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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 29, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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business approach is working. food for thought tonight. that does on "fox business tonight". "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. liz: omicron variant, lots of concern and talk of world leaders and lots of talk of dr. fauci called out for this not so talking point that attacks on him are attacks on science. so often he has gotten the science of flat out wrong. doctor fauci, he is the gospel truth on science. joining us tonight ricker now, kevin hoffa, the former chair of the white house counsel economic
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advisors, doctor, byron donalds, boston chief of police belinsky, kristin tate and top i.c.e. official tom homan. also tonight, what you need to know about the frightening wave of violence/mob looters. now a security guard killed, retail workers attacked. how many more americans will die or be hurt because of we week prosecutors seduced by the far left. whether we have a transportation secretary. he doesn't seem to know the basics and know the nations electric utilities are powered by fossil fuels. pete buttigieg cearley a contender for vice president? and, here is for the top of the democrat ticket. we have new reports out of washington. the far left is trying and working to bench president biden in 2024. this new misleading narrative from the white house and democrats to sell you on the over-the-top government spending blowout. even the federal reserve is
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saying what they're claiming is flat out wrong. the shocking new testament. how much money fraudsters stole out of hundreds of billions of dollars congress gave out an extra jobless benefit during the pandemic. he will believe which country these fraudsters are working in and out of and how weak the government is with your money as they want to spend even more. the media ignoring a new report on the stunning amount of money chinese energy titans want to pay hunter biden foreign influence campaign in washington for a chinese company leading the charge in china's built-in road push to dominate the world and infrastructure in and energy. to the border price enter crisis in caravan is starting to arrive at new covenant to marion spreading. plus the number on border patrol by illegal immigrants. we have all the stories and more tonight. thank you for joining us i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. ♪. liz: welcome to the show you are watching the fox business network. let's start with president biden, the new omicron variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic or cause to shut down and locked out. he is saying no to that, he wants were vaccinations. dr. fauci confusing the picture again, he said the u.s. should be prepared for potentially more lockdowns, we have that story tonight and also more on travel restrictions coming in. let's get to kelli o'grady and lax airport. good to see you. >> even though experts are urging folks not to panic. concern is growing, the variant is detected in expanding list of countries and u.s. health officials say the variant may early be in the country starting
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today the u.s. is restricting travel from south africa and seven other african nations and dozens of countries are following suit, israel, japan and morocco are banning entry from all foreigners about what may be coming pretty urges everyone to get the booster as a primary task to stop the spread of omicron even though dr. fauci stated it will be two weeks before we have definitive information. this introduces the point of what the term fully vaccinated will mean as the variant spreads. i miss criticism of travel bands from the nation, the president did offer more international bands are unlikely. >> the spread impacts on whether or not there is a need for any travel restriction. i don't anticipate that at this point. >> delta and united, two airlines have direct flights from the u.s. to south africa have stated they don't plan on changing their routes at the moment. i talked to a bunch of travelers in the theme is exhaustion with variant after variant. it's unclear if americans will accept restrictions as a goalpost keep moving. liz: thank you kelli o'grady.
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let's get right at it from john hopkins university and former acting dni ric grenell is back. it's great to have both of you gentlemen on. first to you doctor, how worried are you about the new variant. the south african doctor spotted it. the symptoms see mild so far, what do you say? >> i'm concerned i'm not panicked. i think it's important that we run down the variant and understand what the mutations mean for our vaccine and monoclonal antibodies and how transmissible it is. we can be reassured that our vaccine will protect against what matters serious disease, hospitalization and death it's hard for any variant to erase anything a vaccine does. that's what the initial data from south africa looks like but it's hard to extrapolate it's a small sample size. i think we should not panic but we should take it serious. liz: we have merck and pfizer out with pills and drugs. it seems were transmissible, maybe more mild and immunity.
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ric grenell, it's great to have you back on. dr. fauci out with the flip-flop. you and i talked about this, he started speaking authoritatively and definitively last year that the covid antivirus came from a chinese what market now he say noah could say that for sure because china destroyed the evidence. that is the flip-flop. >> dr. fauci has demonstrated he is highly political which is okay to be highly political but i don't think you get to be taken super seriously when it is evident that you politicize most everything. he is a public health official and he is answer when pushed into a corner from senators was to literally talk about january 6. think about that, public health official who wins great nice to push into a corner and could not answer the question, he fired back politically, political rhetoric to attack senators on a completely separate issue.
