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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 24, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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say i am grateful to all of our viewers, thank you for your support and your smarts keeping us on our game. thank you to our producers, writers, organizers, director of this program. i'm thankful to all of you for the great work and the show you put on every single day. i'm grateful to my family and cooking with my moms, love to be at your home, i hope you can enjoy and cherish your family and friends this holiday weekend. i will do so with my husband and my little baby dusty as we all celebrate and give our grateful thoughts to all. happy thanksgiving. "varney and company" begins right now. ashley webster in first do today. ashley: great pictures. i'm ashley webster in for stuart varney. we are one day from thanksgiving and it looks like a travel boom. tsa screen the highest number of travelers since the pandemic began. six days of 2 million passengers, includes another record. lots of company if you are
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traveling today but if you're flying through santa cruz, get ready to wear a mask in your house was that mandate has gone into effect and there is this. president biden says americans should rest easy about gas and goods prices this thanksgiving. that is easy to say when you are spending your thanksgiving at a $30 million estate in nantucket. let them eat ham. you will hear a cbs news reporter pleading with mister biden at the white house when will you take our questions, he asked. is the media honeymoon finally over. the local media says to refrain from calling the latest spree of smash and grab robberies looting. they say it is a racist term. the futures point lower. the dow, the nasdaq, and the s&p are down about half of one% in the premarket. one factor could be those
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rising rates, the yield on the tenure at one.67%, down slightly but we will keep an eye on that especially with its impact on the nasdaq. look at oil. the price of a barrel of oil, we don't have it but president biden is releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve. some of that is going overseas. when energy secretary jennifer granholm was asked about america's oil consumption she was stumped. imagine if that was the trump cabinet member. it is november 24th, thanksgiving eve, "varney and company" about to begin.
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♪♪ fireball ♪♪ ashley: fireball. design:02 eastern time. president biden once again ignores reported questions. >> and >> >> why won't you answer questions? >> we -- he exited state. mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas. we are getting used to this. mister biden gives a news conference and the next thing we see is his back as he leaves. >> happy thanksgiving, looking forward to a great day. it is interesting the press is
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giving up on old joe. is a fascinating turn but it is a point to answer the question. when will you answer our questions? let me give you that answer. when janice dean and the weather forecast predicts that there is going to be a hard freeze in hell, that is when president biden is going to start answering questions. ashley: of course, so different to donald trump who would talk and take all the questions on any subject, now we know mister trump has been holding rally think election swing states, and says he leads president biden in all of them. would you like to see donald trump run again in 2024? do you think he will?
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>> i to to see anybody other than joe biden running 2024 given how much we have suffered in terms of the supply chain? two things are to drive every american to the pole to vote for whichever republican is on the ballot, gas and groceries. if they are happy with what president biden has done with the country, borders, international relations, energy availability, cost of heating your home, driving your car, if any of those things make you happy then just vote for the democrats but i think donald trump is testing the waters to see if it is time to come back but i also think he will make the decision. maybe he will decide it would be better for him to be the kingmaker than the king and he certainly would be and i took to mention you are so right when you talk about the press never gave him credit for the fact that he would stand there and answer their questions so long that they would have to refuel the helicopter because he used all the fuel in it standing there answering questions for 40 minutes on the
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south lawn. ashley: what a difference it is today. thank you for taking the time and happy thanksgiving to you as well. now this. president biden releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve. good morning. do we know where all this oil is going? lauren: we do. 18 million barrels going to china and india. that crude has more sulfur, is more expensive to process but cheaper to buy. the remaining 32 million out of the 50 million that will be tapped is for our use in america. this two big problems with that. that covers a day and a half because we use 20 million barrels of oil per day and it won't make an immediate difference at the gas pump when people fill up to go out for their thanksgiving holiday because it takes some time for the commodity price to trickle down to the gas pump price. price rose 2.3%, down $0.17
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today. ashley: not what they were hoping for. let's take a look at futures if we can and bring in shah gilani. good morning to you. we are pointing to a lower start today. you are still bullish, keep buying the dip especially on names that sell off on earnings misses. make your case. >> nice to be with you, happy thanksgiving. all the fine people at fox and all your viewers. and they are getting it on four earnings and guidance, and whatever the surface is that analysts are seeing. they are absolute bys, it is on sale and margins are terrific. very positive in terms of profitability.
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we are seeing stocks getting hard-hit on earnings. that means and stops investors should be looking at down here. ashley: we've seen the nasdaq under pressure and all of this tied to the 10 year yield. how worried are you about that, one.67%. is there a key level you are looking at? >> one.75%. that is the high over the yield at the end of march and if we get there again and rate higher than that. some shorting, and put rates higher.
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and that would scare tech investors, the tech sector is a huge impact with the benchmark, that is a selloff to do spikes high. ashley: thank you very much. jamie diamond joked about how his bank, jpmorgan and the chinese communist party celebrating their one hundredth anniversary. coincidence or something to talk about. what did he say? >> jamie diamond said jpmorgan would outlast the communist party days after a trip to hong kong. doing business in china and jamie diamond had a point, wide open to the us a, if he did the
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same thing in china, how many people would show up. that underlines the point that autocracies don't work as economies like china, they had a back pedal this morning. china emphasized the strength and longevity. ashley: you can hear the backing up beeps. 10 minutes into the show, elon musk sold your stock. >> elon musk and jamie diamond are feuding lately, he did sell more, you can expect four more weeks of selling, and 10% of his stake in tesla and you could say that the gift actually. elon musk sold 9 million shares
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in options worth $9.2 million and about 1 billion of that came yesterday. he keeps selling, tesla keeps dropping down 3% in the free market. ashley: someone will get nice christmas presents. thank you very much. take a look at futures, we are down across the board, half of one% vote is back again 129 points, down 0.8%. if you are worried about the rising food prices ahead of your thanksgiving meal, one nbc reporter has a solution. >> you can ask everybody to throw in cash, $5 or $10, that really adds up. ashley: pay up, make your gifts pay? you won't believe what else she suggested. santa cruz county, california, has reinstated their mask mandate, that includes private settings like your home. when is this all going to end? we have the latest after this.
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>> it is 55 degrees. and as it rises, and it is one.68%. santa cruz, county, in
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california, is putting a new indoor mask mandate into effect that will require people to be masks up in their homes. let's bring in marty marrcarrie, where does this end, what is your feeling? >> worst thing you can do in public health is put restrictions on people it not going to follow and in santa cruz, county throughout that region are low in that county, now they are healthy, low risk it fully vaccinated. they wear a mask in their own bedroom and if you look at rates in that county, 14 per 100,000 into story symptomatically are already indian. if you'd test anybody, find the bacteria in their nose, and try to eradicate miniature cockle infections.
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and this is a blanket strategy. >> the merck covid pill. and imax -- >> excited about the merck bill and pfizer pill. and this will end the pandemic phase and are moved to the endemic stage. 9 died in the placebo, 0 died who got the merck pill. it is approved in the uk. we will see on shelves in 2 or 3 weeks. ashley: the united states has issued a do not travel morning to germany and denmark because of rising covid rates.
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are you surprised about germany? the fear in this country is we could see another wave. can you identify it for us? >> nobody saw india happening, out of it came more contagious virus which changed the threshold for herd immunity. we have high levels of population immunity in the southeast and they should feel good and the north dealing with a viral season, germany does not have a high level of natural immunity, or vaccinated immunity. we will see outbreaks around the world as that becomes the case. >> are there suggestions of more variants? by its nature a virus continues to evolve with any reports of new strains being reported? >> we hear less of the variant fear mongering we have been hearing because we have had
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over 2000 different variants with their subtypes and none of them have evaded the power of the body's immune system, vaccinated or natural. we should have confidence in that. the drugs we talk about, the pfizer and merck drug work on any coronavirus. they could work against sars and murders and other coronavirus is. ashley: great information, appreciate it. the biden administration lifting its path on the federal vaccine mandate. >> they want the path lifted immediately because they say it is ongoing and overwhelming. if you look at the 7-day
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average of cases, it is 95,$000 and change with 1100 deaths and the numbers are expected to rise as people gather indoors for the holidays get police the biden administration asked the court to require masking and testing while this legislation, but most people know this is going to the supreme court. ashley: yes it is. google employees opposing the company's maxine -- vaccine mandate. >> when they don't like something they let the bosses know. 600 of them have signed a manifesto protesting alphabet's mandate, worked in government mandates. it complicates the strategy, and the hybrid workforce in the office 3 times a week starting january 10th.
