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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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breaking news right now if we can look see what elon musk is tweeting, i know i am doing this on live tv. we'll see if elon musk has an update, i don't see one. does it for us. kyle rittenhouse, not guilty on all counts. that wraps up what's been a busy week, i'm glad to have spent it with you. evening edit starts right now. ♪♪ >> we are staying on breaking news, kyle rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges. let's get to the latest on the follow-up, grady. reporter: when kyle rittenhouse woke up this morning, he faced the possibility of 12 and a half years to life in prison but he walked out of the courtroom this afternoon a freeman. the jury acquitting him on all charges. here's his reaction overcome with emotion when for the fifth and final time, he heard the words not guilty. >> we the jury find the
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defendant kyle h rittenhouse not guilty. reporter: no question rittenhouse shot and killed two people and seriously hurt a third on the streets of kenosha during the riots last august, the prosecution tried to portray rittenhouse as the aggressor. ultimately though, the jury, after 26 hours of deliberation sided with the defense more waye jury finally got to hear the true story. reporter: now that it's dark out and kenosha, there are concerns about the possibility of unrest tonight because of that. local law enforcement in 500 national guard members are standing by in case they see
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similar rights to what precipitated the offense that led to the trial. you see the crowd at the courthouse, it's from hours ago. so far, no signs of any kind of any type of unrest and kenosha. as for rittenhouse, his attorney says shortly after the verdict was read, he went home to his family and his spending time with them and he says he will eventually likely have to leave the kenosha area entirely. >> thank you for your journalism, good to see you. we are hearing reports of potential scattered protests, a small number of cities. so far, the reaction seems muted. we will stay on that for you. we are going to stay on it. joining us now, former deputy assistant, thomas, your reaction to the verdict box. >> i think it's clear the jury agreed with the defense's argument kyle rittenhouse acted in self-defense. throughout the trial, the defense did an effective job showing the jury what things
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looked like through the eyes of kyle rittenhouse that night and kenosha. >> the prosecution cannot appeal, not guilty verdict is final, right? >> that's right. he is a freeman as a tonight. liz: prosecution was called incompetent, it was downplaying the rise and kenosha to jurors suffer through them. what is your take on that? met the prosecution made a lot of mistakes in if they had it to do over, they would make different choices. one thing they did was aggressively questioned him in strange ways for an experienced prosecutor questioning his exercise of constitutional rights. they made a bad charting, it wasn't supported by the facts and law of wisconsin so i think the defense did a great job with the prosecution made real mistakes along the way. liz: the media coverage has been criticized, racist flame throwing from media coverage has been rally criticized, accusations tents, conviction in
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the media and when viewers don't get the facts, they are not sitting alongside jurors, they listen to people weighing in, if you watch msnbc or cnn, he would seek kyle rittenhouse basically cross state lines with his mother, with a gun, a white supremacist who shot black people. everything i said was incorrect. >> was impressive to me is from all appearances, it seems the jury did an effective job tuning out all the noise. there is a meant public pressure from the media spotlight was on best but by all appearances, the jury approached their job diligently as it should given the severity of the charges, deliberated 26 hours, they asked to review the video evidence, one juror asked if he could take home the judge's instructions to do homework at night and study so it appears they were able to tune it all out and focus on the
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task at hand. liz: instead of reacting, listen to the facts as the jurors saw the facts given to them. a lot of assumptions and speculations built on speculation and coverage of this is misleading a lot of americans out there. talk about the crucial drone video the prosecution put their whole case on that claimed kyle was pointing his gun as at people first. talk to us about that. >> the prosecution had the drone video and we later learned it turned out gave a different lower quality version of the same video but was also interesting is the video, aloft testimony prosecutors brought out, i think it helped with the defense. prosecutors put on witnesses and asked questions from the witnesses answered, they helped kyle rittenhouse his case that he was acting in self-defense, to defend himself so the prosecutors helped the defense make their case in the end. liz: thanks for weighing in,
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come back soon. we've got to get to the action of washington. texas congressman beth van duyne and lee zelda, great to have you both on. congresswoman, house democrats on their massive social spending bill today, and uncertain future, your take on this? >> i was at the house until 5:30 a.m. listening to testimony from speaker mccarthy about all the horrible things in the bill even with the warnings, this bill is adding eight to 7000 new bureaucrats. $367 billion of unfunded taxes we are going to be adding. funding abortion, taxpayer-funded abortion, legalizing 8 million illegal aliens right now into our country. all this means, if none of this
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was discussed by the democrats or house, none was defendant. we are talking about the most massive spending bill without are seen in the history of this country and we couldn't even have a legitimate debate. liz: is not to pass something to find out about this is the democrats ran experiments, they are going to be resurrecting slope to no growth obama years with higher taxes and regulations but it's on steroids this time, what you say? met that's right, radically transform our country, some of these congressional democrats say this is the floor, it's not the ceiling is a massive tax increase, also to policy changes and on top of it, you have hopefully the courage of senator joe manchin eking out through the remainder of this process.
