edit".
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elizabeth: back with us now, former white house national security advisor, fox news contributor, relieutenant-general keith kellogg. first listen to this. the white house is touting its foreign policy success in afghanistan. listen to the secretary of state. >> we're stronger in the world
6:47 pm
we're stronger at home, we're on stronger footing when it comes to covid, climate, other urgent challenges and we have a strong geopolitical mission with china and russia as they undermine the system that has made the world freer, more prosperous, more secure around connected that allowed our country to thrive. elizabeth: he also went on to say afghanistan worked out. what do you say? >> i think he is delusional. thanks for having me, liz. tony blinken make comments don't stand time and truth. everything he is talking about actually has been a failure, especially afghanistan that has to go down as one of the the greatest debacles in american history. i am beginning to have great concern about the kind of advice he is getting from his advisors because they seemed to give him really bad advice. afghanistan, what is happening
6:48 pm
with ukraine, iran, nuclear talks and what is happening with china and taiwan. you don't hear about north korea anymore with kim jong-un. i'm beginning to wonder, the comment brought adults in the room. i don't see it at all, liz, i just don't. elizabeth: how about the truth we abandoned more citizens and allies in the history of modern warfare? the single largest cat chris hick military blunder ever. we're hearing 126 american citizens are still there. the state department is saying it was in the dozens. what's the number? >> well, the number is probably well over 200 right now. there is a lot of agencies that are trying to get these americans that were left behind out and it is stunning to me, i said this repeatedly, we would leave americans behind. we should have gotten the people out before we pulled pitch and got out of afghanistan. we didn't do it. we left them behind enemy lines. i've never seen that done before. i keep going back to the advisors. what kind of advice they're giving to the president of the
6:49 pm
united states? liz, let me make a quick turn with an example. today the fda came out with emergency use authorization of paxlovid which is that new drug that will help on covid. why didn't they delay the president's news conference until today so he could announce that. they announce it a day after he has his press conference? that is bad advice. he gets bad advice on international relations. getting bad advice on covid. he is getting bad advice across the board. my whole question, one who is accountable, and second who is giving him this advice. it is on the margins of pure bad advice. elizabeth: what happens if the republican take control of congress? are they going to do inquiries into the president's and administration botched handling of afghanistan and these other issues? >> well i think they should be accountability on afghanistan especially. look, we lost a 20 year war. we had thousands killed. we have had thousands wounded. we have geostrategically really messed up the middle east.
6:50 pm
have got no control over it. somebody needs to be held accountable. i am stunned nobody has been fired removed, relieved, quit. like, we'll just whistle past the graveyard. i see this across the board. just not only afghanistan. what are we doing with the border. what is happening there? what are we doing with our allies in europe with ukraine and what is happening with russia? you looking across the entire board. when tony blinken says everything is going fine, i don't know where he is come frog. here is the big thing, liz, i don't think the american people buy into that. i think they're i thinking the same thing you're thinking and the same thing i'm thinking. this is really dumb. there was a reason why senator john mccain did not want tony blinken confirmed for any position in the state department years ago. that is proven out right now. elizabeth: general keith kellogg, thank you for the service to our country. merry christmas to you. good to see you, up next, former top i.c.e. official tom homan. migrants suing about treatment at the border. we'll look at this legal fight
6:51 pm
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breaking news, u.s. supreme court announced it will hear oral arguments in the appeals from businesses in 27 states
6:55 pm
over president biden's vaccine mandate for large businesses and healthcare workers and facilities getting medicaid and medicare funding. the separate argument will be heard starting friday january 7 will stay on that for you. back with us now, or top ice official, tom holman. it's good to see her. pro illegal immigration advocacy groups gets funding from mark zuckerberg, his nonprofit. u.s. border patrol for supposedly abusing haitian migrant the border patrol/that with foot rains, it's weird they don't allege, they actually whipped the migrant, can you break this down? >> i've seen the video, they did nothing wrong, they did their job. the only person who did anything wrong, they entered the country illegally. the border patrol agents are trying to stop crime in progress, faster job.
6:56 pm
they gave verbal commands, they ignore them. doctor thani still be only one with legal problems are the haitians. this is the game they play, they know they are not going to windows but here's the secret, their attorneys advised them, they can't deport you. there are policies right now if you -- let's say they release you and they lose their immigration case, we can't remove them while they are weakening soaked again they keep playing all the time. so litigate, bring it. we've got nothing to lose, it's up life they play in the internals attorneys are lining their pockets and that's why this administration, the immigration at the white house, and immigration attorney out of miami so they are creating all of these policies to line their pockets. we can't stop it, we litigated and we will win it. liz: so sue the administration over border patrol issues, it's effectively like catch and release for the illegal
6:57 pm
immigrants suing, is that what you are saying? >> it's hard to deport somebody when they have litigation profits government. when i was ice director, i was sued, i've got three lawsuit, not only do they sue you as director, they sued me personally to try to keep my personal assets. bring it. we follow the law so the game they play, litigate, litigate, litigate hoping they will settle onou ge g t ghe the som s crearre >> the>>rederentsidee'siai gsing rder plut that thaevue wueh w w .eneded ngng c are incasns orapeonti contrfonff bth wno kwhias h ooinng oornomng seim ae andnd snt azo ana seize s 6ze s 6ze llionllioar pllsve p, t p psha lot
6:58 pm
e cartelcaav hadad opera otiont. idalo soeral agent a tha saide' lonon controcohehe border and then they use the term broken arrow, they were overwhelmed, more illegal agents crossing the border than agents. the biden administration gained control, when you stop building a wall and put a moratorium on deportations and policies, saying ice can't arrest somebody in the united states, the whole world is going to come on top and get free healthcare so the biden administration handed operation control of the cartel and no one celebrated the selection for the cartel from a president to put them out of business. liz: we showed have militarized the cartel armed with camouflage and military gear assault weapons. bongino is a leading cause of american ages 18 through 245.
6:59 pm
79000 since 2020, that's more than accident suicide deaths. when we talk about the border, we have to talk about the context of what's going on with the mexican drug cartel and human smugglers. >> thank you for saying that, it's not a coincidence the same year there was illegal immigration, historic illegal immigration, numbers we've never seen in this nation, historic fentanyl overdoses when he opened the border to illegal immigration, fentanyl is going to increase, criminals coming across the board are going to get away. look at covid in addition to fentanyl and it's a national security issue because no one suspects terrorists taking advantage of the southwest border, they arrest one in yuma, he got caught, border patrol
7:00 pm
arrested 15 from a terrace don't want to be. how many for terrorists? liz: thank you for joining us, merry christmas and thank you for your service to our country. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, merry christmas to you all. you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ >> president biden's speech on public agent like a bottle of milk in the sun, he claimed yesterday his administration did not see omicron coming but they had almost a year to plan for this. how do they botch it so badly? good evening, i am guy benson in for kennedy. the president has long claimed the administration is all over the covid piece, like flies in a barbecue but he also claims omicron came completely out of left field. watch. >> covid is spreading so


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