9:22 am
ashley: what if you continue to say no? has google said anything about the employee is essentially fired? lauren: haven't said that to my knowledge but the manifesto complicates their strategy, what are they going to do? follow the federal mandate that is expected to be in effect january 4th or give we way to employees or work from home forever so they don't have to deal with that. ashley: a complicated method. >> selling going off before "the opening bell," 7 minutes thereabout, the dow off half of one%. they with the s&p and the nasdaq under pressure down 134 points on the premarket. "the opening bell" is coming up next. ♪♪
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ashley: take a look at futures, minutes from "the opening bell," down across the board, and investors should not be doing the old buy and hold going into next year. >> exactly right. the easy thing, the lazy thing for someone like myself to do is suggest stay the course, buy-and-hold, the same old things you heard many times that i cannot do that with the strong conviction we had the economic environment is drastically changing the next 6 months and i argue in 2021. ashley: you say the time -- i am sorry. >> 2021 was the beginning of
9:28 am
the reflation every cycle and the rate of change of gdp is accelerating. in the first quarter of next year, next year we will see decelerating gdp and inflation is very sticky. not as an accommodative fed. the economic environment changes, what worked in 2021 will not work in 2022. we are selling into the gains we see in december as well as january. you think that's the peak of the market and that is the game plan we are doing for our clients. ashley: you say it is serious defense. >> some things you look at in regard to assessing the risk, our client base, we start slowly getting out of small-cap and higher beta plays in december and january incremental he doing it because you can't time it right. we more than likely start
9:29 am
adding goals, utilities, consumer staples, and the second quarter, could be very bad. ashley: as for inflation, not slowing down, and the 10 year treasury yield, his key level is one.75%, we are not far from it. what are your thoughts and the inflationary play overall? >> inflation will be the head wind that causes the market to have to reset. we don't see it slowing down. it is not far-fetched to think of oil being $100 a barrel at the beginning of next year. inflation started as a tailwind for risk assets. and the fed has to accelerate tapering and a market reset.
9:30 am
and lower risk early in the active, >> >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> there all clapping, all sorts of smiles, the nasdaq and the new york stock exchange, let's see what happens as the bill is off and running on thanksgiving eve. as we look at the dow 30, start to trade, right out of the block. a lot of red, the dow off 196. few stocks in the green out of the gate, chevron, verizon, the rest are in the red. the s&p is the same story. the dow up 200 points, same story the s&p, down half of
9:31 am
one%. nasdaq is down 100 points, 0.6%. down across the board. little bit big tech getting hit as you can tell from the nasdaq and apple, out for but, amazon, microsoft, meta-platforms, and and >> we have a winner. it is $6 billion despite the worker strike that justin did, very favorable for the workers, it lasted 5 weeks. sales of the year's large farm speak went up 20%, and construction up 14%. a solid report card from the year and investors like it. ashley: up 4%. let's check tesla and lauren, that stock is down 3%. they are investing in a new giga factory.
9:32 am
>> $1 billion will be poured into this texas giga factory that will make the cybertruck, model 3 and the why. it is first in line and this billion dollar investment would help them produce as many as 500,000 per year. when will it be finished? hopefully by the end of this year and production would not start until 2022. it is still on the colorado river, a biking trail, hiking trail, it is going to look like the campus of the $1 trillion company. ashley: that makes sense. let's move on to the gap plummeting this morning. lauren: the vietnam factories were closed for the quarter and that led to at least $550 million, and transport goods by air, that is expensive, it cost
9:33 am
$450 million. these inventory issues hit their growth engine which is old navy. i to end on a positive. kanye west, $90 hoody he sold that gap was popular product ever online, sold out immediately. that got traction on the website and the call by the gap. ashley: the easy wins. nordstrom, let's look at nordstrom, plunging down 23.5%. lauren: labor costs pinched their quarterly profit warning of shortages at nordstrom rack, the discount store. online sales go 12% and they reiterated their output, better than cutting it but if you look at macy's raising their outlook this is a black eye for nordstrom.
9:34 am
>> on the other side of the coin, dell up 3.4%. >> $20 billion in sales, pc is here to stay. ashley: yes it is. let's look at hp. how do they do? lauren: this stock reaction is 9%. revenue, 6.7 billion, they benefited from pc sales as offices reopened. idc says the global pc market has risen, but when you have the supply chain issues and chip shortage that is preventing these companies from selling even more so it is a good story in the computer business, a 9%. stuart: the pc is here to stay.
9:35 am
hp up 4%, very early going. merck, mcdonald's, salesforce, taking a long pretty nicely, the s&p 500 winners, energy play, marathon, how lumberton, they are moving higher and the tech heavy nasdaq a micron up 2%, intuit, marriott moving higher, modestly up half of one%. look at the 10 year yield, we talked about it quite a bit, that is the dow down 130 points, let's get to the yield, nearly 1.69% on the 10 year, up one.7 basis points, tech stocks continue to get hit. looks at gold, it is a boring investment but might be worth it down the line, goal down one
9:36 am
dollar and $0.20, $17.84, bit coin, there's the look, $1,895, 56,000, now let's look at oil essentially flat this morning, crude oil at 7843 a barrel, the average price, natural gas, let's look up the national average of gas, $3.40. talk about california, $4.71, that is what high taxes does to your pocketbooks. energy secretary jennifer granholm was stumped when asked about america's oil consumption. take a listen. >> how many barrels does the us consume her day? >> don't have that number. ashley: this were the trump
9:37 am
administration the mainstream media would have roasted her, no big surprise they are not picking it up. local media says woke experts and some officials are cautioning against the word looting because it might be seen as racist. swami will be sounding off after the break. president biden says we can rest easy about soaring food and gas prices. role tape. >> families can rest easy, grocery stores are well stocked with turkey and everything you need for thanksgiving. ashley: we will have the latest next. ♪♪
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>> all these concerns a few
9:42 am
weeks ago, there would not be able food for thanksgiving, people talked about that understandably but families can rest easy, groceries are well stocked for what you need for thanksgiving and the major retailers have confirmed their shelves will be well stocked in stores this holiday season. >> that was president biden telling families rest easy for the holidays, don't worry about rising costs, supply chain issues. what do you make of the president's comments? >> seems as though he is speaking as an old leader of the soviet union, we will have enough food in the grocery store so you can enjoy your holiday? he is ignoring the double-digit percentage price increases for
9:43 am
poultry, chicken and turkey, but if you look closely at october's cpi report what you find is one type of proteins that went down in price for a year ago, that type of protein were frankfurters so what president biden should have said, let them eat frankfurters. ashley: instead of cake. ashley: with regard to inflation is this something that will take a while? i don't see it. >> it will be around for some time. we see wages catch fire growing rapidly, workers are getting pay hikes for reasons other
9:44 am
than improved performance, granted as compensation for higher prices, we are beginning early rounds of wage price spiral that is long-lasting and i will add there are some leftist economists who say this will be a short lift about of inflation comparable to what followed the second world war. we did have a short-lived bout of inflation after world war ii but that episode lasted for three years and it is 46 to 48, the average annual increase by the cpi was 10% so i don't know what their defense is, what they were talking about. ashley: i to to get into this issue. and nbc reporter says one way to combat inflation this thanksgiving, ask your guests for money. >> for go the turkey. bear with me. i know that is the staple of
9:45 am
the thanksgiving meal but some people think turkey is overrated and tends to be the most expensive thing on the table. maybe you do in italian feast instead. you can ask everyone to throw in cash, 5 or $10, that adds up. ashley: if i show up at your household, what will it cost for dinner and all the fixings? >> they are not going to serve you frankfurters, this brings back memories of being a student back in college but a lot of these democrats have never gone out of their college days, they continue to live in a make-believe world of your average college student regardless whatever time in history you are. ashley: it would be funny if it
9:46 am
wasn't true, thank you. happy thanksgiving. frankfurters and all. now this. senator elizabeth warren says she knows what is behind the rising cost of turkey. she says it is not inflation. >> it is corporate greed. i give senator warren credit because she is true to her principles. how she feels about things. she wrote a letter to the department of justice antitrust division and is asking for a federal investigation of jps foods and sanderson. big turkey and chicken producers. for anticompetitive practices, dominates all competitors which she says has created lack of competition as poultry companies report record profits and handout executive pay raises. that is why your turkey costs
9:47 am
more. corporate greed. ashley: the same statement, just change the industry she's talking about. >> never anything else but corporate greed. companies are expected to make a profit so they can employ workers and we can have a capitalist society but she keeps going against it time and time again. ashley: a system that has done well for the united states. we should also mention businesses still grappling with supply issues and shipping costs are spiking. how much are we talking about? lauren: the shipping prices have gone up 1000% in the past year. the ceo is on our show and says continue to ship an item like coconut water that comes from asia. it went up 1000% to 20,$000.
