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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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moore to stay home and pandemic was getting better. then the supply chain got clogged. now supply can't demand. they want to pass another two trillion dollars in social spending which will further incentive people to work and stay home. so you can't put a bandaid on it if you don't treat the cut, you could have a bad infection that does it for us tonight. ♪. elizabeth: okay, we're going to go give you a live update on waukesha, wisconsin, charges brought against the felon who plowed his suv through a christmas parade killing five injuring 48. there is a low bail controversy here. more on top democrats want the justice department to intervene in the kyle rittenhouse case but they're making mistakes here. we're going to break it down. rittenhouse is on with "tucker carlson tonight." it is thanksgiving week. families the first time sit down together to biden's policies at
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their dinner table. even nbc host advises, don't buy a turkey. too expensive. and the treasury secretary janet yellen for the first time says, quote, i do think we have to be concerned about inflation. polls show more americans asked who is really in charge, and what isn't normal that only 10 months after president biden was inaugurated voters believe someone else should replace biden on the democraticket in 2024. joining us tonight, congressman mariannette miller-meeks, greg murphy, john katko, former chair of council of vick advisors kevin hassett, former congressman sean duffy and dhs former official, laura ries. a new controversy, riding the wave of china. cornering the market on green energy products more on the biden way, delaware wade. we'll dig into the deeper story. parents are afraid to speak out for children at school board
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meetings due to fears of white house intimidation and retaliation. we have the story. the new lieutenant governor of virginia, win some sears is bringing hope, a breath of fresh air. common sense ringing like a bell on issues. we have the sound. police warn of growing phenomenon, mass looting by brazen smash-and-grab gangs breaking out across the country, the democratic experiment how to handle crime is blowing up in their faces. the border crisis fueling a new drug epidemic this country has never seen before. people overdosing from fentanyl in marijuana. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. first we begin with five people killed, at least 48 injured after a suspect now in custody
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drove an suv into a christmas parade sunday afternoon in wash shaw, wisconsin. the suspect charges of intentional homicide. -- waukesha. grady trimble joins us live from waukesha. reporter: police say darrell brooks is the loan suspect in this attack. there is no indication it was terrorism related. they say moments before brooks intentionally plowed through the crowd at this parade he left a domestic dispute. school bands, trans troops dance troops were among those through the parade. five people range 15 to 81. were killed. 48 people were injured including 18 kids. the youngest, three years old. >> for lack of a better word, carnage, liking it to a war zone. there were adults, children that were injured. some of our first-responders were there with our families.
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they left their families to treat people. reporter: brooks is expected to be charged with five counts of intentional homicide. he has a lengthy criminal history. he posted a 1,000-dollar bail just days ago after allegedly running over a woman in a different domestic dispute. the district attorney in milwaukee county admits that bail was inappropriately low and is reviewing what happened. back here in waukesha, classes are once again canceled tomorrow. there is a prayer vigil starting right now, liz, as this community mournses the lives of five people killed an prays for the injured. elizabeth: great reporting, grady trimble. thank you for your journalism. lear is the former chair of white house council of economic advisors kevin hassett. kevin, we have to deal with this washington you've been there, we have a lot of problems to deal
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with. democratic jerry nadler wants the justice department whether there could be federal charges brought against kyle rittenhouse since he was acquitted. legal pros, said this is no-go move. didn't involve federal property or involve federal assets. striking thinking on this case. really not so state of the art what we're hearing out of the white house and democrats on this case, what do you say? >> well the fact it is one of the things i've been writing about, right? these guys are socialists and the only successful socialists are totalitarian and they're basically abandoning the rule of law at the border and abandoning the rule of law here. a jury of fellow peers spoke. there is no double jeopardy in this country. the fact that nadler would say that from the lofty perch in congress is reprehensible. maybe you don't like the outcome that every jury comes up with but you have to respect the system.
