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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 22, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EST

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so much more than flavoring food alone. that's one fact the workers at united will never take with a grain of salt. because they, and their product, are an indelible part of how america works. maria: good monday morning and thank you for joining us. i met maria bartiromo and it is monday, november 22, with your top stories is exam on the east coast. federal reserve chief as president biden is expected to make a decision on who is next central bank chief will be between jay powell and lyle brainard who has to deal with inflation at a 30 year high, potentially acceleration of the tapering of bond purchases. all of this as inflation takes a toll on average american as a new full
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shows more than two thirds of a people disapprove of how joe biden is handling the rise in prices from gasoline to bread, meat and more. we are on it. markets are higher. we are kicking off a new week, shorting the trading week on the upside with dow jones up 130 points, s&p 500 at 15 and as net higher by 55. a look at markets, kicking off a new week, strong with the dow jones finishing in the red last week, the second down week, nasdaq finished at all-time high friday hitting another uncharted territory for the nasdaq as it was up one and a quarter precent on the week, s&p 500 of a third of a person and dow jones lower. european markets are in the green despite looming a lock down flights across europe. dax index higher by 16. in asia overnight markets officially mostly higher. hong kong was the one
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weak spot within the market. best performer was korea up one and a half percent. "mornings with maria" is alive right now. ♪♪ ♪♪ maria: morning mover, a vaunted soaring in the premarket. acquiring the communications provider in a six and a quarter million dollar cash deal is it's expected to close in the first half of 2022. launch age is on track for the best day in more than 12 years of the third of a percent, 27% higher now. bitcoin is down below $58000 this morning as analysts expect reduced volume this week due to the holiday shortened crypto-- investors also waiting on biden's
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federal reserve. bitcoin hit a record earlier this month topping the $69000 for the first time. it's down to $50000 plus right now. the rest of the markets are strong with a firmer tone as we kick out this holiday shortened a thanksgiving week. dow jones up 133, s&p 500 up 16 and nasdaq higher by 56 as we are waiting on president biden's pick for the federal chairman reserve as he is said to give that speech on the economy tomorrow morning, so we expect it then and certainly before things giving. joining me now ted oakley is here joining the conversation all morning long is foxbusiness dagan mcdowell and michael lee. great to see everyone this morning. thank you for being here. ted, kicking things off with you. what you expect from the fed picked from the president this week?
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>> i think he will go with powell. it would upset the market quite a bit if he changed at this point and i think he owed it to talk to brainard, but he considered her well for the treasury secretary, but i think he will go with powell. maria: we will see, and you think it will be a market mover if he doesn't. you think markets will responded negatively with a change at the top of the fed? >> well, she has obviously a looser money bent to her and if you are looking at inflation which he has his eye on right now he will have to think about that because the market will look at it and say more money, more goods and here we go. maria: yeah, well inflation is something i want to ask you about in terms of how you are allocating capital. we have a new poll this morning that says 67% of americans disapprove of president biden's handling of inflation following a recent fox
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news pull indicating inflation and a surging prices are the top economic issue facing the country right now. ted, has it impacted the way you are allocating capital? >> it has, i mean, we have three strategies, but one strategy we have a lot of inflation items in it from energy to fertilizer, timber, metal and so to that degree it has, yeah. maria: and so do you want to be buying sort of inflation hedges here, how are you allocating capital. >> i think you have to look at-- we have a growth strategy which we put money into, but on the inflation side we have owned energy about a year and i know it has pulled back recently, but it usually gets a little weaker in november and early december. that's not surprising, so we have those as well and so if you look at our capital right now, we have about 25% liquid across the board also.
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haven't been able to find that many things, but we think we are in position for both sides of that. we have growth and inflation hedges as well. maria: yeah, i mean, we are looking at huge price increases across the board on food. let's look at crude oil, now about a seven week low this morning amid concerns on excess supplies as japan releases its oil reserves with oil prices this morning 7596. we are also having an eye on covid lockdowns in europe and the economic fallout there as well. your thoughts on the state of oil as we enter this busy holiday travel week. you want to buy oil, you went to buy oil producers, how do you want to trade this level of oil? >> maria, we would be a buyer here. i think we are-- you know we come from 85 to 75 say and you are in a position right now to where you could buy producers at a much better pace. we own a chevron.
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we own a pipeline. and we own some mineral companies as well. we like those. you have to remember, that the president cut out 25% of supply in january, when he next the federal landed then when you look at the strategic reserves just for a number for you, we have about 700 million plus and we know it's about 45 days worth, not that big a deal. maria: yeah, i mean, it's a great point to make it certainly has been a good place to be in this market. michael lee is with us this morning to jump in here. >> high, given the size of the fed balance sheet and now, we are just starting to taper now and raises don't seem like a realistic occurrence until some point in the middle of next year. what do you think the fed can do to tackle inflation regardless of who joe biden picks as the next fed chair? >> michael, i think they are between a rock and a hard place because if
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you stay sticky on this inflation number at five or 6%, it's going to be very hard for them to say hey, we are going to keep easing as low as they are going. i think they will have to make a statement and either pick up the pace and to stop buying as many bonds or if it gets worse even going to the marketplace, but i think they are in trouble in the next 90 days and have to see how that plays out. maria: all right. we will leave it there. ted, thank you so much. >> thanks, maria. maria: we will see you soon. ted oakley joining us this morning. some of the other top stories, five people are dead and over 40 others injured after an suv barrel through a christmas parade in wisconsin yesterday. the driver captured on video breaking through barricades. an officer tried to open fire on the vehicle in an attempt to stop it. horrified bystanders watching the car narrowly miss people
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dancing in the street. it finally crashes in a person of interest is in custody this morning. as a result of this to the white house as president biden has been briefed on the situation and that the fbi and local law enforcement are helping with the investigation this morning. tennis star of china peng shuai reemerges after disappearing from public view for over two weeks as the ccp faces pressure. the international olympic committee said it held a 30 minute video call with her yesterday saying see-- she seemed relaxed and asked for her privacy to be respected. i spoke with marshall black berm yesterday. she joined me on sunday morning futures. >> we have to realize that the chinese communist party, they are much more aggressive than what the russians and communists were when we go back through the
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cold war era. the chinese communist party has no value for life. if you are not going to tow the line, then they are going to disappear you and this is why we think it's unsafe for our athletes to go to the olympics in beijing. this is something that seems to be happening more regularly, so why would the us olympic committee send our athletes into this type of environment? maria: and it to be clear, we don't know the validity of these pictures. we don't know if she was coerced. peng shuai disappeared after she accused the vice premier, former vice premier of the chinese communist party of the sexual abuse it. she did so on her twitter account in china and when she did so, the post was up for 20 minutes and then she was disappeared for over two weeks until the ccp
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faced massive pressure from the women's tennis association and across the world, so we will keep watching this story. we do not know if she was coerced or if those pictures are real. activision blizzard meanwhile ceo reportedly telling colleagues that he is willing to step down if he cannot quickly fix the company's culture problem. he's been facing numerous calls to step down amid accusations of investigations into employee sexual misconduct. he has led the company since the early '90s which is known for popular games such as world of warcraft, call of duty and candy crush. the stock is down 1%. we are just getting started. coming out, not guilty, kenosha teenager kyle rittenhouse was acting in self-defense, but the attack on him keep coming even from the highest office in the land. president biden. we will discuss the verdict in the media's reaction when we come back. plus, i tennis star reappears after she disappeared by the communist party.
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peng shuai is back in public, we think, after an alleged call with the olympic committee and why more top athletes say move the beijing gains out of china. it is unsafe. then spending bliss house members questioning but-- what happened as build back better passes the senate and what some progressives are pushing empty promises. we will give you the spending a showdown on that when we come back. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness ♪♪♪
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it never had anything to do with race. it had to do with the right to self-defense. >> right. >> i'm not a racist person. i support the blm movement. ice up support peaceful demonstrations and i believe there needs to be changed. i believe there's a lot of cross accord told misconduct in my case and other cases and it's amazing to see how much a prosecutor can take advantage of someone. maria: this as calls intensify for president biden to apologize for branding kyle rittenhouse as a rock-- white supremacist. >> do you stand by your past, it painting him as a white supremacist? >> look, i stand by what the jury concluded. the jury system works and we have to abide by it. maria: the white house issuing a more complete statement later in the day about this same: while
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the verdict in kenosha will leave many americans feeling angry and concerned, my thought -- myself included, we must acknowledge the jury has spoken. all of this as a former "new york times" reporter is now saying that the paper held her story about the kenosha riots until after the 2020 election dagan mcdowell, good morning. your thoughts on this? dagen: a lot of the members of the media who were people he called kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist, they are not going to let go of that lie and that delusion and you have heard it repeated over and over again over the weekend. the "wall street journal" editorial pages saturday noted something even more disturbing than that and i kind of expect the chatterbox is on msnbc and cnn to continue lying, but what about jerry nadler, congressman? he says the verdict is a miscarriage of justice and justified federal review by the department of justice. so, what is he trying to
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do in undermining our justice system? again, with these left wing nuts that if the verdict it doesn't match their dangerous distorted worldview, well, they want it to tossed out. in a terms of people who will eventually, i would think, get sued by kyle rittenhouse, look no further than facebook. this is my opinion, but never forget that facebook band any commentary that supported kyle rittenhouse. twitter included, twitter was walking accounts if you supported kyle rittenhouse last year. facebook band any links to raising money for kyle rittenhouse defense and facebook would only allow declarations of his guilt, not his innocence. this is not who we are, but facebook once again is one insidious monster. maria: did you see, dagan, andrew cuomo also tweeted about this?