9:48 am
when did the prices go down substantially? the un warns this week probably not until 2023 which means we have another year of inflation. ashley: oh my goodness, 2023. those prices end up getting passed on to you and me and everyone else. we look at the shipping and the money they are making but apparently not. milwaukee county district attorney, progressive reforms lead to more murders and it is guaranteed to happen. we have that story. freight trains could be a solution to the supply chain crisis. kelly o'grady will have that report next.
9:49 am
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ashley: now this. 24/7 operations not easing the backlog and hiring incentives is not making the truck driver
9:53 am
shortage any better but there may be another solution to the supply chain crisis. freight trains, kelly oh grady is a freight yard in california. how will the rail line is the problem? >> the headline is it is more efficient than trucks, quicker and more sustainable and they got capacity. this is the largest yard, i to share an impressive stat. at their peak they lifted more than 1 million of those containers you see behind me at this facility so they have capacity but if this train can move more containers than a truck can it can go quicker. it is more sustainable and that is important with fuel prices skyrocketing. a train can move one ton of freight 500 miles on a single gallon of diesel and this is normally their biggest time of your traffic is not making
9:54 am
their way to them. that's important when you have companies like nike unable to deliver goods because they don't have the product or means to move it. they have the capacity, the solution has long-term angles. this accelerated shift to e-commerce means demand is skyhigh and consumers expect the packages on time. they will never answer with upgraded tech and real-time data capabilities to improve turnaround time. >> we invested significant dollars to expand capacity to be ready for today and we will be part of the solution. >> folks here tell me they can move up to 10% more than they already are and that's important when the trucking industry is facing a more severe shortage than they are already experiencing with looming vaccines. this may not fix the entire
9:55 am
solution but it could help improve the supply chain relays as they call it here. stuart: get those trains rolling. appreciate it. look at the market if we can. it has been a down day since "the opening bell," 24 minutes ago, the dow up 180 points. nasdaq down 0.8%. let's look at big tech names. meta-platforms down half of one%. amazon, alphabet, all the big names and microsoft down one%. the 10 year treasury yield bouncing around, one.68% on the 10 year. looking at crude oil a slight jump of $0.07 up at 7857
9:56 am
a barrel but this just in. a white house spokesman says 96.5% of federal workers have received at least one covid jab or asked for exemption. 96.5%. that's a lot of folks. vaccinemakers are down today in a down market. still ahead, molly hemingway, pete hegseth, joe can'ta. that is next.
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wellcare. it's medicare done well. ♪. ashley: what a beautiful shot. sunshine in the new york city area, the empire state building with the spire pointing into the blue sky. beautiful stuff. good morning, everyone, it is 11:00 eastern this thanks giving morning eve. let's get to your money. the major markets are pointing downwards perhaps easing off loss as little bit. s&p, nasdaq down half a percent or so. taking a look at the big tech names, so much money of course
10:01 am
in these stocks. all of them down. amazon, alphabet. meta platforms, microsoft, down 1% this tied to the 10-year treasury yield. as that rises more money comes out of tech, out of the big growth stocks. the yield up modestly up 1.76% on the 10-year. guess what, it is freddie mac day. we got the latest read on mortgage rates. lauren the number. lauren: 3.1%. unchanged from last week. freddie mac says mortgage rate volatility has been low, staying within a half a percentage point for most of the year. i guess you want a home, you got to get the mortgage now. you keep the home so rates are not moving too much and they're not. ashley: they're not. for a 30 year deal that is really good. more data, a busy morning for
10:02 am
you, lauren. consumer sentiment. lauren: this is disasterous number from the university of michigan for november, came in a little better than expected, 67.4. 67.4. that was up from 66 and change previously. this is what -- okay. lauren: sorry. this is november report. correct. okay, inflation expectations still hitting consumers, ashley. ashley: yeah. no big surprise there. and how about new home sales? lauren: disappointing 745,000 in the month of october according to the census bureau. the expectation was for a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 800,000. a bit disappointing there. ashley: okay. all right. thank you very much. all sorts of economic data to it digest. all right, lauren, thank you. did you catch this? president biden fleeing the podium, blowing off the press yet again. roll the tape. >> i'm heading to a food kitchen
10:03 am
to serve meals right now and thank you for your time and effort. [reporters shouting questions] >> when will you answer your questions, sir? ashley: there he goes. just he is back, flies out the door. that question by the way was asked by cbs reporter steven portnoy. he tweeted, quote, it has been over a week since the xi summit and americans still haven't heard from the president about what he discussed. no, you haven't heard a thing. joining me now, liz peek. liz, great to see you. good morning. >> good morning. ashley: the mainstream, yes, the mainstream media seems to be fed up with this administration's lack of transparency, finally, right? >> finally, ashley. look, reporters just like all americans expect our president to be answerable to us both lit alley and figuratively. this president who claimed to be
10:04 am
the most transparent white house in history has been anything but, refusing to take questions, refusing to hold press conferences. the ones he does are unbelievably scripted. but the thing, ashley, we have lots of questions for this president. for example he talks about build back better helping with inflation. i would like to help him exactly how does he see pouring billions, hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy with is already stretched record tight right now, how does that bring prices down. how does, what did happen with the talks with xi xinping? how is it that we don't know about that. what about his meeting with the mexican president? was anything talked about at the border? some sort of solution there? come on. this is ridiculous that we don't know anything. we are not having a chance to ask the president important questions. ashley: do you think this changes, liz, as the mainstream media starts to complain, will
10:05 am
the pressure be cranked up on the white house to put the president back out in front of the reporters to answer these questions, or is this just going to continue the way it is? >> i think there are competing pressures, ashley. one is to hide from the american public just how incapable this president is of answering these questions, how out of touch he is with a lot of news stories that have occupied most of us all the time. for example, what would he say if he was asked, why did you determine that kyle rittenhouse was a white supremacist? those are your words, mr. president, would you like to explain that? i think that the pressure from the press is notable because they have given him, they really put no pressure on him directly. ashley: right. >> and so, yes, maybe the white house will concoct one of these prescripted, completely unsatisfactory press conferences, but i don't know where this goes. i think it doesn't help his approval ratings, this we know.
10:06 am
ashley: no. we do indeed. we're already out of time. liz peek, thank you so much for joining us today. >> thanks, ash. ashley: happy thanksgiving to you. >> same to you, ashley. ashley: thank you. let's talk about a big win democrats, turns out their bill will raise taxes on the super-rich after all. lauren, you have the details? lauren: white house chief of staff ron claim says, question, of course it raises taxes on the rich. those making a million dollars will pay 3.2 percentage points more in taxes next year. that brings their average tax rate to 33.1%. the joint committee on taxation previously said the build back better plan would cut their taxes. that give republican as talking point to slam this legislation. not so fast. if you look at the bulk of the tax hikes that are coming from this legislation, they come from a 3.8% investment tax to cover income from pass through businesses, that hits modestly
10:07 am
rich people. not the super-rich. then there is the surtax as high as 8% on the super-rich. that impact 23,000 families. why i say wait, not so fast. those families will benefit from increased cap on state and local tax deductions to $80,000. so the bottom line here is that this goes to the senate. i don't think bernie sanders is going to be okay with increasing the cap for rich americans. it is going to get taken apart in the senate. then it goes back to the house. it is a mess. we don't know what the final bill will actually look like if we ever get one. ashley: all right. thanks for breaking those numbers down, lauren. let's go to the markets. bring in david bahnsen this morning. hi to you. peloton and zillow. let's begin with peloton? >> those are not my picks. those are me pointing out how badly they have gotten hit and nobody talking about it. there is a whole, there is a
10:08 am
whole list of these really kind of popular, work from home type tech oriented stocks and people would be shocked at what is on the list because you look at zoom and look at peloton, look at doordash, look at twitter, snap, i'm mystified some of these names are down 30%, up to 70% and it is really getting very little discussion. i think a lot of that hot tech money is way down and it has moved into other tech money or crypto and so then this brings me, ash to my picks. i'm more pointing out that things like value names. ashley: right. >> some energy and financial stuff we invest in. and frankly a lot of the dividend oriented names, i think will be the beneficiaries of the next iteration of markets as that high-risk stuff has come way down. now people feel more safety in the faang" names, large tech
10:09 am
names. those are pretty stretched valuations too. i suspect there is a bit more fundamental story with some dividend names we're quite fond of. ashley: amgen is one of them. what are your favorite dividend stocks right now, david? >> well, i will just focus on a couple that we send over to talk about today, amgen is a great example. it is actually down on the year, almost everything is up so nicely. it is nice to find something that looks at a pretty attractive entry price. amgen has a 3 1/2% dividend yield. they have grown the dividend over 20% per year for the last 10 years. it's a great biotech name. it has had a few little sputters this year but they're well-positioned for future growth. ashley: all right. any others you like? >> well you know we love the energy stories, ash. i get to talk to you and stuart all the time. we do like chevron. we like the midstream sector.