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the fact democrats don't respect system at all visible in their economic policies and visible sadly in this statement. elizabeth: clear, white house briefings, democrat briefings are not the same as what a jury hears. so people should take a debreath and take a pause to look at the facts of this case. kevin, you've been very strong on this topic. president out with defense of his economic policies. steve rattner, larry summers said wait a second we're in for a long slow growth obama period coming back to the u.s., possible stagflation. is that true? retail sales still coming in strong, up from last year. with do you think? >> right. the thing that really, really moved me the most, your old friend jen psaki there is no economist anywhere who thinks the build back better plan is bad for inflation. you know that is not true. how many times that you and i have talked about this i'm not only one. if you read articles, all sorts of people, even democratic economists think this i really
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don't understand, they're basically on a run away train destroying the economy. they don't seem to care. you have to be in denial inflation is already highest it has been since the early '80s, late '70s. higher than that next year. people can't buy a turkey for thanksgiving, for heavens sake. they're throwing fuel on the fire. it is irresponsible. i'm thankful there are economists traditionally partisan democrats are so troubled they're speaking up. elizabeth: the white house say the massive spending bill is paid for. yeah, it is called taxes. more irs firepower, 80,000 new agents, 80 billion for that. to go after taxpayers paying 75,000 or less, that is what the gop says, to pay for a poisoned chalice loaded with inflation s that true they will go after those making 75,000 or less with audits?
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>> yes. the audit thing is out of control. don't forget, under president obama, because again if you're a good successful socialist you have to willing to be totalitarian, they used irs to go after conservatives. you remember lois lerner, basically got steve bannon arrested but she was held in contempt because the way she treated congress basically caught using the irs to go after conservatives. so sure, they want to have a lot more irs agents. if you think they're not going after conservatives you have another thing coming. they will go after conservatives with low incomes, high incomes, if they tell you voted for trump you will get audited. elizabeth: this feels like a gigantic quota system outlawed at the irs. the cbo rules say you are not allowed to count tax collections as revenue raiser. you're not supposed to do that at all. we know, you and i talked about this too, there has been a history of political audits going back to fdr. through eisenhower, through
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kennedy, through nixon and clinton and obama. the irs they see a dog whistle coming out of congress or any party that oversees their budget they will listen and respond. that is dangerous territory. people don't like the irs stuff at all. >> right. the fact is they have a long history of this. you might recall, i'm a lot older than you, liz, you might recall one of the first things hillary clinton did when she got to the white house she got the tax returns of her enemies delivered to her in the white house. irs people that did that, got in a lot of trouble. hillary clinton we learned a little bit about her, learned a lot more later worse than that they're will weaponize government. that is what my book, the drift," is about the. they're socialist basically willing to be totalitarian to achieve their gains. elizabeth: it is big government bullying. we need common sense. common sense rings like a bell. it gives hope. let's watch the incoming virginia lieutenant
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governor-elect winsome sears, watch this. >> we have to look at the whole bill. my god, did you see the bill is this big? who read the whole massive thing. do we know what is really in it. do we have to pass it before we can know what is in it? elizabeth: right. your response. >> it's a very long bill. i think if somebody wrote the words they probably read them while they were writing them. 50 people wrote them and stapled it together. it is filled with stuff i read that is shocking and disturb disturbing to me. i written about the tax side. they're about to make us the highest tax placed in the developed world. they have stealth increases on american corporations. that will make them flee overseas, to drive jobs overseas putting a fire on demand, attacking supply, feeding demand. no economist on earth says if you decrease supply, increase
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demand prices will go up. the shamelessness of these people. have i most mild-mannered economist? they have me outraged. this is disgusting what they're doing. i love to get them in seminar room because they can speak to the supporters in media, stop carrying about science or facts and apparently only care about partisan democratic victory. elizabeth: kevin what is great about you smile through your outrage and disgust. >> i'm happy to be alive. elizabeth: good for you. we'll get through this, kevin hassett. buy his book. a great writer. still to come this hour, police warn after new growing phenomenon, mass looting, smash-and-grab retail theft found in san francisco, chicago, new york, across the country. the democrat experiment how to handle crime it is blowing up in their faces. up next former wisconsin congressman sean duffy on hunter biden's investment firm he co-founded with chinese business