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this is unbelievable that is allowed to happen in washington but sadly it's been happening so much over and over in the last five or six years. all of washington has become completely politicize. let's be honest including with the vaccines. were always going to find a new variant. why do we talk about the percentage of people who actually going to the hospital experience death. just because you get covid does not mean that you're going into the hospital or going to die. our media has done a terrible job to somehow scare everybody into thinking covid equals hospitalization or covid equals death, not true. liz: it's dangerous, getting back to dr. fauci, is that it will save lives and republicans are going to be lying. he's taken out of the brick bag. let's listen to what dr. fauci said. >> it is easy to criticize but the really criticizing science because they represent science.
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that is dangerous. to me that is more dangerous than the slings and arrows that get thrown at me. if you damage science, you are doing something very detrimental to society. long after i leave. there is good documentation for people with photographs the animals that were not supposed to be brought in from the wild into the wet markets were there. i don't know but i think what the chinese completely cleaned it out. i think that's one of the reasons why were not able to find out what the original source was. i think they destroyed some of the evidence. liz: he is the highest-paid federal worker, he's been there since 1981, he runs a powerful health bureaucracy builds up billions of dollars annually. has he been there too long, we never seen a health official talk like this and be so
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political. >> i'm somebody who is a big admirer of dr. fauci and i have been throughout my career i think is the icon and made major discoveries with hiv and autoimmune diseases. i think what he does for the most part guided by science and the evidence. liz: we gotta get into the flip-flops. i respect what you're saying but what were talking about, doctor you can weigh into. the problem so off to the pandemic he got the science wrong. covid-19 was not a major threat, he told 60 minutes people should not be walking around in masks, he said he doesn't believe in federal vaccine mandates. he swears the nih did not find any gain-of-function research in china when the nih recently disposed. senator rand paul says this is alarming for anyone to say i am the science. what do you say? >> is alarming that he would say i am the science. let's be very clear, one of the tenets of the medical profession
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is being able to have. review and. scrutiny. he does not allow for that. since a good doctor brought up hiv and aids, dr. fauci has also a scarlet letter when it comes to his dealings with hiv patients. he delayed a lot of the research that could've saved lives because he politicize the back then. he is a long history of politicizing and scrutinizing, allowing there to be less green is asian. because he's one of these people who believes he is the ultimate science arbiter. that i think is really dangerous and that alone is antiscience. liz: let's watch again dr. fauci's allies peter daszak runs echo health alliance, they got money from the u.s. government from the nih. that money went into china to develop super viruses in the
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lab, watch peter daszak. >> we found other coronavirus is, a whole host of them, some of them looked similar to science. we sequence the spike protein the protein that attaches to cells. i didn't do this work but my colleagues in china did the work. you create particles and insert the spike protein from the viruses into human cells. this virus could really become hyper genic and people. liz: we understand where you're coming from, you're a doctor and out for the public good. we understand that what rick is talking about is politics. what were talking about from the beginning is how the covid-19 by restarted in the dangerous super virus research that dr. fauci admitted in testimony he left oversight of it could not keep track of and the response to senator john kennedy, your word on that. >> gain-of-function research as been controversial for a long
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time. i do think there's important questions to be asked about how the research was done who funded it and what type of biosafety went on in the institute of her obligee, i think it was not very transparent isaac is very critical that we find out this virus whether to wet market, it's important for the next pandemic. liz: final word. >> the issue to very rare intelligence wide assessment of where this by restarted. that has already been done under the trump administration. the intelligence community has not changed that. i would just put forward i agree with the good doctor about finding out where this started in gain-of-function research question. dr. fauci's answer when confronted with that was januar. liz: that is unacceptable for the viewers and taxpayers out there who pay for his paycheck
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and what we deserve is better answer and transparency. what the heck is going on in the health bureaucracy. ric grenell, thank you for joining us. still to come this hour the media ignoring the hunter biden scandal the chinese energy titan tried to pay the presidents on foreign influence campaign here in the u.s. boston former chief of police d'angelo whiskey, what you need to know about the frightening new wave of looters hitting u.s. cities as a security guard was killed, retail workers attacked, how many americans will be died were hurt because of weak prosecutors seduced by the far left. that story is next. ♪
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liz: welcome back, let's put you updated on this officials and a number of cities across the country going on tactical alert because of a frightening new level of violent premeditated/mob/and grab looting, organize retail theft. they're talking about 45 billion in annual losses. that's up from 30 billion a decade ago. this time a security guard killed in oakland california, what was he doing he was trying to protect the tv crew.