10:10 am
so there is, you know, plenty of different names that i think are growing dividends that are sustainable, have strong balance sheets and people right now hate consumer staples. so kimberly clark is an example. people are going to buy toilet paper, paper towels, the things they make and they're paying you a 3 1/2% dividend yield as well. so those are a couple of names to think about. ashley: very good. love those dividend plays as always. david, thank you very much, appreciate your time. on this thanksgiving eve. thank you so much. let's get to lawyer when with more movers. let's begin with autodesk which i believe is a software company, right? lauren: shares hit a new low, guidance for the current quarter, holiday quarter is down, that stock is down $50 today at 253 best buy. this is big story, it got killed double digits. it is down 2 1/2%.
10:11 am
if you look at the week down 14%. they were hit by high promotions and discounting, people returning items, shortages and theft. what the ceo said on the call, they have to hire security guards, lock up certain devices, just so people don't come in and steal. that is expensive for them, hurting reputation and bottom line. take a look at this broad away of retailers that are leading the s&p 500 lower. you can see on here tapestry, the parent of coach. pvh, own tommy hilfiger, calvin klein, they are down in sympathy from nordstrom and gap when they announced earnings. a lot of companies source in asia. it is difficult and expensive to get inventory they need for holiday shoppers, quite frankly for shoppers for 2022, ashley. ashley: yeah. that is a big issue of course. this is an interesting story, lauren. apple is suing a company that is
10:12 am
known for hacking iphones. what is this all about. lauren: privacy. the nail of that company is nso group out of israel. apple says look, you spied on users because you infected the phones of journalists and human rights lawyers with malware that was delivered through text message unbeknownst to the users. apple is seeking $75,000 in damages, banning the company from using their devices and sending a message to other spy groups, don't mess with us, we don't tolerate, we'll go after you. unfortunately apple's stock is down 1% on higher yields. ashley: lauren, great stuff. thank you very much. now this, energy secretary granholm gets stumped when a reporter asks her about u.s. oil consumption. watch this. >> curious if you know how many barrels of oil does the u.s. consume per day? >> i don't have that number in front of me. ashley: yep. sorry, she doesn't know. she is only the energy
10:13 am
secretary, you would think she would know that? where is the outrage on all of this? i will ask mollie hemingway the next hour. we showed you mobs of people robbing stores in california. so-called experts don't want you to use looting when describing it. what else would you call it? we'll ask that question. the d.a. whose office let out the christmas day parade suspect, that admitted policies that innocent people would die. vivek ramaswamy takes on that after this. ♪. [gaming sounds] [gaming sounds]
10:14 am
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10:18 am
♪. ashley: the christmas parade tragedy in wisconsin has claimed a sixth victim as an 8-year-old child has died from his injuries. fox news's mike tobin is live in waukesha with the very latest. mike good morning. reporter: good morning. the wash shaw prosecutor promised bail would be set so high this time darrell brooks would not be able to get out. indeed bail was set at five million dollars. brooks appeared in court wearing one of the suicide prevention suits. he wore a covid mask. rocked back and forth at the defense table, seemed to shake a little bit. charged with five counts of intention hal homicide. that sixth charge is matter of doing paperwork as 8-year-old jackson sparks died of his injuries. >> he is facing five consecutive life sentences if convicted of all counts on this complaint. i wish to notify the court sadly today we learned the another
10:19 am
death of a child related to this case. reporter: doorbell video shows brooks 20 minutes after the attack arriving at the home of daniel ryder. he didn't know about the attack and made brooks a sandwich. ultimately the police arrive and take brooks into custody. court documents show how deliberate the attack was. when a police officer first encountered the suv with brooks driving at the police barricade, it was going slow enough the detective was able to pound on the hood to tell him to stop. the vehicle only sped up as it got into the crowd of people. documents show more information about the november second incident which brooks is accused punching the mother of his child in the face running her over with his car. we already knew that there were tire tracks on her paints when police arrived. she suffered a dislocated femur and broken ankle. the bond on brooks was only
10:20 am
reduced to $1000. clearly he had access to the same vehicle used as a weapon then. used as a weapon during the attack in the christmas parade. ashley? ashley: mike tobin, in waukesha, mike thank you very much, appreciate that. the districts attorney john chisholm whose office let out darrell brooks on the 1000-dollar bond friday is facing you can imagine major backlash. in 2007 he admitted the lax bail reform pilot policies are guaranteed innocent people would be killed. let's bring in vivek ramaswamy. good morning. do you blame woke politics for this horrific tragedy? >> i think the rise of this dangerous new orthodoxy in every american institution but especially in our criminal justice system is going to cost more lives, including ironically black lives, even though it is supported under the banner of black lives matter the new policies are, it will sacrifice more lives in very communities
10:21 am
were purported to help. when you say clear the jails, who will bear the brunt of that? poor minority communities in major cities. that is the problem with this ideology. it has the appearance offing progress has appearance to be empowering people but it disempowers people they want to help in the first place. ashley: the so-called experts are warning against using the term looting when describing these smash-and-grab mobs in california because they say it could be racist. i think doing that is racist but is this something, should we be politically correct about anyway? >> look, racism is the invidious discrimination on the basis of someone's skin color and to claim that loot something racist as you said actually has a racially charged presupposition at the heart of it. ashley: right. >> this is what wokeness is all about, ashley and a lot of people don't understand. it is just a system of exclusion
10:22 am
for the elite cultural cast in this country to be able to speak a language that the rest of america doesn't understand. it is just another way of actually enforcing this new superior hierarchy of cultural classism by claiming racism is the problem where actually reinforcing cultural classism where a small group of elite media readers and people who have been educated in a small subset universities, many which i went to by the way, are able to exhibit their moral superiority and look down on the rest of the country who isn't able to speak their language. if you ask an ordinary american using looting describing from stealing from stores is a racist term, they know it has nothing to do with racism. racialize something a way to create a classist structure in our country. ashley: i couldn't agree more, vivek. thanks for joining us this morning. really appreciate it to take on those two cases of woke politics. we've been witnessing back-to-back mobs looting stores in california but now the
10:23 am
governor, gavin newsom wants mayors to step up. all right all right, lauren, what does he want them to do. lauren: hold the thieves accountable. >> i'm not the mayor of california but i was a mayor and i know when things like this happen mayors have to step up. that is not an indictment, that is not a cheap shot. these people need to be held to account. we need to investigate these crimes. we need to break up these crime rings and we need to make an example out of these folks. lauren: california's soft policy on crime is under proposition 47. that reduces shoplifting charges to misdemeanors for thefts under $950, whats that has done, that policy created crime of organized retail theft. it impacted luxury stores. also pharmacies. many are closing down in california. so is there now a reason to be hopeful that we're hearing stronger language coming from gavin newsom and we're even hearing that san francisco is
10:24 am
starting to hold criminals accountable. the san francisco d.a. just filed felony charges for nine of the suspects in the louis vuitton smash-and-grab. at least three of those nine connected to a separate robbery that same weekend. yes, this is organized. we're seeing a stronger rhetoric now, stronger action but are they admitting that these policies caused this crime? ashley: well they did and now they want to get tough. it is ironic, isn't it. one of those eye roll moments. speaking of crime, lauren, washington, d.c., just hit a grim milestone when it comes to homicides there. what's the number. lauren: the number is 200. for comparison for all of 2019 it was 166 homicides. 198 for last year. so this year it is the first time since 2013 that there have been 200 plus homicides. the mayor, muriel bowser, running for a third term.
10:25 am
she is trying to crack down. she just announced on monday a partnership with the federal law enforcement to crack down on violent crime and all crime that has plagued her city. ashley: all right. wow, liz, news happy segment. lauren, thank you very much. check your resheet before signing on dotting line. apparently some restaurants are adding a supply surcharge to deal with bills leading to rising prices. we'll tell you where this is happening in the 11:00 hour. nearly 60 million americans are expected to travel this year for thanksgiving. 20 million will take to the skies. we'll have a report how things are looking at newark airport. i'm sure it is busy, right after this. ♪.