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now former wisconsin congressman fox news contributor sean duffy. we wanted you hear to talk about this story. "the new york times" reporting that hunter biden's investment firm bhr, that invested in an african mine, that mined cobalt a key element for electric car batteries. what was your take on this story. >> ought rage. we have a lot of gas, oil, want to go off gas and oil move to electric cars. the administration says by the way of hunter biden we'll let china control the largest cobalt mine in the world? listen we used to have a time in america we had our business leaders, even our politicians worn lapel flag on the jacket. you have these guys like hunter biden, joe biden making huge amounts of money by selling the american people out. i cannot believe this story and frankly, the biden
6:17 pm
administration and hunter biden should be embarrassed by it. elizabeth: senators ron johnson, chuck grassley have been looking into this. hunter was working with china's top energy conglomerate, cefc, investing in solar panels. and the african mine and china's solar power industry has been accused of human rights abuses and violations. hunter biden is very tangentially. to that. >> what we have a cfius group that investigates these transactions on america and our strategic interest. the fact we wouldn't have the american government to step in saying we'll not allow the sale to go through especially spending billions of u.s. tax dollars making a transition from oil to electric and here the batteries that are made for electric cars need cobalt and we're letting the chinese take over the largest cobalt mine.
6:18 pm
this doesn't make any sense unless you're really well-connected politically you make a lot of money, these kind of deals get done. as more americans find out about the interest of the bidens as opposed interest of the american people they become far more outraged. >> the white house is saying the u.s. is losing the edge on ingredients we need for green energy products that china is doing it. it is the delaware way, the biden way. "politico" has been reporting on this already. a lot of pay-to-play stories with hunter and his uncle. they skate close. hunter paid was paid millions of dollars for legal help. the wife of former mayor of moscow wired 3 1/2 million dollars to shell companies controlled by hunter. a chinese associate fund as 100,000-dollars shopping free for james hunter and his wife. started with mbna before that, with james biden look hooking up
6:19 pm
with mississippi tobacco lobbyists a bunch of those were indicted for bribery. it is moving through the years. joe biden his net worth in 2009 was below 30,000. he is a millionaire from his books and speaking fees. this is the delaware way. that is what biden is always talking about, right. >> liz, i'm not sure if this is the delaware way but he is worth $13 million right now. we saw in the hunter biden laptop that the big guy was getting a cut of the proceeds of a deal that hunter was cutting while joe was the vice president. he was flying around on air force two with vice president joe biden. again they're playing power, joe biden for cash in the family pocket. so, but here's the deal, the media, you said it in "the new york times" story. that is great "the new york times" is covering it but every news network if this was a republican would be covering it. every paper would be covering it. this is massive story. the bidens are able to do it because no one reports on it. they slide under the radar
6:20 pm
selling america out, getting rich in the process. i don't care if you're republican or democrat. serve the people, best interests of americans. elizabeth: the media bought it is middle class joe, working class joe. if you look at "politico," they have been doing reporting on this, james biden, hunter biden launched a hedge fund paradigm with the son-in-law of a billionaire sun moon. james biden viewed that hedge fund as a way to take money from rich foreigners who could not legally give to joe biden's campaign, get money from government worker pension funds. this thing folded after it hooked up with another hedge fund run by alleged ponzi schemer alan stanford. >> transparency, sunlight are the best disinfectant. joe biden promised that as the bidens get wealthy f we make the transition to electric cars, battery-run cars we need to make
6:21 pm