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>> yeah, i think that he once again is just proving he is a vomitus ghoul trying to insert himself back into the conversation when he has plenty of problems of his own. maria: micah, any thoughts there >> yeah, look, the biggest strategy of this whole thing is that the case, this massive case of prosecutorial misconduct. anyone that watched the video and paid attention to the fact pattern could clearly see there is no more clear-cut case of self-defense-- self-defense, but that did not fit the narrative. going into this, courageous jurors, 80% of the jury pool was concerned about violence in kenosha after the fact and over 60% that he was guilty going into the trial so courageous jury pool and the justice system does work. we never should've been here in the first place. maria: and that was even before msnbc decided to follow the jurors-- jurists. we will take a break and
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when we come back build back better goes to the senate, but congressman alexandra cortez is calling on the president to use executive action peer she wants this plan regardless of what voters say. congressman is here to weigh in. el salvador doubles down on bitcoin. hot topic buzz on the impact coming next. stay with us.
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how much does it cost? healthmarkets service is free. dog barks ok bunker! ... he really doesn't want you to miss the december 7th deadline. don't wait. save time. find the plan that fits you. call the number on your screen now, or visit healthmarkets maria: welcome back. president biden's at $2 trillion social spending plan is headed to the senate. democratic democrat congresswoman representative alexandria ocasio-cortez calls the package watered down and she tells president biden to bypass congress and make the package or law. i spoke with house minority leader kevin mccourty-- kevin mccarthy on sunday morning futures after his epic speeches on a night. here's what he said. >> if it fails in the senate it dies, but if the senate changes, any
6:24 am
senate-- changes have to come back to the house so we have another bite at the apple here and i want people to know it's in the bill. i want people to know what they are doing at this big government socialism isn't working. we now know that the president and the democrats have been lying to us all along saying the bill was paid for, but why? for bigger government. this is what happens when you have one party rule. maria: joining me now is pennsylvania congressman foreign affairs committee member dann meuser. great to see you and thank you for being here. your reaction to what happens now, the house obviously past that after kevin mccarthy's marathon long speech delayed it until the next morning. >> great to be with you, maria. we were all really really proud, if you will, of kevin the other night too. i was with him until 5:00 a.m. and with him when we walked out of the office. we didn't know he was going to go for eight
6:25 am
hours, but what is crucial is the american people understand what's in the bill, 330,000 people for this are unit climate core, 87000 new irs workers. i assure you as a former secretary of the commonwealth of pennsylvania, that is the wrong tactic to take it. taxes on small business, if there is any group that should not be taxed that drives americans economy, it's a small business, so now it's going over to the senate. it has amnesty in there. it's got the salt deductions that are obviously for the wealthy and the blue states, so some of it will change. it will come back. yeah, and he also addressed the madness of where the aoc of the world say hey, joe biden let's just forget about article one of the constitution and just pass this on our own, just a lot of ridiculous messages going on. hopefully, in the end we do kill bill. maria: yeah, i mean, look
6:26 am
biden's bill that better gives $800 million in cash payments to illegal aliens released into the united states. they are still contemplating how much to give illegals who actually broke the law and yet they want to give them $450,000 per head. it's extraordinary. no focus or care whatsoever on pac-- taxpayer money. >> right. i was listening to the segment before with you and dagan and others and this is really upside down policy, initiatives taking place and the good news is the majority of the american people are not buying it and look at their management. policy and the idea where aoc would prefer public bureau over congress, i mean, between secretary pete buttigieg and carrie, i mean, these people are not fit for prime time. maria: the increases in taxes, the spending bill becomes law
6:27 am
and you have a whole host of retirements going on in the democrat side and now texas congressman johnson becomes the latest democrat announcing her retirement. that brings the total to 16 democrats leaving their current office unusual leader mccarthy said about that yesterday. >> you watch democrat after democrat because they know that they are going to lose the majority. they know what their policies have done to america. and they know by voting what they just did that they are trying to lock in. it's the socialist wing of the democratic party that has taken over. maria: so, what about that congressman? you expect to take the majority next year, 2022. can anything change that and how many seats do you think the gop can get? >> there's no doubt they are going for broke. there is no doubt we are going to have a big midterm, how big is yet to be seen.
6:28 am
we just have to stay on message. we have to talk about the things that matter, the things we are supposed to be doing and actually discuss the responsibility, national security, follow the constitution, don't have ambiguous mandates and of course, grow and strengthen our economy. create opportunity, i mean, it's really not that difficult to have a game plan for a legislator or executive office to grow a stay or grow an economy, so we got to stay on message. yeah, i think we will pick up 30, 40 seats and rightfully so. whose voting for this incredibly extreme left-wing tax and spend agenda? maria, it's not that difficult tax-and-spend, it really doesn't take-- maria: quite extraordinary, congressman. good to see you this morning. thank you so much. congressman dan meuser. we will be watching the developments. coming up the latest development in the
6:29 am
disappearance of chinese tennis star peng shuai. former state department advisor is here to weigh in on that and we will zero in on the video released over the weekend. stay with us
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning and thank you for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, november 22. we are kicking off a holiday shortened week with a strong gang with dow jones up 154 as we start the holiday shortened week. nasdaq moving further into record territory up another 58 points and it's in uncharted area right here. dow jones finished in the red last weekend the second weekly decline in a row, but nasdaq finished at a high friday at the close as it continues right now after the one and a quarter precent gain on the week. s&p was up one third and a percent with dow jones down one and a 3% last
6:33 am
week. european markets are higher despite the fact that there are locked out of struts across europe after austria locked it down for the fourth time this week. dax index is higher by 13. in asia overnight work it's finished mostly higher, hong kong was the one weak spot finishing in red ink with hank saying down one third of a percent. in the us two of the 17 missionaries kidnapped in haiti last month have been released, two of them. cheryl has the details. good morning. cheryl: good morning. last month a haitian gang of ducted 17 christian missionaries. 16 americans including five children as well as one canadian. the ohio-based christian aid ministry group has ash says quote the two hostages released are safe and in good spirits and being cared for. the gang originally demanded $1 million per hostage. the leader of the gang saying that he would kill the hostages if the
6:34 am
demands were not met. disney world hitting paws on the covid-19 vaccine mandate for employees coming after florida governor ron desantis signed a series of bills last week finding businesses up to $50000 if they enforce the federal mandate for companies with 100 or more employees that have to get vaccinated. federal workers have until today to get their shots or face termination. disney says more than 90% of its cast members are fully vaccinated and stock is up have a percent in the premarket. and there is, a fedex delivery driver in north carolina going viral for an act of patriotism. the driver was caught on a security camera picking up a fallen american flag. there you can see it and then giving the flag a salute while delivering packages. the homeowner, an immigrant, also posted the video saying it melted her heart to see the flag represents her family's journey to get to the states and she hopes to track down the
6:35 am
driver to personally praise him for the act, but i think the video says it all, maria. maria: thank you. meanwhile chinese tennis star peng shuai reportedly reemerges over the weekend. the international olympic committee said it held a 30 minute phone call with peng shuai yesterday as she had not been seen in over two weeks after accusing a senior public official of the chinese communist party of sexual abuse. he was the former vice premier. basketball player cantor is standing up for peng shuai and calling for the 2020 olympics being moved and he wrote a op-ed in the "wall street journal" writing, we must stop giving priority to money over morals saying that we are misinformed or not really educated, should no longer be an excuse to take initiative, something we have been talking about on this program for a long time. i raised it was senator marsha blackburn yesterday on why
6:36 am
president biden keeps tiptoeing around xi jinping and she joined me on sunday morning futures. watch this. >> and if the us is not going to stand up but to the communist chinese, no one else is going to stand up to them. people are depending on the united states to lead this way. maria, this is why whether it is economic policy or whether it is military policy, if we are not standing up to them, then we are giving them political power and the weakness of this administration, the hesitancy of them to hold them to account, like i said, whether it is trade or covid or economic policy, what we need to do is say no, we are not going to talk to you until you do certain things. covid and the origins of covid is a big part of that, stopping the genocide on the uighurs,
6:37 am
stopping the harassment of taiwan. maria: we of course know that president biden had several opportunities to raise these issues with xi jinping and he chose not to. he has yet to raise the origins of covid with xi jinping and the 10 months he's been in office, 10 months and he says it's a priority for him. joining me now is former trump and george w. bush state department senior advisor christian whiton great to have you. let's start on peng shuai, your thoughts on what we are told now that she actually has reemerged. we know that the ccp likely disappeared her. she was not seen. her posts accusing the senior leader of the ccp, the former vice premier of the chinese communist party accusing him of sexual assault in a post on the twitter equivalency in china, that post was removed and her entire footprint of social media was gone. she was disappeared for
6:38 am
