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tv   Barrons Roundtable  FOX Business  November 21, 2021 10:00am-10:30am EST

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makes very sober arguments. it's great to have joe and row here. thank you. >> thank you very much we are grateful to have you. >> my pleasure i appreciate the opportunity. gerry: will be back next week with more interviews next week on "wsj at large" with gerry baker thank you for joining us. >> welcome to barron's roundtable we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead. i am jack otter covid booster shots gaining approval from vaccinated adults in the us pfizer ceo joins us with his pandemic outlook and the latest on the company's covid-19 treatment pill
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chinese president xi is tightening his controls the country celebrates the communist party's 100 anniversary. do investors need a new playbook? we begin of the three most important things investors ought to be thinking about right now. it is a tale of two markets as the dow is down and bonds disagree but spending stores and we will sort it out after a big run on gasoline prices are sliding is that a new trend or just a breather the president asked the ftc to investigate oil and gas companies speculators are trading options. what this means for your portfolio. so here is the tale of two markets, you are seeing contradictions tell us about some of these. >> you mentioned inflation and that is the conversation of today. we have this what we've seen in decades but how much will
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stick? if you look at the bond market they are still below where they were at the beginning of last year before the pandemic lockdown so the institutional bond says i'm not that worried about inflation —- inflation sticking but if you look at inflation protected treasures we call them tips that is way down that looks like panic buying because it is a much smaller market and a pay any price to get protections right now people are buying five-year tips walking in negative returns of one.9 percent per year after the in place on —- inflation adjustments. forget the tips are the goals the stock market is relative
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to either one. >> in the supply chain from what we hear about when earnings results come out some people have a problem some people didn't. >> everybody gets a pass but investors are getting picking and choosing we saw big jumps this past week after nvidia and earnings in qualcomm they were killing at three quarters of a trillion dollar company. qualcomm says it can go without apple. that cisco came with later than expected guidance and then said it is supply chain but they both have the same supply chain issues. we are so constrained on the supply chain. but we thought ahead and we are dealing with it. jack: we have to move quickly but one more.
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consumer sentiment is down but yet consumers are spending like they are happy. >> the worst consumer estimate it was one.7 percent and investors say we will go with what consumers are doing, not telling us. because if you look at dollar tree and home depot were among the best performers. jack: one thing that can depress consumers is when they look up at the huge numbers next to the highway gas prices. when those numbers go up consumers get unhappy they slid just a little bit. >> thanksgiving dinner will still cost more than it has in seven years. that's for those who spend one fifth of their budget on gas. it adds to the inflation that we talk about so much that the white house asked the ftc to probe if they are artificially changing the price of gasoline. they haven't done much to lower oil prices but we did
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see oil slip this week over the resurgence of covid in europe as well as us and china discussing releasing oil from the strategic reserve. but those prices being elevated and then the transition to clean energy could limit supply further. jack: it feels painful because we were at 12 year lows at the pandemic and then we shot up from there if investors want to hedge and gain from their portfolio what should they do. >> we have companies like pioneer national resources and conoco phillips and the past they were known for spending haphazardly. nothing like a dry spell to bring some religion so now they are returning more cash to shareholders another option is the utility with national gas that makes it up play.
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jack: we talk about stocks but apparently the cool kids are trading options and that includes you. >> yes it does. he got my series i did my first options trade a few weeks ago and apparently i was part of a surge in activity in november rivaling that we saw in january. people are trading options like lottery tickets. half of the options trade our call options a less than two weeks tesla and popular entire demand the outcome is not that good so investors should tread carefully definitely. jack: any cases you think retail investors are to be in the options market quick. >> if you read any finance book you hear about farmers hedging wheat prices so one clear case if you are an employee if it is tied to your company stock you may want to
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use options to hedge your protection otherwise this could be an area if you are learning use your funny money or small allocations. that first write the options out pretend you are trading them see what they do before you put into practice. jack: good advice you can also read steve and parents he has some are not too risky trades he writes about every week. masks and boosters and lockdowns. next. what does the covid situation look like in the next yeaea
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hit europe booster shots are getting approval here at home what does covid look like in the next year or two will that become as common as annual flu shots? pfizer ceo teethree. thank you for joining us. >> it is a pleasure to be here. jack: let's start with a booster shot. there were mixed signals the states is one thing the federal government said something else how do you navigate that is that frustrating for a company like yours. >> it is confusing to the people. i think everybody wants the best but also with the needs of others. jack: other news from your company is the covid pill which has great efficacy. so you decided to allow other companies to manufacture the pill but not the vaccine. what is the distinction? >> it's a big difference in
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the manufacturing. it includes sterile and that technology is difficult to make. >> and it's a very different treatment but it can be made by generic manufacturers. this is the reason why we did that. so the main reason is it can make a big difference now. jack: some people say why do i need a vaccine i could take a pill if i get covid. what do you say? >> oh my god. don't do it.