6:18 pm
madison all worth has more on the story. >> unfortunately it was not to shoppers cashing in this big weekend when it comes to shopping, smash and grab robberies also happened across the country in some cases. we so violent that resulted in death. friday home depot lakewood california made off with hammers, crowbars and other tools and all things that could be used future crimes. it's been pointed out proposition 47 as the reason for the increase in crime. under $950 from felonies to misdemeanors. unfortunately smash and grab robberies are on the rise not just in california. but across the u.s. in chicago there were four smash and grab robberies on thursday and friday. in minnesota best buy was robbed by a group of 22 by 30 thieves
6:19 pm
who made off with electronics. the ceo saying in the third quarter earnings call, we are definitely see more and more organized retail crime and incidents of shrinking our location. this is a real issue that her and scares real people. the real people being shoppers and employees. because of the dangerous nature of the crimes, some stores are closing locations to avoid conflict. walgreens will close an additional five stores in san francisco. they say because of organized retail crime. what are the big problems that retailers point to is a lack of regulation and online marketplaces. thieves can steal goods and quickly sell them for a high price online, especially popular during this holiday shopping season. liz: thinking for your journalism, congress is trying to move on legislation that would stop retail steps and goods being put online. it's good to see you. >> former boston chief of police
6:20 pm
dan linsky, we can blame local prosecutors for a free-for-all and downgrading crime, how do you stop this and who's doing it. >> there is a lot to blame going around. when prosecutors are not willing people accountable, when they're in boston and say their neck would be prosecuting shoplifting crimes. that's not what has to happen. as applied by law we do law prosecuted through prosecution in boston we make the arrest, that is fine but there were some consequences. they spent the day in jail and had to come up with bail. hopefully were working with the prosecutors for somebody who is stealing food or items for their family. we get a try and deal with that one way in the covid of justice system. it's criminal that, they need to be held accountable. i walk in the bank tomorrow and
6:21 pm
hand them a note in they can give me $500 cash. fdi robbery task force. i will be identified and prosecuted in a federal government. retail stores hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment sell online and no one is coming after b. , it's where the money is, we have to make sure prosecutors are holding people accountable. liz: you always here hold them accountable. the thing is it is pathetic, it's absolutely pathetic seeing this going on. this is not shoplifting this is worse than shoplifting. now you have facing a recall on shoppers because of what's going on with week policy and shoppers afraid to enter stories, why is this even going on, how did we
6:22 pm
get to this point, we have kevin, security guard shot and killed trying to protected tv crew in oakland reporting on looting, now he's left behind two kids and three grandkids. remember catherine killed and the rights of 2020, this is what's going on now this guy was doing his job and now he's dead. >> absolutely, he was a police officer before providing security. i've teams in the field doing what kevin is doing today. you hit the nail on the head, this is not shoplifting, this is armed robbery, home invasion in the store. this is something a task force requirement from federal state resources and extended jail sentences. this is not something that we are caught on bail four. people's lives are regained, we emerge into her helping to get people because they have to close doors. this is impacting commerce.
6:23 pm
>> we hear you, we think americans are sick and tired of the lame idiotic coming out of democrats in places like california. now people have to suffer for it in our security guard is dead. enough already you think you have your big ideas that were never test driven before. it's great to see you, thank you for your service to our country, will have you back on soon. your tax dollars, the shocking estimates of the billions of dollars fraudsters stole from jobless benefits including where these fraudsters operate out of. you will not believe it. the story coming up also former white house top official kevin hassett on this, why do we have a transfer station secretary that doesn't know the basics, doesn't seem to know the nations electric utilities are powered by fossil fuels like natural gas. also the new misleading narrative from democrats to sell you under government spending blowout. even federal reserve data shows
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6:28 pm
know america's electric utilities are powered with fossil fuels like natural gas. what do you say. >> mayor pete says that the biggest star, the given up on harris and have a documentary, before we know what he'll get a nobel prize like obama. he's probably the smartest of those guys are he's just as confused as the rest of them. we carefully studied the energy plan that they had to get rid of fossil fuels and to make everybody moot electric cars. he's basically saying if your pissed off about gas prices, injured paul you did not buy the electric car. the fact is fossil fuels go into making electricity and using calculation that we did. we did away with fossil fuels that would take 75% of the u.s. power grid off-line. if you moved to electric cars instead of gasoline that has to increase electric grid output by 70%. the reviewing 95% of the power grid if that's not an insane policy i don't know what is.