two weeks until the ccp faced massive pressure from across the world. your thoughts? >> yeah and there has been massive pressure that's capturing the news and maybe kept her around and we have the international olympic committee, the ioc ac make itself part of chinese propaganda holding this video saying she's just fine and she would like her privacy respected. this reminds me of the old movie airplane where there's a soviet newscaster with a gun to his head and what we have is the ioc basically trying to preserve for china and for self the stature of the quality of the olympic stampeding next year, but it's just a reminder of how devon is to hold these games in a place like china. maria: i mean, do you think these pictures are real cracks i want to point out this one picture on the bottom left of the picture we are supposed to believe she is safe. on the bottom left there's a picture of winnie the pooh in the
6:39 am
background of the picture of her. now, we know winnie the pooh is banned in china because only people make fun of xi jinping because he looks like winnie the pooh, so it he's been banned in china. would they release a picture of her with winnie the pooh in the background? i find it hard to believe these are real pictures and that she is safe is-- if there is winnie the pooh in the background. what are your thoughts? >> highly suspect china is sensitive to this and they do center-- sensor that across the internet now and i gather there's a number of stuffed animals behind her and that's supposed to be the secure setting of her home. it strikes me as propaganda and once again one of these international organizations with covid, the world health organization, we see this where china has un human rights commission in its pocket. they are very good at propaganda and getting people to tow the line and very few people seem to ask questions about it. maria: so, why won't joe biden
6:40 am
bring up these issues with xi jinping? i mean, you have hypersonic weapons test over the summer. china reportedly fired a missile from the weapon as it approached a target during flight with the advance maneuver a sign that chinese program is more sophisticated than originally known and they are ahead of us uncertain weaponry, christian. there is that and then recently they were doing target practice using american jets, american military planes as targets, so we also have news this morning of hunter biden and his deals, a bombshell report saying hundred biden's investment firm helped broker a multibillion-dollar deal tween a chinese company in the world's most lucrative cobalt mind, so we need cobalt for electric vehicles. hunter created dhr equity investment firm management in 2013, that we know, but as part of that he does this deal
6:41 am
to help this chinese state backed company control a cobalt mine in africa giving the chinese a leg up on electric vehicles and the materials needed for it. is this why joe biden tiptoes around xi jinping because hunter biden is making all this money from china? >> certainly i think it has to be one of the reasons in the white house not explained how it can't be and the onus is on them. the son of the vice president of the united states is helping china to beat the united states in the world with these critical initiatives. he's on china's payroll and he certainly has not made it's clear he's out of the board of directors and the private equity fund that's funded by chinese money and it inevitably has to come from the chinese government, so there is that. the chinese mockup of us aircraft carriers and the hypersonic glide vehicle that can potentially defeat missile defenses in our missile defenses are not designed to stop a broad path from china and this is just what happens when you have military
6:42 am
that is distracted by political correctness, wokeness and joe biden's vice president of the administration that cut the military. spent billions and billions-- trillions i suppose playing cowboys and indians in the middle east and not devoting attention to deterring china to putting forces in the pacific and that has not changed yet. finally, joe biden is worse than not raising human rights issues superior if we look at the language that came out of his so-called summit with xi jinping last monday, he wants to turn back the clock to the mid- 20 tens before donald trump, before congress and both parties signaled they wanted to be tough on china and it's a very sad and bad situation. maria: it's a dangerous situation. we have been pointing this out for many years. it doesn't seem that they have any interest in giving us any answers about the massive conflicts of interest between the biden family in the ccp and why joe biden tiptoes around xi jinping and still has
6:43 am
yet to raise the origins of covid-19 and china's cover-up, they won't even lead investigators in there. >> it's-- there is just no pressure whatsoever. it's a country that has inflicted-- it's going to be a million deaths, trillions and trillions you know dozen trillions of dollars of economic distress on the world and no answers, not even a quest for answers which is the most troubling from the usa. maria: but, they are taking a page out of the ccc playbook with bank surveillance plans. christian, thank you. christian whiton joining us on all of that very dangerous story. we will continue to zero in on, quick break and then rides rocking across europe amid the threat of lockdowns we will look to see if we need to be concerned in the united states of further lockdowns plus tonight don't miss foxbusiness prime, catch how america works at 8:00 p.m. eastern
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6:48 am
austria going into a 10 day lockdown as the nation fights a new surge of covid-19 cases that has tripled the average number of daily deaths and threatened to overwhelm hospitals once again in austria. lockdown coming days after the government announced a countrywide vaccine mandate that sparked protests over the weekend. we have an infectious disease expert and senior scholar joining me now. doctor, great to see you. your thoughts on what's going on in austria and what we can learn about the potential for issues here in america. >> it's unfortunate austria ended up in this situation and i think that it's been probably since the era of smallpox where there were mandates as a condition of life and most of the time that doesn't really work well and i think that's what you see with the protests. many of the vaccine hesitant who i think should get the vaccine because it is safe, they will get more done again
6:49 am
and i understand the frustration with people who are not vaccinated that are then getting hospitalized and creating a major problem, but i think that type of mandate is only going to trigger more backlash and emboldened the anti- vaccine forces even more, so i think it will be very difficult to see happen in many other countries, but i think it's not going to go so well in austria. maria: i mean, i spoke with doctor scott atlas over the weekend who said lockdowns do not work. it's not going to work in austria. let me get your take on where we are in america. how would you assess the pandemic today? >> well, when it comes to where we are it's different depending upon where you live because it really is dependent upon the percentage of the population in munich, that's been vaccinated and that differs from state to state, so there are many places where you see cases go up which is inevitable as it gets colder like vermont, but it doesn't translate into hospitalizations as high risk people have been vaccinated, but
6:50 am
then there are states where the unvaccinated seems to overlap with high risk and that's worrisome so i think what we are in kind of a limbo situation where we have a lot of people vaccinated, a lot of people with immunity that protects us from those cases turning into hospitalizations, but there are pockets of the country where there's still concern about hospital capacity and i think we will see an acceleration of cases as it gets colder and people go indoors. that's inevitable. maria: all right. a new report shows breakthrough cases requiring hospitalizations are concentrated among the most vulnerable like the elderly or those with underlying health conditions. that same report says unvaccinated people are driving the pandemic numbers. do you believe that to be true? >> yes, i do believe it to be true and i see it with my own eyes as i worked in the hospital this weekend and what you are seeing primarily in the hospital are unvaccinated individuals and when you have the rare breakthrough infections that land people in the hospital
6:51 am
it's off to elderly people and that's why we emphasize boosters for people above 65, people with other medical problems, but it's really the unvaccinated causing problems for the hospitals in terms of capacity. it's vaccine preventable which makes it worse because this could be over if more people that vaccinated. maria: but, doctor, what about natural immunity cracks, i mean, this administration it refuses to acknowledgment natural immunity and there is also opinion out there that if you had covid you have more antibodies than with just not having had it and get the vaccine. >> there are studies that say both of those things, but natural immunity is something that protects people from infection for some period of time from this severe disease, but we don't understand the durability and those people with natural immunity from prior infection are the same as unvaccinated and i think them getting one dose of the vaccine would give them immunity that is kind of off the
6:52 am
chart even against these variants we worry about, so i think they should be handled differently and i think it's an area where the science supports people with prior infection requiring only one vote -- dose of vaccine the way israel has done that and i wish that was in the guidance because it does create hex-- vaccine hesitancy. maria: thank you so much. right to see you. quick break and then a city dedicated to bitcoin but only if you are reeling to live in a real hot spot. the hot topic buzz is next. ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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maria: welcome back. time for the hot topic buzz. el salvador is only known crypto as the country will build a bitcoin city and sit at the base of the volcano. geothermal energy to
6:56 am
power the city from bitcoin mining and the only tax collected will be value added tax and it will be funded entirely by a bitcoin bond. dagan, one thing about this el salvador story is as soon as they introduce a bitcoin, loads of people were able to have banks and that actually lifted people out of poverty as a result of this switcher to bitcoin. maria: great for them. dagen: that's not where i'm going to retire. [laughter] it will-- it will certainly be a tourist attraction with what they are doing, but i'm curious what michael thinks about it. maria: yeah, michael, i mean, we've been talking about the impact of going all in on bitcoin because the mayor of new york city wants to create a bitcoin haven in new york. the mayor of miami will be paid a couple bitcoin and one of our guests
6:57 am
recently took note of what happened in el salvador, the fact that you had 70% of the people on bank and then bitcoin came along and then you had 77-- 70% of the people banked. your thoughts? >> i'm hoping that the top gets blown off the price of bitcoin like a volcano. i feel like as long as we have that upward pressure on the price of bitcoin, not the volcano is the best case scenario for that city and for a lot of other people. maria: for sure. the word on wall street is coming up next. stay with us. we will be right back. . .