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because they want our country to be like another country summerhouse and we want our country to be the best version of itself, we are battling here the heart and soul of our country, he pointed out economic numbers we recall when president obama was in office and try to lower expectations to get us used to 2% gdp and we saw during the four years of president trump administration despite the limit, the amount of corporate tax revenue generated while reducing corporate taxes, the amount of job growth in commuters across the country and more available jobs to fill positions they want us to low expectations from the pendulum is swinging back and americans are rejecting this. liz: let's listen to kevin mccarthy, watch. >> ever in american history has so much been spent at one time. at one time.
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never in american history for so many taxes raised in so much bartering needed to pay for all the reckless spending. you hire 87000 irs agents to go after the poor husband and wife working hard making 75000, the effects of this heat your home tax would increase family heating bills by as much as $242 a year, how much less is a paycheck worth because of inflation? it's not just this. as many as 90000 jobs lost as a result. democrats told what they want to do is spy on every american bank account spending as little as $28 a day less than $200 a week from bank ceramic, to follow the
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bill takes the problems present biden and democrat have already created and makes them much, much worse. liz: biden's lbj and at the are combined, he's more like nixon, ford and carter. everything democrats predicted about the trump agenda was wrong, corporate tax revenue is going up my family flatus of up 50% more than democrats predicted. property rate plunging for minorities. income inequality jobs, blue-collar wages rising faster than white-collar wages. we back to the no growth years? >> i think -- you've seen 0 cents the president has taken office and i think dressing even worse, we are talking about contraction of jobs, supply chain issues they are not addressing. inflation paying 62% more,
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adding $8 billion home heat index. liz: as inflation rises, the president's approval rating is dropping, his at 36%, your final word? >> people want competency in afghanistan was incompetency but what's worse is when people know exactly what they are doing wrong and they do it anyway. the southern border is not incompetency, they know what they are doing and doing it anyway. people are watching across the country, they don't want this radical transformation of our country and they feel like this president is asleep, the switch is not the right people around them policy changes and what's ahead is not what america wants, they want higher expectations for their country resident and the government and they are not getting it. liz: it's good to have you both on. we have a jampacked news our figure. biden's nominee dropping a bombshell we caught, it shows
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she really is about command and control of your money despite denying that at her confirmation hearing, he would know about her policy positions if you switched on msnbc and cnn focusing only on victim identity policies. next, eisenberg reports the d.o.j. and fbi are conducting surveillance no one knew about 100 biden's chinese business partner, former partner so how can we don't know biden's justice department thinks this is a security risk to the u.s.? we investigate, you're watching the evening at it on foxbusiness. ♪♪
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welcome to the show fox news contributor, carl riesenberg. the cairo in-house kyle rittenhouse for verdict. >> i wasn't surprised if you followed the evidence at all and was happy the jury did its job and ignored outside pressures and influences. the reporting by mainstream media with the exception of fox was atrocious. not only the factual misrepresentations but pressure
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put on the jury was probably. liz: msnbc and cnn are racist flame throwing right now misrepresenting the facts. critics are saying it's bizarre, everybody violated curfew so the way the media portrays it is erroneous and misleads critics, gop senators chuck grassley and ron johnson found out the court filing involving chinese business partners, the d.o.j. and fbi were during wants to do surveillance. how are we now finding this a national security threat in the u.s.? >> i think what disturbed the senators, they wrote a letter in march and asked her all intelligence related information on the subject in the got a letter from a deputy assistant
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ag said we don't even know anything about this, not in the position to comment the fact is d.o.j. data filing 2019, public filing a public court that said against patrick promote the individual involved was a lobbyist for cfc and the d.o.j. data filing that said we are going to introduce evidence in court so the public fact at least with the department should have said we are not allowed to say anything under the law except what us direct you to the filing, they didn't even do that and that's why they are upset and should be. liz: patrick work at the chinese energy conglomerate, hundred biden did work for, he was convicted for his role in a global bribery money laundering game and got government officials in africa and patrick was accused by the justice department helping the iranian