6:29 pm
i think this guy mayor pete is probably a great spokesperson. liz: let's watch him in action. >> there is more in the build back butterball. it contains incentives to make it more affordable to buy an electric vehicle, $12500 discount for families thinking about an ed, once it on the electric vehicle they will never have to worry about gas prices again. liz: go buy a 60000-dollar car, as you point out two thirds of electricity comes with fossil fuels, you have to power your card through plug-in. you make a good point of what it takes to swap it out. the other thing that is troubling i want to move on to this democrats are for using flawed data that is pumping of the government spending. the claim that half the american people cannot afford a sudden unexpected $400 expense. the minneapolis federal reserve data says no it's not half that
6:30 pm
dates back to 2013, it's actually 36%, when you look through a survey who they're talking to people making $40000 in income or loss. it is young people out of college. when they use the data, really minneapolis fed said watch out interpretations may overestimate the financial hardship these households face. what do you say to this? >> you have to understate the point, we just mailed all these checks to people because of covid, the savings rate is about as high as it's ever been everybody has cash in their account precisely at this moment the fact is there are people to live paycheck to paycheck, we should recognize that it's mostly very young people. the other thing of the surveys, if they say can you afford a $400 expense right away, as soon as they ask you that you're depressed you have a $400 expense.
6:31 pm
your first instinct, i really don't know. i think that also affects. if you look at the incomes of americans 60 - 70000 a year on average than they can afford $400. liz: to push on go back better, as republicans are building back better the majority in congress polls show american people don't like what they're seeing coming out of democrats in washington and we see they have been pushing five democrats editors have been saying note to biden's nominee, she is definitively against free markets. your final word on that? >> i think economist for models of things that are going on, the model is looking at your previous segment. the taxpayer is the store and the democrats in washington are the smash and grab people, that is what's going on right now. liz: we have muhammad ali aryan,
6:32 pm
people asked for higher wages to maintain their higher spending as prices go up, your final word on that. >> mohammed is right about that, it is something you and i have been talking about for a while. inflation is high now and it'll get higher next year because employers have to lift wages for their workers so they can keep up with inflation. when that happens after recent prices. i think most economists that afflicted times like this, maybe even the double-digit section, the biden administration is in denial saying is transitory. liz: watch them blame the pandemic more and more. great to have you on. coming out of the bottom of the hour the fox business network. still to come the border crisis in migrant caravan arrives. a new covenantee variant spreading plus the study number of border patrol officials assaulted by illegal immigrants. where is the white house on any
6:33 pm
of this. up next on house oversight byron donalds, distort your tax dollars go to waste, the shocking estimate of how much money was stolen. the hundreds of billions of dollars congress gave out the extra jobless benefits. which countries these fraudsters are working out of and how weak the government is with your money as they want to spend more. we investigate next. ♪ trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ (coughing) ♪ breeze driftin' on by ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ start a new day with trelegy. ♪ ...feelin' good ♪ no once-daily copd medicine
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liz: house oversight we welcome back to the show congressman byron donalds. it's great to see you. the new report, criminals in russia and china are stealing extra jobless benefits. the government gave out during the pandemic. this is according to analysis reported by the washington times from lexis-nexis risk solution. 40% of more than 700 billion spent on unemployment went to fraudsters.