10:26 am
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ashley: all right. take a look at these markets before we head into the thanksgiving festivities tomorrow, selling off but coming back a little bit. the dow off a quarter of a
10:30 am
percent. same story on the nasdaq. and the s&p down just about .2 of a percent. a little bit ofcomback for the markets. let's look at some movers. lauren, let's begin with deere. lauren: let's do it. stock is up 6%. they're having conference call. they say earnings expect demand to exceed industry's ability to produce next year. they're blaming the supply chain. those constraints are expected to last bleeding into 2022. ashley i hope not 2023 but we can't be assured of that especially after the u.n. warning we got a few days ago. ashley: into kidding. go ahead. >> hp, inc., look at this, ash. 36 and change is the new high. they hit it moments ago. they're benefiting from a sharp increase in pc sales and prices because what is happening, there is very little inventory, so consumers are gravitating toward
10:31 am
higher end. hp is a winner today, up 9.25%. ashley: pc is here to stay. we established it. lauren, thank you very much. it is the busiest day of the year for travel. madison alworth, at the new york, new york, newark liberty airport. madison, can travelers expect any delays today? reporter: we have clear skies here. it is looking like that is the case for much of the u.s. the hope is not too many delays when it comes to flights. here is the thing when it comes to checking in, getting through tsa, there will be delays in the form of long lines. this, you know, one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, ashley, all happening as the airline industry is climbing out of the pandemic. so this week will really be a test as we've seen cancellations over the last couple months as well as staffing shortages. let's take a look right now where those delays and cancellations sit for the travelers who are heading to their thanksgiving tables.
10:32 am
it is still early in the travel day. hopefully the the numb stays low. monday, 4,000 delays. tuesday, 3,000. we're moving in the right direction. hoping to stay low on the delays. people are trying to get to their destination. couple of airlines that did experience cancellation issues in the fall, they made adjustments. southwest they reduced flights in november and december so they make sure that the flights scheduled actually do fly. american airlines are offering premiums and workers who take shifts through the holidays to address the staffing shortages. but passengers we spoke to today, say they are arriving extra, extra early and some are still experiencing issues. >> we got here 2 1/2 hours early because we wanted to make sure that we didn't miss our flight. >> so our original flight, we were supposed to be direct to new orleans got canceled.
10:33 am
>> this time we came a couple hours, maybe 2 1/2. we got little ones. reporter: so people arriving extra early. the recommendation from tsa is to arrive two hours early before any domestic flight, especially important today, but the busiest travel day as previous today is, busiest day will be sunday when everyone returns home. ashley, the expectation that day will be the busiest travel day we've seen since the start of the pandemic. ashley: thankfully i won't be one of them. all right, madison, thank you so much. great stuff. let's bring in jeff hoffman if we can. jeff, tsa has screened highest number of travelers since the pandemic. are we officially back to normal now? >> you know, friday was that 2.4 million were screened on friday, which is the highest since the pandemic. holiday travel is up 80% over 2020 although that is not saying much because that was 2020.
10:34 am
we're seeing for, we're not back yet. we have, this is great to see for the thanksgiving holiday of the 53 million people traveling, according to aaa, 90% are traveling by car. we have crowded airports but we have less flights. we're seeing numbers up. we'll see how it plays out across the rest of the fourth quarter? ashley: well capacity is certainly nowhere near where it was for the airlines. we heard one of the travelers there saying his plane had already been canceled. every flight i have been on for last several months has been full to the brim. is that something that is going to continue? >> that is a little misleading as madison pointed out, the flights are full because there are a lot less flights. ashley: right. >> by definition the airlines are canceling flights to make sure they're full and cancellations don't tend to be
10:35 am
weather right now, they are staff. madison mentioned american airlines, they're offering up to 150% pay if you work the holiday but they offered the airline pilots associations were short pilots everywhere because it takes longer for pilots to be ready to fly again because they have to do check flights after their lay-off. they are not taking the bonuses. so a lot of these cancellations are crew. we don't have the pilots we need. those problems will have to be addressed and solved before travel is really back. ashley: very good. great stuff as always, jeff hoffman, thank you very much, jeff. appreciate your time. by the way travelers who are hitting the roads in rental cars can expect to pay a bundle this year. how much, lauren? lauren: 75% more this week compared to last thanksgiving week. that does not, i know, it doesn't include the price of gas. so if you're in a major city a popular city, it will cost you about $300 a day.
10:36 am
300 a day. 100 is the average nationwide. so much higher than last year. last year many of us were grounded because of lockdowns, et cetera. but it is up 50% from 2019 before the pandemic. when does it get better? i think that is the main question for some people. the industry is saying it will take a year-and-a-half. maybe prices won't be as high as 300 a day in new york but still will be a lot higher. i used to joke renting a car was often so cheap, it was more in tolls and gas than the average price of daily rental. that is clearly not the case anymore. ashley: not anymore. that is for sure. lauren, thank you very much. "good morning america" coanchor michael strahan will be the next celebrity to launch into space. we've got that story in our next hour. plus, take a look at this. nasa launching a rocket to space. its destination? an asteroid, not for landing. for crashing. phil keating has that really
10:37 am
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so small that no one will see it, but you'll notice the difference. and now, miracle-ear is offering a thirty-day risk-free trial. you can experience better hearing with no obligation. call 1-800-miracle right now and experience a better life. >> three, two, one, zero. mission. liftoff. on the way to the first-ever planetary defense mission. ashley: well you just witnessing nasa's overnight launch after spacecraft. you don't want to be on this spacecraft. it will eventually crash into an asteroid. phil keating joins us now. phil, how long will we have to wait for that to happen? reporter: ashley, good morning, about 10 months from now but the asteroid smashing spacecraft is now on its way as you just saw. it is the first of its kind mission flying through our solar
10:42 am
system which one day down the road could actually save planet earth from a mass extinction like the one that killed off all the dinosaurs. things it thanks it it being a late late night launch people in los angeles could see it 150 miles away. it launched from vandenberg air force base, north the santa bash barbara, lighting up the california skies. with a pair of asteroids, dart, stands for double asteroid redirection test. it is testing one method of asteroid deflection technology. the plan for the spacecraft to collide with an asteroid and deflect its path. it is an asteroid called dimfmus which orbits the asteroid which is greek for twin. it will help us prepare for an
10:43 am
asteroid which could pose a threat to earth if one is discovered heading our way. it will slam into its target at 15,000 miles-an-hour. >> that first test of planetary defense, it is intentional spacecraft into a rock. what we're trying to learn is, how to deflect a threat. reporter: the good news is very few of the billions of asteroids or comb mets are orbiting our planet, that there won't be a threat until nexentry. that meet tee year that screamed into russia years ago, meteors are smaller than asteroids. you can imagine what an asteroid across. an asteroid 300 feet across could have destruction on earth
10:44 am
like we've never seen before. the price tag for the mission just over 3 had million dollars but what price saving planet earth down the road. the spacecraft should hit didimos, moonlit, september 2022. ashley: phil keating, fascinating stuff. thank you so much, appreciate it. it is, really is, 10 months from now we'll be watching up there. now i will move on to this story. defense officials announced a new task force. lauren, what is it. lauren: the department of defense announcing a task force to identify ufos as government officials confirm to congress 144 confirmed sightings have been investigated since 2004. the nail of the task force, the airborne object identification and management synchronization group. it does not slip off of the tongue easily. they will go after investigating, understanding ufos, but the preferred term
10:45 am
is unidentified aerial phenomena, ashley. ashley: whatever you call it, it is fascinating. very good, lauren. next one for you, president biden will apparently have to wait a bit longer to board the new presidential helicopter. the pent gone calling it unsafe. why? lauren: it is from lockheed martin it has not proven to be reliable in emergency situations. there is also been issues with the mission communication system and even the rotors. they tear up the white house south lawn. they don't like the helicopter. all part of a 5 billion-dollar, 23 aircraft program to replace the current fleet. lockheed shares are down a little bit today. ashley: yeah, we can afford it. lauren: don't mess up the south lawn. ashley: don't want to do that. chinese test rival expunge plans to sell half of its cars outside of china. they plan to sell in sweden,
10:46 am
denmark, netherlands. the stock is up 5% today. look at the markets. we were down pretty substantially at the opening pell. the dow, nasdaq, s&p down a third of a percent. now this, the women's march is apologizing for an email that showed their average donation amount of $14.92. they say the year 1492 represents genocide and colonization. all right? we got that story. the supply chain crisis hitting food banks hard as we head into thanksgiving. higher food costs, lower inventories, means families won't get holiday staples like turkey. we'll tell you how you can help after this. ♪.
10:47 am
10:48 am
♪♪ it starts with a mother's determination to treat her baby's eczema. and grows into a family business that helps thousands more. it starts with an army vet's dream of studying the stars. and grows into a new career as an astrophysicist. it starts with an engineer's desire to start over. and grows into an award-winning restaurant that creates local jobs. they learned how on youtube. what will you learn?