6:58 am
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maria: welcome back, good monday morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, and it is monday november 22nd, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. chinese star peng shuai with the oh olympic committee and uproar
7:01 am
and she was disappeared for two weeks and social media footprint gonement we will discuss if the video is authentic or being tortured by the ccp right now. market this is morning are higher, take a look. start of trading at as we quick off this holiday shortened weeks of thanksgiving. the s&p 500 up 14 and nasdaq higher by 70. the dow was lower last week finishing in the red but we have new highs to tell you about as well. the nasdaq finishing at an all-time high friday night gives it another positive week. the nasdaq up one and a quarter percent. the this morning the nasdaq begin in unchartered territory. check european markets, ftse 100 right now in london is up 5 points but the cac in paris is down 14 and the dax index in germany lower by 10. in asia overnight, markets finished mostly higher with hong
7:02 am
kong the weak spot. mornings with maria is live right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ top stories we are watching this morning. 40 injured after suv barreled on parade in wisconsin. officer tried opening fire on the vehicle in an amendment to stop it. horrified bystanders narrowly missed a toddler dancing in the street. continues path of destruction before finally crashing, a person of interest is now in custody this morning. the white house says president biden has been briefed on the situation and the fbi is assisting state and local law enforcement with this investigation. concerns over russian invasion into ukraine, the u.s. intelligence showing russia's plan including maps displaying billup of troops and artillery
7:03 am
in several locations, the u.s. is sharing the information and its concerns with european allies. the majority of voters opposed the biden administration's plan to use your tax dollars to pay illegal migrants. that's according to fox news poll. the administration is, in fact, considering compensating families who were separated at the border under president trump's zero tolerances policy. they want to pay those people $450,000 a head. a family can walk away with $1 million under this plan after they broke the law breaching our borders. time for the word on wall street. top investors watching your money. joining me founder of michael lee strategy, michael lee, katherine rooney vera and bellpointe asset management chief strategist david nelson. thank you so much for being here. david, kicking things off with you. the president will speak on the economy, inflation and lowering
7:04 am
gas prices. he's also expected to announce his pick for the next chairman of the federal reserve. we are waiting to see whether it will be jay powell reappoint or replaced with federal reserve governor lyle brainard, my sources have said that he's going with lyle brainard but we are waiting to see. wall street has betting that it's going to be powell. what are you expecting on the chair pick? >> i think because of the important point the nomination of fed chair has largely become a political football but the only thing worst is a politicized one. powell and brainard well qualified and powell gets the nod. the backlash from the progressive wing of the party really pushes biden into a corner to get legislative agenda across and i think most people know that there's no love lost between senator warren and powell and called him dangerous and likely has the president's ear right now. maria: elizabeth warren wants
7:05 am
lyle brainard and that's the progressive pick. what would that mean in terms of policy, probably more easy policy, right? >> probably more easy policy. she's viewed more of a political animal, right now the street is expecting at least one hike perhaps two next year, that could give push inflation expectation could rise. there's a price point at every product that changes consumer behavior and americans are getting sticker shocked from groceries to the pumps to even shelter. that would likely play out and reduce -- we saw that. we got a taste last week with target. maria: yeah, katherine, we are watching inflation really cut into people's wages. oil prices coming off of the 7-week low this morning. concerns about oversupply and weak demand driving prices. it's way down from the high.
7:06 am
your take on the energy market and investing around it? >> well, energy prices are probably going the continue to drop, i wouldn't be surprised, maria, if we do see a resumed uptick in oil prices. my forecast going into 202 the 2 accent in oil prices, not a relief for consumers not here in the u.s. and globally. in terms of investment pick, i would say look into green energy. this is a structural recommendation up 30% in the past couple of months. we have seen a surge there and there's a lot of money funneled towards this area. i would say focus on the release of reserves that's what the market is currently placing, probably biden is going to release the strategic reserves to lower the pain at the pump. we've heard from the iea, the international agency, the opec, they are also more bearish with
7:07 am
regard to oil prices which is really positive. international energy agency came out last week saying they expect supplies to increase 1.5 milliom now till the end of this year. that's only one month primarily the sources coming from saudi arabia, russia and the united states. maria: yeah, so what do you think is going on here, katherine. i mean, oil prices were at highs just a few weeks ago. what has moved the price lower from where we were just a few weeks ago in your view? >> yeah, i think the market is saying probably the global strategic reserves are going to be released so biden is going to release them, china is going to release them and they have become too painful for the consumer globally to deal with this. i think the market is pricing in, you know, higher supplies. we are seen inventories, oil stock prices are building and a combination of potentially also coronavirus resurgence, less demand being forecast in europe
7:08 am
and china feeling the pain of the higher prices and start to impact demand and the expectation but strategic oil reserves will be released imminently. maria: do you want to buy oil or stay away until we stay more on the strategic petroleum reserve? >> i wouldn't be buying oil right now. i would be looking at a subsector the renewable area which is, of course, is green energy, but in terms of broader oil, i would not be buying. i will maintain bearish view in 2022. maria: michael, 60% of persons disapprove of the way biden is handling inflation. these bad numbers following another poll from fox news that says inflation and insurgent problems are the top economic problem facing the country. there's an article in the journal this morning saying that we might be seeing some's easing
7:09 am
of the supply shortages, fewer ships in the pacific. your thoughts on where we are on all of the issues as we approach the most expensive thanks giving in recent years. >> yeah, the problem with the inflation that we are seeing right now particularly at the gas bump is this effect everybody. okay. they're starting to find it's harder to buy goods or finding place to live. most of the generation alive today weren't around in the late 70's or early 80's and those that do remember it do not have fond memories of the period. what is the biden administration doing about this? well, oil prices have skyrocketed almost by design.
7:10 am
when you have a hard-left ideology, you demonize fossil fuels and you want people paying more at the pump to force them to act a certain way and live a green life and this affects your whole meeting oil on winter or can't buy tesla or prius, this can affect you negatively. you look at the log jam in the port of la and instead ofs have a laser focus and task force for the last 6 to 9 months to try to resolve that, you have the secretary of administration taking months off at a time for maternity leave. so you have -- you have a dangerous combination which hyperleft bipartisan politics in competence and in difference working man in america.
7:11 am
this is really hard to escape this stigma of higher inflation for this administration as long as it persists and it's been going on long enough now where i can't see us getting supply gluts to where a lot of prices come back down. so i think this is a political killer, inflation is not only going to be a political killer for the biden administration, it is for basically every regime and every political power kind of in history. unless they can get really -- attack this really quickly i do not see this problem going away from them. maria: do you want to own the companies with pricing power? >> well, look, i think, for those that have been able to accumulate financial assets, whether it'd be in stocks or real estate, this is -- this is a gad time for you and, you know, stephanie rule was on nbc news saying that if you're rich,
7:12 am
this is good for you. okay, the problem is a lot of low-propensity swing voters may not own any real estate that are feeling the pains and those people across the midwest that swing elections so i could see a big power change coming in the next 12 months. >> all right. thank you so much, katherine rooney vera and michael you're sticking around with us. we will see everybody, thank you. much more ahead, bombshell return on hunter biden's ties to china. yes, they remain, former arkansas governor mike huckabee and maya to take a look at spending package. alexandria ocasio-cortez is calling on the president to bypass congress altogether and do executive order and push spending plan and tax hikes through. the state of real estate.
7:13 am
we are looking at the red hot market and whether or not it extends next year. dagen mcdowell and michael, we will get back to fantastic panel when we come right back. you are watching mornings with maria live on fox business.
7:14 am
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maria: welcome back. crime is soaring across the country and now the smash and grab crimes, about 80 looters in ski masks ransacked a nordstrom outside of san francisco on saturday. one witness say that is they carried crowbars they rushed into the store started stealing stuff. not sure how much was stole been turin kiddent follows similar lootings also in bay area. stores including louis vuitton, burberry and bloomingdale's.
7:17 am
louis vuitton robbery outside of chicago. 14 people going in there, grabbing about $120,000 on merchandise and running out. dagen mcdowell, we've talked about crime soaring but this is a whole new level with the looters going into the stores and doing their business and leaving with everything. dagen: because they know that they'll get away with it in the liberal states and cities and this is -- from the governor down to the mayor to left-wing district attorneys who have for years coddled the criminals and now knowing that there will be no penalty for these crimes, they've become even more brazen. somehow this has to stop. i don't know what does it. it's about $64 billion in losses in retail across the country. it's a big problem for say drugstore chain where is these are organized gangs, this is
7:18 am
organized crime that will come in boosters and steal, say, allergy medication and then peddle it on amazon online. this happens quite frequently here in new york city. and there was a chanel store where group of -- $190,000 worth of goods earlier this year and the ring leader who was nabbed down in florida when they were robbing the store, what are you going to do shoot me, you better not put your hands on me and that's what they threaten. if you try to arrest these criminals in the store and you have a security guard who lays hands on them, then they turn around and threaten to sue. i don't know what stops it, but maybe a taser, you arm your security guards with tasers, but they need to be thrown in jail and they need to be prosecuted and particularly with drugstores. there's a famous walgreens out in san francisco where people -- where somebody road a bike out
7:19 am
after robbing the store and people just stand back and don't do anything. but what needs to happen, these people need to go to jail for long periods of time. maria: but, dagen, isn't it true that there are some police forces like in these big cities that decided to, you know, make a judgment that if you steal it's a petty crime and like you said, they won't get arrested for it. dagen: or if you get arrested here in new york city you're back out on the street with in bail but when you start talking about crimes of this size in terms of the dollar amounts and you cross state lines with the goods, this is also the fed should be getting involved in this. but, again, joe biden's feds, the justice department they are going after parents but not actually thieves. maria: that's right, that's right, michael. any thoughts. >> yeah, look, you get the government and you vote for and in san francisco you have a
7:20 am
funded da and left-wing, defund the police, no cash bail, every left-wing talking that's -- obviously total complete nonsense but now you're seeing the repercussions of this where there's no consequence for breaking the law and then so surprise, surprise, you have lawlessness. it's disgusting and shouldn't be happening in america and to dagen's point, remember, we are using the patriot, the counterterrorism to go after parents who want to have a say in their children's education not coordinated crime waves ripping off tens of millions, balls of dollars of goods. of course, we have wide open borders, we will talk about that coming up. we will be right back with that.
