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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  November 26, 2021 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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"mornings with maria" every weekday on fox business 6 - 9:0e you will start your day with us every weekday. that will do it for us e this weekend. thank you for being with me, i hope you enjoyed a wonderful thanksgiving with your family and continue to celebrate with friends and family throughout the weekend. i will see you again next time. have a great weekend everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. gerry: this week on the wall street journal at large, more disorder in america. by late crime is rising in many major cities run by democrats as progressive wage war on the rule of law itself. plus kovic cases are on the rise again and in europe lockdowns are back despite the rollout of vaccines. if the u.s. headed for a third
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winter of pandemic misery? did you have a happy thanksgiving, according to some of our cultural elites it commemorates genocide and violence. i hope you enjoyed it. hello and welcome, thanksgiving is the quintessential american holiday as an immigrant to this country and marveled at the annual celebration, it's unique in the world, gratitude is a great american virtue and americans have much to be thanked for. this country has been a beacon of freedom for almost 250 years. the nation's commitment to the pursuit of liberty is at the heart of the success. a bedrock of freedom, american freedom is the rule of law. it all depends every aspect of the citizens relationship with each other and with the government. do you process protection of property rights, the right to a fair trial and a partial jury, presumption of innocence, citizens rights as a long-held history. in america at the moment the rule of law is under attack.
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depressive prosecutors, democratic lawmakers and left-wing media figures and even from the president of the united states himself. consider the major news events of the last week. a man drove his car into a christmas of liberation in wisconsin killing people. he had a long criminal record and he was charged and released on a negligible veil payment. across the country democrats are reducing or eliminating cash bail as part of so-called criminal justice reform that ends up meeting dangerous terminals can go free to commit more crime. wisconsin senator ron johnson condemned democratic policies but seemingly encouraged lawlessness. >> when you encourage lawlessness you get more of it. he becomes more violent and spills over from crime-ridden, democrat cities into surrounding areas. that's what we witnessed in waukesha. it is a tragedy, we need to will tighten things up above violent
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criminals in jail and keep them in jail. gerry: in san francisco last week and shoplifters went on another shoplifting spree in major stores such as nord stream and high-end boutiques. an unprecedented crime wave after progressive democrats downgraded to a misdemeanor crime and the shoplifting of goods with a value of up to $950. stores have described the move as an open invitation to theft. a week ago we watched the left unhinged reaction to the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse on murder and attempted murder charges by the jury in kenosha, wisconsin. democrats denounced the outcome of a fair trial because it did not give them the verdict that they wanted. president joe biden declared himself angry and concerned. about the verdict. all of this about the ideology of the left looks like in practice. they don't really believe in the
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corporate of other opinion social compact for centuries. the entire legal system argues itself the product of racism, oppression, right supremacy. they have no time for the right to be accused, property rights, proper jail time for criminals while the presumption of innocence. they have a revolutionary justice if you like, one that will be delivered not by into independent colds, judges and juries but according to their own political ideology. if that pasta doesn't scare you, perhaps you not understand the real nature of the rapidly metastasizing progressive threat to the foundation of the market system. let's begin our panel to discuss, washington examiner and fox news contributor byron york and communication ceo laura fink, thank you for being here. we hope you having a great thanksgiving we can. byron, let me start with you, a lot this week on this issue of crime and law and order. when the president of the united states the client angry and concerned about the result of a
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fair trial in a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse case. we had a terrible, terrible atrocity and waukesha wisconsin where the alleged, accused teams to be let out with mobile and the prosecutors across the country, we had a shoplifting spree in california which is driven by policies that essentially become an invitation to theft. the left, what is the left doing, they seem to have a different conception of what we think about as long in order and it's been an opinion for this country for so long. >> what were seeing now is a devastating aftereffects. moving the last couple of years by the progressive wing of the democratic party to weaken law enforcement to give you another couple of examples. the city of washington, d.c. recorded the 200 homicide that has not happened since 2003,
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almost 20 years ago. that was after the city council put a lot of shackles on police and what they can do investigating crime. even as we saw what happened and waukesha, where the suspect was free on the district attorney calls inappropriate low bail. we seen a couple members of congress and the squad rashida tlaib and alexandria ocasio-cortez pushing to lower bail and empty prisons. meanwhile you mentioned what was happening in san francisco bay area where looters are running wild because of the city had sent a message that it would not prosecute property crimes up to $950. now they're stealing everything. these are all the result of policy that have been enacted in the last couple of years and were getting a hangover, really, really fast. gerry: it does look as though democrats seem to have abandoned