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♪. ashley: increasing food prices and supply chain issues are not only major problems for families but also food banks across the
10:51 am
country. fox news's lauren green is at a food bank in new york city with the story. lauren, they're not out of turkeys, are they? reporter: not quite yet. i will explain more about the turkeys but this time of year the lack of food for families are keenly felt but the pandemic has created an economic chain reaction bringing even more hardship. food banks across the country are struggling to provide meals and supplies to an ever growing number of people who are feeling economic pinch. supply chain disruptions, transportation shortages, lower inventories at manufacturers, lable for shortages resulted in increased costs, decreased stock, and delayed deliveries for charitable food organizations. >> the increase in food prices is a real challenge for meeting the needs of people who are struggling to put food on the table across the country. our food banks are seeing prices two to three times what they were just nine months ago.
10:52 am
reporter: according to feeding america there was a 44% increase in meals to people in need in 2020 and a 58% increase in the amount of supplies food banks had to purchase. one food bank in new jersey before the pandemic they distributed 50 million meals. this year they're on pace to distribute nearly twice that 95 meals, because the need is that great. >> food is sometimes the last thing, they pay the rent first, pay their medicine, they pay those, pay their car, pay their heating bill. reporter: now at this food bank these turkeys behind me normally cost $12. that is what they paid last year. this year it is nearly $20 for the turkeys. the best way to help is to send money because every dollar helps to buy meals. if you can't send cash donate your time. volunteers are needed as well. back to you. reporter: lauren, thank you very
10:53 am
much. great report. my next guest is working to make sure there is not a charity shortage this holiday season. we have the first lady of philanthropy. jean, good morning to you. how do you get people to give back when they're paying more than ever on things like groceries and gas? well. >> well it is not easy but when people learn about the food shortages occurring in our country and people open up their hearts and their wallets. just to give you a statistic, feeding america says 42 million americans this year will suffer from food insecurity and of those 13 million are children. and so there is a great need and, when there is a great need americans open up their hearts and their wallets. ashley: has the pandemic, not only, we mentioned inflation but how has the pandemic and all of
10:54 am
the turmoil we've all been through affect philanthropy? have you seen a drop-off or seen no drop-off at all? >> no question it has affected philanthropy. what we've seen some charities had to close their doors. now i was the national spokesperson for a program of american humane where we raised one million dollars to feed one million animals across the country. we gave that money to animal shelters where funding was drying up and they just couldn't feed their animals. we completed that goal of one million but the crisis continues and, food, food insecurity and also money is going to charities is way down and americans just have to be as generous as they can. of course if someone is out of work it is almost impossible to write a check to a charity but
10:55 am
we all have to do what we can. ashley: yeah. how do you get that message out? because there may be people who will be happy to donate but they just don't understand the need? >> the need is so great right now and just when i cited the statistic of feeding america with 42 million americans not having food, another thing, this year turkey cost is up 14% from last year. people have to open up their hearts. they have to find a charity that they believe in, something where they feel connected. that they think is a good charity. you can go on several different websites where they rate charities, guide star, charity navigator, the better business bureau. ashley: right. >> learn all you can, and give where you believe there is a real need. ashley: all right. great place to leave it, jean, thank you very much for talking with us this morning.
10:56 am
we do appreciate it. thank you very much. >> and thank you. ashley: let's take a look at the markets. thank you. let's take a look at the markets. down but trying to come back to at least even, the dow, nasdaq, s&p just down slightly. still ahead in the show mollie hemingway, pete hegseth, joe concha. "the wall street journal" says jerome powell will face a very different economy in his second term with the inflation highest in 31 years. they say the chairman must pivot or risk a recession. heather zumarraga will take that on at top of the next hour. ♪. when traders tell us how to make thinkorswim even better, we listen. like jack. he wanted a streamlined version
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11:00 am
>> president biden: thank you for your time and effort and i will have plenty of time to talk to you. >> when will you answer our questions, sir? >> this president who claimed to be the most transparent white house in history has been anything but. this is ridiculous that we don't know, don't have a chance to ask the president important questions. >> i to see anybody but joe
11:01 am
biden 24. to vote for whichever republican is on the ballot. gas and groceries. ♪♪ i feel good ♪♪ i don't know about you but i feel good ♪♪ >> the statue of liberty in new york harbor, it is 11 am on the east coast on november 20 fourth. let's get to the markets. we were down significantly coming out of the gate at 9:30. the dow off a 12:45%. the s&p is down as well. minor losses. let's look at big tech. big tech has been taking a hit recently, the nasdaq with it.
11:02 am
meta-platforms just turned positive but amazon, apple, microsoft all down as you can see from 3 quarters of one% to a 12:45%. the much looked at 10 year treasury yield dropping one.6% down four basis points, bouncing around a little bit that is tied to the tech stocks as the yield goes up. now this. jennifer granholm was stumped when pressed about us oil consumption. >> how many barrels of oil does the us consume per day? >> i don't have that number. ashley: basic question but she didn't know it. molly, if this were a republican administration is would have gone viral, she would have been roasted by the mainstream media but no one is talking about it.
11:03 am
>> we know that is what would happen if it were a republican administration. we saw how they were derided when it was a republican administration but thinking of jennifer granholm laughing when asked what the plan was to write the gas prices and she's asked about this because of the release of barrels from the strategic reserve but there is no plan in the biden administration or the plan is to do something she previously said which is to destroy reliance on fossil fuels, they beg opec for release of more barrels, then they go to the strategic reserve plan when the entire problem is the result of the biden administration's energy policies, to shut down our pipeline. ashley: it is galling is one word that comes to mind. new york city is expected to
11:04 am
approve a new bill that will allow 800,000 noncitizens to vote in local elections so my question is what kind of message does this send? what happened to voting being a right reserved for american citizens? i don't understand this. >> i just wrote a book called rigged about how her election system handles issues like this and it is amazing this is happening except it is not amazing. people on the left say they care about voting rights. it's important to know what they mean by voting rights. they mean having illegal aliens or other people who aren't citizens voting in elections. this is something that isn't just a local issue when you allow people to vote who are not legal are eligible to vote, that disenfranchises legal voters and that disenfranchises rule followers who don't have these situations. this is a really important issue to get right because we don't have a republic if you can't trust free and fair elections. we have to have rules in place
11:05 am
that make sense. this is insanity. one of the basic issues of citizenship is it is one of the things it confers upon you, a right to vote. that the line it should not be crossed. ashley: it explains why the southern border is wide open. all those potential voters flooding across. thank you very much. we will see you again in a few minutes but let's bring in lauren, if we can. >> it is up not even one%. it is down 53% this month. that is equivalent to $15 billion in market cap just wiped out, is this stock, stay-at-home a lockdown winner, is it oversold? they have this cult following but they are working to keep their users, they have a program if you buy a new bike you can swap the old one out for a $700 rebate and get accessories on top of that.
11:06 am
i'm not sure wall street is convinced but the stock has been very volatile recently. let's take a look at the energy names leading the market because crude oil is rising again. it was up 2.3% yesterday after the administration to the protecting our emergency reserves. a lot of people say that is not enough. that covers 3 days worth of what we use in the united states. it will take a while for that to filter down to the gas pump anyway. nonetheless crude prices up again today, diamondback and baker hughes all up between 3% and almost 5%. ashley: time for anyone musk story, he is selling morteza stock. ashley: stock is reversed course. lauren: he sold $1 billion yesterday bringing the total to $9.2 billion from that early november. twitter poll when he said
11:07 am
should i offload? 10% of my 170 million share stake in has, people said yes and so he is. when is he going to be done? tesla shares move lower. four weeks of selling at this rate, the christmas gift to the to the bulls is he will likely be done selling at the end of the year. ashley: thank you very much. let's take a look at this headline in the wall street journal. jerome powell will face a different economy in his second term and the chairman must be little risk a recession. heather is here for the hour. how do you think this plays out? >> i think certainty for the markets is always a good thing. the markets were in anticipation of who the next
11:08 am
fed chair would be or federal reserve pair jay powell would be reconfirmed for another term. he was appointed in 2012 under obama and confirmed as fed chair under donald trump and now the markets like the prospect of lower rates for longer. he has been arguably something we call the most dovish fit in history, he kept interest rates near 0 while at the same time they are buying a bonds. and mortgage-backed securities. his toughest challenge over the tenure of his next term will be how does he deal with inflation when it proves to be not transitory? if it is not temporary how is he going to deal with that at the expense of unemployment when they have the blue mandate of stable money supply and maximizing full employment? that will be his toughest challenge. ashley: do you see him
11:09 am
accelerating, that is a strange thing, as for tapering do you think he's going to speed up the process of taking that out of the system, tearing it down at an increased rate? >> under janet yellen, the market sold off, janet yellen had to increase interest rates and haven't seen that yet. the federal reserve said it is going to begin, they already began unwinding those bond purchases, $15 billion per month in november. they started continuing next month and hopefully continuing to 0 because there is no rational argument. mortgage-backed securities, into a recovery. pandemic emergency measures, unemployment near all-time lows, one way inflation. let's let interest rates normalize and the markets might sell off but until then you see
11:10 am
the 10 year up a little bit today but the markets digested it so far. ashley: i did your thoughts on cryptos. what is your take on the crypto? >> i wish i owned it. don't know if you have bitcoin, the rise of crypto currency will tie that into the fed and this fiscal and monetary printing, a theory him -- ethereum hitting new highs. it is a new limit of supply of how much is out there, that is the appeal to crypto currency's. you don't want the central bank compared controlling the money supply as well as you want some sort of gold standard where you can't print or borrow more than you have coming in and that the
11:11 am
lesson for the federal government right now. ashley: i was going to say has crypto replaced gold or is it just selling the same space when it comes to hedging against inflation? >> looks like it. the millennials are using it as a trading tool day trading on various apps but if you look at gold and silver when we had run away inflation, highest levels in 30 years, this will be the most expensive thanksgiving ever, up 14% and so i think people are looking to bitcoin instead of goals, you might see that reversal of it. i love to stock up on gold and silver. it is undervalued when you look at the rest of the market and at least you can wear gold jewelry. ashley: my big gold chains.