6:38 pm
of the 40% the majority was stolen by criminals in china and russia, what do you say. >> first and foremost this is outrageous, this is what happens when money goes out way too fast from the federal government. it's hard to check where the money is going. that's number one, number two congress used to investigate this immediately. there has to be hearing on any oversight committee getting to the bottom of this. forget to spend out other dollars out the door what joe biden wants to do this is money
6:39 pm
stolen. >> i haven't seen any of those mechanisms which is why i go back to the point congress needs to do. but everything that one can do right now and we need to investigate this matter fully before we kick other dollars out the door. it's outrageous for this money to be stolen especially russia and china and literally take this money out of the hands of the american people. first and foremost before you get to all of that we don't need to be doing anymore of the extended social programs with federal spending. we need to pull the stuff back so our economy can get back on track and people can get back to work fully. we don't need to do anymore programs. liz: is not just california, d.c. and michigan. those are spotlighted in the report. lexis-nexis is estimated the money lost to fraud. provided 160,000 to each individual in the country below the poverty line or paper for
6:40 pm
harvard university tuition for four years for every 18-year-old in the country. it's a lot of money, what's happening stated not requiring certified there jobless that happening in michigan according to this report tens of billions line at the door. the states are now ready to handle this influx. your final word. >> nobody was prepared in the catastrophe situation and spending people's money and making sure the checks are there, no members want to help but you have to do not more harm in the process. >> you basin of porton point, according to this report we have a justice department and secret service testifying that fraud like this is a threat to national security given how the fraudsters are operating out of country like russia and china. your final word. >> they actually go intake identities from american citizens or fabricate new ones. if you could do that to get
6:41 pm
money this is a major national security threat, we have a responsibility to make sure that we sure this up before congress does anything else. liz: congressman byron donalds, it's gaddafi one. coming up later in the show, the border crisis the migrant caravan arrives as a new variant is spreading. plus the study number of border patrol officials insulted by illegal immigrants. up next the hell kristin tate back with us. then media ignoring the hunter biden scandal a new report on how much chinese energy tightens pay the presidents son for an influence campaign here in the u.s. for china's key player in china's big worldwide push. just what was hunter getting paid for. we look into the latest revelations next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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let's welcome back to the show, held columnist kristin, this is a mystery. what was hunter biden doing to
6:46 pm
help other countries around the world, and companies around the world get influence inside washington. the new york post divine, a new book, a laptop from hell, chairman of the chinese energy conglomerate, you and i talked about this, hundred biden gotta be care plus diamond worth an estimated $80000 and was going to be paid $10 million a year for three years for an influence campaign for csc there the tip of the spear for china's initiative, your take on this story? >> the apparent corruption is stunning. we know the chinese were paying hundred biden for government access if they potentially funneled 80 millions of dollars through joe biden's son and the evidence of the corruption has been apparent for a long time but the media refused to cover, face oppressive stories about and now they say it doesn't matter any legitimate journalist would be asking the
6:47 pm
administration questions. you mentioned the chinese energy firm in china through the government there promised hunter biden $30 million for connections in our country with government officials in d.c. so we need to know, who did hunter biden introduce the chinese executives to? to joe biden help with these? what promises were made to the executives? there's evidence now the hunter may have been paying personal bills of joe biden during the same time span and perhaps they shared credit cards and bank accounts so we need to know to what extent their finances will co- mingle. the american people deserve answers to these questions from our media is being irresponsible. people need to be held accountable and it is clear there's one standard for elite democrats in our government at about completely separate set of standards for everybody else. liz: csc is debunked, it was one
6:48 pm
of the largest energy companies in the world pushing to spread chinese influence throughout the world to open up gateways for energy products into the european union and other countries so this is a national security issue. >> of course. every american should care about this. if hunter biden is compromised by china, joe biden compromised by china and one has to wonder why isn't the president's drilling the chinese government on the origins of covid or by the chinese government lied about covid in the beginning for weeks on end, potentially killing thousands and thousands of people? use of the cost questions government should be asking but joe biden is not doing it so you have to wonder, is he compromised? these are the questions we need answers to and it hard to find information about this, even just googling it because the media is not covering up but
6:49 pm
there are poles that have, after the election showing about one sixth of voters who voted for biden not voted for him if they had known the extent of these scandals so hopefully we will see more on it but so far, the media remained silent on it. liz: joe biden's net worth was 30,000, i think one report said in 2009 hundred had reports of a lot of the family's expenses, millions wired to companies, senators ron and chuck grassley have been looking into this former partner hunter biden, he went on the record during the campaign to say the biden family aggressively leveraged the biden family name to make millions of dollars performed at use even though somerford in china when asked about this, he said we are doing it with plausible deniability not coming in joe biden on everything such
6:50 pm
plausible deniability there. your final work? >> it's infuriating and the media is completely irresponsibly acting. these are the same journalists, for over a year with the american public into fury over the allegations about donald trump colluding with russia based on totally garbage evidence and divided this country and made people in the country hate each other over phony evidence and now they refused to cover real evidence stories of corruption in the biden administration simply because they want to protect a democratic administration because of politics. it's sickening. liz: thank you for joining us, good to see her. next, former top ice official tom homan on the border crisis. crossing health concerns, a new micro caravan is arriving. new covid omicron variant spreading, hundreds of border
6:51 pm
patrol officials in the last fiscal year, where's the white house on any of this? that's next for michael
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back with us now, former acting as director, fox news interpreter, tom homan.