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many of the principles that we understand about protection of the citizen and the rights of individuals because of the progressive as byron describes it, progressive dominance in the last couple of years. as a democratic party getting this right? >> i think we were getting everything wrong is to connect an increase in crime to partisanship to blame democrats entirely for an increase in crime that is pandemic driven. let's keep in mind it's an increase in violent crime not property crime. i don't know where to begin to unpack all of these issues that my colleague brought up about connecting cash bail reform which keeps kids who steal backpacks out of prison for three years. that is something totally different eliminating cash bail and reducing for nonviolent crime is very different than keeping people in jail with cash bail for violent crime. i think this is really a
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partisan dustup. do we have to address the increase in crime, absolutely. should we be blaming and pointing fingers and a partisan manner, absolutely not. we need to make sure we get to the root of the problem and with violent crime and other crimes. laying at the feet of progressive politicians has no data behind it and really does not make any policy sense. gerry: quickly, we have to take a break, this case and waukesha, yummy democratic prosecutor who was asked and interviewed several years ago when he was asked about the implications but he acknowledged that somebody may get out and commit murder and that's a terrible thing but it's the collateral damage that we have to live with. that message is not played very well. >> let's talk about that. cash bail has been eliminated in multiple states for many years. the individual case, was it for
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a violent crime, was a bail too low, you can look at that but cash bail was set. looking at the policies of progressive's insane eliminating cash bail for kids that steal the backpack so he doesn't end it in rikers for three years that's something we need to look at, you talk about the rights of accused we should not jail them for multiple years for property crimes that they may or may not have committed. that's un-american. there is a balance. gerry: i gotta cut you off. byron, really quickly we will have you respond to that. >> cash bail is not the entirety of the crime issue in the united states. police are retiring and quitting their jobs because city councils which are dominated by progressive democrats like milwaukee for example are reducing their funding and reducing their ability to investigate crime this is not just a cash bail issue there is a wide variety of policies being pushed almost exclusively by
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aggressive democrats, not all democrats, progressive democrats that is causing an increase in crime in the country. >> where is the proof. gerry: have to take a break. when we come back will hear from one democratic member of congress who wants to empty federal prisons. how far will this progressive approach to normal (naj) at fisher investments, our clients know we have their backs. (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first. (other money manager) so you do it because you have to? (naj) no, we do it because it's the right thing to do. we help clients enjoy a comfortable retirement. (other money manager) sounds like a big responsibility. (naj) one that we don't take lightly. it's why our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. fisher investments is clearly different.
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>> i think everyone is like we need to release everybody, did you see how many people are mentally ill that are in prison right now. >> the act stands for everyone. gerry: that is rashida tlaib who wants to empty federal prisons in ten years, meanwhile her federal members of the squad blame it on dysfunctional police. policies such as defunded the police and so-called bail reform
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are not a surprise it crime is surging. texas sought by 88%, portland, oregon saw 44% increase. let's bring in our panel byron york, and laura fink. when americans hear a democratic congresswoman saying that she wants to empty federal prisons and ten years, do you think that is in tune with the way most americans view criminals in crime? >> i think to your earlier point most americans know that there is a crime wave connected to the pandemic and the economic crisis and all we've been through in the past couple of years. i will say this unfortunate criminal justice reform got stalled in the senate. we had bipartisan actors looking at criminal justice reform to do it in a smart way. right now we have 20% of the world prison population and only 5% of the people.
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clearly mass incarceration has not worked. we need to address elements of the system that are not serving americans more broadly. that is a conversation that we need to have. it's not isolated by this policy proposal or that policy proposal. it's a bipartisan conversation that we need to talk about. mass incarceration is not working. in order to address these issues we need to look at the system and we need to see what's working and what's not. gerry: i'm old enough to remember, we've been here before in the 60s and 70s, a lot of democrats were very much in favor of the criminal justice reforms, there was a lot of support for criminals, we need to understand criminals more and be more understanding and reduce sentencing. it didn't end very well it was major crime waves in the political backlash. i'm just wondering after all the concern whether we may see the same thing all over again.
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>> joe biden is definitely old enough to remember that. >> what he did after to leave talked about nt in prisons in ten years is run away from the idea as quickly as he could. shortly after was broadcast the white house distance itself and said that the president believes such policies would make americans less safe that is a majority position is not rocket science for president biden to choose that. this is what receiving a fairly small group in the democratic party which does control several city governments and is experimented with these policies and they almost immediately like you milwaukee have to pull them back and start hiring more police officers after they cut funding for the police. gerry: were gonna take a quick
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gerry: the cold-weather covid surges here cases risen 30% over the last two weeks and the averages over 91000. this is only 59% of americans that are fully vaccinated pre-demonstration asked for the reinstatement of the osha vaccine mandate and businesses with over 100 employees requiring vaccination for all workers or regular covid testing. in europe lockdowns of the early days of the pandemic had been reimplemented. causing protests to breakout belgium incorporation. how will the u.s. continue to deal with the continuing covid surge and the next few months.