sure the infrastructure is not foreign or chinese owned but american owned. keep gas fueled cars and american fuel and american jobs driving those cars. elizabeth: sean duffy, great to see you, come back soon. still to come, winsome sears, the lieutenant governor-elect much virginia calling out the white house for politicizing covid-19. hear what she had to say. more on the dr. fauci controversy accused making up his own government definition for what is really supervirus research. "the washington post" reporting it was done to avoid accountability. that is a heavy charge. dr. fauci denies it. nih was funding research in china. house education and labor congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks reports that parents are afraid to speak out at school board meetings. they're afraid of white house intimidation. stick right there. we have more coming up. ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show, from house education and labor, iowa congressmen mariannette miller-meeks. it is great to have you back on congresswoman. we're getting reports coming in that parents across the country now are afraid to speak out at school board meetings. they're afraid of retaliation and intimidation from the white house. what do you say? >> well wasn't that the purpose of you know, merrick garland's comments and school board association visiting the white house, was to intimidate parents not to use their first amendment rights to have
6:26 pm
interest and express discontent with their children's education? elizabeth: we've got governor chris christie. he looks like he will run in 2024. he went after the biden justice department, congresswoman, and the fbi for continuing to investigate school board parents as domestic terrorists but governor christie called out the first lady saying joe biden is pulling the strings behind the scenes on this policy at the white house. watch. >> as a u.s. attorney who used patriot act against real terrorists what we assured people all the time that we would never, ever, use it in a way that was improper or inappropriate. and joe biden's justice department now seems to have broken that pledge and it's outrageous. it is the national teachers union, the national school boards association, who has unbelievable influence in the white house because jill biden is one of their members. elizabeth: jill biden is a member of nea. there is no proof she is pulling
6:27 pm
strings. what do you think? >> i think what we've seen merrick garland testified under oath to the senate that they would not be going after parents, that parents have a right to express interest in their children's education and they in fact should do so and we know from learning and education that when parents have an interest in their children's education, the children actually do much better. they are more successful in school. so i think this whole avenue of approach to, you know, teachers expressing interest in their children's education, attending school board meetings, and labeling them as domestic terrorists is absurd and parents have a right to be interested, they have a right to be outraged. violence of course we don't condone violence but from what i've seen, there hasn't been violence committed by parents. it is parents expressing frustration and anger what happened at their schools. let's not forget, that parents have been teaching throughout the pandemic, watching what's happened with their children at
6:28 pm
school and they have seen on video what goes on in those schools. so it is more than just what we've learned through the school board meetings and their dismissal of parents. elizabeth: incoming lieutenant governor-elect winsome sears, she is speaking out against critical race theory. racializeing children to see each other as fundamentally racist. teaches people every social interaction in terms of race. reports definitely showed this is happening, being taught in schools across the country in missouri, maryland, new york, california and more. illinois, virginia. watch winsome sears push back on cnn here. watch. >> no, no. it is part of the curriculum. it is weaved in and out of the curriculum. in fact in 2015 former governor, who is was just defeated mcauliffe, his state board of education had information on how to teach it so it is weaved in. what we want to say and what governor-elect youngkin has said that all of history must be
6:29 pm
taught, the good, the bad and i ugly, what we hear learn from history what we don't learn from history around we repeat the same mistakes. elizabeth: learn from the ugly period of racism and move to color-blind society like what martin luther king wanted. what is your word on that congresswoman? >> i agree whole-heartedly with the incoming lieutenant governor winsome sears. children are not inherently racist. we see children playing. it doesn't matter of the color of the child next to them. even if there is language barriers, they somehow communicate and play. what this is teaching that children should be ashamed of their color. ashamed of their skin. they should consider themselves oppressors or victims. that hurts success of all individuals. ultimately hurts the success of our nation. it is absolutely being taught. it is weaved into the curriculum, call it any name they want you about it is being taught in our schools all the
6:30 pm
way to elementary school. we need to put a stop to it. parents have the right to be interested and to be engaged to push back against schools and school boards. elizabeth: congresswoman meeks, good to have you. we're coming into the bottom of the hour. still to come later in the show, the border crisis fueling a new epidemic inside of the drug crisis, marijuana laced with deadly fentanyl triggering overdoses. also this story, house gop doctors caucus member greg murphy. we'll stay on win winsome sears calling out the white house politicizing covid-19. hear reports dr. fauci is changing government definitions on his own, on the fly for supervirus research after the nih was caught funding it in china. keep it here on "the evening edit".