7:21 am
7:22 am
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7:24 am
maria: welcome back, border crossings surge 128% in october as the number of illegal migrants and drugs coming into the country reaches record high levels. this as another large migrant caravan makes its way to southern border right now this morning. joining me right now is georgia congressman buddy carter, a member of the energy and commerce committee and gop doctors caucus, congressman, great to see you this morning, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you for having me. maria: so you're introducing the build back borders act. tell me whether it's resonating. >> this is the bbb build back better borders. it will find illegal immigrants,
7:25 am
$450,000, what joe biden wants to give illegal immigrants for coming across the border but the fine that is they pay will go exclusively into a fund that will be used to build the border wall. we've had over 1.5 million illegal immigrants enter this country since the first of the year during the biden administration but more importantly and perhaps more impactful in our communities is the fact that all of these illegal drugs that are coming across the border infesting our communities, causing drug addiction to go up again, once we finally had it under control there pre-pandemic and now during the pandemic we have seen a number of spike in cases of addiction primarily coming across the southern border. that's something that we have to get under control. maria: well, why aren't we? what is the president saying about this? when i went to the border the second time. i've been there 3 times now. the second time i came back,
7:26 am
that's all i talked about, amount of elicit drugs coming across the border, 95,000 overdoses in the united states alone largely due to fennel nit, why is china pushing fentanyl into this country, to wipe us out. >> well, they are. i'm a pharmacist and it is a good drugs that works well however has high potential for use and that's the problem, it's highly addictive and china is doing this and make no mistake about it, they are doing it intentionally. this is part of their plan to get to our country and to take control of the world simply by causing these addictions in our country. maria: right. and yet joe biden won't bring it up. he won't bring up the cover-up when he speaks to x i jinping when he spokes about covid. i spoke with white house covid
7:27 am
response team member scott atlas yesterday about the conflicts of interest within the task force team. he called it a cabal with politicians making medical decisions. here is scott atlas, watch this. >> there's sort of a group of people, very powerful people in science who are at the nih like dr. fauci and others in -- in academia and in the scientific journals, okay. this is how all academic science is produced the prestigious grants, the way you get promoted and the university is to have nih grants. you submit papers. the people who review the grants to get them accepted or not to give you funding are the same people in the nih and in the journals. they control the money, they control the scientific find and control the careers of everyone. you have to wonder why did the scientists, for instance, write a letter to the editor in
7:28 am
february 2020 claiming that it was known with certainty the origins of the virus was natural and anyone who said otherwise was a conspiracy theorist. that's a political statement. maria: well, congressman, maybe that's why fauci decided to mislead everybody when he was under oath and said that they were not doing gain of function research because they are in the cabal. >> well, there's a lot of truth to what mr. atlas is saying here and, you know, the scientific world has become politicized thanks mostly in part to the work of tony fauci who i called to resign months ago and i think he should because i think it's nothing more than political act and i talk about this quite often and the it gives the nih and grant writing that it has become politicized and one of the things that we need to keep in mind here and i'm a pharmacist and i can tell you, we were taught that it's
7:29 am
important that you ask the right questions and we weren't asking the right questions here. we are asking if you're vaccinated when you should be asking, do you have immunity. that's the key here. the immunity is much more effective than what you can get through the vaccine. the vaccine is important and i encourage everyone to get it and i'm getting criticism all of the time and how can you be provaccine and antimandate, i simply feel that the vaccine is a decision that should be made between you and your doctor, between you and your pharmacist and not between you and your government. maria: of course, yes, congressman, but this administration will not acknowledge natural immunity from the actual infection even though we have report after report telling us that you get more immunity if you've had covid versus not had it and gotten the vaccine. congressman, good to see you, thanks very much. here is a headline for you and here is what took the market off of the highs this morning. angela merkel says the german
7:30 am
covid situation worst than anything so far. we will take a break and get into markets and what's going on with europe right now with austria under lockdown when we come back, stay with us.
7:31 am
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maria: welcome back, good monday morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is monday november 22nd, a look at market this is half an hour where we are looking at a gain of this morning of about 88 points. we are off of the best levels to have morning after angela merkel warned that the current surge in covid is worse than anything germany has seen so far after austria locks up for a fourth time. markets are getting nervous once again over covid-19. the dow industrials up 87, the s&p up 14 and last week was a mixed story, the dow finished in the red last week on the week, the second down week but the nasdaq finished at all-time high on friday giving another
7:34 am
positive week. nasdaq was up wasn't and a quarter percent of the week. s&p one a third and dow down one and a third percent on the week. european markets are mixed and covid story has undermined earlier giants, the s&p 500 struggling to show positive showing. up 1 point and cac is down 8 and dax in germany lower by 11. in asia overnight markets finished mostly higher with the exception of hong kong. hang seng index down. back in the u.s. the jury to set closing arguments in trial of 3 men charged with killing ahmad arbery. cheryl casone with the details there. cheryl: closing arguments are set to begin after jurors heard ten days of testimony that concluded last week. the defense presenting in their case the men had intended to hold arbery who they suspected of burglary until police arrived. prosecutors argue there's no
7:35 am
evidence that any burglary occurred and one of the man's video leaked on line two weeks later and led to charges they are facing now. california truck driving academy says annual enrollment has grown by almost 20% since last year. the school is now facing its own shortage of instructors. the u.s. is short about 80,000 truck drivers right now. part of why we are seeing major bottlenecks in ports across the country. and finally there is this. tiger is back. the golfer posting new video over the weekend of him hitting balls out in the course with the caption, making progress. it's the nearly 9 months since woods suffered serious injuries to right leg and foot in high-speed car crash that happened in southern california. we are see if he's ready to play. those are your headlines, back to you. cheryl, thanks so much. hunter biden and connections to
7:36 am
china new bombshells about the conflict of interest. there's a report saying that hunter biden's investment firm helped broker multi-million deal. we need kobalt for electric vehicles. now bhr equity investment fund, that is hunter's company. it was created in 2013 and it involves a deal giving a chinese state back company controlled of a kobalt mine in african. mike huckabee. governor, great to see you. thank you very much for being here this morning. more evidence of the conflicts of interest between hunter biden getting paid by chinese companies and not a peep out of this administration or the media to these massive conflicts of interest, so your thoughts. >> well, maria, you're such a cynic how can you not believe that hunter biden is one of the
7:37 am
smartest businessman in the enterprise system. this is a guy that started the company in 2013 a year later he was getting thrown out of the u.s. navy for cocaine use and yet he's put together a $3.8 billion deal with the chinese to get something that his father really wants to push in the way of electric vehicles. i'm sure nobody but cynics like me would see a conflict there. the rest of us would say, wow, he's not only good at this but he's an amazing artist as well. never in american history has somebody done so much with so little. and so maybe we ought to salute him as the entrepreneur of the year. but in all honesty, this is troubling, troubling, indeed. maria: yeah. governor, i mean it would be funny if it weren't so dangerous. you've got the chinese communist party very vocal saying that they want to take out america as the number 1 super power.
7:38 am
their military is strengthening every day and they are doing hypersonic missile launches, surprising the united states. they have a larger navy than the united states and yet joe biden won't even bring up the origins of covid to xi jinping. where is this going? is he just rolling over and giving america away to the chinese empire or what? the ccp will not allow any investigators into china to get into the bottom of covid-19 pandemic. how are we going the make sure this never happens again? >> as long as joe biden is in the white house we are not going the make sure of anything other than we are going to protect the chinese instead of the american people. that sounds rather blunt but it's just the truth. we need to be demanding answers not just about wuhan and the virus and how it shut down the world economy and killed millions of people including 900,000 estimated now in the united states, more this year than even last year. what we really also have to begin to recognize is that china
7:39 am
is not our friend. they're not looking after our interest. they don't tell the truth. they lie, they cheat, they steal. they will do anything to surpass us as a superpower and they'll do deals with the son of then vice president now president joe biden in order to grease their palms and move forward in business deals. it's just outrageous but nobody in congress seems to care at least on the democrat side and none of the press seem to care. maria: yeah, even as in our face we see genocide and we see human rights abuses. you have to give credit to the head of the -- the world tennis association because he said, he's not buying this whole disappearance of the chinese tennis star and this video that was released that she's okay. we don't know. she was disappeared for two
7:40 am
weeks after she said that the former vice premier of china and the communist party sexually assaulted her. she was disappeared, post went away and no record of social media and we are supposed to believe that she's been seen in public. >> another lie by the chinese and another cover-up and if we cover for them as a u.s. government, then we are complicit in the things that they do and you mentioned the human rights abuses which, again, don't get enough attention. it's just shameful. shameful. maria: it really is. let me switch gears and ask you about texas democrat gubernatorial candidate beto o'rourke, governor. he's standing firm against guns. he spoke yesterday to cnn responding to comments he made back in 2019. listen to this. i have to get your reaction, watch. >> hell, yes, we are going the take your ar15, your ak47. we are a state that has long
7:41 am
proud tradition of responsible ownership so, yes, i still hold this view. maria: your thoughts, governor? >> it's remarkable that beto is running for governor of texas. he ought to be running for governor of new york and maybe connecticut. it's insane that the texans are going to buy the stuff and heist so ignorant when it comes to ar15 and consistent said and he said it yesterday on the television program that the only purpose for an ar15 is to kill people. he's obviously never been hog hunting in his state. i actually have been hog hunting in his state of texas and you use an ar15 and ar15's are also not a military-grade weapon. our military would never win a battle if that's all they had. they are not an automatic weapon, they are semiautomatic and civilian use and he really needs to learn what he's talking about before he goes out and wants to take something away
7:42 am
from people when he doesn't even know what he would be taking away. the guy just isn't that smart when it comes to firearms but there are people who lap up everything that he says. i don't it's going the play very well in texas. maria: yeah, greg abbott did a tweet and said, bring it when referring to beto o'rourke. i saw that tweet last week. governor, great to catch up with you, thank you so much. >> thank you, maria. happy thanksgiving. maria: all right. happy thanksgiving, mike huckabee joining us. quick break and then the electric vehicle market. we are taking a look at how one company is trying to lessen our dependence on china with ev's, but then again they count the kobalt mine. don't forget how america works with mike row at 8:00 p.m. eastern. big night tonight. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪
7:43 am
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7:46 am
maria: welcome back, well, the electric vehicle market could quadruple by 2030 according to recent report comes as electric maker vivian ipo became the biggest of 2021. rivian along with ev maker luci different overtaking ford and general motors in market capitalization and remains to be seen whether it will truly see demand to match those wall
7:47 am
valuations. steve phillips, thank you very much for being here this morning. i want to ask you what's needed and your take on the rise of electric vehicles and what do you think it looks like down the road and how does lithium fit in. >> thanks, maria, thanks for having me. i listened to your segment with governor huckabee and i will say a couple of things. lithe yes, ma'am is more important than kobalt through electric vehicles. kobalt is optional. what we are not going to do is give our lithium to china. we are committed to that. quadruple, i think that's conservative. it has doubled this year, 7 and a half, 8% global ev penetration. there are absolutely massive investments here domestically by ford and gm, obviously tesla,
7:48 am
folks like rivian and lucid are successes. i think the u.s. will be the fastest growing market in the next decade or so. we are excited to be part of that. maria: that's wonderful. so tell us more about the position of lithium and the supply of it in the u.s. because isn't most lithium mine outside of the u.s. and 80% refined in china. tell us about the u.s.' dependency on foreign market for this material lithium and what kind of supply you're referring to here in the u.s. >> yes, so the u.s. supply is very much kind of on the drawing board. it's to come interestingly in north carolina created world lithium, represented all the
7:49 am
world's production in the 1980's. we are trying to put that back in production and there are people in places like nevada and other parts of the country doing the same thing. right now you're right, probably 90% of lithium hydroxide goes in and the raw materials come from australia, chile and argentina, those 3 countries represent 90% but currently 100% the australian material gets into china to be converted. a lot of the argentinean material goes to china. we are not going to do that. the chinese themselves do not have high-quality lithium raw material. we have our own and we can build our own integrated in the southern companies close to the car companies and close to the capacity that's being built. maria: that's great news. so giver us your sense of lithium versus kobalt.