6:55 pm
great to see you, thank you for joining us. a new migrant caravan is not arriving, concerns over the heavily mutating covid omicron variant, are they taking title 42 seriously in the white house? >> no, they have not taken it seriously since trump left office. president trump took it seriously but biden's ministration, they accused most 85% released to the united states despite title 42 and all other unaccompanied children from 72% of these so-called children are the ages of 16 to 17 so now is a perfect time to mandate title 42 across the board to stop migrants from coming in during the pandemic. thousands of african nationals has been arrested. not people from african nations
6:56 pm
from member groups 85% of family groups being released into the united states, immigration advocates take care of them, i know for a fact some of these facilities, i know workers inside used to work saying as high as 50% of the occupants in these facilities have covid . liz: switch facilities? >> endeavors. liz: switch facilities where half of them have covid? >> are several companies, if got a nice contract, my sources within the facilities, some with high facility groups so family groups carried across the border every day. liz: okay, it's perhaps the most
6:57 pm
flawless ever, hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants crossing into america every month, close to 2 million will be in the u.s. in the last fiscal year, who want to help people, right? it feels like an utter collapse and now the white house, it seems they are making the conscious decision to undo the security measures taken during the trump administration and us reports forcing them to do remain in mexico, it's basically other officials say keep title 42, who's responsible for the leadership on this in the white house? >> it ultimately falls to the president but you've got kamala harris at home and security from all three failed on corporate security. you can't name one thing any of them have done to shut down the crisis of the border. everything they are doing is concentrating how fast they can release people into the armed states, that is just a fact. they took the most secure border in my lifetime under president trump nine months turning the
6:58 pm
most secure border into historic crisis on the border. 1.7 which is really 1.9, is the most we've ever seen in the history of this nation and this administration did that in nine months and they are not going to stop, they will keep this agenda because that's what they ran on and that's what they want. liz: almost the equivalent of taking in the population into nebraska in that period of time. a migrant armed a machete trying to assault border patrol agents in the el centro sector, border patrol agents are among the most assaulted of law enforcement in the last fiscal year, 200, more than 200 agents assaulted from your word on that? >> went from a cartel see the president and vice president home and security attacked the border patrol, you have the president think they are going to pay, the price president on
6:59 pm
racism all my security think he was insulted by the video and for patrol members of congress like aoc attacking border patrol when they seek members of congress in the same white house attack men and women, it's more on the border patrol and i watched my partner get run over by a fan from god eating stabbed by needle and of the disease there. border patrol of the most assaulted federal officers and they got almost 140 names on national law enforcement in d.c. from a criminal cartel are making billions of dollars right now tax on border patrol will increase because when present biden open the border on immigration and pride up the family groups that opened the border criminal cartel were making billions from a smartly gang members in people we don't
7:00 pm
want in the country so they are willing to take the risk and assault border patrol agents to get there came. liz: good to see her, thank you for joining us and thank you for your service to the country. you've been rocking the evening at it on foxbusiness, but those are for us. thank you for watching, join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: diamonds are forever especially if you're hunter biden because today we learned the first time/artist/drug aficionado, he's more corrupt than we ever imagined. apparently so is darrell, according to a new book called laptop from hell, miranda devine, the chinese businessmen gave hunter biden 3.16 ^-caret diamond and promised $30 million payday just to make introduction to washington's most powerful


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