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sanctions invasions working to use chinese companies connection to self weaponry to libya and cutter so this is who humber biden's partners are in the reports after the arrest or joe biden's brother, james and james that he set the call for hunter five. >> if you examine anything about this company supposedly bankrupt now and whose leader disappeared from public view, the whole purpose of the company seems to have been to bribe foreign officials, the whole adirondack with the government's influence peddling and buying influence so it is disturbing% of the former vice president at the time would establish a relationship with them and obviously that's got to be part of what's look that by
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the u.s. attorney's office in delaware, no way is a tax related investigation. kennedy: that's interesting what you said because this other investigation senate probe found find hunter biden was using companies to do cash flow from overseas business dealing and patrick hope was paying hunter biden through these sheets shall companies to represent millions from patrick, hunter biden through these companies, what you say to that? >> there's a lot you can do unfortunately in the lobbying arena that is legal but you've got to disclose things so that's what the u.s. attorney's office is looking at but whether or not it is a crime or not, it something every citizen has a right to know about, the son of
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the president of the united states was involved in this peddling for years with job cities obviously incompetent to do but people want access because of whose son he is it something classically a matter of public interest everybody should care about. liz: it is important. the text that came out from his laptop reportedly suggested hunter biden set up these show companies to avoid the registration as a foreign lobbyist general michael flynn got nailed for so he was evading having to register with the u.s. government at the foreign lobbyist, your final word? >> you don't think it was russian disinformation? liz: i don't know about that. what do you think? >> i don't think so but apparently most of the and suppress that story before an election but you know that. liz: you are terrific. we'll have you back on, to see
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you. give. still to come, the border crisis reports texas is conducting riot drills at the border as the caravan approaches. also, the government reportedly lost track of unaccompanied migrant children potentially exploited to work and meet slaughterhouses. that's coming up and passport services number pat fallon on the los angeles times, a frightening forecast. the supply chain is going to get worse. two and a half men calpers say they will quit or leave over biden's vaccine mandate and fight breaking out between oklahoma national guard following the governor's orders there. it opposes the pentagon vaccine order and face loss of career benefits and bonuses. keep it here on the evening edit. ♪♪
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running out now from house on texas congressman, it is good to see her. los angeles times is saying u.s., got to wake up from other country needs to wake up. supply chain is about to get quote frightening. the trucking association has advised two and a half-million truckers quickly over the biden's vaccine mandate the government union contracts for the federal contract workers coming up, about to expire. what you say to this question
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los angeles times probably got something right joe biden and his administration don't, they should have woken up month ago. the printer covid was in 2020, we did know the impact yet present trump leadership to make sure we never had supply chain issues. poor of los angeles and long beach account for 40% of the imports coming in, they went to a 24 hour seven day a week schedule and price that feed on that. democrats have done use it constantly, the incentivized law but not work. on appointment benefits are too rich and lasted too long. liz: then there's a later shortage, 1 million containers are stuck in we have now california pushing cargo ships 150 miles offshore versus 23 miles or so, so this is not getting better. a big fight breaking out between oklahoma national guard and the pentagon, the army tweeting out in order you got to be
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vaccinated but the national guard is saying we don't want to be vaccinated and what happens is if they get kicked out, they can't reenlist and they will lose their benefits so's overall vaccinated, what you say to this? to fight certainly not worth having. let's be honest and follow the science this pandemic, by choice, 60 or 70% of americans artifact medical a lot of people like me have had covid. liz: we still got cases coming in the right? >> that's what i meant, it flatlining. covid will be around probably the rest of our lives and into the next century much like the flu but as far as it being a national emergency, that part is over. we have antiviral treatments about to be approved by the fda and antibodies so we have all these things, the genius of the free market free enterprise private sector that has defeated