7:50 am
you said cobalt is not as necessary than ev. you know, a lot of the vehicles don't have any cobalt in them at all. every electric vehicle has lithium battery. 10% of every one of those batteries is lithium. you can't make it without it. that's the main lithium-ion batteries. the rest is nickel cobalt and iron, not because it's helpful but difficult to are cure partly because the chinese own a lot of the production, partly because the production is centered in the democratic republic of congo, 65% of the production is there and that's why the chinese are invest and 98% comes from
7:51 am
copper or nickel mine. if somebody isn't build a copper or nickel, it isn't business. lithium is, but one thing that's essential every lithium-ion battery, long range, short-range truck, car, et cetera. maria: love it. really fascinating. keith, come back seen, we appreciate your time this morning. keith phillips. we will see you soon. quick break, who will be the next james bond? one major celebrity throws his hat in the ring and may surprise you. it's making a buzz this morning. next.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
maria: welcome back, time for hot topic buzz of the morning s. the world ready for james the rock bond. superstar dewayne johnson announcing interest for taking over the bond franchise as the new character if he got the role he would be the ninth actor the play the secret agent. his family has some history with the franchise as well. his grandfather played a villain in 1967 you only live twice, dagen, think he has a shot? dagen: no. never. james bond is british, period. and two, i think also getting in the way of the rock playing bond, i don't think that an actor who publicly worn a fannie pack should play james bond. he's wearing a turtle neck and
7:56 am
matching fannie pack. he likes to make fun of himself in the get-up but i think that that's solely gets in the way of him ever being double 07. maria: michael, what do you think? micheal: yeah, look, i'm a big fan of what dwayne the rock johnson is rooking. i think there's a lot of great british actors, superman henry or tom hardy or idis are in the mention for that and the fact that rock spent years growing up in the lee high valley of pennsylvania and not the uk is going to work greatly against him. [laughter] maria: all right, we will slip in a break. when we come back chinese tennis star peng shauai speaks to the committee after disappearing for two weeks, is the video
7:57 am
authentic, is the ccp torturing? we will get into it next hour. mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back good morpd morning. i'm maria bartiromo it is monday, november 22 your top stories right now 8:00 damn on to button on the east coast. . >> fed chief endgame president biden expected to make a consolidation on who his next central bank chief will be, a toss-up between jay powell and lael brainard whoever is chosen will have to deal with inflation at current-year high potential acceleration of the tapering bond purchases of the federal reserve. this as inflation takes a toll on average americans, goes a new poll this morning showing more than two-thirds of people disapprove how joe biden is handling rise if
8:01 am
prices from gasoline to bread meat and more we are on it all morning long this morning, markets this morning are higher, but off the best levels of the morning, amid another covid warning, from angela merkel this morning in germany, dow industrials up 7 of the s&p 500 up 12 1/2 nasdaq higher by 59, we are in uncharted territory for the nasdaq, in fact last week the dow industrials were lower on the week this second week of the declines for the dow, nasdaq finished another all-time high friday giving it another positive week, and this morning we kick off new week, in uncharted territory, the dow down one and thair% last week nasdaq up one and one-quarter percent new high s&p 500 up a third of one percent on the week. european markets this morning are mixed as looming lockdowns threaten europe, angela merkel said in last hour, a new surge in covid cases is quotes the worst germany has experienced so far. with that all major indices in europe negative f00 down 4 cac
8:02 am
quarante down 11 the dax lower by 26, u.s. markets also came off highs on that comment, in asia overnight markets mostly higher hong kong one weak spot, it finished down a fraction. "mornings with maria" is live right now. . morning movers aftra space soaring to new height in premarket after completing first commercial rocket orbital launch for the united states space force stock up 35% right now, the payload took off from alaska full orbit less than 10 minutes founder said milestone launch investors, rivian sliding this morning take a look after ford announced it dropped plans to jointly between electric vehicles plummeting 4% ford owns 12% went public-like
8:03 am
almost two weeks ago the decision to scrap making a brand-new lincoln built with rivian's hardware, rest of the market is on up swing, investors awaiting president biden decision who he wants to nominate as chairman of the federal reserve for the next term president biden is set to speak about the economy, inflation, and gasoline prices tomorrow. we are expecting that is when he will make that announcement joining me right now to talk about that and macro story is president of macromavens stephanie pomboy dagen mcdowell michael lee great to see everybody, stephanie thanks so much for joining the conversation kick off with fed chief expectations, what do you think biden many do? renominate jay powell or go with the progressive choice, who is lael brainard? >> -- you know, might be i guess i just assumed that he would go with powell, but if negotiations for progressives
8:04 am
have become -- incredibly difficult you know maybe he will -- kowtow to them nominate bairnd i think will tell us he more than anything else the future of money policy i think status quo, because -- doesn't have a lot of options right now they put themselves in a box regardless of whether powell or brainard or me you know, there is no options for them, in this situation, so, i guess we will find out just how difficult arm wrestling with progressives has become behind scenes, who o he nominates maria: so you don't think there is going to be much difference regardless in terms of policy, you know the word is she is a progressive has want more stimulus out there make it easier you say that is where are they are there won't be change regardless. >> i so i mean i think what we
8:05 am
are setting up for us -- the standard operating for fed whether -- going to close barn door after horse already left and end up having to rush and reverse that policy when the inevitable happens destruction -- i don't see any departure from that pattern, that is history has been infallible getting it wrong every time i am going to place my bets clearly on that one -- expect you know, i think going to be really interesting, biden's speech tomorrow after everyone gets headline on the fed what he says about inflation, i you know, i was en"rage"ed that biden telling white house what
8:06 am
they should do demonize bring higher prices see if he goes there in a speech after -- sec to investigate oil companies for mysterious rise in energy prices, entirely due to policies he implemented, you know is he going to pin the blame on corporate america for being greed, and precise increases when it -- really a function of just reckless monetary fiscal policies. maria: these are all self-made i crises we know that from wide op border killing of xl pipeline gasoline prices higher i want to get your take own rest of the year and 2022, what a year this month has had s&p 500 up 25%, in 2021 there is a story in the journal you probably saw that the global supply chain issues are so -- easing
8:07 am
up world to journal shipping manufacturing retail executives warning of continued disruptions if my numbers covid-19 outbreaks the headline of the morning, was angela merkel, saying that she has never seen germany as bad as it is right now with regard to covid. what is your take on investing, through year-end into 2022? what are you looking at in terms of the macro story allocating capital to stocks? >> well, i guess, as i've bemoaned many times nation story is a little bit more challenging, than the market seems to believe, and that is that i know they look at these numbers and say we can extrapolate this into future, behind scenes, you know a lot of companies are trying their best to bring efficiencies and casting on all rising costs on
8:08 am
to consumer a lot but -- we heard with earnings last week really trying to bring with good reason to the point consumers say we are not going to pay for these things, and you know interesting to me i have been talking about the implicit march that this is going to -- to come into view next year we've got the headline ppi is, rising double the pace of cpi while yes companies are passing on some price increases if supply chain issues do not resolve they are going to have a major issue going forward, because what we're learning is that demand is -- the hyperinflation what they have seen there was no limit to how high prices could go they assumed that consumers would just pay suck it up pay whatever the price was and we are learning that is not true.