11:12 am
we appreciate it. federal judge shutdown sports betting in florida just three weeks after it went live. we will tell you what went wrong. we show you this video, the media has been warned don't call them looters. that could be seen as racist. remember what president biden said about kyle rittenhouse in a 2020 campaign ad? >> i don't know enough to know if that 17-year-old kid, exactly what he did. have you ever heard this president say one negative think about white supremacists? ashley: the white house is refusing to retract that comment. we will take that on next. ♪♪
11:13 am
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11:17 am
ashley: now this. black lives matter activist suggesting the deadly christmas parade attack in wisconsin could signal the start of a revolution. >> role tape. >> it is possible the revolution has started. they believe this has to do with the verdict. ashley: connecting the kyle rittenhouse party with the deadly parade attack? >> good question. it is all speculation rooted in
11:18 am
the desire for a narrative. think of the mindset you have to have to believe a revolution is started that starts with plowing down elderly people and children at a christmas day parade that had nothing to do with anything related to your cause. fox news reached out to the black lives matter activist to ask what sort of revolution he is referring to. he has not commented back but if you understand black lives latter leadership they were about marxists. economic marxism has not worked in america, they believe cultural marxism can, rooted in race divide. that's what he is hoping for in this particular motive of this particular attack, no evidence that is the case. either way, absolutely shameful thing for someone to say, rooting for a particular motive when it pertains to killing of innocents. he has a lot of cleaning to do but won't be asking tough
11:19 am
questions because the media is on his side. ashley: exactly right. to continue on that incident, once we get to know more about the suspect in this case, no way this individual should have been free on the streets. that comes back to these woke progressive people when you allow this to happen. $1,000 bond that was ridiculous what he was accused of and look what the result is, it is just maddening. >> the district attorney elected in 2007 admitted just as much that progressive policy is i'm going to enact will lead to someone being killed and the rap sheet right now, those are offenses from the early 2000s. he had two open felony charges both of which were violent, active and ongoing, they set a bond for $1,000 and now people are dead. this is what you get with
11:20 am
anti-police program and perspective taking the more dangerous. ashley: look at the rap sheet, licensee behind bars? white house press secretary jen psaki refusing to retract president biden's comments adjusting kyle rittenhouse was a white supremacist. we will talk about it. >> what the president apologize to acquitted kenosha shooter kyle rittenhouse for suggesting online or on tv that he is a white the premises? >> the president believes condemning patriot division and violence, that was done in that video. ashley: she never answered the question. rittenhouse was found not guilty on all accounts was will do that young man ever get an apology? >> not from the white house
11:21 am
unless and until candidate biden is sued by kyle rittenhouse because he was a private citizen at the moment for defaming him when talking to tucker carlson, leads people to believe he might do that. that may lead to a retraction but what he did in the video, what president biden did was associate kyle rittenhouse with white supremacists when every shred of evidence shows that is not who he is or what he believes, if there's any of that out there we would know about it. they defamed him from the beginning to create the boogie man of what the premises surrounded record are looking to uproot our democracy as they talk about it and they are entitled to opinions, not facts and in this case they are dead wrong. we will see if it is president biden or other media outlets the pay for this with a giant lawsuit. they are activists now.
11:22 am
ashley: where did that term come from in association with his younger man? he was down there to protect businesses that were going to be threatened in unrest following the shooting of the black individual by police in wisconsin and he was there to protect property. why does that make him a white supremacist? >> it doesn't but this is part of the summer of love 2020, the riots that went through the country, the defund the police movement, trying to create chaos in the election and as a result because he was protecting businesses from black lives matter riders and others he is automatically the bad guy in the face of the media and therefore must be locked in. it is the left who is defunding the police and telling them to stand down, private citizens like kyle rittenhouse go to defend their community, put out
11:23 am
fires and provide aid and now they are white supremacists. they create a problem, others fill the void and they point fingers and call him names and that is how they operate but in this case maybe kyle will get the just as he deserves financially. ashley: the logic makes no sense at all. thanks for talking with us this morning. you make so much sense, we appreciate it. it now this was jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon is walking back a joke he made about jpmorgan outlasting the chinese communist party. in a statement he said this. i regret and should not have made that comment. i was trying to emphasize the strength and longevity of our company. heather, jamie dimon making a joke and getting pushback. i don't see what was so bad in what he said. how about you? >> we live in the united states.
11:24 am
that is why in joking a comment like that should be acceptable but any time, even if it is a joke and you are kidding around, if it is about the chinese communist party that is not acceptable. we've seen many instances over the past year where if your company doing business with the chinese, your band from one tweet, one comment on social media but even a joke, it is a serious issue. if you want to do business and have access to billions of customers, a big market. even for jpmorgan chase, you saw jamie dimon made an apology this morning. he had to because he wants to keep doing business. ashley: that is the world we live in. a federal judge shutting down sports betting in florida, they just overturned the state's to billion-dollar with the seminole tribe saying it
11:25 am
violated the indian gaming law, the tribe just launched spending 3 weeks ago. you are in florida. they will lose a ton of money on that deal, right? >> they sure are. even governor desantis acknowledged there were unsettling legal issues revolving this ruling, overturning the 30 are compact, the seminole tribe, this is a 30 year deal that was expected to bring in $2 billion in florida. but like you said a lot of money on the line, federal law does not authorize anyone to, talking about hard rock casino in fort lauderdale and they say you can't be at home, the federal district court, trading
11:26 am
on an apps, this ruling for the giants, i don't have any bets in place but if they are bidding on the apps and this happens you either don't collect the money or have to not pay the money if this was overturned while you are bidding on the apps, not at the casino. ashley: one for the lawyers i'm afraid. nasa just launched a rocket on basically a mission to crash, the safety of our planet could depend on it. what a story. we will explain. you might take a second look at your bill next time you go out to eat, some restaurants are adding supply-chain surcharges to their receipts. is this going to become the norm. we will ask restaurant guy andy pudzner next.
11:27 am
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ashley: jackson, atlanta international airport,
11:31 am
beautiful day in atlanta, that is for 2, twist and shout, the beatles. 2.2 million people pass through tsa checkpoints tuesday making six straight days of 2 billion plus passengers. today to set another record. crowded at the airport. let's look at the markets, down into "the opening bell" two hours ago but starting to come back and that continues. the nasdaq has turned positive. the s&p up slightly, the dow down slightly by a tenth of one%. dell reported the strongest third quarter sales up to $24 billion. it is up 5%. show me hp reporting $16.7 billion in sales
11:32 am
benefiting from computer sales, both at work and at home, the stock on fire up 10%. look at the arts and crafts people, where but bush raising its prey target to $310, citigroup raising its price target to 320. that helped sentiment up 5% today. now this. some restaurants and stores adding supply-chain surcharges to their bills, they need to offset supply-chain issues and inflation. the former ceo of c ke restaurants joins us. is this just the beginning? will we see more in the coming weeks? >> a lot more. inflation is so out-of-control, so much higher than you are hearing with top line numbers from the department of labor, businesses can't adjust their prices enough to offset the
11:33 am
cost increases. inflation, 6.2% but from the eggs, food products, 10.5 and if you look at it individual meat products, pork is up 30% to 40%, chicken up 20%. and cost increases, they are going to use vehicles like this to let people know we don't want to charge more, terrible government policies driving prices up and they have to offset it but when it is over we will try to take this fee away. it is great until the works because a lot of businesses are on the line of failure and this could help. ashley: talking of the failure of the administration, what do they need? >> the problem with the supply
11:34 am
chain, we have a labor shortage, and enough people to unload the boat, and enough people in warehouses of the warehouses are overcrowded. not enough people to drive trucks from the warehouses which leads to overcrowding into warehouses so you can't get things off the boat, policies encourage people to get back to work, not massive government giveaways. the supply chain problems will result if they don't do that, the bill they are proposing as so many giveaways. if we continue with that philosophy we will be in trouble for a long time. ashley: talking sense, have a great thanksgiving. appreciate your time this morning in beautiful tennessee. thank you so much. shipping costs have spiked as businesses deal with those supply issues, some are paying 1000% more to move products, boy of foods says containers
11:35 am
used to ship coconut water from asia cost $18 before the pandemic hit, now they cost 20,000. they don't return to normal until 2023. come back in, you have your eye on retailers in the holiday season. this begins with macy's. >> macy's a 9% surge in same store sales, that is amazing, most of the in store stores, you can only shop on line, a lot -- came with their shopping experience in their pajamas at home in the office. ashley: and the like to shop in their bunny slippers. what about nordstrom.