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the pandemic moving forward. what the left does, he sought with biden's build back better which i call best buy bernie broke bankruptcy plan, they have taken and removed, we try to re- implement work requirement for food stamps for able-bodied adults and they fought back so they are incentivizing tv watching pot smoking cheerleaders. liz: bill clinton to welfare reform, everybody wants to help everybody but jfk said the best welfare is a job. florida governor desantis signed a new bill blocking mandates in florida, are we now where the federal government bites with state governments over who has control of the nations forces and vaccine mandate? the state governors control their national guard but when they are activated under federal control, we are calling on the
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national guard to fight in afghanistan and iraq, go to africa in places they've never been before and battle wildfires and natural disasters, what you say? >> we have the wrong commander-in-chief, this is not a fight worth having. individuals make the choice of whether or not they want to be vaccinated in considering where we are, this is about control and nothing else. with the military, we can't afford to lose three or 5% of our military forces because they don't want the vaccine, that will not maximize combat power and it's doing the work of the communist regime in beijing. liz: people understand getting vaccinated, it's about bully people. it's a way to defund the national guard if they don't get vaccinated. they can't get their bonuses or tuition benefits done, over so instead of bully, why don't you talk to them ask.
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>> i agree, the bowling approach have less people vaccinated. if i ask you and convince you and influence you, maybe you will get it but by demand it, there will be pushback and we've seen that. liz: still to come as we are coming up to the bottom of the hour, justice department stonewalling house republicans on the fbi using counterterrorism and criminal unit investigating parent as domestic terrorists. he hearing, he wouldn't know about her policy positions if you only watch msnbc again and again and again focusing only on identity
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politics keeping you in the dark. keep it here on the evening edit. ♪♪
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for being a communist and the attack she was as you just heard her say. she came to the u.s. university is becoming less citizen. liz: not because of where she's born, what you -- show her position, what you call someone who wants central bank to take over all of your bank account and wants basically the central bank to regulate stock prices and regulate wages and regulate the value of your groceries and energy and bankrupt oil and gas and wipeout community banks killing tens of millions of jobs? >> i completely disagree with everything said. this is a substantive debate about the future of the american economy. it's not a surprise democrats and cheerleaders what accused
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republicans of racism or sexism or neo-nazis or who knows what. that is not a surprise but this is a substantive debate in the hearing on thursday, the senate banking committee hearing and it without senator mark warner or jon tester, to democrats saying they supported her nomination, maybe they will, i don't know but . liz: we heard they don't, they are worried about it. >> minutes got to go to the full senate in all 50 senators going to support it? they can't lose even a single. liz: victim i think of the politics and get into the policies and stop ripping the country apart distracting fight you cook up just because you talk to your corner, just because you've read the story and are planning on and reacting
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not digging into the facts or documents tedious self-righteousness, it is getting really boring and misleading the country five your position she would oversee two thirds of the banking assets in the country also, a college professor, they have a long paper trail. you know what they have been thinking from it not he said, she said, you can just read it. liz: it's not the fact that she's a woman or her race, it's her policies. that is absolutely case. it's not somebody testifying nominee said something in 1994 she wrote in 2021 and it's there in black-and-white text. it's really not that much of the
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debate. liz: i'm telling you, it's patronizing to women to speak like that treated as just a one made up story, sexism or racism but it's not, it's what she's said and has defended and advocated the last ten years, always good to have you on, good to see you. we are going to take you to the border crisis, texas conducting riot drugs at the border deploying thousands of national guard and state troopers as migrants continue to flood in, flowing into arizona. the humanitarian crisis, bloomberg reporting that basically the white house in the administration lost track of unaccompanied children. basically minors, possibly direct into factories and slaughter houses. next on the school board parent fight.