8:09 am
especially in areas rampant housing some sales, existing auto sales collapsed 18 mill units to 12 -- 12u700% down 50% in five weeks seeing things roll over copper, metal, ph.d economics rolled over, we are seeing demand isn't that on increase in inflation, and i would note the last time inflation was ppi anywhere close to where we are today, was in august of 200 , 5.6% year-on-year. one year later minus 2.1%, i don't think that is going to -- an accident i think inflation reaches a point like interest rates they reach a point, so they are in decline
8:10 am
by quashing demand i think we're starting to see early indications university of michigan sentiment survey buying conditions for if housing autos never this low, to begin a lot of slowdown in the pipeline, this market clearly is not discounting i guess -- to your question -- i -- you know i continue to be very positive of this market i think obviously, the most over valued market we have seen in lifetime, with fed preparing to taper after horses left the barn we can see 2018 all over again, so i -- i would be on side of -- here. >> great to catch up thanks so much if we don't see you have a happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving thanks. maria: all right some top stories five people are dead
8:11 am
this morning over 40 others injured after suv driver barreled tluf a christmas parade in wisconsin yesterday driver captured on video breaking through barricades officer tried opening fire in attempt to stop it, who are favored by standers watch the car miss a toddler dancing in street continues path of destruction before crashing this morning person of interest is in custody right now white house says president biden has been briefed on situation fbi is sifting state and local law enforcement with their investigation. meanwhile disney world pause button on vaccine mandate for employees after florida governor ron desantis signed series of bills fining any business who does not loi workers have to opted out of vaccine requirements, today is deadline for federal workers to present full vaccination status any employeeed refused
8:12 am
a japan had he exemption denied faces he a termination more than 90% federal employees received at least one shot, quick break coming up lawmakers question whether joe biden nearly two trillion-dollar spending plan will make it out of the senate, new york congressman zeldin will weigh in. maya macguineas here to walk through the bill filled with gimmicks how she explains why this is going what it costs, then this, chinese tennis star peng shuai reportedly reemerges we are told after out of the public for two weeks, not everybody is buying it, that she is safe, as top athletes call to move beijing olympics after ccp silenced her she accused one of their own of sexual assault you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. .
8:13 am
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enraged . maria: the chinese communist party has no value for life, if you are not going to toe the line they are going to disappear you, and this is why we think it is unsafe for our athletes to go to the olympics in beijing, this is something that seems to be happening, so more regularly, so why would u.s. olympic committee send our athletes into this type environment? >> tennessee senator marsha blackburn with me yesterday on "sunday morning futures." discussing the chinese tennis star peng shuai, and 2022 olympics in beijing the international olympic committee saying it held a 30-minute video conference with peng, but the head of the -- the world tennis association says the call does not alleviate his concern
8:17 am
about peng's well-being she has been missing over two weeks, after confusing a senior public official of sexual abuse when she first accused the vice premier of ccp former vice premier of sexual assault she was disappeared entire social media profile xed out they say they has been seen. dagen: paltry little outrage from the vast sport community about what is going on. and i encourage everybody to read kanter's op-eded opinion piece that he wrote in the "the wall street journal," he does point out that the ioc in fact international olympic committee essentially echoed the chinese state media's rhetoric about the case io.c.
8:18 am
among many who have long endured beijing beijing abuse, corporations have put money ahead of human rights ahead what have we believe, i will note marriott, the marriott in prague refused to host a conference to draw attention to the human rights abuses against the uighurs. so this marriott and in prague, chose to stand by concentration camped ? where are we in this world? let's hope it ends. maria: right where is nike wall street firms going to open up shop, and their telling us, schooling us about all of this you know,
8:19 am
investing in don't invest in fin stocks esg narrative they are fine opening up shop in you communist china genocide going on michael your thoughts. let's point out the second disappearance of somebody who went against he the ccp, just a few months jack somewhat, remember, was disappeared for several months, after he made the mistake of being critical of the regulatory framework in china financial services. michael: maria remember the smart people elites those in charge told us the point of doing business in china opening them up is that overtime the money will turn them into o o ho they exporting communism to much country the outrage over aaron
8:20 am
rogers, kyrie irving not taking that is spoe exponentially higher than tennis star confusing chinese officials being disappeared that canser is -- nba fighting injustice great job calling out none other than lebron james if you look at amount of money nba trying to make with nike, major partner these are lots of people that should be lecturing up of on anything -- not people should be lecturing on anything tragic how much people are willing to ignore atrocities across the world for money, but quickly to criticize anyone, in america, that goes against anyone of their you narratives. >> i impressed with world tennis association their stance a lot of moral courage,
8:21 am
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. . maria: welcome back president biden massive social spending plan tax hike headed to the summit alexandria ocasio-cortez is fuming over what she views as a watered-down version of the bill she is telling the president, to bypass congress altogether, and just make the package law through an executive order, i spoke with house minority leader kevin mccarthy on "sunday morning futures" yesterday in first interview since that epic speech thursday night. >> i am not there for democrats i was there for american public, and i am still there for american public, because this bill if it passes the senate won't be same as going to come back, to the house. want we can defeat -- >> joining me right now new york congressman lee zeldin
8:25 am
running for governor new york great to see you had this morning thanks so much being here is what your take own where this heads it is obviously headed to the senate a lot of people expectation joe manchin, kyrsten sinema to kill it in senate i just heard kevin mccarthy say if they change it in any way it out will head back to the house. >> that is right, a whole lot of people rooting for joe manchin right now might be on the other side of the aisle for me deserves full credit for the fight he put up, up to day doesn't get credit for fight has not yet happened tomorrow, hopefully he stays strong, but from what he has been saying, and also mentioned senator sinema too part 6 this effort, hopefully they are able to reject this bill in current form we shall see is what they might be able to pass in senate joe manchin
8:26 am
kyrsten sinema might be looking for changes bernie sanders will be saying. >> a 50-50 senate possible might not be able to pass anything we shall see is that that obviously, best case scenario as relates to this bill. maria: congressman at this point americans are not happy with a number of things that joe biden is doing. and most importantly, inflation is in their face. in a new cbs this news poll this morning shows that only 33% of americans actually approve of how biden is handling inflation 36% for immigration and only 39% for the economy, his approval rating plummeting not as bad as side kick kamala harris but voters are rejecting these policies yet democrats pushed forward nancy pelosi wants a wanted a vote she got her vote, now going to the senate, i mean -- do you think there
8:27 am
are not listening to voters because they know they are going to lose majority next year? how do you keep pushing a plan you know voters don't want it? >> right, and they should not, in their words, i have heard democrats refer to this as effort to radically transform our country, from fiscal standpoint you have the deficits the debt concern of the american public, some members of congress say this bill is the floor not the ceiling, and on top of all spending taxing components of it the policy changes like several tens of thousands irs agents spying on average americans or increased child tax credits for illegals, too i believe from one crises to the next afghanistan or southern border now this the average american, is watching one party rule in d.c. the biden administration in particular and they feel like
8:28 am
they don't have competence with some issues others they feel like, the administration knows exactly what they are doing wrong, but doing it anyway even worse than being in incompetent i don't believe this president and his team are equipped to be able to turn things around that is not good for our country, but politically going to teen a balance of power after next november's election. maria: look, kevin mccarthy spoke for hours 32 minutes on thursday night to -- 8 hours 83 minutes nancy pelosi said i didn't pay attention to what kevin mccarthy was saying i don't care what he was saying we are seeing the resilients, in have election, if elections were not a sign of trouble for democrats how about frustrating numbers republican national committee out raided democratic national committee in october more than two million dollars, congressman your thoughts on what the people are saying, from
8:29 am
voters, to donors. >> the pendulum is swing back started november 2 we saw virginia with governor race in new york happened with a bunch of races new jersey elsewhere people in our district, who are longtime democrats, who are contacting us, they voted straight republican for the very first time it happened with one used to live two doors down from my house a proud bernie sanders supporter say it straight republicans single issue education democrats losing pour losing control out of touch, pendulum swinging one of the reasons frustrating numbers look like they do. >> before you go if you weren't were to become governor. >> public safety education a lot to do with budget repel cashless bail, participant
8:30 am
more involved in higher quality education, in school, let's pass -- the workforce when available jobs list goes on to save our country to save our state. maria: well, you have make a good point cashless bail one of the reasons crime skyrocketed in new york, congressman good to see you lee zeldin joining us this morning in new york. we'll be right back. . care. it has the power to change the way we see things. ♪♪ it inspires us to go further. ♪♪ it has our back. and goes out of its way to help. ♪♪ when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank. truist. born to care. ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪
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. . maria: welcome back. another migrant caravan toward southern border right now cheryl casone with detail. cheryl: that is right, maria. good morning again, so this latest caravan has nearly 3,000 people in it. of texas attorney general ken paxton telling fox news no way government can keep track of migrants crossing into u.s. adding we don't have much information about these people flooding across our border reporting many secretly
8:34 am
transported by planes buses to cities across the nation. for elon musk jamie dimon feuding a report from "the wall street journal" says that is going back years with tesla shunning jpmorgan using other banks, last week jpmorgan sued tesla saying bank from trading back in 2014. a shopper doubling down on crypto the country going to build a bit bit city going to sit at base of a volcano take advantage of the geothermal energy to power and bitcoin mining more importantly -- going to be valued added tax construction set to begin next year funded entirely by bitcoin bond. finally get ready to shop everybody, yes, it is that time of year and new report is out telling shoppers get best deals black friday macy's on
8:35 am