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protect yourself by protecting yourself you protect the people around you and the society. so for a compromise so the goal is to prevent visits. >> that was a big mistake. jack: motor and it is in a dispute over that an age of the government scientist to help develop the vaccine should be included in the patent you have been deeply involved in research who has a right? >> i don't know the circumstances.
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and with the status of the government but i'm not one that knows the facts. jack: were generally do think it is be like this can affect the way they work with researchers going forward can it be harder to protect intellectual property? >> no. i don't think so. it is clear you have a team it is where they belong in the organization there's nothing to do with this dispute. >> us and the vaccination rate creeps higher and higher we are getting safer and safer but the pandemic is a global issue and the vaccine has not spread as widely around the
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world without something we should worry about? when the covid virus mutated in such away from a lower income country and then get around the vaccine? >> and then you also protect your neighbor down the road. and then we need to focus our efforts now and also vaccine hesitancy. jack: look into the crystal ball so where do you think we will be six months from now in the us or two years from now? masks? boosters? will we still be in a many lockdown i am an office building now where desks are still empty.
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>> yes. within the us there will be some differences. and i believe none of that will be needed and that we still move back to the normal way but that needs to be proven by data about my position is that will be for at least one year but with the vaccination and will we will maintain our immune response. >> we have seen an uptick in some states recently are you concerned going into thanksgiving or christmas we see another wave? >> yes. i am concerned.
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jack: is sleeping transition underway in china economic growth is slowing with resilience rather than growth what are the risks do investors need a new playbook with barons cover story so you interviewed for experts on china about president xi power
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and the 100th anniversary what is the take away quick. >> gone are the days that economist are looking at next year it could slow further. china has a rapidly aging population and is time to move away from that debt field export heavy growth that has relied on in the past so as president xi mentioned titans control he was confirmed as the unchallenged leader with no term limit. he shifting policy away from a focus on jobs and growth to balance. women to become much more self-reliant especially facing pushback from the human rights issues and then some conductors also emphasizing called common prosperity but it is seen as a way to target
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focusing on social good over profitability so those that were nudged into giving more back to society and then to bolster the middle class with the complaints about rising cost all of which to raise the birth way and maintain social stability. china is down 13 percent with increasing intervention and profit growth. jack: that doesn't sound great for investors is there any reason to have exposure to china? >> we have seen the fallout from the property market there is definitely riskier. most people think some analogy to china separate from the emerging markets and then shifting the world order between the two. also the world's second-largest economy.
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in most chinese do not get invested in their own stock market that said the allocation will look different than in the past. >> i have a question about microeconomics and geopolitics. just kidding. [laughter] >> any would ask that. it is a point of debate on the roundtable. obviously weaker than expected earnings. and part of the crackdown. that some people are beginning to nibble because it is cheap if it is so critical to the economy others want to see how the regulations play out. some are broadly looking for new places. >> ignore ali baba that you do
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talk about the second-biggest company in the world so what are the ways you would recommend us getting in there quick. >> if you want to invest then that means chip companies that are taiwanese or beijing hitting emission targets to become a leader in renewables already leader in solar so focusing on the supply chain and then the middle class is investing in consumer oriented companies many of those are domestic that could be harder for investors to ask that so there is a broad move away from the ftc is increasing scrutiny about auditing disclosures. so increasingly people are looking to find in a way to play this. we love our house, been here for years.
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turkey a 16-pound versus 12-pound from usda. if you want to know who statistics are reliable i would say usda. if you 20 with those groups that go with the farm bureau you get a bigger turkey. [laughter] jack: awesome advice i have trouble talking that but i will give you a chance what is your idea? >> semi conductor equipment. jack: that will help that they want to catch with taiwan. you have a really good idea everybody should listen up. >> i'm talking taxes. this is the time you might want to book any losses in your portfolio to offset those gains especially those s&p gains from the last two years. but it's also important it creates a lot of volatility so be aware of that the next few
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months you may see some selling pressure in the names that you hold. jack: thank you that is important psychologically they don't want to give up on the losing stock. so that if you have to buy back in 31 days. check out this week's edition of barron' money. i and kudlow maria: happy weekend to you all about them to the program that analyzes the week that was it helps to position you for the week ahead. i am maria bartiromo. the stocks showing a show of strength and retail giants and the threat of inflation still looms large. democrats push massive spending. the congressional budget


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