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stay with us. ♪♪
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running us now, parent depending education vice president, she's the one leading the charge when nobody else was. scoreboard parents having fight nobody was paying attention to bring it to the next we've got republicans in jordan and house judiciary saying fbi stonewalling them on documents on the counterterrorism and criminal units are doing targeting scoreboard parents. you're on the front lines, what are you hearing? >> it's outrageous. we are ordinary parents who became accidental activists. you know for 20 years before i entered up going to the front lines to save our schools and children, i was fighting to get
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justice for our dear friend and former "wall street journal" colleague, daniel so this is a memo from the counterterrorism division, i know half the names on this memo because i've been working alongside these people to bring justice on a real case of terrorism. there are parents like me all over this country, parents who serve in the military and the police, ordinary regular citizens just doing what right for america and their children. it is not correct what's happening, we need an investigation of the fbi but we can't stop there. this has happened in coordination with the white house and we need to know what white house officials coordinated with the national association scoreboard and justice department. liz: q stood up against virginia for segregating women, you fought against that but when you
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see cnn and msnbc think the parents are white supremacist and by the way, the scoreboard association retracted its letter to the white house demanding government get involved so they are saying don't do it but the fbi is still throwing up. parents are white supremacist, really? you know how idiotic that coverage is? what you say? >> it is outrageous, i'm an immigrant, i came from india, i'm a single mom and i'm a liberal democrat. the reason ultimately the media outlets and democratic party fails america right now is because happening is so illiberal. just as we knew it was incorrect for our fbi to target civil rights leaders decades ago, it's incorrect and immoral to target parents, no parent should rest their head to sleep at night and worry about fbi knocking on their door.
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protecting our children. liz: for our school boards doing? >> for 20 years, i ended up in this battle as you said to fight extremism within my muslim community because i fight the interpretation of islam that divides people, sectarianism and that's what built. this article race theory dividing people in our country in the most illiberal segregationist of ways and that's what we protect our children from living in the future, a world of division between people, we know that everyone in the strongest lesson we as parents can give children and the fbi should be with us. we will persevere whether they are with us or not. liz: teach the history of racism in the ugliness, for sure.
6:50 pm
don't racialized children. it's up also about school libraries. your word? >> of course we want to live in a society where children have a positive identity. we are seeing sexualization of our children the youngest ages with surveys asking about their sex life, how many times they have had oral not? it's unthinkable what's asked of our children graphic images the most intimate of sexual relations. liz: it really is unacceptable. we will have you back on, he was a great guy. i loved working with you at the "wall street journal". thank you. the border crisis report texas conducting riot drills at the border deploying thousands of national guard state troopers there. this story, why is the
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government losing track of unaccompanied migrant children potentially exploited to work in the factories and slaughterhouses the dirtiest low-wage dangerous jobs? keep it here on the evening edit. ♪♪
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muck. elizabeth: okay, the white house said president biden did not focus on the border crisis when he met with the leaders of mexico and canada, but texas is.