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let's take that up with our panel. laura, we learned this week the number of people died from covid tragically this year 2021 is exceeded the number that died in 2020. president biden promised to shut down the virus, he has not succeeded, has he? >> president biden has succeeded in getting the vaccine and arms at unprecedented way. he succeeded in rolling out the vaccine recently to children. were also seen children getting their boosters. we know this is the season, it is cold and flu season and unfortunately it's covid season. we have to double down as president biden is doing by requiring that the vaccine be in the arms of workers, that will keep everyone safe. we see that the pandemic is one of the unvaccinated. the virus is spreading rapidly. but there's other reasons to hope, we see a pill coming to market up for fda approval that could help treatment time and keep the intensive care unit beds open and more people who get the virus protected and
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prevented from passing away. all of these things are hopeful and at the hands of the biden administration. but they continue to be issues and americans are getting ready for that. gerry: the courts ruled the vaccine mandate unconstitutional but president biden seems to want to press ahead with it anyway. it seems to be a key part of his attempt to get on top of the virus, what is he going to do? >> he's going to take it to court to the supreme court if he doesn't get what he wants. these are real questions whether osha has the authority to do something like this. i think there has been a general disappointment in the vaccine since it was widely introduced. obviously preventing dramatic lower death rate when people get covid is enormously important. i think a lot of the public came
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to believe that they would actually get covid if they were vaccinated and clearly the breakthrough infections have disabused everyone of that notion. i agree that covid therapeutics with merck and pfizer are developing, it will actually treat covid in a way that is almost like the flu, it would be and were mostly helpful and will get to a point where were not treating this as a pandemic. but another one number of bad things that you can catch in the wintertime. gerry: another quick break, some gerry: another quick break, some progressives are ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work?
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gerry: i hope you enjoyed the thick steaming festivities. according to some people on the left, you are actually celebrating genocide and violence while giving thanks over turkey and gravy. >> that mimics the mythology of white america. it is how america wants to see itself. i'm still trying to figure out what indigenous people received about instead of bringing stuffing and biscuits, they brought genocide and violence. gerry: the woke crowd comes to the wall street journal thanksgiving editorial that the paper printed since 1961 the account of the first thanksgiving in 1620 is races. let's bring in our panel, byron
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i will start with you. i hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving. it does sound if these people get their way it's gonna go with the, stay in thomas jefferson statues. >> i don't see that happening is the most msnbc the you could happen. this rhetoric has gone on for a very long time. the fact is the united states is the greatest democracy, the greatest multiethnic democracy in the world that is brought prosperity in a higher quality of life to more people than any other country in the world. that's an enormous amount to be thing for four. gerry: it's easy to pick up the more extreme language and some of the crazier stuff and people who don't want us to celebrate thanksgiving. a serious point the left is very much in charge of the narrative in many of our schools and our universities and much of the media does have the view of american history that is not the one of the proud one that byron articulated it's one of genocide
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and slavery and that's why returned on the statutes of thomas jefferson and others. it is pretty much out of stiff with how americans feel about the country. >> i think returned on confederate statues which is not by and large a bad thing. but i give americans a lot of credit. gerry: is not just confederate, he is on the banned list two. sorry i interrupted. >> i give americans a lot of credit. i believe we can hold to thoughts in her head at the same time. i think we can acknowledge america's history with respect to native americans which is truly a tragic one. we can also celebrate a day of thanks and gratitude and aspirational ideals upon which our country was founded. i think being able to acknowledge our history and some of the wonderful things about america is something that we can
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do. i trust americans to do that at the thanksgiving table and beyond. that is what is going to make us come together as a country and live up to those ideals. gerry: that's a great note to and don, coming together as a country, we need more of that. thank you for coming together. thank you very much for joining us. that is it for us, next w w w wk more in-depth interviews, thank you very much for joining us. >> "barron's roundtable" sponsored by invesco qqq ♪ ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of "barron's roundtable" it's a hot market buyers guide. i'm jack otter. both begin or in season investors want to know more about. first up crypto. digital assets belong in your portfolio? , how do you buy them and how can you reduce only them,


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