top when it comes to computers phones packaged goods, jcpenney scoring best when it came to accessories, apparel belk appliance category came more than 5,000 deals in 21 largest retailers in the united states credit cards ready to go send me a list. maria: [laughter], thank you so much president biden nearly two trillion-dollar social spending tax plan headed to the senate now the congressional budget office estimating bill will raise national defendant 367 over next ken yes kevin mccarthy joined me on "sunday morning futures" yesterday with more on this. >> we now know the president and democrats have been lying to us all along, saying that
8:36 am
this was paid or even if you listened to his chief of staff would brag this bill is bigger a than the new deal spending more than american spent, to win world war ii. . maria: joining me right now the committee responsible federal budget maya macguineas want your take through numbers in a moment you say this bill "build back better" plan actually costs closer to five trillion dollars as opposed to the advertised close to two trillion. please explain. >> absolutely, so there are a lot of numbers flowing around people trying to kind of stuff numbers into different packages so we don't realize the real cost. i think that that is sort of most troubling of all in this bill, many, many elements of the spending are set to expire
8:37 am
prematurely after one year four years five years even though supports full plan spending programs to last indefinitely certainly 10-year period bill is scored, this is a budget gimmick to make the bill look like it costs a lot less than it really does. so by our scoring of the bill, it would cost about 4.9 trillion dollars, twice as much as advertised, if you extend policies, supports, that means -- huge borrowing huge amounts of spending a bill much larger than appears to be on paper. . maria: i mean it bothers me to be dealing with these gimmicks, because, you know, it is hard to trust what anybody is saying, when they are using gimmicks, because look, with, you have been around a long time studying this stuff a long time, if you hut a child tax credit in a
8:38 am
plan, why would you say it is going toed away after one year how hard is it to make it go away after one year? once people have that that benefit in place? >> to i mean you are absolutely right gimmicks always here they are getting worse getting -- supersized really, really large items now so take child tax credit most important one obviously, the supporters of this want it to stay in forever putting in onier it will cost a trillion dollars more to put it in for full period of time, and they are saying don't wore if we extend it we will pay for it well if you look at history whenever something is put in a bill whether tax cut or spending increase expires prematurely nobody baidz for it extended they make the case parted of budget we should not have to pie for it as you are pointing out you have people getting the money obviously, bought in to keeping that in
8:39 am
place null build of you a strong constituencies nothing worrying about cost national debt a political joke to say we will pay for one year now but promise to pay for the rest in the future if willing to pay for it score policies, pay for them today, have this bill another -- he after debt promised by president, many politicians supporting it but numbers still have not reached that point. i will say they tried to pay for -- but this -- >> when you say you know pay for it, oftentimes, certainly with this bill, when you say pay-for that means taxpayers, are paying for it, taxes are going much higher, the cbo said last week week would increase deficits roughly 750 billion dollars, over the first five years, and 150 billion over the decade, maya you saw what aoc is saying congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is saying forget with congress altogether we
8:40 am
don't have to continue debateing this just have joe biden make this an executive order and sign this into law your thoughts on that, is that even feasible? >> you know i don't believe that is feasible but a matter of -- congress advocating its power oversite of the budget altogether, first we know everybody is at the levelporization dangerously high nobody working on anything the first, analysis half the budget, put a boinl out shows where country is headed we haven't done that budget has been used as a tool to push reconciliation or fast check measures so you can sir crumb vent normal process put a budget in place congress has to make decisions and should it cannot be congress pendulum power, it switches back-and-forth all the time they spend energy trying to undo that policy with obama
8:41 am
health care tax cuts, that that kind of uncertainty terrible for country what we 14 do put policies in place that overall country will compromises involved keep them there more durable certainty so we can vest plan and grow our economy. maria: agent exactly. so, maya last week when i spoke with kevin mccarthy on sunday he said is look we might get another bite at apple at this because we are expecting democrats like joe manchin, kyrsten sinema to stop this, from moving forward in the senate. by the way, i heard more than just those two i heard that it is mr. kessler five democrats don't like parts of this not just two of them but let's say stopped in senate, then what they will haveing toback take things out change it then goes back to house again they want to get something through maya do you think they will? >> it is tough one to predict
8:42 am
right here i think unlikely they don't get it through this calendar year it could happen strong leadership there i think -- he what came out of the house is certainly not going to pass in the senate, there are a lot of reservations, they are more widespread than before sort of top line it was promised would be paid for. it is not. there are definite concerns about budget gimmicks there will be changes in the senate a number of members in the house weren't to pass the bill going to change dramatically but that did happen, but i think they will have o to go back to house, back-and-forth where basically everybody has some leverage because margins, make it really difficult negotiation listen this bill is huge. massive changing in spendsing programs taxes, we should be taking time to debate policy, i would argue that very few people know details of the policies in huge bills, so
8:43 am
much focus has been on top line numbers, we got to think how you do policies not just how much they cost, and a little time, might not be right political thing for some people but the right thing for costing policies that make o most sense really get kind of digging into details that is necessary. >> great point, love your work maya thanks very much for being here this morning we will talk soon, as more developments become available, thank you so much. >> we will see you soon a fox business alert, president biden will announce his fed nominee today we are waiting to see whether he will choose to renominate jay powell or replace him with lael brainard because powell's term is up, in march of 2022, again, we are hearing based on one report biden will announce his fed pick today imminent now may very well move market we will follow developments all morning prolong stay with fox business we will have worded
8:44 am
for you once released, joe biden, to announce his fed pick today. we'll be right back. . snare inspire
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welcome back in a red-hot housing market home prices surging again, later this morning we get a look at existing home sales for october the national association of realtors expected to save 6.2 million units sold last month a decrease from september, joining me right now ceo of century 1 mike needler great
8:48 am
to see you. thanks very much, assess the market for us, mike, whatr are you expecting in day's report how would you characterize the housing market today. >> good morning march thanks for having me on, even with upcoming holidays doesn't look like market is ready to taper right now, and probably because a lot of buyers are trying to rush in beat any more increases in the mortgage rate i think preliminary data is showing us, the last four weeks this probably pending contract up about 4%, and that is compared to previous four weeks, and the other side of the equation, sales price median sales prize up 12% compared to year-over-year. and that is off highs where we are seeing 23%, historic highs, may and june probably foot news i continue to see markets moving in the a very kind of fast direction folks
8:49 am
have a lot of pent-up demand trying to buy homes in this country maria: so, mike, what about different areas of the country, where is the hottest? have you've got supply crunch taking a toll on housing in terms of construction because shortages of key construction materials forced home builders to turn to substitutes national association home blurdz says delays being in home building contracts due disruptions. >> on building front, obviously, from the downturn in 2008 where we are at now we are historic lows on where folks are building the truth of the matter, between 2 012, 2021 there were close to 12 million you household formats, we have to download pace next five years to catch up with in
8:50 am
an that is out there as you noted maria, we are seeing a lot of movement really in the south, places like raleigh wilmington, are north carolina jacksonville, florida places in texas seeing movement there, so, you know all the regions upper direction you see a hot market in the south where, maybe there is just a little bit more building happening in those marketplaces right now. maria: really fascinating moves right now mike come back soon, great to get your analysis thanks very much. >> thanks, maria. maria: all right mike joining us century 21 quick break turning puppies into wild animals is if we introduce you to a dog rumor going viral big buzz of the morning. stay with us. .
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now coming up tomorrow on "mornings with maria" we will get reaction to president biden's pick for the federal reserve chairman's job will manage that announcement today intimately we're hearing what it means for markets economy your money tomorrow 40e78 home cofounder ken lagone here his take on government spending rising tags plus addressing mental health crisis find out where ken is putting money behindp mental disease. >> tennis star opinioning peng allegedly resurfaces 6 p.m. eastern to 9 a.m. eastern every week day stay with us next taking dog grooming to another level altogether, the unique k9 you have to see to believe makes a buzz
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maria: welcome back time for the big buzz of the morning a california pet groomer is going viral for training everyday dogs and a whole new animals. he's been working his magic on a golden dude making him look like a draft. the groomer has turned into other eatables like tigers, zebras and unicorns. would you let charlie and dale dress up like the. >> dale does not need grooming but charlie does because he gets matted but charlie will bite you. certainly dale on the left and charlie is a furball. if you want a stuffed animal, by a stuffed animal. i think it's bizarre that
8:59 am
somebody would take their dog and have their hair dyed to look like something else. i don't think this is art. i'm not trained to be a downer but it kind of creeps me out. >> is creeping me out as well i don't think dusty would go for this and i don't want dusty to go for this i don't like it at all. i want to get your take on the federal reserve because he will announce the fed nominee today. there is dusty with her shades on. >> we are waiting to see if he will renominate jay powell with lael brainard. this is real important for the banks, watch the banks the vice chairman of supervision is probably the most important role for the banks. they oversee the annual stress test, the big b-uppercase-letter turn, the future of regulation. the worry is if he doesn't choose powell lael brainard's
9:00 am
going to quit and she's not going to be the vice chair of supervision. your thoughts? >> i think with this administration it's historically up to administration nominating a communist for the office, currency and contour. i think it's going to be brainard. she was going to be the pick if hillary clinton one, she is a lefty, she's in mmn t person i think it's going to be brainard. maria: we will be watching this. stuart varney is on, "varney & company" begins right now, stuart varney you'll have a lot about this this afternoon and this morning. good morning, everyone. the president will reveal his pick to share the federal reserve baby today, reportedly today, the democrats are fighting very publicly about bill back better, mass looting and lawless california, yes it


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