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♪. elizabeth: today was the tsa deadline for all tsa workers to be vaccinated. this is the big question for you or any family members traveling this thanks giving, will the mandate create a travel nightmare, fly the unfriendly skies? getting ready for the airport, it is like preparing for a small military battle anyway. it is one of the busiest weeks of travel in the year and madison alworth has the story. good to see you. reporter: liz, i'm inside of newark international airport travelers have been coming in all day for thanksgiving this is the day deadline for the all tsa employees to be vaccinated. i have good news for travelers. tsa tweeting 93% of their workforce is compliant with the vaccine mandate. as for those not compliant, tsa says unvaccinated employees will be educated on the vaccine, but will still be able to be paid
6:36 pm
and still able to work. despite this being the deadline, unvaccinated workers are still on the job. this is happening at one of the busiest times of the year. tsa expects to have 20 million travelers come through this week. they expect travelers to arrive two hours before their flight. some travelers take more time than that. >> we got here three hours before the flight. we assumed a lot of people here, was going to be packed. we're not familiar with this airport. we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time. reporter: as busy as travel has been today, it will peak on tuesday and wednesday and on sunday. liz? elizabeth: madison, great to see you. thank you so much. joining us now, congressman greg murphy with the house gop doctor's caucus. i want to talk about virginia's incoming lieutenant governor winsome sears, she says the white house and dr. fauci keep saying follow the science and flip-flopping back and forth with a lot of issues on covid-19. people understand the need to get vaccinated.
6:37 pm
covid-19 is dangerous. what do you say to what winsome sears is saying? >> liz, this is what is so sad. i actually saw some patient this morning. they come in to trust you as a physician. the sad thing is, fauci has flopped so many times as we've gone through this pandemic. now he is saying that we may need a third, a third, the booster shot to say you're quote fully vaccinated. the sad thing is we can't trust them anymore. fauci has lost credibility. there is infighting at nih between the mandate and his senior leadership this is it what is difficult. the fact that the virginia lieutenant governor is bringing this up. also i think brings credibility to the fact that americans are sick and tired of it. elizabeth: dr. fauci had suggested the president is open to changing the definition of fully vaccinated to include boosters but now he is saying no to that. it still only involves the two shot regimen. let's watch lieutenant governor-elect winsome sears on
6:38 pm
this. watch. >> you talk it has become politicized this covid-19 vaccine and it has. our president, president biden and vice president harris themselves both said they would not trust any vaccine that was developed by the trump administration. that was before their election. after their election they were singing a different song and now everybody has to be vaccinated. in fact president biden when he was candidate biden said that he would not force vaccines on us and here we are. well then his very own fda, 16-2 votes against booster shots. then what happened. he comes out, his cdc director says, they're going to have booster shots. which science are we following? then we hear at the border people are coming in with covid, no mask, no anything and they're being let into the general population but then the rest of us who are here have to mask up. what is the science? can somebody tell us what to finally believe? elizabeth: what do you say,
6:39 pm
doctor? >> well, i, she brings up excellent points because the biden administration is don't do as i do, do as i say, sometimes i will say yes but sometimes i will say no to the same argument this is what caused the great confusion and distrust in the american government. biden, they finally let people fly into the country who had been vaccinated but open the doors to let folks come in from the southern border with no vaccine status. they don't make them wear masks or do anything. this is what is so tragic. we come together as a country, as we had hoped through this pandemic but sadly enough when this became political science, not medicinal science is what torn this country apart. who benefits? only the chinese. elizabeth: there is this, senator rand paul sent a criminal referral on dr. fauci to the justice department for allegedly lying under oath to congress, testifying his nih agency did not fund china's
6:40 pm
research into supervirus to make them more deadly and contagious for vaccines. government documents show, yeah, the nih is doing that. dr. fauci tells msnbc that this gain of function research is completely meaningless term. "the washington post" is making up behind the scenes definition for it to avoid accountability. what do you say? >> yeah, that is exactly what he is doing, liz. it is exactly what he is doing, he talked about what the definition of gain of function was before. now the fact it was proven he was lying about this while testifying to congress, he is merely trying to lay down a defense plan when he is going to be you know, prosecuted for lying to congress. it is just very unfortunate. he had a pedestal. he could have been such a great leader, non-partisan leader but in highest position possible in infectious disease in the country. he has lost such tremendous credibility, it is very, very unfortunate for the american people and as a physician for medicine in of itself.