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texas attorney general ken paxton joins us now. sir, it's great to have you back on. is it true that the texas army national guard and others in law enforcement are doing riot drills at the border and aerial deployment exercises on the bank of the rio grande to prepare for migrant caravans? is that happening in. >> unfortunately, we're having to prepare for things that we never would have anticipated, you know, two years ago or even a year ago. and, yes, they have to prepare all kinds of different ways for the worst type of scenario with thousands of people potentially coming at the same time, some of them may be criminals, some of them may be terrorists. we just don't know. elizabeth: migrants from 1503 countries have been caught coming in, mideast, thousands from russia. are you guys using recycled shipping containers as well as a border wall? >> yeah, it's amazing, we're using all kinds of creative ways. the governor's employed ever means he can to try to deter
6:56 pm
people since we know the biden administration is not doing that. so it's left up to us to try to keep people from crossing the border especially in places that could cause problems for our citizens. elizabeth: we know texas is defending itself, federal government oversees immigration policy, but bloomberg is reporting that the government investigators have been unable to locate unaccompanied migrant children, they've potentially allegedly turned over to labor traffickers. dhs, hhs, la labor department trying to investigation this in alabama. children in some of the most dangerous, dirty wage jobs in the country. and these undocumented immigrants who work in these slaughterhouses, they're afraid. they don't even use their own name. so all the phony grandstanding in washington that what they're doing is humanitarian, huh-uh. what you're doing is not. what do you say? >> well, this has been my
6:57 pm
concern from the beginning. you have thousands of children crossing the border every month. there's no way to track them all. they release them into these communities, and they're subject to all kinds of bad people. and there's no doubt in my mind that there have been thousands of kids who have ended up in the hands of traffickers and sex traffickers and labor traffickers, and it's very unfortunate. and more is continuing as we let more children in who don't have supervision. elizabeth: so how how does that message get out to congress and to the white house that now you're harming children? you're putting them -- they're ending up in meat factories, slaughterhouses with cattle, chicken and other products? texas senator john cornyn is accusing homeland security of washing its hands of these children's well-being after they're transferred to hhs and then on to sponsors. they are not tracking it. what do you say to that? >> well, sadly, i think they know this is happening. they've ignored it, they've
6:58 pm
pushed i it aside to, but if you and i know about it, the biden administration knows about it, congress knows about it. the administration knows it's happening, they're just pushing it under the rug, and this means bad things for these children continuing into the future. elizabeth: the "wall street journal" reporting democrat senator robert menendez of new jersey said the white house is in disarray over the border crisis it created, that it's the, quote, running from one moment to another and making policy on the fly, and that's a recipe for disaster. that's senator menendez saying that. there's reports of in-fighting between progressives and former obama and hillary officials who don't like what they see going on at the border. what do you say to that? >> at least there's somebody in the administration that has trouble with this, that is flagging this as a huge problem. and maybe they're doing only that for election purposes, but legitimately affects negatively americans, people on the border,
6:59 pm
children, as we discussed. and, hopefully, some common sense will be heard from this administration at some point before we end up with more disasters along the border. elizabeth: sir, texas is battening down the hatches. is arizona doing it? we hear, you know, illegals are are crossing into arizona. >> yeah, i don't know. i would assume that they are because they have state leaders that, i think, care about this issue, but i know that we are. i'm not sure exactly what arizona's doing. elizabeth: we're a humanitarian country. we want immigration. we are built on immigration. we want it done legally at the ports of entry. you do it illegally, crime explodes. >> people on the border are frustrated and they're scared. this needs to be done the right way, and it needs to be done by law, not by an administration that just ignores federal law and invites people across no matter who they are and their background. elizabeth: we're tracking the
7:00 pm
polls. minorities at the border don't like what biden's doing at all. they're turning away from the president and the democrats. attorney general ken paxton the, thanks for joining us, i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've within watching "the evening edit" on fox business. we hope of you have a good evening, a good weekend. join us again monday night. ♪ ♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. just a quick word before i get to the budget and the economy. my congratulations to young kyle rittenhouse for his across the board acquittal and complete exoneration of all charges. in this country, thankfully, the right of self-defense is still recollect protected by our constitution, and it's the an integral participant of the rule of law. in this difficult trial, justice was done. my hat's off to the jury that


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