11:36 am
>> a very different story, earnings $0.39 shy of $0.56, that's a big miss for nordstrom which is why it is down 28%. they cited rising labor costs and inventory shortages of women's apparel and shoes. unlike macy's you will see the dynamic, with supply-chain issues. ashley: the gap talked about those issues. >> same story on the gap. higher shipping costs in vietnam, was a big reason for why they can't get stuff over here, we want stuff when we wanted, amazon prime, one day delivery, one hour delivery, just-in-time shipping and a lot of companies having issues with
11:37 am
getting stuff here on time. ashley: talk about clothing. what about best buy? >> the retailer did have a beat on earnings, stock down to add a half% because they cited weaker consumer electronic demand but had a big boom of higher consumer-electronics as well as people upgrading and updating their kitchens during the pandemic in their offices but they also cited high supply and those costs on time going for best buy and stock is down despite having a beat on earnings. ashley: now this. kyle rittenhouse blasting the media for how they reported on his case. >> rittenhouse drove in from illinois armed for battle. >> a warning to every white suburbanite with a black lies motor poster in the window, the too could be shot by a white
11:38 am
17-year-old within ar 15. ashley: the question is will the media revisit their rittenhouse, joe concha will take that on. supply-chain issues, founder the made in america store, guess what? business is booming. ♪♪ american man ♪♪ american man ♪♪ ♪♪ american man
11:39 am
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>> 3, 2, one, 0. ignition, lift off. the dart mission on its way for humanitarian's first planetary defense mission. ashley: while you were sleeping nazareth launching a new mission to space, this rocket
11:43 am
will intentionally crash into an asteroid. nasa wants to see if they can destroy a space rock or change of course of direction. that rocket expected to crash next september, 10 months from now. former nfl player and good morning america:anchor, michael strayer will be next to go to space on the blue origin spaceflight set to take off december 9th, last month as you will remember william shatner became the oldest person to go into space. american made in the spotlight as the supply-chain crisis crippled international trade. hillary vaughan is in new york talking to the man in charge. the question is how busy has he been? >> really busy. some big box stores may have empty shelves because this is stuck in a shipping container
11:44 am
off the coast. made in america store doesn't have that problem because everything you see on store shelves is made in america and the packaging, i talked to the man behind it all mister made in america himself who started 50 products from different vendors. they have 10,000 products from american entrepreneurs and mom and pop shops. >> china is the factory of the world, everyone will court that product says, if it is made in china put it back. make it and all-american christmas. our vendors are having a good time. it is not doom and gloom. the reset button has been hit. >> reporter: they make their own stuff across the street at their manufacturing facility, things like grills but they are being hit hard by rapidly
11:45 am
rising inflation. it uses raw materials like steel and costs $150 to make tree pandemic with rising inflation. it costs as much as $400 to manufacture this one item. they are through the pandemic have seen a boost in business especially online. pre-pandemic, $1,000 in sales on their site, now they are doing over $1 million in sales on their site. if you want to cross items off of your christmas list, go to and your benefit american businesses and american workers. ashley: what a great story. appreciate that. show me the dow 30 stocks, and down considerably in "the opening bell" and started to come back, more red to green on
11:46 am
the screen, and starting to pull a more on the dow down 92 points, visa, caterpillar and intel on the top end of the dow 30, goldman sachs, walgreens, coca-cola on the bottom. the women's march is apologizing for any mail reporting average donation of $14.92. they say it was an oversight not to connect that number to genocide and colonization. joe concha is here to explain next. ♪♪ element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. your strategic advantage. [energetic music throughout]
11:47 am
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11:50 am
ashley: now this. one media watchdog recalling the pole coverage from the liberal media during the kyle rittenhouse trial. >> rittenhouse drove in from illinois armed for battle. what we know now is the jury but the narrative of kyle rittenhouse being a victim. >> a warning to every white suburbanite with a black lies matter poster in their window, you too could be shot by a
11:51 am
white 17-year-old within ar 15. >> the american right including the most arbitrary bomb frozen the american amalie celebrated the gunning down of 3 fellow americans leading the to their death like it was a super bowl. ashley: like the super bowl. joe concha is here. how do you respond to comments like that? >> it is so unhinged, conservative, liberal, how does any same person watch that and say this seems about right to me. a lot of this analysis we are seeing is post jury acquitting rittenhouse. that is dangerous stuff as well but the old mantra in media was once get it first but first get it right and now it is all about rushing to judgment. the new rule of thumb is your guilty until proven innocent. we saw that before the trial, during the trial and after the trial people not accepting this
11:52 am
verdict which was pretty definitive. ashley: let's not forget why the whole incident came about, previously businesses have been burned down in these protests and nothing is ever said about that, the fact that he is quoted as being rittenhouse turned up to be ready for battle. he was there to protect property, not like the people who were there, upstanding citizens, not that they should have been shot dead but so much of the story has been left out. >> kyle rittenhouse isn't a hero. if that was my kid, you're going where and you are bringing what? let's not lionize him but he had a right to self-defense when someone pointed a gun in his face. when people is will there be a reckoning by the media? apologies? those are rhetorical questions? of course not.
11:53 am
use your quadrupling down instead, covington catholic is an example what happened when nicholas sandman, coming from the same outfit you just played. ashley: we will move on, lots to talk about. local media in the bay area want people to stop calling the latest spree of smash and grab robberies looting suggesting it is being used as a racist term. i think that is racist. >> this looting, we are going to call it that because it is looting is having a real impact. you see we are in a business network, their shares down 20% since the chain said because of organized theft especially in san francisco it ceo is warning workers are quitting and says, quote, this is a real issue that hurts and scares real people. it is chaos in the city by the bay, residents leaving in droves. who is in charge? nancy pelosi, gavin newsom. i don't hear them talking about this when it is a huge jujitsu
11:54 am
playing on the screen, at least on some news outlets. ashley: to get back to that point, you are saying looting is racist your assuming everyone of color is doing the routing -- looting, that's not true. white people lose as well so that's a racist statement, you're not allowed to use the word looting but gavin newsom is getting tough on crime calling out mayors to make these people accountable was wasn't it his policies, soft on crime policies that created this in the first place? >> gavin newsom can read poles and start to pay attention that this affects me personally like inflation affects me personally. too little too late for the newsoms of the world. ashley: next one, the women's
11:55 am
march apologizing after sending an email that the average donation of 1492, look at this, we apologize deeply for the email that was sent out today, $14.92 with our average donation amount, it was an oversight on our part not to make the connection to a year colonization, conquest and genocide toward indigenous people especially before thanksgiving talking about 1492 when columbus landed in the americas. who has been triggered by that? >> the worst thing from a messaging perspective is social media especially twitter because every with the grievance, every in and started amplified and get its own big and small stages, 99% of people had 0 idea that 4092 stood for genocide and colonization and now we are never to get the 20 seconds we gave to discussing this because it is out there on social media.
11:56 am
ashley: that is so true. happy thanksgiving was we can smile a joke about it. it is time for wednesday's trivia question. which city had the oldest thanksgiving day parade, new york, philadelphia, boston, charlotte? your answer right after this.
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
i thought it would be boston. wrong t was philadelphia. the gimbel's brother department store held philly's first thanksgiving day parade in the year 1920. gobble. gobble. former president donald trump will join "varney & company" on friday morning 9:00 a.m. eastern. set your dvrs. do not miss it. there is a happy looking dave asman. take it away, i,. david: i love the plug for the trump interview. you're a newcomer to the thanksgiving deal, but have a great one. ashley: 33 years, i'm on it. david: 33 years. good for you. welcome to cavuto "coast to coast." >> david: asman in for neil cavuto. inflation is on the thanks differencing day table. it is hitting you. the white house says don't worry. >> see the price of gas drop where you


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