6:41 pm
elizabeth: its tough. you're in a pandemic, right? research is coming in. you know i understand dr. fauci is trying to do his best. it's the idea you know, do you say yeah, i was wrong? here is where we're at now. you know what i mean. i think that is where we're at. dr. murphy, we ran out of time. congressman, thanks for joining us. come back soon. still to come this hour the border crisis fueling a new and deadly epidemic within the pandemic. a new crisis, connecticut, vermont hit with overdoses from deadly fentanyl found in marijuana. up next house homeland security ranking member congressman jon katko. police warn of a new and phenomenon, mass looting, retail theft. gangs are doing it across the country. the democrats experiment how to handle crime blowing up in their faces and it is hitting you. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. omization. that's why i love liberty mutual.
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show new york congressman john katko. great to see you again. what did you think when you heard the story about the next level up in retail theft of these retail theft gangs doing mass looting? we had a massive smash-and-grab. they're moving from the cities into the suburbs t happened at a nordstrom in san francisco, suburb of walnut creek. 80 looters, ski masks, crowbars what do you say? >> that is what happens when you become apologists for criminals and start denigrating law enforcement ability to enforce laws. the pervasive lawlessness we have right now is indicative of what we're seeing now. we're seeing people who start out with, well maybe i grab a few things in the store throw it in my pocket now to organized criminal activity, going into a store with led pipes, guns, having a whole line of cars ready to take them away with all the loot they stole because they know there is no consequences.
6:47 pm
that is what is happening across the country. it is really terrible. elizabeth: dozens of looters are still at large. they filled 25 cars with goods. they pepper sprayed, punched, kicked workers in the store. three arrested. some say it was insane like something out of a movie. it was so bad other stores and restaurants locked their doors. to your point what does is take for politicians to wake up? san francisco, excuse me, california, they basically downgraded theft if it was, $950 or less, you get hit with a misdemeanor, not a felony? >> i was federal organized crime prosecutor for 20 years before coming to congress. i headed homeland security for republicans. i can tell you based pretty much on my thirty years of experience doing this stuff, criminals know how much they can exploit the situation. when we open the door for them when we have these apologists d.a.s who handcuff the ability of law enforcement to do their job, couple that with bail
6:48 pm
reform, all the other things doing it put people back on streets. you have the terrible situations like with the nordstrom at san francisco but you have things like what happened in waukesha with the terrible tragedy. elizabeth: they all need to be thrown out of office. how about accountability. they all need to step down. where is the adult in the room saying you know what, i was wrong i will step down? i caused that crime. i caused murders of those people in waukesha. this attack at the nordstrom, it happened less than 24 hours after another separate organized mob made off with a million dollars of designer products from a lou very vuitton, burberry store. in chicago, 14 thieves grabbed a $120,000 of merchandise from a louis vuitton store in chicago. what will it take for them to wake up? i understand voters have to vote them out. where is the accountability? >> there san francisco district
6:49 pm
attorney's office, a third of prosecutors left, pushed out not sotohing the company line. the district attorney in san francisco is facing a recall. i think the american people are fed up seeing this stuff. we've got to push this nationwide because, it is actually become a homeland security issue. the terrible violence is happening across this country. the lawlessness. the activist district attorneys. all things we got to fix. we have to go stand up to say this knit right. we have to stand up, look we have to go back to understanding that crime is not just about, the criminal. it is about keeping people stave. we're not keeping people safe in this country. elizabeth: we're not. you're right what is going on with the san francisco district attorney over his failure to prosecute crimes. and we have attacking and defunding the police has been blamed for rising crime rates in blue cities like new york city, portland, chicago, boston,
6:50 pm
san francisco, st. louis. robberies, muggings, carjackings homicide, after bail reform laws keep violent offenders off streets. now they're out of jail. >> on top of that, i known this i'm head of what is called the american security task force. leader mccarthy appointed me that. i'm going to nationwide to many cities that you mentioned. it is stunning to hear everything you just said. on top of that police are so despondent. i have never seen it in 30 years of law enforcement, how bad they feel about the job, how they can't do the job because of the apologists that we've become in this country for criminals and criminal conduct. and we've got to get back to understanding that there is, the reason we have crimes is there are criminals, there are bad people in this world. we need to keep the public safe from them. right now we're not doing that. we'll fix that with this task force. we'll have legislative agenda ready to go. elizabeth: congressman katko. good to see you. come back soon.
6:51 pm
lora reese is back with us. a major inside of the pandemic. a new crisis this country has never seen before. connecticut, very meant, hit from deadly overdoses with fin at that nil fentanyl with marijuana. keep it here on "the evening edit". ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪
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back with us now, former dhs acting chief of staff, it is good to see you. a disturbing story, a new trend, thousands of people in connecticut, at least 40 report of the claimed smoking marijuana, they didn't know it was laced with fentanyl and overdosed. they required narcan, another overdosed man in vermont involving marijuana laced with fentanyl. it's a scary trend. >> it is scary and it's part of junk and drug overdoses america has seen april to april. we reached a new high of 100,000 drug overdoses. fentanyl has a big part to do with that. we've seen it attitude non- opioid drugs such as cocaine, prescription drugs but now with marijuana, this is new so
6:56 pm
americans are playing russian roulette when they are taking any drugs now, it can be traced with functional and what's scary and dangerous as its 50 times stronger than heroin, 100 times stronger than morphine and a few grains of it can kill a person. if your audience thinks of salt, a few grains of salt can kill a person. >> go ahead, finish your thought. >> it's very dangerous and americans need to be aware of this. unfortunately, president biden did not discuss this with chinese president xi jinping and elite producer of this drug. they've partnered up with mexican drug cartel in bringing over our border and killing way too many americans. >> this is a staggering increase in opioid deaths, three quarters is because a fentanyl and people don't even know, they are it's ,
6:57 pm
astounding. >> yeah, there are thousands of websites, illegal website selling unregistered websites selling prescription drugs, you have teens thinking they are buying another type of medicine or prescription, pill too many parents are finding their young children, teens and young adults data their computer because of one pill certain epidemic and said the president is not willing to go after the supplier must. he's willing to spend over $10 million after the fact and on remedies but not going after the supplier but.
6:58 pm
>> we are talking bootleg, adderall, vicodin, xanax as well, people don't know and trying to raise awareness there. i need an update at the border, west texas is getting hit hard by illegal immigrants crossing after texas for five the border east of at the rio grande of river, west texas is not a hotspot from its camouflage many with backpacks loaded with drugs trying to avoid capture where families turning themselves in and the rio grande a sector, they want caught and processed. it's different in west texas to arizona. >> you have two different reactions, you have many families, women and children turning themselves in and those trying to flee and it goes to the attaway number. it's going to be 2 million for the year in terms of illegal
6:59 pm
crossings i was down in del rio texas a couple weeks ago and texas is doing all they can to try to put their finger in the damper if they are prosecuting for state crime such as process trespassing and it involves county prosecutors having to try the cases, county jails are filled with migrants because the federal government and biden administration won't do their job. shockingly secretory america's in home and security testified last week before the senate judiciary committee and gave a great of an a for effort but americans want to see results the results we are getting are record numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border and overdoses. >> seventeen states sheriff's asked for the home and security secretary suit to step down. final word -- >> he deserves criticism, he should step down. the of ministration, would probably give him in a because they decided to open the border, these are not the result
7:00 pm
americans deserve or want. >> good to see you, thank you for joining us. i am elizabeth mcdonnell, you've been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. thank you for joining us, thank you for watching. have a good evening at join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: california crime spree, the bay area, including over the weekend and blame falling squarely on the heads of the lawmakers turned the golden state into fools gold. will residents wake up and vote some of these clans out before things get worse? it started friday night with more than a dozen ransacked a louis vuitton store and the union square. never in the right place for looting. people must right got away with extensive


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